Street Talk 74 Summer Edition 2023

Welcome to the Summer edition of our tenant and resident magazine

Welcome to the Summer edition of our tenant and resident magazine


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Hot topic – fire safety awareness<br />

Community spirit in St Columb<br />

Safety is everyone’s responsibility; our main Some key points to remember:<br />

priority is to keep you and your loved ones safe<br />

l Check your fire alarm/smoke alarm is working by<br />

in your own home.<br />

pressing the test button at least once a month<br />

We take our responsibilities for fire safety<br />

l Keep all fire doors closed. This will help to slow<br />

seriously so as well as providing you with smoke<br />

down the spread of fire and give you extra time to<br />

alarms, please be assured we carry out regular<br />

get out<br />

inspections including communal areas, making<br />

l Keep corridors and exits (including balconies)<br />

sure all safety equipment is looked after and<br />

clear of items that could fuel a fire, obstruct your<br />

maintained.<br />

escape, or prevent the fire service getting in<br />

When visiting your home, we will highlight<br />

l Do not leave items like bikes, buggies or mobility<br />

any potential hazards and give you advice and<br />

scooters in communal areas, these are the routes<br />

support on how to rectify it.<br />

for you and your neighbours to get out and fire<br />

It’s important that you and the people you live<br />

fighters to get in<br />

with know how to reduce the risk of fire in and<br />

l If you live in a block of flats, familiarise yourself<br />

around your home, and what to do in the event<br />

with the evacuation procedure<br />

of an emergency.<br />

FREE home checks are available from your local fire and rescue<br />

service. They can give you life-saving advice, look for possible<br />

fire risks in your home, check your smoke alarms and help you<br />

plan escape routes in case the worst ever happens.<br />

Book this today by visiting:<br />

cornwall.gov.uk/fire-and-rescue-service/<br />

or read our Tenant Guide to Property Health and Safety<br />

on the website www.oceanhousing.com<br />

or contact our Customer Experience team<br />

to request a copy.<br />

It’s great news to hear about the new residents<br />

association at Trethewey Close. Shan recently<br />

moved into the close and has been made to feel<br />

very welcome. Having been a social housing<br />

tenant for 10 years she has always been involved<br />

with wanting the best for tenants as well as<br />

ensuring her voice is heard. After discussing<br />

the idea with her neighbours, the response to<br />

forming an association was overwhelmingly<br />

positive.<br />

Alan, who is the Treasurer, told us, “Being<br />

advocates for other residents who may not feel<br />

confident to contact Ocean is a fantastic role<br />

for the association. It ensures that everyone’s<br />

concerns and needs are represented.”<br />

Their initial project focuses on improving the<br />

communal area by adding seating and colourful<br />

flowers and shrubs. The group plans to seek<br />

funding from the Together With Ocean<br />

(TWO) community fund<br />

and local community grants to support their<br />

improvements.<br />

“We have a lovely neighbourhood here and I’m<br />

really happy in my bungalow. The forming of the<br />

association seemed the next step and I can’t wait<br />

to see what we will achieve going forward,”<br />

Shan told us who Chair’s the association.<br />

It’s fantastic to see the enthusiasm and dedication<br />

of the residents in making Trethewey Close an<br />

even better place to live. Good luck with your<br />

future initiatives.<br />

If you would be interested<br />

in setting up a resident’s association<br />

or would like support in organising<br />

an event for your estate, then please<br />

contact the Tenant Partnership team<br />

by emailing<br />

help@oceanhousing.com<br />

NEWS… Have Your Say!<br />

Last month our virtual internet panel moved to become part of MyOcean, now called ‘Have Your Say’.<br />

You can find everything you need on our website, giving you more control and flexibility with just one<br />

log in, enabling you to give feedback even quicker and easier than before.<br />

Sam, Communication Manager, says “It is important to us to continuously improve our<br />

services and how you access them. We will continue to collect feedback and suggested<br />

service improvements through short feedback surveys and polls, share latest news<br />

and we’ll still run prize draws for those who participate. The site is interactive and<br />

staff from across the Ocean Housing Group will be encouraged to use this site for<br />

important feedback and have your voices heard.”<br />

If you are already registered with MyOcean you can access the site, as normal and Have Your Say is<br />

located along the top banner.<br />

To register for a MyOcean account visit oceanhousing.com/register/ to start earning points and<br />

winning prizes!

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