Yes San Francisco - Urban Sustainability Challenge August 2023

"Thank you to the World Economic Forum and the City of San Francisco for considering our vision and efforts. We are eager to explore the potential of a partnership that could make San Francisco a leading force in carbon-negative construction. Your dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to set a global standard. Together, we can pave the way for a greener future." Beyond Sustainable Corporation

"Thank you to the World Economic Forum and the City of San Francisco for considering our vision and efforts. We are eager to explore the potential of a partnership that could make San Francisco a leading force in carbon-negative construction. Your dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to set a global standard.
Together, we can pave the way for a greener future."
Beyond Sustainable Corporation


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Business Name: Beyond Sustainable Corporation<br />

Target Audience: The World Economic Forum and the City of <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong><br />

Project: <strong>Yes</strong> <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>, <strong>Urban</strong> <strong>Sustainability</strong> <strong>Challenge</strong> from Uplink<br />

Mission: Revolutionizing construction with carbon-negative materials, focused on reshaping<br />

urban sustainability.

Woodrow<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation, a pioneering force at the<br />

intersection of technology, sustainability, design and construction.<br />

At Beyond Sustainable Corporation, we're forging a future where buildings aren't just environmentally<br />

friendly – they're carbon negative powerhouses. Our innovative technology is more than<br />

sustainable; it's a revolutionary step towards transforming the global construction landscape. Every<br />

structure we create is not just a building, but a commitment to a greener, more innovative world.

CEO<br />

Mission: Create a better world<br />

Strength: Development and strategies in business<br />

positioning<br />

Alain Bélanger<br />

The Chief Executive Beyonder<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation<br />


COO<br />

Mission: To make people and businesses greener through<br />

technology<br />

Strength: Achieving what most think is impossible<br />

Scott Philippe<br />

The Chief Operating Beyonder<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation<br />


Woodrow<br />

Key Partners<br />

Cities & Municipalities: Engaging with local governments to<br />

align with city development plans.<br />

Architects & Engineers: Close collaboration to create adaptable<br />

and innovative designs.<br />

Manufacturers & Suppliers: Building a supply chain that supports<br />

sustainability.<br />

Investors & Environmental Organizations: Leveraging financial<br />

and moral support for a shared vision.<br />


Key Activities<br />

R&D: Continuous innovation of bio-carbon materials for<br />

construction, automotive, and more.<br />

Collaborations: Working with professionals to refine and optimize<br />

solutions.<br />

Innovation Center in <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>: Serving as a hub for<br />

research, technology development, and a showcase for potential<br />

applications.<br />

Innovation Center in <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong><br />


The<br />

Current<br />

<strong>Challenge</strong>s<br />

Construction contributes 39% of global carbon emissions<br />

The status quo is unsustainable, and conventional construction<br />

practices exacerbate environmental degradation.<br />


Beyonders<br />

Our Solutions<br />

"We've pioneered a carbon-negative biomaterial created<br />

by merging designed bio-carbon with our proprietary<br />

technology. This novel material can be incorporated into<br />

products like siding, insulation, walls, window frames, doors,<br />

transforming the construction industry towards<br />

sustainability, efficiency, and affordability.<br />

With our innovation center, we continue to explore new<br />

applications, setting the stage for a building revolution."<br />


Vision<br />

Our vision is to lead a global transformation in construction by innovating<br />

carbon-negative solutions, fostering collaboration with cities and professionals,<br />

and setting a new standard for urban sustainability and livability<br />

"Our ambition transcends conventional sustainability; we aspire to redefine<br />

the very essence of construction for a new era. At Beyond Sustainable<br />

Corporation, we are pioneering a revolution that transforms buildings from<br />

mere structures to carbon-negative powerhouses. Leveraging cutting-edge<br />

technology, we're not just aligning with sustainability – we're driving it to<br />

unprecedented heights. Our vision is a world where every building is a<br />

testament to innovation, a symbol of environmental stewardship, and a step<br />

towards a future where the structures we inhabit actively contribute to the<br />

