Street Talk 74 Summer Edition 2023

Welcome to the Summer edition of our tenant and resident magazine

Welcome to the Summer edition of our tenant and resident magazine


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<strong>Street</strong><br />

No <strong>74</strong><br />

<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Talk</strong><br />

Tenants &<br />

Residents Magazine<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> Opening:<br />

We will close for the bank holiday on<br />

Friday 25th August at 5pm and reopen on<br />

Tuesday 29th August at 8:30am.<br />

Out of hours emergency contact number: 01726 8<strong>74</strong>450.

2<br />

3<br />

in this issue . . .<br />

P 2 - 3<br />

P 4 - 5<br />

P 6 - 7<br />

P 8 - 9<br />

A message from Frances.<br />

Community Events.<br />

A friendly welcome to Pete.<br />

Parking can be a real<br />

car-nundrum.<br />

Meeting Councillor Olly Monk.<br />

Appointment reminders<br />

by text.<br />

Community focus in Bugle.<br />

Our vision to be<br />

Fit for the Future.<br />

P 10 - 11 Hot topic fire safety<br />

awareness.<br />

News - Have you say!<br />

Community spirit in<br />

St Columb.<br />

P 12 - 13 Are you missing out on<br />

money?<br />

Tenant satisfaction.<br />

P 14 - 15 Meet our home ownership<br />

team.<br />

P 16<br />

Spot the difference summer<br />

competition.<br />

<strong>Street</strong> <strong>Talk</strong> to go digital.<br />

on our front<br />

cover . . .<br />

Meet Shan, who with the<br />

help of her neighbours<br />

has set up a new<br />

residents association<br />

in St Columb.<br />

Read more on page 11 of<br />

this edition.<br />

Community<br />

events<br />

‘fit for a King’<br />

to celebrate the<br />

coronation<br />

In May, residents from Windmill<br />

House in Fowey and Fifield House in<br />

St Stephen invited staff to celebrate<br />

the King’s coronation and all<br />

things red, white and blue in their<br />

communal rooms. Spirits were high<br />

as we celebrated with cream teas,<br />

patriotic cakes and the sun was<br />

shining.<br />

Windmill residents Monica and Keith said, “It was nice to<br />

bring us all together – a good excuse to have a celebration<br />

and spread some happiness. We are new to the building so<br />

was a great opportunity for us to meet our neighbours, staff<br />

and gain that real community feeling.”<br />

Abigail, Tenant Partnership Co-ordinator, said, “We’ve all<br />

been looking forward to the coronation celebrations. It was<br />

wonderful to see residents marking such a special, historic<br />

occasion, especially as some of those that attended also<br />

witnessed the coronation of Elizabeth II, more<br />

than 70 years ago.”<br />

A message from Frances<br />

The sunshine seems to have disappeared but hopefully you are<br />

making the most of the longer summer days.<br />

Other communities including Rialton<br />

Heights and ABC Residents Association<br />

celebrated bringing families together<br />

and dressing up to get into the<br />

patriotic spirit.<br />

Despite the warmer weather, the cost of living continues to be a challenge. With higher bills for lighting<br />

and heating, as well as rising prices at the supermarket, it can be hard to make ends meet. It’s not easy<br />

and we appreciate your continued commitment to paying your rent. Our Customer Accounts team are<br />

here to help you, so please contact them if you are having difficulty in making payments to us, or others.<br />

Like many businesses, Ocean Housing is facing its own set of challenges: Inflation, difficulty recruiting<br />

some staff and tougher government regulations being introduced this year. We’re determined to be<br />

prepared for these challenges and be the best landlord we can be. That’s why we’re embarking on a<br />

review of all our housing services, which we’ve named “Fit for the Future.” There are more details in this<br />

edition on our vision for Ocean Housing and how we intend to make a positive difference by raising the<br />

quality of homes, neighbourhoods and our services.<br />

As well as carrying out this review, we have a number of exciting improvement projects under way this<br />

summer. The expansion of our Grounds Maintenance team means we can now make more regular visits<br />

to your neighbourhood. Our energy efficiency improvements are continuing, with 135 homes benefiting<br />

