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Your in-depth guide<br />

to the world’s biggest<br />

sportfishing show.<br />

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Why Florida is a great place<br />

to sell your fishing tackle.<br />

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Increasing women’s<br />

participation in fishing in<br />

the US alone could bring<br />

in an additional $1 billion in<br />

revenue to the sportfishing<br />

industry.<br />

According to new research<br />

from the Recreational Boating<br />

& Fishing Foundation (RBFF)<br />

and research experts Southwick<br />

Associates, female anglers<br />

represent a significant revenue<br />

opportunity for the fishing<br />

industry.<br />

The research, which was<br />

conducted to learn more about<br />

the financial impact of increasing<br />

female angler participation,<br />

concluded that just a 10 per<br />

cent increase in females taking<br />

up fishing could provide an<br />

additional $1 billion in revenue.<br />

This means each additional<br />

female participant is worth<br />

nearly $1,000 in annual revenue<br />

to the trade.<br />

RBFF President and CEO<br />

Dave Chanda explained: “We<br />

know through research that<br />

recruiting and retaining female<br />

anglers is critical to growing<br />

fishing and boating participation<br />

overall.<br />

“The bottom line is, increasing<br />

female fishing participation is<br />

also good for business, and the<br />

industry stands to benefit greatly<br />

from focusing more on this<br />

growing audience.”<br />

The study also revealed how<br />

it may be important to focus<br />

efforts geographically in the US.<br />

For example, women in the<br />

south and Midwest regions both<br />

spent around $3.5 billion each<br />

(over $7 billion total) on fishing.<br />

In the Midwest, female<br />

anglers each spent an average of<br />

$1,106 annually, yet in the south,<br />

they spent an annual average of<br />

$796 per person.<br />

Despite the strong female<br />

angler representation in the<br />

Midwest, saltwater fishing<br />

has emerged as a driving force<br />

behind the financial stimulus<br />

female anglers bring to the<br />

industry.<br />

In 2021, female saltwater<br />

anglers spent more per<br />

capita than female freshwater<br />

anglers – $3.7 billion versus $6.6<br />

billion, respectively.<br />

Women also spent relatively<br />

more on special equipment<br />

including vehicles, boats, real<br />

estate, and more for saltwater<br />

fishing compared to freshwater<br />

fishing (35 per cent compared to<br />

22 per cent).<br />

The research coincides with<br />

the recent launch by RBFF<br />

of its Take Me Fishing “Find<br />

Your Best Self On The Water”<br />

campaign.<br />

This aims to help women<br />

uncover the life-changing<br />

benefits of fishing and boating.<br />

Based on extensive research,<br />

this integrated marketing<br />

program will create awareness<br />

of fishing and boating among<br />

diverse new audiences and<br />

motivate participation.<br />

• Continued on page 12<br />

S E N T T O M O R E T H A N 1 8 , 5 0 0 T A C K L E I N D U S T R Y<br />


Introducing a new chapter in Total Boat Control with the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor. These<br />

two models conquer the harshest conditions with unrivaled power, unmatched durability and unbelievable<br />

efficiency that operates with near absolute silence. Go farther. Fish harder. Make every move count.<br />


JULY<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Tackle</strong><strong>Trade</strong><br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


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John Hunter<br />

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A journalist all his life and with 20-plus years<br />

of international business magazine experience,<br />

John was the founding editor of TTW and has<br />

now returned to the helm. He has helped<br />

many brands launch and grow over the years<br />

through B2B publications and via his own<br />

consultancy business.<br />

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at most types of fishing and is a great<br />

accumulator of tackle and now focuses on<br />

competition fishing. Having worked at DHP for<br />

the last 18 years on every title in the company’s<br />

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experience to the editorial team.<br />


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Li Ziwei (Robert) has been working as news<br />

editor for over 20 years. He founded the most<br />

influential Chinese fishing forum in the Straits<br />

and successfully organised many industry<br />

events. His love for culture and tourism has led<br />

him to devote his entire life to the exchanges<br />

between China and southeast Asia.<br />

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As many of us, most notably in<br />

the US but increasingly, from<br />

around the globe, head to<br />

ICAST this month ( <strong>July</strong>), I continue to<br />

marvel at those who attend these events.<br />

For the manufacturers and brands,<br />

it’s a massive outlay – not only in terms<br />

of booth space and design but product<br />

innovation, staffing and travel, not<br />

to mention the impact of taking your<br />

dedicated team out of the office or ‘off<br />

the road’ for a week.<br />

It’s also a huge leap of faith for<br />

distributors and retailers. Again, the<br />

costs of travel to – and hotels in –<br />

Orlando can be high and then there’s<br />

the impact on your shop while you<br />

are out of town, not to mention the<br />

hospitality you might wish to indulge in<br />

while you are there!<br />

So why do it?<br />

Well, there are several answers to this<br />

and many of the reasons have been put<br />

forward eloquently by exhibitors and<br />

retailers in the American Sportfishing<br />

Association’s ICAST columns here in<br />

TTW over recent months in the build<br />

up to the show.<br />

Certainly, the opportunity to<br />

showcase new products to a huge<br />

number of visitors – not to mention the<br />

chance for retailers to see all the latest<br />

gear in one place – is pretty compelling,<br />

especially when it’s on the scale of a<br />

show like ICAST.<br />

Then there’s all the seemingly<br />

peripheral but also important events<br />

like dealer seminars and information<br />

to boost your business, along with<br />

3,511<br />

6,466<br />

fun elements like On The Water, the<br />

ICAST Cup, Happy Hours and more.<br />

But I guess the most important reason<br />

for me – outside of seeing new gear,<br />

which is after all the lifeblood of the<br />

industry and keeps the magazine pages<br />

filled each month – is simply to meet<br />

with like-minded people, reconnect with<br />

old friends and make new ones.<br />

My first ICAST was almost 20 years<br />

ago but, having moved away from TTW<br />

for quite some time, I really missed all<br />

those people.<br />

Returning last year was great – and<br />

I reconnected with a number of old<br />

pals and acquaintances as well as<br />

meeting plenty of new people while<br />

understanding more about their<br />

businesses and how TTW can help them<br />

grow.<br />

So as I pack my bags for ICAST,<br />

of course I’ll be looking forward to<br />

a casting a line at some bass in Lake<br />

Toho, sharing a relaxing drink by<br />

the pool at the Rosen after hours, or<br />

catching up with pals in a restaurant<br />

downtown.<br />

But I’ll also be eager to see all that<br />

new gear and talk about all the ways<br />

TTW can help it reach an even wider<br />

audience around the globe as well as<br />

learning all about your brands.<br />

If you are at ICAST <strong>2023</strong>, myself,<br />

Bart and John M look forward to<br />

catching up. I wish you safe travels and<br />

a successful show.<br />

John Hunter<br />


RIFFLE<br />

RIFFLE<br />

Riffle Fishing Packraft<br />

Approach Fishing Rafts<br />

APPROACH 100<br />

Slash Pack 25L<br />

APPROACH 120<br />

Visit us at booth #836

JULY<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Contents<br />

22<br />

12 NEWS<br />

Iconic Australian reel brand Alvey is saved,<br />

there are key appointments at Mustad and<br />

Rather Outdoors, while Daiwa honours its US<br />

sales reps.<br />

22 MAKE THE MOST OF ICAST <strong>2023</strong><br />

Your in-depth guide to the world’s largest<br />

sportfishing trade show, so you don’t miss a<br />

thing if you are visiting the event in Orlando.<br />


Anglers love to take plenty of kit on their trips<br />

but how do they transport it securely and<br />

stay organised on the bank or in the boat?<br />

30 SHOP WINDOW<br />

We have some suggestions for the gear you<br />

could stock to keep your customers happy<br />

when it comes to storage solutions for their<br />

tackle.<br />



Mustad is attacking multiple sport fishing<br />

segments with an extensive series of saltand<br />

freshwater hooks, all featuring advanced<br />

technologies.<br />


Arguably one of the world’s finest fishing<br />

destinations, the Sunshine State is home<br />

to big fish, major brands and, of course, the<br />

ICAST show.<br />


More products from global suppliers that<br />

will be worth adding to your outlet’s shelves<br />

over the coming months.<br />


INTO<br />

Since 1999, Carr Specialty Baits, Inc. has been<br />

revolutionising the fishing industry with<br />

its game-changing brand of baits called<br />

Fishbites.<br />



Adventure-angling watercraft just got an<br />

upgrade thanks to NRS’ Approach Series,<br />

10 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

helping make those out-of-the-way spots<br />

more accessible.<br />


If you are focused on having a sustainable<br />

business then Rick Crawford and his<br />

Emerger Strategies company could help<br />

guide you on the path to success.<br />



Marking its 66th anniversary in 2024,<br />

Panther Martin is unveiling six exciting lures<br />

alongside new versions of fan favourites.<br />



Under new ownership, the exclusive<br />

distributor of Fuji products in North America<br />

details several key items that will be<br />

launched at ICAST <strong>2023</strong>.<br />


AMERICA’<br />

Rome Specialty Co (ROSCO) is pressing for<br />

more US-manufactured fishing tackle and<br />

has created a specific program to support this.<br />


Flying Fisherman has solved the problem<br />

of losing your sunglasses overboard with a<br />

range of floating models.<br />


It’s been three decades since Simms<br />

unveiled its Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable<br />

waders but the innovation continues…<br />


SEVIIN is the very latest reel brand and it has<br />

been born with the DNA of St Croix Rods,<br />

guaranteeing quality and performance in<br />

every model.<br />


Brazilian line manufacturer Mazzaferro has<br />

been producing top quality products for 70<br />

years and is still growing.<br />

40<br />

28<br />

54<br />



Energofish thrives on product development.<br />

Its Benzar Mix Jetty Adapter and its Rapid<br />

Method Kits, for example, make fishing<br />

better.<br />



The backing of PRADCO looks set to help<br />

Great Lakes Finesse take its techniques and<br />

baits for pressured fish to a much wider<br />

audience.<br />



The European EWF fly fishing show<br />

returned to Germany in triumph, with<br />

thousands of anglers in attendance. We<br />

bring you a full report.<br />


With a successful range of gloves, the brand<br />

is now targeting the sock market while<br />

boosting the offerings in its core sector.<br />


The next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON<br />

series rods are said to represent a significant<br />

evolution in design, innovation and<br />

individuality.<br />

74 LAST CAST<br />

Lucas Bissett, AFFTA’s executive director,<br />

explains how the Confluence event in<br />

September will bring the entire fly fishing<br />

community together.

Super<br />

Heat Dissipation<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Super<br />

Low-Friction<br />

Super<br />

Hardness<br />

Super<br />


Female anglers could add<br />

$1 billion to industry coffers<br />

• Continued from page 6<br />

RBFF senior vice-president of marketing<br />

and communications, Stephanie Vatalaro,<br />

said: “Women are the gateway to the<br />

greatest growth in fishing and boating<br />

participation. The opportunity is clear.<br />

“Research shows women do most of the<br />

family activity planning and drive 85 per<br />

cent of consumer spending decisions. Most<br />

kids fish with mums more than with dads<br />

and brands who put women front and<br />

centre in their advertising are held in<br />

higher regard by both women and men.”<br />

The business opportunity is also clear.<br />

A 2022 Southwick Associates study found<br />

the average female angler in the US spends<br />

$962 each year on sport fishing gear and<br />

services.<br />

The “Find Your Best Self ” campaign is<br />

based on research by IPSOS in 2002 that<br />

showed that women who fish are happier<br />

Suzuki Marine open<br />

Flordia tech centre<br />

Suzuki Marine USA has<br />

completed the development of<br />

a 20-acre waterfront property<br />

in Panama City, Florida, as its<br />

state-of-the-art Marine Technical<br />

Centre.<br />

The site includes a 9,037sq<br />

ft. main building providing<br />

office space, conference rooms,<br />

technical/service bays, inside<br />

boat storage and other important<br />

equipment. There are additional<br />

buildings, a private launch ramp<br />

with docks and a 300ft protective<br />

seawall.<br />

The grand opening event<br />

brought together Suzuki staff<br />

from its Tampa, Florida corporate<br />

headquarters, select dealers<br />

and boatbuilding partners,<br />

local dignitaries, Suzuki Motor<br />

Corporation VIPs and members<br />

of the boating press.<br />

Among those in attendance<br />

were Mr Shuichi Mishima,<br />

executive general manager of<br />

Marine Operations for Suzuki<br />

Motor Corporation in Japan;<br />

State of Florida Chief Financial<br />

Officer Jimmy Patronis and<br />

City of Panama Mayor Greg<br />

12 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

and healthier. Conceived and developed by<br />

a women-led team, the campaign shows<br />

female anglers experiencing the benefits<br />

of fishing and boating first-hand, using<br />

a mix of 60- and 30-second ads, public<br />

service announcements, print, digital, and<br />

social media extensions, integrated media<br />

partnerships, influencer partnerships, and<br />

earned media activations.<br />

RBFF senior director of marketing,<br />

Rachel Piacenza, added: “Campaign testing<br />

showed the new ads motivated both women<br />

and men to go fishing, so we’re excited to<br />

see how both audiences interact with the<br />

campaign this summer. ‘Find Your Best<br />

Self on the Water’ strives to accurately and<br />

inclusively depict women in fishing, ideally<br />

inspiring more females to feel comfortable<br />

trying this life-enhancing activity.”<br />

Despite record levels of female<br />

Brudnicki.<br />

Following tours of the facility,<br />

attendees also took demonstration<br />

rides on a variety Suzuki-powered<br />

boats and explored the property<br />

from the water.<br />

George ‘Gus’ Blakely, Suzuki<br />

Marine executive vice-president,<br />

sales and service, said: “Thanks<br />

to hard work and cooperation<br />

between Suzuki Marine and<br />

government agencies, Panama<br />

City will henceforth be known<br />

as a leading source of marine<br />

industry innovation and an<br />

epicentre of new outboard motor<br />

development.<br />

“We recognised early on this<br />

was the ideal location for us to<br />

achieve our goals and – while it<br />

wasn’t easy – the final result has<br />

proved us right.”<br />

Among the products and<br />

innovations being endurance<br />

tested and evaluated was<br />

Suzuki’s innovative Micro Plastic<br />

Collecting device, which integrates<br />

with the engine’s cooling system<br />

to remove micro plastic pollution<br />

from the water as the boat is<br />

driven.<br />

Buyer reels in Alvey<br />

brand to secure its future<br />

www.gowings.com<br />

participation in fishing, the activity still has<br />

a long way to go toward welcoming women.<br />

The IPSOS study revealed that 43 per<br />

cent of female anglers do not feel respected<br />

by the fishing community and one in four<br />

believe negative stereotypes exist about<br />

women’s ability to fish.<br />

Lack of representation is intimidating<br />

and prohibitive for at least one in every four<br />

female anglers, and women of colour tend<br />

to agree even more with this statement.<br />

RBFF‘s campaign aims to confront<br />

these barriers and inspire every woman in<br />

this nation to challenge themselves to try<br />

something new to help them find their<br />

best self while supporting a more inclusive<br />

fishing and boating community.<br />

takemefishing.org/find-your-best-self<br />

After 102 years of manufacturing side cast reels and accessories but<br />

with its future on the line, iconic Australian brand Alvey Reels has<br />

been purchased by Gowing Bros, itself a longstanding Australian<br />

name.<br />

Alvey’s recent history has been tough, with two close calls as it<br />

nearly went out of business in 2018 and again in 2022 but now<br />

Gowing Bros, which has been trading since 1868 in Australia and,<br />

as a retailer, was once a reel customer, has brought the story almost<br />

full circle.<br />

Managing director John Gowing saw this as an opportunity to<br />

save an iconic Australian brand and, with his expert team, revitalise<br />

and modernise the manufacturing facility to keep the brand alive for<br />

another 100 years.<br />

Alvey is the only company in the world manufacturing the famous<br />

side cast reel and has supplied its products for 102 years.<br />

This is a specialist reel for beach anglers in particular as it is the<br />

only one that can be buried in beach sand, washed out in salt water<br />

and then continue to be used for fishing.<br />

Thee reels are extremely sensitive to fish bites as the line passes<br />

through the angler’s finger, allowing all bites and line movement to<br />

be felt. Accurate long-distance casts are easy, with an Alvey helping<br />

beach anglers get out to where they want to fish.<br />

John explained: “ We saw an opportunity to keep an icon in<br />

Australian hands. Gowings also owns FCS, an iconic surfing brand<br />

and we think Alvey would complement our interests in ocean sport.<br />

“Philosophically, we want to encourage sustainable enjoyment of<br />

our seas and oceans. Demonstrating this commitment is our ‘1% For<br />

The Oceans ’ pledge, with proceeds going to the Gowings Whale<br />

Trust, which aims to fund positive change in our oceans.”

