WPC World Predator Classic 2023 - kept in pictures

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WorldPredatorClassic 2023

kept in pictures

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

kept in pictures

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

kept in pictures

Welcome to the captivating world of WordPredatorClassic as it sets sail

on its exhilarating journey, capturing impressions of the remarkable

Event 2023. Within these pages, you'll delve into a heartwarming tale of

friendship, fierce competition, and a profound sense of responsibility

for the next generation.

Amidst the challenging waters of Haringvliet and Hollands Diep,

anglers from 14 nations across Europe and US gather

to test their skills in this three-day spectacle.

As the best of the best vie for victory,

the spirit of camaraderie intertwines with the thrill of the chase,

forging bonds that transcend borders and languages.

But there's more to this grand spectacle than meets the eye.

Witness as kids become aspiring anglers, learning the art of fishing from

seasoned professionals, fostering a passion that will endure.

As the sun sets on each day, the shimmering waters reflect not only the

catch of the day but also the priceless memories created, etched forever

in the hearts of participants and spectators alike.

So, flip through these pages, and be transported to a world of skill,

tradition, and the promise of a brighter future,

all in the embrace of the WordPredatorClassic's lens.

Garry Palmer

Wolfgang Stahl

Marco Hoszko

Hendrik Gieß

Simon Strauch

Stefan Sosinski

Tim Raffel

Jan Holger Hemcke

Mika Cecelski

Christian Placktis

Kevin Eide

Fred Kotowski

Helga Bieleit

Markus Bartz

Angus Hennessy

Fiona Lülsdorf

Kim Hollenfeltz

Bibi Hollenfeltz

Christian Koers

Fabian Janetzky

Elias Brombach

Toni Trojan

Tim Trojan

Kim Ebey

Tanja Trojan

Thang Lee

Sonja Ngyen

Stuart Hennessy

Fabian Gräfe

Alina Kolibal

Robert Kiss

Doka Poller

Julian Herget

Stefan Elgers

Sebastian Binapfl

Ross Honey

Bertus Rozemeijer

Thorsten Trojan

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 1) a tribute, an ode to the tireless efforts

We are reminded that behind every triumphant catch and exhilarating

moment, there exists a profound foundation laid by the unsung heroes of

the tournament - the marshals and the staff.

This chapter is a tribute, an ode to the tireless efforts of these dedicated

individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the WPC

possible. With unwavering commitment and a passion for the sport,

they orchestrate the seamless coordination, ensuring that every detail

is meticulously taken care of, from organizing the event logistics

to overseeing fair play.

Their dedication is not merely a job but a labor of love, driven by the

desire to create an unforgettable experience for anglers and spectators

alike. Join us in honoring these remarkable individuals whose efforts

and devotion bring the magic of the WPC to life, transforming it into

an extraordinary event that leaves a lasting impression in the hearts

of all who are fortunate enough to be a part of it.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 2) welcome competitors

As the tournament's excitement fills the air, anglers arrive from near and

far, their passion for the sport evident in their eager faces.

The registration process hums with activity, where each participant is

warmly welcomed into the WPC-community, receiving their cherished

goodie bags, a token of appreciation for their dedication to

the art of fishing.

With anticipation building, competitors meticulously check the rules and

regulations, ensuring a fair and thrilling competition for all.

As the momentous hour approaches, a detailed briefing is held, fostering

a sense of camaraderie amongst the participants.

In this chapter, prepare to immerse yourself in the tales of camaraderie,

skill, and unyielding passion, as the WPC sets sail on an unforgettable

journey into the heart of the angler's world.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 3) feel a genuine sense of belonging

A homage to the warm embrace extended by the city, as anglers and

fishing enthusiasts are welcomed with open arms.

From the very beginning, the city of Hellevoetsluis has played a pivotal

role in nurturing the spirit of WPC. Its representatives and elders

wholeheartedly support the WPC-organization, recognizing the

tournament's significance in celebrating the art of fishing and fostering

a sense of community among anglers from all over Europe.

As the sun casts its golden hues on the tranquil waters, the anglers

gather to partake in this extraordinary adventure. The city's gracious

hospitality creates an ambiance of camaraderie and unity, where the

participants feel a genuine sense of belonging.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 4) the flag parade

In the heart of Hellevoetsluis, where the sea's embrace meets the land's

edge, an extraordinary celebration of angling unity takes center stage.