from new insulation and heating this year. We are also actively engaging with local communities to<br />

learn how we can make things better.<br />

We know the summer is a busy time for many people but please try to find the time to provide<br />

feedback and have your say to help shape the future of Ocean Housing - details on our latest survey<br />

can be found on page nine.<br />

Wishing you a fantastic summer.<br />

Managing Director of Ocean Housing<br />

If you would like to host<br />

your own community event, then please<br />

get in touch with the Tenant Partnership team. We have<br />

a Together With Ocean community fund that can support<br />

events up to the value of £400 each year. Please get in touch<br />

by emailing help@oceanhousing.com

4<br />

5<br />

A friendly welcome to Pete,<br />

Neighbourhood Services Officer<br />

Pete is here to help with any of the following:<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

Parking<br />

can be a real<br />

car-nundrum<br />

You’ve probably seen the multiple reports in Cornwall recently where<br />

parking has prevented emergency services reaching callouts due to parked<br />

vehicles blocking roads. These situations are putting lives at risk, every<br />

second counts when emergency services are responding to a 999 call.<br />

These are not the only times to be considerate of your parking,<br />

especially if you live in an area with several vehicles or limited<br />

parking, things to keep in mind:<br />

l Emergency vehicles are twice the width of a car, is there<br />

really enough space to pass<br />

l Consider neighbours who may have specific needs, respect<br />

disability parking bays and give enough space<br />

l Avoid parking within 10 metres of a junction (in line with the<br />

Highway Code) unless in a designated parking bay<br />

l Do not block dropped kerbs, you could restrict access for<br />

wheelchair and pushchair users<br />

Meet Pete, the new Neighbourhood Services Officer covering West<br />

Cornwall including Grampound, <strong>Summer</strong>court, Truro, Redruth,<br />

Camborne, Hayle and St Ives. Pete has worked in the housing<br />

sector on and off for many years.<br />

Pete told us, “Before I joined Ocean, I worked for a housing<br />

organisation who housed people with additional support needs.<br />

I have gained a lot of knowledge which has prepared me for my<br />

new role. I am looking forward to meeting residents and the wider<br />

community to bring them together. Communication is key to<br />

bringing people together and making the area an enjoyable place<br />

to live. If you see me out and about on your estate, please come<br />

and introduce yourself.<br />

In my spare time you will see me with my wife and two new<br />

puppies, Mouse and Coco, walking the many lovely beaches<br />

and visiting our favourite Cornish hot spots, probably with a<br />

pasty in hand.”<br />

Provide guidance on the best way to manage your tenancy, look after your home and keep your<br />

garden well maintained<br />

Work with new tenants and also those leaving on how best to manage their home<br />

Partnership working with the police, local authorities and other agencies<br />

Offering advice and signposting if you need support<br />

Carrying out visits when you move into your new home to identify support needed<br />

If you would like to discuss any issues with your Neighbourhood Services Officer or<br />

make an appointment, please email help@oceanhousing.com<br />

Please co-operate and park<br />

considerately in your area.<br />

If you have concerns about a<br />

parked vehicle, contact<br />

Cornwall Council on<br />

0300 1234 222, who can provide<br />

a wide range of advice about<br />

parking restrictions or if the<br />

vehicle is causing an<br />

unnecessary or dangerous<br />

obstruction contact the Police<br />

Traffic Management Team on 101.<br />

Considering a new pet?<br />

Having a pet can provide a range of benefits<br />

for their owners and families, however it is<br />

important you consider the following:<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

