Sisterhood New Year's Greetings 5784/2023

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On the threshold of the <strong>New</strong> Year, we extend best wishes for health,<br />

happiness, peace and prosperity to all members, friends, and families<br />

of Beth Torah Congregation.<br />

Lois Danis<br />

Judy and Joel Feinman<br />

Mariette Feldman and Family<br />

Michelle Fishman<br />

Dottie Herold<br />

Leonard and Raquel Jacobskind and Family<br />

Tobi and Michael Kaiser<br />

Susan and Sid Koslovsky and Family<br />

Elaine Krutchik and Family<br />

Renee and Jorge Lerman and Family<br />

Carol and Sylvan Lewis<br />

Lucero Rebecca Levy<br />

Anita Meuret and Family<br />

Karen, Jonathan, Rachel, Stephanie,<br />

and Eliza Morton<br />

Princess Valerie Perez and Sonia Ivette<br />

Alvarez<br />

The Pevsner Family<br />

Alden and Adrienne Pravder and Family<br />

Maria Rojas<br />

Mariam, Victoria, Charlotte,<br />

and Elizabeth Reinfeld<br />

Lucille Rosenberg<br />

Iris and Isaac Semaya and Family<br />

The Sheinman Family<br />

Dr. Stan and Sue Skopit and Family<br />

Ellen Sprechman<br />

Michael A. Steinberg<br />

Stephanie and Trevor Swerdlow<br />

Goldie, Billy, Cindy, Max,<br />

and Ethan Wigutow<br />

Annette Willis<br />

Joan and Michael Winograd,<br />

Ben, Josh, and Abby<br />


To all Beth Torah Families -<br />

Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

The Aboulafia Family<br />

Honey is sweet, love is sweeter.<br />

This <strong>New</strong> Year, may we be blessed<br />

with the opportunity to taste the<br />

sweetness of the love we give.<br />

Wishing you and your loved ones a year of<br />

happiness, success, and all that you wish<br />

for!<br />

Cantor Marcos, Joanna, Isaac, Robert,<br />

and Dylan Askenazi<br />

Wishing you a Happy and<br />

Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Brenda, Paul, Noel, Laura,<br />

Sloane, Megan, and Sabrina Auerbach<br />

Shanah Tovah Umetukah to our family and<br />

yours! May the light of Hashem shine bright<br />

upon and through all of us!<br />

The Ballesteros-Suarez Family<br />

Rochelle, Marshall, and Robyn Baltuch<br />

wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and<br />

Prosperous <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

May the year ahead be blessed by the<br />

sweetest of new favorite memories with<br />

family, friends, and our <strong>Sisterhood</strong>.<br />

L”Shanah Toval<br />

Andrea and Mayer Beck<br />

L’Shana Tova to all of our loved ones.<br />

Aileen, Eric, Brittany, Justin,<br />

and Kristen Berger<br />

L’Shana Tova to our family and friends.<br />

Deborah and Dr. Harry Berkowitz and Family<br />

Wishing Beth Torah Benny Rok<br />

Campus Congregants – Shana Tova!!<br />

from Beth Torah Men’s Club<br />

Arnie Schecter, President<br />

Edith Schecter, First Lady<br />

L’Shanah Tovah – A Sweet<br />

and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year from<br />

The Beth Torah <strong>Sisterhood</strong> Board.<br />

Etta Epstein, President<br />

We are grateful to be part of such a<br />

wonderful community. Wishing everyone<br />

a Healthy, Happy, and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Elise and Gil Bonwitt and Family<br />

Wishing everyone a Healthy,<br />

Happy, and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Margo Brilliant and Robert Schwartz<br />

and Family<br />

Wishing everyone a year filled with<br />

love, peace, and happiness.<br />

Jodi, Scott, Marc, and Adam Brown<br />

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy,<br />

and Prosperous <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Linda Buchsbaum<br />

The Chafetz Family<br />

wishes a Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year to all.<br />


Marla and Ethan & Ileana Cohen<br />

wish all our friends at Beth Torah a<br />

very Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Tina Cohen; Lenny Cohen; Josh, Randi,<br />

