Creator Connection September 2023

The official newsletter of Creator Lutheran Church & Preschool.

The official newsletter of Creator Lutheran Church & Preschool.


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<strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran Church and Preschool<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> <strong>Connection</strong><br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Welcoming all to Worship, Grow, and Serve in God’s Grace.<br />


SEPTEMBER 17<br />

8:30 AM & 11 AM SERVICES<br />

Pastor’s Corner<br />

A message from Pastors Amanda & Horacio<br />

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.<br />


15 Now they were bringing<br />

be loud, they do not have a filter<br />

So, no matter how<br />

even infants to him that he might<br />

touch them. And when the disciples<br />

saw it, they rebuked [the children].<br />

16 But Jesus called them to him,<br />

saying, “Let the children come to<br />

me, and do not hinder them, for<br />

to such belongs the kingdom of<br />

God.” Luke 18:15-16<br />

This passage is well known<br />

and has been used by many in<br />

the church to assure families<br />

with young children that they are<br />

welcome in church. We all know<br />

it very well, most people in church<br />

like the idea of having small<br />

children in church, until it is “not<br />

practical.” Children, especially the<br />

young ones, are squirmy, they can<br />

and can shout the “wrong thing”<br />

when you least expected. If they<br />

get frustrated or hurt, they will not<br />

hold back and will cry, and they will<br />

cry loud. It does not matter who<br />

is around them, they will do what<br />

they will do. So, in theory, most<br />

people might say something like:<br />

“Oh, it is so nice to see all these<br />

children in church!” But in reality,<br />

or practicality, if you see children<br />

at church, you will also have to<br />

hear them, there is no way around<br />

it. Sometimes they will be funny<br />

and cute, and say the right thing at<br />

the right time, but sometimes they<br />

will be disruptive and loud, at the<br />

“wrong” time.<br />

much we assure the parents or<br />

guardians of these children that<br />

they are welcome in church,<br />

and no matter how much we<br />

work with adults to extend that<br />

welcome, it is not always easy,<br />

it is not always “practical.” It can<br />

be a challenge because of many<br />

different reasons. Even if parents/<br />

guardians know they are welcome<br />

at church with their children, they<br />

still feel uncomfortable because<br />

they might become “that family<br />

with the loud/disruptive children”<br />

at any moment during church. We<br />

know that by nature your child, or<br />

toddler, is restless. Perhaps they<br />

Continued on pg. 4

Table of Contents<br />

Ministry<br />

Pastor’s Corner..................................................<br />

Pastor’s Corner cont. ........................................<br />

Fellowship<br />

Church In Society..............................................<br />

Council Highlights............................................<br />

Altar Guild.........................................................<br />

God’s Work, Our Hands....................................<br />

Fellowship Team Update...................................<br />

Thoughts on Stewardship..................................<br />

Children, Youth, and Family<br />

Confirmation News, High School Bible Study,<br />

Blessing of the Backpacks,<br />

Rally Day..........................................................<br />

Preschool............................................................<br />

1<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

11<br />

Staff<br />

Pastor:<br />

Amanda Olson de Castillo<br />

pastoramanda@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Associate Pastor: Horacio Castillo<br />

pastorhoracio@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Office Ministry: Donna Reynolds<br />

office@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Communications Coordinator:<br />

Marion Gil<br />

communications@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Bookkeeper: Marcie Reid<br />

creatorbooks@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Custodian: Leslie Noborikawa<br />

Nursery Attendants: Debbie Eikland<br />

and Cynthia Lowe<br />

Sunday School Coordinator:<br />

Kate Wire<br />

Preschool Director:<br />

Andrea DeDominces<br />

News and Education.................................<br />

12-17<br />

Preschool Teachers:<br />

Andrea DeDominces, Ragan Allen &<br />

Cheri Farrer<br />

Birthdays and Reminders.......................<br />

18<br />

Funeral Coordinator:<br />

Janee Theleman<br />

Calendar............................................................<br />

19<br />

2<br />

Ministry teams and program leaders, please think ahead about what is coming up and<br />

submit information, pictures or stories of impact to office@creatorlutheran.net by the 20th<br />

of each month. Our Office Ministry Coordinator, will collect, format, and get the newsletter<br />

out to the congregation by the first of each month. If you have any further questions,<br />

please feel free to call the office (253) 862-7700.

