Madison Messenger - August 13th, 2023

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madison<br />

<strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XXXVIII No. 33<br />

Lilly Chapel Homecoming, page 3<br />

Program invites all to drop a line or lend a line<br />

By Kristy Zurbrick<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Editor<br />

Fishing has played a major role in the<br />

lives of London residents Greg and Liz<br />

Finchum. So has <strong>Madison</strong> Lake.<br />

“My mom would bring me out here, sit in<br />

the car and read or do crosswords, and let<br />

me fish all I wanted,” Greg said about his<br />

trips as a child to <strong>Madison</strong> Lake State Park.<br />

That was the start of what would become<br />

an obsession for Greg who spent 15 years in<br />

the 1990s and 2000s competing on professional<br />

fishing circuits around the country.<br />

As for Liz, her childhood memories of<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Lake are less about fishing and<br />

more about trips with her parents to swim<br />

at the beach. The fishing part of her life<br />

came later when she met Greg. In fact, the<br />

two spent their honeymoon at a fishing tournament.<br />

Fast forward to this spring. Greg and Liz<br />

were visiting Circleville and decided to take<br />

a drive to nearby Hargus Lake in A.W. Marion<br />

State Park. While there, they spied what<br />

looked like a school locker standing at the<br />

edge of a parking lot. Signage on the locker<br />

revealed it was a “lending tackle box.” Inside<br />

were fishing poles and tackle, free for<br />

anyone to borrow and put back when they<br />

were done. Information on the box also welcomed<br />

donations of fishing gear to keep the<br />

locker stocked, as well as sponsors to establish<br />

and maintain lending tackle boxes at<br />

other lakes.<br />

The Finchums scanned the QR code to<br />

learn more. That’s when they connected<br />

with Kimberly Taylor, founder of the Lending<br />

Tackle Box Program. A Circleville resident,<br />

Taylor unwittingly cast the line for the<br />

program last year while looking for a way to<br />

pay tribute to a family friend who passed<br />

away in 2021.<br />

“I wanted to figure out a way to memorialize<br />

him. He loved the outdoors and his<br />

family was from around Burr Oak State<br />

Park. I thought about those little free libraries<br />

and food pantries where you can<br />

take or leave a book or food,” she said.<br />

From there, Taylor came up with the<br />

lending tackle box idea. She purchased two<br />

lockers online, worked out the signage, then<br />

contacted the Ohio Department of Natural<br />

Resources to get permission to install the<br />

first box at the Burr Oak Lake fishing area.<br />

When that process went well, she secured<br />

permission from the Army Corps of Engineers<br />

to install the second box in memory of<br />

her father at Deer Creek State Park near<br />

Mount Sterling.<br />

Before she knew it, Taylor was getting<br />

calls from individuals who saw the boxes<br />

and wanted to honor their loved ones the<br />


ECRWSS<br />


PAID<br />


PERMIT NO. 1516<br />

EDDM<br />


Lending Tackle Boxes<br />

To date, 10 Lending Tackle Boxes have been installed at lakes<br />

around Ohio with more to come. They are located at:<br />

Alum Creek State Park<br />

A.W. Marion State Park<br />

Burr Oak State Park<br />

Buzzard Lake/Slate Run Metro Park<br />

Deer Creek State Park<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Lake State Park<br />

Paint Creek State Park<br />

Ross Lake Fishing Area<br />

Scioto Trails State Park<br />

Upper Sandusky Reservoir 2 Fishing Area<br />

Another two boxes are slated for installation this year at Caesar<br />

Creek State Park and Findlay Reservoir.<br />

300 S. Jefferson Avenue · Plain City, OH 43064<br />

Call or text 614.873.1932 ∙ MillersFurniture.com<br />

Escape to the outdoors!<br />

same way. Additionally, the manager of the<br />

Army Corps of Engineers’ Huntington Watershed<br />

District, representing 34 lakes in<br />

Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, presented<br />

the idea at a national conference.<br />

“This went from one thing to, ‘I’ve got to<br />

get serious about this,’” said Taylor, who<br />

filed for and secured non-profit status. By<br />

the end of the 2022 fishing season, seven<br />

lending tackle boxes had been installed at<br />

lakes around Ohio.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Kristy Zurbrick<br />

Liz and Greg Finchum of London are sponsors of a Lending Tackle Box located at <strong>Madison</strong><br />

Lake State Park. Visitors to the lake are welcome to borrow the fishing poles and<br />

tackle in the box. Donations of equipment also are welcomed.<br />

“It was just shocking that it came across<br />

so quickly,” she said.<br />

Greg and Liz liked the concept so much<br />

they signed up to sponsor a box. The location<br />

was a no-brainer. Their box, located at<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Lake next to the parking area near<br />

the restrooms, was dedicated earlier this<br />

summer, making it the 10th box in the<br />

Lending Tackle Box Program.<br />

With some of the poles and tackle geared<br />

See TACKLE BOX page 2<br />

20-30% OFF Outdoor Furniture

PAGE 2 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

LCS earns national recognition for STEM efforts<br />

James Peart, Agent<br />

187 W High Street<br />

London, OH 43140<br />

Bus. 740-852-5557<br />

www.jamiepeartinsurance.com<br />

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Providing Insurance and Financial Services<br />

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company • State Farm Indemnity Company<br />

Bloomington, IL • statefarm.com ®<br />

The American Association of School Administrators and JASON Learning recognized<br />

London City Schools as an Emerging STEM District: (from left) Dr. Matt Seiloff, Dr. Eleanor<br />

Smalley, and Dr. Thomas Taylor, representatives of JASON Learning; London Superintendent<br />

Dr. Lou Kramer, London Assistant Superintendent Carla Shaw, London director of<br />

teaching and learning Kylie Pritchard, and London Elementary Principial Heather Mills.<br />

tunity and expectation that every student will participate, learn,<br />

and grow through STEM and scientific thinking and inquiry.<br />

The district’s focus on strengthening STEM programs started<br />


Continued from page 1<br />

London City Schools has a long-established<br />

commitment to providing high-quality<br />

STEM (science, technology, engineering,<br />

and math programs) to students. This summer,<br />

those efforts were recognized on a national<br />

level.<br />

In early July at the JASON Learning<br />

National Conference in Leesburg, Virginia,<br />

the school district was recognized as an<br />

Emerging STEM District by the American<br />

Association of School Administrators and<br />

JASON Learning. The recognition is the<br />

culmination of a rigorous credentialing<br />

process that took place during the 2022-23<br />

school year and included a lengthy application<br />

and site visit.<br />

In awarding this honor, the credentialing<br />

team noted that London was outstanding<br />

when it came to developing a culture of<br />

STEM throughout the school district. Dr.<br />

Eleanor Smalley, president and CEO of<br />

Jason Learning, provided the following feedback<br />

regarding the district’s application:<br />

• London City artifacts demonstrated an outstanding innovation,<br />

risk-taking, and development environment that integrated<br />

STEM entrepreneurship, digital literacy, scientific literacy, and innovation.<br />

