Groveport Messenger - June 25th, 2023

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<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>Groveport</strong><br />

<strong>June</strong> 24 - July 8, <strong>2023</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XL, No. 25<br />

Soaring and Roaring<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Theresa Garee<br />

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels soar above the crowd during the Columbus Air Show<br />

held <strong>June</strong> 16-18 at Rickenbacker Airport.<br />

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Ban remains on the use<br />

of personal fireworks<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> City Council snuffed out the<br />

fuse on citizens’ use of personal fireworks<br />

within the city limits.<br />

At its <strong>June</strong> 12 meeting, council voted 4-<br />

3 to reject legislation that would have<br />

allowed citizens to launch personal fireworks<br />

only on the Fourth of July. Council<br />

members Jean Ann Hilbert, Jack Rupp,<br />

and Shawn Cleary voted to reject the legislation<br />

while Scott Lockett, Ed Dildine, and<br />

Becky Hutson favored it. Mayor Lance<br />

Westcamp cast the deciding vote to reject<br />

the legislation.<br />

Because this legislation failed, the city’s<br />

existing law that completely bans the use<br />

of personal fireworks at any time within<br />

the city remains in effect.<br />

Council’s action means <strong>Groveport</strong>’s local<br />

law is different than current state law that<br />

allows individuals to possess consumer<br />

grade fireworks and to discharge them on<br />

their own property or on another person’s<br />

property with permission on the following<br />

days: New Year’s Day; Chinese New Year;<br />

Cinco de Mayo; Memorial Day weekend;<br />

<strong>June</strong>teenth; July 3, 4, and 5 and the<br />

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays preceding<br />

and following; Labor Day weekend,<br />

Diwali; and New Year’s Eve.<br />

State law permits local governments to<br />

restrict the dates and times when individuals<br />

may discharge consumer grade fireworks<br />

or to impose a complete ban on the<br />

use of consumer grade fireworks.<br />

Lockett felt the proposed legislation,<br />

which he sponsored, was “a good compromise”<br />

in that it would have allowed personal<br />

fireworks on at least one day of the year<br />

instead of the many that are allowed under<br />

state law. He said approval of the legislation<br />

would have shown that council is “flexible”<br />

and that it would have allowed police<br />

to fulfill other necessary duties on the<br />

Fourth of July rather than chasing down<br />

people firing off backyard fireworks. But<br />

Lockett added the issue was not just about<br />

fireworks.<br />

“Our job (as council) is to protect the liberties<br />

and privileges of the residents,” said<br />

Lockett. “It’s legal across the state, but<br />

we’ve banned it before it’s a problem. It’s<br />

an over reach by council. It’s like we’re<br />

telling the residents we know better than<br />

them. We have to scratch and claw for our<br />

freedoms or they’re taken away. It’s ironic<br />

that on the Fourth of July, on a day we celebrate<br />

our freedoms, we (council) curtail<br />

them.”<br />

Hilbert maintained it is a safety issue.<br />

“I don’t want to take freedoms away,”<br />

said Hilbert. “It’s a health, safety, and welfare<br />

issue for me.”<br />

She noted several residents expressed to<br />

her that they wanted the personal fireworks<br />

ban to remain in place because of<br />

the noise and potential danger. She added<br />

that the city provides residents with a fine<br />

fireworks display on the Fourth of July.<br />

Rupp also said it is a safety issue and<br />

that council often has to make regulations<br />

in this regard in the best interests of the<br />

community. He felt resident Greg Keller<br />

made good points about the personal fireworks<br />

issue at a recent council meeting.<br />

Keller said that personal fireworks are<br />

See BAN, page 2<br />

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<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Pat Donahue<br />

This P-51 Mustang spent a lot time in the air as well as on the ground at the<br />

Columbus Air Show to honor the Tuskegee Airmen. See more <strong>Messenger</strong> photos<br />

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2<br />

PAGE 2 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>June</strong> 25, <strong>2023</strong><br />

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G U T T E R<br />

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BAN<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

a dangerous safety hazard - particularly in an urban<br />

setting with nearby neighbors - and a noise problem.<br />

Keller said the loud noise of fireworks is harmful to<br />

military veterans suffering from post traumatic stress<br />

syndrome and to people’s pets.<br />

Dildine, like Lockett, thought allowing personal<br />

fireworks one day a year would have been a good compromise.<br />

By rejecting the legislation he said the city<br />

missed an opportunity to relay proper safety information<br />

on the use of fireworks to the citizenry.<br />

In casting the deciding vote to reject the legislation,<br />

Westcamp said several factors impacted his decision,<br />

including safety issues, the noise impact on pets and<br />

people, and the dangerous potential for personal fireworks<br />

to ignite grass and house fires.<br />

Other <strong>Groveport</strong> news<br />

•Council authorized <strong>Groveport</strong> City Administrator<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison places levy on ballot<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />


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Mon-Thurs: 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: 2pm-8pm EST<br />

On <strong>June</strong> 14, the <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Board of Education voted<br />

