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A free resource for small business owners. Includes business tips and ideas, lifestyle content, small business features, quick lunch ideas and more

A free resource for small business owners. Includes business tips and ideas, lifestyle content, small business features, quick lunch ideas and more


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May/June 2023

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Before You Set A Boundary

Tasneem Ahmed shares her thoughts


What Super Hero Are You?

See yourself here?


Mental Health in the Workplace

Some insight by Kulani Shiluvane


FOOD: 5 Quick Lunch Ideas


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B U I L D I D E A S | 2

Editor's Note

Another month, another workshop! It has been such a rich experience working

with so many women from such varied industries. While I facilitate these

workshops and share my knowledge and experience, the greater learning has

been what I have taken away from these incredible women-owned businesses.

BUILD is creating the much needed space to help micro women owned

businesses understand their businesses and navigate the plethora of

challenges and external conditions. Our BUILD Network members receive all of

the training and business development consultations absolutely free, as part of

BUILD's commitment to making resources, tools and knowledge accessible to

small businesses.

Why women? If there is something that I have learnt personally, from doing

these sessions with these ladies is that the landscape for men and women is

vastly different. In addition to the usual challenges that women deal with in

terms of running a business, they have added complications to contend with -

this varies from clients and customers who don't take them seriously and

ignore making payment; to suppliers not keeping to their commitments and

giving other businesses preference. And the only way they are able to get

anywhere with this, is to enlist the help of a male family member or friend to

resolve it. How is this acceptable? How have we come this far and still have

these kind of issues to deal with? The women I work with have been secondguessed

in terms of their capability, some have to contend with spouses and

partners who think they are wasting their time and cannot create value.

And having said all that, and all the challenges they face - these are the women

who employ people from their communities, who give of their time and money

to social causes. Who are always willing to give back.

Thus far we have built strong business foundations and skills. We have worked

together on growth strategies and we are transforming those into action plans.

Help me, empower these women. Your Enterprise Development support can

make deep and meaningful impact.


Just changing the world. Nothing fancy...

B U I L D I D E A S | 3


Snippets of our

second BUILD




Find our more on

our website at


BUILD is an Enterprise and Supplier

Development vehicle for small businesses.

The focus of BUILD is on micro womenowned

in the informal sector.

The BUILD Network aims to create an

incubator and accelerator for these small

businesses to navigate the nuances of

owning and running a business.

Small businesses encounter immense

challenges just operating day to day, add

to that being women-owned poses

substantially more obstacles.

While the landscape of doing business in

South Africa is in its nature difficult and

obstacle ridden and there is no way to

completely obliterate this, having basic

understanding and tools for your

business goes a long way in helping small

businesses deal with these issues.

B U I L D I D E A S | 4

BUILD' Network members have access to free

business development consulting - this

includes growth strategies, implementation

plans, marketing guidance etc. Members also

have access to regular workshops that focus

on business basics for small businesses.

And of course this workshop had a beautiful

breakfast spread as well! Network members

were treated to a range of delicious treats as

we worked through the content.

"I loved the content of the workshop, it

simplified something that seemed so

big and only for big corporations into

something as simple as cogs which

helped me categorise my work into

something simple and helped me

identify problem areas.


business owner

Workshop Two looked at Business

Operations within your small business.

The focus was on better understanding

the operations that exist within an entity.

Then focusing on each operation

individually to identify how much of time

and resources are spent across all these


This exercise helps business owners

identify bottlenecks and issues in various

processes. Resource wastage or not

enough focus on the operations that are

directly related to productivity and profit

generation. The idea was to help the

business owners understand how to

become more efficient. The Workshop

ended with a Business Operations Audit

to help them through the exercise of

identifying and creating these


B U I L D I D E A S | 5

B U I L D I D E A S | 6




It is a long road to becoming a household name, ask Fehmida

Jordaan who has transformed her "FEHMZ" name into a brand we

are all familiar with. Our small business feature takes a look at

this power house entrepreneur and social media marketing ninja.

Who or what is HGM/Fehmz Mocktails?

The HalaalGoodsMarket was just an idea in 2011, I used to love going to

markets but was always left wanting with halaal options other than the one

samosa aunty or the veg options.

