South & Canal Winchester Messenger - August 6th, 2023

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<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>August</strong> 6 - 26, <strong>2023</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XLIV, No. 12<br />

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And the beat goes on<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

The music is not stopping for <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>’s steel drum musicians as the<br />

youth and adult programs, started in the<br />

schools in 1999 by Todd Phillips and Scott<br />

Zeuch, transitions to the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Joint Recreation District with hopes of<br />

expansion.<br />

A social media post on July 13 by the<br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Steel Company detailing the<br />

program’s demise was followed on July 15<br />

with a post by <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Local<br />

Schools on social media and their website<br />

saying there was confusion in the community<br />

about the future of the popular extracurricular<br />

music program.<br />

School district response<br />

“We wanted to clear up inaccurate information<br />

that was brought to our attention<br />

and provide an update for our community,<br />

family, and students,” the district said in<br />

an online release. “We are excited to share<br />

that the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Steel Drums<br />

program will continue as a community<br />

recreation opportunity offered by the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Joint Recreation District.<br />

CWJRD has been looking for opportunities<br />

to expand their recreational programming<br />

beyond athletics, and feels this is a perfect<br />

opportunity to offer even more to our community.”<br />

According to the district, community<br />

members and students can participate,<br />

with information shared by CWJRD in the<br />

near future. It is the district’s understanding<br />

the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> steel drums will<br />

participate in Labor Day festivities as in<br />

the past.<br />

“We look forward to partnering with<br />

CWJRD to ensure community members<br />

and students can continue participating in<br />

the Steel Drum Band,” stated the school<br />

district on its website. “The <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Steel Drum Band will be able<br />

to continue to use our drums and equipment,<br />

which are at <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High<br />

School and have not been moved into storage.”<br />

During a July 17 <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Board of Education meeting, former steel<br />

band member Konrad Deeg lauded the program,<br />

saying the experience provided<br />

friendships, further expanded his social<br />

skills, and helped evolve his music literacy.<br />

“This combination of building my musical<br />

reading skills and building my solo confidence<br />

was critical in enabling me to play<br />

in a variety of ensembles and also starting<br />

to lead and direct other groups in Ohio and<br />

Sydney, Australia,” said Deeg. “I urge you<br />

to recognize the importance of performing<br />

arts extracurriculars and continue programs<br />

to empower all students for success.”<br />

Regarding Phillips’ continued participation<br />

in the steel band after his retirement<br />

at the end of the previous school year, district<br />

spokesperson Megan Anthony said<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Schools did not agree or<br />

say at any time that he would continue in<br />

any capacity related to his former role.<br />

According to Anthony, the district is<br />

legally required to prohibit retirees from<br />

serving in their previous capacity for two<br />

months after retirement.<br />

“Our director of human resources and<br />

high school principal made several<br />

attempts to contact Mr. Phillips in May<br />

and June that were unreturned,” said<br />

Anthony. “An email was sent to Mr.<br />

Phillips on June 30 that stated he would<br />

not continue in any capacity of his former<br />

role and then a meeting was held July 12<br />

with the same message. After the school<br />

year finished, we started conversations<br />

with Mr. Brennan and our band director,<br />

See BEAT, page 2<br />

Hitting the gridiron<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Pat Donahue<br />

Jacob Sobony (right) and Keegan Murdock (left) doubled up on the quarterback<br />

duties to keep the receivers busy during a July 25 practice for the Obetz Youth<br />

Football Seniors Division. Most people would say football is not a summer sport,<br />

but these members of the senior division team (below) at Obetz Youth Football, who<br />

have been at it for a couple weeks, might have another opinion.<br />

Roger L. Weaver<br />

Dustin J. Weaver<br />

Attorneys at Law<br />

www.weaver-law.com<br />

“A name you know, Experience you can trust”<br />

Office: (614) 834-1750<br />

Facsimile: (614) 834-9480<br />

25 E. Waterloo St.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>, Ohio 43110

PAGE 2 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />

National Barber Museum<br />

The National Barber Museum in <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> is located<br />

at 135 Franklin St. (behind the former CW High School building).<br />

The museum, housed in approximately 5,000 square feet, showcases<br />

art, artifacts, and memorabilia from decades of the barbering<br />

profession.<br />

For information call(614) 837-8400.<br />

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OH 43110<br />

CW@AltercareOnline.net<br />

AltercareOnline.com<br />

3700 Parsons Ave.<br />

Columbus, OH 43207<br />

New Patients & Emergencies Always Welcome<br />

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BEAT<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

Mr. Furniss, about <strong>2023</strong>-24 programming,<br />

including the steel band.”<br />

Anthony said when inaccurate information<br />

began circulating, the district accelerated<br />

conversations with the high school music<br />

department and determined it would not<br />

have the capacity to offer the community<br />

steel band this year, especially with the district’s<br />

goal to increase participation and<br />

access for students to vocal music programs.<br />

“We reached out to CWJRD to see if they<br />

would be interested in taking on the steel<br />

band program as part of their community<br />

recreation programs for adults and students,”<br />

said Anthony.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Schools<br />

Superintendent Kiya Hunt said there is work<br />

to be done over the next several weeks in<br />

order for the band to resume practicing for the upcoming<br />

Labor Day parade and festival.<br />

“Things are going to happen quickly,” said Hunt. “It<br />

is a very unique program. I don’t think anyone will<br />

argue that. The thing we ran into with this being a<br />

school activity is that (there are) adult members.<br />

There are students that participate in it as well. With<br />

Mr. Phillips’ retirement, it does make the offering of it<br />

(steel drum band) a little difficult for the schools in the<br />

sense of school and adults. There are a lot of things<br />

that go into that with adults being in the building with<br />

students.”<br />

Hunt said adult volunteers, with whom the district<br />

is aware of within school buildings, are subject to background<br />

checks. With adult band members, she admitted<br />

logistics are more difficult following Phillips’<br />

retirement. She said she talked with the CWJRD<br />

about the transition and felt the move made sense for<br />

the community.<br />

“The CWJRD is working out the details so it can<br />

still be offered and not only continue, but grow,” said<br />

Hunt. “We’re very excited about that.”<br />

CWJRD response<br />

CWJRD Board Chairperson Jill Amos said the<br />

recreation district wants to encompass more programming<br />

than sports and spent the last year building up<br />

programming. Amos said the CWJRD needs to be<br />

responsible in creating the steel band program and is<br />

working putting things together.<br />

“The CWJRD has approved the adult (band) program<br />

and is looking at the kids’ program,” said Amos.<br />

“Todd (Phillips) is the director of the adult band and<br />

we’re looking for potential rehearsal space because we<br />

do know they have some events scheduled. We will<br />

have access to the Oley Speaks auditorium for performances.<br />

The kids band program is a lot bigger than<br />

the adult program, so it will take time to get that set<br />

up.”<br />

The CWJRD charges a fee for all sports and programming<br />

to cover the cost of insurance and operations.<br />

The fee for adult band participation is expected<br />

to be $25.<br />

CW City Council meetings<br />

The <strong>Winchester</strong> Steel Company.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Photo courtesy of CW Schools<br />

Todd Phillips response<br />

Throughout the 2022-23 school year, Phillips said<br />

he was in conversations with former high school principal<br />

Amy Warren about remaining the steel drum program<br />

director beyond retirement in June. Phillips said<br />

that at no point was he told there would be any concern<br />

about the situation. He said he was led to believe that<br />

the program and himself would continue their work in<br />

the upcoming school year.<br />

“At the end of June, I was informed that the program<br />

was suspended and I would not be a part of its<br />

future,” said Phillips. “This led to more conversations<br />

with the district, but no change was going to be made.<br />

I found out the school was transferring the program to<br />

the CWJRD through an online posting. I believe it was<br />

on July 14. Over that following weekend, I spoke to Jill<br />

Amos and Mayor Mike Ebert about the transfer. They<br />

did ask if I was interested in remaining the music<br />

director and I agreed to do so.”<br />

A week later, Phillips had a lengthy meeting with<br />

Amos and other members of the CWJRD administration.<br />

“We talked about the current program, the goals<br />

and how it can fit into the CWJRD’s vision,” said<br />

Phillips. “It was a very positive meeting and I’m happy<br />

they stepped forward to save the program that affects<br />

students, parents and adults from all around our area.<br />

I know there are still some questions about how the<br />

new management process might change the program<br />

and we're working through all of that. I’ve been very<br />

diligent about keeping everyone involved up to date on<br />

things.”<br />

Phillips said one of his goals in leaving the classroom<br />

was to create a non-profit group that sponsors<br />

performing arts activities for the community, including<br />

drama, vocal music, instrumental music and dance.<br />

His plans for the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Performing Arts<br />

