Estetica Magazine UK (2/2023)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at magazines.esteticanetwork.com

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at magazines.esteticanetwork.com


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<strong>UK</strong> EDITION<br />


A Trip Around the<br />

Best Industry Events<br />


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haireditorial<br />

Bring out the best of your talent<br />

and let your creativity shine.<br />

Across the hairdressing industry, Summer is a season of celebration for<br />

some, but of great anticipation for others. The reason for this is that we<br />

are very fortunate to have so many opportunities to participate in several<br />

highly prestigious competitions covering all aspects of hairdressing<br />

- from cut and colour, through to design, education, business and so much<br />

more. In recent weeks, Team<strong>Estetica</strong> has been fortunate to have been part<br />

of some truly amazing hair experiences. They include the Wella<br />

Destination event in Gran Canaria, which also incorporated the<br />

spectacular International Trend Vision Awards celebration. Then there<br />

was the Revlon Professional Front Row event in Majorca, which<br />

coincided with the International Hairdressing Awards show. We are also<br />

eagerly anticipating the <strong>UK</strong> finals of Kao Salons’ Global Creative Awards<br />

<strong>UK</strong> & Ireland Finals, which are taking place in July in London, the<br />

winners from which will be finalists at the international event to be held<br />

in Chicago (USA) this September. Along with my <strong>Estetica</strong> colleagues in<br />

other countries around the world, I am privileged to be invited to judge<br />

many hairdressing competition of this kind. We are always astounded<br />

and extremely impressed by the talent, energy, commitment and<br />

enthusiasm that goes into each and every entry, as competitors strive to<br />

convey their creative inspiration through their best technical work.<br />

However, the judging process will inevitably leave one competitor feeling<br />

ecstatic and everyone else feeling considerably less so. Having said that,<br />

the journey itself always turns out to be an extremely positive one and<br />

being part of such an amazing experience always outweighs the negativity<br />

of not being crowned winner!<br />

Gary Kelly<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />




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In this issue:<br />



esteticamagazine.com<br />

N. 147<br />

02/<strong>2023</strong><br />

Cover Image<br />

Hair by HOB Creative Team:<br />

Akin Konizi, Jake Unger,<br />

Nestor Sanchez<br />

Photo: Jake Unger<br />

Make-up: Kom and Shay<br />

HAIR editorial Bring Out the Best... in You! 05<br />

runways Spring/Summer <strong>2023</strong> 08<br />

film Rediscover Barbie 12<br />

direction Blending Blondes 14<br />

focus Llongueras Forever 20<br />

trends Total Spectrum of Hair Expertise 25<br />

PRO interview In Exclusive: Angus Mitchell 74<br />

online Fellowship: The Knowledge 76<br />

ingredients Superfoods & Your Hair 78<br />

experience ITVA at Destination <strong>2023</strong> 80<br />

events Front Row Summit in Majorca 82<br />

show International Hairdressing Awards 84<br />

networking The Hub <strong>2023</strong> 86<br />

$<br />


Head Office:<br />

Edizioni ESAV<br />

via Cavour, 50<br />

10123 TURIN (Italy)<br />

estetica.uk@lineone.net<br />

www.esteticamagazine.com<br />

à<br />


e-mail: customercare@estetica.it<br />

6<br />

ONLINE<br />

www.esteticamagazine.com<br />


Roberto Pissimiglia<br />


Gary Kelly - esteticauk@lineone.net<br />


Laura Castelli - l.castelli@estetica.it<br />


Monica Tessari - m.tessari@estetica.it<br />


Emanuela Vaser - e.vaser@estetica.it<br />

LAYOUT<br />

Manuela Artosi, Davide Cardente<br />

<strong>UK</strong> SALES & MARKETING MANAGER<br />

Luca Pissimiglia - l.pissimiglia@estetica.it<br />


FRANCE<br />

Marie Coccoluto<br />

ESPAÑA<br />

Elisabet Parra<br />


Michaela Dee<br />

ITALIA<br />

Lucia Preziosi, Glorianna Vaschetto<br />

USA<br />

Marie Scarano<br />


Erica Balduini, Erika Marchese,<br />

Stefania Rao

haircatwalks<br />

FIZZY<br />

spring<br />

summer<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />


Thom Browne<br />








Irene Luft<br />

Naeem Khan<br />

Istituto Marangoni Challenge<br />

Marant<br />

Khanbogd caschmere<br />

Chloe<br />

GCDS<br />

Chloe<br />

Balmain<br />

Jmp the label<br />

Elisabetta Franchi<br />

Watch the Balmain show:<br />

you might net yourself<br />

a work of art...<br />

video<br />

video<br />


haircatwalks<br />

spring<br />

summer<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Moschino<br />

ON THE<br />

BEACH<br />


Jmp the label<br />







Destination Colombia<br />

Origins of Oceans Moschino<br />

Poca Poca<br />

Ottolinger<br />

Raisa Vanessa<br />

Leonard<br />

Beach Bunny<br />

Moschino<br />

Don’t miss out on the<br />

Moschino cartwalk show:<br />

just scan the QR Code!<br />

video<br />

Moschino<br />

video<br />


hairfilm<br />


BARBIE<br />

Daniela Giambrone<br />




CHEWING BUBBLEGUM and with her Californian<br />

gold locks flowing behind her, all appears as one would<br />

expect - at least as far as the trailer is concerned. Directed<br />

by Greta Gerwig, the film itself will hold some expected<br />

surprises for anyone who thinks they’d alread figured<br />

out the plot line. Forget the clichés of perfect hair<br />

and athlethic, impossible-to-achieve physiques, because<br />

Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, and Ken, played by<br />

Ryan Gosling are trailblazers for irony, intellgence and<br />

learned quotations that will seduce the intellect of even<br />

the most critical film buff. The glam side is entrusted<br />

to a super cast – Dua Lipa, Helen Mirren, transgender<br />

supermodel Hari Nef among others – along with<br />

impeccable make-up, wigs and costumes by Jacqueline<br />

Durran, a Hollywood icon with two Academy Awards<br />

to her name. In cinemas from July 20.<br />

video<br />

video<br />


hairdirection<br />

Royal Treatment by CHI Collection<br />

Hair: Mego Ayvazian and assistance from Lorena Guevara /<br />

Photos: Mohammed Ghanayem / Makeup: Jannette Marin and<br />

Ashley Reyna / Styling: Alexandra Cohen<br />




■ ROYAL TREATMENT, INDEED! The topknot<br />

on the facing page is definitely in a<br />

class of its own. The perfection of this<br />

styling makes it fit for a queen! The<br />

multi-dimensional blonde ranges from<br />

dark ash to platinum. Mego Ayvazian<br />

&Lorena Guevara @ CHI, USA/<strong>UK</strong><br />

Hair, Makeup, Styling, Photo: Michael Haase<br />

@ Platinumblack a Michael Haase Salon<br />




OF NUANCES &<br />





Gary Kelly & Marie Scarano<br />


blondes are all the rage, getting away<br />

from the swimmers of the sea from<br />

mermaids and unicorns and becoming<br />

“real” girls again. From frosty and<br />

creamy full heads of lightness to shades<br />

of summer and toast for the more<br />

elegant on the planet. If you’re doing a<br />

1000 baby lights you’re working too<br />

hard. You might as well just colour the<br />

head and prepare for the “wow” as it<br />

echoes through the land of fashion.”<br />

Michael Haase @Platinum Black, USA<br />

◆ SUN-KISSED BALAYAGE. “For summer,<br />

it’s all about sun kissed, golden toned<br />

blondes. Warm blonde tones that<br />

instantly add warmth to the complexion.<br />

My image showcases this trend perfectly<br />

and adds a glow to the model’s<br />

complexion. Paired with textured waves,<br />

this is the ultimate summer hair look.The<br />

best way to create the look is by adding<br />

sunkissed blonde balayage and highlights<br />

to the hair and toning to create a seamless<br />

blonde. Always use a product like<br />

Schwarzkopf Fibreplex to keep the hair<br />

in the best condition possible during the<br />

colour process.” Diana Carson (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

