Cranford Community College 2022/23 Academic Review

The “Cranford Review” © is a publication of Cranford Community College. Is an annual high standard produced magazine which provides an archive document highlighting various aspects of the life of the academy, its staff, students and community from each academic year. It is a wonderful read and a useful historical document which, with its termly sister publications and occasional special editions, also serves to describe the values of the academy and support the aspirations of the academy, its staff, students and wider community. A colorful layout with a wide range of topics comprising events, extracurricular activities, recognition awards, initiatives, trips and excursions among many others. Hard copies are provided to stakeholders including families, staff, partners, visitors, prospective parents/students, prospective employees and others with an interest or stake in the academy and its students. Headteacher & Director: Kevin Prunty / Editor-in-chief: Jessica Joyce & Peter Stumpf / Graphic Design: Enzo Gianvittorio Danese (Enzo GD)

The “Cranford Review” © is a publication of Cranford Community College. Is an annual high standard produced magazine which provides an archive document highlighting various aspects of the life of the academy, its staff, students and community from each academic year.
It is a wonderful read and a useful historical document which, with its termly sister publications and occasional special editions, also serves to describe the values of the academy and support the aspirations of the academy, its staff, students and wider community. A colorful layout with a wide range of topics comprising events, extracurricular activities, recognition awards, initiatives, trips and excursions among many others. Hard copies are provided to stakeholders including families, staff, partners, visitors, prospective parents/students, prospective employees and others with an interest or stake in the academy and its students.
Headteacher & Director: Kevin Prunty / Editor-in-chief: Jessica Joyce & Peter Stumpf / Graphic Design: Enzo Gianvittorio Danese (Enzo GD)


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A World of Education<br />

A World of Possibilities


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/2<br />


I<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

by Kevin Prunty<br />

Executive Headteacher &<br />

National Leader of Education<br />

CEO Designate<br />

am delighted that you are now reading our<br />

annual publication of the <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Review</strong><br />

for <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong>, our first fully digital version and also<br />

the longest version of this publication to date.<br />

There is so much to celebrate, and this publication captures some of the many opportunities offered<br />

to our students, staff, and community during this past year. Our theme for the publication this year<br />

is a ‘World of Education, a World of Possibilities’ reflecting the immense programme provided by<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> for all of our students both within lessons and beyond.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> remains a hugely popular school with demand for places significantly outstripping supply.<br />

The academic achievements and successes of our students clearly demonstrates why this is the case.<br />

Our students have done exceptionally well in public examinations yet again. At A level, <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

students have once more performed incredibly well across the board with all measures improving<br />

against the DFE’s benchmark of 2019 results and those achieving the top grades of A* A B increased<br />

by 10%.<br />

This remarkable cohort, who achieved the best GCSE results the academy has seen, have now shown<br />

their strength again in the return to full examinations. The students have worked extremely hard<br />

and we are very proud of their results, in academic, vocational and technical qualifications. Equally<br />

pleasing is that our students are now heading off around the country to some of the most prestigious<br />

universities to continue their education with the great depth of skills and experience their time at<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> has provided.<br />

At GCSE <strong>Cranford</strong> students have achieved another set of amazing results improving on all key<br />

measures from last year.<br />

English and Maths results continue on an astonishing upward trajectory, with 86% of achieving level<br />

4 or above in both in English and Maths, and 64% of students achieving a grade 5 or above.<br />

These ‘terminal examination’ results are comparable to the results under ‘Teacher Assessed Grades’<br />

of the last few years and more importantly show that <strong>Cranford</strong> students at the academy continue to get<br />

better and better results each year regardless of the method of assessment, thanks to their hard work,<br />

the very high quality of teaching and support and the constant encouragement from their families.<br />

Page<br />



<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/2<br />

Hence, these results continue the trends of the<br />

last 20+ years and are increases on both the DFE<br />

benchmark of 2019 and better than last year.<br />

We are absolutely delighted by the brilliant<br />

GCSE results our Year 11 students have achieved.<br />

Progress is always very positive at <strong>Cranford</strong> and<br />

it is particularly pleasing to see our competitive<br />

students keep breaking records and improving on<br />

attainment and to see even more students than last<br />

year achieving the top grades.<br />

There are so many <strong>Cranford</strong> students who have<br />

done exceptionally well and you can see the<br />

details of some of these on the next few pages.<br />

Our commitment to providing a wide range of<br />

opportunities outside of the classroom has grown<br />

even further this year through the introduction of<br />

Enrichment Days across the school, consisting of<br />

educational visits as well as on site extra-curricular activities, and the initial experience of these has<br />

been extremely positive. We look forward to expanding this offer in the coming year.<br />

The range of international educational experiences for our students has also grown significantly this<br />

year with our students having the opportunity to visit Portugal, Poland, and South Korea and you can<br />

read more detail about these and other experiences in these pages.<br />

Our teachers and support staff are our greatest resource and we prioritise the training, development and<br />

retention of people at <strong>Cranford</strong> during every stage of their career. This commitment is shown through<br />

our 10 dedicated staff training days each year but also through ensuring a wealth of opportunities for<br />

the staff who commit to working at <strong>Cranford</strong>. This summer saw our first large group of staff work in<br />

our partner school in Thailand teaching alongside Thai teachers and embarking upon a full programme<br />

of cultural activities. This is just one example of the many opportunities we provide.<br />

Our motto ‘Transforming a <strong>Community</strong>’ continues to drive what we do as we believe that community<br />

improvement and transformation is a key to educational success and opportunities. You will see many<br />

examples of community provision throughout this <strong>Review</strong>.<br />

I have served at <strong>Cranford</strong> for over 25 years now, and I continue to enjoy immensely the great place<br />

that this school is and the contribution that it has made and continues to make to the community in<br />

this area and beyond. We use this publication to showcase the world class opportunities that <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

provides.<br />

With my best wishes.<br />

Kevin Prunty<br />

Executive Headteacher & National Leader of Education<br />

CEO Designate<br />

Page<br />



<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/2<br />

Stunning Success at A Level for <strong>Cranford</strong> Students<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> students have once more performed incredibly<br />

well across the board with all measures improving<br />

against the DFE’s benchmark of 2019 results and 31% of<br />

students achieving the top grades of A*-B – an increase<br />

of nearly 10%.<br />

This remarkable cohort, who achieved the best GCSE<br />

results the academy has seen, have now shown their<br />

strength again in the return to full examinations.<br />

Executive Headteacher Kevin Prunty said “We are<br />

delighted with the tremendous performances of our A level<br />

students this year. The students have worked extremely<br />

hard and we are very proud of their results, in academic,<br />

vocational and technical qualifications. Equally pleasing<br />

is that our students are now heading off around the<br />

country to some of the most prestigious universities to<br />

continue their education with the great depth of skills and<br />

experience their time at <strong>Cranford</strong> has provided.”<br />

Amongst the many students heading off to Russell group<br />

universities, there are some real stand out high fliers:<br />

• Samuel Dickson achieved an A* grade in RE to go with<br />

his A grade in Chemistry and B in English Language<br />

and Literature and has won a place at Oxford University<br />

where he will study Theology and Religion.<br />

• Ayesha Kaur could not have done better than her 3 A*<br />

grades and will be studying Medicine at Kings <strong>College</strong><br />

London.<br />

Page<br />



<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/2<br />

• Harsimran Bath who achieved 4 A grades will be<br />

pursuing Chemical Engineering at University <strong>College</strong><br />

London and will be joined there by Manav Vivek (A*, A,<br />

A) who is reading Electronic and Electrical Engineering.<br />

• Our two superstar ASD Picasso Centre students Shreyas<br />

Shikhare and Daniel Ortega have performed brilliantly<br />

in their A levels. Shreyas obtained an amazing A*, A*, A<br />

in Maths, Further Maths and Physics and is off to Kings<br />

<strong>College</strong>, London to read Physics with Astrophysics and<br />

Cosmology; Daniel achieved A*, A, A in RE, English<br />

Literature and Economics and will be heading to the<br />

south coast to study Politics and Geography at Exeter<br />

University.<br />

• <strong>Cranford</strong>’s close relationship with Warwick University<br />

continues this year with Zayd Chaudhry (Accounting<br />

and Finance), Heenal Mehra (Economics) and Gurnoor<br />

Singh-Kaur (Mechanical Engineering) all joining them<br />

this autumn with 3 straight A grades each!<br />

• Oliwia Bartnicka, Nikola Szcawinska and Isra Jadoon<br />

are heading even further north, with Isra’s three A grades<br />

in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology taking her to<br />

Manchester to pursue Dentistry, Oliwia (A*, A, A, B)<br />

heading to Nottingham to specialise in Cancer Sciences<br />

and Nikola going to Edinburgh to read English Literature<br />

and Classics with her A* grades in English Literature and<br />

Fine Art.<br />

• Other high-fliers are staying closer to home in London,<br />

including Jasdeep Punyani (A, A, B) and Sanjana Bhola<br />

(A, B, B) who are reading Computer Science and Creative<br />

Writing respectively at Royal Holloway. Kehan Munir<br />

(A*, A, B), Shenon Dias (A, A, B) and Zayed Fadhluddin<br />

(A, A, B) will all join Ayesha and Shreyas at Kings <strong>College</strong>,<br />

London. Elsewhere in the capital, Shehrose Haddad (A,<br />

A, B) will be reading Law at City University and Aja<br />

Cundall (A*, B, Distinction) enrols in the prestigious<br />

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama to study<br />

Drama, Applied Theatre and Education.<br />

• Our Education and Childcare T Level students, such as<br />

Samia Osman, Jasmine Kaur and Jasanpreet Sidhu have<br />

again shown the potential of these new qualifications<br />

by successfully obtaining Merits and heading off to<br />

study Education, Psychology and Nursing at university.<br />

Harmanpreet Singh also achieved a Merit in his Digital<br />

Production, Design and Development and will be staying<br />

right here at <strong>Cranford</strong> to begin a Level Apprenticeship in<br />

Network Engineering.<br />

A huge thank you and well done to all of our students and<br />

their teachers.<br />

Page<br />



<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/2<br />

Fantastic GCSE Results -again- at<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> students have achieved another set of amazing<br />

GCSE results improving on all key measures from<br />

last year.<br />

English and Maths results continue on an astonishing<br />

upward trajectory, both with greater than 86% of students<br />

passing on their first attempt and with 64% of students<br />

achieving a grade 5 or above in both English and Maths.<br />

These ‘terminal examination’ results are comparable to<br />

the results under ‘Teacher Assessed Grades’ of the last few<br />

years and more importantly show that <strong>Cranford</strong> students<br />

at the academy continue to get better and better results<br />

each year regardless of the method of assessment, thanks<br />

to their hard work, the very high quality of teaching<br />

and support and the constant encouragement from their<br />

families. Hence, these results continue the trends of<br />

the last 20+ years and are increases on both the DFE<br />

benchmark of 2019 and better than last year.<br />

Page<br />



<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/2<br />

Executive Headteacher, Kevin Prunty said: “We<br />

are absolutely delighted by the brilliant GCSE<br />

results our Year 11 students have achieved today.<br />

Progress is always very positive at <strong>Cranford</strong> and<br />

it is particularly pleasing to see our competitive<br />

students keep breaking records and improving on<br />

attainment and to see even more students than last<br />

year achieving the top grades.”<br />

With continued hard work in our thriving sixth<br />

form, the future for this year group and every<br />

individual is shining bright.<br />

There are so many <strong>Cranford</strong> students who have<br />

done exceptionally well it is hard to pick just a<br />

few. Some particular stars include:<br />

• Aryan Lola who achieved an incredible 7 grade<br />

9s and an attainment 8 score of 8.9, just 0.1 from<br />

the maximum! He will be staying at <strong>Cranford</strong> to<br />

study Maths, Chemistry and Biology at A level.<br />

• Zaina Syeda and Omar Rasooli achieved 6<br />

grade 9s each and managed Progress 8 scores<br />

which showed them securing on average 3 and<br />

half grades better than other students nationally<br />

from their starting points. Both intend to pursue<br />

A levels at <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

• Muqadas Saleem , Mya Dhaliwal and Kotai<br />

Kandeepan achieved an incredible 16 grade 9s, 9<br />

grade 8s and a Distinction in RSL Music between<br />

them.<br />

• Other hugely impressive exam achievements<br />

include Zain Mir of the Picasso Centre who<br />

outperformed all expectations achieving 7<br />

GCSEs from grades 7-9. Ilwaad Sharif, Aamina<br />

Ashfaq and Gresha Leitao all achieved a Progress<br />

measure well over 2 grades above their national<br />

expectation, with Ilwaad picking up 4 grade 9s<br />

on the way, a feat equalled by Aleeza Akhtar’s 4<br />

grade 9s and 5 grade 8s.<br />

Congratulations to all our students and staff<br />

on a truly phenomenal effort and thank you to<br />

our loyal families for their commitment and<br />

encouragement.<br />

As the saying goes ‘It takes a village to raise a<br />

child’ and as a cohesive community, together, we<br />

see how that brings our children the confidence,<br />

skills, knowledge and understanding to succeed,<br />

even against all their peers nationally.<br />

Page<br />


ENGLISH Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

English<br />

Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-20<strong>23</strong><br />

A Cause<br />

for<br />

Celebration<br />

<strong>Academic</strong> year <strong>2022</strong>-20<strong>23</strong> marked a return<br />

to (relative) normality for the English<br />

department – exam results in summer <strong>2022</strong><br />

were a real cause for celebration and our A Level<br />

results were the best yet! A huge congratulations<br />

to all our students, and we are looking forward to<br />

celebrating another brilliant year this summer. This<br />

year, we have continued to be innovative: introducing<br />

new units, trying out new texts and taking students on<br />

a range of trips and enrichment opportunities.<br />

Year 7 students have been developing their skills<br />

in writing poetry and fiction, creating impressive<br />

narratives inspired by the books they have read and<br />

the world around them, as well as their own identity.<br />

Some of these are included in these pages – we hope<br />

you enjoy them as much as we have! This year, Year 8<br />

have been studying The Tempest as their Shakespeare<br />

text, moving from the magic and wonder of the<br />

“island…full of airs and sweet noises” to discussing<br />

more challenging ideas around colonialism, race and<br />

power. We introduced our “Great Speeches” unit to<br />

year 9, focusing on rhetoric and oracy; students read<br />

and analysed speeches from a range of sources, from<br />

Aristotle to Shakespeare, Braveheart to Obama, and<br />

then emulated these styles in their own speeches<br />

on topics important to them. There were incredibly<br />

impressive pieces of work produced on a range of<br />

challenging topics, including the impact of strike<br />

Page<br />

action, money and capitalism, gender roles and many<br />

other intriguing areas of discussion.<br />

Key Stage 4 students have continued working hard<br />

on their GCSE preparation, using technology as well<br />

as innovative and exciting lessons and workshops to<br />

boost their progress. Students have benefited from<br />

attending revision workshops after school, during<br />

holidays and at the weekends, as well as accessing<br />

material created by teachers online and via teams.<br />

6th form students have also been involved in lecture<br />

and seminar-style teaching, as well as using a wide<br />

range of multimedia. Students have been able to<br />

watch productions and behind-the-scenes interviews<br />

with actors and directs from the through the National<br />

Theatre Online Library and through our subscription to<br />

Digital Theatre Plus, an online platform which houses<br />

hundreds of filmed productions of plays from leading<br />

theatre companies across the world alongside teaching<br />

resources, documentaries, films and interviews.<br />

We have also been able to take students on a wide<br />

range of trips – Year 9 have been to The Globe theatre<br />

to see The Tempest; we took all of Year 11 to see An<br />

Inspector Calls in Richmond and A Level students<br />

have been to the National Theatre to see Othello. We<br />

hope you enjoy reading about their experiences in the<br />

following pages.<br />

Evelyn Brooks (Head of English and Literacy)<br />


ENGLISH Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

This<br />

“An Inspector Calls”<br />

At Richmond Theatre<br />

Dynamic and Immersive Theatre<br />

year, all of Year 11 had the privilege of<br />

attending a captivating performance<br />

of ‘An Inspector Calls’ at Richmond theatre. As this<br />

play holds a prominent place in their English GCSE<br />

studies, the trip provided a unique opportunity for<br />

students to further explore the text in a dynamic and<br />

immersive way.<br />

Anticipation filled the air as the curtains rose, revealing the familiar world of J.B. Priestley’s acclaimed play.<br />

With a mix of excitement and curiosity, the students eagerly absorbed the unfolding story, keen to witness the<br />

characters and their intricate relationships come to life on stage. We first study this play at the end of year 9<br />

and come back to it again in years 10 and 11. Although in class performances led by students provide lots of<br />

entertainment, nothing compared to seeing the play performed live; the actors, the costumes, the set and the<br />

lighting surpassed expectations, skilfully immersing the students in the social and moral dilemmas of the play.<br />

The stage design was visually captivating, transporting us to the post-Edwardian era through meticulous<br />

attention to detail. The innovative set that opened, closed, and fell to pieces really emphasised the turning point<br />

of the play and gave students such a deeper understanding of how to analyse form, just in time for their GCSEs.<br />

The actors’ performances were both compelling and thought-provoking, conveying the play’s themes of<br />

responsibility, class divide, and personal accountability. Their nuanced portrayals resonated with the students,<br />

sparking discussions and reflections that continued well beyond the theatre.<br />

As a core text for their English GCSE studies, ‘An Inspector Calls’ came alive on stage, enhancing the students’<br />

comprehension and interpretation. The live performance breathed new life into the characters and plot, providing<br />

fresh perspectives that enriched their analysis and critical thinking skills. Perhaps even more importantly,<br />

witnessing the power of live theatre and the dynamics between actors and audience deepened their appreciation<br />

for the literary art form and kindled a greater passion for literature. We hope to take future year groups!<br />