well-being of our planet."<br />


Our biomaterial transforms buildings into active<br />

carbon capturers, reshaping urban development<br />

into a force for environmental restoration. <br />

We're not just delivering sustainability; we're delivering a new<br />

era of construction that's in harmony with the planet.<br />


The <br />

Planning<br />

Our journey starts with the continuous refinement of our<br />

biomaterial at the Innovation Center. It's then validated<br />

and optimized on our Prototype Line. Our licensing model<br />

empowers global adoption, turning buildings worldwide<br />

into carbon capturers.<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation's planning approach is focused on dynamic collaboration<br />

and innovation. Our strategy involves engaging with cities, professionals, and industry partners<br />

to develop tailored solutions for carbon-negative construction. We continuously adapt to<br />

emerging challenges by aligning our technology with global sustainability goals. Through<br />

strategic licensing, a strong focus on research and development, and robust partnerships, we<br />

aim to revolutionize construction practices, prioritizing new buildings, retrofitting, and<br />

affordable housing. Our planning is not just about meeting present needs but shaping a future<br />

where buildings are part of the environmental solution. It's a roadmap to a sustainable future,<br />

built on creativity, collaboration, and continuous improvement.<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation: Pioneering a Greener Future in Housing<br />


Revenue Streams<br />

Product Sales: Selling innovative biomaterials, including carbon-capturing<br />

materials and recycling unrecyclable plastics.<br />

Licensing Fees: Income from sharing proprietary technology with industry<br />

partners, driving widespread adoption.<br />

Grants and Investments: Financial support from various sources for sustainable<br />

growth, innovation, and technology implementation.<br />

Carbon Credits: Revenue from quantifying and trading carbon credits for the<br />

carbon stored in our materials.<br />

Recycling Partnerships: Collaborating with industries to process non recyclable<br />

waste, offering a sustainable solution, and generating income.<br />

Consulting and Collaboration: Revenue from working with cities, engineers,<br />

architects, and designers to tailor solutions for construction, retrofitting, and<br />

housing.<br />


Conclusion<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation is more than just a<br />

business. We're architects of a greener future, where<br />

buildings actively restore the environment. Our vision<br />

transcends the ordinary; it's about co-creating a<br />

planet-positive legacy.<br />

Together, we craft a narrative where every structure is a<br />

catalyst for a healthier, thriving world.<br />

Beyonders<br />

-Beyond Sustainable Corporation<br />


Woodrow<br />

Thank You<br />

"Thank you to the World Economic Forum and the City of <strong>San</strong><br />

<strong>Francisco</strong> for considering our vision and efforts. We are eager<br />

to explore the potential of a partnership that could make <strong>San</strong><br />

<strong>Francisco</strong> a leading force in carbon-negative construction.<br />

Your dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with our<br />

mission, and we look forward to the possibility of working<br />

together to set a global standard.<br />

Together, we can pave the way for a greener future."<br />

- Beyond Sustainable Corporation

Annexe: Project:<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation (BSC):<br />

Committed to delivering carbon negative buildings solution<br />

<strong>Yes</strong> <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>, <strong>Urban</strong> <strong>Sustainability</strong> <strong>Challenge</strong><br />

Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities: The world’s population is constantly increasing. To<br />

accommodate everyone, we need to build modern, sustainable cities. For all of us to survive and prosper, we need new, intelligent urban<br />

planning that creates safe, affordable and resilient cities with green and culturally inspiring living conditions.<br />

143 Submissions<br />

https://uplink.weforum.org/uplink/s/topic/0TO2o000000Vgj6GAC/cities-and-communities<br />

https://uplink.weforum.org/uplink/s/uplink-issue/a002o0000174PQwAAM/yes-san-francisco-urban-sustainability-challenge<br />

https://youtu.be/oZ_SdsUtLPI<br />

This challenge calls for innovative solutions to reimagine and transform the city of <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>.<br />

Our goal is to cultivate an ecosystem of organizations that can revitalize its downtown and grow its position as a leader in sustainability<br />

innovation.<br />

Cities are home to a growing majority of the world’s population and account for more than 80% of the global GDP. Despite occupying only 3%<br />

of the world’s land, cities account for two-thirds of the global energy demand and 70% of CO2 emissions.<br />