● MUTED BALAYAGE. “This image is<br />

without a doubt one of my favourites<br />

from this collection, it is absolutely<br />

a trending summer look and really<br />

show-cases the salon trends that<br />

clients ask for and hope to achieve<br />

for their hair. Although not a typical<br />

summer blonde, this muted balayage<br />

is a look that is very much wearable,<br />

not over powering and that can be<br />

maintained easily with the addition of<br />

a stretched root.” Seung ki Baek (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

▲<br />

◆<br />

Hair: Diana Carson, Consultant Designer and Artistic Team Member at Rainbow Room International Photo: Chris<br />

Bulezuik / Make-up: MV Makeup / Stylist: Detroit Law<br />

Hair: Seung ki Baek and the RUSH Artistic Team / Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis / Clothes Stylist: Robert<br />

Morrison / Photo: Jack Eames<br />

●<br />


hairdirection<br />

Hair: Ria Kulik, The HairBank, Urmston, Manchester @riak_hair<br />

Hair Creation: Dan Spiller, Sevda Durukan & Alberto Di Domenico / Creative Direction: Bruno Marc<br />

Giamattei / Creative Assistance: Valentina Malta & Gregory Mastrostefano / Make-up: Katie Moore /<br />

Styling: Ellen Spiller / Photo: Jamie Blanshard Products: JOICO<br />

■<br />

■ SUN KISSED CURLS. Summer <strong>2023</strong> is truly<br />

the season of blondes – all shades, tones<br />

and techniques which help us take the client<br />

to their requested colour. This gorgeous<br />

golden blonde resonates with all things<br />

summer – giving a real sun kissed look that<br />

is much sought after by clients of all ages.<br />

Although working with a global application,<br />

I also worked in another two to three<br />

shades of blonde throughout, which added<br />

more dimension and gave the look a real<br />

multi tonal feel. Daniel Spiller (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

▲ BARBIE BLONDE. “I’m loving the new<br />

Barbie blonde that is coming back on trend.<br />

To me I feel that the cool ashes and heavily<br />

toned blondes are facing out now, and<br />

clients are wanting to move towards more<br />

brighter and fresh blondes again. The new<br />

Barbie movie is a big inspiration and<br />

nostalgic for me. All I wanted when I was<br />

younger was long, golden blonde hair<br />

reflecting in the sunlight. These brighter,<br />

warmer tones of blonde are everything I<br />

love about a blonde – eye-catching, luscious<br />

and conditioned.” Ria Kulik (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: . KH Hair - Helen Stilwell, Millee Rowlson, Amelia Krasinski, Laura Howland /<br />

Photo: Deborah Selwood / Make-up: Cristina Lazzarotto<br />

◆<br />

▲<br />

◆ GO FOR GOLD!. This beautiful combination<br />

of layered freehand blonde highlights<br />

and gorgeous deep textured curls is a<br />

winner in every respect. For the team at<br />

KH Hair in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, it<br />

scooped them the top prize of Image of<br />

the Year at the group’s annual celebration<br />

evening in which they all showcased their<br />

individual and team achievements over<br />

the past 12 months. KH Hair (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

● CAPTIVATING INFINITY .“This captivating<br />

multi-shade blonde-on-blonde look (facing<br />

page) is from Infinity, my new hair collection<br />

that combines contemporaneity and<br />

classicism. The looks have been simply<br />

created by adapting the past and the<br />

future, using very intricate techniques<br />

that can be repeated over and over.<br />

Defining style and modernism, the hair<br />

becomes three-dimensional by creating<br />

layers of multi-texture merged with<br />

multi-coloured looks. Simple, yet<br />

eye-catching. A sign for the future of the<br />

youth of today.” Angelo Seminara (<strong>UK</strong>)

●<br />

Hair Concept and Creation: Angelo Seminara / Photo: Trevor Leighton / Make up: Laura Dominique<br />


hairdirection<br />

Artistic Director & Concept: Luigi Martini / Photo: Mauro Mancioppi / Hair Concept: Luigi Martini & International Creative Team / Creative Team: Andrea Galvagno, Mayla Fabbriciani, Giovanni Napolitano, Marco Orazi, Alicia Lanzi / Fashion Stylist: Luca Termine / Makeup Artist: Raffaella Tabanelli / Concept Graphics: Andrea Guerrieri<br />


the whole package. Subtle yet stunning.<br />

We all know that yellow and purple are<br />

complements, but this blonde and lilac<br />

combo take it to another level. The cool<br />

shimmer on this side-parted, mid-length<br />

bob for a go-anywhere-do-anything<br />

look. The deep part and sweeping bangs<br />

update the straight-laced classic and opt<br />

for an edgier and more contemporary flair.<br />

Luigi Martini & the Lisap International<br />

Creative Team, USA/Italy<br />

■<br />

Wella’s Signature Artists, Signature Blondes<br />

■ TUTTI FRUTTI. Summer is all about<br />

going bright blonde, but it takes the<br />

right product and knowledge to achieve<br />

the perfect blonde look. If bright blonde<br />

isn’t really your bag, why not add a<br />

touch of summery fruit to your blonde<br />

– like strawberry, peach, or mango – to<br />

keep it looking fresh? Wella’s Signature<br />

Artists, Signature Blondes, USA<br />

▲ NAKED UTOPIA. “To create this look<br />

I blow dried it with a medium strength<br />

mousse to create some volume. Once<br />

dried I used medium barrel tongs then<br />

pin curled it and left to cool. The curls<br />

were brushed out with a soft brush - om<br />

within and there is peace and harmony.”<br />

Melanie Tudor, <strong>UK</strong><br />

◆ WARM SUMMER SANDS. Nowadays<br />

even someone with a naturally dark<br />

base can fulfill their dreams and go<br />

blond. This colour correction went<br />

without a hitch to result in this<br />

unique sandy, beige blond is the<br />

perfect balance of warm and cool<br />

tones for a chic blunt bob.<br />

Linh Phan@BESCENE & Jax<br />


for Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

Hair & Creative Direction: Melanie Tudor, En Route / Photo: Micheal Young<br />

/ Make up: Maddie Austin / Clothes Styling: Clare Frith<br />

◆<br />

▲<br />

Hair: Linh Phan@BESCENE & Jax Hovorka@ FULLMETALJAXSON for Schwarzkopf Professional<br />