Are you permitted in your tenancy agreement<br />

to have a pet in your home?<br />

How many pets you want to keep at your<br />

home?<br />

The type and size of pet you’d like to have<br />

Where you live, the size and type of your<br />

home<br />

The size of your garden if the pet needs<br />

outdoor space<br />

Improving<br />

Tenant<br />

Communication<br />

Last year, we held two tenant<br />

workshops focused on addressing<br />

communication challenges, at the<br />

initial first point of contact and<br />

repairs-related interactions. These<br />

are two areas where we know tenants<br />

experience issues and often where<br />

complaints are made. Each workshop<br />

gave us the opportunity to hear from<br />

tenants first-hand what they believe<br />

needs changing to improve the service.<br />

As a result of the feedback, we have<br />

implemented changes to show our<br />

continued commitment to listening,<br />

ensuring tenants have a voice.<br />

The other thing to consider is the cost, it can<br />

be more expensive than you might expect,<br />

including:<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

l<br />

Initial cost<br />

Food<br />

Insurance<br />

Vet bills and annual checks<br />

Pet bed and other equipment<br />

Getting the pet neutered<br />

Getting the pet microchipped<br />

Regular grooming<br />

Kennels/holiday cover<br />

Accessories such as lead, toys etc.<br />

It’s important for anyone considering buying a pet to be fully aware of<br />

just how much pets can cost, so that they aren’t met with an expensive<br />

surprise further down the line. Many of these costs have increased over<br />

the past couple of years with insurance companies raising premiums.<br />

If you are considering moving a pet into your home, please ensure<br />

you contact us first to gain permission.<br />

You asked<br />

Can the Gas Safety<br />

Inspection letter be<br />

re-worded?<br />

We delivered<br />

In March, we<br />

revised and agreed a<br />

new version of the Gas<br />

Safety Inspection letter<br />

with our Editorial Panel.<br />

The Panel are responsible<br />

for reviewing all our<br />

publications, letters to<br />

ensure they are written<br />

in plain English and<br />

understandable by all.<br />

You asked<br />

Can the job allocation<br />

numbers for repairs be<br />

given out by the Customer<br />

Experience team when<br />

appointments are made so<br />

its easier to seek updates<br />

or make any necessary<br />

changes?<br />

We delivered<br />

From February,<br />

all tenants are<br />

now offered the job<br />

numbers when they call<br />

the Customer Experience<br />

team.<br />

You asked<br />

Can the 24-hour call out time for heating and hot water<br />

change to October to March, instead of November to April?<br />

We delivered<br />

From April, the Property Services team will now<br />

attend 24-hour call outs between the 1st October<br />

and the 31st March for heating and hot water.

6<br />

7<br />

Meeting Councillor Olly Monk<br />

Having tenants and residents at<br />

the heart of everything we do is so<br />

important to us and that is why we have<br />

dedicated members who meet monthly<br />

as part of our Together with Ocean<br />

(TWO) group. In June, TWO were joined<br />

by Councillor Olly Monk, Portfolio holder<br />

for Planning and Housing, to discuss hot<br />

topics and answer their questions first<br />

hand.<br />

Cllr Monk says, “Cornwall is facing<br />

an unprecedented housing crisis. We<br />

have to prioritise residents who are<br />

in the most housing need and must do all that we can to ensure that our most vulnerable residents<br />

have access to available homes at a rent they can afford. We also need to ensure this is done in a<br />

transparent and fair way. Attending meetings like this one with TWO, being able to hear first-hand their<br />

concerns for the future, this helps us to know what we can do to work towards making improvements<br />

in the future.”<br />

Vice Chair of TWO, Maria said, “It was great to have Councillor Olly Monk in person at our meeting.<br />

He was open and honest about the current situation and able to inform us of how Cornwall Council<br />

are dealing with housing for those renting in the social and private sector.”<br />

If you are looking for ways to give your feedback, get involved or you would like<br />

more information, please contact the Tenant Partnership team to discuss<br />

the best options for you. We are always looking for new faces<br />

to join our friendly group.<br />

Appointment<br />

reminders<br />

by text<br />

Our Property Services team are<br />

working hard to ensure your<br />

property is well-maintained<br />

and safe. During May, 146<br />

pre-arranged appointments<br />

(responsive repairs, damp mould and condensation work,<br />

ventilation and compliance) were missed due to tenants not being<br />

at home.<br />

Like any other company offering a service, missed appointments cost money and unfortunately delay<br />

repairs for other tenants who are waiting.<br />

Property Services Supervisor, Jason explains, “We understand that there are genuine reasons why<br />

tenants cannot keep appointments, all we ask is that you let us know ahead of time so that we can<br />

give the appointment to another tenant. If you can’t make a pre-arranged appointment, contact our<br />