A couple years later I was chatting with friends and complaining about the

same thing yet again and not a day later she read an article by Ishay Govender

talking about the gap there was for a halaal market around and that

catapulted my resolve to JUST DO IT. So I registered the website and told

myself to just do it. But the procrastination train got me and it was only until

2017 that I finally felt confident and ready to start something truly unique.

What makes this one different? It’s a first of its kind artisanal food and design

market that boasts halaal locally sourced items. With a growing niche market,

the halaal food industry is booming and local small businesses are entering the

scene to offer their fare to a wider audience.

This market is different in that it is entirely curated, it’s not possible to just

BOOK a stall at the market, a committee oversees the participation of each

vendor through an application process to curate the best connoisseurs of

Halaal goods. This is not a normal run of the mill event. Our vendors have

taken the flavours of the world and added the halaal touch. From Korean to

Japanese and a twist on traditional favourites, there’s something for every


B U I L D I D E A S | 7


This brainchild called Fehmz Mocktails started when I pivoted my teaching side into

producing the actual products. My husband was without a job a couple years into

our marriage and it was a scary time but it meant I had to double down and find

something to supplement our income. I started with doing classes teaching people

how to make mocktails and as it grew in popularity, I knew I had to find a way to

pivot it into a better business model. I was working full time at the time and doing

classes on the weekends, fast heading into a full burnout. So on 1 July 2016, 5 years

after starting the classes, we launched our first commercially available ready-todrink

bottles in stores, our first store being Hanover Bakery in Mayfair and now we

are in about 35-40 stores countrywide Alhamdulillah.

As we continue to learn and adapt, as a small business we have pushed forth to

grow, we are making our way through learning the intricacies of the beverage

industry and expanding the brand to take our flavour profiles to new heights.

One thing we have held on tightly to, is making everything in small batches, working

with small businesses and companies to benefit our network and to continue to put

a quality product onto the market for consumers to enjoy.

Who is Fehmida Jordaan outside from HGM/Fehmz Mocktails?

Just a girl, working hard to make ends meet, having fun sharing what she loves in

this adventure through life and on a mission to make cooking and eating, fun and

easy and joyful.

Share one of the most triumphant

moments in your business journey


To be honest there are so many, but I would say

some stand out moments was when we got

our first carbonation machine, that was a whole

new change and direction for our business.

And when we placed and received our very first

big order with Consol for bottles. It was a

goosebumps moment.

B U I L D I D E A S | 8

Share with us something in your business model that didn’t work,

that you needed to pivot. Did you yield a better result?

There are many things that happen, and we have to change and adapt. So one

of the things that we wanted to do was capitalise on the unique flavourings

that we have, to pivot into products that would complement what we do so

we went into the sweets and lollipops but we went with too may flavours at

once and should have focused on the popular ones only, I think however that it

was a good lesson for us because there are still some who love to try the

mixed flavours. We did however run into problems with the third-party

manufacturer and this left us without sweets for about 2 years. That was a

struggle but we are not in a position nor are we looking at getting machinery

for that right now as it yields a very small return on our overall sales currently.

We also decided to venture even further and make Vape products that had

our unique flavours in them, after investing all that we could save into the

production of it, we had everything planned, all products manufactured, labels

purchased and boxes invested in, we were ready to launch. Then I had a crisis

on conscience and decided I didn’t want to do a product that contained

ingredients that may harm, and therefore we took the knock on the entire

thing and pulled back. We sat with the stock and eventually disposed of it all,


Did you have any unsuccessful business ventures prior to FEHMZ

Mocktails/HGM? Share your experience

I have had many different ventures, successful and unsuccessful in its own ways.

When my husband ventured on his own for the first time, I invested my life savings

into starting a toy store, it was somewhat nostalgic but also something I knew as my

parents owned a toy and stationery store from the time I was younger.

Unfortunately the location we were in, although we were optimistic, sadly did not

yield the results to make it possible for us to pay rent and eventually we were

behind on 3-4 months rent but we had a wonderful landlord who let us close up

shop early in our lease and gave us time to pay off what we owed.