hairfocus<br />



Elisabet Parra<br />



Photo: Archivo Llongueras<br />



he’s the Spanish hairdressing genius who<br />

devised the Llongueras Method, held<br />

countless educational seminars and, in<br />

1972, opened the first unisex salon in<br />

Spain. Lluís Llongueras was at the forefront<br />

of the most important generation of<br />

Spanish hairdressers. Among his clients<br />

were the Duchess of Alba, Carmen Sevilla,<br />

Rocío Jurado and Lola Flores to name but a<br />

few. He was also sought out by Queen Sofia<br />

of Spain and Hollywood actresses such as<br />

Raquel Welch, Bianca Jagger, Angelica<br />

Houston and Cher, whose most famous<br />

look, perhaps, was in the movie Moonstruck.<br />

Lluís’ passing not only represents a<br />

great loss for our industry, but also for the<br />

art world at all levels. Friend and collaborator<br />

of personalities such as Salvador Dalí, he<br />

was also a renowned sculptor, painter,<br />

writer, poet and photographer, among<br />

other artistic aspects of his multifaceted<br />

personality. Among the many traits that<br />

defined him was his belief in feminism - as<br />

he himself declared: “I have liberated the<br />

hair of Spain to free its women”. He was<br />

always a forerunner of the feminist<br />

movement and in the ‘60s he was already<br />

advocating for equal pay in the workplace.<br />

“Lluís, you will always be in our hearts...”<br />

video<br />

video<br />

Discover the genius of Lluís<br />

Llongueras in this video.<br />



The Gold Standard in Haircare<br />

40+ Global<br />

Beauty Awards<br />

2,500<br />

5-Star Reviews<br />

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COLOUR<br />

>>><br />

FRENZY<br />

A total spectrum for hair, without exception<br />

Colori a tutto spettro, senza eccezioni<br />

Toutes les couleurs du spectre, sans exception<br />

Absolute Haarvielfalt, ohne Ausnahme<br />

Los colores de todo el espectro, sin excepciones<br />


hairtrends<br />


HAIR COLOUR knows no boundaries. It’s a medium<br />

through which creativity can explore new extremes thanks to skill,<br />

innovation and technical expertise. So let your imagination run riot<br />

and be inspired by our international collections. Allow yourself<br />

to be amazed by chromatic sensations without limits!<br />

HAIR COLOUR senza confini. Abilità, innovazione<br />

e tecnica eplorano nuovi territori. Lasciati ispirare e affascinare<br />

da sensazioni cromatiche senza limiti!<br />

HAIR COLOUR. Le moyen par lequel la créativité peut<br />

explorer de nouveaux territoires. Habilité, innovation, technique.<br />

Déchaîne ton imagination en t’inspirant des collections<br />

internationales. Laisse-toi surprendre par des tonalités sans limites.<br />


HAARFARBE kennt keine Grenzen. Sie ist ein Medium<br />

durch die Kreativität dank Können, Innovation und Technik zu<br />

neuen Höhen gelangt, Lassen Sie Ihrer Fantasie freien Lauf und<br />

sich von unseren internationalen Looks inspirieren. Überraschende<br />

Farbsensationen ohne Limit!<br />

EL COLOR DEL CABELLO no conoce fronteras. Es un<br />

medio a través del cual la creatividad puede explorar nuevos extremos<br />

gracias a la habilidad, innovación y experiencia técnica. Deja volar<br />

tu imaginación e inspírate con nuestras colecciones internacionales.<br />

¡Déjate sorprender por sensaciones cromáticas ilimitadas!<br />

Hair: Antoinette Beenders & X-presion for Aveda<br />

Photo: Miguel Reveriego<br />

Make-up: Lolita Makeup<br />

Styling: Belén Antolín

hairtrends<br />

Hair: Mark Van Westerop @<br />

Pro-Solo Hair Artist<br />

Photo: Studio IvodeKok<br />

Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek<br />

Styling: Ed Noijons

Hair: Sarah Pavlovski<br />

Photo: Stephan Deneuvelaere<br />

Make-up: Pauline Hauck

hairtrends<br />

more<br />

Hair: Rudy Mostarda,<br />

Global Creative Director<br />

Alfaparf Milano Professional<br />

Photo: Stratis Kas<br />

Make-up: Maurizio Calabro<br />

Production: Extrema Hair by Rudy Mostarda<br />

more<br />


Hair: E. Thorsen, T. Dahlen, S. Lund<br />

Hernes, N. Beckfor @ Adam og Eva<br />

Photo: I. Fiskaa<br />

Make-up: S. S.Pedersen<br />

Styling: M. Fuhre

hairtrends<br />

Hair: Steven Smart @ Smartest73<br />

Photo: Jamie Blanshard<br />

Make-up: Debra Smart<br />

Styling: Ginger Ninjas

Art Direction: Giorgio Parrivecchio<br />

Hair: Team James<br />

Photo: Letizia Toscano<br />

Make-up: Valerio Nobili<br />

Styling: Federica Reali<br />

Products: Wella Professionals

hairtrends<br />

Hair: E. González &<br />

J. Salvador @ Makeover<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Eva Quílez<br />

Styling: Mikoto

Hair: Kathy Simon @<br />

Mekka Academy & Studio<br />

Colour: K. Lusignana & V. Boily<br />

Photo: Camille Tellier<br />

Make-up : Léonie Levesque

hairtrends<br />

video<br />

< ><br />

Creative Direction: Jerry Del Duca &<br />

Marco Lamberti @ Zoih Team<br />

Colour Direction: Gina Rossi<br />

Photo: Simone Golfieri<br />

video<br />


hairtrends<br />

Hair: Mikelah-Jayde Riley<br />

Photo: Meiji Nguyen<br />

Make-up: Nadia Duca<br />

Styling: Juvelle Behrendorff<br />

Products: Joico

Set your colour creativity aflame!<br />

Accendi la tua creatività cromatica!<br />

Enflamme ta créativité chromatique !<br />

Entfachen Sie Ihre Farbkreativität!<br />

¡Enciende tu creatividad cromática!

hairtrends<br />


A colour melt can be subtle, dreamy and totally on-trend,<br />

when the main protagonists are... pastels!<br />

Una miscellanea di colori può essere raffinata,<br />

sognante e totalmente di tendenza,<br />

quando i protagonisti sono... i pastelli!<br />

Un mixte de couleurs peut devenir raffiné,<br />

onirique ou bien totalement tendance. Surtout quand<br />

ce sont les pastels qui entrent en jeu !<br />

Ein Colour Melt kann subtil, verträumt und absolut im Trend<br />

sein, wenn die Hauptdarsteller ... Pastelltöne sind!<br />

Una miscelanea de color puede ser sutil,<br />

soñadora y totalmente trendy, cuando los grandes<br />

protagonistas son... ¡los tonos pastel!<br />

Hair: Genny D’Auria, Artistic Director Farmaca International<br />

Products: Farmaca International<br />

video<br />

video<br />



hairtrends<br />

Hair: Denise Meikle @ Salon Origins<br />

Photo: Joan Novak<br />

Make-up: Vanessa Pollit

Hair, Photo, Make-up & Styling:<br />

Experimento No Name

hairtrends<br />

Hair: Dee Parker Attwood @<br />

Wieselmann<br />

Colour: Dee Parker Attwood<br />

& Casey Ryman<br />

Photo: Andrew O’Toole<br />

Make-Up: Kylie O’Toole

Hair & Styling: Anna Barroca<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Anna González<br />

Products: Montibello

hairtrends<br />

Creative Direction, Hair & Colour: X-presion<br />

Color Direction: Adoracion Ruiz @ Aveda<br />

Make-up: David Lopez<br />

Photo: Javier Marquez

Hair: Christos Michailidis @<br />

Love Is In The Hair<br />

Make-up: Nee Make Up Milano<br />

Styling: Kiriaki Pavlidou

hairtrends<br />

The ice maiden goes uber rock ‘n’ roll!<br />

La fanciulla di ghiaccio si fa rock ‘n’roll!<br />

La jeune fille de glace devient rock n’ roll<br />

Eisprinzessin geht über Rock ‘n’ Roll!<br />

¡Ice Maiden se vuelve súper rock ‘n’roll!

Hair: Italian Style Framesi<br />

Photo: Karel Losenicky<br />

Make-up: Silvia Dell’Orto

hairtrends<br />

Hair: Team Identity @<br />

Intercoiffure Italia<br />

Photo: Massimiliano Boni

Hair: Matteo Susini @ Nook<br />

Colour: Carla Risso<br />

Photo: Shkerlzen Kohnxeli<br />

Make-up: Rossano Fasano<br />

Styling: Erika Guerrisi

hairtrends<br />

Hair: Gianluca Sasso<br />

& Academy F Team @<br />

Revlon Professional

Hair: Lesley Jennison,<br />

Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador<br />

Nick Irwin, Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

Styling Ambassador




Accessorise in soft shades of violet, lilac and mauve...<br />

oh, and don’t forget the hair as well!<br />

Accessori in morbidi toni viola, lilla e malva...<br />

… senza dimenticare i capelli!<br />

Accessoires en tonalités violet, lilas ou mauve…<br />

…sans oublier les cheveux.<br />

Accessoires in sanften Violett-, Flieder- und Malvetönen...<br />

oh, und bitte auch ans Haar denken!<br />

Accesorios en suaves tonos morados,<br />

lila y malva... ¡Sin olvidar el cabello!<br />

Art Direction: Federico Patelli @ Philip Martin’s<br />

Make-up: Markus Theisen<br />

Products: Babyliss Pro Italia<br />

video<br />

video<br />


hairtrends<br />

Hair: Roar Hair and Beauty Team<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Lauren Mathis