As cities prepare for continued growth — with an estimated 2.5 billion new residents by 2050 — they face the dual challenge of ensuring<br />

sustainable urban development while also delivering an improved quality of life and economic opportunities for all residents. A sustainable city<br />

starts with a sustainable foundation. It is possible to modify existing spaces to reduce embodied carbon and operational emissions to boost<br />

resilience to climate change. Retrofits, novel flexible use models, and nature-based solutions can bring new life and value to underutilized or<br />

antiquated spaces.<br />

This brings us to the geographic focus of this challenge: the city of <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>, which has a long history of environmental leadership. By<br />

driving urban sustainability efforts, <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong> can grow as a role model for green cities, promoting climate resilience and sustainability.

Beyond Sustainable Corporation (BSC) : Our solution and its purpose<br />

Dear Members of the World Economic Forum and Representatives of <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong> City,<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation is leading the way in reshaping the future of construction and sustainability. Through our innovative pyrolytic<br />

carbonization process, we have engineered a unique bio-carbon. This material, obtained from both biogenic and industrial leftovers, is capable of<br />

storing an impressive 3.3 tons of carbon dioxide per ton.<br />

As we focus our initial efforts on the construction sector, the scope of our groundbreaking technology reaches far and wide, encompassing<br />

automotive, industrial, road applications, and more. We are revolutionizing the industry with a material that stores over ten times more carbon than<br />

traditional wood-based alternatives. Furthermore, our technology encapsulates defective plastic and rubber from tire treads, creating a versatile<br />

material designed for new building construction, retrofit, and affordable housing.<br />

<strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong> City stands as a beacon of innovation and progressive thinking. Collaborating with you, we envision a future where our technology<br />

can contribute to your thriving urban landscape, aligning with your sustainable goals and enhancing the city's status as a leader in environmental<br />

stewardship.<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation is not just a company; it's a movement. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a carbon-negative<br />

future, where every building contributes to a healthier planet.

Targeted <strong>Challenge</strong>s and Focus Areas<br />

Primary <strong>Challenge</strong><br />


<strong>Yes</strong> <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>, <strong>Urban</strong> <strong>Sustainability</strong> <strong>Challenge</strong><br />

Buildings and infrastructure<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation's solution is poised to invigorate <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>'s construction landscape by initially incorporating our specially designed<br />

bio-carbon into essential products such as siding, insulation, molding, walls, window frames, and doors. Immediate Impact with Key Products: We provide<br />

tangible and immediate opportunities for <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong> to enhance its sustainable construction practices using our groundbreaking materials in key areas<br />

of construction. Innovation Center for Expanded Applications: We envision establishing an Innovation Center in <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong> to research and develop a<br />

broader spectrum of applications, evolving beyond our initial offerings. This hub will be the heart of creativity, fostering collaboration with local engineers,<br />

architects, and designers. Local Manufacturing and Economic Growth: Our commitment also extends to opening a regional manufacturing hub, aiming at<br />

local job creation and tailoring our products to <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>'s architectural uniqueness. Collaboration with City Authorities and Professionals: By working<br />

hand in hand with city authorities, our materials and technologies can shape a new era of eco-friendly buildings, focusing on new construction, retrofitting,<br />

and affordable housing. Positioning <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong> as a Global Leader: Together, we can transform <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong> into a world leader in carbon-negative<br />

construction, with our solutions serving as the cornerstone of this monumental shift. Our alignment with <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>'s sustainability ambitions, coupled<br />

with our innovation-driven approach, lays the foundation for a thriving partnership and a greener future.

