Wealden Times | WT254 | July 2023 | Love Your Home Supplement inside

The lifestyle magazine for Kent & Sussex - Inspirational Interiors, Fabulous Fashion, Delicious Dishes

The lifestyle magazine for Kent & Sussex - Inspirational Interiors, Fabulous Fashion, Delicious Dishes


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LOVE YOUR HOME SUPPLEMENT <strong>inside</strong><br />

Inspirational Interiors • Fabulous Fashion • Delicious Dishes<br />


JULY <strong>2023</strong>

jminteriorsuk.uk<br />

Please email or call to make a showroom appointment<br />

info@jminteriorsuk.uk 01580 291221


JMade Designing in Biddenden and handcrafting by a kitchens family business since 1994

Stmp<br />

FL 2 0.83<br />

FL 2 0. 3<br />




TITLE<br />


NUMBER<br />

STATUS<br />


HG<br />

1 Coves Barn, Winstone Gloucestershire. GL7 7JZ<br />

[t] 01285 841407 [e] mail@blakearchitects.co.uk<br />

www.blakearchitects.co.uk<br />

XX<br />

31.05.22<br />

1:500 @ A3 -<br />

Professional,<br />

Knowledgeable,<br />

Native hedge to replace wall removed due to<br />

visibility splays<br />

Local varieties of apple tree orchard, on a five<br />

Purposeful<br />

meter grid with meadow grass below<br />

Planning is often the First Step<br />

and sometimes one<br />

and Invested in you<br />

of the most difficult<br />

and your project<br />

Residential Curtilage<br />

New Contours<br />

Native hedge with stock proof fence<br />

R<br />

Field access<br />

New native trees<br />

Chartered Town Planners<br />

Client<br />

Site<br />


01580 201888<br />

N<br />

THE<br />

RURAL<br />

www.therpp.co.uk<br />

0 5 10 15 20 25m<br />


Notes<br />

1. This drawing remains copyright of Blake Architects Limited and may<br />

not be reproduced or copied without consent in writing.<br />

2. For construction PRACTICE<br />

use figured dimensions only.<br />

3. Any discrepancies between site and drawings to be reported to the<br />

architect immediately.<br />

CIRENCESTER 01285 323200 4. Read | CRANBROOK in conjunction with all relevant 01580 structural and 201888<br />

mechanical &<br />

electrical engineers drawings.<br />

5. Survey undertaken by:<br />

office@TheRPP.co.uk www.theruralplanningpractice.co.uk<br />

Drawing Title<br />

22.03 Seven Springs<br />

Seven Springs, Cheltenham, GL53 9NG<br />

Blake Architects Limited<br />

Proposed Site Plan<br />

office@therpp.co.uk<br />


01285 323200<br />

Scale<br /><br />

Drawing No.<br />

RuralPlanningPracticeWT252.indd 1 13/04/<strong>2023</strong> 16:35<br />

“A personal service<br />

given in a relaxed and<br />

friendly fashion.”<br />

Date<br />


Rev<br />

Our offices are in<br />

Ashford, Cranbrook and Hythe<br />

www.kingsfords-solicitors.com<br />

Conveyancing | Wills & Estates | Commercial Law | Matrimonial Law | Prenuptial | Agreements | Litigation | Employment Law | Family Law | French Property<br />


Leasehold Extensions from £999.00 *<br />

Enfranchisement (Tenants buying freehold from Landlord) from £1,500.00 *<br />

* all prices exclude VAT<br />

Please contact Daninder for an initial FREE 10 minute consultation<br />

by appointment on 01233 624545 or DKD@kingsfords.net<br />

Ashford 01233 624545 Cranbrook 01580 715144 Hythe 01303 268775<br />

Kingsfords Solicitors Limited registered office address 2 Elwick Road, Ashford, Kent TN23 1PD<br />

Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority 621466<br />

We will<br />

always try<br />

& match any<br />

quotation<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

2<br />

KingsfordSolicitors<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 05/06/<strong>2023</strong> 09:44:40

Contents<br />

<strong>July</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

8<br />

19<br />

25<br />

26<br />

43<br />

44<br />

63<br />

26<br />


Dream homes on the market<br />


Upcoming events for your diary<br />


Keep up-to-date with the latest<br />

must-see and must-have goodies<br />



See Justine Hodgson-Barker’s<br />

personality-led approach to<br />

interior design in action<br />


Emulate Justine’s storytelling style<br />


Creative couple Alexa and<br />

Robin’s journey to realise a<br />

creative hub in Battle<br />


Be brave with colour for a<br />

striking room scheme<br />

70<br />

67<br />

68<br />

70<br />

78<br />

81<br />

82<br />


Shop a fruity vignette<br />

of berry nice jewels<br />


Rebecca Cuffe’s historicallyinspired<br />

fashion edit<br />


Jo Arnell’s easy-peasy<br />

dinner dishes that are<br />

satisfyingly speedy to cook<br />



Josephine Fairley edits down<br />

her makeup bag for summer<br />


Sarah Maxwell explores<br />

the undeniable benefits<br />

of exercising outside<br />


Charlotte Lau encourages<br />

us to incorporate more<br />

berries into our diets<br />

Published by Priceless Media Ltd. Kettle Chambers, 21 Stone Street,<br />

Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3HF | Call 01580 714705 | Email info@priceless-group.com<br />

Visit priceless-group.com Copyright © <strong>2023</strong> Priceless Media Ltd. The views of the<br />

advertisers & contributors are not necessarily those of Priceless Media Ltd.<br />

83<br />

85<br />

88<br />

93<br />

98<br />

44<br />


We find out more about Benenden<br />

Hospital’s Women’s Health Hub<br />


Jo Arnell sows late season veg<br />


Sue Whigham takes a closer look<br />

at the magical world of irises<br />

WHAT’S ON?<br />

Find out...<br />


Jane Howard tallies up<br />

her flock and herd<br />



22 pages of<br />

everything you need<br />

to fall in love with<br />

your home again.<br />

After page 64.<br />

<strong>Love</strong> your<br />

<strong>Home</strong><br />

3<br />

00<strong>WT254</strong>Book-WEALD.indb 1 21/06/<strong>2023</strong> 10:58:23



______<br />


_________<br />


_________<br />



_________<br />



_________<br />


_________<br />


_________<br />




PLEASE CALL 01622 673 086<br />

SibleyPares<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 15/06/<strong>2023</strong> 17:19:08<br />

traditional handmade<br />

furniture<br />

Woodworkkitchens.co.uk<br />

Kitchens<br />

Bedrooms<br />

Studies<br />

01892 533273<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

4<br />

WoodworkWT238.indd 1 04/02/2022 12:15

From the<br />

Editor<br />

Let me start by saying a huge thank you to everyone<br />

who made it to this year’s <strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong> Midsummer<br />

Fair. The sun beamed down on all three days, and<br />

our wonderful stallholders produced beautiful displays of<br />

their wares to entice shoppers who were keen to make a<br />

real day of it, refuelling from a seriously tempting selection<br />

of food and drink options. We were so lucky to avoid the<br />

usual unpredictable British weather, and I hope that lots of<br />

visitors managed to incorporate a wander round the incredible<br />

Hole Park gardens which was included in the ticket price.<br />

Back to the magazine, we have two wonderful<br />

homes to explore this month, both with very carefully<br />

considered interiors. See how Justine Hodgson-Barker<br />

has tackled the renovation of her home in Tunbridge<br />

Wells, mixing high-end with high-street finds, and<br />

take a tour of Alexa and Robin’s artists’ retreat where<br />

considered attention has been paid to colour choices.<br />

Our <strong>July</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong> is all about interiors too, with<br />

clever ideas to revamp the space you already have<br />

along with stylish ways to jazz up your garden.<br />

When it comes to summer dining, no one wants to spend<br />

hours slaving over a hot hob, so Jo Arnell has put together a<br />

trio of fish recipes that give a delicious protein<br />

hit, whilst being super speedy to prepare and<br />

definitely full of flavour. In health and<br />

beauty, this issue it’s all about embracing the<br />

season – getting outside to exercise, adding<br />

seasonal berries to your diet and editing<br />

down your makeup bag, with the help of<br />

Jo Fairley, Sarah Maxwell and Charlotte<br />

Lau, who share their expert advice.<br />



Worth over £1,300<br />

See website for details<br />

Enjoy your <strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong>!<br />

<strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong> & Surrey <strong>Home</strong>s Team<br />

Editor ....................................................................Lucy Fleming<br />

<strong>Supplement</strong>s & Features Editor ...........................Rebecca Cuffe<br />

Design Director ..................................................Anthony Boxall<br />

Sales Managers ...........................................Lisa Gordon-Hughes<br />

Maria Hurley<br />

Senior Account Manager .....................................Sarah Norwood<br />

Sales & Marketing Executive ..................................... Zoe Parrish<br />

Sub Editor/Features Writer ....................................... Emily Pavey<br />

<strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong> Show Director ............................... Flo Simpson<br />

Events Manager ......................................................Liz Copping<br />

Events Sales Director ................................................. Jude Brown<br />

Managing Director ......................................Vivien Cotterill-Lee<br />

Executive Chairman ..............................................Julie Simpson<br />

%<br />

0APR<br />

24 months<br />

interest free credit<br />

When you spend over £1,000*<br />


01227 766 655 / Roper Road, CT2 7EL<br />


01622 753 073 / Sandling Road, ME14 2RF<br />

In-store & Online<br />

*See website for terms and conditions<br />

5 priceless-magazines.com<br />

Lenleys<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 08/06/<strong>2023</strong> 12:09:24

Let us take you<br />

in the right<br />

direction<br />

When it comes to financial advice, it’s<br />

important to find someone you can trust.<br />

Celebrating 33 years of providing unbiased holistic financial<br />

planning to clients and businesses across Kent. We are proud of<br />

our success, our independence, and our reputation of being a<br />

friendly, professional practice.<br />

For more information about the many services we offer, please visit our website<br />

or follow us on Linkedin for regular FAS news, views and financial updates.<br />

Folkestone Office: 01303 273 273 Maidstone Office: 01622 238 230<br />

Email: ifa@financial-advice.co.uk<br />

www.financial-advice.co.uk<br />

Authorised and Regulated by<br />

The Financial Conduct Authority

istockphoto.com/ Maria Voronovich<br />

Find us here!<br />

Call 01580 714705 to find your nearest distributor of<br />

<strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong> or to get free copies delivered for £25 a year.<br />

18,000 copies of <strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong> are printed every month.<br />

We are available in the following outlets and<br />

are the only local magazine available at<br />

key commuter stations. If you<br />

have any questions about our<br />

distribution please contact<br />

Vivien Cotterill-Lee<br />

vivien.cotterill-lee@priceless-group.com<br />

Alfriston<br />

Emmett &<br />

White Antiques<br />

& Interiors<br />

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Ashford &<br />

Cranbrook Roofing<br />

01580 242925<br />

www. c r a n b r o o k r o o f i n g . c o. u k<br />




7 priceless-magazines.com<br />

Ashford&CranbrookRoofingWT248.indd 1 30/11/2022 17:50

House<br />

Month<br />

of the<br />

£2,750,000<br />

Canterbury<br />

Damien Pestell picks his favourite<br />

homes on the market<br />

The dream: An outstanding<br />

country estate comprising an<br />

imposing Grade II listed mansion<br />

in need of restoration. The original<br />

house was constructed in 1576<br />

and has been under the same<br />

ownership for over fifty years.<br />

A rare opportunity to acquire a<br />

building of historic importance.<br />

Where: In the small village of<br />

Denton, about 8 miles from the<br />

medieval city of Canterbury,<br />

with its cobbled streets and<br />

world famous cathedral.<br />

Setting: Beautifully hidden from<br />

sight by bucolic rolling parkland,<br />

this home occupies a delightful<br />

setting within an AONB.<br />

Beds: 15 Baths: 5<br />

Special features: The brilliant<br />

grand central reception hall has a<br />

large open fireplace to one end and<br />

a sweeping staircase at the other.<br />

Pleasing details: The bell corridor,<br />

so named as the original working<br />

bells are still in place, links the front<br />

hall to a further collection of rooms.<br />

Outside: The gardens and grounds<br />

of approximately 27 acres have an<br />

array of beautiful ancient trees,<br />

providing a colourful display of<br />

foliage throughout the seasons.<br />

Time to town: From<br />

Canterbury West station, 20<br />

minutes away, to London St<br />

Pancras in just 57 minutes.<br />

Agent: Savills 01580 720161<br />

savills.com<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Tunbridge Wells<br />

£4,500,000<br />

The dream: A stunning family home within<br />

the High Weald AONB, occupying an<br />

idyllic semi-rural setting on the outskirts of<br />

Royal Tunbridge Wells. A substantial village<br />

home offering versatile accommodation with<br />

fabulous countryside on the doorstep.<br />

Where: On the edge of Bells Yew Green, with<br />

its village green and popular local pub and<br />

just 3 miles to the east of Tunbridge Wells.<br />

Setting: Off a quiet country lane,<br />

tucked away in its own grounds.<br />

Beds: 6 Baths: 4<br />

Special features: The impressive master<br />

bedroom is awash with period features such as<br />

the wood panelling, sash windows and fireplace.<br />

Pleasing details: The very handy<br />

connecting annexe with living room,<br />

kitchen, 3 bedrooms and bathroom<br />

provides flexible accommodation.<br />

Outside: The well maintained gardens of over<br />

5 acres include a fabulous garden room with<br />

sauna and shower, a tennis court and paddock.<br />

Time to town: From Frant station, a 10 minute<br />

walk away, to London Bridge in 53 minutes.<br />

Agent: House Partnership<br />

01483 266700 housepartnership.co.uk<br />

Uckfield<br />

£1,000,000<br />

The dream: A sympathetically converted barn<br />

located on a working arable farm, restored and<br />

renovated to create a beautiful rural retreat<br />

with exceptional beam work and generous<br />

accommodation. Surrounded by glorious<br />

countryside this home offers real peace and quiet.<br />

Where: The charming village of Little Horsted,<br />

recorded in the Domesday Book and just 3.5 miles<br />

from Uckfield with its shops and train station.<br />

Setting: At the end of a long private drive with<br />

beautiful views across private farmland.<br />

Beds: 5 Baths: 2<br />

Special features: The stunning open plan<br />

kitchen/dining/sitting room – with magnificent<br />

vaulted ceiling, exposed beams and double<br />

height windows – is a bright and airy space.<br />

Pleasing details: The partitioned mezzanine<br />

above the kitchen is a handy space.<br />

Outside: The gardens are mostly laid<br />

to lawn, with a gravel driveway to the<br />

front and wooded area to the rear.<br />

Time to town: From Uckfield station, 5 minutes<br />

drive away, to London Bridge in 1 hour 20 minutes.<br />

Agent: Maddisons Residential<br />

01892 514100 maddisonsresidential.co.uk<br />

9 priceless-magazines.com

PLOT OR NOT?<br />

If you think your land or<br />

property has development<br />

potential, then give us<br />

a call without obligation<br />

and in confidence.<br />

We are always on<br />

the lookout for<br />

land and property<br />

with development<br />

potential.<br />

Many of our<br />

clients retain our<br />

services and, in the<br />

majority of cases,<br />

pay our fees saving<br />

property owners<br />


Commercial buildings for residential<br />

conversion, former public houses, redundant<br />

buildings for redevelopment, buildings for<br />

conversion or replacement, houses for<br />

improvement, large sites on the edge of town,<br />

barn conversions, large gardens in residential<br />

areas and major regeneration projects.<br />

e majority of<br />

ificant costs.<br />

houses, redundant<br />

acement, houses<br />

ersions, large<br />

.<br />

Contact Stephen Donnelly on<br />

07739 514350 or 01892 579937<br />

website: sjd-projects.com<br />

email: steve@sjd-projects.com<br />

For more information contact<br />

Stephen Donnelly on:<br />

07739 514350 / 01892 579937<br />

steve@sjd-projects.com<br />

For regular updates, visit us at<br />

twitter.com/projects<br />

sjd-projects.com<br />

SJDprojectsWT245.indd 1 08/09/2022 12:04<br />




RATES?<br />

While we can’t guarantee when mortgage rates will peak, we can use our expertise to<br />

help secure the right terms for you. If you need to remortgage in the next six to nine<br />

months, we can help make sure you don’t miss out. Speak to us today.<br />

<strong>Your</strong> home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.<br />

Mortgages | Pensions | Financial Planning | Investments | Insurance<br />

Citrus Financial Management Ltd<br />

2nd Floor<br />

T.<br />

Watermill House<br />

E.<br />

Chevening Road, Chipstead W.<br />

Sevenoaks TN13 2RY<br />

01732 834 834<br />

advice@citrusfinancial.co.uk<br />

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Luxury has Landed<br />


NOW OPEN<br />


Experience the Brookworth difference at Skylarks — our brand new development<br />

of prestigious 3 and 4-bedroom properties in Rottingdean. Every residence has<br />

outstanding designs and specifications that should to be seen to be believed.<br />

Prices start from £940,000 for 3-beds, and £1,725,000 for 4-beds.<br />

Bespoke personalisation packages available<br />

For reservations made before 31st August <strong>2023</strong>*<br />

Brookworth.com<br />

01273 254 054<br />



Advertisement Feature<br />





and customer scores and survey responses, with<br />

products independently selected by the Consumer<br />

Champion. The best companies across these<br />

measures are awarded Recommended Provider<br />

status.<br />

Defaqto ratings are based on independent research<br />

conducted throughout the year by financial services<br />

industry experts, with the best quality products<br />

awarded a 5 Star Rating.<br />

NFU Mutual has been named as the only Which?<br />

Recommended Provider for home insurance in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

As well as beating all the competition assessed by<br />

Which? for its home insurance product, NFU Mutual<br />

was again named a Which? Recommended Provider<br />

for car insurance and has retained its Defaqto 5<br />

Star Rating across its home and motor insurance<br />

products.<br />

Rachel Kelsall, Customer Service Director at NFU<br />

Mutual, said: “As a leading mutual insurer, we<br />

stand up for our members and what matters most<br />

to them, not shareholders. We are delighted that<br />

this commitment to excellent service has once again<br />

been recognised by customers and independent<br />

experts.”<br />

Which? Recommended Provider status is awarded<br />

based on a mix of Which?’s assessment benchmarks<br />

NFU Mutual’s home and motor insurance have<br />

seen the insurer awarded Which? Recommended<br />

Provider status for the past decade, as well as being<br />

consistently given a 5 Star Rating by Defaqto.<br />

“At NFU Mutual Ashford, Tenterden & Whitfield,<br />

we pride ourselves for providing outstanding home<br />

insurance for long-term and new customers. This<br />

recognition from Which? is a testament that not<br />

only our team based in the South East but the<br />

entire NFU Mutual network across the UK, provide<br />

a dependable service based on trust and peace<br />

of mind”.<br />

Doug Jackson, Senior Agent<br />

NFU Mutual Ashford, Tenterden & Whitfield.<br />

For a local, personal service call<br />

NFU Mutual Ashford, Tenterden &<br />

Whitfield today on 01233 500 822<br />

or visit our website to learn more<br />

D P Jackson, G R Ashby & D M Smith is an appointed representative of The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982).<br />

Registered in England. Registered Office: Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation<br />

Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. A member of the Association of British Insurers.

Thomas Thomas<br />

Mansfield<br />

The Family The Law Family Solicitors Law Solicitors<br />


Opening Hours:<br />

Tues-Sat 10am to 5pm<br />

EST. 1997<br />



Envelop your home with comfort and style this season.<br />

Luxury energy efficient curtains & blinds. Made<br />

from our inspiring collection of fabrics, including<br />

designers, Romo, Sanderson, Harlequin and more.<br />

• Bespoke Luxaflex blinds<br />

including Smart<strong>Home</strong> integration<br />

Browse and Buy our gifts online at<br />

www.curtain-call.co.uk<br />

52 Friars Stile Road,<br />

Richmond, Surrey TW10 6NQ<br />

020 8332 6250 • www.curtain-call.co.uk<br />

info@curtain-call.co.uk<br />

Experts in<br />

Family & Divorce Law<br />

If you are going through a separation or<br />

thinking about divorce, getting specialist<br />

advice at the right time is crucial.<br />

Contact our specialists to check your<br />

eligibility for a free consultation, online or at<br />

Tunbridge Wells or London offices<br />

Call us today on<br />

01892 337540<br />

121-123 Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells<br />

www.tmfamilylaw.co.uk<br />

enquiry@thomasmansfield.com<br />

Separation & Divorce • Finances<br />

Children • Mediation • Cohabitation<br />

Prenuptial Agreements • Estate Planning<br />

13 priceless-magazines.com<br />

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flags: istock.com/MarBom<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


B<br />

E<br />

S<br />

T<br />

S<br />

T A<br />

N<br />

D<br />

<strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

Midsummer<br />

Fa i r<br />

8-10 JUNE <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

Midsummer Fair<br />

certainly brought<br />

the sunshine to beautiful<br />

Hole Park this June, as<br />

enthusiastic visitors came<br />

to soak up three days of<br />

glorious summer atmosphere.<br />

Everyone was keen to make<br />

the most of this wonderful<br />

shopping opportunity,<br />

enjoying a wealth of handpicked<br />

stands, delicious<br />

food and drink, and musical<br />

interludes from local schools and Cranbrook Town Band.<br />

All our stallholders worked incredibly hard to construct<br />

their stands and display their wares, and we were thrilled<br />

to announce that this year’s Best Stand Award went to<br />

House of Tula. With a little help from family members,<br />

founder Priyanshu Nath created the most gorgeous turquoise<br />

alcove in which to display her beautiful journals.<br />

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to<br />

support the Midsummer Fair and we’re really looking forward<br />

to seeing you at <strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong> Midwinter Fair, from 16-18<br />

November at The Hop Farm wealdentimes-fair.co.uk.<br />

15 priceless-magazines.com

Don’t miss<br />

next issue’s<br />

Taste of the<br />

South East<br />

<strong>Supplement</strong><br />

We’ll be tracking down<br />

the best brewery<br />

and vineyard tours,<br />

celebrating a wealth<br />

of different cuisines,<br />

going behind the scenes<br />

with talented chefs<br />

and pointing you in<br />

the direction of the<br />

very best pub grub!<br />


Natural Relief for Hay Fever<br />

Hay fever is the cause of seasonal misery to<br />

millions of people worldwide.<br />

Award winning Helios Hay Fever combines<br />

three homeopathic remedies Allium cepa,<br />

Euphrasia and Sabadilla and has a long history<br />

of traditional use to relieve typical hay fever<br />

symptoms such as irritated eyes and nose,<br />

itching, sneezing and a dry, tickly cough.<br />

Being natural, Helios Hay Fever is without any<br />

known side effects, does not cause drowsiness<br />

and is suitable for all the family.<br />

Alongside our remedies we have a wide range<br />

of herbal and other natural products to relieve<br />

your hay fever symptoms, backed by expert<br />

advice from our team of qualifi ed homeopaths<br />

and pharmacists.<br />

A warm welcome awaits you or for more<br />

information please see our website<br />

www.helios.co.uk<br />

Helios <strong>Home</strong>opathy Ltd, 97 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2QR<br />

Open Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm Sat 9.00am - 2.00pm<br />

01892 537254 www.helios.co.uk<br />

HeliosPharmacyWT239.indd 1 22/03/2022 14:04<br />



Set in the beautiful French Cote d’Azur countryside, minutes from the sea. These Luxurious Retreats provides the perfect balance of gourmet<br />

meals, pampered luxury, energetic fitness classes, Latin dance sessions and outdoor activities including coastal treks, tennis, boxercise,<br />

aqua-gym, circuit training, yoga, sea kayaking and beach workouts, to help guests improve their fitness level or kick start a regime.<br />

Retreats include 5 days of luxury accommodation in the chateau in en-suite bedrooms with sea or mountain views.<br />

Delicious, nutritious gourmet meals served with elegant 3 course dinners. Enjoy a quality open bar, excellent provencal wines, evening parties and entertainment.<br />

Please contact Morag@Loucasteou.com with questions and for reservations. www.loucasteou.com<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