We also had a business called Freggies where we delivered fresh fruit and veg to

people all over JHB. It was amazing but also exhausting as I had to help hubby by

going early in the morning to the market with him, buy everything then I went to

work while he went home with everything and we would get orders in the day,

whatever orders he could deliver he would, whatever needed cut and cleaned fruit,

I had to do it when i came home from my day job and do it asap so that he could

finish the deliveries. Sometimes we would still be out at 9pm doing deliveries and

then the next day it’s back at the market at 4/5am. It worked but once hubby found

a job we closed the business.

B U I L D I D E A S | 9

What, in your opinion is something that is often over-looked as

a small business, but that you have learnt is really important

to pay attention to, for the success of your business?

Treat yourself like a business with big dreams and as if you are established

already, don’t treat yourself like a charity case. Work hard, put in the work,

don’t sit back, go to the events/markets/pop ups, talk to your customers,

market yourself, learn and invest in knowing all there is to know about your

product, and follow what the legal requirements are for selling your particular


Our target audience is small women-owned businesses, which you can

relate to. Would you like to share any advice or insight for other

aspiring businesswomen, that you learnt from owning and running

your businesses?

Don’t underestimate how amazing you are! Make your intention clear and keep the

Almighty in your mind, when you falter, talk to Him first. When you don’t have an order

or you need some sales talk to Him, when you need advice ask Allah. Then talk to

everyone else that you need to, recruit your family, your neighbours, your friends. Do

NOT be afraid to ask for help, ask for advice or to put yourself out there. And don’t be

embarrassed by showing that this business is what you need right now, there is

nothing embarrassing about building an empire, you may encounter moments where

you are made to feel bad or you feel like you can’t make it, don’t lose focus on the goal.


B U I L D I D E A S | 1 0

You can do it! Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you


Do your research, follow your passion, don’t do it because your neighbour is

doing it, do it because it’s a passion of your OWN, do it because it is what YOU

want. BUILD this for you!


B U I L D I D E A S | 1 1



Small Business Owners

Accounting Software Resources

One of the most time-consuming aspects of managing your business, is

definitely managing your finances. Be using accounting software that is

designed to streamline your financial tracking you will be saving yourself time

and added stress. Here are some accounting software tools you can check out

for your business


I Zoho is an online accounting software

programme. Because you are working in the

cloud you can access it from any device at

any time. It also has an app that makes

managing your finances super easy from

your phone. It is compatible in South Africa

and you can use ZAR currency. If your

business has a turnover of less than R1million

the software is free (not all features though).


This extremely user friendly interface

accounting software allows you to integrate

many apps into its functionality. It allows you

to do invoicing, quotes and accounting from

any device. You can try the software for free

on a trial basis, thereafter the starter

package is at about R200/month.


Wave Accounting

Sage also offers cloud accounting for small

businesses. You can integrate your payroll

and taxes into your software. Sage offers a

free trial, thereafter there is a starter

package at about R185/month

Wave offers free accounting and invoicing to

all businesses. If you want to add on features

that will be paid. You can use the software to

manage to and track your finances quite

well. It is compatible to South Africa.


This is an excellent tool for starter

businesses. It is completely free for basic

features and you can add features for a fee.

The dashboard is easy to use and captures

your finance highlights at a quick glance.

B U I L D I D E A S | 1 2




By W.i.s.e.r (Women in Social & Economic


Founded in 2016, the voluntary association initially began to empower women in

the local community and evolved into a plethora of sharing, networking,

collaborating, and serving. The Wiser platform promotes the exchange of skills &

knowledge, social responsibility projects and events geared towards social and

economic growth.

Consisting of a dedicated team of volunteers, it is constantly growing to

accommodate the needs of the socio-economic issues of the country. Past

projects include skills development workshops for SME, emotional wellbeing

webinars, social awareness campaigns, several charity runs (hampers, business

rescue and bursaries), international assistance viz. crowdfunding for the purchase

of ambulance, disaster relief and aid etc. and educational tours for personal

development of children and adults.