Evelyn Brooks (Head of English and Literacy)<br />

Page<br />



Creative Writing<br />

1/2<br />

A Detective Story<br />

Creative Writing is a key aspect<br />

in our English curriculum,<br />

where students are encouraged<br />

to write stories stimulated by<br />

their reading and works by<br />

published writers of fiction.<br />

Here is just one such story of<br />

mystery ...<br />

It<br />

was November 13th, 1893. Violet sat in her<br />

office, watching the minutes go by on the<br />

clock. Tick tock. Tick tock. She waited patiently for<br />

anyone to appear, to give her a case to solve, but as<br />

usual nobody came. Well, at least that is what Violet<br />

thought. There was a knock on the door, she opened<br />

it to see a smartly dressed man, holding a crinkled<br />

newspaper.<br />

“I don’t need any newspapers.” she said, and slammed<br />

the door shut.<br />

“Wait!” The man cried from behind the door, “I have<br />

a case for you, please. My daughter has gone missing,<br />

you must know her from school-Anne Templesmith?”<br />

Violet opened the door and sat back down in her chair.<br />

“How did you find me?”<br />

“Well...” The man explained as he hesitantly took<br />

a seat. “As you know, I’m Anne’s father-Andrew<br />

Templesmith. I saw one of your advertisements in<br />

the paper.” He gestured to the newspaper in his hand,<br />

“You’ve known Anne ever since you were little, so<br />

I knew you’d be able to help.” He stared at Violet’s<br />

emotionless face. “Please!” he started to beg “Please,<br />

I’ll pay you anything! I’ll do anything!”<br />

“I don’t need any money.” Violet snapped, and she<br />

took a pen and notebook from her desk, “Tell me,<br />

where was she last seen?”<br />

Half an hour passed, and Mr. Templesmith finally left.<br />

With nobody around to see, Violet squealed, and she<br />

jumped into the air. Her first case! Her first ever case!<br />

If things go as planned, she could finally prove her<br />

father wrong-that she could be a detective. Not just<br />

any ordinary detective, the first female detective! She<br />

took a moment to compose herself, before rushing<br />

downstairs. Elizabeth, her maid, noticed Violet’s<br />

unusual behavior and couldn’t help asking. “You got<br />

your first case?”<br />

Violet nodded, “Yes, I’ll need a freshly ironed dress<br />

and some lunch ready for tomorrow. I’m going to see<br />

Anne Templesmith’s house. She has gone missing.”<br />

Elizabeth flinched, “You mean Anne from school? You<br />

always used to talk about her.”<br />

Violet became suspicious, “Yes...anyways, I’ll be<br />

going to my room now, please could you make dinner?”<br />

She did not go to her room though; she went straight<br />

to Elizabeth’s instead. After searching every corner of<br />

the room, she found what she had been looking for.<br />

A locket. Not any old locket, Anne’s locket. Violet<br />

traced her finger around the rusted floral designs and<br />

opened it, to see a picture of her and Anne, “Violet!<br />

Are you okay? You seem awfully quiet.” her maid<br />

enquired.<br />

Violet jumped, she grabbed the locket and ran to her<br />

room, “Yes! I’m alright!”<br />

The next morning her carriage arrived. A notebook in<br />

one hand, an umbrella in the other, Violet clambered<br />

into the carriage.<br />

“Where to?”<br />

“21 Cobblestone Street.” She answered, handing over<br />

a handful of coins.<br />

Clip clop. Clip clop. The hooves of the horses against<br />

the cobbled street drained out the cries of the desperate<br />

beggars, the commotion from a nearby bar, allowing<br />

Page<br />



Creative Writing<br />

1/2<br />

Violet to think. Why did Elizabeth flinch<br />

when she heard Anne’s name? Why did<br />

she have Anne’s locket-no, how did she<br />

get it? There was no time to answer<br />

her questions, she had arrived at the<br />

Templesmith’s residence.<br />

Before she could even knock, Mr.<br />

Templesmith had already answered the<br />

door-desperate for his daughter to be<br />

found. “There’s a bit of trouble you<br />

see. My wife...” he explained hurriedly,<br />

“She’s dead! I woke up to get some<br />

work done before returning to my room<br />

for some rest, but there she was! Dead,<br />

blood everywhere!” he burst into tears<br />

and moved aside, gesturing upstairs, “I’ve called the<br />

police, they’ll be here soon” he added as Violet went<br />

upstairs, with a grin on his face.<br />

Keep calm, keep calm. Violet thought to herself. She<br />

expected there to be a bit of trouble, but a death? She<br />

went upstairs. Down the corridor. To the bedroom. She<br />

opened the door and there she was, Mr’s Templesmith’s<br />

now cold and pale body on the floor, covered in a<br />

pool of blood. Violet would’ve tried to save her, but<br />

there was no use. She instead went straight to the<br />

window, which was covered in scratch marks. There<br />

must’ve been someone else, most likely the person her<br />

murdered her. Violet jotted down some things in her<br />

notebook and went for the door, her hand twisting the<br />

cold metal when suddenly it was barged open.<br />

Bang! Violet was pushed onto the floor by a policeman,<br />

who was followed by many more. “Miss Violet<br />

Hargrieve, you are under the arrest for the murder of<br />

Mary and Anne Templesmith.”<br />

Andrew entered the room, “Yes!” he exclaimed, “She<br />

killed my wife, and my daughter!”<br />

“You liar!” Violet protested, “You set me up!”<br />

Another policeman entered the room, holding<br />

handcuffs.<br />

Violet had one choice left, she didn’t want to resort to<br />

violence, but it was either that or a life in prison. Still<br />

holding onto her umbrella, she whacked the policeman<br />

in the face, and hastily ran across the room to the now<br />

opened window. She jumped through it, grinning at<br />

the bewildered expression on Andrew’s face.<br />

Shouts could be heard from the room as Violet ran<br />

away. By the time she reached her house, she was out<br />

of breath, “Violet?” her maid asked, “Where have you<br />

been?” The smell of almond biscuits trailed from the<br />

kitchen and Violet immediately connected the dots.<br />

She went to the kitchen, umbrella in hand and saw<br />

the “almond” biscuits on the table. “I made you a<br />

treat, knowing that you have gotten your first case.”<br />

Elizabeth explained.<br />

“Yes, well I finally figured it out,” Violet said, and she<br />

snapped open one of the “treats,” “Since when were<br />

cyanide poisoned biscuits called a treat? I’ve figured<br />

you out Elizabeth, or should I say, Anne Templesmith?<br />

I have all my evidence in this little notebook here and<br />

I’m sure you won’t mind if I share this with the-”<br />

Violet was interrupted as Anne darted towards her,<br />

knife in hand. “Don’t you dare!” she screamed and<br />

stabbed Violet in the leg. The pain from the cold metal<br />

ripping through her skin paralyzed Violet, making her<br />

collapse onto the ground. She repeatedly hit Anne with<br />

the umbrella, trying to get her in a weak spot, when,<br />

as expected, the police barged in. “Anne Templesmith!<br />

You and your father are under arrest for the murder of<br />

Mary Templesmith!”<br />

‘It is now December <strong>23</strong>rd’ Violet wrote in her journal.<br />

‘Anne and her father have been sent to prison and.’<br />

There was a knock on the door and a young boy’s<br />

voice could be heard on the other side of it. “Violet<br />

Hargrieve?” he asked, “I thought you might be able<br />

to help me, you see, my brother has gone missing.”<br />

Farah Yusuf (year 7)<br />

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Poetry<br />

Identity Poems<br />

There’s one thing we all have<br />

There’s one thing we all have,<br />

One thing we all need<br />

But that one thing isn’t always<br />

As perfect as it seems.<br />

The perfect identity:<br />

Add a tablespoon of fake -<br />

a second may be good for your sake.<br />

Pour in a cup of overpowering beauty,<br />

No one will care if you are not pretty.<br />

Decide between male or female<br />

“there’s no in between”.<br />

Now, let’s start again<br />

This time it’s true.<br />

You get the ‘perfect identity’ by just being you<br />

No matter your gender, race or size,<br />

You’re perfect the way you are on the inside.<br />

Who cares about society and how they view you?<br />

It’s about time you stopped feeling so blue.<br />

Be yourself in every way.<br />

‘Why?’ you may ask.<br />

Because you’re perfect all the same.<br />

Anisa Osman (year 7)<br />

Melanin<br />

It is beautiful;<br />

Nature’s gift embedded in,<br />

Our beautiful skin.<br />

Precious Odotulu (year 7)<br />

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Theatre <strong>Review</strong><br />

“Othello”<br />

at the<br />

National Theatre<br />

On<br />

Wednesday <strong>23</strong>rd November <strong>2022</strong>, the A level English<br />

cohort went to watch the classic Shakespearian<br />

tragedy, Othello in the National Theatre and it was an absolute<br />

delight. A story of a noble warrior brought down because of<br />

his love for a senator’s daughter, the play explores racial<br />

divisions and societal expectations in a way that still resonates<br />

in the 21st Century. This National Theatre production was<br />

modern and dynamic and effectively conveyed the struggle<br />

of the individual against systemic prejudice and misogyny. It<br />

was as thrill to be able to enjoy the phenomenal acting of this<br />

set text with classmates and teachers, as well as the added<br />

benefit of being able to explore the Christmas markets of the<br />

South Bank before the production started.<br />

“Then must you speak of one<br />

that loved not wisely<br />

but too well.”<br />

Ironically, despite my status as an A level English Language<br />

and Literature student and my love for the literary discipline,<br />

growing up I had never really been a big fan of theatre<br />

productions. However, this production opened my eyes to<br />

the way in which watching the play in performance could<br />

bring Shakespeare’s plot and characters to life in a way which is<br />

not possible by simply reading the play in class, or by watching a<br />

performance online.<br />

Othello, Act 5, Scene 3 As well as its obvious academic benefits, watching the play also<br />

proved a nice way to relax, given all the pressures in year 13,<br />

especially the application to university, and for that I am grateful to the English department who supervised us<br />

during the trip - adding to my enjoyment of the evening. In the future, as I head to university, I look forward<br />

to engaging in more live theatre productions to keep my passion and love for English forever burning!<br />

Samuel Dickson (year 13)<br />

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ENGLISH /<br />


Literature Students visit the Rossettis Exhibition at Tate Britain<br />

On<br />

Friday 21st April 20<strong>23</strong>, Mr Johnson and the year 13 literature<br />

students went to the Tate Britain to see the Rossettis exhibition<br />

– an insight into the creative powers of the Rossetti siblings in both art<br />

and literature. The exhibit’s layout showcased Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s<br />

artistic evolution, from traditional works to introspective pieces alongside<br />

Christina Rossetti’s poetry, offering a glimpse into her literary brilliance<br />

and the family’s artistic legacy. Her words beautifully complemented Dante<br />

Gabriel Rossetti’s paintings, creating a profound and unforgettable artistic<br />

fusion. Students were given a valuable insight into the creative world in<br />

which these texts were created, an essential aspect of the A Level course<br />

and a really enriching cultural afternoon!<br />

Oscar Johnson (Post 16 English Lead)<br />

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ENGLISH /<br />


“The Tempest” at the Globe Theatre<br />

This<br />

year, a group of year 9 students embarked on an exciting journey to witness a performance of<br />

Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at the renowned Globe Theatre. This experience left a lasting<br />

impression and offered a unique glimpse into the world of the Bard.<br />

Entering the Globe Theatre was a memorable moment, as the students were greeted by the authentic Elizabethan<br />

setting and grand architecture. The anticipation among both experienced theatregoers and newcomers created<br />

a sense of shared excitement.<br />

‘The Tempest’ surpassed expectations, captivating the students with its tale of enchantment, betrayal, and<br />

forgiveness. We hadn’t studied the play before but the talented cast delivered their lines with passion and<br />

clarity, making Shakespeare’s language more accessible. Through their performances, the characters came to<br />

life, drawing us into the story.<br />

Beyond entertainment, ‘The Tempest’ provided an educational experience. Themes of power, betrayal, and<br />

redemption resonated with the students and will help them with their future Shakespeare studies. Witnessing<br />

the play not as ink on paper but as people on stage deepened their appreciation for drama.<br />

Attending the performance at the Globe Theatre offered an authentic experience, connecting the students to the<br />

historical context of Shakespearean theatre. It emphasised the importance of preserving theatrical traditions<br />

and provided insight into our cultural heritage. This immersive encounter with ‘The Tempest’ showcased the<br />

enduring appeal of Shakespeare’s works and the magic of live theatre; students and staff eagerly anticipate<br />

future theatrical adventures.<br />

Katherine Pedersen<br />

(Second in English with responsibility for Key Stage 3)<br />

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MATHS Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Maths Department <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

This<br />

year has been a great year for the Maths department. The students have continued to work hard<br />

to overcome the difficulties of having their learning disrupted by Covid 19 and have succeeded<br />

amazingly in this. I am very proud of the perseverance and determination shown by our students, and it has<br />

been lovely watching them grow a love for Mathematics.<br />

Our year 11s and year 13s have devoted themselves to preparing for their GCSE and A level exams and we<br />

have been impressed by the numbers of students seeking help from teachers in their own time, attending period<br />

0 and 6 revision classes and attending holiday revision sessions. Year 11 and 13, you have worked very hard,<br />

and we wish you all the utmost success.<br />

I am very grateful for the dedication that our teachers have shown over this year in guiding our students to<br />

achieve their potential. They have been always willing to help students in their own time and have held revision<br />

lessons and small group tuition sessions each week during periods 0 and 6. Many teachers have also given up<br />

part of their holiday to help students prepare for the GCSE and A level exams. I am sure that the students will<br />

join me in saying a big thankyou to each of our wonderful Maths teachers.<br />

Sarah Brackley (Head of Maths)<br />

From left to right:<br />

Aahil Syed, Jason Mensah, Navjot Dhillon, You Wei Guang, Aisha Mazhar, Saisha Suvarna and Sufyan Shabbir.<br />

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MATHS Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

UK Mathematics Trust - Junior Maths Challenge 20<strong>23</strong><br />

The Maths teachers have been working hard<br />

this year to help students realise their full<br />

potential in Mathematics and to understand<br />

that people from all backgrounds can excel<br />

in Maths. Many teachers have created<br />

classroom displays celebrating excellent<br />

Mathematicians throughout history,<br />

showing both men and women from many<br />

different cultures and races.<br />

The school also ran the UKMT Junior<br />

Maths challenge in April. We are delighted<br />

that 21 year 8 students and 22 year 7<br />

students won awards. We are proud of<br />

all the students who took part. We were<br />

also particularly impressed with You Wei<br />

Guang who won a Gold award and scored<br />

highest in school, and Saisha Suvarna who<br />

won a Silver award and scored highest in<br />

year 7. Sufyan Shabbir, Aahil Syed, Farah<br />

Yusuf and Jason Mensah from year 7, and<br />

Aisha Mazhar, Abdirahman Mohamed,<br />

Navjot Dhillon from year 8, all won Silver<br />

awards. Additionally, 17 year 7 students<br />

and 17 year 8 students won Bronze awards.<br />

Loide Gando (Maths)<br />

I enjoy the problem-solving aspects of Maths and how analytical<br />

the subject is.<br />

Anushka Banskota (year 12)<br />

I like Maths lessons because the teachers make it interesting and<br />

show how we use maths in real life. The lessons are fun and all the<br />

class is involved.<br />

Kaylee Pyatt (year 7)<br />

Maths is a very captivating subject as it allows us to showcase all<br />

the knowledge we gain from our lessons. I really enjoy the Pure<br />

Maths lessons as they allow me to develop my critical thinking and<br />

problem-solving skills.<br />

Riya Arora (year 12)<br />

I enjoy Maths because my teacher is so enthusiastic and engaging. I<br />

make my handwriting neat because I like to keep my book neat when<br />

I enjoy the lessons. I have two teachers that teach me. Both teachers<br />

are so good at teaching and I like learning from them.<br />

Shahana Balaramanan (year 7)<br />

I really enjoy my Maths lessons because my teacher explains the<br />

topics really well. I also love my maths lessons because I learn<br />

about many different things in Maths. We also get a lot of Maths<br />

worksheets which I like because it helps me understand the topics<br />

a lot more. In addition, the teacher uploads work on teams which<br />

helps us revise for upcoming assessments.<br />

Snezia Mendes (year 7)<br />

Silver and Gold<br />

Silver<br />

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SCIENCE Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/3<br />

Science Department <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

cience department at <strong>Cranford</strong> has<br />

The Shad an exceptionally thrilling year,<br />

with significant advancements and achievements<br />

across all our key stages. Our dedication to applying<br />

scientific knowledge to real-world scenarios has<br />

played a central role in our educational approach,<br />

fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for<br />

the practical applications of science.<br />

Our students have consistently risen to the challenge<br />

of their examinations, demonstrating exceptional<br />

dedication and commitment. To supplement their<br />

outstanding in-class work, they have actively<br />

engaged in various revision seminars, walking talking<br />

mocks, and small group intervention sessions. These<br />

additional learning opportunities have not only<br />

bolstered their knowledge but have also instilled them<br />

with confidence as they entered the exam season. We<br />

are confident that their hard work and preparation will<br />

translate into excellent results.<br />

As the exam results approach, we eagerly anticipate a<br />

remarkable set of outcomes and a continued upward<br />

trajectory of our results. The combined efforts of our<br />

students and teachers have laid a strong foundation for<br />

success, and we are confident that their achievements<br />

will reflect their dedication and commitment throughout<br />

the year. We are proud of their accomplishments and<br />

grateful for their willingness to embrace the challenge<br />

of examinations, knowing that their efforts will pave<br />

the way for bright futures.<br />

Throughout the academic year, we embarked on an<br />

exciting endeavour by introducing the brand-new<br />

Science T Level to our year 12 cohort at key stage<br />

5. This innovative program not only provided our<br />

students with a comprehensive academic foundation<br />

but also facilitated the development of valuable<br />

vocational-based lab experience across the three core<br />

science disciplines. The introduction of the Science T<br />

Level has proven to be a transformative addition to our<br />

department, empowering students with a unique skill<br />

set that combines theoretical knowledge, practical<br />

expertise, and employability skills. We are confident<br />

that this program will open doors to a wide range of<br />

career pathways in scientific research, industry, and<br />

beyond.<br />

We are committed to providing our students with the<br />

best possible resources and tools to enhance their<br />

learning experience. In line with this commitment,<br />

we have made significant investments in the latest<br />

technology, ensuring that our classes are equipped with<br />

a full set of laptops, further expanding their access to<br />

cutting-edge resources. One of the highlights of our<br />

technological advancements is the incorporation of a<br />

spectrophotometer into our Key Stage 5 curriculum.<br />

This state-of-the-art instrument has significantly<br />

improved the accuracy of our students’ results,<br />

mirroring real-world standards. Moreover, our<br />

students have had the opportunity to develop their<br />

skills in utilizing micropipettes, a critical technique<br />

they will encounter in university laboratories. By<br />

equipping them with these essential laboratory skills,<br />

we are preparing our students for their future scientific<br />

pursuits.<br />

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SCIENCE Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/3<br />

In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, the Science<br />

department actively engages in collaborative endeavours with<br />

external organizations, research institutions, and industry<br />

professionals. At key stage 3, our younger students have been<br />

presented with an array of exciting opportunities that delve into the<br />

effects of sustainable development. From the captivating Energy<br />

Quest to engaging STEM week challenges, they have explored<br />

innovative ways to assist farmers in transporting their produce<br />

to market. Moreover, students have had the privilege of visiting<br />

the renowned Science Museum and participating in enriching<br />

workshops at Brunel University. To further enrich their scientific<br />

experience, students eagerly participated in the weekly STEM<br />

club, where they could explore their interests and expand their<br />

knowledge. Additionally, our annual Science week served as a<br />

pinnacle event, with students taking charge by leading dissection<br />

workshops for their peers. This student-led initiative showcased<br />

their enthusiasm and commitment to scientific exploration. At<br />

key stage 4, we continued our partnership with Siemens for the<br />

Siemens Challenge, providing students with valuable insights into<br />

the diverse career opportunities available in the field of science.<br />

By actively seeking out these collaborations and experiences, we aim to broaden our students’ horizons, ignite<br />

their passion for science, and expose them to real-world applications of their studies. We firmly believe that<br />

such initiatives not only enhance their understanding of scientific concepts but also foster their creativity,<br />

critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.<br />

Overall, the Science department is proud of the achievements made during the past year and remains committed<br />

to providing our students with a comprehensive and engaging scientific education. We are excited to continue<br />

inspiring the next generation of scientists, innovators, and critical thinkers, preparing them to tackle the<br />

challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving world of science.<br />

Chetan Shingadia (Assistant Headteacher) & Amrat Atwal (Senior Teacher) Joint Heads of Science<br />

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SCIENCE Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/3<br />

Biology has been a very exciting subject this year.<br />

The dissection practical’s have been a favourite,<br />

especially the sheep heart and the fish dissection.<br />

To help us understand we made lung models and<br />

presented them to the class which was a very fun way<br />

to learn about breathing. I hope year 13 Biology is<br />

also as interesting.<br />

Sameiksha Sharma (year 12)<br />

Throughout this year we have received constant<br />

support from our Biology teachers. Furthermore, I<br />

have enjoyed the practical’s set up by our teachers.<br />

The most exciting one being the heart dissection and<br />

the DNA extraction and having a chance to learn<br />

Biology at a higher and wider level has been one of<br />

the highlights of my year. I look forward to year 13.<br />

Zayna Chaudhary (year 12)<br />

What have I enjoyed about Biology? The heart and<br />

fish dissection. The cardiac cycle. The interesting<br />

aspect of biology which teaches you what’s going<br />

on inside your body and how different cells, tissues<br />

and organs work together to do one certain thing<br />

perfectly.<br />

Mariam Rayal (year 12)<br />

This year we have learnt about electricity, enzymes,<br />

the digestive system, bonding, atomic structure and<br />

the periodic table. The skill I have picked up this<br />

year is how to calculate pressure and half-life. The<br />

topic I had fun learning about was halogens and<br />

alkali metals.<br />

Hashim Nur (year 9)<br />

I have learnt about bonding; the different types are<br />

ionic, covalent and metallic bonding. The skill I<br />

learnt was how to measure and understand pressure.<br />

We also learnt about radiation and the different types<br />

while learning about their qualities.<br />

Kaysan Mughal (year 9)<br />

I have really enjoyed GCSE Combined Science so far<br />

in year 9 and also studied how science plays a vital<br />

part in my life. Examples of this are; conductors and<br />

insulators along with their properties. How particles<br />

move in warm and cool temperatures affecting tyre<br />

pressure; aerobic and anaerobic respiration and lots<br />

more.<br />

Amanjot Kaur Grewal (year 9)<br />

I thoroughly enjoyed the topics throughout the<br />

year especially cell biology and atomic structure.<br />

Our dissection of sheep’s hearts was also a very<br />

memorable experience in Biology. Overall, I feel<br />

this year was extremely positive and offered a lot of<br />

learning experience.<br />

Mubarak Odutolu (year 9)<br />

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SCIENCE Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Key Stage 4 Science <strong>Review</strong> Year 9, science students embarked upon<br />

a course of GCSE Science, laying the<br />

foundation for their future years of learning<br />

science. They were re-introduced to the<br />

fundamentals of biology, chemistry, and<br />

physics, including learning about cells the<br />

periodic table and the structure of the atom.<br />

Through classroom discussion and handson<br />

practical experiments, they have begun<br />

to develop their scientific inquiry, problemsolving<br />

and investigative skills. They have<br />

also had the opportunity to see where these<br />

skills could be applied in their future careers<br />

by taking part in the annual Siemens Infinity<br />

Starship challenge in the Autumn Term. Their<br />

outstanding start to their KS4 journey and<br />

commitment to ask thoughtful questions will set them on the right path to becoming scientific thinkers.<br />