Daiwa US honours<br />

its own for sales<br />

achievements<br />


Daiwa NSM ‘Summit’ Award winners<br />

Daiwa US’ focus on new<br />

products and market share gains<br />

within independent tackle shops<br />

required serious input from its<br />

sales reps and it has once again<br />

honoured some of those who<br />

helped it achieve success in the<br />

past year.<br />

Daiwa’s key recognition is<br />

its ‘Summit’ awards, which this<br />

year went to Jeff Allen with<br />

Ferguson-Keller Associates,<br />

Graywood Sporting Group,<br />

Jackson Gillaspie with Rogers<br />

Sports Marketing and Warren<br />

McRae with Graywood.<br />

In being recognised with<br />

the ‘Summit Outstanding<br />

Leadership’ award, Daiwa’s<br />

regional sales manager Greg<br />

Johnson noted Jeff Allen’s<br />

personal success in growing<br />

his own accounts in tough<br />

economic times and also the<br />

assistance he provides to not<br />

only other Ferguson-Keller<br />

reps, but also other Daiwa<br />

reps groups through his<br />

responsibilities with buying<br />

groups.<br />

Noting the impact Canadian<br />

anglers and the Canada tackle<br />

market has on Daiwa’s overall<br />

business, especially in the bass<br />

fishing market over the past<br />

year, Peterborough, Ontariobased<br />

Graywood Sporting<br />

Group was honoured with the<br />

‘Summit Rep Group’ award<br />

for the overall impact from the<br />

entire group for its sales success<br />

across all Canadian provinces.<br />

Daiwa president Carey<br />

Graves noted that ,with Canada<br />

now having its first Bassmaster<br />

Classic winner and its first<br />

angler recognised with a major<br />

service award from the Bass<br />

Fishing Hall of Fame, it was<br />

appropriate for Graywood to be<br />

acknowledged for their efforts<br />

also.<br />

Daiwa’s ‘Summit Dealer<br />

Development’ award winner<br />

Jackson Gillaspie with Rogers<br />

Sports Marketing is a “walking<br />

textbook on bass fishing,<br />

and his dealers took a quick<br />

understanding of his skill set to<br />

help them manage their Daiwa<br />

business,” said Daiwa’s Johnson.<br />

“His support abilities at the<br />

recent Bassmaster Classic with<br />

exhibiting tackle dealers brought<br />

a great deal of success to both<br />

the dealers and Daiwa’s efforts.”<br />

Meanwhile, Daiwa’s ‘Summit<br />

Change Leader’ award winner<br />

McRae boosted the major role<br />

the Canadian fishing market has<br />

on Daiwa’s business, through<br />

key programs and initiatives,<br />

including added rod placement,<br />

in-store event, demo programs<br />

and being quickest to market<br />

with new items.<br />

Others recognised with ‘Key<br />

Objective’ awards for specific<br />

product category sales and faster<br />

-to-market efforts include Brad<br />

Olson with Ferguson-Keller,<br />

Drake Hollander with Rogers<br />

Sports Marketing and Ben<br />

Babbit, Scott Bynre, and Cale<br />

Engelage, all with Marschmedt<br />

& Associates.<br />

We currently offer 16 Foamanizer<br />

options, all of which have been designed<br />

to adjust to any fly tyer's workspace.<br />

Over 13,000+<br />

products available<br />

for your fly tying<br />


Industry veterans hook<br />

up with Mustad brands<br />

A leader in hooks manufacturing and other<br />

tackle, Mustad, has landed key industry<br />

experts in sales and marketing to propel its<br />

brands to new heights in the Americas.<br />

Recently placed at the helm, Paul<br />

Ruda has introduced experienced sales<br />

professionals and a skilled marketing<br />

strategist all with proven results at wellknown<br />

sports fishing brands this May.<br />

The Americas general manager said: “I<br />

am honoured and beyond excited for these<br />

individuals to join our Mustad team in the<br />

North American market.<br />

“Their experience and knowledge in the<br />

diversity of fisheries, regions and the trades<br />

will help us position our brands for future<br />

success.”<br />

With over 27 years of industry<br />

experience, including 24 years with Pure<br />

Fishing, Brian Perry brings detailed<br />

fishing knowledge and a strong network<br />

of relationships with key retail and<br />

distribution partners.<br />

He said: “Nothing is more motivating<br />

than living out my passion for fishing<br />

through my career. Ever since I joined<br />

the industry in retail, I’ve had a neverquenched<br />

thirst to succeed.<br />

“Mustad’s respected brands have<br />

legendary stories and I look forward to<br />

building upon successes to a whole new<br />

level.”<br />

Together with Brian, Dave Wensel<br />

will divide the US and Canada sales<br />

responsibilities for its dealer and distributor<br />

channels.<br />

His 24 years of tackle trade knowledge<br />

with firms including Pure Fishing and<br />

Rather Outdoors will strengthen the sales<br />

side of the business.<br />

The new senior regional business<br />

manager said: “I know fishing and I<br />

know the business, so joining a house of<br />

compelling brands with serious ambitions<br />

in the Americas allows me to shine.<br />

“With Mustad, LiveTarget and TUF-<br />

Line, we’ll be able to make powerful moves<br />

in key segments.<br />

Vince Minnick joins as national sales<br />

manager with a 20-year career under his<br />

belt and will oversee key accounts including<br />

Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Academy Sports<br />

and more.<br />

He said: “My desire to win drives my<br />

successes in the industry. With a passion for<br />

product, technique and the art of fishing, I<br />

excel at introducing and strengthening key<br />

products at the country’s largest retailers.”<br />

Meanwhile, Andy Baumbach will bring<br />

together the 71 years of experience within<br />

the team as director of marketing.<br />

With a decade of experience in the<br />

outdoors including with Plano and House<br />

of Outdoors, he takes the lead for an omnichannel<br />

marketing strategy.<br />

He added: “I’m honoured to come<br />

alongside this talented group of individuals<br />

with such tenure in the industry.<br />

“Our core brands already have a great<br />

foundation and the trust of fellow anglers<br />

worldwide. I know that pulling the right<br />

levers will only lead to greater success.”<br />

FUJI ® ULTRA-Poly ®<br />

Wrapping Thread<br />

it’s not just good, it’s FUJI ® good.<br />

Preferred by the best custom rod builders and<br />

factories worldwide. ULTRA-Poly ® is a colorfast<br />

polyester guide<br />

wrapping thread made<br />

exclusively for FUJI ®<br />

to wrap smooth,<br />

burnish without<br />

fuzzies and resist<br />

fading. You’ll enjoy<br />

intense color that<br />

gets better with<br />

every coat of finish.<br />

Contact info@<br />

anglersresource.<br />

net for more information.<br />

Carded<br />

product available<br />

for retail.<br />

Exclusive FUJI Agent North America<br />

Foley, Alabama USA • info@anglersresource.net<br />

www.anglersresource.net<br />

Why you can trust<br />

Johnson Outdoors brands<br />

Johnson Outdoors, the firm behind many outdoor equipment<br />

and technology brands such as Minn Kota motors,<br />

Humminbird marine electronics, Cannon downriggers and Old<br />

Town canoes and kayaks, has been named as one of the USA’s<br />

most trustworthy companies in consumer goods.<br />

The annual ranking, now in its second year and announced by<br />

Newsweek and research partner, Statista, recognises firms that<br />

have established a culture of transparency and ethical practices,<br />

with scoring based on customer, investor and employee trust.<br />

All companies headquartered in the United States with a<br />

revenue over $500 million were considered, with an independent<br />

survey featuring around 95,000 submissions, based on customer<br />

treatment, career development and long-term investment<br />

opportunities.<br />

Eventually, the 700 companies with the highest score were<br />

named Most Trustworthy Companies in America <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Chairman and CEO Helen Johnson-Leipold said: “At<br />

