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This month’s magazine is full of wonderful ways to encourage curiosity and step out of your comfort zone—whether it’s through food, fashion, or fitness. September 23 marks the start of a new season, after all, so why not experience something new to you, too? Our feature, “A Taste of Italy” is a perfect place to begin. Starting on page 66, STYLE’s carb-loving contributor Sharon Penny takes your taste buds on a journey to 25 must-try Italian eateries (and suggests a to-die-for dish at each). Next time the craving for a hearty plate of pasta swimming in house-made sauce comes, give your go-to restaurant a rest, and check out one of these establishments—and entrées—instead. Whether your palate prefers simple and straightforward fare like spaghetti and meatballs, creative twists on the classics (chicken piccata pizza, anyone?), or traditional recipes cooked correctly like real-deal Roman fettuccine Alfredo, there are ample options for all. As autumn arrives and the leaves begin to change, why not change up your wardrobe, too? Writer Caitlin McCulloch consulted with local boutique owners about the season’s latest looks in “Falling for Fashion” (page 54). Teaser: Don’t be surprised if you see boxy blazers (shoulder pads optional); bold, geometric patterns; wide-leg, loose denim; and lots of layers coming to a mannequin near you. Finally, when it comes to workouts, challenge yourself with outdoor enthusiast Ryan Martinez’s “Take a Hike” suggestion (page 40) to Glacier Lakes Trail—a moderately difficult, 7.4-mile adventure that promises stunning scenery, a serene lake, and super sore muscles. Even though doing something different may seem daunting, like I told my daughter during dinner last night (as she stared begrudgingly at her broccoli): “Just try it—you might like it!” —Megan megan@stylemg.com @meggoeggowaffle

This month’s magazine is full of wonderful ways to encourage curiosity and step out of your comfort zone—whether it’s through food, fashion, or fitness. September 23 marks the start of a new season, after all, so why not experience something new to you, too?

Our feature, “A Taste of Italy” is a perfect place to begin. Starting on page 66, STYLE’s carb-loving contributor Sharon Penny takes your taste buds on a journey to 25 must-try Italian eateries (and suggests a to-die-for dish at each). Next time the craving for a hearty plate of pasta swimming in house-made sauce comes, give your go-to restaurant a rest, and check out one of these establishments—and entrées—instead. Whether your palate prefers simple and straightforward fare like spaghetti and meatballs, creative twists on the classics (chicken piccata pizza, anyone?), or traditional recipes cooked correctly like real-deal Roman fettuccine Alfredo, there are ample options for all.

As autumn arrives and the leaves begin to change, why not change up your wardrobe, too? Writer Caitlin McCulloch consulted with local boutique owners about the season’s latest looks in “Falling for Fashion” (page 54). Teaser: Don’t be surprised if you see boxy blazers (shoulder pads optional); bold, geometric patterns; wide-leg, loose denim; and lots of layers coming to a mannequin near you.

Finally, when it comes to workouts, challenge yourself with outdoor enthusiast Ryan Martinez’s “Take a Hike” suggestion (page 40) to Glacier Lakes Trail—a moderately difficult, 7.4-mile adventure that promises stunning scenery, a serene lake, and super sore muscles.

Even though doing something different may seem daunting, like I told my daughter during dinner last night (as she stared begrudgingly at her broccoli): “Just try it—you might like it!”



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Unstoppable Ube Fall Bucket List Home Design Tips<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />


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L I V E L I F E O U T S I D E<br />




| contents |<br />

SEPTEMBER<strong>2023</strong><br />

66<br />

20<br />

88<br />

24<br />

84<br />



10 ONLINE<br />

12 COMMUNITY<br />


WHAT'S UP<br />

News Around Town<br />

16 10 SPOT<br />

Fall Bucket List<br />

20 GET TO KNOW<br />

Lisa Hausmann<br />

24 ARTS & CULTURE<br />

Spotlight on Steve Holler<br />

28 CALENDAR<br />

32 OUTTAKES<br />

Event Pics<br />


Navigating an Empty Nest<br />

40 TAKE A HIKE<br />

Glacier Lakes Trail<br />

54 KEEP IT LOCAL<br />


What to Wear This Season<br />



Q&A with Local Companies<br />

62 HOME & GARDEN<br />

Meet the Faces<br />

Behind the Spaces<br />

66 FEATURE<br />

A Taste of Italy<br />

84 EAT & DRINK<br />


Daniello’s<br />

86 FOODIE FIND<br />

High-Hand Brewing Co.<br />

88 THE HOT LIST<br />

Unstoppable Ube<br />


98 LAST LOOK<br />

Placer SPCA<br />


42<br />

P R E M I E R <br />


P R O F E S S I O N A L S<br />

75<br />



55 SHOP LOCAL<br />


87 BEST FOOD + DRINK<br />



Spaghetti & Meatballs from<br />

Papa Gianni's Ristorante.<br />

Photo by Taylor Allred<br />

©stylemediagroup.<br />


4 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


Our patients see real results.<br />

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“<br />

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This is your formal<br />

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Join us at our annual Masquerade Ball. Professional ballroom<br />

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Enjoy picture opportunities in our lighted Cinderella<br />

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Open Daily at 11:00am | WiseVillaWinery.com | 4200 Wise Rd. Lincoln, Ca 95648 | (916) 543-0323

| editor’s letter |<br />

Have you ever had, or heard of, ube?<br />

If not, you’re missing out on one of<br />

the most delicious food fads. Like<br />

most culinary trends, ube has been<br />

around for a LONG time (more than<br />

four centuries in the Philippines!) but<br />

is finally becoming more mainstream stateside.<br />

The first time I tasted the vibrantly violet purple<br />

yam—with a mild, sweet flavor and coconutty<br />

aroma—was when my mother-in-law (who’s<br />

culturally Filipino) invited me over for her famous<br />

“halo-halo.” Made by mixing ube ice cream with<br />

sweetened condensed milk, crushed ice, red beans,<br />

flan, mango jelly, fresh fruit, and more—it was love at<br />

first bite. Since then, I never pass up the opportunity<br />

to order ube anything when I see it on a menu. Ube<br />

cookies? Ube coffee? Ube colada? Yes, please! If you’re looking for some local spots<br />

to savor the flavor, turn to Pauline Arroyo’s article “Unstoppable Ube!” on page 88.<br />

Speaking of trying new things, this month’s magazine is full of wonderful ways to<br />

encourage curiosity and step out of your comfort zone—whether it’s through food,<br />

fashion, or fitness. <strong>September</strong> 23 marks the start of a new season, after all, so why<br />

not experience something new to you, too?<br />

Our feature, “A Taste of Italy” is a perfect place to begin. Starting on page<br />

66, STYLE ’s carb-loving contributor Sharon Penny takes your taste buds on a<br />

journey to 25 must-try Italian eateries (and suggests a to-die-for dish at each).<br />

Next time the craving for a hearty plate<br />

of pasta swimming in house-made sauce<br />

“We keep moving<br />

comes, give your go-to restaurant a rest,<br />

forward, opening and check out one of these establishments—<br />

new doors,<br />

and entrées—instead. Whether your palate<br />

prefers simple and straightforward fare like<br />

and doing new<br />

spaghetti and meatballs, creative twists on<br />

things, because the classics (chicken piccata pizza, anyone?),<br />

we’re curious or traditional recipes cooked correctly like<br />

real-deal Roman fettuccine Alfredo, there<br />

and curiosity<br />

are ample options for all.<br />

keeps leading us As autumn arrives and the leaves begin to<br />

down new paths.” change, why not change up your wardrobe,<br />

too? Writer Caitlin McCulloch consulted<br />

—Walt Disney<br />

with local boutique owners about the<br />

season’s latest looks in “Falling for Fashion”<br />

(page 54). Teaser: Don’t be surprised if you see boxy blazers (shoulder pads optional);<br />

bold, geometric patterns; wide-leg, loose denim; and lots of layers coming to a<br />

mannequin near you.<br />

Finally, when it comes to workouts, challenge yourself with outdoor enthusiast<br />

Ryan Martinez’s “ Take a Hike” suggestion (page 40) to Glacier Lakes Trail—a moderately<br />

difficult, 7.4-mile adventure that promises stunning scenery, a serene lake, and super<br />

sore muscles.<br />

Even though doing something different may seem daunting, like I told my<br />

daughter during dinner last night (as she stared begrudgingly at her broccoli): “Just<br />

try it—you might like it!”<br />

—Megan<br />

megan@stylemg.com<br />

@meggoeggowaffle<br />

Shop Local...Where it Matters.<br />

#ShopLocal #SupportLocalBusiness #CommunitySupportingCommunity<br />

Photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

6 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Lorem ipsum<br />

SHOP . DINE . PLAY<br />

Tot<br />

Tuesdays<br />

Sept 5,19<br />

10am<br />

FARMER’S<br />

MARKET<br />

Opens Wednesdays, 9am - 1pm<br />

In Whole Foods/Kirkland Parking Lot

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />


Terence P. Carroll, Wendy L. Sipple<br />


LESSON!<br />

Have elementary or middle school<br />

children interested in music?<br />

Try us out!<br />

Must present ad. New customers only. Not<br />

valid with other offers. Expires 10/31/23.<br />



• Private Lessons<br />

• Rock Band<br />

• Group Classes<br />

• Early Childhood<br />

Classes<br />

• Birthday Parties<br />

• Full Recording<br />

Studio<br />

• Record a Demo<br />

• Summer Camps<br />

We also offer customized music lessons<br />

Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, and more!<br />

(916) 265-2600<br />

s.p.musicfolsom@gmail.com<br />


Megan Wiskus<br />


Bella Nolen<br />


Pauline Arroyo, Caroline Kings, Nelly Kislyanka,<br />

Jennifer Maragoni, Ryan Martinez, Caitlin McCulloch,<br />

Sharon Penny, Julie Ryan<br />


Gary Zsigo<br />


Ray Burgess<br />


Taylor Allred<br />


Theresa Arnold, 916-308-2400<br />


Joe Chiodo, 916-224-5677<br />

JoAnn DeLise, 916-918-3822<br />

Emiley Mohr, 916-247-7809<br />

Debbie Newell-Juhos/Newell & Associates, 916-365-3537<br />


Bettie Grijalva, 916-223-3364<br />


Kathleen Hurt<br />


Cathy Carmichael<br />


Ken White, Ixystems<br />


Jarrod Carroll<br />

• 1&2 Bedroom Apartments<br />

• NO second person fee<br />

• Pet Friendly with<br />

no pet fee<br />

• Full kitchens<br />

• Laundry in each unit<br />

• 3 dining venues<br />

• Vibrant events and<br />

adventures program<br />

• Independent,<br />

Assisted Living<br />

and Memory Care<br />

COME<br />

TAKE A<br />

TOUR!<br />


Adrian Blanco, Adrian Blanco Jewelry<br />

Taryn Grows, Clutch<br />

Darcy Quinn, Placerville Public House & Thrifted. On Main<br />

Gavin Russo, Spare Time Sports Clubs<br />

Zach Mongston, EXP Realty<br />

Kaleb Wallen, Steve Wallen Swim School<br />

In Memoriam<br />

Debra Linn<br />


Proud member of:<br />

Printed on recycled paper.<br />

Please recycle this magazine.<br />

LIc.# 342700370<br />

645 Willard Drive | Folsom, California<br />

916-458-0303<br />

www.prairiecitylanding.com<br />


909 MORMON STREET, SUITE 104<br />

FOLSOM, CA 95630<br />

TEL 916-988-9888 • FAX 916-596-2100<br />

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may be used in any media. We reserve the right to edit.<br />

Subscriptions to STYLE are available.<br />

Email info@stylemg.com for more information.<br />

8 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong>

MEET OUR<br />


BOARD<br />


Adrian Blanco is the owner of Adrian<br />

Blanco Jewelry in Folsom, which was<br />

nominated by the 6th State Assembly<br />

district as “Small Business of the Year.” In<br />

addition, Blanco is incredibly active in the<br />

community, serving on the board of the<br />

Folsom Police Foundation and the Better<br />

Business Bureau.<br />

Darcy Quinn—owner of two businesses in<br />

Downtown Placerville’s Main Street: Thrifted<br />

and Placerville Public House—was born and<br />

raised in Northern California and enjoys it<br />

so much she raises her family here. Quinn<br />

loves the vibe of the community and gives<br />

back through Placerville Public House<br />

fundraisers, including many for local high<br />

schools and little leagues.<br />

Adrian Blanco photo by Katherine Elyse Media; katherineelysemedia.com. Darcy Quinn photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup.<br />

Gavin Russo’s career as a sales and<br />

marketing executive spans nearly 40<br />

years—the past 20 years as the sales and<br />

marketing director at Spare Time Sports<br />

Clubs. He currently oversees seven clubs<br />

in the Sacramento region and Contra<br />

Costa County. Originally from New York,<br />

Russo currently lives in El Dorado Hills.<br />

Taryn Grows comes from a 65-plus-year<br />

family legacy in the Folsom area. Her<br />

paternal grandparents were entrepreneurs<br />

and owned a campground on Folsom Lake.<br />

Currently, Grows serves as the director<br />

of communications for CLUTCH, but her<br />

real passion is playing co-founder with<br />

her father and business partner of a<br />

firefighter/first responder-themed brewery<br />

coming to Historic Folsom.<br />

Originally from the U.K., Zach Mongston’s love<br />

affair with this area began about 15 years<br />

ago after volunteering on the Downtown<br />

Roseville Merchants Association. Currently<br />

an ambassador for the Roseville Chamber<br />

of Commerce, Mongston—an estate agent<br />

with Exp Realty—has also volunteered<br />

as an emcee for the City of Roseville and<br />

Loomis, as well as for charities like Shine<br />

with Purpose and Stand Up Placer.<br />

Kaleb Wallen is the co-owner/co-founder of<br />

Steve Wallen Swim School in El Dorado Hills<br />

and Roseville. He grew up in Folsom and<br />

attended Folsom High School, then went<br />

on to graduate from the University<br />

of California, Davis, where he studied<br />

exercise biology with an emphasis on<br />

physiology and competed on the UC Davis<br />

Men’s Swim Team all four years. He’s lived<br />

in the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area for over<br />

34 years and resides with his wife and their<br />

two dogs and cat.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 9<br />



Rosacea | Tattoos | Wrinkles<br />

Brown Spots | Hair Removal<br />

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Microneedling | RF Microneedling<br />

Morpheus8 ® Skin Tightening<br />


Facials | Peels | Waxing<br />

DermaSweep | Microdermabrasion<br />





2009-2022<br />




| online |<br />

Find More on the Web This Month<br />



$10,000!<br />

Last month's $1k beneficiary, Folsom’s Hope<br />

In honor of our 20th year in business, we're<br />

donating $1,000 each month—through January<br />

2024—to local charitable organizations and<br />

need YOU, our readers, to help us designate the<br />

recipients. Nominate your nonprofit of choice<br />

at stylemg.com/20years.<br />

get away in style<br />

Grab your pals, and pack your bags! Our editor is bringing<br />

you along for the ultimate friendcation to the Kimpton<br />

Sawyer in downtown Sacramento. After reading about<br />

the hotel’s “suite” package (available for up to six of<br />

your nearest and dearest) that comes inclusive of a stay<br />

in the Penthouse Suite, fully stocked fridge and mini<br />

bar, welcome amenity, $100 credit to Revival, cabana<br />

experience, blowouts for you and your buds, plus brunch<br />

with bottomless mimosas, and (much!) more, you’ll want to<br />

book your own staycation stat.<br />

Top photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup. Adventure Awaits photo courtesy of Megan Wiskus.<br />

10 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong>

GOOD<br />


We all know mornings can be a whirlwind, especially when<br />

getting kiddos ready for school. But amidst the hustle<br />

and bustle, it's essential to prioritize a healthy breakfast.<br />

In honor of Better Breakfast Month, we consulted with<br />

Tasha Rosales, board certified holistic health practitioner,<br />

nutritionist, and founder of Wellness Homemade<br />

(wellnesshomemade.org), about the benefits of breakfast<br />

and 9 must-haves for 9 easy morning meals.<br />





/stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

SPA<br />


Book Any 80-minute Massage and<br />

Receive a Complimentary Hot Stone<br />

Add-on. (Reg. $20) & Receive a FREE<br />

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deep relaxation, and calm the mind.<br />

Fall Into Great Skin at Asante Spa<br />

Book any of our Age Defying Peel Treatments by<br />

SkinCeuticals and receive $10 Off<br />

Product Pick of the Month<br />

25% Off any Image Skincare Gift Sets<br />

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />


Go to stylemg.com and click on the “Digital Editions” icon at the very top to find an<br />

archived collection of the print magazines.<br />


Real Weddings: start your vendor search here! Local resources (fashion, jewelry, etiquette,<br />

beauty, and of course, real weddings) to entertain, inspire, and help you plan a perfect, stress-free<br />

day. realweddingsmag.com, @realweddings, @realweddingsmag<br />

The Planning Guide: packed with timelines, expert advice, and tips to help keep you on point for<br />

your wedding planning. realweddingsmag.com/guides<br />

<strong>Style</strong> Savings & Entertainment Guide: coupons, special offers, and information on<br />

businesses in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Roseville, and Rocklin. stylesavingsguide.com,<br />

@stylesavingsguide<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 11<br />

916.933.8905 asantespaedh.com<br />

HOURS: TUE-FRI (10AM-7PM) & SAT (10AM-4PM)<br />


Offer expires 9/30/<strong>2023</strong>. Cannot be combined with any other special or discount.<br />

Additional restrictions may apply. Please see Asante Spa for further details.

| community matters |<br />

#What’sUp?<br />

New Coming Soon<br />


New&<br />

The Great Greek<br />

Mediterranean Grill<br />

(thegreatgreekgrill.<br />

com), an elevated<br />

fast-casual eatery<br />

that serves modern<br />

interpretations<br />

of traditional<br />

Mediterranean<br />

favorites (gyros,<br />

souvlaki plates,<br />

homemade dips,<br />

customizable<br />

Greek salads or<br />

rice bowls with<br />

your choice of<br />

protein, madeto-order<br />

feta<br />

fries, baklava ice<br />

cream, and more),<br />

opened in Roseville<br />

at 2010 Blue<br />

Oaks Boulevard,<br />

Suite 140.<br />

Ben’s Barketplace (bensbarketplace.<br />

com)—a local business whose mission<br />

is to educate pet owners about how<br />

to enhance and maintain their pet’s<br />

health and well-being through highquality<br />

food and products—is opening<br />

their seventh location this month<br />

at 1950 Douglas Boulevard, Suite<br />

6B, in Roseville. Along with in-store<br />

shopping, the outpost will offer<br />

curbside pickup and local delivery<br />

(minimum $50 purchase; free within a<br />

five-mile radius) and a state-of-theart,<br />

self-service dog wash machine.<br />

Family-owned pizzeria, Formaggio Pizza<br />

Express (formaggiopizza.com), is opening<br />

a second location (the first is at the El<br />

Dorado Hills Town Center) at 3377 Bass<br />

Lake Road, Suite 110. Known for their<br />

homemade pizza sauce, dough, ranch<br />

dressing, and more, the eatery serves<br />

stromboli, toasted sandwiches, calzones,<br />

wings, fries, desserts, salads, and pizza,<br />

with ample vegan and gluten-free options.<br />

Language-immersion childcare<br />

center, L’Academy (lacademyschools.<br />

com), is opening a location in<br />

Folsom (1815 Prairie City Road;<br />

projected to open next month) and<br />

Roseville (13 Sierra Gate Plaza;<br />

scheduled to open in December).<br />

The programs (infant, toddler, and<br />

preschool) take on a holistic approach<br />

to teaching a second language<br />

(Mandarin and Spanish) through<br />

meaningful, play-based activities<br />

with a curriculum focused on showing<br />

children pathways to becoming<br />

confident, creative, expressive,<br />

and compassionate citizens.<br />

Sunright Tea Studio (snrtea.com)—<br />

whose tagline is “sunny vibes and drinks<br />

made right”—opened at 1001 East<br />

Bidwell Street, Suite 102, in Folsom. The<br />

company is driven by a deep passion<br />

for the art of tea and committed to<br />

quality, authenticity, and sustainability.<br />

Stop by to sip everything from delicate<br />

white teas to bold black teas, soothing<br />

herbal blends, and enticing flavored<br />

teas—with fun, high-quality add-ins<br />

like boba, Oreos, pudding, sea-salt<br />

cheese foam, crème brûlée, and more.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

12 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

2BGlass (2bglass.com)—an Orangevalebased<br />

brand beloved for their sharp,<br />

functional works of art that provide<br />

creativity and legacy to the homes they<br />

reside in—is opening their first retail<br />

location in Cameron Park (4191 Business<br />

Drive, Suites D, E, & F) this fall. In addition<br />

to “live” glass blowing demonstrations,<br />

the space will offer in-person shopping,<br />

events, classes, and more.<br />

Tasty Taco Box (tastytacobox.com)—a local<br />

business beloved for their freshly made, creative<br />

tacos (birria, mexquite-smoked tri-tip, coconut<br />

shrimp, and more) with an existing location in<br />

Cameron Park—expanded into Pleasant Valley.<br />

Find the mobile trailer (in the coming months<br />

they’re building a full-service location) on the<br />

left side of Holiday Market near the corner<br />

of Mount Aukum Road and Sly Park Road.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

Alpine Climbing Adventure Fitness<br />

(climbatalpine.com) is opening a facility<br />

at 1730 Freedom Way in Roseville.<br />

Once complete, the 30,872-squarefoot<br />

building is expected to include<br />

an open gym, 60.5-foot-tall climbing<br />

wall, bouldering area, kids’ climbing<br />

zone, fitness classes (yoga, Pilates, HIIT,<br />

strength & conditioning), and more.<br />

Rancho Cordova-based VSP Vision<br />

opened the region’s first optical retail<br />

store, Visionworks (visionworks.com) at<br />

825 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, in<br />

Folsom. The storefront brings health<br />

care expertise backed with a network<br />

of optometrists, technicians, and retail<br />

associates ready to fulfill vision prescription<br />

needs (glasses, sunglasses, and contact<br />

lenses). Four additional locations,<br />

including one in Roseville (1208 Galleria<br />

Boulevard, Suite 160), are scheduled<br />

to open in the next few months.<br />

Persimmon (persimmon.life), an on-demand<br />

medical aesthetics provider that offers personalized<br />

self-care from the comfort of client’s homes—has<br />

expanded to the Sacramento region. The company<br />

offers an array of elevated aesthetic treatments,<br />

including Botox, SkinPen microneedling,<br />

rejuvenating chemical peels, PRP hair restoration<br />

treatments, and more; additionally, clients can host<br />

in-home Botox parties and other group events.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 13<br />


CARPET<br />



2009 • 2010 • 2011<br />

2012 • 2013 • 2014<br />

2015 • 2016 • 2017<br />

2018 • 2019 • 2020<br />

2021 • 2022<br />

$ 30<br />

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$ 30<br />

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OR<br />


AREA RUG<br />





Carpet• Tile & Grout • Hardwood • Upholstery<br />



Call Today For Your<br />


916 933-7807<br />

www.CartersCarpet.com<br />


*ask for details<br />

TILE & GROUT<br />

OR<br />


*MIN. 300 SQ. FT ask for details<br />

Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

Min. charge applies<br />

Area Rugs Cleaned Off-Site.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

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916 933-7807<br />

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$ 40<br />

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PET ODOR<br />


Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

OFF service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

81 916 933-7807 81<br />

81<br />


Please present coupon at time of service. No coupon redemptions<br />

after work is completed. No coupon refunds mailed. Not good with<br />

any other offer. Call today!. 916 933-7807.<br />



Min. 1000 SQ FT OR<br />

$25 OFF Min. 750 SQ FT.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

2006-2013<br />

2012<br />

2006-2013<br />

81<br />


| community matters |<br />

People & Places in the News<br />

Award-winning senior housing operator Watermark Retirement Communities<br />

(watermarkcommunities.com) is now managing Sonrisa Senior Living, Roseville’s<br />

leading senior community with more than 200 independent living accommodations.<br />

Watermark has also begun leasing for Sonrisa Assisted Living and Memory Care,<br />

which will open this fall and create one campus with three levels of care for seniors.<br />

Congrats to Roseville-based business<br />

Choco de Bon (chocodebon.com)<br />

whose handcrafted, preservativefree,<br />

luxurious-looking chocolates<br />

and bonbons are now available<br />

at The Chocolate Market (flysfo.<br />

com/content/chocolate-market)<br />

inside Terminal G of San Francisco<br />

International Airport.<br />

Register for “Beginning Italian (Italiano<br />

Uno) with Anna Maria,” an in-person<br />

session at Folsom’s Murer House from<br />

<strong>September</strong> 14-November 2. Classes are<br />

from 6:30-8 p.m. every Thursday and are<br />

geared toward people with little or no<br />

knowledge of Italian. To register and for<br />

more info, visit murerhousefoundation.<br />

org/language-classes.<br />

Women Veterans Giving (womenveteransgiving.org)—a nonprofit committed to narrowing<br />

the gap between civilian and military relations, finding fulfillment in the professional world,<br />

encouraging a sense of belonging, and much more—presented their Beyond the Call of<br />

Duty Awards (an homage to the unwavering dedication of Sgt. Nicole Gee, an Oakmont<br />

High School graduate who selflessly served and was killed in the evacuation efforts at the<br />

Kabul Airport) to deserving military women Breona Calvert and Marge Waggoner. The<br />

awards were presented at the organization’s Summer Soirée, an annual event held as a<br />

tribute and testament to the power of unity, purpose, and indomitable spirit of service.<br />