18<br />

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Notebook<br />

What to do and see near you<br />

Swing out Sister<br />

The AIG Women’s Open heads to Walton Heath in Surrey from 9-13 August <strong>2023</strong><br />

for the very first time, where the world’s best players will take on the famed Surrey<br />

course. Current World number one Lydia Ko of New Zealand, World number<br />

two Nelly Korda and fellow American Lexi Thompson have already qualified for<br />

the Championship. Global superstar and BRIT Award winner Ellie Goulding<br />

is set to thrill fans as the headline music act in a concert performance during<br />

the Open at Walton. For the very first time, live music will feature as part of a<br />

new, enhanced fan experience that looks to attract new and diverse audiences<br />

to the championship to enjoy women’s golf at the very highest level. Ellie<br />

will entertain fans on Saturday 12 August following the close of play.<br />

Along with the live music performance, fans can look forward to<br />

the new festival fan village that will feature panel discussions with<br />

leading names from sport, business and entertainment; fun golf<br />

activities including VR and e-sports; big screens to watch golf and<br />

other women’s sports including FIFA Women’s World Cup; plus<br />

tempting food and drink from a range of street food traders.<br />

Adult tickets are available from £20, with Saturday tickets<br />

(including a full day of golf action and entry to the Ellie<br />

Goulding concert) priced at £55. A number of offers are<br />

also available, including a £10 discount when booking a<br />

weekend bundle and a saving of £40 when booking the<br />

new five-day ticket offering. Mastercard holders are<br />

also eligible to receive £5 off their transaction when<br />

booking with a valid Mastercard on checkout.<br />

Tickets are now on sale via AIGWomensOpen.com<br />

19<br />

Plough On<br />

Biddenden Tractorfest is being held<br />

in the fields of Holden Farm, over<br />

the weekend of 19th & 20th August.<br />

A fun day out for all the family, run<br />

entirely by volunteers and with the<br />

support of registered charity, the<br />

Kent County Agricultural Society.<br />

While tractors remain the central<br />

attraction, there are plenty of stalls,<br />

vehicles, demonstrations, children’s<br />

entertainment, animals and arena<br />

displays to entertain both young<br />

and old. Pair this with enticing<br />

food and drink, live music and so<br />

much more, – a fun, family day<br />

out in the Kent countryside.<br />

Tickets on sale now at<br />

discounted advance rate<br />

tractorfest.co.uk<br />

Go Potty<br />

On Friday 28th<br />

to Sunday 30th <strong>July</strong> the<br />

Sussex Guild shows for the 55th<br />

consecutive year at Michelham Priory –<br />

a Grade I listed Tudor house, surrounded<br />

by England’s largest water filled medieval<br />

moat. Combine a visit to the past with talking<br />

to talented contemporary craft makers. Buy<br />

from them directly or commission bespoke items.<br />

You’ll find a wide range of contemporary<br />

crafts: ceramics, textiles, jewellery, leatherwork,<br />

textiles, pewter, wood, glass, metalwork<br />

and furniture. Some designers will be<br />

demonstrating their creative skills and several<br />

potters will show different techniques.<br />

With extensive grounds and gardens to explore,<br />

catering and picnic facilities, children’s play<br />

areas plus free parking, this is an ideal day out.<br />

Full admission details thesussexguild.co.uk

Notebook<br />

Festival Fun<br />

Be sure to book Thursday 27th<br />

to Sunday 20th <strong>July</strong> in your<br />

diary for Chickenstock Music<br />

Festival in Stockbury. It’s a<br />

super-friendly accessible event<br />

held over four days packed with<br />

summer fun. Not only are there<br />

two stages showcasing amazing<br />

bands, but there’s a children’s<br />

entertainment area, camping and<br />

glamping, excellent bar and<br />

dogs are welcome too. Bonio<br />

bonus. Under 16s go for free.<br />

Tickets available online at<br />

chickenstockfestival.co.uk<br />

Perfect Pitch<br />

We love the sound of the Broadstairs Folk<br />

Week (11th – 18th August). Music and<br />

camping by the seaside, what could be better?<br />

There will be over 450 events around the<br />

beautiful town, many free. Concerts, dances,<br />

ceilidhs, pub gigs and workshops plus a<br />

family-friendly festival campsite nearby.<br />

Headline acts include Seth Lakeman,<br />

Lady Maisery and <strong>Home</strong> Service.<br />

Find out more on the website<br />

broadstairsfolkweek.org.uk<br />

Don’t miss Reading<br />

Street Village Open<br />

Gardens (near Broadstairs)<br />

on 1st <strong>July</strong> 10am-4pm<br />

Beautiful gardens, refreshments<br />

and lunches. Raising funds<br />

for St Andrews Church.<br />

£5 per person, accompanied<br />

children free.<br />

CT10 3AZ<br />

istockphoto.com/ mangpor_2004 / AlexRaths / michelangeloop / Chris Ryan / vicuschka<br />

Women’s Wellness Day<br />

If you’re looking for a natural way to manage your menopause or peri-menopause, this day<br />

retreat may be for you. Join Alison Bartolo and Jo Adams for a full-day women’s wellness<br />

retreat at Lake House, Ashford on 22nd <strong>July</strong>. You’ll learn about natural solutions and<br />

essential oils which can support and balance your hormones. The day will also include<br />

gentle exercise, healthy and delicious food, relaxation, Q&As and much more, you’ll even<br />

make a nourishing skincare product to take home. For tickets and more information, see<br />

eventbrite.co.uk/e/manage-your-menopause-day-retreat-tickets-627649415297<br />


We can’t wait for the utterly hilarious Mischief Theatre to<br />

wreak their theatrical havoc at Richmond Theatre (Sat 23rd<br />

September to Sun 1st October) with their West End smash<br />

hit, Peter Pan Goes Wrong. If you’ve seen their BBC TV<br />

series, The Goes Wrong Show, or the multi-award-winning<br />

The Play That Goes Wrong you know you’ll be in for a sidesplitting<br />

treat. Total silliness combined with precision timing,<br />

it doesn’t get better than this. Book now for a theatre trip the<br />

whole family will enjoy. Tickets and more information from:<br />

atgtickets.com/venues/richmond-theatre<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Nursery & Pre-Prep:<br />

Now introducing provision for 50 weeks<br />

Ranked in the Top 20 Day Nurseries<br />

(out of over 2,000 in the South East)<br />

Little Vines Nursery open 50 weeks<br />

a year<br />

Wrap around care for children<br />

from 2 to 7 years of age to<br />

6.00pm*, 50 weeks a year<br />

*5.30 school holidays<br />

To book a tour or find out more, please email our Admissions Team at<br />

admissions@vinehallschool.com or call us: 01580 880413.<br />

Vinehall School, Robertsbridge, East Sussex TN32 5JL<br />

Last few Reception places<br />

available for September

Traditional Care<br />

by the sea<br />


At Hythe Care, we are dedicated to providing the very best care for our<br />

residents at our three homes, Hythe View, Saltwood Care Centre,<br />

Balgowan House...all located by the sea.<br />

We offer residential and nursing care in each of our homes and are<br />

passionate about caring for our residents and enabling them to live full,<br />

independent and rewarding lives.<br />

Our experienced team of Registered Nurses and Care Assistants are highly<br />

qualified, meticulously trained and chosen for their kindness and empathy.<br />

Our care homes are all Dementia friendly environments.<br />

We make choosing and moving into<br />

a care home more reassuring<br />

To discuss a care need without obligation, please call us today<br />

01303 765418<br />

Hythe View l Saltwood Care Centre l Balgowan House<br />





Create an extension of your living space from your home to<br />

garden with expansive bifold and patio doors, a stunning<br />

glazed or tiled roof conservatory and beautiful new windows<br />

UP TO<br />

40 % OFF<br />




*<br />

Visit your nearest showcentre today<br />

Newnham Court, Shopping Village,<br />

Bearstead Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5LH<br />

Get your quote online<br />

www.fineline-windows.co.uk<br />

or phone 01622 631613<br />

*Up to 40% OFF Windows, Doors, Conservatories and Extensions, no minimum spend. Terms and conditions apply, please ask for more information. Offer ends 31st August <strong>2023</strong>.



01252 621035<br />


The perfect summer hols family<br />

activity – Bewl Water is opening<br />

its Aqua Park for sessions every day<br />

this month. Pedalo season also starts on<br />

the 22nd and, of course, camping will<br />

continue. Plus you can now get water<br />

sports day passes from £20 per adult or<br />

£10 per child. aquapark.bewlwater.co.uk<br />

Pride isn’t just for June! We still want to see<br />

rainbows all year round and this picnic blanket<br />

from Heating & Plumbing London is a perfect<br />

seasonal way to keep some colour in your life.<br />

At £135 it’s made in Britain with pure wool,<br />

waterproof backing and a leather strap to easily<br />

carry about on summer adventures.<br />

heating-and-plumbing.com<br />

must<br />

The<br />

From must-sees to must-buys and<br />

must-dos, don’t miss this month’s<br />

round up of what to buy, see, do,<br />

and generally get excited about!<br />

The sun is here! So<br />

naturally we now need a<br />

little shade. For the<br />

perfect spot to relax in your garden,<br />

this gorgeous parasol is from the<br />

East London Parasol Company. It’s<br />

£1,200 and the warm terracotta<br />

tone will blend beautifully into your<br />

outdoor space for a Mediterranean<br />

vibe that’ll have your English<br />

garden feeling like a holiday<br />

destination. eastlondonparasols.com<br />

Picture sitting down to this table<br />

for a classic afternoon tea on a<br />

summer’s day! You’ll find just<br />

such an offering at Port Lympne’s<br />

elegant 20’s mansion. For £45pp<br />

you get all this plus access to the<br />

house and 14 acres of landscaped<br />

gardens, and you can add a glass<br />

of Prosecco or sparkling wine from<br />

local boutique winery, Gusbourne,<br />

from just £7 extra. Reserving ahead<br />

is essential and National Afternoon<br />

Tea Week is just around the corner,<br />

so we recommend you get booking<br />

sharpish! aspinallfoundation.org<br />

For the finishing touch to any summer<br />

look, add a flash of Chanel to your<br />

fingertips. The <strong>2023</strong> LE VERNIS<br />

range includes 17 expressive new<br />

shades, each more chic and alluring<br />

than the last. Simply start with LA<br />

BASE, and follow with two coats of<br />

LE VERNIS for flawless even coverage<br />

and a vibrant glossy finish. The below<br />

shade is Fabuliste, and they are £29<br />

each, the only question is: which<br />

shade will you choose? chanel.com<br />

It’s plastic free <strong>July</strong> so we’re<br />

looking for ways to do our bit<br />

and if they also happen to be<br />

fun and stylish – all the better!<br />

This ‘I Am A Plastic Bag Wink<br />

Tote’ from Anya Hindmarch<br />

is £725 and crafted from an<br />

innovative cotton canvas-feel<br />

fabric made entirely from<br />

recycled plastic bottles. A perfect<br />

way to support recycling and<br />

a big enough tote to hold<br />

shopping instead of a plastic<br />

bag. anyahindmarch.com<br />

Looking for an edible<br />

showstopper for your next<br />

wedding or event? Piece of cake!<br />

Suzy Bell’s homemade cakes are<br />

each a one-off edible masterpiece with an<br />

arrangement of everlasting (yet tasty) and<br />

amazingly realistic flowers. suzybellcakes.com<br />

Did you know it’s both<br />

world ice cream day<br />

and world chocolate day<br />

this month? So, how to celebrate?<br />

Chocolate ice cream of course!<br />

Namely Simply Ice Cream’s divine<br />

chocolate – made in Kent, severely<br />

delicious and available at Waitrose,<br />

Co-op and farmshops throughout<br />

the South East for £5.99 a tub.<br />

Go get it! simplyicecream.co.uk<br />


Interior with<br />

real identity<br />

Words: Damien Pestell<br />

Photographs: David Merewether<br />

Styling: Holly Levett<br />

Justine Hodgson-Barker’s<br />

personality-led approach to<br />

interior design has ensured<br />

the success of her interiors<br />

business. Here she shows<br />

us <strong>inside</strong> her own home<br />

which epitomises her love<br />

of combining different eras<br />

and styles to great effect<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


27 priceless-magazines.com

Contact us for our <strong>2023</strong> brochure<br />

Sevenoaks - Tel: 01732 762682<br />

Tunbridge Wells - Tel: 01892 520730<br />


Previous pages & above: A cosy seating area is painted a salmon-y<br />

terracotta colour with seating provided by a vintage 60s sofa and two<br />

1930s era Italian armchairs. Between them is an original Tam-Tam stool<br />

by Henry Massonnet, bought for £5 from a junk shop. A desk and<br />

sideboard fill the space between the more formal and family seating areas<br />

On the day I visited Justine Hodgson-Barker at her family<br />

home in Tunbridge Wells, the sun was shining brightly onto<br />

the pretty front garden, alive with blossoming fruit trees and<br />

a hum of activity. Despite being quite early, a welcoming voice called<br />

out, “Would you like to come this way?” and Justine appeared to the<br />

side of the house. Entering the kitchen I felt an enthusiastic presence<br />

at my feet and looked down to find Splodge the King Charles Spaniel.<br />

“We have a running joke in the family that he always gives the best<br />

of welcomes when we come home, in comparison to our children!”<br />

As Justine showed me around she told me that the house wasn’t<br />

the kind of period property they intended to buy. They were initially<br />

looking for a 1960s style project, that could be totally transformed<br />

into the coolest mid-century pad! However this 1930s house, with<br />

its outbuildings and potential to re-structure, meant that they could<br />

move the family in and carry out the work in stages, which was<br />

much more practical. It is actually just the kind of home her mum<br />

would have chosen, though sadly she passed away before seeing it.<br />

“She would have loved it,” Justine explains. “I think I inherited my<br />

Mum’s eye for transforming spaces. Mum loved decorating, she also<br />

loved re-structuring to create zoned living, by knocking through<br />

rooms and out onto the garden, which flooded the house with <br />

29 priceless-magazines.com

Left: In one corner of the living area Justine<br />

has created a cocktail bar, with a vintage<br />

bamboo breakfast bar taking centre-stage<br />

Below left: The walls either side of the<br />

chimney have been stripped back to brick,<br />

and the chimney breast decorated with<br />

Moroccan zellige tiles in a pearlescent<br />

finish. The vintage wood burner is from<br />

Sideshow Interiors in Hastings and the<br />

floral rug from Pantiles Oriental Carpets<br />

light. She even took down bannisters and<br />

had my Dad fit louvred doors in between<br />

the living room and hall, extending<br />

the illusion of space and continuing<br />

through the same flooring too. This was<br />

in the early 80s before any of this was<br />

fashionable and always on a shoe-string<br />

of a budget! She was ahead of her time.”<br />

Justine went on to create a living<br />

from interior design by developing her<br />

skills to offer a comprehensive service<br />

from concept to completion. Working<br />

her corporate background she learned<br />

the skill of Project Management and,<br />

most importantly, completing projects<br />

on time and to budget. “That’s how<br />

I’ve survived in a competitive creative<br />

industry. Designing is only half the job,<br />

the rest is all project plans, co-ordinating<br />

third parties and budgeting.”<br />

Whilst living in South London she<br />

renovated her own properties and<br />

got valuable experience working with<br />

contractors, “I learnt the difficult end<br />

of the job first. The hard part is always<br />

finding contractors to do justice to your<br />

designs,” she told me. It was only when<br />

she had these foundations that she went<br />

back to school to train in Space Planning<br />

and interior design, explaining, “A lot<br />

of people enjoy the design element,<br />

but aren’t keen on the technical side<br />

and managing the highs and lows of<br />

implementation – but I loved that side<br />

especially.” She went on to establish her<br />

own practice in London working on<br />

some large architect projects, describing<br />

this as “a great training ground”.<br />

Justine now runs Barker Design, a<br />

successful interior design practice of four<br />

based in Tunbridge wells. They offer<br />

personality-led design, meaning that every<br />

single project is unique to the client. She<br />

bought her 1930s home on the outskirts<br />

of Tunbridge Wells three years ago, and<br />

has been simultaneously renovating<br />

the property while living there. <br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />



One Couple - One Solicitor<br />

Due to the emotions involved<br />

in a separation it is<br />

unsurprising that so many<br />

divorces result in conflict.<br />

At ThomasHaywood we<br />

recognise that conflict is not good for the<br />

health of the parties or their children. It<br />

is better to engage in a process that can<br />

be concluded more quickly than going<br />

to court, where the settlement you reach<br />

is a compromise between you, rather<br />

than having something imposed upon<br />

you by a Judge who does not know you<br />

or your family. You will emerge from<br />

the process with a settlement that you<br />

can both live with meaning that your<br />

overall experience of your separation will<br />

be better for you, and your children.<br />

ThomasHaywood established One<br />

Couple One Solicitor as a way of allowing<br />

our solicitors to work with and advise<br />

couples jointly, providing legal advice<br />

to help you to resolve financial matters<br />

or arrangements for your children.<br />

This new way of working comes<br />

after the implementation of the Divorce,<br />

Dissolution and Separation Act which<br />

allows couples, for the first time, to make<br />

joint applications to end a marriage.<br />

Our process will identify your<br />

individual aims and needs and then help<br />

you to narrow the issues between you,<br />

using our experience and expertise to<br />

create a fair outcome without the need<br />

to attend court. By keeping your matter<br />

away from the court process, it means<br />

that you can resolve any issues more<br />

quickly, privately and cost effectively.<br />

If this process is not suitable for<br />

you, we will advise you of the alternative<br />

routes available. If you would like to<br />

discuss this further, please contact<br />

Sarah Haywood on 01892 765013 or<br />

sarah@thomashaywoodsolicitors.com<br />

ThomasHaywood<br />

Family Law Solicitors<br />

One couple - One solicitor<br />

Tunbridge Wells - Maidstone - London<br />

Sarah Haywood : 01892 765013<br />

Juliet Franklin : 01892 765017<br />


<strong>Love</strong> your home with Origin…<br />

As Origin Platinum Partners, we can find the ultimate prestige products for every home, whether it be a<br />

new build or renovation. Offering 20 year guarantees on Origin products, Shard Solutions can provide a<br />

truly platinum service. Get in touch with our sales team today or why not take a visit to our showroom<br />

in Caterham, Surrey, to view our wide range of products for yourselves!<br />

45 Croydon Road, Caterham, CR3 6PB<br />

T: 01883 627133 E: sales@shardhome.co.uk<br />

W: www.shardhome.co.uk IG/FB: @shardsolutions<br />

Bi-fold Doors Sliding Doors Front Doors Internal Doors Windows

Above: The kitchen<br />

area has custom-made<br />

units and a central<br />

island which were<br />

made by local joinery<br />

company, Boffe Design.<br />

A Soviet-era chrome<br />

strip light, originally<br />

from a vodka factory<br />

in eastern Europe,<br />

hangs above the island<br />

Left: To the left of the<br />

bar, doors lead out into<br />

the garden. Justine has<br />

chosen mid-century<br />

furniture upholstered<br />

in neutrals and caramel<br />

leather in this more<br />

relaxed seating area<br />

When approaching a project, Justine<br />

explains how she always starts with the<br />

structure of the house – and her home<br />

was no different. The previous owner<br />

had already doubled the footprint of the<br />

house, so Justine’s focus was on making<br />

the space work for her and her family.<br />

Most of the changes took place on the<br />

ground floor, with the kitchen area<br />

opened up by knocking through two<br />

rooms to create one large open plan space.<br />

This now incorporates the kitchen, dining<br />

area and a sitting area at the rear, with<br />

bi-fold doors bought in from Denmark<br />

leading out into the garden. “The way we<br />

move around the space now really suits<br />

our family,” she explains. Much like the<br />

way her Mother approached architectural<br />

interior design back in the eighties.<br />

The kitchen area has custom-made<br />

units and a central island which were<br />

designed by Justine and made by local<br />

joinery company, Boffe Design. “I<br />

plan to stay here, so they’re designed<br />

to be forgiving on the knees in later<br />

years, with as much pull-out storage as<br />

possible!” There is an eclectic mix of<br />

contemporary and vintage styles with a<br />

very cool Soviet-era chrome strip light<br />

above the island, originally from a<br />

<br />

33 priceless-magazines.com

“I love to mix eras and styles,” says Justine, “It’s a common thread in my work.”<br />

Above: The large dining table is made from a combination of antique iron legs from France and a top from a timber yard. The<br />

lighting above is a 1960s Danish design and the large reclaimed shop dresser behind is originally from a haberdashery<br />

vodka factory in eastern Europe, next to<br />

sleek marble worktops and state-of-the-art<br />

appliances. “I love to mix eras and styles,<br />

it’s a common thread in my work.”<br />

Moving into the dining area the large<br />

table is big enough to comfortably seat the<br />

entire family plus guests, Justine explains<br />

how the iron legs are antique from France<br />

and the top is a lovely piece of chestnut<br />

wood her joiner found at the timber yard.<br />

The lighting above is a 1960s Danish<br />

design and a great feature, while behind<br />

the dining table a large reclaimed shop<br />

dresser is originally from a haberdashery.<br />

On the opposite wall a Connor Brothers<br />

artwork is a piece that Justine invested in,<br />

“It was a splurge, but totally worth it,” she<br />

smiles. Spotting new talent is something<br />

Justine likes to do both for herself and her<br />

clients, “I keep my ear to the ground a lot<br />

and buy when they’re on their way up.”<br />

A cosy seating area is painted a<br />

salmon-y terracotta colour which<br />

distinguishes it from the white-washed<br />

kitchen/diner and comprises a vintage<br />

60s sofa next to two gorgeous 1930s<br />

era Italian armchairs. Between them is<br />

an original Tam-Tam stool by Henry<br />

Massonnet, bought for £5 from a junk<br />

shop, “I mix high end and budget a<br />

lot. One elevates the other,” Justine<br />

explains. A lamp in the corner provides<br />

the lighting, which you may think is a<br />

splurge, but is actually another high street<br />

buy, this time from French Connection<br />

– “everyone thinks it’s really expensive!”<br />

The doorway into the living room<br />

next door was enlarged to incorporate<br />

a pair of late 18th century bi-fold<br />

timber doors which Justine discovered<br />

at a reclamation yard and fell in love<br />

with. “I wanted to include them, so we<br />

re-structured around them,” says Justine.<br />

“The way I work with clients is the same,<br />

I take the time to track down those<br />

unique pieces and then find a way to<br />

incorporate them.” Finding these unusual<br />

items is all part of seamlessly blending<br />

the clients` life story into their home.<br />

In the living area the first thing you are<br />

greeted with is the sight of the decidedly<br />

tropical cocktail bar, created from a<br />

vintage bamboo breakfast bar. Above<br />

it, blue-green neon letters light up the<br />

words, ‘For you a thousand times over’<br />

from the book The Kite Runner. Behind<br />

the bar the wall has been exposed to brick<br />

either side of the chimney breast, which<br />

is tiled with Moroccan Zellige with a<br />

calming pearlescent finish and burr <br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Architectural Window & Door Specialists<br />

Book a visit to our showroom today 01795 383028 arcglazing.co.uk<br />

ArcGlazingWT253.indd 1 04/05/<strong>2023</strong> 11:55:55<br />


7-9TH JULY<br />





TOP<br />

SELLER<br />




£2250+VAT*<br />

*price is self-installation including delivery or for<br />

installation services, please contact us.<br />

A FAMILY BUSINESS FROM KENT CELEBRATING 55 YEARS (1968 – <strong>2023</strong>.)<br />

O1227 731 195 | www.autoquip.co.uk<br />

35 priceless-magazines.com<br />

AutoquipGarageEquipment<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 20/06/<strong>2023</strong> 17:16:40

Discover the indoor/outdoor collection by<br />

Tunbridge Wells . 70 Calverley Road . TN1 2UJ . 01892 548 111<br />

Oxshott . 1 High Street . KT22 0JN . 01372 841 730

Top: Next to the seating area, the shelving unit is neatly stacked with magazines and books Above left & right: Justine’s pets make themselves comfortable<br />

wood mirrors from Sideshow Interiors<br />

in Hastings. In the centre of the room<br />

there is a bit of a hygge vibe going on<br />

with sofas in front of the wood burner,<br />

throws and a floral vintage rug from<br />

Pantiles Oriental Carpets in Tunbridge<br />

Wells. Next to the seating area, the<br />

shelving unit is a great talking point with<br />

magazines and books galore. The rear of<br />

the room is still a work in progress but<br />

will probably end up being a bit of a yoga<br />

den. Currently propped up against the<br />

wall we spy a very cool oil painting from<br />

the artist who designed the Pink Floyd<br />

album covers, which Justine plans to use<br />

in the stairway, “It’s another key piece<br />

which I will build a scheme around.”<br />

Moving out of the house and across<br />

the back garden we enter the studio<br />

which is Justine’s office and creative HQ.<br />

The room is completely white in order<br />

to provide a neutral backdrop for client<br />

discussions, and on the wall are some<br />

visuals for an upcoming meeting – a<br />

Sevenoaks villa project that Justine is<br />

just about to start the second phase on.<br />

The whole point of these meetings is<br />

to collaborate with the client, provide<br />

options on where to dial-up or down the<br />

design and offer choices at different <br />

37 priceless-magazines.com

Above: Justine has divided the open plan living space with moveable bamboo screens. To the right of the fireplace posters by<br />