Johnson Outdoors, our commitment lies in enabling our<br />

consumers to experience the awe of the great outdoors for<br />

generations to come.<br />

“We consider it our responsibility to enhance every aspect<br />

of their outdoor experience, from making plans, to researching,<br />

shopping, and purchasing, to the actual use of our product.<br />

“As outdoor adventurers ourselves, we leverage our spirited<br />

heritage and personal expertise to passionately and authentically<br />

fulfill this commitment. Since our founding in 1970, we have<br />

been a trusted companion for adventure, and we are thrilled to<br />

receive this recognition.”<br />

Thread ad for TTW.indd 1<br />

5/9/22 9:41 AM

Quantum leap for<br />

Rather Outdoors<br />

with key names<br />

Gary Borland<br />

Mike Rice<br />

Rather Outdoors, home to some of the most recognisable<br />

names in fishing, has added legendary industry veterans Mike<br />

Rice and Gary Borland to the leadership team of Quantum<br />

Fishing.<br />

Rocky Kalsow, president of North America for Rather<br />

Outdoors, is excited about the appointment of Rice as<br />

senior vice-president of Quantum and Borland as brand<br />

management vice-president.<br />

He said: “Mike and Gary are giants in our industry, men<br />

who have spent decades developing reputations of integrity<br />

and exceptionalism.<br />

“Quantum has been the home of uncompromising quality<br />

since 1984 and is poised for the next chapter of innovation. I<br />

am thrilled to have these two on the team.”<br />

Mike spent his early years fishing the Delaware and the<br />

Chesapeake Bays and explained: “I have been fishing for as<br />

long as I can recall, and the very first reel I bought with my<br />

own money was a Quantum ultralight.<br />

“Taking on a leadership role in that same brand is an<br />

incredible honour. This team has its eyes fixed on the future<br />

and I am looking forward to being a part of that.”<br />

Gary cut his teeth fishing the east coast of Florida, where<br />

he guided throughout his early career. He said: “Throughout<br />

my first years in this industry, I was well-acquainted with the<br />

reputation and legacy of Quantum. I am excited to join such<br />

a passionate team and help drive the brand forward.”<br />

Rocky added: “Quantum has deep roots in fishing and a<br />

rich heritage that we all respect. But let me be clear, some<br />

remarkable days lie ahead for this brand. As these two join<br />

an already exceptional team, our focus remains on innovation,<br />

and our commitment is to the anglers who depend on<br />

Quantum.”<br />

Among the many brands in the Rather Outdoors global<br />

stable are Lew’s, Strike King, Quantum, Zebco, Fox, Matrix,<br />

Salmo and Fox Rage.<br />



Garmin’s mixed<br />

quarter<br />

Marine electronics expert Garmin<br />

has reported mixed results for the<br />

first quarter of <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

It posted a revenue of $1.15<br />

billion, two per cent down on<br />

the previous year’s quarter and<br />

operating income of $197 million, a<br />

14 per cent decrease compared to<br />

the same period. But it made gains<br />

in the marine sector, with figures<br />

being hit by a drop in general<br />

outdoor sales.<br />

Bass and EP closures<br />

The annual closure for<br />

Australian bass and estuary perch<br />

(EP) is now in place in New South<br />

Wales, Australia, and this runs<br />

through until the end of August.<br />

The closure provides protection<br />

for these key sportfish species as<br />

they migrate towards saltwater<br />

for spawning. Both species are<br />

commercially protected and,<br />

as such, commercial fishers are<br />

prohibited from retaining or<br />

selling them.<br />

Berger continues to<br />

serve<br />

Influential US lobbyist Dan Berger<br />

has been elected vice-chair of the<br />

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust board of<br />

directors, having served on it since<br />

2017.<br />

He said: “[The] trust is a leading<br />

conservation organisation that puts<br />

a much-needed focus not only on<br />

environmental protection but also on<br />

research and advocacy.”<br />




The tackle industry has been left<br />

stunned following the sudden passing<br />

of Marcel Ulje, owner of wholesale<br />

company Dutch <strong>Tackle</strong> Company,<br />

writes Rudy van Duijnhoven.<br />

Marcel was a well-known figure at<br />

angling fairs and angling shop open<br />

days in The Netherlands, where he<br />

was always tirelessly promoting ‘his’<br />

PB Products for carp fishing and<br />

Rozemeijer tackle for predator fishing,<br />

among others.<br />

Marcel was born in Leiden in <strong>July</strong><br />

1970, so he was only 52-years-old. He<br />

had lived in Groesbeek with his wife and<br />

three children for a number of years.<br />

He fished from his earliest childhood,<br />

according to the website of one of his<br />

wholesale brands: “I can say that I come<br />

from an angling family, both my grandfathers<br />

and even one grandmother were on the water<br />

with great regularity. Certainly the family on<br />

my father’s side fished often.<br />

“As a boy of six, I was first allowed to<br />

join my father, fishing on Sunday mornings<br />

with my grandfather and many uncles, in<br />

one of the many boats on Nieuwkoop. I<br />

was emphatically told to sit quietly in the<br />

boat, not to make too much noise and to be<br />

careful with the rod and other materials. I<br />

loved it, I was allowed to join the ‘big’ men<br />

in nature to hook everything that swam. The<br />

fishing virus had gotten hold of me.”<br />

“I spent my entire youth fishing.<br />

Especially the smaller ditches in which<br />

tench, rudd and carp could be caught on<br />

Marcel Ulje (right) at Visma<br />

sight were my favourite and I could not stay<br />

away from these.<br />

“When I was able to turn my hobby into<br />

my job, I really got the predator fishing<br />

bug. The company I worked for was an Abu<br />

distributor and reel fishing in particular<br />

caught my imagination. A simple boat<br />

was bought and some ‘trolling’ was done<br />

with Rapala Super Shad Raps and purple<br />

Magnums. Soon jerkbait fishing also got<br />

hold of me. Lovely, active fishing... that is<br />

really my thing.”<br />

Since 1998, Marcel has been a sales<br />

representative at Ultimate Hengelsport,<br />

handling brands such as Nash, Korda, Solar,<br />

Cygnet <strong>Tackle</strong>, Gardner, Kryston, Cobra, PB<br />

Products, Abu and Rapala.<br />

In early 2000, he joined the same company<br />

as a product manager. After Ultimate<br />

Hengelsport ceased operations, Marcel set<br />

out on his own to develop and sell all kinds<br />

of products, always in close cooperation with<br />

an experienced team of anglers.<br />


BIG GAME HD140<br />


TELEPHONE +1 (201) 699-4228 | MADE IN THE U.S.A.<br />

ORDER ONLINE: www.trianglesport.com<br />

VISIT us at ICAST <strong>2023</strong> | BOOTH #3642

Mikado adds experience to its<br />

sales team<br />

Abramis, the fast-growing owner of the Mikado<br />

brand, has added Robert Welter as sales manager<br />

for DACH and Benelux regions to further<br />

drive the sales of the company’s products in the<br />

northern European markets.<br />

A long-term industry professional, most<br />

recently Robert has been working for Zebco<br />

Europe and is well respected by the trade. His<br />

experience, contacts and skills will accelerate the<br />

growth of the company’s sales in the region and<br />

provide additional support for existing and new<br />

customers.<br />

Abramis’s sales director, Jan Kolousek, said:<br />

“Our growth in Germany and Austria in recent<br />

years has been very positive but we were aware<br />

that to accelerate this growth and support our<br />

existing sales team in the territory we would need<br />

a respected and talented team leader to direct<br />

our activities in the region. Robert fits this role<br />

perfectly with his experience of leading sales<br />

teams and supporting key customers. We are very<br />

glad to have persuaded him to join us.”<br />

General manager Kamil Czerminski added:<br />

“Our aspiration is to be a leading supplier of<br />

sport fishing equipment across Europe and<br />

we know that to achieve this we need key<br />

personnel in the territories who know the market,<br />

understand where we need to improve, and give<br />

us the correct feedback on the market direction<br />

for the future.<br />

“In addition to the undoubted impact he will<br />

make on our German and Austrian business<br />

Robert can also guide our expansion into the<br />

Benelux market where he also has considerable<br />


Westbank Anglers, a fly shop<br />

in Wilson, Wyoming, USA,<br />

has reopened after extensive<br />

renovations following its takeover<br />

by a local partnership last year.<br />

Since the deal went through,<br />

the owners have taken on a<br />

comprehensive remodel while<br />

exploring new partnerships with<br />

gear manufacturers, with other<br />

upgrades and additions to come.<br />

“We look forward to preserving<br />

the legacy of the brand in its<br />

current location, while expanding offerings,”<br />

says Mike Dawes, Westbank’s managing<br />

partner.<br />

“One of those offerings is complete and we<br />

were extremely excited to open up the newly<br />

Robert Welter<br />

experience from previous positions.”<br />

Meanwhile, Robert commented: “Mikado is a<br />

brand that I have become more and more aware<br />

of in recent years as a serious competitor. Known<br />

for its quality products, excellent packaging,<br />

fast delivery and value for money pricing, it is<br />

becoming a serious force in the market place.<br />

“When I visited the company I saw that these<br />

strengths were supported by an excellent team<br />

in Poland across product development, logistics,<br />

marketing and IT. The opportunity to join this<br />

dynamic team at a time of their international<br />

growth and development was one that was too<br />

good to pass up. I am very excited about how I<br />

can support their ambitions and look forward to<br />

the journey before us.”<br />

remodeled fly shop on May 12th.”<br />

On the day, Westbank Anglers welcomed<br />

guests and representatives from Farbank,<br />

Umpqua, Montana<br />

Fly Company, Airflo,<br />

and Patagonia.<br />

THE BEST<br />


S T U F F<br />

FOR OVER<br />

75 YEARS<br />















27 CR 458<br />

Mountain Home,<br />

Arkansas 72653<br />

Phone: 001 (870) 425-9500<br />

Fax: 001 (870) 425-9599<br />

E-Mail: wapsi@wapsifly.com<br />

Website: www.wapsifly.com



Born on the water in 1983, Costa<br />

Sunglasses is celebrating 40 years of<br />

making the best sunglasses on the planet<br />

and protecting the watery world.<br />

Whether you’re gearing up for an<br />

epic tarpon season, just putting the boat<br />

back in the water or planning your next<br />

adventure off-the-grid, this summer<br />

Costa will be toasting 40 years of<br />

witnessing history and setting its sights<br />

on the moments yet to come.<br />

Celebrations kicked off with Costa’s<br />

newest brand campaign, ‘Water Is Our<br />

Witness,’ tying together the brand’s<br />

history and looking forward to its future.<br />

The campaign features Costa<br />

ambassadors including offshore<br />

fisherman Duane Diego, inshore anglers<br />

and Captains For Clean Water cofounders<br />

Chris and Sarah Wittman and<br />

many more.<br />

Costa senior vice-president Justin<br />

Cupps said: “With 40 years of<br />

adventures, Costa’s history books are<br />

filled with unbelievable moments worth<br />

celebrating.<br />

“We’ve come a long way since 1983 –<br />

bearing witness to 40 years of product<br />

innovation, working just as hard to<br />

protect the waters we love as we do<br />

to embrace them, and growing a loyal<br />

community that’s just as obsessed with<br />

the pursuit of those heart-stopping,<br />

water-filled moments as we are.<br />

“Over the next few months, we look<br />

forward to continuing our celebrations<br />

the best way we know how with our core<br />

community and beyond.”<br />

John Acosta, Costa’s vice-president<br />

of marketing, added: “Everything we do<br />

as a brand – past and present – points<br />

back to the water. It’s where we fulfil<br />

our higher calling, where we experience<br />

some of life’s most epic moments, and<br />

what quenches our thirst for more – so<br />

what better way to pay homage to the<br />

common denominator that unites us<br />

all? That’s what led to the idea behind<br />

‘Water Is Our Witness,’ and why we’re<br />

really stoked to share this one.”<br />

A custom rod workbench essential<br />

When CRB PRO introduced the RBS Pro G2 Power<br />

Wrapper in ICAST 2022’s New Product Showcase, they<br />

knew they had a ground-breaking piece of rod building<br />

hardware.<br />

So, it wasn’t a surprise that the G2 took home Best<br />

of Category in the Custom <strong>Tackle</strong> and Components<br />

competition.\With a built-in rod dryer, the G2 Power<br />

Wrapper allows custom builders to complete a rod build<br />

without ever having to remove the rod from the unit.<br />

From turning a custom handle, to wrapping guides<br />

and decorative threadwork, down to the final coat of rod<br />

finish, it can all be done on the G2. If you’re turning out<br />

quantities of custom fishing rods, the G2 Power Wrapper<br />

is a workbench essential.<br />

And now, with the RBS Pro G2 Ultimate Power<br />

Wrapping & Fishing Machine kit, you get the power of<br />

the award-winning G2 along with the Aluminum Base<br />

Station Kit, three revolutionary CRB PRO Roller Stand<br />

Rod Supports and the TC-4 Four-Spool Rolling Thread<br />

Carriage.<br />

You can feel the difference in performance and added<br />

efficiency when you’re working with professional-level<br />

tools. Whether you’re taking your rod building business<br />

to the next level or just want to upgrade to a state-ofthe-art<br />

workshop, the RBS Pro G2 Ultimate Power<br />

Wrapping & Finishing Machine will get you there!<br />

www.mudhole.com<br />

18 www.tackletradeworld.com



Global tackle giant Daiwa has<br />

backed independent retailers<br />

by offering them an exclusive<br />

series of premium rods and<br />

reels which are not available<br />

from online sellers.<br />

The series is called Kage –<br />

which means “in the shadows”<br />

in Japanese or “the shadow<br />

that is created by the light”<br />

and is designed to offer some<br />

relief to smaller tackle shops<br />

who find it hard to compete<br />

with the big box stores and<br />

online retailers.<br />

Daiwa’ marketing manager<br />

in the US, Marc Mills,<br />

explained: “Independent<br />

dealers are core to Daiwa’s<br />

business. These shops offer<br />

that hands-on, local and<br />

regional service that’s the<br />

backbone of fishing.<br />

“So, Daiwa wanted to<br />

do something special for<br />

them by developing highquality<br />

products that are only<br />

available at these specialty<br />

stores.”<br />

And during these<br />

challenging economic<br />

times, the smaller guys can<br />

be the most vulnerable.<br />

Having Daiwa Kage rods<br />

and reels in-stock, however,<br />

gives them that little<br />

competitive edge. And<br />

their loyal customers<br />

benefit from buying<br />

brilliant products at fair<br />

prices.<br />

The Kage line-up<br />

includes two spinning<br />

reels, three freshwater<br />

rod series and even an ice<br />

fishing rod series.<br />

Among the reels<br />

are the feature-rich<br />

KAGE LT MQ, with its<br />

one-piece Monocoque<br />

Zaion body allowing<br />

more power and torque plus<br />

Magseal waterproofing and<br />

360 degrees of stability.<br />

Meanwhile, the Kage LT<br />

embraces Daiwa’s Light/<br />

Tough concept with a<br />

Zaion high density carbon<br />

strain material-made body,<br />

aluminium DigiGear and<br />

a powerful yet smooth<br />

Advanced Tournament Drag.<br />

It’s offered in sizes from 1000<br />

to 2500, to cover a range of<br />

requirements.<br />

On the rod front, look out<br />

for 14 technique-specific bass<br />

models with a high-quality fit<br />

and finish set off by a matte<br />

black look and braid-friendly<br />

Fuji Alconite guides.<br />

Also exclusive to<br />

independent dealers are the<br />

UltraLight rods, perfect for<br />

many ultra-light techniques<br />

and built using Daiwa’s X-45<br />

Bias Carbon Construction<br />

to keep the blank strong<br />

while avoiding blank twist.<br />

Using Megatop Technology,<br />

the tip features a solid<br />

blank construction for extra<br />

strength, durability, and<br />

sensitivity.<br />

Ideal for trout or panfish,<br />

there are 11 unique models.<br />

Walleye anglers are catered<br />

for with 10 dedicated rods<br />

using X-45 Bias Carbon<br />

Construction and a tough and<br />

rigid SVF Carbon Technology<br />

blank for greater strength and<br />

sensitivity.<br />

Finally, there is the<br />

innovative ice fishing<br />

collection, which uses<br />

proprietary Daiwa rod<br />

building technologies, for<br />

a blank that maintains the<br />

strength and durability of a<br />

much larger diameter rod. The<br />

Super Volume Fiber (SVF)<br />

blank manufacturing process<br />

provides more strength,<br />

allowing for a smaller volume<br />

of resin, resulting in a lighter,<br />

slimmer blank that is both<br />

sensitive and strong.<br />

Peli on the case for expansion<br />

High-performance case manufacturer and<br />

packaging solutions expert Peli Products<br />

is planning to expand production capacity<br />

at the German manufacturing facility it<br />

acquired last summer.<br />

The company, a subsidiary of Pelican<br />

Products, is accelerating the localisation<br />

of protective case production from<br />

manufacturing facilities in the USA to<br />

Germany and will add 11 new injectionmoulded<br />

models to the 15 it already<br />

makes at its Crottendorf operation, with<br />

another 15 to be added before the end of<br />

next year.<br />

The move will effectively double the<br />

workforce at the plant in the next two to<br />

three years while also investing heavily in<br />

new plant equipment and machinery.<br />

International president Piero Marigo<br />

said: “In a context of global challenging<br />

markets, our determination is to optimise<br />

our global European investment with<br />

a continuous improvement of our<br />

manufacturing processes.<br />

“The continued investment in<br />

our German facilities will reinforce<br />

our leading competitive position in<br />

Europe. Our highest priority is to<br />

provide our customers with ‘made in<br />

Germany’ products and services to offer<br />

an improved customer experience by<br />

lowering lead times of supply as well as<br />

helping to maintain our compromise of<br />

quality and global sustainability.”<br />

www.peli.com<br />

20 www.tackletradeworld.com

ICAST<br />


<strong>2023</strong><br />

The world’s largest sportfishing trade show, ICAST <strong>2023</strong>, is taking place in Orlando Florida,<br />

from <strong>July</strong> 11th to 14th. Being so huge, it’s easy to get lost or miss out on things, so here’s our<br />

day-by-day guide covering what to look for and where to go.<br />

Welcome to the grandest<br />

stage in recreational<br />

sportfishing – the<br />

International Convention<br />

of Sportfishing <strong>Trade</strong>s, better known<br />

as ICAST. Annually produced by the<br />

American Sportfishing Association (ASA),<br />

for 66 years this flagship event has been the<br />

cornerstone of the sportfishing trade.<br />

Each year, thousands of representatives<br />

from the global sportfishing industry<br />

gather in Orlando, Florida’s Orange<br />

County Convention Center to see<br />

everything an angler could want to have<br />

a great day on the water. Last year, more<br />

than 12,000 attendees hailing from more<br />

than 73 nations attended the show.<br />

From kayaks to crankbaits and board<br />

shorts to braided line, thousands of new<br />

22 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

products are on display here – each a<br />

potential money maker for your business.<br />

But, with an enthralling array of booths,<br />

products and people to see, how do you<br />

make the most of ICAST <strong>2023</strong>?<br />



Start by downloading the free ICAST<br />

smartphone app. Available for both Apple<br />

and Android devices, this indispensable<br />

tool features a QR reader to scan and<br />

store name badges alongside a convenient<br />

scheduling tool that helps keep track of<br />

meetings and keeps you up to date on daily<br />

events.<br />

The ICAST app is an essential tool to<br />

make the most of the show. While the<br />

event lasts from <strong>July</strong> 11th to 14th, it’s also<br />

packed with activities that ensure those<br />

four days go by in a flash.<br />

Downloading the app can not only<br />

help you navigate the maze of booths and<br />

special event spaces on the show floor but<br />

it can also help you stay connected after<br />

the show.<br />


Super Tuesday is a can’t-miss event<br />

that is as essential to a successful show<br />

week as each of the three days inside the<br />

convention center. Plan for an early start<br />

at Lake Toho to maximise a full day with<br />

industry friends outside. The day starts<br />

with the annual ICAST Cup Bass Fishing<br />

Tournament, presented by Major League<br />

Fishing in support of Keep America<br />

Fishing. The weigh-in starts at 9:30am.

ICAST <strong>2023</strong><br />

ICAST<br />

On The Water Product Demo Day<br />

is next on the agenda. Set amidst five<br />

acres of water and open space outside the<br />

convention center’s North Building, from<br />

10am to 2pm, this is your chance to have<br />

fun testing marine electronics, kayaks,<br />

SUPs on the water and cast rods, reels and<br />

lures in a natural environment. Misters,<br />

beverages and food are all available, just<br />

steps away from the water.<br />

As the sun sinks lower in the afternoon<br />

sky, head into the convention center itself<br />

for the New Product Showcase Preview<br />

Reception presented by Fishing <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

Retailer from 5pm to 8pm.<br />

Credentialed buyers and media can take<br />

advantage of early access into the New<br />

Product Showcase area of the show the<br />

evening before doors officially open and<br />

voting for the “Best of Category” begins.<br />

The reception is an outstanding place<br />

to network with industry peers. Browsing<br />

this gallery of brand-new products – all<br />

competing for the coveted “Best of Show”<br />

Award – can not only introduce you to<br />

innovative new products to sell but also<br />

earn you a chance to win a cash prize just<br />

for voting.<br />


The doors of ICAST open on Wednesday<br />

morning at 9am, when attendees gain access<br />

to the entire show floor. Inside, the aisles are<br />

filled with fishing tackle, lifestyle products<br />

and apparel – enough to fill any store many<br />

times over.<br />

Billy Parsons has been attending ICAST<br />

for 15 years as a member of Australian<br />

tackle business J M Gillies and his strategy<br />

for breaking down the floor is simple.<br />

First, Parsons uses the ICAST app to<br />

create a map of which booths to visit. “I go<br />

in and map them out to have a pre-show<br />

plan of where I am going to go,” he said. “If<br />

you don’t plan it properly and map it out,<br />

you can run out of time.”<br />

Parsons schedules no meetings before<br />

noon on Wednesday. Instead, he directs his<br />

team to spend the first few hours walking<br />

the show floor.<br />

This year, dealers catering for fly anglers<br />

will want to make note to swing by the allnew<br />

ICAST Fly Shop booth.<br />

The ICAST Fly Shop is designed to<br />

replicate the experience visiting a high-end<br />

fly-fishing store. New for <strong>2023</strong>, this fly<br />

footprint includes the adjacent FlyCASTing<br />

Pond – where even the most stalwart<br />

conventional tackle anglers will enjoy trying<br />

their hand at casting – as well as additional<br />

fly fishing categories in the New Product<br />

Showcase itself.<br />

Time flies fast at ICAST, though and, by<br />

midday, events are in full swing. From 11am,<br />

onwards, attendees are welcome to take<br />

advantage of the Lunch & Learn business<br />

seminars. These valuable lectures highlight<br />

trends that affect businesses throughout the<br />

world of sportfishing. Wednesday’s slate<br />

includes a breakdown of the latest industry<br />

data and trends from Southwick Associates<br />

and the Recreational Boating & Fishing<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


ICAST<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Foundation, as well as content creation<br />

insights from Adobe Digital Thought<br />

Leader Sid Dobrin.<br />

There is also a full seminar schedule on<br />

Thursday.<br />

Wrap up Wednesday with social hour in<br />

exhibitors’ booths from 4pm to 6pm and the<br />

New Product Showcase Industry Awards<br />

Reception immediately afterwards.<br />

24 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


On Thursday, while media members scurry<br />

to document the winners of the previous<br />

night’s awards, pointing cameras and<br />

positioning tripods around the trophies<br />

scattered around the convention hall,<br />

dealers get down to business of their own.<br />

ICAST encourages attendees to place<br />

orders by teaming up with manufacturers<br />

to offer special incentives only available at<br />

the show.<br />

This year, more than 100 exhibitors have<br />

signed on to offer promotions or exclusive<br />

pricing to attendees at ICAST.<br />

Show organisers have sweetened the deal<br />

with $500 daily cash drawings for people<br />

placing orders, as well as a prize fishing trip<br />

for two to Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica.

ICAST <strong>2023</strong><br />

ICAST<br />

Kyle Hall is a professional angler and<br />

tackle store owner who attends ICAST<br />

regularly to find products for his North<br />

Texas tackle store, Tri-Lakes <strong>Tackle</strong> Town.<br />

“The number one thing I am really there<br />

for is to buy products,” Hall says.<br />

“I like to go and personally see the<br />

new products that are coming down the<br />

pipeline.”<br />

By Thursday, Hall and his team are in<br />

buying mode.<br />

“A day and a half into the show, you<br />

should have an idea of how many orders<br />

they are about to put in. I suggest you make<br />

a list of companies you want to put orders<br />

in with.”<br />

Th e New Product Showcase again takes<br />

centre stage at 2pm, when the overall<br />

“Best of Show” winner is announced in the<br />

showcase.<br />

Last year, the stunning results catapulted<br />

start-up company Pacbak to stardom by<br />

taking home the top honours.<br />

This year, ICAST features more Best of<br />

Category winners than ever – 37 in total –<br />

promising another wide open competition.<br />


FRIDAY<br />

Unril 3pm, it’s business as usual on the show<br />

floor, as attendees finalise a week’s worth of<br />

research.<br />

Crucially, dealers still have time to try<br />

their hand at casting the latest rods, reels<br />

and combos in both conventional and<br />

fly tackle at the FlyCASTing Pond and<br />

ICASTing Pond.<br />

For veteran buyers like Parsons and Hall,<br />

Friday means following up with purchase<br />

orders and closing deals.<br />

“If we have a new business opportunity,<br />

we go back in and make sure that we are 100<br />

per cent locked down,” adds Parsons.<br />

“Generally, that’s a second meeting where<br />

we might be going in and making an order.<br />

We sometimes literally go line-by-line and<br />

order a new range of products.”<br />

Dealer Corey Pugh was one of the<br />

12,000-plus attendees at last year’s ICAST.<br />

And the newly minted owner of Neptune’s<br />

Fishing Supplies in the US Virgin Islands<br />

knows better than most just how powerful<br />

the connections made in Orlando can be.<br />

Last year, Pugh purchased the 44-year-old<br />

tackle business immediately after attending<br />

the show.<br />

“We met the previous owner there,” says<br />

Pugh. “He actually introduced us to the<br />

vendors and key people we needed to know.”<br />

Year after year, ICAST continues to<br />

generate more interest in new fishing tackle.<br />

In the age of social media, the show has also<br />

created a cult following of consumers who<br />

keep a constant eye on the stream of articles,<br />

photos and videos emanating from this<br />

annual epicentre of fishing tackle.<br />

Each attendee we spoke with<br />

acknowledged that seeing it all at ICAST –<br />

a show with tens of thousands of products –<br />

is likely an impossible task over four days.<br />

But by leveraging shortcuts like spotting<br />

the most heralded new gear in the New<br />

Product Showcase and building a digital<br />

contact list via the smartphone app, dealers<br />

can leave Orlando with an unparalleled<br />

amount of industry knowledge.<br />

ICAST<br />

www.icastfishing.org<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


ICAST<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong> SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE<br />


12pm - 5pm<br />

Registration open<br />

South Hall Lobby<br />

Rooms S220 B-E<br />


6.30am - 10.30am<br />

ICAST Bass Fishing Cup<br />

Big Toho Marina<br />

12pm - 5pm<br />

Registration open<br />

South Hall Lobby<br />

Rooms S220 B-E<br />

10am - 2pm<br />

On The Water Product<br />

Demo Day<br />

OCCC North Building Ponds<br />

5pm - 8pm<br />

New Product Showcase<br />

Preview Reception<br />

Booth 100<br />


7am - 5pm<br />

Registration open<br />

South Hall Lobby<br />

Rooms S220 B-E<br />

7am - 8.45am<br />

State Of the Industry Breakfast<br />

Room S320<br />

9am - 6pm<br />

Show Open<br />

Lure Tank Open<br />

Booth 3430<br />

ICASTing Pond Open<br />

Booth 115<br />

Flycasting Pond Open<br />

Booth 119<br />

9am - 12pm<br />

New Product Showcase<br />

‘Best Of Category’ Voting<br />

Booth 100<br />

2pm - 6pm<br />

New Product Showcase Open<br />

Booth 100<br />

4pm - 6pm<br />

Social Hour<br />

In Exhibitor Booths<br />

6pm - 7.30pm<br />

New Product Showcase ‘Best<br />

of Category’ Awards<br />

Room S320<br />


7am - 5pm<br />

Registration open<br />

South Hall Lobby<br />

Rooms S220 B-E<br />

9am - 6pm<br />

Show Open<br />

Lure Tank Open<br />

Booth 3430<br />

ICASTing Pond Open<br />

Booth 115<br />

Flycasting Pond Open<br />

Booth 119<br />

2pm - 2.30pm<br />

New Product Showcase<br />

‘Best of Show’ Award<br />

Booth 100<br />

4pm - 6pm<br />

Social Hour<br />

In Exhibitor Booths<br />


8am - 1pm<br />

Registration open<br />

South Hall Lobby<br />

Rooms S220 B-E<br />

9am - 3pm<br />

Show Open<br />

Lure Tank Open<br />

Booth 3430<br />

ICASTing Pond Open<br />

Booth 115<br />

Flycasting Pond Open<br />

Booth 119<br />

9am - 12pm<br />

New Product Showcase Open<br />

Booth 100<br />

9am - 12pm<br />

New Product Showcase<br />

‘Best Of Show’ Voting<br />

Booth 100<br />

12pm – 2pm Social Hour<br />

In Exhibitor Booths<br />

3pm Show Closes<br />

9am - 6pm<br />

New Product Showcase Open<br />

Booth 100<br />

*Show schedule subject to<br />

change<br />

26 www.tackletradeworld.com




TACKLE<br />


Anglers always take more gear to the bank or boat than they should, as it ensures they are<br />

ready for every eventuality. That’s great news for the tackle trade. Even better, they also<br />

need to keep it all organised. Thankfully, storage options are many and varied.<br />

Organised anglers often make<br />

better anglers as they have all<br />

they need to hand to cope with<br />

any situation or conditions.<br />

Many, of course, will have the luxury<br />

of their own tackle store, shed or room at<br />

home where their main kit will reside but<br />

whether you have everything ship-shape at<br />

home or not, you’ll want it all neatly packed<br />

when you head to your favourite fishing<br />

spot.<br />

After all, knowing where all your kit is<br />

and being able to access it quickly means<br />

you are more efficient on the bank or in the<br />

boat, resulting in more time with your bait<br />

actually in the water, giving you a greater<br />

chance of catching more fish.<br />

Years ago, that meant stashing everything<br />

in a generic pack where it would often roll<br />

around at the bottom or finding all manner<br />

of biscuit tins or cigar boxes to house<br />

terminal tackle.<br />

While this served a purpose, it was far<br />

from ideal and sometimes meant your<br />

favourite item would be damaged in transit.<br />

So smart brands began designing a wide<br />

selection of dedicated boxes, bags, cases and<br />

more to keep everything stored safe and<br />

sound, both at home and out on the water.<br />


As a successful tackle seller or brand, you<br />

will have already managed to kit your<br />

customer out with all the essentials, from<br />

rods and reels to lines, hooks, weights, lures,<br />

floats, flies or bait.<br />

So the logical extension to this is to<br />

supply purpose-built items to store all this<br />

in and transport it safely, while keeping<br />

everything neat and tidy.<br />

As a retailer you have a couple of options<br />

in terms of how you find the right gear to<br />

stock.<br />

Many anglers are brand loyal so sourcing<br />

suitable storage boxes from the key brands<br />

you already successfully sell makes a lot of<br />

sense as you know you already have a willing<br />

market.<br />

Alternatively, there is something to be<br />

said to plumping for some of the products<br />

and brands which have made their names<br />

as specialist storage solution suppliers. Their<br />

kit will be the best and you can sell it with<br />

confidence.<br />


Of course, requirements will differ depending<br />

on the type of fishing your customer enjoys.<br />

Fly fishers will not only need boxes to store<br />

their flies in, but also boxes or bags to keep<br />

those fly boxes in.<br />

Just as importantly, since this is invariably<br />

a mobile discipline, these tackle boxes need<br />

to move with them as they progress down a<br />

winding river or along the bank of the lake or<br />

creek.<br />

Many brands in this sector, recognising this,<br />

have begun offering wearable storage solutions.<br />

Competition fly anglers may also need<br />

mutliple rods and reels to swap and change<br />

throughout the day and dedicated cases for<br />

both are manufactured by many well-known<br />

brands.<br />

Match or European competition anglers,<br />

on the other hand, spend several hours in one<br />

place, without getting up to stop fishing for<br />

a second, so will want all their gear to hand<br />

– high-tech seatboxes and dedicated luggage<br />

with special compartments are the order of the<br />

day here.<br />

Indeed, the storage options on these<br />

seatboxes have to be seen to be believed<br />

and many have been cleverly designed with<br />

individual parts to slot in or out as required.<br />

Carp anglers – whether on a day session<br />

or bivvied up for a week – rely on stealthy<br />

camo bags to store their leads, rigs, hooks and<br />

components within their bivvies. Modular<br />

is the current buzzword as these are often<br />

stackable or are part of a larger unit, which<br />

can be custom-designed according to the<br />

individual’s needs.<br />

Lure anglers just love tackle boxes –<br />

especially with clever labelling systems or<br />

clear lid, letting them grab what they need<br />

a moment’s notice. Chopping and changing<br />

lures is often the key to success so an orderly<br />

lure box makes perfect sense.<br />

For bass anglers, kayakers or those heading<br />

out on any form of watercraft, space is at a<br />

premium and you don’t want your lures, hooks<br />

or weights rolling round on deck so look to<br />

compact boxes with quick access.<br />

Specialty storage solutions keep everything<br />

in its place – maximising stime spent fishing<br />

rather than hunting for that ‘killer‘ lure in the<br />

depths of a cubby hole.<br />

One other thing to look out for is that<br />

a number of companies now include rust<br />

inhibitors or moisture removers in their<br />

storage boxes but, where they don’t, a supply<br />

of vapour corrosion inhibiting (VCI) pads<br />

or products, might be a cool little add-on for<br />

your customers to buy and they are extremely<br />

cost-effective, especially when weighed up<br />

against the damage that moisture or rust can<br />

do to fishing tackle.<br />

Check out the next pages for a few ideas of<br />

products worth looking at to solve that storage<br />

stumbling block.<br />

28 www.tackletradeworld.com

Save a lot of time<br />

with ready-made fishing rigs!<br />

Benzar<br />

Rapid Method Set<br />

Benzar<br />

Rapid Method<br />

Longcast Set<br />

Benzar<br />

Rapid Method<br />

Longcast Rig<br />

Carp Expert<br />

Helicopter D-Rig<br />

Benzar<br />

Rapid Method Rig<br />

Benzar<br />

Rapid XL<br />

Longcast Rig<br />

Carp Expert<br />

Inline Blow-back Rig<br />

Partners Wanted!<br />

Energofish Ltd. is looking for new Partners all over the <strong>World</strong>.<br />