The Monk's Cellar (monkscellar.com)—a Rosevillebased<br />

restaurant and brewery that strives to produce<br />

true-to-style, well-balanced beers, whether they’re hop<br />

forward, barrel aged, soured, lagered, malty, or stout—<br />

triumphed against more than 200 breweries to win<br />

“Brewery of the Year” at the Commercial Craft<br />

Brew Competition. The brewery took home three<br />

gold medals for their Belgium-style witbier (“Biere<br />

Blanche”), classic saison (“Mates in Belgium”), and<br />

specialty saison (“Cellmates”), and one silver medal<br />

for their dark European lager (“May the Schwarz Bier<br />

with You”). To read the complete list of results, visit<br />

castatefair.brewcompetition.com.<br />

Witness the wonder of the holiday<br />

season at Santa’s Enchanted Workshop<br />

(santasenchantedworkshop.com)—a<br />

magical one-hour experience in Rescue<br />

where children find their name on<br />

Santa's nice list, enjoy milk and cookies,<br />

play with snow, work with Santa in<br />

his workshop, add an ornament to his<br />

tree, and tell him what they want for<br />

Christmas. Sessions begin October 7 and<br />

come inclusive of hand-finished Santa<br />

portraits created by fine artists Scot<br />

and Sharon Benton and a personalized<br />

storybook album. To book “the most<br />

enchanted experience,” call 530-677-5369.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

14 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

voted best med spa 7 years in a row<br />

- new client botox ® special -<br />

2 0 U N I T S F O R $ 2 2 5<br />

- coolsculpting ® -<br />

B U Y 4 G E T 2 T R E AT M E N T S F R E E<br />

- juvederm ® volbella xc lip filler -<br />

$ 5 50/ VIA L<br />

- radiesse ® dermal filler -<br />

10% off<br />

O FFE R S EXP I R E september 30 Th , 2 0 2 3<br />

Call for your FREE consultation<br />

(916) 534-7267<br />

4944 Sunrise Blvd, Suite G, Fair Oaks, CA 95628<br />

entouragemd.com • info@entouragemd.com

The<br />

10<br />

Spot<br />

Fal l Bucket List<br />


Ahh, fall. The leaves start to change, the weather begins to cool<br />

down, and the holidays are right around the corner. Celebrate this<br />

special season with a few (or all!) of the activities below.<br />

Apple Hill<br />

Rainbow Orchards<br />

Boa Vista<br />


There’s no shortage of spots (or snacks) to choose from in<br />

this must-see region that draws ample visitors every year.<br />

Wondering where to go? Savor a variety of apple donuts (think<br />

walnut-covered, chocolate, and maple glazed) at High Hill<br />

Ranch (highhillranch.com); enjoy a hard cider flight at Boa Vista<br />

(boavista.com); indulge in a seasonal coffee flight and glutenfree<br />

treats at Grandpa’s Cellar (grandpacellar.com); or dig into<br />

a hot apple cider donut alongside fresh apple cider at Rainbow<br />

Orchards (rainboworchards.net). We recommend arriving early<br />

High Hill Ranch<br />

and visiting on a weekday to avoid the traffic<br />

and long lines. Find a full list of options and<br />

things to do (beyond just bake shops!) at<br />

applehill.com.<br />


If you didn’t get enough fall foliage in<br />

Apple Hill, we have a few other ideas. Lake<br />

Natoma provides a relaxing water setting<br />

to take in autumn hues and other pretty<br />

views. East Sacramento—though a bit out of<br />

our suburban bubble—boasts breathtaking<br />

leaves and a plethora of leaf piles lining<br />

jaw-dropping homes. Or, keep it really close<br />

to home by taking a stroll through your<br />

neighborhood sans phone. Stay up to date on<br />

leaf spottings and happenings—or share your<br />

own outdoor fall adventure with others—at<br />

californiafallcolor.com.<br />


You don’t have to leave the house for a<br />

warm autumn drink! Grab the apple cider you<br />

purchased from Apple Hill or the grocery store<br />

(Barsotti Juice Co. sells theirs at lots of local<br />

markets like Whole Foods and Raley’s) along<br />

with a saucepan or crockpot; add in spices like<br />

star anise, cinnamon sticks, ginger, nutmeg,<br />

and cloves, then let things heat up. To really<br />

get warmed up, add some splashes of brandy<br />

or rum. If you find yourself at Camino's Drew<br />

Bean Farms (drewbeanfarms.com), their<br />

Toastee Mosa (mulled hot cider with cinnamon<br />

and spices; topped with champagne and hard<br />

Apple Hill photos by Tracie @picturehappyphotos. Rainbow Orchards photo by Tracie @picturehappyphotos. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

cider from North Canyon Cider Co.) is a must!<br />

16 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Photo by David Grenier<br />


<strong>2023</strong> - 2024 SEASON<br />

On Sale Now!<br />

Mariachi Herencia<br />

de México<br />

SEPTEMBER 17, <strong>2023</strong><br />

¡Viva el mariachi! A new generation<br />

takes mariachi to whole new<br />

heights—Latin Grammy-nominee<br />

Mariachi Herencia de México<br />

presents Herederos (the “Heirs”).<br />

Simultaneously honoring the past,<br />

celebrating the present, and creating<br />

the future of mariachi music, Mariachi<br />

Herencia de México presents an<br />

unforgettable night of Mexican music<br />

and culture.<br />

Photo: DJ Corey<br />

Keb’ Mo’<br />

SEPTEMBER 14, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Five Grammys, 14 Blues Foundation<br />

Awards, and a groundbreaking<br />

career spanning nearly 50 years.<br />

Drawing on country, folk, blues,<br />

and soul, Keb’s extraordinary<br />

musical output transcends genre<br />

and geography, weaving together a<br />

joyful, heartwarming, and relentlessly<br />

optimistic tapestry that manages to<br />

encompass the entirety of this once-ina-generation<br />

artist’s larger-than-life<br />

career.<br />

On Your Feet!<br />

NOVEMBER 2-5, <strong>2023</strong><br />

The inspiring story of Emilio & Gloria<br />

Estefan, two people who—through an<br />

unwavering dedication to one another<br />

and their pursuit of the American<br />

dream—showcased their talent,<br />

their music, and their heritage to the<br />

world in a remarkable rise to global<br />

superstardom. Featuring Grammy<br />

Award winning songs “The Rhythm is<br />

Gonna Get You,” “Conga,” “Get On Your<br />

Feet,” and more. Prepare to be on your<br />

feet from start to finish!<br />

Ruben Studdard &<br />

Clay Aiken -<br />

Twenty | The Tour<br />

NOVEMBER 10, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Twenty | The Tour highlights the music<br />

that made Ruben & Clay American Idol<br />

favorites and household names. From<br />

Clay’s iconic rendition of “Bridge Over<br />

Troubled Water” to Ruben’s soulful<br />

single “Flying Without Wings,” an<br />

unforgettable evening of music and<br />

memories, spanning two decades,<br />

delivered as only these true superstars<br />

can.<br />

David Sedaris<br />

NOVEMBER 13, <strong>2023</strong><br />

One of America’s pre-eminent humor<br />

writers with over 16 million copies of<br />

his books in print, David Sedaris is a<br />

master of satire and one of today’s<br />

most observant writers. Beloved for<br />

his personal essays and short stories,<br />

Sedaris has been nominated for five<br />

Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word<br />

and Best Comedy Album.<br />

Tickets on sale now!<br />

Available online or call the box office:<br />

HarrisCenter.net (916) 608-6888

Fal l Bucket List<br />

lattes year-round, so you won’t<br />

have to stop drinking them<br />

anytime soon. If you happen<br />

to find yourself in the nonpumpkin<br />

spice gang, Roseville’s<br />

MoJoe’s Café (mojoesroseville.<br />

com) has vanilla bean maple<br />

and cinnamon dolce lattes<br />

with your name on them.<br />

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters<br />

(chocolatefishcoffee.com)<br />

takes their seasonal sips up a<br />

Little Field Farms<br />

notch with offerings like a fallspiced<br />

flat white, caramel oat<br />

Gather Studio & Events<br />


Gather Studio & Events<br />

(gatherstudioandevents.<br />

com) will help you master your<br />

autumn décor! Fall wreath<br />

workshops are available<br />

<strong>September</strong> 10 at The Flower<br />

Farm and <strong>September</strong> 12 at<br />

Goose Port Public House;<br />

succulent pumpkin workshops<br />

are available in October at<br />

various local locations. Private<br />

workshops can also be booked<br />

for bridal showers, birthday<br />

parties, book clubs, or just<br />

because!<br />



Pumpkin spice and everything<br />

nice! Grab a traditional PSL<br />

(sorry, but big-box coffee<br />

shops don’t count!) or go for<br />

something with a twist by<br />

sipping on a pumpkin spice<br />

chai at World Traveler Coffee<br />

Roasters (worldtravelercoffee.<br />

com). The Bean Barn (@the_<br />

beanbarn) and Cuppa Coffee<br />

& More (cuppacoffeeandmore.<br />

com) offer their pumpkin spice<br />

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters<br />

cider, and pumpkin pie chai.<br />

Rocklin Candle Company<br />



Rocklin Candle Company<br />

(@rocklincandlecompany)<br />

offers seasonal scents—like<br />

hazelnut coffee, cranberry<br />

apple, and pumpkin spice—<br />

so you can bring the aroma<br />

of autumn into your home.<br />

Purchase them online at etsy.<br />

com/shop/rocklincandlestore<br />

or smell the goods before<br />

you buy them at Apple Hill’s<br />

Boa Vista, Rocklin’s Lavender<br />

Salon & Blow Out Bar, and<br />

the Historic Folsom Farmers’<br />

Market on Saturdays.<br />



Folsom’s Zittel Farms<br />

(zittelfarms.com) has been<br />

around since 1976 and boasts an<br />

impressive array of the colorful<br />

squash, in addition to offering<br />

hayrides, educational fall farm<br />

tours, autumn décor, and more.<br />

Granite Bay’s Rickey Ranch<br />

Pumpkin Farm (visitplacer.com/<br />

rickey-ranch-pumpkin-farm)<br />

offers hay and horse rides,<br />

plus pigs, chickens, goats, and<br />

Dora Dain Wines<br />

sheep; while Little Field Farms<br />

(loomislittlefieldfarms.com)<br />

boasts 10 varieties of pumpkins,<br />

tractor rides, horse rides, and<br />

a corn maze. Dora Dain Wines<br />

(doradainwines.com), beloved<br />

for their buttery chardonnay<br />

and other vinos, sets up a<br />

patch for their beautifully<br />

plump, farm-grown pumpkins<br />

at Dueling Dogs Brewing Co.<br />

(duelingdogsbrewing.com)<br />

Check each farms’ respective<br />

website for more info and<br />

opening dates.<br />


After you’ve completed your<br />

jack-o-lantern carving, don’t<br />

let those delicious, nutritious<br />

seeds go to waste! Once<br />

they're thoroughly rinsed and<br />

dried, generously season them<br />

(for savory, we like butter,<br />

Worcestershire sauce, garlic<br />

salt, and onion powder; for<br />

sweet, cinnamon and sugar can’t<br />

be beat), and bake on a cookie<br />

sheet at 300 for about 40-50<br />

minutes, occasionally stirring<br />

and checking their level of<br />

crispness. Let cool and enjoy!<br />



Bring on the treats, live music,<br />

handcrafted goods, and crisp<br />

autumn air! There’s no shortage<br />

of fall festivals in our area.<br />

Save the date for two of our<br />

favorites: the Hands4Hope Fall<br />

Festival (hands4hopeyouth.<br />

org/fallfestival), from October<br />

14-15 at the El Dorado Hills<br />

Town Center; and the Auburn<br />

Community Harvest Festival<br />

(auburnrec.com/events/auburnharvest-festival)<br />

on October 21.<br />

On <strong>September</strong> 23-24 at Camino's<br />

Delfino Farms and October 14-15<br />

at Folsom's Gallery at 48 Natoma,<br />

peruse (and purchase) over<br />

5,000 handblown glass pumpkins,<br />

gourds, acorns, and more at the<br />

Handblown Glass Pumpkin Patch<br />

(handblownglasspumpkinpatch.<br />

com).<br />

Handblown Glass Pumpkin Patch<br />

HAVE A<br />



Even if you’re<br />

not ready for the<br />

spooky stuff yet,<br />

there’s plenty of<br />

fall content to<br />

get you in the cozy mood.<br />

Autumn in New York, When<br />

Harry Met Sally, Mona Lisa<br />

Smile, Remember the Titans,<br />

Sweet November, Harry Potter<br />

and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and<br />

Good Will Hunting are all flicks<br />

with a fall feel.<br />

Dora Dain photo by Heirloom Photography by Anne. Handblown Glass Pumpkin Patch photo by Hannah Nicholson. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

18 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

get to know<br />

— Day in the Life —<br />

Lisa Hausmann<br />

President of<br />

Mercy Hospital<br />

of Folsom<br />


Unlike many other<br />

industries, hospitals<br />

are a 24-hour-a-day<br />

operation, so trying to<br />

understand what goes<br />

on in a typical day<br />

could be a challenge.<br />

But like any great<br />

medic, Lisa Hausmann,<br />

president of Mercy<br />

Hospital of Folsom,<br />

uses her warm bedside<br />

manner to explain<br />

every procedure.<br />

Please tell us about your story so far.<br />

I began my journey as a skilled nurse, a<br />

path that paved the way for my two-decade<br />

tenure within the health care industry. My<br />

passion for patient care fueled my desire<br />

to take on leadership positions. In January<br />

2020, I assumed the role of chief nurse<br />

executive/chief operating officer, then in<br />

April 2022 I was appointed to my current<br />

role as CEO/president. I’m married to Dan<br />

and am a mom of three: Ireland, 15, Declan,<br />

8, and Easton, 5. We live in Folsom and are<br />

involved in numerous sports clubs; my<br />

husband is often coaching baseball and<br />

basketball, and I love cheering on the kids.<br />

Wow, impressive! So, you’ve<br />

literally risen through the ranks.<br />

Does that help or hinder you in your<br />

current role?<br />

Help, I would say. My nursing background<br />

and experience provide a great “team”<br />

perspective. I have empathy and<br />

understand the unique challenges of<br />

various roles and how the departments<br />

fit together, [which allows me to] dive right<br />

into issues and offer support.<br />

Tell us about a typical working day.<br />

I’m at my desk anywhere between 6-8<br />

a.m. My job has a clinical component and<br />

a business component, and I spend a lot<br />

of time working through areas of focus<br />

like finance, HR, quality of care, patient<br />

safety, and patient experience. We have<br />

goals at both the system and local hospital<br />

level [and are always] striving to make<br />

continuous improvement. Community<br />

is important at Dignity Health, too,<br />

Photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup.<br />

20 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Professional Bra Fittings—up to size 46k<br />

Mastectomy Products for<br />

Every Phase of Your Journey<br />

Same-Day Virtual or In-Person Mastectomy Fittings Available<br />

Intimates from<br />

practical to sexy<br />

B E<br />

‘ S<br />

B R E A S T<br />

L E T<br />

I E S<br />

!<br />

Now Open in Town Center<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Vine Street, Suite 105<br />

El Dorado Hills in Town Center<br />

916-581-6BRA (6272)<br />

bambolinasboutique.com<br />

Bambolinas-Bra-Lingerie-Boutique-FINAL.indd 1<br />

8/5/23 12:18 PM<br />

Professional Family Law Services<br />

Including Juvenile Dependency Law Cases<br />

we offer weekend & early evening<br />

consultations up to 8pm with one<br />

of our associates.<br />

25% OFF<br />

Hourly Rate<br />

(if retained and mention this ad)<br />

Now offering: Independent and Agency<br />

Adoptions, including representation of the<br />

adoptive parent(s) and/or birth parents.<br />

Solano Office Sacramento Office<br />

(707) 673-4855 (916) 790-8440<br />


get to know<br />

Favorites<br />


Sociology. Their coffee<br />

is amazing, and I<br />

love the energy and<br />

atmosphere.<br />


Mexican cuisine is<br />

my favorite, and I<br />

love the enchiladas,<br />

street corn pizza, and<br />

Cadillac margarita at<br />

which includes working on community<br />

initiatives, attending functions, and serving<br />

underrepresented communities. I’m<br />

also a mentor, helping others with their<br />

professional growth and development. I’m<br />

home anywhere between 5-8 p.m. but am<br />

sometimes on call. If I’m not working, I’m<br />

spending time with my family.<br />

What’s the most enjoyable<br />

part of your day?<br />

The protected time in my calendar—every<br />

day between 9-10 a.m.—where I visit<br />

patients and staff at the hospital. I love<br />

that connection with patients and team<br />

members; the conversations aren’t always<br />

light or positive, but are still valuable.<br />

Tell us more about your<br />

community work.<br />

I'm proud to serve on the Folsom Chamber<br />

of Commerce Board of Directors. Our<br />

hospital takes pride in engaging in various<br />

community volunteer activities. We<br />

sponsor major events like the Folsom<br />

Women’s Conference, Folsom Pro Rodeo,<br />

and Folsom Community Service Day.<br />

Every month our staff visits Powerhouse<br />

Ministries—which helps families struggling<br />

with abuse, addiction, or poverty—to cook<br />

a meal. It’s interesting; we feel as though<br />

we’re going to provide something but come<br />

away feeling as though they’ve provided<br />

us with something. We met a pregnant<br />

woman one month who had questions<br />

about her baby’s upcoming delivery and were<br />

able to connect her with the resources and<br />

people she needed ahead of her due date.<br />

We can’t talk about a hospital<br />

setting without touching on the<br />

pandemic. Please tell us about your<br />

experience in the hospital.<br />

Alongside 9/11, the pandemic is one<br />

of those moments in history I’ll never<br />

forget. Mercy Hospital was one of the first<br />

hospitals in California to accept patients.<br />

I remember the all-night shifts and how<br />

we had to be flexible. The volume of<br />

communication was insane; it was an<br />

evolving situation, as the CDC learned<br />

more and more about the virus. We had<br />

to think outside of our normal way of<br />

doing things and delivering care; we had<br />

to be flexible and resilient. The team<br />

consistently rose to the occasion, and I<br />

couldn’t be prouder of the frontline.<br />

There are an increasing number<br />

of women in senior positions in<br />

medicine, which is great. How do<br />

you help the next generation?<br />

As we see more women and younger<br />

people in executive positions, it’s<br />

important to recognize they bring a<br />

unique perspective and have a unique<br />

voice. I try to empower them to embrace<br />

that voice; I tell them it’s OK to be<br />

different and good to be authentic. Break<br />

the mold!<br />

Brissa & Co. The owner,<br />

Brissa, has poured her<br />

heart and soul into<br />

the restaurant, and<br />

it has an incredibly<br />

authentic feel—from<br />

the aesthetic to the<br />

bakery. I love that<br />

it’s family-friendly<br />

but also makes for a<br />

perfect date night.<br />

HIKE:<br />

There’s a trail at the<br />

end of our cul-de-sac<br />

in Empire Ranch that<br />

is a perfect place for<br />

early morning or sunset<br />

walks with our kiddos.<br />


Nature. There’s<br />

something about<br />

being outdoors that<br />

instantly quiets my<br />

mind and helps me<br />

to be present. I love<br />

beaches and national<br />

parks and tend to<br />

gravitate toward<br />

water destinations<br />

(lakes, ocean, rivers);<br />

however, sitting in the<br />

grass on a sunny day<br />

watching my kids play<br />

sports also makes for a<br />

perfect day.<br />

Photo by Britt Honey Photography.<br />

22 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| arts & culture |<br />

Spotlight on<br />

Steve<br />

Holler<br />


For El Dorado Hills resident<br />

Steve Holler, life has<br />

come full circle—from<br />

drawing and painting as a child to<br />

a decades-long career in graphic<br />

design and, in recent years, back to<br />

drawing and painting as a fine artist.<br />

As a teenager, Holler’s hero<br />

was painter and illustrator Norman<br />

Rockwell, best known for his covers on<br />

The Saturday Evening Post. “My dad saw that I<br />

was inclined to the arts and was very supportive—but also wanted me<br />

to make a living—so he guided me toward commercial design. Brand<br />

identity really intrigued me, and that’s what I built my career around.”<br />

Holler enjoyed a successful career in the Bay Area, serving on the<br />

graphic design faculty at several colleges, including the Academy of<br />

Art University in San Francisco and the now-closed Art Institute of<br />

California in Sacramento. But since retiring from the industry, he says<br />

it’s been very satisfying to spend his days drawing and painting again.<br />

“As a teacher, I always encouraged students to remember what got<br />

them into art in the first place. If you began by drawing and painting,<br />

then stick with it.” So he’s following his own advice.<br />

Photos by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup.<br />

24 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Free Writing Prospectus to the Company’s Registration Statement on Form S-3, SEC File No. 333-265961 and all related Prospectus Supplements.<br />


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Enjoy great benefits at<br />

Willamette Wineworks,<br />

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Price per share increases to $5.35 after <strong>September</strong> 30, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Learn more and make an investment at<br />

wvv.com/ownership<br />

(800) 344-9463 | stock.offering@wvv.com<br />

Willamette Valley Vineyards, Inc., has filed a registration statement (including a prospectus) with the SEC for the offering to which this communication relates. Before you invest, you<br />

should read the prospectus in that registration statement and other documents we have filed with the SEC for more complete information about our company and this offering. You may<br />

get these documents for free by visiting EDGAR on the SEC Web site at www.sec.gov. Alternatively, you may obtain a copy of these documents at http://www.wvv.com/prospectus, or we<br />

will arrange to send you the prospectus (including the documents incorporated therein by reference) if you so request by writing us at stock.offering@wvv.com or calling 1-800-344-9463.<br />

Committed to<br />

providing all of your<br />

dermatological and<br />

cosmetic skin needs.<br />

<strong>Style</strong> readers voted<br />

David No Best<br />

Dermatologist!<br />

in Folsom & El Dorado Hills, 2022<br />

916.983.3373<br />

norcaldermatology.com | <br />

192 Blue Ravine Rd. Folsom, CA 95630

| arts & culture |<br />

Holler, who works primarily in<br />

acrylic on canvas and is a member<br />

of the Folsom Arts Association, often<br />

exhibits at Gallery 10 in Sutter Creek.<br />

This past summer, his paintings were<br />

included in the The Artist’s Mind<br />

exhibit at Harris Center’s Bank of<br />

America Gallery. His work has also<br />

been recognized both nationally<br />

and internationally, and his painting<br />

Mokelumne Span was included in the<br />

2019 edition of the book AcrylicWorks:<br />

The Best of Acrylic Painting.<br />

What appeals to you<br />

about acrylics?<br />

I’ve explored many mediums<br />

throughout the years. As I began<br />

focusing on commercial design,<br />

I limited my involvement with<br />

traditional oil painting and embraced<br />

the tools of graphic design—T-squares,<br />

triangles, pencils, ink and, ultimately,<br />

computers. Later, as I returned to<br />

fine art, I became concerned with<br />

the health ramifications of using<br />

oil paints—linseed oil, turpentine,<br />

and other solvents—worries that<br />

aren’t present in acrylic paints. In<br />

addition to providing a healthier<br />

studio environment, acrylic paints dry<br />

quickly and offer durability and great<br />

versatility in application.<br />

very challenging artistically, so that’s<br />

what I’m experimenting with now.<br />

Do you typically paint on-site<br />

or from photographs?<br />

I’m primarily a studio painter. I go on<br />

explorations that lead to a collection<br />

of photographs used for reference<br />

and compositional studies, but I never<br />

attempt to duplicate them.<br />

Do you have a favorite piece<br />

you’ve created?<br />

Usually, my favorite painting is the one<br />

I’m currently working on. I do have a<br />

number of pieces I’m fond of and have<br />

not sold for various reasons.<br />

You also work in pencil.<br />

What appeals to you about<br />

this medium?<br />

Being able to draw is critical to<br />

success in any representational image<br />

development. An artist must be able to<br />

understand and document the various<br />

subjects they are interpreting. I produce<br />

many sketches prior to developing<br />

and executing a final painting. I<br />

appreciate the spontaneity and line<br />

quality experienced in producing a<br />

well-refined drawing. I find the drawing<br />

process to be as satisfying as rendering<br />

a completed painting.<br />

Above (top to bottom): The Tunnel, The Winter Wood<br />

Stack, Dignity, Filtered Light, El Dorado Color, and<br />

Coast Hwy One<br />

Describe your artistic style.<br />

My work falls on a line between<br />

“realism” and “impressionism,” but<br />

I’ve always been more concerned<br />

about following my point of view in<br />

paintings than assigning a title to their<br />

style; that is, creating art viewers can<br />

recognize and relate to. I really want to<br />

communicate with people, so they can<br />

identify with and bring something of<br />

their own to my paintings.<br />

How do you choose<br />

your subjects?<br />

I look for objects, locations, and<br />

environments that have a universal<br />

appeal. My subjects of interest are<br />

natural forms and environments<br />

that speak to a casual, rural attitude.<br />

I want viewers to experience the<br />

familiar from a new perspective or<br />

understanding. A number of my<br />

recent paintings include water. Painting<br />

water, almost as an animated form, is<br />

I understand you also create<br />

digital drawings? Please share<br />

more.<br />

I’ve just begun to explore the<br />

possibilities in applying traditional<br />

drawing principles to a digitally<br />

rendered image. The iPad Pro and<br />

Apple Pencil have resolved so many<br />

of the problems that used to be there,<br />

such as a delay. I initially shied away<br />

from digital drawing, but now that it’s<br />

so seamless, I find it really intriguing.<br />

What is the best compliment<br />

you can get about your art?<br />

When people look at my work and<br />

say something as simple as, “That<br />

reminds me of an experience.” For<br />

example, a man said one of my<br />

paintings really brought back some<br />

fond childhood memories.<br />



Artwork photos courtesy of Steve Holler.<br />

26 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags






2802 MALLARD LN.<br />


www.drmcdonald.com<br />

(530)626-8440<br />

Board Certified in in in<br />

Treatment and<br />

Management of of of Ocular<br />

Diseases. Member of of of<br />

Both American and<br />

California Optometric<br />

Association<br />

’22<br />


| arts & entertainment |<br />

Folsom Community Service Day<br />


<strong>September</strong> is National Italian Cheese Month<br />


by BELLA NOLEN<br />

7<br />

Legends of Wine. Explore varietals<br />

from regional wineries that have<br />

been hand-selected by vino<br />

legends Darrell Corti and David<br />

Berkeley while sampling farm-tofork<br />

fare from local restaurants<br />

and listening to live music. The<br />

fun begins at 6 p.m. at the State<br />

Capitol. farmtofork.com/events/<br />

legends-of-wine<br />

Back to Broadway. Watch High<br />

Voltage, El Dorado Musical<br />

Theatre’s high-energy, fast-paced<br />

group, begin their season at the<br />

Harris Center at 7 p.m. Expect two<br />

hours of popular Broadway hit<br />

songs and musicals. harriscenter.<br />

net/edmt-hv-back<br />

8<br />

Have Mercy. Bring a picnic and<br />

round up your family, friends,<br />

and neighbors for a free<br />

concert by Have Mercy—a<br />

local band that plays popular<br />

cover songs—at Folsom City<br />

Lions Park. The show starts<br />

at 6:30 p.m. facebook.com/<br />

rotaryfolsom<br />

California Poet Laureate Meet<br />

& Greet. Lee Herrick, the 10th<br />

California Poet Laureate and the<br />

first Asian American to serve in<br />

4<br />

Labor Day<br />

10<br />

Grandparents’ Day<br />

11<br />

Patriot Day<br />

23<br />

Autumnal Equinox<br />

29<br />

National Coffee Day<br />

the role, will make his inaugural<br />

visit to El Dorado County from<br />

3-5 p.m. at the Placerville<br />

Public Library. During the free<br />

event, Lee will connect with<br />

the community and share his<br />

poetry by giving a reading and<br />

partaking in a Q&A and book<br />

signing. eldoradolibrary.org<br />

9<br />

El Dorado Hills Brewfest. Sip<br />

unlimited tastings from over<br />

40 breweries, cideries, and a<br />

Folsom Community Service Day photo courtesy of Folsom Parks & Rec. Legends of Wine photo by Francisco Chavira. Have Mercy photo coutesy of Have Mercy.<br />