Collective are to function as an independent organization,<br />

with the hope of working in collaboration with the<br />

school system, World Harvest Prep, the recreation district,<br />

and other groups in the community to bring more<br />

performing arts to the area.<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> City Council meetings are held<br />

on the first and third Monday of every month.<br />

Meetings begin at 7 p.m. The meetings are open to the<br />

public. Council meets in work session at 6 p.m. prior to<br />

each city council meeting to discuss legislative items<br />

and other issues of the city prior to being included on<br />

a city council agenda. The first work session of the<br />

month focuses on finance/economic development items<br />

and the second monthly work session focuses on service/safety<br />

items. While each work session includes specific<br />

areas of focus, other items may be brought before<br />

council as needed.<br />

CW school board meetings<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Board of Education meets on<br />

the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Education Center, 100 Washington St. on<br />

the second floor in room 204/206. The public is welcome<br />

to attend.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Full Throttle Thursdays<br />

Operation Unity<br />

The Madison Township Police<br />

Department partnered with Franklin<br />

County Sheriff’s Office for Operation<br />

Unity, an undisclosed, concerted law<br />

enforcement initiative to curb crime in<br />

area neighborhoods. Officers focused their<br />

efforts in the Blacklick Estates area on<br />

July 13 and successfully aided deputies in<br />

the following enforcement actions:<br />

•Arrest: 3 felony, 1 misdemeanor, 1<br />

firearm, 1 vehicle impounded, 2 traffic citations.<br />

•Charges filed: Theft of a motor vehicle,<br />

obstruction of official business, trespassing,<br />

weapons under disability, improper<br />

handling of a firearm.<br />

<strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

•Seized: 1 firearm, 28 grams of marijuana.<br />

These initiatives are intended to place<br />

the advantage back into the hands of the<br />

law. Criminals don’t know when, where, or<br />

how often these saturated efforts will take<br />

place utilizing the element of surprise to<br />

take crime off the streets.<br />

CW Farmers Market<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Farmers’ Market<br />

will run on Saturdays through Sept.30<br />

from 9 a.m. to noon. For information visit<br />

www.thecwfm.com or call 614-270-5053.<br />

Follow it on the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Farmers<br />

Market Facebook page.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Pat Donahue<br />

Full Throttle Thursdays at the Fortress in Obetz began as a bike night for a local<br />

radio station before it evolved into a weekly event that features all types of vehicles<br />

to go with the food and drink and music and fun, but the bikes are still a huge part<br />

of the show.<br />

Whiskey Would was the entertainment for the July 27 Full Throttle Thursday.<br />

We are the BEST community newspaper!<br />

Need advertising? Call 614-272-5422.<br />

DestinationOutlets.com<br />

800-213-9083<br />

8000 Factory Shops Blvd.<br />

Jeffersonville, OH 43128<br />



PAGE 4 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

CW Blues & Ribfest<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Sarah Slayman<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> hosted its annual Blues & Ribfest featuring live music and food<br />

vendors on July 28-29 in the city’s historic downtown. Festival officials projected<br />

that 32,000 attended the two day event. Pictured below, a vendor cooks up some<br />

tasty ribs.<br />

Joanna Connor<br />

performing on the<br />

Main Stage at<br />

<strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>’s<br />

Blues & Ribfest.<br />

The festival<br />

included a range<br />

of blues musical<br />


2<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Township questions<br />

liquor permit<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

A Madison Township dollar store is asking for the Ohio Liquor<br />

Control Board to put a liquor permit request on the fall ballot for<br />

precinct voters, but if it passes, the township plans to ask the<br />

board for a public hearing.<br />

Family Dollar is asking for a C1 license to sell beer, wine, and<br />

mixed beverages on a carryout basis for their store in a strip mall<br />

alongside the Sedalia Market and a child daycare center.<br />

“If it is voted in, the township could request a hearing if necessary,”<br />

said Madison Township Administrator Susan Brobst during<br />

the July 25 trustees’ meeting. “It has become a little more standard<br />

that we are reviewing the information. Staff’s recommendation<br />

at this time is to request a hearing.”<br />

Brobst said the township considers factors such as data on area<br />

vandalism, armed robbery, theft, and calls for service. If voters<br />

turn down the request, the township has no need to pursue the<br />

hearing request.<br />

Other Madison Township news<br />

•Retiring Madison Township Fire Department Battalion Chief<br />

Mark Ballenger was honored for his 27 years of service.<br />

“Mark has been a mentor and coach,” said Fire Chief Derek<br />

Robinson, “and he has given his heart to the fire department.<br />

In addition to serving nearly three decades in the fire service,<br />

Ballenger spent 10 years on active duty, 1984–1993, in the Air<br />

Force where he trained as a firefighter and another 20 years in the<br />

Ohio Air National Guard.<br />

After his release from active duty, Ballenger worked as a firefighter<br />

for the Department of Defense at in Newark. He began his<br />

career with Madison Township in 1996, where he served as a firefighter,<br />

fire inspector, investigator, lieutenant, and battalion chief.<br />

“He has served our country for over 40 years,” said Robinson,<br />

who pointed out Ballenger is also an instructor at Columbus State<br />

and Eastland Fairfield Career and Technical Schools.<br />

•Hott Ditch, which winds its way through Madison and Truro<br />

townships, is a hot mess and the Franklin County Engineer’s<br />

Office asked for input from the public at a July 27 public meeting<br />

regarding an upcoming drainage improvement project.<br />

The project is intended to improve drainage in the watershed<br />

by reconstructing the existing storm sewer system and enhancing<br />

the ditch.<br />

“The county has sent information to residents (living in the<br />

project area),” said Brobst.<br />

The public meeting at Asbury <strong>South</strong> Methodist Church included<br />