Current projects include the construction of a borehole in an underprivileged

area, a successful crowdfund towards building of a local masjid. As a fulltime

sponsor towards the printing of African language Quraans and an opening of a

community Dawah Centre, fundraising has to be consistent and ongoing. Wiser is

solely reliant on donations, the support of the public and sponsorships of various

organizations to be able to drive causes and execute goals.

To contribute to the group or for enquiries on the upcoming event, kindly

contact 072 565 1265 or email wisercollab@gmail.com. Our social media is an

album of the various events and projects since inception. Find us on Instagram


B U I L D I D E A S | 1 3



By certified Life Coach

Tasneem Ahmed Insta: @tasneemmindfirst

Boundaries. The very word is enough to make us shiver in discomfort. It

conjures up images of uncomfortable conversations, confrontations &

having the entire world think we’re “bad people”. It’s no wonder then that

we choose avoidance & simply give in to yet another unreasonable demand.

The reason setting boundaries is such a challenge is not because you’re

too soft; rather, it’s more than likely that you’re unfamiliar with what

your needs & values are.

Over many years of people-pleasing we are bound to lose sight of what we

need and want in relationships, career & even health. We’re so far down the

list of our priorities that we unfortunately struggle to answer the question

“what do you like to do?”.

What if I told you that the answers to what you need are always with you?

It doesn’t take months of inquiry or deep meditation. In fact, it probably

happened a few times today already - it’s just not in the most affable


Look at what elicits anger in you. Anger, frustration, mild irritation - all along

this spectrum of not-so-nice emotion sits a wealth of information. Here are

questions to get you started;

⁃What boundary of mine has just been crossed?

⁃What do I/did I need in the moment?

⁃What is this telling me about what I’d like/prefer/value instead?

Take note of your answers. You could journal them or keep them in your

notes app, as long as you have the information, you’ll have the means to

start mapping out the borders of what is sacred to you.

B U I L D I D E A S | 1 4

Is there value for

Social Media

in your Business?

Social Media is a communication medium

through various platforms including

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok -

among others.

The appeal of these platforms is that it

connects users to just about anyone in

the world using the same platform. There

are of course privacy controls for users to

prevent this kind of communication from

becoming abusive.

Eventually all kinds of businesses realised

the potential of social media and

regardless of the size or how established

they were they were now able to set up

business accounts for their brands and


So now, how do you as a small business

use these freely available platforms to

leverage your business? And what value

does it offer you?

Regular users can find official accounts

of celebrities and have a glimpse into

their lives as shared by them. Which is

how the idea of promoting brands by

celebrities on social media began. Brands

would partner up with celebrities and for

a fee, be able to bring their products

directly to consumers through a highly

influential medium.

But now, anyone could become famous.

Social media has given rise to many

different types of celebrities and

"influencers". Not just in the conventional

context of celebrities

Done correctly, you can use these social

media platforms to help you crave a

better message about what your brand is

about. You can reach your customers

better and you can create networks that

can help you grow your business.

In the traditional setting, people would

visit a company's website to get more

information about the company. Getting

people to your website was the tricky

part. How would people know your

business exists in the first place.

B U I L D I D E A S | 1 5

By creating social media platforms you

can find your customers much easier and

you can use techniques to ensure their

interest and make them stick around.


You first need to decide what you want

from your business. Why are you doing

what you are doing? If the plan is to grow

and scale over a 5 year period you need

to incorporate that strategy into your

social media content as well.

By consciously doing this, you are

attracting the right kind of audience to

your page. If the information you are

providing is relevant to them, they will

stick around. You start creating your

sales funnel from this point.


Now that you know what you want from

your social media and by extension your

business, you need to make sure your

messaging is consistent. Start paying

attention to when you are getting more

engagement on your social media

platforms. Some types of businesses for

instance baked goodies providers may

get more engagement and interest on

weekends. Other businesses like school

tutoring for example may have

engagement on weekdays. It is

important to keep checking in on your

insights and see what works and what

does not.


Once you know what you want to

achieve and how often you will be doing

posts etc. Work on your actual content.

People do not like being sold something.

Make sure you offer them some kind of

value, evoke emotions with your posts.