Continued from pg. 1<br />

are even a little boisterous. You try<br />

to silence them, and nothing. You<br />

try to pacify them with food or toys,<br />

or both, and nothing. Eventually,<br />

you resort to the last thing you<br />

wanted to do: you pick them up,<br />

and before a watching audience,<br />

you make the march out of the<br />

sanctuary. All the while, you might<br />

be a little, or a lot, embarrassed.<br />

Maybe, or most definitely, you are<br />

frustrated too. You might even<br />

think to yourself, “There is no<br />

point in coming to church. I get<br />

nothing out of it because I have to<br />

constantly care for my kid. I can’t<br />

hear, I can’t focus, and I can’t even<br />

participate. And what is worse, my<br />

child is not even paying attention,<br />

my child is too little to understand<br />

what is happening. I might as well<br />

wait until they are older and can<br />

actually focus and participate.”<br />

The fact of the matter is,<br />

bringing children to church is not<br />

“practical” or easy for the parents/<br />

guardians or even for other<br />

members. However, it is important<br />

for the children, for the families,<br />

and for the rest of the members<br />

to all be gathered together. Why?<br />

Because as the Apostle Paul<br />

writes in Romans 10:17, “faith<br />

comes by hearing and hearing<br />

through the Word of Christ.” The<br />

Word of Christ creates faith, and if<br />

you know anything about children,<br />

they are listening-in whether you<br />

know it or not, or even whether<br />

you want them to or not! For the<br />

good and the bad, they are like<br />

these little sponges that absorb<br />

everything around them. And<br />

what is better for them to absorb<br />

than God’s Word for them when<br />

they come to church? What is<br />

better for them than coming<br />

A child at church. Original source<br />

unknown || facebook.com<br />

to be welcomed by a loving<br />

community? And notice here, we<br />

say, loving community, not perfect<br />

community. As we heard one<br />

of our members at the last sing<br />

along of the summer say, “if you<br />

want perfect, you need to wait<br />

until you’re in heaven.” The reality<br />

is that each and every single one<br />

of us are God’s children in need of<br />

God’s Word no matter our size or<br />

our age. Because the difference<br />

between a child and an adult is<br />

that an adult has learned how to<br />

filter their words, how to be more<br />

subtle in their squirms, loudness,<br />

frustrations and complaints and<br />

anything else that is not “socially<br />

acceptable,” for the most part<br />

and in most cases. We all have<br />

our days when we cannot hide or<br />

camouflage our inner child.<br />

Families with young<br />

children, bring your children to<br />

church, let them be children, the<br />

only way they can “learn to be in<br />

Ministry<br />

church” is to actually be in church,<br />

experience church, participate<br />

in church, and most importantly,<br />

hear that God’s promises of<br />

forgiveness, life, and salvation<br />

in Christ is for them too. And for<br />

the rest of the church members,<br />

remember you were once children<br />

too, remember you have had<br />

children too, or have been around<br />

children in one way or another. In<br />

our calling as pastors and parents,<br />

we have been there too with our<br />

not so little children anymore now<br />

that they are in middle school and<br />

high school, but we understand<br />

that sometimes it is harder than<br />

others to get out of the house in<br />

time, not fight and not lose our cool<br />

especially when you are trying to<br />

get to church, and while at church.<br />

Interestingly enough it was always<br />

harder for us, as parents and<br />

pastors when our own children<br />

were being children than when<br />

other children were. Because<br />

again, you feel all eyes are on you<br />

and responsible because we are<br />

the cause of disturbing or “ruining<br />

people’s church experience.”<br />

Brothers and sisters in Christ,<br />

let us continue working together as<br />

a family in Christ. Some members<br />

are more comfortable than others<br />

with children around, and that is<br />

ok. Some parents/guardians are<br />

more comfortable than others<br />

when their children are squirmy,<br />

and that is ok too. We are happy<br />

you all are part of <strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran,<br />