a brief presentation by representatives of the engineer’s office,<br />

who discussed proposed improvements. A question and answer<br />

period followed, which afforded attendees the opportunity to share<br />

their views.<br />

Roundabout project<br />

The road closure for improvements at Rohr Road at State<br />

Route 317 began July 17 and will be closed for 75 days. The<br />

improvements include a modern roundabout and street lighting<br />

as well as drainage and culvert upgrades.<br />

For information about detour routes and other information,<br />

contact the Franklin County Engineer’s Office at 614-525-3030, or<br />

visit www.franklincountyengineer.org.<br />

Obetz Farmers Market<br />

The Obetz Farmers Market will take place on the second<br />

Wednesday of each month from June to September between 4-7<br />

p.m. It will be held across from the Obetz Hardware Store located<br />

at 4256 Groveport Road, Obetz.<br />

columbusmessenger.com<br />

Obetz’s Lancaster Park upgrades<br />

A redesign of Lancaster Park in Obetz will provide more offerings<br />

for the residents.<br />

The redesign includes a splash pad on Lancaster Avenue with<br />

the shelter next to it. Further south, there will be a table game<br />

area for table tennis, Foosball and Connect 4. Alongside that will<br />

be a play lawn for Cornhole, ping pong, chess, checkers, lawn<br />

games, and movies. There will be five pickleball courts with a<br />

seating area. Bike racks will separate the park from the parking<br />

lot. A new parking area will be paved to accommodate more visitors.<br />

There will be integrated seating areas throughout the park.<br />

The redesign will be done in two phases - the first will be the<br />

games area and the second will be the larger, more expansive<br />

streetscape. The curbs will be reworked and Lancaster Avenue<br />

will be repaved to Possum Holler. The fence will be replaced with<br />

fencing similar to what will go in at Buckstone. There will be integrated<br />

sidewalks and a multi-use path from Buckstone to Three<br />

Creeks Metro Park.<br />

Phase 1 will cost approximately $1 million and Phase 2 will<br />

cost approximately $2 million. The poles for the underground utilities<br />

will cost approximately $50,000 each.<br />

According to the city of Obetz website, By summer 2025, Obetz<br />

will dedicate a reborn park. To mark this significant transformation,<br />

Lancaster Park will be renamed upon rededication. Although<br />

the new name is yet to be decided, city officials want to hear your<br />

thoughts and suggestions.<br />

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<br />

<strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />

APR FOR<br />

24 MONTHS**<br />

Biennium<br />

Budget Highlights,<br />

Part 2<br />

In my last column, I summarized the resources the<br />

state will allocate to public K12 education for the<br />

next two years via the Ohio fiscal year 2024-25<br />

budget. In this communication, I will highlight the<br />

remaining principal portions of the biennial budget.<br />

Of the $86.2 billion general fund budget, the largest<br />

share goes to fund Medicaid. Some $41.3 billion is<br />

allocated to meet projected Medicaid expenses<br />

over the next two years (47.9% of total expenditures).<br />

This includes anticipated federal funds, which<br />

amount to approximately two-thirds of this total.<br />

An Additional $6.5 billion (7.5%) is allocated for additional<br />

human services needs. Public K12 education<br />

will get $22.1 billion (26.0%) and higher<br />

education another $5.8 billion (6.7%). The corrections<br />

system (adult and juvenile) will cost just under<br />

$5.0 billion (5.8%). All remaining state departments<br />

such as Development, Transportation (road construction<br />

and maintenance is financed separately<br />

through the gasoline tax), Natural Resources, Commerce,<br />

Aging, Agriculture, Opportunities for<br />

Ohioans with Disabilities, and Public Safety, among<br />

others, collectively total $5.3 billion (6.1%).<br />

Some of the budget items include $750 million for<br />

the All Ohio Future Fund to prepare locations<br />

throughout the state for large-scale development<br />

(investments like this in past years helped Ohio attract<br />

the Intel Licking County facility and the Honda<br />

battery plant in Fayette County), $500 million for<br />

brownfield remediation and building demolition to<br />

revitalize currently unused or underdeveloped land,<br />

and $100 million for tax credits for workforce housing<br />

and single-family housing development tax<br />

credits. In addition, Ohio will establish the Department<br />

of Children and Youth to coordinate initiatives<br />

aimed at our youngest citizens. Medicaid will offer<br />

continuous coverage for eligible children from birth<br />

to age three. Baby products will be exempted from<br />

state sales taxes. The Medicaid budget will provide<br />

additional funding for Ohio’s 60,000 direct care service<br />

providers to allow them to be more fairly compensated<br />

for their important work. The budget also<br />

funds the implementation of Ohio’s next-generation<br />

9-1-1 program to ensure first responders have<br />

up-to-date communications. Finally, the budget<br />

adds $600 million to Ohio’s rainy-day fund (bringing<br />

the total to $4.0 billion) and moves $350 million forward<br />

to next year’s capital budget (for allocation to<br />

public and local building projects).<br />

I will highlight the tax cuts we implemented and<br />

some of the specific amendments I submitted that<br />

became part of the final budget in my next communication<br />

with you<br />

(Dave Dobos represents the 10th District in the Ohio<br />

House of Representatives, which consists of parts of<br />

West, <strong>South</strong>west, and <strong>South</strong> Columbus, Grove City,<br />

Urbancrest, and most of Franklin Township. He reports<br />

regularly on his activities in this position and his<br />

campaign has paid for this communication with you.)<br />

Paid Advertisement

PAGE 6 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Voters to decide on State Issue 1 on Aug. 8<br />

Ohio voters will decide on State Issue 1<br />

at a special election on Aug. 8.<br />

The ballot language for the proposed<br />

State Constitutional Amendment, according<br />

to Ohio Secretary of State Frank<br />

LaRose, is as follows:<br />

Proposed Constitutional Amendment<br />





Proposed by Joint Resolution of the<br />

General Assembly<br />

To amend Sections 1b, 1e, and 1g of<br />

Article II and Sections 1 and 3 of Article<br />

XVI of the Constitution of the State of<br />

Ohio. A majority yes vote is necessary for<br />

the amendment to pass.<br />

The proposed amendment would:<br />

• Require that any proposed amendment<br />

to the Constitution of the State of Ohio receive<br />

the approval of at least 60 percent of eligible<br />

voters voting on the proposed amendment.<br />

• Require that any initiative petition filed on<br />

or after January 1, 2024 with the Secretary of<br />

State proposing to amend the Constitution of<br />

the State of Ohio be signed by at least five<br />

percent of the electors of each county based<br />

on the total vote in the county for governor in<br />

the last preceding election.<br />

• Specify that additional signatures may<br />

not be added to an initiative petition proposing<br />

to amend the Constitution of the State of Ohio<br />

that is filed with the Secretary of State on or<br />

after January 1, 2024 proposing to amend the<br />

Constitution of the State of Ohio.<br />

If passed, the amendment will be effective<br />

immediately.<br />



Yes<br />

No<br />


“Vote YES on Issue 1. Empower the<br />

People, Protect the Constitution.”<br />

By Andrea Cordle<br />

Grove City Editor<br />

The Franklin County Auditor’s Office<br />

will reappraise property values this year<br />

and according to officials, most homeowners<br />

will see an increase.<br />

Beth Kinney, who does community outreach<br />

for the county auditor’s office, provided<br />

an overview of the reappraisal process.<br />

“We are expecting, across the county, a<br />

median average range of 40 percent or<br />

more for increases,” said Kinney.<br />

Kinney called central Ohio a “hot market”<br />

and said this has created a “perfect<br />

storm” for the rise in property values.<br />

According to the auditor’s office,<br />

demand for property in Franklin County is<br />

on the rise. That combined with local population<br />

growth and inadequate housing to<br />

meet those demands, has created this historic<br />

rise in value. Outside investment in<br />

local property has also contributed to the<br />

A YES vote on Issue 1 protects our<br />

Constitution from deep-pocketed, out-ofstate<br />

interests.<br />

By passing Issue 1, the People will<br />

ensure constitutional changes are widely<br />

We, the People, must have our voices<br />

heard on <strong>August</strong> 8th. Empower yourself<br />

and your fellow Ohioans. Protect the<br />

Constitution.<br />

Vote YES on Issue 1.”<br />

accepted and declare that Ohio’s Vote “YES” argument prepared by<br />

Constitution is not for sale.<br />

Currently, special interests target Ohio,<br />

seeking to inject their own personal views<br />

and objectives into our state’s most sacred<br />

document. Why? Because Ohio is one of the<br />

few states that allow these interests to<br />

directly enshrine their social preferences<br />

Representative Brian Stewart and Senator<br />

Rob McColley.<br />


“Vote “NO” on Issue 1.<br />

This amendment would destroy citizendriven<br />

ballot initiatives as we know them,<br />

upending our right to make decisions that<br />

and corporate motives into the directly impact our lives. It takes away our<br />