Free delivery on orders over €300. Click here to start your<br />

registration and other details.<br />








This packs a boatload of terminal tackle into a “slim” profile (1.7in depth) in comparison to the<br />

standard 5000/3700 series bandwidth (2.125in depth) while maintaining the same footprint.<br />

This terminal tackle storage solution is built to burden the heavy load of weights and neatly<br />

organize all terminal necessities by type, size, weight, or class. Individual, removable storage cups<br />

offer a “fish of the same fin school together” system that allows anglers to conveniently “pluck<br />

and pick” desired tackle components.<br />

An isolated tackle storage locker with a lid keeps micro terminal tackle like split rings, swivels,<br />

O-rings, beads and more individually contained. This user-friendly design paired with a heavyduty<br />

ribbed construction, three Drawtite cam-over latches and Zerust-infused dividers makes<br />

the Terminal Slim Waterproof Ultimate Tuff Tainer the ideal storage solution for protecting<br />

terminal tackle on and off the water.<br />

www.flambeauoutdoors.com<br />

PLANO<br />


Plano, already a leader in tackle storage solutions,<br />

is again breaking the rules with its Pro Series bags<br />

that deliver pro-level features and a fresh new look<br />

that even the most hardcore angler will appreciate.<br />

Available in two sizes – 3600 and 3700 – these<br />

feature fast access top openings with highstrength<br />

magnets and a moulded pull tab for quick<br />

access. They are outfitted with an impact-resistant,<br />

waterproof base to keep tackle moisture-free<br />

and a durable UV-resistant hex weave outer shell<br />

fabric that can keep up with any<br />

angler. The oversized T-handles<br />

make for easy access to three<br />

external pockets and are fitted<br />

with water-resistant zippers<br />

that keep everything clean<br />

and dry. The Pro Series bag is<br />

an essential storage solution for<br />

your gear in any scenario.<br />

www.purefishing.com/plano<br />

30 www.tackletradeworld.com





Most days, you’ll be reaching for the Pescador; a waterproof,<br />

grab-and-go system for technical tailwater bugs and bushy high<br />

mountain hoppers, to smaller saltwater crabs and shrimp.<br />

These ultra-durable boxes will keep a full complement of flies<br />

secure and bone dry.<br />

With room for up to 210 flies, the signature waterproof gasket<br />

and a 100 per cent recycled plastic outer shell, this highly<br />

versatile box will make its way into the bag every time you<br />

hit the water.<br />

It also boasts original patented silicone anchoring<br />

technology, can withstand extreme temperature ranges and<br />

incorporates a latchless waterproof closure.<br />

Durable and tested for long-lasting strength, the Tacky<br />

Pescador is also a patented design.<br />

fishpondusa.com<br />


G-BAG EWM 5000<br />

This bag features an Extra Wide Mouth (EWM) opening for<br />

easy access, while an internal wire frame keeps the main<br />

compartment in the open position, allowing anglers to sort<br />

through their tackle and find that perfect bait with ease.<br />

Anglers can fit up to five Gamakatsu G-Box 3700 or eight 3600<br />

utility cases inside. A quick-access magnetic front pocket flap<br />

also stays in an open position, letting anglers effortlessly grab<br />

often needed items from the handy pocket.<br />

The durable, 1680 denier polyester construction stands up to<br />

a rough life on the water, with a water- and slip-resistant EVA<br />

moulded base that protects the contents against moisture.<br />

www.gamakatsu.com<br />

SIMMS<br />


When day trips go into extra-innings, the easy-access, 5l<br />

Tributary Hybrid Chest Pack ups the storage capacity so you<br />

can extend your range with everything you need to succeed.<br />

Built with recycled 600D polyester fabric with a<br />

polyurethane coating, the Tributary Hybrid Chest pack<br />

features a padded and adjustable yolk-style shoulder<br />

harness with a zippered pocket.<br />

The main compartment includes a stretch mesh internal<br />

pocket and an additional accessory pocket on the face of the<br />

pack. In addition, the pack is equipped with a net sleeve on<br />

the back, which has a D-ring for extra secure attachment.<br />

www.simmsfishing.com<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



Mustad<br />




Debuting pioneering technologies and trends, Mustad is attacking multiple<br />

sport fishing segments with an extensive series of salt- and freshwater hooks<br />

featuring advanced technologies.<br />

The range, centred on new<br />

complementary hook points<br />

to the proven UltraPoint4.3,<br />

includes a complete facelift of<br />

the Mustad bass hook line-up featuring<br />

modern shapes and weighted hook<br />

configurations, plus the latest trends in<br />

both salt- and freshwater bait fishing.<br />

Sharpness, durability and strength are<br />

paramount to an effective fish hook and<br />

core standards when Mustad innovates<br />

hooks.<br />

AlphaPoint 4.8 Technology takes<br />

centre stage this year with Mustad’s<br />

slimmest point yet, making them<br />

“sticky-sharp” while still featuring the<br />

same durable sharpening technique that<br />

makes UltraPoint 4.3 a world-renowned<br />

needlepoint.<br />


Whether you’re dropping into deep<br />

waters or navigating through cover,<br />

the Opti-Angle family reigns supreme<br />

in terms of resilience, surpassing the<br />

competition, thanks to their unique set of<br />

32 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

advantages and applications.<br />

The state-of-the-art, three-stage Opti-<br />

Angle sharpening technology sets the<br />

foundation for two distinctly different<br />

hook point classes – UltraPoint and<br />

AlphaPoint, each made for their own<br />

applications.<br />

Opti-Angle uses a chemical sharpening<br />

process to achieve incredible sharpness<br />

without sacrificing strength. This process<br />

removes less metal from the point, so<br />

the hook’s durability is maximised and<br />

penetration preserved.<br />

Mustad’s existing premium<br />

needlepoint, UltraPoint 4.3 technology,<br />

was created to keep hooks sharper longer.<br />

This is particularly critical when fishing<br />

around heavy cover, such as wood, docks<br />

or rocks where inferior hook points can<br />

roll or break.<br />

UltraPoint is said to be an unmatched<br />

20 times more durable than the market’s<br />

leading needlepoint hooks, solidifying it<br />

as the top choice for power fishing.<br />

Complementing the UltraPoint<br />

strengths, AlphaPoint technology creates<br />

an even sharper, slimmer hook point that<br />

excels for more technical applications that<br />

rely more on finesse than force.<br />

AlphaPoint hooks boast a point that is<br />

4.8 times the wire diameter (compared to<br />

the 4.3 measurement of UltraPoint.).<br />

A super sharp hook with a longer point<br />

achieves greater penetration with less<br />

hook set pressure.<br />

Even with the increased sharpness,<br />

AlphaPoint is characterised by the<br />

extreme durability that Opti-Angle<br />

offers, making these hooks 10 times more<br />

durable than the competition.<br />

This is then paired with Mustad’s<br />

ultra-slick TitanX matte coating, boasting<br />

48 hours of salt resistance and a nanothin<br />

finish that allows for smoother<br />

penetration.<br />

For saltwater applications, coating<br />

hooks with chrome-shiny Titan Steel<br />

offer up to 500+ hours of saltwater<br />

corrosion resistance.<br />

MUSTAD<br />



Add performance to your assortment.<br />

Stubby<br />

Guide Glove<br />

in 10 colors<br />

Fishing Socks<br />

• 3 Weights<br />

• 6 Styles<br />

Over 50 different Styles!<br />

Mossy Oak Gloves<br />

• Bottomland<br />

• Shadow Grass<br />

• 9 Styles<br />


DBW...<br />

FlORIdA<br />

d O I n G B u S I n E S S W I T H . . .<br />


The Sunshine State, as it is affectionately known, Florida boasts<br />

a fabulous climate, over 1,000 miles of coastline, some amazing<br />

freshwater fishing too and, crucially, this month (<strong>July</strong>) it is also<br />

