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Adult Education<br />

Sisterhood News<br />

Safety & Security<br />

<strong>September</strong> 2023<br />

Calendar of Events<br />

Contents<br />

S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 3 | 1 5 T H O F E L U L 5 7 8 3 - 1 5 T H O F T I S H R E I 5 7 8 4<br />

Rabbi Meeka’s Musings<br />

Shalom <strong>TAS</strong>’s Mishpacha משפחה (Family)<br />

What a wonderful ushering into the new Jewish year: Once again I<br />

wanted to wholeheartedly thank each and every person who took part in<br />

planning, reaching out, purchasing, reserving, decorating, musicking, etc,<br />

and showing up to my installation as your spiritual leader on August 12th.<br />

This was such a cathartic event, on so many different levels. I am still<br />

smiling every time I am thinking about it. It truly is warming my heart.<br />

What a wonderful way to end summer: While preparing for fall, and for<br />

our New Jewish year to begin the High Holidays. And speaking of Fall,<br />

Rabbi Judith Friedman wrote a beautiful poem titled “Start Fresh”<br />

capturing this time of year, and I’d love to share an excerpt here with you:<br />

11-21 High Holiday Events<br />

28<br />

29<br />

July 2023 - Donors<br />

Mi Sheberakh<br />

Recently Passed<br />

<strong>September</strong> 2023<br />

Yahrzeits Observed<br />

Summers gone. Nights grow cold.<br />

These are the days of awe – the shofar blows.<br />

With bread in hand – down to the sea.<br />

We take time, give thanks.<br />

And cast our sadness free.<br />

That we may start fresh<br />

That we may come clear<br />

That we may know sweetness and peace<br />

Throughout the year<br />

That we may find love<br />

Where we need it most<br />

And open our hearts and hands,<br />

And draw each other close.<br />

Continued on page 2.<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Rabbi Meeka's Musings<br />

Continued<br />

For me, being in nature and noticing the beauty in our world is what keeps me in a state of<br />

awe, gratitude, and hope. After a Tornado brushed through Whiteford on August 7th, Dave<br />

and I took a drive to Bel Air to get some dinner: the electricity was out, and we couldn’t cook<br />

anything in the house. On the way to Bel Air, I looked to my left and my breath was taken<br />

away: I saw this amazing double-rainbow shining through heavy clouds, while creating the<br />

most beautiful shades of green, grey, purple, and blue that I have ever seen. In the biblical<br />

story about Noah and the ark, the sign for a fresh start and renewal appeared to Noah in the<br />

shape of a rainbow. When I saw this double manifestation, that was my sign, my message<br />

from God: I knew with all my heart right there and then that this year is going to be simply<br />

beautiful. That was such a powerfully spiritual sign, a great reminder that when we<br />

experience any type of a storm (literally and figuratively), a rainbow will always follow.<br />

As we are all preparing for the High Holidays season, Dave and I would like to take this<br />

opportunity and wholeheartedly wish everyone a heartfelt Shanah Tovah. May we all be<br />

blessed with a healthy, fulfilling, sweet new Jewish year filled with laughter, hope, joy,<br />

beautiful rainbows, and magnificent colors.<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


President's Message<br />

Mark Wolkow<br />

Giving<br />

Have you ever thought about why you give? Why you write a check to<br />

a non-profit organization; a school from which you graduated? A<br />

synagogue to which you belong? I mean really sitting down and<br />

making a conscious decision based on criteria that will inform how<br />

much to give and what those dollars will accomplish.<br />

We do it every couple of years. Because needs change; goals change;<br />

organizations change; and our ability to contribute changes. Some of<br />

the things that we consider about how much we give are: Does the<br />

organization really need the funding, or could they get along with less?<br />

Is the organization meeting significant needs of its<br />

community/members? Does it have a large number of potential<br />

donors or does it rely chiefly on its members? Are our dollars going<br />

directly to the mission, or is there significant fundraising overhead? Is it<br />