so let the children come to Christ,<br />

and let us not hinder one another,<br />

for to such children, young and<br />

old, belongs the kingdom of God,<br />

to the mischievous and the “not<br />

so” mischievous, God’s abundant<br />

mercy and grace is for you in<br />

Christ Jesus. Amen.<br />

Pastors Amanda and Horacio<br />


Fellowship<br />

Upcoming Service Projects:<br />

• Monthly New Hope Resource Center<br />

Food Drive: Watch for sign up info in the<br />

announcements and email.<br />

• <strong>September</strong> 16 – Beautify Bonney<br />

Lake (God’s Work, Our Hands):<br />

Information and sign-up at https://www.<br />

beautifybonneylake.org/<br />

• October 20 – Peace Lutheran Church<br />

Dinner: Prepare and/or serve a meal<br />

at Peace Lutheran Church in Tacoma.<br />

Information about sign-up will be in the<br />

announcements.<br />

4<br />

Church<br />

In Society<br />

In August, <strong>Creator</strong>’s Church-in-Society<br />

distributed funds to the following agencies:<br />

The Market – Bonney Lake Food Bank.......$200<br />

Sumner Food Bank......................................$200<br />

Bonney Lake Backpack Program................$300<br />

Sumner Backpack Program.........................$300<br />

Open Hearth-<br />

(Program of Helping Hand House)..............$500<br />

Pregnancy Aid of Auburn ............................$200<br />

• November 4th – 26th - Apple Cup<br />

Food Drive: To benefit local food<br />

banks we will be collecting food for<br />

the Apple Cup Food Drive. Watch the<br />

announcements for information.<br />

• December – Adopt-a-Family for<br />

Christmas: Watch the announcements<br />

for information on how to join a team to<br />

help our neighbors at Christmas.<br />

Service Providers’ Update: Helping<br />

Hand House<br />

<strong>Creator</strong>’s Church-in-Society team works<br />

with local service providers and food banks<br />

that focus on children and families in need,<br />

those who are hungry or homeless.<br />

Helping Hand House (HHH) is one of<br />

the agencies that <strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran Church<br />

supports to help those facing homelessness.<br />

HHH helps families with children by providing<br />

short-term emergency housing and then by<br />

working with the family to secure permanent<br />


Fellowship<br />

Church Council Highlights<br />

The following are highlights from our Council meeting held on Tuesday August 22, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

These are not the official meeting minutes, but a brief summary to aid communication.<br />

Approved minutes will be posted on the bulletin board across from the office.<br />

The financial report was presented and approved<br />

• Total Income...............................................................$27,083.05<br />

• Total Expenses...........................................................$39,228.05<br />

• Net Loss.....................................................................$12,145.00<br />

Benevolence<br />

• Contributions..............................................................$26,655.55<br />

• 10% benevolence was approved<br />

• Local benevolence (6%) ..............................................$1599.33<br />

• Synod (4%)...................................................................$1066.22<br />

• Total.............................................................................$2,665.55<br />