• London City’s Student STEM Advisory group is groundbreaking.<br />

Getting that student-level feedback directly to the superintendent<br />

is such a fabulous idea. This is something that London City<br />

should present to inspire other districts to set up similar student<br />

advisory groups.<br />

• We were impressed with the evaluation, self-reflection, and internal<br />

discussions designed for continual improvement.<br />

• London City has an outstanding array of STEM offerings for<br />

every student in every grade level. The impact and integration of<br />

STEM across each school and each classroom, as well as the opportoward<br />

kids, the Finchums are excited to know they are helping others<br />

to make memories.<br />

“Parents don’t have to go out and buy equipment. They can just<br />

borrow it here,” Liz said.<br />

A park maintenance worker said he regularly sees people use<br />

the gear, including a family that visits the lake every Saturday.<br />

“Our goal is to get kids outdoors and hooked on fishing, pun intended,”<br />

Greg said.<br />

The Finchums also see the lending tackle box as a way to build<br />

public awareness and appreciation of Ohio’s parks and lake systems.<br />

“<strong>Madison</strong> Lake is right here in our backyard, and there are people<br />

who don’t know about it,” Liz said.<br />

Anyone who would like to know more about the Lending Tackle<br />

Box at <strong>Madison</strong> Lake State Park can contact Liz Finchum at (614)<br />

949-1366 or scan the QR code on the box. The park is located at<br />

4860 E. Park Lake Dr., London.<br />

The Finchums welcome donations of closed-face fishing poles,<br />

kids’ fishing poles (new or used), fake worms and small jigs with<br />

hooks, and packs of bobbers, sinkers, hooks, and line. Donations<br />

can be placed directly in the tackle box through Labor Day week-<br />

seven years ago and is an effort to provide<br />

students with personalized learning opportunities<br />

in order to increase innovative,<br />

technical, and creative thinking. The focus<br />

on STEM also seeks to build collaborative<br />

skills and provide opportunities to apply<br />

real-world learning experiences for students<br />

through the design process. Many of these<br />

skills and attributes are identified in the<br />

district’s “Portrait of a Graduate.”<br />

The district will retain its certification<br />

for three years after which it must participate<br />

in a re-credentialing process.<br />

The American Association of School Administrators<br />

is a professional community of<br />

more than 10,000 education leaders who are<br />

committed to providing high-quality public<br />

education to all students.<br />

Jason Learning is an independent nonprofit<br />

founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert D. Ballard.<br />

The organization provides curriculum<br />

and learning experiences in science, technology,<br />

engineering, and math for K-12 students<br />

and professional development for<br />

teachers.<br />

end. The box closes for the winter and opens<br />

again Memorial Day weekend.<br />

For information about sponsoring a lending<br />

tackle box and other ways to support the<br />

program, visit “The Lending Tackle Box” on<br />

Facebook or send an email to Kimberly Taylor<br />

at thelendingtacklebox@gmail.com.<br />

The cost to sponsor a box runs between<br />

$1,300 and $1,500 and includes the concrete<br />

pad, locker, a starter box of fishing gear,<br />

graphics, and installation. The program can<br />

help potential sponsors with fundraising<br />

ideas and grant applications to help cover<br />

the cost.<br />

While several of the boxes memorialize<br />

loved ones, others are dedicated to people<br />

who have helped to make the program a<br />

success. The <strong>Madison</strong> Lake box is one example.<br />

Signage on the box thanks Leonard<br />

Barcus who lives near the lake and provides<br />

the entire program with rods and reels at no<br />

cost or low cost.<br />

Earlier this summer, several people gathered for the dedication of the Lending Tackle<br />

Box at <strong>Madison</strong> Lake, including Greg Finchum (holding scissors) and Kimberly Taylor<br />

(far right), founder of the Lending Tackle Box program. Greg and his wife, Liz, are sponsors<br />

of the box.

www.madisonmessengernews.com <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - Page 3<br />

Conners to lead Lilly Chapel Homecoming parade<br />

By Kristy Zurbrick<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Editor<br />

The time is near when the small town of<br />

Lilly Chapel will welcome a big crowd.<br />

Lilly Chapel Methodist Church’s 39th<br />

Annual Homecoming is set for Aug. 19. The<br />

festival starts with a parade at 11 a.m. and<br />

ends with a live auction at 6 p.m. In between,<br />

visitors can enjoy live entertainment,<br />

crafts, a bake sale, a goodies tent, and face<br />

painting. This year’s grand marshals are<br />

Ralph and Sandy Conner.<br />

Ralph grew up in West Jefferson and<br />

graduated from West Jefferson High School<br />

in 1966. Sandy was born on the west side of<br />

Columbus and graduated from Franklin<br />

Heights in 1967. Sandy said that growing<br />

up as a “city girl,” she didn’t know where<br />

West Jefferson was. That changed after she<br />

attended a cancer benefit and met Ralph.<br />

The two had a mutual friend at the benefit.<br />

Sandy took that opportunity to introduce<br />

herself to Ralph who she thought<br />

looked handsome in his lavender shirt. They<br />

got to talking. Ralph told Sandy he was the<br />

lead singer in one of the bands playing that<br />

night. She didn’t buy it.<br />

“I told her it was my gullibility test. She<br />

passed!” Ralph recalls.<br />

After the benefit, the two went to Tee-<br />

Jay’s restaurant and talked for hours.<br />

“I think we were just ready for each<br />

other,” Sandy said of the instant connection.<br />

The two were married in 1984 and moved<br />

their blended family to West Jefferson—<br />

Sandy’s two children, Renee and Scott, and<br />

Ralph’s two children, Butch and Tonya.<br />

Their family has since grown to include<br />

eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.<br />

Several years after they were married,<br />

when their children were older, Ralph and<br />

Sandy went looking for a church to join.<br />

Both had grown up going to church, and<br />

they were ready to return.<br />

“We tried a couple of different churches,<br />

then tried Lilly Chapel. They were very welcoming,”<br />

Ralph said.<br />

The couple joined the church in January<br />

1991 and have been active ever since. Sandy<br />

is president of the Methodist Women’s group.<br />

Ralph is the church’s financial secretary and<br />

a member of the Men At Work group.<br />

As part of the women’s group, Sandy<br />

helps to organize events like the church’s<br />

rummage sale and Easter bunny visit. The<br />

group also makes peanut butter sandwiches<br />

and snacks each month for Sufficient Grace,<br />

a local non-profit that provides food for children<br />

in need. As part of the men’s group,<br />

Ralph helps with fundraisers, like sub sandwich<br />

sales and shuttle service at the county<br />

fair, to help offset costs associated with the<br />

church building. Both are very happy to be<br />

a part of the church.<br />

“Ralph and I have grown so much with<br />

it,” Sandy said.<br />

When asked what they thought of being<br />

named grand marshals of the homecoming<br />

parade, Ralph said, “Humbled. There are so<br />

many people at the church who are deserving.”<br />

The theme of this year’s homecoming is<br />

“Building for the Future,” a nod to an expansion<br />

project the church started earlier<br />

this year. The 50x60-foot addition will house<br />

a new kitchen, handicap accessible restrooms,<br />

classrooms, offices, and open space<br />

for dinners and other gatherings.<br />

The Conners live just a few houses away<br />

from the church and are excited to watch<br />

the project’s progress.<br />

“We’re asking people to come and grow<br />

with us,” Ralph said about the project and<br />

the church as a whole.<br />

Lilly Chapel Methodist Church is located<br />

at 8530 Lilly Chapel Georgesville Rd., London.<br />

For more information about the homecoming,<br />

call the church at (614) 879-8007 or<br />

Connie Ballah at (614) 329-8199.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Kristy Zurbrick<br />

Sandy and Ralph Conner are grand marshals of the parade that will kick off Lilly Chapel<br />

Methodist Church’s 39th Annual Homecoming. The public is invited to attend the all-day<br />

festival set for Aug. 19.<br />

Lilly Chapel Methodist Church<br />

39th Annual Homecoming<br />

Building for the Future<br />

Saturday, <strong>August</strong> 19, <strong>2023</strong><br />

♦ Schedule of Events ♦<br />

11am . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lilly Chapel Homecoming Parade<br />

Ralph & Sandy Conner, Grand Marshals<br />

Featuring the <strong>Madison</strong> Plains High School Marching Band<br />

1pm.................................................Kiddie Pedal Pull<br />

Sponsored by Tri-Green Equipment<br />

2:15-3:45pm.....................Ladies of Longford, Celtic Music Band<br />

4:15-5:45pm.........................................Muleskinner Band<br />

6:00pm................................................Live Auction<br />

Ross Horney and Rob Hines, Auctioneers<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Kristy Zurbrick<br />

The theme for this year’s Lilly Chapel Methodist Church Homecoming is “Building for<br />

the Future.” Earlier this year, the church started an expansion project.<br />


Crafts ♦ Goodies Tent ♦ Face Painting ♦ Bake Sale<br />


For info Call: Trinity UMC (614) 879-8007 or Connie Ballah (614) 329-8199<br />

Spend the day in Lilly Chapel<br />

for Country & Family fun!