4-1 on a resolution to proceed to place a 6.68 mill continuing operating<br />

levy on the Nov. 7 ballot.<br />

Board member Kathleen Walsh was the lone dissenting vote. At<br />

a previous board meeting she stated district officials must commit<br />

to having a written 10 to 15 year strategic plan with goals and<br />

how the district will accomplish those goals.<br />

At the board’s <strong>June</strong> 14 meeting, Walsh questioned why a continuing<br />

levy was being placed on the ballot instead of a “true<br />

renewal,” which would be for five years.<br />

“I don’t know why we’re doing that,” said Walsh.<br />

When asked if a continuing levy is essentially a permanent levy<br />

since it does not have a fixed term, <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison<br />

Communications Director Jeff Warner said,<br />

“While there are differences in the legal terminology,<br />

it is essentially a permanent<br />

levy.”<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Treasurer Felicia<br />

Drummey said the levy would be a “no new<br />

taxes” renewal of the existing levy and that<br />

its passage is “crucial to get the financial<br />


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<br />

support to maintain our programming for<br />

our students.”<br />

District resident Ernest Lee told the<br />

board at its <strong>June</strong> 14 meeting the levy would<br />

be a hardship for seniors and individuals.<br />

“You say it (the levy) is not new, but it is<br />

because it’s permanent, so accountability<br />

goes away,” said Lee. “You think residents<br />

have money just to give to the board to do<br />

whatever it wants.”<br />

Board President LaToya Dowdell-Burger<br />

noted there is a senior citizens home exemption<br />

available that has been expanded in the<br />

new state budget and state law.<br />

The district has not received any new<br />

money since the current expiring 6.68 mill<br />

expense levy was first approved by voters in<br />

2014. That “no new taxes” levy was renewed<br />

by 67 percent of voters in 2019.<br />

If the levy is approved in November, the<br />

district would receive half the funds it generates<br />

in 2025 and the remainder in 2026.<br />

Drummey said inflation is causing<br />

expenses to outpace flat revenues.<br />

According to the five year forecast, this<br />

revenue gap could grow to $4.8 million next<br />

year and $9 million the following year.<br />

In fiscal year <strong>2023</strong>, the five year forecast<br />

shows expenditures are expected to be<br />

greater than revenue by $1 million. By fiscal year 2027, expenditures<br />

are projected to be greater than revenue by $18.2 million.<br />

The district would need to cut its fiscal year 2027 projected<br />

expenses by 16.2 percent to balance its budget without additional<br />

revenue. The district’s cash balance is positive at year‐end in fiscal<br />

year <strong>2023</strong> and is projected to worsen by fiscal year 2027.<br />

According to Drummey, a worsening cash balance can erode the<br />

district’s financial stability over time.<br />

To ensure the district has the necessary resources to keep up its<br />

services to students and provide additional safety measures,<br />

Drummey said the district needs to close the revenue gap, which<br />

includes: spending reductions, renewing the expiring levy, and<br />

passing a new additional levy - or a combination of these actions.<br />

When asked if there are there plans to consider an additional<br />

levy in 2024 on top of the one on the November <strong>2023</strong> ballot,<br />

Warner said, “There’s nothing definite about anything beyond the<br />

fall levy renewal. The big uncertainty is whether the state will<br />

fully fund the school funding formula. If they don’t, there’s a<br />

strong likelihood that we would need to request additional funds<br />

through another operating levy.”<br />

Drummey said the board could consider $4 million to $6 million<br />

in spending reductions to balance the operating budget, depending<br />

on the board’s comfort level in reducing services.<br />

According the district’s most recent five year forecast released,<br />

42 percent of its total revenue comes from property taxes, 39 percent<br />

from state funding, and about 20 percent from other sources.<br />

Salaries make up 52 percent of expenditures, benefits are 23 percent,<br />

purchased services are 17 percent, and supplies/materials<br />

are 3.5 percent.<br />

School resource officers<br />

The board approved a three-year memorandum of understanding<br />

with Madison Township for two Madison Township Police officers<br />

to serve as school resource officers. One officer will primarily<br />

work at the high school and the other requested officer could work<br />

in the district’s other schools in the north side of the district. The<br />

school district will cover 70 percent of salary and benefit costs,<br />

along with other costs. The township will cover the remaining 30<br />

percent of the officer’s salary.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison previously contracted for one Madison<br />

Township officer and one city of <strong>Groveport</strong> officer to serve as<br />

school resource officers.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> City Council is considering legislation for a three<br />

year contract with <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison for the city to provide a<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Police officer as a school resource officer for the district.<br />

Under the contract the city would provide one officer to serve as<br />

a full time school resource officer at the high school and potentially<br />

an additional officer to perform duties at the schools on the south<br />

side of the district as well as helping at the high school.<br />

The school district would provide 70 percent of the cost of the<br />

yearly salary, benefits, retirement, and additional costs. The<br />

remaining 30 percent is covered by the city.<br />

B. J. King to sell the city-owned property, which consists<br />

of a block garage and vacant land, at 384<br />

Westport Drive for $33,000. The sale price is from the<br />

highest bidder.<br />

There was once a house on the property, but it<br />

burned down years ago and had to be demolished. The<br />

city ended up with the property under a land trust.<br />

After the sale the city will no longer have to maintain<br />

the property.<br />

Any new construction of the property must conform<br />

with the city’s current construction laws.<br />

•The <strong>Groveport</strong> Farmers Market will be held on<br />

Thursdays from July 13 to Sept. 7 from 4-6 p.m. in<br />

Heritage Park, 551 Wirt Road. For information call<br />

614-836-3333 or visit groveport.org/565/Farmers-<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