The August Council meeting<br />

was opened with prayer.<br />

Pastor Horacio led a bible<br />

study which emphasized how<br />

people working together in a<br />

complementary fashion leads<br />

to effective accomplishments<br />

which leaves people with a<br />

sense of personal satisfaction.<br />

A report was presented to<br />

Council regarding the company<br />

that is under contract to the<br />

Church to keep the Church in<br />

compliance with current fire<br />

codes. A review had been done<br />

in July of their testing and repair<br />

records, and also their ability to<br />

keep the Church in compliance<br />

with those fire codes, as<br />

evidenced by annual local fire<br />

inspection reports.<br />

It was deemed that all was in<br />

order and that no discrepancies<br />

were found.<br />

At the July Council meeting<br />

roofing problems were a high<br />

priority and it was decided that<br />

roof bids were to be solicited and<br />

presented to the Council at their<br />

August meeting.<br />

Roof bids were gotten and<br />

brought before Council for<br />

discussion.<br />

Three roof bids were<br />

presented, and after discussion,<br />

it was decided that the most<br />

cost effective and responsible<br />

action to be taken would be<br />

for a roof replacement rather<br />

than replacing a section of the<br />

roof. The majority of the roof is<br />

the original roof, which has just<br />

about reached the end of its life<br />

cycle.<br />

It was decided to get<br />

additional bids from the roofing<br />

contractors for a complete roof<br />

replacement.<br />

There was a discussion of<br />

how to determine how funding to<br />

pay for a new roof could best be<br />

accomplished and investigations<br />

into several options are being<br />

done.<br />

It is hoped that within two<br />

weeks new bids will be in and<br />

that funding can be determined.<br />

Ministry Teams roles and<br />

responsibilities were discussed.<br />

Since Covid there has<br />

been some confusion and<br />

misunderstandings about what<br />

the ministry teams roles are. It<br />

is in everyone’s best interest to<br />

get a clear understanding of how<br />

to work together in an effective<br />

fashion.<br />

Council will be looking at<br />

each of the ministry teams to<br />

get an understanding of what<br />

each team believes their role to<br />

be, what Council understands<br />

those roles to be, and find ways<br />

to gently work together to reach<br />

agreement.<br />

At this meeting an overview<br />

was given of how to best<br />

accomplish this and that this will<br />

be an ongoing process.<br />

The meeting was closed with<br />

the Lord’s Prayer.<br />


Fellowship<br />

Are you curious about the Altar Guild? Do you like to prepare<br />

for a gathering of guests? Then work with a friend to clean up<br />

afterwards? For example, do the dishes while catching up on recent<br />

events? If you answered “yes” to these questions, keep reading!<br />

Altar Guild prepares the altar for worship every Sunday, making<br />

sure that it is ready for communion for the congregation.<br />

All duties and procedures are posted in the sacristy as well as<br />

available in a handout to take home. Each duty and the accompanying<br />

procedures are described in detail in the column to the right. ---><br />

Two people serve together, one experienced person as lead and<br />

a helper who is the quality control. You will not serve alone and<br />

will not be a lead until you are comfortable in that role. Anyone can<br />

serve in the Altar Guild including parents and children.<br />

(This is where the cut could come.)<br />

If this sounds like something you would like to try, please stop<br />

anyone serving on Altar Guild and we will be happy to talk with you.<br />

Peace to you.<br />

Duties<br />

Include<br />

1. Filling glasses in the<br />

communion trays with wine<br />

and white grape juice.<br />

2. Placing communion bread on<br />

the plate with paper napkins<br />

and covering with a cloth.<br />

3. Making sure the candles are<br />

lit, possibly supervising an<br />

acolyte.<br />

4. After the 8:30 AM service,<br />

cleaning off the altar, counting<br />

and recording the number of<br />

used glasses, washing used<br />

glasses and preparing the<br />

communion trays and bread<br />

for the 11AM service.<br />

5. After the 11 AM service,<br />

cleaning off the altar, counting<br />

and recording the number of<br />

used glasses, washing used<br />

glasses and serving pieces,<br />

storing all communion pieces.<br />

6<br />

6. After each service,<br />

replenishing candles in the<br />

prayer box in the narthex<br />

and removing extinguished<br />


Fellowship<br />


Fellowship<br />

The Fellowship Team has been busy finishing organizing the kitchen and Bubble Room to make use<br />

easier for everyone. Here is what is new.<br />

Labels: The kitchen and bubble room are now labeled to help you find and return items in the two<br />

rooms.<br />

Inventory: An inventory of the rooms has been completed, and we will soon place a notebook with<br />

the inventory so you can quickly look to see if the item you are looking for is in the kitchen, the bubble<br />

room, the multipurpose room, or the over refrigerator storage.<br />

Food Drop Off Spot: The counter behind the kitchen door, next to the stoves, is the new spot for<br />

food donations (New Hope, Peace Lutheran, Funerals etc.). Please label what the food is for.<br />

Left Behind Items: If you left a dish, container etc. at the church, you will now find it on the labeled<br />

shelf above the coat rack in the hallway.<br />

New Refrigerator Policy<br />

Did you hear about the milk explosion at <strong>Creator</strong> earlier this summer? A jug of milk was abandoned<br />

in one of the fridges and exploded- what a smelly mess! No one knew when it was put in there, who put<br />

it in or who was responsible for disposing of it. Thank you to Teri Hayford and Kim Freisthler for cleaning<br />

not only the spoiled milk, but the rotten egg. Unfortunately, we find a lot of orphaned food in the fridge.<br />

So, the Fellowship Team developed a policy to help prevent another milk explosion.<br />

It is a simple process using red and green round stickers to label the food. You will find them on the<br />

fridge door with the directions.<br />

RED Sticker: For food is for a specific use and should be left alone. (i.e., food for Sunday school,<br />

youth groups, preschool, funerals etc.). Write the date and your initials/group name on the sticker. The<br />

person/group putting the food in is responsible for removing it.<br />

GREEN Sticker: For food that is for general use and can be used by anyone (ie. leftover food from<br />

a potluck or an event that can be used by coffee host, youth groups). Write the date and your initials/<br />

group name on the sticker. The Fellowship team will purge the fridge monthly at our team meetings.<br />

If the food originally had a RED Sticker for a specific use and it is now available to be used by<br />

anyone, place a GREEN Sticker with the CURRENT DATE next to the RED Sticker.<br />

Got questions? Ask the Fellowship Team.<br />

Tablecloth Check Out Policy Solution<br />

Another policy?? Maybe Solution is a better word. A question I hear often, being on the Fellowship<br />

team, is “Do you know where all the tablecloths went? The drawer only has a couple left in them and<br />

I need more for my event.” Usually, the answer is someone took them home to wash after an event<br />

and they haven’t been returned yet. The problem is, often no one know who the someone is. So, the<br />

Fellowship Team came up with a solution. There is now a check out form, hanging on the bulletin board<br />

in the Bubble Room. When you take tablecloths home to wash, just provide your name, phone number,<br />

# of round and rectangular tablecloths going home with you and when you expect they will be back.<br />

When you return them add the date and your initials. This way we can contact you if the tablecloths<br />

are needed sooner.<br />

8<br />

Kitchen Update<br />

from the Fellowship Team<br />

We also added laundering instructions to the bulletin board for those who might need them.