Hair: Shogo Ideguchi<br />

Photo: John Rawson<br />

Make-up: Faye Campbell

hairtrends<br />

Hair: Christian Ríos<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca

Hair: Pauline McCabe @<br />

Rock Paper Scissors<br />

Photo: Andrew O’Toole<br />

Make-up: Hendra Widjaja<br />

Styling: Rochelle Renwick

hairtrends<br />

Hair: Fabian Fuentes<br />

Colour: Jack Horton<br />

Photo: Anniss + Barton<br />

Make-up: Fiona Willard<br />

Styling: J. Djorwitch<br />

& S. Bosakova

video<br />

Art Direction: Christophe Gaillet @<br />

HCF Creative Team<br />

Photo: Maciej Swistek<br />

Make-up: Martyna Molenda<br />

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel,<br />

Revlon Professional<br />

video<br />


hairtrends<br />

Hair: Antoinette Beenders<br />

& X-presion for Aveda<br />

Photo: Miguel Reveriego<br />

Make-up: Lolita Makeup<br />

Styling: Belén Antolín

Let your hair express that inner diva<br />

I capelli trasformano la donna in diva<br />

Ses cheveux révèlent la diva qui est en elle<br />

Bringen Sie die innere Diva zum Ausdruck<br />

Deja que tu cabello exprese esa diva interior<br />

video<br />


hairtrends<br />

< ><br />

Hair J. and N. Fisher @<br />

Palmer Fisher London<br />

Photo: Chris Bulezuik<br />

Make-up: Alice Snell




Unruly, translucent tousles create captivating contrasts<br />

of colour and texture.<br />

Chiome in movimento, indomabili e traslucide creano<br />

contrasti accattivanti di colore e texture.<br />

Chevelures en mouvement, indomptables et tout en<br />

lumière, pour des contrastes de couleurs et de textures.<br />

Wilde, transluzente Strähnen setzen fesselnde Kontraste<br />

aus Farbe und Textur.<br />

Cabellos en movimiento, translúcidos y rebeldes crean<br />

contrastes cautivadores de color y textura.<br />

Hair: Eric Zemmour, Coiffeur Ambassadeur L’Oréal Professionnel<br />

Photo: Stéphane Gagnard<br />

Make-up: Laurie Feligioni<br />

Styling: Your’s Monaco<br />

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel,<br />

Babyliss Pro & Mizutani Scissors<br />

video<br />

video<br />


hairtrends<br />

< ><br />

Hair & Styling: Anne Veck<br />

Photo: Desmond Murray<br />

Make-up: Scarlet Cedano

hairtrends<br />

< ><br />

Art Direction & Hair: Danny Pato<br />

Photo: Mara Sommer<br />

Make-up: Kiekie Stanners<br />

Special FX Make-up: Luana Millar<br />

Styling: Danny Pato & Rachel Morton<br />

Products: Davines

hairtrends<br />











video<br />


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so much more than<br />

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prointerview<br />


ANGUS<br />


Gary Kelly<br />

This May, Team <strong>Estetica</strong><br />

caught up with Angus<br />

Mitchell (right), Co-Owner<br />

of John Paul Mitchell<br />

Systems, at the<br />

brand’s Together event<br />

in Rome, Italy.<br />

At John Paul Michell Systems’ recent<br />

Together event in the Italian capital,<br />

we were delighted to have the<br />

opportunity to talk to Co-Owner, Angus<br />

Mitchell, about the brand’s current<br />

strategies, its future plans and its take<br />

on some pivotal issues impacting our<br />

industry, including technology, education<br />

and, of course, the big talking-point of<br />

the moment, sustainability.<br />

The world is an unpredictable place<br />

at the moment. As a company, what<br />

is Paul Mitchell doing to reduce the<br />

impact of these uncertainties?<br />

Our commitment to the industry is<br />

unwavering. JP entered JPMS in a trust<br />

to ensure we stay privately held and we<br />

have over 300 more years left! As a<br />

family-owned privately held company, we<br />

can make quick decisions in support of<br />

our industry while staying true to who we<br />

are. We believe in investing in our people<br />

first and encourage an immersive focused<br />

on positive communication, healthrelated<br />

frame works, self-love, and<br />

respect for differing perspectives.<br />


The ‘Together’ event by JPMS<br />

held in Rome, Italy in May <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