Constitution at the same threshold as<br />

everyday laws. Common sense tells us that<br />

this should not be the case.<br />

Instead, our constitutional rights should<br />

be broadly supported and shielded from<br />

well-financed special interests.<br />

Voting YES on Issue 1 strengthens our<br />

Constitution by:<br />

•Elevating the standard. By raising the<br />

threshold for constitutional amendments to<br />

60%, the People will ensure amendments<br />

have widespread support and tell special<br />

interests that our Constitution is not up for<br />

grabs. This will protect Ohio’s Constitution<br />

similar to the way the U.S. Constitution<br />

has been protected since our country’s<br />

founding.<br />

•Empowering people across Ohio. By<br />

requiring signatures from voters in every<br />

county, special interests will no longer be<br />

able to cherry pick where they gather signatures.<br />

Instead, starting January 1, 2024,<br />

a diverse and representative population of<br />

Ohioans will determine whether proposed<br />

amendments appear on the ballot.<br />

•Eliminating second bites at the apple.<br />

By restricting do-overs on signature submissions,<br />

starting January 1, 2024, special<br />

interests will have one chance to play by<br />

the rules when gathering signatures to<br />

place proposed amendments on the ballot.<br />

freedom by undermining the sacred principle<br />

of ‘one person, one vote’ and destroys<br />

majority rule in Ohio.<br />

Last year, Ohio politicians eliminated<br />

<strong>August</strong> special elections saying, “Interest<br />

groups often manipulatively put issues on<br />

the ballot in <strong>August</strong> because they know<br />

fewer Ohioans are paying attention.”<br />

And yet here we are, voting in <strong>August</strong> on<br />

just one question: should Ohio permanently<br />

abolish the basic constitutional right of<br />

majority rule?<br />

Special interests and corrupt politicians<br />

say yes.<br />

They don’t like voters making decisions,<br />

so they’re trying to rewrite the rules to get<br />

what they want: even more power.<br />

Here’s why we’re confident Ohio citizens<br />

will resoundingly vote NO:<br />

•Issue 1 Ends Majority Rule: It means<br />

just 40% of voters can block any issue, putting<br />

40% of voters in charge of decisionmaking<br />

for the majority.<br />

•Issue 1 Shreds Our Constitution: It<br />

would permanently undo constitutional<br />

protections that have been in place for over<br />

100 years to check politicians’ power at the<br />

ballot box.<br />

•Issue 1 Takes Away Our Freedom: It<br />

would destroy citizen-driven ballot initiatives<br />

as we know them, guaranteeing that<br />

County property values are on the rise<br />

increase in value.<br />

Franklin County is not the only county<br />

to see this type of increase in property<br />

value. Delaware, Licking, and Pickaway<br />

counties are also realizing a historic rise in<br />

property value.<br />

Kinney said the rise in property value is<br />

not intended to increase or decrease property<br />

taxes, but it likely will have an affect<br />

on taxes.<br />

“If your value goes up 40 percent, it does<br />

not mean taxes go up 40 percent,” said<br />

Kinney.<br />

She explained that tax rates change<br />

based on the value of the property in relation<br />

to other properties in the taxing district.<br />

According to Kinney, there are programs<br />

that would offer financial assistance<br />

to senior citizens and low-income families.<br />

When reappraising property, assessors<br />

review recent home sales in the area,<br />

amenities, infrastructure, and the visual<br />

exterior of the property.<br />

Beginning in July, Kinney said property<br />

owners will receive a notification via standard<br />

mail about their tentative property<br />

value. Those who disagree with the figure<br />

will have the opportunity to challenge the<br />

value. Property owners can schedule an<br />

appointment with a member of the<br />

Franklin County Auditor’s Office appraisal<br />

team. Sessions will be held throughout the<br />

county in the fall or can be scheduled virtually.<br />

A complete determination on property<br />

value will be made in December. Residents<br />

will be notified via standard mail of the<br />

final decision.<br />

For information on the property reappraisal<br />

process, visit franklincountyauditor.com/knowyourhomevalue.com.<br />

This site<br />

offers an interactive mapping and neighborhood<br />

tool. In July, the site will offer a<br />

only wealthy special interests could<br />

advance changes to our constitution.<br />

•Issue 1 Applies to All Issues: If this<br />

amendment passes, it will apply to every<br />

single amendment on any issue Ohioans<br />

will ever vote on — you name it, just 40% of<br />

voters will decide.<br />

We all deserve to make decisions that<br />

impact our lives. We must protect our freedom<br />

to determine our future, not permanently<br />

change our constitution to give up<br />

our rights. Vote NO.”<br />

Vote “NO” argument prepared by Senators<br />

Paula Hicks-Hudson and Vernon Sykes and<br />

Representatives Dontavius Jarrells, Bride<br />

Rose Sweeney, and Dani Isaacsohn.<br />


“Issue 1 asks eligible Ohio voters to consider<br />

an amendment to the Constitution of<br />

the State of Ohio proposed by a two-thirds<br />

majority of the Ohio General Assembly.<br />

The amendment, if approved, would elevate<br />

the standards by which the<br />

Constitution of the State of Ohio may be<br />

amended.<br />

Any newly proposed constitutional<br />

amendment placed on a statewide ballot<br />

must receive at least 60 percent of the vote<br />

to be approved. Any initiated petition proposing<br />

to amend the Constitution of the<br />

State of Ohio that is filed with the<br />

Secretary of State on or after January 1,<br />

2024 must contain the signatures of at<br />

least five percent of the eligible voters<br />

residing in each county of the state.<br />

Finally, the amendment specifies that new<br />

signatures may not be added to an initiative<br />

petition proposing to amend the<br />

Constitution of the State of Ohio once it has<br />

been filed with the Secretary of State on or<br />

after January 1, 2024.”<br />

Information provided by the Office of Ohio<br />

Secretary of State Frank LaRose.<br />

Beginning in July, property owners<br />

will receive a notification via<br />

standard mail about their tentative<br />

property value. Those who disagree<br />

with the figure will have the<br />

opportunity to challenge the value.<br />

Property owners can schedule an<br />

appointment with a member of the<br />

Franklin County Auditor’s Office<br />

appraisal team. Sessions will be<br />

held throughout the county in the<br />

fall or can be scheduled virtually.<br />

tax projection tool.<br />

Residents can also call the auditor’s<br />

office at 614-525-4663 for additional information.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

CW Labor Day Parade<br />

celebrates educators<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> community<br />

announced it will celebrate teachers as the<br />

grand marshal of this year’s <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day Parade.<br />

The parade theme recognizes <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> Schools teachers by celebrating<br />

the work these “everyday superheroes” do<br />

for the children of the community.<br />

This year’s Labor Day Parade will take<br />

place on Sept. 4 at 1 p.m.<br />

Other school groups will also participate<br />

with floats and marchers in the parade.<br />

“Labor Day is all about celebrating the<br />

American worker, and we couldn’t think of<br />

a more honorable grand marshal than the<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Local School District<br />

educators,” said Marie Gibbons, Parade<br />

Chair for the Labor Day Festival.<br />

The Labor Day committee selected the<br />

“Superheroes” theme and invited the CW<br />

Schools staff to be part of the celebration.<br />

“We are so thankful to the parade committee<br />

for recognizing the labor of the<br />

teachers who are here to make a difference<br />

in the lives of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> students,”<br />

said <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Schools<br />

Superintendent Kiya Hunt. “When<br />

prospective employees ask us about the<br />

district, we always tell them how lucky we<br />

are to have an incredible and supportive<br />

community. This is yet another example of<br />

the strength of our community when we all<br />

come together to make <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> a<br />

great place to live, learn, and work.”<br />

CW celebrates 101 years<br />

of Labor Day festivities<br />

The 101st annual <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

Labor Day Festival, presented by Diley<br />

Ridge Medical Center, will fill the streets of<br />

historic downtown <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> over<br />

Labor Day weekend.<br />

Opening ceremonies will take place on<br />

the festival main stage on Sept. 2 at noon.<br />

The fun continues Sept. 2 until 11 p.m.,<br />

Sept. 3 from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., and<br />

Sept. 4 from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.<br />

“The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day<br />

Festival is celebrating over a century of<br />

family-friendly activities in our downtown<br />

during the Labor Day weekend,” said<br />

Carolyn Ebert, Labor Day Festival Board<br />

President. “With so many food vendors,<br />

arts and crafts vendors, rides, games, free<br />

entertainment, a car show, and our<br />

renowned parade, there is something sure<br />

to please everyone in the family.”<br />

Although the full schedule is still being<br />

finalized, the Labor Day Festival<br />

Committee promises to deliver the fun,<br />

family-friendly festival that the community<br />

has grown to love. Midway rides and<br />

games return to the historic downtown all<br />

weekend long, and kids will ride for free<br />

from noon to 4 p.m. as part of Free Ride<br />

Saturday, courtesy of Wright-Patt Credit<br />

Union, Inc.<br />

Free festival entertainment will fill the<br />

streets with sounds all weekend long.<br />

American country singer-songwriter and<br />

Ohio native Rayne Johnson will headline<br />

the main stage Sept. 2 at 9 p.m. Silver<br />

Springs, the Sept. 3 night headliner, will<br />

have guests doing double-takes as the band<br />

covers over four decades of the best<br />

Fleetwood Mac songs.<br />

For those over 21, the Ugly Mug Beer<br />

Pavilion will be located near Stradley<br />

Park. This is the first year that the<br />

Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area<br />

(DORA) will be in place, so visitors may<br />

sip, stroll, shop, and explore the festival<br />

grounds from noon to close as well.<br />

The Labor Day Festival will again<br />

become a showplace for some of the finest<br />

hot-rods and classic cars in central Ohio on<br />

Sept. 3. In past years, over 200 antique,<br />

muscle, and classic cars have been on display.<br />

The cruise-in, hosted by C-Town<br />

Cruisers, will start at 10 a.m. and will<br />

wrap up at 4 p.m. with trophy presentations.<br />

Registration is just $15 per car and<br />

begins downtown at 9 a.m. on West<br />

Waterloo Street.<br />

On Sept. 4, enjoy the festival’s annual<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor Day Parade, presented<br />