Customer Experience team and they will arrange an alternative appointment for you and your original<br />

slot can be passed on to someone else.”<br />

To reduce these appointments being missed, we have a text message reminder system in place. When<br />

an appointment is booked, you will receive a text message confirming the details. The day before the<br />

repair is due you will receive one more. We hope this will be a welcome reminder, please ensure the<br />

contact details we hold for you are up-to-date.<br />

In April, the sun was shining as we partnered with residents of Bugle and local agencies to<br />

make a real difference within the community. Staff were on hand to chat with residents that<br />

had any concerns regarding their home, neighbourhood or tenancy. Residents were encouraged to<br />

clear out any unwanted items from their homes and gardens and make use of the large skip provided.<br />

We were joined by Devon and Cornwall Police, Bugle Library, Safer St Austell, St Austell Community Fire<br />

Service, Cornwall Council recycling team and Cornwall Councillor Peter Guest.<br />

Residents were invited to complete Ocean’s three wishes survey, where they could feedback on what<br />

they liked and disliked about their home, neighbourhood and landlord. We have been working hard to<br />

tackle any concerns speaking to staff and local agencies.<br />

You Said<br />

We did<br />

You Said<br />

We did<br />

Community Focus in Bugle<br />

You said, we did<br />

We need more<br />

Neighbourhood Services<br />

Officer presence on scheme.<br />

Your Neighbourhood<br />

Services Officer<br />

Adam Pedley has committed to two estate<br />

walkabouts each year and will be attending<br />

the community support days held at the village<br />

hall on the first Tuesday of each the month.<br />

Insufficient<br />

and expensive<br />

heating.<br />

Currently 35<br />

properties will<br />

have a heating upgrade by 2030, to find<br />

out more about your heating situation<br />

contact help@oceanhousing.com<br />

We did<br />

You Said<br />

We did<br />

Parking not allocated within<br />

scheme and also need for<br />

parking restrictions (double<br />

yellow lines) in some areas.<br />

Due to only a small area<br />

of parking that Ocean is<br />

responsible for, we acknowledge there is not<br />

enough space to allocate a parking space to<br />

each property, however we will explore the<br />

possibility of line marking here.<br />

You Said<br />

Introduce a Neighbourhood<br />

Watch Scheme in the area.<br />

Julie Dowton, the Neighbourhood<br />

Watch Co-ordinator would be<br />

happy to assist you in setting up a Neighbourhood<br />

Watch group in the area, if a resident(s) would like to<br />

volunteer please visit ourwatch.org.uk/get-involved/<br />


9<br />

Our vision to be ‘Fit for the Future’<br />

Due to a challenging environment<br />

we have embarked on a large review<br />

of all housing services and named it<br />

‘Fit for the Future’.<br />

With pressure on how the social housing<br />

sector operates, it is time to refresh our<br />

vision. The areas we are committed to include,<br />

continuing to provide new homes for local people, investing in current<br />

homes particularly energy efficiency, remaining financially strong,<br />

reducing any waste and being as efficient as possible.<br />

We will be modernising our customer service offer and service<br />

standards to ensure we are trusted and respected by our tenants and<br />

others. We want to be a great place to work, where only<br />

the best will do.<br />

Data based<br />

decision making<br />

A great<br />

place to work<br />

Homes and<br />

communities<br />

to be<br />

proud of<br />

Fit<br />

for the<br />

Future<br />

Top performance<br />

culture<br />

Financially<br />

resilient<br />

In July, we invited residents to come along to our head office in St<br />

Austell and take part in the Neighbourhood Services review. Residents<br />

were asked to give their views on how we were performing and more<br />

importantly, how we could improve. The workshop was hosted by David<br />

Hooper, Head of Neighbourhood Services and three groups of tenants<br />

were involved in giving their feedback on key areas including:<br />

l What do we do well and what should we stop doing?<br />

l What could we do differently in the future? And how?<br />

Newquay resident Margy told us, “I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop,<br />