How will Area C be developed?<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

How will the city of <strong>Groveport</strong> grow in<br />

the future?<br />

A key to this growth puzzle is vast<br />

acreage known as “Area C,” located from<br />

Pontius Road east to Richardson Road,<br />

and south to London-Lancaster Road.<br />

It also includes parcels immediately<br />

north of and bounded by Hayes Road and<br />

Richardson Road.<br />

Currently this land is a mix of residential<br />

and agricultural uses.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> City Council is currently considering<br />

legislation to solicit proposals and<br />

to contract with a company that would provide<br />

planning services for the development<br />

of Area C.<br />

When asked why the city is planning on<br />

hiring a planning services firm in regards<br />

to Area C, <strong>Groveport</strong> City Administrator B.<br />

J. King said, “Because the city lacks the<br />

resources or expertise in-house to perform<br />

such a complex process.”<br />

The cost of contracting with this planning<br />

services firm is not yet known.<br />

“That’s the purpose of the request for<br />

proposals,” said King.<br />

King said the only parts of Area C that<br />

are currently within the city limits are the<br />

Air East industrial park (including Faro<br />

Logistics, FedEx and Honeywell) and the<br />

Sunshine development on the south side of<br />

Hayes Road.<br />

When asked what the current zoning is<br />

for the undeveloped parts of Area C, King<br />

said, “Because the area is not currently in<br />

the city, it has not been zoned. Upon<br />

annexation it would automatically be<br />

zoned rural until it is rezoned for other<br />

uses.”<br />

He added that currently none of the<br />

property owners in the parts of Area C outside<br />

of the city limits have expressed interest<br />

in annexing into the city.<br />

When asked what types of potential<br />

developments can be considered for Area<br />

C, King said, “That’s a good question and<br />

one of the reasons we are undertaking this<br />

planning process. To determine what, if<br />

any, types of development the city could or<br />

should pursue. It will also study whether<br />

the development costs for infrastructure<br />

will be adequately offset of potential revenue,<br />

especially once revenue-sharing<br />

requirements or considered.”<br />

He added the presence of the<br />

Rickenbacker Airport noise corridor does<br />

not affect potential development in Area C<br />

and that Columbus would provide water<br />

and sewer services to Area C once it is<br />

developed.<br />

“Area C is one of three areas referred in<br />

the <strong>Groveport</strong>’s sanitary service agreement<br />

with the city of Columbus,” said King.<br />

“Area A is the portion of the city served by<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>’s own water system but<br />

Columbus’ sewer. Area B is the area that<br />

the city was able to annex without restrictions<br />

and is comprised primarily of the<br />

city’s industrial parks and residential subdivisions.<br />

Area C is the area that requires<br />

approval by the Public Service Director for<br />

the city of Columbus before services can be<br />

extended as part of an annexation.”<br />

So, when does the city anticipate development<br />

occurring in Area C?<br />

“No official timeline,” said King. “Again,<br />

this is part of the intent of the study. At<br />

this stage, we’re not yet sure development<br />

is even worth pursuing. If it’s determined<br />

there is sufficient economic and other benefits<br />

for the city without negative impact to<br />

our residents, and if we have an opportunity<br />

to diversify our existing commercial,<br />

industrial and residential base, we could<br />

consider it. Availability and cost of land<br />

will also be critical factors.”<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Police statistics<br />

May crime statistics, according to the<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Police: 16 arrests, 13 accidents, 1<br />

assault, 1 burglary, 4 domestic disputes, 1<br />

domestic violence, 2 OVI and alcohol, 8<br />

thefts/robberies, 4 missing persons, 3<br />

weapon related calls, 2 threats, 1 vandalism,<br />

2 juvenile complaints, 61 traffic citations, 1<br />

sex related crime, 16 school related calls, 29<br />

suspicious vehicles/persons, 2 suicide<br />

attempts/mental health calls.<br />

Township Police statistics<br />

May crime statistics from the Madison<br />

Township Police: 3 assaults, 9 auto accidents<br />

with injuries, 15 auto accidents noninjuries,<br />

13 animal complaints, 64 Brobst<br />

Park security checks, 1 burglary, 2 burgla-<br />

<strong>June</strong> 25, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

ries in progress, 28 domestic complaints, 1<br />

drunk, 5 fights, 26 juvenile complaints, 11<br />

larceny/theft, 3 missing persons, 1 narcotics<br />

complaint, 13 parking violations, 9<br />

persons with gun, 6 persons with knife, 1<br />

sex offenses, 9 shots fired in area, 3 stolen<br />

vehicles, 4 suicide attempts, 58 suspicious<br />

persons/vehicles, 14 threats or harassment,<br />

242 traffic stops, 6 vandalism.<br />

Madison Township Police Chief Gary York,<br />

said there were nine OVI arrests in May.<br />

“One was a felony OVI out of a crash<br />

and was elevated to a felony due to it being<br />

the defendant’s third OVI arrest,” said<br />

York. “Another unrelated OVI arrest<br />

involved an individual who was charged<br />

with child endangerment in addition to<br />

speed and no operator’s license, who had<br />

two children in the vehicle.”<br />

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PAGE 4 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>June</strong> 25, <strong>2023</strong><br />