An awe-inspiring spectacle commences as a sea of colors unfolds during

the Flag Parade. Over 100 boats, adorned with flags representing each

country, gracefully dance upon the shimmering waves.

Like a symphony of national pride,

they weave a majestic tale of shared passion for fishing.

As the boats cross the iconic lighthouse of Hellevoetsluis,

the symbolism is profound –

a beacon of solidarity guiding them towards the heart of the city.

The excitement surges as the boats enter the city channel,

echoing with cheers from onlookers,

who gather to witness this grand procession.

In this chapter, we celebrate the harmonious coming together of nations,

as the WPC embraces its global family, reminding us of the beautiful

connections forged through the universal language of angling.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 5) feel the tension

In the predawn hours, as the first rays of sunlight caress the horizon,

a symphony of emotions awakens at the WPC. The ultimate test of skill

and camaraderie. The morning of the competition start.

Amidst the excitement, each angler grapples with their thoughts:

will their carefully crafted plan come to fruition?

Nerves tingle with anticipation as they meticulously check their tackle,

ensuring no room for error. For the team of two anglers, the bond

between them is both a source of strength and vulnerability. Will they

synchronize their efforts and achieve success as a seamless unit?

As the boats are rigged and the engines purr to life, the hum of anxiety

echoes in the air. Doubts and determination entwine, and with hearts

pounding, the competitors set sail into the vast expanse, where

uncertainty and possibility dance hand in hand.

Let’s delve into the WPC, capturing the essence

of the human spirit grappling with the unknown,

where courage meets challenge,

and the beauty of angling lies not just in the catch,

but in the journey that unfolds.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 6) ready to let go

In the grand tapestry of WPC, a pivotal moment arrives:

the release of the event.

With bated breath and adrenaline coursing through their veins,

the competitors gather, poised for the ultimate test of skill and strategy.

As the head-marshal's voice resonates across the waters,

up to 100 boats are set free, gracefully navigating their way to

the event start line. Their hulls gliding between marked buoys,

a symphony of anticipation unfolds. Like a well-choreographed dance,

boats row up between the marked buoys,

forming an orderly row of anticipation.

In a captivating spectacle, the row of boats forms, aligned like a

steadfast battalion, awaiting the momentous cannon start.

The air crackles with electricity as the seconds tick by.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 7) 3...2...1... GO GO GO

An electric atmosphere crackles with excitement.

With the event ahead, a mass start awaits the up to 100 boats,

each boasting up to 300 hp, engines revving with anticipation.

As the countdown reaches its climax, a deafening cheer erupts,

and a surge of raw emotion is unleashed.

In an explosive symphony of power, tension is released into action,

propelling the boats forward like arrows shot from a bow.

The once orderly row transforms into a flurry of motion as competitors

vie for prime fishing spots. It's a delicate balance,

for the faster they reach their favorite fishing grounds,

the more time they'll have to cast their lines.

A captivating blend of boat race and angling mastery unfolds as

adrenaline-fueled anglers strive to be the first at the choicest fishing

spots. Amidst the chaos, an essence of WPC comes alive:

the celebration of both speed and skill, where the start is not just a

moment, but the ignition of a thrilling journey that promises

unforgettable fishing tales.

So, with hearts pounding, they embrace the call to action:

go, go, go – the START.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 8) finally: fishing

This is where the true test commences – not only in speed,

but in the skill and tenacity of each team aboard.

Now anchored in their chosen locations, the anglers prepare to face the

challenges of the day. Their strategy, meticulously crafted and honed

over time, will be put to the ultimate test. As lines are cast and reels are

set, the angling odyssey begins. Their goal? To catch the three distinct

species: pike, zander and perch.

In this unforgiving terrain of anglers, where only the best will thrive,

securing a full card becomes the coveted prize.

To enter the top 20, every angler must achieve this feat each day.

Eight grueling hours of casting, re-adjusting, and unwavering focus:

this is why it is called SPORT-fishing.

With determination etched on their faces, they embark on a journey

of camaraderie, resilience, and a shared passion for the art of angling.

As the hours tick away, the water's surface mirrors their

unwavering dedication and spirit.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Chapter 9) Triumph of Teamwork

Success was more than a mere catch – it was a manifestation of

relentless efforts and unwavering teamwork. The journey began with

tireless preparations, honing their skills, and fine-tuning their strategy.