it was very informative and I learnt a lot about the service and staff.<br />

It was good to express our views knowing that Ocean Housing are<br />

listening and recognising the areas that need improvement.”<br />

If you were unable to make it to one of our Fit for the Future<br />

workshops, don’t panic, there is still chance to have your say.<br />

We are asking all tenants to give their feedback by visiting<br />

oceanhousing.com/ocean-tenant-zone/have-your-say and<br />

have your voice heard to help shape the services you receive.<br />

In May and June, we carried out<br />

a number of staff workshops<br />

involving our teams, so they could<br />

Trusted and<br />

respected<br />

by our tenants<br />

and others<br />

identify challenges and voice their<br />

ideas on improving delivering<br />

services to you, our tenants. Our<br />

involved tenants who make up<br />

Together With Ocean group also<br />

met with senior leadership team<br />

so they could identify tenant<br />

expectations.<br />

If you do not have access to this survey, please contact us and a member<br />

of the Tenant Partnership team will be in touch.<br />

Our plans are to collate all feedback from staff and tenants during<br />

September and work on the implementation plan.<br />

Keep a look out for further updates in future editions and on the website,<br />

as we will be taking you along this journey every step of the way.

10<br />

11<br />

Hot topic – fire safety awareness<br />

Community spirit in St Columb<br />

Safety is everyone’s responsibility; our main Some key points to remember:<br />

priority is to keep you and your loved ones safe<br />

l Check your fire alarm/smoke alarm is working by<br />

in your own home.<br />

pressing the test button at least once a month<br />

We take our responsibilities for fire safety<br />

l Keep all fire doors closed. This will help to slow<br />

seriously so as well as providing you with smoke<br />

down the spread of fire and give you extra time to<br />

alarms, please be assured we carry out regular<br />

get out<br />

inspections including communal areas, making<br />

l Keep corridors and exits (including balconies)<br />

sure all safety equipment is looked after and<br />

clear of items that could fuel a fire, obstruct your<br />

maintained.<br />

escape, or prevent the fire service getting in<br />

When visiting your home, we will highlight<br />

l Do not leave items like bikes, buggies or mobility<br />

any potential hazards and give you advice and<br />

scooters in communal areas, these are the routes<br />

support on how to rectify it.<br />

for you and your neighbours to get out and fire<br />

It’s important that you and the people you live<br />

fighters to get in<br />

with know how to reduce the risk of fire in and<br />

l If you live in a block of flats, familiarise yourself<br />

around your home, and what to do in the event<br />

with the evacuation procedure<br />

of an emergency.<br />

FREE home checks are available from your local fire and rescue<br />

service. They can give you life-saving advice, look for possible<br />

fire risks in your home, check your smoke alarms and help you<br />

plan escape routes in case the worst ever happens.<br />

Book this today by visiting:<br />

cornwall.gov.uk/fire-and-rescue-service/<br />

or read our Tenant Guide to Property Health and Safety<br />

on the website www.oceanhousing.com<br />

or contact our Customer Experience team<br />

to request a copy.<br />

It’s great news to hear about the new residents<br />

association at Trethewey Close. Shan recently<br />

moved into the close and has been made to feel<br />

very welcome. Having been a social housing<br />

tenant for 10 years she has always been involved<br />

with wanting the best for tenants as well as<br />

ensuring her voice is heard. After discussing<br />

the idea with her neighbours, the response to<br />

forming an association was overwhelmingly<br />

positive.<br />

Alan, who is the Treasurer, told us, “Being<br />

advocates for other residents who may not feel<br />

confident to contact Ocean is a fantastic role<br />

for the association. It ensures that everyone’s<br />

concerns and needs are represented.”<br />

Their initial project focuses on improving the<br />

communal area by adding seating and colourful<br />

flowers and shrubs. The group plans to seek<br />

funding from the Together With Ocean<br />

(TWO) community fund<br />

and local community grants to support their<br />

improvements.<br />

“We have a lovely neighbourhood here and I’m<br />

really happy in my bungalow. The forming of the<br />

association seemed the next step and I can’t wait<br />

to see what we will achieve going forward,”<br />

Shan told us who Chair’s the association.<br />

It’s fantastic to see the enthusiasm and dedication<br />

of the residents in making Trethewey Close an<br />

even better place to live. Good luck with your<br />

future initiatives.<br />

If you would be interested<br />

in setting up a resident’s association<br />

or would like support in organising<br />

an event for your estate, then please<br />

contact the Tenant Partnership team<br />

by emailing<br />

help@oceanhousing.com<br />

NEWS… Have Your Say!<br />

Last month our virtual internet panel moved to become part of MyOcean, now called ‘Have Your Say’.<br />