PAGE 4 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

madison<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

Published every Sunday Distribution: 9,800<br />

Denise Hill ......................................................Advertising Manager<br />

Kristy Zurbrick ........................................................<strong>Madison</strong> Editor<br />

Becky Barker..........................................................Office Assistant<br />

78 S. Main St., London, Ohio 43140<br />

(740) 852-0809 • madison@columbusmessenger.com<br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Newspaper Subscription Rate<br />

The subscription rate for those living outside the circulation area is $104 per year.<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Co. reserves the right to edit, reject or cancel any<br />

advertisement or editorial copy at any time. The company is not responsible<br />

for checking accuracy of items submitted for publication. Errors in advertising<br />

copy must be called to the attention of the company after first insertion<br />

and prior to a second insertion of the same advertising copy.<br />

Dwyer Insurance Agency<br />

63 N. Main Street<br />

London, OH 43140<br />

(740)852-0654<br />

Janet Marie (Oiler) Ellars, 86 years old, passed away<br />

Thursday, July 27th. She is preceded in death by her husband of 65 years,<br />

Forrest (Foss) Ellars Jr; her parents Carl Oiler Sr and Jemima (Chenault)<br />

Oiler; brother Charles Oiler; sister Sarah Joan (Oiler) Glass; sister in laws<br />

Melanie (Miller) Oiler and Mary Janice (Roby) Oiler; brother in law Greg<br />

Ellars; nephews Marcus Glass and Bryan Oiler; niece Harrina (Oiler) Crawford<br />

and granddaughter Amy Ellars. She is survived by her brothers Carl<br />

(Deed) Oiler of Plumwood, OH, and Dale Oiler of Marysville, OH, and her<br />

sister Patty Oiler of Marysville, OH; her sons Douglas (Debbie) Ellars of<br />

Grove City, OH; Rodney Ellars of N. Fort Myers, FL; Danny (Joni) Ellars of<br />

Plain City, OH; Daughter Sheila (Keith) Stone of Sarasota, FL and many<br />

nieces and nephews.<br />

Janet had 14 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren, whom she loved<br />

with all her heart and enjoyed being a grandmother. She was born in<br />

Columbus, Ohio, lived with her husband in London, OH, Galloway, OH,<br />

and Grove City, OH. She was an avid bowler for several years at Lincoln<br />

Bowling Lanes. She was also a member of the Red Hat Society in<br />

Brooksville, FL. Her and Foss, after retiring, lived the winter months in St.<br />

Petersburg and later, Brooksville in Florida for several years. Janet was<br />

employed by Sears Distribution for 18 years as Assistant to the Supervisor.<br />

She retired in 1993. She also worked at Doctor’s West Hospital for 5 years<br />

as a PSA until 1974. She then worked at Westland High School in the<br />

kitchen until 1979. Janet was well loved by many and loved her family<br />

deeply. She will be missed every day until we meet again in Heaven.<br />

The family will receive friends for a visitation at the Rader McDonald Tidd<br />

Funeral Home 1355 W. Main St. in West Jefferson, OH on Wednesday,<br />

<strong>August</strong> 2nd from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. A funeral service will follow at<br />

1:00 PM. Then Janet will be interred at Sunset Cemetery 6959 W. Broad<br />

St in Galloway, OH.<br />

Janet requested that, in lieu of flowers, you are encouraged to make a<br />

donation to OhioHealth Home Care Hospice or to the Kobacker House.<br />

You may give online at<br />

https://foundation.ohiohealth.com/programs/hospice-giving<br />

or mail a gift to OhioHealth Foundation<br />

3430 OhioHealth Parkway, Fl. 3 Columbus, OH 43202.<br />

If you do wish to send flowers, please send them to her family at their<br />

homes or to a friend of hers to spread some kindness and cheerfulness<br />

to them in celebration of her life.<br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Overdose Awareness Day set<br />

By Kristy Zurbrick<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Editor<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Mental Health and<br />

Addiction Task Force is hosting its 3rd Annual<br />

Overdose Awareness Day on Aug. 31,<br />

5-7 p.m., in the parking lot at <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Public Health, 306 Lafayette St.,<br />

London.<br />

The family-friendly event serves two<br />

main purposes, one of which is to remember<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County residents who have lost<br />

their lives this year due to drug overdose.<br />

The other is to make the public aware of resources<br />

they can access if they or loved ones<br />

are struggling with addiction.<br />

“We want people to know that if they are<br />

struggling or if family or friends are struggling,<br />

they are not alone. There are people<br />

and resources to help,” said Lauren<br />

Sweeney, community health educator for<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Public Health.<br />

Several agencies will be on hand to provide<br />

information about resources that can<br />

help with addiction, detox, recovery, mental<br />

health, and behavioral health.<br />

The task force will conduct trainings at<br />

5:30 p.m., 6, and 6:30 on how to use Naloxone,<br />

also known as Narcan, a medication<br />

that can reverse an opioid drug overdose.<br />

Depending on interest, a fourth training<br />

could take place at 7 p.m. at the close of the<br />

event. The group will hand out free DAWN<br />

(Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) kits, each<br />

containing two doses of Narcan, a face<br />

shield, and gloves.<br />

Task force members are gathering data<br />

from first responder agencies across the<br />

county to determine the number of people<br />

who have passed away due to overdose since<br />

January of this year. A pinwheel for each of<br />

those individuals will be displayed on the<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Courthouse lawn on Aug.<br />

31. At the awareness event, visitors who<br />

Narcan training and kits<br />

Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is a<br />

medication that can reverse an opioid drug<br />

overdose. Free trainings on how to use<br />

Narcan and free doses of the medication<br />

are available through <strong>Madison</strong> County<br />

Public Health.<br />

To schedule a training for an individual<br />

or a group, call the health department at<br />

(740) 852-3065 or send email to<br />

jsmith@madisonpublichealth.org. Those<br />

who complete the training receive a Project<br />

DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) kit<br />

that contains two doses of Narcan, a face<br />

shield, and gloves.<br />

Training and kits will be available at the<br />

3rd Annual Overdose Awareness Day<br />

event set for Aug. 31 in the health department<br />

parking lot.<br />

Another option is to visit www.surveymonkey.com/r/freenarcan.<br />

You will be<br />

asked to fill out an anonymous form. Participants<br />

who have not been trained on how<br />

to use Narcan are asked to watch a 16-<br />

minute educational video. DAWN kits are<br />

sent in the mail.<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Mental Health and Addiction Task Force will<br />

once again plant pinwheels on the <strong>Madison</strong> County Courthouse<br />

lawn. Each pinwheel will represent someone from <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County who lost their lives this year due to a drug overdose. The<br />