Building upon their first year of the curriculum, the Year 10 students began to undertake either the Combined<br />

Science Trilogy or Triple Science course, now beginning to appreciate the interconnections between biology,<br />

chemistry, and physics. The students developed their practical skills further, conducting experiments to<br />

investigate topics such as bodily control and homeostasis in humans, as well as how objects interact and move<br />

with relation to their forces. The Year 10s demonstrated their excellent progress and readiness for their upcoming<br />

GCSEs through their performances in the internal assessments sat in April. Following these exams, the students<br />

have undergone extensive intervention through their progress review weeks, highlighting the areas where they<br />

need most improvement and can focus on during class time and during their own independent revision.<br />

For the Year 11 students, this year was marked by a dedicated focus on exam skills and technique. Recognizing<br />

the importance of effective preparation, the students engaged in rigorous revision sessions and exam practice.<br />

They honed their ability to interpret and answer exam-style questions, developing a deep understanding of<br />

the assessment requirements. The students embraced various revision strategies, including group discussions,<br />

independent study, and using online resources such as Doddle, Kerboodle and GCSEPod. The commitment<br />

of the Year 11s to their exam preparation was commendable and will provide a strong foundation for the next<br />

stage of their academic journeys.<br />

Angus Aughterson (Key Stage 4 Science Co-ordinator)<br />

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British Science Week<br />

1/2<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> promotes<br />

“Connections’’<br />

Monday 20th -Friday 24th March 20<strong>23</strong> we<br />

ran with the annual tradition for the Science<br />

department at <strong>Cranford</strong> where British Science<br />

Week serves as a platform to engage communities<br />

while fostering scientific curiosity and creating<br />

awareness amongst our students about crucial global<br />

issues.<br />

The theme for this year’s Science week was connections.<br />

This gave us a valuable opportunity to strengthen<br />

our understanding of the connections between the<br />

outcomes of STEM and the wider implications this<br />

can have on nature and even the economy. This is<br />

most reflected by sustainable development—a concept<br />

that aims to meet the needs of the present generation<br />

without compromising the ability of future generations<br />

to meet their own needs. The theme allowed us to<br />

offer a range of activities centred on the theme of<br />

sustainable development.<br />

KS3 students took part in designing eco-friendly<br />

products and services which promoted utilising easily<br />

available materials, recycling techniques and reduced<br />

use of single-use plastic. Their initiatives aimed<br />

to instil responsible waste management practices<br />

amongst participants and their communities. The level<br />

of enthusiasm and participation from our students was<br />

exemplary as is evident from the photographs.<br />

Another highlight of the week included sustainable<br />

energy workshops which were conducted to educate<br />

participants about renewable energy sources such<br />

as solar, wind, and hydropower. These workshops<br />

included hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and<br />

interactive sessions to encourage problem solving<br />

skills while encouraging the adoption of clean energy<br />

solutions.<br />

Overall, Science Week activities focusing on<br />

sustainable development played a pivotal role in<br />

raising awareness, fostering scientific literacy, and<br />

empowering individuals to take action towards a more<br />

sustainable future. Well done everyone and we look<br />

forward to your participation next year.<br />

Aastha Swaminathan (Science -Key stage 3)<br />

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British Science Week<br />

2/2<br />

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STEM<br />

1/2<br />

Committee Fair<br />

with a Spooky Theme<br />

It<br />

was a pleasure hosting and organising<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>’s first STEM fair after 7 years on<br />

the 19th October <strong>2022</strong>. As per our manifesto, the<br />

STEM committee and I were determined to run an<br />

event that was inclusive and raised engagements<br />

with STEM. Whether it be setting up a science<br />

themed biscuit decorating stand, or encouraging<br />

students to participate in a competition, we wanted everyone to<br />

take something away from the experience. The core of our event<br />

revolved around the competition, where students had to design a<br />

3D model and explain it to a panel of judges. To our surprise,<br />

many entries, including the winning entry, were from year 7<br />

students; It was truly inspiring to see the youngest of <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

being so enthusiastic when creating a STEM project that they were<br />

interested in. We hope that everyone learnt something new at this<br />

event, and that this tradition is carried on by the STEM committees<br />

in the coming years.<br />

Ayesha Kaur<br />

(Head Girl - Head of STEM Committee)<br />

There is no doubt that <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

is a diverse community, and that each student brings<br />

their own talents to the table. Hosting the STEM<br />

Fair was an opportunity to unite students and staff,<br />

recognise such talents and celebrate our passion for<br />

science, mathematics and related subjects. The fair<br />

was a major success, thanks to the passionate projects<br />

submitted by students as well as students and staff<br />

who spectated and supported us. The judges and<br />

guests were impressed by the creative models, which<br />

included a plethora of scientific knowledge.<br />

My fellow STEM Committee peers also deserve a<br />

special mention for the many months spent planning<br />

this event. Ayesha Kaur, Gurnoor Singh, Harsimran<br />

Bath, Oliwia Bartnicka, Manroj Chhina, Naffay<br />

Mahmood and Prableen Gurwara; thank you for<br />

displaying exceptional organisation; determination<br />

by overcoming many obstacles; and most important<br />

of all- teamwork. Long live STEM!<br />

Swarnali Acharjee (year 13 - STEM Committee)<br />

Page <strong>23</strong><br />

The STEM Fair was an amazing event which brought<br />

together students from different year groups because<br />

of their shared love for science. It was an honour to<br />

be part of planning and organising the event and I<br />

look back on it very fondly. I hope that events like<br />

this continue to happen at <strong>Cranford</strong> as they allow us<br />

to build a community in our school. It was amazing<br />

to see all the projects from the participants and to see<br />

how much effort and research was put into them.<br />

Oliwia Bartnicka<br />

(year 13 - STEM Committee)<br />

The STEM fair is our committee’s proudest moment.<br />

It was wonderful to see the effort and planning we<br />

put in flourish, and it was also brilliant that the maths<br />

department took the initiative to participate. I hope<br />

this fair is carried on after we have left <strong>Cranford</strong> and<br />

that even more departments and students take part to<br />

show their skills in STEM!<br />

Harsimran Bath (year 13 - STEM Committee)


STEM<br />

2/2<br />

The STEM fair was an amazing<br />

experience for all of us. It was<br />

fun to set up and seeing it come<br />

alive brought great joy to the<br />

entire team. We hope that we<br />

have started an annual tradition.<br />

Manroj Singh (year 13 - STEM<br />

Committee)<br />

As I’m in my last year I took a<br />

leap of faith and decided to take<br />

part in the Halloween STEM<br />

competition. With the support<br />

of staff members and the sixth<br />

formers, I managed to pull it<br />

off, using materials you would<br />

find in your kitchen cupboard!<br />

I spent days trialling different<br />

measurements of each ingredient<br />

and with the help of Miss Prunty<br />

& Miss Mensa, I was able to<br />

finally get it right. I was genuinely<br />

shocked that I won and was more<br />

than happy to add that into my<br />

list of achievements. The Sixth<br />

form STEM committee with the<br />

support of Mr Ahmad did an<br />

outstanding job at organising this<br />

event. It honestly gave students<br />

like me an opportunity to shine<br />

in a positive light and for that I<br />

am forever grateful.<br />

Rayan Ali (year 11-joint winner of<br />

STEM fair)<br />

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Scientists Play<br />

Famous Detectives<br />

at Brunel University<br />

A group of six year 8 students took part in<br />

a competitive event at Brunel University<br />

where school groups represented famous<br />

detectives in order to solve a crime.<br />

Through several STEM based challenges;<br />

teams needed to decipher reasons behind<br />

the death. This supported us in establishing<br />

curriculum links, covering problem<br />

solving skills around STEM and develop<br />

team working skills and resilience and<br />

contributed to the Science capital for our<br />

students.<br />

Aastha Swaminathan (Science - Key stage 3)<br />

What I enjoyed:<br />

• The teamwork<br />

• Learning and doing a lot of practicals<br />

• The bonus maths question where only 2% of<br />

the population can answer the question correctly.<br />

• It improved my logic.<br />

• The game style trip instead of paper<br />

assessments<br />

What I did and learnt:<br />

• Blood dries in 7-8 hours<br />

• I did an A level question.<br />

• Learning about fingerprints and how to<br />

uncover them.<br />

• There is a purpose behind fingerprints.<br />

• Being precise and calm when injecting sample<br />

DNA<br />

• Identifying fake drugs<br />

• To look at what the<br />

person looked like<br />

and the clothes he had<br />

been wearing and his<br />

surroundings. We even<br />

had to remember the<br />

pattern and the colours<br />

and his facial features.<br />

Youwei Guang (year 8)<br />

Today we went on a trip to Brunel University, where we took part in<br />

an exciting STEM project which challenged us in various ways and<br />

helped us learn something new. We were introduced to a strange<br />

crime and were faced with different tasks which would help us<br />

determine the culprit and solve the crime. We took part in various<br />

tasks including how to observe a crime scene, use indicators and<br />

acids to decide whether a solution contained poison or not, and<br />

identify and reveal different fingerprints and samples for DNA<br />

using professional equipment, which was my favourite. In the<br />

end, we used all of our clues to find out who was responsible for<br />

the death of the man. Overall, it was a really fun and enjoyable<br />

experience, which allowed us to work as a team to learn and take<br />

part in activities we had never done before.<br />

Aisha Akhtar (year 8)<br />

I think it was an amazing<br />

Science trip, full of excitement<br />

and curiosity. When I saw the<br />

University, it was beautiful,<br />

just like a piece of art. I had<br />

a lot of fun engaging in this<br />

competition and meeting<br />

new people. I have learned<br />

new skills and teamwork. If<br />

I had another chance to go, I<br />

would definitely go to Brunel<br />

University. I will never forget<br />

this amazing trip.<br />

Harman Kaur (year 8)<br />

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GEOGRAPHY Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/3<br />

“Without Geography<br />

you are Nowhere” Jimmy Buffet<br />

Albeit cliché, Geography sits at the intersection of the<br />

Science, Arts and Humanities – it incorporates a little<br />

of every subject with the aim of developing curious and<br />

engaged learners who understand the world and their place<br />

within it.<br />

Our Department emphasis this year has been consolidating<br />

a high quality and varied curriculum where we have high<br />

expectations of all our students. Our expanded provision<br />

at KS3 has allowed us to develop year 7 lessons covering<br />

fantastic places such as Madagascar and Antarctica, key<br />

map and fieldwork skills and Europe’s physical and human<br />

geography. Year 8 schemes of work seek to uncover the<br />

diversity of Africa’s human and physical geography,<br />

applying decolonial perspectives to challenge common<br />

misconceptions, we explored the Middle East, went to the<br />

Earth’s core to learn about tectonic activity and questioned<br />

China’s one child policy before concluding with a scheme<br />

of work on climate change and pollution. All year 8<br />

students are encouraged to engage in a research project<br />

and presentation proposing solutions to climate change and<br />

pollution – helping develop both their attitudes as global<br />

citizens and important transferable skills.<br />

Our strong KS3 lays the foundation for <strong>Cranford</strong>’s spiral curriculum which revisits and key ideas in detail at<br />

GCSE. Students engage in topics ranging from the UK’s coasts and rivers through to Mumbai’s development and<br />

Arctic oil extraction. In addition, new homework routines and scheduled intervention sessions have supported<br />

students as they prepared for ‘normal’ exams.<br />

Geography is the most employable (non-vocational) university degree and often referenced as a valuable<br />

facilitating subject. We teach literacy, numeracy, practical skills, and criticality which are a foundational in<br />

any career. We are pleased to see Shamaila Baig continuing with her Geography studies at University following<br />

her A level course. We hope to see a strong contingent of A level Geographers next year as the Department<br />

continues to grow.<br />

Caitlin Arnold (KS3 Geography Curriculum and Assessment Lead)<br />

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GEOGRAPHY Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/3<br />

Geographers<br />

in the Field /<br />

on the Beach<br />

Field trips provide an invaluable opportunity for students to<br />

embrace the physical and human environments that they spend<br />

so much time studying in the classroom. Studies have found the<br />

opportunities to conduct hands-on fieldwork helps students to ‘do<br />

geography’ and to ‘think geographically’ about their world – a key<br />

reason why they are embedded across the <strong>Cranford</strong> Geography<br />

curriculum and a compulsory part of the Geography GCSE and A<br />

level.<br />

Year 7 students began in the Spring term by conducting two<br />

investigations around the <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> Site. Firstly,<br />

they asked ‘How does infiltration rate affect flood risk around<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>?’. Students applied their geographical<br />

theory to investigate the rates of infiltration and surface run off<br />

everywhere from the School Shop and South Playground to the<br />

field. Their conclusions: the wood chips have the highest infiltration<br />

rates and the South Playground the highest surface runoff. Year 7<br />

students then turned their attention to <strong>Cranford</strong>’s quality of life.<br />

They evaluated the environmental quality of the school site before<br />

surveying their peers, geography teachers and teaching assistants.<br />

Once the data was collected they carefully presented, analysed and<br />

concluded, finding that teachers worked a lot harder than they thought<br />

but we had a good quality of life!<br />

Year 8 continued to develop their fieldwork skills, they conducted<br />

a microclimate survey around <strong>Cranford</strong> using thermometers and<br />

compasses to investigate the where and why some areas of the school<br />

are warmer than others. Positively, their conclusions matched their<br />

hypothesis, on a hot summer’s day the shade of the concourse can feel<br />

up to 8°C cooler than the heat of the south playground. The department<br />

was really impressed by the focus and maturity shown by year 8 in this<br />

investigation, we look forward to seeing their engagement in GCSE<br />

fieldwork next year.<br />

GCSE fieldwork started in June with two coaches of 120 year 10s<br />

(and a very patient bus driver) departing to Goring and Hove beach.<br />

Students were investigating the impact of coastal management on coastal<br />

processes and communities. After a million questions about packed<br />

lunches, what to wear and whether the new Jordans were appropriate,<br />

with their clipboards in hand students were ready to collect their data.<br />

They embraced their inner geographers to dodge sunbathers and collect<br />

the all-important groyne height, beach profile, sediment analysis and<br />

place profile data. Notably, despite it being the first time to the coast<br />

for many of them, students embraced the experience describing Hove as nice, peaceful,<br />

and beautiful – but perhaps the mid-afternoon ice cream boosted the mood.<br />

Later in June it was time for the urban geography trips, prepared with clipboards and<br />

questionnaires, 90 year 9 were ready to investigate how quality of life differs within<br />

Hounslow Borough, comparing Chiswick High Road and Hounslow High Street. Over<br />

3 days and with help from a range of support staff, all students safely bused and<br />

walked across Hounslow. The results were diverse, with some in awe of Chiswick’s<br />

boujie bakeries whilst others preferring the bustling diversity of Hounslow High Street.<br />

Regardless we hope all students carry forth the geography theory and skills to ace their<br />

GCSE exam.<br />

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GEOGRAPHY Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/3<br />

This year has been full of fieldwork (with loads more to come next year) which we hope has inspired <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

Geographers to be interested and engaged in the world around them.<br />

Caitlin Arnold (KS3 Geography Curriculum and<br />

Assessment Lead)<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> visits the<br />

Royal Geographical Society<br />

This November two groups of year 7s and 8s and year 9s and 10s,<br />

to the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). As the birth place of<br />

academic geography in the UK, the RGS is home to a vast collection<br />

of historic and contemporary geographical research and artefacts.<br />

Surrounded by old globes, paintings and lots of books (a lot of<br />

books), students engaged with current university geographers and<br />

professional geographers to understand the role of the society, the<br />

breadth of the subject and where it can take you.<br />

The students who attended were a credit to <strong>Cranford</strong> as they embraced the challenge of discussing questions<br />

such as: ‘Is Instagram urban?’ and ‘Can glaciers be feminist?’.<br />

We were later lucky enough to have a speaker from the RGS visit <strong>Cranford</strong> to share the value of Geography<br />

and Geographical skills with our year 11. Palama from Royal Holloway gave an inspiring and motivating talk<br />

relating to taking Geography at A-Levels and beyond as a career. The students looked at a variety of different<br />

roles and career paths, such as a data analysist, urban planner and even skills that are transferrable like research,<br />

ICT and scientific and lab skills. The students were surprised to learn how geography can lead to such diverse<br />

career options and left the session with understanding that geography really does make the world go around!<br />

Caitlin Arnold (KS3 Geography Curriculum and Assessment Lead)<br />

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HISTORY Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/5<br />

History<br />

Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

istory Department<br />

The His proud to say that<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-20<strong>23</strong> academic year has been a<br />

very exciting one for us! We have<br />

had a variety of curriculum related<br />

trips which have given students the<br />

opportunity to immerse themselves in<br />

Historical settings and experiences.<br />

We have had two visits to Hampton<br />

Court Palace, a trip to Pevensey<br />

Bay, a wonderfully frightening visit<br />

to the London Dungeons, alongside<br />

some in school activities such as the<br />

Holocaust Memorial Day related talk<br />

from the daughter of a Holocaust<br />

survivor.<br />

Activities like this are vital in<br />

ensuring that students are able to<br />

learn and grow their curiosity for our<br />

subject but also realise the relevance<br />

of History in the world around them.<br />

Students have developed a real depth<br />

and breadth of knowledge this year,<br />

particularly where we now have the<br />

Year 8 History and Geography Major<br />

classes, with both sides studying<br />

both subjects every week. Our<br />

curriculum has become even more<br />

all-encompassing and explorative of<br />

themes that students are interested in<br />

and that reflect our staff specialisms.<br />

Our Half-term History Heroes also<br />

deserve a huge shout out (listed here)<br />

for being fantastic and inquisitive<br />

young historians throughout the<br />

academic year. Certificates and<br />

congratulatory letters are always<br />

sent home for our Half-term History<br />

Heroes who are nominated by their<br />

class teachers.<br />

But a fantastic well done to all of<br />

our students in History – they are<br />

curious and perceptive about the<br />

world around them and how it came<br />

to be that way by exploring life in<br />

the past.<br />

We look forward to the many more<br />

exciting activities and opportunities<br />

available to our staff and students in<br />

20<strong>23</strong>-2024!<br />

Sahrish Shaikh (Head of History)<br />

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HISTORY Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/5<br />

Year 8 History Trip to the London Dungeons<br />

In a captivating blend of history, drama, and sheer adrenaline, the Year 8 students embarked on an unforgettable<br />

adventure to the spine-tingling London Dungeons in January 20<strong>23</strong>. Nestled within the heart of the bustling<br />

city, this immersive attraction brought to life the sinister tales and eerie history that lies beneath the surface<br />

of one of the world’s most vibrant metropolises. With hearts racing and curiosity aflame, the students delved<br />

into the shadows, ready to encounter the ghosts of London’s past.<br />

Stepping through the doors of the London Dungeons was akin to stepping back in time. The students found<br />

themselves transported to a bygone era, where London’s murky and treacherous past came to life. Guided<br />

by costumed actors who skilfully portrayed infamous characters such as Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper,<br />

and Guy Fawkes, the students were led through a series of dark and atmospheric chambers.<br />

Each room told a different story, weaving together London’s history with chilling tales of crime, punishment,<br />

and the supernatural. From the Great Plague to the Fire of London, the students were captivated by the<br />

immersive storytelling, learning about the city’s tumultuous past in a way that textbooks simply cannot<br />

replicate.<br />

The London Dungeons spared no expense when it came to creating an immersive and spine-chilling<br />

experience. The students found themselves at the mercy of sudden screams, startling surprises, and the<br />

intense atmosphere that permeated each room. Shadows danced on the walls, eerie sound effects echoed<br />

through the corridors, and the dim lighting heightened the sense of foreboding. It was an adrenaline-fueled<br />

journey that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.<br />

This interactive approach not only heightened the students’ engagement but also provided a unique educational<br />

opportunity. By stepping into the shoes of historical figures and facing the challenges they encountered,<br />

the students gained a deeper understanding of the past, its impact on the present, and the importance of<br />

preserving and learning from history.<br />

It was a trip that not only provided a thrilling adventure but also kindled a love for history and a deeper<br />

understanding of the world we inhabit. The echoes of their screams and laughter will linger, reminding them<br />

of the extraordinary experience they had in the London Dungeons.<br />

Kajol Kaur (History Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator)<br />