French artist Philippe Sommer are mounted above a simple curved wood table, next to a rocking chair and Eames lounge chair<br />

price-points, so that they are always<br />

in complete control of where they<br />

splurge and save. As Justine explains:<br />

“I treat the clients` budget and<br />

project as if it were my own. I will<br />

spend hours with them making their<br />

home feel really special. I know I’ve<br />

achieved real success with a project<br />

when a friend or family member says<br />

to one of my clients, ‘this is so you!’”<br />

Justine’s friendly, people-centric<br />

approach shone through during<br />

our interview. She has a knack for<br />

creating unique spaces and the<br />

ability to make a lot out of a little<br />

in the most original way, and I<br />

could see how much what she does<br />

means to her. Her work is incredibly<br />

involved, from the depth she goes<br />

into with clients to the breadth of<br />

the services that she offers. The<br />

amazing thing is that she seems to<br />

do it all quite effortlessly. Her home<br />

is down to earth, full of surprises<br />

and has many curiously curated<br />

items. It’s a fantastic example of the<br />

power of personality-led design. <br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />



Nothing short of perfection<br />

We are masters in wood — designers and<br />

craftsmen that engineer wood to create<br />

beauty. Whether it’s kitchen cabinetry,<br />

windows and doors or an elaborate staircase,<br />

if it’s wood, we will make it outstanding.<br />

We combine creative acumen with meticulous<br />

craftmanship to ensure that what we create for<br />

your project is nothing short of perfection.<br />

Call 01580 242996 or<br />

email office@creative-joinery.com<br />

Oak bookshelves and staircase project.<br />

Image by davidmerewether.co.uk<br />



creative.joinery<br />



CreativeJoineryWT250.indd 1 13/02/<strong>2023</strong> 14:15<br />









MON - FRI 7:30 - 17:00<br />

SAT 9:00 - 16:00<br />








39 priceless-magazines.com<br />

SouthernAdhesivesWT253.indd 1 04/05/<strong>2023</strong> 17:17:37

We can’t fix<br />

your relationship,<br />

but we can find<br />

a Resolution.<br />

at CLARK’S<br />

Carpets and fine floor coverings<br />

‘Structures’ Range. Size Options<br />

Available With 10% Discount On All Rugs<br />

The end of a marital or personal<br />

relationship can be distressing.<br />

Whitehead Monckton’s family lawyers<br />

will help you to navigate this stressful<br />

time by providing sensitive,<br />

constructive and cost-effective<br />

legal advice.<br />

Our lawyers are all experienced<br />

members of Resolution, and practice<br />

a non-confrontational approach to<br />

resolving family problems.<br />

10%OFF<br />

ALL RUGS<br />

10%OFF<br />

ALL RUGS<br />

Canterbury 12 Roper Road, CT2 7EH, 01227 788588<br />

Whitstable 89 High Street, CT5 1AY, 01227 772774<br />

www.clarkscanterbury.com<br />

D&S <strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong> Ads 1-4 (Feb'18)_D&S 1/4 page 17/02/2018 11:23 Page 3<br />

ClarksRugNation<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 05/06/<strong>2023</strong> 10:06:49<br />

To find out how we can help,<br />

call us on 01622 698000<br />

or email enquiries@wmlaw.uk<br />

ClarksRugNationWT205.indd 1 06/02/2019 14<br />

whitehead-monckton.co.uk<br />

ClarksRugNationWT205.indd 1 06/02/2019 14:55<br />

Whitehead Monckton Limited<br />

(no. 08366029), registered in<br />

England & Wales. Registered<br />

office 5 Eclipse Park,<br />

Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3EN.<br />

Authorised and regulated<br />

by the Solicitors Regulation<br />

Authority under no. 608279.<br />

We create striking interior and exterior doors in the finest solid oak, ranging from<br />

simple planked doors to intricately carved panels finished in moulded framework<br />

modelled on the styles and design of the 17th century.<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

+44 (0)1580 243331<br />

www.deaconandsandys.co.uk<br />

WhiteheadMonckton<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 26/05/<strong>2023</strong> 10:56:06 DeaconSandyWT252.indd 2 03/04/<strong>2023</strong> 16:17<br />


Left & above: In the kitchen, Justine has stayed true to her<br />

design principles, combining sleek marble worktops and the latest<br />

appliances with plenty of vintage finds Below: Justine’s studio<br />

office is conveniently located just a short trip across the garden<br />

Address Book:<br />

Find out more about Justine’s interior<br />

design services at barker-design.com<br />

Boffe Design boffe.co.uk Instagram @boffedesign<br />

Pantiles Oriental Carpets Instagram @pantilesorientalcarpets<br />

Sideshow Interiors Instagram @sideshowinteriors<br />

41 priceless-magazines.com

Many clearance models on display in our Alton showroom, visit us today.<br />

Elstead House, Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire GU34 2QJ Tel: 01420 590510<br />

Open: 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday | 9:00am - 1:00pm Saturday<br />


Get the<br />

LOOK<br />

1 Arame pendant from £345 Tom Raffield tomraffield.com 2 Small globe wall light £425 Besselink & Jones<br />

besselink.com 3 Oslo faux brick wallpaper mural from £29/m 2 Bobbi Beck bobbibeck.com 4 Belle de Jour 1970<br />

Czech A3 film poster £500 Orson & Welles orsonandwelles.co.uk 5 Monstera faux plant £209.99 Dowsing and<br />

Reynolds dowsingandreynolds.com 6 Roxy leather sofa £1,595 Peppermill Interiors peppermillinteriors.com<br />

7 Freya set of two vases £27 Sazy sazy.com 8 BTFY round jute braided circles rug £49.99 VonHaus vonhaus.com<br />

9 Jonathan Adler Beaumont lounge chair in varese lichen £1,950 Sweetpea & Willow sweetpeaandwillow.com<br />

43 priceless-magazines.com

An Artists’ Retreat<br />

Words: Antonia Deeson Photographs: David Merewether

Creative couple Alexa and Robin Easterby have escaped<br />

the city to turn their lockdown relocation into a<br />

thriving artists’ community that continues to flourish

A reputation built on<br />

quality craftsmanship<br />

and service<br />

No more draughty, rotten,<br />

inefficient sash windows<br />

Kent Peg Tiling, Listed Building<br />

& Conservation Specialists.<br />

High quality work by experienced<br />

award winning craftsmen.<br />

01797 270 268 l kentpegs.com<br />

Using revolutionary 10mm thick<br />

double glazed units we can retro<br />

fit sash windows, retaining the<br />

original appearance but with<br />

the benefits of double glazing.<br />

Improve insulation<br />

Save money on heating bills<br />

Call 01892 532273 for a<br />

FREE site survey & quote<br />

sashwindowheritage.co.uk<br />

KarlTerryWT229.indd 1 07/05/2021 SashWindowHeritageWT187.indd 12:40<br />

1 15/08/2017 15:18<br />

AGA Eco Conversions<br />

With over a decade of Aga expertise and conversions,<br />

we’ve been carefully listening to our loyal customers<br />

who wanted a reliable yet more up-to-date conversion<br />

than the traditionally utilised 13amp systems.<br />

The eControl system is a retrofit product that<br />

converts existing gas, oil, and electric traditional<br />

Agas to a truly controllable system.<br />

23 Tally Road, Limpsfield,<br />

Oxted, RH8 0TG<br />

T: 07739 409 482<br />

We provide our electric conversion service for those<br />

who don’t wish to be parted with their beloved heat<br />

storage cooker but would like the advantages and<br />

flexibility of electricity. If you already have an Aga<br />

range cooker then converting it is a brilliant idea.<br />

Servicing | Repairs | Refurbishments | Conversions | Removals<br />

@smartrange_aga @smartrangeaga www.smartrange.co.uk<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

46<br />

SmartRangeWT249.indd 1 09/01/<strong>2023</strong> 14:16

Previous pages & this page: In the<br />

kitchen, deep dark blue walls and cabinets<br />

are joined by crisp white woodwork and<br />

collectable mid-century modern furniture<br />

The serious desire to change their<br />

lives and focus on new creative<br />

endeavours was one of the<br />

main driving forces that led Londoners<br />

Alexa and Robin Easterby to move to<br />

Battle during lockdown. As soon as<br />

artist Robin, who had been working for<br />

many years in the advertising industry<br />

and executive creative producer Alexa,<br />

who was at the time working for a<br />

major global retail brand, saw the artist’s<br />

studio, located next to the three storey<br />

Victorian villa, they were hooked. “We<br />

came down between the two lockdowns<br />

and saw about seven houses one<br />

Saturday,” says Robin. “We didn’t know<br />

Battle, but as soon as we saw the size of<br />

the studio, with its huge skylights and<br />

the house with the potential to create<br />

a self-contained holiday apartment,<br />

and its proximity to the woods, we<br />

knew it would be the answer to the life<br />

change we were both searching for.”<br />

Rather than head to St Leonards or<br />

Hastings, where the couple already<br />

had many connections, Alexa and<br />

Robin decided that the small town<br />

of Battle would offer a more instant<br />

community for them both. Having<br />

sold their London flat in just two<br />

<br />

47 priceless-magazines.com

This page: The sitting room is painted in<br />

Invisible Green by Edward Bulmer. A darker<br />

khaki green has been used behind shelving<br />

and on walls to act as an optical trick<br />

weeks, they took the plunge and<br />

moved themselves and their lurcher<br />

Willow to East Sussex. “We had a twobedroom<br />

flat in northwest London<br />

and suddenly we were in a three-storey<br />

house with a garden in the middle of<br />

the countryside. It was quite a change<br />

of gear,” laughs Alexa. “We then went<br />

straight into the second lockdown, as<br />

soon as we bought the house, so Robin<br />

and I had a lot of time to get used<br />

to the house and the area before we<br />

could start any work on it, including<br />

welcoming a new lurcher puppy, Baxter.<br />

During that time, we really fell in<br />

love with Battle and our new life.”<br />

Having the time and space to get to<br />

know their new home as well as the<br />

surrounding areas has proved both<br />

personally and professionally incredibly<br />

fruitful. Over the past three years,<br />

the couple have not only developed<br />

the studio into a thriving artist-led<br />

community space called Senlac Studio,<br />

but they have also redecorated the entire<br />

house, converting the lower ground level<br />

into a cosy light-filled self-contained<br />

one bedroom apartment, which is<br />

available for short let. “Our old friend,<br />

the TV presenter and architect George<br />

Clarke, came down to stay and he gave<br />

us a huge amount of advice on how to<br />

make the most of the space along with<br />

another dear friend, theatre producer<br />

Rupert Lord, who gave almost the same<br />

advice,” says Alexa. “We opened up an<br />

old wood store and attached it to the<br />

main house – creating a large walk-in<br />

shower room – and converted an old<br />

office into a sitting room. We put in<br />

a new kitchen and Crittall-style glass<br />

doors that lead onto a private outdoor<br />

seating area, so the space is completely<br />

transformed and self-contained.”<br />

The lower ground floor apartment,<br />

painted in a palette of earthy green<br />

tones, is now a wonderful bolt-hole<br />

for visiting artists coming to join one<br />

of the many courses that run in Senlac<br />

Studio. It’s also perfectly placed for<br />

walkers drawn to Battle Abbey, the<br />

nearby 1066 footpath and the ancient<br />

Battle Woods, which are the source of<br />

inspiration for much of Robin’s artwork<br />

as well as his upcycled furniture and soft<br />

furnishing collections under the label<br />

Kompost Creative. “Our builder Stuart<br />

from WABS Ltd, was amazing and<br />

helped us realise all the major work in<br />

the house, including sourcing the new<br />

doors, knocking down walls, creating the<br />

apartment shower room, and renovating<br />

fixtures and fittings to avoid us having to<br />

replace everything. It’s important for us<br />

to re-use as much as possible, which <br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


R E I M A G I N E<br />

T H E W A Y Y O U L I V E<br />





• RELAXING<br />

• WORKING<br />

• CREATING<br />


S C A N H E R E T O<br />

E X P L O R E R O O M S<br />


W W W . I N T O T H E G A R D E N R O O M . C O M<br />


0208 088 3572<br />

EQUITY RELEASE - Good or Bad?<br />

IntoTheGardenRoom<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 13/06/<strong>2023</strong> 16:51:31<br />

Sarah Ferrell, local Equity Release Adviser,<br />

spends much of her time talking to people<br />

who are retired, or approaching retirement,<br />

and are considering their financial options.<br />

Despite lots of television advertising and<br />

moving, however most schemes are flexible<br />

newspaper SPACES coverage FOR there RELAXING is still confusion - WORKING - CREATING<br />

and can<br />

-<br />

be<br />


moved to another<br />


property.<br />

as to whether Equity Release is a “good<br />

thing” or not. Over the years there has been Sarah says, “There are massive benefits to Equity<br />

a significant amount of bad press on the<br />

Release in the right circumstances, however there<br />

subject, yet now adverts are encouraging<br />

can be long term implications that clients need to<br />

people to use the equity in their homes to help be aware of. It is important to be clear about all the<br />

finance their retirement….so which is right?<br />

factors so we can choose the RIGHT option for them.”<br />

Why do so many people still think Equity Release<br />

is a “bad thing”? The schemes of 40+ years<br />

ago were predominantly “<strong>Home</strong> Reversion”<br />

schemes which involved selling the property<br />

to the finance company in return for a lump<br />

sum. This meant that any potential inheritance<br />

was immediately lost. Whilst there are still some<br />

schemes of this nature available today, most<br />

people opt for schemes where you retain the<br />

ownership of the property, with the lender having<br />

a first charge - just like any other mortgage.<br />

I have heard I could lose my house<br />

or leave a debt to my children<br />

With the “no negative equity” guarantees<br />

available today, there is no fear of any onward<br />

debt. Equally, as you still own the property,<br />

there is no fear of losing your home.<br />


What if I CONTEMPORARY<br />

want to move house?<br />

Most of todays’ GARDEN scheme ROOMS<br />

are “portable” so they<br />

can be transferred. There are a number of factors,<br />

and potential costs, if somebody is considering<br />

“I am a great advocate of Equity Release as it has<br />

changed people’s lives when they have been able<br />

pay for <strong>Home</strong> Improvements that would have been<br />

otherwise unaffordable. It has kept people in their<br />

homes when they felt the only option was to sell and I<br />

have also helped parents release equity to help their<br />

children buy homes or help family in other ways.”<br />

In Sarah’s opinion, somebody considering Equity<br />

Release needs advice, guidance and information<br />

that is relevant to their particular situation. “There<br />

are so many different schemes available that it<br />

can be confusing without the right advice”.<br />

With 27 years’ experience in finance and over 6 years<br />

specialising in Equity Release, Sarah takes pride in<br />

the time and care she takes with her clients. She is<br />

happy to visit your home and she is not just available<br />

9-5 but will offer flexible times to suit her clients.<br />

Equity Release can reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.<br />

Ferrell Financial Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration number: 678768<br />


Call Sarah on<br />

01622 631372 or 07789 007447<br />

or e-mail her at<br />

sarah@ferrellfinancial.co.uk<br />

You may find answers to<br />

some of your questions at<br />

www.ferrellfinancial.co.uk<br />

49 priceless-magazines.com

Improve, don’t move!<br />

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It’s time to upgrade your garage door to a Garolla.<br />

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Verandas • Glass • Rooms • Awnings • • Pergolas<br />

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Online at: www.garolla.co.uk<br />

T: 01580 820 046<br />

Lines are open 7 days a week<br />

SBI SBI Ltd Ltd 0800 0742 721 sbiproducts.co.uk<br />


GarollaWT253-WT.indd 1 04/05/<strong>2023</strong> 11:14:39 SBIWT244.indd 1 27/07/2022 11:26<br />

Providing oak framed buildings &<br />

garages in kit form, to standard &<br />

bespoke designs, ready to be installed<br />

by ourselves or our customers.<br />

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in<br />

touch & a member of our team will be happy to help.<br />

| 07808 048186 | www.swiftoak.com<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

50<br />

SwiftOakWT252.indd 1 11/04/<strong>2023</strong> 12:59

This page: Two Edward Bulmer paints were combined to<br />

create the pink for Alexa’s master bedroom design. The convex<br />

mirror was bought from Harborough Nurseries. Lurcher Willow<br />

waits patiently for Alexa at the bottom of the stairs<br />

Stuart completely agreed with. For the apartment I used a mixture<br />

of second hand finds and high street pieces from the likes of H&M<br />

<strong>Home</strong>, Graham & Greene, and Urban Outfitters,” says Alexa. The<br />

couple have also hung personal art pieces around the apartment, some<br />

from when Alexa was at art school along with a large canvas by Alexa’s<br />

sister, the film and music video producer Thalia Murray, who is also an<br />

artist and an East Sussex resident. Robin has his work in the bedroom,<br />

which has been lovingly styled to offer maximum comfort and calm.<br />

It’s a complete family art exhibition. The hallway walls feature artwork<br />

bought directly from local artists Kate Delaney, the onelineguy, Kid<br />

Acne via Stelladore Gallery in St Leonards, plus old friend Deb Tong.<br />

Back in the main body of the house, across the ground and<br />

upper floors, Robin and Alexa’s creativity has been given a fabulous<br />

light-filled canvas against which to create their dream home. The<br />

large double-aspect kitchen which overlooks the decked garden<br />

to the rear of the house is drenched in sunlight. “This room had<br />

wallpaper covered in huge bright red poppies and painted bright<br />

red kitchen cabinets,” says Robin, slightly blanching at the memory.<br />

“It took me about four coats of Royal Blue by Little Greene to<br />

get rid of them, every time I thought I had finished, I came back<br />

and could still see the shadow of the poppies staring at me!” At <br />

51 priceless-magazines.com

This page: Robin designed the second master bedroom. A series of<br />

built in wardrobes feature panels painted by Robin and a Graham &<br />

Greene gilt lampshade has been similarly hand-painted and distressed<br />

in a palette of earthy tones. An imposing black and white portrait<br />

of Johnny Cash, shot by Andy Earl, hangs above the fireplace<br />

last, Robin achieved the desired pigment cover and now the<br />

room is an essay in clean modernism. Deep dark blue walls and<br />

new handmade and re-sprayed existing cabinets are joined by<br />

crisp white woodwork, peppered with collectable midcentury<br />

modern furniture, acquired from their friend ceramics artist<br />

Kate Monckton, recycled marble-effect kitchen tops, industrial<br />

lighting from Dyke & Dean in Hastings, pop art on the walls,<br />

as well as shelves of brightly coloured decorative objects. As with<br />

the lower ground level, a set of new Crittall-style double doors<br />

opens onto the large, decked area outside ensuring the room<br />

is always filled with light all day long. “It’s the perfect space<br />

for parties as well, as the doors open straight onto the deck so<br />

people can move around easily from the <strong>inside</strong> to outside.”<br />

A minimal hallway painted white with Victorian style grey,<br />

black and white encaustic floor tiles from Topps Tiles, leads<br />

onto the sitting room, another space that is filled with light<br />

thanks to the fabulous original floor-to-ceiling wood sash<br />

windows that overlook a leafy front garden. “We were so <br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


JOIN US IN <strong>2023</strong> TO RECEIVE<br />



Design I Build I Planting<br />




Could be your main income, or just a<br />

few hours to help with your expenses.<br />

We have Mornings, Lunchtimes,<br />

Teatimes, Evenings and Weekend<br />

calls available. Also some Domestic<br />

Calls and Sleep-Ins to cover.<br />

Any experience is beneficial such<br />

as raising children, looking after<br />

elderly parents / grandchildren,<br />

but FULL TRAINING will be<br />

provided to all applicants.<br />

Call Natalie or Chloe 01580 762244<br />

Care Certificate training<br />

available for all workers<br />

Hourly rate,<br />

Mileage AND<br />

Travel Time<br />

paid from<br />

1 st to last call<br />

Town&<br />

: iCountry<br />

<strong>Home</strong>care Limited<br />

Caring for people in their own homes<br />

Vision in your Garden<br />

reallygardenproud.com I 07725 173820<br />

New Show Garden at Corker Outdoor Living<br />

TownCountry<strong>Home</strong>careWT251.indd 1 08/03/<strong>2023</strong> GardenproudWT253.indd 15:57<br />

1 23/05/<strong>2023</strong> 09:58:10<br />



01959 565343<br />


53 priceless-magazines.com<br />

WindowSanctuaryWT253.indd 1 12/05/<strong>2023</strong> 17:06:27

A.T. Palmer Ltd<br />

Restoration Specialists Est.1949<br />


| Employed Skilled Workforce<br />

| Renovations & Extensions<br />

| Conversions & Alterations<br />

| Design & Build<br />

T: 01233 770077<br />

Smarden Business Estate, TN27 8QL<br />


This page: At the top of the house, Alexa and Robin used<br />

slim, rectangular tiles mounted vertically to give height to the<br />

family bathroom with its sloping ceiling. An original fireplace<br />

has been given a new lease of life in deep olive green<br />

lucky that all the original windows and fireplaces had been<br />

kept by the developer when they divided the house into<br />

two, many years ago. We now get the benefit of all the key<br />

features of a large Victorian villa and it’s one of the other<br />

main reasons we fell in love with the house,” says Alexa.<br />

The light and ceiling height offered in each room has<br />

also enabled Robin, who has picked most of the colours in<br />

the house, to let his vision become a reality. The colours are<br />

bold: greens, blues, pinks and browns, and yet each room<br />

works in unity with the others. Often Robin has used not<br />

one but two or three colours, each working in harmony<br />

creating foreground and background shade on walls or<br />

woodwork, offering dynamism and interest to the room.<br />

In the sitting room, Alexa and Robin used Invisible Green<br />

by Edward Bulmer in conjunction with a darker khaki<br />

green which sits behind shelving and on walls that acts as<br />

an optical trick giving more depth to the room. Pieces of<br />

mid-century modern furniture that the couple had in their<br />

London flat, are complemented by upholstery in different<br />

shades of green and pops of rusty orange. A large, soft,<br />

treacle coloured velvet sofa by Loaf works perfectly by two<br />

velvet ottomans by Made, offering a pleasing palette of<br />

calming shades and textures which is mirrored in wall lights<br />

by Pooky, some vintage bamboo tables from Vinterior <br />

55 priceless-magazines.com

This page: The self-contained lower ground floor apartment<br />

is a wonderful bolt-hole. Eco-conscious Alexa styled the<br />

space using a mixture of second hand finds and high street<br />

pieces from the likes of H&M <strong>Home</strong>, Graham & Greene,<br />

and Urban Outfitters, alongside personal art pieces<br />

and an upholstered chair in Rapture & Wright Moorish<br />

Maze Burnt Orange, which Robin had originally found<br />

in the local recycling centre, that completes the room.<br />

Look a little closer as you make your way up the house’s<br />

elegant winding staircase, carpeted in a hard wearing (and<br />

dog proof) sisal flooring by Tapi Carpets, and your eye will<br />

be drawn to the mini exhibition of convex mirrors (from<br />

Harborough Nurseries in Guestling) and contemporary<br />

music and fashion photography – by the likes of Greg<br />

Williams, Gavin Evans, Geoff MacCormack, Amelia<br />

Troubridge & James Gooding – collected by Alexa over<br />

the years from when she was a photographers’ agent and<br />

producer in London, as well as from local galleries such as<br />

Lucy Bell Gallery in St Leonards. “I am a massive Bowie<br />

fan,” says Alexa, “and so I am always on the lookout for<br />

great photographs of him and other artists I love like<br />

Kate Bush and Prince – it’s my musical life on a wall.<br />

I needed to display it all somewhere and the stairwell<br />

seemed like a great place where people walking up would<br />

be at a great height to enjoy some of these pieces.”<br />

Upstairs there are two bedrooms. One of them, designed<br />

by Robin, is more traditionally masculine, painted in dark<br />

chocolate brown and a paler brown, with pops of metallics.<br />

A series of built in wardrobes feature panels painted<br />

by Robin and a Graham & Greene gilt lampshade <br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


FREE<br />


Lean back and discover Nordic comfort<br />

Take your comfort to another level with the NEW Stressless ® Anna power sofa.<br />

And with our Free Leather Upgrade, there is no better time to fall in love with Stressless ® comfort.<br />

Offer ends 31st August <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Visit our Eastbourne showroom to try out this new model.<br />


<strong>Wealden</strong> House, Cross In Hand 01435 863921 116 South Street, Eastbourne 01323 722921<br />