Preston, and Logan Cohen; Danny, Jennifer,<br />

Betzalel, Noam, Tali, Ayelet, and Eliana<br />

Cohen; and Liza, Jared, Chase, and Mason<br />

Rosen send Rosh Hashanah wishes for a<br />

year of peace and joy for us and our beloved<br />

Israel.<br />

Best wishes for a Happy<br />

and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Salomon, Lea, Abe, Drew, and Keith,<br />

Ilene, Moises, Emily, and Lizzy Cohen<br />

Wishing our family and friends happiness,<br />

health, and peace in the <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Marla, Michael, Ryan, and Ross Cotzen<br />

Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year to all.<br />

Peter, Silvia, Alexi, and Sarah Dreyfuss;<br />

Ilana and Jacob Katz<br />

Wishing you and yours a year of happiness,<br />

good health, and contentment. L’Shana<br />

Tova!<br />

Fondly, The Drozdow Family: Linda, Gil, Leila,<br />

Gregory, Jacquelyn and Matt<br />

Wishing everyone a very happy,<br />

healthy, and sweet Shana Tova.<br />

The Elias Family<br />

To all out Beth Torah family and friends:<br />

Have a Healthy, Happy and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Etta Birenbaum Epstein;<br />

Melissa, Jason, Avery and Alexander Amaris;<br />

Jessica, Kevin, Alison, and Chloe Plotkin<br />

Wishing you and your families a Happy,<br />

Healthy, Sweet, and Safe <strong>New</strong> Year - a year<br />

of healing for our country and our world - a<br />

year of rebuilding and reconnecting.<br />

L’Shana Tova Teekatayvoo<br />

Rabbi Ed and Laurie Farber<br />

May the <strong>New</strong> Year be filled with health,<br />

happiness, and sweet moments for us all.<br />

L’Shana Tova!<br />

Cheryl and Nelson Ferreira; Jeni and Matt<br />

Buchholtz; Kayla, Addison, and Dylan<br />

Happy, healthy wishes for the <strong>New</strong> Year<br />

to my family and friends.<br />

Bette Joy Field and Family<br />

Wishing all of you and your loved<br />

ones a Shana Tovah for <strong>5784</strong>.<br />

Elaine and Alan Fisher<br />

Best wishes for a Healthy<br />

and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Marcia, Jeff, Jacob, Alyssa,<br />

and Benjamin Frantz<br />


Wishing everyone a Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year filled<br />

with good health, happiness, and peace.<br />

Sandra and Eric Friedman and Family<br />

Best wishes to all for a Healthy<br />

and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Harvey and Deborah Friedman<br />

Wishing everyone L’Shana Tova – a year<br />

filled with peace, love, and happiness.<br />

Amy and Marc Gittelman<br />

Avra, Joel, Sydney, and Morgan Glicksman<br />

wish peace, love, health, and happiness for<br />

all – Shana Tova for <strong>2023</strong> and <strong>5784</strong><br />

L’Shana Tova!<br />

Herbert Goldberg and Family<br />

May we pray for peace, health, and safety<br />

in the <strong>New</strong> Year - With love from Barbara<br />

and Robert Goldfarb and Family<br />

Wishing our friends, family, clergy, staff,<br />

and the entire congregation a Happy,<br />

Healthy, and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

L”Shana Tova!<br />

Glenn Gopman and Adriana Faerman<br />

Wishing our family and friends<br />

A Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Carol Greener and Family<br />

Lori and Scott Heiken / Events by Executive<br />

Caterers wishes the entire congregation a<br />

Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

L’Shana Tova to all.<br />

Jane Hilsenroth, Paul HIlsenroth,<br />

Debra, Kevin, and Victoria Vinitsky<br />

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Marcia Hochberg and Family<br />

A very Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year to all.<br />

Marylin Holzberg and Family<br />

Wishing all our family and friends a very<br />

Healthy and Prosperous <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Terry and Mark Jonas<br />