28 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


EDH Brewfest photo by Charlene Taylor of Charm Photography. Placer Uke Fest photo by Budd Snell.<br />

sprinkling of wineries while<br />

enjoying food truck fare, live<br />

entertainment, and more at<br />

Serrano’s Village Green from 4-7<br />

p.m. eldoradohillsbrewfest.org<br />

Red Shoe Crawl. Attendees are<br />

invited to wear red shoes while<br />

leisurely strolling up and down<br />

Folsom’s Sutter Street sampling<br />

small bites and perusing shops. The<br />

family-friendly fundraiser goes from<br />

2-5 p.m. All proceeds benefit Ronald<br />

McDonald House Charities Northern<br />

California, a nonprofit dedicated to<br />

supporting programs that improve<br />

the lives of children and their<br />

families. rmhcnc.org<br />

10<br />

Patriot Day. Celebrate and honor<br />

police officers, first responders,<br />

firefighters, and members of<br />

the military with your family<br />

at Rocklin Quarry Park from 11<br />

a.m.-3 p.m. Admission is free.<br />

rocklinpatriotday.com<br />

The Wonder of Elvis. Watch<br />

legendary tribute artist Greg<br />

Miller take the stage at the Harris<br />

Center beginning at 3 p.m. Miller,<br />

recognized as one of the world’s<br />

best Elvis Presley tribute artists,<br />

will highlight Elvis’ rise to fame in<br />

the ’50s with hit songs like “Aloha”<br />

and “Viva Las Vegas.” harriscenter.<br />

net/the-wonder-of-elvis<br />

11<br />

PGA Hope. Veterans and those<br />

who have served our country—<br />

regardless of age, branch, or<br />

gender—are invited to Lincoln<br />

Hills Golf Club to learn the basics<br />

of golfing from PGA and LPGA<br />

professionals from 10:30 a.m.-12:30<br />

p.m. Admission is free. pga.com/<br />

things-to-do/events/pga-hopelincoln-257526<br />

15<br />

Chillin’ & Grillin’. Enjoy cocktails and<br />

appetizers (starting at 5:30 p.m.), an<br />

auction, and dinner (7 p.m.) at Gold<br />

Hill Gardens in Newcastle. Proceeds<br />

support Boys & Girls Club of Placer<br />

County and their mission “to inspire<br />

and empower all young people who<br />

pass through their doors to realize<br />

their full potential as productive,<br />

responsible, and caring citizens.”<br />

bgcplacercounty.org/events/chillingrillin-<strong>2023</strong><br />

Snooks 60th Anniversary.<br />

Celebrate Snooks’ 60-year<br />

anniversary at this free ceremonial<br />

ribbon cutting in Historic Folsom,<br />

followed by appetizers from<br />

Hop Sing, Pizzeria Classico, and<br />

other area restaurants (starting<br />

at 5:30 p.m.). For additional fun,<br />

purchase a ticket to watch CC<br />

Seger perform at Zittel Family<br />

Amphitheater at 7 p.m. while<br />

enjoying raffle prizes and a sweet<br />

treat and beverage. historicfolsom.<br />

org/<strong>2023</strong>/09/15/155121/<br />

celebration-in-historic-folsomsnooks-60th-anniversary-ccseger-band<br />

16<br />

Placer Uke Fest. Learn how<br />

to play the ukulele while<br />

partaking in workshops, a raffle,<br />

and listening to a stellar lineup<br />

of artists at this 13th annual<br />

event. All proceeds benefit Ukes<br />

for Schools and aid in purchasing<br />

instruments for youth. The festival<br />

begins at 9 a.m. at 124 Vernon<br />

Street (Eagles Hall) in Roseville.<br />

placerukefest.com<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 29

| arts & entertainment |<br />

Folsom Community Service<br />

Day. Give where you live from<br />

7 a.m.-noon by participating in<br />

this 10th annual community<br />

service day in Folsom—a citywide<br />

event that calls forth<br />

thousands of volunteers to help<br />

complete numerous service<br />

projects throughout the region.<br />

folsomcommunityservice.org<br />

Automotive Excellence Annual<br />

Car Show. Peruse custom and<br />

classic cars in Placerville from 10<br />

a.m.-2 p.m. while listening to live<br />

music and enjoying a cake walk,<br />

raffle prizes, and food vendors.<br />

Admission is free, and all proceeds<br />

will benefit Animal Outreach of<br />

the Mother Lode. autoxonline.<br />

com/car-show<br />

Feast at the Foundry.<br />

Learn about America’s<br />

last water-powered foundry<br />

and machine shop (established<br />

in 1873 by Samuel Knight) at<br />

this event featuring a social<br />

hour where attendees will<br />

enjoy appetizers, beer, wine,<br />

and strolling through the<br />

foundry (6-7 p.m.), followed<br />

by a sit-down, multi-course<br />

meal, silent auction, and raffle.<br />

knightfoundry.com/feast-atthe-foundry-<strong>2023</strong><br />

Colfax Railroad Days.<br />

Celebrate the creation of<br />

the Transcontinental Railroad<br />

in Downtown Colfax at this<br />

family-friendly event from 10<br />

a.m.-5 p.m. In addition to Union<br />

Pacific and model train displays,<br />

attendees will also enjoy live<br />

music, a quilt show, food and<br />

craft vendors, face painting,<br />

and more. Admission is free.<br />

colfaxrailroaddays.com<br />

(ALSO 17)<br />

Ain’t Necessarily Dead Fest.<br />

Starting at noon at Auburn’s<br />

Regional Park, attendees will<br />

be treated to two stages of<br />

music in a variety of genres,<br />

from bluegrass to funk and<br />

rock to Americana—all with a<br />

Grateful Dead flair. Festivities<br />

also include food trucks, a<br />

kids’ zone, craft vendors, and<br />

sips from local breweries like<br />

Auburn Alehouse and Crooked<br />

Lane. aintdeadfest.com<br />

17<br />

Vintage Fair & Maker’s Market.<br />

Find unique vintage wares<br />

and new, locally made items<br />

at this open-air market<br />

in Historic Folsom from<br />

9 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission<br />

is free. historicfolsom.<br />

org/<strong>2023</strong>/09/17/139751/<br />

peddlers-antique-and-craft-fair<br />

23<br />

Endless Summer Beach<br />

Party. Put on your dancing<br />

shoes and head to Serrano<br />

Village Green Amphitheater in<br />

El Dorado Hills to raise funds<br />

for Hands4Hope. From 5-9<br />

p.m., enjoy live music, a tropical<br />

taco bar, boozy sips, a silent<br />

auction, raffle, beach-themed<br />

fun, and more. Must be 21+ to<br />

attend. hands4hopeyouth.org/<br />

endlesssummer<br />

Gold Rush Growler. Challenge<br />

yourself to a 10-mile or 5K run<br />

along scenic Granite Beach.<br />

After the race, enjoy a meal,<br />

cold IPA in a custom pint glass,<br />

and dessert. The 10-miler<br />

starts at 8 a.m., and the 5K<br />

at 8:05 a.m. totalbodyfitness.<br />

com/site/races<br />

Handblown Glass Pumpkin<br />

Patch. Get into the spirit of<br />

fall by heading to Delfino Farms<br />

from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. where you<br />

can peruse and purchase over<br />

3,000 one-of-a-kind, handblown<br />

glass pumpkins (curated by<br />

2BGlass) in varying shapes<br />

and sizes. The event will also<br />

take place October 14-15 at<br />

Folsom’s Gallery at 48 Natoma.<br />

handblownglasspumpkinpatch.com<br />

24<br />

Hot Pink Fun Run. Join the<br />

fight against breast cancer<br />

by participating in this allages<br />

fun run that’s organized<br />

by (and benefits) the Placer<br />

Breast Cancer Foundation.<br />

After the race, enjoy pancakes,<br />

bacon, mimosas, and beer.<br />

hotpinkfunrun.org<br />

Sunday Market. Shop from<br />

a curated variety of locally<br />

sourced, handcrafted items<br />

(apothecary, artwork, ceramics,<br />

florals, clothing, jewelry,<br />

sweets, and more)<br />

on Old Town Auburn’s<br />

Commercial Street from<br />

10 a.m.-2 p.m. Admission is<br />

free and all ages are welcome.<br />

typewriterandmoss.com/events<br />

30<br />

Barktoberfest. Celebrate the<br />

50th anniversary of Placer SPCA<br />

with your costumed furry friends<br />

at Rocklin’s Johnson-Springview<br />

Park from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Festivities<br />

include food vendors, live<br />

performances, K-9 demonstrations,<br />

raffle prizes, a ticketed biergarten<br />

(ages 21+), contests like “Best Pet<br />

Trick,” and more. placerspca.org/<br />

events/barktoberfest<br />



Glow for Gold Gala.<br />

14Don your best Roaring<br />

’20s attire and join this party<br />

with a purpose to show your<br />

love and support to children<br />

and families battling cancer<br />

within our region. Beginning at<br />

5 p.m. at The Center at 2300<br />

in Sacramento, attendees will<br />

enjoy auctions (live and silent),<br />

fabulous food, signature<br />

cocktails, live entertainment,<br />

special surprises, and more.<br />

Proceeds benefits Keaton’s<br />

Child Cancer Alliance.<br />

childcancer.org/events/11thannual-glow-for-gold-gala<br />

Feast at the Foundry photo courtesy of Knight's Foundry Alliance. Colfax Railroad Days photo by Fred Abbott. Ain't Necessarily Dead Yet Fest photo by ARD staff. Endless Summer Beach Party photo by Samantha DeLeon. Handblown Glass Pumpkin Patch photo by Hannah Nicholson. Hot<br />

Pink Fun Run photo by Emila Romero. Sunday Market photo by Cleo Balderas. Barktoberfest photo courtesy of Placer SPCA.<br />

30 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Find more events at stylemg.com/calendar

$75 Off<br />

Botox or Daxxify<br />

Mimimum 40 units<br />

$150 Off<br />

Fillers<br />

2 Syringes<br />

$200 Off<br />

Microneedling<br />

Series<br />

$75 Off<br />

Hydrafacial<br />

$500 Off<br />

Emsculpt<br />

Series<br />

Call to schedule a<br />

free consultation.<br />

(916)742-5626<br />

bodyvineaesthetics.com • 2241 Douglas Blvd Ste 290, Roseville, CA 95661

| arts & culture |<br />

Outtakes<br />


The Grounds, Roseville<br />

JUNE 22-25<br />

This year’s fair saw record-breaking<br />

attendance and included ample<br />

entertainment, a family fun zone, NASCAR<br />

racing, and a spectacular fireworks<br />

display, along with carnival games,<br />

concessions, livestock, rides, and more.<br />




El Dorado Hills Town Center<br />

JULY 3<br />

Locals enjoyed live music by Apple Z<br />

and other bands; food, beer, and wine<br />

vendors; a kids’ zone (complete with face<br />

painting, balloon artists, bounce houses,<br />

and a DJ); and fireworks at this annual<br />

community event.<br />


32 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| arts & culture |<br />

Outtakes<br />



Palladio, Folsom<br />

JULY 27<br />

Patrons were entertained by awardwinning<br />

DJ Eddie Z’s edgy and fun dance<br />

music while playing games, relaxing, and<br />

enjoying food from various vendors at the<br />

Palladio’s piazza.<br />




American River Parkway<br />

JULY 15<br />

Racers ages 15-82 competed in the “world’s<br />

oldest triathlon,” an annual event that<br />

included a 5.95-mile run, 12.5-mile bike<br />

ride, and 6.1-paddle. Event proceeds were<br />

donated to the American River Parkway<br />

Foundation and numerous other charities,<br />

including Child Advocates of Placer County.<br />


34 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

If you know of any events happening in the area, or have photos you would<br />

like to share with us, please submit them to info@stylemg.com. For more<br />

Outtakes photos, visit stylemg.com.



Denise Bogard, MD and her team are dedicated to<br />

providing you with the highest quality anti-aging<br />

and aesthetic medicine.<br />

• Ozone Therapy<br />

• PRP Hair Restoration<br />

• Lipotropic “Skinny” Shots<br />

• Bioidentical Hormone<br />

Replacement including<br />

Pellet Therapy<br />

• Peptide Therapy<br />

• Laser Body Contouring<br />

• Medical Weight Loss<br />

• Stem Cell Injections<br />

• Thyroid and Adrenal<br />

Hormone Evaluation<br />

• Gut Health and Immune<br />

System Evaluation<br />

• IV Therapy and Chelation<br />

• Food Sensitivity Testing<br />

• Non-Surgical 4 D Facelift<br />

• Smootheye-Liplase<br />

• Microneedling with PRF<br />

• Hydrafacial/<br />

Microdermabrasion<br />

• Red Light Therapy Sauna-<br />

Detoxification<br />

• PEMF Therapy-Ozone<br />

Sauna<br />

• PRF Injections<br />

• Bio Fillers<br />


at Bogard Health<br />

bogardhealth.com | 916-781-4300 | 508 Gibson Dr. Ste. 200 Roseville

| health & wellness |<br />

Quiet in<br />

the Nest<br />

Coping When Kids<br />

Fly the Coop<br />


Millions of parents and caregivers across<br />

the country will become empty nesters<br />

this month, as children venture off to<br />

college or pastures new for jobs. Just<br />

like first steps, first words, puberty, and<br />

learning to drive, this is one of life’s<br />

milestones, and it’s highly likely that your<br />

emotions will live up to the occasion.<br />

“Parents [should] allow themselves to feel<br />

the myriad of emotions and know that<br />

they are all normal,” advises Holly Spotts,<br />

clinical psychologist at Full Cup Wellness.<br />

So that ache in your chest, those sleepless<br />

nights worrying about how they’ll cope, and<br />

the spontaneous sobbing while rejoicing at<br />

the reduced grocery bill, are all okay.<br />

Spotts acknowledges that men and<br />

women, mothers and fathers all feel<br />

the impact of empty nest syndrome<br />

but admits that it usually hits mothers<br />

the hardest: “Since women are more<br />

commonly in the role of primary<br />

caretaker, they tend to be more impacted.<br />

The role of ‘mother’ provides a woman<br />

identity and purpose. If a mother depends<br />

heavily on that identity for self-worth,<br />

she will likely suffer a greater loss when<br />

her children no longer need her in the<br />

Just like first steps, first<br />

words, puberty, and learning<br />

to drive, this is one<br />

of life’s milestones, and<br />

it’s highly likely that your<br />

emotions will live up to the<br />

occasion.<br />

The time has come. In those early sleepbroken<br />

nights, it seemed a long way off.<br />

Through grade school, it felt closer and<br />

closer and then in high school it was<br />

looming. It was the goal. They’ve worked<br />

hard. You’ve worked hard, and perhaps<br />

throughout it all, you kept pushing the<br />

thought of them leaving home from your<br />

mind. Everyone told you that time would fly<br />

and now, it’s here.<br />

same ways they once did. Highly involved<br />

and stay-at-home parents will also have<br />

a major transition in identity, as well as<br />

parents who have avoided their problems<br />

to focus on their children.”<br />

Lorna Hyatt, a mom from Folsom, always<br />

wanted to be a mother and has experienced<br />

the empty nest. Tearing up, she recollects<br />

the time when her youngest left home two<br />

years ago. “I grieved. My identity was gone,<br />

and I had to work out who I was again. The<br />

house was so quiet, it was deafening.”<br />

So far, being an empty nester doesn’t<br />

sound great, does it? But as Spotts says,<br />

perhaps we need to reframe this season<br />

of our lives and call it something more<br />

positive like “refeathering” or “renewing.”<br />

Both Spotts and Therese Sorrentino,<br />

LMFT, agree that this can be a positive<br />

experience for parents. As Sorrentino<br />

says, “What hobbies did you have before<br />

Photo ©A. Frank/peopleimages.com - stock.adobe.com.<br />

36 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Expires 2/2 024<br />

Join Us for a Watch Party<br />


Book Your Tee Time Now at<br />

www.xgolfedoradohills.com<br />

Bring Your Swing!<br />

Be the Ball!<br />

12 Large Screen TVs<br />

Sunday and Monday Night Football<br />

Ryder Cup Matches<br />

MLB Postseason<br />

and More!<br />

Sat-Sun Bottomless Mimosas/Bloody Mary's<br />

Expansive Beer and Wine Selection<br />

Tasty Bites<br />

Open Late in EDH!<br />

El Dorado Hills Town Center<br />

2085 Vine Street Suite 201<br />

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762<br />

(916) 542-1374<br />

info@xgolfeldoradohills.com<br />


| health & wellness |<br />

After years of being a<br />

parent, maybe now’s the<br />

time to look after your own<br />

health, both physical and<br />

mental. Use the extra hours<br />

to indulge in weekends<br />

away with friends, massages,<br />

or simply taking a moment<br />

to paint or sit down<br />

and read a book.<br />

children? Is there an activity you’d<br />

like to take up? Could you go for<br />

that promotion at work now? Does<br />

volunteering appeal? This is a chance<br />

for self-exploration.”<br />

And don’t neglect self-care. After<br />

years of being a parent, maybe now’s<br />

the time to look after your own health,<br />

both physical and mental. Use the<br />

extra hours to indulge in weekends<br />

away with friends, massages, or simply<br />

taking a moment to paint or sit down<br />

and read a book.<br />

For those who feel as though this<br />

doesn’t relate to you, the empty nest<br />

feeling can start earlier than 18. Children<br />

tend to leave the family “circle” during<br />

the teens years, when they assert their<br />

individuality and prioritize friends over<br />

family. They may spend more time in<br />

their bedroom, and you might see them<br />

less and less. There are also shared<br />

custody situations where parents are<br />

without their kids at certain points of<br />

the week/month/year. Amid all these<br />

experiences, parents describe feeling a<br />

similar sense of loss to when children fly<br />

off for good.<br />

So, what can we do to make their<br />

departure easier and what should<br />

we not do? Hyatt emphasises that all<br />

parents really should try to cherish<br />

every moment. She wishes she hadn’t<br />

willed the difficult stages to finish or her<br />

children to grow up. Parents are told this<br />

all the time but hearing it from someone<br />

who was so bereft when her kids left, was<br />

powerful. On the flip side, she described<br />

how she reframed her situation to think<br />

about the positives: She raised three<br />

children into adults capable of living<br />

alone. “I trained them,” she asserts<br />

proudly. She also says that it’s nice to<br />

return to a clean house after work—<br />

just as she left it—and leftovers in the<br />

fridge are for her!<br />

Sorrentino says when children<br />

leave home is often when a parents’<br />

relationship can fall apart. Without<br />

the focus of children, they realize<br />

they’ve lost their connection. She<br />

encourages parents to see themselves<br />

as the core of the family that cannot<br />

be neglected—regular date nights are<br />

a must, no matter how difficult they<br />

might be to arrange. Perhaps you can<br />

have an agreement with another couple<br />

to babysit each other’s kids, and switch<br />

off the following week or month. This<br />

simple investment will go a long way in<br />

preventing estrangement and further<br />

distress when the youngest child leaves<br />

the home.<br />

And, if you feel like calling your<br />

child regularly to check-in and see what<br />

they’re up to once they’ve left home,<br />

think again, says Spotts. “Our kids need<br />

space to individuate, experience trial<br />

and error, and become the people<br />

they’re meant to be. If we smother them,<br />

they simply won’t be able to grow. Also,<br />

it shouldn’t be up to our kids to soothe<br />

our weary hearts. They can’t soar if<br />

we’re holding them back. As parents,<br />

we need to find others to support our<br />

feelings during this time, such as a<br />

friend, family member, or therapist.”<br />

When you’re standing on the<br />

threshold of the family home waving<br />

goodbye to your offspring, celebrate<br />

your child and all they’ve achieved. Be<br />

proud of your parenting. Feel all the<br />

feels but consider that you, too, are on<br />

the threshold of a new chapter. This is<br />

your time.<br />

Photo left: © Miljan Živković - stock.adobe.com. Photo above: © alfa27 - stock.adobe.com.<br />

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Help me find my<br />

happy face.<br />


Children in foster care who have a CASA volunteer<br />

are more likely to succeed in school and adjust to<br />

change. And they're half as likely to re-enter the<br />

foster care system later. As a volunteer, you can<br />

make all the difference for a child who has<br />

experienced abuse or neglect in your community.<br />

Get involved today.<br />

www.casaeldorado.org<br />

Camps are directed by former Harlem Globetrotter Sterling “Smoo<br />

and a qualified staff of experienced basketball coaches and player<br />

After a summer full of traveling, entertaining and maybe a<br />

few too many neighborhood parties, it’s time to focus on you.<br />

The camp is tailored to meet the needs and development of each<br />

There is a 10 to 1 camper to instructor ratio, and instructors<br />

experienced in teaching both boys and girls<br />

of various skill levels. Much of the staff<br />

includes local High School coaches and<br />

players.<br />

At Spare Time Sports Clubs you can find the sports and<br />

fitness activities you crave. Get stronger, de-stress, learn a<br />

new sport – feel whole again.<br />

Check out these great<br />

fall programs & activities<br />

Our wish is for every camper to learn<br />

the fundamentals of basketball, meet<br />

and make new<br />

friends, and<br />

HAVE FUN!!!<br />

Water Fitness<br />

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Space is<br />

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Broadstone<br />

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Former Harlem Globetrotter Sterling “Smooth” Forbes Bask<br />

Broadstone Sports Club El Dorado Hills Sports Club<br />

Folsom • 983-9180 El Dorado Hills • 933-4929<br />

Johnson Ranch Sports Club Gold River Sports Club<br />

Roseville • 782-2600 Gold River • 638-7001<br />

Name Age Date of Birth<br />

Skill level: Competitive Recreational Beginner Divisons: 1st-2nd Grade 3rd<br />


Address: Phone#<br />

sparetimesportsclubs.com<br />

Email Address: School:<br />

Offer expires <strong>September</strong> 30, <strong>2023</strong> and is a first visit joining incentive. Monthly<br />

savings vary by membership type and location. Annual savings require 12-month<br />

agreement. Requires a one-time $39 initiation fee. Other membership incentives<br />

may be available. See club for details. Cannot have been a member in the past 60<br />

days to be eligible. Other restrictions may apply.<br />

Summer Session .......................June 5 - 9<br />

Daily Rate ............................ $40 Per Day<br />

Full Club Member : Fitness Club Member: Non Member : L<br />

$110 $130 $150 M<br />

Sibling Discount - $10 off weekly rate for the second child in the same family<br />

All sessions 9 am - 2 pm - *Clu<br />


| health & wellness |<br />


Nevada City.<br />


7.4 miles out and back.<br />


Moderate.<br />


A four-wheel drive vehicle is<br />

recommended, as the road in<br />

gets rough the last few miles.<br />

Expect to encounter mud<br />

and do some route finding in<br />

case of snow (GPS is advised).<br />

Bring trekking poles and the<br />

essentials (food, water, sun<br />

protection, etc.), and wear<br />

layers. Help protect our<br />

wilderness areas and Leave No<br />

Trace.<br />


This hike offers beautiful<br />

forest views, opportunities for<br />

backpacking through the Tahoe<br />

National Forest, and an ice-cold<br />

lake for a mid-hike refresh.<br />

FUEL UP:<br />

Once home to the town<br />

telegraph office and<br />

stagecoach stop, you’ll find<br />

locally sourced, sustainable<br />

eats inspired by “the great<br />

wild west and a shine of<br />

European finesse” at Lola<br />

(thenationalexchangehotel.<br />

com/dining/lola)—a historically<br />

hip restaurant sited inside The<br />

National Exchange Hotel.<br />

For more information, visit<br />

alltrails.com/trail/us/california/<br />

glacier-lakes-trail.<br />

Take a Hike<br />

Glacier Lakes Trail<br />


1<br />

2<br />

4 6<br />

5<br />

Photos 1, 2. & 5 by Dannette Veale @meisdv. Photo 3 by Kelly Cronin. Photos 4 & 6 by Evelyn Cayaban @evecay_<br />

outdoorlover & Ann Alejandria @buffles12. Lola at The National Exchange Hotel photos by Myrtle & Marjoram.<br />