“We opened up an old wood store and attached it to the main house – creating a<br />

large walk-in shower room – and converted an old office into a sitting room. We<br />

put in a new kitchen and Crittall-style glass doors that lead onto a private outdoor<br />

seating area, so the space is completely transformed and self-contained.”<br />

has been similarly hand-painted and<br />

distressed in a palette of earthy tones.<br />

An imposing black and white portrait<br />

of the singer Johnny Cash shot by<br />

Andy Earl – above another original<br />

fireplace – once again brings the couple’s<br />

love of pop culture into the room.<br />

The second master bedroom was<br />

designed by Alexa and is based around<br />

a dusty pink embroidered throw from<br />

India that she found on Etsy. “This<br />

is my dream bedroom,” says Alexa.<br />

“I’ve always wanted a pink room and<br />

we used two different Edward Bulmer<br />

shades. As soon as I found the Indian<br />

bed throw with the pink and green<br />

thread work, I knew it would be the<br />

basis for the colours in the bedroom.<br />

They are so calming and remind me<br />

of a sitting room in my parent’s old<br />

London house many moons ago.” Large<br />

sash windows flood light into the space,<br />

which is both elegant and cosy. Another<br />

large convex mirror from Harborough<br />

Nurseries sits above the bed, which<br />

is from John Lewis. On the floor are<br />

Graham and Greene rugs, an antique<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


chair from Soap and Salvation in Rye,<br />

marble side tables & lights from Soho<br />

<strong>Home</strong>, a contemporary rattan bench<br />

from H&M <strong>Home</strong>, a mother of pearl<br />

dressing table by Graham and Greene<br />

and a vintage lamp from Kula – all<br />

offer texture. Some light touches of<br />

orientalism can also be seen in the<br />

hanging Kimono, the velvet blinds<br />

using a Mind The Gap oriental fabric<br />

and the artwork triptych panel sourced<br />

in Hastings old town. A former ensuite<br />

shower room has also been transformed.<br />

“For an ex-Londoner who has always<br />

been bonkers about fashion to have a<br />

walk-in dressing room, well, it’s quite<br />

something,” Alexa smiles with delight.<br />

The last room of the house to<br />

have been renovated was the family<br />

bathroom. “For some reason the house<br />

is on a bit of a slope, so we used slim<br />

rectangular earthenware tiles vertically<br />

to give height to the room,” says Alexa.<br />

“I’m super pleased how they have<br />

worked especially with the tongue-andgroove<br />

woodwork and built in dresser,<br />

fireplace, and the bath surround that<br />

our painter Dicky painted a deep sage<br />

green. The new wood shelf is sourced<br />

from Powdermill Wood sawmill.” An<br />

encaustic style Formica floor (again dog<br />

proof!) has been topped off with another<br />

witty nod to contemporary culture –<br />

an Acid House smiley face bathmat.<br />

Alexa and Robin’s move to Battle came<br />

at the perfect time in their life. As part<br />

of their quest to re-address their work/<br />

life balance, the house and studio have<br />

become a new chapter for them both. <br />

This spread: The apartment is perfectly placed for visiting artists coming to join one of the many courses that are now running in<br />

Senlac Studio. It’s also in an ideal location for walkers drawn to Battle Abbey, the nearby 1066 footpath and the ancient Battle Woods<br />

59 priceless-magazines.com

Create a stunning affordable entrance<br />

All our canopies, heritage and contemporary, are manufactured by hand using<br />

traditional skills and traditional sustainable materials, all by our artisan workforce.<br />

Inspired by us manufacturing zinc and copper work for some of England’s most historic buildings.<br />

We are working in association with English Heritage to proudly present this officially licensed product.<br />

Porches, Verandas and Door Canopies<br />

You can contact us by email or call - we are happy to help.<br />

www.zac.ltd | 02039 576150 | info@zac.ltd

This page: Over the past three years, the couple have developed Robin’s<br />

studio into a thriving artist-led community space called Senlac Studio.<br />

A new series of affordable mini paintings by Robin (below)<br />

Senlac Studio is now established as a local arts hub for the<br />

creative community of the town, where people can rent a space<br />

or run courses. Robin has already organised two craft fairs in<br />

Battle and in <strong>July</strong> he is also organising Battle’s first Arts Fair.<br />

“We knew we needed a change and lockdown gave us the final<br />

push to do it and leave London. As soon as we saw the house<br />

and the studio, we could see the potential. We will always be<br />

so grateful to it for allowing us to re-set things and achieve<br />

our dreams,” says Robin, as he disappears back to his studio –<br />

paintbrush in hand – to begin work on a new series of oils.<br />

Address Book:<br />

Battle Arts Fair will be happening at Tills Courtyard, off Battle High Street, from 10am-4pm on Saturday 15 <strong>July</strong><br />

To book a stay at Artists Hideway, see<br />

sykescottages.co.uk/1133526<br />

For information on courses and venue hire<br />

at Senlac Studio visit senlacstudio.com<br />

Follow @Kompost_Creative on Instagram<br />

for furniture and soft furnishings<br />

Follow @rw_easterby on Instagram for artwork<br />

Dyke & Dean dykeanddean.com<br />

Harborough Nurseries harboroughnurseries.com<br />

Powdermill Wood Sawmill powdermillwood.co.uk<br />

Soap & Salvation soapandsalvation.com<br />

Soho <strong>Home</strong> sohohome.com<br />

61 priceless-magazines.com

Get the<br />

LOOK<br />

1 Slub silk antique gold shade with anthology seri mineral £192 Cotterell & Co cotterellandco.com 2 Challa antique<br />

brass floor lamp £316 Rose & Grey roseandgrey.co.uk 3 Round extra large real deal mirror in blackened bronze £335<br />

Loaf loaf.com 4 Dick Turpin No. 20 paint £44.95 Victory Colours victorycolours.co.uk 5 Copper gluggle jug £90 Brit<br />

Locker britlocker.com 6 Teddy 3 seat sofa in butterscotch cotton matt velvet £2,730 sofa.com 7 Shanxi curio cabinet<br />

black lacquer £645 Shimu shimu.co.uk 8 Jane Diamond weave seagrass belly basket in natural (M) £28 Sazy sazy.com<br />

9 Starfloor plank Scandinave wood white luxury vinyl £34.99/m 2 Carpetright carpetright.co.uk<br />

63 priceless-magazines.com

Hammer Price £2,500 Hammer Price £1,100<br />

Antiques & Collector’s Items<br />

Antiques & Collectors' Items<br />



Wednesday 27th 19th April <strong>July</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 2022 at 11am<br />

With With live live in in room bidding and and online online via via<br />

easyliveauction.com/ibbettmosely<br />

Viewing of Viewing the sale of strictly the sale by appointment is on Monday on 17th Monday 25th<br />

and and Tuesday 26th 18th April, June, between between 10:30am-4.30pm<br />

10am-5pm<br />

For all enquires, please contact us by email or telephone:<br />

auctions@ibbettmosely.co.uk 01732 456731<br />

Working WITH YOU, not just FOR YOU<br />

Tax planning<br />

Profit improvement strategies<br />

Business development advice<br />

Inheritance tax advice<br />

Succession planning<br />

Payroll<br />

Tel: 01233 630000<br />

www.mageegammon.com<br />

Look out for our<br />

Education<br />

<strong>Supplement</strong><br />

<strong>Wealden</strong> Midwinter MG Ad.indd 1 31/08/2021 14:33:40<br />

IbbettMosely<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 06/06/<strong>2023</strong> 14:26:26 MageeGammonWT235.indd 1 27/10/2021 12:56<br />

in the September<br />

issue of <strong>Wealden</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

and Surrey <strong>Home</strong>s<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


<strong>Love</strong> your<br />



Proud UK Installer and Distributor of Aqua Technics Pools<br />

Award-winning One-piece Swimming Pools From Australia<br />

Specialists in Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pool Installation<br />

44 SPATA Awards<br />

SPATA Contractor of the Year 2020, 2018, 2015<br />

EUSA Domestic Indoor Pool Gold Award Winner 2021<br />

Unit 5, The Glenmore Centre, Willesborough, Ashford, TN24 0TL<br />

01233 840336 | enquiries@xlpools.com<br />


10<br />

17<br />

20<br />

22<br />

5<br />

Contents<br />


We explore a few ways to make<br />

the home you’re in more lovable<br />

7 INSIDE OUT<br />

Give your garden room a purpose<br />



Amy Eld shows us how to<br />

makeover your interiors with<br />

vintage and antique items<br />



Explore a local home that added<br />

one of the most fun features out<br />

there – a cinema room<br />

14 SMALL SPACE,<br />


A Surrey architect shares a small<br />

space that’s had a big makeover<br />

17 6 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR<br />


Our list of value-boosting home<br />

improvements<br />


Shop furniture that’s worth<br />

spending out on<br />


Get set to host in your<br />

outdoor space this summer<br />

10<br />

22<br />

TenterdenTiling<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 08/06/<strong>2023</strong> 16:33:09<br />

7<br />

20<br />

17<br />

3 priceless-magazines.com<br />

SitSmartWT253.indd 1 09/05/<strong>2023</strong> 13:29:41

Creating An Illusion To Sell <strong>Your</strong> Property<br />

Primary logo<br />

clare langdon<br />

I N T E R I O R S<br />

07918 081792 | 01892 352050 | stylemyhome.com<br />

Made to measure curtains,<br />

blinds secondary and soft logo furnishings.<br />

& pattern<br />

clare langdon<br />

Visit our shop for ideas, lamps, cushions,<br />

throws and items for the home.<br />

St David’s Bridge, Cranbrook. TN17 3HL<br />

I N T E R I O R S<br />

Tuesday – Friday 10-4 or by appointment<br />

01580 712209<br />

www.clarelangdoninteriors.co.uk<br />

I N T E R I O R S<br />

clare langdon<br />

StyleMy<strong>Home</strong>Ltd<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 15/06/<strong>2023</strong> 09:39:36 ClareLangdonWT252.indd 1 11/04/<strong>2023</strong> 16:53<br />

colour palette<br />

Google Reviews<br />

Architect specialising in high-quality, sustainable, residential design<br />

C = 20<br />

M = 15<br />

Y = 72<br />

K = 5<br />

C = 0<br />

M = 5<br />

Y = 5<br />

K = 60<br />

Gotham Book<br />

fonts<br />

Caleigh<br />

New <strong>Home</strong>s Extensions Loft Conversions Interiors Green Belt & AONBs<br />

www.fg-architecture.com 07792 678564 foxgrovesarchitecture<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

4<br />

FoxGroveArchitecture<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 07/06/<strong>2023</strong> 14:24:58

<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

Don’t<br />

Move,<br />

Improve<br />

Some quick and easy ways to help renew your love for<br />

your home, without too much upheaval<br />

Breathe life back into your<br />

home with new bespoke window<br />

coverings. Get creative with colour<br />

and pattern or tone it down with<br />

neutrals, soft greys and calming blues.<br />

Whatever your décor style, blinds will help<br />

you control light beautifully with a choice<br />

of transparency, privacy and blackout<br />

options. These Luxaflex Batiste Soria fabric<br />

bespoke blinds are a great choice as they<br />

have excellent insulation – helping to<br />

keep your home cool in the summer and<br />

warm in the winter – with their unique<br />

honeycomb structure. curtain-call.co.uk<br />

2We love an exciting statement wallpaper and Bobbi Beck’s Vintage<br />

Rainforest Wallpaper Mural (£29/m) is the perfect example, transporting<br />

us to far flung places. You can cover just one wall contrasting with your<br />

paintwork, or statement wallpaper can look fantastic as a frame for a<br />

window or doorway. There are so many beautiful options to choose from<br />

and the botanic theme will always enhance a living space. bobbibeck.com<br />

3Adding plant life to your home<br />

will literally give you a breath of<br />

fresh air. As well as improving the<br />

air quality in your living space and<br />

giving you something pretty to<br />

look at, you will also get the wellbeing boost<br />

indoor plants are known to provide, All of<br />

this adds up to a homely feel that will really<br />

help you love your home. If you’re stuck<br />

for space on floors or shelves, these hanging<br />

planters from Tom Raffield look luscious<br />

with trailing green vines spilling from them.<br />

tomraffield.com<br />

4Adding new colour to<br />

a room is a great way<br />

to bring it back to life,<br />

but for a contemporary<br />

feel you can elevate the look by<br />

painting just half of it. Take an old<br />

white wall, a little masking tape, a<br />

spirit level and, with half the time,<br />

effort, and expense of painting the<br />

walls entirely, you can double on<br />

style. Be sure to select a colour that<br />

complements the tone of the rest of<br />

the wall, like this example that pairs<br />

Earthborn’s Peach Baby with Lady<br />

Bug Burgundy for a harmonious<br />

warm look. earthbornpaints.co.uk<br />

5 priceless-magazines.com

Innovators in outdoor living since 1960<br />

Garden Rooms | Composite Decking<br />

Hot Tubs | Swim Spas | Saunas<br />

johnsonsgardenbuildings.co.uk<br />


<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

Inside<br />

OUT<br />

A garden room can increase<br />

your <strong>inside</strong> space and bridge<br />

the gap between indoors and out,<br />

but they work best when kitted out with<br />

purpose, so what to use yours for?<br />

Living Space<br />

The above is a fully bespoke ‘L-shaped’ garden<br />

room by Into The Garden Rooms, which was<br />

carefully designed and built around a beautiful<br />

250-year-old oak tree. It was built for a client in<br />

Surbiton looking to create a multi-use space for<br />

the whole family. The eye-catching luxury lounge<br />

area serves as a relaxing sanctuary for the whole<br />

family to unwind and reconnect.<br />

It has all the tech a modern family space needs<br />

with a TV and turntable, as well as dual air<br />

conditioning/heating, but while also feeling very<br />

natural. The design creates a sense of connection<br />

to the garden outside through a corner set of<br />

three- and two-leaf bi fold doors and the use of<br />

wood woven throughout – in an acoustic slat<br />

feature wall, Canadian Redwood Cedar cladding,<br />

and the custom-built bar (with sink and built-in<br />

storage of course). To make the space more multifunctional,<br />

it also features a fully separate toilet,<br />

washbasin and shower area, as well as a utility<br />

room and two-person home office.<br />

Find out more about Into The Garden Rooms’<br />

luxury garden rooms and their state-of-the-art<br />

design, contemporary materials and quality<br />

craftmanship by calling 020 8038 6074 or<br />

visiting intothegardenroom.com<br />

This large garden room belongs to<br />

Sophie in Farnham, who went to<br />

Garden Rooms by Drumbeat to build<br />

a fitness and training room for her<br />

daughter, that would also work as a<br />

leisure area for the rest of the family.<br />

The space at the end of the garden was<br />

an unusual shape, but a long diagonal<br />

wall at the front, with bifold doors,<br />

made perfect use of the space, and<br />

created a nice view to face the main<br />

house. A large external composite<br />

decking area was added for an outside<br />

training area and it was equipped with<br />

gym matting, and large gym mirrors<br />

<strong>Home</strong> Gym<br />

as well as a toilet and shower room.<br />

To make it versatile, and usable year<br />

round full electrical and plumbing<br />

installation was part of the package,<br />

and the room was also fully insulated<br />

and equipped with air conditioning.<br />

All of Garden Rooms by Drumbeat’s<br />

rooms are built to a very high<br />

standard and are designed to last<br />

a lifetime. Prices are from about<br />

£23,500 to £55,000 and their ‘any<br />

size any shape’ philosophy makes<br />

them perfect for those looking to fill<br />

an awkward space. Find out more at<br />

gardenroomsbydrumbeat.co.uk<br />

7 priceless-magazines.com

<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

Screen-free<br />

Sanctuary<br />

Emma, one of Johnsons Garden<br />

Buildings customers, had always<br />

loved socialising and having a place to<br />

entertain. After having her deck area<br />

damaged by a river that runs at the<br />

bottom of her garden, she decided a<br />

suitable replacement was required.<br />

Emma decided to visit a local Johnsons<br />

showroom, where she was able to look<br />

and feel the quality of the buildings on<br />

offer for herself.<br />

It didn’t take her long to settle on the<br />

idea that a Garden Room would be an<br />

excellent enhancement to her outdoor<br />

space giving plenty of year-round<br />

flexibility and a place to relax.<br />

She chose a Johnsons Vancouver 4m x<br />

4m, professionally installed including<br />

roof and floor insulation as well as a full<br />

electrical package.<br />

“Our garden room is a non-digital<br />

paradise. We have music, a comfy sofa,<br />

and soft blankets. We’re experiencing a<br />

part of our garden that we hardly had<br />

any time in before.”<br />

johnsonsgardenbuildings.co.uk<br />

Granny Annexe<br />

At Timeless Garden Rooms their family<br />

orientated, flexible approach means<br />

every annexe project is carefully designed<br />

to order. This 85m annexe was created<br />

for a family looking to install a selfcontained<br />

living space for an elderly<br />

relative, close enough to the main<br />

house to offer comfort and support,<br />

yet also retaining their independence.<br />

The annexe features an open plan<br />

living room, kitchen and dining area<br />

and two spacious bedrooms, each<br />

with en suites. French doors lead out<br />

onto the covered veranda to the front<br />

elevations offering a sheltered spot to<br />

enjoy beautiful views of the landscaped<br />

garden. Choosing the turnkey service,<br />

starting from £2,300/m, this project<br />

included a full décor option, including<br />

Farrow & Ball interior, a well specified<br />

kitchen, complete electrical package and<br />

underfloor heating. Saving the family<br />

time and stress, Timeless handled all<br />

of the planning and building control<br />

applications allowing them to sit back<br />

and watch their new home-fromhome<br />

take shape. 01843 821851<br />

timelessgardenrooms.co.uk<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Sale<br />

Timeless Garden Rooms<br />


Garden Room & Annexe Company<br />

<strong>Home</strong> Offices, Gyms, Pool House &<br />

Independent Annexes in your garden.<br />

25 Years Experience<br />

Family orientated, custom built, flexible service.<br />

17 th June - 15 th <strong>July</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.timelessgardenrooms.co.uk<br />

www.timelessgardenannexe.com<br />

01843 821 851<br />

sales.timelessgardenrooms@gmail.com<br />

High Street,<br />

Cranbrook,<br />

Kent, TN17 3DN<br />

Tel: 01580 712555<br />

bellhousefabrics.co.uk<br />

sales@bellhousefabrics.co.uk<br />

Premium Bespoke<br />

Garden Rooms in Surrey.<br />

Any size, any shape.<br />

TimelessGardenRooms<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 07/06/<strong>2023</strong> 16:04:25<br />

BellHouse<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 06/06/<strong>2023</strong> 14:48:06<br />

Local company with<br />

experienced, professional team.<br />

10 year guarantee.<br />

From £23,000.<br />

Make Contact via Our Website Now. We are taking bookings for this year.<br />

Unit 4, Monument Way East, Woking,<br />

Surrey, GU21 5LY 01483 768273<br />

www.gardenroomsbydrumbeat.co.uk<br />

9 priceless-magazines.com<br />

GardenRoomsByDrumbeat<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 12/06/<strong>2023</strong> 16:45:22

<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

Something<br />

Old,<br />

Something<br />

New<br />

Amy Eld, owner of Rock the<br />

Heirloom in Surrey, shows us<br />

how using restored vintage and<br />

antique pieces gives your interior<br />

a timeless charm and being more<br />

planet-friendly they’re also easier<br />

on the conscience<br />

“I love using fun<br />

patterns and colour”<br />

I<br />

only have things in my<br />

house that I love and that<br />

make me smile. I have<br />

built my company, Rock<br />

the Heirloom, with this ethos in<br />

mind – bringing people the kind<br />

of antiques and vintage pieces that<br />

rock my world. It’s all about finding<br />

a relaxed, unorthodox and uniquely<br />

stylish look with the added benefit<br />

of being super-sustainable.<br />

No surprise then, that in a recent<br />

makeover of my Georgian house in<br />

Surrey, I felt the need to fill it with<br />

treasures that I love. As well as using<br />

some of my favourite pieces, ranging<br />

from mid-century Italian chandeliers<br />

and Victorian faux bamboo furniture<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


to early 19th-century milking stools<br />

and Victorian gluggle jugs, I also<br />

added some extra va va voom to the<br />

rooms with lamp shades, rugs and<br />

soft furnishings from spirited interiors<br />

emporium That Rebel House.<br />

Overall, I love using fun patterns<br />

and colour, and I find that mixing my<br />

pieces into these rooms helps with the<br />

rich tapestry and depth of each space.<br />

Every single item in my house tells a<br />

story, and I love that. The best advice<br />

I can give when it comes to shopping<br />

for vintage and antiques is simply to<br />

find things that you love – trust your<br />

own taste and you are bound to create<br />

yourself an interior that makes you<br />

happy!<br />

Choosing your furniture and<br />

accessories are the fun bits at the end<br />

of the project. However, it is vital<br />

to get the bigger bits correct, too.<br />

Choose the right wall colour if you<br />

want an interior that pops. In my<br />

house, I used Edward Bulmer Natural<br />

Paints – they are plant-derived,<br />

breathable, healthy, environmentally<br />

friendly and are ideal for old<br />

properties. They also pack a real<br />

punch when it comes to colour. I had<br />

a mind-boggling palette of over 100<br />

gorgeous hues to choose from.<br />

I wanted a vibe that was traditional<br />

but also with real wow factor, so I<br />

chose the strong, striking Invisible<br />

Green to really brighten up the office<br />

walls (it’s definitely not invisible!),<br />

and I did the dining room in Sang de<br />

Boeuf – a calm but serious colour that<br />

makes a real statement. I went for<br />

a pale, warm Spanish White for the<br />

ceiling, shutters and woodwork. My<br />

husband got a bit of a shock when he<br />

returned from his New York business<br />

trip but thankfully he loves it!<br />

Browse Amy’s curated collection of<br />

vintage homeware and antiques and<br />

discover her latest finds on Instagram<br />

@rocktheheirloom. To shop in person<br />

you can book a visit to her showroom<br />

in Chobham, Surrey. If you just can’t<br />

find that real one-off piece that you’re<br />

looking for, Amy also provides a<br />

sourcing service, so that you can get<br />

her personal input to help create you<br />

a home that you love!<br />

rocktheheirloom.co.uk<br />

<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

“It’s all about<br />

finding a relaxed,<br />

unorthodox<br />

and uniquely<br />

stylish look”<br />

11 priceless-magazines.com

Experts in <strong>Home</strong> Cinema Installation & Technology<br />

Indoor and Outdoor AV, Smart Control Systems and Lighting<br />

01732 758985 www.lakehome.co.uk

We’re gonna need a<br />

Bigger Screen<br />

Lake Electrical tell us the story of an extraordinary Sevenoaks basement transformation<br />

he brief was clear:<br />

to create a sanctuary<br />

where a young family<br />

could unwind, relax and<br />

experience the magic<br />

of the movies together.<br />

This Sevenoaks project involved the<br />

remarkable transformation of a neglected<br />

and overlooked basement room into a<br />

highly sought-after family cinema room.<br />

To fulfil this vision, Lake Electrical<br />

turned to the Sonance, known for their<br />

remarkable speakers designed to seamlessly<br />

disappear into the room's aesthetic. The<br />

Sonance Reference 1 system was the<br />

epitome of this philosophy, delivering a<br />

powerful and captivating audio experience<br />

while maintaining an unobtrusive<br />

presence. This 7.2.2 system, consisting of<br />

seven main speakers, two subwoofers, and<br />

two overhead speakers, ensured that every<br />

audio detail and nuance was faithfully<br />

reproduced as intended.<br />

Complementing the immersive audio<br />

experience was the JVC NP5 projector, a<br />

true marvel of visual technology. Its vibrant<br />

colours and stunning clarity brings films<br />

to life, captivating both young and old<br />

alike. Paired with the Projecta screen, every<br />

frame unfolds with cinematic grandeur,<br />

transporting the family to the very<br />

heart of the action.<br />

To make the room not only a sanctuary<br />

for the family but also an inviting space for<br />

guests, Lake Electrical focused on creating<br />

a user-friendly intuitive environment. The<br />

controls were thoughtfully designed to be<br />

easy to understand and operate, ensuring<br />

that everyone can effortlessly enjoy their<br />

favourite movies and media.<br />

In addition to designing and integrating<br />

the Sonance Reference 1 system and<br />

accompanying technology, comprehensive<br />

building works and decoration helped<br />

realise the clients’ vision. Dedication to<br />

detail and craftsmanship has resulted<br />

in a stunning room exuding comfort<br />

and sophistication.<br />

It's worth noting that the entire project,<br />

excluding soft furnishings, amounted to<br />

under £35,000+ VAT. This investment<br />

ensured that every aspect of the room was<br />

tailored to perfection, providing a complete<br />

sensory experience. The result was a<br />

harmonious fusion of technology and<br />

family-oriented design, where relaxation,<br />

entertainment, and connectivity neatly<br />

converge. The clients’ vision for a space<br />

that brings joy, relaxation, and togetherness<br />

to the young family was perfectly realised.<br />

To find out more about Lake Electrical<br />

visit lake-electrical.co.uk<br />

13 priceless-magazines.com

<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

small space<br />


Elle Bytautaite, Architect and Founder of Surrey-based business, studio elle, shares how to maximise the space, value, and<br />

atmosphere of even the smallest of residential projects, as she shows us around a micro-home with big ambition<br />

rchitecture and interior<br />

studio, studio elle, specialises<br />

in creating beautiful Surrey<br />

homes, from small design<br />

tasks like kitchen design or room furniture<br />

selection, to extensive renovations and<br />

extensions. It’s a common misconception<br />

that architects and interior designers<br />

should only be brought in on large,<br />

complex and expensive projects, but this is<br />

far from the truth. This airy and modern<br />

micro-home in Surrey illustrates just how<br />

much value, space and character can be<br />

added to the smallest of spaces with a<br />

modest budget and a little help from the<br />

right architect.<br />

The Brief: A micro-home. A 34m flat in<br />

a 1920s detached house that hadn’t been<br />

renovated since the 80s and lacked basic<br />

amenities such as a fridge, a washing machine<br />

or shower. The key considerations were to<br />

maximise the sense of space and create an<br />

elegant, contemporary space, with a tight<br />

first-time buyer budget of £13,000.<br />

The Process: studio elle had to dig deep<br />

into their bag of tricks for creative solutions<br />

to many small-scale and humble budget<br />

problems, but it can be done and here’s how:<br />

The Layout – Retain as much of the<br />

existing layout as possible to avoid any<br />

costly structural, electrical or plumbing<br />

interventions.<br />

The Aesthetic – Maintain a controlled and<br />

elegant material language throughout to<br />

avoid visual clutter.<br />

The Furniture – Use leftover materials to<br />

build bespoke space-saving pieces – in this<br />

case, a console in the entry way, kitchen<br />

shelves and a breakfast bar overlaying the<br />

washing machine.<br />

The Storage – Create custom storage<br />

solutions with the appearance of high-end<br />

built-in units, by hiding standard IKEA<br />

”<br />

wardrobe frames behind a bespoke ‘wall’ and<br />

added coving, seamlessly blending into the<br />

fabric of the room.<br />

The Details – Hand-source small items<br />

such as handles; switch taps and accessories<br />

to make even the cheapest spec kitchen look<br />

curated and considered.<br />

Value, space and character can be added to the smallest of<br />

spaces with a modest budget and a little help from the right architect<br />

A “<br />

Being involved from the outset of the<br />

project, the micro-home has exceeded the<br />

client’s expectations through painstaking<br />

organisation, meticulous attention to detail<br />

and a deep understanding of the client’s brief<br />

and the way of life. No matter the size of<br />

your space or idea, working with the right<br />

architect who is determined to help you<br />

create the space you deserve adds so much<br />

more than monetary value.<br />

If you have any ideas (no matter how big or<br />

small) to discuss with studio elle, get in touch<br />

at studioellearchitecture.com or follow on<br />

Instagram for inspiration and latest updates<br />

@studio.elle.architecture<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />



The Stables, Morgans Yard, High Street, Uckfield TN22 1RN<br />

Be Inspired...<br />

New Builds | Alterations & Conversions | Restorations | Extensions<br />

Garages | Groundworks | Roofing Services | Bathrooms & Kitchens<br />

Surveying | Listed Properties | Commercial Properties<br />

01424 892933 | info@parkerandsonconstruction.co.uk<br />

www.parkerandsonconstruction.co.uk<br />


01825 705800 info@villagebathroomstudio.co.uk<br />

www.villagebathroomstudio.co.uk<br />

ParkerAndSonConstructionWT251.indd 1 16/03/<strong>2023</strong> VillageBathroomStudio<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 11:28<br />

1 08/06/<strong>2023</strong> 12:21:19<br />

Oak Framed Buildings<br />

☎ 07716 825217 foxframing.co.uk<br />

@foxframing @foxframing<br />

Garage / Cartlodges • Studio / <strong>Home</strong> Offices • Gazebos / Pergolas<br />

15 priceless-magazines.com<br />

FoxFramingWT247.indd 1 31/10/2022 16:11

Experts in bespoke fitted furniture.<br />

Experts in bespoke fitted furniture.<br />

Book a Visit free, our no showroom obligation design on the Boucher appointment Road at in sliderobes.co.uk<br />

Belfast.<br />

028 9068 1034 | 61 or Boucher call our free Crescent, phone Belfast, number BT12 0800 6HU 454 | www.sliderobes.com<br />

465<br />

*All *All finance offers are are subject to to eligibility criteria. Applicants for for finance must be be 18 18 years or or over. Credit is is subject to to status and and affordability. Terms and and conditions apply. Reddington Jordan Ltd Ltd T/A T/A Sli-<br />

Sliderobes, Unit 3C 3C Deacon Trading Estate, Forstal Road, Aylesford, Maidstone, Kent, ME20 7SP, Register No. 728723 is is a a credit broker not a a lender and is is authorised and regulated by by the Financial Conduct<br />

Authority. Credit provided by Novuna Personal Finance, a trading style of Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Register no. FRN 704348)

6<br />

ways to make<br />

your home<br />

more sellable<br />

Is it time to sell up and move on to your next home to love?<br />

Here are some alterations that will give your sale a big boost<br />

1<br />

<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

2<br />

Beautiful Bi-folds<br />

Whether it’s a new or existing build, an extension or even a period<br />

style cottage, bi-fold doors give you a sophisticated and timeless look<br />

and a whole new way to interact with your garden. These beautiful<br />

Origin bi-folding doors were supplied and installed by Shard Solutions<br />

and as they are completely bespoke, you can customise them to meet<br />

your stylistic and practical requirements. shardhome.com<br />

A Fresh Bathroom<br />

Jamie Bebbington, Managing Director at Aston<br />

Matthews says, “Guests are going to visit your<br />

cloakroom, so why not make an impact. A coloured<br />

basin and matching WC along with bright tiles are<br />

going to be memorable and help your home stand<br />

out from the crowd. Add pretty hand towels and<br />

attractive soaps as the final flourish.” In this example,<br />

an Astonian Roma basin £844 and wall hung WC<br />

£673 in sky blue from Aston Matthews create a fun<br />

and family-friendly vibe that will leave an impression<br />

on any home viewers. astonmatthews.co.uk<br />

A Cool<br />

Kitchen<br />

You won’t be surprised to see a sleek<br />

shiny new kitchen on this list. A sure<br />

bet to make sure your home really<br />

stands out.<br />

“A handmade, bespoke kitchen is<br />

the must-have showpiece of every<br />

dream home and creates the lifestyle<br />

to which we all aspire,” explains John<br />

Stephens from Rencraft. “Providing<br />

a central hub to cook, dine, gather<br />

and entertain friends and family – an<br />

expertly crafted, stunning kitchen is at<br />

the top of everyone’s wish list.”<br />

rencraft.co.uk<br />

3<br />

17 priceless-magazines.com

Upholstery Design Services<br />

Passionate about fabric & creating unique furniture<br />

sarahlouisedix.co.uk | enquiries@sarahlouisedix.co.uk | 01483 801108<br />



A family business providing timeless<br />

architectural and interior design services,<br />

inspired by the Quintessential English<br />

countryside. Find us @thestylebrush<br />

www.thestylebrush.com<br />

SarahLouiseDix<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 07/06/<strong>2023</strong> 15:36:21<br />

StyleBrushArchitecture&InteriorsThewt254.indd 1 12/06/<strong>2023</strong> 16:58:01<br />

<strong>Your</strong> Dream, Our Vision<br />

Photo Credit: Louisa Grace Interiors<br />

Specialists in the supply & installation of contemporary bespoke aluminium glazing systems. Our showroom & offices are based in<br />

a historical boatyard overlooking the River Thames in Hampton. Specified by Architects, recommended by Contractors, referred by Clients.<br />

Urban & Grey Ltd<br />

Constable’s Boatyard<br />

5-9 Thames Street<br />

Hampton<br />

TW12 2EW<br />

Telephone: 020 8979 6367<br />

info@urbanandgrey.co.uk<br />

www.urbanandgrey.co.uk<br />

Sliding Doors • Bifold Doors • Flush Casement Windows<br />

Steel Replacement Doors, Screens & Windows<br />

Frameless Glazing • Frameless Fixed Rooflights<br />

Venting, Lantern & Walk-on Rooflights<br />

Front Doors, Pivot Doors, Glazed Garden Rooms & Verandas<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

18<br />

Urban&GreyWT243.indd 1 22/07/2022 14:07

<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

Fitted<br />

Wardrobes<br />

A sure fire way to make a home look great is to ensure<br />

all the clothes and untidy bits and bobs are hidden<br />

away! We all look for good storage when considering<br />

a new home. “Fitted wardrobes are an excellent way<br />

to create additional space and storage in your home<br />

and, as all Sliderobes designs are completely bespoke,<br />

they can fit seamlessly with the style of your room, in<br />

colours and finishes of your choice. As well as being<br />

practical day-to-day, fitted wardrobes will stand the<br />

test of time and add value to your home.” – Joanna<br />

Azevedo, Head of Design at Sliderobes. sliderobes.co.uk<br />

4<br />

5<br />

A <strong>Home</strong> Office<br />

With lots of us now working from home, many of your<br />

buyers will have a home office at the top of their ‘must<br />

have’ list. And if it’s in the garden even better, lending<br />

that all important work/home separation. Who doesn’t<br />

want to commute by wandering down the garden path?<br />

Green Retreats TGO1, pictured here, combines modern<br />

styling with a traditional garden lodge feel. The sloping<br />

roof extends from all sides creating a grand hooded<br />

feature, styled in either black or graphite. The three-board<br />

decking is colour matched with your choice of either<br />

graphite or black to complete the aesthetic. Unique to<br />

the TGO range is the wrap-around door and window<br />

sets to enhance the corner aspect of your garden office.<br />

greenretreats.co.uk/garden-rooms/<br />

A Statement<br />

Entrance<br />

First impressions matter, so don’t forget about the<br />

exterior of your property and the front door. A<br />

splash of paint, beautiful hardware or a statement<br />

porch can set the tone nicely for a viewing and give<br />

a property that added ‘je ne sais quoi’. This simple<br />

and elegant entrance from ZAC adds a sense<br />

of grandeur and makes a real feature out of the<br />

property’s double doors.<br />

ZAC also creates beautiful award-winning zinc and<br />

copper verandas and porches, which are perfect to<br />

enhance any home with a stunning leisure area to<br />

enjoy in all weathers. zac.ltd<br />

6<br />

19 priceless-magazines.com

It’s estimated you spend a third of your life in<br />

bed. And a good night’s sleep will contribute to<br />

your wellbeing in the long run, so look at your<br />

bed as a worthwhile investment. Vi Spring beds<br />

are made from only the highest quality materials.<br />

Sourced from remote and unique places, then<br />

carefully finessed by their master bed makers<br />

– every fleece and fibre is feather-soft, downy<br />

and light. The end result is a collection of<br />

luxurious beds that offer comfort like nothing<br />

else. This Vi Spring Regal Superb 150x200cm<br />

(Kingsize) Divan Set including mattress and<br />

base (headboard not included) is £9,150 but you<br />

can get it on sale for £7,325 at Lenleys <strong>Home</strong><br />

Canterbury or Maidstone. lenleys.co.uk<br />

A simple small armchair will always<br />

find a good spot to live in any<br />

home. This BoConcept Charlotte<br />

chair combines comfort, durability<br />

and a beautiful clean design that<br />

make it versatile and timeless.<br />

It comes in multiple fabrics and<br />

woods so you can find the perfect<br />

one for your home, and is £1,871<br />

at BoConcept boconcept.com<br />

Best To<br />

Invest<br />

Buying furniture you’ll love for<br />

many years is not only good<br />

for your bank balance and for<br />

the planet – choosing pieces for<br />

your home that are timeless,<br />

reliable and become woven into<br />

your memories, gives a sense<br />

of comfort that’s well worth<br />

investing in<br />

Flexibility is king of keepers.<br />

Whether you move home or just<br />

move around the furniture, it’s wise<br />

to shop investment pieces that can<br />

move with you. This Cane Line<br />

Aura lounge sofa has a modular<br />

system that lets you play with your<br />

arrangement. It’s also super-elegant<br />

with its timeless style, high quality<br />

and superbly comfortable with<br />

down-filled cushions. Find it for<br />

£8,450 at Cobham Furniture or<br />

online at cobhamfurniture.co.uk<br />

The dining table is where so<br />

many wonderful memories<br />

are made – noisy family<br />

meals, birthday parties and<br />

late night chats with friends.<br />

That’s why investing in one<br />

that can see you through<br />

years of breakfasts, lunches<br />

and dinners – a familiar<br />

backdrop year after year – is<br />

so worthwhile. This Pennon<br />

table from L. Ercolani comes<br />

in three different woods and<br />

harnesses smooth organic lines<br />

for a modern classic look. It<br />

mixes sturdy craftsmanship<br />

with rounded lines – homely<br />

while also being iconically<br />

stylish. lercolani.com<br />

No compromises, no settling for something that<br />

is kind of close to what you’re after, the best<br />

you can find or just what is currently trendy.<br />

The best way to find a forever piece is to get it<br />

custom-made just for you. This chaise longue<br />

was recently made by Sarah Louise Dix, as part<br />

of their new client collaboration design service.<br />

Their London-based customer was looking for<br />

an ‘opium den chic’ vibe and was able to achieve<br />

something here that you couldn’t find anywhere<br />

else. Find out more about Sarah Louise Dix at<br />

sarahlouisedix.co.uk<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Astrid Templier Photography<br />

Luxury Bespoke Bar Stools and Dining Chairs Beautifully Crafted in Kent<br />

Handmade to Perfectly Fit <strong>Your</strong> <strong>Home</strong>.<br />

gabriellajames.co.uk | 01233 756 740 | info@gabriellajames.co.uk<br />



GabriellaJamesChairmakers<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 11/05/<strong>2023</strong> 16:52:42<br />

RUG STORE specialise in a wide selection of new, old and<br />

Antique Persian, Turkish, Caucasian and Turkmen Carpets. Various<br />

antique, old and new Kilims are available. We offer a professional<br />

hand-cleaning and restoration service. We buy old and antique<br />

carpets - even damaged rugs. Part exchange and evaluations.<br />



TEL: 020 8876 0070 WWW.RUGSTOREONLINE.CO.UK<br />



ESTATE, 211 VALE ROAD,<br />


01892 700730<br />

www.galeriehome.co.uk<br />

21 priceless-magazines.com<br />

RugStoreWT251.indd 1 10/03/<strong>2023</strong> GalerieLtd<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 15:42<br />

1 09/06/<strong>2023</strong> 15:53:46

<strong>Love</strong> your <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Supplement</strong><br />

Kamado XL ceramic BBQ £699.99<br />

Tower Housewares towerhousewares.co.uk<br />

Gloster Ambient Sol Parasol<br />

with lighting £6,460<br />

Lagoon vivalagoon.com<br />

National Gallery A Still<br />

Life of Flowers Aspect<br />

1 - Bosschaert £32.99<br />

We <strong>Love</strong> Cushions<br />

welovecushions.co.uk<br />

Garden<br />

Party<br />

Ready<br />

Self watering<br />

PURO planter<br />

£19.99 Lechuza<br />

lechuza.co.uk<br />

Solar LED water<br />

fountain, £144.99<br />

Festive Lights<br />

festive-lights.com<br />

Glass moon tumbler<br />

by Ichendorf Milano<br />

£15 V&A vam.ac.uk<br />

Create the perfect ambiance for<br />

hosting your next garden gathering to<br />

really revel in your outdoor space<br />

Peacock lounge<br />

chair £2,095<br />

Cobham Furniture<br />

cobhamfurniture.co.uk<br />

Palm tables with<br />

solar lights from<br />

£739 Bridgman<br />

bridgman.co.uk<br />

Flat Ring of Logs<br />

120 with Swing<br />

Arm BBQ Rack<br />

£1,070 FirepitsUK<br />

firepitsuk.co.uk<br />

Leaf arch outdoor<br />

mirror £199 Lime<br />

Lace limelace.co.uk<br />

Arcus smart<br />

outdoor wall light<br />

£99.95 Lime Lace<br />

limelace.co.uk<br />

Rosalind solar floor lamps<br />

£79.99 and Mayfair<br />

solar wall lights £29.99,<br />

both from Solar Centre<br />

thesolarcentre.co.uk<br />

Porto portable<br />

table light £594<br />

J Adams & Co<br />

jadamsandco.com<br />

FRIZZ black expandable wine cooling<br />

sleeve £24.99 Peugeot uk.peugeot-saveurs.com<br />

Reclaimed pine sign £49.97 Click<br />

Style Limited clickstyle.co.uk<br />

Breeze House x Avalana Limited<br />

Edition Oval Cape Gazebo from<br />

£42,715 Breeze House breezehouse.co.uk<br />

220cm Cookery Bench<br />

£13,625 Huckleberry Garden<br />

Kitchens huckleberryhome.co.uk

Extend your Living Space this summer with a<br />

Markilux Awning from ABS Blinds of Tenterden<br />

• Self Cleaning Fabrics<br />

• Remote Control<br />

• Heaters<br />

• Motion Sensors<br />


• Call into our showroom and have a look<br />

•<br />

ABS Blinds and Curtains<br />

Friendly,<br />

1999 - <strong>2023</strong><br />

24<br />

YEARS OF<br />


family<br />

run<br />

business •<br />

Tel: 01580 765169<br />

www.absblinds.co.uk<br />

7 Ashford Rd, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6AB | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-3pm<br />

ABSBlinds<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 08/06/<strong>2023</strong> 10:10:05<br />

GreenBlue Gardens<br />

Catering to All <strong>Your</strong><br />

Gardening Needs<br />

Outdoor Living<br />

From firebowls, to<br />

furniture, planters and<br />

more, we have a wide<br />

variety of unique outdoor<br />

furniture to choose from.<br />

SHOP<br />

ONLINE<br />

Tree Planting Products<br />

From tree ties to tree<br />

irrigation products, and root<br />

management, GreenBlue<br />

Gardens have all your tree<br />

planting needs covered.<br />

PlantBox Living Walls<br />

Green-up garden walls<br />

and building façades<br />

with our green wall<br />

planter, Plant Box.<br />

Shop online today<br />

greenbluegardens.com<br />

65 priceless-magazines.com<br />

GreenBlueUrban<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 06/06/<strong>2023</strong> 09:39:00

For amazing designer and bespoke hats and fascinators<br />

as well as seasonal hats, umbrellas and pashminas.<br />

We also stock Rainbow shoes which can<br />

be dyed to any colour imaginable.<br />

The Mad haTTer<br />

12 Castle Street, Guildford,<br />

Surrey GU1 3UW<br />

01483 566845<br />

www.themadhattermillinery.com<br />

Bring some of your personality to your wardrobe<br />

with a personally tailored suit or jacket with a<br />

choice of fabrics, linings and trims. Complement<br />

your look with our stylish footwear.<br />

48 London Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1AS<br />

01732 902019 | www.suitsshoessir.com<br />

TheMadHatter<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 07/06/<strong>2023</strong> 16:10:11 SuitsShoesSirWT248.indd 1 05/12/2022 10:56<br />




Proud stockists of:<br />

Barker, Geox, Jeep, Lacuzzo, Sergio Duletti, John White, R M<br />

Williams, Bugatti and Savelli, boots & shoes<br />


priceless-magazines.com<br />

66<br />

CountyClothesWT252-WT.indd 1 18/04/<strong>2023</strong> 14:29

Still Life<br />

Shop soft-fruit inspired jewellery<br />

that’s as pretty as a picture<br />

Photograph: David Merewether Styling: Lucy Fleming<br />

Cherry brooch, cast in bronze with two large red jade cherries, £221; Fern necklace,<br />

cast in bronze with brass green leaves on gold freshwater pearls, £257; Blackberry<br />

bracelet, cast in hand patinated bronze with accents of gold and cast glass berries,<br />

£221; Blackberry brooch, cast in hand patinated bronze with accents of gold and<br />

cast glass berries, £124; Raspberry earrings, with cast bronze leaves and garnet bead<br />

raspberries, £146; Strawberry pendant, cast in hand patinated bronze with a flameworked<br />

red glass berry, £116, all Michael Michaud michael-michaud.com

Audrey lace<br />

necklace £450<br />

Contessina London<br />

contessinalondon.com<br />

Green velvet bow hair<br />

clip £28 QueenMee<br />

Accessories queenmee.com<br />

Primavera corset<br />

£545 Wolf & Badger<br />

wolfandbadger.com<br />

Zand ruby<br />

earrings £65<br />

Ottoman Hands<br />

ottomanhands.com<br />

Anne Boleyn personalised<br />

initial necklace £69<br />

Westminster Abbey Shop<br />

shop.westminster-abbey.org<br />

Pearl disc Fair Trade<br />

earrings by Mirabelle<br />

£75 V&A vam.ac.uk<br />

Seraphine sapphire and<br />

diamond ring £890 The<br />

Vintage Ring Company<br />

thevintageringco.com<br />

Silver Fleur de Lys earrings<br />

£35 Westminster Abbey Shop<br />

shop.westminster-abbey.org<br />

Zimmermann Ciara floral mini<br />

dress £735 Harvey Nichols<br />

harveynichols.com<br />

Alexander McQueen<br />

faille skirt £960<br />

Harvey Nichols<br />

harveynichols.com<br />

A Still Life of Flowers fan<br />

£12 National Gallery<br />

shop.nationalgallery.org.uk<br />

Costume<br />

Black headband with<br />

pearls £32 QueenMee<br />

Accessories queenmee.com<br />

Drama<br />

Angel cherub gold<br />

plated signet ring £37<br />

Seol+Gold seolgold.com<br />

Lydia Millen leather<br />

corset top £143.20<br />

Karen Millen<br />

karenmillen.com<br />

Embrace the romance of historical fashion<br />

with billowing skirts, theatrical sleeves,<br />

and a little old-master style artistry<br />

Cotton puff<br />

sleeve top £63.20<br />

Karen Millen<br />

karenmillen.com<br />

Claire lace earrings £110<br />

Contessina London<br />

contessinalondon.com<br />

Orange sapphire and diamond<br />

atlantis pendant £3,165 Baroque<br />

baroquejewellery.com<br />

Agua by Agua<br />

Bendita Caramelo<br />

dress £379<br />

Net-a-Porter<br />

net-a-porter.com<br />

Damir ring £POA<br />

Lebrusan Studio<br />

lebrusanstudio.com<br />

QUA VINO<br />

Da Vinci one<br />

piece with puff<br />

sleeves £197<br />

Wolf & Badger<br />

wolfandbadger.com<br />

Noa necklace £59<br />

Ottoman Hands<br />

ottomanhands.com<br />

Dante Gabriel Rossetti<br />

La Ghirlandata tote bag<br />

£12.50 Art UK artuk.org<br />

<strong>Love</strong>ShackFancy<br />

Skipper bustier top<br />

£229 Net-a-Porter<br />

net-a-porter.com<br />

istockphoto.com/ Smithore<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

First folio 400 fan<br />

£55 Rory Hutton<br />

roryhutton.co.uk<br />

Garnet heart ring<br />

£175 Rachel Jackson<br />

racheljacksonlondon.com<br />

68<br />

Fruit and Flowers in a Terracotta<br />

Vase tote bag £24 National Gallery<br />



JustinRichardsonJeweller<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 08/06/<strong>2023</strong> 09:39:10<br />

Visit Blue Velvet Shoes at 174 Kings Road, SW3 4UP or buy online www.bluevelvetshoes.com<br />

69 priceless-magazines.com<br />

BlueVelvet<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 13/06/<strong>2023</strong> 11:53:00