Wishing everyone a Happy and<br />

Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year – Shana Tova!<br />

Sharon, Glenn, Zachary, and Amanda Kaplan<br />

May this <strong>New</strong> Year be filled with Health and<br />

Happiness and Sweet Moments for you and<br />

your family. L’Shana Tovah!<br />

Adele and Raquel Karp<br />

To all my special friends at the synagogue,<br />

to Rabbi Rojzman, Rabbi Farber, and<br />

Cantor Askenazi, and Families, my very<br />

best wishes for this <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Dora Katz<br />


Wishing my friends and family a<br />

year of Health, Peace, and Growth.<br />

Steffi Keffer<br />

Health and happiness to all<br />

in the <strong>New</strong> Year – L’Shana Tova -<br />

our prayers for peace in Israel.<br />

The Keil Family: Arlene, Elise, David,<br />

Gretchen, Wayne, and Jared<br />

And The Poreh Family<br />

Wishing everyone a Happy,<br />

Healthy and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Robin and Brian Kettler; Ilyssa, Michael,<br />

Benjamin Mikah, and Lev Isaak Rowell;<br />

Jillian, Jedd, and Brody James Horn<br />

A Happy and Healthy<br />

<strong>New</strong> Year to all.<br />

Cheryl and Ruben Kloda<br />

Wishing everyone a Healthy,<br />

Happy, and Sweet <strong>5784</strong>.<br />

The Kluger, Dean, and Jeries Families<br />

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Love, The Koch Family – Charlie, Eileen,<br />

Brian, Jill, Brooke, Tara, and Hailey<br />

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy <strong>New</strong><br />

Year filled with prosperity and peace.<br />

Ted and Jane Konigsberg<br />

May the taste of honey sweeten your<br />

holiday and every day thereafter.<br />

David and Sandra Kopp<br />

A Sweet and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year!<br />

L’Shana Tova -<br />

Stephanie, Brittany, and Joshua Krutchik<br />

Wishing our family and friends a Happy, and<br />

Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year. L’Shanah Tovah!<br />

Mark, Mindy, Max, Jake, and Noah Kurkin<br />

Best wishes to all our Beth Torah Family<br />

for continued sweetness and good health.<br />

Fayanne Kuttler, Mitch Zidel and Family<br />

The Lerfelt Family wishes our family, friends<br />

and Temple members a Healthy, Happy, and<br />

Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year – L’Shana Tova!<br />

Harvey, Rachel, Marc, and Nathan<br />

The family of Lichtman-Portuondo-<br />

May your <strong>New</strong> Year be filled with health,<br />

happiness, and sweet moments.<br />

L’Shanah Tovah!<br />

Wishing everyone a Happy<br />

and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Jessica, Jorge, Lori, and Joel Linkewer<br />

Wishing you a Very Happy<br />

and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Shelly Lipson and Family<br />


L’Shana Tova to our family and friends.<br />

Adrienne Lowy; Jodie, Dervonne,<br />

Wendy, Jared, Juliana, and Alexa<br />

To our friends and family -<br />

May this <strong>New</strong> Year be filled with health,<br />

happiness, and sweet moments for you and<br />

your family - L’Shana Tovah!<br />

Esther, Marcos, David, and Elysa Mantel<br />

Wishing all our family and friends a<br />

Healthy and Happy Rosh Hashana.<br />

Semy and Helen Marcoschamer<br />

Best wishes for a Happy and<br />

Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year!<br />

The Marcovich Family: Bob, Anne,<br />

Alex, Jonathan, and Lily<br />

Alison, Ricky, Zachary, Blake,<br />

and Cory Mars wish our<br />

family and friends a Healthy<br />

and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

A Happy and Healthy<br />

<strong>New</strong> Year to all.<br />

Phylis Meier and Family<br />

L’Shana Tovah - May this year we all be<br />

blessed with health, happiness, safety,<br />

good fortune, and the joy of being able to<br />

share and gather together.<br />

Michael and Marla Melamud and Family<br />

Wishing everyone a very Happy,<br />

Healthy, and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Mitch and Evie Mitchel and Family<br />