You can find everything you need on our website, giving you more control and flexibility with just one<br />

log in, enabling you to give feedback even quicker and easier than before.<br />

Sam, Communication Manager, says “It is important to us to continuously improve our<br />

services and how you access them. We will continue to collect feedback and suggested<br />

service improvements through short feedback surveys and polls, share latest news<br />

and we’ll still run prize draws for those who participate. The site is interactive and<br />

staff from across the Ocean Housing Group will be encouraged to use this site for<br />

important feedback and have your voices heard.”<br />

If you are already registered with MyOcean you can access the site, as normal and Have Your Say is<br />

located along the top banner.<br />

To register for a MyOcean account visit oceanhousing.com/register/ to start earning points and<br />

winning prizes!

12 13<br />

Are YOU missing out on money?<br />

We understand that managing your tenancy and<br />

ensuring your financial stability are important<br />

to you. That’s why we have a dedicated Financial<br />

Inclusion team who are ready to provide support<br />

and guidance. Meet our friendly advisors,<br />

Louise and Annie who are here to assist you<br />

in maintaining your tenancy and ultimately<br />

improving your overall well-being.<br />

l Navigate the benefits welfare system to<br />

maximise your income<br />

l Reducing household bills<br />

l Budgeting advice and debt advice<br />

l Health and well-being<br />

l Grants and funding options<br />

l Saving money<br />

To book an appointment with the Financial<br />

Inclusion team contact us at<br />

help@oceanhousing.com or call us on<br />

01726 8<strong>74</strong>450 and we will set up a time that is<br />

convenient for you.<br />

Thousands of people are missing out on<br />

benefits they’re entitled to. You can check<br />

you are getting all the support you are<br />

entitled to by an independent, free and<br />

anonymous benefits calculator by visiting<br />

www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators<br />

Additional support<br />

Council Support Schemes<br />

Find out more information of what support and advice<br />

is available to you and your family.<br />

This will give you an estimate of:<br />

l The benefits you could get<br />

l How much your benefit payments could be<br />

l How your benefits will be affected if you<br />

start working or increase your hours<br />

l How your benefits will be affected if your<br />

circumstances change for example if another<br />

adult moves into your home or you have an<br />

additional child<br />

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/benefits-and-support/ or call 0300 1234 121<br />