Using high quality pictures translates

into professionalism. Having a neat feed

is aesthetically pleasing, it automatically

draws potential customers to your

account and might make them linger



Make sure you have a call to action. What

do you want your customers to do - click

link in bio to shop online, connect via

WhatsApp business, drop and email.

Whatever it may be - be clear on what

action you want your customer to take.

Social media is freely available and can

be a powerful tool to help you build

brand recognition and sales revenue.

Be consistent, be patient and be


Structure your posts around these


B U I L D I D E A S | 1 6



Black Economic Empowerment or BEE, as it

is commonly called, is often misunderstood.

The perception that the concept is a penal

measure meant to punish non-conforming

entities is incorrect.

Coming out of apartheid, it was clear that

the socio-economic landscape was wholly

unequal. There was a huge gap in skills

capabilities between disadvantaged

individuals and White people. Access to jobs

was not as easy for for Black people (in

terms of BEE Black includes African, Indian

and Coloured people).

The South African government identified

the need to create policies to help bridge

these gaps and provide easier access to

employment and skills development for

previously disadvantaged communities and

people who still bore the effects of the

apartheid regime.

The Employment Equity Act, Skills

Development Act, Labour Relations Act,

Basic Conditions of Employment Act were

all enacted or amended to be more inclusive,

to create space for people who would not

otherwise be able to gain access to jobs.

But this was not creating the kind of impact

that was needed.

The policy makers realised that a more

targeted kind of policy was needed to

directly address the particular issues

that were a residual consequence of


The focus now became broad based

implementation. The idea was to create

a scorecard with various elements.

Compliance with each element would

earn you a score depending on whether

you achieve certain targets. Your total

score would then earn you a rating -

Level 1, 2, 3, 4 - 9 or non compliant. You

have to be officially audited for this

process by a verification agency.

Over the years targets and frameworks

have changed but the basic idea

remains. In addition to that there are

thresholds that determine the

stringency of compliance. Now, if you

have turnover of less than R10million

per annum you are automatically

deemed to be a Level 4 BEE compliant

entity - you are considered an

Exempted Micro Enterprise.

B U I L D I D E A S | 1 8

If you have a turnover above R10million

and below R50 million you are considered

to be a Qualifying Small Enterprise with

slightly less rigid targets for compliance.

Above R50 million you are deemed to be a

generic entity and you are to comply to all

the specified targets.

Elements within the BEE Scorecard includes

racial representation, skills development,

enterprise development, supplier

development, corporate social responsibility

in addition to just black ownership.

If you are an EME and would like to get a

BEE Certificate, it is as easy as

downloading the EME Sworn Affidavit

from the Department of Trade and

Industry's website, filling out the relevant

information and having it attested to by a

Commissioner of Oaths. The certificate is

valid for 12 months.

Do you need assistance with your

BEE compliance? BUILD provides

small business BEE Consulting to help

you gain a competitive advantage

within your industry.

For larger corporates that need to be

BEE compliant, they need to ensure

that they are meeting their

Procurement targets. This means they

have to spend a certain percentage of

their procurement on EMEs, black

women-owned businesses, black

owned etc.

Having a BEE certificate for your

company helps you gain an advantage

if you are trying to be supplier or

vendor to that entity.

For further assistance on implementing BEE in your

company please contact BUILD

B U I L D I D E A S | 1 9


Super Hero

P E R S O N A ?


Cool and calm, even

under pressure. Efficient,

highly skilled and

courageous. You get the

job done!


Not someone that keeps to

the rules. Thrives on

questioning everything and

playing devil's advocate.

Witty and intelligent you

look at things differently

and bring new ideas

Tony stark

You are innovative, a

visionary. You are

disrupting things and

reimagining old concepts.

Easily adapt to technology

and use it as a tool for


Black Panther

You are a fearless leader.

You motivate teams, find

disparities and create

solutions. You are respected

and interested in advancing

everyone not just yourself

B U I L D I D E A S | 2 0

in the



Kulani Shiluvane, Founder and Chief Solutionist at

SHILUVAH shares her thoughts


Mental health is a topic that affects us all,

and as we continue to navigate the

challenges of the modern workplace, it

becomes increasingly important to prioritize

the well-being of our employees. In this

edition, we will be focusing on mental health

in the workplace and the significant role that

Mental Health First Aiders play in supporting

their colleagues.