What's the problem?<br />

Construction processes contribute a staggering 39% of global carbon emissions, according to the World Green Building Council. This statistic not only highlights<br />

a pressing problem but also presents a significant opportunity to instigate environmental change by reinventing the industry with novel construction materials.<br />

By 2030, the USA alone will require an additional 28 million homes, marking a significant surge, driven by the prevailing housing affordability crisis and changing<br />

demographics. With current construction methods and codes, these new structures will contribute an extra 1.2 billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gases to our<br />

annual carbon footprint.<br />

Moreover, the USA's existing buildings are already significant contributors to emissions, releasing approximately 2.2 billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gases<br />

each year. To achieve our Net Zero targets, we must revolutionize not only the materials we use but also our overall approach to construction.<br />

The need for change is clear and urgent. We must transition from traditional methods to sustainable alternatives, transforming buildings from being part of the<br />

problem to becoming an integral part of the solution. In this context, Beyond Sustainable Corporation is committed to shaping a sustainable future by turning this<br />

challenge into an opportunity.

How does the solution address the problem?<br />

Our solution at Beyond Sustainable Corporation is distinctively at the nexus of innovative technology and sustainable practices. This unique blend is<br />

best exemplified by our groundbreaking advancement, where we successfully merged bio-carbon (an advanced quality of biochar) with our proprietary<br />

polymer technology.<br />

The process behind this advancement is deeply rooted in our commitment to sustainability and carbon sequestration. Biochar, which is a form of charcoal<br />

produced from plant matter, is widely recognized for its ability to improve soil fertility and to capture and store carbon, helping to mitigate climate change.<br />

By enhancing the biochar to create our unique bio-carbon, we significantly improved its carbon storage capabilities.<br />

The real game-changer, however, was the combination of our bio-carbon with a proprietary polymer. The resultant novel material is nothing short of<br />

revolutionary, as it holds the remarkable ability to store up to ten times more carbon than current wood-based alternatives.<br />

This means that when used in the construction industry, for instance, our innovative material not only contributes to carbon-negative buildings but does<br />

so in a manner that is vastly more efficient and effective than traditional methods. The substantial increase in carbon storage capacity represents a<br />

seismic shift in the potential for sustainable construction and carbon sequestration.<br />

This combination of advanced materials science and deep dedication to sustainability is what makes our solution at Beyond Sustainable Corporation truly<br />

unique. It offers a cutting-edge, viable response to the pressing environmental challenges of our time, placing us at the forefront of sustainable<br />


Business/operating model<br />

The business and operating model of Beyond Sustainable Corporation are fundamentally rooted in innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.<br />

Our primary business model revolves around the research, development, and licensing of our proprietary material. At the core of our operations is our<br />

Innovation Center, a space dedicated to the creation and continuous improvement of our unique solution. Here, we harness the power of cutting-edge<br />

technology and top-tier talent to drive sustainability-focused innovation.<br />

Once developed, these innovations are tested and refined through our Prototype Line. This ensures the viability and effectiveness of our solutions in real-world<br />

scenarios, while also providing tangible demonstrations of our technological capabilities.<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation's operating model is designed to be collaborative and expansive. Recognizing the global potential of our solution, we aim to<br />

extend its reach through a licensing strategy. This allows businesses, governments, and organizations worldwide to incorporate our technology into their own<br />

operations, driving the adoption of sustainable practices on a global scale.<br />

Furthermore, we are always open to partnerships and collaborations that align with our mission of sustainable construction and urban development. This<br />

ensures we remain at the forefront of the industry, continually evolving and improving our solutions while expanding their reach.<br />

This integrated approach to business and operations underscores Beyond Sustainable Corporation's commitment to driving change in the construction industry,<br />

moving towards a future where carbon-negative buildings and urban areas become the norm.

Organization biography<br />

Beyond Sustainable Corporation stands at the forefront of innovative and sustainable engineering solutions, committed to the creation of a<br />

greener, healthier future. Our unique expertise lies in our ability to blend advanced technology, sustainability, and creativity to address the pressing<br />

environmental challenges of our time.<br />

One of our significant differentiators is our proprietary technology, which merges biocarbon with our polymer. This groundbreaking advancement<br />

has allowed us to develop a novel material capable of storing up to ten times more carbon than current wood-based alternatives. This pioneering<br />

approach to carbon storage forms the cornerstone of our ability to create carbon-negative buildings, fundamentally shifting the paradigm of what<br />