by Kelly Abbott & the “A” Team,<br />

Howard Hanna Realtors. The parade steps<br />

off from <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High School at 1<br />

p.m. and makes its way through the city’s<br />

historic downtown.<br />

Since 1920, the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Labor<br />

Day Festival has proudly partnered with<br />

the local government and nearby business-<br />

<strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 7<br />

es to host the festival. Labor Day Festival<br />

organizers recognize all festival supporters,<br />

with special thanks to the city of <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> and the festival’s presenting<br />

sponsor, Diley Ridge Medical Center. For<br />

all Labor Day Festival details, including<br />

those to come, visit www.cwlaborday.org.<br />

Special Olympics<br />

The Groveport Special Olympics chapter<br />

provides year round sports training and<br />

competition in a variety of Olympic type<br />

sports for intellectually disabled individuals.<br />

Contact Penny and Cassandra Hilty at<br />

groveportspecialolympics@gmail.com or at<br />

(614) 395-8992 or 395-6640. Donations<br />

may be sent to Groveport Special<br />

Olympics, P.O. Box 296, Groveport, OH<br />

43125.<br />

CW Library Branch<br />

The <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Branch of the<br />

Columbus Metropolitan Library, 115<br />

Franklin St., is located in the rear portion<br />

of the former school at 100 Washington St.<br />

For information visit www.columbuslibrary.org<br />

or call 614-645-2275.<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located at<br />

150 E. Columbus St., Lithopolis. For information<br />

call (614) 837-4765 or visit<br />


PAGE 8 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Hot wheels<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Pat Donahue<br />

July 23 marked the seventh OVR SCCA Autocross of the season at Fortress Obetz.<br />

There were over 140 competitors. Shown here is Raleigh Boreen in his 2002<br />

Camaro which he drove to a first place finish in the Classic American Muscle Class.<br />

His wife, Velma, also competed behind the wheel of the same car, in the same<br />

class. The Borreens came from Westfield, Ind., to compete at Fortress Obetz for<br />

their first time and said they are looking forward to a return visit later in the season.<br />

They had been in Chicago the previous week and had been competing for the past<br />

eight weekends. Its a sport that they have enjoyed doing together for 40 years.<br />

Obetz will host six more events this season and four will be under the lights on<br />

Wednesday nights. There are a number of categories, often plenty of novices, and<br />

a second rider is allowed. Below, Stephen Brinkerhoff drove his 2006 Ultralite XR7<br />

to first place in the Modified division at the Autocross events held at Fortress<br />

Obetz. Visit ovr-scca.org.<br />

Community Cup<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Pat Donahue<br />

Obetz’s Fortress recently hosted the Greater Columbus Sports Commission’s<br />

Community Cup for the fourth straight year. The event features 36 teams from area<br />

communities, organizations, and businesses competing in 14 events. The city of<br />

Obetz fielded a team and shown here is McKenzie Baldwin of Team Obetz is attacking<br />

the obstacle course.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 9<br />

Back - to - School<br />

Duncan departs HT Schools<br />

The Groveport Madison Board of<br />

Education approved hiring Kaitlin Duncan<br />

as director of communications and community<br />

relations for the district, effective Aug. 1.<br />

Duncan has been the public relations<br />

director for Hamilton Township Local<br />

Schools since 2020. Before that, she was<br />

an account executive with Involve, LLC,<br />

and a marketing manager for the Ohio<br />

Insurance Agents Association. She has a<br />

bachelor’s degree in public relations and<br />

marketing communications from Ohio<br />

Dominican University and a master’s<br />

degree in business psychology from<br />

Franklin University.<br />

“I am very pleased Kaitlin will join our<br />

Cruiser leadership team,” said<br />

Superintendent Jamie Grube. “Having<br />

already served as a school communications<br />

professional, she understands the complexity<br />

and uniqueness of our business and how<br />

important it is to communicate effectively<br />

with our many stakeholders. I’m very excited<br />

to work with Kaitlin and see her continue<br />

to expand our communications and<br />


A growing IGWA community<br />

on the westside<br />

Imagine Great Western Academy (IGWA) just celebrated its 20th year<br />

serving the Westside of Columbus. Built on the foundation that we must<br />

always try to be something special, the school has become the kind of place<br />

where families, students, and staff feel welcome, safe, and like they belong.<br />

We believe in educating beyond academics and offer a range of opportunities<br />

for students from all backgrounds and cultures to grow as humans, citizens,<br />

individuals, and important parts of our Golden Bear Family. IGWA is<br />

something special and so are our families and students.<br />

We are recognized as a superior choice in our community and look forward<br />

to continuing to grow our westside family for the next 20 years and<br />

beyond.<br />

Why join the family?<br />

•Extracurricular activities - sports, clubs, student council, etc.<br />

•National Council of Teachers of English award-winning student magazine<br />

•“State School of Character” award from Character.org<br />

•On-site social workers and counselors<br />

•Newly-remodeled with flexible seating<br />

•Free breakfast and lunch<br />

•Family and community events<br />

•School-wide positive behavior incentive program<br />

•Loving, family atmosphere balanced with high expectations<br />

The Golden “Bears” Way:<br />

●Belong - We are welcoming and celebrate diversity.<br />

●Engaged - We show up, get involved, support others, and make choices.<br />

●Accountable - We are responsible for our own choices, growth, and<br />

roles in our community.<br />

●Respectful - We are seen, heard, respected, and supported by everyone.<br />

●Successful - We find different ways to succeed everyday.<br />

Check us out:<br />

facebook.com/ImagineGreatWesternAcademy/<br />

instagram.com/igwagoldenbears/<br />

engagement efforts.”<br />

Duncan stated, “I am excited to continue<br />

growing my career as a Cruiser! I look forward<br />

to meeting everyone and learning<br />

more about Groveport Madison Schools.”<br />

Duncan will succeed Jeff Warner, who<br />

will retire on Aug. 11.<br />

Collier leaves HT Schools<br />

The Groveport Madison Board of<br />

Education approved hiring Adam Collier as<br />

the district’s treasurer, effective Aug. 1.<br />

Collier is a licensed school district treasurer<br />

and has served as the treasurer of<br />

H a m - H a m i l t o n<br />

Local School District<br />

since 2005. Before<br />

that, he was the<br />

assistant treasurer<br />

at Hamilton Local<br />

Schools and Upper<br />

Arlington City<br />

Schools. Collier has<br />

a bachelor’s degree<br />

in accounting from<br />

Ohio University.<br />

“We are honored to have a well-experienced<br />

treasurer coming to our district and<br />

look forward to seeing his expertise continue<br />

to help Groveport Madison Local<br />

Schools move forward,” said Board<br />

President LaToya Dowdell-Burger.<br />

“I was interested in coming to Groveport<br />

Madison for many reasons, among the<br />

biggest reasons was I wanted to come<br />

home,” said Collier. “I went to Sedalia<br />

Elementary, then to Middle School North,<br />

and graduated from Groveport Madison<br />

High School in 1993. I loved my time in GM<br />

Schools, my parents live in the district.”<br />

Collier added, “Groveport Madison is a<br />

hidden gem in Franklin County. I also see<br />

many challenges ahead for the district, and<br />

I want to take on those challenges. I have<br />

been at Hamilton Township for 19 years as<br />

treasurer, starting when there was only $6<br />

million in the bank. Now, we have $36 million<br />

on hand with no levies requested during<br />

my tenure. I plan for Groveport<br />

Madison to be fiscally sound, ensuring<br />

resources are used where they can most<br />

benefit students.”<br />

Collier succeeds former treasurer<br />

Felicia Drummey, who served as treasurer<br />

since February 2018 and retired on June<br />


PAGE 10 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

High School Football <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> Indians<br />