Mental health is a fundamental aspect of

overall well-being, and its impact on

workplace productivity and employee

satisfaction cannot be underestimated.

According to recent studies, individuals

experiencing mental health issues are more

likely to take time off work, struggle with

concentration and decision-making, and

may face difficulties in collaborating

effectively with their peers.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace

environment benefits individual

employees and contributes to the

organisation's overall success and

productivity. We can reduce stigma,

increase employee engagement, and

promote a sense of community and

well-being by fostering an open and

supportive culture.



One of the ways organisations can

actively address mental health in the

workplace is through the Mental Health

First Aid program. Mental Health First

Aiders are individuals trained to provide

initial support to someone experiencing

a mental health challenge or crisis. They

act as a bridge between the person in

need and appropriate professional help.

B U I L D I D E A S | 2 1

Similar to physical first aid, Mental Health

First Aid aims to provide immediate

assistance, promote understanding, and

offer guidance until professional help can

be accessed. Mental Health First Aiders are

compassionate individuals from diverse

backgrounds within the organisation who

have volunteered their time to be a trusted

resource for their colleagues.



Having Mental Health First Aiders within

your organisation brings numerous

benefits to employees and the overall

workplace culture.

Early intervention and support:

Mental Health First Aiders can recognize

the signs and symptoms of mental health

issues early on, enabling them to offer

timely support and intervention. This can

prevent situations from escalating and help

individuals access the resources they need.

Reduced stigma:

By openly discussing mental health and

offering support, Mental Health First Aiders

play a crucial role in reducing the stigma

often associated with mental health

challenges. Their presence helps create an

environment where individuals feel

comfortable seeking help without fear of


Increased awareness and education:

Mental Health First Aiders help raise

awareness about mental health and

provide education on various topics, such

as stress management, resilience

building, and self-care. This knowledge

can empower individuals to take

proactive steps towards maintaining their

mental well-being.

Improved employee well-being:

By having accessible and trained

individuals to turn to in times of need,

employees feel supported and valued.

This support network contributes to

overall well-being, job satisfaction, and

increased morale within the workplace.

Let's Prioritize Mental Health Together

Remember, mental health is a journey,

and we are all in this together.

Vana na siku lerinene,

Kulani Shiluvane

B U I L D I D E A S | 2 2

5 Easy Lunch





⅓ cup (28g/1oz) pasta

¾ cup (175ml/6fl oz) water, cold

4 tablespoons milk

1/2 teaspoon cornstarch (aka cornflour)

4 tablespoons cheddar cheese , grated

salt and pepper


In a large microwavable mug or bowl add in the macaroni and the water.

Microwave for roughly 3 ½ minutes. You want the pasta to be fully cooked.

Pour off the remaining cooking water.

Stir in the milk, cornstarch and shredded cheese and microwave for a final

60 seconds to create your sauce. Stir well, season with salt and pepper and



Credit: Pinch of Yum


1/2 lb. shrimp (tails removed) 1 ripe avocado

1/2 teaspoon salt squeeze of one lemon

half of a small cucumber (diced)

a pinch of fresh dill


a pinch of chives

Poach the shrimp: Bring a pot of water to boil. Add the shrimp. Cook for

3-5 minutes until pink and opaque. Drain and place in a bowl of ice water

to cool. When cooled, pat dry and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Avocado mixture: Mash the avocado. Season with salt, lemon,

Assemble: Toss shrimp, avocado mix, cucumber, and herbs together.

Season to taste.

B U I L D I D E A S | 2 3


Credit: www.feelgoodfoodie.net


½ cup sour cream

3 Tblspns red wine vinegar

1 Tblspn chopped fresh dill 1 teaspoon granulated sugar opt

¼ teaspoon garlic powder

Salt and pepper

2 large English cucumber thinly sliced

¼ red onion thinly sliced


In a medium bowl, mix the sour cream, vinegar, dill sugar, and garlic

powder until well combined. Taste and season with salt and pepper.