task force also is holding a family-friendly Overdose Awareness<br />

Day event on Aug. 31 at <strong>Madison</strong> County Public Health.<br />

have lost loved ones will be invited to write favorite memories on<br />

purple flags to be displayed during the event. Purple is the international<br />

color for overdose awareness.<br />

The event also features a bounce house, children’s games, a Kona<br />

Ice truck, and free food, including hotdogs, chips, cookies, and water.<br />

“We are hoping for a big turnout with more help and more agencies<br />

involved in the task force this year,” Sweeney said.<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Mental Health and Addiction Task Force<br />

includes representatives from Buckeye Recovery, Freedom Recovery,<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Job & Family Services, <strong>Madison</strong> County Prevention,<br />

the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Clark, Greene,<br />

and <strong>Madison</strong> Counties, and more. It is affiliated with the health department,<br />

and its activities are guided by the Community Health<br />

Improvement Plan.<br />

The task force attends area festivals and events to promote<br />

awareness of the resources mentioned above, as well as 988, the national<br />

suicide prevention hotline. The group recently completed the<br />

HOPE Card, a resource guide that provides contact information for<br />

crisis lines and area agencies specializing in healthcare, legal assistance,<br />

food assistance, education, home repairs and utility help,<br />

housing, employment and finances, mental and behavioral health,<br />

recovery, and more.<br />

For more information about Overdose Awareness Day, call <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Public Health at (740) 852-3065.

www.madisonmessengernews.com <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - Page 5<br />

West Jeff Legion hosting fish fries<br />

American Legion Post 201, 9701 W. Broad St., West Jefferson,<br />

is hosting fish fries from 4 to 7 p.m. the first and third Fridays of<br />

each month through Oct. 20. Items available for donation include<br />

fish and fries, fish sandwiches, fries, sides, and soda. Carry out or<br />

eat in. Any donations are appreciated.<br />

Peak Bloom Rides give cyclists a chance to enjoy the bike path and learn about ecological significance of <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County’s prairies.<br />

Join bicycle ride to see blooms<br />

PREPLANNING...for Peace of Mind<br />

Perhaps you or a loved one have been considering “getting your affairs in order” by Estate<br />

Planning, which may include pre-planning final wishes for funeral or cremation decisions. For<br />

many years, the funeral directors at Rader-Lynch & Dodds Funeral Home have been helping<br />

people do just that. From the simplest to the more detailed service, including those with military<br />

honors, we can be there to guide you through these decisions. We offer all funeral and cremation<br />

services.<br />

Let us assist you by calling us, stopping by the funeral home, or we’ll come to you in the privacy<br />

of your home. There is no obligation, just peace of mind. More importantly, is that all of this<br />

being your decisions and choices, you can make changes at anytime.<br />

Lynch Family Funeral Home<br />


“Serving Families Like Family”<br />

124 E. High St. • London • 740-852-9212<br />

www.rldfuneralhome.com<br />

In a remarkable display of passion for preserving<br />

Ohio’s prairie landscapes, the late Jack McDowell, a<br />

dedicated conservationist and former supervisor of the<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Soil and Water Conservation District<br />

(MSWCD), initiated the Peak Bloom Ride.<br />

The Peak Bloom Ride is a scenic 12-mile journey<br />

through the region’s picturesque prairies. Cyclists of all<br />

ages and abilities come together to ride through the<br />

heart of nature, fostering a sense of connection with the<br />

environment and highlighting the need for conservation<br />

efforts. The ride covers various prairie landscapes, each<br />

offering its own distinct charm, from the vibrant wildflowers<br />

to the captivating wildlife that calls these<br />

ecosystems home.<br />

McDowell, a long-time resident of <strong>Madison</strong> County,<br />

had always been captivated by the beauty and ecological<br />

significance of the region’s prairies. Recognizing the<br />

threats of urban development and habitat loss, he took<br />

BLACK<br />

Carrol J. Black, 83, of South Charleston, Ohio, was<br />

called home by her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Aug.<br />

2, <strong>2023</strong>, while in Springfield Regional Hospital. She was<br />

born in London, Ohio, on Aug. 30, 1939, a daughter of<br />

Charles E. and Edith (Stapleton) Bennington.<br />

At age 11, Carrol sang and played country music in<br />

various venues in the local area. Later she was a soloist<br />

and partnered with her sister, Sherry (Bonnie), singing<br />

and ministering in churches and at Christian group<br />

meetings.<br />

She was a graduate of Greenon High School in 1957<br />

and soon after met the love of her life, Lowell “Booty”<br />

Black. They were married Feb. 16, 1959, at Grape Grove<br />

obituaries<br />

it upon himself to raise awareness about the importance<br />

of preserving these natural treasures. The ride encourages<br />

active participation in protecting these vital<br />

ecosystems.<br />

Over the years, the Peak Bloom Ride has garnered<br />

immense support from the local community and beyond.<br />

Participants not only get to experience the joy of cycling,<br />

but also gain insights from expert naturalists and conservationists<br />

who share their knowledge about prairie<br />

restoration and protection. As more people join this<br />

movement, the legacy of the Peak Bloom Ride will continue<br />

to grow, ensuring the protection of these precious<br />

prairies for generations to come.<br />

The next Peak Bloom Ride is scheduled for 8 a.m.<br />

Aug. 19 at the Prairie Grass Trailhead, 280 W. High St.,<br />

London. Registration is not required. For details, contact<br />

Broc Sehen, district technician and wildlife specialist,<br />

at (740) 852-4003.<br />

Church of Christ, Jamestown.<br />

Carrol is survived by: her husband, Lowell Black,<br />

and son, William “Bill” Black, both of South Charleston;<br />

granddaughters, Leah and Kayla Black of Cedarville;<br />

brothers, Mark Clifton of Springfield and Dick Bennington<br />

of South Vienna; several nieces and nephews.<br />

She was preceded in death by: her parents; stepfather;<br />

son, Michael; daughter, Kathy; sister, Bonnie Espich;<br />

and brother, Keith Clifton.<br />

Funeral services were held on Aug. 7, <strong>2023</strong>, in Rose<br />

Hill Burial Park, Springfield.<br />

The family was served by Eberle-Fisher Funeral<br />

Home and Crematory, London. Condolences may be<br />

shared at www.eberlefisherfuneralhome.com.<br />

James “Jim” L. Brinckerhoff, 78, of<br />

Zanesville, died at 11:26 A.M. on Monday, July 31,<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, at The Oaks at Northpointe surrounded by<br />

his loving family. He was born January 21, 1945,<br />

in Lowville, New York, son of the late Trevison and<br />

Lucille (Thompson) Brinckerhoff. Jim was a member<br />

of the North Terrace Church of Christ. He<br />

received his bachelor’s degree from Cedarville<br />

University, his master’s Degree at Central State<br />

University and additional credits from The Ohio<br />

State and Ashland Universities. He became a teacher at Fairfield Elementary<br />

School in 1967, became the Principal of <strong>Madison</strong> Plains High School<br />

in 1970, became the Principal at Ansonia High School in 1989, and Eaton<br />

High School until 1998. Jim then became the Assistant Director at the<br />

Mid-East Career Center in 1999, retired in 2005 after 38 years and later<br />

joined the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center as an Educational<br />

Administrative Consultant.<br />

Jim loved to travel, especially the wild west, with his family, fish and hunt<br />

with his brothers-in-law and son, take Jean and Kristen to the beach, listen<br />

to the Reds on a transistor radio while he worked on home projects; later<br />

keeping tabs on all of his granddaughters and always enjoyed a good<br />

meal.<br />

Jim is survived by his beloved wife, Jean (Rogers) Brinckerhoff, whom he<br />

married on June 11, 1966; a son, Kevin James (Angelina) Brinckerhoff; a<br />

daughter, Kristen (Robert) Bals; three granddaughters, Madeline, Alison<br />

and Kaitlyn; a brother, David (Bonnie) Brinckerhoff; a sister, Carol Pereira.<br />