6 p.m. Aug. 18........................... Groveport<br />

7 p.m. Aug. 25.........................New Albany<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 1..........................at Lancaster<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 8...at Worthington Kilbourne<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 15................Franklin Heights<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 22.................at Dublin Scioto<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 29...........at Westerville North<br />

7 p.m. Oct. 6...................Westerville <strong>South</strong><br />

7 p.m. Oct. 13................at Delaware Hayes<br />

7 p.m. Oct. 20............................Big Walnut<br />

Good Luck to all area High School Football Teams!<br />


Any House Wash - $149 + Tax<br />

Single Deck - $69 + Tax - 2 Tier Deck - $99 + Tax<br />

Best Wash in Town!<br />

Over 54,000 Washes<br />

614-771-3892<br />


Breakfast • Lunch • Brunch<br />

674 Main St. Groveport<br />




Enjoy<br />

$5.00 OFF $ 25.00<br />



“Your <strong>South</strong>east Connection”<br />

580 Main St., Groveport, OH 43125<br />

(614) 218-1097<br />

marylee@maryleebendig.com<br />

A name you KNOW, the name you TRUST<br />


<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

4139 W. Broad St. (Hollywood Plaza) 614-272-5422

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 11<br />

High School Football <strong>2023</strong><br />

Hamilton Township Rangers<br />

7 p.m. Aug. 18...................................Whitehall<br />

7 p.m. Aug. 25..................................Lancaster<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 1..............................at Centennial<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 8............................Fairfield Union<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 15...........................at Teays Valley<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 22.............at Amanda-Clearcreek<br />

7 p.m. Sept. 29..................................Circleville<br />

7 p.m. Oct. 6............................at Liberty Union<br />

7 p.m. Oct. 13.............................Bloom-Carroll<br />

7 p.m. Oct. 20..............................at Logan Elm<br />


Breakfast • Lunch • Brunch<br />

674 Main St. Groveport<br />




Enjoy<br />

$5.00 OFF $ 25.00<br />

Good Luck to all area High School Football Teams!<br />


Any House Wash - $149 + Tax<br />

Single Deck - $69 + Tax - 2 Tier Deck - $99 + Tax<br />

Best Wash in Town!<br />

Over 54,000 Washes<br />

614-771-3892<br />

M A R K E T<br />

Fresh Produce ✔Deli Meats & Cheeses<br />


Since 1975<br />

4305 Lancaster Ave.<br />

Obetz, OH 43207<br />

(614) 491-5640<br />

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PAGE 12 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />



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Street scenes of the past<br />

Bender 5K Classic<br />

Editor’s Notebook<br />

Ever since I was a kid I wished I had a<br />

special telescope that I could look through to<br />

watch how daily life looked in the past.<br />

I could pick a day and see what was happening,<br />

say, on an average day along Main<br />

Street.<br />

It’s the daily life of the past of people going<br />

about their business that fascinates me more<br />

than big events. It’s the ordinary things that<br />

connect us.<br />

Well, we do have a sort of telescope to the<br />

past that consists of old photos and films.<br />

We’re limited to what the photographer and<br />

filmmaker chose to capture when looking<br />

through the lens, but it does give us glimpses<br />

of yesteryear.<br />

Lately I have been watching a lot of film<br />

footage of daily life in the early 20th century<br />

taken by filmmakers of their day on the<br />

streets of large cities. Some of these films<br />

may have been promotional and some maybe<br />

were made because the filmmaker just wanted<br />

to capture daily life in their town for posterity.<br />

There are a variety of these short film<br />

clips one can see online on YouTube.<br />

Probably the most famous of these is the<br />

short film made in 1906, “A Trip Down<br />

Market Street,” where the camera is<br />

mounted on a cable car as it rolls along<br />

Market Street in San Francisco. The film<br />

captures moments in time a few days<br />

before the disasterous earthquake hit San<br />

Francisco that year. In the film, as the trolley<br />

rolls along one can see aspects of daily<br />

life in a big city pass by, including the people,<br />

types of transportation, clothing, and<br />

buildings.<br />

What pops out while looking at this film,<br />

and other films of the time like it of other<br />

cities, is the oddly organized chaos of the<br />

traffic. There are no traffic lights, stop<br />

signs, lines designating lanes on the street,<br />

crosswalks, or any other traffic control<br />

devices of note. In spite of these lack of controls,<br />

pedestrians<br />

calmly weave among<br />

the trolley cars, horse<br />

drawn wagons, and<br />

early automobiles as<br />

they all progress<br />

along the streets. The<br />

number of near miss<br />

crashes one can see in<br />

these films is<br />

astounding. I’m sure<br />

crashes and injuries<br />

took place, but they<br />

do not appear in most<br />

of these films.<br />

Rick<br />

Palsgrove<br />

There are often kids roaming around the<br />

streets unsupervised and some can be seen<br />

playing a game of dodging trolleys or<br />

secretly hopping on the back of a wagon or<br />

car for a short ride. And dogs, there are<br />

always a few dogs happily roving about<br />

unleashed.<br />

Everyone walking about the streets is<br />

wearing a fine hat - both men and women.<br />

People are dressed nicely for the most part.<br />

A difference between now and then is<br />

that today we are used to seeing cameras<br />

everywhere and most of us ignore them. In<br />

the early 20th century, cameras were still<br />

new and a novelty and in these old films<br />

people can often be seen staring back at the<br />

camera with curious looks as they pass by.<br />

Every once in a while in these old films<br />

one can spot a person walking about who<br />

seems strangely out of place because they<br />

have a modern look about them in their<br />

clothing and demeanor. Who are these people?<br />

Time travelers perhaps?<br />

Rick Palsgrove is managing editor of the<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Linda Dillman<br />

The 1<strong>6th</strong> annual Dr. Bender 5K Classic was held July 22 at <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High<br />

School. Lauren Crissinger of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> was the top female finisher with a<br />

time of 19:58. Zachariah Zimmerman, a Pickerington runner, took first place in the<br />

men’s category with a finish time of 15:14. Proceeds benefited the boys and girls<br />

cross country teams at <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> High School. Visit www.drbender5k.com.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>August</strong> June 11, 6, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 13 11

PAGE 14 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

“Marathon Man” runs in all 50 states<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Nearly two decades ago, retired Madison Township<br />