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HISTORY Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/5<br />

Year 10 GCSE History Students<br />

Visit Hampton Court Palace<br />

ampton Court Palace – the gates through<br />

Hwhich a group of 30 year 10 students<br />

walked and exclaimed ‘Wow, look how<br />

beautiful it is!’ That is the reaction that we<br />

get and love when our Year 10 GCSE students<br />

realise that there is a historical palace not too<br />

far from home, a palace that plays a key role<br />

in the life of Elizabeth I, the monarch they<br />

study for their British Period Study aspect of<br />

the course.<br />

This is an annual trip that the History<br />

Department runs to ensure that students<br />

are able to visualise and learn history from<br />

artefacts and real-life buildings, rather than<br />

just through books. The workshop that the<br />

students attended was related directly to<br />

the course content, focusing specifically on<br />

Elizabeth’s rise to power as monarch as well<br />

as the question surrounding her legitimacy.<br />

The council room where Elizabeth I would<br />

have met her privy council was the location<br />

of our debate over her legitimacy and<br />

what a debate it was! To witness students<br />

articulate their knowledge and arguments<br />

in a sophisticated manner whilst immersed<br />

in History itself was fantastic.<br />

The day at the Palace moved from the workshop to taking in the lovely gardens as well as enjoying the famous<br />

maze. A photo challenge was also part of the activity for the group, an opportunity to engage with riddles and<br />

win prizes.<br />

All in all it was a brilliant day and the students were able to gain a lot from it. This is an experience we look<br />

to make happen again in the next academic year!<br />

Sahrish Shaikh (Head of History)<br />

The trip to Hampton Court Palace was much fun and there was a lot to learn from it. We started our day off with a tour<br />

of the palace in which we learnt loads about the way the Tudors (especially Queen Elizabeth I) lived while she was there.<br />

We then took part in a small debate and acted as if we were the Privy Council of Elizabeth and had to put ourselves<br />

in their shoes and see what decision we would make. We had lunch in the gardens of the palace and were also able to<br />

see some ducks and swans in the lake. After that, we went through the palace’s maze and made our way out after a lot<br />

of twists and turns. Finally, to end our day we had to do this photo challenge in which we had descriptions of certain<br />

places of the palace and as we walked around the palace, we had to identify what description the place matched and<br />

then take a picture of it.<br />

As a whole, it was a very enjoyable day and we got to learn quite a bit about key moments in Queen Elizabeth’s life.<br />

Divya Sareen (year 10)<br />

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HISTORY Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

4/5<br />

Year 11 Historians visit Hampton Court Palace<br />

In<br />

an effort to bring history to life and deepen<br />

their understanding of British heritage, In<br />

September <strong>2022</strong>, year 11 History students embarked<br />

on a memorable journey to the magnificent Hampton<br />

Court Palace. Nestled along the banks of the River<br />

Thames, this historic landmark offered a captivating<br />

glimpse into the lives of monarchs, courtiers, and the<br />

rich tapestry of the Tudor and Stuart eras.<br />

Hampton Court Palace provided an interactive and<br />

immersive experience that transported the Year 11<br />

students back in time. With each step, they explored<br />

opulent state apartments, vast courtyards, and<br />

immaculate gardens. The Great Hall, adorned with<br />

magnificent tapestries and boasting a soaring hammerbeam<br />

ceiling, left the students in awe as they imagined<br />

royal banquets and lively gatherings that once took<br />

place within its walls.<br />

One of the most anticipated highlights of the trip was<br />

the famous Hampton<br />

Court Maze. As the Year<br />

11 students ventured into<br />

the intricate network of<br />

hedges, they discovered<br />

an exciting challenge<br />

that required teamwork<br />

and problem-solving<br />

skills. Amidst laughter<br />

and friendly competition,<br />

they navigated the<br />

labyrinthine paths,<br />

Page<br />

striving to find the elusive centre. The maze not only<br />

provided an entertaining diversion but also served as a<br />

metaphorical journey, teaching the students the value<br />

of perseverance and collaboration.<br />

The meticulously manicured gardens surrounding<br />

Hampton Court Palace were a visual delight. The<br />

students strolled along the serene walkways, revelling<br />

in the vibrant colours and fragrant blooms that filled<br />

the air. The palace’s proximity to the River Thames<br />

offered an additional charm, as the students paused<br />

to watch the graceful swans gliding across the water.<br />

These moments of tranquillity provided a welcome<br />

respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life,<br />

allowing the students to reflect and appreciate the<br />

beauty of nature.<br />

The Year 11 trip to Hampton Court Palace proved<br />

to be a remarkable journey through time, blending<br />

education and enjoyment in equal measure. It offered<br />

the students a unique<br />

opportunity to engage<br />

with history, walk in the<br />

footsteps of kings and<br />

queens, and gain a deeper<br />

appreciation for the rich<br />

heritage of the British<br />

monarchy.<br />

32<br />

Kajol Kaur (History Key<br />

Stage 3 co-ordinator)

HISTORY Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

5/5<br />

History A Level Trip to Pevensey Castle & Eastbourne Beach<br />

Wednesday 21st June 20<strong>23</strong><br />

saw 13 A-level History<br />

students embark on an enriching<br />

educational trip experience to<br />

Pevensey Castle and Eastbourne<br />

Beach, a captivating adventure<br />

that combined hands-on learning<br />

with immersive historical<br />

exploration.<br />

As students set foot within its<br />

ancient walls, they were instantly<br />

transported back to the time of<br />

the Norman conquest in 1066. The sight of<br />

the castle’s massive stone structures, once a<br />

Roman fort, was a living testament to the transformations that have swept across<br />

England over the ages. Standing on the very ground where William the Conqueror<br />

first landed, students were able to visualize the strategic significance of Pevensey<br />

Castle during pivotal moments in history.<br />

The journey continued to Eastbourne Beach, where the expansive coastline served<br />

as a backdrop to connect historical narratives to the natural world. The beach’s<br />

proximity to the English Channel made it an important location during World<br />

War II, particularly during Operation Neptune, the naval component of the D-Day<br />

landings.<br />

The combination of Pevensey Castle and Eastbourne Beach showcased the<br />

interconnectedness of history and geography, emphasizing how environments<br />

and landscapes shape human activities.<br />

Kajol Kaur (Key Stage 3 Humanities Co-ordinator)<br />

istory department were fortunate enough<br />

The Hto be able to invite Gloria Silver, the<br />

daughter of Holocaust survivor Tony Chuwen, to speak<br />

to our Year 8 Major students. It was an afternoon of<br />

deep reflection and recognition of what happened in the<br />

Holocaust but also of the strength of the human spirit.<br />

Students were able to ask questions about Tony’s life as<br />

well as learn about how he survived and what hearing his story has meant for Gloria herself. It was a brilliant<br />

opportunity for our students to be able to also learn about History outside of lessons, in preparation for their<br />

unit on the Holocaust. This was an event that also followed Holocaust Memorial Day which was very timely<br />

and something that the students recognised the importance of. Thank you to Gloria for sharing her father’s<br />

story but also a thank you to the staff who made this happen and the students who were all thoroughly engaged!<br />

Sahrish Shaikh (Head of History)<br />

Holocaust Memorial Day<br />

Guest Speaker<br />

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MWL /<br />

Modern World Languages<br />

1/4<br />

Bienvenido! Willkommen! Welcome to the MWL department<br />

In<br />

an increasingly globalized world, the importance of<br />

language learning cannot be overstated. The ability to<br />

communicate effectively in different languages opens doors to<br />

new cultures, opportunities, and perspectives. At the forefront<br />

of language education, our Languages Department stands out<br />

for its interactive approach to teaching and its commitment to<br />

promoting world languages. By fostering cultural understanding<br />

and empathy, we cultivate global citizens who appreciate and<br />

respect diverse perspectives.<br />

The Modern World Languages Department is committed to promoting world languages beyond the traditional<br />

curriculum. Language clubs, extracurricular activities, and trips provide opportunities for students to engage<br />

with languages beyond the classroom setting. By embracing linguistic diversity, our department nurtures<br />

an inclusive and multicultural environment, fostering a deeper appreciation for the richness of languages<br />

worldwide.<br />

In the past year, like every year, our students have embraced the opportunities given to them. Our Languages<br />

Week had students from all year groups complete a scavenger hunt, looking for over a hundred different<br />

languages and the teachers that were representing them. All of year 7 participated in the Foreign Language<br />

Spelling Bee, with 2 of our students making it to the regional final in London. A group of 14 year 10 students<br />

travelled to Barcelona for 4 wonderful days filled with culture, art, gastronomy and of course the immersion<br />

in the Spanish language. Our Key Stage 5 students went to the Cervantes Theatre to watch a Spanish language<br />

play, as well as attending a study day at the BFI for their film unit.<br />

Gute Arbeit! Buen trabajo!<br />

Hope Eley (Head of Spanish)<br />

Students attend a Spanish Theatre Production<br />

As part of their course curriculum, these enthusiastic learners were eagerly<br />

awaiting the opportunity to witness a live performance of “La Casa de Bernarda<br />

Alba.” This seminal work by Federico García Lorca, a Spanish playwright of<br />

great renown, delves into themes of repression, societal norms, and the human<br />

spirit. The trip promised to be an immersive experience, providing students with<br />

an in-depth understanding of Spanish theatre and its historical context.<br />

The trip had succeeded in transforming the theoretical into the tangible,<br />

allowing the students to engage with Spanish culture, language, and history on a<br />

profound level. They expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to witness<br />

a live performance and acknowledged the lasting impact it would have on their<br />

understanding of Spanish theatre and literature.<br />

Hope Eley (Head of Spanish)<br />

It gave me a deeper knowledge and understanding not only about the play itself, but<br />

also about what Spain was like during that specific time period, as well as how women<br />

were treated back then. This also helped me with things like listening and vocabulary. Overall, it<br />

was a fun experience which I thoroughly enjoyed and it will definitely be helpful going into Year 13!<br />

Abdulh Yar Parveen (year 12)<br />

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MWL / Modern World Languages<br />

TRIP to Barcelona<br />

2/4<br />

Barcelona<br />

April 20<strong>23</strong><br />

An Unforgettable<br />

Four Day Trip<br />

Barcelona, a city known for its rich history, captivating<br />

architecture, and vibrant culture, welcomed a group of<br />

enthusiastic Year 10 students in April for an unforgettable<br />

four-day adventure. With a carefully crafted itinerary<br />

that included visits to iconic landmarks such as Sagrada<br />

Familia, Parc Güell, Camp Nou, and the Picasso Museum,<br />

this educational excursion provided a unique opportunity<br />

for students to immerse themselves in the beauty and<br />

diversity of Barcelona’s attractions.<br />

Beyond the planned visits, the students had ample free<br />

time to explore Barcelona’s vibrant streets and soak up its<br />

unique atmosphere. They wandered through the enchanting<br />

Gothic Quarter. They also had the opportunity to explore<br />

the lively La Rambla boulevard, with its vibrant street<br />

performers, colourful markets, and eclectic shops.<br />

As the Year 10 students bid farewell to Barcelona, they<br />

carried with them cherished memories of this amazing trip.<br />

The trip not only broadened their cultural horizons and<br />

deepened their understanding of art and architecture but<br />

also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the students<br />

as they shared unforgettable experiences. With its blend of<br />

history, art, and vibrant energy, Barcelona had proved to be<br />

the perfect destination for an enriching and unforgettable<br />

Year 10 trip.<br />

Hope Eley (Head of Spanish)<br />

Page<br />


MWL / Modern World Languages<br />

TRIP to Barcelona<br />

3/4<br />

entertaining. Overall, i really enjoyed the trip and i would love to<br />

re-live all the different moments and memories which I have.<br />

Divya Sareen (year 10)<br />

I had the most enjoyable time of my life on the trip to Barcelona and<br />

during, although it felt short I made some amazing memories with my<br />

friends and teachers in the time we had. I also value the effort our<br />

teachers put in, into planning where we went each day and assisting<br />

us whenever needed, whilst also allowing us to have an opportunity<br />

to navigate and look around ourselves. Overall, Barcelona was a very<br />

memorable and enjoyable trip.<br />

Ashvika Jaitly (year 10)<br />

Barcelona was a fantastic opportunity that<br />

we were lucky to be provided with. As well<br />

as enjoying time with our friends and peers,<br />

we also learnt some interesting facts about the<br />

place to deepen our knowledge, and some more<br />

Spanish vocabulary to help us with our exams.<br />

It was fun to see the other side of our teachers<br />

outside of school, which helped us bond and<br />

create lifelong memories. Overall, Barcelona<br />

was unforgettable, and I hope we can experience<br />

another trip like this in the future.<br />

Anisa Bilkhoo (year 10)<br />

The trip to Barcelona in April 20<strong>23</strong> was a very<br />

enjoyable trip in which i was able to make so<br />

many memories. During the trip, we managed to<br />

see some of the key aspects of Barcelona and got<br />

to explore so much of the city. Every day there<br />

was something new and different to see which<br />

made the trip even more exciting and made us<br />

all look forward to the next day. We went to<br />

iconic landmarks such as La Sagrada Familia<br />

which is a cathedral in the centre of Barcelona<br />

and is still being built. As we entered, we were<br />

all in awe due to the beauty of the cathedral and<br />

we also got a guided tour which helped explain<br />

all the different parts of the cathedral and what<br />

they symbolise. We also went to a couple of<br />

art galleries and museums which was a great<br />

way to explore the culture even further. We also<br />

made a mandatory trip to Camp Nou which is<br />

the Barcelona Stadium and for most of us, it<br />

was our first time seeing a football stadium. All<br />

of the activities which we did we are all a mix<br />

and made the trip so much better as we were<br />

able to explore different places all from different<br />

categories; we were able to see the culture in<br />

so many various ways and it made the trip more<br />

I was one of the fortune<br />

students that had the<br />

amazing opportunity to go<br />

on the trip to Barcelona;<br />

It was such a special<br />

experience being able to<br />

go abroad with all my<br />

friends and has made me<br />

to feel more independent<br />

than ever. We explored<br />

many landmarks around<br />

Barcelona that were all<br />

so interesting to sightsee,<br />

but my favourite was La<br />

Sagrada Familia, the largest<br />

unfinished church, mostly<br />

because of all the intricate<br />

details inside that made it<br />

seem like a forest and all the<br />

biblical stories showcased<br />

on the outside of the churchit<br />

was breath-taking.<br />

Tashmin Kaur (year 10)<br />

Visiting Barcelona was<br />

truly a delightful and<br />

overall lovely experience.<br />

Introducing myself to the<br />

cultures and traditions felt<br />

so homely and welcoming,<br />

especially going with an<br />

amazing group and lovely<br />

teachers.<br />

Pari Mahmotra (year 10)<br />

Page 36

MWL /<br />

Modern World Languages<br />

4/4<br />

BFI Study Day with<br />

Bristol University<br />

A<br />

group of Key stage 5 students embarked<br />

on an exciting journey to the British Film<br />

Institute (BFI) for a special study day, run by<br />

the languages department from the University of<br />

Bristol, centred around the critically acclaimed<br />

Spanish film, “El laberinto del fauno” (Pan’s<br />

Labyrinth).<br />

The students, eager to delve into the rich world<br />

of Spanish cinema, eagerly made their way to the<br />

BFI, a renowned institution that celebrates and<br />

promotes the art of filmmaking. This trip offered<br />

a unique opportunity for the students to immerse<br />

themselves in the language, culture, and cinematic<br />

brilliance of “El laberinto del fauno.”<br />

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the<br />

screening of “El laberinto del fauno” itself.<br />

Directed by the visionary Guillermo del Toro, the<br />

film beautifully blends fantasy and reality, taking<br />

viewers on a captivating journey through the<br />

eyes of a young girl named Ofelia. The students<br />

were completely engrossed in the film’s intricate<br />

plot, breathtaking visuals, and thought-provoking<br />

storytelling.<br />

Following the screening, the students participated<br />

in group discussions led by experienced film educators. They explored various<br />

aspects of the film, such as its historical context, symbolic imagery, and the use<br />

of Spanish language throughout the narrative. These discussions encouraged<br />

the students to analyse and interpret the film from different perspectives,<br />

fostering critical thinking and deepening their appreciation for Spanish cinema.<br />

Overall, it was a memorable and enlightening experience for the students. It<br />

provided them with a unique opportunity to engage with Spanish language and<br />

culture through the medium of film, fostering their appreciation for cinematic<br />

art and encouraging their personal and intellectual growth.<br />

Hope Eley (Head of Spanish)<br />

Spelling Bee<br />

The BFI study day was a<br />

great day which allowed me to<br />

gain a better understanding of<br />

the film and obtain different<br />

perspectives of the film which<br />

I was not aware of before. In<br />

addition, it was interesting<br />

seeing how many other people<br />

my age take Spanish as an<br />

A-Level because I had always<br />

thought there was not much<br />

popularity for it compared to<br />

other subjects. In total, the<br />

study was a fun day out which<br />

also allowed both year 12<br />

and 13 languages students to<br />

come together and share their<br />

thoughts and opinions. I hope<br />

to have more study days like<br />

the BFI study day as they are<br />

eye-opening and a great way<br />

to explore different grounds<br />

on the topics I’m studying.<br />

Khirunessa Da Fonseca<br />

Hossain (year 12)<br />

To prepare for the Spelling Bee I mainly used the words that we were given to revise every day.<br />

I would spend about 30 minutes to an hour practicing! The stakes were really high. I was very<br />

nervous on the day but excited at the same time. It was a relief when the day came after all the<br />

practice but unfortunately, I did not win the competition. I wasn’t mad at all though! I was happy<br />

that I didn’t succeed as it taught me a good lesson! “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is<br />

courage to continue that counts”. So even if I didn’t win, I still appreciate the opportunity I was given.<br />

Sanjot Sidhu and Hashir Kashif (year 7)<br />

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<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/2<br />

Sixth Form Students Gaining Insightful Experiences through<br />

University and Career Programmes<br />

In the sixth form, we are deeply committed to nurturing the holistic development of our students and aiding<br />

them in making informed career choices. One of the pivotal ways we achieve this is by actively promoting and<br />

facilitating participation in various summer school programmes and work experiences offered by renowned<br />

universities and organisations. Notably, initiatives such as the Sutton Trust and UNIQ programmes exemplify<br />

our dedication to providing diverse opportunities for our students. By encouraging our students to engage in<br />

these opportunities, we aim to expose them to immersive learning experiences, insightful mentorship, and<br />

hands-on exposure to potential career pathways. Through these endeavours, we empower our Year 12 students<br />

to expand their horizons, refine their aspirations, and gain valuable insights that will undoubtedly shape their<br />

futures.<br />

Chetan Shingadia (Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form)<br />

Sutton Trust Summer School – Imperial <strong>College</strong> London<br />

My time on the Sutton Trust summer school with Imperial <strong>College</strong> London has been amazing, having taken<br />

part in activities I would have never had experienced had I not done it. We were treated to a host of exciting<br />

activities such as academic sessions that gave me a taste of what university life will be like and other more nonacademic<br />

things such as a theatre trip and a formal dinner to round off the week. Overall, the experience was<br />

very enjoyable and having completed it, gives me confidence in applying to university and Imperial <strong>College</strong><br />

London.<br />

Musa Raza (year 12)<br />

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<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/2<br />

STEM Summer School – Brunel University<br />

Attending the STEM summer school at Brunel was an exhilarating and transformative experience. From the<br />

moment I stepped into the campus, I could feel the palpable excitement in the air. Each day was filled with<br />

a diverse array of stimulating activities, challenging workshops, and inspiring lectures that further ignited<br />

my passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The hands-on projects like virtual bridge<br />

building and comparing the extractions of cell DNA to programming my own mini robot allowed me to apply<br />

theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The week<br />

flew by in a whirlwind of exploration and discovery, leaving me with a newfound confidence in my abilities<br />

and a deeper appreciation for the wonders of STEM. Beyond the academic aspect, the memories made during<br />

this week made it an unforgettable and cherished experience that I will carry with me for years to come.<br />