Shana Tova to all of the<br />

members of Beth Torah.<br />

Mark and Michele Moyel<br />

With best wishes for <strong>5784</strong> to be a year<br />

filled with Health, Peace, and Blessings.<br />

Celia Mussman and Family<br />

Wishing our family and friends a Happy <strong>New</strong><br />

Year. Shana Tova and may the coming year<br />

bring you health, happiness, and prosperity.<br />

Sherri and Jeff Niefeld and Family<br />

This year has brought us an abundance of<br />

sweetness with returning home to South<br />

Florida. We are grateful that the BTBRC<br />

community has been there from the start of<br />

our growing family. May you all be blessed<br />

with a fruitful <strong>New</strong> Year!<br />

The Palat Family<br />

Wishing the whole congregation a<br />

Healthy and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Benjamin Perelman<br />

May this year be filled with good health,<br />

love, and happiness! Chad Sameach to all.<br />

Ivania Perez, Millie, Hannah, Grace, and Mia<br />


A Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling <strong>New</strong> Year<br />

to all. In Memory of Berta Berezdivin<br />

Phillips and Pearl Edelson<br />

Perry Phillips<br />

Wishing our family and friends<br />

a Healthy and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Adrienne and Marc Plotkin and Family<br />

L’shana Tova! Our best wishes<br />

for a year filled with good health,<br />

happiness, and success!<br />

Sheryl, Robert, Mitchell, and Jayme<br />

Podgorowiez; Judi Silverman<br />

Best wishes for a Healthy<br />

and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year from<br />

The Promoffs - Adrienne and David;<br />

Michael, Gabbi, Julia, and Emma; Mark and<br />

Marilina; and The Scalas: Robin and Todd,<br />

Jack, Matthew, and Bennett<br />

May the <strong>New</strong> Year bring you<br />

health, happiness, love, and joy.<br />

The Rascovsky Family<br />

Gaby, Fito, Uriel, and Melissa<br />

Our wishes to our families and friends<br />

for good health and happiness.<br />

Julie, Andy, Emily, and Allie Rodman<br />

Wishing the Beth Torah family<br />

a Shana Tova U’metukah,<br />

a Happy and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Rabbi Mario, Gisela, Henri, Sarit, Igal,<br />

Daniela, and Annie Rojzman<br />

To all the Executive Officers of Beth Torah<br />

<strong>Sisterhood</strong>: Etta, Brenda, Adrienne, Steffi,<br />

Elaine, Stephanie, Arlene, and<br />

Linda - We wish you and your<br />

families a Healthy <strong>5784</strong>.<br />

Gisela and Rabbi Mario Rojzman<br />

Shana Tova U’Metuka! With love,<br />

Jen and The Boys Rosenblum<br />

Wishing everyone a Sweet<br />

and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Judy Rosenblum and Family<br />

May you have health and love and<br />

time to enjoy them in the <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

The Rosenthal Family<br />

Sheila and Alan; Mel; Jeanne and Kerry,<br />

Emerson and Lauren, Jo, Talia; Daniel<br />

A Sweet and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year to all<br />

