South & Canal Winchester Messenger - July 23rd, 2023

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<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>July</strong> 23 - August 5, <strong>2023</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XLIV, No. 11<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Pat Donahue<br />

Fun at the Fortress<br />

Aspynn Minehart, 4, (above) of<br />

Galloway wasted no time making her<br />

way through the Leaps and Bounds<br />

inflatable course that was part of the<br />

annual Fourth of <strong>July</strong> celebration held<br />

at the Fortress Obetz on <strong>July</strong> 3.<br />

Izabelle Dixion, 12, (left) of Madison<br />

Christian School did not have any trouble<br />

conquering the Face to Face climbing<br />

wall at Obetz’s Famous Fortress<br />

Fireworks event held on <strong>July</strong> 3.<br />

Neighborhood Realtor<br />

Diane Todd<br />

580 Main St.<br />

Groveport, OH 43125<br />

(614) 570-0803<br />

dianetodd@howardhanna.com<br />

The Marylee Bendig Team<br />

Memories of Lockbourne’s<br />

Historical Hall<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Lockbourne’s Historical<br />

Hall holds a<br />

special place for resident<br />

Cora Bethel<br />

because, long before<br />

it became the village’s<br />

event center<br />

and home to Masonic<br />

organizations, it was<br />

where she spent her<br />

early elementary<br />

school years.<br />

“I’ve lived my<br />

entire life here,” said<br />

Bethel reminiscing<br />

inside the brick<br />

building where original<br />

wavy glass windows<br />

look out upon a<br />

new patio with large<br />

planter boxes, an<br />

extensive handicap ramp, and space for<br />

outdoor gatherings.<br />

On <strong>July</strong> 5, Bethel–who was born in the<br />

1930s in an elegant brick home once part of<br />

the Underground Railroad–accompanied<br />

by Lockbourne Mayor Christie Ward, was<br />

the first person to officially walk up the<br />

ramp since its construction.<br />

“I went to all six grades here starting in<br />

1941,” said Bethel, “when it was two rooms<br />

upstairs and two room downstairs. There<br />

was a little place upstairs where they fixed<br />

lunch, but I lived so close I would walk<br />

home for lunch or carry it with me wrapped<br />

up in a newspaper. The bathroom was outside<br />

with 10 to 12 holes. The water pump<br />

was outside as well and we only had one<br />

swing set and a teeter totter and a small<br />

ball diamond.”<br />

An original fire escape, still as sturdy as<br />

the day it was installed, was off-limits to<br />

Bethel and her fellow students. However,<br />

during her recent visit, she finally ascended<br />

the first few steps of the iron structure,<br />

something she was never allowed to do 80<br />

years ago.<br />

During Bethel’s time as an elementary<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Linda Dillman<br />

Cora Bethel (left) and Lockbourne Mayor Christie Ward (right)<br />

enjoy the view from a newly installed patio, deck, and handicap<br />

ramp at Historical Hall, all done at no cost to the village.<br />

student, May Day was celebrated with a<br />

pole entwined with ribbons, the PTA was<br />

active in sponsoring events throughout the<br />

school year, and kids who acted up in first<br />

grade might find themselves spending time<br />

under the teacher’s desk.<br />

Bethel said she was happy when she<br />

learned the village bought the building and<br />

restored it to its original condition.<br />

See HALL, page 3<br />

Roger L. Weaver<br />

Dustin J. Weaver<br />

Attorneys at Law<br />

www.weaver-law.com<br />

“A name you know, Experience you can trust”<br />

Office: (614) 834-1750<br />

Facsimile: (614) 834-9480<br />

25 E. Waterloo St.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, Ohio 43110

PAGE 2 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong><br />

What Ohio Families<br />

Need to Know<br />

About Issue 1<br />

Issue 1 is a crucial matter that demands<br />

our consideration and understanding.<br />

As residents of the Buckeye State, it is<br />

vital to stay informed about the issues<br />

that directly impact our lives and<br />

communities. This ballot initiative seeks<br />

to protect Ohio’s Constitution by raising<br />

the threshold to amend it from a simple<br />

majority of 50%+ 1 to a of 60% majority<br />

vote. Why? To protect the state’s constitution<br />

from being highjacked from outside<br />

special interests.<br />

Earlier this month, I attended a Pastor’s<br />

Summit that shed light on the importance<br />

of understanding Issue 1 and the<br />

long-term negative impact it will have<br />

on Ohioans if it does notpass.<br />

“Issue 1 presents a pivotal opportunity<br />

to create stronger safeguards for Ohio’s<br />

legislative<br />

process. A YES Vote on Issue 1 will protect<br />

Ohioans from those seeking to<br />

enact anti-business policies,” says Steve<br />

Stivers from the Ohio Business Chamber.<br />

Ohioans who are passionate about protecting<br />

our businesses, economy, family,<br />

and faith values should plan to use<br />

their voice and vote and join me in voting<br />

YES on issue 1 in the August 8th<br />

special election. There is much at stake<br />

and we need your support to guard the<br />

integrity of the Constitution. If you are<br />

unaware of your polling location,<br />

please visit the Franklin County Board<br />

of Elections website at vote.Franklin-<br />

CountyOhio.gov to ensure you are registered.<br />

Results matter, so let’s work together.<br />

Subscribe and follow me on social<br />

media for updates.<br />

Paid Advertisement<br />

Roundabout project<br />

The road closure for improvements at Rohr Road at State<br />

Route 317 is scheduled began <strong>July</strong> 17 and will be closed for 75<br />

days. The improvements include a modern roundabout and street<br />

lighting as well as drainage and culvert upgrades. For information<br />

about detour routes and other information, contact the<br />

Franklin County Engineer’s Office at 614-525-3030, or visit<br />

www.franklincountyengineer.org.<br />

Care<br />

that<br />

comes from<br />

the<br />

Heart<br />

Dr. Hobbs<br />

Skilled Nursing Care • Long-Term Care<br />

Short-Term<br />

Rehabilitation<br />

Hospice & Palliative Care • Respite Care<br />

614.834.2500<br />

6725 Thrush Dr., <strong>Canal</strong> Winchest<br />

er, OH 43110<br />

CW@AltercareOnline.net<br />

AltercareOnline.com<br />

3700 Parsons Ave.<br />

Columbus, OH 43207<br />

New Patients & Emergencies Always Welcome<br />

(614) 491-5511<br />

www.ScottAKellyDDS.com<br />

Dr. Kelly<br />


Everyone knows when you are<br />

wearing dentures, or do they?<br />

They probably know only if your<br />

dentures look unnatural or need<br />

refitting. Many of the “tell-tale”<br />

signs of dentures – clicking or slipping,<br />

unpleasant odor or stains –<br />

are actually signs of poor fit or improper<br />

home maintenance. Regular<br />

professional examinations and<br />

following your dentist’s instructions<br />

on home care are essential<br />

steps in assuring a “natural appearance.”<br />

Denture wearers can’t eat normally<br />

or even speak properly, or<br />

can they? While not all denture<br />

wearers can eat everything they<br />

would like, many have very few<br />

restrictions in their diets. So, if you<br />

develop persistent speech or eating<br />

problems at any time, have<br />

your dentist check the fit of your<br />

denture as soon as possible. Good<br />

nutrition is just as important for<br />

mature adults as it is for younger<br />

persons. Properly fitting dentures<br />

actually encourage you to eat a<br />

varied and well-balanced diet that<br />

maximizes your overall health.<br />

Prepared as a public service to<br />

promote better dental health.<br />

From the office of:<br />

SCOTT A. KELLY, D.D.S.<br />

Phone 614-491-5511<br />

CW’s Tools for<br />

Schools underway<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Several years ago, <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Human Services began<br />

an effort to provide basic classroom necessities for children.<br />

Celebrating the 12th year of the Tools for School initiative, the<br />

need is still great and felt throughout the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

school district, but the community–individuals, families, organizations<br />

and businesses alike–continues to rally in helping fill<br />

backpacks for kids.<br />

“We know there are families in our community who struggle<br />

with being able to provide school supplies for their children,” said<br />

Human Services Executive Director Aletha Mullins. “We are<br />

thankful that we can help address this burden on parents.”<br />

Donation boxes are located throughout the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

area, including the community center inside the municipal complex,<br />

Impact Nutrition, David Evangelical Lutheran Church,<br />

David’s UCC, Gender Road Christian Church, Hope UMC, and<br />

Peace Free Lutheran Church.<br />

In August, Human Services distributes book bags filled with<br />

grade appropriate supplies to students in kindergarten through<br />

12th grade in the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> and Bloom-Carroll School<br />