South West Water have social tariffs available for people on low incomes.<br />

Visit www.southwestwater.co.uk or call 0344 346 1010<br />

Broadband To see if you may be entitled to a social tariff broadband<br />

visit www.ofcom.org.uk<br />

Citizen Advice Cornwall offer advice on benefits, debts, money,<br />

housing and more. Visit: www.citizensadvicecornwall.org.uk<br />

or 0800 144 8848<br />

For further information and support agencies, please visit our<br />

website www.oceanhousing.com<br />

Annie<br />

Louise<br />

Tenant Satisfaction<br />

Improving the quality of your home, community<br />

and neighbourhood requires strong partnership<br />

between us all. This feedback ensures we are<br />

transparent with how we are doing and let’s<br />

you, the tenant, hold us to account.<br />

For some time now we have been asking<br />

you to provide your views by completing the<br />

telephone survey carried out by IFF Research,<br />

an independent research agency. It is now<br />

Performance information<br />

Repairs<br />

completed<br />

right first time<br />

91.78%<br />

Target – 95%<br />

This area is included in our<br />

Fit for the Future<br />

review.<br />

Tenants satisfied with empty<br />

property standard<br />

These results reflect the<br />

current standard of let<br />

as feedback is<br />

predominately around<br />

lack of floor coverings<br />

and redecoration as the<br />

main areas of low satisfaction. This area will also be<br />

included in our Fit for the Future review.<br />

The Grounds Maintenance staff<br />

have increased<br />

in numbers and we<br />

look forward to seeing<br />

the satisfaction figures<br />

rise along with this.<br />

January to March <strong>2023</strong> (Quarter 4) on how you feel<br />

about the services we provide:<br />

87%<br />

Target – 95%<br />

mandatory for all social landlords to ask the<br />

same Tenant Satisfaction Measure questions<br />

of all tenants, which are designed to see how<br />

well landlords are performing. These questions<br />

have been implemented to establish how<br />

satisfied you are with the quality of your home,<br />

neighbourhood and the services you receive.<br />

The survey runs throughout the financial year<br />

(April to March). IFF Research will contact you<br />

on the following number 0203 148 7717.<br />

Your feedback is collated and reported quarterly to our Together With Ocean (TWO) group,<br />

the Ocean Housing Board and on our website at oceanhousing.com/service-standards/<br />

If you want to get involved further simply let us know by visiting the Tenant Partnership page on the<br />

Ocean Housing website oceanhousing.com/tenant-and-resident-partnership and sign up<br />

as a member today.<br />

<strong>74</strong>%<br />

Target – 90%<br />

Satisfaction rating<br />

with telephone<br />

response<br />

86%<br />

Target – 80%<br />

Tenants satisfied with the<br />

planned maintenance service<br />

100%<br />

Target – 96.5%<br />

Gas safety checks<br />

100%<br />

Target – 100%

14 15<br />

Pictured left to right:<br />

Kate, Leanne and Emelye.<br />

Spot the difference summer competition<br />

help us find the differences in these two pictures for a chance to win a prize<br />

Shared ownership is an affordable way<br />

to take the first steps on the housing<br />

ladder. The scheme is aimed at local<br />

people, who would like to own their<br />

own home but are unable to afford to<br />

purchase a property outright, giving<br />

residents the opportunity to buy a<br />

Emelye and Kate are responsible<br />

Meet our<br />

Home<br />

Ownership<br />

team<br />

for selling all new build shared ownership homes and<br />

providing a first-class service to buyers. This year they<br />

have sold 25 new homes and next year they’re set to<br />

sell even more. Once the property is sold, Leanne takes<br />

over, working closely with Emelye and Kate, providing a<br />

seamless customer journey right from the start.<br />

!<br />

The first correct entry drawn will win<br />

an Ocean goodie bag and £60 shopping<br />

voucher.<br />

Three runners up will win an Ocean<br />

goodie bag and £20 shopping voucher.<br />

The competition is open to anyone living<br />

in our properties. Only one entry per<br />

household.<br />

Closing date is Friday 15th Sep <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Good Luck!<br />

You don’t need a stamp, just<br />

circle the differences on the below<br />

and cut out and pop it into an envelope<br />

addressed to:<br />


<strong>Summer</strong> Spot the Difference Comp,<br />

Ocean Housing, Stennack Road,<br />

St Austell, PL25 3SW.<br />

share of a home and pay rent on the<br />

remaining share.<br />

If you’re already a shared owner,<br />

the chances are you’ve spoken with<br />

a member of our Home Ownership<br />

The home ownership team can help if:<br />

l You’re interested in buying a shared ownership home<br />

l You’d like to buy more shares in your shared<br />

ownership home<br />

How many differences have<br />

you spotted?<br />

Name:<br />

Address:<br />

team - Kate, Leanne or Emelye. They<br />

provide a range of services to all our<br />

shared owners, leasehold and home<br />

l You’re interested in buying the home you live in<br />

(subject to eligibility)<br />

ownership customers.<br />

l You’ve outgrown your home and would like to sell it<br />

Postcode:<br />

Telephone No:<br />

Our latest opportunity for a shared ownership home, is<br />

Bakery Park, in Bodmin. We are welcoming applications<br />

for the first phase where a selection of one and threebedroom<br />

homes are available for local people.<br />

Our new show home has recently opened,<br />

so why not book an appointment and<br />

have a look around, or if you have<br />

additional questions regarding your<br />

own or another shared ownership<br />

property, please email<br />

help@oceanhousing.com<br />

!<br />

Mobile No:<br />

Email address:<br />

Please tick if you would like to receive<br />

a printed copy of future issues of<br />

<strong>Street</strong> <strong>Talk</strong>.<br />

Congratulations<br />

to our Easter edition winners, Maxine, Deanna, Judith and Mark.<br />

We hope you enjoyed spending your vouchers.