Sameiksha Sharma (year 12)<br />

In2Science Programme – Corexlab at UCL<br />

I was extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with the manager at Corexlab in UCL as well<br />

as a team of 20 neuroscientists alongside with Postdocs Matteo Cardandini and Kenneth Harris. Where our aim<br />

was to understand how the brain processes sensory signals. We studied various aspects of vision, navigation,<br />

and behaviour. This was specifically done by monitoring the neural activity and behavioural state of mice. We<br />

were also looking into the Alzheimer’s illness in mice against healthy mice.<br />

Throughout this experience I completed multiple tasks. One example being where I created glass slides using<br />

the neurons from the cerebral cortex of a mouse (a sheet of neural tissue). In which I stained the cells with<br />

DAPI in blue and the green shows the staining we did for FAP which is present in astrocytes. Below I have<br />

attached the microscope images we gathered from this task.<br />

I also completed many other tasks like the implantation of neuropixels probes, light beads microscopy and<br />

scientific coding, to name a few.<br />

Aaliyah Lochab (year 12)<br />

UNIQ Summer School – Law at Oxford University<br />

Through participating in the Uniq summer school in Law, I had the opportunity to attend workshops, lectures<br />

and tutorials and other activities surrounding different areas in the Law. This was an insightful experience as<br />

it gave a taste of what the undergraduate student experience would genuinely be like. Fortunately, through this<br />

opportunity I was able to participate in a debate concerning Causation in Criminal Law, this allowed me to<br />

think creatively and outside the box, which further improved my public speaking skills, enhancing my interest<br />

in studying law.<br />

Jasleen Sethi (year 12)<br />

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<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Year 12 Taster Lecture Explores Cardiovascular<br />

Medicine with Professor Faisel Khan<br />

The<br />

Year 12 students took part in an amazing taster lecture in October <strong>2022</strong> to learn more about<br />

Cardiovascular Medicine. The taster lecture was given by Professor Faisel Khan, Professor<br />

of Cardiovascular Sciences at Dundee University. The taster lecture was delivered through Microsoft<br />

Teams with students gathering in the <strong>Cranford</strong> Suite to participate in this engaging lecture.<br />

The core objective of the conference was to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the practical<br />

advancements in cardiovascular research. Professor Khan shared valuable insights about his ongoing<br />

research, providing students with a first-hand look into the latest developments and innovations in<br />

this dynamic field. This real-world perspective added depth and context to the students’ academic<br />

understanding.<br />

Professor Khan also drew from his wealth of experience to offer guidance on applying to study medicine<br />

via UCAS. He provided students with practical strategies to make their applications stand out amidst<br />

the competition.<br />

The conference proved to be an engaging and enriching experience for the students. Professor Khan<br />

spent time after the taster lecture to answer the students’ inquisitive questions about the lecture content<br />

leaving them with a deeper understanding of cardiovascular medicine and valuable insights for their<br />

future academic and professional paths.<br />

By combining technology with expert insights, students were empowered to explore the world of<br />

Cardiovascular Medicine in a meaningful and impactful way.<br />

Chetan Shingadia (Assistant Headteacher)<br />

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EPQ / Extended<br />

Project Qualification<br />

Extended Project Qualification 20<strong>23</strong><br />

\ \ \ \ \ • \ • \<br />

Gobind Virk<br />

Harsimran<br />

Bath<br />

Sanjana<br />

Bhola<br />

Oliwia<br />

Bartnicka<br />

Prableen<br />

Gurwara<br />

Maryam<br />

Moeen<br />

Yasmina<br />

Debieche Del<br />

Rio<br />

What is the best<br />

way<br />

\<br />

to<br />

implement<br />

hydrogen as a<br />

fuel?<br />

How can<br />

understanding the<br />

genetic composition<br />

\ \ Chronic \ \<br />

of inherited disease<br />

help the<br />

development of<br />

further treatments?<br />

To what extent do<br />

negative parentchild<br />

relationships<br />

influence<br />

attachments later in<br />

life?<br />

The Effect of Stress<br />

on Health: How<br />

Psychological Stress<br />

Affects the Likelihood<br />

of Blood Clots in<br />

Young People<br />

How do<br />

environmental and<br />

biological risk<br />

factors interact with<br />

the development of<br />

dementia?<br />

The rise of social<br />

media and<br />

parasocial • \<br />

relationships and<br />

the effect on<br />

mental health?<br />

Is social<br />

behaviour • \<br />

based on<br />

biological<br />

reasoning?<br />

The<br />

Extended project qualification (EPQ) is an A-level standard standalone<br />

qualification designed to extend and develop students’ abilities beyond the<br />

A-level syllabus and prepare for university or their future career. It can be taken<br />

as an extension of other Level 3 qualifications or vocational qualifications. It is worth half an A-level<br />

and is recognised by universities and employers.<br />

The EPQ allows students to lead their own projects. Students get to plan and carry out research on a<br />

topic that they’ve chosen and they can take inspiration from something touched on in class or something<br />

personal and unrelated to their studies. They then use this research to produce a written report and,<br />

in the case of practical projects, an artefact or a production. Here is just a sample of the EPQ projects<br />

undertaken this year.<br />

Fran Green (Assistant Headteacher - EPQ)<br />

Page<br />


SIXTH FORM <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Youth Talks Event<br />

1/2<br />

This<br />

year the annual <strong>Cranford</strong> Youth Talks event made a return on Wednesday 19th April 20<strong>23</strong>. The<br />

evening opened with an exceptional performance from our talented Year 12 pianist Zechariah<br />

Joseph who set the tone for an engaging and inspirational event which showcases the passions and voices of<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> students. As a sixth form team we pride ourselves on the value placed on empowering student voice<br />

and preparing our young people with skills for the wider world and this event truly embodies our ethos. This<br />

year all of Year 12 and 13 took part in a broadening horizons programme during registration where they engaged<br />

with a range of academic literature and developed their literacy skills to prepare their own speech based on a<br />

topic of interest to them. As a result participation in the Youth talks event almost doubled. The young people<br />

who took to the stage were praised by the audience for the passion they demonstrated for their topics, their<br />

courage to stand in front of an audience of peers, family and staff and their commitment to self-improvement<br />

as they learnt about public speaking. During the evening we were delighted to listen to speeches on a broad<br />

range of topics relating to ethics, religion, technology, mental health and modernity which were punctuated with<br />

performances including an original rap by Rayan Ali Year 11 ‘A moment in my own space’ and a traditional<br />

Kathak dance by Siddhi Naik Year 13.<br />

Sharandeep Saroya (Assistant Headteacher-Sixth Form Team)<br />

Participating in the <strong>Cranford</strong> Youth Talks was a nerve-wracking yet immensely rewarding experience. As I stood<br />

before my peers, I felt a mix of excitement and anxiety, unsure of how my words would be received. However,<br />

as I began to speak, I found my rhythm, drawing from personal experiences and passions to connect with the<br />

audience. The supportive atmosphere and encouraging nods from my classmates helped boost my confidence.<br />

The experience taught me the value of effective communication and the importance of sharing one’s voice.<br />

Walking away from that moment, I felt a sense of pride in having overcome my fear and having made a positive<br />

impact on my school community. It was an unforgettable opportunity that not only honed my public speaking<br />

skills but also instilled in me the belief that our voices, no matter how small, have the potential to inspire change<br />

and foster a sense of unity among our peers.<br />

Sameiksha Sharma (year 12)<br />

Page<br />


SIXTH FORM <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Youth Talks Event<br />

2/2<br />

Hosting and taking part<br />

in <strong>Cranford</strong>’s 20<strong>23</strong> Youth<br />

Talks event was an amazing<br />

experience and one that I’m<br />

grateful I was able to be a part<br />

of. It was a pleasure to introduce<br />

and close the event with<br />

Harsimran, the Deputy Head<br />

Girl, as well as set the stage<br />

for some of the participants,<br />

who all did such an amazing<br />

job delivering their topics in a<br />

powerful and interesting way.<br />

Even I couldn’t help getting<br />

involved in the fun: delivering<br />

my own speech, “The Crucified<br />

God”, which explored the<br />

subversive death of Jesus of<br />

Nazareth as presented in the 4<br />

New Testament Gospels. More<br />

than anything, this topic is one<br />

that is very dear to my heart, so<br />

I enjoyed communicating the<br />

personal impact that it’s had on<br />

me as a young believer to the<br />

audience.<br />

Samuel Dickson<br />

(year 13 - Head Boy)<br />

I had the pleasure of hosting<br />

the youth talk event alongside<br />

Samuel, the Head boy. Each<br />

student’s passion for their<br />

subject was admirable and I<br />

was thoroughly entertained<br />

by the talks given out by the<br />

year 12s and year 13s. Reading<br />

through the speeches whilst<br />

preparing the introductions<br />

was simply underwhelming<br />

when compared to the way the<br />

speakers delivered their talks.<br />

I am glad that I was given the<br />

opportunity to host an event<br />

where I got to see first-hand<br />

what topics are important to<br />

my peers and that I got to set<br />

them up for their meticulously<br />

planned speeches.<br />

Harsimran Bath<br />

(year 13 - Deputy Head Girl)<br />

Page<br />




Mo-T-ivate<br />

The Airport Guy<br />

Engineering<br />

Guest Speaker<br />

Event<br />

@mo_t_ivate<br />

Mohammad Taher (Mo T) – more<br />

commonly recognised by his handle<br />

@mo_t_ivate - delivered a talk which he introduced<br />

the simplistic ethos of engineering: to be introduced to<br />

a problem, to use our knowledge to tackle the problem<br />

and finally to solve it. Although ostensibly, these series<br />

of statements appear trivial and obvious, Mohammad<br />

Taher delved into the wonderful and exciting niches,<br />

components and factors that contribute to this process<br />

with a charming, entertaining, and humorous rhetoric<br />

revealed through his personal anecdotes whilst working<br />

at Heathrow.<br />

Perhaps my favourite anecdote was how Mo came<br />

about to solve what appeared to be an awkward<br />

problem - luggage on a conveyor belt not lying<br />

flat causing them to not pass easily into the x-ray<br />

scanner. Mo colourfully illustrated how this led<br />

to a catastrophic series of events administratively,<br />

financially, and how much of a detriment it made to<br />

the customer experience. His solution? - an elegant,<br />

raised point on the conveyor belt; building upon the<br />

fundamentals of angular momentum, Mo explained<br />

this phenomenon without any heavy mathematical<br />

jargon and revealed how it solved a series of problems<br />

upstairs, caused Heathrow paying less for lost baggage<br />

and perhaps almost invisibly, gently raised the<br />

customer’s experience at the busiest airport in Europe.<br />

It was quite symbolic how Mo was working in an<br />

underground section and was unseen by any customer,<br />

yet the effect of his work rippled across the airport.<br />

To quote Mo verbatim on his innovation he stated “I<br />

trust the maths” which I found rather sweet as I do have<br />

a soft spot for mathematics; he further constructs upon<br />

the importance of mathematics in engineering and in<br />

life. He initially presents a question we may be shown<br />

at our time in secondary school: “y minus three over<br />

four is equal to x,<br />

solve for x”. Playing<br />

devil’s advocate, he<br />

pins the elephant in<br />

the room by further<br />

interrogating if<br />

anyone had this uneasy feeling of that question: “am I<br />

really gonna use algebra in my life?” - naturally, many<br />

confessed. Mo then followed with a question about<br />

logistics “say Sarah and John don’t want to talk but<br />

they need to work together …”. Mo finally coalesces<br />

these two tangents by revealing that algebra is the<br />

medium to tackle a real-world issue which appears to<br />

be so disconnected from mathematics! To quote him<br />

verbatim once more “maths is like the gym for your<br />

brain where you can get better at problem solving” -<br />

hyperbolic hypertrophy if you will.<br />

Mo finally concludes the talk by revealing the two<br />

sorts of engineer one might consider to be coming.<br />

The former, a hands-on engineer who enjoys a<br />

kinaesthetic and tangible approach and the latter, the<br />

more theoretical and mathematically formal engineer.<br />

Yet, regardless of what end of the spectrum one may<br />

assume, Mo pleads that everyone learnt to communicate<br />

effectively and efficiently. Everyone is a “gatekeeper<br />

to ideas” and communication is that skeleton key of<br />

sorts which unlocks potential breakthroughs and ideas<br />

that lead to large scale innovation.<br />

I would argue that regardless of their formality in<br />

mathematics, whether they are hands on, whether they<br />

work on engines or work on architecture, whether<br />

they design buildings or help ease the flow of traffic,<br />

they are practising that all-encompassing ethos of an<br />

engineer.<br />

Prem Pun (year 12)<br />

Page<br />


Model United Nations Presentation<br />

on the Environment<br />

Model<br />

United Nations<br />

Presentation at<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong><br />

Organising the Model United Nations<br />

presentation on the 1st and 8th<br />

February 20<strong>23</strong> for the sixth form<br />

was a great opportunity to encourage students<br />

to learn more about different international<br />

issues. The Environment committee asked<br />

participants to prepare their arguments around on human rights, the refugee crisis and security. Together we<br />

created a debate so fierce that students stayed until 5pm to close their arguments. All participants were awarded<br />

a Model UN badge to congratulate them on their participation in the event. Thank you to all who attended. We<br />

hope that this opportunity encourages you all to consider professions like law, international relations, political<br />

science and so much more.<br />

Marjaan Aman (Head of Environmental Committee)<br />

Our Model United Nations event allowed members of the sixth form to come together to discuss topics<br />

including government policies and current affairs across different nations. As the Environment Committee we<br />

also included topics surrounding environmental issues to highlight the ongoing impacts of climate change, and<br />

how different countries contribute to them. Each delegate had the opportunity to develop their communication<br />

skills, as well as critical thinking, when forming arguments to support their government. We were glad our<br />

event allowed for our sixth form to have an open and thoughtful conversation relating to relevant, global issues.<br />

Shamaila Baig (Year 13 - Environmental Committee)<br />

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<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Sixth Form Focus Mode<br />

Keynote Assembly and<br />

Mentoring<br />

In March this year we were pleased to have Mervyn<br />

Mensah from Focus Mode deliver a keynote assembly<br />

to the Sixth form.<br />

The presentation carried key themes of raising<br />

aspirations, increasing confidence and changing<br />

behaviour. The assembly saw the whole Sixth form<br />

come together just before our year 13 students prepared<br />

for their formal exams and our year 12 students for<br />

their end of year mocks.<br />

The message, filled with bags of motivation and<br />

stories, left the students and teachers with lots to think<br />

about, reflect upon and a new outlook, leading into a<br />

crucial time for themselves.<br />

The sixth form pastoral team followed the keynote<br />

speech up with a six-week programme which focused<br />

on themes of vision, identity, relationships, leadership<br />

and resilience. The coaching programme focused on<br />

key themes to help our students develop both in and<br />

outside of the classroom.<br />

We look forward to working with Mervyn Mensah<br />

again in the future.<br />

Hamesh Rattu<br />

(Director of Sport & <strong>Community</strong> Wellbeing)<br />

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International School Award<br />

International<br />

School Award<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-2025<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

was invited to attend the official<br />

award ceremony for the British<br />

Council’s International School<br />

Award on Monday 20th March 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

Held at the Terrace Pavilion Room<br />

in the Houses of Parliament, it was<br />

a fantastic opportunity to see how<br />

many schools were awarded the<br />

ISA alongside <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong>. The award was in recognition<br />

of the wealth of international activities<br />

and international partnerships that<br />

schools have cultivated and continue<br />

to develop, ensuring that staff and<br />

students have the opportunity to<br />

experience different cultures and<br />

languages. This award is especially<br />

important for <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> as internationalism is very<br />

much a part of our DNA – with the<br />

diverse demographics of our staff<br />

and students alongside the language’s<br />

college legacy as well as the many<br />

international partnerships, there is no<br />

doubt that we truly are an international<br />

school always seeking to celebrate what makes us unique. This<br />

academic year has already seen multiple international activities<br />

take place: Erasmus+ Soft Skills project visits to Poland and<br />

Portugal with our partners also visiting us in March; our partners<br />

from Ocheon High School in Pohang (South Korea) visiting us in<br />

January and then our students visiting them in May; staff visiting<br />

our Thai partners at Princes Chulaborn Science High School,<br />

and of course, the additional cultural trips to Paris, Athens and<br />

Barcelona. A huge thank you to all staff and students who make<br />

such exciting opportunities happen. We endeavour to ensure<br />

that such fantastic opportunities continue to take place moving<br />

forward! I was delighted to be asked to collect the award on<br />

behalf of the school and to be part of this wonderful event.<br />

Sahrish Shaikh (Senior Teacher)<br />

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<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>’s Technical Education<br />

“Erasmus Project” Comes to an End<br />

September <strong>2022</strong> saw <strong>Cranford</strong>’s project to share best practice with high<br />

performing vocational education providers in the Netherlands and Norway<br />

come to an end with a final visit to Koning Willem I <strong>College</strong>, a college of 18,000<br />

students spread over several campuses in the heart of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.<br />

Sukhjeet Kudhail (Head of IT and Computing), Mudassir Sarwar (Data Manager) and Rob Ind (Joint Head<br />

of School) have been leading the project from <strong>Cranford</strong>, which began in 2019, to support our delivery of the<br />

new T levels and sharing our expertise in assessment practices and integration of migrant students with our<br />

European neighbours.<br />

This was our second visit to Koning Willem I <strong>College</strong> and again, with their cutting-edge facilities, UNESCo<br />

school status and recent accolade as the most sustainable education institute in Holland, our Dutch partners<br />

were the perfect hosts to us and our Norwegian colleagues.<br />

The project’s final report has now been accredited by the EU and produced clear practical, pedagogical and<br />

professional development outcomes for all partners. Not least at <strong>Cranford</strong> this year we have had 91 students<br />

on our successful T level programmes, which go from strength to strength, and have learned from workplace<br />

learning and coaching models practiced internationally.<br />

Alongside visiting construction facilities, computing classrooms and having the pleasure of eating in one of<br />

the college’s three student run restaurants, there was still time for a cultural activity and our introduction to<br />