Firefighter Larry Baugess realized the extra weight he<br />

carried was not healthy and he decided it was time for a<br />

change.<br />

Since then, Baugess has slimmed down, stepped up his<br />

workout regime, and hit a goal many runners may envy–<br />

completing a marathon in every state not once, but twice.<br />

“It all started about 20 years ago when my wife and two<br />

boys were on vacation during spring break at a campground<br />

in Fort Myers, Florida,” recalled Baugess of a trip<br />

to a campground swimming pool. “The fragrance of bacon<br />

was in the air. One of my sons asked, ‘Can you smell that’<br />

and my other son stated, ‘Oh it’s dad‘s belly burning.’ He’s<br />

a bacon wrap. My boys were five and six at that time. I was<br />

pushing 230 pounds and out of shape.”<br />

After returning home from vacation and looking over<br />

family pictures, Baugess decided he needed to do something<br />

about his weight and health for himself, his family,<br />

and the fire department. He took it slow and easy at the<br />

beginning and dropped 60 pounds in six months.<br />

“I thought if I could do that in six months, then I’m<br />

going to run a marathon, which has always been on my<br />

bucket list,” said Baugess. “My first marathon was the<br />

Columbus Marathon in 2005. Everything that day went as<br />

planned. Great temperatures, great weather. I had my<br />

wife and sons cheering me on throughout the race course.<br />

And then I hit ‘the wall’ around mile 20 just like everyone<br />

said. I went from auto pilot to shutting down all within a<br />

couple minutes. I had to do a run/walk the rest of the way.”<br />

After being chosen in the lottery for the New York City<br />

Marathon, Baugess expanded his sights to states bordering<br />

Ohio. Before he knew it, he logged marathons in 12<br />

states. He said he told himself he was almost a quarter of<br />

the way of doing all 50.<br />

“It is a club rule that you cannot join the 50 state<br />

marathon club until you have completed 10 different<br />

states,” said Baugess. “It was my personal decision not to<br />

join until I was halfway to 50. I remember quite well, my<br />

first marathon after completing all 50 states. It was in<br />

Athens, Ohio, and I was proudly wearing my 50 state finishers<br />

running shirt for the upcoming marathon. I had a<br />

lady ask me now that I have completed all 50 states what<br />

was I going to do next. Before I could give her an answer<br />

my wife spoke up and said he’s doing them all over again.”<br />

At that time, Baugess had no intentions of doing all 50<br />

states again, but the challenge was on.<br />

In his first round of 50 states, the Mayors Marathon in<br />

Anchorage, Alaska, was his 50th state marathon. Baugess<br />

said the run was breathtaking every mile of the way. At<br />

one point, the course ran through a military base for six to<br />

eight miles. Military personnel on ATVs rode along with<br />

rifles strapped to their backs to keep away the bears.<br />

“Pictures don’t show justice to how beautiful it was,”<br />

said Baugess. “My second Alaska marathon was on<br />

Douglas Island across the bay from Juneau and my third<br />

Alaska marathon was in Juneau.”<br />

However, he was not happy with his first Hawaii<br />

marathon in Kona, which was also the same marathon<br />

course that they use for the Iron Man.<br />

“The first water stop at mile two didn’t have any water,<br />

See MARATHON, page 15<br />


<br />

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have Medicaid.<br />

<br />

area. Currently we represent 7 organizations<br />

which offer 42 products in your area. Please<br />

contact Medicare.gov or 1-800-MEDICARE to<br />

get information on all of

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />


Continued from page 14<br />

just Coca-Cola in all the cups,” said Baugess. “After sending us out<br />

of Kona it was nothing but blacktop and lava fields until returning<br />

back into Kona with just three miles left to the finish.”<br />

“Running through the lava fields was like having a hair dryer blow<br />

on you,” he said.<br />

His second and third Hawaii marathons were on the Island of<br />

Kauai; one in a botanical garden, and the other along the ocean,<br />

which he called phenomenal and breathtaking.<br />

“Running through the botanical garden was so fitting for me as I<br />

had just lost my mother to lung cancer the week before the<br />

marathon,” he said. “She has a love for flowers and has a gorgeous<br />

flower garden at her home.”<br />

As a firefighter for over 33 years, Baugess’ work schedule had him<br />

working every third day, so he ran four to six miles five days in a<br />

row, followed by a day off. He charted out his training 12 weeks in<br />

advance for an upcoming marathon. He ran his normal four to six<br />

mile routine every day with the sixth day ranging anywhere from<br />

12 to 22 miles.<br />

While asking a 50-state finisher their favorite marathon or location<br />

is a tricky question, Baugess said running marathons in the<br />

New England states and up in the northwest corner of United<br />

States have been some of his favorites.<br />

“The scenery is just something you just can’t explain unless you<br />

see it in person yourself,” he said. “I tried to pick marathons on the<br />

opposite side of the state in my second round so I could get a taste<br />

of each side of each state. We have so much beauty right here in<br />

our own country’s backyard that most people don’t even know it.”<br />

Running far and wide across the United States, Baugess has many<br />

stories. In one incident, he had just arrived at the airport after finishing<br />

a marathon to find out his flight was canceled and rescheduled<br />

for the next day.<br />

He flew out of Manchester, New Hampshire, to Baltimore,<br />

Maryland, to Fort Lauderdale and then to Atlanta, Georgia, to<br />

load and unload passengers before being told to get off the plane<br />

because they over filled it with fuel and had to wait while they<br />

found another plane to fly home to Columbus. It was a 14 hour<br />

day, but he never left the United States.<br />

Obetz Zucchinifest<br />

The Obetz Zucchinifest will be held Sept. 1 to Sept. 4 at<br />

Fortress Obetz, 2015 Recreation Trail, Obetz.<br />

The event features the Zucchini Parade, Zucchini Car Show,<br />

and free concerts showcasing live music from both local and<br />

national artists.<br />

All this while indulging in delicious zucchini-inspired dishes<br />

offered by our diverse food vendors. There will also be rides and<br />

games throughout the event.<br />

Friday’s hours will be 5-11 p.m. The car show registration is<br />

Friday when the gates open, with the car show and awards finishing<br />

up before the concert gates open for the Spin Doctors.<br />

Saturday’s Zucchinifest hours will be 11 a.m. through 11 p.m.<br />

Concert gates open at 6 p.m. and Vanilla Ice, Tone Loc, and All 4<br />

One will take the stage at 8:30 p.m.<br />

Sunday’s Zucchinifest hours will be 11 a.m. through 11 p.m.<br />

The parade will begin shortly after opening. There will be other<br />

entertainment before concert gates open at 6 p.m. TikTok-famous<br />

Matt Schuster will take the stage at 7 p.m. and American country<br />

rock singer and songwriter Brantley Gilbert will perform at 8:30<br />

p.m.<br />

Monday’s Zucchinifest hours will be noon through 6 p.m. More<br />

activities and entertainment and will be announced at a later<br />

date. Admission is free and no tickets are required.<br />

For information following the Zucchinifest on social media at<br />

@obetzzucchinifest and the website at obetzzucchinifest.com.<br />

Hamilton school board<br />

Hamilton Local Board of Education meetings are held at 6 p.m.<br />

at the Hamilton Local Education Center, 775 Rathmell Road,<br />

Columbus. For information on meeting dates visit www.hamiltonlocal.k12.oh.us.<br />

At a marathon in Tacoma, Washington, Baugess was approaching<br />

mile 15 at an intersection when a volunteer misdirected him down<br />

a street. He turned back, found the volunteer and then got back on<br />

the right track, but the wrong turn added a mile and a half to his<br />

26.2 miles that day.<br />

“The number one thing that keeps me going and going and going<br />

is the fact that marathon running makes me a better person,” said<br />

Baugess. “I feel that if I am a better person, that makes me a better<br />

husband and father. When I was working at the fire department,<br />

I felt that I owed it to the residences of Madison Township<br />

to be in the best physical condition I could be in to serve them.”<br />

Baugess’ advice for new runners is to find out what works for them<br />

as an individual, not what works for the Olympian, the professional,<br />

or their friend because it may not work for them.<br />

“I guarantee you that you are going to have many days that you<br />

will struggle through short runs and turn right around the next<br />

day and do a long run flawlessly,” said Baugess. “Go to a specialized<br />

running store to purchase your running shoes. My biggest<br />

advice to a person who wants to do a marathon is a marathon is a<br />

measurement of distance, regardless of running or walking all<br />

that matters is you finish. Not the time.”<br />

Since Baugess retired from the Madison Township Fire<br />

Department in February, he’s run another six marathons, bringing<br />

his lifetime total to 120 and not all have gone without special<br />

challenges such as cracked tibia, plantar fascitis, and a torn<br />

abdominal muscle. He’s also had his fair share of blisters and<br />

black toenails.<br />

“I just finished my second round of all 50 states in May,” he<br />

said. “As for the immediate future, I’m giving this body a break<br />

and rest. As for the long term, I will continue to do marathons. I<br />

have helped many people train for their first half and full<br />

marathon. I do my short runs through the streets of <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> and I can be seen during my long runs through Three<br />

Creeks and Pickerington Ponds Metro Parks. I couldn’t have done<br />

any of this if it wasn’t for the support and love of my wife,<br />

Heather.”<br />

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<strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 15<br />

180 Days of Success<br />

I am thrilled to report that my first 180<br />

days as your State Senator has tremendous<br />

momentum. My first sponsored bill<br />

SB21 was signed into law on June 30,<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, by Governor Mike DeWine. My other<br />

sponsored bills SB54 (New African Immigrant<br />

Commission), SB 79 (Highschool<br />

Dropout Prevention and Recovery), and<br />

SB93 (Doula Services), are other bills were<br />

also passed through the final version of<br />

the state's $86.1 billion operating budget<br />

(HB33) on the 4th of July. I advocated to<br />

prioritize education, health care, housing<br />

and food security by investing resources<br />

in Senate District 3 that will positively impact<br />

mothers and babies, immigrant communities,<br />

children, and racialand ethnic<br />

minorities.<br />

The Ohio General Assembly delivered a remarkable<br />

state budget that combined<br />

record tax cuts for Ohio families and businesses,<br />

a record increase in spending on k-<br />

12 public education, and expanded school<br />

options for Ohio families. This powerhouse<br />

package will promote increased prosperity<br />

and opportunities for all Ohioans. This<br />

180 days of success demonstrates my<br />

commitment to improving the quality of<br />

life for hard-working Ohioans in the 3rd<br />

Senate District and across the state.<br />

When it comes to public service-RESULTS<br />

MATTER! So let's work together.<br />

Subscribe and follow me on social media<br />

for updates.<br />

SB21 Joint Sponsors- Senator Michele<br />

Reynolds and Senator Rob McColley with<br />

Senate President Matt Huffman<br />

Paid Advertisement

PAGE 16 - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> & <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