Districts.<br />

Families must sign up for the Tools for Schools program to<br />

receive the backpacks before school starts.<br />

“The last couple of school years, we have provided book bags<br />

and supplies to just over 150 students,” said Mullins. “This is<br />

quite a bit higher than past school years. Our community is amazing<br />

and each year we can collect enough supplies to fulfill the<br />

requests. We collect school supplies to accommodate students in<br />

kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. Our greatest needs for<br />

this initiative are high school appropriate book bags, dry erase<br />

markers, pocket folders and white erasers.”<br />

While Human Services conducts their big August distribution<br />

day prior to the start of school, the program is available throughout<br />

the entire school year. According to Mullins, she often receives<br />

emails from teachers needing a new book bag or school supplies<br />

for a new student.<br />

“Our school supply drive is during June, <strong>July</strong>, and August;<br />

however, we will accept school supply donations throughout the<br />

year,” said Mullins. “We look forward to our distribution day to<br />

see the smiling faces of the kids when we hand them their new<br />

book bags. We have been able to administer Tools for School for<br />

over a decade due to the generosity of our community. We are so<br />

blessed to have such a supportive and caring community.”<br />

For information call 614-834-4700 or contact Mullins via email<br />

at aletha.mullins@cwhumanservices.org.<br />

Chair volleyball tournament<br />

The Groveport Senior Center, 7370 Groveport Road, will host<br />

its second annual Senior Chair Volleyball Tournament on <strong>July</strong> 26<br />

at 1 p.m. Last year’s tournament featured five teams from three<br />

communities. This year 16 teams representing senior centers<br />

from Groveport, <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, Pickerington, Obetz,<br />

Grandview Heights, Blendon Township, and Grove City will participate<br />

in the single elimination tournament. The public is welcome<br />

to attend.<br />

For information contact Lisa Zurbriggen at lzurbriggen@groveport.org<br />

or 614-836-4599; or Bob Dowler at<br />

bdowler@groveport.org.<br />

CW Library Branch<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan<br />

Library, 115 Franklin St., is located in the rear portion of the former<br />

school at 100 Washington St. For information visit<br />

www.columbuslibrary.org or call 614-645-2275.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

HALL<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

Ward said the village purchased the<br />

structure on Valentine’s Day in 2019<br />

after the Freemasons, who bought the<br />

building from the school district in the<br />

1950s, agreed to sell it for $17,500. All of<br />

the demolition work, such as tearing<br />

down walls and suspended ceilings, was<br />

done by volunteers. A contractor was<br />

hired to do the interior renovations.<br />

All of the concrete work in the front of<br />

the hall was donated by the Shelly<br />

Company, Savko Construction donated<br />

and installed all of the concrete for the<br />

patio and the north facing sidewalk, and<br />

Preferred Living installed all of the<br />

decking and the planter boxes at no cost<br />

to the village.<br />

“We’ve been very fortunate,” said<br />

Ward in tallying donations large and<br />

small. “The city of Groveport donated<br />

tables and chairs they were replacing, a<br />

councilman donated the sound system,<br />

and there are so many others. So far,<br />

there’s been at least half a million dollars<br />

in donations to this project and<br />

we’re not done yet.”<br />

Ward said a list of future restorations<br />

includes sandblasting and painting the<br />

fire escape, landscaping, and finishing<br />

kitchen updates. The biggest and costliest<br />

item on the list is an elevator to the<br />

second floor.<br />

The Historical Hall opened for events<br />

in 2021 and has hosted weddings, family<br />

gatherings, birthday parties, fish fries,<br />

formal teas, and neighborhood activities<br />

like ones Bethel experienced as a child<br />

growing up in Lockbourne.<br />

“We once had a carnival come to<br />

town,” said Bethel, who said a highlight<br />

of the year was when girls would go to<br />

the grain elevator and choose feed sacks<br />

for new dresses or when the first family<br />

in town to own a television set opened<br />

their doors to all of the children to take<br />

a look.<br />

“Halloween was a big thing in town,”<br />

said Bethel. “You didn’t have to worry<br />

about bad things happening. At Mrs.<br />

Coker’s house, she made popcorn balls<br />

and Mary Smith would make fresh<br />

donuts. After we came home, then the<br />

adults would go out trick or treating,<br />

just like the kids. It was a very social<br />

bunch of people living in the village. We<br />

all played together, even doing things<br />

like using tin cans to go skating on a<br />

pond that would freeze over in the winter.”<br />

Ward hopes with the new patio and<br />

accessibility, Historical Hall will become<br />

the centerpiece for the resurgence of<br />

community events and activities similar<br />

to those from long ago. For information<br />

about the village, seasonal activities, or<br />

use of the hall, visit lockbourneohio.us<br />

or call 614-491-3161.<br />

Township<br />

Police statistics<br />

June crime statistics<br />

from the Madison<br />

Township Police: 4<br />

assaults, 15 auto accidents<br />

with injuries, 14<br />

auto accidents noninjuries,<br />

13 animal complaints,<br />

55 Brobst Park<br />

security checks, 2 burglary,<br />

2 burglaries in<br />

progress, 25 domestic<br />

complaints, 3 drunk, 0<br />

fights, 6 impaired driving<br />

arrest, 23 juvenile complaints,<br />

13 larceny/theft,<br />

3 missing persons, 3 narcotics,<br />

10 parking violations,<br />

7 persons with gun,<br />

7 persons with knife, 0<br />

sex offenses, 7 shots fired<br />

in area, 2 shootings, 3<br />

stolen vehicles, 1/3 suicide/attempts,<br />

69 suspicious<br />

persons/vehicles, 9<br />

threats or harassment,<br />

60 traffic stops, 12 vandalism.<br />

We are the BEST<br />

community newspaper!<br />

Need advertising? Call 614-<br />

272-5422.<br />

<strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

CW City Council meetings<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> City Council meetings are held on the first<br />

and third Monday of every month. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. The<br />

meetings are open to the public. Council meets in work session at<br />

6 p.m. prior to each city council meeting. The first work session of<br />

the month focuses on finance/economic development items and<br />

the second monthly work session focuses on service/safety items.<br />

While each work session includes specific areas of focus, other<br />

items may be brought before council as needed.

PAGE 4 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Obetz Council approves plans for daycare facility<br />