3<br />

How to<br />

Get Your<br />

Vehicle<br />

Unstuck<br />

Last year, on a trip to the<br />

Valley of Fire State Park, I<br />

(embarrassingly and very<br />

mysteriously) managed<br />

to get my car completely<br />

stuck, high centered, and<br />

buried in soft sand. Here<br />

are a few things to know<br />

should this ever happen<br />

to you.<br />

➊<br />

Stop when you first get stuck<br />

(don’t spin your wheels).<br />

Don’t get high centered; this<br />

is when you dig yourself so<br />

deep your car is supported<br />

(from the chassis) by the dirt<br />

you’ve dug yourself into. Stop<br />

spinning your wheels before<br />

you get here.<br />

➋<br />

Build traction. Get out<br />

and identify which wheels<br />

are spinning. Find rocks,<br />

branches, anything you can<br />

use to build traction. If you<br />

have traction pads, now’s the<br />

time to use them. You may<br />

need to dig a path for the<br />

tires.<br />

➌<br />

If you’re with someone,<br />

have them push the car<br />

forward while you wiggle<br />

the wheel side to side to<br />

gain traction. Press the gas<br />

gently. Again, stop if your<br />

wheels start to spin.<br />

➍<br />

If you have a way of filling the<br />

holes your wheels are in, jack<br />

up your car and fill the holes,<br />

build traction, and drive off.<br />

➎<br />

You can release about 15<br />

PSI (max) from your tires to<br />

increase the surface area of<br />

the tire and help gain traction.<br />


THAN THIS.<br />

➏<br />

Use a winch if you have one.<br />

➐<br />

Call the park/forest/highway<br />

patrol services if nothing else<br />

works.<br />

Just in case, the number for<br />

the USDA Forest Service Tahoe<br />

National Forest Supervisors Office<br />

is 530-265-4531.<br />

Do<br />

you have a<br />

favorite trail in the<br />

region you’d like to see<br />

featured? Tell us all<br />

about it at<br />

info@stylemg.com.<br />

40 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


P R E M I E R <br />


P R O F E S S I O N A L S<br />

Changes in health care happen at an astonishing speed these days; thankfully, our community has high-quality<br />

health care providers who are helping to drive these medical and dental advances forward. The accomplished<br />

professionals featured here have made an impact in our region through education, leadership, innovation, and<br />

genuinely caring for their patients. STYLE invites you to celebrate these exemplary health professionals for<br />

achievements in their respective fields—and in the community.<br />





1641 Creekside Dr., Ste. 100 // Folsom<br />

916-984-4242 // nuancecs.com<br />

Dr. Ken Sumida and the staff at Nuance<br />

Cosmetic Surgery aim to improve your<br />

natural appearance and reverse some<br />

signs of aging. Nuance offers surgical<br />

and non-surgical procedures, including face lifts,<br />

eyelid lifts, breast enhancements and tummy tucks,<br />

Dysport, restylane, and chemical peels. If you’re<br />

not sure if cosmetic surgery is for you, Dr. Sumida<br />

offers complimentary cosmetic consultations<br />

allowing patients to explore the various methods<br />

of looking younger. Dr. Sumida encourages first<br />

time patients to seek out a number of plastic<br />

surgeons so they can find the one where they feel<br />

most comfortable. Dr. Sumida guarantees personal<br />

attention to all of his patients. “From the time you<br />

pick up the phone to schedule an appointment, you<br />

will be treated like a precious patient,” he says. “We<br />

try to schedule our patients with ample time for<br />

their consultations. We want to answer all of their<br />

questions so that they do not feel rushed.” Give Dr.<br />

Sumida and Nuance a call today!<br />

42 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags





2370 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 130 // Folsom<br />

916-983-6637 // www.folsomdentalimplants.com<br />

Dr. Gregory G. Olsen practices a full scope of oral and<br />

maxillofacial surgery including dental implants, bone<br />

grafting and wisdom tooth removal while providing<br />

exceptional patient care in a friendly atmosphere.<br />

Dr. Olsen graduated with honors from the University of the Pacific<br />

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, San Francisco and completed<br />

his specialty training residency in the field of oral and maxillofacial<br />

surgery at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital in Chicago. He is a Board<br />

Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Board Certified Dental<br />

Anesthesiologist, and Fellow of the International Congress of<br />

Implantology. He holds memberships with numerous prestigious<br />

dental organizations including the California Dental Association,<br />

Sacramento District Dental Society and the American Association<br />

of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Dr. Olsen and his wife, a dental<br />

hygienist, are dedicated to serving those in need – both locally and<br />

internationally.<br />

The team at Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant Center's first priority<br />

is the safety and comfort of every patient. Dr. Gregory G. Olsen<br />

works constantly to keep up-to-date with the latest advancements<br />

in dental care. He uses the latest techniques and remains deeply<br />

committed to developing new and better ways to protect your teeth<br />

and gums.<br />

When not taking care of his patients or volunteering his time, Dr.<br />

Olsen enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends along<br />

with fly-fishing, cycling and hiking.<br />

Take a moment to learn more about the exciting new services we<br />

offer our patients. Please call our office at 916-983-6637.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 43






508 Gibson Dr., Ste 290 // Roseville<br />

916-781-4300<br />

bogardhealth.com<br />

Dr. Bogard has a long history in the health<br />

field. From an RN to a nurse anesthetist<br />

to an anesthesiologist, she spent almost<br />

40 years in the operating room. She was<br />

exposed to critical care, trauma, obstetrics, lots of on<br />

call hours and sleepless nights. As she entered her 50's<br />

she found her own health starting to decline and sought<br />

out a healthy aging physician. After experiencing the<br />

benefits she sought out the fellowship of regenerative<br />

and healthy aging through the American Academy of<br />

Anti-Aging Medicine.<br />

She opened an office in 2014 and continues to grow<br />

and expand her knowledge into this evolving field of<br />

medicine. Rather than prescribing medications and<br />

bandaging diseases she looks for the "root causes" and<br />

integrates each system in the body together. She also<br />

looks at environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors<br />

which result in "dis-ease". Her continued and expanding<br />

practice utilizes bioidentical hormone replacement,<br />

thyroid and adrenal optimization, GI healing, testing for<br />

heavy metals and IV nutrition and chelation, advanced<br />

lipid testing, and advanced blood sugar testing.<br />




1665 Creekside Drive Suite 103 // Folsom<br />

916-260-5127 // dimplespd.com<br />

Dr. Rohini Rattu received her DDS from<br />

Columbia University and completed her<br />

Postgraduate Pediatric Dental training at Boston<br />

University. She is a Board Certified Diplomate<br />

and a proud member of the ADA, CDA, American Academy<br />

of Pediatric Dentists, California Society of Pediatric Dentists<br />

and Sacramento District Dental Society. It is with these<br />

memberships that Dr. Rohini is able to remain on the cutting<br />

edge of new technologies and philosophies within the realm<br />

of Pediatric Dentistry.<br />

At Dimples Pediatric Dental, we strive to make the dentist<br />

office a fun place to be where kids can feel comfortable and<br />

relaxed. Our goal is to provide our patients with excellent<br />

oral health care throughout their infant, child and adolescent<br />

years. When they “graduate” from our office, they will take<br />

with them the tools and confidence to enjoy optimal oral<br />

health throughout their lives.<br />

Dimples Pediatric Dental would love to be your children's<br />

dental home!<br />

44 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags






1420 Blue Oaks Blvd., Suite 100 // Roseville<br />

916-771-2062 // www.DrAlmonte.com<br />

Dr. Arnold Almonte is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

whose practice is dedicated to cosmetic surgery of the<br />

face. It is his goal to provide the highest quality in<br />

patient care, with a strong emphasis on patient safety.<br />

He is a gifted and compassionate surgeon, as well as a true artist.<br />

What sets him apart is that he is one of the only plastic surgeons<br />

who performs facial surgery completely under local anesthesia.<br />

This significantly reduces the risk of cosmetic surgery, while still<br />

keeping you very comfortable.<br />

The Almonte Center offers a wide variety of facial cosmetic<br />

procedures including the A-Lift (Dr. Almonte's signature lower<br />

face and neck lift), Eyelid Surgery, Brow Lifts, Fat Transfers<br />

and Renuvion Neck Tightening. The most popular non-surgical<br />

treatments include Botox and Filler to the Cheeks, Under Eyes, and<br />

Lips.<br />

Dr. Almonte is a member of the following prestigious<br />

organizations: the American Osteopathic Association, the American<br />

College of Osteopathic Surgeons, the American Academy of Cosmetic<br />

Surgery, the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California, and<br />

the Greater Sacramento Osteopathic Medical Association. His business<br />

affiliations include the Placer Business Network, the Better Business<br />

Bureau, and the Roseville Chamber of Commerce. He has achieved<br />

Top Doctor status on www.realself.com, the World's #1 site for<br />

Cosmetic Surgery reviews.<br />

In his spare time Dr. Almonte enjoys spending time with his<br />

wife and three daughters. His interests include running, hiking,<br />

traveling, cooking, playing the piano, and watching professional<br />

sports. His favorite team is the 49ers.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 45





2802 Mallard Lane // Placerville<br />

530-626-8440 // www.drmcdonald.com<br />

Dr. Shawn McDonald has consistently been<br />

voted Best Vision Center by the readers of<br />

<strong>Style</strong> for the El Dorado County Foothills for<br />

more than a decade.<br />

Dr. McDonald is Board Certified in the Treatment<br />

and Management of Ocular Disease and an active<br />

member of both the American and California Optometric<br />

Associations.<br />

Our Board Certified Opticians have a combined seventy<br />

five years of experience and are committed to excellence—<br />

they are always accessible to answer any questions that you<br />

may have.<br />

We have always strived to provide our patients with the<br />

most professional service available from the latest in<br />

diagnostic technology to one of the largest selections of<br />

quality eyewear in the area.<br />

We invite you to make your next vision care appointment<br />

with our practice.<br />




9285 Sierra College Blvd. // Roseville<br />

916-784-3376 (DERM)<br />

placerdermatology.com<br />

Dr. Artur Henke, a board certified dermatologist,<br />

has extensive experience in medical, surgical,<br />

and cosmetic dermatology. He trained at UC<br />

Davis Medical Center, where he was Chief<br />

Resident. Dr. Henke has been a Northern California<br />

resident for 35 years. In 2008, he realized his dream of<br />

building Placer Dermatology & Skin Care Center, a state<br />

of the art dermatology practice in Roseville, California.<br />

Dr. Henke volunteers as Assistant Clinical Professor at UC<br />

Davis, and is an active member of several medical societies,<br />

including the American Academy of Dermatology.<br />

Dr. Henke specializes in the recognition and management<br />

of all types of skin cancer including melanoma, as well as,<br />

pre-cancers, benign skin growths, acne, skin infections,<br />

and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Dr. Henke<br />

performs surgery on all areas of the body and offers<br />

cosmetic procedures such as Botox. By addressing your skin<br />

condition in a timely and expert manner, Dr. Henke can<br />

alleviate many symptoms and prevent complications. Dr.<br />

Henke looks forward to providing you with his expert care<br />

while addressing your entire family’s dermatologic needs in<br />

a comfortable and friendly environment.<br />

Dr. Henke and his wife, along with their two children<br />

are active members of the community and enjoy living in<br />

the area. Thank you for voting Dr. Henke as one of the<br />

Best Dermatologists for nine years in a row and as a Best<br />

Medical Practice for five years in a row!<br />

46 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



MD, FACS<br />



631 Fulton Ave // Sacramento<br />

916-480-9080 // facialcosmeticsurg.com<br />

Trust is at the heart of what we do.<br />

At Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates<br />

we understand the importance of<br />

a person’s image and self-concept.<br />

We want all our patients to feel good about<br />

themselves and their decisions regarding<br />

cosmetic procedures. Facial Cosmetic Surgery<br />

Associates, a premiere facial plastic surgery<br />

practice, serves the aesthetic needs of patients<br />

throughout California and beyond.<br />

Fellowship trained in facial plastic and<br />

reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kaniff is the Medical<br />

Director of Facial Cosmetic Surgery Associates.<br />

Dr. Kaniff, a double board-certified facial<br />

plastic surgeon who has performed over 25,000<br />

surgeries over the past twenty-five years in<br />

Sacramento, is uniquely qualified to evaluate<br />

and treat all aesthetic aspects of the nose, face<br />

and neck with both non-invasive and invasive<br />

procedures.<br />

We are proud of our accreditation by the<br />

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory<br />

Health Care (AAAHC) because it represents<br />

an independent recognition of the importance<br />

we place on patient safety and comfort. Patients<br />

appreciate their procedures being done with a<br />

twilight anesthesia provided by our specialized<br />

anesthesia professionals, allowing more extensive<br />

procedures such as our deep plane facelift and<br />

rhinoplasty to be performed comfortably and<br />

safely.<br />

Our goal is to provide patients with world class<br />

care in a supportive and safe environment.<br />

Consultations, clinic visits and procedures are<br />

all conveniently performed under one roof at<br />

our free-standing accredited facility. Separate<br />

check-in and check-out areas afford our patients<br />

maximal privacy. Surgery patients or those<br />

in the early stages of recovery appreciate the<br />

privacy of our VIP entrance.<br />

Call today and experience the difference.<br />

Achieved Accreditation by<br />

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Age Gracefully with Dignity.<br />

The Dignity Team<br />

Missey McCallum, RN,<br />

CANS Certified Aesthetic<br />

Nurse Specialist<br />

Sherellen Gerhart Diana Zanoni-Potts Haley Phelps<br />

Joty Pabla<br />

MD<br />

MD<br />

PA-C<br />

PA-C<br />

Jennifer Thomas<br />

Ashley Brown<br />

Kristi McCallum Lacey Russo, Patient<br />

RN<br />

RN<br />

Medical Assistant Care Coordinator<br />

Alyssa Wik Sarah Spadavecchia Carley Thetford<br />

Gretchen Britt<br />

Receptionist<br />

Receptionist<br />

Receptionist<br />

Receptionist<br />

We’re celebrating our<br />

17th year of Excellence!<br />



1200 Suncast Lane, Suite 5 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-939-3889 // info@dignitymed.com // dignitymed.com<br />

This year marks the 17th anniversary of El Dorado Hills’<br />

favorite medical practice for treatments to slow the<br />

appearance of aging on the face, neck and body.<br />

Dignity Medical Aesthetics (DMA) was established in 2006<br />

by Missey McCallum, RN, and Sherellen Gerhart, MD. Dignity<br />

Medical Aesthetics has been the premier medical aesthetic practice in<br />

El Dorado Hills since 2006.<br />

They offer services such as laser and IPL treatments for permanent<br />

hair reduction, removing brown spots and redness, as well as treating<br />

lines, scars and laxity to help provide younger, smoother looking<br />

skin. They offer non-invasive treatments for lifting the neck or brow<br />

and skin tightening. They have options for Body Contouring, Radio<br />

Frequency Microneedling and Vaginal Rejuvenation. Plus Platelet<br />

Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are offered to naturally help with hair<br />

loss and skin rejuvenation.<br />

They are national leaders in injections of Botox and fillers for relaxing<br />

lines, adding volume, and for lifting facial areas to lessen the appearance<br />

of sagginess and jowls. All new patients receive a complimentary 45<br />

minute consultation to carefully review their medical history followed by<br />

a general overview of treatment options that can best meet their personal<br />

needs for enhancing their appearance.<br />

By looking at their website (www.dignitymed.com), you can see<br />

examples of most of their treatments and services.<br />



Welcome to your Dental Home<br />

At Sierra Dental Studio we realize that every great smile starts with a healthy foundation.<br />

That’s why Dr. Lozano focuses on preventive, comprehensive and minimally invasive dentistry.<br />

Some of our services:<br />

• General and Cosmetic Dentistry<br />

• Emergency and comprehensive exams<br />

• Digital x-rays<br />

• Dental hygiene services<br />

• Dental Veneers, Inlays / Onlays<br />

• Crowns, bridges<br />

• Implants<br />

• Low-level laser therapy<br />

• Dentures<br />

• Dentistry for children<br />

• Teeth whitening<br />

• Nitrous oxide<br />


www.SierraDentalStudio.com<br />

1671 Creekside Dr. Suite 101<br />

Folsom, CA 95630<br />

Financing available through Carecredit.<br />

Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.<br />

Accepting new patients.<br />

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6661 Stanford Ranch Rd., Ste. D // Rocklin<br />

916-471-2999 // premierimplantsolutions.com<br />

Premier Implant Solutions Dental Group is a stateof-the-art<br />

facility providing dental treatment for the<br />

entire family. In addition to providing traditional<br />

dentistry for your family’s needs, Dr. Dyab has spent<br />

many years placing dental implants from single unit to full<br />

mouth rehabilitation.<br />

For those patients who experience anxiety about going to the<br />

dentist, Dr. Dyab offers IV Moderate Sedation as he wants<br />

all patients to feel totally relaxed and comfortable during<br />

their visits.<br />

At the young age of 7, after a routine checkup, is when Dr. Dyab<br />

decided to become a dentist. Practicing now for over 23 years<br />

with the last 8 years in Northern California he has chosen to<br />

make Rocklin his forever landing place. He loves how dentistry<br />

changes people's lives so they can smile with confidence!<br />

Dr. Dyab completed his Orofacial Pain & Oral Medicine<br />

residency at USC. During the past 20 years, Dr. Dyab attended<br />

many extended & live trainings in implant and sedation dentistry.<br />

Dr. Dyab is a member of the ADA, CDA and Sacramento<br />

Dental Society. He’s also a member of AGD and ITI.<br />

When not practicing dentistry, he loves to travel and spend time<br />

at the beach with family and friends.<br />





1535 Eureka Rd. // Roseville<br />

916-773-3376 // granitebaydermatology.com<br />

Dr. Hearth is a board certified<br />

dermatologist and cosmetic<br />

dermatologist who is trained to<br />

treat all conditions of the skin. Dr.<br />

Hearth is an expert in cosmetic dermatology<br />

and laser surgery, having the distinction of<br />

completing a fellowship in these fields at UC<br />

San Francisco Medical Center. He has also<br />

been on clinical faculty in the Departments<br />

of Dermatology at Vanderbilt University and<br />

UCSF Medical Centers. As a result, Dr.<br />

Hearth has the unique training and expertise to<br />

superbly care for all of your skin’s needs.<br />

Dr. Hearth opened Granite Bay Dermatology<br />

and Laser Center in Granite Bay, CA in 2003 and<br />

relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility in 2014<br />

at 1535 Eureka Road in Roseville. At Granite<br />

Bay Dermatology and Laser Center, we have<br />

the expertise and the latest technologies and<br />

treatments to make you look your best!<br />

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AMAR PAWAR, D.D.S.<br />

1568 Creekside Dr., Ste. 202 // Folsom<br />

916-235-6212 // www.folsomfamilydental.com<br />


Dr. Pawar is a graduate of the prestigious Columbia<br />

University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, NY.<br />

Trained to be an expert dentist, Dr. Pawar continues<br />

to educate and maintain his knowledge to the ever so<br />

changing needs and treatment modalities of the dental community.<br />

Dr. Pawar has been practicing dentistry in Folsom for over 16 years.<br />

His goal is to provide outstanding basic, routine care with emphasis<br />

on educating the patients as to the importance of regular oral<br />

hygiene. If and when significant dental concerns do arise, Dr. Pawar<br />

presents multiple treatment options and empowers the patients<br />

to pick the ones that would work the best for them. A visit to Dr.<br />

Pawar's dental office is always a great experience!<br />



6910 Douglas Blvd. Ste. C // Granite Bay // 916-872-1265<br />

www.rosegoldhealth.com<br />


Rose Gold Health is on<br />

the border of Granite<br />

Bay and Folsom, and<br />

Kim Silsby helps women and<br />

men with digestion, sleep,<br />

stress, all kinds of pain, sports<br />

injuries, women's health,<br />

fertility, pregnancy, labor, and<br />

postpartum.<br />

Chinese Medicine has been<br />

practiced for over 3000 years.<br />

This modality is safe, effective,<br />

and it has evolved with our<br />

modern times. My approach<br />

combines acupuncture with<br />

electrostim, Gua Sha, cupping,<br />

moxibustion, herbal medicine,<br />

nutrition therapy, lifestyle<br />

coaching, functional medicine<br />

testing, and a genuine desire to<br />

support you wherever you are. I<br />

have practiced Eastern medicine<br />

for 20 years and have been the<br />

grateful recipient of its benefits<br />

for 26 years.<br />





1600 Creekside Drive, Suite 2700 // Folsom<br />

530-677- 0700 // rangimd.com<br />

Ibecame doctor because of my family. I became<br />

endocrinologist because of love for my family. And a<br />

firm believer in the power of preventive medicine and<br />

natural healing for the love of all of our families.<br />

My devotion to promoting awareness and early detection<br />

of chronic diseases comes from an immense personal loss.<br />

My ‘cause’ for desperately trying to help people with such<br />

conditions started with a deep-rooted trauma of losing my<br />

cousin.<br />

For me, this is more personal than professional. Because no<br />

one can really understand the pain of seeing your loved one<br />

suffer and eventually lose in the battle of preventable health<br />

condition unless they have gone through this.”<br />

My life’s work is dedicated to him and everyone else who is<br />

going through the similar trauma.<br />

So, my mission is to prevent the progress and complications of<br />

diabetes at the earliest stage possible.<br />

Empathy, compassionate heart, dedicated mind and<br />

hardworking hands…that's my team: the perfect combination<br />

you’re looking for to take care of your health needs.<br />

Your quest ends here…Contact today to schedule a consult.<br />

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6390 Runnymeade Dr., Ste. A // Placerville<br />

530-622-6768 // russellsjonesdds.com<br />


Dr. Russell S Jones<br />

DDS, brings extensive<br />

training and experience<br />

to El Dorado<br />

County. Having followed in this<br />

family’s footsteps he feels fortunate<br />

to be a Hangtown resident for<br />

more than 30 years. He attended<br />

San Francisco’s University of the<br />

Pacific (UOP), where he obtained<br />

his dental degree in 1991. His top<br />

priority is dedicated to assisting<br />

each patient in achieving long<br />

term dental health and a beautiful<br />

smile. Patients receive oral health<br />

care education in a beautiful office<br />

with a warm and caring staff.<br />

Dr. Jones and his staff take the<br />

time to get to know each individual<br />

and listens to their concerns<br />

before all treatment is performed.<br />

Dr. Jones office recognizes patients<br />

are their most important asset,<br />

and strive to develop long-lasting,<br />

trusting relationships with all of<br />

their patients.<br />

Accepting New Patients!<br />




2209 Francisco Drive, Suite 150 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-933-5535 // EDHeye.com<br />

info@edheyes.com<br />

El Dorado Hills Optometric Center was initially<br />

founded in 1984 and has been serving patients for over<br />

39 years. We are committed to excellence in patient<br />

care and providing a comprehensive eye examination.<br />

Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art equipment along with<br />

a highly trained staff to provide a friendly and professional<br />

service.<br />

Dr. Corrigan, O.D. has been part of EDHOC for over 23 years,<br />

having graduated from Northeastern State University College<br />

of Optometry, Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 1990. Her emphasis is<br />

in primary eye care with special interest in complex contact lens<br />

fitting. Dr. Corrigan enjoys running, cycling and outdoor sports<br />

with her husband.<br />

Dr. Young, O.D. recently joined the practice. Relocating<br />

from the Bay Area, she began her optometry career in the<br />

Sacramento Valley 28 years ago. She is a graduate of the<br />

University of Houston College of Optometry and has an<br />

emphasis on primary eye care for the whole family, including<br />

children. Dr. Young enjoys fitness, hiking, and spending time<br />

with family and friends.<br />

Please visit our office for all your eyecare needs!<br />

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4080 Cavitt Stallman Rd., Ste. 100 // Granite Bay<br />