In addition to his parents, he is preceded in death by two brothers-in-law,<br />

David Marshall and General Manny G. Pereira.<br />

Friends and family may call from 10:00 A.M. until the Celebration of Life<br />

Services starting at 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, <strong>August</strong> 26, <strong>2023</strong>, at North<br />

Terrace Church of Christ, 1420 Brandywine Boulevard, Zanesville, Ohio<br />

with Mr. William C. Meaige officiating.<br />


AVENUE, ZANESVILLE were entrusted with all arrangements.<br />

To send a note of condolence: visit<br />

www.bolin-dierkesfuneralhome.com, follow us on Facebook or<br />

call our professional staff at (740)-452-4551

PAGE 6 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Cornhole tournament<br />

raises money for park<br />

The Merri Mac Miracle organization held several fundraisers<br />

during London’s Rhythm & Rib Fest on Aug. 4-5.<br />

The events included a cornhole tournament, 50/50 raffle, and<br />

a Powerwheels raffle. Donations made at the beer tent and the<br />

facepainting station also went to the organization’s efforts. Altogether,<br />

the fundraisers brought in over $1,200.<br />

The cornhole tournament attracted 24 two-person teams. Top<br />

finishers were: Matt Hardbarger and Chris Saxer of Ashville,<br />

first; David Cover and Jeff Artis of London, second; and Dilan<br />

Colwell and Brandon Pace of London, third. Renee Hoosier of<br />

London won the Powerwheels raffle. Kim Wallace of London won<br />

the 50/50 raffle.<br />

Proceeds go toward improvements at Merri Mac Park in London.<br />

Next up, the organization will work the concession stand at<br />

Wheeler’s Wiffleball Tournament set to take place all day Aug.<br />

13 at the park.<br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Smiles all around at Rib Fest<br />

London’s Rhythm & Rib Fest took place<br />

Aug. 4-5 in downtown London.<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Jeff Pfeil<br />

Ahni Crawford is ready to dive in to her<br />

apple loaded funnel cake.<br />

Hank the Tank and Jamal Dinkelberry, who claimed to be the assistant<br />

boss, hold up racks of ribs ready for their customers at<br />

the Off The Bone BBQ stand.<br />

David Jackson (left), president of Merri Mac Miracle, congratulates<br />

the first-place team in the cornhole tournament held at<br />

London’s Rhythm & Rib Fest: Matt Hardbarger and Chris Saxer<br />

of Ashville.<br />

David Jackson (left), president of Merri Mac Miracle, congratulates<br />

the second-place team in the cornhole tournament held<br />

at London’s Rhythm & Rib Fest: David Cover and Jeff Artis of<br />

London.<br />

Kat Marriott and Lisa Jackman volunteer their time to sell tickets<br />

at the beer booth.<br />

Maddox Closser takes aim at the dunk tank<br />

as he attempts to hit the target to dunk his<br />

dad, London Mayor Patrick Closser. On this<br />

try, his dad was still sitting high and dry.<br />

David Jackson (left), president of Merri Mac Miracle, congratulates<br />

the third-place team in the cornhole tournament held at London’s<br />

Rhythm & Rib Fest: Dilan Colwell and Brandon Pace of London.<br />

A large crowd gathered on South Main Street to listen to live music, eat dinner, and visit craft booths.

www.madisonmessengernews.com <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - Page 7<br />

West Jefferson school board fills staff vacancies<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

With another school year about to start,<br />

Jefferson Local Schools is filling the last few<br />

staffing positions left vacant by retirement,<br />

resignation, or a shift in personnel.<br />

On Aug. 7, the school board hired Kelsey<br />

Flanik as the new assistant principal and<br />

curriculum director at Norwood Elementary.<br />

The two-year contract comes with an<br />

annual salary of $81,212.<br />

Following a recommendation by Superintendent<br />

William Mullett, the board unanimously<br />

approved a one-year contract with<br />

Valerie Stauffer as an intervention specialist<br />

at Norwood.<br />

“She’ll be a great addition,” Mullett said.<br />

A third contract at Norwood brings Terra<br />

Schneider to the school as a building secretary.<br />

“Welcome to Norwood,” Mullett said to<br />

Schneider. “They have a lot of action there.”<br />

Two new bus drivers are joining the<br />

transportation department. Stephanie<br />

Carela and Martin Ochoa were both hired<br />

on one-year contracts, pending completion<br />

of bus driving requirements.<br />

The board’s agenda also included approval<br />

of 17 substitute teachers for the upcoming<br />

school year. Two of the substitutes,<br />

Klarrissa Ramey and Shawn Harding, were<br />

hired under a temporary category that permits<br />

individuals that do not have a teaching<br />

license but do have a college degree to serve<br />

as classroom substitutes.<br />

On June 24, 2022, Gov. Mike DeWine<br />

signed into action House Bill 583 which extends<br />

authorization for Ohio schools to employ<br />

substitute teachers according to their<br />

own educational level requirements through<br />

the <strong>2023</strong>-24 school year.<br />

The pandemic created a shortage of substitute<br />

teachers that continues to impact<br />

school districts across the state.<br />

Substitute teachers must complete a<br />

background check before stepping into a<br />

classroom.<br />

The board also approved the hiring of two<br />

classified aides and three nurse substitutes.<br />

The first day of schools for Jefferson<br />

Local is Aug. 23. The next school board<br />

meeting is set for 7 p.m. Sept. 12 in the high<br />

school auditeria.<br />

community calendar<br />

Band Concert<br />

London Silver Cornet Band will perform<br />

a free concert at 7 p.m. Aug. 14 in the<br />

gazebo at Cowling Park in London. The<br />

band will perform music from 1873, and director<br />

Thomas Lloyd will read newspaper<br />

excerpts from 150 years ago. In the event of<br />

rain, the concert will be at London First<br />

Presbyterian Church, 211 Garfield Ave.<br />

Golf Scramble<br />

United Way of Clark, Champaign, and<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Counties is hosting their annual<br />

golf scramble on Sept. 8, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., at<br />

Windy Knoll Golf Course, 500 Roscommon<br />

Dr., Springfield. The entry fee is $125 per<br />

person or $500 per foursome. Event sponsorships<br />

also are available. For details, visit<br />

www.uwccmc.org/<strong>2023</strong>-golf-scramble. or call<br />

(937) 324-5551.<br />

Clothes Closet<br />

United Church, 30 E. Columbus St.,<br />

Mount Sterling, will open their Clothes<br />

Closet Aug. 24-26, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., weather<br />

permitting. The Clothes Closet is located in<br />

the garage behind the church. All are welcome.<br />

Items include clothes for men,<br />

women, and children, as well as miscellaneous<br />

household items. There is a one-bag<br />

limit per family. Bags will be provided. Due<br />

to overstock, the church is not taking donations<br />

at this time. Social distancing is required;<br />

masks are optional for those who are<br />

fully vaccinated. For details, contact Kathy<br />

Endres at (740) 869-3755 or Mary Alkire at<br />

(740) 604-1213.<br />

Mt. Sterling Community Center<br />

The Mount Sterling Community Center<br />

is located at 164 E. Main St. For details, call<br />

(740) 869-2453.<br />

Aug. 15—3-6 p.m., Food pantry for income<br />

eligible households. Bring proof of residence<br />

at first visit and picture ID every visit<br />

5-6 p.m., Take Off Pounds Sensibly<br />

7-8 p.m., Alcoholic Anonymous<br />

Aug. 16—10 a.m.-3 p.m., sewing for adults<br />

11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., senior lunch program<br />

for anyone 60 or older; Call to RSVP.<br />

5-6 p.m., all level yoga class, $10<br />

Aug. 19–10 a.m.-3 p.m., sewing - all ages<br />

Aug. 20–6:30-7:30 p.m., Alcoholics<br />

Anonymous<br />

Produce Market–Second and fourth<br />

Tuesdays of every month.<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Senior Center<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Senior Citizens<br />