benefitting people “close to home”, i.e. people who we know and care<br />

about? Is it important that this institution continue into the future?<br />

<strong>September</strong> Service<br />

Multi Access<br />

Information and Links<br />


https://zoom.us/j/85758681892 * Meeting<br />

ID: 857 5868 1892<br />

Password: Shabbat23<br />

Friday, <strong>September</strong> 1st<br />

Shabbat Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

Friday, <strong>September</strong> 8th<br />

Shabbat Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

Friday, <strong>September</strong> 15th<br />

Erev Rosh Hashanah Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

Friday, <strong>September</strong> 22nd<br />

Shabbat Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

Friday, <strong>September</strong> 29th<br />

Shabbat Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

And each time we do this, Temple Adas Shalom rises to the top of our<br />

donation list because it checks the right boxes for every question<br />

above. And every year, between 60 and 65% of our donations wind up at<br />

<strong>TAS</strong>, and it feels just right. We also set a goal for how much in total we<br />

plan to donate, and then do the math to get to a number.<br />

I encourage every <strong>TAS</strong> member to look at your donations, ask the<br />

questions that are important to you; consider how your contributions<br />

will benefit <strong>TAS</strong> and other causes, and make your generous donations. I<br />

am hopeful that <strong>TAS</strong> will come out on or near the top of your list!<br />

Monthly President's Video<br />

----------------------------------><br />

L'shanah Tova<br />

Mark Wolkow<br />

Did you miss the Rabbi's<br />

installation, or just want to<br />

relive it? Click here to<br />

watch!<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


RPC Message<br />

Melissa Immel & Mike Mullis<br />

Greetings From the Religious Practices Committee!<br />

As we approach the sacred time of the High Holy Days, we are given a<br />

profound opportunity for introspection, renewal, and connection. This<br />

season serves as a reminder of the importance of faith, forgiveness, and<br />

compassion in our lives. Let us use these days of reflection to look within<br />

ourselves and acknowledge both our strengths and imperfections.<br />

Embrace the power of growth and change, as we strive to become better<br />

versions of ourselves, guided by our values and the teachings of our<br />

traditions.<br />

The High Holy Days present us with a chance to seek forgiveness and<br />

grant it to others. Let go of grudges and resentments, and open our<br />

hearts to understanding and empathy. As we forgive, we free ourselves<br />

from the burdens of the past, paving the way for healing and<br />

reconciliation. In this time of unity, let us also remember those who are<br />

less fortunate and extend a helping hand to those in need. Embrace the<br />

spirit of tikkun olam, repairing the world, and seek ways to make a<br />

positive impact on our community and beyond.<br />

As we gather to pray and reflect, let our voices be filled with hope and<br />

gratitude. Let us cherish the blessings we have, even amidst challenges,<br />

and be thankful for the love and support of our family, friends, and<br />

community. May the High Holy Days inspire us to live with purpose and<br />

intention throughout the year, as we strive to walk the path of<br />

righteousness and uphold the values that define us. Please bookmark the<br />

Temple calendar page for all your High Holy Day events, dates, times and<br />

links.<br />

Wishing you a meaningful and transformative High Holy Days season.<br />

May it be filled with joy, love, and spiritual growth.<br />

Shanah Tovah Umetukah - A Good and Sweet New Year to all!<br />

Melissa Immel & Mike Mullis, RPC Co-Chairs<br />

<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


<br />

Kehillah MAGNET<br />

Sarah O’Donnell & Joel Yoffee<br />

There is still time to register for the 2023-2024 school year! Please contact our<br />

principal, Sarah O’Donnell, at principal@templeadasshalom.org, for registration<br />

information.<br />

Mark your calendars!<br />

Virtual Back to School Night: Wednesday, <strong>September</strong> 6, 2023<br />