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Photo courtesy of the <strong>Groveport</strong> Heritage Museum<br />

This is the <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison High School (when the high school was located on<br />

Main Street) stage as it looked in the 1960s. Beneath the stage is a compartment that<br />

stored metal folding chairs on racks that could be pulled out and set up to serve as<br />

the audience seating area for the stage. The school is now Middle School Central.<br />

Dr. Sacheen Garrison<br />

5055 S. Hamilton Road<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125 614-836-0500<br />

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By Sarah Slayman<br />

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Fifty years of 4H<br />

By Theresa Garee<br />

Staff Writer<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Club’s Garden<br />

Tour has bloomed again!<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> Garden Tour will be held <strong>June</strong><br />

25 from noon to 5 p.m. It will be held rain<br />

or shine. To receive your ticket, register at:<br />

https://forms.gle/x7mcc8NKUQATFpCQ8<br />

or email groveportgardenclub@gmail.com.<br />

There are six stops on this year’s tour at<br />

garden club members’ residences in and<br />

around <strong>Groveport</strong>. Information on the locations<br />

and descriptions of the gardens are<br />

provided with your ticket.<br />

“There is a vegetable garden that’s just<br />

phenomenal,” said Lacy Cooper of the<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Club. “Another specializes<br />

in succulents and cacti. My focus is<br />

establishing butterfly and pollinator habitats<br />

with an emphasis on native planting<br />

and there is also an arboretum which is<br />

well known in the area.”<br />

Other highlights of this year’s garden<br />

tour include: gardens that foster a home<br />

for bees and butterflies; a cottage type garden<br />

with many varieties of flowers; gardens<br />

with art features; and a garden with<br />

whimsical touches and hidden treasures.<br />

This is the <strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Club’s<br />

first garden tour since 2016.<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Buttoneers 4H Club celebrates<br />

its 50th anniversary this summer.<br />

Gerry Zwayer of <strong>Groveport</strong> believes the<br />

4H organization is the best program for<br />

children to grow up with.<br />

The development foundation focuses on<br />

enriching the lives of children through a<br />

variety of activity-based clubs ranging<br />

from animal care to science education. All<br />

five of Zwayer’s children, 10 of her grandchildren,<br />

and now some of her great-grandchildren<br />

have been raised within it.<br />

Until the early 1970s, the only clubs<br />

available involved raising livestock. That<br />

doesn’t peak every child’s interest, but the<br />

appeal to a social club was strong especially<br />

considering the nature of rural families<br />

having their houses far apart from one<br />

another.<br />

Zwayer’s daughter expressed her interest<br />

in learning to sew and cook, as well as<br />

many of her neighbor’s daughters. Zwayer<br />

saw this as an opportunity, and in 1973,<br />

headed up the <strong>Groveport</strong> Buttoneers Club,<br />

a group that made a community around<br />

home economics. This led to a 44 year long<br />

streak of her being a 4H advisor where<br />

Zwayer watched the group evolve from<br />

sewing elastic waist skirts and baking to<br />

now including welding projects and photography<br />

education. She has recently retired<br />

from this position, but still attends the fair<br />

every year.<br />

The group has met in a various homes<br />

and churches over the decades and has<br />

crafted a rooted community that spans generations,<br />

sometimes<br />

grouping over 30 kids<br />

in a given year.<br />

Throughout all her<br />

years, Zwayer said,<br />

“The biggest blessing<br />

has just been getting<br />

to know so many<br />

kids.”<br />

She recalls the<br />

weeks they would<br />

camp out at the fair<br />

each summer and<br />

cherishes memories<br />

made with other families.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by<br />

Sarah Slayman<br />

ZWAYER<br />

These clubs have been fun for kids, but<br />

offer many transferable skills within independence<br />

and work ethic as well. Zwayer<br />

enjoyed pouring into the community in this<br />

way watching them grow into the adults<br />

they’ve become today.<br />

“I got much more from 4H than I ever<br />

gave to any of those children,” said Zwayer.<br />

Zwayer was the first to make a way for<br />

kids who wanted to be a part of the larger<br />

4H community that did not necessarily<br />

show interest in raising livestock, which<br />

widened opportunities significantly. Her<br />

initiative continues to enrich generations<br />

of families through education and community.<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Fourth of July parade<br />

will have a float celebrating the<br />

Buttoneers’ 50th anniversary.<br />

For information about 4H programs,<br />

visit https://ohio4h.org/about/join-4-h.<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Tour returns<br />