Center is located at 280 W. High St., London.<br />

Lunch is served 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Monday-Thursday.<br />

For details, call (740)<br />

852-3001.<br />

Aug. 14—8:30 a.m., indoor walking and<br />

exercise class; 9 a.m., chair volleyball; 9:30<br />

a.m., crochet, knit, and needle crafts; 10:30<br />

a.m., sitting exercises and strengthening; 1<br />

p.m., euchre<br />

Aug. 15—8:45 a.m., COSI trip leaves; 9<br />

a.m., quilting class; 10 a.m., bowling; 4-7<br />

p.m., billiards, euchre, hand-and-foot cards,<br />

workout room open<br />

Aug. 16—8:30 a.m., indoor walking and<br />

exercise class; 9 a.m., chair volleyball; 12<br />

p.m., bridge; 2 p.m., diabetes and weight<br />

loss support group<br />

Aug. 17—9 a.m., chair volleyball<br />

Aug. 18—8:30 a.m., indoor walking and<br />

exercise class; 9 a.m., painting class; 1 p.m.,<br />

free movie.<br />

Al-Anon<br />

Al-Anon meetings are taking place from 6<br />

to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays at West Jefferson<br />

United Methodist Church, 36 S. Center St.<br />

Parking and the entrance are located on the<br />

side of the church. Al-Anon is a fellowship of<br />

relatives and friends of alcoholics who share<br />

their experiences, strength, and hope to solve<br />

their common problems. Organizers believe<br />

that alcoholism is a family illness and that<br />

changed attitudes can aid in recovery.<br />

Blood Drive<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Chamber of Commerce,<br />

730 Keny Blvd., London, is hosting a<br />

blood drive from 12 to 6 p.m. Aug. 30. To<br />

make a donation appointment, register at<br />

www.redcrossblood.org (search for the<br />

Chamber’s event), text BLOODAPP to<br />

90999, or download the Blood Donor App<br />

from the App Store or Google Play. For details,<br />

call the Chamber at (740) 852-7050.<br />

Grief Support<br />

Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care is hosting a<br />

grief support group from 2 to 3 p.m. the<br />

third Thursday of each month at the <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Senior Center, 280 W. High St.,<br />

London. Upcoming dates are Aug. 17, Sept.<br />

21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16, and Dec. 21. Reservations<br />

are not required. For details, contact<br />

Ray Vance at (937) 469-0565 or<br />

RVance@OhiosHospice.org.<br />

Baby Pantry<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Vineyard, 106 Olive St.,<br />

London, is offering a baby pantry to provide<br />

mothers of babies with essential supplies.<br />

Donations of diapers (up to 18 months), powder<br />

formula, diaper wipes, baby wash, new<br />

baby clothes (up to 18 months), and new<br />

baby blankets can be dropped off on Sundays<br />

in the church entryway. Baby pantry hours<br />

are 10 a.m.-noon Sept. 9. All new mothers<br />

are welcome. All supplies are free.<br />

London Public Library<br />

London Public Library, is located at 20 E.<br />

First St. Call (740) 852-9543 or visit<br />

www.mylondonlibrary.org for details.<br />

• Gingerbread Man Loose. Through<br />

Aug. 19, visit the children’s library for a<br />

scavenger hunt for the Gingerbread Man.<br />

• Book Club. The group will discuss “The<br />

Boy in the Field” by Margot Livesey at 7<br />

p.m. Aug. 15.<br />

• Cookbook Club. The group gathers at<br />

7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each<br />

month. A different cookbook or cookbook author<br />

is chosen each month. You make a<br />

recipe of your choice and share it. The Aug.<br />

16 session focuses on recipes with five or<br />

less ingredients.<br />

• Paws for Reading with Maggie. Register<br />

your child for a 10-minute time slot to<br />

read a story to Maggie, a certified therapy<br />

dog. Slots are available between 11 a.m. and<br />

noon Aug. 19. Have a book picked out and<br />

ready to read.<br />

• Technology Help Sessions. Have<br />

questions about your phone, laptop, or<br />

tablet? Register for a one-on-one 45-minute<br />

help session. Possible topics include how to<br />

search the internet, how to use email, how<br />

to use your phone, and how to use social<br />

media. Bring your device to your session. To<br />

register, call the library. Available every<br />

day by appointment only.<br />

HBMLibrary<br />

Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library is located<br />

at 270 Lilly Chapel Rd., West Jefferson.<br />

Call (614) 879-8448 or visit<br />

hbmlibrary.org.<br />

• Storytime. No storytime in <strong>August</strong>.<br />

Sessions resume at 10:30 a.m. Sept. 6.<br />

• Launch into STEAM. Set for 10:30 a.m.<br />

Aug. 18, this program is for children ages 4-<br />

11. Registration is required as the library<br />

has a limited number of toy air rockets.<br />

• Cybercrime and Scams. At 6 p.m. Aug.<br />

24, Sgt. Tim Winebrenner will talk about cybercrime<br />

and how to protect yourself and<br />

loved ones.<br />

Mount Sterling Library<br />

Mount Sterling Public Library is located<br />

at 60 W. Columbus St. Call (740) 869-2430<br />

or visit www.mtsterlingpubliclibrary.org.<br />

• Ladies Night Out Movie. Watch “About<br />

My Father” (PG-13) on Aug. 28. Doors open<br />

at 6:30 p.m. Bring a potluck dish. RSVP by<br />

calling the library or texting Melissa at<br />

(614) 315-7939.<br />

• Around Town Book Club. The group<br />

will discuss “Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie<br />

Garmus at 7 p.m. Aug. 31 at Deercreek<br />

State Park Lodge, 22300 State Park Rd.,<br />

Mount Sterling.<br />

• Little Free Library Pantry. This new addition<br />

is located outside the library on<br />

Water Street. Anyone is welcome to take or<br />

leave books or non-perishable food items.<br />

Anyone can fill empty spots in the pantry<br />

box at any time. Larger volume donations<br />

can be dropped off at the library on the<br />

fourth Saturday of each month.<br />

Plain City Library<br />

Plain City Public Library is located at<br />

305 W. Main St. and online at<br />

www.plaincitylib.org. Call (614) 873-4912.<br />

• Storytime. Ages 6 and younger can take<br />

part in stories, rhymes, songs, and other<br />

learning activities on Mondays, 10:30-11 a.m.<br />

• Board of Trustees. The library board<br />

will meet at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 21.