home to the world’s largest sportfishing trade show, ICAST.<br />

F<br />

lorida has the longest coastline –<br />

1,197 miles – in the contiguous<br />

USA, offering up 825 miles<br />

of accessible beaches, 11,000<br />

miles of rivers, streams and<br />

waterways and is the only state<br />

that borders both the Atlantic<br />

Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.<br />

In fact, wherever you are in<br />

Florida, you’re never more than<br />

60 miles from the nearest body<br />

of saltwater.<br />

With warm weather all-year<br />

round with a climate ranging<br />

from subtropical in the north to<br />

tropical in the south, it’s a haven<br />

for visitors for holidays.<br />

Indeed, thanks to its climate<br />

and its size – it’s the third<br />

largest US state by population<br />

– its tourism and agriculture<br />

alone contribute a whopping $1<br />

trillion to the country’s GDP.<br />

Naturally, its biggest tourism<br />

draw is its huge range of theme<br />

parks and resorts, including<br />

Disney, Universal, Sea<strong>World</strong><br />

and LEGOLAND – Orlando<br />

attracts more visitors than<br />

any other amusement park<br />

destination in the USA.<br />

Seven of the 10 most visited<br />

theme parks are in Florida while<br />

Walt Disney <strong>World</strong> Resort is<br />

the planet’s most visited and<br />

biggest recreational resort.<br />

The state also produces<br />

more than 70 per cent of the<br />

nation’s oranges and ranks<br />

number one for tomatoes,<br />

grapefruit, sugarcane, snap<br />

beans, cucumbers, and oranges.<br />

Intriguingly, it is also home<br />

to nine out of the top 25 beef<br />

producers in the USA. While<br />

the orange crop is the state’s<br />

biggest agricultural output,<br />

its number one international<br />

agricultural export is actually<br />

meat.<br />

The space industry is another<br />

big hitter, representing $4.1<br />

billion of the state’s economy,<br />

with 13,000 people employed at<br />

Kennedy Space Center (KSC)<br />

alone. Other key contributors<br />

to the state’s economy include<br />

construction, services in high<br />

tech, financial and back office<br />

operations, software, health<br />

technology and university<br />

research.<br />

The Sunshine State has<br />

34 www.tackletradeworld.com

DBW...<br />

FlORIdA<br />


$1 trillion GDP (USD)<br />

$50,424 GDP per capita (USD)<br />

3.98% GDP growth rate<br />

6.4% Unemployment rate (2019)<br />

Top export partners:<br />

– Brazil<br />

– Canada<br />

– Mexico<br />

– Colombia<br />

– Germany<br />

FACT FIlE<br />

State capital: Tallahassee dialling code: +1<br />

population: 21.6 million governor: Ron DeSantis<br />

official language: English Time zones: EDT (GMT-4)<br />

currency: US $ internet domain: .us<br />

Top import partners:<br />

– China<br />

– Mexico<br />

– Canada<br />

– Ireland<br />

– Germany<br />

long been a magnet for those<br />

wishing to retire and enjoy<br />

their leisure time – indeed,<br />

some 19 per cent of Florida’s<br />

population is over 65. Sumter<br />

County, outside Orlando, is the<br />

only county in the US where<br />

the majority of its residents are<br />

over 65 – around 53 per cent.<br />

It is also home to more golf<br />

courses – 1,250 – than any<br />

other US state – and, crucially<br />

for us, is arguably the boating<br />

and fishing capital of the world.<br />

Here you’ll find more than<br />

7,700 lakes, 11,000 miles<br />

of rivers, 2,276 miles of<br />

tidal shoreline. It’s perhaps<br />

no wonder, then, that it has<br />

produced more than 900 world<br />

fishing records.<br />

It’s also understandable, then,<br />

that Florida (and Orlando in<br />

particular) has been chosen<br />

as the perfect place to host<br />

ICAST, the world’s largest<br />

sportfishing trade show,<br />

representing the interests of<br />

the sportfishing and boating<br />

industries as well as the entire<br />

sportfishing community. This<br />

year visitors from around the<br />

world will descend on the<br />

Orange County Convention<br />

Center in Orlando from <strong>July</strong><br />

11th to 14th.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


DBW...<br />

Florida<br />



It could be argued that Florida is one of the<br />

fishing capitals of the world.<br />

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic<br />

Coast and all the way down to the Keys,<br />

it has some of the finest and most diverse<br />

fisheries, including flats, mangroves,<br />

reefs, wrecks, deep water trenches and 3<br />

million acres of freshwater lakes, ponds<br />

and reservoirs along with 12,000 miles of<br />

fishable rivers, streams and canals.<br />

The good news is that many of the fish in<br />

Florida need a specialist approach, allowing<br />

retailers and brands to enjoy a lucrative<br />

business opportunity or two, not to<br />

mention the many guides and boat skippers<br />

who ply their trade across the state.<br />

So which species are the most popular?<br />

Tarpon<br />

Highly prized for its fighting ability rather<br />

than for food, the silver king of sportfish is<br />

an ever-present in the coastal waters and<br />

is targeted by those using both live and<br />

artificial baits as well as fly fishermen.<br />

Many consider tarpon fishing the<br />

ultimate challenge as the percentage landed<br />

versus those actually hooked is pretty low,<br />

in part down to their bony mouths and<br />

their habit of throwing hooks by leaping<br />

and shaking their heads.<br />

Sailfish<br />

Florida’s official state saltwater fish will put<br />

any tackle through its paces and if you hook<br />

one in the deep blue water off the coast you<br />

can be sure of a good fight and, most likely,<br />

an acrobatic leap or two.<br />

Most are caught by either trolling or live<br />

baiting with fish.<br />

South Florida anglers have even<br />

developed a special technique using kites to<br />

target them.<br />

Snook<br />

Highly sensitive to changes in water<br />

temperature, you’ll find snook in the<br />

warmer inshore waters, where they can be<br />

caught using a variety of artificial lures and<br />

live baits.<br />

Many anglers like to target snook on<br />

light tackle, making for fun sport, but they<br />

can be cagey and, once hooked, have an<br />

annoying habit of shredding fishing lines if<br />

they aren’t up to the task.<br />

Spotted Sea Trout<br />

Also known as speckled trout, this is<br />

a schooling species often found in the<br />

shallow waters of bays and estuaries,<br />

feeding on shrimp and small baitfish in<br />

grassy areas.<br />

Their popularity comes from the fact they<br />

will hit pretty much everything, from top<br />

water plugs to saltwater flies.<br />

jack crevalle<br />

Tarpon<br />

36 www.tackletradeworld.com

Red Drum<br />

Also known as redfish, this is another<br />

shallow water schooling fish that inhabits<br />

both salt and brackish water.<br />

A conservation success story after years<br />

of overfishing, they can be taken on both<br />

live bait and artificial lures. The top live bait<br />

is a big shrimp and the top artificial lures<br />

are weedless spoons and soft plastic baits.<br />

Jack Crevalle<br />

Another aggressive, schooling fish, Jacks<br />

will hit artificial lures and flies with reckless<br />

abandon in the inshore waters and from the<br />

beaches. They will take lures or flies when<br />

feeding aggressively, allowing anglers to<br />

cover more water than they can with bait.<br />

Many jacks are hooked by anglers working<br />

shorelines for snook and redfish.<br />

Largemouth bass<br />

Florida’s official freshwater fish, it’s big<br />

on size and numbers of them. Most of<br />

the larger bass stocked in other states are<br />

Florida strain, which grow larger than any<br />

others.<br />

Being mainly flat, Florida has countless<br />

shallow lakes, ponds, and slow-moving<br />

streams, which are the perfect habitat<br />

for largemouth bass, attracting legions<br />

of anglers for great sport or that elusive<br />

10-pounder.<br />

Panfish<br />

A generic term that covers a range of<br />

species such as sunfish, bluegill, warmouth<br />

and more, these are often the first fish<br />

many youngsters catch, typically on worms,<br />

popping bugs or spinner baits.<br />

King Mackerel<br />

One of the fastest fish anywhere, you’ll be<br />

targeting these in the inshore waters of the<br />

Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico off<br />

both Florida coasts. They come in close to<br />

shore at times, which is ideal for anglers<br />

in smaller boats. Growing to over 50lb,<br />

they are very aggressive and are caught on<br />

trolled live and artificial baits, although<br />

anglers wanting quantity not quality will do<br />

well using spoons and plugs. They are also<br />

a very popular tournament fish.<br />

DBW...<br />

Florida<br />

Snapper<br />

Popular as a great eating fish, this<br />

is an offshore species that is another<br />

conservation success following the loss of<br />

millions of juveniles in trawler nets over the<br />

years. New regulations enforce size limits<br />

today.<br />

You’ll need to head offshore as they are<br />

found in water from 60ft to 440ft deep<br />

and you’ll want either some shrimp, crab<br />

or squid as bait or soft jigs and spoons, if<br />

presented correctly on the bottom.<br />

Good charter skippers can tick the boxes<br />

here.<br />

Sharks<br />

Good fun in the shallow inshore waters of<br />

the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean,<br />

there are a few species worth targeting.<br />

They are generally fairly easy to catch,<br />

anchoring uptide of a likely area and<br />

putting some chum in the water will soon<br />

draw them to the boat.<br />

Given their nature, though, its important<br />

to match the size of the tackle to the size of<br />

the shark being targeted.<br />

i n d u s t r y V I E W<br />

Many anglers, both novice<br />

and expert, would agree that<br />

Florida is the fishing capital of<br />

the world.<br />

With an abundance of species<br />

and seemingly endless waters<br />

to fish, it boasts one of the<br />

largest fishing populations that<br />

are eager to buy the latest and<br />

greatest tackle and gear in hopes<br />

of catching more fish or reeling<br />

in the big one.<br />

With so much to go at, you<br />

would think that the fishing<br />

tackle industry is booming<br />

in Florida. Well, that’s<br />

complicated. While many<br />

companies are seeing an uptick<br />

in sales for <strong>2023</strong>, there are still<br />

supply chain issues due to the<br />

aftereffects of the pandemic and<br />

the war in Ukraine.<br />

With so many manufacturers<br />

and tackle companies relying on<br />

overseas labour and parts, the<br />

lag in receiving some of these<br />

goods has created what seems to<br />

be a surplus of some items.<br />

This “overstock” situation has<br />

many consumers underwhelmed<br />

by the selection at some stores<br />

and retailers either turning<br />

away products or drastically<br />

discounting items to move stock.<br />

For those companies who<br />

manufacture everything in<br />

the USA, there are still labour<br />

shortages but that’s really the<br />

only hurdle.<br />

Terry Dillinger, CEO of<br />

Carr Specialty Baits, Inc.<br />

(Fishbites), explained: “For<br />

our business, the demand is<br />

there. We are up significantly<br />

compared to last year and, as<br />

we continue to expand in new<br />

markets, I expect to see those<br />

numbers continue to rise.”<br />

For Carr Speciality Baits,<br />

Inc., making all of its products<br />

at the Fishbites headquarters<br />

in St Augustine, Florida has<br />

allowed it to see exponential<br />

growth over the past few years.<br />

In addition to the<br />

manufacturing and distribution<br />

side of the business, a tackle shop<br />

called the Fishbites Trading<br />

Post opened during the height<br />

of the pandemic and not only<br />

survived but thrived.<br />

Sales at the Fishbites Trading<br />

Post have been steady compared<br />

to last year but online sales are<br />

booming, with some channels<br />

seeing a 64 per cent increase or<br />

more year over year.<br />

What’s the outlook?<br />

Although some of this may<br />

seem a little discouraging for<br />

some in the business, the fishing<br />

tackle industry in Florida is<br />

THRIVING, with the number<br />

of anglers on the water steadily<br />

increasing year over year.<br />

The state of Florida sold a<br />

record number of in- and outof-state<br />

fishing licences and it is<br />

seeing an influx of female and<br />

juniors combined with many<br />

seasoned anglers discovering<br />

other kinds of fishing i.e. slow<br />

pitch jigging is becoming hugely<br />

popular, boat anglers are trying<br />

out surf fishing and vice versa.<br />

Dedicated saltwater anglers<br />

are realising how accessible<br />

freshwater fishing has become.<br />

What does that all mean?<br />

Anglers are expanding<br />

their tackle and gear selections<br />

to accommodate these new<br />

adventures.<br />

With the growing popularity<br />

of the sport, Terry doesn’t see the<br />

Florida tackle industry slowing<br />

down any time soon and, while<br />

some anglers are going “back<br />

to basics”, there will always<br />

be demand for the latest and<br />

greatest, bright and shiny, next<br />

big thing in fishing tackle.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


MAKING<br />


Making Contact<br />

1<br />

2<br />

Want your products to<br />

be seen by thousands of<br />

potential buyers… FREE<br />

of charge? Then get in<br />

touch, we’d love to hear<br />

from you.<br />


+44 7990 542958<br />

john.hunter@dhpub.co.uk<br />


david.haynes@dhpub.co.uk<br />

Contact John or David directly<br />

for details of how to send your<br />

product and a short description to<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong> <strong>Trade</strong> <strong>World</strong>’s office.<br />

1 SIMMS<br />


WADER<br />

Designed for anglers who work<br />

all the angles, this wader offers<br />

durability, freedom of movement<br />

and intuitive on-water storage.<br />

Built with Simms’ proprietary<br />

four-layer Toray fabric in the lower<br />

and a four-layer Toray stretch<br />

fabric in the upper, the Confluence<br />

Stockingfoot comes equipped<br />

with adjustable spacer air-mesh<br />

suspenders, a vast pocket array<br />

and a compression-moulded<br />

neoprene knee construction for<br />

additional protection and comfort<br />

while kneeling and brush-busting.<br />

www.simmsfishing.com<br />



Sculpted for subtle yet<br />

unstoppable underwater<br />

movement, the SMH WormZ starts<br />

with a substantial but slender<br />

head and torso, ideally shaped<br />

for easy hook penetration, before<br />

slimming down to a wispy-thin<br />

midsection that helps activate the<br />

worm’s bulbous, football shaped<br />

tail-kicking and undulating<br />

continuously as the angler shakes<br />

the line. And when you stop<br />

shaking, the tail levitates, hovers<br />

and exposes itself to the slightest<br />

underwater currents thanks to<br />

its buoyant and soft ElaZtech<br />

construction.<br />

Impregnated with 15 per cent<br />

salt for added taste, texture and<br />

casting weight, they’re available in<br />

10 colours.<br />

www.zmanfishing.com<br />

3 POWER-POLE<br />


MOTOR<br />

Nearly a decade in the making,<br />

this motor was concepted and<br />

constructed from the ground up<br />

with a focus on not just improving<br />

upon existing offerings but<br />

exceeding them in every way.<br />

The result is not only the most<br />

powerful electric motor available<br />

but also the quietest and most<br />

durable trolling motor sportfishing<br />

has seen. The motor and steering<br />

systems are engineered to<br />

produce ultimate power while<br />

remaining near silent in their<br />

operation. The Power Unity<br />

System and reinforced TechflowT<br />

Propeller create 30 per cent more<br />

power than industry leading<br />

trolling motors, all while being<br />

whisper quiet in the propulsion<br />

and the steering systems.<br />

power-pole.com<br />

3<br />

38 www.tackletradeworld.com




Fishbites<br />




Anglers around the world agree: Fishbites catch more fish! Since 1999, Carr Specialty Baits,<br />

Inc. has been busy revolutionising the fishing industry with its game-changing brand of<br />

baits called Fishbites.<br />

Using a concentrated formula<br />

replicating the natural chemicals<br />

that fish use to detect and track<br />

their prey, Fishbites have become<br />

the go-to synthetic alternative to natural bait.<br />

Each bait is heavily infused with a mixture<br />

it calls Flavor/Scent. The scent replicates<br />

feeding stimulants found in prey animals that<br />

trigger feeding behaviours in fish. The flavour<br />

replicates the taste fish are expecting when<br />

they strike. The result is a very aggressive<br />

bite, giving anglers a better chance to ’set the<br />

hook!’<br />

Anglers around the world are using<br />

Fishbites as their confidence baits, knowing<br />

that by using these baits the chances of<br />

catching more fish dramatically increase.<br />

It’s said to be the bait that stays on the<br />

hook longer, lasts longer and has the scent<br />

that melts in the water not in your hand. As<br />

the bait gradually dissolves, Fishbites baits<br />

release a trail of powerful feeding stimulants<br />

that fish simply cannot resist.<br />


Most Fishbites baits come in both ‘Fast<br />

Acting’ and ‘Longer Lasting’ formulas.<br />

Maximum scent for minimum bucks is the<br />

motto for the Fast Acting baits. The rate<br />

of release and the percentage of stimulants<br />

have both been kicked up a notch in order<br />

to make the Fast Acting baits live up to their<br />

name.<br />

The gel used in these baits also makes<br />

them ideal for late fall, winter, or early spring<br />

fishing or where water temperatures stay<br />

below 65 degrees.<br />

Meanwhile, its Longer Lasting formula<br />

provides extra durability for extended<br />

periods of time and makes a good choice for<br />

offshore bottom fishing, surf fishing, or when<br />

you’re in the presence of numerous pesky<br />

bait stealers.<br />

WHAT’S NEW?<br />

Fishbites has also created new baits that are<br />

already proving to be a hit amongst anglers<br />

and are catching a wide variety of species<br />

around the globe.<br />

The E-Z Longer Lasting Blue Crab<br />

Fishbites mimics the blue and white colours<br />

of a fresh blue crab. In just a few months,<br />

the Blue Crab Fishbites have caught bull<br />

whiting, pompano, red drum, sheepshead,<br />

black drum, cobia, snapper and more.<br />

Also coming in hot is the Periwinkle<br />

Clam E-Z Longer Lasting Fishbites, meant<br />

to imitate the purple hues of the coquina<br />

(donax) clams commonly found in the surf.<br />

From pompano to red drum, this colour<br />

combo seems to be the ticket when you are<br />

matching the hatch, and the success these<br />

baits are having is said to be remarkable.<br />

No matter where you are in the world or<br />

what species you are targeting, Fishbites has<br />

a bait for that!<br />

If you are interested in becoming a<br />

distributor or carrying Fishbites in your store,<br />

email info@fishbites.com.<br />


www.fishbites.com<br />

info@fishbites.com<br />

40 www.tackletradeworld.com

Panther Martin ®<br />

Teaser Alert!<br />

NEW<br />

for 2024<br />

NEW Hybrid Holographic<br />

This year we are introducing<br />

3 NEW Panther Martin® Hybrid Holographic<br />

lures in 3 of our most popular sizes.<br />

What makes these NEW Panther Martin® lures<br />

so different and unique is that we are combining<br />

the flash of our genuine gold and silver plated<br />

blades with proven holographic bodies and<br />

super bright ultraviolet dressings. Fish can’t<br />

resist that combo! The silky smooth synthetic<br />

fibers have 0% water absorption so they stay<br />

fluffy even under water. Easy to cast and<br />

irresistible!<br />

But That’s Not All! - These 3 new lures are just<br />

the beginning of over 50 new lures that we will<br />

be introducing at Icast this year.<br />

Come and see all our great new lures and our<br />

full selection of Panther Martins at booth 2802.<br />

See Them At<br />

Silky and smooth tails<br />

stay fluffy when wet.<br />

Available in sizes<br />

2 - 1/16 oz., 4 - 1/8 oz., 6 - 1/4 oz.<br />

3 of over 50 Great<br />

NEW Panther Martin®<br />

Coming in 2024!<br />

Booth 2802<br />

PantherMartin.com, Dept TT073L<br />

19 N. Columbia Street, Port Jefferson, NY 11777<br />

ph (631) 473-7308 • fax (631) 473-7398<br />

/PantherMartin • /PantherMartinFishing


NRS<br />




“<br />

In 2022, NRS released the Slipstream Raft Series, its first raft purpose-built for adventure<br />

anglers. Two years and many river miles later, it is expanding its adventure-angling<br />

watercraft with the Approach Series, an easy transport package focused on stealth and<br />

access that redefines where a boat can take you.<br />

As anglers go to ever greater<br />

lengths to escape the<br />

crowds and enjoy a quality<br />

fishing experience, we need<br />

boats that can live up to the challenge,”<br />

says NRS fishing category product<br />

manager Mike Dolmage.<br />

“With the Slipstream and new<br />

Approach series, we have complete<br />

packages for every fishing adventure,<br />

whether you’re embarking on a multiday<br />

wilderness journey or hopping over the<br />

guardrail to float your local stream.”<br />

Constructed with the same durable<br />

welded PVC as the Slipstream, the<br />

Approach can handle the abrasion of<br />

shallow streams and overgrown banks.<br />

A combination of 16in tubes and a<br />

thick drop stitch insert floor enhances<br />

buoyancy, letting the Approach draft<br />

in really skinny water, opening access<br />

to headwaters and tighter, more remote<br />

waters other boats can’t reach.<br />

These easy-transport, lightweight fishing<br />

craft are designed to fit between the wheel<br />

wells of a full-size truck or ride on the roof<br />

of a Jeep or SUV—no trailer or boat launch<br />

required.<br />

The innovative slot-rail frame system lets<br />

anglers make on-the-fly adjustments to seat,<br />

42 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

oar and accessory placement and enhances<br />

versatility for features like rod holder tubes<br />

and motor mounts.<br />


NRS’ vision has always been to enhance an<br />

angler’s on-water experience, which is evident<br />

in the attention to detail NRS designers and<br />

engineers put into the Approach features.<br />

An internal anchor system with quickrelease<br />

rope clamp features a 2:1 assist<br />

making it easily controlled from the rower’s<br />

seat while eliminating tripping hazards and<br />

entrapment risks.<br />

The dry box seat platform(s) provide<br />

convenient external trays and internal<br />

waterproof storage compartments keeping<br />

gear dry, organised and off the raft floor.<br />

It’s available in two sizes.<br />

The Approach 100 is perfect for the solo<br />

adventure angler. With room for overnight<br />

gear, anglers can catch the Golden Hour<br />

on both sides of the day, or tagalong on a<br />

multiday and stalk all the tribs along the way.<br />

Anglers looking for a little more room<br />

or who enjoy the company of others, the<br />

Approach 120 comfortably fits a rower and<br />

an angler in the bow with additional gear<br />

capacity.<br />

In an effort to welcome more anglers into<br />

the community, the Approach series is a great<br />

option for anglers looking to buy their first<br />

raft.<br />

Add on the Rower’s Package to include all<br />

the accessories needed to get on the water.<br />

NRS<br />


UNI PRODUCTS J.G. Cote Inc.<br />

1004 Principale<br />

Ste-Melanie, QC. Canada JOK 3AO<br />

Tel: 450-889-8054<br />

Toll-Free: 1-877-889-8054<br />

Fax: 450-889-5887<br />

Email: info@uniproducts.com<br />




Look to UNI for the best in spooled fly-tying materials!<br />



Emerger Strategies<br />

The emergence of<br />

sustainable business<br />

Having a sustainable business is more important than ever today but where do you start<br />

and how do you get it right? Fortunately, help is at hand thanks to Rick Crawford and his<br />

Emerger Strategies company.<br />

Rick Crawford was born and<br />

raised in Savannah, Georgia,<br />

USA and his love for the<br />

outdoors began by boating,<br />

fishing and crabbing in the Lowcountry<br />

with his grandparents.<br />

After spending a few years living in<br />

Colorado and Wyoming after college,<br />

Crawford’s passion for fishing grew, as<br />

did his sense of responsibility to give back<br />

to the resource.<br />

Looking for a way to find a career<br />

with his newfound purpose, Crawford<br />

decided to go back to school and, after<br />

earning an MBA in Sustainable Business<br />

and spending several years in renewable<br />

energy and green building industries,<br />

he decided to marry his passions for<br />

sustainability and fishing.<br />

Crawford started by assessing the<br />

fishing industry and saw that many<br />

companies were donating to conservation<br />

non-profits, but most were not doing<br />

anything to clean up their own act<br />

and likely didn’t even know that their<br />

businesses were part of the problem when<br />

it comes to plastic pollution and climate<br />

impact.<br />

This seemed like a good opportunity to<br />

help those companies protect the fisheries<br />

that they love and Emerger Strategies was<br />

born in 2016.<br />

With you for the journey<br />

Emerger Strategies, based in Charleston,<br />

South Carolina, is a sustainable business<br />

consultancy that guides businesses on<br />

their sustainability journey by measuring<br />

and improving their sustainability<br />

performance.<br />

It works with companies at every<br />

stage of their sustainability journey and<br />

recommends that companies who are<br />

dipping their toe in the water try its free<br />

Simple Sustainability Assessment.<br />

For companies who may be committing<br />

“random acts of sustainability” Crawford<br />

recommends conducting a more<br />

comprehensive Sustainability Assessment,<br />

developing and executing a Strategic<br />

44 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Sustainability Plan and communicating<br />

results to stakeholders through an annual<br />

Sustainability Report.<br />

If your company is being asked by your<br />

customers to supply sustainability and<br />

climate disclosures, they can help with<br />

Walmart Sustainability Compliance and<br />

REI Product Impact Standards.<br />

Emerger Strategies also works<br />

with clients to achieve third party<br />

certifications, such as 1% For The Planet<br />

and Climate Neutral.<br />

Most recently, Emerger Strategies has<br />

joined Climate Neutral’s service provider<br />

network, working alongside the program<br />

to offer consulting services to brands<br />

who want to become Climate Neutralcertified.<br />

Crawford said: “We’re thrilled to be<br />

part of this group of impact-oriented<br />

organisations working with brands to<br />

eliminate carbon emissions.”<br />

Other highlights include being featured<br />

in Garden & Gun and the Patagonia<br />

film, Drop, which follows a single drop<br />

of water from its starting point atop<br />

the Continental Divide to its final<br />

destination in the Pacific Ocean.<br />

Rick has also created the awardwinning<br />

podcast, The Sustainable Angler,<br />

whose purpose is to inspire anglers to<br />

protect the planet and founded the<br />

Fly Fishing Climate Alliance in 2020,<br />

which is made up of 50-plus fly fishing<br />

guides, shops, lodges and brands who are<br />

committed to net-zero emissions by 2050.<br />

Emerger Strategies<br />

www. emergerstrategies.com


Panther Martin<br />

Six new Panther<br />

Martin lures on<br />

their way for 2024<br />

Anglers will be getting ready to fill their tackle boxes and catch their fill with some Sonic<br />