“In late 2016 the main organizer of the<br />

tour (which was then a home and garden<br />

tour) had surgery and a long recovery,”<br />

said Cooper. “A few years later, the pandemic<br />

lockdowns were enforced and not<br />

only did the tour not revive but the garden<br />

club nearly dissolved. Last year the club<br />

tried to revive the tour, but there weren’t<br />

enough people interested in showing their<br />

gardens to have one. Prior to 2015, the tour<br />

used to be a combined effort between<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Town Hall and the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Garden Club (as well as the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Heritage Society). We’re hoping to reestablish<br />

our relationship with Town Hall<br />

and the surrounding <strong>Groveport</strong> community.<br />

This year we had enough garden club<br />

members who were interested in showing<br />

their gardens to have a small tour.”<br />

However, Cooper added the tour is not<br />

meant to be exclusively for garden club<br />

member participation.<br />

“Going forward we hope to get more<br />

involvement from <strong>Groveport</strong> residents<br />

with gardens they’d like to include as part<br />

of the tour,” said Cooper.<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Club, which<br />

formed in 1961, meets the first Tuesday<br />

each month at <strong>Groveport</strong> Zion Lutheran<br />

Church, 6014 <strong>Groveport</strong> Road.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Commemorative bricks<br />

Honor a veteran or active military<br />

member with a personalized brick paver in<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>’s Veterans Park or Log House<br />

Memory Walk. Commemorative bricks<br />

may be purchased by calling <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Town Hall at 614-836-3333. Deadline to<br />

order is Sept. 1.<br />

Community band concert<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Zion Lutheran Church, 6014<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Road, will host the<br />

Reynoldsburg Community Band for a free<br />

concert, rain or shine, on the lawn on July<br />

9 at 6 p.m. There will be ice cream. Bring<br />

a lawn chair.<br />

Keep tabs on the latest news in<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> & Madison Township<br />

Look for <strong>Groveport</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong> on<br />

Become a fan!<br />

southeast<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

(Distribution: 8,000)<br />

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southeast@columbusmessenger.com<br />

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<br />

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<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

What Ohio Families<br />

Need to Know About the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Legislative Budget<br />

The proposed Ohio legislative budget for<br />

<strong>2023</strong> has recently been unveiled, and it is<br />

crucial for families across the state to understand<br />

how it may impact their lives if the<br />

budget is passed.<br />

Education is a top priority in the <strong>2023</strong> legislative<br />

budget. It includes a significant increase<br />

in funding for K-12 schools, ensuring<br />

that Ohio's students have access to quality<br />

education. The budget also allocates resources<br />

to support early childhood education<br />

programs, aiming to give children a<br />

strong foundation for their academic journey.<br />

Additionally, there are provisions for increased<br />

investment in vocational training<br />

and college affordability, empowering students<br />

with diverse pathways to success.<br />

The budget prioritizes healthcare initiatives,<br />

aiming to improve access and affordability<br />

for Ohio families. It includes measures to expand<br />

Medicaid coverage, ensuring more individuals<br />

and families have access to<br />

essential healthcare services. Furthermore,<br />

funding has been allocated to address mental<br />

health needs, emphasizing prevention,<br />

treatment, and support. The budget also<br />

aims to enhance healthcare infrastructure,<br />

particularly in rural areas, to ensure equitable<br />

access to quality care across the state.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> legislative budget places a strong<br />

emphasis on infrastructure and economic<br />

development. It includes substantial investments<br />

in transportation infrastructure, such<br />

as roads, bridges, and public transit, to improve<br />

connectivity and support economic<br />

growth. The budget also allocates resources<br />

to spur job creation, promote entrepreneurship,<br />

and attract businesses to Ohio. Additionally,<br />

there are provisions to support<br />

renewable energy initiatives, emphasizing<br />

the state's commitment to sustainable development<br />

and environmental stewardship.<br />

Results matter, so let’s work together. Subscribe<br />

and follow me on social media for<br />

updates.<br />

Paid Advertisement<br />

<strong>June</strong> 25, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />

ENR<br />

ROLL NOW<br />

FOR THE <strong>2023</strong>-2024 SCH HOOL YEAR<br />

DON’T WAIT!<br />

Register your child for school today using our online<br />

system, SpeedyStart. Begin the process by visiting our<br />

website at gocruisers.org/enrollment.aspx. org/enrollment.aspx. It’s as easy<br />

as 1, 2, 3.<br />


Don’t wait until August to register<br />

your child. Enrolling early helps to<br />

ensure a smooth start to the schoo<br />

year for your child – and you!<br />


Even if your chi ld is already enrolled<br />

in <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Schools, but you’ve<br />

moved to another address within the District,<br />

you must log into your FinalForms account, count, found at<br />

gocruisers.org/FinalForms.aspx, to update your address<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />



Welcome Center<br />

4400 Marketing Place, Suite B<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125<br />

(614) 491-8288

PAGE 6 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>June</strong> 25, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Music, Crafts & more!<br />