the weirdly wonderful popular Dutch game of<br />

‘Beugelen’ which saw us thumping stone balls<br />

across a big carpet and (hopefully) through<br />

giant hoops, with wooden paddles.<br />

Den Bosch is a beautiful medieval city and<br />

as special in its own way as our Norwegian<br />

partner’s college in Tromso in the Arctic circle.<br />

Leading this project has been a privilege and<br />

a pleasure and will benefit <strong>Cranford</strong> staff and<br />

students for years to come – we look forward to<br />

maintaining and building on our relationships<br />

with our new European friends.<br />

Rob Ind (Joint Head of School)<br />

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Trip to Poland<br />

1/4<br />

Erasmus / Trip to Poland - October <strong>2022</strong><br />

Exploring Wagrowiec<br />

A Cultural Journey Filled with Music, Language and Dance<br />

When<br />

embarking on a trip to Wagrowiec,<br />

Poland, we had no idea what an<br />

incredible adventure awaited us. The purpose of the<br />

trip was to foster cultural exchange between students<br />

from different countries. Little did we know that we<br />

would be welcomed with open arms by a local rock<br />

band, kick starting an unforgettable experience.<br />

We had the opportunity to stay in Warsaw for one<br />

night on route to Wagrowiec via Poznan. We were<br />

fortunate to stay in a very central location. The<br />

business district was a bustling area. On arrival<br />

students went to experience a Polish lunch and then we<br />

proceeded to the Uprising Museum. This was a great<br />

opportunity to understand the historical background of<br />

the challenges that have faced Warsaw over the years.<br />

Students felt moved from hearing all the stories and<br />

understanding how Winston Churchill was involved<br />

creating a resolution from his involvement at the Yalta<br />

conference. In the evening we went to the Old Town<br />

Market Place where students tried Polish dumplings<br />

called Perogi.<br />

Upon arrival at the school, the lively melodies of the<br />

rock band filled the air, instantly energizing everyone.<br />

It was a heart-warming gesture that set the tone for the<br />

rest of our visit. The day began with each country’s<br />

delegation presenting information about their unique<br />

cultures. It was fascinating to witness the diversity<br />

and rich heritage represented in one room. Language<br />

proved to be another bridge connecting us. We indulged<br />

in the art of tongue twisters, learning and reciting<br />

phrases from both Poland and each visiting country.<br />

The laughter that followed each tongue-twisting<br />

attempt brought us closer together, transcending any<br />

language barriers that may have existed.<br />

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Trip to Poland<br />

2/4<br />

During the school tour, we had the opportunity to<br />

teach English tongue twisters to the Polish students,<br />

who eagerly joined in the linguistic fun. Witnessing<br />

their enthusiasm and dedication to learning was<br />

inspiring, and it showcased the power of cultural<br />

exchange in fostering a love for languages. One of<br />

the highlights of the trip was the chance to immerse<br />

ourselves in Polish traditions through dance. We<br />

practised and performed traditional Polish dances in<br />

the school playground, accompanied by joyous music<br />

and enthusiastic applause. It was a vibrant celebration<br />

of Polish culture, and the atmosphere buzzed with<br />

excitement and unity.<br />

On the weekend all the delegations had a day visit<br />

to Poznan, a city one hour from the school. This was<br />

a really exciting visit. First, we visited a Croissant<br />

Museum – ‘how random’ we hear you say. Poznan<br />

is the only place in the world to have a license for<br />

a specific croissant which was originally created in<br />

Poznan. We had a terrific experience, the hosts at the<br />

museum were very entertaining. After this, we had the<br />

chance to visit a shopping centre which was converted<br />

from a brewery. The structure was very impressive.<br />

Lastly, we visited the Enigma Cipher Centre. Students<br />

loved the museum, and learning about how three polish<br />

cryptologists played an integral role in interfering<br />

with enemy communications during World War 2.<br />

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Trip to Poland<br />

3/4<br />

On a leisurely afternoon, we ventured to the<br />

local swimming pool, where the students eagerly<br />

splashed around while the adults enjoyed a welldeserved<br />

break in the café upstairs. It was a peaceful<br />

interlude, providing an opportunity to reflect on<br />

the day’s activities and savour the bonds that had<br />

formed between the different delegations. To further<br />

enhance our cultural exchange, Mr Prunty, Executive<br />

Headteacher, joined our trip and paid a visit to the<br />

school. He embarked on a comprehensive tour, gaining<br />

insight into the educational system and exchanging<br />

ideas with the Polish educators. This visit culminated<br />

in a tea session in the headteacher’s office, where the<br />

school leaders engaged in a fruitful conversation about<br />

the similarities and differences between our schools,<br />

fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.<br />

Teachers Day was an occasion that resonated deeply<br />

with everyone involved. The Polish students prepared<br />

mesmerizing performances, showcasing their talents<br />

in music, dance, and drama. Speeches from the<br />

headteacher emphasized the vital role of educators<br />

in shaping young minds, and the heartfelt gratitude<br />

expressed for their dedication and hard work was truly<br />

touching. As our trip to Wagrowiec came to an end,<br />

we left with unforgettable memories and newfound<br />

friendships. The cultural exchange had enriched our<br />

lives, broadening our perspectives and nurturing a<br />

sense of global citizenship. It served as a reminder of<br />

the power of unity and understanding, emphasizing<br />

the beauty that lies in celebrating our differences.<br />

Wagrowiec will forever hold a special place in our<br />

hearts, reminding us of the transformative power<br />

of cultural exchange and the beauty of embracing<br />

diversity. It was a journey that transcended borders<br />

and connected souls, leaving an indelible mark on all<br />

who participated.<br />

Mahavir Ladva (Examinations Officer and<br />

Careers Co-ordinator) and<br />

Kulsoom Raza (Maths Department)<br />

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Trip to Poland<br />

4/4<br />

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ERASMUS+<br />

Trip to Portugal<br />

1/4<br />

Ourique, Portugal<br />

Erasmus+ / May 20<strong>23</strong><br />

I<br />

had the incredible privilege of accompanying a group of Year 12 students<br />

on an unforgettable Erasmus programme in the captivating town of<br />

Ourique, Portugal along with Ms Eley and Ms Gomes. This transformative<br />

experience not only allowed our students to delve deep into the local culture<br />

but also provided a unique opportunity to explore the modern world and foster<br />

meaningful interactions in our increasingly globalized society.<br />

The Erasmus programme, renowned for its dedication to promoting intercultural<br />

understanding, proved to be an exceptional platform for our students to expand<br />

their horizons. Ourique, nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Portugal,<br />

offered a treasure trove of cultural heritage waiting to be discovered.<br />

Throughout our time in Ourique, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves<br />

in the vibrant Portuguese culture. From exploring historical landmarks and<br />

architectural wonders to savouring traditional cuisine, our students embraced<br />

every opportunity to engage with the local community. Whether it was<br />

wandering through the cobbled streets of the old town or hearing heartfelt talks<br />

from the locals, regional politicians and other Erasmus students, our students<br />

gained a deep appreciation for the rich history and artistic traditions of Portugal<br />

along with the importance of working collaboratively with people from across<br />

different nationalities and cultures.<br />

In addition to exploring the local culture, our Erasmus programme also<br />

focused on empowering students to understand the modern world and its<br />

interconnectedness. We facilitated discussions on issues that directly impact<br />

them, encouraging our students to critically analyse the challenges and<br />

opportunities presented by our brief. Through workshops, guest lectures, and<br />

interactive activities, we aimed to equip our students with the necessary skills<br />

and knowledge to navigate the complexities of a globalized society.<br />

One of the most valuable aspects of the Erasmus programme was the opportunity<br />

for our students to interact with peers from different countries. Collaborative<br />

projects, cultural exchanges, and language immersion activities enabled our<br />

students to develop lifelong friendships while appreciating the diversity of<br />

perspectives and experiences. This intercultural dialogue not only broadened<br />

their understanding of the world but also fostered empathy, respect, and a sense<br />

of global citizenship.<br />

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ERASMUS+<br />

Trip to Portugal<br />

2/4<br />

As a teacher, witnessing the growth and transformation of our<br />

students throughout this Erasmus experience was immensely<br />

rewarding. I observed a newfound sense of confidence,<br />

adaptability, and open-mindedness in our students as they<br />

embraced unfamiliar environments, overcame language barriers,<br />

and engaged in meaningful cross-cultural exchanges. It was a<br />

testament to the power of experiential learning and the profound<br />

impact that cultural immersion can have on shaping young minds.<br />

Moreover, the Erasmus programme in Ourique fostered a sense<br />

of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that extended beyond the<br />

boundaries of the classroom. Our students returned home with<br />

a renewed passion for global affairs, a broader perspective on<br />

cultural diversity, and a heightened awareness of their own roles<br />

as responsible global citizens.<br />

As I reflect on our time in Ourique, Portugal, I am filled with<br />

gratitude for the Erasmus programme and its ability to create<br />

transformative experiences for both students and teachers. It<br />

is through initiatives like these that we can empower the next<br />

generation to become compassionate, knowledgeable, and<br />

engaged citizens of the world.<br />

To the students who participated in the Erasmus programme, I<br />

commend you for your enthusiasm, your willingness to embrace<br />

new experiences, and your dedication to broadening your<br />

horizons. May this experience be a catalyst for your lifelong<br />

pursuit of cultural understanding, a commitment to the modern<br />

world, and meaningful interactions in our globalized society.<br />

As a teacher, I am immensely proud to have been a part of<br />

this journey, and I am confident that the memories and lessons<br />

learned in Ourique, Portugal, will continue to shape the lives of<br />

our students for years to come.<br />

Milton Venancio Ferreira<br />

(Trip Leader - Head of Year 10)<br />

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ERASMUS+<br />

Trip to Portugal<br />

3/4<br />

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ERASMUS+<br />

Trip to Portugal<br />

4/4<br />

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Partnership / Thailand<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Secures a New International Partnership in Thailand<br />

In<br />

July 20<strong>23</strong>, we had the opportunity to visit some<br />

new potential partner schools in Thailand<br />

as part of the expansion of <strong>Cranford</strong>’s international<br />

opportunities for students and staff.<br />

One such school visit was to Prathom Suksa<br />

Thammasat School, a primary school located on the<br />

campus of Thammasat University in Pathum Thani<br />

on the outskirts of Bangkok. During the visit, we<br />

were introduced to some notable dignitaries from the<br />

Ministry of Education, as well Kanjana Klayput, the<br />

School Director and a number of the teachers from<br />

the school.<br />

We started with a formal meeting including opening<br />

speeches from the Director and myself. We used the<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Review</strong> to showcase and describe the many<br />

opportunities that <strong>Cranford</strong> provides to its students<br />

and staff. Following on from this, we spent extensive<br />

time discussing collaboration visits including with<br />

Berkeley Academy, our local partner primary school.<br />

The discussion was followed with the formal signing<br />

of a Memorandum of Understanding between the<br />

two schools with many photos taken to record this<br />

important occasion.<br />

Following on from this, we were taken on a tour of the<br />

school and had the opportunity to meet lots of teachers<br />

and students all of whom were keen to practise their<br />

English. Prathom Suksa school has a particular focus<br />

on STEM and it was fascinating to see the resources<br />

and equipment that the school has to promote Science<br />

and Technology learning.<br />

Finally we had a formal lunch with lovely traditional<br />

Thai food and then had the opportunity to exchange<br />

gifts, an important part of Thai culture.<br />

We were able to plan an initial visit for Prathom Suksa<br />

School to <strong>Cranford</strong> and Berkeley in Autumn 20<strong>23</strong> and<br />

discussed further collaborative visits to take place in<br />

the future. We look forward to growing a new and<br />

exciting partnership with many opportunities for<br />

students and staff.<br />

Peter Stumpf (Associate Headteacher)<br />

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Trip to Thailand<br />

1/8<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> staff exchange trip to<br />

Princess Chulaborn Science High School in Thailand<br />

July 20<strong>23</strong><br />

I<br />

was part of the pilot visit to Princess Chulaborn Science High School in<br />

Pathum Thani, Thailand, in the summer of <strong>2022</strong> and I was delighted to<br />

be able to support the planning and organisation of the much larger staff<br />

visit to our partners in July 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

A group of 11 staff from various disciplines across <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

took up the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture, education and<br />

life itself at PCSHS. Our partnership with PCSHS forms part of the wider<br />

international activities and partnerships that <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> builds<br />

and runs; it’s an opportunity for all who are involved to grow professionally and<br />

personally, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide such opportunities<br />

for all.<br />

The staff who visited have plenty to share about their experience so be sure to<br />

read on!<br />

Sahrish Shaikh (Senior Teacher – International Co-ordinator)<br />

I<br />

want to say a massive<br />

thank you to every<br />

single person that has<br />

played any part in our time<br />

at Princess Chulaborn. I<br />

will forever cherish my<br />

time here because of the<br />

amazing memories and<br />

amazing people I have met.<br />

I truly loved the atmosphere<br />

and culture there and how<br />

welcoming everyone has<br />

been to ensure our time<br />

here has been memorable.<br />

My favourite moments<br />

at Princess Chulaborn<br />

include watching Year 12<br />

build their lovely Egyptian<br />

pyramids and sharing my<br />

British Punjabi culture<br />

with Year 8 who were<br />

brilliant at showing off<br />

their new Bhangra skills.<br />

Thank you very much and<br />

I can’t wait to see some of<br />

you at <strong>Cranford</strong> very soon!<br />

Kajol Kaur (History)<br />

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Trip to Thailand<br />

2/8<br />

Where do I even begin to describe<br />

our trip to PCSHS? It was the most<br />

incredible experience of my career<br />

to date, and the connections I made<br />

with both the people there and my<br />

colleagues from CCC will stay in<br />

my heart forever.<br />

Working with the students and staff at PCSHS was an absolute joy! The students were so eager to learn, and<br />

their curiosity about my culture and language made every day in the classroom a delightful experience. We<br />

laughed, we learned, and we grew together, overcoming any language barriers with big smiles and creative<br />

communication. It was incredible to witness their progress and see their confidence in speaking English grow<br />

each day. The bond we shared went beyond being just a teacher-student relationship; we became a team,<br />

supporting each other in this wonderful journey of learning. The students even agreed to be part of our final<br />

performance, learning a version of the “Three Little Pigs” and performing this in just 3 days, all in English.<br />

Outside of the classroom, the cultural activities and trips were simply incredible, and the connections to history<br />

and spirituality were palpable. As we wandered through the temples of Wat Bot, Wat Phra Kaew and the ruins<br />

of Ayutthaya, I felt a sense of peace and connection to something greater than myself and I am so honoured to<br />

have been able to take part in this experience.<br />

The warmth and care I received throughout my entire stay were beyond compare. From the school staff who<br />

went out of their way to make sure we felt at home, to the daily encounters with the students who couldn’t<br />

do enough to help, I was constantly reminded of the incredible power of human connection, and particularly<br />

in education. It didn’t matter that we came from different parts of the world or spoke different languages; the<br />

kindness and openness of the Thai people transcended all barriers.<br />

Two weeks at PCSHS felt like both a second<br />

and a lifetime, and I’m incredibly grateful<br />

for every moment shared with the amazing<br />

students, the friendly locals, and my fellow<br />

teachers. Thailand, you have a special place in<br />

my heart, and I can’t wait to welcome you to<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> in the autumn to reconnect with the<br />

friends I made and create even more incredible<br />

memories together. Until next time - Kop khun<br />

kha, Thailand!<br />

Evelyn Brooks (Head of English and Literacy)<br />

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Trip to Thailand<br />

3/8<br />

Since starting at <strong>Cranford</strong> in 2021, I have been exposed to<br />

a range of exciting opportunities, but few compare to the<br />

offer of a trip to Princess Chulabhorn Science High School in<br />

Pathumthani, Thailand. Although this trip was utterly oncein-a-lifetime,<br />

I would go back in a heartbeat! We observed and<br />

taught lessons to the Thai students, built strong relationships<br />

with the Thai school teachers, and generally tried to soak<br />

up as much of the country’s culture as possible. Hospitable,<br />

generous and welcoming from the moment that we landed,<br />

the staff and students at PCSHS made our trip absolutely<br />

phenomenal, and we will endeavour to reciprocate their<br />

warmth when they visit our school.<br />

It was eye-opening to engage with the students in Thailand,<br />

who are some of the most respectful, generous and independent<br />

individuals I’ve ever had the joy of working with. Every<br />

single student, and every member of staff, made a conscious<br />

effort to make us feel like a part of their school community,<br />

and the sense of belonging and identity at the school was<br />

infectious. From choral morning greetings from younger<br />

students, to singing songs all together in assembly, each day<br />

at PCHS presented a fascinating contrast to <strong>Cranford</strong>. It’s<br />

hard to pinpoint highlights of my trip, because the entire 2<br />

weeks was planned meticulously to ensure that every single<br />

moment allowed us to engage and enjoy the Thai culture and<br />

lifestyle. I will miss walking around corridors and seeing<br />

rows of students’ shoes lined up outside, ballroom dancing<br />

with the students in assembly, and being able to connect<br />

with students both inside the classroom and outside on the<br />

badminton court.<br />

Anybody who is faced with the opportunity to visit this<br />

incredible school and place should jump at the chance; it is<br />

an experience I will be taking with me well into the future.<br />

Oscar Johnson (English)<br />

The two weeks we spent at the Princess<br />

Chulabhorn Science School were truly<br />

wonderful. I taught students from years 7 to<br />

12 English as a second language, building my<br />

skills in supporting students with EAL, worked<br />

with the other teachers to run an activities day<br />

promoting English language learning, put on<br />

a school play with Mrs Brooks, and explored<br />

Thai attitudes to education. Everyone at the<br />

school showed their warmth and thoughtfulness<br />

in helping us settle in. I was so appreciative<br />

of the greetings from students and teachers<br />

around the school site, tours of Thai landmarks<br />

given in English by students, help ordering<br />

food in the canteen when everything was in<br />

Thai, and so much more!<br />

I learnt a lot about Thai culture and attitudes<br />

towards education on the visit. Everyone I<br />

talked to, in school or outside seemed to value<br />

and appreciate what they had, taking nothing<br />

for granted. This is an attitude I look forward<br />

to taking home with me. There were so many<br />

other things we learnt in Thailand including<br />

some cooking skills, social dance, and crafts;<br />

I hope to share some of them with <strong>Cranford</strong>’s<br />

students and see what they can teach me in<br />

return. Teaching in a new context was a fun<br />

challenge and it was great to see some of the<br />

differences and similarities in two schools so<br />

far apart. I won’t forget the fantastic experience<br />

we had and can’t wait to host our visitors next<br />

year.<br />

Katherine Pederson (Second in English)<br />

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Trip to Thailand<br />

4/8<br />

Sawadi-kap! Being invited to take part in this exchange<br />

programme has been a once in a lifetime opportunity<br />

which is challenging to summarise into a short article!<br />

PCSHS as a community have been so welcoming,<br />

inclusive and friendly – I was made to feel at home<br />

since the minute we stepped off of the coach.<br />

Whilst the trip was multi-faceted, teaching Science at<br />

PCSHS was the main objective. It was eye-opening<br />

to experience teaching in a setting so different from<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>, both in terms of Thai culture but also<br />

context, being a boarding, selective, Science-focused<br />

setting. Technology, diligence and independence are<br />

the key drivers to teaching at PCSHS. Students<br />

were motivated in their drive to learn new content<br />

to add to the knowledge they had already pre-taught<br />

themselves in their dormitories or the school library<br />

prior to the lesson. Students displayed admirable<br />

respect and humility at all times, making a point to<br />

bow in greeting to staff and check in with us to make<br />

sure we were looked after.<br />

All lessons at PCSHS are usually taught in Thai and it<br />

was inspiring to see how quickly the students adapted<br />

to learning in English – especially in a subject such<br />

as Science where the content and terminology are<br />

so deep. The students were an absolute pleasure to<br />

teach and I am grateful to have had the opportunity<br />

to support them.<br />

When not teaching we were treated to a packed itinerary<br />

full of trips to temples, museums and attractions which<br />

allowed ourselves to fully immerse ourselves in the<br />

Thai culture. I gained an insight into what it means<br />

to be a member of Thai society and their strong sense<br />

of loyalty to both their country and their monarchy,<br />

as well as an understanding of the Buddhist faith and<br />

its history. The personal growth that I gained from<br />

this trip at least matched the professional growth I<br />

was afforded.<br />

I am so pleased to have taken part in this opportunity<br />

and also so excited to know that colleagues in future<br />

years will also experience such a fantastic trip!<br />

Bradley King (Head of Year 11 – Science)<br />

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Trip to Thailand<br />

5/8<br />

It was such an amazing experience from start to finish<br />

with so many wonderful memories created. The staff<br />

and students at P.C.S.H.S. were so welcoming and<br />

helpful, they made us feel at home from the very<br />

beginning, we cannot thank them enough for their<br />

generosity and hospitality.<br />

Teaching Mathematics in Thailand was an extraordinary<br />

prospect and it was great to see pupils enjoying the<br />

puzzles they were given. It was remarkable and<br />

humbling to see the students being able to discuss<br />

Mathematics in both Thai and English and collaborate<br />

to overcome obstacles.<br />

Whether it was shopping in the markets and malls,<br />

playing sports with the staff and students in the evening<br />

or visiting the many temples, each day was filled with<br />

countless activities to enjoy and get invovled in. I<br />

imagine everyones suitcase was at least 10kg heavier<br />

after shopping in all the markets we visited on our trips<br />

to the local area, there were so many great things to<br />

buy. The food was incredible too, with the occasional<br />

insect thrown in to spice things up!<br />

My favourite trip had to be the visit to the Mangrove<br />

forest. The boat ride that included feeding the monkeys<br />

was tremendous. This was followed by planting over<br />

100 new mangrove plants in mud that went up to your<br />

shins as you walked and was crawling with crabs! We<br />

finished with a spot of water skiing, where we were<br />

taken out to sea. When we got out of the boat, the mud<br />

on the seabed went up to our knees, every step was a<br />

workout.<br />

It was a brilliant trip that will live long in my memory.<br />

Vinay Dokia (Key Stage 4 Maths Co-ordinator)<br />

It was an overwhelmingly beautiful experience to spend<br />

time at our partner school in Pathum Thani. I didn’t<br />

really know what to expect and was quite nervous<br />

about challenging myself in a new environment.<br />

When we got to the school, it was clear how happy<br />

and excited all the staff and students were to spend<br />

time with us. All of the people we met in the school<br />

community, including their alumni were so hospitable<br />

and friendly. I was involved in observing, teaching<br />

and giving feedback in ICT lessons. The students at<br />

PCSHS were very keen to gain new skills and were<br />

so grateful for our time spent with them. They also<br />

enjoyed seeing examples of work that <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