Thoughts on<br />

Fellowship<br />

Pledge Cards with a Twist?<br />

It’s that time again…dare<br />

I write it? (Avert your eyes!)<br />

Pledge cards! Yes, the days<br />

really are getting shorter, the<br />

nights cooler, and a new pledge<br />

card for 2024 is headed your<br />

way. But this year, it’s pledge<br />

cards with a twist. How each<br />

of us responds to the gift of<br />

God’s saving Grace is a deeply<br />

personal thing, but we think it<br />

is also something that is worth<br />

thinking and praying about. We<br />

want this year’s pledge card to<br />

be an opportunity to prayerfully<br />

think about God’s unconditional<br />

love for you, his abounding<br />

grace towards you, what that<br />

Grace means to you, and how<br />

you might decide to respond to<br />

it. This year, we also want it to<br />

be private. Just between you<br />

and God.<br />

In order to do that, we are<br />

making a promise to you: no<br />

one at <strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran church<br />

will open, or look at, your pledge<br />

card. The cards will be returned<br />

to you sealed and unopened.<br />

This is meant to be a private<br />

conversation between you and<br />

our Savior and Lord, Jesus<br />

Christ. It is our hope that you’ll<br />

take this opportunity to think<br />

about what being a beloved child<br />

of God means to you, and what it<br />

means to you to see that Grace<br />

and response acted out every<br />

week here at <strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran.<br />

It is our hope that you will<br />

consider how you fit as part of<br />

the body at <strong>Creator</strong>, and where<br />

you might be called to act within<br />

our Congregation as we share<br />

the Gospel and respond to the<br />

neighbor.<br />

It is our hope that you will<br />

consider, if your means allow it,<br />

making a financial gift (ALL gifts<br />

are received with joy!) to <strong>Creator</strong><br />

Lutheran.<br />

But our primary hope is that<br />

you simply prayerfully consider<br />

how you want to respond to<br />

the gift of God’s grace. Then,<br />

if you are willing, write it down<br />

on the card. Seal the card in<br />

the envelope, write your name<br />

on the outside, and bring it to<br />

church on <strong>September</strong> 24th, to<br />

leave at the altar, as a private<br />

proclamation of your response<br />

to the gift of God’s grace. We<br />

will return the unopened cards to<br />

you, for you to save, or not save,<br />

as you wish.<br />

God’s Peace<br />

Stewardship<br />

...no one at <strong>Creator</strong><br />

Lutheran Church will<br />

open, or look at, your<br />

pledge card. The cards<br />

will be returned to you<br />

sealed and unopened.<br />

This is meant to be a<br />

conversation between<br />

you and our Savior and<br />

Lord, Jesus Christ.<br />


Children, Youth, and Family<br />



As the school year starts, so<br />

does our middle school ministry<br />

at <strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran Church.<br />

One part of that ministry is<br />

Confirmation.<br />

Confirmation is a three year<br />

program from 6th-8th grade at<br />

<strong>Creator</strong>. We meet from <strong>September</strong><br />

through May on Wednesday<br />

nights 7-8:30pm and Sunday<br />

mornings from 9:45am-10:45am.<br />

We also have service projects,<br />

game nights, retreats and lock-ins<br />

both as part of confirmation but<br />

also as part of our middle school<br />

ministries.<br />

We will have our Confirmation<br />

Orientation on <strong>September</strong> 13 from<br />

7-8pm this meeting is for parents<br />

and youth.<br />

Classes will begin on Sunday,<br />

<strong>September</strong> 17th and Wednesday,<br />

<strong>September</strong> 20th.<br />



High school Bible Study will be<br />

moving to Wednesday nights this<br />

fall starting <strong>September</strong> 20th.<br />

Youth are invited to come at<br />

6:30pm for dinner or join us at<br />

7-8:30pm for Bible Study.<br />

Each week we will have bible<br />

study lead by either Pastor Amanda<br />

or Pastor Horacio and we will also<br />

have a rotation of games, service<br />

projects and time together.<br />

Please make sure that your<br />

youth knows about this opportunity.<br />

I will be setting up a text alert for this<br />

group -- please let Pastor Amanda<br />

know the number(s) that you would<br />

like to add to the text group.<br />

Blessing for the<br />

School Year<br />

<strong>September</strong> 17 during service<br />


Preschool<br />

Preschool News<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Dates to look out for parents!!!<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> Preschool is enthusiastically preparing for our <strong>2023</strong>-2024 school year. Please mark these<br />

special dates on your calendar. The parent meeting is optional for returning families.<br />