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Recipes: Jo Arnell<br />

Photographs: David Merewether<br />

Fast Fish<br />

Dishes<br />

In the summer it’s all about<br />

easy food preparation, having<br />

a few quick and versatile<br />

recipes to hand is the key. Fish<br />

fillets – fresh or frozen – are<br />

satisfyingly speedy to cook.<br />

All the grisly hard work of<br />

preparation has been done and<br />

each fillet comes portion sized<br />

and ready to go. Prawns can<br />

be a little more fiddly, unless<br />

shelled and de-veined, but they<br />

cook in no time and unlike<br />

some more flaky fish, will hold<br />

their shape well in a sauce.<br />

71 priceless-magazines.com









Individual Salmon<br />

en Croutes<br />

This familiar dish looks as if<br />

it’s tricky and long-winded<br />

to prepare, but it is much<br />

simpler than the beefy version,<br />

especially if you use ready<br />

rolled pastry. I’ve made these<br />

as individual servings, but<br />

you could also use a side of<br />

salmon, which makes an<br />

impressive centrepiece.<br />

Serves 4 Prep time: 20 mins<br />

Cooking time: 25 mins<br />

• 4 small salmon<br />

fillets, skinned<br />

• 1 pack ready rolled<br />

puff pastry<br />

• 300g spinach<br />

• 1 onion, finely chopped<br />

• 1 tbsp olive oil<br />

• 120g cream cheese<br />

• 1 egg, beaten<br />

• salt and pepper<br />

1. Gently sauté the onion<br />

in oil for 3-4 minutes, until<br />

translucent, add spinach,<br />

season and stir until wilted<br />

then drain (pressing out as<br />

much liquid as possible).<br />

2. Cut the pastry into<br />

quarters and lay on a baking<br />

sheet. Brush with half of the<br />

beaten egg (this will help<br />

prevent a soggy bottom).<br />

3. Add spinach mixture<br />

to one half of each<br />

pastry rectangle. Slice the<br />

salmon fillets in half if<br />

they are long, so they fit<br />

on top of the spinach.<br />

4. Spread approx 30g cream<br />

cheese on top of each fillet<br />

and then fold the pastry<br />

over, sealing the edges<br />

carefully (you can tuck<br />

them under the pastry for<br />

neatness, I added a lattice<br />

top, this is optional).<br />

5. Brush with the remaining<br />

egg and bake in a pre-heated<br />

oven for 20-25 minutes until<br />

the pastry is golden brown.<br />

6. Serve with new<br />

potatoes and vegetables<br />

of your choosing.<br />

73 priceless-magazines.com

One Pan Herby Cod Fillets<br />

White fish like cod has a delicate texture<br />

and flavour, enhanced by the herby green<br />

risotto and harissa yoghurt topping. It<br />

works as a one pan dish if you almost<br />

cook the rice before adding the fish.<br />

Serves 4 Prep time: 10 mins<br />

Cooking time: 25 mins<br />

• 4 cod fillets<br />

• 1 small bunch/25g fresh<br />

coriander, chopped<br />

• 1 small bunch/25g parsley, chopped<br />

• 150g baby spinach<br />

• 8 spring onions, roughly chopped<br />

• 2 cloves of garlic<br />

• 300g risotto rice<br />

• small knob of butter<br />

• 900ml (approx) vegetable stock (or<br />

water with 3 tsp bouillon powder)<br />

• 1 tbsp olive oil<br />

• 4 tbsp Greek yoghurt<br />

• 2 tsp harissa paste<br />

• 1 lemon, grated zest and juice<br />

1. Wilt the spinach in a pan,<br />

add the herbs, lemon and spring<br />

onion with 200ml of stock<br />

then blend until smooth.<br />

2. In an oven proof pan gently sauté<br />

the rice with a knob of butter for a<br />

couple of minutes, then add the spinach<br />

mixture. Stir and cook for 2 minutes,<br />

then gradually add the rest of the<br />

vegetable stock, stirring as you go.<br />

3. After 10 minutes add the fish to the<br />

pan, cover and place in a preheated<br />

oven (180°C). Bake for 15 minutes,<br />

until the fish is cooked through.<br />

4. Serve with a spoonful of<br />

yoghurt, swirled with ½ teaspoon<br />

of harissa on each fillet.<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


www.charityfarmcountrystore.co.uk I 01580 710020 I thetroughcranbrook@gmail.com<br />

Charity Farm<br />

Swattenden Lane<br />

Cranbrook<br />

TN17 3PS<br />

Our range of Santa Maria Barbecues<br />

The beauty of the Santa Maria<br />

Grill is that the grilling grate can<br />

be raised or lowered by a hand<br />

crank mechanism to control the<br />

temperature whilst cooking.<br />

Now Open!<br />

Charity Farm Countrystore's new cafe, the<br />

Trough, is now open. Visit us for all-day<br />

breakfast, freshly made sandwiches, locally<br />

sourced coffee, and a range of sweet treats!<br />

These steel barbecues<br />

are modular, giving you a<br />

variety of different ways to<br />

enjoy an outdoor fire.<br />

www.californiangrills.com<br />

01732 321242<br />

Opening times:<br />

Monday-Friday - 8:30am - 5pm<br />

Saturday - 9am - 5pm<br />

Sunday - 10am - 4pm<br />

Cooked food served until 3pm.<br />

Dogs welcome!<br />

CaliforniaGrills<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 05/06/<strong>2023</strong> 10:25:38<br />

CharityFarm<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 13/06/<strong>2023</strong> 12:06:35<br />


Branches<br />

Staplehurst<br />

(Restaurant & Takeaway)<br />

01580 890 420<br />

17 The Parade, High street<br />

Staplehurst, Kent, TN12 0LA<br />

Cranbrook<br />

(Restaurant & Takeaway)<br />

01580 493 812<br />

3 High street, Cranbrook<br />

Kent, TN17 3EB<br />

Wadhurst<br />

(Takeaway only)<br />

01892 785 873<br />

High Street, Wadhurst<br />

East Sussex, TN5 6AQ<br />

w w w . j u m e i r a g r o u p . c o . u k<br />

75 priceless-magazines.com<br />

JumeiraIndianRestaurant<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 13/06/<strong>2023</strong> 11:12:53

Coconut Prawn Curry<br />

This is a really quick and simple curry<br />

– large succulent prawns go well with the<br />

spicy coconut sauce. Use either king, tiger<br />

or Atlantic prawns – fresh or frozen.<br />

Serves 4 Prep time: 15 mins<br />

Cooking time: 30 mins<br />

• 750g prawns, shelled and de-veined (if<br />

using frozen, defrost and drain)<br />

• 1 onion, finely chopped<br />

• 400ml (1 tin) coconut milk<br />

• 3 garlic cloves, crushed<br />

• 2 tsp ginger, grated<br />

• 2 chillies, finely chopped<br />

• 1 tsp turmeric, heaped<br />

• 200g (1 half-sized tin) tomatoes<br />

• ½ tsp salt<br />

• 1 small bunch coriander<br />

1. Gently sauté onions, garlic and spices for 5<br />

minutes in a large pan, then add tomatoes, coconut<br />

milk and salt (to taste). Simmer slowly for 20<br />

minutes until the sauce begins to thicken slightly.<br />

2. Add prawns and continue to cook for a further<br />

10 minutes until the prawns are just cooked.<br />

3. Serve with fluffy rice and garnish with coriander.<br />

77 priceless-magazines.com

Ten-Minute<br />

Josephine Fairley edits down her makeup bag for fresh, dewy summer skin<br />

When I first moved in with my husband, he didn’t<br />

‘get’ women’s relationship with make-up. I had to<br />

explain to him: it’s not just about how it makes us<br />

look (and feel). It’s also about carving out some time in the<br />

day that is exclusively, 100% dedicated to us. Nobody else.<br />

Not a partner, a kid, a parent, a dog or even a houseplant.<br />

Nonetheless, at this time of year, with so many lovely<br />

things to do outdoors – the beach, the garden, gatherings<br />

(yay, gatherings!) – who really wants to spend more<br />

time fiddling with their face than necessary? So, I’m a<br />

fan of the ‘makeunder’: finding ways to get maximum<br />

results from a minimum of products, in order to spend<br />

more time pinching out tomatoes/eating outdoors on a<br />

nice terrace/staring at yachts drifting across the horizon<br />

– or whatever floats your own midsummer boat.<br />

Switch from foundation to tinted moisturiser or serum.<br />

Nobody needs a full face of base, right now. My preference<br />

is for tinted moisturiser – a sort of hybrid of moisturiser<br />

and foundation, with accordingly lighter coverage that<br />

makes everything look – well, just smoother. The caveat:<br />

tinted moisturiser does have to be matched to your<br />

skintone in the same way as normal foundation – a dab<br />

on the jawline, where the right colour will disappear.<br />

(You might need a couple of shades to get you through<br />

summer, though, if you tend to build up colour.)<br />

Personally, I especially like the new generation of tinted<br />

serums, which seem to have a more luscious and slightly dewy<br />

finish – and I’ve two go-to products. First up is Sculpted<br />

by Aimee Barely There HydraTint, £23 for 30ml, from a<br />

young Irish make-up artist’s brand which I’d like to signpost<br />

you to, if you don’t already know it – she is absolutely my<br />

tip for the top. HydraTint comes in a very inclusive shade<br />

offering – 20 in all, and simply melts into skin, leaving<br />

it fresh-looking. I am also a massive fan of Trinny BFF<br />

De-Stress Tinted Serum, £39 for 30ml (there’s a 12-shade<br />

line-up) – first time I applied it, I looked in the mirror<br />

and said ‘F***ing hell!’, which Trinny (when I later shared<br />

this with her) declared was the only review they needed for<br />

the product, on their site: ‘Jo Fairley says “F***ing hell!”’.<br />

Tinted moisturisers and tinted serums can, meanwhile, be<br />

applied with fingers, for ease – but I prefer to use a synthetic<br />

foundation brush and am particularly taken with Katherine<br />

Daniels Pure Pigment Foundation & Concealer Brush,<br />

£25, which has a seriously useful concealer brush on the other<br />

end, great for accessing the shadowy area of the inner eye.<br />

Or try an ‘alphabet’ cream. If your skin’s looking reasonably<br />

good, a BB or CC cream may be all you need to even out<br />

skintone – perhaps adding a light touch of a liquid concealer<br />

to conceal any shadows. Alphabet creams are complexionbrightening<br />

and skin-smoothing: ‘BB’ is short for ‘Beauty<br />

Balm’ and is your choice if your skin needs a touch of<br />

radiance, while ‘CC’ stands for ‘colour-correcting’ and is<br />

helpful if you have a tendency to redness, as I do. We found<br />

some great Beauty Bible winners in this year’s Awards,<br />

which I can confidently steer you towards, several of them<br />

repeat winners from the Korean-French brand Erborian. I<br />

can enthusiastically point you in the direction of Erborian<br />

BB Cream and Erborian CC Dull Correct (each £20.50<br />

for 15ml), as well as Monat BB Cream SPF30, £44 for<br />

35ml (which actually describes itself as a ‘tinted moisturiser’,<br />

showing just how blurred the lines are between these<br />

summer-perfect categories). I’m also a big fan of a particularly<br />

luxurious option, Chanel CC Cream Super Active Complete<br />

Correction SPF50, £50 for 30ml, which I splashed out on<br />

while on a winter sun vacation, and which I really like because<br />

it comes in a choice of seven complexion-matched shades.<br />

Opt for ‘smooshable’ colours. Powders simply look<br />

wrong in strong sunlight – dusty and dull. A touch<br />

of shimmer powder on a brow-bone or eyelid can be<br />

OK – but in general, at this time of year I prefer cream<br />

textures for both eyeshadow and blush, for a more<br />

natural ‘makeunder’ effect. The advantage of creamy<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Makeunder<br />

istockphoto.com/ seamartini<br />

textures is that you can literally ‘smoosh’ them into skin,<br />

super-fast, to blend – and they’re very forgiving.<br />

As well as being a big fan of Trinny’s BFF De-Stress,<br />

then, I swear by her Makeup Stack options. These include<br />

Lip2Cheek, £26 each – a great choice for this time of<br />

year because the creamy formula does indeed work on<br />

both. Eye2Eye, £18 for each pot, is (yup) for eyes only,<br />

with a wide selection of shimmer, satin, glitter and matte<br />

shades to choose from; they all click together, allowing<br />

you to build that ‘stack’ (and add other products like<br />

line-blurrers, highlighters etc.) The whole concept is<br />

genius, and very much for ‘grown-ups’ like Trinny herself,<br />

as anyone who’s attended any of her events knows.<br />

Alternative creamy brow choices that you’ll find in my<br />

kit (I love cream blusher!) include two very affordable<br />

options – Morphe Perk Up Cheek & Lip Colour, £12,<br />

and Morphe Blush Balm Soft Focus Cream Blush, £8.40<br />

(the latter with a useful little mirror). And at the posh<br />

end, Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick, £44.<br />

Swirl, swirl, blend… and hey, presto – healthier-looking!<br />

Like many beauty editors, I’m also a convert to creamy<br />

bronzer products as an alternative to powder bronzer – so<br />

simple to add a few dots to the forehead, cheekbones, and<br />

blend with fingertips for a gorgeous glow. It gives you<br />

proper control over the level of bronzitude too – simply<br />

add a few dots more, if you’re not glow-y enough. (My<br />

own faves: Nars Bronzing Cream, £31, the understandably<br />

bestselling Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing<br />

Cream, £37, and super-affordable e.l.f. Putty Bronze, £6.)<br />

Sweep a gel through your brows. One great way to shave<br />

time off your make-up regime, in fact, is to identify the<br />

three products which actually make the most difference –<br />

and a lot of that depends on your colouring. If you’re fair,<br />

like me, brow colour and mascara are always going to be in<br />

that list of three make-up essentials, and the easy-peasiest<br />

brow choices for me are Benefit Gimme Brow, £25 for<br />

3g, and Delilah Brow Shape Defining Brow Gel, £18<br />

for 4ml, both of which are essentially mascaras for brows,<br />

with the bonus of teeny fibres which work to beef up my<br />

arches incredibly quickly, without the hassle of drawing in<br />

lots of fine lines. Dark brows, though? You needn’t bother<br />

with this – a quick brush-through with a ‘spoolie’ (like a<br />

mascara wand) is all that it takes for brow-grooming.<br />

Use a lengthening/defining mascara. Again, mascara is<br />

100% necessary if you’re blonde, grey or redhead; less so if<br />

you’re brunette. I prefer the look of a defining mascara at<br />

this time of year, rather than a lash-fattening volumising<br />

product; it seems to look more natural with make-up that’s<br />

been applied with a lighter touch. (I generally skip eyeliner<br />

at this time of year: liquid liner is All Wrong in summer,<br />

while even the most ‘budge-proof’ eyeliner pencils tend to<br />

move, melt and go all Johnny-Depp-in-a-Sauvage-ad, on me.<br />

Lastly, add a swipe of tinted lip balm, and you’re good<br />

to go. I absolutely flipping love these. (So much so that I<br />

just checked my handbag, and I actually have four different<br />

ones in there.) The mix of slightly glossy, skin-quenching<br />

ingredients, with the benefit of a sheer tint – I always go<br />

for a raspberry shade, to deepen the natural shade of my<br />

lips – is see-through enough that you can usually apply<br />

without needing a mirror. My faves? Lanolips SPF30 Tinted<br />

Lip Balm, £7.99, is a perennial favourite (try Rhubarb),<br />

as are several of the 10 shades of Bobbi Brown Lip Tint,<br />

£30 (there’s a less expensive ‘travel’ size available). But I<br />

also enjoy the twist-up crayon format of SANN Nourish<br />

& Tint Solid Lip Balm Serum, £24 (another Beauty Bible<br />

<strong>2023</strong> winner), and the mega-nourishing formula of Dr.<br />

PAWPAW Peach Pink Lip Balm, £3.99, which is more<br />

of a peachy, beachy shade. (And very affordable with it.)<br />

I reckon you could hone this routine down to five<br />

minutes – especially if you are able to identify that<br />

handful of products that make the most difference. Less<br />

time in front of the mirror – more squeezing every last<br />

drop of pleasure out of this glorious time of year.<br />

See beautybible.com for more of Jo’s tried<br />

and tested beauty reviews.<br />

79 priceless-magazines.com

very day was<br />

a battle with<br />

agonising<br />

sciatica…but<br />

I’m pain-free and<br />

enjoying life again<br />

after IDD Therapy<br />

Sarah Gower from Marden had suffered<br />

with back pain ‘niggles’ for a few years,<br />

but last summer she was suddenly<br />

struck with unbearable sciatica in her<br />

leg which stopped her in her tracks.<br />

Sarah explains: “For as long as I can<br />

remember, I’ve always experienced a<br />

degree of discomfort in my back, which<br />

my osteopath at the time had put down to<br />

muscular issues, but one day I woke with<br />

the most excruciating sciatic pain which<br />

literally floored me; I could hardly move.”<br />

Over the following weeks Sarah’s pain and<br />

lack of movement completely disrupted<br />

her routine: “I couldn’t find a comfortable<br />

sleeping position for my back and the<br />

shooting pains in my leg woke me several<br />

times every night; I actually ended up<br />

sleeping on the floor out of desperation. I<br />

couldn’t go to work, driving was impossible,<br />

and everyday chores – even bathing and<br />

dressing – became incredibly difficult.”<br />

Sarah’s GP prescribed strong painkillers<br />

but after a short while, she discovered she<br />

was allergic to them. She was also put on<br />

a waiting list to see a spinal surgeon: “I<br />

knew it would be a few months before I<br />

saw a consultant, but honestly, I really<br />

wasn’t comfortable with the idea of<br />

spinal injections or surgery; I’d read<br />

about the risks and recovery periods<br />

involved and it was a big worry for me.”<br />

More than that, Sarah didn’t think<br />

she’d be able to manage waiting for an<br />

operation; she needed to get the pain sorted<br />

as soon as possible. “I’d seen some local<br />

magazine articles about patients who had<br />

recovered well at <strong>Wealden</strong> Osteopaths &<br />

Spine Centre, so I went for some handson<br />

osteopathy to begin with, but when<br />

I wasn’t responding, the Clinic Director<br />

James Pickering stepped in and arranged<br />

for me to have an MRI scan straight away;<br />

he suspected I had some disc damage - a<br />

possible reason for my relentless sciatica.”<br />

James’s thoughts were confirmed; the<br />

scan showed a herniated disc in Sarah’s<br />

lower back. He recommended a course of<br />

IDD Therapy, a targeted disc treatment<br />

for persistent back pain, neck pain and<br />

sciatica. The non-invasive treatment<br />

uses gentle pulling forces to draw<br />

apart spinal segments where discs are<br />

bulging or damaged, removing pressure<br />

and irritation from trapped nerves.<br />

James Pickering’s team is changing the lives of<br />

slipped disc and sciatica sufferers with IDD Therapy<br />

James’s expert team uses the programme<br />

to help patients who find themselves<br />

on a merry-go-round of painkillers,<br />

physiotherapy and GP visits.<br />

Sarah was keen to start her treatment<br />

immediately: “James was confident<br />

that IDD Therapy could help me; he<br />

reassured me that it would treat the<br />

root of my problem so that my sciatica<br />

wouldn’t return. I knew my progress<br />

may take some time, but I felt hopeful<br />

at last, and I went into the treatment<br />

programme feeling very positive.”<br />


After her IDD Therapy programme,<br />

Sarah enjoyed a pain-free holiday<br />

on the island of Jersey<br />

Sarah made steady progress with<br />

IDD Therapy; halfway through the<br />

programme, she felt a real improvement<br />

in her pain and movement.<br />

“I still can’t quite believe<br />

I’m back swimming, going<br />

to the gym and sleeping<br />

through the night at last.”<br />

When her course finished, she was<br />

completely pain-free and back to her usual<br />

routine: “Actually, I still can’t quite believe<br />

I’m back swimming, going to the gym and<br />

sleeping through the night at last. IDD<br />

Therapy has been a godsend, and James’s<br />

team has been wonderful throughout.”<br />

James is delighted with Sarah’s progress:<br />

“IDD Therapy continues to be an<br />

invaluable help to patients like Sarah<br />

who are stuck in ‘limbo’ between<br />

unsuccessful hands-on treatments,<br />

injections and surgery. It’s our first choice<br />

treatment for disc-related issues.”<br />

Don’t let back pain, neck pain or<br />

sciatica put your life on hold<br />

To arrange a FREE 15 minute phone<br />

consultation with one of our experts,<br />

call: 01580 212833 or email:<br />


Wellbeing<br />

The Great<br />

Outdoors<br />

Sarah Maxwell explores the countless benefits<br />

of spending time in the fresh air<br />

istockphoto.com/ Pheelings Media<br />

We know that time outdoors<br />

offers fantastic mental and<br />

physical health benefits –<br />

so step outside to surround yourself<br />

with trees that clean the air so we can<br />

breathe more easily (hayfever sufferers<br />

please take necessary precautions).<br />

It doesn’t matter where you are, if<br />

you can find a tree, get under it.<br />

You can multi-task your whole<br />

wellbeing routine in one session. Research<br />

has shown that even a mere 20 minutes<br />

outside can have great health benefits<br />

(and that’s without even moving!)<br />

Hydrate<br />

Being even a little dehydrated<br />

can negatively affect your<br />

performance when exercising.<br />

Initially, your body may not deal well<br />

with high temperatures; however,<br />

over time, your body gets used to<br />

the heat, sweats more and learns<br />

to cool itself more efficiently.<br />

Drinking adequate fluids doesn’t make<br />

your body feel cooler; however, it does<br />

help you to produce sweat which is an<br />

essential cooling function. (Just make<br />

sure you don’t do this on a day you’ve<br />

just had your hair or lashes done).<br />

Step out of your routine and<br />

try something different<br />

• Hiking is an excellent cardio exercise<br />

that will strengthen your lower body<br />

and core. It usually involves walking on<br />

uneven terrain – you will activate a wide<br />

variety of muscles to stabilise yourself.<br />

• Stand-up paddleboarding and<br />

kayaking is great for core and lower<br />

body, whilst kayaking hones the<br />

strength of arms, shoulders and back.<br />

HIIT the outdoors<br />

with a Cardio Blast<br />

• 5 minute warm up: shoulder circles,<br />

light jog/walk, elbow to knees and<br />

basically anything that feels good.<br />

Avoid holding stretches until the end<br />

of your workout and just go with your<br />

natural movement and keep it simple.<br />

• 100 skips using a real or<br />

imaginary rope at a steady pace.<br />

• 30 seconds rest (you can fit in<br />

some pelvic floor exercises here)<br />

• Jumping jacks x 30<br />

• Air punching (put some movement<br />

into this and get any stress out –<br />

visualisation of something that<br />

annoys you can help a lot here!)<br />

• Repeat this sequence between<br />

2 and 8 times (depending on<br />

your current fitness level)<br />

• Cool down and stretch (hold<br />

each stretch for 20-30 seconds<br />

to increase your flexibility)<br />

Take it up a gear<br />

Interval training – walking/running/<br />

cycling, using trees/lampposts or similar<br />

(depending whether you’re in the city,<br />

park or forest) as markers. If swimming<br />

is your thing, use markers around the<br />

pool, lake, or sea to do your intervals.<br />

1. Warming up – start gently with<br />

your activity to get your body and<br />

mind into the right place. Gradually<br />

increase the intensity as you go along.<br />

2. Steady - 30 seconds/rest 20 seconds<br />

3. Moderate - 30 seconds/rest 20 seconds<br />

30 seconds at 75% of your<br />

maximum power. Rest 30 seconds<br />

4. Blast it - 30 seconds at maximum<br />

power. Rest 30 seconds<br />

5. Repeat<br />

There is no minimum amount<br />

of time, so do what you can<br />

according to your level. If you’re a<br />

beginner start with 2 rounds, then<br />

have a good stretch and relax.<br />

The goal to aim for is around 30-40<br />

minutes in total (2-3 times per week<br />

maximum). Make sure you cool down<br />

and stretch at the end of this workout.<br />

If you fancy stepping out of<br />

your usual activities, check<br />

out these exciting places<br />

• Bewl Water, Kent bewlwater.co.uk<br />

• Buckland Park Lake, Surrey<br />

bucklandparklake.co.uk/whats-here/water/<br />

• Sup Haven, Sussex suphaven.org<br />

• Epic Life, Hastings epiclife.co.uk<br />

Sarah Maxwell is a multi award-winning<br />

weight loss, lifestyle and fitness coach.<br />

Find out more about her work...<br />

Facebook & Instagram:<br />

@sarahmaxlife<br />

Twitter: @sarahmax100<br />

sarahmaxwell.com<br />

81 priceless-magazines.com

Nourish to Flourish<br />

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Charlotte Lau<br />

explores the benefits of incorporating<br />

another healthy ingredient into our<br />

diets. This month it’s berries<br />

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries,<br />

cranberries and raspberries… all delicious, nutritious<br />

and with several health benefits too! Berries are<br />

loaded with antioxidants, these are molecules that fight free<br />

radicals in the body. It is these free radicals – compounds<br />

that can cause harm if their levels become too high in<br />

the body – that are linked to multiple illnesses including<br />

diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The pigment that<br />

gives dark berries their beautiful colour is anthocyanin,<br />

a phytochemical which has heart-protective effects and<br />

may also help shield against dementia. Foods such as<br />

purple broccoli, red cabbage, sweet potato, red onion<br />

and cherries also have a similar phytochemical content to<br />

berries. While we can enjoy these seasonal berries easily<br />

over the summer months, in winter the mixed frozen<br />

varieties are just as good (and less expensive) – perfect for<br />

popping into smoothies, tart sauces or crumbles. Berries<br />

are also a great source of fibre and are high in vitamin C.<br />

Berry chia jam<br />

This delicious berry chia ‘jam’ packs a powerful antioxidant<br />

punch, as well as being high in fibre and absolutely<br />

delicious! Perfect piled on sourdough toast or as a topping<br />

for homemade granola, porridge or kefir yoghurt. (A<br />

particular favourite of my children!) Makes a 500g jar<br />

• 500g frozen mixed berries<br />

• 2 tbsp water<br />

• 2 tbsp maple syrup<br />

• 40g chia seeds<br />

Extra flavourings (optional):<br />

1tsp cinnamon/1tsp<br />

vanilla extract<br />

1. Put the berries and water in a saucepan over a<br />

medium heat and cook until the fruit breaks down<br />

and becomes syrupy – between 5-10 minutes. Mash<br />

the fruit with the back of a wooden spoon.<br />

2. Stir in the maple syrup and chia seeds and any<br />

other optional flavourings you wish to use. Cook for<br />

another 2-3 minutes, then remove from the heat and<br />

leave to stand for 5 minutes, until thickened. If you’d<br />

like it thicker just stir in a few extra chia seeds.<br />

3. Once the jam has cooled to room temperature, transfer to a<br />

sterilised jar. Seal tightly and store in the fridge for up to a week.<br />

istockphoto.com, miwa_in_oz , Magone, chokja, Elena Tsvetkova, Drazen Zigic, kobeza<br />