What are your main goals for <strong>2023</strong><br />

and in the longer term?<br />

Global travel and connecting with our<br />

people in-person are my top goals for<br />

<strong>2023</strong> and the years to come. I am so<br />

happy to be travelling again. I missed<br />

inspiring and being inspired by others and<br />

being able to embrace our people again.<br />

When we can meet and learn from one<br />

another, we are all that much stronger<br />

together. We have slowed down on the<br />

large hair shows and are instead<br />

focussing more on intimate gatherings.<br />

So far this year, and I have visited Italy,<br />

Mexico, Spain, and France. My overwhelming<br />

feeling is that there is a hunger<br />

for more connectivity, as well as more<br />

love and joy of the JPMS culture and a<br />

stronger connection to the philanthropic<br />

commitments of our company.<br />

Tell us about any new product<br />

launches and plans to develop the<br />

brand.<br />

We have a very full calendar of exciting<br />

launches for <strong>2023</strong>. The year kicked off<br />

with the Tea Tree Special Detox category,<br />

which addresses scalp problems. We<br />

have seen the scalp care market grow<br />

with an increasing focus on taking care of<br />

the skin on your head in the same way<br />

you would your face or body. This was off<br />

the back of a new Scalp Care category in<br />

our Clean Beauty brand at the end of<br />

2022. Also this year, we have exciting<br />

new developments in our colour portfolio,<br />

with a ten minute colour to cater for the<br />

busy lifestyles, as well as a new colour<br />

brand which we’re certain will satisfy<br />

even the most adventurous stylists.<br />

Furthermore, we have exciting new<br />

developments for our Awapuhi Wild<br />

Ginger brand coming this summer.<br />

Paul Mitchell has become<br />

synonymous with sustainability and<br />

caring for people and the planet.<br />

What advice can you give to help<br />

reduce our industry’s negative effect<br />

on the environment?<br />

Just by working with John Paul Mitchell<br />

Systems brands you are helping to care<br />

for the planet. We continue to decrease<br />

our use of virgin plastic by transitioning<br />

to PCR (Post Consumer Recycled)<br />

packaging and have introduced refill<br />

pouches. We also have a new tool<br />

recycling program in the US with<br />

Homeboy Electronics Recycling. As a<br />

company we are focusing our efforts<br />

around four key pillars; reduce virgin<br />

plastic, reduce carbon footprint,<br />

sustainable and responsible sourcing and<br />

minimize waste to landfill. Within each of<br />

these pillars there are many projects and<br />

goals we are working on – as a company<br />

built on the philosophy of regenerative<br />

roots, we are truly proud of where we<br />

have come from, how much we have<br />

achieved and where we will get to in the<br />

coming years.<br />

Scan the QR Code to<br />



with Angus Mitchell:<br />

more<br />

more<br />


proevents<br />

Fellowship<br />

Community:<br />

The Knowledge is<br />

the Fellowship’s online<br />

digital platform<br />

providing exclusive<br />

access to the most<br />

inspirational, influential<br />

and creative content.<br />


The Fellowship for British Hairdressing<br />

is more than a community of<br />

hairdressers, it’s a place for creativity,<br />

innovation, and most of all<br />

education. It provides a unique<br />

brand agnostic platform for new<br />

and emerging talent and a safe<br />

space for them to try out fresh<br />

ideas in the presence of their<br />

peers. As well as pioneering gamechanging<br />

initiatives such as the<br />

F.A.M.E Team, the Fellowship also<br />

delivers its Projects, which cover<br />


more<br />

more<br />

Scan the link<br />

to discover<br />

more about<br />

The Knowledge<br />

Avant Garde, Colour, Mens Grooming,<br />

Afro and Textured Hair, Precision<br />

Cutting and Hair Extensions,<br />

Trichology and Wig Making. The<br />

Fellowship now offers its unique<br />

digital platform, The Knowledge.<br />

Driving creativity at all levels, the<br />

Fellowship offers opportunities that<br />

no other independent organisation<br />

of its kind can even aspire to. It<br />

champions diversity and inclusivity<br />

in all its wonderful shapes and<br />

forms, as well as recognising and<br />

rewarding those that go above and<br />

beyond.<br />


Education is the driving force behind<br />

everything the Fellowship does. It<br />

responds to every level of need,<br />

from hairdressing students to the<br />

most seasoned iconic names in hairdressing.<br />

In the belief that you never<br />

stop learning, its goal is to provide<br />

accessible education for everyone,<br />

everywhere. So, in a world where<br />

virtual reality is now part of everyone’s<br />

routine, the Fellowship proudly<br />

provides its members with The<br />

Knowledge, an online digital platform<br />

with exclusive access to the<br />

most inspirational, influential and<br />

creative content from the hairdressing<br />

industry. The Knowledge offers<br />

has an exceptional library of content.<br />

This ranges from step by steps to life<br />

stories, business advice to events,<br />

inspiration to entertainment. It’s a digital<br />

hub has something for everyone<br />

and showcases content from the<br />

last 75 years.<br />


pro ingredients<br />


&<br />

‘Superfoods’ have exploded onto the market in recent years. They have<br />

beneficial effects on the body both internally and externally.<br />

From table to product, here are the ones that are great for your hair.<br />

YOUR HAIRLucia<br />

Preziosi<br />

It is now known that stress and bad habits, especially around<br />

food, can be harmful to hair health, even causing it to fall out.<br />

Less known however, is that hair can be strengthened by<br />

including some precious seasonal foods in your diet. Carlos<br />

Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer of the Insparya Group, has<br />

indicated nine superfoods for healthier, more beautiful hair –<br />

especially during the colder season. Number 1 on the list is<br />

salmon, which is rich in protein, vitamin D and Omega-3 to<br />

promote correct hair growth and the development of cellular<br />

membranes, at the same time as strengthening the scalp.<br />

Then there’s avocado, an essential food for healthy and<br />

strong hair. And also oats which, being very rich in vitamin B<br />

and zinc, are highly beneficial thanks to their silicon content -<br />

a very important component of keratin, a fundamental nutrient<br />

of the hair shaft. Foods such as beans, fish and meat are also<br />

essential in a balanced diet, especially when there are other<br />

issues that could be affecting hair health.<br />


FROM THE TABLE TO THE SALON • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •<br />

If they are good for you when you eat them, they are probably also good when applied to the face and scalp. This is<br />

how superfoods become protagonists in the formulations of cosmetics and hair products. The list is long - and<br />

growing longer by the day: from cocoa to goji berries, from almonds to pomegranates and mushrooms, all are becoming<br />

beauty allies. Think of what happens when a dried mushroom is immersed in water to understand its potential.<br />

By completely rehydrating, the mushroom reverts to its original appearance. This characteristic can be exploited both<br />

for the skin, as an excellent component for face creams, serums and foundations, and also for the hair in order to<br />

protect against heat damage from straighteners and hair dryers, pollution and chemical stress from dyeing and discoloration.<br />

For this reason, the professional trichological market is also looking for superfoods.<br />