Parent/Guardian Meeting<br />

Important Dates<br />

• Wednesday, <strong>September</strong> 6th: 10:00 am – 11:00 am OR 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm<br />

All questions will be addressed, as well as an informational booklet given. PLEASE, NO CHILDREN.<br />

Parent/Guardian and Child Drop–In Open House<br />

Thursday, <strong>September</strong> 7th<br />

Friday, <strong>September</strong> 8th<br />

• Tues/Thurs class: 9:00 am – 10:00 am<br />

• Wed/Fri class: 9:00 am – 10:00 am<br />

• Tues/Wed/Thurs class: 10:30 am – 11:30 am • Mon/Fri class: 10:30 am -11:30 am<br />

The Drop-In Open House is a time to become comfortable with the teachers, classes, classroom<br />

and new friends without the worry of separation. Parents, please plan to stay with your child.<br />

Stop by any time during your child’s one hour time period.<br />

First Day of School<br />

<strong>September</strong> 11th<br />

• Mon/Fri class 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm<br />

<strong>September</strong> 12th<br />

• 9:00 am – 11:30 am: Tues/Thurs class<br />

• 12:30 pm – 3:00pm: Tues/Wed/Thurs class<br />

<strong>September</strong> 13th<br />

• 9:00 am – 11:30 am: Wed/Fri class<br />

In <strong>September</strong> our curriculum will include Magnets, Feelings and Emotions, and M is for Me. Our<br />

letters are A,a and M,m. The numbers are 0 and 1, the shape is a circle, and the color is yellow. We<br />

welcome our new families to the <strong>Creator</strong> Preschool family!<br />

Andrea DeDominces<br />

Director,<br />

markandrea222@gmail.com<br />


News and Education<br />

FALL<br />

WOMEN'S<br />










YOU.<br />




JANICEPEND@YAHOO.COM OR 253-202-4460 TO<br />




SATURDAY SEPT 30TH FROM 8:30 – 15:00 LIGHT<br />






21101 112TH ST E<br />

BONNEY LAKE, WA 98391<br />

DETAILS:<br />











News and Education<br />


News and Education<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> Nursery<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran Church & Preschool<br />

Our wonderful and loving attendants,<br />

Cindy and Debbie, are excited to care for<br />

this fun and safe space for the little ones<br />

during worship (8:30, 09:45 and 11:00<br />

Sunday mornings in the fall during the<br />

Sunday Services and Adult Education<br />

hour). Space is open to those families<br />

who need it. The “PrayGround” spaces are<br />

also available in the sanctuary, at the<br />

front and at the back, for families with<br />

small children.”<br />

If you have any questions, please contact<br />

the church office!<br />


Adults are invited to the<br />

Ministry Team Fair on Sunday,<br />

<strong>September</strong> 17!<br />

During the fair, you can learn<br />

the ways you can volunteer at<br />

<strong>Creator</strong>. Stations will be set up<br />

around the building and will be<br />

helmed by different members<br />

of our ministry teams that can<br />

walk you through the different<br />

responsibilities of the volunteer<br />

positions. It is the perfect time<br />

to learn about a position that<br />

you have been curious about<br />

volunteering for, so be sure to<br />

come and check out the Ministry<br />

Team Fair!<br />


Daily Devotions<br />

Pastor Amanda is starting her<br />

devotions back up! They will take<br />

place Tuesdays and Thursdays at<br />

9:00am. You are invited to watch<br />

the recordings which are posted or<br />

consider joining us at 9:00am via<br />

zoom. Pastor Amanda turns off the<br />

recording after her reflection on<br />

the reading and we have a time of<br />

discussion and connection with one<br />

another.<br />

News and Education<br />

Our first meeting will be on<br />

<strong>September</strong> 5 at 9am<br />

Join Zoom Meeting<br />

https://us06web.zoom.us/j/633840757<br />

All worship services and devotions will be<br />

posted after completion on both YouTube<br />

and the creator website: https://www.<br />

youtube.com/user/<strong>Creator</strong>Lutheran and<br />

www.creatorlutheran.net<br />

Summer is over, so it’s back to school for the kids.<br />

But what about adults? Well good news! Adult Education is starting back up at <strong>Creator</strong> in <strong>September</strong>!<br />