Charlotte runs Plume Nutrition, where she offers support and advice for weight management, controlling<br />

cravings, sleeplessness, stress and increasing energy levels. Find out more at plumenutrition.com<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Female Health Collective<br />

We speak to Benenden Hospital about the specialised support they provide for women’s health<br />

What is your Women’s Health Hub?<br />

Benenden Hospital’s recently launched Women’s<br />

Health Hub is a free, comprehensive online resource<br />

which provides help and support for women’s<br />

physical, mental and emotional health, as well as a<br />

wealth of information on the treatments the hospital<br />

offers for a variety of female health issues.<br />

As you move through the different stages of your life<br />

– from coping with periods to pregnancy to menopause<br />

and beyond – your needs might change. Taking care<br />

of your body and mind, at work or in your personal<br />

life, is important and the hub is here to provide you<br />

with further information and signposting to help.<br />

How can Benenden Hospital<br />

help women in particular?<br />

The easy-to-access information on the hub helps to put you<br />

in control of your health whatever stage of your life you may<br />

be at. Benenden Hospital are experts in women’s health and<br />

offer a range of private gynaecology treatments for all<br />

phases of life in a discreet environment based in the<br />

tranquil surroundings of the <strong>Wealden</strong> countryside.<br />

A CQC rated Outstanding private hospital, Benenden<br />

Hospital is sensitive to women’s health concerns and our<br />

advanced technology means fast diagnosis and access<br />

to treatment when you need it, with no waiting lists.<br />

What treatments are offered?<br />

We offer first-class diagnostics and care from dedicated<br />

clinical teams, carrying out a range of gynaecology<br />

treatments – including treatments for menopause – in<br />

a calm and healing environment. These include:<br />

• Treatment for chronic pelvic pain<br />

• Ovarian cyst removal<br />

• Colporrhaphy for vaginal prolapse<br />

• Mirena coil fitting<br />

• Hysterectomy<br />

• NovaSure endometrial ablation – to stop<br />

or reduce heavy menstrual bleeding<br />

• MonaLisa Touch® – Benenden Hospital was one of the<br />

first hospitals in the UK to introduce this gentle, nonsurgical,<br />

hormone-free treatment for vaginal dryness<br />

• Treatment for stress incontinence<br />

• Sacrospinous fixation – prolapse of the uterus repair<br />

How can women access these treatments?<br />

If you need advice regarding a particular health concern,<br />

help is available. Benenden Hospital offers a Private<br />

GP service which can get you the answers you need<br />

quickly. Book your private GP appointment easily<br />

using our online booking system. You can also book<br />

a Consultation with an expert by calling the Private<br />

Patient Team on 01580 362850 or by completing<br />

an enquiry form on benendenhospital.org.uk.<br />

Can you tell us a bit about the<br />

specialist women’s health Consultants<br />

available at Benenden Hospital?<br />

Benenden Hospital offers a choice of male and female<br />

expert Consultant Gynaecologists, all of whom have<br />

extensive experience within the private sector and NHS<br />

and are members of several professional bodies such as<br />

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists<br />

(RCOG), The British Society of Urogynaecology<br />

and International Urogynaecological Association.<br />

They have received awards for their research and<br />

teaching, have presented at national and international<br />

conferences on various topics and published<br />

broadly around obstetrics and gynaecology.<br />

Their specialities range from bleeding problems,<br />

vulval problems, contraception, HRT, fibroids,<br />

vaginal prolapse, incontinence, vaginal reconstruction<br />

surgery, urinary incontinence, uterine and vaginal<br />

prolapse, heavy or painful periods, diagnostic<br />

laparoscopy, myomectomy and hysterectomy.<br />

Find out more about Benenden Hospital, and explore<br />

the Women’s Health Hub at benendenhospital.org.uk<br />

83 priceless-magazines.com

w<br />

n<br />

a<br />

e<br />

f<br />

i<br />

w<br />


Fill any empty bulk bag with:<br />

Garden • Household • Construction<br />

waste and we will take it away<br />

Visit our website for more information and prices<br />


Topsoils Composts Barks Aggregates<br />

Small Bags, Bulk Bags or Loose Loads<br />

Delivered throughout the South East<br />

o<br />

e<br />

o<br />

d<br />

m<br />

a<br />

n<br />

d<br />

h<br />

i<br />

s<br />

Makers of Bespoke Wooden Wares<br />

for the Garden & <strong>Home</strong><br />

Gates..Fencing..Rose-arches..<br />

Pergolas..Trugs..Chopping Boards..<br />

Garden Furniture..Bud Vases..<br />

Seed-trays..Plant Labels & More<br />

h<br />

www.gardenscapedirect.co.uk<br />

0800 854663 | sales@gardenscapedirect.co.uk<br />

t<br />

07888 855 219<br />

www.thewoodmanandhiswife.co.uk<br />

Creating Beautiful Gardens<br />

GardenscapeWT253.indd 1 09/05/<strong>2023</strong> 13:11:51<br />

WoodmanAndHisWifeThe<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 19/06/<strong>2023</strong> 09:10:34<br />

For Brilliant Year Round Results<br />

<strong>Wealden</strong> Country Landcraft<br />

<strong>Wealden</strong> Country Landcraft<br />

For all your design, construction and maintenance requirements, contact:<br />

Adam Sutton BSc (Hons) Environmental Science | Tim Playfoot BA (Hons) Garden Design<br />

Tel:01892 722699 | Adam:07979 362241 | Tim:07990 751353 | www.playfootgardendesign.co.uk<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

84<br />

WCLandcraftWT252.indd 1 31/03/<strong>2023</strong> 10:53

Ready for Round Two?<br />

Jo Arnell heads to the veg patch to prep for an autumn harvest<br />

istockphoto.com/DiViArt<br />

If you have some space in the vegetable garden – or<br />

if you’ve been thinking about growing vegetables but<br />

haven’t got round to it yet – there are still lots of edibles<br />

that can be sown now for harvests in the early autumn and<br />

the winter. Some of these are satisfyingly speedy and will be<br />

ready to eat in a matter of weeks, while the slower growing<br />

will become a living winter larder, providing a supply of<br />

nutritious roots and leaves to pick once the summer is over.<br />

Spring sown crops face a barrage of challenges – growth<br />

is strong, but the weather can be unreliable and there are<br />

so many pests and weeds around that it can be a battle<br />

trying to protect tiny seedlings from being overwhelmed.<br />

Starting again in the summer (or just starting) brings its<br />

own challenges – the weather is often hot and dry and<br />

you may be on holiday for part of the time, but it can<br />

be more successful. Some vegetables – Florence fennel<br />

for example – are supposed to be sown after the<br />

solstice and the slower rate of growth after<br />

that midsummer moment may mean that<br />

crops like beetroot, rocket and spinach<br />

won’t rush to flower and set seed.<br />

Fast Harvests<br />

Salad leaves, especially the cut<br />

and come again mixes you<br />

can buy, will be ready to eat<br />

within 3 or 4 weeks. If you<br />

pick the outer leaves each<br />

time, you’ll be able to keep the<br />

crop going for the rest of the<br />

summer. Later in the season<br />

rocket and spicy<br />

mustard mixes<br />

are good – these<br />

tend to bolt (run<br />

to seed) when<br />

sown earlier in<br />

the year. You can<br />

buy stir fry seed<br />

combinations for plot-to-wok moments – pak choi,<br />

tatsoi, choi sum, Chinese cabbage and mizuna are quick<br />

and easy – and will happily grow in containers too.<br />

Dwarf beans are faster to grow than climbing<br />

varieties, because they don’t have to climb a pole<br />

before making pods – you should be able to harvest<br />

climbing beans within 10-12 weeks of sowing.<br />

They are a tender crop, so <strong>July</strong> is the last month<br />

for sowing to be sure of avoiding an early frost.<br />

Mange tout and sugar snaps will be speedier to grow<br />

than peas, as it is the whole pod that is eaten while the<br />

peas <strong>inside</strong> are tiny. They will need supports to scramble<br />

up – either twiggy pea sticks, or canes with netting.<br />

They should be ready to pick in around 9-10 weeks.<br />

Baby Roots<br />

Tiny turnips, mini carrots and radishes make great<br />

patio crops – they don’t take up much room<br />

and carrots especially may be better grown in<br />

containers to avoid them being attacked by<br />

carrot fly. This pesky little beast lays its eggs<br />

at the base of the plant and the larvae burrow<br />

down into the carrot roots, riddling them with<br />

holes. Luckily it only flies about 2 feet above the<br />

ground, so raising your crop – in a container or<br />

raised bed, is usually enough to put them off.<br />

Tiny turnips, as opposed<br />

to the larger, woodier types<br />

beloved by Baldrick, are<br />

great for slicing into stir<br />

fries and adding to the<br />

first autumn casseroles.<br />

I’m not often tempted<br />

by turnips, but have<br />

sometimes grown one<br />

called ‘Snowball’ and can<br />

recommended a variety<br />

called ‘Sweetball’ that can<br />

be grated into salads and<br />

slaws. It is also not<br />

too late to sow the

larger ones for autumn and early winter harvests.<br />

Kohl rabi looks like a root, but is actually a swollen stem,<br />

growing just above the ground and is really quick and<br />

easy to grow. It is often sown – like radishes, as a ‘catch<br />

crop’ in between rows of slower maturing vegetables like<br />

parsnips or leeks. It can be eaten as a side dish on its own,<br />

sliced into stir fries, grated with carrot to make a coleslaw,<br />

or added to a casserole. It tastes like broccoli stalks.<br />

Autumn and winter crops<br />

Resilient and steadfast, packed with vitamins and<br />

phytonutrients, the dark green leaves of cavolo nero<br />

(black kale) look beautiful, especially dusted with frost<br />

in the winter – just looking at them does you good.<br />

There are several striking varieties of kale, all robust and<br />

ready for Siberian conditions. ‘Red Russian’ is another<br />

handsome variety, then there’s the shorter, frillier and<br />

equally nutritious ‘Redbor’. They can be harvested in the<br />

autumn, but the leaves start to taste sweeter once there’s<br />

been a frost. Kale will keep going all through the winter,<br />

but it may need to be netted – against caterpillars and<br />

whitefly in the summer and pesky pigeons in the winter.<br />

Chard is another fine looking leafy crop, maybe even more<br />

beautiful than kale. Swiss chard is probably the best variety<br />

to grow for flavour, but there are some fabulously colourful<br />

chards around too, which are ornamental enough to grow<br />

in the flower borders. Chard ‘Bright Lights’ contains a mix<br />

with red, orange and yellow stems and there’s a magnificent<br />

variety called ‘Pink Flamingo’ that looks too good to eat.<br />

Chard leaves have an earthy taste due to a compound<br />

called geosmin, which is also found in beetroot. Use it as<br />

you would spinach. Small young leaves can be added to<br />

salad mixes, the stems of bigger plants chopped and added<br />

to stir fries. Cook larger leaves as you would spinach.<br />

True spinach is unrelated to chard, but the perpetual<br />

variety is actually spinach beet, which is similar. It is another<br />

excellent leafy crop to grow through the autumn and winter.<br />

True spinach especially is much better grown either side of<br />

the summer months. Like some other leafy veg – pak choi,<br />

rocket, mustards etc – it is a cool season plant and will bolt<br />

in hot, dry weather. Repeat sow young leafy varieties for an<br />

extended supply – it seems to take a lot of leaves for just one<br />

serving, as they melt to nothing once cooked. Use the young<br />

leaves in salads, and lightly steam the larger, older leaves.<br />

It is good to sow vegetables in rows –<br />

not just because it looks tidy and smart,<br />

but for ease when harvesting and also<br />

so that you can tell the seedlings<br />

apart from the weedlings and be<br />

able to hoe in between the rows.<br />

A large expanse of just one crop may<br />

attract pests – they can often detect a<br />

food source by scent too – apparently<br />

carrot flies can smell carrots from a<br />

distance of two miles! Interplant with<br />

herbs, hardy annuals and companion<br />

plants to confuse them and to bring<br />

in pollinators and pest controllers.<br />

Watering<br />

Water seedlings and young plants to establish,<br />

but after that, unless we are in a period of drought, or<br />

you’re growing crops that make pods or fruits – beans,<br />

squash, sweetcorn – you should not need to water on<br />

a regular basis. Plants should be able to find their own<br />

water once they have developed a good strong network<br />

of roots. Adding organic matter (but not to carrots or<br />

parsnips – they don’t like rich soil) will help the soil to<br />

retain water and it will also ensure that the soil is rich<br />

in microbes, which live in symbiosis with the roots of<br />

plants, helping them to access nutrients and water.<br />

It is seldom plain sailing where edibles are concerned, but<br />

sowing once the mad spring rush is over has advantages.<br />

Crops will still need protecting from pests, but the soil<br />

is still warm, there is a window of mild weather – often<br />

lasting until October or November and, as we move<br />

from summer into autumn, the ravening hordes of<br />

pests begin to slow down and the weeds aren’t quite as<br />

invasive. Growth is slower, but fed, watered and nurtured,<br />

bountiful harvests can continue for months to come.<br />

It is definitely not too late to grow some vegetables.<br />

Preparing the ground<br />

If you’ve started to harvest your summer crops and have<br />

cleared some space where they were growing, add some<br />

organic matter prior to planting out anything new.<br />

Vegetables, especially those in the brassica family<br />

(cabbage, kale etc) are greedy plants and nutrients<br />

may have been depleted by previous crops. If you are<br />

preparing the ground for the first time, be ready for a<br />

rush of weed seedlings to emerge – when you dig over<br />

the soil – especially for the first time, you will bring<br />

weed seeds up to the surface. If possible let these<br />

germinate first before planting out your new crops.<br />


Garden Perfection<br />

City Escapes provide domestic & commercial garden solutions<br />

■■<br />

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Regular Maintenance<br />

Design & Construction<br />

Small one off works<br />

Turf care management<br />

Problem area Solutions<br />

■■<br />

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■■<br />

Seasonal Bedding plant displays<br />

Approved pesticide/<br />

herbicides operators<br />

Habitat Management<br />

RHS qualified gardeners<br />

Join<br />

Jo for Garden<br />

Design courses at her<br />

garden in Woodchurch<br />

07923 969634<br />

hornbrookmanor.co.uk<br />

Tel: 01435 868211 | M: 07831 302107<br />

E: gardensmanager@gmail.com<br />

www.cityescapes.co.uk<br />

CityEscapesWT250.indd 1 07/02/<strong>2023</strong> 16:52<br />

SALE<br />

A selection of one off<br />

garden rooms with<br />

significant reductions.<br />


01797 253 816<br />



87 priceless-magazines.com<br />

GardenStudioDesignWT253.indd 1 26/04/<strong>2023</strong> 11:56:18

Falling<br />

for you<br />

Sue Whigham explores the magnetic attraction of majestic irises<br />

Whilst we all have regrets,<br />

my current one is not<br />

having made the effort<br />

to go to RHS Chelsea Flower Show<br />

this year. And whilst there’s good coverage<br />

on the TV, it’s not quite the same, is it. If I<br />

was only able to see one garden it would have<br />

been Sarah Price’s wonderful evocation of Sir<br />

Cedric Morris’s (1889-1982) house and garden,<br />

Benton End, in Hadleigh, Suffolk. This is<br />

where he and his partner, Arthur Lett-Haines,<br />

ran an art school, a ‘bohemian establishment’<br />

for fellow artists and where he developed his<br />

fine gardening skills in the naturalistic style.<br />

Over the years, Benton End’s house and garden has<br />

been sorely neglected but – and this is very good news – it is<br />

now in the process of restoration which is being undertaken<br />

by the Garden Museum and the Pinchbeck Charitable Trust.<br />

This story of Sir Cedric and his development of<br />

over ninety bearded irises in colours ‘that are hard<br />

to describe’ is the story too of two Sarahs.<br />

Many of you will have seen Sarah Price’s show garden<br />

at Chelsea. The creation of straw cob walls in her garden<br />

was designed to echo the building materials of a sixteenth<br />

century Suffolk house. And on being interviewed at<br />

the Show, she spoke of the re-creation of the garden at<br />

Benton End and said that you could see and feel that it<br />

had received so much love. When asked about the Benton<br />

irises she used in the garden she said her biggest worry<br />

was whether they would open on cue. This they did and<br />

she describes the pearlescent sheen of the petals as being<br />

‘absolutely extraordinary’. The subtle colour palette of the<br />

Benton irises are very reminiscent of the colours Morris<br />

used in some of his many flower paintings, an example<br />

of which is ‘The Eggs’ which hangs in the Tate Gallery.<br />

And then there is Sarah Cook, who worked at Sissinghurst<br />

as Head Gardener on two different occasions and who took<br />

over from the legendary joint Head Gardeners, Pamela<br />

Schwerdt and Sibylle Kreutzberger. She describes her first<br />

season there when she made it her mission to find out all the<br />

names of the plants in the garden. She felt extraordinarily<br />

nervous until she recognised I. ‘Benton Nigel’ in one of<br />

the borders and felt she had come home. Sarah was born<br />

and bred in Hadleigh and remembered Benton End from<br />

her childhood when her mother ran Red Cross fêtes in<br />

the garden and her grandmother knew Sir Cedric.<br />

She has a deep relationship with Benton End, its garden<br />

and its history and in particular the irises, and she sees<br />

Sir Cedric Morris as a forerunner of the naturalistic<br />

planters with his collection of rare plants, many of them<br />

brought back from his winter sojourns abroad. She now<br />

has a National Collection of Sir Cedric Morris irises at<br />

her home in Shelley four miles away from Hadleigh and is<br />

continually seeking out and collecting more of the cultivars.<br />

Beth Chatto, friend and protegée, introduced Nigel<br />

Scott to Sir Cedric in 1952. He was a poet and a very<br />

keen gardener and had been on minesweepers in the<br />

Mediterranean during the war. Every so often he managed<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


to get dropped off on strategic shores in order to walk in<br />

the Southern Alps where he gained considerable knowledge<br />

of species plants growing in their native habitat. Nigel<br />

moved into Benton End, joining an extended household,<br />

soon after they met and the two men apparently gardened<br />

together ‘from dawn to dusk’. The iris named after Nigel<br />

was named in 1956 and is described as having ‘violet<br />

standards and inky purple falls’. This was very much the<br />

heyday of the garden and it was Nigel Scott who persuaded<br />

Sir Cedric to plant in drifts rather than straight lines.<br />

Cedric Morris had a great affinity with animals and there<br />

was a considerable menagerie at Benton End. Some of his<br />

irises were named after them; in particular, Iris ‘Benton<br />

Menace’ named after a troublesome tom cat, Menace, who<br />

fathered a plethora of kittens and then there was Iris ‘Benton<br />

Baggage’ named after a particularly fecund female cat.<br />

One of the favourite irises on the Chelsea garden was I.<br />

‘Benton Olive’ named after Morris’s friend and plantswoman,<br />

Olive Murrell. She and her husband set up Orpington<br />

Nursery in Kent and grew irises in their thousands. She bred<br />

a prize winning iris called I. ‘White City’ which became<br />

one of the parents of many of the Benton End irises. Iris<br />

‘Benton Olive’ combines creamy olive, purple veining and<br />

a lilac splash on the falls, which we will get to in a minute.<br />

Sarah Price thought it her favourite but depending on the<br />

light and the time of day other irises caught her eye.<br />

After Sir Cedric’s death in 1982 many iris seedlings were<br />

found in the kitchen garden. They were retrieved by the<br />

British Iris Society. They all flowered and one in particular<br />

– a pale lilac with dove markings and shaded in pale<br />

brown – was named by the Society, I. ‘Benton Farewell’.<br />

Bespoke design & build treehouses, playhouses<br />

Bespoke design<br />

and elevated build treehouses,<br />

platforms.<br />

playhouses<br />

Commercial &<br />

and<br />

International<br />

elevated platforms.<br />

commissions welcomed<br />

Commercial International commissions welcomed<br />

TEL: 01403 262219<br />

www.cheekymonkeytreehouses.co.uk<br />

www.cheekymonkeytreehouses.co.uk<br />

CheekyMonkeyWT249.indd 1 24/01/<strong>2023</strong> 17:06<br />

Growing Irises<br />

Irises are a rhizomatous perennial flowering in late May<br />

onwards. Many of them are fragrant and they all are<br />

made up of three upward petals (the standards) and<br />

then the downward petals (known as the falls). These<br />

six petals then have a fuzzy ‘beard’ at the base of the<br />

falls often in contrasting colours. And whilst they do<br />

not have a particularly long flowering season, they are<br />

completely fabulous both in bud and then in flower.<br />

There are various different forms of bearded iris<br />

depending on height and they are the most flamboyant<br />

– the Benton irises are known as tall bearded.<br />

So what do they need to give a good display?<br />

Firstly, they need a moist but really well drained soil in<br />

FULL sun. They’d grow well in a gravel garden alongside<br />

euphorbia and white valerian. Once you’ve bought your<br />

plant, cut the leaves back to about six inches and make a<br />

mound. Place the rhizome (root) on the surface and spread<br />

the roots around the mound. I can just imagine them<br />

looking a little like an octopus at this stage. Trim the roots<br />

so that once you have planted the iris, no strands of root<br />

are showing above the ground for the birds to investigate.<br />

Whilst I have said a ‘moist’ soil, you want to remember<br />

not to plant in heavy clay, so add horticultural grit or sand<br />

to improve your soil. Or perhaps grow in a raised bed.<br />

They don’t work well in containers as they have a<br />

<br />

89 priceless-magazines.com<br />

MediaForce<strong>WT254</strong>-GreenThumb.indd 1 20/06/<strong>2023</strong> 11:30:17

Award-winning garden designers<br />

specialising in the installation<br />

of instant mature gardens for<br />

large domestic projects.<br />

01580 852430 | 07507 877685<br />

mcgeachygardendesign.co.uk<br />

McGeachyGardenDesignWT251.indd 1 08/03/<strong>2023</strong> 10:18<br />

• Automation and installation<br />

• Entry phones and access control<br />

• Hardwood, aluminium and metal<br />

gates made to order for automation<br />

and non-automation purposes<br />

• Supply-and-fit service for fully<br />

automated electric garage doors<br />

• Brick piers<br />

• Brick walls<br />

• Driveway alterations<br />



TEL: 01483 379954<br />

info@harriergates.co.uk<br />

www.harriergates.co.uk<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

90<br />

HarrierGatesWT247.indd 1 31/10/2022 11:39

large root<br />

system. The important<br />

thing is that the rhizome is<br />

constantly exposed to the sun so that<br />

the following year’s flowers can form.<br />

It’s quite difficult to incorporate irises into<br />

a mixed border as you don’t want the rhizome to<br />

get covered by another plant’s foliage. One tip I<br />

read was to plant more than one rhizome at a time<br />

with the leaves on the outer edge to form a triangle<br />

and to provide a barrier to other plants. Once you<br />

have got them in, don’t bother watering them.<br />

September is a good month as the soil is still warm.<br />

Irises usually need to be split every three years or so and<br />

then not be planted in the same area. Once you lift them, split<br />

the rhizomes, throw away the old central rhizome and then replant<br />

with the young rhizomes facing the sun and the leaves shortened.<br />

The kiss of death with irises is to mulch them, but you can keep them<br />

healthy using a fungicide if they appear to be developing brown spot as<br />

the season progresses. Sarah Cook recommends a general fertilizer containing<br />

added magnesium for a really healthy plant. Rose food is good for this.<br />

Oh, and don’t forget to cut the spent flower and stalk back to the base when<br />

they are over. This will prevent the flower expending energy and producing seed.<br />

All about Irises<br />

Iris of Sissinghurst, Roughlands Farm, Goudhurst Road, Marden, Kent TN12 9NH<br />

Sue Marshall 01622 831511 irisofsissinghurst.com<br />

Hullwood Barn, Shelley, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 5RE<br />

Sarah Cook sarahmalmaisons@gmail.com<br />

Beth Chatto’s Plants and Gardens, Elmstead Market, Elmstead, Colchester CO7 7DB<br />