Whammy, SpikeADelic, Sonic Thumper and more exciting lures from the company that’s<br />

been churning out winner after winner since 1958.<br />

In 2024, family owned Panther<br />

Martin will be celebrating its 66th<br />

year with six exciting new lure series<br />

that will include over 50 colour and<br />

size combinations.<br />

Not only will there be innovative<br />

spinners like the Sonic Whammy, Panther<br />

Martin is also introducing some fan<br />

favourites in single and barbless hooks.<br />

Of course, all these lures have Panther<br />

Martin’s unique convex/concave blades<br />

with a shaft that goes directly through<br />

the blade. This design lets the blade<br />

spin freely, creating sonic vibrations that<br />

attract fish near and far.<br />

What’s new?<br />

Let’s start with the Hybrid Holographic<br />

series. These spinners are available in<br />

three popular sizes (2, 4 and 6) and<br />

three enticing colours (Silver Chartreuse<br />

White, Silver Blue and Gold Pink Blue).<br />

The most exciting part of these spinners,<br />

though, is the tails. The full-bodied<br />

dressings are made with an ultraviolet,<br />

silky smooth synthetic fibre that has 0 per<br />

cent water absorption! That means the<br />

tails stay fluffy and full underwater for<br />

hours. Zero per cent absorption, 100 per<br />

cent captivating.<br />

Next up, we have the Sonic Whammy.<br />

You’ve never seen a blade like this before.<br />

Yes, it’s Panther Martin’s signature blade<br />

but it’s split at the bottom with a slight<br />

downturn. This creates two separate blade<br />

rudders that chums up and magnifies the<br />

already great sonic action of a Panther<br />

Martin blade. The little downturn at the<br />

end of the split allows a unique thumping<br />

action to attract fish. Available in three<br />

sizes (2, 4 and 6) and six colours (Gold,<br />

Silver, Fire Tiger, Tiger Green, Rainbow<br />

Trout and Spotted Black).<br />

If single hooks are your go-to, Panther<br />

Martin has four more single hook lures<br />

coming. Two are dressed – the Single<br />

Hook Flies in Gold Black and Gold<br />

Brown – that include a single, supersharp<br />

barbed hook.<br />

The Single Hook Barbless series also<br />

has a super sharp hook. Catch and release<br />

customers have been asking for barbless<br />

hooks and Panther Martin delivered<br />

with its ever-popular Regular Gold and<br />

Rainbow Trout colour combinations.<br />

Both styles of single hook spinners are<br />

available in three sizes (2, 4 and 6).<br />

Get ready to reel in some monsters<br />

with the Sonic Thumper spin baits.<br />

With two genuine silver- or gold-plated<br />

blades, or a combination of both, brightly<br />

coloured silicone dressings and minnow<br />

heads, these Sonic Thumpers are sure to<br />

have you reeling in some monster bass.<br />

Small clear glass beads behind the first<br />

blade and a swivel in front of the second<br />

larger blade create the spinning action<br />

that call to the fish. A small second hole<br />

in the larger blade also produces bubbles<br />

that further add sonic action. Available<br />

in two sizes (6 and 9) and four colours<br />

(White, White Chartreuse, Fire Tiger<br />

and Blue Black).<br />

Finally, get ready for some ultrafabulous,<br />

ultraviolet SpikeADelic lures!<br />

These are totally groovy, with wild, eyepopping<br />

colours like Holographic Bubble<br />

Gum, WonderBread, Tangerine Surprise,<br />

Hulk, Glow Rainbow and Fire Tiger.<br />

These soft-bodied lures have a super<br />

sharp, weedless hook, brightly coloured<br />

and patterned bodies and blades, and a<br />

large, bright salmon bead. Since they are<br />

ultraviolet, SpikeADelics appear as one<br />

colour in daylight but, once underwater,<br />

they change colour and fish see them in<br />

all their glowing glory. Available in the<br />

six colours listed above in four sizes (4, 6,<br />

9 and 15).<br />

Visit Panther Martin in booth 2802 at<br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong> to see all of these exciting<br />

lures and more or contact Mauricio@<br />

PantherMartin.com<br />

Panther Martin<br />

www.PantherMartin.com<br />

Mauricio@PantherMartin.com<br />

46 www.tackletradeworld.com

Your B2B<br />


See us at<br />


From rod repair to OEM components<br />

and fully built rods, we are the #1 b2b<br />

product supplier in the industry!<br />

• Custom Rod Building Demos<br />

• Hottest New Products<br />

• Rod Building Happy Hour<br />

BOOTH # 2015<br />

YOUR RODS.<br />

YOUR WAY.<br />

MUDHOLE.COM/wholesale<br />

STOPPIONI s.n.c. Firenze Italy Prod. Effevuemme s.r.l.<br />

Tel.+39 0558739615 -Fax +39 0558739648 stonfo@stonfo.com<br />

MEMBER<br />


Art.529<br />


Leader holders<br />

Magnets for hooks and small metal rigs<br />

Seat for big bait box<br />

Needle rests<br />

Seat for small bait boxes<br />

Folding, light weight bait<br />

tray designed to meet the<br />

many needs of fisherman.<br />

Its structure, in durable<br />

p l a s t i c , i s p e r f e c t l y<br />

rounded and has no sharp<br />

edges. The compartments<br />

can hold various bait<br />

boxes in stable position.<br />

Other important features<br />

make this bait tray a well<br />

equipped working station.<br />

A universal metal screw<br />

connection is placed in the<br />

center.<br />

lLightweight gr 700<br />

lDim. cm 45x36<br />

lClosed cm 36x26<br />

www.stonfo.com<br />

Rubber for positioning<br />

hooks<br />

Holes for water drainage<br />

Seat for bait boxes or accessories<br />

Open/closed<br />

block knob<br />

Chopping board<br />

Leader holders<br />

Slots for scissors and other<br />

utensils<br />

Moulded section with rule to measure<br />

the size of fishes




Now under new ownership, the exclusive distributor of Fuji products in North America is<br />

excited to announce several key product launches for ICAST <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

For the first time in more than<br />

a decade, Anglers Resource –<br />

the exclusive North American<br />

distributor for Fuji products –<br />

will release six new product lines this year<br />

at ICAST <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

“It really is a very exciting time for us<br />

at Anglers Resource,” says new president<br />

and CEO Bill Falconer.<br />

“I am so grateful to Carl Haber for all<br />

he did to build this business. I’m proud<br />

to stand on his shoulders and continue to<br />

grow Anglers Resource with an emphasis<br />

on delivering the best rod building<br />

components in the world backed by<br />

world-class customer service.”<br />

Falconer also lauds the efforts of<br />

long-time sales director Donnie Paul and<br />

48 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

marketing director Jim Ising.<br />

“Everybody in the industry knows and<br />

likes Donnie. He is sorely missed but he<br />

and his wife Sally are enjoying his wellearned<br />

retirement.”<br />

He also took a moment to address the<br />

passing of long-time marketing director<br />

Jim Ising. “Jim was my friend. He was<br />

instrumental in my acquisition of Anglers<br />

Resource. I would not be here without<br />

him. We were all devastated by his loss<br />

and my thoughts and prayers remain with<br />

his family.<br />

“That said, my entire team remains<br />

focused on the future. We are extremely<br />

excited about these new products. And I<br />

can assure you there will be more exciting<br />

announcements in the months to follow.”<br />


In the reel seat category, Fuji has released<br />

the new flagship TCH spinning and casting<br />

seats. These seats feature revolutionary<br />

Titanium Carbon Hybrid technology that<br />

allows a seat weighing a mere 22g to be<br />

stronger and more crush-resistant than most<br />

aluminium seats on the market.<br />

They are currently available in sizes<br />

13 and 15 in both casting and spinning<br />

configurations with either shiny titanium or<br />

gunmetal T2 hoods. Additional larger sizes<br />

will be released later this year, along with<br />

matching grips in both high quality cork and<br />

EVA.<br />

On the guide front, Fuji’s game-changing<br />

KR concept guide trains have established<br />

a new industry benchmark for value and

Anglers Resource<br />


ICAST <strong>2023</strong> will see see<br />

key rod guide launches.<br />

Prisma colour-changing metallic threads<br />

are also being added to the line up.<br />

How eye-catching are these?<br />

performance. For the first time, all the<br />

proprietary tangle-free and high-frame,<br />

small ring characteristics of the KR Concept<br />

Guide family are available with a completely<br />

redesigned Concept Slim O+ enhanced<br />

Aluminium Oxide ring.<br />

Completely braid safe and weighing a<br />

fraction of previous Aluminium Oxide and<br />

O ring guides, the new K+O series will be<br />

available in all KR Concept guide frames and<br />

sizes in both matte silver (CC) and gunmetal<br />

grey (BCC) Corrosion Control finishes. KR<br />

Concept Guide trains have never been so<br />

affordable and will be available in both sets<br />

and individual guides and tip tops.<br />


Anglers Resource is also excited to announce<br />

a new line of Prisma colour-changing<br />

metallic threads. Available in six new colours<br />

of Size A 100m spools, these Prisma threads<br />

exhibit chameleon (colour change) properties<br />

that are perfect for decorative wraps and trim<br />

bands.<br />

Then there are the 22 additional colours<br />

of Fuji UltraPoly and NOCP threads in<br />

size A and D in both 100m and 1oz spools.<br />

These colours were developed in conjunction<br />

with Billy Vivona and the Northeastern<br />

Rodbuilders (NERBs).<br />

Meanwhile, an extensive selection of<br />

custom grips, foregrips and fighting butts<br />

has been designed by Falconer exclusively for<br />

custom rod builders in North America.<br />

He explained: “As a custom rod builder<br />

for 28 years, I had no idea how many people<br />

preferred the simplicity of a handle kit versus<br />

turning your own grips from scratch.”<br />

While there are several handle kit options<br />

Fuji’s KR Concept Guides will be available<br />

with redesigned rings.<br />

available on the market from Fuji and<br />

other suppliers, Falconer wasn’t sold on the<br />

offerings.<br />

“There is nothing wrong with the kits<br />

that are on the market now, but they haven’t<br />

changed much in the last two decades. I<br />

basically developed a set of custom split<br />

grip options that look like the grips I shape<br />

instead of a cookie-cutter factory handle<br />

assemblies.”<br />

Thirty grip options will be available in both<br />

high quality cork and EVA including several<br />

new sets designed specifically for slow pitch<br />

rods.<br />

Falconer also noted a gap in the market as<br />

it relates to high-quality reel seat arbors.<br />

“Like most custom builders, I have had a<br />

hard time finding arbors to fit all of our Fuji<br />

seats consistently. Quality control as well as<br />

fit and finish has been all over the map for<br />

the last three years. And that’s if you could<br />

even find arbors in stock.”<br />

The Anglers Resource team decided to<br />

take matters into their own hands and are<br />

now offering long one-piece arbors to fit<br />

Anglers Resource CEO Bill<br />

Falconer out on the water..<br />

every seat in the current Fuji line up.<br />

“These are dense, void-free arbors built<br />

to our custom specifications for perfect fit<br />

and finish. I really think custom builders are<br />

going to appreciate these premium quality<br />

arbors,” Bill added.<br />

All products will be in stock as of ICAST<br />

<strong>2023</strong>.<br />

For pricing please reach out to info@<br />

anglersresource.net or call +1 251 943 4491.<br />


info@anglersresource.net<br />

TCH reel seats are incredibly light yet super-strong.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



ROSCO<br />

ROSCO<br />

champions<br />

‘Made in<br />

America’<br />

American terminal tackle manufacturer<br />

Rome Specialty Co., Inc., (ROSCO) has<br />

announced the creation of the American<br />

Made Partner (AMP) Program as it presses<br />

for more US-manufactured fishing kit.<br />

ROSCO created the AMP<br />

Program to recognise its dealers,<br />

wholesalers and manufacturers<br />

who are committed to selling<br />

American-made products.<br />

These dealers and wholesalers realise<br />

that the shelf space in the tackle store<br />

that they dedicate to American-made<br />

tackle directly supports American jobs,<br />

and the manufacturers know that using<br />

domestic terminal tackle and components<br />

adds significant value to their finished<br />

product.<br />

“There used to be a proud and robust<br />

fishing tackle manufacturing industry<br />

here in the USA,” says ROSCO president<br />

Jack Butts (pictured above).<br />

He added: “There are only a few of us<br />

left as most large American companies<br />

moved their production offshore years<br />

ago.”<br />

Butts would like to see a resurgence<br />

in the American-made tackle industry.<br />

“In an era of geopolitical uncertainty,<br />

it makes sense to support Americanowned<br />

and operated businesses. The only<br />

true way to avoid tariffs and secure your<br />

supply chain is to buy domestically,” he<br />

explained.<br />

50 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

He hopes that by encouraging ROSCO<br />

customers to “Buy American” and in turn<br />

encourage their customers to do the same,<br />

a movement can be started to bring a<br />

once thriving manufacturing community<br />

back to the continent.<br />

Rewards all round<br />

The AMP program is designed to educate<br />

the American consumer on the benefits<br />

of the “Buy American” movement and<br />

reward the dealers for supporting it.<br />

The only criterion for membership is to<br />

be a current customer of Rome Specialty<br />

Co and all the information can be found<br />

on www.americanmadepartner.com.<br />

The firm is currently offering a special<br />

during show season. New dealers that<br />

want to join can receive 20 per cent off<br />

dealer prices for a qualifying purchase on<br />

any Sampo, ROSCO or Donnmar retail<br />

products just for signing up.<br />

All participants in the AMP program<br />

will receive a welcome package that<br />

includes a window cling to proudly<br />

display their membership in the program<br />

and one participant will be honoured<br />

every year with an award.<br />

Butts added: “We realise that fisherman<br />

have a lot of choices when it comes<br />

to terminal tackle. We hope that by<br />

rewarding dealers for informing their<br />

customers on the benefits of buying<br />

American-made products, together we<br />

will help support good paying jobs right<br />

here in the USA.”<br />

ROSCO<br />


AGENTS<br />

WANTED<br />

Leeda is looking for skilled and driven agents<br />

to boost its European sales team.<br />

Focussing on our key in-house brands, MAP and Wychwood, we are looking<br />

to recruit agents who have an in-depth knowledge of key European territories<br />

and the changing marketplace.<br />

Do you have what it takes to push the brands to the next level in your country?<br />

Get in touch by submitting your resume and details to<br />

nick.gritton@madison.co.uk<br />

Check out the brands here<br />

GAME<br />


CARP<br />



Flying Fisherman<br />




US sunglasses brand Flying Fisherman understands the<br />

frustrations of losing your glasses in the water while<br />

fishing – it happens all too often. Now it has solved the<br />

problem with its floating glasses range.<br />

Has this ever happened to you?<br />

You’re out on the water and<br />

the boat is cruising along on<br />

plane when you turn around<br />

to check behind you and poof… your<br />

sunglasses fly off and end up in the water,<br />

quickly sinking straight to the bottom.<br />

Or you’re wearing sunscreen and<br />

the mix of sunscreen and sweat gets<br />

slippery… when you look down, your<br />

sunglasses slip off and take a dive into the<br />

water, never to be seen again<br />

It’s a gut-wrenching feeling and can<br />

get expensive!<br />

What about a floating lanyard, you may<br />

ask?<br />

The response from many is they don’t<br />

like the cord on the back of the neck and<br />

find it uncomfortable – especially floating<br />

lanyards that can be bulky.<br />

After 39 years in business, the Flying<br />

Fisherman team has heard it all, with<br />

countless stories of high-priced, premium<br />

sunglasses lost overboard by customers<br />

replacing them with more affordable,<br />

polarised eyewear options.<br />


For <strong>2023</strong>-2024 Flying Fisherman is<br />

taking it a step further, introducing three<br />

new frame styles with innovative, floating<br />

frame technology – the Rafter, Lagoon<br />

and Sea Bean.<br />

The eco-friendly frames are made with<br />

TPX material that’s less dense than any<br />

other plastic polymer and lighter than<br />

water, allowing them to float. So you’ll<br />

never lose your sunglasses again.<br />

TPX is also highly durable, flexible<br />

and heat resistant. Flying Fisherman’s<br />

AcuTint polarised lenses improve visual<br />

comfort, enhance contrast and clarity,<br />

eliminate annoying glare and block 100<br />

per cent of harmful UVA and UVB rays.<br />

The Triacetate lenses are also impact<br />

and scratch resistant and have an antisaltwater<br />

coating. This combination<br />

makes the new Floaters incredibly<br />

comfortable for all day wear.<br />


The Rafter is a medium-fit, wrap design<br />

built for fishing with wide temples for<br />

generous, side blocking coverage, and eight<br />

base curve lenses.<br />

It’s available in a choice of matte black<br />

frames with smoke gray, silver mirror or blue<br />

mirror and tortoise frames with green mirror<br />

lenses.<br />

The Lagoon features a timeless design for<br />

classic styling on and off the water. Fit is<br />

medium with six base lenses. Colour options<br />

are matte black with smoke gray, blue mirror<br />

or green mirror lenses and tortoise frames<br />

with blue mirror.<br />

The Sea Bean is a small-to-medium-fit,<br />

round frame with unisex styling and a six<br />

base curve lens. Four colourways are offered<br />

– gloss black with smoke, gloss black with<br />

blue mirror, tortoise with amber lenses and<br />

crystal champagne with smoke gray lenses.<br />

Flying Fisherman Floaters will debut at<br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong>, in the New Product Showcase<br />

and in the Flying Fisherman booth #5130,<br />

along with other new products.<br />


www.flyingfisherman.com<br />

52 www.tackletradeworld.com


Make A<br />

Splash!<br />

The TiForged Family of guides are requested more by rod builders than any other guide train<br />

in the world. With the versitility of double foot, single foot, ceramic rings, and sizes the TiForged<br />

Snagless guides are the perfect choice for any rod builder, designer, or brand looking to have<br />

the best guides on their rods.<br />


Snagless 3166 or solid<br />

titanium alloy guide frame<br />

designs in spinning & casting<br />

configurations.<br />

Hardened frames for extreme<br />

strength, keeping<br />

rings secure and safe<br />

from frame deformation.<br />

Slim ring design to reduce<br />

weight, polished round for<br />

increased casting distances<br />

& extended line life<br />

Available with American<br />

<strong>Tackle</strong>’s proprietary Nanolite,<br />

Duralite or ultra-slim Pentalite<br />

ring guide options<br />

Contact your American <strong>Tackle</strong> Distributor today & start<br />

building with TiForged Guides - and see the<br />

TiForged Family of Guides at<br />

BOOTH #4030<br />


For more info, contact sales@americantackle.us





Innovation drives all industries – and fishing is no exception. Boats, engines, rods, reels and<br />

even lure and fly designs have all dramatically improved over the last 30 years, and it’s the<br />