students had produced. A big thank you to Teacher<br />

Ying and Teacher Pam for facilitating our visit. I so<br />

enjoyed all the amazing experiences we were able to<br />

have, from feeding monkeys in the mangrove forest,<br />

to going to a funfair where a car drove up the wall, to<br />

visiting the Queen Sirikit Arts Centre in Ayuthayya.<br />

The rich experiences of Thai Culture, Education and<br />

People will have a profound effect on my thinking<br />

going forward. I look forward to hosting our partners<br />

at <strong>Cranford</strong> in the very near future.<br />

Mahavir Ladva (Examinations Officer and<br />

Careers Co-ordinator)<br />

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Trip to Thailand<br />

6/8<br />

The trip to Thailand has been a phenomenal experience<br />

for both personal and professional development. The<br />

2 weeks at PCSHS offered insight into a community<br />

and culture I had never experienced before. Staff and<br />

students welcomed us and integrated us into their<br />

school community seamlessly. The students exuded<br />

kindness and respect, with all students bowing to<br />

say hello and good morning every day, regardless of<br />

whether they were in our classes or not. Students would<br />

often come to help us with choosing and ordering our<br />

food in the canteen and when on excursions students<br />

would share their knowledge of culture and Thai<br />

history. These behaviours were modelled by the staff,<br />

making the school community feel like home. Every<br />

morning the day would start with a song playing over<br />

the tannoy as students made their way to assembly,<br />

there was never any feeling of haste or chaos, there<br />

was a sense of calmness that made every day feel like<br />

a fresh start.<br />

An incredible part of the school culture was the<br />

responsibility students took to model behaviours to<br />

younger year groups. Prefects actively organised<br />

and led the organisation of the cultural exchange<br />

exhibition, the ceremony for Princess Chulaborn’s<br />

birthday, lining up students in preparation for after<br />

school activities and ensuring students were awake<br />

during a 4-hour ceremony.<br />

A quality evident in all students was independence,<br />

all students made notes on their tablets in a format<br />

personal to them and during science practicals all<br />

students participated and followed methods with<br />

little input from teachers. The school curriculum had<br />

a focus on science projects and this allowed students<br />

to learn and develop their presentation and public<br />

speaking skills.<br />

This experience at PCSHS has made me reflect on my<br />

practice with helping our EAL learners. This is an<br />

experience I will never forget. I encourage staff and<br />

students who are offered to take up the opportunity<br />

because it will change your perception on teaching<br />

and education.<br />

Seema Mehmi (Head of Year 8 – Science)<br />

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Trip to Thailand<br />

7/8<br />

My trip to Thailand has to be one the best experiences<br />

of my life. I loved everything that we did during our<br />

trip from teaching lessons to eating in their wonderful<br />

canteen to visiting the beautiful mangrove forest and<br />

Wat Phra Kaew Temple in Bangkok.<br />

What made this trip so special was the hospitality<br />

of the people. The staff were all so welcoming and<br />

accommodating. They made us feel at home from<br />

the very start, providing us with everything we could<br />

possibly need.<br />

The students were also so welcoming, greeting all<br />

of us with the traditional Wai and often guiding us<br />

on trips both outside and around the school. In the<br />

classroom the students were also wonderful absorbing<br />

any and all knowledge that we had to give.<br />

I have learned so much during my time in Thailand,<br />

I am looking forward to the beginning of the new<br />

school year to see what changes this trip could have<br />

on my pedagogy and what this could mean for my own<br />

personal and professional growth.<br />

I will dearly miss the staff and students at Princess<br />

Chulabhorn Science High School and await their visit<br />

for the chance to return their hospitality.<br />

Robert Kempster<br />

(Science)<br />

The Princess Chulaborn Science High School in<br />

Thailand was a teaching and cultural experience like<br />

no other. My time spent in Thailand was a trip filled<br />

with both personal and professional growth alongside<br />

many found memories. The staff and students at<br />

PCSHS were amazing and so welcoming which helps<br />

when you are so far away from home.<br />

Teaching in Thailand, I learned that sport has no<br />

language barrier, it really can bring communities<br />

together. Teaching PE was no different to teaching at<br />

CCC. I witnessed that the students really value their<br />

education and that it is the vehicle for their careers<br />

and life goals.<br />

Outside of teaching, the trip was filled with fun<br />

experiences such as planting mangrove trees in the<br />

forest, going water skiing, feeding monkeys, shopping<br />

in local markets and malls, visiting historic temples<br />

and learning about the culture and of course enjoying<br />

the Thai cuisine and increasing my spice and insect<br />

tolerance.<br />

Overall, would I do this again? Yes. A stronger<br />

partnership with an international school, continuing<br />

our exchange of educational innovation, cross<br />

departmental bonds created to bring back and<br />

memories that will last.<br />

Hamesh Rattu (Director of Sport &<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Wellbeing)<br />

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Trip to Thailand<br />

8/8<br />

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South Korea<br />

1/8<br />

South Korean Partners, Ocheon High School visit <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

In<br />

January 20<strong>23</strong><br />

January 20<strong>23</strong>, we were fortunate enough to have<br />

our South Korean partners from Ocheon High<br />

School visit <strong>Cranford</strong> – 3 staff and 18 students. It is a<br />

long-standing relationship that <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> has developed with Ocheon High School and to<br />

have them visit for the first time since the pandemic was<br />

very special to us. Staff and students who had visited<br />

South Korea in previous years were invited to be a part<br />

of the programme alongside staff and students who were<br />

going to complete a return visit to South Korea in May<br />

20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

Activities for the 10-day visit included a day trip to<br />

Oxford, a student host day as well as trips into central<br />

London to the theatre and various other iconic sightseeing<br />

locations such as the Southbank and the London Eye.<br />

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South Korea<br />

2/8<br />

It was wonderful to see how all staff and students engaged<br />

with each other as well as embraced the opportunity to<br />

learn about each other’s cultures, languages and education<br />

system. South Korean students were partnered with our<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> students and attended<br />

lessons with them, whilst the South Korean teachers<br />

engaged in some expert CPD sessions alongside lesson<br />

visits to see best practice.<br />

Partnerships such as these are vital in ensuring that<br />

all staff and students have the opportunity to develop<br />

professionally and personally and this was clear to see by<br />

the end of the South Korean Partner visit in January, but<br />

it was something that was even more visible on the return<br />

of the <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> staff and student trip<br />

to South Korea in May 20<strong>23</strong>. The strength of friendships<br />

and enthusiasm for wanting to continue to develop these<br />

new found friendships was evident and it is something<br />

that we strive to nurture further.<br />

We look forward to future visits from our partners at<br />

Ocheon High School as well as visiting them again<br />

ourselves.<br />

Sahrish Shaikh<br />

(Senior Teacher – International Co-ordinator)<br />

The Incheon Office of Education together with<br />

officials from the Korean Embassy Visit <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

In<br />

June 20<strong>23</strong>, <strong>Cranford</strong> hosted a prestigious visit from the Incheon<br />

Office of Education together with officials from the Korean Embassy<br />

in London. The purpose of the visit was to explore how future partnership<br />

models could work in terms of exchange visits taking place between <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

students and students from schools in the Incheon province of South Korea.<br />

The visitors were able to see one of the first Enrichment Days taking place<br />

at <strong>Cranford</strong> including the Enterprise activity with Year 7 and the Sports Day<br />

activity with Year 9.<br />

The visitors also had the chance to meet with Kevin Prunty, Executive<br />

Headteacher, and celebrate the continued work of the Korean embassy in<br />

supporting the teaching of Korean at <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

Peter Stumpf (Associate Headteacher)<br />

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South Korea<br />

3/8<br />

Visit to South Korea May 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Embarking on a journey of cultural<br />

immersion and educational enrichment,<br />

a group of enthusiastic year 10 and 12<br />

students, accompanied by their parents, eagerly<br />

gathered in the <strong>Cranford</strong> Library to be briefed<br />

on their upcoming adventure to South Korea.<br />

Under the guidance of Ms. Shaikh, the students<br />

delved into the purpose of their trip, the sights<br />

they would witness, and, of course, the essential<br />

art of packing. Their curiosity fuelled our weekly<br />

meetings, where they researched, bonded, and<br />

prepared, learning basic Korean language skills<br />

and asking key questions such as how many shoes<br />

to bring. After a long Thursday of school, the<br />

anticipation was finally over and students were<br />

ready to board their Korean Air flight to Seoul.<br />

After a long night of travel, the students<br />

were in awe of the Seoul lights and embraced<br />

their first taste of Korean street food, fuelling<br />

themselves for a sightseeing-filled weekend.<br />

The first day commenced with the celebration<br />

of Buddha’s Birthday at the temple, offering the<br />

students a glimpse into the diversity of Korean<br />

culture. Subsequently, they visited a traditional<br />

craft market and the very contemporary HiKR<br />

K-Pop exhibition. The day concluded with the<br />

remarkable Nanta Theatre show – Korea’s longest<br />

running theatre production. Undeterred by the<br />

relentless rain on the second day, the students<br />

easily clocked their 10,000 steps, starting at<br />

Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Golden Coin Market,<br />

the quaint Bukchon Hanok Village, and finally,<br />

Korea’s tallest building, Lotte Tower.<br />

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South Korea<br />

4/5<br />

On the third day, the students embarked on a<br />

journey to Pohang, a town on the East coast of<br />

South Korea. After the initial stress of getting<br />

<strong>23</strong> full-sized suitcases on to a train carriage,<br />

students enjoyed a deserved break on the KTX<br />

train. Finally arriving at Ocheon High School<br />

on the fourth day, they were greeted by an<br />

enthusiastic reception from local students.<br />

Students engaged in various subjects from the<br />

South Korean curriculum, including science,<br />

geography, mathematics, traditional dance,<br />

and earth sciences. They embraced the long<br />

school days, the relaxed uniform policies, and<br />

the experience of family life while staying with<br />

their homestay hosts. Moreover, science and<br />

technology enrichment trips to the nearby Daegu<br />

science museum, Webtoon Technology centre<br />

and the POSCO steel factory, broadened their<br />

understanding of international education and<br />

technological advancement. As the seventh day<br />

drew to a close, tearful farewells were exchanged,<br />

marking the culmination of their transformative<br />

experience at Ocheon.<br />

Ms. Mensa, Mr. Miles, and I, were repeatedly<br />

impressed by the <strong>Cranford</strong> students’ remarkable<br />

adaptability to the new language, customs,<br />

cuisine, and educational system. Undoubtedly,<br />

the lessons and skills they acquired during their<br />

Korean adventure will remain with them for years<br />

to come. South Korea has shaped these young<br />

minds into global citizens, prepared to embrace<br />

the challenges and wonders that lie ahead.<br />

Caitlin Arnold, Damian Miles, Sophia Cran-Mensa<br />

(Trip Leaders)<br />

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South Korea<br />

5/8<br />

This was the first time ever in my life that during a trip<br />

we went to Korean schools and stayed with one of their<br />

students. This was a truly marvellous and exhilarating<br />

experience. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed<br />

living with the Korean family and the hospitality was<br />

incredibly amazing. I ate different kinds of foods such as<br />

Gimbap, Bulgogi, Tteobokki etc. The family and I had a lot<br />

of fun. I really hope that someday I will meet them again<br />

during my lifetime.<br />

Tanish Mathur (year 12)<br />

During my unforgettable journey in South Korea, I had the<br />

pleasure of experiencing numerous remarkable moments.<br />

Among them, two standouts were my visit to the iconic<br />

Gyeongbokgung Palace and the captivating celebration<br />

at a Buddhist temple on Buddha’s birthday. The peaceful<br />

setting of the temple, adorned with vivid lanterns that<br />

painted a mesmerising array of colours, provided me with<br />

valuable insight into South Korea’s profoundly religious<br />

heritage. Stepping foot inside Gyeongbokgung Palace,<br />

I was in awe of the intricately designed structures that<br />

offered a captivating glimpse into the lives of the royal<br />

family. I learnt about Korean architecture and culture<br />

this is why these were my favourite experiences in South<br />

Korea.<br />

Diljeet Daneva (year 12)<br />

Out of the extensive list of memorable moments<br />

experienced on this trip, I recall my memories with my<br />

homestay partner as the most valuable. A particular time<br />

where I felt most open was at karaoke with my partner<br />

and her friends.<br />

We visited many science-based sites with the generous help<br />

of those who funded this trip, which sparked my curiosity<br />

and led to me finding the kind of specialities I would like<br />

to partake of in the future.<br />

Soha Haidery (year 10)<br />

The south Korea trip was a lifetime experience. I would<br />

have never thought of going to South Korea and this trip<br />

allowed me to gain multiple new friends and meet new<br />

people who got to share lifetime memories with us. We<br />

were very fortunate to get to go on this fully funded trip.<br />

Ashvika Jaitly (year 10)<br />

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in<br />

the trip to South Korea. Everything about it was amazing<br />

and I can’t stop speaking about it. I made so many great<br />

memories that I will cherish forever. Meeting all the<br />

people in South Korea was such a wonderful experience,<br />

they were all so kind and welcoming. We were strangers<br />

to them and yet they were still so generous and warmhearted,<br />

especially our homestays and the students from<br />

Ocheon High School. Sightseeing in Seoul was beautiful,<br />

and I really enjoyed trying so many new things and getting<br />

to know the South Korean culture. I wish I could go back<br />

and do it all over again.<br />

Karina Modhvadia (year 10)<br />

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South Korea<br />

6/8<br />

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South Korea<br />

7/8<br />

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South Korea<br />

8/8<br />

At<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Students embark on the<br />

International Learners Programme South Korea<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> we are thankful to the Korean Education Centre, UK, for selecting two of our students to<br />

participate in a Hana Global programme for international learners of Korean in December last year.<br />

Two of our many excellent Korean language students at <strong>Cranford</strong> were selected to represent the UK at the<br />

event in Incheon, South Korea – Soha Haidery, 10U and Isra Jadoon, C6C. The following is Soha’s account<br />

of her experience.<br />

Sahrish Shaikh (Senior Teacher – International Co-ordinator)<br />

When I applied to the South Korean International<br />

Culture Program, I didn’t expect to be selected due to the<br />

high demand and there only being 100 spaces globally<br />

available. I was thrilled when I got my acceptance<br />

email and elated when everything fell into place.<br />

In this programme we were open to participate in various<br />

competitions and presentations. I took part in a poetry<br />

competition and in several lectures that talked in depth<br />

about the history and culture of Korea. The group I was in<br />

was also awarded a certificate because of our collaborative<br />

contribution. We got to visit certain historical places in<br />

Seoul, such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace and Hanguk<br />

museum, which are tourist mustsees.<br />

This trip also allowed<br />

me to get once-in-a-lifetime<br />

opportunities, such as meeting<br />

high officials (the South Korean<br />

Prime Minister, and the Minister<br />

of Education) and different K-Pop<br />

groups. I found it very exciting<br />

since I could have never imagined<br />

I would be in such proximity to<br />

such esteemed personalities.<br />

Moreover, this experience<br />

allowed me to gain an insight<br />

of what it is like outside of<br />

the boundaries of London and<br />

compare how other people live in different countries.<br />

Students from other countries across Europe, Asia, the<br />

Americas and Africa were also involved. Talking to them<br />

allowed to me to learn a little about the educational systems<br />

of several countries, as well as make lifelong friendships<br />

with people I would have never known if I had not been<br />

selected for this trip. It was the people who made the whole<br />

experience so memorable, because they were undeniably<br />

the reason I could enjoy 10+ hours of learning daily!<br />

To conclude, I would like to thank Hana Global Bank<br />

for funding this trip at no expense to participants, the<br />

South Korean government for<br />

planning this for those of us<br />

who study Korean outside Korea<br />

itself, IKEF for teaching me and<br />

making it all come together in<br />

such a spectacular way, Miss<br />

Chung who recommended me<br />

to the South Korean embassy,<br />

Mr Lennon for sending me off<br />

prepared and safely and Mr<br />

Prunty for sanctioning the<br />

governmental trip and booking<br />

the flights!<br />

Soha Haidery (year 10)<br />

Kaiser in Korea (STEM activities)<br />

I<br />

think going to Korea was absolutely<br />

incredible but what I like the most<br />

about Korea is hanging out with my friends and some<br />

new friends I have made. Korea has helped me manage<br />

my stress and now I’m able to think calmly in bad<br />

situations. Since I came back from Korea I have been<br />

able to be be more adaptable and I am less agitated by<br />

things. I would love to go on another amazing trip like<br />

this one, it has truly made a big impact on my life. I<br />

shall carry the memories with me for a very long time.<br />

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South Korea<br />

Genesis Global<br />

visit to <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

As<br />

a school with established<br />

international links, we pride<br />

ourselves greatly on being able to not only<br />

maintain our international partnerships but<br />

also on building new ones. The visit from<br />

Genesis Global as one such opportunity<br />

where we could do just that. Genesis Global<br />

is an organisation that we have had links with<br />

previously and it was great to be able to host<br />

them when they came with a new cohort of<br />

teachers from South Korea, all from varying<br />

educational institutions in South Korea, to<br />

learn more about <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> and<br />

the education and extra-curricular ethos that we have<br />

established.<br />

The visit to the school involved a tour of the school<br />

as well as lesson visits and Q and A session. It was<br />

fantastic opportunity for us to network and build new<br />

relationships as well as learn more about each other<br />

and the differences as well as similarities between the<br />

educational institutions in our two respective countries.<br />

We look forward to hosting them again in the future.<br />

Sahrish Shaikh<br />

(Senior Teacher – International Co-ordinator)<br />

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TRIP to Athens<br />

20<strong>23</strong><br />

1/2<br />

Exploring<br />

Ancient Wonders:<br />

A Journey to<br />

Athens<br />

with Year 10 Students<br />

In<br />

the crisp February air, a group of<br />

eager Year 10 students embarked on<br />

a once-in-a-lifetime educational adventure<br />

to Athens, Greece. Ms Jenkins, Ms Pedersen<br />

and I, had the privilege of accompanying them<br />

on this remarkable journey, witnessing their<br />

growth, curiosity, and enthusiasm for history<br />

come alive in the land that birthed Western<br />

civilization.<br />

Leaving Athens behind, we ventured south to Cape<br />

Sounion, a place where myth and reality intertwine.<br />

Perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the Aegean<br />

Sea, the Temple of Poseidon stood as a testament to<br />

the power and might of the gods. As the sun began to<br />

set, casting a warm golden glow over the temple ruins,<br />

the students stood in awe of the panoramic view before<br />

them. It was a moment of tranquillity and reflection,<br />

where the majesty of nature harmonized with the tales<br />

of ancient mythology.<br />

We visited the iconic Acropolis, where the grandeur of<br />

the Parthenon greeted us. Standing atop this ancient<br />

hill, we were transported back in time to the height of<br />

the Athenian Empire. The students were captivated by<br />

the breath-taking architectural marvels, the intricate<br />

details of the friezes, and the magnitude of history<br />

Page<br />

surrounding them. As we discussed the significance of<br />

the Parthenon in ancient Greek culture and its enduring<br />

impact on Western civilization, it was wonderful to<br />

see students amazed with a newfound appreciation<br />

for the past.<br />

Our journey continued to the mystical Delphi<br />

Acropolis, nestled among the rugged slopes of Mount<br />

Parnassus. Here, the students embarked on a spiritual<br />

pilgrimage, exploring the Oracle of Delphi, once<br />

considered the centre of the world by the ancient<br />

Greeks. As they learned about the rituals, prophecies,<br />

and influence of the Oracle, a sense of wonder filled<br />

the air. They contemplated the complex relationship<br />

between divinity and humanity, gaining a deeper<br />

understanding of the beliefs and values that shaped<br />

ancient Greek society.<br />


TRIP to Athens<br />

20<strong>23</strong><br />

2/2<br />

Beyond the historical sites, our adventure provided<br />

opportunities for cultural immersion and personal<br />

growth. Students navigated the bustling streets of<br />

Athens, interacting with locals and honing their<br />

language skills. Through these experiences, they<br />

discovered the importance of embracing diversity<br />

and appreciating the vibrant tapestry of human<br />

heritage.<br />

As we bade farewell to Athens, the students left<br />

with memories etched in their hearts and minds.<br />

The trip had ignited a passion for history, art, and<br />

culture, instilling in them a sense of connection<br />

to the past and an eagerness to explore the world.<br />

They returned home with a broader perspective,<br />

armed with stories and knowledge that would<br />

enrich their academic pursuits and shape their<br />

future endeavours.<br />

To the Year 10 students who accompanied me on<br />

this unforgettable journey, I commend you for your<br />

curiosity, resilience, and open-mindedness. May the<br />

memories of our time in Athens continue to inspire<br />

you to seek knowledge, embrace new experiences,<br />

and make a positive impact on the world around<br />

you.<br />

Milton Venancio Ferreira<br />

(Trip Leader - Head of Year 10)<br />

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ART &<br />

Digital Visual<br />

1/7<br />

Art and<br />

Digital Visual<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-20<strong>23</strong><br />