<strong>Street</strong> <strong>Talk</strong><br />

to go<br />

Digital<br />

As we adapt to the digital age, Ocean Housing feel<br />

the time is now right to move from a traditional<br />

paper copy to a digital format. From December, the<br />

<strong>Street</strong> <strong>Talk</strong> magazine along with the Annual Review<br />

will be sent to all tenants who we hold an email<br />

address for digitally.<br />

Tenants will be able to access the magazine through their preferred digital device, smartphones,<br />

tablets or computers from the comfort of their own home and on the go.<br />

Transitioning to a digital version of our tenant magazine allows us to reduce printing and distribution<br />

costs. These saved resources can be used towards improving our homes and services. In addition,<br />

going paperless is environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a<br />

sustainable future.<br />

We understand that not all our tenants are online and have an email address. For those tenants, we<br />

will continue to provide a hard copy of the magazine in the post. We also recognise that some of you<br />

may prefer a physical copy and if that’s the case, we encourage you to contact us. The magazine is also<br />

available in large print or audio CD formats for those who require them.<br />

<strong>Street</strong><br />

<strong>Talk</strong><br />

Tenants &<br />

Residents Magazine<br />

Happy Easter<br />

from all at<br />

Ocean Housing<br />

... see page 2 for front cover story<br />

No 70<br />

Spring 2022<br />

Easter Opening:<br />

Our offices will close for Easter at 5:00pm on<br />

Thursday 14th April 2022, reopen at 8:30am<br />

on Tuesday 19th April 2022.<br />

Out of hours emergency contact number: 01726 8<strong>74</strong>450.<br />

<strong>Street</strong><br />

<strong>Talk</strong><br />

Tenants &<br />

Residents Magazine<br />

As a tenant, the choice of format<br />

is entirely up to you.<br />

If you would prefer to continue receiving a<br />

physical copy, then please contact our<br />

Tenant Partnership team on 01726 8<strong>74</strong>450 or<br />

email help@oceanhousing.com<br />

and let us know.<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> Opening:<br />

Our offices will close for the bank holiday on<br />

Friday 26th August at 5pm and reopen on<br />

Tuesday 30th August at 8:30am.<br />

Out of hours emergency contact number: 01726 8<strong>74</strong>450.<br />

No 71<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> 2022<br />

<strong>Street</strong><br />

<strong>Talk</strong><br />

Tenants &<br />

Residents Magazine<br />

<strong>Street</strong><br />

<strong>Talk</strong><br />

Tenants &<br />

Residents Magazine<br />

Christmas Opening:<br />

Our offices will close for the Christmas period on<br />

Thursday 22nd December at 5:00pm and reopen on<br />

Tuesday 3rd January <strong>2023</strong> at 8:30am.<br />

Out of hours emergency contact number 01726 8<strong>74</strong>450.<br />

Happy Christmas<br />

from all at<br />

Ocean Housing<br />

Easter Opening:<br />

... see page 2 for front cover story<br />

We will close for Easter on Thursday 6th April at 5pm<br />

and reopen on Tuesday 11th April <strong>2023</strong> at 8:30am.<br />

No 72<br />

Christmas 2022<br />

Happy Easter<br />

from all at<br />

Ocean Housing<br />

... see page 2 for front cover story<br />

No 73<br />

Spring <strong>2023</strong><br />

Please recycle your <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Talk</strong>. Printed on Re-cycled paper. Designed & produced by karenjacksondesign.com 01326 373108. Photography by Tom Last Photography 0777 3010866.<br />

Out of hours emergency contact number: 01726 8<strong>74</strong>450.<br />

email: help@oceanhousing.com<br />

www.oceanhousing.com<br />

01726 8<strong>74</strong>450<br />

Out of Hours Numbers<br />

Emergency Repairs: 01726 8<strong>74</strong>450<br />

Anti-Social Behaviour: 01726 8<strong>74</strong>450<br />

Contact us for a Large Print or Audio CD of this newsletter

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