case with waders, too…<br />

Although not always viewed<br />

through the lens of gear,<br />

technical fishing apparel has<br />

also seen its fair share of<br />

performative advancement.<br />

In spring 1993, arguably the most<br />

significant innovation in technical fishing<br />

apparel hit the market – the original<br />

Simms Gore-Tex Stockingfoot Wader.<br />

Designed, developed, and built by<br />

hand, heart and soul in Bozeman,<br />

Montana, Simms Gore-Tex Stockingfoot<br />

Wader introduced the fishing industry/<br />

community to a brand-new, gamechanging<br />

concept – waterproof/<br />

breathability.<br />

Prior to the introduction of this<br />

important innovation, the technology<br />

of the day was neoprene… and thick<br />

neoprene at that. Yes, it was waterproof<br />

and quite durable, but talk about a sweaty,<br />

uncomfortable, immobile way to stay dry!<br />


Initially, the notion of waterproof/<br />

breathability was challenging for<br />

consumers to grasp. How could a porous<br />

fabric be waterproof? Not to mention,<br />

visually, Simms’ new creation looked<br />

flimsy and raised loads of questions as to<br />

54 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

The very first waterproof<br />

breathable wader…<br />

introduced by Simms in 1993.<br />

whether or not they could last one fishing<br />

trip, let alone multiple seasons.<br />

On top of that, they were very<br />

expensive. In short, on all fronts from the<br />

technology to the aesthetics, to the price,<br />

the OG Simms Gore-Tex Stockingfoot<br />

Wader was breaking all the rules and<br />

questioning all the norms.<br />

Back in 1993, the Simms team<br />

consisted of somewhere between 15<br />

and 17 passionate employees (including<br />

Wader Makers). While the small,<br />

dedicated team knew they had challenges<br />

aplenty to overcome, they were equally<br />

confident that they were onto something<br />

big, something important, something<br />

that could completely revolutionise an<br />

entire product category and truly redefine<br />

technical performance.<br />

So how did they do it? In a word –<br />

education.<br />



Simms’ vice-president of culture and<br />

community, Diane Bristol, was among<br />

this dedicated team and has vivid<br />

recollections of the educational process.<br />

“Educating consumers and retailers<br />

on breathable technology was never<br />

ending. Looking back, we were about<br />

as aggressive as a brand could be on the<br />

trade show front. We attended, displayed<br />

and demoed at virtually every show there<br />

was in order to showcase that wader

Simms<br />


and, more importantly, demonstrate its<br />

technology” says Bristol.<br />

“We’d explain the technology, show<br />

macro illustrations of how it worked and,<br />

of course, we were doing the glove demo<br />

incessantly.”<br />

The glove demo Bristol refers to<br />

was simple but incredibly effective and<br />

became a trademark activity at every<br />

show.<br />

It was a way for Simms to give<br />

countless consumers and retailers a<br />

tangible taste of a foreign concept/<br />

challenging technology to verbalise.<br />

Demo participants would receive two<br />

mittens. One was made of a waterproof<br />

non-breathable material, the other was<br />

made out of the waterproof/breathable<br />

Gore-Tex membrane.<br />

They would put the mittens on and<br />

dunk their hands in a tub of cold water.<br />

After a minute or so, they’d remove their<br />

hands and realise the one covered in the<br />

non-breathable material was wet with<br />

sweat. When they removed the Gore-Tex<br />

mitten, they’d notice that hand was bone<br />

dry.<br />

“In my mind that demo really moved<br />

the needle. It was almost like a magic<br />

trick. That’s when we really started<br />

getting consumer and retailer buy in,”<br />

says Bristol.<br />

While most magicians refuse to reveal<br />

the secret to their tricks, in the case of<br />

waterproof/breathability, it’s not a trick,<br />

it’s science. In a nutshell, the waterproof<br />

membrane’s weave is loose enough to<br />

allow water vapor to escape but tight<br />

enough to prevent water molecules from<br />

entering.<br />

Make no mistake, this technology came<br />

from WL Gore & Associates but, really<br />

and truly, it was Simms that was on the<br />

ground floor educating, demoing and<br />

achieving buy-in momentum from the<br />

fishing industry and community.<br />

According to Bristol, “We knew we had<br />

something good in the works. We just<br />

had to hound, encourage and push Gore<br />

to continue innovating and making subtle<br />

change after subtle change until the fabric<br />

was able to meet the incredibly high<br />

breathability and durability standards we<br />

set for ourselves.”<br />


Since the initial launch, waterproof/<br />

breathable waders have become the<br />

norm. Simms was the first to put this<br />

technology into the marketplace and has<br />

been doing it longer than any other brand<br />

in the fishing space. Through the years,<br />

Simms’ wader collection has continued<br />

to advance in terms of performance,<br />

durability, and fishy features. As a result,<br />

Simms has acquired more industry and<br />

consumer awards for its waders than any<br />

other wader manufacturer out there.<br />

After 30 years of wader evolution,<br />

Simms’ appetite to innovate and uncover<br />

the next best cutting-edge technology has<br />

only intensified.<br />

As an example, this summer, Simms’<br />

wader collection will expand with<br />

the release of the all-new Confluence<br />

Stockingfoot, a wader boasting a stretch<br />

fabric package and an incredibly unique<br />

knee construction designed for anglers<br />

that refuse to let any obstacle get in the<br />

way of presenting a cast in those hard to<br />

reach and often untouched runs, pools<br />

and riffles.<br />

Simms waders stem from innovative<br />

design, cutting-edge materials and<br />

tenacious testing.<br />

They’re also the end result of a<br />

painstaking process driven by Wader<br />

Makers who pledge allegiance to it every<br />

day.<br />

SIMMS<br />

www.simmsfishing.com<br />

See the debut of Simms’ all-new Confluence<br />

Wader at ICAST this <strong>July</strong>.<br />

www.tackletradeworld.com<br />



St. Croix<br />

SEVIIN –<br />




IN ONE<br />

After spending the last seven decades building the<br />

‘Best Rods on Earth’, St. Croix Rod has taken its 75<br />

years of design and manufacturing expertise and<br />

focused it on a range of reels under the name SEVIIN.<br />

St. Croix Rod has learned a thing<br />

or two about crafting world-class<br />

fishing equipment that gives anglers<br />

the upper hand. The company didn’t<br />

achieve its leadership by following others;<br />

its trust has been earned through die-hard<br />

persistence, honest innovation and placing<br />

anglers at the centre of everything it does.<br />

In <strong>2023</strong>, St. Croix Rod applies that same<br />

Midwest work ethic and angler-driven<br />

mission to the next chapter of its story –<br />

one that’s laser-focused on reels and reels<br />

alone.<br />

SEVIIN reels are meticulously<br />

engineered and purpose-built to help<br />

anglers conquer every species on every<br />

piece of water on the planet. Seven seas,<br />

seven continents, seven days a week,<br />

SEVIIN reels are fueled by a collective love<br />

of fishing surpassed only by a passion to<br />

deliver the most reliable and advanced reels<br />

on the water.<br />

Whatever fishing means to you, the reel<br />

in your hand should help create better<br />

experiences. Like your rod, your fishing<br />

reel fosters growth and plays a critical role<br />

in your angling story. Cast by cast, day by<br />

day, season by season, the best reels help<br />

us check boxes, earn victories and guide us<br />

towards the next big challenge.<br />


SEVIIN shares St. Croix DNA and was<br />

born from the same, sharing its skills<br />

and resources while being designed and<br />

56 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

marketed to improve the angling experience,<br />

regardless of the specific rods used.<br />

While both St. Croix and SEVIIN share<br />

the same mission of elevating the angling<br />

experience, each brand will remain distinct<br />

and be supported by dedicated resources.<br />

The SEVIIN Team is comprised of reel<br />

experts focused solely on reels.<br />

SEVIIN’s retail partners will serve<br />

as valuable team members and brand<br />

ambassadors to anglers, with these reels<br />

available for order by any retail customer,<br />

regardless of whether or not they carry St.<br />

Croix rods.<br />

St. Croix Rod CEO, Scott Forristall said:<br />

“As we excitedly prepare to announce details<br />

on our initial line-up of reels in the coming<br />

weeks, we want to take this opportunity to<br />

firmly establish the promise we’re making to<br />

anglers and to the fishing industry.<br />

“SEVIIN only exists to serve anglers.<br />

Their satisfaction with our products is our<br />

only satisfaction and measure of success<br />

as a brand. Like the anglers we serve, our<br />

own angling passions run deep, and we<br />

take care of our own. We will provide<br />

uncompromising customer service from<br />

right here in Park Falls, Wisconsin to keep<br />

anglers who place their trust in SEVIIN<br />

reels where they belong – on the water.”<br />

To make sure this promise is kept,<br />

SEVIIN Reels will offer an accelerated,<br />

no-questions-asked, one-year return and<br />

replacement policy to any SEVIIN reel<br />

owner who registers their reel after purchase.<br />


SEVIIN Reels will announce and reveal<br />

its initial product launch at ICAST<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. This will consist of one series of<br />

baitcasting reels (GF), two series of<br />

spinning reels (GS and GX), and one<br />

saltwater-specific spinning reel series<br />

(GSW).<br />

SEVIIN reels feature internal<br />

componentry – manufactured and tested<br />

to exacting specifications – delivering<br />

an optimal combination of performance,<br />

durability, longevity and value.<br />

Additionally, the proprietary aesthetics of<br />

SEVIIN reels are conceived to stand out in<br />

the retail marketplace while contributing<br />

to pride of use and ownership.<br />

GF Series baitcasting reels will be<br />

available to dealers and anglers in<br />

September, with GS and GX spinning<br />

reels available from January 2024 and<br />

GSW saltwater spinning reels from<br />

February 2024.<br />

SEVIIN Reels has a rolling five-year<br />

product funnel that extends annually,<br />

which means new SEVIIN products<br />

will be available to dealers and angers<br />

each year. The SEVIIN Product Team is<br />

currently developing products for 2025<br />

and 2026.<br />

See them at ICAST <strong>2023</strong> in booth<br />

#3026 or visit the website.<br />

ST. CROIX<br />



Mazzaferro<br />





For 70 years, Brazilian line manufacturer Mazzaferro has offered top quality products.<br />

Although originally focused mainly on the Latin American market, in recent years it has<br />

expanded its global reach and is now present in almost 60 countries.<br />

Family, work and friends were<br />

the pillars for the foundation of<br />

Mazzaferro way back in 1953 in<br />

Brazil.<br />

Formed by committed Italian<br />

immigrants, it became the first synthetic<br />

fibre and yarn industry in Latin America<br />

and today it is thought to be the second<br />

largest line manufacturer in the world.<br />

Since its foundation, Mazzaferro has<br />

always sought excellence and quality in its<br />

products, thanks to the use of innovative<br />

technology and processes.<br />

Most importantly, the company works<br />

to generate added value for society,<br />

as both customers and employees,<br />

transforming industrial raw materials<br />

into a wide variety of different but<br />

distinct products, while at the same time<br />

positively impacting the daily lives of<br />

thousands of people and other businesses.<br />

58 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />


Mazzaferro offers a selection of great<br />

brands to the tackle market, including<br />

well-known names such as Grilon, Araty,<br />

Trilon and Dourado.<br />

Crucially, these are seen as a national<br />

reference in the quality of fishing lines,<br />

fibres, ropes and nets.<br />

The safety and quality of all<br />

Mazzaferro products is vital and the<br />

company is able to guarantee this through<br />

rigorous laboratory tests at every stage.<br />

At its facility is a special laboratory,<br />

where the quality and production teams<br />

are committed to delivering beyond what<br />

is specified in the products, ensuring a<br />

great experience for all users.<br />

As it continues to expand globally and<br />

attend more international trade shows,<br />

it is keen to carry on its tireless work to<br />

produce the best fishing lines, both under<br />

its own brands and via OEM.<br />

As the company says: “We are<br />

Mazzaferro, a company that will<br />

continue to take new steps every day to<br />

overcome challenges through our passion,<br />

commitment and high performance,<br />

values that motivate us to innovate and<br />

grow every day.”<br />


www.mazzaferropesca.com.br<br />

Mazzaferro’s HQ houses a laboratory<br />

where each product is rigorously tested.


Energofish<br />

RAPID<br />



Development is one of the major focuses of the Hungarian company, Energofish, with the<br />

team constantly designing new gear to make anglers’ lives easier. Two great examples are<br />

its Benzar Mix Jetty Adapter and its Rapid Method Kits.<br />

The engineers and testers of<br />

Energofish are continuously<br />

working on new and modern<br />

products to ensure everyone is<br />

fishing at their optimum.<br />

One look at the Benzar Mix Jetty<br />

Adapter and it’s obvious that this is<br />

something brand new.<br />

This is a tool that has been missing from<br />

the range so far but now it is available for<br />

all the anglers who prefer fishing from piers,<br />

platforms or jetties.<br />

Fishing on these structures always<br />

presents some difficulties regarding comfort,<br />

for example the placement of fishing rods.<br />

Using rod pods is not an acceptable<br />

option for everybody because these are not<br />

necessarily items carried by certain anglers,<br />

for instance those keen on feeder fishing.<br />

Instead of rod pods, many fishermen<br />

prefer using bank sticks. The only question<br />

is how to fix them into platforms.<br />


The revolutionary Jetty Adapters are<br />

what many anglers have been needing for<br />

years. These premium-made products are<br />

built of 100 per cent stainless steel, which<br />

guarantees maximum service life, no matter<br />

how difficult the conditions and situations.<br />

Thanks to the smart fixing system, the<br />

Jetty Adapter stands stable regardless of the<br />

60 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

width of the platform’s boards.<br />

The contra-tightening ring guarantees<br />

fixed positions for the bank sticks inserted<br />

into the Jetty Adapter. So it’s as easy to set<br />

up and ensure stability as it would be fishing<br />

on a grassy bank.<br />


Method feeder techniques are becoming<br />

more and more popular across Europe so it<br />

is no surprise that companies are focusing<br />

the most on this field of fishing.<br />

Energofish with its dynamically<br />

developing brand, Benzar Mix, intends<br />

to provide professional and easy-to-use<br />

solutions for all who plan to try this exciting<br />

style of fishing.<br />

This idea was the background of the<br />

Rapid Method Kits and Sets, offering<br />

The Jetty Adapter ensures<br />

stability for your rods on<br />

any platform.<br />

complex and 100 per cent ready-to-use end<br />

tackle for method feeder anglers.<br />

This terminal tackle is made of high<br />

quality swivels, lines, hooks and flat feeders<br />

using long-established knots so all the<br />

elements are reliable and suitable for<br />

catching many big carp.<br />

Alongside this, the sets contain some<br />

hook baits and a mould as well, perfectly<br />

suited to the flat feeder.<br />

With the Rapid Method Kits and Sets,<br />

anglers do not need to know how to tie<br />

hooks or how to make the ultimate end<br />

tackle. Their only task is to go fishing and<br />

enjoy the advantages of these smart, rapid<br />

solutions.<br />





Emerger Strategies helps guide your business<br />

on its sustainability journey—whether you’re<br />

new to developing a strategy or already<br />

communicating your progress to stakeholders.<br />

Visit us online to find out more.<br />

emergerstrategies.com<br />

Emerger Strategies client and world’s first<br />

carbon-neutral sportfishing boat, Stream Weaver.<br />


EST.<br />

1958<br />

65 Years<br />

of Service!<br />

“Dolphin” Terminal <strong>Tackle</strong><br />

“Tide-Rite” Rigs and Snelled Hooks<br />

“Surf-Rite” Accessories and Surf Bags<br />

“Samsu” High Quality Hooks<br />

COME SEE<br />

US AT<br />

Show Specials<br />

BOOTH<br />

#2123<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

• Competitive pricing<br />

• Large stock inventory – no order delays<br />

• Rapid turnaround • Export specialists<br />

• Able to source any special requirements<br />



FJ NEIL COMPANY INC, 1064 ROUTE 109, PO BOX 617, LINDENHURST, NY 11757-0617 USA<br />

We are looking for experienced agents or distributors for the European market. If qualified, email Neil Miritello at nmfjn@aol.com


Great Lakes Finesse<br />




Faced with pressured fish and clear water, a team of successful tournament anglers not<br />

only developed innovate new ways of catching them but also redefined an entire fishing<br />

technique and so Great Lakes Finesse was born…<br />

It’s not often that you can say you have<br />

developed a whole new style of fishing<br />

but a group of tournament anglers in<br />

North America have done just that<br />

– and built a fast-growing brand into the<br />

bargain.<br />

Around 10 years ago Dan Miguel and<br />

his tournament friends began finding that<br />

traditional methods of targeting smallmouth<br />

bass and other species were not as successful<br />

as they once were.<br />

The clear water of the Great Lakes<br />

coupled with additional pressure on the fish<br />

of more and more boats and anglers and<br />

fishing technology such as forward-facing<br />

sonar meant that the fish were smarter and<br />

harder to catch, so something new was<br />

needed to give these anglers the success they<br />

craved.<br />

Downsizing seemed to be the obvious<br />

answer but the team discovered that many<br />

of the existing so-called ‘finesse’ baits just<br />

weren’t up to the task of tackling the bigger<br />

specimens which tournament fishermen<br />

sought.<br />

So, the Canada-based Great Lakes<br />

Finesse team set about developing and<br />

creating their own, firstly by modifying<br />

62 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

some of the baits already on the market by<br />

upgrading various parts of them and then<br />

simply by producing their own custom<br />

moulds and using premium materials<br />

throughout.<br />

The result is a range of top-quality finesse<br />

baits that has redefined the entire sector and<br />

led to unprecedented demand as the baits<br />

have proven to catch pretty much every<br />

species out there.<br />

Dan revealed: “Great Lakes Finesse<br />

challenges the status quo with a new<br />

super finesse and fine detailed approach to<br />

catching these highly pressured fish.<br />

“What makes Great Lakes Finesse unique<br />

is our intense commitment to quality but,<br />

more importantly, our focus on the small<br />

details other brands ignore. Details such as<br />

matte finish, neutral buoyancy and scuffed<br />

patterns on smaller profile baits, make a<br />

significant difference in triggering more<br />

bites. Top pros have been modifying their<br />

baits for years to achieve this level of bait<br />

performance but now these secrets are<br />

available right out of the package.”<br />


www.greatlakesfinesse.com<br />


Such was demand that Great Lakes<br />

Finesse found it hard to keep up<br />

with production but, thankfully, help<br />

was at hand with PRADCO recently<br />

adding it to its roster of great<br />

outdoor brands.<br />

Dan explained: “We had eight<br />

products in our line up originally but<br />

it was hard to find time to design<br />

and develop more when we needed<br />

to simply meet the existing level of<br />

demand, which continues to grow.<br />

“So having PRADCO’s know-how<br />

and infrastructure behind us is<br />

already making a real difference to<br />

what we do and how we do it.<br />

“Alongside hugely successful gear<br />

– such as our Sneaky Underspin<br />

paired with a 2.75in Drop Minnow,<br />

which basically catches everything –<br />

we can now refine existing products<br />

while also continuing to innovate<br />

new ones.”

We'll see you in Orlando!<br />

<strong>July</strong> 11-14<br />

Orlando, FL<br />


Orange County Convention Center<br />


<strong>2023</strong> FISH TALES CUP<br />


Start registration, welcome to sponsor us<br />

Dates: 13-17 August <strong>2023</strong><br />

Location: Yunbing, Pahang, Malaysia<br />

VENUE:Kuala Rompin,Pahang,Malaysia<br />


The <strong>2023</strong> Nanri Leisure Fishing Challenge<br />

Concluded Successfully<br />

On May 2, "Putian Sports and Leisure Experience Season<br />

in Puyang" Putian City Sports and Leisure Experience<br />

Season Xiuyu Station, Putian City Sports Assisting Rural<br />

Revitalization Activities and "Puyang Cool Summer<br />

Embracing 'Bao' South Day" <strong>2023</strong> Nanri Leisure Fishing<br />

The challenge was officially closed at Nanri Island. This<br />

event is guided by CRAA Rocky Fishing Branch, Fujian<br />

Fishery Industry Association, Putian Sports Bureau,<br />

Xiuyu District National Fitness Leading Group, hosted<br />

by Xiuyu District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau,<br />

Xiuyu District Nanri Town People's Government, Fujian<br />

Tourism Co-organized by the Fishing Brothers Group and<br />

organized by the Xiuyu District Fishing Sports Association,<br />

the competition attracted 30 top players from all over the<br />

country including Taiwan.<br />

As the venue for this challenge, Nanri Island in Xiuyu<br />

District is favored by sea fishing enthusiasts because of its<br />

unique geographical location and rich fish resources. After<br />

two days of fierce competition, finally, Lin Lebin from<br />

Raoping, Guangdong stood out and won the first place in<br />

the total weight of the target fish (bream) with a score of<br />

10.64 kg. Zhang Canhui from Fujian Quanzhou won the<br />

single-tail champion of the individual target fish (bream). ,<br />

Liang Guodong from Xiamen, Fujian won the single-tailed<br />

non-target fish championship.<br />

It is understood that in order to increase the atmosphere of<br />

the event, the organizing committee also set up supporting<br />

activities such as parent-child fishing experience on the<br />

spot, so that the families of the contestants can deepen their<br />

understanding of sea fishing knowledge while experiencing<br />

the fun of playing. It is worth mentioning that this challenge also specially invited a Yutaku teacher from Zhoushan,<br />

Zhejiang to come to the scene on Monday to teach Nanri children how to make Yutaku, which is very important to<br />

Nanri's fish culture and fish resource protection.<br />

In addition, in order to expand the tourism consumption scene and enhance the experience of tourists on the island,<br />

during the "May 1st" holiday, Nanri Island also set up a golden beach music festival, travel agents and experts stepping<br />

on the line, the first camping life culture festival, abalone culture science popularization A series of activities such as<br />

exhibitions have further enriched the cultural connotation of the scenic spot and enhanced the attractiveness of the<br />

tourism brand of Nanri Island.<br />

In the future, Nanri Island will also follow the trend, plan the layout, improve tourism infrastructure, cultivate and<br />

introduce more characteristic cultural tourism projects, and provide tourists with a better travel experience, so that<br />

more tourists can feel the beauty of Nanri Island. Have fun, have fun, have fun.