1st Day of Kehillah MAGNET: Sunday, <strong>September</strong> 10, 2023<br />



month during the academic school<br />

year, Rabbi Meeka and Mike Mullis, choir<br />

director and music teacher, lead one<br />

Friday night service that is designed<br />

with families in mind. Family Shabbat<br />

nights begin at 5:30 pm with a<br />

child-friendly meal, and the service runs<br />

from 6:15 – 7:00 pm. Attending Family<br />

Shabbat is a great way to enjoy the company of friends, relax after a long<br />

week, and provide further understanding of Hebrew learning!<br />

TOT SHIRA: Each month during the school year Kehillah MAGNET welcomes<br />

families with children 5 and under to attend the Pre-K/K music class at our<br />

religious school. “Tot Shira” is a wonderful way to introduce little ones to our<br />

dedicated teachers and fantastic students. Our first Tot Shira of the year will be<br />

on Sunday, October 1, 2023. Mark your calendars!<br />

Adas Shalom Temple (ASTY) Meeting: This youth group is held monthly<br />

during the school year with teens in grades 7-12. Students have the<br />

opportunity to build relationships and engage in discussions on various<br />

Jewish related topics. Refreshments are provided. This school year, the<br />

program will be led by <strong>TAS</strong> congregant and Social Action Committee Chair,<br />

Alison Filicko! ASTY will have its first “meet and greet” on Sunday, Sept. 10th<br />

from 10:45 – 11:45 am.<br />

Please check out the temple calendar for all upcoming events and see you<br />

soon!<br />

Joel Yoffee<br />

Kehillah MAGNET Religious<br />

School Committee Chair<br />

Sarah O’Donnell<br />

Kehillah MAGNET Religous<br />

School Principal

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


<br />

Upcoming<br />

Adult<br />

Educational<br />

Events<br />

'Who by Fire' Book<br />

Discussion<br />

Sunday, <strong>September</strong> 30th<br />

10:00am - 11:30am<br />

Trip to Philly<br />

Tuesday, October 15th<br />

9:00am - 6:00pm<br />

Adult Education<br />

Brian Folus<br />

Dear Congregants,<br />

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I have a few upcoming events to share<br />

with you.<br />

On <strong>September</strong> 30 at 10:00 am we will have our next book discussion this will be<br />

on Zoom only. The book is “Who by Fire “, by Matti Friedman. “It's the story of a<br />

young artist in crisis and a young country at war, and the powerful resonance of<br />

the chord struck between them. A beautiful, haunting book.”. The story takes<br />

place during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. This is very timely as our High Holidays are<br />

approaching. Adult Ed committee member Denise Gordon will be leading this<br />

exciting discussion.<br />

On October 15, join us for a day trip to Philly. First stop Beth Sholom synagogue,<br />

which is the only synagogue ever designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Then onto to<br />

downtown Philly for lunch and then a self-guided tour of the American Jewish<br />

History Museum. Please see the Calendar for more details and registration for this<br />

trip. Thank you Adult Ed committee member Roz Spergel for arranging this trip.<br />

On Tuesday August 8 Robin Way presented how to make some tasty New Year’s<br />

desserts. This was part of our Desserts & Discussion program. Robin made New<br />

Moon Butter Cookies and Apple & Honey Phyllo Rolls; they are delicious. Robin is a<br />

great teacher. If you missed this event, you can view it by clocking this link:<br />

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/g97nkCyu2xWYlFvcAKRdtAiM7wbpugZkbtDs<br />

PUxt_BT8wXSJvr6X9WNwuAzQJu5X.AxGMytSy_I3FTUBS<br />

Passcode: 8=%AWhw3<br />

We truly hope you will join us for these upcoming events and send us<br />

suggestions and request for topics or movies or programs you would like the<br />

Adult Ed. Committee to provide for you.<br />

S E L L I N G H O M E S S I N C E 2 0 0 5<br />

As always feel free to sit in on a meeting, just click on the link in the Calendar.<br />

Looking forward to hearing from you!<br />

Shalom and Shana Tova to all,<br />

PH: 123-456-7890<br />

Shalom, Brian Folus<br />

Adult Ed. Chair

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


<br />

Adult Education<br />

Continued<br />

Here are the two recipes:<br />

Apple and Honey Phyllo Rolls<br />

5 Apples - peeled, seeded and chopped 4 Tbsp butter<br />

1⁄2 cup Sugar<br />

1 tsp cinnamon<br />

1 tsp salt<br />

2 Tbsp apple juice<br />

1 stick butter melted<br />

1 log of Phyllo dough - covered with a damp cloth<br />

First 6 Place all ingredients in a small pot and cook on low till apples are tender.<br />