Children's Program entitled<br />

“Sharing is Caring"<br />

July 18,19, 20<br />

from 6:30 to 8:00<br />

Registration starts at<br />

6 p.m. For ages 4-12.<br />

Asbury UMC South Fellowship Hall<br />

4760 Winchester PIke, Columbus, Ohio 43232<br />

614-837-4601<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Club<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Club meets the<br />

first Tuesday each month at <strong>Groveport</strong> Zion<br />

Lutheran Church, 6014 <strong>Groveport</strong> Road.<br />

Call Marylee Bendig at (614) 218-1097.<br />

Special Olympics<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Special Olympics chapter<br />

provides year round sports training<br />

and competition for intellectually disabled<br />

individuals.<br />

Contact Penny and Cassandra Hilty at<br />

groveportspecialolympics@gmail.com or at<br />

(614) 395-8992 or 395-6640. Donations<br />

may be sent to <strong>Groveport</strong> Special<br />

Olympics, P.O. Box 296, <strong>Groveport</strong>, OH<br />

43125.<br />

West 50 year reunion<br />

The West High School class of 1973 will<br />

host its 50 year reunion. Alumni are invited<br />

to tour West High School from 4-5:45<br />

p.m. on July 21 then meet at Bella’s Pizza<br />

from 6-10 p.m. On July 22, alumni will<br />

gather in the Hollywood Casino Ballroom<br />

from 6-11 p.m. Cost is $30 per person. For<br />

information, contact Wanda Estepp Ross<br />

at 614-570-9899.<br />


Crow, Grammer headline<br />

Lancaster Festival<br />

The Lancaster Festival Board of Directors has<br />

announced that Sheryl Crow and Andy Grammer<br />

will be this year’s signature acts appearing on the<br />

Wendel Concert Stage. Tickets for these and other<br />

events taking place during the 10-day celebration<br />

of music, art and community are on sale now.<br />

The July 29 Grand Finale concert will feature<br />

Sheryl Crow with the Lancaster Festival<br />

Orchestra.<br />

She has won nine Grammy Awards, as well as<br />

Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal<br />

Performance for “All I Wanna Do.” Her first nine<br />

studio albums have sold 35 million copies worldwide;<br />

seven charted in the Top 10, and five were<br />

certified for Multi-Platinum sales.<br />

The July 22 concert will feature Andy<br />

Grammer with the Lancaster Festival Orchestra.<br />

A multiplatinum troubadour, he continues to<br />

engage, energize, and empower audiences with<br />

stomping stadium-size pop anthems meant to be<br />

shared at full volume. His catalog consists of<br />

numerous hits, including the quadruple-platinum<br />

“Honey, I’m Good,” platinum singles “Keep Your<br />

Head Up,” “Fine By Me,” “Don’t Give Up On<br />

Me,” “Fresh Eyes,” “Good To Be Alive<br />

(Hallelujah),” gold single “I Found You,” and the<br />

gold albums Andy Grammer and Magazines Or<br />

Novels. He has quietly generated billions of<br />

streams and lent his music to films such as Five<br />

Feet Apart. When “Don’t Give Up On Me”<br />

soundtracked ESPN’s 13th Annual V Week for<br />

Cancer Reach, he garnered a Sports Emmy for<br />

Outstanding Music Direction and a Clio Award.<br />

The Lancaster Festival Orchestra will open<br />

each evening, with dazzling fireworks ending<br />

each Saturday evening performance.<br />

The ever-popular Wednesday night tribute<br />

band will be The Red Hot Chilli Pipers.<br />

(https://rhcp.scot)<br />

A full schedule of events is available at<br />

www.lancasterfestival.org.<br />




www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>June</strong> 25, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 7<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>’s First ursday<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> will hold its First Thursday<br />

events this summer in Cruiser Park, 4677<br />

Bixby Road, on July 6 and Aug. 3 from<br />

4:30-7 p.m. First Thursday features live<br />

music, food trucks, more than 40 vendors,<br />

giveaways, face painting and bounce<br />

house, a petting zoo, and more. The Aug. 3<br />

event will include a dog show. The event<br />

and parking are free. Musical performers<br />

are; July 6 - Willie Nelson Mandela Jr.;<br />

and Aug. 3 - Wade Dow and Dar Kovacs.<br />

Giveaways are: July 6 - baseball hat; and<br />

Aug. 3 - pet waste bag dispenser. For information<br />

call 614-836-3333.<br />

Dr. Bender 5K Classic<br />

The 16th annual Dr. Bender 5K Classic<br />

will be held on July 22 at Canal Winchester<br />

High School, 300 Washington St., Canal<br />

Winchester. The in-person 5K race begins<br />

at 8:30 a.m. The 1-mile Fun Run for children<br />

precedes the 5K and begins at 8 a.m.<br />

A virtual 5K event will be available for<br />

those who are not able or choose not to participate<br />

in the in-person race.<br />

Proceeds from registration and sponsorships<br />

from this year’s races will directly<br />

benefit the boys and girls cross country<br />

teams at Canal Winchester High School.<br />

Cost is: in-person race, $30; virtual race,<br />

$30; and Fun Run, $10.<br />

There will be an Alumni/Team challenge<br />

competition for the in-person race.<br />

Provide your team name/members(minimum<br />

of 4) to the Race Director the morning<br />

of the 5K.<br />

Visit www.drbender5k.com to register<br />

or for information.<br />

Famous Fortress Fireworks<br />

Obetz’s Famous Fortress Fireworks<br />

event will be held on July 3 from 6-10 p.m.<br />

at the Fortress, 2015 Recreation Trail in<br />

Obetz. The event features food trucks,<br />

inflatables, and a fireworks show.<br />

Boy Scout Troop 71<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> area scouts of Boy Scout<br />