with lots of health, joy, and peace.<br />

Marilyn and Leo Santiago<br />

Wishing good health and happiness to all,<br />

and true and lasting peace in Israel.<br />

Debbie and David Schachter<br />

May this <strong>New</strong> Year be filled with Health,<br />

Happiness, Sweet Moments, and Success for<br />

you and your family. L”Shana Tova Umetuka!<br />

Libby and Richie Schechter<br />


Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy<br />

<strong>New</strong> Year to our family and friends.<br />

Raquel and Michael Scheck;<br />

Adrienne, Jeffrey, Zachary, Faryn,<br />

Shelby, and Amanda; Hili, Marty,<br />

Carli and Neil, Nicole and Evan, Danielle,<br />

and Alexa; Elise and Gil Bonwitt, Joshua,<br />

Keith and Sara, David, Gabriella, and Jessica;<br />

Michele, Steven, Jenna, Evan, Haley, and<br />

Adam<br />

Wishing our family and friends a very<br />

Healthy and Happy <strong>New</strong> Year. L’Shana Tovah!<br />

Edith and Arnie Schecter<br />

A Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year to All from<br />

The Schenker Family:<br />

Laurie, Gregory, Jonathan and Rebecca,<br />

Sam, Jonah and Jill and Asher<br />

May your <strong>New</strong> Year bring you peace in<br />

your heart and let you enjoy every single<br />

moment with the people you love.<br />

Schlaen Family<br />

Shana Tova from Caryn, Larry, Jeremy, Scot,<br />

Stacey, and Logan Schwartz to all the<br />

wonderful members and staff of BTBRC.<br />

Thank you to Beth Torah for being such an<br />

important part of our lives - a place to pray,<br />

to congregate, to have fun, and to learn.<br />

Ronna and Mike Segal<br />

Wishing everyone many blessings for a<br />

Healthy, Prosperous, and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Shana Tova!<br />

Oranit Shaked and Noa Ben-David<br />

Wishing everyone a Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year<br />

filled with good health and much happiness.<br />

The Sheir Family: Bob and Penni;<br />

Daniel, Carolina, Austin, and Zachary;<br />

Taryn, Todd, Addison, and Taylor Jade Rosen<br />

Thankful for the blessings of being together<br />

with family and friends. We wish you good<br />

health, happiness, peace, and joy! In a world<br />

where you can be anything, Be Kind,,,<br />

Geniene and the Hon. Robert Shelley<br />

Wishing my family and friends<br />

a Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year filled with good<br />

health, happiness, peace, and love.<br />

Linda Shelley<br />

Wishing everyone a year filled with<br />

love, peace, and happiness.<br />

The Silbergleit Family<br />

Shanah Tova <strong>5784</strong>! Wishing health,<br />

peace, and safety to all.<br />

Carla and James Spector and Family<br />

Shana Tova Umetukah!<br />

May this <strong>New</strong> Year extend our<br />

blessings of family, good fortune ,and health<br />

to our entire Beth Torah Community.<br />

Ruanne, Alicia, and Taryn Spivack;<br />

Raina, Jean, Harper, and Logan Hachet;<br />

Great Grandma Rita<br />


Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year<br />

to all our friends and family.<br />

Pam, Burt, Brian, Evan, Alex,<br />

and Lea Srebrenik<br />

Best wishes for a Happy<br />

and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Michael, Carol, Jacki,<br />

and Jessica Steiner<br />

Wishing everyone a Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year<br />

filled with health, happiness, and peace.<br />

Denise, Ofer, and Arielle Tamir<br />

Danielle and Daniel Lazar<br />

Wishing everyone a Happy,<br />

Healthy, and Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

The Tuchklaper Family: Susie,<br />

Jeff, Stacey, Ayden, and Jackson<br />

Wishing you a Sweet <strong>New</strong> Year full<br />

of health, happiness and all things<br />

wonderful!<br />

Lizette, Josh, Jared, and Lindsey Weingard<br />

Wishing everyone a Very<br />

Happy and Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year.<br />

Eva and Helmut Wellisch<br />

We wish all of you a <strong>New</strong> Year with more<br />

life, better health, and happy moments.<br />

The White Family<br />

We wish a Happy and<br />

Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year to all.<br />

Bob and Ronni Whitebook<br />

We wish everyone a very Happy and<br />

Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year. Shana Tova!<br />

Daniel, Hedy, and Adam Whitebook<br />

The Zebersky family wishes the entire<br />

Beth Torah Congregation a Happy and<br />

Healthy <strong>New</strong> Year. We also pray for<br />

world peace in this coming year.<br />

Ed, Debra, David, Myles, and Micah<br />

Zebersky<br />

Shana Tova Umetuka!<br />

George and Sonia Weisselberger<br />

and Matilde Landman<br />


May you be blessed with good<br />

health and happiness throughout<br />

the <strong>New</strong> Year<br />



Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus<br />

20350 NE 26th Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33180<br />

Email: info@btbrc.com Phone: 305-932-2829<br />



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