By Katelyn Sattler<br />

Staff Writer<br />

On <strong>July</strong> 10, Obetz City Council<br />

approved the rezoning and the preliminary<br />

development plan for the new daycare in<br />

the city from suburban office and institution<br />

to planned commercial district.<br />

Fountain of Knowledge will have a 9,300<br />

square foot daycare facility for 170 to 180<br />

kids on the southwest corner of Groveport<br />

and Bixby roads. The building sits on 2.5<br />

acres and the rear of the building, with the<br />

colored windows, will face Groveport Road.<br />

The site will have a perimeter fence to<br />

separate it from the properties to the west.<br />

The lighting plan focuses on the building<br />

lighting, not the site lighting, but the designers<br />

want to create some interest with that.<br />

The entrance will be on Bixby Road in<br />

stead of Groveport Road as originally<br />

planned because officials were concerned<br />

about the conflicts with the entrance with<br />

Greenfield Estates, as well as potentially<br />

slowing traffic on Groveport Road.<br />

Obetz City Engineer Mike Corbitt met<br />

with the fire department. The building is<br />

close enough to Groveport Road that from a<br />

fire emergency perspective, fire trucks can<br />

pull right up to Groveport Road and<br />

address any issues that would arise, so the<br />

fire department felt it was safe without a<br />

second entrance.<br />

Councilman Derek Varney said, “The<br />

Fountain of Knowledge representatives<br />

have been very receptive to everything we<br />

have asked of them.”<br />

Resident Richard Hartley had concerns<br />

about safety because his backyard is nearby<br />

and people speed on Bixby Road. He<br />

wants the police to patrol to make examples<br />

of people who speed.<br />

Mayor Angela Kirk said the speed limit<br />

was recently changed and Councilman<br />

Robert Kramer said he thinks it will get<br />

better with a school/daycare sign.<br />

Hartley was also concerned about sexual<br />

predators who may be living in the area.<br />

Obetz Police Chief Mike Confer said, “It<br />

depends on what tier of offender they are,<br />

and that tier will say how far away they<br />

have to be from a school or daycare center.<br />

Once this thing gets up and moving, we’ll<br />

have to figure out who those people are and<br />

find out what tiers they are, and then we’ll<br />

have conversations.”<br />

Hartley feared taxes would rise because<br />

of incentives offered the daycare. Obetz<br />

City Administrator Rod Davisson said, “It’s<br />

not going to cost you. This is a privately<br />

owned business. There are no incentives.”<br />

Fountain of Knowledge has operated a<br />

daycare on Oakland Park Avenue in<br />

Columbus since November of 2020 which<br />

employs 12 people. It is full and has a waiting<br />

list. The daycare in Obetz will create 20<br />

new jobs.<br />

The daycare will accept Title 20, a state<br />

funded program for lower income families,<br />

as well as private pay families. They’ll start<br />

accepting applications once they’re open.<br />

Kirk said, “This is something that is definitely<br />

needed in our area.”<br />

Community Paramedic Program<br />

Captain/Community Paramedic Wade<br />

Edwards of the Hamilton Township Fire<br />

Department thanked city of Obetz officials<br />

for helping start the Community<br />

Paramedic program six years ago.<br />

“Some of you council members weren't<br />

here for that, so I’ll give you an update,”<br />

said Edwards. “We started a program<br />

where we trained somebody like myself to<br />

check on elderly people, underprivileged<br />

people. It expanded to the point where Ohio<br />

Health and Mount Carmel now send<br />

requests to the fire department to go check<br />

on patients who are discharged from the<br />

hospital that they feel need assistance in<br />

some way, shape, or form. You guys were<br />

gracious enough to donate a vehicle for us<br />

to do that mission.”<br />

He said the mission has been successful.<br />

“About two thirds of the townships in<br />

Franklin County have such a position in<br />

place and we all network together to discuss<br />

ways to better the program,” said<br />

Edwards. “We average about 124 visits per<br />

year. And you may not think that seems<br />

like a lot, but sometimes one visit to help<br />

solve someone’s issues could take a lot of<br />

man hours. So I’ve been working with some<br />

patients for years on a lot of their struggles.<br />

Sometimes it’s an ongoing thing. So,<br />

124 visits that we’ve touched that are in<br />

the township, about a third of those visits<br />

are in Obetz. In comparison, if you stop and<br />

think about it, Enchanted Acres is relatively<br />

elderly people, they take up about a third<br />

of the visits. So it kind of gives you some<br />

correlation on how many visits we make.”<br />

Kirk said, “When you tried to sell the<br />

program to us, it was not a hard sell.”<br />

Edwards will retire in September. He’ll<br />

be available one day a week from Sept. 7<br />

until November to train his replacement.<br />

Obetz City Council meetings<br />

The Obetz Council meets the second and<br />

fourth Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. in<br />

the Council Chambers at 4175 Alum Creek<br />

Drive, Obetz, to review and pass legislation<br />

and hear concerns from the residents. If<br />

the meeting date occurs on a holiday, the<br />

regular meeting is held on the next<br />

Tuesday following the holiday. Call (614)<br />

491-1080.<br />

Emergency services in Obetz<br />

Emergency medical, fire, and rescue<br />

services in the Obetz area are provided by<br />

either the Hamilton Township Fire<br />

Department or Madison Township Fire<br />

Department depending on your location.<br />

For non-emergencies, call the Hamilton<br />

Township Fire Department at (614) 491-<br />

1013. The Madison Township Fire<br />

Department may be reached at (614) 837-<br />

7883.<br />



1778 Lisle Ave., Obetz<br />

EMAIL lifeabundant770@yahoo.com<br />

Look us up on Facebook under our name of Obetz<br />

614-491-6390<br />


9:30 am Open Registration for kids Sunday School<br />

Worship Service starts at 10:30 a.m.<br />

Evening Service - Open House<br />

<strong>July</strong> 27th at 7pm at the church.<br />

Be a Part of Our Local Worship Guide<br />

Our Worship Guide is geared toward celebrating faith and helping readers connect<br />

with religious resources in our community. Make sure these readers know<br />

how you can help with a presence in this very special section distributed to more<br />

than 14,000 households in the <strong>South</strong>/<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> area.<br />

Contact us today to secure your spot in our Worship Guide.<br />

614.272.5422 • kathy@columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

Please visit the<br />

<strong>South</strong>/<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Church of your choice.<br />

List your Worship<br />

Services here.<br />

For info. call 614-272-5422<br />

HLSD new band director<br />

The Hamilton Local School District<br />

announced the hiring of Riley Robey as the<br />

new marching band director. He assumed<br />

full responsibilities immediately.<br />

“I’m extremely excited for Riley Robey to<br />

join our team,” said Superintendent Mark<br />

Tyler. “He has a very impressive track<br />

record of producing excellent performances.<br />

Riley’s knowledge of our community<br />

will make him a great fit!”<br />

Robey grew up close to the district as he<br />

attended Groveport Madison Schools and<br />

Eastland Career Center. After high school,<br />

he attended Capital University where he<br />

received his degree in music education in<br />

2014. After graduating from Capital<br />

University, he taught many music related<br />

classes such as beginning band, middle<br />

school band, high school band, jazz band,<br />

and music theory. He previously held the<br />

position as band director at Grove City<br />

Christian High School and most recently at<br />

Memorial High School. The <strong>2023</strong>-24 school<br />

year will be his 10th year as a band director.<br />

In addition to leading the marching<br />

band for Hamilton Township Schools,<br />

Robey will also teach middle school band,<br />

high school band, music theory, and music<br />

appreciation.<br />

“I am looking forward to being a part of<br />

a great community and continuing the tradition<br />

of excellence that the band program<br />

is so well known for,” said Robey.<br />

HLSD hires new treasurer<br />

The Hamilton Local School District<br />

announced the hiring of its new treasurer,<br />

Brian Wilson, who will assume full responsibilities<br />

on Aug. 1.<br />

“We are very excited to welcome Brian<br />

to our district - it is not often you get someone<br />

great taking the place of another excellent<br />

Treasurer,” said Hamilton Board of<br />

Education President Walley Obert.<br />

“We are excited with Brian’s years of<br />

experience and we fully trust that he will<br />

keep the tradition of being fiscally responsible,”<br />

said Hamilton Board of Education<br />

Vice President James Dommer.<br />

Wilson attended the University of<br />

Akron where he received his bachelor of<br />

science in business administration and<br />

finance, as well as his master of business<br />

administration in management. He<br />

received his certified public finance officer<br />

designation.<br />

Most recently, he was the treasurer and<br />

chief financial officer of Hilliard City<br />

School District. During his time there, he<br />

won the Association of School Business<br />

Officials Meritorious Budget Award for the<br />

district’s fiscal year of 2006 through fiscal<br />

year <strong>2023</strong> budget documents.<br />

“I’m excited to start my new role with<br />

Hamilton Local Schools,” said Wilson. “The<br />

district has a reputation as being managed<br />

in a fiscally responsible manner. I look forward<br />

to working with our administrative<br />

team and staff to continue this tradition.”

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />

Back - to - School<br />

HTSD invests in new gym equipment<br />

Hamilton Township High School completed renovations to The<br />

Barns — the weight room located at the far west end of HTHS<br />

Alumni Football Stadium, according to school district officials.<br />

The Barns typically houses a weight room, batting cages, and<br />

an open area for athletic teams to practice in throughout the year.<br />

After recent renovations to the weight room portion of The Barns,<br />

the facility now features state-of-the-art equipment, which provides<br />

opportunities for students to practice weight lifting and gain<br />

skills needed to be successful athletes.<br />

The benefits of the new gym equipment extend beyond specific<br />

sports training - having a strong physical fitness program that utilizes<br />

strength training equipment helps students develop healthy<br />

habits that will accompany them through life.<br />

“I think that the new equipment will not only be great for our<br />

football program, but it will benefit all of our student athletes,”<br />

said Head Football Coach Tennyson Varney.<br />

The old weight room did not have the capabilities that the new<br />

racks have. There are 15 new racks that give students the ability<br />

to utilize a barbell, cables, hex bar, chest press, leg press, bands,<br />

and more. Along with the new weight racks is a dumbbell tree<br />

with nearly 100 different dumbbells in various weights.<br />

“I think the new equipment will generate more school pride,”<br />

said Athletic Director Matt Thompson. “Our student athletes are<br />

excited and they want to get out there and get faster and stronger.<br />

I believe it will not only help our athletic programs, but it will help<br />

build our community pride.”<br />


A growing IGWA community<br />

on the westside<br />

Imagine Great Western Academy (IGWA) just celebrated its 20th year<br />

serving the Westside of Columbus. Built on the foundation that we must<br />

always try to be something special, the school has become the kind of place<br />

where families, students, and staff feel welcome, safe, and like they belong.<br />