Below you’ll see some of our upcoming Adult Education plans and what you can expect from them.<br />

<strong>September</strong> 24 and October 1<br />

October 8<br />

• The first Adult Education<br />

class of the fall is the two<br />

Sunday Adult Education<br />

series on our Lutheran<br />

Catechism: the Office of the<br />

Keys. What is confession<br />

and absolution? Join Pastor<br />

Horacio in our continued<br />

walk through the small<br />

catechism.<br />

• PLU is holding a lecture with David<br />

and Marilyn Knutson on October<br />

4, at 7pm. You are invited to come<br />

to Church and we will gather in<br />

the multipurpose room and view<br />

the lecture together. If you are<br />

not able to come to church,” we<br />

would like those interested to<br />

view the Zoom meeting “at home”<br />

so that we can have a follow up<br />

discussion on Sunday, October 8.<br />

Use the QR code to the right to<br />

register for the event:<br />


News and Education<br />

Thursday<br />

Morning<br />

Bible Study<br />

Hurrah the Thursday Morning<br />

Bible Study will begin again<br />

<strong>September</strong> 7th!<br />

We will be starting the<br />

Old Testament book of Ruth.<br />

Meetings are 10-11:30 am in<br />

Room 4 at <strong>Creator</strong>.<br />

All are welcome to come<br />

learn and enjoy the camaraderie.<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> Men’s Club Meeting<br />

Monday, <strong>September</strong> 11, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Due to the Labor Day Holiday,<br />

the <strong>Creator</strong> Men’s Club will have<br />

their dinner meeting a week<br />

later than usual, on Monday,<br />

<strong>September</strong> 11, <strong>2023</strong> at 6 p.m. at<br />

Aversano’s Italian Restaurant,<br />

6015 Parker Rd., Sumner. All<br />

churchmen are invited to attend.<br />

16<br />

Grieving with Grace is a support group led by Pastor<br />

Amanda where adults learn about the grieving process and<br />

how to care for themselves as they work through the grief of a<br />

loved one’s death.<br />

Grieving with Grace is currently on hiatus for the summer,<br />

but the group is meeting once a month for lunch. The next<br />

meeting is on Wednesday, <strong>September</strong> 13 at 10:30am.<br />

Men’s<br />

Fellowship<br />

During “All things Covid”<br />

the Wednesday night<br />

Men’s group has been<br />

using Zoom. The meetings<br />

start at 7:00 PM and get<br />

over by 9:00PM. If you<br />

are interested in joining<br />

the meeting please contact<br />

Scott Perkins with your<br />

email address and he will<br />

send you a link for Zoom.<br />

Scott.perkins@hotmail.<br />

com or 253-230-3416

News and Education<br />


Birthdays and Reminders<br />

Remote Worship<br />

Worship will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook Live and<br />

Zoom. To join via Zoom, follow the link below:<br />

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89375602512?pwd=M3hPK0pIMGIz<br />

Z2M0eEhmTitoM3NQdz09<br />

Meeting ID: 893 7560 2512 Password: 435230<br />

One tap mobile:<br />

+ 12532158782,,89375602512#,,,,0#,,435230# US (Tacoma)<br />

Call in option: Zoom offers the option to call in to listen to the<br />

service. Call into worship while it is open - usually a minimum of<br />

five minutes before 9:30am until 11:00am - +1 253 215 8782 and<br />

enter the meeting number: 89375602512 when prompted. You<br />

will be able to hear the worship service.<br />


<strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran is changing our mobile giving app! Vanco,<br />

our eGiving provider, has launched an updated mobile app called<br />

Vanco Mobile to replace GivePlus Mobile. You can download the<br />

Vanco Mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play.<br />

Download Vanco Mobile by <strong>September</strong> 30. Vanco will<br />

remove GivePlus Mobile after this date.<br />

If you have questions or need assistance with our new mobile<br />

app, please contact the church office at (253) 862-7700.<br />

Pastoral Emergency Fund<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> has a fund available to be used at the discretion of Pastor<br />

Amanda to support congregation members and the community<br />

as needed. If you or a member another member of the <strong>Creator</strong><br />