01206 822007 bethchatto.co.uk<br />

Claire Austin Hardy Plants, Powys<br />

Claire sells plants from her nursery at a pub called<br />

The Sarn, Sarn, Newton, Powys, SY16 4EJ<br />

Check her website for opening hours.<br />

claireaustin-hardyplants.co.uk<br />

istockphoto.com/ Tatyana Vorontsova<br />

Sue<br />

Whigham<br />

can be contacted<br />

on 07810 457948 for<br />

gardening advice and<br />

help in the sourcing and<br />

supply of interesting<br />

garden plants.<br />

91 priceless-magazines.com

Social icon<br />

Circle<br />

Only use blue and/or white.<br />

For more details check out our<br />

Brand Guidelines.<br />

Theatre at<br />

Smallhythe Place<br />

Experience live performances at<br />

Smallhythe Place's stunning 17th century<br />

Barn Theatre. Tickets from £5.<br />

Smallhythe, Tenterden, TN30 7NG<br />

nationaltrust.org.uk/smallhythe-place<br />

© National Trust <strong>2023</strong>. Registered charity no. 205846.<br />

Photography © National Trust Images/John Miller<br />




GARDEN<br />

WEEK<br />

11th <strong>July</strong> every day<br />

to 15th <strong>July</strong><br />

East Sussex/Kent border TN5 7HE 01580 200888<br />

pashleymanorgardens.com<br />

SmallhythePlace<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 07/06/<strong>2023</strong> 10:21:04<br />

PashleyManor<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 12/06/<strong>2023</strong> 09:32:07<br />

Summer of Tudors<br />

at Ightham Mote<br />

With five weeks of exciting Tudor displays, trails, performances and activities, there’s<br />

something for the whole family to enjoy at Ightham Mote this Summer of Tudors.<br />

We’re kicking off with Tudor Festival Weekend on the 29th and 30th <strong>July</strong>.<br />

Enjoy some hands-on history demonstrations every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9th August.<br />

We’re finishing off the summer in style on the 2nd and 3rd of September with a magnificent weekend of<br />

Tudor-inspired falconry, and bird of prey displays.<br />

© National Trust 2019. Registered Charity no. 205846. Photography © Holly Halford<br />

To discover more about our offer, please visit nationaltrust.org.uk/ightham-mote/whats-on or call 01732 810378<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

92<br />

IghthamMote<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 16/06/<strong>2023</strong> 09:51:24






istockphoto.com/ Everste & romrodinka & azgek<br />

What’s On<br />

in <strong>July</strong><br />


Fri 28 – Sun 30 <strong>July</strong><br />

Michelham Priory, Upper<br />

Dicker, Hailsham BN27 3QS<br />





Visit Michelham Priory, a Grade<br />

I listed Tudor house, surrounded<br />

by England’s largest water filled<br />

medieval moat, for the Sussex<br />

Guild’s 55th year at the stunning<br />

location. Combine a visit to the<br />

past with talking to talented<br />

contemporary craft makers, buy<br />

directly or commission bespoke<br />

items. Contemporary crafts on<br />

show include ceramics, textiles,<br />

jewellery, leatherwork, textiles,<br />

pewter, wood, glass, metalwork<br />

and furniture. Some designers will<br />

be demonstrating their skills and<br />

several potters will show different<br />

techniques. There will be catering<br />

and picnic facilities, children’s play<br />

areas and free parking to make<br />

this one an ideal family day out.<br />

Contact: 01273 479565<br />

thesussexguild.co.uk<br />


Sun 16 <strong>July</strong> 11am-8pm<br />

The Bell, High Street, Ticehurst,<br />

East Sussex TN5 7AS<br />





This year sees the fabulous Bell<br />

in Ticehurst launch a new fair to<br />

run alongside their music festival<br />

on Rosemary Lane Day. The fair<br />

will showcase local artists and<br />

artisans and there will, of course,<br />

be delicious food on the BBQ<br />

and refreshing drinks. The music<br />

festival takes place in the beautiful<br />

garden with an acoustic set from<br />

Grammy Award Winner, Steve<br />

Smith (Dirty Vegas & Sqeeze)<br />

along with Charlie Austen, Kay<br />

Iris, King Size Slim, Cuban<br />

Moonshine, and Paul Cheese.<br />

thebellinticehurst.com<br />

Thu 27 – Sun 30 <strong>July</strong><br />

Pett Wood Cottage, Pett<br />

Road, Stockbury, Near<br />

Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 7RL<br />



The BIG little friendly Festival<br />

in Kent is back. Chickenstock<br />

Music Festival in Stockbury is a<br />

very welcoming event held over<br />

four music- and fun-filled days.<br />

Not only are there two stages<br />

with amazing bands you’ll love<br />

including The Jackson Line, The<br />

Salts and Land Captains – there’s<br />

also a children’s entertainment area<br />

to keep the little ones occupied,<br />

yoga, circus skills, musical<br />

workshops, magic shows, camping<br />

and glamping, an excellent<br />

bar and dogs are welcome<br />

too! Under 16s go for free.<br />

chickenstockfestival.co.uk<br />

Sat 29 <strong>July</strong> 6.30pm<br />

Mote Road, Ivy Hatch,<br />

Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0NT<br />



Put your dancing shoes on for an<br />

evening of musical entertainment<br />

at the spectacular Ightham Mote!<br />

Limber up for your dance moves,<br />

warm up those vocal chords and<br />

pack up a tasty picnic to join in<br />

for an evening of musical fun<br />

at the iconic location. Playing a<br />

mixture of rock, pop and soul<br />

classics, The Dial Band return<br />

to Ightham Mote to entertain<br />

you with a musical feast while<br />

you enjoy with whatever<br />

delights you’ve packed in your<br />

hamper. Booking essential.<br />

Entry: £15<br />

nationaltrust.org.uk<br />


Sat 1 <strong>July</strong> 10am-4pm<br />

Reading Street Village<br />

CT10 3AZ<br />



From a quaint small cottage<br />

garden to an award-winning<br />

wildlife patch, a sweet fairy garden<br />

for the little ones and Taddy’s<br />

Allotments, Reading Street’s<br />

fourth open garden event offers all<br />

sorts of lovely gardens to explore.<br />

All of the gardens are within a<br />

five to ten minute walk from St<br />

Andrew’s Church. There will also<br />

be plants and produce sales and<br />

refreshments and lunches will be<br />

available in the Community Hall<br />

to eat in or take away. Tickets are<br />

available from various points in<br />

the village (near Broadstairs).<br />

Entry: £5, accompanied<br />

children free<br />

Contact: offstand@btinternet.com<br />


Sun 16 <strong>July</strong><br />

The Recreation Ground,<br />

Appledore, Ashford TN26 2AE<br />



Appledore Vintage Vehicle Rally<br />

brings together a fantastically<br />

diverse vintage vehicles<br />

from far and wide including<br />

cars, motorcycles, buses and<br />

commercial vehicles dating<br />

93 priceless-magazines.com

Ceramics<br />

Furniture<br />

Glass<br />

Leather<br />

Jewellery<br />

Metalwork<br />

Pewter<br />

Printmaking<br />

Textile art<br />

Textiles<br />

Woodwork<br />

Live demos<br />

Contemporary<br />


Michelham Priory<br />

28 - 30 <strong>July</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

10.30am - 5pm<br />

Special price: Craft Show, House & Gardens: Adults £10 Children £5<br />

Michelham Priory, Upper Dicker,<br />

Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 3QS<br />

www.thesussexguild.co.uk<br />

Registered Charity no: 292234<br />





THE<br />


ROOF<br />


01.09.23<br />

Big names. Beautiful spaces<br />

For tickets visit:<br />

greenroomconcerts.com<br />

BACH<br />

TO BABY<br />

02.09.23<br />







02.09.23<br />

Event details subject to change<br />



03.09.23<br />

KENT<br />


MUSEUM<br />

TheSussexGuild<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 06/06/<strong>2023</strong> 14:41:55<br />

GreenroomConcerts<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 13/06/<strong>2023</strong> 16:30:55<br />

Opening <strong>Times</strong>:<br />

Saturday 1st April to Sunday 12th November <strong>2023</strong><br />

1st May to 30th September - 10am to 5pm April,<br />

October and November - 10am to 4pm<br />

Last entry one hour before closing.<br />

We are closed on:<br />

Mondays, except Bank Holiday Monday.<br />

The Premier Collection of<br />

Battle of Britain Artefacts<br />

Aircraft ·Vehicles · Weapons ·<br />

Flying Equipment · Fine Art Prints ·<br />

Relics from over 700 crashed aircraft<br />

Adults: £10.00 £8.00<br />

OAPs: £7.50<br />

OAPs: £9.00<br />

Children: £4.00<br />

Children: £4.00<br />

Museum Shop, No.25<br />

Museum Shop, No.25<br />

Squadron Mess and Tea Room<br />

Squadron<br />

Free parking<br />

Mess and<br />

for<br />

Tea<br />

cars<br />

Room<br />

and<br />

Free<br />

parking for<br />

coaches<br />

cars and coaches<br />

On the grounds of both security<br />

and copyright, we regret that no<br />

cameras, video recorders, mobile<br />

phones or any other type of<br />

electronic recording equipment is<br />

allowed in the museum.<br />

Aerodrome Road, Hawkinge, Nr. Folkestone, Kent, CT18 7AG<br />

www.kbobm.org<br />

)01303 893140<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

94<br />

KentBattleofBritainWT253.indd 1 15/05/<strong>2023</strong> 10:13:07

Social icon<br />

Circle<br />

Only use blue and/or white.<br />

For more details check out our<br />

Brand Guidelines.<br />

istockphoto.com/ lolostock & skynesher<br />

from the early 1900s to the<br />

modern day. Expect a day filled<br />

with entertainment including<br />

arena events, auto-jumble,<br />

entertaining displays and tasty<br />

refreshments, as well as plenty<br />

of stunning vehicles to admire.<br />

Entry: adults £5, families £10<br />

appledorevehiclerally.co.uk<br />



Sat 8 <strong>July</strong> 10.30am-3.30pm<br />

Sarah Louise Dix Upholstery,<br />

57 St John’s Street, Farncombe,<br />

Godalming, Surrey GU7 3EH<br />





Sarah Louise Dix Upholstery<br />

offers a wonderful selection<br />

of upholstery courses and<br />

workshops, which are suitable<br />

for all abilities. From beginners<br />

or those with no experience,<br />

to intermediate and those<br />

with more experience, there’s<br />

something for everyone. Their<br />

courses and workshops use a<br />

combination of traditional and<br />

modern upholstery and are<br />

taught in small groups. The<br />

courses run during the week, at<br />

weekends and evenings at the<br />

studio in Godalming, Surrey.<br />

Advance booking required.<br />

Entry: 1 day footstool course for<br />

beginners £150, 10 week course for<br />

beginners or intermediate £450<br />

Contact: 01483 801108<br />

enquiries@sarahlouisedix.co.uk<br />

sarahlouisedix.co.uk/<br />

upholstery-courses<br />

Sat 22 <strong>July</strong> 9.30am-4pm<br />

Lake House, Maidstone Road,<br />

Hothfield, Ashford, TN26 1AR<br />




If you or someone close to you<br />

is looking for a natural way to<br />

manage menopause or perimenopause<br />

symptoms, this day<br />

retreat may be just the ticket. Join<br />

Alison Bartolo and Jo Adams for<br />

a full day women’s wellness retreat<br />

at Lake House, Ashford. You’ll<br />

learn about natural solutions and<br />

essential oils which can support<br />

and balance your hormones.<br />

The day will also include gentle<br />

exercise, low-tox living support<br />

info, healthy and delicious food,<br />

relaxation techniques, a chance<br />

to get your burning questions<br />

answered and so much more –<br />

you’ll even make a nourishing skin<br />

product to take home with you.<br />

You can find out more<br />

information and book tickets<br />

online and there’s even a<br />

discount for groups!<br />

eventbrite.co.uk/e/manageyour-menopause-day-retreattickets-627649415297<br />

Traditional markets in Faversham’s historic town centre<br />

Our busy markets and independent shops and cafés<br />

make Faversham the perfect place to visit<br />

FAVERSHAM CHARTER MARKET – every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday<br />

BEST OF FAVERSHAM MARKET – 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month<br />

FAVERSHAM ANTIQUES MARKET – 1st Sunday of the month<br />

Triple Markets on the first weekend of the month<br />

Three wonderful markets packed into one weekend<br />


Faversham Charter Market - selling food & drink; plants;<br />

clothing; household goods and more<br />

Best of Faversham Market - showcasing locally produced arts; crafts; food & drink<br />

SUNDAY<br />

Faversham Antiques Market – the country’s largest town centre antiques market<br />

Check our website & social media for latest information<br />

favershammarket.org<br />

RedDogPRWT252-FavershamMarket.indd 1 17/04/<strong>2023</strong> 14:48<br />

© National Trust <strong>2023</strong>. Registered charity no. 205846.<br />

Photography © National Trust Images/Andrew Butler<br />

Summer visits to<br />

Sissinghurst Castle Garden<br />

Experience the beauty and history of<br />

Sissinghurst Castle Garden, tucked away<br />

in the <strong>Wealden</strong> countryside this summer.<br />



AND FAIR<br />



Biddenden Road, Nr Cranbrook, TN17 2AB<br />

nationaltrust.org.uk/sissinghurst<br />

95 priceless-magazines.com<br />

Untitled-330 SissinghurstCastle<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 1 07/06/<strong>2023</strong> 06-Jun-23 10:26:55 14:47:38


ON SALE NOW!<br />

A traditional day out for the whole family<br />

19 & 20 August <strong>2023</strong> | 10am - 5pm<br />

Tractors • Classic cars • Horticultural machinery<br />

Steam engines • Stationary engines • Emergency vehicles<br />

Country crafts • Trade stalls • Tractor rides • Live demonstrations<br />

Animals • Live music • Wide range of food and drink<br />

plus much more…<br />

Photo credit: Countrywide Photographic and Holland-Gladwish Photography.<br />

Find us: Holden Farm, Sissinghurst Rd,<br />

Biddenden, Kent TN27 8EZ<br />

///sizes.mopped.dabbling<br />

01622 630975 | info@tractorfest.co.uk<br />

www.tractorfest.co.uk<br />

Follow us for our<br />

latest updates<br />

@biddenden_tractorfest<br />

BiddendenTractorfest<br />

@tractorfest<br />

Supported by<br />

Organised by local volunteers and supported by the Kent County<br />

Agricultural Society (charity number 1001191) www.kcas.org.uk<br />

KentCountyShowground<strong>WT254</strong>-Tractorfest.indd 2 12/06/<strong>2023</strong> 14:49:01<br />

HeverCastle<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 20/06/<strong>2023</strong> 10:02:17<br />

2995-Jousting-Ad-90x130mm-AW.indd 1 30/05/<strong>2023</strong> 11:59<br />

Presents<br />

The<br />

Caterpillar<br />

and the<br />

Blackbird<br />

A colourful new Jukebox<br />

musical filled with fun<br />

for the whole family.<br />

Telling the story of a restless caterpillar<br />

searching for more meaning to her life<br />

than her small patch of ground and eating<br />

leaves - Where she dreams of going on<br />

adventures and seeing the world.<br />

After a chance encounter with a blackbird,<br />

the caterpillar’s dreams come true.<br />

19 th August<br />

1:30pm & 6:00pm<br />

Roedean<br />

Brighton<br />

15 th September<br />

1:30pm & 6:00pm<br />

De La Warr Pavilion<br />

Bexhill<br />

6 th October<br />

1:30pm & 4:30pm<br />

7 th October<br />

1:30pm & 6:00pm<br />

Stag Theatre<br />

Sevenoaks<br />

‘‘<br />

Really loved<br />

the songs and<br />

the dancing<br />

”<br />

‘‘<br />

My family wanted<br />

to see it again as<br />

soon as it ended!<br />

”<br />

fun<br />

and a wonderful<br />

‘‘Great<br />

message<br />

”<br />

School and group rates available. Please visit: www.narradance.com<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />

96<br />

CaterpillarAndTheBlackbird<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 13/06/<strong>2023</strong> 14:09:18

istockphoto.com/ RolfSt & michelangeloop & ViewApart<br />



Weds – Fri throughout Aug<br />

Mote Road, Ivy Hatch,<br />

Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 0NT<br />



From the Battle of Bosworth to<br />

the Spanish Armada, join the folk<br />

at Ightham Mote to explore the<br />

rich and varied history of Tudor<br />

England with exciting hands-on<br />

history demonstrations and familyfriendly<br />

talks. Let their Tudor<br />

characters delight you with tales<br />

of how culture, entertainment,<br />

armour and food changed over the<br />

100 years of the Tudor dynasty.<br />

nationaltrust.org.uk<br />

Fri 11 – Fri 18 Aug<br />

Various locations around<br />

Broadstairs, Kent<br />


A fantastic week of music by the<br />

sea with over 450 events around<br />

beautiful Broadstairs (many free).<br />

You’ll find concerts, dances,<br />

workshops, ceilidhs, free family<br />

events, Morris dancing, pub gigs,<br />

parades and much more. Headline<br />

acts include Seth Lakeman, Lady<br />

Maisery and <strong>Home</strong> Service. The<br />

festival campsite for families is<br />

just 15-20 minutes walk from<br />

the centre of Broadstairs with<br />

a regular mini bus service.<br />

broadstairsfolkweek.org.uk<br />

Sat 19 & Sun 20 Aug<br />

Holden Farm, Biddenden<br />



A fun day out for all the family.<br />

While tractors remain the central<br />

attraction, there are plenty of<br />

stalls, vehicles, demonstrations,<br />

children’s entertainment, animals<br />

and arena displays to entertain<br />

both young and old. Pair this<br />

with enticing food and drink, live<br />

music and much more to see and<br />

do, and you’ve got all you need<br />

for a fun, family day out in the<br />

delightful Kent countryside. This<br />

will be the 9th year that the event<br />

has been held, run entirely by<br />

volunteers and with the support<br />

of registered charity, the Kent<br />

County Agricultural Society.<br />

tractorfest.co.uk<br />

Listings are correct at time of going<br />

to press but may be subject to change.<br />

Readers are advised to check with venues<br />

before making arrangements. We can list<br />

your event in the next issue of <strong>Wealden</strong><br />

<strong>Times</strong> for only £75+VAT. Please supply<br />

up to 150 words that should include date,<br />

time, venue, contact for enquiries and any<br />

entry price to whatson@priceless-group.<br />

com or send with payment (cheques<br />

payable to Priceless Media Ltd.) to What’s<br />

On, Priceless Media, Kettle Chambers,<br />

21 Stone Street, Cranbrook, Kent<br />

TN17 3HF. Priceless Media reserves the<br />

right to edit text to fit space allocated.<br />

Deadline for the next issue is 9th <strong>July</strong>.<br />

Nicholls Restores<br />

Antique Furniture inc. French Polishing.<br />

Est: 1989. Treasured family heirlooms lovingly repaired.<br />

Kitchen wooden worktops sanded & sealed.<br />

Tel: 01233 860130.<br />

nichollsrestores@btinternet.com.<br />

www.nicholls-restores.com<br />

Wood Floor<br />

Sanding<br />

NichollsRestoresWT253.indd 1 17/05/<strong>2023</strong> 16:58:56<br />

- Family Business -<br />

We also restore wooden kitchen tops<br />

FREE estimates - call any time<br />

07794953597 gerardgrover@gmail.com<br />

Godinton House & Gardens<br />

AllWoodsSandingServicesWT2171/8.indd 1 21/02/2020 12:55<br />

Sculpture in the Garden<br />

Saturday, 22 <strong>July</strong> to Sunday, 13 August, 1pm-6pm<br />

Annual<br />

exhibition of<br />

contemporary<br />

sculpture by<br />

respected local<br />

artists<br />

View work on carefully curated trail through 12-acre garden<br />





Pre-booking<br />

recommended at<br />

godintonhouse.co.uk<br />

Garden entry £8<br />

Free catalogue from ticket office<br />

Godinton Lane,<br />

Ashford, Kent<br />

TN23 3BP<br />

97 priceless-magazines.com<br />

GodintonHousePreservationTrust<strong>WT254</strong>.indd 1 14/06/<strong>2023</strong> 17:23:54

It’s a numbers game at<br />

Coopers Farm this month,<br />

as Jane takes stock<br />

Summer has at last arrived, all the<br />

animals are out grazing, the hay has<br />

been made and stored in the barn<br />

and so life in the cow department (that’s<br />

me) is very straightforward while the shepherd<br />

(that’s husband Adrian) still has his work cut out.<br />

The bull was turned out with the cows at the<br />

beginning of May and then taken away from them at<br />

the end of June. Eight weeks will have been long enough<br />

for Bill (the bull) to sort them out, so all that remains<br />

is a daily wander round the farm to ‘looker’, this being<br />

the ancient art of checking on stock to make sure all is<br />

well, that the troughs are full and the gates are shut.<br />

Sheep and cows are herd animals and will stick<br />

together whether grazing or lying down and chewing<br />

the cud – so you need to keep an eye<br />

out for any animals that have split from<br />

the group, usually they will be standing<br />

alone, tucked away in a quiet place,<br />

ears back and head hung low with a<br />

generally dejected appearance. When<br />

I looker the cows and calves it’s easy<br />

because if either mother or baby is in<br />

trouble the other half will make a great<br />

deal of noise and alert you to there being<br />

a problem. But when it comes to the<br />

yearlings, who have yet to make any<br />

close attachments – if your mate is off<br />

colour, tough luck – I have to count to<br />

make sure all are present and correct.<br />

We have eighteen in that group and here’s a funny<br />

but true thing about counting stock. If on your first<br />

attempt there’s only seventeen, then you do it again<br />

and may get nineteen and you keep counting till you<br />

make it eighteen – at which point you congratulate<br />

yourself that they’re all there and walk away – job done!<br />

Trying to count a flock of eighty sheep,<br />

however, really is impossible, but then again so<br />

much of the shepherd’s lot is tricky, annoying<br />

and far harder than looking after cattle.<br />

As someone famously<br />

said, there are<br />

two things sheep<br />

like doing, one<br />

is escaping and<br />

one is dying and<br />

if they can die<br />

escaping then that<br />

is true happiness.<br />

As someone famously said, there are two things<br />

sheep like doing, one is escaping and one is dying and<br />

if they can die escaping then that is true happiness. All<br />

summer they have to be regularly wormed, have jabs to<br />

stop diseases, have their feet trimmed and be sprayed<br />

with some noxious chemicals to prevent fly strike – a<br />

ghastly condition where bluebottles lay<br />

eggs in the wool and, if undetected,<br />

the maggots hatch and burrow into<br />

the skin and literally devour the poor<br />

animal. And of course they need to be<br />

shorn of their thick woolly fleeces.<br />

Rather like those challenges for how<br />

many hotdogs you can eat in a minute,<br />

sheep shearing can be a very competitive<br />

business. Adrian Copp, a shearer from<br />

New South Wales, recently broke a<br />

world record by shearing 605 lambs in<br />

eight hours, that’s one per 48 seconds!<br />

Meanwhile, back in Stonegate, husband<br />

Adrian can manage about 10 sheep in a<br />

morning so that would be over a week to shear all eighty.<br />

Sadly we’re too far away to call on Adrian Copp but<br />

with the services of the much younger (than husband)<br />

James, it still takes the two of them all day to shear, make<br />

endless cups of tea and ‘wind’ the fleeces into big wool<br />

sacks ready to go off to The Wool Marketing Board.<br />

Over in the cattle department however I will spend<br />

my summer wandering peacefully through the wild<br />

flower meadows watching my brown cows grow sleeker<br />

and glossier by the day, and being annoyingly smug!<br />

Find out more about daily life at Coopers Farm by visiting coopersfarmstonegate.co.uk<br />

priceless-magazines.com<br />


Payment<br />

plans<br />

available<br />

Fast access to relief<br />

from hip and knee pain<br />

Get moving again with fast access to our hip and knee<br />

treatments at Kent’s only CQC rated Outstanding private<br />

hospital. Our highly experienced Consultants, supported by<br />

our caring teams, can help you get back on your feet quickly.<br />

Benenden Hospital offers a calm and welcoming modern<br />

environment with ensuite individual rooms in a tranquil<br />

countryside setting. We’re proud to be the leading provider<br />

of private hip and knee treatments in Kent and Sussex*.<br />

Over 100 years of excellent patient care.<br />

Choose Benenden Hospital for<br />

High patient satisfaction rates<br />

Fast access to diagnosis<br />

and treatment<br />

Leading and highly respected<br />

Consultants<br />

Clear and easy to understand<br />

pricing<br />

To book an appointment, call now<br />

01580 362 850<br />

benendenhospital.org.uk<br />

4.86<br />

Based on 2000+ reviews<br />

*Private Healthcare Independent Network 2022<br />

Self-pay treatments

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