We believe in educating beyond academics and offer a range of opportunities<br />

for students from all backgrounds and cultures to grow as humans, citizens,<br />

individuals, and important parts of our Golden Bear Family. IGWA is<br />

something special and so are our families and students.<br />

We are recognized as a superior choice in our community and look forward<br />

to continuing to grow our westside family for the next 20 years and<br />

beyond.<br />

Why join the family?<br />

•Extracurricular activities - sports, clubs, student council, etc.<br />

•National Council of Teachers of English award-winning student magazine<br />

•“State School of Character” award from Character.org<br />

•On-site social workers and counselors<br />

•Newly-remodeled with flexible seating<br />

•Free breakfast and lunch<br />

•Family and community events<br />

•School-wide positive behavior incentive program<br />

•Loving, family atmosphere balanced with high expectations<br />

The Golden “Bears” Way:<br />

●Belong - We are welcoming and celebrate diversity.<br />

●Engaged - We show up, get involved, support others, and make choices.<br />

●Accountable - We are responsible for our own choices, growth, and<br />

roles in our community.<br />

●Respectful - We are seen, heard, respected, and supported by everyone.<br />

●Successful - We find different ways to succeed everyday.<br />

Check us out:<br />

facebook.com/ImagineGreatWesternAcademy/<br />

instagram.com/igwagoldenbears/<br />

CW Schools break ground for new addition at Indian Trail<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Schools celebrated the future of<br />

early learning in the district with a groundbreaking<br />

ceremony on the new addition at Indian Trail<br />

Elementary, 6767 Gender Road, on <strong>July</strong> 12.<br />

The 18-classroom addition at Indian Trail<br />

Elementary will allow the district to offer all-day<br />

kindergarten beginning in the 2024-25 school year.<br />

Preschool classes will also move from <strong>Winchester</strong> Trail<br />

Elementary to Indian Trail Elementary, creating a<br />

center for early learning at Indian Trail.<br />

“Research has shown the positive impact of all-day<br />

kindergarten for our youngest learners, but space limitations<br />

have prevented that opportunity for <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> and many other districts,” said<br />

Superintendent Kiya Hunt.<br />

The addition also creates space for anticipated<br />

growth in grades K-5 in the next 10 years.<br />

The district’s partners in the project are Schorr<br />

Architects and Construction Manager At-Risk Elford,<br />

Inc. Under the construction manager at-risk model,<br />

the district and its construction partners agree on a<br />

Maximum Guaranteed Price based on estimates of the<br />

cost of the project’s plans. The GMP ensures that the<br />

project stays within the district’s $14.3 million budget.<br />

The district funded the project without asking taxpayers<br />

for additional funding by maintaining a balanced<br />

general fund budget and using the district’s cash<br />

balance for construction costs.

PAGE 6 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Obetz questions proposed state law on unpaid utility bills<br />

By Katelyn Sattler<br />

Staff Writer<br />

A bill winding its way through the Ohio<br />

Statehouse would require public utilities<br />

(water, sewer, electricity, gas, and refuse)<br />

to shift the costs from landlords to municipalities.<br />

Ohio House Bill 93, “Regards limits on<br />

recovery and lien imposition by municipalities,”<br />

was introduced on March 7. The<br />

bill’s sponsors, state representatives Mark<br />

Johnson (R-Chillicothe) and Riordan<br />

McClain (R-Upper Sandusky), have been<br />

contacted by constituents who have had<br />

their tenants’ unpaid utility bills attached<br />

to their property tax total, which is allowed<br />

in Ohio law.<br />

This bill aims to correct this by removing<br />

the option to place a property tax lien<br />

due to services not contracted by the property<br />

owner. The property owner could only<br />

be held liable for the amount that, when<br />

unpaid, would result in a municipal utility<br />

services provider terminating that service.<br />

The sponsors want to make sure that tenants<br />

are held responsible for their delinquent<br />

payments.<br />

<strong>South</strong> High Library<br />

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s<br />

<strong>South</strong> High Branch is located at 3540 S.<br />

High St., Columbus. Visit www.columbuslibrary.org<br />

or call 614-645-2275.<br />

DestinationOutlets.com<br />

800-213-9083<br />

8000 Factory Shops Blvd.<br />

Jeffersonville, OH 43128<br />

<strong>South</strong>east Library<br />

The <strong>South</strong>east Branch of the Columbus<br />

Metropolitan Library is located at 3980 S.<br />

Hamilton Road, Groveport. Visit columbuslibrary.org<br />

or call 614-645-2275.<br />



<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Hometown Hero Banners<br />

The city of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, in partnership<br />

with VFW Post #10523, announced<br />

the start of the Hometown Hero Banner<br />

Program. This program was created to<br />

honor and recognize military personnel<br />

who reside in or previously resided in the<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> city limits.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Hometown Heroes<br />

will be honored with commemorative twosided<br />

full color banners featuring name,<br />

branch of service, and military photo.<br />

Banners will be displayed on light poles<br />

throughout historic downtown beginning<br />

Labor Day week and remain on display<br />

through Veterans Day. At that time, banners<br />

will be removed and available for pick<br />

up by the sponsor.<br />

Eligible candidates must live within<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> city limits, or have lived<br />

within city limits during their time of service.<br />

The honoree must currently serve or<br />

have served any branch of the United<br />

States military and be an active service<br />

member, an honorably discharged veteran,<br />

a retired veteran, or have died in the line of<br />

duty. Verification of residency and military<br />

service will be required.<br />

The city of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> is accepting<br />

applications for the <strong>2023</strong> banner display.<br />

Each banner costs $85, payable to<br />

the city of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>. Completed<br />

applications and supporting materials<br />

should be sent to the city of <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> by close of business on <strong>July</strong> 31.<br />

Applications are available at <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> City Hall and online at<br />

https://www.canalwinchesterohio.gov/525/<br />

Hometown-Hero-Banner-Program. For<br />

information, call 614-834-9915 or email<br />

hwoodruff@canalwinchesterohio.gov.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson,<br />

representing the Ohio Municipal League<br />

and the approximately 1,100 municipalities<br />

in Ohio, gave opponent testimony to<br />

the bill on June 13. Davisson empathized<br />

with the landlords and gave an example of<br />

a landlord in Obetz during COVID (when<br />

billing was stretched out to 120 days) that<br />

was left with a bill of $2,000. However, that<br />

landlord ultimately had to pay the bill<br />

because, “We (Obetz) run electricity, gas,<br />

and particularly water and sewer, on a thin<br />

margin. There’s no profit in it. We make<br />

just enough money to be able to pay to run<br />

the utility and then occasionally upgrade<br />

the system. There’s not a lot of leeway in<br />

there to take big losses as a municipality.”<br />

Davisson said the way Obetz cured the<br />

problem was to create a double billing system.<br />

“We bill the landlord and tenant at the<br />

same time so that landlords have the<br />

opportunity to see whether or not their tenants<br />

got behind on the utility payments,”<br />

said Davisson. “The landlords have contracts<br />

with the tenants that we don’t have<br />

and they can evict their tenants for nonpayment<br />

of these types of utilities. Cities<br />

and villages really don’t have that kind of<br />

power. We just turn off the water and we<br />

don’t turn it back on until someone pays<br />

the amount of money that we need. Some of<br />

our landlords also take the approach that<br />

they just bill the utilities with the rent.”<br />

Davisson believes HB 93 infringes on a<br />

municipality’s Home Rule authority.<br />

“And also, the municipalities have pretty<br />

broad power when it comes to utilities<br />

under Article 18, Section Four|Acquisition<br />

of public utility; contract for service; condemnation<br />

(of the Ohio Constitution),” said<br />

Davisson.<br />

State Representative Jennifer Gross (R-<br />

West Chester) asked Davisson how the bill<br />

interferes with existing service contracts<br />

between municipalities and landlords,<br />

introducing a degree of uncertainty and<br />

potential instability and municipalities<br />

might refuse to provide services.<br />

Davisson said, “You generally don’t<br />

make laws that interfere with contracts.<br />

We understand from the constitution that<br />

there are 1,100 municipalities in the State<br />

of Ohio, and you probably have 1,100 different<br />

versions of how this goes. Because<br />

they have Home Rule, because they have<br />

the constitutional authority to create their<br />

own utilities, they’re really unregulated for<br />

the most part. And so they each have their<br />

own way of doing things. And some of them<br />

have contracts with the homeowners, some<br />

of them have contracts with the tenants.<br />

We all do it differently. And so when we try<br />

to pass the law that affects all 1,100 of<br />

them, it’s hard to predict which ones of<br />

those we will create an impairment of their<br />

contract with. Some it may not, some it<br />

may, but there are 1,100 choices out there<br />

to try to figure it out.”<br />

HB 93 is still in the House State and<br />

Local Government Committee.<br />

For information on HB 93, go to<br />

https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/135/hb93/status,<br />

or go to<br />

https://www.legislature.ohio.gov to sign up<br />

to track the bill.<br />

To watch Davisson’s testimony, go to<br />

https://ohiochannel.org/video/ohio-house-<br />

state-and-local-government-committee-6-<br />

13-<strong>2023</strong>.<br />

CW Labor Day Parade<br />

celebrates educators<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> community<br />

announced it will celebrate teachers as the<br />

grand marshal of this year’s <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day Parade.<br />