916-771-0715 // www.vagaro.com/allureskinandlaser<br />

Allure Skin and Laser is a Dermatology and Medical<br />

Aesthetic Clinic specializing in Skin rejuvenation as<br />

well as treating broad spectrum dermatologic needs<br />

including pediatric vascular anomalies. Our focus<br />

is laser resurfacing, injectable neurotoxins and fillers, laser hair<br />

reduction and PRP. We strive to cultivate a comfortable, clean, and<br />

confident environment for our broad array of beautiful patients. Our<br />

collaborating Dermatologist is Dr. Marc Serota.<br />

We offer many different procedures at Allure Skin and Laser. One<br />

of our favorites is the Halo laser, it is the first hybrid fractional laser<br />

that uses both ablative and non-ablative technology to effectively treat<br />

multiple layers of the skin. The Halo restores the skins glow, effectively<br />

treating hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, enlarged pores, scars and<br />

fine lines and wrinkles with minimum down time. This may be used<br />

in conjunction with the Morpheus 8 for accelerated tightening and<br />

collagen stimulation.<br />

Other treatments include: Plasma Sculpt Bio Filler, Botox/Dysport<br />

and Daxxify, Sculptra/Radiesse, Dermal fillers, Hyaluronic Acid<br />

wrinkle filler including RHA/Juvederm/Restylane/Kybella for face/<br />

jowls and double chins, PDO Threadlifting, Clinical Dermatology ,<br />

Skin Cancer screening, Biopsies, Personalized skin health programs,<br />

BBL, Laser Tattoo removal, Laser hair removal, Pulse dye laser and<br />

Microneedling.<br />

At Innovative Compounding<br />

Pharmacy we offer:<br />

• Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)<br />

for chronic pain, Autoimmune<br />

disease and cancer.<br />

• a wide variety of high-quallity<br />

professional-grade vitamins<br />

and supplements<br />

• both sterile and non-sterile<br />

customized medications for the<br />

whole family, including your pet<br />

• compounding for pain<br />

management, hormone therapy<br />

for both men and women,<br />

pediatric applications and many<br />

other specialties<br />

We pride ourselves on honoring our<br />

customers, and our continued commitment<br />

is to provide you with the personal, prompt<br />

and professional service you deserve.<br />



Serving the community since 2007, we’re proud to have been<br />

voted Best Independent Pharmacy for 13 consecutive years.<br />



820 Wales Dr., Ste. 3, Folsom | 916-984-9222 | www.icpfolsom.com<br />

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FREE<br />

Live Performances<br />

FREE<br />


17 th Annual<br />


Saturday, October 14, <strong>2023</strong><br />

10:00am - 3:00pm | Palladio Folsom<br />


For more information and to learn more about booth space and sponsorship<br />

opportunities, contact Bettie Grijalva at: bettie@stylemg.com<br />


event<br />



FOLSOM, CA 95630<br />

www.facebook.com/FolsomFamilyExpo<br />


| fashion |<br />

What to Wear This Season<br />


A new season brings new style! We asked local boutiques what they’re “falling”<br />

for this autumn. Whether you’re ready to pack those sundresses away<br />

completely or add small touches to your existing closet, here are a few trend<br />

favorites.<br />

Vintage Vogue<br />

Submitted by Darcy Quinn & Danielle Harper, Thrifted. on Main, 460 Main<br />

Street, Placerville, 530-497-5945, thriftedonmain.com<br />

“Ladies can choose a cozy flannel overshirt to exude rustic charm and layer it over a<br />

silky cami for a feminine touch. The contrast between the softness of the cami and the<br />

ruggedness of the overshirt creates a stylish juxtaposition.”<br />

“Vintage denim maxi skirts are a must-have this season. Layer a lace slip underneath<br />

to add a delicate detail. Complete the outfit with a tailored jacket for a touch of<br />

sophistication.”<br />

“For men, vintage track jackets layered over a graphic tee paired with straight-leg Dickiesstyle<br />

pants, corduroy, or vintage denim offers a casual, everyday look. To elevate the<br />

style, interchange a knit sweater vest and/or a trench-style jacket to stay with the layering<br />

vibe. Top it off with a baseball cap, a loose tie, or your favorite<br />

accessories— carefully curated classic elements and vintage pieces<br />

create a one-of-a-kind, retro-inspired outfit.”<br />

Blue Jean Baby<br />

Submitted by Tegan<br />

Lee, Lees' Boutique, 4110<br />

Datsun Court, Shingle<br />

Springs, 530-677-4891,<br />

leesboutique.net<br />

“I love all things denim;<br />

luckily, there some fun<br />

denim trends this season—<br />

from colored denim and<br />

wide leg denim to cargo<br />

jeans, jumpsuits, overalls,<br />

and so much more! And<br />

with the Barbie movie [that<br />

came out] this summer,<br />

we'll still be seeing lots of<br />

pink!”<br />

Red Hot<br />

Submitted by Mia Khera, On Point Boutique,<br />

260 Palladio Parkway, Suite 1007, Folsom, 916-<br />

805-9941, onpointboutique.store<br />

“You’ll be seeing hues of red everywhere, as it takes<br />

over as ‘the’ color of fall and winter this year. I love this<br />

trend since red is such a great color that amplifies any<br />

look. Pick one item to wear (red shoes, a red handbag,<br />

or a red blazer) or make a statement by wearing a<br />

monochromatic look.”<br />

“Modern ’80s fashion is resurfacing this fall with<br />

oversized boxy looks (think shoulder pads) and bold,<br />

geometric patterns. For a fun and edgy look that’ll<br />

make you feel polished and powerful, add a boxy<br />

blazer to your outfit; if it has shoulder pads, more<br />

power to you.”<br />


For bold, bright red lips that’ll<br />

make you feel (almost!) famous<br />

this fall, the long-lasting,<br />

iconic offerings from Bésame<br />

Cosmetics can’t be beat. Their<br />

“Bésame Red 1920” shade with<br />

cool undertones looks fab on<br />

all skin tones and makes a serious<br />

statement while also staying put. $28,<br />

besamecosmetics.com<br />

On Point Boutique photo by Audrey Morrill. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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ArchitecturAl SpeciAlty SAleS co.<br />

Only the very best fOr less. huge selectiOn and impeccable service<br />



800-797-7412 • 530-626-1586<br />

6051 EntErprisE Dr. stE 104 • DiamonD springs • assCo.BiZ<br />

Photo: Element 79 tasting room. All doors and windows by Architectural Specialty Sales<br />

Gold-Country-Artists-Art-Gallery-Jewelry-Store-Shop-Local-<strong>Style</strong>-1122-WS-X2-FINAL.indd 110/11/22 2:58 PM<br />

916-983-9000 folsom-thaicuisine.com<br />

2371 Iron Point Ste 100, Folsom<br />

A Best Thai<br />

Restaurant<br />

10% OFF<br />

DINNER<br />

Dine in or Take Out. Must present<br />

coupon, not valid for holidays Exp. 10/31/23

| fashion |<br />

Puff the Magic Coat<br />

Submitted by Carly Stillwagon, Daisy<br />

Grae Boutique, 846 Lincoln Way,<br />

Auburn, 530-401-0875, daisygrae.com<br />

“[Puffer jackets<br />

can be] paired<br />

with loose denim,<br />

a staple solid<br />

long sleeve,<br />

and Converse,<br />

alongside loose<br />

curls, and a<br />

long, plaid scarf.<br />

Simple gold rings,<br />

small gold hoops,<br />

and—if you want<br />

to add more—<br />

stacked gold<br />

necklaces are a<br />

nice addition,<br />

too. This is a<br />

favorite trend,<br />

because it’s<br />

comfortable and cute;<br />

you can go from running<br />

errands to a coffee date<br />

with friends, and you’ll<br />

still feel like you have a<br />

stylish outfit on without<br />

trying too hard.”<br />

Edgy & Versatile<br />

Intimates<br />

Submitted by<br />

Theresa Del Biaggio,<br />

Bambolina’s Bra &<br />

Lingerie Boutique,<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Vine Street,<br />

El Dorado Hills,<br />

916-581-6272,<br />

dressyourheartout.<br />

com<br />

“Go with a look that’s<br />

edgy, and let your<br />

financial investment<br />

on intimate<br />

apparel work for<br />

you anytime—day<br />

or night! Wear<br />

a beautiful bra,<br />

bustier, or<br />

loungewear<br />

set with your<br />

other everyday<br />

staples; and<br />

transform those<br />

cozy pajamas<br />

into sleek and<br />

chic clubwear<br />

with a swanky<br />

pair of heels<br />

and the right<br />

accessories!”<br />

On Point Boutique photo by Audrey Morrill. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

56 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong>

ASK THE<br />

EXPERT<br />

by BELLA NOLEN<br />




A: Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)<br />

is the healthiest, highest-grade<br />

olive oil available. During harvest<br />

season, the olives are picked<br />

and, within hours, delivered to<br />

the mill for pressing. The oil is<br />

extracted from the olives using<br />

natural methods with no heat or<br />

solvents. This freshly pressed<br />

oil smells and tastes amazing:<br />

creamy yet bold. In November<br />

and December, you can find it<br />

as “olio nuovo.” During the rest<br />

of the year, look for California<br />

extra virgin olive oil with the<br />

most recent year’s harvest date.<br />

Regardless of your diet, it’s easy<br />

to incorporate this healthy fat<br />

into meals; use it in your morning<br />

eggs, a frittata, or drizzled on<br />

toast; toss potatoes or vegetables<br />

with it, along with herbs, and<br />

then roast or sauté them; create<br />

delicious vinaigrettes by blending<br />

EVOO with rich balsamic;<br />

enhance marinades with it [or]<br />

use a delicate, buttery olive oil<br />

for healthier and incredibly moist<br />

baked goods.<br />

Photo ©weyo - stock.adobe.com.<br />

—Joan Masegian, Owner, More Than Olives, 713 Sutter<br />

Street, Folsom, 916-933-1650, morethanolives.shop<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 57

| introducing |<br />

Q & A<br />

WITH<br />

LOCAL<br />


photos by TAYLOR ALLRED<br />

The Horseshoe Bar<br />


Folsom, 916-697-0126, thehorseshoebartrailer.com<br />

@the.horseshoe.bar @thehorseshoebartrailer<br />

Services or products you offer: Mobile bar for events, including<br />

weddings and private parties; clients supply the alcohol, and we<br />

provide the rest—fresh-squeezed juices, hand-cut garnishes, etc.—<br />

to create seasonal craft cocktails.<br />

What you enjoy most about your profession: Getting to be a<br />

part of people’s celebrations and bringing a unique element to<br />

their special day.<br />

Fun fact about your company: The mobile bar was converted<br />

from a vintage two-horse trailer and includes other repurposed<br />

materials like beer tap handles from a barn built in the 1800s.<br />

You started your business, because: A unique mobile bar option<br />

didn’t exist in the area, so I decided to create one myself!<br />

Customer service is: The most important part of a business.<br />

First job: Childcare at a gym.<br />

Favorite food: Enchiladas.<br />

Favorite local restaurant: Julian’s Patisserie and Café.<br />

Last big purchase: An upgraded kegerator!<br />

Favorite small business: Wildflower Beauty + Boutique.<br />

When not working, you can be found: On outdoor adventures in<br />

Folsom with my husband and three kids.<br />

You love living here, because: Of all the beautiful scenery and<br />

nearby nature; we have plenty of places to go hiking, biking, and<br />

stand-up paddleboarding.<br />

58 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Best Mortgage<br />

Broker 2019-2022<br />


Faster Easier More Affordable<br />


CA DRE #01314400<br />

NMLS #350241<br />

As a 30 year resident of Folsom, whether you need to purchase or refinance your home, I will<br />

work directly with you and your family offering you access to the best rates nationwide.<br />

CALL US<br />

TODAY!<br />

“ There is no better mortgage provider…<br />

“John has been handling our families’ mortgage needs for more than 15 years. There is no<br />

better mortgage provider and consultant in the business - he gets us the absolute lowest rate<br />

every time.” -Frank Visconti<br />

916-496-1919<br />

888 Farley Court | Folsom, CA 95630<br />

arnazfinancial.com | NMLS #1803704/CA DRE #02077955<br />

“<br />

Arnaz-Financial-Best-Mortgage-<strong>Style</strong>-Half-1022.indd 1<br />

9/16/22 2:10 PM<br />


Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 2-6pm<br />


<br />


(916) 836-8406<br />

1475 Eureka Rd.<br />


| introducing |<br />

The Leaders Partner<br />


Granite Bay, 916-755-2402, theleaderspartner.com<br />

Services or products you offer: I enable leaders to achieve<br />

their strategies and goals via their teams through workshops,<br />

coaching, process improvement, leadership development, and<br />

so much more.<br />

What you enjoy most about your profession: When businesses<br />

succeed, people succeed. The snowball effect of working for a<br />

good leader positively impacts families and communities.<br />

You started your business, because: I love working with<br />

business leaders to help them succeed but had gotten to a point<br />

in corporate America where I was writing spreadsheets and<br />

PowerPoints instead of working one-on-one with leaders. Getting<br />

to do this on my own schedule with little travel (so I can spend<br />

more time with my girls while they're still young) is a bonus.<br />

First job: Not including babysitting and mowing the lawn, it was<br />

working retail at an outlet mall near my hometown.<br />

Favorite food: Cheese and chocolate.<br />

Favorite local restaurant: Without kids, Farmhaus. For a quick<br />

bite, In-N-Out Burger.<br />

Last big purchase: A small boat tour in Alaska with my family.<br />

Favorite small business: I have so many, but Foodom, Snooks<br />

Candies & Chocolate Factory, Ruby's Books, Fourscore Coffee<br />

House, NuYo Frozen Yogurt, Bloom Coffee & Tea, and Dominick’s<br />

Italian Restaurant & Deli top the list.<br />

Favorite local event: Folsom Pro Rodeo.<br />

When not working, you can be found: “Moming.” And, if I can<br />

make the time, playing outside.<br />

Nouvelle Bridal Boutique<br />


Cameron Park, 650-766-0435, nouvellebridal.com<br />

Services or products you offer: Designer wedding gowns,<br />

mother-of-the-bride gowns, bridesmaid and attendant<br />

dresses, jewelry, and accessories, in addition to on-site<br />

alterations, wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation,<br />

and more.<br />

What you enjoy most about your profession: Meeting<br />

amazing people, helping them look their best, and getting<br />

to be a part their happiest day.<br />

Fun fact about your company: We’re by appointment only.<br />

You started your business, because: Fashion is my<br />

passion, and working with people gives me joy.<br />

Most memorable experience as an entrepreneur: Being<br />

hired to help a customer at her five-day wedding at Castello<br />

di Amorosa in Calistoga.<br />

Favorite local restaurant: Brickyard Counter & Bar.<br />

Favorite small business: World Traveler Coffee Roasters.<br />

When not working, you can be found: Out with friends at<br />

the El Dorado Hills Town Center.<br />

You love living here, because: The foothills are beautiful,<br />

and the people are amazing.<br />


In fact, our Introducing and Eat & Drink section reviews are not paid advertisements. If you’d like your business<br />

profiled, please email info@stylemg.com. Once we determine when your business will be featured, we will contact<br />

you to schedule a time to come out and take a photograph. Thank you!<br />

60 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

FREE<br />


Presented by Valley Ukulele Society<br />

SUNDAY<br />

October 29th<br />

1pm - 3:30pm at the<br />

Folsom Community Center<br />

52 Natoma St., Folsom<br />

Presenting Sponsor:<br />

Stage Sponsor:<br />

www.ukesforschools.org<br />

Visit us online:<br />


| home & garden |<br />

Styling a home is<br />

a labor-intensive<br />

undertaking, requiring<br />

lots of patience and<br />

decision-making. If you<br />

wish you could revamp<br />

your residence with<br />

the ease of a magic<br />

wand, you’re not alone.<br />

We don’t have a fairy<br />

godmother to make all<br />

your home makeover<br />

dreams come true, but<br />

we do have the next<br />

best thing: three local<br />

designers sharing their<br />

style know-how and<br />

interior décor wisdom<br />

with us.<br />

Eye for Design<br />




How would you describe<br />

your design style?<br />

I have developed four distinct styles that<br />

align with my personal aesthetic and<br />

the preferences of the clients I work<br />

with: earthy organic, modern traditional,<br />

European, and English countryside. Across<br />

these four styles, my love for neutral tones<br />

provides a versatile backdrop, patterns<br />

inject personality and visual interest, and<br />

natural materials add warmth, texture, and<br />

a connection to nature.<br />

What are your top three design tips?<br />

1. With remodeling or new home<br />

construction projects, initiate the design<br />

process as early as possible. Completing<br />

a well-thought-out design plan ahead of<br />

time is preferable (as opposed to rushing<br />

and potentially causing delays later). By<br />

involving an interior designer at this<br />

stage, they can envision and strategize<br />

the placement of specific furniture, offer<br />

architectural design suggestions, and<br />

provide valuable feedback that optimizes<br />

both aesthetics and functionality.<br />

2. Make sure to use a cohesive color<br />

palette and design elements. Create<br />

mood boards, flat lays, and sample paint<br />

colors to truly visualize all the elements<br />

Christina Lisetsky<br />

Founder of Curated Spaces & Lead<br />

Designer at Skyline Build & Design,<br />

Citrus Heights, 415-480-4607,<br />

skylinebuildinc.com<br />

@thecuratedspaces<br />

@skylinebuilddesign<br />

@skylinebuildanddesign<br />

you plan to incorporate. Place the<br />

mood board and flat lay in the room<br />

and live with it for a while.<br />

3. Forgo the furniture set! As tempting<br />

as it is to head to [a big-box store]<br />

and order a dining set, stick to<br />

selecting individual pieces that<br />

complement each other. The result<br />

is a thoughtfully curated aesthetic<br />

that enables the blending of high-end<br />

investments with budget-friendly<br />

discoveries, resulting in a wellbalanced,<br />

inviting design.<br />

Biggest mistake people<br />

make when decorating?<br />

If your rug isn’t substantial enough<br />

for your space, it will appear as if it’s<br />

floating in the room; therefore, it’s<br />

crucial to find one that’s the right size<br />

for your space. Rugs not only ground the<br />

furniture but can transform a room and<br />

create a point of interest. A golden rule<br />

is to make sure the front two legs of the<br />

main furniture pieces are on the rug.<br />

Most underrated tip, trick, or detail<br />

when decorating a home?<br />

The power of lighting! Proper lighting<br />

can transform a room, making it appear<br />

larger, cozier, or more inviting. It can<br />

highlight architectural features, artwork,<br />

and focal points, creating a sense of<br />

depth and visual interest.<br />

Photo of Christina Lisetsky by @allthings.nech. Christina Lisetsky design photos: top photo by Legacy Images; bottom photo by Miles Minno.<br />

62 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Cathy Tonks<br />

Founder & Interior Designer at Designs<br />

With You in Mind, Granite Bay, 916-532-<br />

8878, designswithyouinmind.net<br />

@designswithyouinmind<br />

@designswithyouinmindinteriordesign<br />

Cathy Tonks photo courtesy of Cathy Tonks. Cathy Tonks design photos: top left by Liz Zembelman; far right by Salt Haus Photography. All photos for<br />

Jenny Levitsky courtesy of Jenny Levitsky.<br />

How would you describe<br />

your design style?<br />

Flexible. I can make any style<br />

work, as long as it's right for the<br />

style of architecture. My goal is<br />

to find what my client's style is<br />

and then work from there. I like<br />

change, so my personal style<br />

varies. I think that is why I am<br />

a designer, so I can make every<br />

project unique and not be pinned<br />

to any one particular "style."<br />

What are your top three<br />

design tips?<br />

1. Start with your inspiration. It<br />

could be a color, a flower, a<br />

light fixture, or a rug. I found<br />

my latest inspiration in a<br />

rosemary bush!<br />

2. Pull pictures together and<br />

put them all in one place<br />

like a mood board, then<br />

hone it down by eliminating<br />

the things that don't<br />

work together. If you love<br />

something but it doesn't work<br />

with everything else, use it<br />

in another room or not at all.<br />

It's like picking out clothes to<br />

wear; there are some things<br />

in your closet that you would<br />

never wear together, right?<br />

Jenny Levitsky<br />

Founder & Designer at Ultimate<br />

Designs, Placerville, 530-903-2229,<br />

ultimatedesignkitchens.com<br />

@ultimatedesigns29<br />

@ultimatedesignsjennyl<br />

3. Trust yourself! I think a lot of people have<br />

great taste and could do their own designs.<br />

Designers just trust that what they’re<br />

choosing for you is going to look great. But if<br />

you just can't do it, hire a designer!<br />

Biggest mistake people<br />

make when decorating?<br />

They don’t look at the whole picture and try to<br />

incorporate everything they like in one space;<br />

then, when it’s done, they wonder why it doesn't<br />

flow. Too many colors and too many wow factors<br />

in one space can look messy and not thought out.<br />

Most underrated tip, trick, or detail when<br />

decorating a home?<br />

Do what you like—not what is trendy. Your<br />

friends or your designer aren’t going to live<br />

in your home. It’s for you and your family, not<br />

anyone else, so YOU need to love it!<br />

How<br />

would you<br />

describe<br />

your<br />

design<br />

style?<br />

I don't have<br />

a specific<br />

style,<br />

because<br />

it's tailored<br />

to each<br />

individual<br />

client rather<br />

than reflecting my own preferences.<br />

However, when it came to renovating<br />

my own home, I leaned toward<br />

California casual and incorporated<br />

elements of traditional design to create<br />

a warm, cozy atmosphere.<br />

What are your top three<br />

design tips?<br />

●1. Don’t succumb to trends; think<br />

about what you like as a person. If<br />

you love it today, you'll love it in 20<br />

years.<br />

2. Don’t choose paint colors first.<br />

Instead, put together something<br />

you love, such as an area rug or a<br />

sofa, and then choose your colors.<br />

3. In styling your home, less is more.<br />

Allow it to feel cozy and comfy as<br />

opposed to cluttered. Too much<br />

stuff feels crowded. If you bring<br />

something in, two things need to go.<br />

Biggest mistake people make<br />

when decorating?<br />

Over-decorating! Make sure you have a<br />

focal point, not focal points, so the eye<br />

has time to rest. Be intentional.<br />

Most underrated tip, trick, or<br />

detail when decorating a home?<br />

When trying to come up with a<br />

color palette, think about what looks<br />

beautiful on you, what you wear, and<br />

what makes you look and feel vibrant—<br />

start there!<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 63

Cathy Tonks<br />


916.532.8878<br />

www.DesignsWithYouInMind.net<br />

8700 Auburn Folsom Rd #400, Granite Bay<br />

Sacramento Area | Rocklin | El Dorado Hills | Folsom | Roseville<br />



10%<br />

Off<br />

On Any Full<br />

Landscape Project<br />

* Must present at initial consultation,<br />

cannot be combined with other offers.<br />

Expiration date 10/31/23<br />

Drought-Tolerant<br />

Design Pros<br />




call for free estimate<br />

916-461-4182<br />

capitallandscape.com<br />

12 Years Won<br />

Since 2011

A Taste<br />

of<br />

25<br />

Must-Try<br />

Italian Eats<br />


Papa Gianni's Ristorante<br />

Mangia means “eat,” but in<br />

everyday Italian life, it’s not<br />

used as a command—it’s an<br />

invitation. It’s not describing<br />

the act of eating, but rather<br />

the emotion, the feeling of<br />

eating. Eat, enjoy, share,<br />

love: Mangia!<br />

Italian food at its best is communal.<br />

It’s community. It’s family. And it’s<br />

the cuisine of simplicity—born of<br />

necessity and practicality, and through<br />

centuries of tradition elevated into<br />

something beautiful. Here in our area,<br />

we’re blessed with an impressive<br />

number of authentic, deeply Italian<br />

restaurants, serving up classics<br />

like manicotti, ravioli, and arancini;<br />

specialties like traditional Roman<br />

alfredo and Milanese risotto; and<br />

creative plates like wild boar ragu and<br />

chicken piccata pizza. Your taste buds<br />

are the only passport you’ll need for<br />

this vacation. Allow us to take you<br />

on a tour to some of our favorites; if<br />

you’re not already a fan of these local<br />

legends, you soon will be.<br />

Papa Gianni's Ristorante photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup.<br />

66 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Bene Ristorante Italiano and Amore Mio Italian Bistro photos by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup. The Place photo courtesy of The Place.<br />

Amore Mio<br />

Italian Bistro<br />

Placerville’s Amore Mio Italian Bistro<br />

sources their ingredients direct from Italy,<br />

and their specialty is authentic Roman<br />

fare. For uniquely traditional appetizers,<br />

try the hugely popular Carcio Fritti<br />

Al Formaggio: delicious, deep-fried<br />

artichokes filled with mascarpone and<br />

goat cheese; or the Fiori Di Zucchina<br />

Fritti: crispy zucchini blossoms filled<br />

with mozzarella cheese. Simple, elegant,<br />

and—dare we say—beautiful, these<br />

appetizers get an A+ in my book. 451 Main<br />

Street, Suite 8, Placerville, 530-303-3148,<br />

amoremioitalianbistro.com<br />

Bene Ristorante Italiano (also known<br />

as Pizza Bene) brings the taste of Naples<br />

to Placerville. If you’re in the mood for<br />

something creatively unique with one foot<br />

still firmly in the world of tradition, try<br />

the Chicken Piccata Pizza: chicken<br />

breast, capers, garlic, mozzarella, fresh<br />

squeezed lemon, and extra virgin olive<br />

oil. The secret to their classic Neapolitan<br />

pizza is Antico Molino Caputo flour,<br />

which yields that soft and flavorful crust.<br />

Spettacolare! 423 Main Street, Placerville, 530-<br />

303-3415, eatpizzabene.com<br />

Papa Gianni's Ristorante has been<br />

serving authentic Southern Italian cuisine<br />

to the Cameron Park community (and<br />

beyond) for over 30 years. Their Spaghetti<br />

Marinara & Meatballs is a true<br />

crowd-pleaser: flavor-packed, house-made<br />

meatballs swimming in slow-simmered<br />

marinara over a generous portion of<br />

noodles is molto bene! If you manage to save<br />

room for dessert, the cannoli—featuring<br />

crunchy Italian pastry (made in-house) filled<br />

with creamy ricotta, rum, and chocolate—<br />

delivers on taste, authenticity and, best<br />

of all, size; these babies are BIG. 3450<br />

Palmer Drive, Cameron Park, 530-672-2333,<br />

papagiannis.net<br />

The Place (locations in Placerville and<br />

Roseville) is an ode to Italian family and<br />

fresh, original cuisine. Try something<br />

different for your appetizer: Piedmontese<br />

Bagna Cauda “Hot Bath.” (Please<br />

remain clothed—the bath is for the bread,<br />

folks.) This warming concoction of confit<br />

garlic, extra virgin olive oil, white wine,<br />

and lemon (anchovies are available on<br />

request but highly recommended) is served<br />

with warmed rosemary Italian flatbread<br />

for dipping and sublime enjoyment.<br />

(No splashing allowed.) 221 Vernon Street,<br />

Roseville, 916-742-5447; 1772 Pleasant<br />

Valley Road, Placerville, 530-621-1680,<br />

thatlittleitalianplace.com<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 67