Remove to a bowl and cool completely.<br />

Place Phyllo on a flat surface and cover with a damp cloth.<br />

Remove one sheet and paint with butter. Place another on top of the first. Place 1<br />

Tbsp of apple on the phyllo and roll up. Paint butter on the roll. Place on baking sheet.<br />

Continue until all phyllo sheets are used.<br />

Bake at 375 degrees until golden and crisp about 10 minutes.<br />

New Moon Butter Cookies<br />

1 cup blanched sliced almonds<br />

1cup cold butter cut in cubes<br />

2 3⁄4 cups flour<br />

3⁄4 cup confectioners sugar plus extra for dusting<br />

1 tsp cinnamon<br />

2 tsp vanilla extract 3 1⁄2 ounces milk<br />

In a food processor, grind the almonds to a fine powder. Add remaining ingredients and<br />

process until dough forms around the blade.<br />

Remove dough and shape into balls. Roll each ball into a crescent- shaped cookie.<br />

Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees until cookies are golden. Once cool roll in powdered<br />

sugar.<br />

Store in an airtight container.<br />

S E L L I N G H O M E S S I N C E 2 0 0 5<br />

PH: 123-456-7890

Sisterhood News<br />

Deborah Temple<br />

Sisterhood has kicked off the new year with a bang! Our Annual Sisterhood<br />

Membership Breakfast on Saturday, August 26th was a huge success. We<br />

tried something new by holding it on a Saturday morning and, just wow, we<br />

had a fantastic turn-out. The food was terrific, the planning was great, and<br />

the time together was enjoyed by all. A huge thank you to our planning<br />

team for a job well done!<br />

Sisterhood<br />

Events<br />

All our Sisterhood dates are<br />

posted on the Temple Calendar<br />

and appear in bright pink.<br />



Tuesday, October 24th<br />

6:00pm - 9:00pm<br />

Oh, the Mediterranean in the fall – now doesn't that sound glorious? Well,<br />

there is no reason to get a loan, to catch a plane, or to board a ship this<br />

October because the Sisterhood Paid-up Membership Dinner will transport<br />

you there for a night to remember! On Tuesday, October 24th we will enjoy<br />

a delicious vegetable based Mediterranean meal followed by an incredibly<br />

special appearance from Mexican artist, “Frida Kahlo” (as interpreted by<br />

Colleen Webster of Living History Performances). This evening will surely be<br />

one to remember. RSVP now so our planning team has plenty of food and<br />

seating available for all.<br />

So, for the last few months you have been reading the new and exciting<br />

happenings at the <strong>TAS</strong> Sisterhood. Perhaps you’ve been quietly wondering,<br />

“Should I join the Sisterhood?” Or, maybe you’ve been thinking, “I’ve always<br />

been a member of the Sisterhood, but I never really did much with it.” I am<br />

here to tell you, the time is now because this is Not Your Bubbe's<br />

Sisterhood!<br />

Are protecting women’s rights an issue for you? Do you think about those<br />

less fortunate and want to make a difference? Does having friends as close<br />

as mishpocha, friends who will smile at your simchas and hug you through<br />

life's mishegoss sound like the kind of friends you want? A vibrant and<br />

multigenerational group of women, we are ready to welcome you! Please<br />

join us because we need you, and you need us.<br />

Please reach out today; while we are busy, we are never too busy to chat<br />

with you! Email us at sisterhood@templeadasshalom.org, reach out to us on<br />

the Temple Adas Shalom Facebook page, or pick up the phone and give us<br />

a call (I can be reached at 410-598-1608).<br />

Membership is only $42/year, and $36 for new members. So come check us<br />

out, see what we are doing, and then see what the Women of Reform<br />

Judaism (WRJ has going on regionally, too: https://wrj/our-community/wrjdistricts/mid-atlantic.<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Safety & Security<br />