Troop 71 meet at <strong>Groveport</strong> United<br />

Methodist Church, 512 Main St. Cub<br />

Scouts, boys and girls in grades K-5, meet<br />

on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. Boy Scouts ages<br />

11-18 meet Tuesdays at 7 p.m. The Girls<br />

Troop ages 11-18 meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m.<br />

For information visit Beascout.org or contact<br />

Tina Dillman at<br />

christinadillman@aol.com.<br />


Ohio’s only Blues &<br />

Ribfest set for 12th year<br />

Destination: Canal Winchester and the City of<br />

Canal Winchester invite you to enjoy their annual<br />

Blues & Ribfest on July 28 and 29 in historic<br />

downtown Canal Winchester.<br />

The air will again be filled with the wonderful<br />

scent of barbeque and the timeless beat of<br />

authentic American Blues at Ohio’s only Blues &<br />

Rib Festival!<br />

The two-day summer street celebration features<br />

live blues music, world-class ribs, a variety<br />

of quality non-rib food options, children's activities,<br />

shaded dining areas, and a beer garden.<br />

From solid rockin’ electric blues to traditional<br />

acoustic performances, there’s something sure to<br />

satisfy even the most discriminating blues fan<br />

continuously flowing from two stages throughout<br />

the two-day event.<br />

Bring your friends, your families, your<br />

appetite, and a couple of lawn chairs for one of<br />

the best parties of the summer! New this year is<br />

DORA, so visitors will be able to enjoy adult<br />

beverages in front of both stages.<br />

Admission is free.<br />

Destination: Canal Winchester’s Director<br />

explains, “This year marks another fantastic<br />

blues line-up. On the BBQ side, we’re honored to<br />

welcome several rib masters from the national<br />

barbeque circuit back to Canal Winchester. They<br />

will be competing against each other for trophies<br />

and bragging rights.<br />

And if ribs aren’t your thing, there is a solid<br />

roster of over 18 other specialty food vendors,<br />

including the famous Schmidt’s Sausage truck<br />

and a Canal Winchester favorite, Amish Donuts.<br />

We did not forget the kids and are very pleased to<br />

be able to bring back the popular pony rides, craft<br />

tables and free inflatables.<br />

Maybe the best part of our event is that there<br />

is no charge to experience some of the finest live<br />

blues and barbecue to be found anywhere at any<br />

price.”<br />

Visit www.bluesandribfest.com for information.

PAGE 8 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>June</strong> 25, <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>’s Fourth of<br />

July celebration<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

It will be another fun filled<br />

Fourth of July in <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

this year.<br />

“I enjoy families gathering,<br />

alumni returning, and the community<br />

coming together,” said<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Mayor Lance<br />