Vacanza Romana<br />

Mastroserio Winery<br />

specializes in Italian-style<br />

wines from various Italian<br />

varietals, all located in the<br />

heart of Fairplay wine country.<br />

If you’re lucky, owner Ruggero<br />

Mastroserio might even show<br />

off his saxophone skills! 7351<br />

Fairplay Road, Somerset, 530-417-<br />

4321, mastroseriowinery.com<br />

Swing by Nello Olivo for<br />

their self-proclaimed “best<br />

wines under the California<br />

sun,” and let The Grapefather<br />

pour you a wine you can’t<br />

refuse. 3544 Carson Road,<br />

Tre Pazzi Trattoria<br />

Camino, 530-303-3617; 643 Bee<br />

Street, Placerville, 530-409-5603,<br />

nelloolivo.com<br />

Via Romano Vineyards<br />

offers a taste of Italy in El<br />

Dorado County with their<br />

Italian-inspired winery and<br />

vineyard of nebbiolo grapes<br />

from the Piedmont region of<br />

Northern Italy. 2875 Larsen<br />

Drive, Camino, 530-269-9463,<br />

vrv.vin<br />

Italian heritage runs strong<br />

at Di Stasio Vineyards,<br />

a winery first settled by the<br />

Il Forno Classico in Rancho Cordova<br />

offers traditional Italian cuisine in a familyfriendly<br />

atmosphere. Sample from their range<br />

of fine Italian beers, like Menabrea, Dolomiti,<br />

and Peroni; for your entrée, try a Northern<br />

Italian classic, like the delicious Milanese<br />

Risotto: creamy saffron risotto tossed with<br />

chicken breast, pancetta, sun-dried tomatoes,<br />

peas, and parmesan. Simplicity at its finest!<br />

2121 Golden Centre Lane, Suite 10, Gold River,<br />

916-858-0651, ilfornoclassico.com<br />

Vacanza Romana in El Dorado Hills is<br />

an homage to the flavors of Rome. The<br />

must-try Fettucine Alfredo is a traditional<br />

Roman-style rendition of the dish, based on<br />

the original created in 1908 by Alfredo di<br />

Lelio. Forget chain-restaurant-heavy-creamgoop<br />

you’ve had before; Vacanza Romana’s<br />

delicate Alfredo is the real deal: house-made<br />

fettucine, butter, garlic, and parmigiano<br />

reggiano. That’s it! No bells, no whistles,<br />

just perfect, elegant Italian cuisine. And if<br />

you want to pump up the protein, adding<br />

prawns is a (delicious) possibility, too. <strong>2023</strong><br />

Vine Street, Suite 101, El Dorado Hills, 916-<br />

673-9620, vacanzaromanarestaurant.com<br />

SIP ON THIS:<br />

Italian-Inspired Wineries<br />

family’s Italian ancestors in<br />

the early 1900s. Fast forward<br />

to today, and the Italian<br />

hospitality and devotion to<br />

winemaking continues. 10788<br />

Shenandoah Road, Plymouth, 209-<br />

256-1524, distasiovineyards.com<br />

Discover a piece of Tuscany in<br />

the heart of Amador County<br />

at Villa Toscano Winery,<br />

whose wines, architecture, art,<br />

and even food are designed<br />

to evoke a true Tuscan<br />

experience. 10600 Shenandoah<br />

Road, Plymouth, 209-245-3800,<br />

villatoscano.com<br />

Tre Pazzi Trattoria in Auburn believes<br />

simplicity and freshness are the keys<br />

to authentic Italian cooking. Keep it<br />

traditional with their Arancini: rice balls<br />

stuffed with mozzarella and green peas,<br />

rolled in Italian breadcrumbs, and served<br />

with creamy béchamel, pesto, and San<br />

Marzano tomato sauce—Sicilian-style street<br />

food so good you’ll swear you’re in Palermo.<br />

Try a little something from their imported<br />

Italian beer, wine, or cocktail selection,<br />

too—Aperol spritz, anyone? 928 Lincoln<br />

Way, Auburn, 530-823-2994, trepazzi.net<br />

Vino Noceto Winery—<br />

locally known as the “house<br />

of sangiovese”— boasts<br />

“the best sangiovese in all of<br />

California.” Yes, these folks are<br />

obsessed with sangiovese (in<br />

the best way possible)! 11011<br />

Shenandoah Road, Plymouth, 209-<br />

245-6557, noceto.com<br />

Cristaldi Vineyards<br />

considers themselves a true<br />

“vino locale,” with a passion<br />

for Italian-styled field-blends.<br />

Wines include sangiovese,<br />

dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo,<br />

zuppa di vino, ribello, and<br />

even a prosecco-style l’acqua<br />

pazza sparkling. 4060 Ridge<br />

Drive, Loomis, 916-759-1291,<br />

cristaldivineyards.com<br />

Ciotti Cellars comes from<br />

a long, time-honored family<br />

tradition of winemaking: Their<br />

grandfather stowed away in a<br />

wine barrel to find a new life<br />

in America (so they technically<br />

win at family legend-telling,<br />

as well as winemaking). 3285<br />

Crosby Herold Road, Lincoln, 916-<br />

534-8780, ciotticellars.com<br />

Vacanza Romana photo by Lyda Mock. Tre Pazzi Trattoria photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup. Il Forno Classico photo courtesy of Il Forno Classico.<br />

68 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Via Roma Pizzeria con Cucina and Dominick's Italian Restaurant & Deli photos by Taylor Allred @stylemediagroup. Vaiano Trattoria photo courtesy of Vaiano Trattoria.<br />

Via Roma Pizzeria con Cucina<br />

(locations in Rocklin and Lincoln)<br />

pride themselves on homestyle Italian<br />

cuisine in a cozy, intimate setting. Their<br />

traditional Lasagna is the star of the show:<br />

homemade pasta layered with ground<br />

pork, beef, and ricotta, topped with tomato<br />

sauce and melted cheese; we’re talking the<br />

peak of Italian simplicity. Full of deep, rich<br />

flavor, it will only bring a Zen-like smile of<br />

true satiety (that’s fancy-talk for “good”),<br />

but you’ll keep coming back for more. 1230<br />

Sunset Boulevard, Suite 600, Rocklin, 916-663-<br />

6141; 2270 Nicolaus Road, Suite 108, Lincoln,<br />

916-209-3485, via-roma-pizza.com<br />

Named after the Italian hometown of their<br />

founder, Granite Bay’s Vaiano Trattoria<br />

is dedicated to serving the flavors of<br />

Tuscany and traditional Italian cuisine.<br />

Where else can you find Pappardelle<br />

Al Cinghiale: tender flat pasta noodles<br />

topped with a richly flavorful wild boar<br />

ragu? Just one bite of this traditional<br />

Tuscan dish, and you’ll be whisked straight<br />

to Siena—no passport necessary! Make<br />

sure you leave room for their traditional<br />

Italian panna cotta for dessert, too. 7160<br />

Douglas Boulevard, Granite Bay, 916-780-0888,<br />

vaianotrattoria.com<br />

Dominick’s Italian Restaurant &<br />

Deli is a Granite Bay institution that’s<br />

dedicated to authentic Italian cuisine,<br />

cocktails, and wine. Give in to your seafood<br />

craving and enjoy the Linguine with<br />

Mussels fra Diavolo, which translates to<br />

“brother devil” in Italian. Sautéed in olive<br />

oil, garlic, and basil and served in a spicy<br />

marinara sauce, this dish has a kick—and<br />

will have everyone in the restaurant eyeing<br />

your plate! Served with your choice of<br />

soup or salad and rustic bread, get ready<br />

to dig into deliciousness. 8621 Auburn<br />

Folsom Road, Granite Bay, 916-786-3355,<br />

dominicksmarketdeli.com<br />

Dominick’s Italian<br />

Restaurant & Deli<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 69

Petali<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante in Folsom has roots<br />

in the Southern Italian cuisine of Calabria<br />

and Sicily and has been serving the region<br />

since 1992. For an authentic Italian dining<br />

experience, look no further than Mama’s<br />

famous house-made Tiramisu: Italian<br />

lady fingers layered with Italian cream,<br />

cheese, and soaked in espresso. Nothing<br />

short of perfection. Mangiamo! 2700 East<br />

Bidwell Street, Suite 700, Folsom, 916-983-5181,<br />

viscontisristorante.com<br />

Petali prides itself on scratch-made<br />

Italian cuisine served fast. Their own<br />

Papa Joe immigrated from the Calabria<br />

region in 1912, and the namesake Petali<br />

signature appetizer is one of his recipes:<br />

battered zucchini “petals” seasoned<br />

with a special blend of herbs and spices,<br />

then pan-fried and served with marinara<br />

sauce for dipping. Don’t forget to order<br />

the homemade cannoli for dessert; it’s<br />

a crowd favorite! 3101 Zinfandel Drive,<br />

Suite 128, Rancho Cordova, 916-330-1595,<br />

petaliitalian.com<br />

Folsom’s Cia di Gelateria makes<br />

authentic Italian artisan gelato in-house,<br />

and it’s kept in a traditional enclosed<br />

display (known as “pozzetti”) to preserve<br />

the consistency, so it’s always fresh and<br />

delicious. For a truly traditional experience,<br />

try the Stracciatella: a delicious creamflavored<br />

gelato with chocolate shavings.<br />

Elevate your experience by ordering it<br />

affogato-style; aka, with a shot of freshly<br />

pulled espresso. 2784 East Bidwell Street, Suite<br />

100, Folsom, 916-817-1430, ciagelato.com<br />

Fabian’s Italian Bistro in Fair Oaks<br />

specializes in Italian fine dining using<br />

locally sourced ingredients. Much like the<br />

night sky, the menu features many stars,<br />

but the house-made Ravioli—filled with<br />

ricotta cheese and spinach, then topped<br />

with a lemon cream sauce and gremolata—<br />

is certainly a fan favorite and will make your<br />

taste buds sing. (Many have requested to-go<br />

mugs of the lemon cream sauce; many have<br />

been denied. We can dream, right?) 11755<br />

Fair Oaks Boulevard, Fair Oaks, 916-536-9891,<br />

fabiansitalianbistro.com<br />

La Fornaretta in Newcastle specializes<br />

in traditional Italian hospitality, highquality<br />

Sicilian cuisine, and family<br />

traditions dating back over 50 years.<br />

Their Ravioli Sugo receives rave<br />

reviews, and with good reason: tender<br />

cheese-filled ravioli topped with La<br />

Fornaretta’s house-made tomato sauce<br />

that’s cooked the traditional way for over<br />

four hours. We’re talking Italian magic here.<br />

Trust and believe that this is the good stuff!<br />

455 Main Street, Suite 4, Newcastle,<br />

916-663-1338, lafornaretta.com<br />

Fabian's Italian Bistro<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup. Other photos courtesty of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

70 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Pizza Norcia in El Dorado is the home of<br />

wood-fired, Umbrian-inspired pizza. The<br />

Norcino is especially noteworthy, thanks to<br />

prosciutto and truffles imported direct from<br />

Norcia (aka, home of pork and truffles).<br />

What else is this praiseworthy pie topped<br />

with? Black truffle mushroom spread, fior di<br />

latte (flower of milk) mozzarella, and fresh<br />

arugula tossed with lemon and prosciutto<br />

on a perfectly chewy wood-fired crust. It’s<br />

a gourmet trip to Italy all wrapped up into<br />

one beautiful bite. 6180 Pleasant Valley Road,<br />

El Dorado, 530-622-3593, pizzanorcia.com<br />

Named for the master of the Italian<br />

Renaissance, Michelangelo Buonarotti,<br />

Buonarroti Ristorante brings a touch<br />

of Old Italy to downtown Lincoln. Ziti<br />

Capriosa is one of the traditional stars<br />

of the menu: tender ziti (tube pasta) tossed<br />

with Chef Daniel’s famous homemade red<br />

sauce, fresh portobello mushrooms, and<br />

mouthwatering meatballs, then topped with<br />

melted mozzarella. Finish off with a caffè<br />

corretto: an espresso shot plus a splash of<br />

Italian grappa. 460 Lincoln Boulevard, Lincoln,<br />

916-645-7951, buonarrotis.com<br />

Buonarroti Ristorante<br />

Pasquale's photo by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

Amore Eats in Citrus Heights specializes<br />

in handmade Neapolitan pizzas, bread,<br />

and freshly made pasta on Sundays—and<br />

they’re fast becoming a local favorite. Their<br />

Margherita Pizza is pure tradition:<br />

Neapolitan-style crust (airy with a puffed<br />

edge) topped with the traditional signature<br />

colors of the Italian flag: red San Marzano<br />

tomatoes, creamy white melted mozzarella,<br />

and fresh green basil leaves (drizzled with<br />

premium EVOO, of course). Pick-up only.<br />

7800 Sunrise Boulevard, Suite 10, Citrus Heights,<br />

916-201-2109, amoreeats.com<br />

Flour Dust Pizza in Roseville “keeps<br />

it one hundred” (as the kids say) as far as<br />

Italian authenticity goes. The owner trained<br />

in Florence, and the pizza is cooked in an<br />

authentic Italian pizza oven built by the<br />

owner himself! For a unique pie that evokes<br />

the classic flavors of Italy with a twist, try<br />

Ali’s Special: topped with ricotta and goat<br />

cheese, fresh mozzarella, pistachios, red<br />

onions, spicy honey, and parmesan. Pro tip:<br />

Add prosciutto! 5080 Foothills Boulevard, Suite<br />

5, Roseville, 916-773-5080, flourdustpizza.com<br />

Pasquale’s has returned to Auburn!<br />

The classic Italian restaurant—beloved<br />

by locals back in the day—closed in 2008,<br />

and reopened this June in the heart of<br />

downtown under new ownership (of a<br />

former Pasquale’s employee!). The menu<br />

includes many old Italian favorites, plus<br />

new ones, like Pasta Caruso, named for<br />

the owner’s mother’s family name. Angel<br />

Amore Eats<br />

Pasquale's<br />

Flour Dust Pizza<br />


Sette Pasta House in Granite Bay—<br />

an all-new venture from the owner of<br />

Fourk Kitchen and Citizen Vine in<br />

Lincoln—is slated to open early next<br />

year. Sette (Italian for “seven”) will<br />

feature a limited menu of just seven<br />

dishes (see how that works?): five core<br />

homemade pasta plates, along with two<br />

rotating entrées each month. We’re<br />

especially excited to try the Lasagna<br />

Bolognese! 6851 Douglas Boulevard,<br />

Suite B, Granite Bay, settepastahouse.com<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 71

hair pasta tossed with a simple tomato<br />

sauce, drizzle of olive oil, sea salt, and<br />

fresh basil, it’s simple, perfect, and elegant.<br />

Rest assured that the portion sizes are still<br />

the same: no one leaves without a to-go<br />

bag! 210 Washington Street, Auburn, 530-878-<br />

5222, facebook.com/auburnpasquales<br />

Miabella Gelato in Roseville<br />

celebrates their Italian heritage with<br />

delicious gelato—and takes their craft<br />

very seriously. They trained at Gelato<br />

University (it’s a real thing) with Luciano<br />

Ferrari, frozen dessert technologist.<br />

Flavor-wise, our favorite is Gianduia<br />

(dark chocolate hazelnut), which tastes<br />

like the best Nutella gelato you’ve ever<br />

had. 1198 Roseville Parkway, Suite 140,<br />

Roseville, 916-415-7075, miabellagelato.com<br />

Antelope’s Taste of Tuscany<br />

Ristorante uses local ingredients<br />

from farm-to-fork suppliers, and their<br />

menu offers traditional Italian fare as<br />

well as a spin on some classic favorites.<br />

Where else can you find a Spaghetti<br />

& Meatballs Pizza? (You read that<br />

correctly.) We’re talking sliced Italian<br />

meatballs and spaghetti served on a<br />

garlic butter crust with sweet marinara<br />

sauce. I mean, when you really think<br />

about it who DOESN’T want pasta with<br />

their pizza? We’ll take two please! 7753<br />

Roseville Road, Suite A, Sacramento, 916-<br />

727-7055, thetasteoftuscany.com<br />

Miabella Gelato<br />

Celestino’s NY Pizza &<br />

Pasta in Rocklin is all about<br />

New York-style Italian-American<br />

pizza; and, in the opinion of<br />

this writer, there’s nothing more<br />

New York (and nothing more<br />

Italian-American) than a pizza<br />

named after Louie De Palma,<br />

Danny DeVito’s lovable scumbag<br />

dispatcher from Taxi. Getta load<br />

of this pie: ricotta topping with<br />

garlic, pepperoni, and mozzarella.<br />

Best eaten while insulting<br />

someone much taller than you and<br />

humming the theme song to Taxi.<br />

Is someone in your crew more<br />

of a “cheese, please!” person?<br />

Order your pie half White<br />

(olive oil base, ricotta, garlic, and<br />

mozzarella) for a slice that’s extra<br />

nice. 6160 Stanford Ranch Road,<br />

Suite 900, Rocklin, 916-771-8600,<br />

celestinospizza.com<br />

Caffè Italiano Ristorante<br />

brings a taste of Italy to Fair<br />

Oaks with their authentic Italian<br />

cuisine. Try the Tortellini<br />

Panna e Prosecutto—tender<br />

cheese tortellini topped with<br />

prosciutto di parma enrobed in<br />

a rich cream sauce. Not only is it<br />

richly delicious, but it represents<br />

all the major food groups, too:<br />

cheesy, salty, meaty, and creamy.<br />

Be sure to sample from their<br />

selection of Italian wines and<br />

avail yourself of the house-made<br />

tiramisu, too. 8112 Madison<br />

Avenue, Fair Oaks, 916-436-4037,<br />

caffeitalianofairoaks.com<br />

Photos by Taylor Allred ©stylemediagroup.<br />

72 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

FOR THE <strong>2023</strong> - 2024 SEASON, THEY HAVE CURATED AN INCREDIBLE<br />


FACE<br />







KEY OF G LIVE!<br />





Sunday, October<br />

15, <strong>2023</strong> | 2:00 PM<br />

Sunday, November<br />

19, <strong>2023</strong> | 2:00 PM<br />

Sunday, January 14,<br />

2024 | 2:00 PM<br />

Sunday, March 17,<br />

2024 | 2:00 PM<br />

Sunday, April 21,<br />

2024 | 2:00 PM<br />

The Folsom Concert Association is thrilled<br />

to celebrate over 27 years of bringing<br />

extraordinary performances to our<br />

community! As a non-profit organization,<br />

their mission is to bring the highest<br />

quality national and international touring<br />

artists to the greater Folsom area at affordable prices. They are dedicated to<br />

supporting arts education and outreach to the community, while providing<br />

unforgettable musical experiences for all.<br />



By becoming a season subscriber, you’ll<br />

receive a $10 discount per show! Plus,<br />

you’ll secure the same seat for all 5<br />

performances, ensuring you have the<br />

best view in the house every time.<br />

Join us in giving back to the community and enjoy a season of musical excellence! By supporting the<br />

Folsom Concert Association, you help us continue our mission and bring the joy of music to everyone.<br />

Get your seats now at harriscenter.net/events.

Volunteer! Saturday, <strong>September</strong> 16<br />

REGISTER AT: folsomcommunityservice.org<br />

Join us for the 10 th annual Community Service Day, Folsom’s largest day of volunteerism.<br />

This major citywide event mobilizes thousands of volunteers of all ages to complete projects<br />

throughout Folsom that make a positive, lasting impact in the community.<br />

Community Service Day is organized by the City of Folsom, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations.<br />

Sponsorship support provided by:<br />

Club of Folsom

Committed to the Health & Well-Being of El Dorado County<br />

FALL <strong>2023</strong><br />

How to<br />

Spot a<br />

Stroke<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Marshall Expands to Better Care for You<br />

Don’t Forget to Schedule These Medical Appointments<br />

Annual Report Highlights Commitment to Care


Marshall Expands to<br />

Better Care for You<br />


Marshall Medical Center is under<br />

contract to purchase a building in El<br />

Dorado Hills, at 4201 Town Center<br />

Boulevard, the former Blue Shield<br />

building, located across Latrobe<br />

Boulevard from the El Dorado Hills<br />

Town Center.<br />

“We are thrilled to announce<br />

Marshall’s expansion in El Dorado<br />

Hills, as we seek to meet the current<br />

and future needs of this vibrant<br />

and growing community,” says Siri<br />

Nelson, Marshall’s President. “This<br />

project will be something truly special,<br />

strategically growing our longstanding<br />

presence in the area and underscoring<br />

our commitment to the health and<br />

well-being of its residents.”<br />

Since 2005, Marshall has leased clinic<br />

space in a nearby El Dorado Hills<br />

business park, but the new Town<br />

Center location is an opportunity<br />

to have an even greater presence in<br />

the community. The 49,000 squarefoot,<br />

two-story building is one of<br />

four on the campus and the one<br />

closest to the freeway, giving Marshall<br />

excellent visibility on the Highway 50<br />

corridor and our county border. Its<br />

size and proximity to the heart of the<br />

community will allow for a robust,<br />

state-of-the art clinic and increased<br />

convenience for patients.<br />

Planning and design work are<br />

currently under way, with the<br />

intention of starting the construction<br />

process immediately after the close of<br />

escrow. The targeted opening of the<br />

building is Winter 2024-2025. Services<br />

currently housed in the existing El<br />

Dorado Hills clinic (including family<br />

medicine, orthopedics & sports<br />

medicine, physical therapy, and<br />

laboratory services) will move to the<br />

new location upon completion. The<br />

El Dorado Hills Healthcare Advisory<br />

Committee, comprised of leaders<br />

from the area, is assisting hospital<br />

administration by providing input<br />

on the services to be offered and the<br />

delivery of care at the new location.<br />

In May of this year, the Marshall<br />

Foundation for Community Health’s<br />

Board of Directors approved a $1<br />

million grant to support the expansion<br />

project with plans for a fundraising<br />

campaign to follow at a later date.<br />

“Our foundation’s mission is to be<br />

a catalyst for a healthy community,<br />

“ says Christa Campbell, Chair of<br />

Marshall Foundation for Community<br />

Health’s Board of Directors. “A project<br />

of this scale will advance that mission<br />

and facilitate the well-being of<br />

residents of El Dorado Hills and the<br />

surrounding communities. As a board,<br />

and as individuals, it was our privilege<br />

to step forward to help make this<br />

expansion a reality.”<br />

2 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org




Marshall Medical Center<br />

is an independent,<br />

nonprofit community<br />

healthcare provider located in<br />

the heart of the Sierra Foothills<br />

between Sacramento and<br />

South Lake Tahoe. Marshall<br />

Medical Center includes<br />

Marshall Hospital, a fully<br />

accredited acute care facility<br />

with 111 beds located in<br />

Placerville; several outpatient<br />

facilities in Cameron Park,<br />

El Dorado Hills, Placerville<br />

and Georgetown; and many<br />

community health and<br />

education programs. Marshall<br />

has nearly 220 licensed<br />

providers and a team of over<br />

1,400 employees providing<br />

quality healthcare services<br />

to the residents of El Dorado<br />

County.<br />

For Your HEALTH is<br />

published as a community<br />

service by<br />


1100 Marshall Way<br />

Placerville, CA 95667<br />

telephone 530-622-1441<br />

or 916-933-2273;<br />

www.marshallmedical.org<br />

It is intended to provide<br />

information about health in<br />

general as well as healthcare<br />

services and resources available<br />

in El Dorado County. Information<br />

comes from a wide range of<br />

medical experts. If you have any<br />

concerns or questions about<br />

specific content that may affect<br />

your health, please contact your<br />

healthcare provider.<br />

To reach the editor of For Your<br />

Health, contact Fernando Diaz<br />

at 530-626-2675 or<br />

fdiaz@marhsallmedical.org<br />

Don’t forget to schedule<br />

these appointments<br />

Now is as good a time as any to get these<br />

appointments on your calendar.<br />

As summer transitions into fall, many people find<br />

that they return to more regular routines. Kids are<br />

back in school, vacations are completed and life<br />

starts to settle down. That is until the busyness<br />

of the winter holidays kicks into high gear. This<br />

in-between time is the perfect time to catch up<br />

on important things you need to do, especially<br />

when it comes to your health.<br />

If you haven’t had time to make your health a<br />

priority lately, now is the time to do so. Not only is<br />

it a good opportunity to get back into a routine of<br />

eating healthy, exercising regularly and sleeping<br />

enough, but it’s also the ideal time to catch up on<br />

any medical appointments you may have put off.<br />

Here are some appointments to get on your<br />

calendar if you’re overdo for a visit:<br />

Annual physical. Even if you’re feeling good, this<br />

yearly appointment is a good opportunity to keep<br />

track of vital information, such as weight, blood<br />

pressure and other important numbers. It’s also<br />

a chance for you to talk with your doctor about<br />

anything that concerns you, ask any questions<br />

you may have and discuss when you should have<br />

recommended screenings and routine bloodwork.<br />

Your primary care physician can also keep you up<br />

to date on recommended vaccinations.<br />

Cancer screenings. Depending on your age,<br />

gender, family history and health status, it<br />

may be time for you to have important cancer<br />

screenings done.<br />

• It is recommended that colorectal cancer<br />

screenings begin at age 45 if you are at<br />

average risk.<br />

• Women should talk to their doctor<br />

starting at age 40 to decide when to<br />

begin mammogram screenings and how<br />

often to get them.<br />

• Women should also ask how often they<br />

need PAP/HPV screenings to protect<br />

against cervical cancer, depending on<br />

their age.<br />

• Men should discuss the benefits and risks<br />

of screening for prostate cancer.<br />

• Getting a full-body check by a<br />

dermatologist to check for skin cancer is<br />

recommended annually, especially if you<br />

are fair-skinned or have a family history of<br />

skin cancer.<br />

• If you are a long-time current or former<br />

smoker, you should ask whether screening<br />

for lung cancer with a low-dose CT scan is<br />

recommended.<br />

Other exams. Have you had your eyes<br />

checked recently? How about your hearing?<br />

Are you going for routine cleanings to keep<br />

your teeth and gums healthy? Should you<br />

check your bone density?<br />

• Eye exams are recommended every 1<br />

to 5 years, depending on your age and<br />

whether you have any vision problems<br />

or medical issues.<br />

• It’s recommended that you have your<br />

hearing checked every 3 to 5 years until<br />

age 40 and then more often after that<br />

or if you have any signs of hearing loss<br />

(this is often done during your annual<br />

physical so you may not need to make a<br />

separate appointment).<br />

• It is suggested that you visit a dentist<br />

every six months to get a professional<br />

cleaning. This helps prevent cavities and<br />

can keep your gums healthier.<br />

• If you are a woman aged 65 or older or<br />

are at an increased risk for osteoporosis,<br />

talk to your doctor about whether you<br />

should have a bone density scan.<br />

For more information about Marshall Medical Center, visit www.marshallmedical.org or follow us on<br />