Pat Wolkow<br />

High Holidays Greeters and Ushers! If you have volunteered or<br />

would like to be a greeter or usher during any High Holiday<br />

service, or when attending any event or service at our<br />

Synagogue, please contact Pat Wolkow about a brief Training to<br />

attend in person or through Zoom. We have handouts and<br />

discussion with some very helpful hints, regarding security. You<br />

will be just one part of a team of 5 or 6 individuals who will allow<br />

us all to be safe and feel at ease in worship, at times when a rare<br />

individual may try to take that from our congregation.<br />



SO, WE CAN DO<br />


security@templeadasshalom.org<br />



security@templeadasshalom.org<br />

- Pat Wolkow<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Temple Adas Shalom’s <strong>September</strong> 2023 Calendar of Events

Hello Congregants & Friends,<br />

It’s that time of year again, to come together in celebration of the High Holy<br />

Days. While we are very excited to celebrate with everyone, there are just a few<br />

more things to do before we can begin. With so many services and events<br />

happening, each with their own registrations and deadlines, we have compiled<br />

all of your need to know High Holiday information to make sure that no one has<br />

to miss a thing. An email of this information was also sent to help guide you.<br />

Member Packets: Every year at High Holidays our membership receives their packets with<br />

information for the incoming year. These packets include not only information for High<br />

Holidays but also things like your member directory and letter for next years Annual Pledge.<br />

Please complete this form BY SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2023 to purchase a listing in the Book of<br />

Remembrance, order a printed calendar, select how to receive your packet (digital or print),<br />

and select your areas of interest to help us insure that we are adding events and programs<br />

that our congregants want. To complete this form please go to<br />

www.templeadasshalom.org/form/2023/5784-high-holy-days-member-packages1.html<br />

High Holiday Admission: All current members of Temple Adas Shalom are automatically<br />

added to our admission list for all High Holiday Services, however any guests or children that<br />

may need babysitting, will need to be registered in this form. In addition to member guests,<br />

non-members are also welcome to join us for any services by completing this form. Any nonmembers<br />

(guests or otherwise) that show up to attend services but have not been preregistered<br />

will be required to complete registration in the o ce with a security guard before<br />

being allowed to proceed to services. Children who are not registered for babysitting will not<br />

be guaranteed a spot but may still be registered upon arrival, if there are spaces available.<br />

Please complete this form BY SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2023 to ensure your registration is received.<br />

To complete this form please go to www.templeadasshalom.org/form/2023/5784-high-holydays-reservations.html<br />

Additional Events: In addition to our High Holiday Services we are hosting a variety of<br />

additional events to celebrate together. These events include the Rosh Hashanah Luncheon,<br />

Yom Kippur Break the Fast, and Sukkot Potluck Dinner. To help you to navigate all of these<br />

dates, times, and registrations, a full itinerary has been created and linked to the calendar<br />

pages for each event where you can find more information and register. View flyers and this<br />

itinerary in the attachments sent with this original email or in the pages following this letter.<br />

To view the calendar and all it’s events please go to www.templeadasshalom.org/calendar

High Holiday<br />

Events<br />

There are a great many upcoming services and events surrounding the<br />

celebrations for High Holidays. Each box of this chart that names an event or<br />

service has been linked to a page on our website where you can find<br />

information about the holiday or event, including any registration<br />

information you may need to attend. In addition to this list you can find<br />

information about all events on our website by checking the calendar HERE.<br />

If you need any assistance you can, as always, reach out to the office for help.<br />

Date & Time Service Location<br />

Youth<br />

Services<br />

Saturday<br />

9.16.2023<br />

10:00a - 10:30a<br />

Saturday<br />

9.16.2023<br />

10:30a - 11:30a<br />

Rosh Hashanah<br />

Pre-Readers Service<br />

(ages 2 - 5)<br />

Rosh Hashanah<br />

Youth Service<br />

(ages 6 - 12)<br />

PreK 3's Room<br />

Courtyard<br />

(Rain Location:<br />

Sadowsky Chapel)<br />

Monday,<br />

9.25.2023<br />

10:00a - 10:30a<br />

Yom Kippur<br />

Pre-Readers Service<br />

(ages 2 - 5)<br />

PreK 3's Room<br />

Monday,<br />

9.25.2023<br />

10:30a - 11:30a<br />

Yom Kippur<br />

Youth Service<br />

(ages 6 - 12)<br />

Sadowsky<br />

Chapel<br />

Services and Events for all, continued onto the next page.