Here are the top 9 superhero foods<br />

for more beautiful, stronger and<br />

healthier hair:<br />

Salmon: rich in protein,<br />

vitamin D and essential<br />

Pure<br />

fatty<br />

essenze<br />

acids (Omega-3),<br />

di piante e fiori<br />

it<br />

sono<br />

promotes<br />

da sempre<br />

good<br />

al<br />

hair<br />

centro<br />

growth<br />

delle<br />

and<br />

linee<br />

the development<br />

Aveda, ad<br />

of cell<br />

altissima<br />

membranes,<br />

derivazione<br />

while also<br />

naturale,<br />

strengthening<br />

cruelty free,<br />

the scalp.<br />

vegan,<br />

senza<br />

Lentils:<br />

siliconi<br />

a plant-based<br />

e ricche di<br />

superfood<br />

protein,<br />

complex.<br />

high in zinc,<br />

Come<br />

magnesium<br />

la linea Nutriplenish,<br />

and biotin, they<br />

formulata<br />

help improve<br />

con una<br />

hair<br />

miscela<br />

health.<br />

di<br />

olio<br />

Rice:<br />

di melograno<br />

it is advisable<br />

biologico,<br />

to<br />

ricco<br />

choose<br />

di omega<br />

the varieties<br />

5, che aiuta<br />

with<br />

a rivitalizzare<br />

the darkest<br />

le<br />

colour<br />

chiome,<br />

possible,<br />

olio<br />

such<br />

di cocco<br />

as basmati,<br />

biologico,<br />

wholemeal<br />

per<br />

nutrire<br />

or parboiled,<br />

i capelli<br />

as<br />

in profondità,<br />

they contain<br />

e burro<br />

a high<br />

di<br />

level<br />

mango.<br />

of vitamin B,<br />

which is useful for<br />

stimulating cell growth and<br />

making them stronger and<br />

La<br />

plumper.<br />

linea Super Drops di<br />

Sinesia<br />

Eggs: a<br />

presenta<br />

source of<br />

prodotti<br />

protein<br />

super<br />

with high<br />

concentrati,<br />

biological<br />

che<br />

value<br />

possono<br />

and rich<br />

essere<br />

in biotin<br />

usati<br />

- useful<br />

da soli<br />

for<br />

o<br />

stimulating<br />

in abbinamento<br />

the growth<br />

a creme<br />

of<br />

e<br />

stronger<br />

maschere.<br />

and<br />

La<br />

healthier<br />

sua formula<br />

hair.<br />

è<br />

Carrots:<br />

a base di<br />

their<br />

alfaidrossiacidi<br />

main benefit<br />

della<br />

is carotene,<br />

frutta (AHA),<br />

a nutrient<br />

che<br />

that<br />

esfoliano<br />

promotes<br />

delicatamente<br />

healthy skin and<br />

viso<br />

e<br />

tissue<br />

cuoio<br />

membranes.<br />

capelluto, olio<br />

The<br />

di<br />

Patauà,<br />

greater<br />

un<br />

its<br />

concentrato<br />

presence in<br />

di<br />

the<br />

proteine<br />

body, the<br />

vegetali<br />

better its<br />

e omega<br />

ability<br />

9<br />

to<br />

che<br />

prevent<br />

rafforza<br />

dandruff<br />

e idrata<br />

and<br />

i capelli<br />

hair<br />

fragili<br />

loss.<br />

e fini e un complesso<br />

di<br />

Spinach:<br />

vitamine<br />

it<br />

B,<br />

provides<br />

C, E dall’azione<br />

a high<br />

number<br />

antiossidante,<br />

of nutrients<br />

protettiva<br />

such as<br />

ed emolliente.<br />

vitamins A and C, zinc,<br />

magnesium and iron, the<br />

latter<br />

Biobotanic<br />

being particularly<br />

Care ricorre<br />

important<br />

al pomodoro<br />

for<br />

per<br />

maintaining<br />

la sua<br />

the<br />

omonima<br />

health<br />

linea<br />

of women’s<br />

di bellezza<br />

hair.<br />

Oats:<br />

anti-age<br />

rich<br />

composta<br />

in vitamin<br />

da<br />

B and<br />

zinc,<br />

shampoo,<br />

they are<br />

balm,<br />

beneficial<br />

fluid e oil.<br />

primarily<br />

Ricco di vitamina<br />

for their silicon<br />

A, quindi<br />

content,<br />

retinolo che<br />

a very<br />

combatte<br />

important<br />

component<br />

l’invecchiamento,<br />

of keratin<br />

e di<br />

and a<br />

fundamental<br />

vitamina C che<br />

nutrient<br />

facilita<br />

in the<br />

hair<br />

l’assorbimento<br />

shaft.<br />

del ferro, il<br />

Avocado:<br />

pomodoro è<br />

being<br />

efficace<br />

rich<br />

per<br />

in<br />

vitamin<br />

mantenere<br />

E –<br />

i<br />

the<br />

capelli<br />

integration<br />

lucidi e<br />

of<br />

forti<br />

which<br />

ma anche<br />

is directly<br />

come scudo<br />

proportional<br />

contro polveri<br />

to<br />

e<br />

good<br />

raggi<br />

hair<br />

UV.<br />

health – avocado is an<br />

essential food for healthy<br />

and strong hair. This food is<br />

also rich in precious fatty<br />

acids<br />

Da sempre<br />

to stimulate<br />

attenta<br />

cell<br />

alla<br />

growth<br />

natura<br />

(i.e.,<br />

e alla<br />

follicular<br />

sostenibilità,<br />

unit<br />

cells)<br />

Davines<br />

and ensure<br />

offre prodotti<br />

more<br />

ricchi<br />

effective<br />

di ingredienti<br />

and healthy<br />

indispensabili<br />

hair<br />

production.<br />

alla salute dei capelli: dalla<br />

Walnuts:<br />

chia, un superfood<br />

they are rich<br />

con<br />

in<br />

semi<br />

vitamin<br />

ricchi di<br />

E,<br />

amminoacidi,<br />

vitamin B, zinc<br />

and<br />

antiossidanti,<br />

essential fatty<br />

rame,<br />

acids,<br />

zinco<br />

all<br />

e<br />

of<br />

ferro,<br />

which<br />

all’estratto<br />

are essential<br />

di spinacio<br />

for<br />

healthy<br />

ricco di<br />

hair<br />

vitamine<br />

growth.<br />

(A,<br />

Thanks<br />

C, E,<br />

to<br />

K,<br />

their<br />

B1,<br />

anti-inflammatory<br />

B2, B6 e PP) e con<br />

power<br />

proprietà<br />

and cardiovascular<br />

antiossidanti,<br />

protection,<br />

rimineralizzanti<br />

walnuts<br />

e fortificanti<br />

are<br />

definitely<br />

della struttura<br />

an important<br />

dei capelli.<br />

food<br />

to include in your diet.<br />

Clinical research shows that hair can be strengthened by including<br />

a number of precious seasonal foods in your diet.<br />


proevents<br />

ITVA at DESTINATION <strong>2023</strong><br />

Wella Company’s<br />

DESTINATION <strong>2023</strong><br />

in Gran Canaria<br />

combined with<br />

the International<br />

TrendVision Awards to<br />

bring together 1,200<br />

hair professionals<br />

from an incredible<br />

57 countries.<br />

Scan me!<br />

DESTINATION <strong>2023</strong> event by Wella<br />

Company not only included 6<br />

shows, 42 model transformations,<br />

4x Look & Learn hair educational<br />

insights, networking opportunities<br />

and inspirational digital platforms,<br />

but it was also the occasion for the<br />

winners of the 20th edition of the<br />

prestigious salon professional<br />

competitions – ITVA and & NTVA<br />

<strong>2023</strong> - to be revealed. As well as a<br />

series of captivating digital Look &<br />

Learn session, stage shows<br />

featured guest artists including<br />

Romeu Felipe, Renya Xydis, James<br />

Earnshaw, Anthony Cole, Briana<br />

Cisneros, Alexis Ferrer, Patricia<br />

Nikole and Guy Kleinhau, all of<br />

whose work utterly wowed and<br />

mesmerised a captivated audience.<br />

“At Wella, we believe that when<br />

hairdressers thrive, we thrive,”<br />

commented Annie Young-Scrivner,<br />

CEO of Wella Company from the<br />

stage at #welladestination<strong>2023</strong>.<br />

“Our commitment to professionals<br />

has been the cornerstone of our<br />

iconic heritage for over 143 years.<br />

We are immensely proud to support<br />

over 500,000 salons around the<br />

world, partnering with thousands<br />

of talented stylists and technicians,<br />

and serving millions of loyal<br />

consumers who trust in our brands.<br />

It’s truly special to see it all come<br />

together here at DESTINATION<br />

<strong>2023</strong>.” This was also the occasion<br />

for Wella Professionals to launch<br />

their Ultimate Repair Care line with<br />

a show featuring James Earnshaw.<br />

The patented-technology leave-on<br />

hair repair treatment can reverse<br />

hair damage in just 90 seconds.<br />


AWARDS <strong>2023</strong><br />

There was an air of excited anticipation<br />

on the ultimate day of DESTINATION<br />

<strong>2023</strong> as the finalists of the <strong>2023</strong><br />

International TrendVision Awards<br />

eagerly awaiting the announcements<br />

of this year’s talented winners. The<br />

exceptional circumstances of the<br />

past 3 years have meant that it has<br />

been impossible for the legendary<br />

TrendVision Award ceremony to be<br />

staged as a face-to-face gathering.<br />

This made the <strong>2023</strong> event even<br />

more exciting and significant. In<br />

order to mark this year’s 20th<br />

edition, the 3 cycles of winners<br />

elected during the pandemic were<br />

invited to participate in a very<br />

evocative Parade of Nations, a true<br />

reflection of the Wella family’s<br />

global reach. This year saw 8 winners<br />

across 8 nominations rising above<br />

hundreds of entries in order to win<br />

their category.<br />


T H E 2 0 2 3 W I N N E R S<br />

COLOR ARTIST: Luca Formigoni, Rosa Equipe, ITALY; COLOR SPECIALIST: Nelita Pavlova,<br />


ARTIST: Cosmin Grădinariu, Salon Catwalk, ROMANIA; EDITORIAL LOOK: Elin Sahlin, Victor<br />

Noblesse, SWEDEN; MEN’S HAIR: Vladislav Berezan, REMPIRE, ESTONIA; STYLE MASTER:<br />

Sølvi Bjørnevoll, RAISE, NORWAY; NAIL ARTIST: Anna Doicheva, Salon Shnola, BULGARIA<br />


proevents<br />

Front Row<br />

Summit<br />

The Front Row Summit <strong>2023</strong> was<br />

attended by 1,500 hairdressers<br />

from all corners of the world and<br />

was hosted onstage by Mario<br />

Aragón, SVP Revlon Professional,<br />

and Miquel Garcia Cotado, Global<br />

Creative VP Revlon Professional<br />

Brands. It was a unique opportunity<br />

for everyone to unite and enjoy a<br />

unique mix of inspiration, creativity,<br />

innovation and trends.<br />


Mario and Miquel decoded the<br />

2024 macrotrends in consumer behaviour,<br />

fashion, beauty and hair,<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Palma de Mallorca was the destination for the Front<br />