The parade theme recognizes <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Schools teachers by celebrating<br />

the work these “everyday superheroes”<br />

do for the children of the community.<br />

This year’s Labor Day Parade will take<br />

place on Sept. 4 at 1 p.m.<br />

Other school groups will also participate<br />

with floats and marchers in the parade.<br />

“Labor Day is all about celebrating the<br />

American worker, and we couldn’t think of<br />

a more honorable grand marshal than the<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Local School District<br />

educators,” said Marie Gibbons, Parade<br />

Chair for the Labor Day Festival.<br />

The Labor Day committee selected the<br />

“Superheroes” theme and invited the CW<br />

Schools staff to be part of the celebration.<br />

“We are so thankful to the parade committee<br />

for recognizing the labor of the<br />

teachers who are here to make a difference<br />

in the lives of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> students,”<br />

said <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Schools<br />

Superintendent Kiya Hunt. “When<br />

prospective employees ask us about the<br />

district, we always tell them how lucky we<br />

are to have an incredible and supportive<br />

community. This is yet another example of<br />

the strength of our community when we all<br />

come together to make <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> a<br />

great place to live, learn, and work.”<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located<br />

at 150 E. Columbus St., Lithopolis. For<br />

information call (614) 837-4765 or visit<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

CW celebrates 101 years<br />

of Labor Day festivities<br />

The 101st annual <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Labor Day Festival, presented by Diley<br />

Ridge Medical Center, will fill the streets of<br />

historic downtown <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> over<br />

Labor Day weekend.<br />

Opening ceremonies will take place on<br />

the festival main stage on Sept. 2 at noon.<br />

The fun continues Sept. 2 until 11 p.m.,<br />

Sept. 3 from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., and<br />

Sept. 4 from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.<br />

“The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day<br />

Festival is celebrating over a century of<br />

family-friendly activities in our downtown<br />

during the Labor Day weekend,” said<br />

Carolyn Ebert, Labor Day Festival Board<br />

President. “With so many food vendors,<br />

arts and crafts vendors, rides, games, free<br />

entertainment, a car show, and our<br />

renowned parade, there is something sure<br />

to please everyone in the family.”<br />

Although the full schedule is still being<br />

finalized, the Labor Day Festival<br />

Committee promises to deliver the fun,<br />

family-friendly festival that the community<br />

has grown to love. Midway rides and<br />

games return to the historic downtown all<br />

weekend long, and kids will ride for free<br />

from noon to 4 p.m. as part of Free Ride<br />

Saturday, courtesy of Wright-Patt Credit<br />

Union, Inc.<br />

Free festival entertainment will fill the<br />

streets with sounds all weekend long.<br />

American country singer-songwriter and<br />

Ohio native Rayne Johnson will headline<br />

the main stage Sept. 2 at 9 p.m. Silver<br />

Springs, the Sept. 3 night headliner, will<br />

have guests doing double-takes as the band<br />

covers over four decades of the best<br />

Fleetwood Mac songs.<br />

For those over 21, the Ugly Mug Beer<br />

Pavilion will be located near Stradley Park.<br />

This is the first year that the Designated<br />

Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) will be<br />

in place, so visitors may sip, stroll, shop,<br />

and explore the festival grounds from noon<br />

to close as well.<br />

The Labor Day Festival will again<br />

become a showplace for some of the finest<br />

hot-rods and classic cars in central Ohio on<br />

Sept. 3. In past years, over 200 antique,<br />

muscle, and classic cars have been on display.<br />

The cruise-in, hosted by C-Town<br />

Cruisers, will start at 10 a.m. and will<br />

wrap up at 4 p.m. with trophy presentations.<br />

Registration is just $15 per car and<br />

begins downtown at 9 a.m. on West<br />

Waterloo Street.<br />

On Sept. 4, enjoy the festival’s annual<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day Parade, presented<br />

by Kelly Abbott & the “A” Team,<br />

Howard Hanna Realtors. The parade steps<br />

off from <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High School at 1<br />

p.m. and makes its way through the city’s<br />

historic downtown.<br />

Since 1920, the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor<br />

Day Festival has proudly partnered with<br />

the local government and nearby businesses<br />

to host the festival. Labor Day Festival<br />

organizers recognize all festival supporters,<br />

with special thanks to the city of <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> and the festival’s presenting<br />

sponsor, Diley Ridge Medical Center. For<br />

all Labor Day Festival details, including<br />

those to come, visit www.cwlaborday.org.<br />

Lancaster Park upgrades<br />

A redesign of Lancaster Park in Obetz<br />

will provide more offerings for residents.<br />

The redesign includes a splash pad on<br />

Lancaster Avenue with the shelter next to<br />

it. Further south, there will be a table<br />

game area for table tennis, Foosball and<br />

Connect 4. Alongside that will be a play<br />

lawn for Cornhole, lawn games, and<br />

movies. Next to that will be five pickleball<br />

courts with a seating area to the east. Bike<br />

<strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 7<br />

racks will separate the park from the parking<br />

lot.<br />

The redesign will be done in two phases<br />

- the first will be the games area and the<br />

second will be the larger, more expansive<br />

streetscape. The curbs will be reworked<br />

and Lancaster Avenue will be repaved to<br />

Possum Holler. The fence will be replaced<br />

with fencing similar to what will go in at<br />

Buckstone. There will be a multi-use path<br />

from Buckstone to Three Creeks Metro<br />

Park.<br />

Phase 1 will cost approximately $1 million<br />

and Phase 2 will cost approximately $2<br />

million. The poles for the underground utilities<br />

will cost approximately $50,000 each.

PAGE 8 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

A bi-monthly feature celebrating our<br />

community’s senior citizens<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />


Be confident in the<br />

plan you select<br />

Hope you’re enjoying the summer!<br />

During this time, you should be getting all the<br />

benefits of your selected Medicare plan – if you<br />

have any questions concerning your plan be sure<br />

to contact your agent, or if you are looking for a<br />

local licensed agent, please contact me. I’m not a<br />

1-800 operator, I have over 20 years’ experience<br />

in working with Medicare plans.<br />

My name is Terri Curcio, I live in Franklin<br />

County – you are welcome to contact me at 614-<br />

460-0601 or email<br />


I represent 7 different organizations with over<br />

CW Farmers Market<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Farmers’ Market<br />

will run on Saturdays through Sept.30<br />

from 9 a.m. to noon. For information visit<br />

www.thecwfm.com or call 614-270-5053.<br />

Follow it on the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Farmers<br />

Market Facebook page.<br />

42 plans to choose from, not just one or two.<br />

Right now, I am scheduling appointments for this<br />

coming fall. Some of the plans are offering food<br />

allowances that also include an over the counter<br />

(OTC) benefit along with a flex card to spend on<br />

additional services. I will work in your best interest<br />

to find a plan that includes your doctors, available<br />

low pricing on your monthly medications<br />

while offering year-round local availability for<br />

your questions and concerns. Call today to schedule<br />

your appointment – no obligation. $0 cost for<br />

my consultation and enrollment services. You<br />

need to be confident in the plan you select!<br />

Obetz Farmers Market<br />

The Obetz Farmers Market will take<br />

place on the second Wednesday of each<br />

month from June to September between 4-<br />

7 p.m. It will be held across from the Obetz<br />

Hardware Store located at 4256 Groveport<br />


Free box fans for seniors<br />

to beat the heat<br />

It’s important for seniors to take precautions to<br />

stay cool and hydrated during the hot summer<br />

months. Here are a few ways seniors can beat the<br />

summer heat.<br />

1. Request a free box fan: Franklin County<br />

seniors aged 60 or older can get a free box fan<br />

from the Franklin County Office on Aging. To get<br />

a free box fan, submit a request online at officeonaging.org/boxfan<br />

or by calling (614) 525-6200<br />

weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.<br />

2. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water<br />

throughout the day to stay hydrated.<br />

3. Dress appropriately: Wear lightweight,<br />

loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabrics<br />

like cotton or linen to help your body stay<br />

cool.<br />

4. Seek cooler environments: Spend time in<br />

air-conditioned places like shopping malls,<br />

libraries, or community centers during the hottest<br />

parts of the day.<br />

5. Limit outdoor activities: Try to schedule<br />

outdoor activities for cooler times of the day such<br />

as early morning or evening.<br />

6. Take cool showers or baths: Refresh yourself<br />

by taking cool showers or baths to lower your<br />

body temperature and provide temporary relief<br />

from the heat.<br />

7. Stay informed: Stay updated on heat-related<br />

safety tips, as well as pay attention to weather<br />

forecasts and heat advisories from local authorities.<br />

8. Stay in touch: Maintain regular communication<br />

with family, friends, or neighbors so that<br />

someone can check on you in case of extreme<br />

heat.<br />

Remember, if you experience symptoms like<br />

dizziness, weakness, rapid heartbeat, confusion,<br />

or nausea due to the heat, seek medical help<br />

immediately.<br />

Road, Obetz. We are the BEST community newspaper! Need advertising? Call 614-272-5422.<br />