Date & Time Event(s) Location<br />

Friday, 9.15.2023<br />

7:00-8 :30p<br />

Erev Rosh Hashanah<br />

(Babysitting 6:45p - 8:45p)<br />

Hybrid<br />

Saturday, 9.16.2023<br />

9:30a - 11:45a<br />

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Service<br />

(Babysitting 9:15a - 12:00p)<br />

Hybrid<br />

Saturday, 9.16.2023<br />

12:00n - 12:30p<br />

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Tashlich<br />

Susquehanna at<br />

Tidewater Grill<br />

Saturday, 9.16.2023<br />

1:00p<br />

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 Luncheon<br />

Tidewater Grill<br />

Sunday, 9.17.2023<br />

10:00a - 11:30a<br />

Rosh Hashanah Day 2 Service<br />

Casual/Interactive<br />

Hybrid<br />

Sunday, 9.24.2023<br />

7:30p - 9:00p<br />

Kol Nidre<br />

(Babysitting 7:15p - 9:15p)<br />

Hybrid<br />

Monday, 9.25.2023<br />

Morning: 9:30a - 11:30a<br />

Afternoon: 4:30p - 6:30p<br />

Yom Kippur<br />

(Babysitting 9:15a - 1:00p)<br />

Hybrid<br />

Monday, 9.25.2023<br />

12:00n - 12:45p<br />

Congregants Hour<br />

In Person<br />

Monday, 9.25.2023<br />

1:30p - 4:15p<br />

Rest/Meditation Nature Walk<br />

Mr. Bobby Trail<br />

Monday, 9.25.203<br />

6:30p - 2 8:00p<br />

Break the Fast<br />

In Person<br />

Friday, 10.6.223<br />

5:30p 0- 6:15p<br />

Sukkot Potluck Dinner<br />

In Person<br />

Friday, 10.6.2023<br />

6:15p - 7:00p<br />

Sukkot Family Shabbat Service<br />

Hybrid<br />

Sunday, 10.8.2023<br />

11:00a - 11:45a<br />

Simchat Torah & Consecration<br />

Hybrid<br />

Sunday, 10.8.2023<br />

12:15a - 12:45a<br />

Yizkor Service<br />


July 2023 – Donors<br />

BUILDING FUND (L'dor V'dor)<br />

Courtney Washburn-Marcheski<br />

David & Rayna Richardson<br />

Brian & Jill Schorr<br />

Charna & Rob Kinneberg<br />


Melissa Immel & Vadim Mzhen - In memory of Michael<br />

Gorgon<br />


David & Alena Schwaber - In memory of Joseph Jachman<br />


Mark & Patricia Wolkow - In memory of Annette Dirlam & Stu Robinson<br />

Herb Abrams & Terry Weiner - In memory of Annette Dirlam & Mike Gordon<br />

Arthur & Denise Gordon - In memory of Annette Dirlam & Stuart Robinson<br />

Debra & Lee Tannenbaum<br />

Alena & David Schwaber - In memory of Stuart Robinson<br />

Janice Grant & Woodrow Grant Jr.<br />

Ellen & Ken Farkas - In memory of Stuart Robinson<br />

Jayne Klein - In memory of Stuart Robinson. Shirley Zion, Shirley Klein, Sara Klein, Fannie Scherr,<br />

Joseph Jackman, Annette Dirlam<br />

Henry Hoffman<br />

Edward Levy - In memory of Annette Dirlam<br />

Debbie Delaney<br />

Selma Wolkow<br />

Patricia & Stephen Marksamer<br />


Henry Hoffman<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Anita Rosenzweig<br />