Westcamp.<br />

This year’s celebration features the traditional<br />

Main Street parade, a kids’<br />

parade, music, food vendors, family activities,<br />

and fireworks on July 4.<br />

'New to the event this year will be an<br />

entertainment tent so the audience will<br />

have a cooler, shaded area to enjoy the<br />

bands,” said <strong>Groveport</strong> Community Affairs<br />

Director Jessica Wyke. “The kids activities<br />

have been extended until 7 p.m., which is<br />

three hours longer than last year. Also,<br />

this will be our music headliner’s first time<br />

performing in <strong>Groveport</strong>, The Sensational<br />

Soul Brothers.”<br />

The Main Street parade will start at 11<br />

a.m. on July 4. Staging for the parade will<br />

be at the <strong>Groveport</strong> Recreation Center. The<br />

parade will start at Richardson Road and<br />

travel west on Main Street, then turn right<br />

onto Hendron Road and end at Glendening<br />

Elementary.<br />

This year’s parade grand marshals recognizes<br />

the city’s 100-year-old residents.<br />

“Mayor Lance Westcamp chose the<br />

parade grand marshals because he wants<br />

to, ‘Celebrate <strong>Groveport</strong>’s centenarians<br />

and their invaluable contributions to our<br />

community,’” said Wyke.<br />

The parade grand marshals are Lily<br />

Hanson named manager<br />

The Columbus Metropolitan Library<br />

has hired Keith Hanson of <strong>Groveport</strong> as<br />

manager of its Canal Winchester Branch.<br />

He officially began his new role <strong>June</strong> 11.<br />

Hanson’s CML career, which began in<br />

2001, has taken him throughout the<br />

library system. He started as a sorter at<br />

Main Library and held various roles at the<br />

Karl Road, Hilltop, Linden, South High<br />

and Parsons branches. For the last decade,<br />

Hanson has served as manager of CML’s<br />

Karl Road Branch. He graduated from The<br />

Ohio State University.<br />

“Keith knows this organization inside<br />

and out,” said CML Chief Customer<br />

Experience Officer Charlie Hansen. “He’s<br />

eager to introduce the Canal Winchester<br />

community to its new library when it opens<br />

within the next few years.”<br />

The previous manager of the Canal<br />

Winchester Branch, Cindy Cawley, had<br />

been splitting her time between managing<br />

CML’s Canal Winchester and Southeast<br />

branches. She has returned to the<br />

Southeast Branch full-time.<br />

Franks, Betty McNeal, and<br />

Dottie Dillman.<br />

“Each of these long-time<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> residents are 100<br />

plus years young,” said Wyke.<br />

The fireworks will be<br />

launched at dusk on July 4<br />

from Palm Pond in Heritage<br />

Park on Wirt Road. Tune into<br />

radio frequency 88.3 to hear background<br />

music during the fireworks.<br />

Musical entertainment on July 4 begins<br />

on the main stage along Wirt Road with<br />

Krash Landing from 2-3:30 p.m.; Hang<br />

Time from 4-5:30 p.m.; Whiskey Ridge<br />

from 6-7:30 p.m.; and The Sensational Soul<br />

Brothers from 8-9:45 p.m.<br />

“A few things you won’t want to miss<br />

will be the kids’ parade kicking off the day,<br />

talented local entertainment starting at 2<br />

p.m., and a variety of delicious food trucks.<br />

There’s something for everyone,” said<br />

Wyke.<br />

Food vendors and family activities following<br />

the Main Street parade will be<br />

located along Wirt Road.<br />

The Red, White & Kids parade will take<br />

place July 4 with staging at 10 a.m. in the<br />

Middle School Central, 751 Main St., parking<br />

lot. Kids can decorate their bikes, wagons,<br />

and scooters in red, white, and blue.<br />

The kids’ parade begins at 10:30 a.m. at<br />

Middle School Central, then proceeds west<br />

on Main Street, south on Oak Street to<br />

Crooked Alley KidSpace, 630 Wirt Road.<br />

Per a city ordinance, no animals are<br />

permitted in the festival event areas at any<br />

time during the city’s Fourth of July celebration.<br />

Historical signage<br />

Special signage will be put in place to<br />

help preserve <strong>Groveport</strong>’s history.<br />

On <strong>June</strong> 12, <strong>Groveport</strong> City Council<br />

authorized City Administrator B.J. King to<br />

enter into a licensing agreement with the<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Heritage and Preservation<br />

Society to erect historical information and<br />

description signage about the town at five<br />

different sites including: Blacklick Park,<br />

the Sharp’s Landing building near<br />

Heritage Park, Ohio and Erie Canal Lock<br />

22, the proposed pocket park at Main and<br />

Front streets, and near the intersection of<br />

Main and College streets.<br />

Other sites could also be determined in<br />

the future.<br />

The signage will include a map, photos,<br />

and concise, easy to absorb historical text<br />

highlighting the town’s history as a port on<br />

the Ohio and Erie Canal and other historical<br />

topics.<br />

“We want to provide a simple means for<br />

visitors and residents to learn about<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>’s history,” said Carla Cramer of<br />

the <strong>Groveport</strong> Heritage Society.

PAGE 12 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>June</strong> 25, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />


4760 Winchester Pike, Columbus, Ohio 43232<br />

Telephone: 614-837-4601<br />

Rev. Sherri Upchurch Blackwell<br />

Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Inside and Parking Lot<br />

Sunday School 9 a.m.<br />


Sharing & Caring<br />

July 18, 19, 20 - 6:30-8:00 pm<br />

Ages 4-12 - Music, Crafts & More<br />

Contact us today to secure your spot in our Worship Guide.<br />

614.272.5422 • kathy@columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />



Christ Centered, Mission Driven<br />

Traditionally Grounded<br />

6014 <strong>Groveport</strong> Rd., <strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125<br />

PHONE: 614-836-5611<br />


Sunday Worship 11 A.M.<br />

Join us for an evening of music & ice cream<br />

Reynoldsburg Community Band Concert<br />

Bring a blanket or chair and enjoy. Rain or Shine<br />

SUNDAY, JULY 9th, <strong>2023</strong> - 6:00 PM<br />

Be a Part of Our Local Worship Guide<br />

Our Worship Guide is geared toward celebrating faith and helping readers<br />

connect with religious resources in our community. Make sure these readers<br />

know how you can help with a presence in this very special section distributed to<br />

more than 19,000 households in the <strong>Groveport</strong> area.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>Groveport</strong><br />

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• Coverage of your City & Community Events<br />

• Coverage of City School Board and Township News<br />

• Feature Stories & Community Photos<br />

We Care About Our Community!<br />

Thank You for supporting Community Journalism.<br />

There are many ways to support your <strong>Groveport</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

• Credit Card Donation (Call 614-272-5422 ask for Steve)<br />

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