<br />

do now?<br />

<br />

- Will I have to pay a penalty if I keep working after<br />

I turn 65, and decide to keep my group plan?<br />

- Turning 65 this year or retiring at 67 and want to<br />

talk and meet with a local representative, and<br />

review more than 3 or only 4 carrier plans.<br />

Terri Curcio Call today 614-460-0601<br />

$0 fee or $0 Consultation cost<br />

Be confident in your plan selection, keep your doctors and<br />

find low copays for your medications. Also start thinking<br />

about what you want/need for the upcoming year!<br />

Work with a local representative, that can answer questions<br />

year-<br />

- I need help in paying my Rx copays, any<br />

assistance available?<br />

- Review your Medicare options when you also<br />

have Medicaid.<br />

<br />

area. Currently we represent 7 organizations<br />

which offer 42 products in your area. Please<br />

contact Medicare.gov or 1-800-MEDICARE to<br />

get information on all of

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Active Lifestyles<br />

<strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 9<br />

<br />

<br />

Franklin County Board of Commissioners: President John O’Grady • Commissioner Kevin L. Boyce, and Commissioner Erica C. Crawley<br />

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners and The Franklin County Office on Aging join with the <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspaper in providing this update on aging issues in Franklin County.<br />

Franklin County Office on Aging Offering<br />

Free Box Fans to Help Seniors Beat The Heat<br />

It’s important for seniors to take precautions to stay cool and hydrated during<br />

the hot summer months. Here are a few ways seniors can beat the summer<br />

heat.<br />

1. Request a free box fan: Franklin County seniors aged 60 or older can get<br />

a free box fan from the Franklin County Office on Aging, To get a free box<br />

fan, submit a request online at officeonaging.org/boxfan or by calling<br />

(614) 525-6200 weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.<br />

2. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.<br />

3. Dress appropriately: Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing made from<br />

breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to help your body stay cool.<br />

4. Seek cooler environments: Spend time in air-conditioned places like<br />

shopping malls, libraries, or community centers during the hottest parts of<br />

the day.<br />

5. Limit outdoor activities: Try to schedule outdoor activities for cooler<br />

times of the day such as early morning or evening.<br />

6. Take cool showers or baths: Refresh yourself by taking cool<br />

showers or baths to lower your body temperature and provide temporary<br />

relief from the heat.<br />

7. Stay informed: Stay updated on heat-related safety tips, as well as pay<br />

attention to weather forecasts and heat advisories from local authorities.<br />

8. Stay in touch: Maintain regular communication with family, friends, or<br />

neighbors so that someone can check on you in case of extreme heat.<br />

Remember, if you experience symptoms like dizziness, weakness, rapid heartbeat,<br />

confusion, or nausea due to the heat, seek medical help immediately.

PAGE 10 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

WELCOME TO 4988 Dexter Court<br />

This home is located on a dead end cul-de-sac. Close to everything just minutes from I-270. This captivating ranch offers<br />

an open floor plan. The whole house is all care free upgraded/new LVT flooring. Kitchen is open to the eating space and<br />

a large Great Room. Great Room offers French Doors which lead to a deck as well as a large back yard which is fully<br />

fenced. Additional storage Shed. Owners Suite offers a private full bath. Both baths are remodeled . First floor laundry<br />

space. Three bedrooms and two full baths. This stunning home is immaculate and shows like new. Make this home yours.<br />

Set up your showing today!<br />

MLS # 223017507<br />


INC<br />


Evan & Greg Skinner, Realtors<br />

614-537-1994 614-546-8354<br />

Discount Commissions Every Time!<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

CW Blues & Ribfest<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Blues and<br />

Ribfest will be held on <strong>July</strong> 28 and 29.<br />

The free festival takes place throughout<br />

the downtown on <strong>July</strong> 28 from 5-11 p.m.<br />

and <strong>July</strong> 29 from noon to 11 p.m.<br />

High Street will close from Columbus<br />

Street to Mound Street and Waterloo<br />

Street from Trine to Washington. Public<br />

parking is available behind the city’s<br />

municipal building and off of Washington<br />

Street on Towing Path Alley. Street parking<br />

is also available. Handicap parking is<br />

available on West Waterloo past<br />

Washington Street to those with handicap<br />

plates or placards. Go to www.bluesandribfest.com<br />

for parking information.<br />

Musical artists include Noah<br />

Wotherspoon, Joanna Connor and Carlise<br />

Guy, the NuBlu Chicago Band, and more.<br />

New to the Blues and Ribfest are Too Slim<br />

and the Taildraggers and Nick Moss Band<br />

featuring Dennis Gruenling.<br />

The main stage is on <strong>South</strong> High Street<br />

and a second stage is located at Stradley<br />

Park next to the beer garden.<br />

A large Kids Zone includes inflatables,<br />

balloon art, face painting, and pony rides.<br />

The music appeals to all ages, young and<br />

old alike, and the large variety of food<br />

offerings–from ribs to burgers, ice cream,<br />

snow cones, bratwurst, and gigantic cream<br />

puffs–should satisfy hungry stomachs.<br />

Pitting pitmaster against pitmaster, a<br />

team of judges selects the first, second and<br />

third place rib winners. Anyone attending<br />

the festival can stop by the information<br />

booth and place their vote for the People’s<br />

Choice award.<br />

Visit www.bluesandribfest.com.<br />

Letters policy<br />

The <strong>Messenger</strong> welcomes letters to the<br />

editor. Letters cannot be libelous. Letters that<br />

do not have a signature, address, and telephone<br />

number, or are signed with a pseudonym,<br />

will be rejected.The <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

reserves the right to edit or refuse publication<br />

of any letter for any reason. Opinions<br />

expressed in the letters are not necessarily<br />

the views of the <strong>Messenger</strong>. Mail letters to:<br />

<strong>South</strong>/<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong>, 3500<br />

Sullivant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204; or<br />

email southeast@columbusmessenger.com.<br />

eastside<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

(Distribution: 10,000)<br />

Rick Palsgrove................................<strong>South</strong> & CW Editor<br />

southeast@columbusmessenger.com<br />

Published every other Sunday by<br />

The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Co.<br />

4139 W. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43228<br />

(614) 272-5422<br />

Keep tabs on the news in CW,<br />

Obetz, and Hamilton Twp.<br />

Look for <strong>South</strong> & CW <strong>Messenger</strong> on<br />

Become a fan!<br />

Biennium<br />

Budget Highlights,<br />

Part 1<br />

On Friday, June 30, both legislative houses passed<br />

Ohio’s biennium budget, which Governor DeWine<br />

signed shortly afterward. The legislature’s Conference<br />

Committee worked out the differences between<br />

the House and Senate versions of the budget<br />

bill via marathon negotiation sessions during the<br />

week prior. The House voted 67 to 30 to approve;<br />

the Senate voted 25 to 6 to concur.<br />

The highlight of the $86 billion, two-year general<br />

fund budget is the complete continued funding of<br />

years 3 and 4 of the Fair School Funding Plan. The<br />

plan calls for a six-year phase-in of an increased<br />

state share of resources (along with local property<br />

taxes) to fund adequately Ohio’s 611 public school<br />

districts. Although the Senate’s version of the<br />

budget adjusted the formula to reduce outlays to<br />

schools, the House held fast in the negotiations to<br />

restore fully those funds.<br />

In addition to the dollars above, the budget bill allocates<br />

$300 million for new high school career-tech<br />

facilities so current career tech centers can add or<br />

expand high-demand programs. This expansion is<br />

essential to help our young people prepare for the<br />

specific jobs that are emerging via the businesses<br />

that are locating to and expanding in Ohio. Other<br />

education budget highlights include the establishment<br />

of a statewide minimum salary for new teachers<br />

at $35,000 (a measure particularly important in<br />

rural areas), a revision of the third-grade guarantee<br />

that will allow the retention of underachieving students<br />

only with parental consultation and consent<br />

and an extension of intensive reading supports<br />

through fourth and fifth grades, and the reorganization<br />

of the State Department of Education into<br />

the Department of Education and Workforce. The<br />

refurbished department now will come under the<br />

auspices of the Governor and elevate the status of<br />

and attention paid to career education. It also redefines<br />

the role of the State Board of Education,<br />

which has failed to provide effective management<br />

and leadership for years, to include only teacher<br />

licensure and school district jurisdictional issues.<br />

I am particularly pleased that several of my amendments<br />

to this portion of the budget emerged in the<br />

final version. Some of them include the establishment<br />

of a comprehensive study to pinpoint additional<br />

costs of educating economically disadvantaged<br />

students (taking into consideration measures<br />

already in place), the requirement that funding<br />

for gifted student education be expended only for<br />

that purpose, and increased funding for the PAST<br />

Foundation which will allow for additional educator<br />

professional development for more effective mathematics<br />

and science teaching.<br />

I will highlight more areas of the budget in my next<br />

communication with you.<br />

(Dave Dobos represents the 10th District in the Ohio<br />

House of Representatives, which consists of parts of<br />

West, <strong>South</strong>west, and <strong>South</strong> Columbus, Grove City,<br />