Add the sliced cucumbers and red onions on top of the sour cream

dressing and stir to coat.

Serve immediately at room temperature or refrigerate for one hour

before serving.


Credit: www.brit.co


1/4 cup Greek yogurt 1/3-1/2 cup blue cheese crumbled

juice of 1/2 lemon

8 large, sturdy romaine lettuce leaves

2 cooked chicken breasts, shredded

2-3 tablespoons walnuts, toasted and crumbled

8 raspberries, split in half 2 tsp chives, sliced


In a large bowl, combine yogurt and blue cheese. Season with lemon juice to taste. Stir in

chicken until fully coated. Adjust with more yogurt, blue cheese, and/or lemon if needed.

Spoon shredded chicken onto center ribs of romaine lettuce leaves, dividing meat equally

between them. Place on a cutting board or rimmed baking sheet. Set them upright next

to each other to prevent leaves from falling over.

B U I L D I D E A S | 2 4






Credit: britco.co

Add cheese to melted butter

Brush this on to your bread slices. This will be the OUTSIDE of your sandwich. The

part that hits the pan.

Heat up a pan and place your buttered (and cheese) bread on to the pan.

Next add your cheese this will be the INSIDE of the sandwich.

Top with the next buttered and cheesed slice at the top. Remember this will be

the outside to make your sandwich crispier and cheesier than ever!

Bon Appetit!






B U I L D I D E A S | 2 5

On Our Bookshelf

What we're reading

The Runaway Jury

John Grisham

I have been immersed in non-fiction reading and I needed to

give my brain and imagination a chance to do some

recreational reading! My go to for enjoyable, recreational

reading has always been John Grisham. I love his writing,

the pace of the storytelling is always just right and I find his

subtle humour to be very engaging.

And so I settled on one I had read so long ago I had

forgotten most of what happened.

The Runaway Jury explores the theme of jury corruption during a high-profile tobacco

trial. In a small town in Mississippi, Celeste Wood, widow of a lifelong smoker, is suing a

tobacco company for his premature death at age fifty-three. Thoroughly enjoyed the

legal drama and the thrills of a high profile case.

The McKinsey Way

Ethan M. Rasiel

This is on my list of professional development books to

read. I have not yet finished this book, but I am so

impressed with the level on insight provided into the

Management Consulting industry.

McKinsey has always been considered one of the pioneers

of this industry and having a book written by ex-McKinsey is

a delight.

B U I L D I D E A S | 2 6

What my Kids are Reading....

Not sure if this is an occurrence in every home, but if I can't

find my kids, the most likely probability is that they're stuck in

a book! Two of my kids are avid readers and one needs to be

coaxed. Here's what they're reading and enjoying...

My Weird School

Dan Gutman

This series of hilarious chapter books is one of my

youngest daughter's favourite reads. If she is looking for

something to do she will happily revisit the books in this

series, even though she's already read them a hundred

times! The stories are very relatable for young kids and

quite funny. There is a My Weirder School and My Weirdest

School series as well. Recommended for kids 7-9years

Code Name Bananas

David Walliams

David Walliams is one of the bestselling children's book

authors globally. He has a witty and fun style of writing. My

daughter lapped this book up in no time (despite it's rather

intimidating page quantity!)

Set in World War II, this book follows the adventures of a

little boy and his friend Gertrude (the Gorilla). It is a hoot,

recommended for kids 8-13 years

Nancy Drew Files

Carolyn Keene

Very retro, but my eldest daughter is loving the Nancy

Drew files series. She finds the mysteries more edgy than

the Nancy Drew Case books. The mysteries do involve

murders and kidnappings, but the content is not graphic or

violent. Recommended 14+

B U I L D I D E A S | 2 7

R E A D Y - T O - B A K E















w w w . c a r r i n g t o n c o o k i e s . c o . z a i n f o @ c a r r i n g t o n c o o k i e s . c o . z a

@ c a r r i n g t o n _ c o o k i e s 0 6 0 5 0 5 2 0 2 9 / 0 8 2 7 0 3 7 0 3 6

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