sustainable construction can achieve.<br />

Additionally, with a rich history of planting over a million trees, we hold a deep appreciation for the critical role of biodiversity in environmental<br />

health. This experience positions us to effectively promote biodiversity and Biophilic design within urban developments. Our design solutions aim<br />

not just to sustain, but to enrich, seeking to create urban spaces that are in harmony with nature, reducing urban heat, improving air quality, and<br />

fostering a sense of well-being among residents.<br />

At Beyond Sustainable Corporation, our mission is not just to react to the environmental crises we face, but to anticipate and address them<br />

proactively. Our commitment to pioneering technology, sustainability, and the promotion of biodiversity sets us apart, allowing us to drive the<br />

creation of greener cities and a more sustainable world. We're not just building for the present, we're engineering for the future.

What's the impact?<br />

Even in its commercialization phase, Beyond Sustainable Corporation can project its potential impact in various ways:<br />

1. Carbon Reduction: We estimate the potential carbon storage in buildings using our biomaterial, demonstrating a potential for significant carbon<br />

reduction.<br />

2. Energy Efficiency: By projecting potential energy savings in buildings incorporating our biomaterial, we highlight the potential for improved efficiency and<br />

reduced emissions.<br />

3. Market Projections: By forecasting our potential market share, we underline the prospective environmental benefits our biomaterial could offer on a<br />

larger scale.<br />

4. Licensing and Partnerships: Potential licensing agreements and partnerships signal the broadening reach of our sustainable technology, further<br />

amplifying our impact.<br />

5. Research and Policy Influence: Continuous refinement of our biomaterial, evidenced by patents and improvements, shows our dedication to maximizing<br />

impact. Additionally, influencing policy towards more sustainable construction signifies a wider-reaching, long-term effect.<br />

While these measures may not represent an immediate tangible impact, they are significant strides towards our goals, laying the groundwork for profound<br />

industry transformation.

Vision & pathway to scale<br />

At Beyond Sustainable Corporation, we pledge to reshape the construction industry by integrating advanced technology and sustainability into the fabric of<br />

building materials. Our mission is to trigger a fundamental paradigm shift in global construction practices, with a focus on creating carbon-negative buildings<br />

through the power of our innovative technology.<br />

Our vision extends beyond conventional sustainability. We aim to redefine what it means to live in a house in the 21st century and beyond. This involves<br />

incorporating carbon capture technology directly into our construction materials, transforming every building into a carbon sink rather than a source of emissions.<br />

Our journey to scale commences at our Innovation Center, the hub of our cutting-edge solutions. This is where we constantly refine our proprietary biomaterial,<br />

maximizing its carbon storage and energy efficiency. Once developed, our technologies are trialed and fine-tuned on our Prototype Line to ensure real-world<br />

applicability.<br />

To maximize our global impact, we employ a licensing model. This strategy enables us to disseminate our groundbreaking technology worldwide, promoting a<br />

universal shift towards sustainable construction. Through this, we aim to turn buildings globally from carbon emitters into active carbon capturers.<br />

At Beyond Sustainable Corporation, our commitment to a greener future goes beyond the conventional. We are not just rewriting the narrative of sustainability;<br />

we are crafting a new chapter where every home is a step towards a healthier planet.

Achievements<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

1999 - Award: "Entreprise de l'Année au Nouveau-Brunswick" (Company of the Year in New Brunswick) award, bestowed by the Conseil Économique du<br />

Nouveau-Brunswick (Economic Council of New Brunswick)<br />

2000 - Award: The "Le Mondial de l'entreprenariat Jeunesse" award is a highly esteemed competition that honors young entrepreneurs who demonstrate exceptional<br />

innovation, creativity, and leadership in their business ventures.<br />

2001 - Award: National recognition; prestigious "Lauriers de la PME" (SME Laurels) awards in the "Économie du savoir" (Knowledge Economy) sector. Underscoring their<br />

innovative approach and dedication to advancing intellectual capital in the business landscape.<br />

2002 - Award: National recognition in the category of "Mariage de l'éducation et de l'innovation" (Marriage of Education and Innovation) by "The Conference Board of<br />