Urbancrest, and most of Franklin Township. He reports<br />

regularly on his activities in this position and his<br />

campaign has paid for this communication with you.)<br />

Paid Advertisement<br />

<strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 11

PAGE 12 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong><br />

CW makes plans for pickleball courts<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

The pickleball craze is sweeping the<br />

nation and making its way to <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> where players could potentially<br />

indulge their passion if the city opens five<br />

new courts in McGill Park in 2024.<br />

Construction Services Director Bill Sims<br />

updated <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> City Council<br />

during its <strong>July</strong> 17 meeting on public and<br />

private projects, including the installation<br />

of pickleball courts in the second phase of<br />

the park’s development.<br />

“We’re on track to go out to bid in<br />

August,” Sims said. “I think we can probably<br />

have them constructed this year, but I<br />

don’t know if they would be necessarily<br />

playable. That may be spring time playability,<br />

but we can certainly get the asphalt<br />

done this year.”<br />

Councilman Patrick Shea said all he<br />

hears is “pickleball, pickleball, pickleball”<br />

and thanked Sims for moving up a construction<br />

timeline.<br />

Although Public Works Director Matt<br />

Peoples said the city is close to finalizing<br />

the plan, council has yet to budget the<br />

$733,000 estimated cost for the project,<br />

Transportation exhibit at library<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

Managing Editor<br />

Ohio was the crossroads of the United<br />

States in the early days of the nation and a<br />

new exhibit highlights modes of transportation<br />

people used to travel about.<br />

The exhibit, titled “Transportation in<br />

Columbus,” will be displayed at the<br />

<strong>South</strong>east Branch of the Columbus<br />

Metropolitan Library, 3980 <strong>South</strong><br />

Hamilton Road, Groveport, through <strong>July</strong><br />

31 during regular library hours. The exhibit<br />

includes a panel discussion,<br />

“Transportation in Central Ohio” on <strong>July</strong><br />

29 at noon. The panel will discuss current<br />

transportation issues impacting the<br />

<strong>South</strong>east community framed by their historical<br />

context. Panelists also include local<br />

historian Jeff Darbee, All Aboard Ohio<br />

executive director Stu Nicholson and representatives<br />

from COTA and Toole Design.<br />

For information call the <strong>South</strong>east Library<br />

Branch at (614) 645-2275.<br />

“We chose the <strong>South</strong>east Branch<br />

because that area continues to experience<br />

tremendous growth and more accessible<br />

transportation options will be important<br />

for its communities,” said Kristen Newby,<br />

special collections supervisor in Columbus<br />

Metropolitan Library’s Local History &<br />

Genealogy division. “The history of transportation<br />

in southeast Columbus is an<br />

interesting one, with local access to the<br />

Ohio and Erie <strong>Canal</strong> being part of its past,<br />

as well as its proximity to Rickenbacker<br />

International Airport.”<br />

Newby said the goal of the exhibit is to<br />

help people understand the history of<br />

transportation in central Ohio.<br />

“We hope attendees leave the program<br />

which includes the courts, lighting,and<br />

parking lot improvements.<br />

“We would need an appropriation<br />

amendment to move forward,” said<br />

Peoples, who said basketball courts were<br />

originally proposed for the pickleball site.<br />

Other CW news<br />

•The city is sponsoring a Hometown<br />

Heroes banner program modeled after one<br />

conducted in Groveport and is currently<br />

soliciting applications until <strong>July</strong> 31.<br />

The program was created to honor and<br />

recognize military personnel currently or<br />

previously residing in the city limits.<br />

Hometown Heroes is a partnership<br />

between <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> and VFW Post<br />

10523.<br />

The banners will be displayed on light<br />

poles in the historic downtown area this<br />

year from Labor Day to Veterans Day and<br />

from Memorial Day through Veterans Day<br />

in 2024.<br />

The commemorative two-sided full color<br />

banner features the name, branch of service,<br />

and military photo of the honoree, who<br />

must meet criteria including active duty<br />

status or honorably discharged veteran,<br />

retired veteran or died in the line of duty.<br />

feeling knowledgeable and empowered to<br />

advocate for more equitable access to public<br />

transportation, which provides more<br />

opportunities for jobs, education, healthcare<br />

and other important community<br />

resources,” said Newby.<br />

She said the exhibit takes a chronological<br />

look at the evolution of historic modes<br />

of transportation in central Ohio in the<br />

context of local, statewide and national<br />

movements — starting first with the early<br />

roads and trails established by Ohio’s<br />

indigenous groups to a hypothetical look at<br />

the future with increased public transit<br />

options across the city.<br />

“A fun highlight of the exhibit is a series<br />

of photographs depicting transportation as<br />

entertainment,” said Newby. “The speed,<br />

power and agility of new forms of transportation<br />

were often displayed in public<br />

spectacle! For example, in 1914, Columbus’<br />

own Driving Park hosted auto racer<br />

Barney Oldfield and aviator Lincoln<br />

Beachy in a car vs. plane showdown.”<br />

Many images for the exhibit come from<br />

the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s My<br />

History database.<br />

“Items on My History are either part of<br />

Columbus Metropolitan Library’s archival<br />

collections, those of another cultural heritage<br />

organizations or have been loaned to<br />

us by customers,” said Newby.<br />

Other organizations who contributed to<br />

the exhibit include the Columbus Dispatch,<br />

Gahanna Historical Society, Grandview<br />

Heights Public Library, Library of<br />

Congress, Ohio History Connection, The<br />

Ohio State University, and Smithsonian<br />

National Air and Space Museum.<br />

Fourteen applications have already<br />

been accepted and the city is in the process<br />

of checking eligibility. Council previously<br />

waived an application fee. For information,<br />

call 614-837-8276.<br />

•Council discussed the potential for<br />

installing a downtown speaker system<br />

within the boundaries of Waterloo to<br />

Columbus streets at an estimated cost of<br />

$12,600. Concerns included the type of<br />

music broadcast, business opinions, and<br />

scheduling.<br />

“I’d be interested in knowing what the<br />

businesses think,” said Councilman Bob<br />

Clark.<br />

Councilman Mike Walker felt the system<br />

goes hand-in-hand with the DORA and<br />

likened the ambiance to music piped<br />

though Easton.<br />

Peoples said he does not want to get into<br />

a situation where the city needs to figure<br />

out what businesses are scheduling live<br />

music that could conflict with the city’s proposed<br />

speaker system.<br />

“We could try it out in Stradley Park to<br />

see if it has a following where it is less<br />

impactful on businesses,” said Peoples.<br />

First ursday<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Groveport will hold its First Thursday<br />

in Cruiser Park, 4677 Bixby Road, on Aug.<br />

3 from 4:30-7 p.m. First Thursday features<br />

live music, food trucks, more than 40 vendors,<br />

giveaways, face painting and bounce<br />

house, a petting zoo, and more. The Aug. 3<br />

event will include a dog show. The event<br />

and parking are free. Musical performers<br />

are; Aug. 3 - Wade Dow and Dar Kovacs.<br />

Giveaways are: Aug. 3 - pet waste bag dispenser.<br />

For information call 614-836-3333.<br />

Barber Museum<br />

The National Barber Museum in <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> is located at 135 Franklin St.<br />

(behind the former CW High School building).<br />

The museum, housed in approximately<br />

5,000 square feet, showcases art, artifacts,<br />

and memorabilia from decades of the<br />

barbering profession. For information<br />

call(614) 837-8400.<br />

CW school board meetings<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Board of<br />

Education meets on the third Monday of<br />

each month at 7 p.m. in the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Education Center, 100<br />

Washington St. on the second floor in room<br />

204/206. The public is welcome to attend.

www.cwschools.org<br />

614.837.4533<br />

100 Washington Street<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, Ohio 43110<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Local Schools today announced its <strong>2023</strong>-2024<br />

program year policy. Free and reduced-price meals are available for<br />

students unable to pay the full price of meals served under the National<br />

School Lunch and School Breakfast. Children from families whose annual<br />

income is at or below the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines are eligible<br />

for free and reduced-priced meals. Application forms will be distributed to<br />

all homes in a letter to parents or guardians before the first week of school.<br />

To apply for free and reduced-priced benefits, households should fill out<br />

the application completely with signature and return it to the school or apply<br />

on-line by visiting https://www.payschoolscentral.com/. A complete application<br />

is required and must have a signature.<br />

Public Notice:<br />

McMullen III, Ralph Donald and McMullen (Palsgrove), Mary Lee<br />

(“We”) are bringing forward our land patent acceptance and benefit.<br />

If interested, Scan the QR Code below.<br />

If any party with a lawful claim fails to challenge this Certificate of Acceptance of<br />

