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A free resource for small business owners. Includes business tips and ideas, lifestyle content, small business features, quick lunch ideas and more

A free resource for small business owners. Includes business tips and ideas, lifestyle content, small business features, quick lunch ideas and more


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Share with us something in your business model that didn’t work,

that you needed to pivot. Did you yield a better result?

There are many things that happen, and we have to change and adapt. So one

of the things that we wanted to do was capitalise on the unique flavourings

that we have, to pivot into products that would complement what we do so

we went into the sweets and lollipops but we went with too may flavours at

once and should have focused on the popular ones only, I think however that it

was a good lesson for us because there are still some who love to try the

mixed flavours. We did however run into problems with the third-party

manufacturer and this left us without sweets for about 2 years. That was a

struggle but we are not in a position nor are we looking at getting machinery

for that right now as it yields a very small return on our overall sales currently.

We also decided to venture even further and make Vape products that had

our unique flavours in them, after investing all that we could save into the

production of it, we had everything planned, all products manufactured, labels

purchased and boxes invested in, we were ready to launch. Then I had a crisis

on conscience and decided I didn’t want to do a product that contained

ingredients that may harm, and therefore we took the knock on the entire

thing and pulled back. We sat with the stock and eventually disposed of it all,


Did you have any unsuccessful business ventures prior to FEHMZ

Mocktails/HGM? Share your experience

I have had many different ventures, successful and unsuccessful in its own ways.

When my husband ventured on his own for the first time, I invested my life savings

into starting a toy store, it was somewhat nostalgic but also something I knew as my

parents owned a toy and stationery store from the time I was younger.

Unfortunately the location we were in, although we were optimistic, sadly did not

yield the results to make it possible for us to pay rent and eventually we were

behind on 3-4 months rent but we had a wonderful landlord who let us close up

shop early in our lease and gave us time to pay off what we owed.


We also had a business called Freggies where we delivered fresh fruit and veg to

people all over JHB. It was amazing but also exhausting as I had to help hubby by

going early in the morning to the market with him, buy everything then I went to

work while he went home with everything and we would get orders in the day,

whatever orders he could deliver he would, whatever needed cut and cleaned fruit,

I had to do it when i came home from my day job and do it asap so that he could

finish the deliveries. Sometimes we would still be out at 9pm doing deliveries and

then the next day it’s back at the market at 4/5am. It worked but once hubby found

a job we closed the business.

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