PAGE 8 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Public Notice<br />

The City of London Building Department this day made and entered upon its records the following order:<br />

The premises affected by this order is known or described at 138 Mound St., London, OH 43140.<br />

A structure on this premise has been declared unsafe and dangerous and shall be abated by construction or<br />

demolition. Further Sections 109.4 and 113.2 of the 2019 Residential Code of Ohio requires: “Residential buildings,<br />

structures and the building equipment shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition...” You can<br />

bring the structure in compliance in one of the two following ways:<br />

Compliance by Construction:<br />

1. Submit construction documents prior to commencing construction. (2019 Residential Code of Ohio) 105.1<br />

Approval Required.<br />

Any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move or change the occupancy<br />

of a residential building or structure, or portion thereof, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert<br />

or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing system, other residential building service equipment, or<br />

piping system, the installation of which is regulated by this code, or to cause any such work to be done, shall<br />

first make application to the building official and obtain the required approval.<br />

Compliance by Demolition:<br />

1. The removal of all structure and non-structural members, including the foundation from the site.<br />

2. The filling in of all excavations relating to the removal of said structure.<br />

3. The removal of all storage or debris in conjunction with the demolition process.<br />

4. The safe and adequate elimination of all utility connections.<br />

5. Secure necessary demolition permits and approvals.<br />

This order must be complied with within thirty (30 days from the date of order. Failure to comply with this<br />

Order will result in demolition of the property. Additionally, any person who fails to obey an order of the Building<br />

Official is guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be fined not more than $300.00 for each offense as provided<br />

in Ohio Revised Code Sections 307.37 and 307.99 (c). Each day during which a violation of these regulations<br />

occurs shall be a separate offense.<br />

In accordance with Chapter 119 of the ORC, you have 30 days from the mailing date of appeal the adjudication<br />

order. To request an appeal hearing, submit and complete a Residential Building Appeal application along<br />

with a check or money order for $200.00 made payable to:<br />

City of London<br />

Building and Zoning Department 20 South Walnut Street, Suite 105<br />

London, OH 43140<br />

The written request shall include the items from the Correction Letter being appealed, the reasons for the appeal<br />

and relief sought. A copy of this notice shall be attached to your request.<br />

At an appeal hearing you have the right to be represented by counsel. You may present arguments orally or<br />

in writing. You may also present evidence and examine witnesses appearing for or against you.<br />

Further, as provided in O.R.C. Section 307.37 in the event any building is being maintained in violation of these<br />

regulations, the City Council, the Prosecuting Attorney for the City of London, or the Building Official or any<br />

adjacent neighboring owner who would be especially damaged by such violations may institute a suit for injunction,<br />

abatement or other appropriate action to prevent such a violation.<br />

Issued under the authority of Chapter 307.37 Ohio Revised Code and 2019 Residental Code of Ohio.<br />

MM JULY 9, 16, 23, 30 & AUGUST 6, 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

MM<strong>2023</strong>300<br />


OHIO REVISED CODE, SEC. 2329.26<br />



WesBanco Bank<br />

vs.<br />

Ronald R. Vanness et. al<br />

Case No. CVE20110303<br />

Parcel No. 05-00032.000<br />

Address: 1060 US Rt. 42, London, OH 43140<br />

In pursurance of an order of sale in the above entitled action, I will offer for sale at a public online<br />

auction, at https://madison.sheriffsaleauction.ohio.gov. The above named property was appraised<br />

at $420,000.00 and cannot be sold for less than two-thirds of that amount on Friday, 8th<br />

day of September, <strong>2023</strong>, at 10:00 o’clock a.m. If no bids at that time, the property will be offered<br />

up again on Friday, 22nd day of September, <strong>2023</strong>. There will be no minimum bid for second sale.<br />

Any additional costs and taxes owed for the action that are not covered by the sale, will be collected<br />

within 30 days of the confirmation from the purchaser. However, the Plaintiff has the right<br />

to redeem the property within 14 days of the sale by paying the full purchase price to the clerk<br />

of courts, and will be considered the successful purchaser of the sale.<br />

The complete legal description can be found in the office of the <strong>Madison</strong> County Recorder, in<br />

the <strong>Madison</strong> County Courthouse located at 1 N. Main Street, London, OH 43140.<br />

Being the same property conveyed by deed recorded in volume 104, page 183 of the <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Ohio Records.<br />

Last known owner: Ronald R. Vanness et. al<br />

Said premises located at: 1060 US Rt. 42, London, OH 43140<br />

All properties sold at Sheriff’s Sale are on an “as-is” basis and have no warranty or guarantee. The<br />

appraisal may or may not have been an inside inspection of the property and the Sheriff nor<br />

the appraisers are liable for the condition of the property that was appraised.<br />

Terms of Sale: $10,000.00 will be due the day of the sale, balance due within 30 days of<br />

confirmation.<br />

Additional fees to be paid to the Sheriff, include, transfer tax & conveyance fees which will be<br />

added to the balance due. All funds paid to the Sheriff must be in cash or certified check.<br />

Delinquent taxes will be paid by the plaintiff, current taxes prorated to the purchaser to the date<br />

of the auction. The purchaser assumes all taxes from the date of the auction. The purchaser shall<br />

be responsible for those costs, allowances, and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient<br />

to cover.<br />

John R. Swaney, Sheriff<br />

Tina J. Sabin, Deputy<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County, Ohio<br />

Phillip Smith Jr., Attorney<br />

4805 Montgomery Rd., Ste. 320, Norwood, OH 43212<br />

MM AUGUST 13, 20 & 27, <strong>2023</strong><br />

MM<strong>2023</strong>327<br />



Noce is hereby given to the passage of the<br />

following ordinances or resoluons of the London<br />

City Council. The complete text of each ordinance or<br />

resoluon may be obtained or viewed at the offices<br />

of the City Law Director or the City Auditor at 20<br />

South Walnut Street, London, Ohio, or online at the<br />

London City website: www.londonohio.gov<br />

ORDINANCE 193­23 Sponsored by: John Stahl, an<br />

ordinance amending secon 1496 of the codified<br />

ordinances<br />

ORDINANCE 194­23 Sponsored by: John Stahl, an<br />

ordinance amending secon 660 of the codified<br />

ordinances<br />

Kris Miller<br />

London City Council Clerk<br />

MM AUGUST 13 & 20, <strong>2023</strong><br />

MM<strong>2023</strong>325<br />


London Area Baseball Council, Inc.<br />

shall meet on September 10, <strong>2023</strong><br />

at DiamondZ Batting Cage<br />

at 7:00 p.m.<br />

30 South Oak St., London, OH 43140<br />

for the Meeting to Elect Directors.<br />

MM AUGUST 13 & 20, <strong>2023</strong><br />




The Bank of New York Mellon f/k/a<br />

The Bank of New York as Treasurer for<br />

CWHEQ Home Equity Loan Asset Backed<br />

Certificates, Series 2006-S1<br />

(Plaintiff)<br />

vs.<br />

Ted S. Hennis, Sr, aka Ted S. Hennis, et. al<br />

(Defendant)<br />

Case No. CVE<strong>2023</strong>0055<br />

In pursuance of an Order of Sale directed to me in the<br />

above entitled action, I will offer for sale at public online<br />

auction the following described real estate:<br />

Property Address:<br />

14 Graham Ave., London, OH 43140<br />

Legal Description: A full legal description of the<br />

property may be obtained at<br />

www.schilligestatesandauctions.com.<br />

Parcel Number: 31-00366.000<br />

Said Premises Appraised: $110,000.00<br />

Minimum Bid: $73,333.33<br />

Location of Sale: Online Bidding at<br />

www.schilligestatesandauctions.com<br />

Bidding Open Date:<br />

Wednesday, September 6, <strong>2023</strong> at 9:00 AM<br />

Bidding Closes Date:<br />

Wednesday, September 13, <strong>2023</strong> at 2:00 PM<br />

2nd Provisional Open Date:<br />

Wednesday, September 20, <strong>2023</strong> at 9:00 AM<br />

2nd Provisional Close Date:<br />

Wednesday, September 27, <strong>2023</strong>, at 2:00 PM<br />

Terms of Sale: A deposit in the amount of $5,000.00 is<br />

due by wire transfer within 48 hours upon conclusion of<br />

the auction. Funding must take place within 30 days of<br />

confirmation of sale. A 5% Buyer’s Premium shall apply.<br />

The auction is subject to postponement and cancellation.<br />

Cynthia Schillig, Private Selling Officer<br />

cynthia@schilligestatesandauctions.com<br />

614-228-0808<br />

Sale of Real Estate<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County<br />