<strong>2023</strong> Wuhan China Fishing Challenge<br />

On the morning of May 4th, the "<strong>2023</strong> China Wuhan<br />

Fishing Challenge", which has attracted the attention of<br />

fishing fans all over the country, was grandly opened at<br />

the Cangbu Villa Ecological Fishing Ground in Xinzhou<br />

District, Wuhan, Hubei.<br />

CAA leaders and staff, all athletes, referees, and<br />

media personnel participated in and witnessed the grand<br />

opening of this fishing event.<br />

This fishing challenge held in Xinzhou District,<br />

Wuhan, Hubei Province is also the first natural water<br />

fishing competition held by the China Fishing Sports<br />

Association in <strong>2023</strong>. The competition attracted 156<br />

teams, 312 fishing masters and Fishing enthusiasts<br />

compete in the same field. This is not only a competitive<br />

arena for China's top anglers, but also a gorgeous stage<br />

for fishing enthusiasts to show their personal style.<br />

On behalf of the China Fishing Sports Association,<br />

Secretary-General Su Baosheng of CAA handed over<br />

the flag of the "<strong>2023</strong> China Wuhan Fishing Challenge"<br />

to the host of the competition. Yao Ruanan, director of<br />

Wuhan Social Sports Guidance Center, received the flag.<br />

During the opening ceremony and the competition,<br />

Hubei Satellite TV conducted a high-definition satellite<br />

live broadcast of the whole process. The number of<br />

online viewers of Changjiang Cloud exceeded 2.1<br />

million; the number of online viewers of Jingchu<br />

Impression Live Room reached 200,000. The Yangtze<br />

River Cloud Cultural Tourism Platform also broadcast<br />

live simultaneously, and you can watch it back at any<br />

time. Douyin's hot list in the same city has reached 4.147<br />

million followers, ranking third.<br />

Set up the stage for the competition and serve the<br />

enterprise. At the competition site, Xinzhou local<br />

enterprises such as Ziwei Urban Garden, Fengwa<br />

Ancient Village, Paddy Field Memory, My Homeland<br />

(Wuhan) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan<br />

Dianxiyuan Ecological Development Co., Ltd., Taohe<br />

Cheng Xueya Doctor Banya Shop, etc. Brown sugar,<br />

Taohe salted duck, organic vegetables and other local<br />

specialties and characteristic agricultural products were<br />

exhibited and sold, which attracted everyone's attention.<br />

The Wuhan Fishing Challenge lasted for two days,<br />

with a total of four games, and each game lasted for 3<br />

hours. The competition event is the 4.5-5.4m hand pole<br />

fishing mixed fish team weight points competition.<br />

Each team (2 people) has one person to fish and one<br />

person to assist, and can be rotated arbitrarily during<br />

the competition. The team's total score and final ranking<br />

will be determined by the sum of the total scores of each<br />

team's two days and four games.

China Shicong Fishing Contest Winner Prize<br />

500,000 Yuan<br />

On May 14, the "Yicun Zhuangyuan Lake" Cup<br />

<strong>2023</strong> China Shicong Fishing Competition closed at<br />

the Zhuangyuan Lake Fishing Center in Shicong<br />

Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang<br />

Province. 600 teams and 1,200 athletes successfully<br />

completed the established competition tasks after<br />

two days and four games. Shenlong Fishing Club<br />

won the championship of this competition and won<br />

the grand prize of 500,000 yuan. Liu Songsong's<br />

sixth team and Zhejiang Shaoxing Huzichen's third<br />

team won the runner-up and third place respectively.<br />

The champion said: I am very happy to be able<br />

to win the championship. Everyone knows that<br />

Zhuangyuan Lake has released many fish species<br />

for this competition. We have caught fish for so<br />

many years, and some of them have never been<br />

caught. In the first game, we were also very<br />

confused. We changed the most line sets. After four<br />

adjustments, we finally changed to 1.5+0.8. We<br />

mainly aimed at the fish situation and wanted to try<br />

it in many ways. Today's last game, I feel a lot of<br />

pressure, because after the first three games, I am<br />

temporarily ranked first, and I have the possibility<br />

of winning the championship. Fortunately, I was<br />

drawn to the big side, and the position is better.<br />

We just thought about how to catch this fish well.<br />

After the first three games, the fish were afraid of<br />

loose guns. We changed our tactics to reduce the<br />

vigilance of the fish. By fishing the bottom and<br />

catching larger fish, the final effect was not bad. We<br />

took the total score of the four games The score of 7<br />

points won the first place.


EWF<br />



The 18th edition of the Experience the <strong>World</strong> of Fly Fishing (EWF), the largest<br />

fly-fishing show in mainland Europe, returned to its former glory, with around 2,600 visitors<br />

on a weekend back in April.<br />

Visitors flooded to the<br />

Fürstenfeld venue in Germany<br />

from all over Europe for the<br />

annual EWF show and enjoyed<br />

numerous stands, the extensive fly-casting<br />

program, the special activities for women<br />

and children (including fly casting and<br />

fly tying), the demonstrations in fly tying<br />

by over 45 well-known fly tiers and the<br />

beautiful spring weather.<br />

The program for ladies included a<br />

presentation on the history of fly fishing<br />

by women up to the present time and<br />

30-minute workshops for newcomers and<br />

advanced female fly casters.<br />

Other presentations dealt with new<br />

developments in fly line production<br />

by Scientific Anglers, the problems<br />

with pink salmon in many Norwegian<br />

rivers and numerous new fly fishing<br />

destinations across the world.<br />

Among the well-known fly casters<br />

that gave demonstrations at the outside<br />

pool and along the Amper canal were<br />

Jan Kubala, Erhard Loidl and Wolfgang<br />

Pijawetz from Austria, Arve Evensen<br />

from Norway, Christopher Rownes and<br />

68 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

Paolo Rezzonico from Switzerland,<br />

René Gerken from Denmark, Mike<br />

McFarland from the USA, William Peake<br />

and Tom Brown from Scotland, Katka<br />

Švagrová from the Czech Republic and<br />

Paddy McDonnell from Ireland; all of<br />

this under the expert guidance of Jürgen<br />

Friesenhahn.<br />

A special highlight this year were the<br />

“Art & Craft” artists that showed how<br />

leaders were furled, fly reels were built,<br />

(fish) leather accessories were made, fly<br />

boxes and porcelain were painted, how<br />

salmon hooks were made and there were<br />

also two art painters present with a stand<br />

full of their paintings.<br />

Another highlight was the “Tenkara<br />

Village” with guests from Japan and the<br />

USA. There were also, for the first time,<br />

demonstrations in Tenkara fishing at the<br />

fly casting pool outside.<br />

By selling donated products, a record<br />

amount of money was again gathered for<br />

the Children’s Hospital in Munich.<br />

The next Experience the <strong>World</strong> of<br />

Fly Fishing event will be held on April<br />

13th and 14th 2024, again at the same<br />

location, the Event Forum Fürstenfeld<br />

near Munich in Germany.<br />

EWF<br />


Ultimate Roll-Up Fishing Skiff Now Even Better!<br />

Inflatable Sea Eagle ® FishSkiff 16<br />

The super sleek, super stable inflatable FishSkiff 16 now features a patented<br />

drop-stitch outside keel for precise steering and better open sea motoring performance!<br />

Due to the new ultra-light, ultra-strong construction that bonds two layers of reinforced PVC<br />

together the FishSkiff is super tough and super stable. Great for 1, 2 or 3 anglers.<br />

NEW High Pressure<br />

Drop-Stitch Keel<br />

Inflates To 15 psi<br />

• 16’ x 54” Inflated • 58” x 27” x 13” Deflated • 95 lbs. with Transom<br />

• Low Profile 6” Thick Drop Stitch Chambers • Inflates to 15 psi<br />

• Takes Up To 10 hp Motor • Motors Up To 21.5 mph<br />

16’ Boat Rolls up<br />

to fit in a bag!<br />

WholeSale@SeaEagle.com<br />

for Dealer Info<br />

Dept. TT073B<br />




The world’s best-known saltwater anglers trust in PACBAY’s fishing tackle components and accessories for their<br />

reliable and faultless performance. With a view to preserving its valued reputation, PACBAY has maintained a strict<br />

program of quality control in the making of each and every product with the PACBAY name carved on it.<br />

In the same spirit as always, PACBAY has now launched its brand-new Charonosaurus roller guides.<br />

- Aluminum openwork construction reduces weight but doesn’t reduce strength - Deeply embedded roller design restricts line from cramming between<br />

roller and frame - Inbuilt Teflon tube bearing to diminish friction and heat - Tube bearing treated with TEFLON for performance and constant lubrication<br />

- Perfectly shaped guide feet to fit blanks with tip size - The structure of the arch-bridge design reduces weight as well as reducing the restrain between<br />

blank and guide - Structure designed to accommodate knots and connection of wind-on leader – line never gets stuck<br />

- PACBAY roller tip-tops (model # ERT,EMRT,EJRT) are an excellent match for these guides - All products patented.<br />

Build Great Fishing Rods<br />

info@fishpacbay.com<br />



Fish Monkey<br />



Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey have both enjoyed tremendous growth since their launch in<br />

2016, with a laser focus on producing the highest quality performance fishing and hunting<br />

gloves on the market. Now it has branched out into the sock sector.<br />

To date there are more than 47<br />

task-specific fishing and hunting<br />

gloves currently available from<br />

Fish and Hunt Monkey. Each<br />

brand is passionate and unrelenting in the<br />

pursuit of producing the highest quality,<br />

most functional gloves on the market.<br />

They have now burst into the<br />

performance sock market for hunters,<br />

anglers, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts.<br />

They have teamed up with one of the<br />

oldest and most respected sock mills in the<br />

United States to produce a merino wool<br />

performance sock line that is specifically<br />

built to address the needs of the hunting<br />

and fishing communities.<br />

Each style has a specific purpose that<br />

ultimately leads to a more enjoyable and<br />

successful day on the water or in the field.<br />

Perhaps best of all, these products are<br />

proudly made in the USA.<br />

Among the new sock lines, there is a<br />

70 www.tackletradeworld.com<br />

lightweight Guide series featuring a No-<br />

Show ankle sock and a Mini Crew designed<br />

specifically for use with deck boots; the<br />

medium-weight Back Country series<br />

showcases a Boot Cut sock as well as an<br />

Over the Calf design for use with waders.<br />

The heavyweight Yeti line has both Boot<br />

Cut and Over the Calf socks in a heavier,<br />

warmer construction – the ultimate coldweather<br />

sock.<br />


Each product in the new line has several<br />

common features, including merino wool<br />

construction for superior performance,<br />

a premium cushioned heel and toe with<br />

no-seam construction, vented panels for<br />

moisture management, arch compression<br />

and much more.<br />

And that’s not all. For spring 2024,<br />

Fish Monkey is returning to old school<br />

cool with some updated patterns for its<br />

Face Guards and select gloves.<br />

Among them is an Old School Camo<br />

pattern in three colours – beige, blue and<br />

grey – which will be in the Face Guards<br />

as well as the best-selling Half-Finger<br />

Guide Glove, the Stubby Guide Glove<br />

and the Pro 365 Guide Glove. And<br />

there’s a Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo<br />

pattern as well, also available in the Face<br />

Guard, Half-Finger Guide Glove and<br />

Stubby Guide Glove.<br />

With the current worldwide reach of<br />

the Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey<br />

brands, the addition of performance socks<br />

as well as updated colour patterns for the<br />

core glove products is a natural market<br />

progression that will lead to increased<br />

retail sales and a happier customer at the<br />

end of the day.<br />







lineaeffe.it<br />

Lineaeffe S.p.a - Via Massumatico, 3689 - 40018 S. Pietro in Casale (BO) - ITALY - info@lineaeffe.it


St. Croix<br />





The next-generation Mojo Bass Series rods being<br />

introduced at ICAST <strong>2023</strong> represent a significant<br />

evolution in design, innovation and individuality for the<br />

benefit of bass anglers.<br />

Ergonomics is a science focused<br />

on the study of “human fit”<br />

based on anthropometric data –<br />

the various measurements of the<br />

human body. In the case of the new Mojo<br />

Bass TRIGON Series – set to be unveiled<br />

by St. Croix Rod later this month at<br />

ICAST <strong>2023</strong> – ergonomic design comes<br />

in the form of an all-new Dynamix reel<br />

seat and TRIGON handle, carefully<br />

conceived to improve angler control while<br />

decreasing fatigue and discomfort.<br />

“New Mojo Bass is all about building<br />

a comprehensive bass-rod series on<br />

a proven high-performance platform<br />

while pushing limits and setting new<br />

standards with science-based ergonomic<br />

advancements,” says St. Croix brand<br />

manager Ryan Teach.<br />

“Think of TRIGON as a bionic<br />

extension of the angler that makes all<br />

aspects of bass fishing easier to execute.<br />

Our unique TRIGON handle recognises<br />

that the human hand does not form a<br />

circle when closed. TRIGON features a<br />

curved, triangular profile with a rounded<br />

inner apex and a flattened top curve to<br />

better fit the human hand. The results<br />

are a more comfortable grip so anglers<br />

can fish longer while exercising increased<br />

control to maximise power and accuracy.”<br />

St. Croix engineers partnered with<br />

renowned industrial designer and<br />

anthropometrics expert Paul Richardson<br />

of Rise Creative, over the past two years<br />

to perfect the TRIGON handle design<br />

and accompanying Dynamix reel seat.<br />

“TRIGON’s inner apex – the<br />

triangular point on the lower part of the<br />

grip promotes greater hand-to-blank<br />

alignment for dramatically improved<br />

control,” Paul explains.<br />

“Meanwhile, the flattened top curve of<br />

TRIGON creates greater hand comfort,<br />

which ultimately reduces fatigue and<br />

supports longer, more comfortable<br />

fishing. And the design’s benefits are<br />

further increased in the way of control<br />

when the angler moves his or her<br />

thumb to the flattened top curve. The<br />

accompanying Dynamix reel seat has<br />

been specifically designed to fully support<br />

TRIGON’s benefits by meshing perfectly<br />

with its unique profiles.”<br />


Ryan says anglers can expect Mojo Bass<br />

TRIGON to include 34 distinct rods<br />

that perfectly support all bass-fishing<br />

presentations.<br />

“We’ve updated the assortment with<br />

more lengths, powers and actions to excel<br />

in all of today’s bass-fishing techniques<br />

– from BFS presentations to heavy<br />

8oz swimbaits. Blanks are either SCIII<br />

carbon or 100 per cent Linear S-Glass,<br />

depending on the model.”<br />

Retailers and media attending ICAST<br />

are invited to see Mojo Bass TRIGON<br />

at the St. Croix booth (#3024) and in<br />

the Freshwater Rod category of the <strong>2023</strong><br />

ICAST New Product Showcase.<br />

ST. CROIX<br />

www.stcroixrods.com<br />

72 www.tackletradeworld.com

Classifieds<br />


PLIERS<br />



The EASIEST... The FASTEST...<br />

The BESTEST...<br />

for changing hooks or spinner blades<br />

visit www.Texas<strong>Tackle</strong>.com for demo video<br />


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E: bartalm@optonline.net<br />

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E: guido.knegt@dhpub.co.uk<br />

COMING UP…<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />


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Special issue: Ice Fishing<br />

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Last Cast<br />

Association (AFFTA) has hosted a<br />

business-to-business trade event for<br />

decades now and for decades that event<br />

has stayed the same.<br />

Recognising the need for changes to<br />

our industry trade event is step one in<br />

a multi-year process designed to give<br />

our industry a place to do business, have<br />

important conversations and renew the<br />

relationships that make this industry one<br />

of the most amazing to be a part of.<br />

AFFTA has listened to its members,<br />

those who want to come to an event to<br />

talk about the future of the industry as<br />

well as those who want to show the future<br />

of the products of that industry.<br />

“The small<br />

businesses of fly<br />

fishing from around<br />

the world need<br />

to come together<br />

as a community<br />

to discuss the big<br />

picture, more now<br />

than ever.”<br />

Last CasT...<br />

Lucas Bissett, executive director of the American Fly Fishing<br />

<strong>Trade</strong> Association explains why its new Confluence event<br />

this September will bring the whole fly fishing community<br />

together.<br />

The world of business is<br />

changing all around us.<br />

Between global pandemics,<br />

global economics, global supply<br />

chain issues and the global expansion of<br />

technology, those changes were inevitable.<br />

The small businesses of fly fishing from<br />

around the world need to come together<br />

as a community to discuss the big picture,<br />

more now than ever.<br />

The innovators and entrepreneurs who<br />

create, manufacture, sell fly fishing goods<br />

and tell others about them need to discuss<br />

creative solutions to problems we all face<br />

together.<br />

Because together is how we will evolve<br />

and adapt to keep expanding the footprint<br />

of an industry that defines “small<br />

business”.<br />

The American Fly Fishing <strong>Trade</strong><br />

Everyone will have something they<br />

can learn, share and discuss at the first<br />

iteration of the AFFTA Confluence on<br />

September 26th to 28th, in Salt Lake<br />

City, Utah.<br />

The AFFTA Confluence is being built<br />

by the community it serves. Confluence<br />

is not what AFFTA thinks the fly fishing<br />

industry needs but what the fly fishing<br />

community has told us it wants.<br />

This year we will take what we learn<br />

and we will continue to evolve until we all<br />

settle into the best possible event with the<br />

most business-minded approaches.<br />

AFFTA trade events of the past weren’t<br />

built in one year and Confluence is no<br />

different.<br />

Changes will happen over time but<br />

changes will be made.<br />

Leaders don’t wait for the obvious<br />

answer, leaders go out and find the<br />

answers and make them obvious.<br />

AFFTA has asked for those answers,<br />

and we are leading the way to make the<br />

changes necessary to help everyone in this<br />

fly fishing community find them.<br />

affta<br />

www.affta.org/affta-confluence<br />

74 www.tackletradeworld.com

anos<br />

lines, fibers, ropes and nets<br />

1953.<strong>2023</strong><br />

premium lines for sport fishing<br />

We are<br />

Mazzaferro<br />

In the market for over 70 years,<br />

Mazzaferro is concerned with<br />

serving the most demanding<br />

fishermen in the world.<br />

Quality for the Mazzaferro group<br />

goes beyond a commitment! This is<br />

a value that we tirelessly pursue in<br />

our relationships with customers.<br />

70 YEARS<br />


Mazzaferro's manufacturing process is<br />

based on the premise of being recognized<br />

as a process of excellence in the<br />

Brazilian and international markets, as it<br />

manufactures high quality products in all<br />

segments and commercial brands.<br />

Our culture is based on open communication,<br />

transparency and openness to<br />

new ideas. The good management of<br />

people is seen as very important in our<br />

business.<br />

Discover our<br />

complete line<br />

lines, fibers, ropes and nets<br />


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