Declaration of Land Patent and the associated Original Land Grant/Patent, as stipulated<br />

in this document, will be barred, lached and estoppel; asserting any claim or<br />

interest now and forever is null and void.<br />

Any failure to make a valid claim, as specified in this notice, within sixty-one (61)<br />

calendar days will result in a permanent bar on any claims against our allodial patent estate,<br />

as described in this document and is considered a final judgment, as say we:<br />

Date Posted:<br />

___________________________<br />

6/25/23<br />

End Post Date: ___________________________<br />


The City of Groveport Police Department<br />

is currently recruiting for<br />

Police Officers and Lateral Entry Police Officers<br />

NOTE: Testing with the National Testing Network must be completed<br />

for individuals with less than 3 years of full-time experience. Testing<br />

must be completed by the close date of, August 4th, <strong>2023</strong>. Employment<br />

applications for this position will not be accepted prior to taking the<br />

test. www.nationaltestingnetwork.com<br />

The City of Groveport offers a competitive salary and very generous<br />

benefit package.<br />

Salary Step 1 = $33.75 to Step 5=$46.75 per hour.<br />

Starting salary is based upon years of full-time experience.<br />

To view the full job description for a Lateral Entry and Entry Level Police<br />

Officer, please go directly to our website listed below. Applicantions may<br />

be submitted through the below link as well.<br />

https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/groveport<br />


Lockbourne, OH<br />


No Prior Experience Necessary<br />

We Will Train!<br />

Immediate Start - Full Time Position<br />

Contact Toby Boetcher<br />

at<br />

(740) 983-0149<br />

Test Automation Developers sought<br />

by Unicon International, Inc.<br />

in Columbus, OH<br />

to provide advice on automation tools/techniques,<br />

feasibility and implementation, process improvements,<br />

and maintenance plans. Resolves complex<br />

IT automation framework and application<br />

development problems. Must have relevant education<br />

& experience.<br />

Send 2 resumes & cover letter to<br />

Jenifer McCann,<br />

241 Outerbelt St, Columbus, OH 43213<br />


Kingston Landscaping<br />

Donovan Wade<br />

Cell: 614-364-0536<br />

Office: 740-642-8051<br />

kingstonlandscapellc@gmail.com<br />

Landscapes, Hardscapes &<br />

Lawn Care<br />

Commercial Mowing<br />

Snow Removal<br />

TERMITE &<br />


614-367-9000<br />

TORCO®<br />



Locally Owned & Operated. Any Pest. Anytime.<br />

$<br />

50 00 OFF Service<br />

Free Termite Inspection

PAGE 16 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>July</strong> 23, <strong>2023</strong><br />



TS<br />

S...<br />

YOU UR<br />


OR<br />

RHOO<br />

OD<br />

GROCE ER<br />

SERVIN<br />

NG<br />

TH HE<br />


DEFO<br />

OR<br />

78<br />

YEARS<br />

S!<br />

3453 Parsons Av<br />

ve<br />

614-491-422 21<br />

Open Daily 8:30 am – 9: :00 pm<br />

U.S.D.A.<br />

CHOICE<br />

Top<br />

Quali<br />

ity<br />

O<br />

C<br />

FOR<br />

ER OCE<br />

HOOD GR<br />

ORH<br />

R<br />

EIGHB<br />

I<br />

NE<br />

Y<br />

YE<br />

YEA<br />

YOUR N<br />

N<br />

ARS •<br />

R<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Always Av<br />

vailable:<br />

Check Cashing • Food Stamps<br />

WIC • Money Orders<br />

All Ohio Lottery Games<br />

Utility Pay<br />

yments<br />

Post<br />

tage Stamps<br />

LIKE US ON<br />


“KELLYL<br />

YS MARKET”<br />

U.S.D.A.<br />

CHOICE<br />

Top<br />

Quali<br />

ity<br />

F RESH<br />


CHUCK<br />

$ 4<br />

39<br />

LB.<br />

USD DA<br />

CHO<br />

OICE<br />

4<br />




USD DA<br />

CHO OICE<br />


$ T-<br />

-BONE<br />

LB. STEAK<br />

5<br />

99<br />

RESH<br />

12 99<br />

F<br />

PORK SHO<br />

$ BOSTO<br />

O<br />

LDE<br />

N<br />

R<br />


12 LB.<br />

79<br />

9<br />

U F 9<br />


$<br />

2 3 BREAST $<br />

LB.<br />


LB.<br />

2/<br />

$ 7<br />

12-OZ.<br />

SLICED<br />

5 99<br />


$<br />

BACON<br />


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10-OZ.<br />

12-14-OZ.<br />

2 7<br />



5<br />

SMOKED<br />


V<br />

SHRIMP<br />

EA. BR RAT<br />

TS<br />

SA<br />

AVE<br />

$2.<br />

.00<br />

0 ON<br />

EA<br />

ACH<br />

3<br />


5<br />

WHOLEY<br />

EA. MEAL<br />

S <br />

<br />

ILLE $<br />

3 99<br />

$<br />

5 99<br />

C 1<br />

2-OZ.<br />


CKRICH<br />

MEAT<br />

FRA<br />

ANKS<br />

3/ $ 5<br />

12-OZ. CANS<br />



12-PA<br />

PEPSI<br />

AC<br />

COL<br />

K<br />

A<br />

2<br />


TED FLAV<br />

VORS<br />

HAW<br />

WA<br />


2/ $ 7<br />

5-OZ. HY-<br />

-TO<br />

OP<br />

L<br />

G FRESH<br />

/$ 9<br />

SALT<br />


RS<br />

89 ¢<br />

9OR<br />

$4.<br />

.99<br />

9 EA<br />

ACH<br />

FR<br />

RESH<br />

HP<br />

PR<br />

ROD DU<br />

UCE.<br />

..<br />

REEN<br />


CROWNS<br />

5-12-OZ. BAGS<br />



D<br />

SA OL<br />

LA<br />

AD<br />

E<br />

BLENDS<br />

$<br />

1 9 9<br />

1<br />

2/ $<br />

DOZEN<br />



RMS<br />


$<br />

1 99<br />

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C <br />

30-OZ.<br />

JAR<br />

46-OZ. CANS<br />



TO JUICE<br />

$<br />

6 99<br />

<br />

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$<br />

1 79<br />

28-OZ.<br />


10-OZ.<br />

FIS SH<br />

FR<br />

RY OR SE<br />


GAT<br />




2/ $ 4 2/ $ 5<br />

9 LA<br />

E<br />

FRES<br />

ARGE<br />

XTR<br />

H<br />

A<br />

CUCUM<br />

¢<br />

LB.<br />

MBERS89EA.<br />

5L<br />

5B5.<br />

M<br />

P “ PRIMA”<br />

EACHEE<br />

NECTA<br />

ARI<br />

OR PLUM<br />

NE<br />

S,<br />

S<br />

S<br />

$<br />

2 79<br />

LB.<br />


$ 399<br />

<br />

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L XL AY<br />

SIZ<br />

Y’<br />

E<br />

S<br />

T<br />

POTAT<br />

TO<br />

CHIPS<br />

2<br />

/$<br />

7<br />

4-LB. BAG<br />

1 -L7<br />

CRYSTA<br />

AL<br />

K 2-16<br />

IN<br />

B. MA<br />

ATC<br />

CH<br />

LIG<br />

GHT OR<br />

SUGAR<br />


$ 299<br />

$ 999<br />

<br />

<br />

E SONE 1-LB.<br />

QUART<br />

TE<br />

A RS<br />

3-10-<br />



EN<br />

ERS<br />


W I<br />


DEL<br />


H ..<br />



OR HONEY<br />

HAM<br />


CHED<br />

DDA<br />

AR OR<br />

SPICY<br />


CHEESE<br />

$<br />

5 99 9<br />

5 LB.<br />

$<br />

6 99 9<br />

4Z<br />

4/ $ 5<br />

$<br />

7 99<br />

Prices Effective<br />

Monday, <strong>July</strong> 24 thru Saturday,<br />

August 5, <strong>2023</strong>• Quantity<br />

Rights Reserved •<br />

We Reserve the Right to Correct<br />

Pricing Errors.<br />

LB.<br />

C<br />

SA<br />

DELI<br />

ARA<br />

HICKEN<br />

A<br />

FRES<br />

LEEE<br />

H<br />

7<br />


BREAST<br />

LB.<br />


5-<br />

-CU<br />

UP<br />


IA<br />

O<br />

L R<br />


WA<br />

ALNUT<br />

SALAD<br />

$<br />

4 99<br />


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