Foreclosure Auction<br />

Case# CV 20220178<br />

Citi Bank N.A. not in its individual capacity<br />

buy solely as Owner Trustee for New<br />

Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2019-6<br />

vs<br />

Howard, Dianne., et al.<br />

The description of the property to be sold is as follows:<br />

Property Address:<br />

101 Richardson Avenue, London, <strong>Madison</strong>, OH, 43140<br />

Legal Description:<br />

Full Legal Listed on Public Website; Parcel Number:<br />

31-01949.002<br />

Bidding will be available only on www.Auction.com<br />

opening on September 5, <strong>2023</strong> at 10:00 a.m. for a minimum<br />

of 7 days.<br />

Property may be sold on a provisional sale date should<br />

the third party purchaser fail to provide their deposit<br />

within the allotted time.<br />

Provisional Sale Date: September 19, <strong>2023</strong> at 10:00 a.m.<br />

Sales subject to cancellation. The deposit required is<br />

$5000.00 to be paid by wire transfer within 2 hours of the<br />

sale ending. No cash is permitted.<br />

Purchaser shall be responsible for those costs, allowances,<br />

and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient<br />

to cover.<br />

To view all sale details and terms for this property visit<br />

ww.Auction.com and enter the Search Code:<br />

CVE 20220178 into the search bar.<br />

MM AUGUST 13, 20 & 27, <strong>2023</strong><br />

MM<strong>2023</strong>324<br />

MM AUGUST 13, 20 & 27, <strong>2023</strong><br />

MM<strong>2023</strong>321<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Board of Commissioners<br />

have scheduled a meeting to discuss<br />

the adoption of a resolution designating<br />

all of the unincorporated area in<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County as a Restricted Area<br />

prohibiting all construction of solar and<br />

wind facilities.<br />

This meeting is open to the public and<br />

will be held September 12th, <strong>2023</strong> at 10:00<br />

AM in the Commissioners Board Room on the<br />

first floor of the County Courthouse located at<br />

1 North Main Street in London, Ohio.<br />

MM AUGUST 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

MM<strong>2023</strong>328<br />



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$20/HR +<br />

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Hilliard Location 614-878-2027

www.madisonmessengernews.com <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - Page 11<br />


London Apartments<br />

1052 Sheffield Boulevard, London, OH 43140<br />

(740) 853-4286<br />

Country Lane Apartments<br />

400 Sunset Court, South Charleston, OH 45368<br />

(937) 462-7090<br />

2 & 3 Bedroom<br />

Professional On-Site Management<br />

Pet Friendly<br />

Jeff Boyd

2<br />

PAGE 12 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>August</strong> 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Volunteers build playhouses for local children<br />

By Kristy Zurbrick<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Editor<br />

On July 17 and July 19, volunteers from the Target distribution<br />

center in West Jefferson lent their time and talents to assemble and<br />

paint two children’s playhouses for two <strong>Madison</strong> County families.<br />

Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio coordinated the project. The purpose<br />

of the program is to provide children with a safe place to play<br />

and imagine what home means to them.<br />

For the Playhouse Project, Habitat partners with sponsors to<br />

build the playhouses. The cost to sponsor a playhouse is $3,000.<br />

Habitat supplies all of the materials, along with a list of the receiving<br />

family’s interests to inspire design choices. Sponsors provide the<br />

volunteers and the creativity. The houses come pre-cut, primed, and<br />

ready to assemble. Assembly and painting takes place at a site of<br />

the sponsor’s choosing or at a designated Habitat site.<br />

The Target crew chose the Beck’s Hybrids facility on Route 40<br />

near Lafayette for their assembly site. As is the case with all Playhouse<br />

Project builds, the Target-sponsored playhouses were each<br />

finished in a day, with receiving families picking of their houses at<br />

the end of the builds.<br />

“It’s really, really a fun outing for our sponsors,” said E.J.<br />

Get a new shower or<br />

bath installed in as little as<br />

ONE DAY<br />

CALL NOW<br />

866.753.9521<br />

FREE<br />


+<br />



FOR 12 MONTHS *<br />

*Call for complete terms and conditions.<br />

Thomas, president and CEO of Habitat for<br />

Humanity-MidOhio. “It’s not complicated<br />

because we provide good instructions, and<br />

we always have someone on site to help<br />

guide the volunteers.”<br />

Habitat established the Playhouse Project<br />

in 2019. Since then, the organization has<br />

seen 190 playhouses built and donated in<br />

their service area which includes Franklin,<br />

Licking, and <strong>Madison</strong> counties. The goal<br />

this year is 70 playhouses.<br />

The program serves as a fundraiser. All<br />

proceeds go toward Habitat’s main mission:<br />

building, rehabilitating, and repairing<br />

homes for families in need. In fiscal year<br />

<strong>2023</strong> (ending in June of this year), Habitat<br />

for Humanity-MidOhio served 108 families.<br />

Among them was a <strong>Madison</strong> County family<br />

for which the organization completed critical<br />

home repairs.<br />

“The playhouses are a great way for<br />

sponsors to dip their feet into our sponsorship<br />

pool. We have a lot sponsors who start<br />

out with a playhouse project and end up<br />

sponsoring part of or a full house construction<br />

down the road,” Thomas said. “Our<br />

ability to serve is based on the amount that<br />

we’re able to raise toward our programs.”<br />

Families interested in applying to receive<br />

a playhouse can contact Lisa Jones at<br />

ljones@habitatmidohio.org. For information<br />

about volunteer and sponsorship opportunities<br />

for the Playhouse Project or for Habitat’s<br />

broader mission, contact Kate Ames at<br />

kames@habitatmidohio.org or visit<br />

www.habitatmidohio.org.<br />

In addition to playhouse sponsors, Habitat<br />

welcomes volunteers to work behind the<br />

scenes, creating the playhouse kits and<br />

priming the pieces. Kit creation is open to<br />

A Target distribution center employee puts finishing touches on<br />

a playhouse for a <strong>Madison</strong> County family. The center, located in<br />

West Jefferson, sponsored two playhouses and provided volunteers<br />

to build and paint them. Proceeds benefit Habitat For Humanity-MidOhio.<br />

volunteers who are 18 or older and have basic woodworking skills.<br />

Volunteers must be at least 12 years old to help with priming the<br />

pieces. Habitat also is looking for individuals 18 or older to serve<br />

as captains, guiding sponsor groups through the assembly and<br />

painting process.<br />

BEFORE LeafFilter AFTER LeafFilter<br />




PURCHASE *<br />


15 % %<br />

OFF<br />

10<br />

SENIORS &<br />


+ %<br />

OFF +0<br />

APR FOR<br />

24 MONTHS**<br />


G U T T E R<br />

1<br />

G U A R D<br />



Mon-Thurs: 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: 2pm-8pm EST<br />

Promo Code: 285<br />


1-877-297-5808<br />

**Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card is issued by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., an Equal Housing Lender. Special terms for 24 mo. apply to qualifying purchases of $1,000 or more with approved<br />

<br />

for complete details.2The leading consumer reporting agency conducted a 16 month outdoor test of gutter guards in 2010 and recognized LeafFilter as the “#1 rated professionally installed gutter<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Jeff Pfeil<br />

Volunteers from the Target distribution center in West Jefferson paint and assemble a children’s playhouse for<br />

a <strong>Madison</strong> County family.

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