The competition was fierce, with rivals from all corners of Europe

converging to claim the coveted title.

In the crucible of competition, every cast, every adjustment,

and every moment of collaboration held significance.

The waters became a canvas of shared aspirations and mutual support,

and their efforts bore fruit as they inched closer to their goal.

Their exceptional teamwork, crowned them as the champions of the

Worldpredatorclassic, claiming the biggest prize in European

tournament angling.

Arend v/d Heijden


Martijn Reitsma

WPC Champions 2023

Chapter 10)

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

Passing the Torch: WPC JuniorCup Ignites the Flame of the Next Generation

A new chapter unfolds, a chapter that celebrates the spirit of mentorship,

camaraderie, and the promise of the future. For the first time ever, the

WPC JuniorCup takes center stage, ushering in a new era of angling

excellence that honors the youth and encourages their participation.

In this unprecedented event, the focus shifts towards nurturing the next

generation of anglers. Young enthusiasts gather, their faces reflecting

eagerness and admiration for their mentors, the seasoned pro anglers.

With enthusiasm that knows no bounds, the kids step into the shoes of

their idols, joining the pro anglers on a journey that will forever shape

their angling aspirations. They learn the art of fishing, receive invaluable

insights from their mentors, and share moments of laughter

and camaraderie on the water.

The WPC JuniorCup reaches its crescendo as a champion is crowned,

their shining achievement a testament to the invaluable lessons learned

from their mentors. But beyond the trophy, the WPC JuniorCup is about

something much greater: it symbolizes the passing of the torch, the

practice of bestowing knowledge and passion to the next generation.

An unwavering commitment to fostering the growth of angling, honoring

the youth, and embracing the spirit of mentorship. Join us as we witness

the next generation coming aboard, igniting a flame of passion that will

illuminate the path of angling excellence for generations to come.

WorldPredatorClassic 2023

THANK YOU Partners & Sponsors

As the waters settle and the echoes of cheers fade, we find ourselves

reflecting on the extraordinary journey that was the WPC 2023.

And amidst the camaraderie, triumphs, and shared passion,

we are compelled to extend our heartfelt gratitude

to each and every one of you.

Your unwavering support during the preparation phase laid the

foundation for this grand spectacle. Your belief in our vision and

dedication to our cause fueled our drive to create an event that

would celebrate the art of angling and unite enthusiasts

from all corners of Europe.

Throughout the tournament, your presence on-site was

instrumental in ensuring the seamless execution of the event.

From logistics to hospitality, your efforts were integral to the success of

the WPC main event and the inaugural WPC JuniorCup.

It is because of your support that our vision became a reality.

An event that transcended borders, celebrated camaraderie,

and embraced the next generation of anglers.

With utmost gratitude, we extend our thanks for being our valued

partners in this unforgettable journey.

Your commitment to the WPC has left an indelible mark,

and we look forward to continuing this partnership

as we embark on new angling adventures in the future.

heroes: Marshall Boat during WPC Night-Check:

Rescue of a capsized pleasure craft with two adults and a baby.

Souls found floating at night in Haringvliet.

families: on behalf of all our families, 12 yrs old Toni explains the loving support

at home – without which we could not live our passion.

dedicated to the families and invisible heroes of the sea

To the unsung heroes, the pillars of strength behind every angler and the

heartbeat of our even: the families and the dedicated staff of the WPC:

we dedicate these closing words with heartfelt gratitude.

Amidst the excitement and camaraderie that graced the waters, it is your

unwavering support that fueled the spirit of each competitor. Your love,

understanding, and encouragement were the wind in their sails,

propelling them to reach new heights in pursuit of their angling dreams.

To our incredible staff, the tireless team who orchestrated every detail

with precision and passion, we extend our deepest appreciation.

We also honor the heroes at sea, the selfless souls who lend a helping

hand and save lives. Your courage and compassion remind us of the

profound power of humanity, both on land and at sea.

To all who made this journey possible, we offer our deepest thanks.

Your dedication and support have been the anchor that keeps us

grounded and the beacon that guides us forward.

With hearts full of gratitude and memories etched upon the waters, we

bid farewell to this chapter of this years Worldpredatorclassic.

Until we cast our lines once more,

may the spirit of camaraderie and the essence of heroism

continue to inspire us all.

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