Facebook/marshallmedicalcenter, instagram.com/marshall.medical.center, on YouTube, LinkedIn and on Twitter.<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 3


Cancer Care,<br />

Close to Home<br />

“The doctor didn’t<br />

have to say a<br />

thing. I knew as<br />

soon as she walked<br />

in the room after<br />

my ultrasound.”<br />

In a moment, Joanne knew she was<br />

facing cancer for a second time.<br />

A great grandmother, Joanne was first<br />

diagnosed with early-stage breast<br />

cancer in 2013 while living in Santa<br />

Cruz, California. She opted for a<br />

double mastectomy and reconstructive<br />

surgery and endured a regular twohour<br />

drive for treatment at Palo Alto’s<br />

Stanford Medical Center. In time,<br />

Joanne recovered and moved back to<br />

the foothills to be closer to family.<br />

Then, in February of <strong>2023</strong>, just two<br />

months after celebrating her 45th<br />

anniversary with Larry, her high school<br />

sweetheart, Joanne learned she had<br />

metastatic cancer in her liver. Larry,<br />

who owns three medical clinics and<br />

was by Joanne’s side every step of the<br />

way during her original cancer journey,<br />

quickly began his research. Having lived<br />

in the area again for the past eight years,<br />

the couple had been fortunate not to<br />

need significant care, but Larry quickly<br />

focused on the nearby Marshall Cancer<br />

Center, a UC Davis Health Affiliate.<br />

Under the affiliation, Marshall’s<br />

oncologists work directly with the<br />

renowned UC Davis Comprehensive<br />

Cancer Center team to design<br />

leading-edge diagnostic and<br />

treatment plans. With this relationship,<br />

the latest cancer clinical trials – often<br />

only available through large academic<br />

research centers – are available to<br />

Marshall’s patients.<br />

The couple met with Marshall’s Rashmi<br />

Ramasubbaiah, MD and on their<br />

second visit, learned of an important<br />

clinical trial. Because of her history,<br />

Joanne was eligible to participate in trial<br />

S1703 - Randomized Non-Inferiority Trial<br />

Comparing Overall Survival of Patients<br />

Monitored with Serum Tumor Marker<br />

Directed Disease Monitoring versus<br />

Usual Care in Patients with Metastatic<br />

Hormone Receptor Positive HER-2<br />

Negative Breast Cancer.<br />

S1703, the first of five clinical trials<br />

now available at Marshall, tests a new<br />

approach for monitoring breast cancer<br />

during treatment using blood tests<br />

called serum tumor marker (STM) tests.<br />

STM measures the amount of tumor<br />

markers released into the blood by<br />

cancer and other cells. This information<br />

can show doctors if the cancer is<br />

responding to treatment. Researchers<br />

are comparing this monitoring approach<br />

to traditional monitoring using imaging<br />

scans which can be expensive and<br />

make many patients anxious. Using<br />

blood tests instead of scans might<br />

improve the quality of life for some<br />

patients and lower costs.<br />

Joanne began treatment immediately.<br />

Following her third round of<br />

chemotherapy, when Dr. Ramasubbaiah<br />

was hoping to see a 10-12% reduction in<br />

Joanne’s cancer markers, she received<br />

the extraordinary news that they had<br />

dropped by more than 53%. Today,<br />

Joanne is receiving regular hormonal<br />

therapy and is on a positive path,<br />

grateful to receive world-class care so<br />

close to home.<br />

“When I had my first journey with<br />

cancer, it would take two hours to drive<br />

to my appointments and two hours<br />

back,” Joanne says. “Now, we’re just ten<br />

minutes from Marshall’s Cancer Center.<br />

It is much less stressful not to spend the<br />

time on the freeway and it eliminates the<br />

hours in the car anticipating treatment,<br />

bloodwork and the mental stress of<br />

wondering ‘what’s next?’”<br />

“The care has been excellent,” adds<br />

Larry. “The people, the facility, the work<br />

that they do … they make you feel like a<br />

person, not a ‘cancer patient’. The more<br />

we learn through the trials, hopefully<br />

there will be fewer people that have to<br />

go through these journeys.”<br />

Learn more about the Marshall<br />

Cancer Center, a UC Davis<br />

Health Affiliate. Call 530-676-<br />

6600 or visit marshallmedical.<br />

org/services/cancer-center<br />

4 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org


Report to the Community<br />

For Fiscal Year 2022<br />

Marshall Medical Center is proud to<br />

share its Report to the Community<br />

for the fiscal year 2022. The report,<br />

now available in both print and<br />

online versions, provides an indepth<br />

overview of the hospital’s<br />

accomplishments, advancements, and<br />

dedication to delivering exceptional<br />

healthcare services to our foothills<br />

community.<br />

The report showcases Marshall’s<br />

continued commitment to patient<br />

care, innovation, and community<br />

engagement. It highlights the<br />

collaborative efforts of the hospital’s<br />

healthcare professionals, support<br />

staff, and volunteers who work<br />

tirelessly to ensure the well-being and<br />

recovery of patients.<br />

Highlights from the report include:<br />

1. People: In 2022, more than 2,395<br />

volunteer hours were provided<br />

by 35 adult and junior Marshall<br />

Volunteer Services members while<br />

the Marshall Hospital Auxiliary<br />

contributed more than 7,380 hours<br />

and $50,000 in support.<br />

2. Quality: One of the most important<br />

measures for hospitals is quality<br />

of care and Marshall is nationally<br />

recognized for excellence. In 2022,<br />

Marshall was distinguished with<br />

recognition from the American<br />

Heart Association/American<br />

Stroke Association, U.S. News &<br />

World Report, the Leapfrog Group,<br />

Lown Institute Hospitals Index,<br />

American College of Emergency<br />

Physicians’ E-QUAL Honor Roll,<br />

the American Diabetes Association,<br />

and the Commission on Cancer<br />

Accreditation among others.<br />

3. Community Health: Marshall<br />

Medical Center and UC Davis<br />

Health established an affiliation for<br />

cancer services that allows Marshall<br />

patients access to the renowned<br />

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer<br />

Center through the UC Davis Health<br />

Cancer Care Network. Elsewhere,<br />

Marshall welcomed new providers<br />

in the fields of family medicine,<br />

general surgery, gastroenterology,<br />

pediatrics, and orthopedics.<br />

4. Financial Stewardship: In 2022,<br />

Marshall served 50,093 patients with<br />

206,626 physician clinic visits, 28,018<br />

emergency department visits, 4,080<br />

inpatient and outpatient surgeries,<br />

and 381 births. Hospital and<br />

physician care was provided free or<br />

at discounted rates for 34,020 eligible<br />

low-income, uninsured or underinsured<br />

persons at a net benefit to the<br />

community of $73,664,345.<br />

5. Marshall Foundation for<br />

Community Health: In 2022,<br />

the Marshall Foundation for<br />

Community Health received<br />

$538,045 in support from 443<br />

donors. Foundation funding was<br />

granted for new jaundice meters<br />

in the pediatrics unit, RetinaVue<br />

retinal cameras in primary care as<br />

well as programs and equipment<br />

in the emergency department and<br />

patient transportation among<br />

numerous other programs.<br />

This year’s report further showcases<br />

Marshall’s exciting expansion in El<br />

Dorado Hills, the upgraded Cancer<br />

Center Compounding Suite, the<br />

addition of a new CT scanner in<br />

the hospital’s South Wing, and the<br />

completion of construction on the new<br />

$13 million kitchen and cafeteria.<br />

Marshall’s Report to the Community<br />

serves as a comprehensive resource<br />

for patients, clinicians, and<br />

community partners, highlighting the<br />

hospital’s dedication to the pursuit of<br />

excellence in healthcare delivery.<br />

For more information or to<br />

access the full report, please visit<br />

marshallmedical.org/newsroom/<br />


www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 5


Marshall Trains the Next<br />

Generation of Providers<br />

This summer, Marshall Medical Center<br />

began serving as a clinical rotation<br />

site for physician assistant students<br />

from Stockton’s University of the<br />

Pacific. The skills and experience the<br />

students obtain through working with<br />

Marshall’s medical staff will provide<br />

the foundation for a career of highquality,<br />

compassionate service. Our<br />

clinical preceptors facilitate a handson<br />

experience in patient assessment<br />

and care with gradual assumption<br />

of increasing responsibility by the<br />

students. Supervised students take<br />

an active role in obtaining medical<br />

histories, performing physical<br />

examinations, interpreting diagnostic<br />

tests, making diagnoses, developing<br />

treatment plans, and providing<br />

patient education.<br />

As professionals engaged in lifelong<br />

learning, Marshall’s medical staff<br />

enjoy teaching, and our preceptors<br />

are rewarded with both the<br />

assistance of their students as well<br />

as the satisfaction of participating<br />

in an unbroken chain of education<br />

traditions that stem back millennia<br />

to the origins of medicine in ancient<br />

Egypt, China, India, and Greece.<br />

Because precepting is based on upto-date,<br />

evidence-based medicine,<br />

Marshall’s participation as a<br />

university clinical site helps sustain<br />

the high standards of care that are<br />

central to our mission and culture.<br />


Tournament<br />

Supports<br />

Ambulance Portico<br />

Project<br />

The 40th Annual Bob West Drive for Marshall Golf<br />

Tournament took place on June 23rd with golfers<br />

enjoying a day of play under sunny, but cool, skies<br />

at the Cold Springs Golf and Country Club. Chaired<br />

by West’s son-in-law, Bob Gillett, the tournament<br />

raised approximately $183,000 to benefit the Marshall<br />

Foundation for Community Health.<br />

Proceeds from this year’s sold-out tournament will<br />

support health programs at Marshall Medical Center,<br />

health related community needs, and a portion of the<br />

proceeds will help underwrite the construction cost<br />

for an ambulance portico outside Marshall Medical<br />

Center’s emergency department. The new portico will<br />

protect patients, first responders, and clinicians from<br />

the elements. “Patients arrive by ambulance in all<br />

kinds of weather, from rain and snow to extreme heat.<br />

The new portico will offer shelter from the elements,<br />

providing a better experience for patients and those<br />

who care for them,” says Mindy Danovaro, Executive<br />

Director, Marshall Foundation for Community Health.<br />

Construction on the new portico is estimated to cost<br />

nearly $1 million.<br />


To learn how you can support the Marshall<br />

Foundation for Community Health visit<br />

marshallfound.org.<br />

6 | FOR YOUR HEALTH | www.marshallmedical.org


How to Spot a Stroke<br />

If you notice these signs, here’s what<br />

you need to do and why you need to<br />

act quickly.<br />

When someone has a stroke, recovery<br />

can be greatly impacted by how<br />

quickly medical treatment is received.<br />

That’s why it’s important to know<br />

what the symptoms of stroke look like<br />

so you can better determine when<br />

someone needs help.<br />

If a person’s stroke is due to an<br />

obstruction in a vessel supplying<br />

blood to the brain (an ischemic<br />

stroke), a clot-busting drug (tPA) may<br />

improve the chances of recovery if<br />

administered quickly enough. Studies<br />

show when tPA is given within 1½<br />

hours, up to 20% of patients show<br />

significant improvement 90 days later;<br />

if within 3 hours, about 10% show<br />

improvement.<br />

Recent studies have also shown that<br />

after being evaluated at the hospital,<br />

some patients may benefit from being<br />

transferred to specialized stroke<br />

centers for clot retrieval procedures<br />

that can increase the chances of<br />

symptom improvement. Time is<br />

also critical in performing these<br />

procedures as soon as possible.<br />

Time is of the essence when it comes<br />

to treating a stroke. That’s why it’s<br />

best to remember the words BE FAST<br />

when trying to determine if someone<br />

is having a stroke. This acronym helps<br />

you identify stroke warning signs:<br />

• B = Balance: Is the person suddenly<br />

having trouble with balance or<br />

coordination?<br />

• E = Eyes: Is the person experiencing<br />

suddenly blurred or double vision<br />

or a sudden loss of vision in one or<br />

both eyes without pain?<br />

• F = Facial drooping: Ask the person<br />

to smile. Is one side of the face<br />

drooping or hard to move?<br />

• A = Arm weakness: Ask the person<br />

to raise both arms. Does one arm<br />

drift down?<br />

• S = Speech difficulties: Ask the<br />

person to repeat a simple phrase. Do<br />

you notice slurred speech or trouble<br />

forming words?<br />

• T = Time: Time lost is brain lost.<br />

If you notice any of the above<br />

symptoms, call 911 right away.<br />

Other symptoms of stroke include<br />

a sudden severe headache with no<br />

known cause, sudden numbness on<br />

one side of the body, trouble walking,<br />

dizziness, and arm or leg weakness.<br />

If something seems “off” with<br />

someone and you suspect it’s due to<br />

a stroke, call 911 immediately. The<br />

sooner a person having a stroke gets<br />

to a hospital, the better the odds of<br />

recovery. The single most important<br />

factor in the successful treatment of<br />

stroke is getting treatment as quickly<br />

as possible.<br />

If you suspect a stroke, always call 911.<br />

Remember, it’s important to BE FAST.<br />

www.marshallmedical.org | FOR YOUR HEALTH | 7

THERE IS<br />




Folsom Riley | Folsom<br />

Blue Ravine | El Dorado<br />

Hills | Roseville |<br />

Sacramento | Curtis Park<br />

| Granite Bay | Rancho<br />

Cordova | Gold River<br />


Italian Restaurant<br />

El Dorado Hills<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Vine Street, El<br />

Dorado Hills, CA<br />


| eat & drink | Dining Out<br />

Tomahawk Ribeye<br />

“<br />

Next, the Tomahawk<br />

Ribeye—something<br />

that stands as the<br />

best steak I’ve<br />

ever had—was<br />

wheeled out by the<br />

sous-chef, torch in<br />

hand, where a hefty<br />

serving of butter<br />

was incinerated onto<br />

the surface of the<br />

perfectly cooked<br />

slice of heaven.<br />

”<br />

Daniello’s<br />

by RYAN MARTINEZ | photos by TAYLOR ALLRED<br />

U<br />

nidentifiable, dimly lit, and worthy of every effort it takes to find<br />

it, there is a charismatic charm to what Daniello’s has done for<br />

the Roseville community. Modeled after a true speakeasy, the era-style<br />

establishment truly transports you to a different time.<br />

From the storefront façade echoing memories of tasty times from the<br />

past, to the first sip of your favorite libation, you’ll feel as though you’re living<br />

vicariously through the ages and stepping into a clandestine prohibition<br />

establishment.<br />

For those willing to do the work, prepare to imbibe in style and engage<br />

your taste buds in an experience that will easily hit the top of your list.<br />

I would do you a disservice by describing step-by-step how to enter<br />

Daniello’s. What I will say is this: Get the password on their website—and<br />

Blueberry Pie Martini<br />

84 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Pure Imagination<br />

HOURS: 4 p.m.-midnight (Friday-Saturday); 4-11<br />

p.m. (Wednesday-Thursday); closed Sunday-Tuesday<br />

DRINKS: Full bar; beer, wine, & cocktails<br />

TAB: $$$<br />

Leather & Bootstraps<br />

229 Vernon Street,<br />

Roseville, 916-472-6926,<br />

daniellosrestaurant.com<br />

@daniellos_restaurant<br />

HEADS-UP: Every Wednesday they host a bourbon<br />

tasting (reservations required); their VIP program<br />

grants access to all whiskey tastings and the private<br />

bar; reservations required for the fixed menu (served<br />

in the dining room), but the lounge is open to walk-ins<br />

with its own menu; proper dress is recommended (no<br />

ripped jeans, hoodies, etc.); no cell phones and flash<br />

photography; dining room can be booked for private<br />

events; menu items change seasonally.<br />

Raindrop Salad<br />

Crème Brûlée<br />

go. Walk on the opposite side of the street to<br />

find the sign and enjoy the quaintly confusing<br />

experience of walking through the door and<br />

giving the store clerk the password.<br />

Though the lounge is open to walk-ins, for<br />

those wanting to experience the full menu,<br />

make a reservation in advance. Also worth<br />

noting: The dining room is closed Wednesdays<br />

for whiskey tastings (the day we went); luckily,<br />

we snuck a spot at the bar.<br />

The ambiance of the lounge can best be<br />

described as a vintage, underground ’20s<br />

jazz bar with an open, modern kitchen. The<br />

wallpaper, lion head emblems, wood, brass,<br />

and brick—combined with the jazzy, trip-hop<br />

music—create a definite vibe few places can<br />

achieve. Essentially, I loved everything about it.<br />

The drink menu was full of modern and<br />

classic cocktails that all sounded (and looked)<br />

delicious, but we kept it simple with a round<br />

of Old Fashioneds. While sipping the wellmade,<br />

boozy beverages, we perused<br />

the simple yet highly sophisticated<br />

lounge menu—and ordered a halfdozen<br />

Shikoku Oysters to start.<br />

Served with a wasabi mignonette<br />

and lemon, we immediately<br />

regretted only ordering six. Trust<br />

me: Your inner troglodyte will<br />

beckon you to drink the mignonette.<br />

Next, the Tomahawk Ribeye—<br />

something that stands as<br />

the best steak I’ve ever<br />

had—was wheeled out by<br />

the sous-chef, torch in<br />

hand, where a hefty serving<br />

of butter was incinerated<br />

onto the surface of the<br />

perfectly cooked slice of<br />

heaven. No need to tell them<br />

how you want this delicacy<br />

prepared; it’s only served<br />

one way: medium rare.<br />

When asked about this, Nick<br />

(my highly knowledgeable<br />

bartender), replied: “A great<br />

chef once said, ‘because<br />

there is no need to kill it<br />

twice.’” Beware, all steaks<br />

you eat henceforth may fall<br />

short of what this does to<br />

your palate.<br />

We split the steak with<br />

a side of Pimento Cheese<br />

Grits—which added just<br />

a tad more decadence to<br />

the meal—and finished off<br />

with Crème Brûlée and a sampling<br />

of spirits being served at the private<br />

whiskey tasting.<br />

Daniello’s piqued my interest<br />

more than most restaurants; and,<br />

after having been, I think few will<br />

match up. The style, atmosphere,<br />

and taste are worth the price tag. If<br />

you can afford even a once-a-year<br />

splurge on an incredible dinner,<br />

do yourself a favor and take a<br />

special someone. If not,<br />

just go for a drink<br />

and slip into the<br />

microcosm where<br />

underground<br />

vintage and modern<br />

collide. Come well<br />

dressed and ready to<br />

be impressed.<br />

Tell us about<br />

your experience<br />

and what you liked<br />

by messaging us on<br />

Instagram<br />

(@stylemags), Facebook<br />

(@stylemediagroup), or<br />

emailing<br />

info@stylemg.<br />

com.<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 85

| eat & drink |<br />

Foodie Find<br />

MORE<br />



— by BELLA NOLEN<br />

Check out some of our<br />

favorite breweries with onsite<br />

kitchens, so you can<br />

drink—and eat!<br />

Auburn Alehouse<br />

289 Washington Street, Auburn, 530-<br />

885-2537, auburnalehouse.com<br />

MUST-TRY PAIRING: Cauliflower<br />

Wings & Gold Country Pilsner<br />

High-Hand Brewing Co.<br />

3750 Taylor Road, If atmosphere is equally important to you as service and quality of food and<br />

Loomis, 916-660-0117, drinks, then there’s a place in Loomis you need to check out. High-Hand Brewing<br />

highhand.com Co.—located inside the historic High-Hand Fruit Shed along Taylor Road, next<br />

@highhandnursery<br />

to the beloved nursery and café—boasts a rustic, incredibly stylish setting that’s<br />

perfect for enjoying any of their impeccably brewed craft beers (everything from a Tangerine<br />

Kölsch and Blood Orange Gose to a Vanilla Porter), plus craft cocktails (I recommend the<br />

French Squeezed) and wine! As for food, there are ample options, from small bites to entrées.<br />

My friend and I split three plates, so we could savor all sorts of flavors. First up, the BBQ Pork<br />

Sliders—slow roasted pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and coleslaw on top of fresh-baked rolls. In this<br />

foodie's opinion, nothing beats homemade bread, so these were clearly a favorite, so these were<br />

clearly a favorite! Also homemade were the potato chips that came alongside the sliders. Yum!<br />

Next, we “split” the Shrimp Tacos. The garlic marinated shrimp, red cabbage, avocado,<br />

Tell us about<br />

your experience<br />

and what you liked<br />

by messaging us on<br />

Instagram<br />

(@stylemags), Facebook<br />

(@stylemediagroup), or<br />

emailing<br />

info@stylemg.<br />

com.<br />

and cilantro crema provided each bite with layers of fabulous flavor and textures.<br />

Truth be told, I wanted them all for myself, so sharing is not recommended. We also<br />

tried the Shrimp Lettuce Wraps served with a peanut dipping sauce that paired<br />

perfectly with the shrimp, crunchy vegetables (cucumbers, bell peppers, jicama),<br />

and creamy avocado. Pro tips: Ask for extra napkins, and maybe don’t order<br />

them if you’re on a first date. Good food? Good drinks? Good vibes? And weekly<br />

entertainment? High-Hand Brewing checks all the boxes, and more. I’ll be back!<br />

— by JULIE RYAN | photo by TAYLOR ALLRED<br />

Hillenbrand Farmhaus Brewery<br />

5100 Virginiatown Road, Newcastle,<br />

hillenbrandbrewery.com<br />

MUST-TRY PAIRING: Custom<br />

Bratwurst & Bunhaus Saison<br />

Moonraker Millhouse<br />

3501 Robin Lane, Cameron Park, 530-<br />

745-6816, moonrakerbrewing.com<br />

MUST-TRY PAIRING: Millhouse<br />

Chicken Sandwich & Outrigger West<br />

Coast IPA<br />

Mode Brewing<br />

9110 Greenback Lane, Orangevale, 916-<br />

123-4567, modebrewing.com<br />

MUST-TRY PAIRING: Carnitas Pasta<br />

& Jet Setter IPA<br />

Moksa Barrel House<br />

10007 Foothills Boulveard, Suite<br />

180, Roseville, 916-783-1444,<br />

moksabarrelhouse.com<br />

MUST-TRY PAIRING: Double Juicy<br />

Burger & Double Barrel Aged Pastry<br />

Mode<br />

Auburn Alehouse photo by Corey Schlittenhart. Hillenbrand photo by Patric Hillenbrand. Mode Brewing photo by Tracy Davis. Moksa Barrel<br />

House photo by Taylor Gillespie ©stylemediagroup. Moonraker Millhouse photo courtesy of Moonraker Millhouse.<br />