Canada." Their exceptional efforts in bridging the gap between education and innovation.<br />

2002 - Impact: Team Canada Mission to Russia and Germany, led by then-Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. This significant event showcased Alain Belanger's prominent<br />

role in promoting international trade and fostering economic ties between Canada and these two countries.i<br />

2003 - Award: National recognition within the esteemed "Lauriers de la PME" (SME Laurels) awards, specifically in the sector of "Développement rural" (Rural<br />

Development).<br />

2004 - Award: Finalist for the prestigious "Entrepreneur de l'année" (Entrepreneur of the Year) award by Ernst & Young. Outstanding entrepreneurial achievements,<br />

innovative leadership, and exceptional contributions to the business community.<br />

2006 - Award: Innovation of Forestry Technologies award by the New Brunswick Forest Products Association. This prestigious recognition celebrated their exceptional<br />

contributions to the advancement and application of technology within the forestry industry.<br />

2007 - Award: Africa-Canada Partnership during the "Forum Africa 2007." This recognition celebrated their efforts in fostering meaningful collaborations and partnerships<br />

between African and Canadian organizations, promoting sustainable development.<br />

2013 - Impact: Patent: Wave Wood Assembly and Method of Making Same<br />

2014 - Impact: Part of the delegation led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper during the 15th Sommet de la Francophonie in Dakar, Senegal, from November 28 to<br />

November 30, 2014.<br />

2017 - Award: Receiving the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal from Senator Percy Mockler is a prestigious honor that recognizes Alain Bélanger's significant contributions<br />

and accomplishments.<br />

2019 - Impact: Patent: Foldable Composite Material, Sheet and Structure<br />

2019 - Impact: 100 million trees planted: Reaching the milestone of planting 100 million trees in 2019 is a remarkable achievement.<br />

2021 - Other: Start up of Metaligna Modular Inc. (Modular Building) with 16 million first year; Construction of a mobile hospital (100 bed) in 3 month.<br />

2022 - Partner: Carbonauten Canada Inc. partnership with Carbonauten Germany (Biochar expert)<br />

<strong>2023</strong> - Funding: RBC First 1 million loan for Intellectual Property. In partnership with EDC (Export Development Canada)

Needs<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

Expertise: Carbon credit expertise<br />

Expertise: Architects, designers & Engineers<br />

Funding: $10 million for 15% of the equity of a newCo (Beyonders Tech Inc.) Intellectual property will be transfer<br />

to Beyonders Tech Inc.<br />

Visibility: Marketing, branding, educating and funding

Additional information for review<br />

For both investors and partners, there is no more opportune venture than Beyond Sustainable Corporation (BSC). Those who join us are not merely seeking<br />

financial returns; they are embarking on a transformative journey. BSC isn't just a company; it is a beacon of change in the vast construction landscape.<br />

1. Innovative Solutions for Real Impact: At the heart of BSC's efforts lies our novel technology that turns bio-carbon into integral construction elements like<br />

siding, insulation, molding, walls, window frames, and doors. This is a pioneering move towards a future of carbon-negative buildings.<br />

2. Emphasis on Collaboration: Our strength lies in our ability to foster ties. Through our Innovation Center, we envision a collaborative space where cities,<br />

engineers, architects, and designers come together under BSC's banner, innovating for a sustainable future.<br />

3. Balancing <strong>Sustainability</strong> and Affordability: Our sights are set on new building construction, retrofit projects, and affordable housing. Every initiative<br />

balances environmental consciousness with economic viability.<br />

4. Charting a Global Path: Beginning with our initiatives in <strong>San</strong> <strong>Francisco</strong>, BSC's vision is expansive, with potential ripple effects reaching urban hubs<br />

worldwide.<br />

5. An Investment in Tomorrow: Aligning with BSC is more than a financial decision; it's a commitment to a future where technology and sustainability meld<br />

to redefine urban living.<br />

Investing in BSC is about backing a vision, a dream where both profit and purpose converge. We beckon all forward-thinking investors and partners to<br />

become a part of our ambitious journey.

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