ONLY $65.00<br />

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FREE<br />

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Ponderosa Steak House - 3875 S. High St.<br />

Turkey Hill - 3900 S. High St.<br />

Dollar Tree - 3754 S. High St.<br />

Speedway Gas Stattion - 3860 S. High St.<br />

Columbus Library - High St. & Highview<br />

CVS Pharmacy - High St. & Williams Rd.<br />

Walgreen’s - High St. & Williams Rd.<br />

Kelly’s Market - 3453 Parsons Ave.<br />

K & M Market - 4305 Andy Groom Blvd.<br />

Stoney’s Market - 3517 Lockbourne Rd.<br />

Kroger - S. High St.<br />

READ US ONLINE: www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

BEST COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER in <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

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Kroger - <strong>Winchester</strong> Square<br />

The Wigwam Restaurant - 4 <strong>South</strong> High St.<br />

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Kroger - 3588 Gender Rd.<br />

Speedway - 6399 Refugee Rd.<br />

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www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

OhioHealth to build<br />

OhioHealth plans to construct an outpatient<br />

medical campus in the city of <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>. The 40,000 square-foot facility<br />

will increase access to primary care, emergency<br />

care, and specialty services in <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong>, southeast Franklin County,<br />

northwest Fairfield County, and northeast<br />

Pickaway County.<br />

“OhioHealth’s strategy is to keep care<br />

close to where people live and work,” said<br />

Michael Ezzie, MD, president of the<br />

OhioHealth Physician Group and the project’s<br />

executive sponsor. “This new center<br />

will provide greater access to a wide range<br />

of healthcare services for the residents of<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>.”<br />

“The city of <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> looks forward<br />

to partnering with Ohio Health on<br />

the planning and construction of this medical<br />

complex,” said Mike Ebert, mayor of<br />

<strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong>. “This significant investment<br />

into our community will not only<br />

serve as an easily accessible healthcare<br />

destination for our growing community in<br />

a convenient setting, but also provide for<br />

healthcare career opportunities that are<br />

close to home for our residents.”<br />

OhioHealth purchased 6.76 acres of<br />

land along Waterloo Street, adjacent to the<br />

Waterloo Crossing Shopping Center, for<br />

the new medical campus. The health system<br />

expects to break ground this fall and<br />

welcome patients in early 2025.<br />

The facility is expected to include a<br />

10,000 square-foot freestanding emergency<br />

department and a 30,000 square-foot medical<br />

office building that will house primary<br />

care, sports medicine, women’s and reproductive<br />

care, and other specialty services.<br />

Additional services may be added.<br />

OhioHealth expects to invest $31 million<br />

in the <strong>Canal</strong> <strong>Winchester</strong> project.<br />

“Our decision to build new facilities and<br />

add services is always based on the needs<br />

of the community and what the community<br />

can support,” said Steven Davies, senior<br />

director of physician practice operations<br />

and the project’s accountable executive.<br />

“We have cared for the residents of <strong>Canal</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> for many years, and we are<br />

excited to have the opportunity to make it<br />

easier for them to receive the convenient,<br />

high quality and cost-effective care they<br />

have come to expect at OhioHealth.”<br />

eastside<br />

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Positive and problematic<br />

I have only watched the new<br />

film, “Barbie,” once and I cannot get<br />

it out of my head.<br />

While there are a lot of things<br />

that make this film visually memorable<br />

— such as the fantastic and unapologetically<br />

pink Barbieland set design and the<br />

beautifully outlandish outfits — what makes<br />

this movie memorable is through the acting,<br />

The Reel Deal<br />

Dedra<br />

Cordle<br />

the directing, and the writing found within. While you may not<br />

expect a film that revolves around the experiences of a beloved doll<br />

to have much depth, those central figures work together with so<br />

much care to craft a story that explores a new facet of the icon as<br />

she examines what it means to exist.<br />

When the film opens, we are introduced to Stereotypical Barbie<br />

(played to perfection by Margot Robbie) who has a perfect day every<br />

day. That is followed up by taking her perfect car to visit all of her<br />

friends who are also having the perfect day. She has been in a rinseand-repeat<br />

cycle of this perfection for decades, but then one day she<br />

asks her group of friends whether “they ever think about dying.”<br />

Although she tries to brush it off as a “dying to party” type of<br />

thing, soon after her sleep is not so restful, her perfectly pressed<br />

clothing becomes quite frumpy, and her perfectly arched feet go flat.<br />

With her life in disarray, she seeks the counsel of “Weird<br />

Barbie” (Kate McKinnon) who tells her that the girl playing with<br />

her in the Real World is in crisis and that it is up to her to go there<br />

and help her so their two realties can heal from the rift. Barbie is<br />

confused by the task as she believes she has ended problems such<br />

as self-esteem issues in girls throughout the globe but she is up for<br />

challenge through her belief she can make a difference in the lives<br />

of anyone.<br />

When she comes to the Real World, however, she starts to experience<br />

things she has never experienced before like self-doubt, embarrassment,<br />

and the vague sense that some harm might be around the<br />

corner. Her hapless counterpart Ken (a perfect Ryan Gosling) is<br />

starting to feel something that the Kens in Barbieland never have<br />

before — a sense of purpose, a sense that they should be the ones running<br />

the world, and a sense that they should all be riding horses. (He<br />

ends up watching one too many cowboy movies and commercials,<br />

leading him to believe that only real men have horses.)<br />

Barbie has to come to grips with the fact that the sad girl that<br />

has been playing with her and changing her perfect life is really a<br />

sad woman named Gloria (America Ferrera) who is reeling from<br />

that fact that her teenage daughter (Ariana Greenblatt) is moving<br />

further away from her emotionally.<br />

Relationships between mothers and daughters are a staple in<br />

Greta Gerwig’s films, but while the complexities of that relationship<br />

are touched upon in this movie they are not the main focus.<br />

Instead, it is about the boxes that women are placed in (plastic<br />

or not) and how they can try to maneuver around those boxes to<br />

live their best life — or just live a life. Although the film is funny<br />

as it examines these issues, there are darker moments that lurk<br />

below that surface and it kind of makes you forget this movie is<br />

about an iconic doll whose script was given a complete blessing by<br />

the multi-million dollar toy conglomerate Mattel.<br />

While the message within the movie can come across as a little<br />

ham-fisted at times (it is not nearly as “anti-man” as some have<br />

proclaimed), what makes “Barbie” so enjoyable to experience is<br />

that it is conveyed by a cast and a team who are completely committed<br />

to the cause of bringing joy and fun and stupidity and feminism<br />

101 to the masses.<br />

There were scenes in this movie where I was crying with laughter<br />

and times where I just wanted to cry, period. It can leave you<br />

a mess of emotions if you open your heart and allow it to.<br />

“Barbie” may be a bit too surreal for some, but it is overall such<br />

a stunning visual experience that is chock full of humor that ranges<br />

from dumb jokes to brilliant quips and observations. It is also a<br />

lunatic fable about girlhood and it has a radical thought that selfacceptance<br />

is the most radical act of self-love. It is both positive and<br />

somewhat problematic at the same, much like the doll at the center<br />

of it all. You can love it or you can hate it, but it’s going to have an<br />

effect on people and the public pop sphere for decades to come.<br />

Grade: A<br />

Dedra Cordle is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff writer and columnist.<br />

<strong>August</strong> 6, <strong>2023</strong> - SOUTH & CANAL WINCHESTER MESSENGER - PAGE 17<br />


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