Row Summit <strong>2023</strong> by Revlon Professional, which<br />

turned out to be a truly game-changing event<br />

as well as a spectacular hairdressing gathering.<br />

unveiling the next wave of trends<br />

that would inspire the audience to<br />

elevate their businesses. To make<br />

this macrotrend forecast even more<br />

spectacular, multi-awarded Revlon<br />

Ambassadors, hairdressers Emmanuel<br />

Esteban (France), Rafael Bueno<br />

(Spain) and Robert Masciave<br />

(<strong>UK</strong>) were invited to translate these<br />

trends into hair fashion proposals,<br />

bringing their spectacular models to<br />

the stage. The audience was blown<br />

away by the creativity and skill of<br />

these incredible hairdressers, as<br />

they translated the latest trends<br />

into stunning hair looks.<br />




Miquel Garcia then invited the audience<br />

to participate in an interactive<br />

session to co-create Revlon Professional’s<br />

2024 Haircolor of the<br />

Year. Through a real-time voting app,<br />

the attendees had the opportunity<br />

to use their own expertise in choosing<br />

the next trending colour. This<br />

was a fantastic opportunity for the<br />

hairdressers in the audience to<br />

share their opinions and insights,<br />

while helping to shape the future of<br />

the beauty industry.<br />


The event’s focus was to empower<br />

the Revlon Professional international<br />

community of hairdressers, providing<br />

them with business-driven<br />

tools to elevate standards and build<br />

their brands. This year’s keynote<br />

speakers included an energised, enthusiastic<br />

presentation by Sophia<br />

Hilton, urging everyone to celebrate<br />

their unique authenticity, and Eva<br />

Ziegler, chief marketing officer and<br />

transformational leader, who took<br />

the stage to show the audience the<br />

8 success factors for a great customer<br />

journey.<br />

more<br />

more<br />

Scan the link<br />

above to discover<br />

more about this<br />

event.<br />

The night ended with a crowded,<br />

spectacular dinner and party, which<br />

was a fitting end to a successful<br />

event. The Front Row Summit <strong>2023</strong><br />

by Revlon Professional was a huge<br />

success and showed the commitment<br />

of Revlon Professional to<br />

empower hairdressers all over the<br />

world.<br />


proevents<br />

IHA<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Sergi Bancells<br />

An incredible night of<br />

inspiration & creativity:<br />

1,600 hairdressers<br />

from around the<br />

world attended the<br />

International Hairdressing<br />

Awards <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

1,600 professionals from 30 countries<br />

gathered in Palma de Mallorca,<br />

Spain, for the sensational International<br />

Hairdressing Awards <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

This awe-inspiring competition has<br />

firmly established itself as a cornerstone<br />

of our industry since it was<br />

launched in 2019. Held at the Palau<br />

de Congressos de Palma on May<br />

8th, the ceremony was broadcast<br />

live online.<br />

The evening unfolded to great acclaim,<br />

complete with the purple carpet<br />

– the red carpet of our industry–<br />

and a catwalk show with some of<br />

the best hairdressing teams in the<br />

world presenting their collections.<br />

The Great Night of Hairdressing<br />

video<br />

video<br />

Scan the QR code to<br />

watch the amazing<br />

IHA <strong>2023</strong> video!<br />

This was, of course, followed by<br />

the most glamorous awards ceremony.<br />

The prestigious International<br />

Hair Legend <strong>2023</strong> was presented<br />

to global hair icon Anthony Mascolo,<br />

recognized for his exceptional<br />

career. Also, British hairdresser<br />

Sophia Hilton was honoured with<br />

the International Hair Influencer of<br />

the Year award for her significant<br />

impact on social media and beyond.<br />

This year, the Best International<br />

Men’s Commercial Collection award<br />

went to Laura Scott and Bayleigh<br />

Peace from Mark Leeson Salons<br />

(<strong>UK</strong>), while the Best International<br />

Women’s Commercial Collection<br />

went to Robert Masciave, also<br />


IHA <strong>2023</strong> was graced by an<br />

enchanting runway show with<br />

the extraordinary talents of<br />

acclaimed hairdressing teams.<br />

from the United Kingdom. Enrica<br />

Russo, a young Italian hairdresser<br />

based in the <strong>UK</strong>, triumphed in the<br />

Best International Avant-Garde Collection<br />

category. Swedish hairdresser<br />

and make-up artist Erika Okvist<br />

was honoured as the Best International<br />

Film & TV Hairdresser of the<br />

Year. The Mark Leeson Art Team<br />

from the <strong>UK</strong> was recognized as the<br />

International Artistic Team of the<br />

Year, and for the second consecutive<br />

year, Cos Sakkas from TONI&-<br />

GUY (<strong>UK</strong>) was crowned International<br />

Hairdresser of the Year,<br />

the most prestigious accolade<br />

in the competition.<br />


The awards ceremony was<br />

accompanied by a captivating<br />

runway show presentation<br />

featuring distinguished<br />

hairdressing teams<br />

such as Rick Roberts (<strong>UK</strong>),<br />

Steven Smart (<strong>UK</strong>), Mark<br />

Leeson Art Team (<strong>UK</strong>), HOB<br />

Creative Team (<strong>UK</strong>), Carlos<br />

Valiente (Spain), and Antoinette<br />

Beenders + X-Presion (USA/<br />

Spain). Additionally, prominent figures<br />

from the international hairdressing<br />

industry graced the event as<br />

VIP guests. The International Hairdressing<br />

Awards is an independent<br />

company founded by hairdressing<br />

icon Mikel Luzea, supported since<br />

the beginning from a main sponsor<br />

of international relevance that believes<br />

in IHA’s message and mission,<br />

Revlon Professional. Also, <strong>Estetica</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> acts as global media partner<br />

and The Hair MBA and Salón<br />

Look Madrid as sponsors.<br />


proevents<br />

HUB<br />

Network<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Over 150 salon owners and their<br />

team members checked in to one of<br />

the most exclusive hotel resorts in<br />

Southern Spain - the stunning fivestar<br />

Hotel Higueron Resort in Malaga<br />

for two full days of inspirational<br />

business presentations, insights<br />

and advice from expert speakers,<br />

and exclusive networking opportunities.<br />

Focusing specifically on how to<br />

add value to your business, build<br />

your brand and achieve your business<br />

ambitions, Kao Salon’s HUB<br />

Network transforms the way salon<br />

professionals connect, collaborate<br />

and excel in their craft. HUB Network<br />

<strong>2023</strong> was hosted and presented<br />

by Kao Salon Division <strong>UK</strong> & Ireland<br />

General Manager, Julie<br />

Winchester, and Director of Sales,<br />

Mitch Lucas. The event was also<br />

Kao Salon Division recently welcomed<br />

its salon partners to beautiful Malaga for its fifth<br />

HUB Network.<br />


the occasion for some well-deserved<br />

relaxation, as guests reflected<br />

on the days’ sessions while enjoying<br />

two incredible nights of al fresco dining<br />

and entertainment under the<br />

Mediterranean stars.<br />

“It was fantastic to be back together<br />

again in such a stunning location,”<br />

said Julie Winchester, General Manager<br />

Kao Salon Division <strong>UK</strong>, Ireland.<br />

“We’re dedicated to ensuring<br />

that our Kao Salon HUB Network<br />

event offers our salon partners an<br />

innovative platform, along with the<br />

latest business insights, tools and<br />

resources that they need to excel in<br />

their craft and thrive in a rapidly<br />

changing industry. In these challenging<br />

times, by fostering collaboration,<br />

and offering cutting-edge business-building<br />

opportunities, we aim<br />

to empower our salon community<br />

to reach new heights of creativity<br />

and business success, with us supporting<br />

them all the way. The HUB<br />

Network is testament to our dedication<br />

to the success of our salon partners<br />

and our passion for driving both<br />

creative and business innovation in<br />

the industry.“<br />


Speakers included Internationally renowned<br />

salon business expert,<br />

bestselling author, speaker, business<br />

coach and trainer, Liz McKeon,<br />

who shared her strategies for business<br />

growth through increasing revenues<br />

and improving systems and<br />

process to generate even more salon<br />

profit; Dr Jonathan Wood, from<br />

Kao European Research Laboratory,<br />

who delved into the science and future-gazing<br />

of professional hair colour;<br />

Jack Stratten, Head of Trends<br />

at Insider Trends, who discussed the<br />

blend of digital versus physical experiences,<br />

highlighting the importance<br />

of what physical customer experience<br />

spaces offer that digital<br />

and virtual experiences alone can’t;<br />

Bernd Wagenknecht, Senior Business<br />

Innovation Manager, KS Global<br />

– Salon Trends, closed Day 1 by discussing<br />

salon trends and the death<br />

of the one-size-fits-all- salon, while<br />

lifting the lid on ‘innovation culture’.<br />

Day 2 opened with Bianca Miller-<br />

Cole of The B Group, who shared<br />

her expertise on how to create a powerful<br />

personal brand in business<br />

and revealing her ‘4 Key Steps To<br />

Building Your Brand’; Caroline<br />

Sanderson from Jedi Coaching,<br />

who took to the stage to share her<br />

story of how she nearly lost her salon<br />

as well as through visualisation<br />

and hard work, she developed her<br />

plan to turn her salon around; Nathan<br />

Agland, Customer Marketing,<br />

Kao Salon <strong>UK</strong>I, who unveiled the exciting<br />

new plans for The HUB moving<br />

forwards, with a focus on community,<br />

education and inspiration.<br />

Taking to the stage for the final talk<br />

of the event, was Claire Brumby,<br />

who shared her story of challenge,<br />

triumph and success over adversity.<br />

Kao Salon Division’s HUB Network<br />

transforms the way salon<br />

professionals connect, collaborate<br />

and excel in their craft.<br />


Morb, rS AxiS<br />

And YuMe eSpoir<br />

Setting standards of contemporary design,<br />

first-class functionality and pure luxury since 1921<br />

Love it. Lease it. Own it.<br />

Contact your local distributor now<br />

Enquire<br />

about our 0%,<br />

zero deposit<br />

finance<br />

Aco<br />


probrandnews<br />

Customise<br />

Your Way<br />

to Success<br />

Takara Belmont believes that creating a strong brand identity<br />

means looking at every aspect of your salon in fine detail.<br />

From kerb appeal to the interior design, and from the<br />

products you use to the refreshments you serve, every part<br />

of the client journey must be carefully curated to achieve<br />

the exceptional. The aesthetic impression should also be<br />

balanced with first-class equipment. Clients spend most of<br />

their time seated at the backwash or styling station, so<br />

comfort and reliability are essential, but how do you create<br />

a style that flows seamlessly and accentuates what makes<br />

you unique?<br />

The result is satisfied clients from the moment they enter to<br />

the moment they say a fond farewell.<br />

Explore Takara Belmont’s custom options and with 0% zero<br />

deposit Finance Lease, there’s never been a better time to<br />

reimagine your brand.<br />

Visit https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk for information today!<br />