Community has a particular financial need at this time, please<br />

reach out to Pastor Amanda for support. We are here for one<br />

another at this time. This fund is also open for additional<br />

donations from the congregation.<br />

Recycle Your<br />

Ink Cartridges<br />

Don’t throw away those printer cartridges or used cell phones.<br />

The Youth will recycle them for you. It’s good for the<br />

environment and the youth program receives a small concession.<br />

Just deposit old cartridges in the drawer in the narthex.<br />

18<br />

<strong>September</strong><br />

Birthdays<br />

1 - Hannah<br />

Bickford<br />

1 - Patrick<br />

Jacobsen<br />

2 - Grace Winsor<br />

4 - Jack Romero<br />

5 - Ellianna<br />

Nelson<br />

5 - Neil Ransford<br />

6 - Jared<br />

Bickford<br />

6 - Kurt<br />

Marquiss<br />

6 - Kathy Phon-<br />

Daniel<br />

7 - Tracy<br />

Jirikowic<br />

10 - Trevor<br />

Perkins<br />

11 - Holly<br />

Gardner<br />

11 - Levi Nesbitt<br />

13 - Joan<br />

Collman<br />

13 - Eric<br />

Lindgren<br />

14 - Jane Liedtke<br />

14 - Ruby<br />

Liedtke<br />

15 - Cathy<br />

Coleman<br />

16 - Kyle Nesbitt<br />

16 - Rachel<br />

Passarelli Berube<br />

16 - Ben Roller<br />

17 - Bob<br />

Rutkosky<br />

18 - Jessica<br />

Andersen<br />

18 - Grace<br />

Magnusson<br />

19 - Norm<br />

Huffman<br />

22 - Art Berube<br />

23 - Robert<br />

Russell<br />

23 - Rayland<br />

Worley<br />

25 - Carol Green<br />

26 - Ryan<br />

Noborikawa<br />

26 - Don<br />

Swanson<br />

28 - Aila Parton<br />

28 - Douglas<br />

Sanford<br />

29 - Judy Bial


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday<br />

1<br />

New Hope Lunch<br />

2<br />

3<br />

10<br />

9:30am Worship<br />

Service<br />

9:30am Worship<br />

Service<br />

10:30am Youth Mission<br />

Brunch Presentation<br />

4<br />

11<br />



6pm <strong>Creator</strong> Men’s<br />

Club<br />

5 9am Morning<br />

Devotions<br />

5:30pm Property Team<br />

Meeting<br />

12 9am Morning<br />

Devotions<br />

6:30pm Finance Team<br />

Meeting<br />

6 12pm Grieving<br />

with Grace<br />

Luncheon at Haagen’s<br />

7pm Men’s Fellowship<br />

7pm Middle School<br />

Summer Hangout<br />

13 10:30am Grieving<br />

with Grace<br />

7pm Confirmation<br />

Orientation<br />

7pm Men’s Fellowship<br />

7<br />

9am Morning<br />

Devotions<br />

10am Thursday Morning<br />

Bible Study<br />

1pm Stewardship Meeting<br />

5:30pm Fellowship<br />

Ministry Meeting<br />

7pm CYF Team Meeting<br />

14 9am Morning<br />

Devotions<br />

10am Thursday<br />

Morning Bible Study<br />

8<br />

15<br />

9<br />

16<br />

8:30am God’s<br />

Work Our Hands<br />

17<br />

Blessing of the<br />

Backpacks<br />

Rally Day/Ministry Team<br />

Fair<br />

8:30am Worship Service<br />

9:45am Sunday School<br />

9:45am Confirmation<br />

11am Worship Service<br />

24 8:30am Worship<br />

Service<br />

9:45am Sunday School<br />

9:45am Confirmation<br />

9:45am Adult Education<br />

11am Worship Service<br />

18<br />

25<br />

19 9am Morning<br />

Devotions<br />

6pm Church Council<br />

Meeting<br />

26<br />

9am Morning<br />

Devotions<br />

20 7pm CIS Meeting<br />

7pm Men’s<br />

Fellowship<br />

7pm Confirmation<br />

7pm High School Bible<br />

Study<br />

27 7pm Men’s<br />

Fellowship<br />

7pm Confirmation<br />

7pm High School Bible<br />

Study<br />

21 9am Morning<br />

Devotions<br />

10am Thursday<br />

Morning Bible Study<br />

7pm Theology on<br />

Tapps<br />

28 9am Morning<br />

Devotions<br />

10am Thursday<br />

Morning Bible Study<br />

22<br />

29<br />

Fall Women’s<br />

Retreat<br />

23<br />

30<br />

Fall Women’s<br />

Retreat<br />


<strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran<br />

Church and Preschool<br />

Welcoming All to Worship, Grow, and Serve in God’s Grace<br />

creatorlutheran.net (253) 862-7700 office@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 3:30PM<br />

16702 South Tapps Drive East, Bonney Lake, WA 98391

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