86 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags




FRENCH<br />

Best Italian Restaurant in El Dorado<br />

County- voted #1 for eleven straight<br />

years! Our old world family recipes<br />

are sure to delight. We invite you to<br />

enjoy an Italian family style feast or a<br />

romantic night out at Papa Gianni’s...<br />

your destination for an authentic<br />

Italian meal. Buon Appetito!<br />

Papa Gianni's Ristorante<br />

3450 Palmer Dr., Suite 1<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-2333<br />

papagiannis.net<br />

Voted Best Overall Restaurant<br />

2020, 2021 AND 2022 in the<br />

Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay Area!<br />

Combining the flavors of France<br />

and the Mediterranean regions, with<br />

California fresh, seasonal, and locally<br />

grown ingredients. The perfect<br />

location for private dining, special<br />

events, wedding celebrations, and<br />

corporate dinners/presentations.<br />

La Provence Restaurant<br />

& Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Place<br />

Roseville<br />

916-789-2002<br />

laprovenceroseville.com<br />



Icing on the Cupcake offers a wide<br />

variety of cupcake flavors, including<br />

gluten-free and vegan options that are<br />

available every day at our three retail<br />

locations. We also offer other sweet<br />

treats, baked fresh daily including<br />

brownies, pies, and cookie sandwiches<br />

using the finest quality ingredients.<br />

Icing on the Cupcake<br />

3 locations to serve you<br />

Rocklin. Folsom Palladio. Sacramento<br />

916-303-4333<br />

icingonthecupcake.com<br />

A Family of Candy Makers since 1963.<br />

With three generations of candy<br />

makers, Snooks continues the tradition<br />

of producing the finest freshly<br />

made confections in Historic Folsom.<br />

Thank you Folsom for your support.<br />

Come Visit Us or Shop Online!<br />

Snooks Candies<br />

and Chocolate Factory<br />

731 Sutter Street, Historic Folsom<br />

916-985-0620<br />

snookscandies.com<br />



The Independent presents an<br />

outstanding American fusion menu<br />

and a top-tier full bar. The scratch<br />

kitchen uses only the freshest, finest<br />

ingredients creating exceptional grill<br />

and seafood entrées. The bar prides<br />

itself on artisanal cocktails, freshsqueezed<br />

juices, and house-made<br />

mixers. Beautiful outdoor patio!<br />

The Independent<br />

Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street, Placerville<br />

530-344-7645<br />

independentplacerville.com<br />

At Smith Flat House Cellar & Grill, we<br />

are committed to providing locally<br />

sourced farm to fork cuisine in a<br />

unique and inviting atmosphere.<br />

We offer a fine dining experience<br />

both in our Historic Cellar featuring<br />

the original mahogany bar from<br />

the 1800s, restored to its original<br />

beauty, and on our elegant patio.<br />

Now open for lunch.<br />

Smith Flat House<br />

Cellar and Grill<br />

2021 Smith Flat Road, Placerville<br />

530-621-1003<br />

smithflathouse.com<br />

THAI<br />



in Folsom and El Dorado Hills for the<br />

past 14 years and “#1 BEST TAKE-OUT”<br />

plus voted a “BEST CHEF”. Easy Online<br />

Ordering on our websites for Take-Out<br />

and Delivery. Indoor and Patio Dining.<br />

Lunch and Dinner daily. Always serving<br />

authentic, healthy & delicious Thai food.<br />

Plus Chef’s Specials to make you happy.<br />

Thai Paradise<br />

Folsom 916-984-8988<br />

ThaiParadiseFolsom.com<br />

El Dorado Hills 916-939-0389<br />

ThaiParadiseEDH.com<br />

Four generation family-owned, Wise<br />

Villa Winery is the only winery in<br />

Placer County to feature a full dining<br />

experience in our Tuscan-style<br />

bistro. Enjoy breathtaking views of<br />

our California-Certified Sustainable<br />

Vineyard and Winery. Whether dining<br />

inside or on the patio, learn something<br />

new about food & wine with every visit.<br />

Wise Villa Winery<br />

4200 Wise Rd., Lincoln<br />

916-543-0323<br />

wisevillawinery.com<br />

SPECIAL SECTION SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 87

| eat & drink |<br />

Hot<br />

LIST<br />

THE<br />

Unstoppable<br />

Ube!<br />


There’s a new produce taking the culinary world by storm:<br />

ube (“oo-bay”)! This yam-like vegetable has won the<br />

hearts of chefs and customers all over the world, including<br />

NorCal. Keep reading for nine delicious, positively purple,<br />

ube-filled delights you can taste test at local eateries.<br />

1. Donut Forget the Ube<br />

With its naturally sweet and nutty taste,<br />

it’s no surprise that ube makes a divine<br />

donut flavor. To take a bite out of this<br />

sweet treat, head to Mochinut in Roseville<br />

for their Oreo Ube Mochi Donut. We’re<br />

sure the donut aficionados already know<br />

about these Japanese and Hawaiianinspired<br />

desserts, but if not, imagine a<br />

donut shaped like a ring of bubbles with<br />

a light, crispy exterior and soft, bouncy<br />

inside. Delicious, right? And thanks<br />

to the signature plum hue of ube, it’s<br />

Instagrammable too. 4191 Thrive Drive, Suite<br />

120, Roseville, 916-771-2276, mochinut.com<br />

2. Say Hello to Halo-Halo<br />

A Filipino staple, Halo-Halo (which means<br />

“mix-mix” in Tagalog) is one of the best<br />

ways to enjoy ube. For those unfamiliar<br />

with this frozen treat, it’s a refreshing<br />

mash-up of crushed ice, milk (typically<br />

evaporated or coconut), and unique<br />

toppings that range from jellies and fresh<br />

fruit to sweet beans and more. Our favorite<br />

local spot for the texturally exciting, “uber”<br />

tasty dessert is Teriyaki Station ATBP.<br />

Their version comes with sweet white<br />

beans, jackfruit, coconut jelly, shaved ice,<br />

and evaporated milk with ube ice cream,<br />

flan, and Rice Krispies on top. Try it—we<br />

promise you’ll like it! 141 Iron Point Road,<br />

Folsom, 916-608-4567, teriyakiatbp.com<br />

3. So Matcha to Love<br />

If you like your ube with a kick of caffeine,<br />

then Big Wave Coffeehouse has you<br />

covered. This family-owned Folsom café<br />

knows how to combine classic coffee<br />

shop staples with a taste of Hawaii. A<br />

prime example of this is their Iced Matcha<br />

Latte with an Ube Soft Top. It has that<br />

trademark earthy, matcha flavor but with a<br />

sweetness everyone can enjoy. The lightly<br />

whipped ube cream and sprinkles on top<br />

add a lavender hue and vanilla-like twist.<br />

189 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, 916-351-5889,<br />

bigwavecoffeehouse.com<br />

4. Bread Winner<br />

Craving a traditional ube treat? Look no<br />

further than the locally owned and operated<br />

Starbread Bakery in Roseville. Though you<br />

can’t go wrong with any of their classic<br />

Filipino foodie finds—from señorita bread to<br />

malasada to lumpia—we can’t resist shining<br />

a light on their simple but scrumptious Ube<br />

Bread. These little loaves of comfort are<br />

lightly sweetened rolls filled with yummy<br />

ube paste. Take home a dozen to share with<br />

your friends or treat yourself while they’re<br />

hot and fresh. 1251 Baseline Road, Suite 130,<br />

Roseville, 916-771-0372<br />

5. Oh, Hot Yam!<br />

While ube’s popular in sweet dishes and<br />

desserts, it’s just as delicious with savory<br />

flavors. Taste this firsthand at the newly<br />

opened Adoboink in Roseville. For the<br />

perfect blend of sweet and salty, order their<br />

Chuwari-Waff: an ube waffle topped with<br />

arugula, lechon belly (pork belly), sliced<br />

apples, and a drizzle of apple butter sauce.<br />

Talk about mouthwatering! 1450 Lead Hill<br />

Boulevard, Suite 140, Roseville, 916-150-6581,<br />

adoboink.com<br />

6. Sweet & Soft (Serve)<br />

What's better than a cone piled high<br />

with swirling soft serve? One with ube<br />

soft serve, of course! For that, take a trip<br />

to Devil & Angel in Folsom—a dessert<br />

shop known for creating innovative<br />

combinations, like their signature boba<br />

ice cream and “croffles” (a croissantwaffle<br />

hybrid). Our advice? Order an<br />

original, powdered sugar dusted Croffle<br />

with Ube Soft Serve. You can get it<br />

straight up or swirled with pistachio,<br />

chocolate, vanilla bean, or cookies &<br />

cream. 280 Palladio Parkway, Suite 929,<br />

Folsom, 916-817-1811, devilnangel.com<br />

7. When Life Gives You Lemons…<br />

Looking for a little relief from the<br />

<strong>September</strong> sunshine? Quench your thirst<br />

with a tall glass of Ube Lemonade from<br />

Teaspoon. If you’ve been to one of their<br />

locations before, you might know them<br />

best for their boba-filled teas and creamy<br />

coffees, but for those days when you<br />

want something citrusy and sweet, their<br />

custom-made lemonade is here to save<br />

the day. Create your own with guava,<br />

pineapple, passionfruit, cucumber,<br />

matcha, mango, strawberry, or—of<br />

course—ube! 1171 Riley Street, Folsom,<br />

279-666-4279; 4420 Town Center Boulevard,<br />

Suite 110, El Dorado Hills, 916-932-4071;<br />

2030 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 16, Roseville,<br />

916-899-5698, teaspoonlife.com<br />

8. Crazy for Coconut<br />

Just when you thought ube couldn’t be<br />

better, boba joined the party. For this<br />

cooling delight, visit Rove Boba Tea<br />

in Placerville and order a Marble Ube<br />

Coconut. Ready to start drooling? This<br />

drink swirls together an airy and light<br />

ube puff cream with a tropical coconut<br />

slushie for the ultimate refreshment. You<br />

can always customize your drink with<br />

jellies or popping boba, too; if you want<br />

our recommendation, you can't beat their<br />

original black boba. 4370 Golden Center<br />

Drive, Suite C, Placerville, 530-306-8609<br />

9. A Tokyo Dream<br />

Don’t worry, coffee lovers—we didn’t<br />

forget about you! Thanks to ube’s soft yet<br />

earthy flavor, it’s a perfect match for a cup<br />

of joe. But don’t just add ube on top of any<br />

old pour-over. Instead, treat yourself to<br />

a cup of specialty Japanese coffee from<br />

Tokyo Cream, specifically their Japanese<br />

Ube Coffee—iced espresso topped with a<br />

generous helping of eye-popping purple<br />

ube cream. It’s the perfect midday pickme-up,<br />

especially on a toasty afternoon.<br />

1906 Taylor Road, Roseville, 916-918-1121,<br />

tokyocreamusa.com<br />

88 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

1.<br />

5.<br />

FUN UBE<br />

FACTS<br />

Ube is more than<br />

just a delicious food;<br />

it might also be a<br />

health juggernaut!<br />

Some of the same<br />

compounds found in<br />

these yummy yams<br />

have been shown to<br />

reduce the growth of<br />

human cancer cells.<br />

Adoboink photo by Cel Chavez-Sotirhos. Teaspoon photo by Kevin Ha. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

2.<br />

6.<br />

3.<br />

7.<br />

4. 8.<br />

9.<br />

True or false:<br />

ube and taro are<br />

the same? False!<br />

While both are root<br />

vegetables, taro only<br />

turns purple when<br />

cooked and can’t be<br />

consumed raw.<br />

Did you know<br />

there’s a city in<br />

Japan named Ube?<br />

But this port city on<br />

the western side of<br />

the country doesn’t<br />

produce ube; it<br />

mostly produces<br />

industrial metals<br />

and chemicals.<br />

Live Music Wednesdays and Saturdays. Check Facebook for Details: @RelishBurgerBar<br />

BEST PATIo<br />

In Town!<br />

DoG FRIEnDly<br />

KIDS EAT<br />

FREE<br />

All DAy SunDAyS<br />

oRDER DElIVERy<br />

oR To-Go FooD<br />

FRoM ouR wEBSITE<br />

oR FRoM DooRDASH<br />

Voted the Best<br />

Burger & Fries<br />

Joint & a Best<br />

Outdoor Dining<br />

in Folsom & El<br />

Dorado Hills<br />

RELISH BURGER BAR 1000 WHITE ROCK ROAD, EL DORADO HILLS, CA 95762 | relishburgerbar.com | 916.933.3111

| eat & drink |<br />

Restaurant Guide<br />

Featuring restaurants and eateries in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, and beyond.

Iron Horse Tavern<br />

460 Palladio Pkwy., 916-618-4322. New American.<br />

Grab a seat on the spacious patio with TVs at this hip<br />

gastropub that serves up eclectic American fare, including<br />

a Mac & Cheese Bar, Brandy Fried Chicken Nuggets, and<br />

weekend brunch with Stuffed French Toast, a Breakfast<br />

Board, and bottomless mimosas. Their craft cocktails,<br />

myriad mocktails, and over 25 beers can't be missed either.<br />

L/D $$

| eat & drink |<br />

The Independent<br />

629 Main St., Placerville, 530-344-7645. New American. Step<br />

into an urban dining establishment in the heart of<br />

Placerville and savor American fusion favorites and<br />

creatively mixed cocktails using fresh-squeezed juices.<br />

L/D $$


• CALENDAR<br />




<strong>Style</strong>SavingsGuide<br />

in Folsom & El Dorado Hills!<br />

in Folsom & El Dorado Hills<br />

www.ThaiParadiseFolsom.com<br />

Great selection of quality fine jewelry<br />

25% to 60% OFF<br />

Celebr ating 20 Years in Folsom!<br />

Voted The Best Fine Jewelry Store in 2022 & 2021 and<br />

one of the Best Fine Jewelry Stores at 10 years in a row.<br />

www.ThaiParadiseEDH.com<br />





Celebrating our 16th year in business,<br />

Heyday Café has been voted Best<br />

Overall Restaurant, Best Salad Place,<br />

Best Casual Restaurant, and Best<br />

Wine Bar! Heyday Café presents fresh<br />

California cuisine with international<br />

influences. Lunch and dinner served<br />

Tue-Sat. Pouring over 40 wines!<br />

Reservations are encouraged.<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-626-9700<br />

heydaycafe.com<br />

At Visconti’s Ristorante, we’re honored<br />

to cook for you as we cook for our own<br />

family and we are proud to use only<br />

the freshest ingredients and imported<br />

meat, cheese, and wine. We welcome<br />

you and look forward to serving you!<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 700<br />

Folsom<br />

916-983-5181<br />

viscontisristorante.com<br />


PIZZA<br />

The Sierra Foothills historic Poor Red’s<br />

Bar-B-Q features award winning steaks,<br />

ribs, burgers, signature salads and<br />

sandwiches. Home of the world famous<br />

“Gold Cadillac.” Poor Red’s offers a<br />

superb dining experience and a dog<br />

friendly patio. Open W-Sun; Happy Hour<br />

W-F from 3-6pm. Don’t miss Wine &<br />

Whiskey Wednesday with 1/2 off Wine<br />

and select Whiskey Specials!<br />

Poor Red's Bar-B-Q<br />

6221 Pleasant Valley Rd.<br />

El Dorado<br />

530-622-2901<br />

poorreds.com<br />

Craving something delicious?<br />

Look no further! Join us at Wally's<br />

where we're serving up goodness<br />

daily for dine-in, takeout, and<br />

delivery. Plus, we're here for your<br />

late-night cravings, open till 11 PM<br />

every night. Serving our amazing<br />

community since 2015 – come<br />

taste why we’ve been voted best<br />

pizza and sports bar.<br />

Wally's Pizza Bar<br />

4079 Cameron Park Drive<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-677-5205<br />

wallyspizzabar.com<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

We Help Build<br />

Local Businesses<br />





Voted #1 Best<br />

Swim School<br />

20th ANNIVERSARY<br />

SALE<br />

Call now and<br />

schedule<br />

your window<br />

cleaning!<br />

916.906.2033<br />






40,000 Homes<br />

At A Time!<br />

The <strong>Style</strong> Savings & Entertainment Guide<br />

is mailed to 40,000 homes in Folsom<br />

and El Dorado Hills every month.<br />


A restaurant dedicated to bringing the<br />

flavors of Tuscany to our dining room.<br />

Named after the Italian hometown of<br />

2 of our founding partners, we offer<br />

traditional cuisine of the Tuscany region,<br />

as well as other recipes popular all over<br />

Italy – simple dishes made to order with<br />

the freshest of ingredients, and always<br />

created and served with pride.<br />

Vaiano Trattoria<br />

7160 Douglas Blvd.<br />

Granite Bay<br />

916-780-0888<br />

vaianotrattoria.com<br />


Red Hot Chilli Pepper Manager, Praveen,<br />

holding up the redeemed coupons from his<br />

ad in <strong>Style</strong> Savings & Entertainment Guide!<br />

Tong Thai Bistro Owner, Thaweep Suksakol, holding<br />

up the redeemed coupons from his first ad in <strong>Style</strong><br />

Savings & Entertainment Guide!<br />

Want us to help you do more business?<br />


916-308-2400 or email her at theresa@stylemg.com<br />

FLB Entertainment Center is a<br />

whole lot of flavor and fun. We<br />

have 20 beers on tap, handcrafted<br />

specialty cocktails, wine, and an<br />

excellent happy hour. Our menu<br />

has something for everyone from<br />

jumbo wings, burgers, wraps, pizza,<br />

and salads. Stop in and see why<br />

we’ve been voted the best sports<br />

bar in the area!<br />

FLB Entertainment Center<br />

511 E. Bidwell St. , Folsom<br />

916-983-4411<br />

flb365.com<br />

SPECIAL SECTION SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | stylemg.com 93


GUIDE<br />



#<br />

1Service<br />

Make a Splash with the<br />

Favorite<br />

Pool<br />

94 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide<br />

Thanks again for Voting Us #1<br />





(916) 797-1700<br />

6049 Douglas Blvd. #27,<br />

Granite Bay<br />

Contractor’s Lic. # 1011354<br />

www.aquatiquepoolservice.com<br />



Registration Open<br />

Through December <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

All registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis,<br />

and classes fill quickly. Contact us today!<br />

1230 Glenhaven Ct, #100<br />

El Dorado Hills • 916.939.7075<br />

10608 Industrial Ave, #150<br />

Roseville • 916.794.7977<br />

www.wallenswim.com<br />

Shop Posh Puppy Boutique at the Rocklin location!<br />


Rocklin • Granite Bay • Lincoln Del Webb<br />

(916) 899-6770<br />

PoshPawsGroomingSalon.com<br />

Voted #1<br />

Best Swim School<br />

in 2013 - 2022



brenna<br />

mcgowan<br />

copywriter<br />


GUIDE<br />

Offering classes from <strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Helping you write words<br />

for your website &<br />

email marketing that set<br />

you apart from the crowd.<br />

brennamcgowan.co<br />

Brenna-McGowan-Copywriter-Social-Media-Marketing-Rescue-0921-QTR.indd 1<br />

B U S H N E L L G A R D E N S N U R S E R Y<br />

20% OFF COUPON<br />

Receive 20% off your entire purchase. Must present this<br />

coupon at time of purchase. Cannot be combined with<br />

any other promotions. Expires 10-31-<strong>2023</strong><br />

5255 DOUGLAS BLVD GRANITE BAY 916-791-4199<br />

8/20/21 4:31 PM<br />

Acting, Devise and Play, Musical Theatre, Playwriting,<br />

Vocal Technique, Homeschool Drama Classes<br />

Valkyrie Theatre Company believes in bringing a high standard of education<br />

to the community. Play, co-creation and fun are at the heart of<br />

Valkyrie’s theatre practice.<br />

Empowering young students through the craft of theatre arts,<br />

teaching values of teamwork, respect, and self-confidence.<br />


Orangevale Community Center<br />

6826 Hazel Ave, Orangevale<br />

The Music Hut<br />

7973 Park Dr Unit E, Fair Oaks<br />

www.thedoggiebag.com<br />

Holistic Dog Food<br />

Natural Supplements<br />

Comfortable<br />

Harnesses<br />

Bakery Delights<br />

Carseats for Dogs<br />

Birthday Cakes<br />

Open 7 Days a Week<br />

We Carry CBD Products!<br />

Roseville<br />

1070 Pleasant Grove Blvd.<br />

916-789-9663<br />

Store Hours:<br />

Mon-Sat 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sun 11 a.m.-4 p.m.<br />

916 308 8619<br />

info@valkyrietheatrecompany.com<br />

valkyrietheatrecompany.com<br />

Fall themed treats<br />

avaliable!<br />

$<br />

5 OFF<br />

Purchase of $25 or more<br />

With this coupon. One coupon per<br />

customer per month. Not valid with other<br />

offers. Excludes Orijen and Acana<br />

pet food. Expires 10-31-23.<br />

#1 Best<br />

Pet Store<br />

95 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide


GUIDE<br />



SUPER SAVERS ....................................................................................................................................................................................<br />

96 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide<br />


<br />

(916) 774-0505<br />

101 Main St.,<br />

Roseville, CA 95678<br />

bar101roseville.com<br />

RED DOG<br />


8505 Madison FAIR Ave. OAKS #160 LOCATION<br />

• Fair Oaks, CA 95628<br />

8505 Madison<br />

RedDog.FairOaks@gmail.com<br />

Ave. #160 • Fair Oaks, CA 95628<br />

RedDog.FairOaks@gmail.com<br />

916-966-9828<br />

916-966-9828<br />

Live Music<br />

OPEN MIC<br />

Trivia<br />

Draft Beer/<br />

cocktails<br />

Taco tuesdays<br />

SHREDZ<br />

THE DOG!<br />

Guarding Your<br />

Identity<br />



6661 Stanford NEW Ranch ROCKLIN Rd., Ste. LOCATION F • Rocklin, CA 95677<br />

6661 Stanford<br />

RedDog.Rocklin@gmail.com<br />

Ranch Rd., Ste. F • Rocklin, CA 95677<br />

RedDog.Rocklin@gmail.com<br />

916-990-9828<br />

916-990-9828<br />



$2 OFF<br />

FEED<br />

THE DOG!<br />


Paper Shredding • Mobile Truck Shredding • Monthly Pick Up<br />

Paper Shredding Mobile Truck Shredding Monthly Pick Up<br />

Hard Drive/Cell Phone Degauss & Destroy<br />

Hard Drive/Cell Phone Degauss Destroy<br />

With coupon. For first box<br />

only. Not valid with any other<br />

discounts. Expires 10/31/23.<br />

STYLE<br />

www.DooDooSquad.com | 916.364.7667 | Weekly Service | Deodorize Yards




GUIDE<br />

...................................................................................................SUPPORT LOCAL. SHOP LOCAL. BUY LOCAL.<br />

Planning your perfect get away<br />

• Disney vacations<br />

• All inclusive vacations<br />

• Weekend get aways<br />

• Hotels<br />

• Car rentals<br />

• Cruises<br />

• Tour packages<br />

• Business trips<br />


Vijay Samtani<br />

Certified Travel Advisor<br />

916-467-4306<br />

sales@samtanitravelagency.com<br />

916-545-5540 anthony@servicesbyrocky.com servicesbyrocky.com | <br />

Ask about our<br />



Exp: 10/31/<strong>2023</strong><br />

• HVAC<br />

• Appliance Installation<br />

• Electrical services<br />

• General plumbing<br />

• Fence repairs<br />

• Custom work orders<br />

97 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags | stylesavingsguide.com | /stylesavingsguide / stylesavingsguide

| last look |<br />

Congrats to this month’s<br />

nonprofit beneficiary:<br />


8/15/<strong>2023</strong><br />


One thousand and 00/100<br />

STYLE <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

1,000.00<br />

Leilani Fratis, CEO of Placer SPCA; Theresa Arnold-Hale, advertising director<br />

of STYLE <strong>Magazine</strong>; and Jennifer Kirk, founder and CEO of Posh Puppy Boutique and<br />

Posh Paws Grooming Salon.<br />

Since 1973, Placer SPCA has been<br />

dedicated to enhancing the lives of<br />

companion animals and supporting<br />

the human-animal bond.<br />

Today, they’re the<br />

largest and most<br />

comprehensive nonprofit<br />

animal welfare provider<br />

in Placer County, helping<br />

homeless, injured, and<br />

abandoned animals<br />

throughout the region—<br />

and when possible,<br />

beyond. In addition, they<br />

offer many innovative<br />

programs and services to ensure that people<br />

and their beloved companions stay together.<br />

Their work within the community includes<br />

adoption counseling, pet-retention services,<br />

spay/neuter assistance and education, lost<br />

and found pets, volunteer opportunities, and<br />

collaborative rescue efforts (most recently<br />

taking in some of Maui Humane Society’s<br />

“<br />

“It's the support of our<br />

loyal advertising partners,<br />

like Posh Puppy Boutique<br />

and Posh Paws Grooming<br />

Salon, that allow us the<br />

opportunity to give back to<br />

the communities we serve.”<br />

—Terry Carroll & Wendy Sipple<br />

homeless animals in their time<br />

of crisis).<br />

In honor of Placer SPCA’s<br />

50th anniversary, they’re hosting<br />

numerous<br />

celebrations, including<br />

Barktoberfest (<strong>September</strong><br />

30) and a 50th Anniversary<br />

Open House (December 11).<br />

“Placer SPCA is funded<br />

solely by donations, grants,<br />

bequests, and fees for<br />

service, and we operate<br />

independently from ASPCA<br />

or HSUS. This donation will<br />

directly help the vulnerable companion<br />

animals in our community,” shares Leilani<br />

Fratis, CEO of Placer SPCA.<br />

For more information, including ways<br />

you can donate or volunteer, visit<br />

placerspca.org.<br />

In honor of our<br />

20th year in business,<br />

we're donating $1,000<br />

each month (through January<br />

2024) to local charitable<br />

organizations and need YOU, our<br />

readers, to help us designate<br />

the recipients. To nominate<br />

the charity of your<br />

choice, visit stylemg.<br />

com/20years.<br />

Group photo with check by Ray Burgess ©stylemediagroup.<br />

Placer SPCA photos courtesy of Placer SPCA.<br />

98 stylemg.com | SEPTEMBER <strong>2023</strong> | /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Voted<br />

7 YEARS IN A ROW<br />

HOURS<br />

Lunch 11:00-2:00pm | Dinner 4:30-8:30pm | Closed Sunday & Monday<br />

916-985-7778 | WWW.HISUISUSHI.COM<br />

25004 BLUE RAVINE RD., #107 | FOLSOM, CA 95630<br />

Gift Cards Available<br />

Lunch<br />

Special:<br />

All You Can<br />

Eat Sushi

Do It For You!<br />

Experience. Expertise. World Class.<br />

Handsome at 62<br />

Procedure: A-Lift<br />

The A-Lift is Dr.Almontes signature lower face<br />

lift. No general anesthesia. All procedures are<br />

performed comfortably under local anesthesia.<br />

Procedure Time: 2 Hours<br />

Recovery Time: 7-10 days<br />

Final Result at 2 months<br />

Readers Choice Award Winner 7 Years in<br />

a Row for Best Plastic Surgeon and Best<br />

Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures.<br />

(916) 771-2062<br />

Arnold Almonte, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.<br />

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

’19<br />

stylemg.com<br />

’20<br />

stylemg.com<br />

DrAlmonte.com • 1420 Blue Oaks Blvd., Suite 100 Roseville, CA 95747

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