World-class equipment is a must when you’re aiming high,<br />

and by combining different equipment types and tailoring<br />

colours and functionality to complement your brand and<br />

meet service expectations, you’ll achieve stunning visual<br />

coordination and service continuity. PALETTE Bleach On<br />

Colour is a perfect example. With their brand identity<br />

anchored in Flamingo pink, their vibrant design stops you<br />

in your tracks. The exterior exudes high-end luxury and the<br />

wow factor continues inside. It’s bold and fun executed in a<br />

way that suggests only the finest services are on offer.<br />

Customised in bright pink, the Cadilla styling chair and RS<br />

Primo backwash uphold the integrity of their brand, while<br />

their individual designs complement the décor perfectly.<br />

The Cadilla is versatile and robust while giving stylists<br />

unhindered access to their client, and as the perfect prelude,<br />

RS Primo’s generously cushioned seat and side cushions<br />

cocoon your client in comfort, its gel-filled neck rest cradling<br />

the head during every shampoo service.<br />


probrandnews<br />

Introducing<br />

4x 10-Minute<br />

Techniques<br />

Great Lengths announces a brand-new education course with Kirby<br />

Blythe (above) to teach hair up techniques using GL Tape hair extensions.<br />

Queen of the up-do, Kirby Blythe Great<br />

Lengths Gold salon owner and Great<br />

Lengths Master, has developed the<br />

10-Minute Techniques course to share her<br />

skills with hair professionals who are<br />

looking to hone their skills. The one-day<br />

course will showcase the versatility of<br />

using GL Tapes to create picture perfect<br />

occasion, bridal and festival hair in just 10<br />

minutes! From braids, waves and updos,<br />

this game-changing course will help you<br />

boost your skill-set – and your business.<br />

Split into a morning and afternoon<br />

session, students in the morning will have<br />

the opportunity to listen, watch and learn<br />

as Kirby demonstrates a detailed step-bystep<br />

to create each look. Those attending<br />

the afternoon class will then have hands<br />

on experience learning the basics of each<br />

of look with a live model, with the<br />

guidance from Kirby herself. With each<br />

look following onto the next to showcase<br />

the versatility of using GL Tapes, stylists<br />

will also learn how to incorporate each<br />

look into a service menu option for their<br />

clientele, before they take away placement<br />

patterns for each of the four looks, as well<br />

as a digital advert to share on their social<br />

channels.<br />






10-Minute Techniques:<br />

all about mastering flawless<br />

updos and occasion hair.<br />

“10-Minute Techniques is all about mastering<br />

flawless updos and occasion hair,<br />

using GL Tape hair extensions to quickly<br />

transform your client’s hair’ says Kirby.<br />

‘The course really showcases how easy it<br />

is to give clients a different and exciting<br />

service at the end of their appointment,<br />

not the same look over and over again<br />

thanks to the transformative effect of<br />

GL Tapes. I can’t wait to share and teach<br />

all my tips and tricks and to help stylists<br />

perfect their skills and boost revenue”.<br />

10-Minute Techniques with Kirby<br />

Blythe costs £90/€105 including<br />

VAT for the morning course which<br />

includes:<br />

• Morning admission<br />

• Large Paddle<br />

• Tote Bag<br />

• Serum 50ml<br />

• Spray Heat and Care 200ml<br />

• GL Studio Design<br />

• Pin Boxes<br />

Full day attendance* is £180/€210<br />

including VAT and includes all of the<br />

above as well as:<br />

• Afternoon admission<br />

• Medium Oval Paddle<br />

• Small Wooden Brush<br />

• Soft Finish Spray 75ml<br />

• Practical Application Session<br />

Confirmed dates for <strong>2023</strong> are:<br />

17th July London,14th August in<br />

Dublin and 21st August Leeds.<br />

Limited spaces apply, please speak to<br />

the Great Lengths business support<br />

team on +44 (0) 113 216 3064.<br />

*Purchase of at least 2 packs of GL Tapes required and live model<br />


pro brand news<br />

Make Summer<br />

a Success<br />

Now that summer’s here, the potential for salon growth soars.<br />

Make the most of the busy season with Fresha’s five-step checklist.<br />

With holidays booked and diaries packed, people will be<br />

looking to update their styles and get treatments they weren’t<br />

able to book or didn’t need during the colder months. They’re<br />

also more likely to book at all hours, and will appreciate the<br />

option to do that on the go. To leverage all this additional<br />

business, preparation is key. Explore our five-step checklist to<br />

make this summer your most successful one yet.<br />


Make sure clients can easily find you and book online, no<br />

matter the time of day. Using a platform like Fresha lets<br />

clients make their own bookings and then manage those<br />

appointments online, 24/7. They can see all your services<br />

and add-ons, choose a time that suits them, and then make<br />

changes if they need to, all in one place. Clients can even<br />

save their card details for a smooth checkout experience.<br />

Best of all? You can add a “Book Now” button to your<br />

social media accounts and website, linking straight to your<br />

online calendar.<br />


Your clients are likely devoting more time to self care in the<br />

summer. So, finding ways to get them to spend that time in<br />

your salon is key. Create irresistible summer packages, like a<br />

beach-ready highlights and hydrating mask combo, to<br />

attract clients and introduce some of your services that<br />

might be new to them. Text messages have an extremely<br />

high open rate compared to other outreach methods, so<br />

you can capitalise on that and promote deals to your clients,<br />

on-the-go. Just be sure to do this sparingly so your clients<br />

don’t feel like you’re contacting them too often.<br />


From sun-kissed hair colour to creative nail art, summer<br />

always brings a new wave of beauty trends. Stay ahead of the<br />

curve by following leading online publications and top<br />

beauty influencers online and on social media. Then, add<br />

the summer trends you think will resonate most with your<br />

clients to your service list; summer is the time to get them<br />

booking those sought-after looks, and they’ll love getting<br />

ahead of the curve with you.<br />


While the warmer weather tends to attract new clients,<br />

their busier diaries can also increase the risk of no-shows.<br />

Mitigate this by taking deposits based on service value right<br />

when clients book. Set up a cancellation policy that works<br />

for you and ensure it’s clearly communicated during<br />

booking, covering potential revenue loss and gaps in your<br />

schedule. This feature has helped Fresha partner salons<br />

decrease their no-shows by 89%.<br />


During this busy season, empower your team to manage<br />

their time seamlessly with an online booking platform like<br />

Fresha. Enable instant notifications to keep your team<br />

updated on appointment changes, what they’ve got coming<br />

up, and where there are gaps in their schedules. Then, keep<br />


track of their performance with reporting tools so you can give<br />

your team feedback and reward them for their hard work.<br />


SUMMER<br />

Fresha gives you all the tools you need to create impactful<br />

summer marketing campaigns for both new and existing<br />

clients. It also protects your business from no-shows, and<br />

helps you manage your appointments and staff with ease<br />

through the summer rush. All from one subscription-free<br />

platform, built to help salons succeed.<br />

Join the world’s<br />

#1 booking platform for<br />

salons now for free<br />

at fresha.com<br />

and make summer <strong>2023</strong><br />

a success.<br />


Join the world’s #1 booking<br />

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Zero subscriptions.<br />

Unlimited possibilities.<br />

Scheduling. Payments. Marketing.<br />

All within one platform.<br />

Subscription-free.<br />

Join Fresha today<br />


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Our complete lightening and brightening system is just for blondes and those<br />

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