Barbara Chancey<br />

Daniel Hurst<br />

David Neff<br />

Elise Schipper<br />

<br />

Mi Sheberakh * We Pray for Healing<br />

Fred Belkin<br />

Harvey Malin<br />

Heather Mullis<br />

Maddox Langbein<br />

Marcy Schirloff<br />

Nancy Lever<br />

<br />

<strong>September</strong> 2023 - Yahrzeits Observed<br />

Natalie Litofsky<br />

Pat Wolkow<br />

Paula Mathai<br />

Ray Lee<br />

Tami Light<br />

Stanley Asher Goldberg<br />

Dennis Stanley Siegel<br />

Lottie Bashoff<br />

Elizabeth Curtsinger<br />

Lenore Miller<br />

Sarane Levy<br />

Irwin Friedman<br />

Vivien I. Horowitz<br />

Alberta Baer<br />

Baby Boy Colman<br />

Andrea Denise Luff<br />

Anne Maxwell<br />

Bernard Marksamer<br />

Dayle Deresh<br />

Harriet Leder<br />

Leo Fang<br />

Deanne Klein<br />

Estelle Scheinberg Newman<br />

Ichiel Hirsch<br />

Kenneth Turner<br />

Esther Stein<br />

Pearl Fishman<br />

Anne Studnitz<br />

Sarita Baker<br />

Wanda Blake<br />

Esther Finkelstein<br />

Sophie Weinstein<br />

David Schneck<br />

Jack Feldman<br />

Sally Irgang<br />

Yvette Kale<br />

Aaron Kaplan<br />

Dattatraya Dandekar<br />

Milton Feldman<br />

Shirley Zeisel<br />

1st<br />

2nd<br />

2nd<br />

4th<br />

4th<br />

4th<br />

5th<br />

5th<br />

6th<br />

6th<br />

7th<br />

7th<br />

7th<br />

7th<br />

7th<br />

7th<br />

8th<br />

8th<br />

8th<br />

8th<br />

9th<br />

9th<br />

11th<br />

11th<br />

11th<br />

12th<br />

12th<br />

13th<br />

13th<br />

13th<br />

13th<br />

14th<br />

14th<br />

14th<br />

14th<br />

Wendy Jill Spector<br />

Jacob Stein<br />

Charles Hirsch<br />

Geoffrey Bernstein<br />

Israel Spigler<br />

Harold Calvin<br />

Robin Falk<br />

Sophie Fischgrund<br />

Hank Ciuchta<br />

Richard R. Samuels<br />

Howard Klein<br />

Maurice Klein<br />

Morris Paul Eisman<br />

Shirley Ertwine<br />

Thelma Padawer<br />

Kurt Bernard Zion<br />

Max Weintraub<br />

Michael Michalik<br />

Raleigh Isaacs<br />

Samuel Levine<br />

Flora Fridberg<br />

Solomon Starr<br />

Dorothy P. Calvin<br />

Howard Seeley<br />

Irving Reiser<br />

Rose Seeley<br />

Rubin Larkin<br />

Arthur Weiner<br />

James Sirkis<br />

Benjamin Gindin<br />

Bernice P. Davis<br />

Hyman Rosenfeld<br />

Roberta Makow<br />

Same Labe<br />

15th<br />

16th<br />

17th<br />

17th<br />

17th<br />

18th<br />

18th<br />

18th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

20th<br />

21st<br />

21st<br />

21st<br />

22nd<br />

23rd<br />

23rd<br />

23rd<br />

23rd<br />

23rd<br />

24th<br />

24th<br />

25th<br />

25th<br />

25th<br />

25th<br />

25th<br />

27th<br />

27th<br />

28th<br />

29th<br />

30th<br />

30th<br />

30th<br />

Caring Note<br />

Caring is about both the simchas and healing through support and community.<br />

Is there a moment you would like to share, privately or publicly?<br />

<br />

We want to be there for you so please let us know.<br />

Email the Caring Committee at caring@templeadasshalom.org<br />

<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


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