Key Stage 3 Students embarked on a journey<br />

of creative discovery in both Art and Digital<br />

Visual. For some students it was the first time<br />

that they had the opportunity to paint as they missed<br />

out on some of the formative years of creative teaching<br />

due to Covid. Students have had a bespoke introduction<br />

to the Creative Industry careers and produced work to<br />

industry specifications as well as showing creativity<br />

and skill. All students were introduced to the formal<br />

elements of Art and created some interesting work.<br />

Year 7 students have learnt Fine Art skills through<br />

exploration of Van Gogh’s artwork and the work of<br />

Nanda Palmeiri. Students learnt the skill of using and<br />

applying tone and paint using water colour. Students<br />

also learnt about the Op art movement and created 3D<br />

op Art based work thinking about how their designs<br />

can be transferred from 2D to 3D.<br />

Year 8 students investigated the theme of ‘Still life’<br />

and gained technical skills in the use of contour lines.<br />

Students created their own work using oil pastels<br />

inspired by Cezanne, students also learned about<br />

Page<br />

the technique of layered 3D decoupage and created<br />

layered 3D pieces.<br />

Year 9 investigated the idea of street art where they<br />

looked at the work of Banksy and explored the history<br />

of street art, when it’s appropriate and how Art can<br />

show political meaning and messages in relation to<br />

society. Students created their own ‘throw up’ design<br />

and 3D sculptures inspired by Keith Haring learning<br />

the skill of assemblage. They also investigated the<br />

work of Kandinsky and created their own compositions<br />

using the technique of wax resist.<br />

In Digital Visual lessons, year 7 had the opportunity<br />

to explore and create a brand identity, packaging<br />

and advertisements in a chocolate marketing<br />

campaign. Students we’re able to plan and create<br />

a film trailer using apple software. They gained<br />

skills in analysis of technical codes and conventions<br />

which offered the opportunity to unravel issues in<br />

society such as stereotypes and belonging. Students<br />

also looked at the games industry and planned and<br />

created an avatar using the ipads.<br />


ART &<br />

Digital Visual<br />

2/7<br />

Year 8 students created digital campaign posters promoting their place<br />

in society and <strong>Cranford</strong> influenced by the ‘I am America’ photography<br />

by Ridwan Adhami and Shepard Faireys ‘We the people campaign’.<br />

Students then planned and created Augmented reality environment for<br />

an educational app and gained skills in animation.<br />

Year 9 Digital and Visual students enjoyed the opportunity to plan and<br />

develop magazine covers, Charity Adverts and 3D modelling in Tinker<br />

Cad to create a desk pet product for 3D printing. Students really<br />

engaged in creating a model that could also be seen in an AR setting.<br />

The Key Stage 3 curriculum will continue to evolve to remain<br />

innovative and current to today’s society and technology giving<br />

our students the best opportunities and future proofing their career<br />

pathways.<br />

Pam Hunt (Head of Art and Digital Visual)<br />

G A M E<br />

O N<br />


I like Art because it has a wide variety of creations we can do in school.<br />

I like Art as we can draw from our imagination to real life drawings. I<br />

like Art since it is very fun to draw and make whatever you like. I like Art<br />

because it is one of my hobbies, I do all of the time.<br />

Top ten games (summer<br />

edition) faster and<br />

quicker score many<br />

points<br />

Ultimate gaming machine<br />

(spring edition) gaming hints<br />

at your finger tips, lightening<br />

when you type<br />

10x faster game quality<br />

(winter edition)<br />

Arham Khilji (year 7)<br />

Art is fun and helps me expand my confidence. I do art at home and<br />

sometimes I run out of ideas and when I come to school, I can get more<br />

ideas on what to do. The Op- Art was the best and most enjoyable lesson<br />

for me. In art, there are no rules so you can just pour all your ideas out on<br />

to a page, which is fun.<br />

Muhammad Hunain Khan (year 7)<br />

THE<br />

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ART &<br />

Digital Visual<br />

3/7<br />

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ART &<br />

Digital Visual<br />

4/7<br />

ART - GCSE and A Level<br />

In<br />

GCSE Art this year students produced a<br />

range of work using a variety of media<br />

materials and resources to create some beautiful<br />

work for their coursework. Students investigated<br />

the theme of portraits using Simon Birch for<br />

inspiration. They produced some lovely portraits<br />

pieces. Students also created a personal project<br />

on the theme of their choice giving them greater<br />

independence and enthusiasm for creativity. This<br />

allowed students to take risks with their work and<br />

also lead their own investigations, making the<br />

work very individual to each student. Students<br />

also created art on the theme of food, looking at<br />

the work of Andy Warhol Joel Penkman and Sarah<br />

Graham. Students were able to explore skills such<br />

as Lino printing, Dry point etching and also built<br />

skills in realistic drawing. Examination work<br />

this year was creative and displayed skills and<br />

understanding of a range of artists which led to<br />

some highly creative and varied work.<br />

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ART &<br />

Digital Visual<br />

5/7<br />

A<br />

Level Art work was of a high standard<br />

as students had individualized learning<br />

which allowed for greater creativity and<br />

experimentation. Students explored in depth in<br />

their personal investigation which led to some<br />

exceptional outcomes. Students Investigated<br />

range of themes such as Queerness, Culture, Life,<br />

Passion, Architecture, books, shoes and Portraits.<br />

This allowed for greater diversity in the artists that<br />

were researched and analysed and therefore work<br />

was more personal and meaningful. Students made<br />

good use of the facilities in their independent time<br />

and this has clearly been seen in the quality of<br />

the work this year. Examination work included<br />

installations and photography as well as 3D<br />

outcomes. Students were confident to explore a<br />

range of ideas and made use of all the skills that<br />

they were introduced to.<br />

It has been a pleasure to teach the students this year<br />

to watch them grow in confidence and develop<br />

their skills and understanding.<br />

Pam Hunt (Head of Art and Digital Visual)<br />

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ART &<br />

Digital Visual<br />

6/7<br />

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ART &<br />

Digital Visual<br />

7/7<br />

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Department<br />

1/2<br />

This<br />

Business Studies Department <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

year has been an incredibly exciting one for the Business Studies department as we became one<br />

of the first schools in the country to introduce a brand new qualification, the T Level in Business<br />

& Administration. Designed to prepare students for either working life or continued study the course mixes<br />

business theory and practical experience. It includes a one-month long Business project and, excitingly, 9 weeks<br />

of supervised work experience. This year we have had 11 students with us for the T Level and in the next few<br />

years we expect demand for this innovative and exciting course to grow.<br />

Alongside the T Level, the Business team continues to offer GCSE, A Level and BTEC and this year we have<br />

seen record numbers of students across the year groups sign up for one of our courses. To enable these courses<br />

and the record number of students in the department we were delighted to welcome Mr Frumkin to the team in<br />

November <strong>2022</strong>. Mr Frumkin comes from the world of business and his experiences will serve to enhance our<br />

overall offering to our students and provide expert input as a previous Industry professional.<br />

The coming year promises to be even more exciting for the department as we continue to develop our courses<br />

on offer and strive to ensure that all of our students get the very best grounding in the world of Business!<br />

Gurpreet Patel (Head of Business Studies)<br />

OCR Cambridge Assessment Education<br />

This year Mr Ryan became an examiner for OCR Cambridge Assessment Education Business component. He<br />

has been recognised for his “exemplary” work and his “unwavering professionalism”.<br />

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Department<br />

2/2<br />

Jonathan Ryan - <strong>Cranford</strong> Business Studies teacher -<br />

Acknowledged for Exemplary Role in<br />

Cambridge Assessment Education’s<br />

A Level Examination Series<br />

Cambridge Assessment Education extends its gratitude to Jonathan Ryan for his outstanding<br />

dedication and contributions during the March 20<strong>23</strong> examination series. As an examiner and<br />

moderator, Mr. Ryan’s invaluable services have garnered immense appreciation from Product<br />

Managers and colleagues alike.<br />

Mr. Ryan’s unwavering commitment to the examination process and his unwavering<br />

professionalism have not gone unnoticed. Cambridge Assessment Education recognises and<br />

commends his remarkable efforts, which have played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of<br />

the examination series.<br />

His exemplary work on the business component of the examination series has been highly<br />

acclaimed, reflecting the high standard of expertise and proficiency he brings to his role as an<br />

examiner.<br />

A formal letter of appreciation has been sent to Mr. Ryan, confirming the successful completion<br />

of his work for the business component of the examination series. Furthermore, Cambridge<br />

Assessment International Education has expressed its openness to considering Mr. Ryan for<br />

future invitations.<br />

Jonathan Ryan’s commitment and support have been instrumental in the accomplishment of a<br />

triumphant March 20<strong>23</strong> examination series. As Cambridge Assessment Education looks to the<br />

future, it is individuals like Mr. Ryan whose dedication will continue to shape and elevate the<br />

quality of education and assessment on a global scale.<br />

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Department<br />

1/5<br />

Economics Department <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

With<br />

the world facing challenges from cost-of-living crisis to the war between Ukraine and Russia<br />

followed by rising energy prices, the real life nature of Economics as a subject has never been<br />

so evident. It has been intriguing for our students to see how economic theory has started to evolve more around<br />

our everyday lives. Our students have been provided with numerous opportunities to explore how Economics<br />

could provide answers to the problems faced by the people locally and nationally. They have been able to engage<br />

with significant issues such as rising inflation, increasing interest and mortgage rates, economic implications<br />

of covid-19, aftermath of Brexit, and the need for sustainable development in the wake of global warming to<br />

name a few. Our students acquire a way of thinking as economists and develop a logical approach to reasoning<br />

while analysing emerging issues in the society.<br />

Both GCSE and A level student have learnt skills and developed confidence to explore micro and macroeconomics<br />

as part of their curriculum. We have continued to teach engaging lessons using a range of resources as per the<br />

needs of our students. Economics current affair quizzes have continued to be incorporated in our lessons to<br />

provide our students updates on the recent changes in the economy. We have supported our students to develop<br />

awareness of the world around them with the recent articles written by leading economists from the Financial<br />

Times, The Economist and Economics Today. Furthermore, our A level students had an opportunity to attend<br />

an exam focussed webinar that aimed to develop an understanding of key elements of A/A* responses. To<br />

acknowledge progress and excellent attitude to learning, students have been awarded with the end of term<br />

certificates.<br />

Our students have been able to engage with a range of enrichment opportunities to enhance their cultural capital.<br />

Our young economists were fortunate enough to able to attend a talk by the Bank of England Ambassador<br />

that aimed to develop an understanding of the role of the Bank and how monetary policy works in practice.<br />

Furthermore, our A level students went on a trip to the Bank of England Museum where they glimpsed into<br />

the timeline of financial history and how the Bank has evolved over the years. To support year 11s with their<br />

transition into A level, a comprehensive activity pack has been provided. Our students are actively encouraged<br />

and supported to take part in extra-curricular activities such as university summer schools, Junior Economist<br />

of the Year Competition organised by the Royal Society of Economics and essay writing competitions offered<br />

by universities.<br />

We look forward to continue supporting our junior economists to excel and celebrate their successes.<br />

Ramanpreet Kaur (Head of Economics)<br />

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Department<br />

2/5<br />

When choosing A-Level Economics, I was at first sceptical<br />

and worried about the possibility that I wouldn’t end up<br />

enjoying it. Like many other students, I too fell under the<br />

misconception that Economics is only about taxes and<br />

graphs, and only for mathematically inclined people.<br />

However, this past year of studying it has proven my<br />

preconceived ideas to be completely wrong. Although the<br />

aforementioned topics are a key part of the subject, you<br />

learn so much more including about human behaviour<br />

and why we make the decisions we do. I have been able<br />

to view the world around me with a fresh pair of eyes<br />

and appreciate the intricate and complex processes that<br />

go behind the seemingly simple choices we make on a<br />

day-to-day basis. Furthermore, recently, we have had an<br />

excellent opportunity to receive a talk by an Ambassador<br />

from the Bank of England where we not only discussed<br />

matters such as rising inflation rates and cryptocurrency<br />

but also learnt about the multitude of different career<br />

paths that Economics can lead to. I can whole heartedly<br />

say that it has been one of my favourite subjects that I<br />

have studied in all my academic years and I thoroughly<br />

wish to continue delving into this new world of knowledge<br />

further at university.<br />

Inês Gonçalves (year 12)<br />

Studying A-Level Economics has been an enriching and<br />

eye-opening experience that has provided me with a<br />

comprehensive understanding of the way world works.<br />

When I first started studying this course, I encountered<br />

a few challenges in comprehending intricate concepts<br />

and graphs. However, with determination and the<br />

Page<br />

guidance of my teachers, I gradually developed a solid<br />

foundation. I learned the importance of persistence and<br />

actively seeking clarification whenever I faced difficulties<br />

which significantly contributed to my growth as a junior<br />

economist. During my first year, I have a chance to<br />

study Micro-economics that focuses on the behaviour of<br />

individual agents within an economy such as households,<br />

firms, and markets. My experience with learning A-Level<br />

Economics has been incredibly rewarding. It has broadened<br />

my perspective, deepened my understanding of economic<br />

phenomena and equipped me with essential skills for<br />

critical thinking and analysis. The real-life nature of the<br />

subject has made it highly relevant and engaging and<br />

has inculcated a passion for understanding the economic<br />

forces that shape our society.<br />

Jathisha Kajendran (year 12)<br />

A level Economics has been a great experience from<br />

challenging essay writing to the intriguing debates that<br />

took place in lessons. Economics really gets your brain<br />

working which is why I enjoy it so much. Our lessons are<br />

engaging and interactive which help us gain knowledge and<br />

understanding needed to be able to complete our A level<br />

course successfully. Macroeconomics was my favourite<br />

part of the course - it gives you a real understanding of<br />

how government and banks make certain policy decisions<br />

and how these decisions affect us all. Overall, Economics<br />

has been a fantastic A level course which has provided me<br />

with the knowledge and transferable skills to support me<br />

with my future pathways.<br />

Muskaan Kaur Sanghera (year 13)<br />



Department<br />

3/5<br />

Bank of England<br />

Ambassador<br />

talks on<br />

“Economics<br />

in Practice”<br />

We were fortunate to welcome<br />

Matthew Pegg, an adviser<br />

in the Centre for Central Banking<br />

Studies to <strong>Cranford</strong>. It was an<br />

excellent opportunity for our year<br />

12 students to attend a presentation<br />

on the role of the Bank of England<br />

in maintaining financial stability in<br />

the UK. The talk started with a series<br />

of engaging questions followed by a<br />

brief history of the Bank. Our students<br />

displayed great enthusiasm discussing<br />

how energy and food prices pushed<br />

inflation much higher than target. We<br />

learnt how the interest rate is changed<br />

to meet inflation targets and the<br />

changes have widespread impact on<br />

the economy. It was quite intriguing<br />

to explore how the emergence of<br />

cryptocurrency is posing a challenge<br />

in the modern world and why there is<br />

a need for regulation for this highly<br />

volatile market. Matthew very kindly<br />

shared his journey of working at the<br />

Bank and his progression to his current<br />

role. The talk was quite interactive<br />

and covered various future pathways<br />

the Bank offers. Our students were<br />

extremely delighted to be able to ask<br />

questions to a prominent member of<br />

the Bank and learn about monetary<br />

policy as a part of their curriculum.<br />

Overall, it was a great learning<br />

experience for them.<br />

Ramanpreet Kaur<br />

(Head of Economics)<br />

It was an enriching experience to learn about the way in which the<br />

Bank of England aims to maintain monetary and financial stability<br />

from a representative from the Bank itself. Specifically, I liked how the<br />

presentation included new ideas proposed by the Bank of England that<br />

would transform the future of Banking such as the possibility of issuing<br />

a digital currency called the digital pound - this would lead to faster<br />

payments, cheaper international transfers and is much more secure than<br />

paper currency thus ensuring a stable financial system. Moreover, this talk<br />

unveiled the ways that the Bank of England functions including issuance<br />

of new notes and coins to changing interest rates impacting our lives on<br />

a daily basis. Overall, I found this talk extremely to useful to get a better<br />

insight into economics in practice.<br />

Jasleen Sethi (year 12)<br />

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Department<br />

4/5<br />

Trip to the Bank of England Museum<br />

In<br />

summer 20<strong>23</strong>, our year 12 Economics students visited the Bank of England Museum located in the<br />

city of London. It holds a collection of diverse items related to the history of the Bank and the UK<br />

economy from the Bank’s foundation in 1694 to the modern day. Our young economists were able to have<br />

first-hand experience of Bank’s role in keeping inflation within the target by striking a balance between price<br />

stability and growth with a game called ‘take the helm’. They developed an insight into how forward guidance<br />

and quantitative easing are used as a part of monetary policy to meet economic objectives. Furthermore, there<br />

were a series of engaging displays that provided a glimpse into changing bank notes along side forgeries of<br />

these notes, history of architecture of the Bank and the modern economic scenes. One of the main highlights<br />

our students enjoyed the most is the opportunity of holding a genuine gold bar vaults from within its box. Our<br />

students were provided with an engaging activity pack designed to explore the Museum during their visit to the<br />

Bank. They enthusiastically took part in a range of interactive activities. Overall, it was an enriching experience<br />

for our year 12 students to be able to visit such a prestigious place and it left them inspired to explore more<br />

about the role of the Bank in the economy.<br />

Ramanpreet Kaur (Head of Economics)<br />

With my visit to the Bank of England Museum, I was able to<br />

travel through the fascinating timeline of financial history,<br />

from the early years of the bank in the late 1600s, all the way to<br />

our current economy. I gained a comprehensive understanding<br />

of the pivotal role that the Bank of England holds in shaping<br />

the global economy and obtained deep knowledge on various<br />

topics covered in macroeconomics such as monetary policy<br />

and interest rates alongside the devastating history of the<br />

transatlantic slave trade associated with the bank. What I<br />

found particularly intriguing though were the displays of<br />

ancient bank notes and their intricacy compared to those of<br />

bank notes in circulation today along with forgeries of these<br />

notes. However, having an opportunity to hold a gold bar was<br />

by far one of the best parts of the Museum. To conclude, this<br />

trip has allowed me to develop a deeper interest in the role<br />

of the Bank of England and has enthused me to explore more<br />

about it.<br />

Inês Gonçalves (year 12)<br />

The Bank of England trip was a fantastic opportunity<br />

for us to develop a deeper understanding of Economics<br />

as a subject and its application in the real world. We<br />

managed to learn a lot in one day from the history<br />

of economic policy in the UK to the role the Bank of<br />

England in modern times and the impact of its policies<br />

on our lives. There were a lot of interactive activities<br />

that we participated in and we were even able to hold a<br />

real gold bar. This trip was a fabulous experience and I<br />

am very glad that Economics department has organised<br />

this trip for us to enrich our school experience.<br />

Nihal Kang (year 12)<br />

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Department<br />

5/5<br />

Webinar – “Achieving A/A* in A level Economics”<br />

The<br />

Economics Department organised an exam focused webinar ‘Achieving A/A* in A level Economics’<br />

for A level students in preparation of their exams. The webinar provided an opportunity to the<br />

students to develop an understanding of key elements of A/A* responses and gave advice on building higher<br />

quality microeconomic and macroeconomic responses in both data responses and essay questions. Students<br />

looked at A/A* exemplars and learned how to identify the difference between good and weak responses. They<br />

took part in a marking activity to get an insight into how exams are marked and this helped them to develop<br />

in-depth understanding of the requirements of a specific exam question. The feedback from students on this<br />

webinar was extremely positive. Overall, this initiative by department was very well received and helped build<br />

confidence amongst students to produce more sophisticated and nuanced analytical, and evaluative responses.<br />

Ramanpreet Kaur (Head of Economics)<br />

The webinar was crucial for strengthening necessary skills to achieve top grades in exams. In depth explanations<br />

of the structure of essays in conjunction with links to mark schemes allowed for a greater understanding of<br />

how to construct an effective essay. I learned how to properly evaluate arguments, construct logical chains of<br />

reasoning and overall form a strong response to exam questions. The culmination of these benefits from the<br />

webinar has led to me becoming a much more proficient essay writer and I particularly found the explanations<br />

about integrating evaluations useful. The example paragraphs were quite valuable, making the webinar time<br />

efficient and impactful. Overall, the webinar was extremely advantageous to us. Being a beneficiary of the<br />

webinar has ultimately made me a far more organised, confident and proficient examinee.<br />

Dev Sangha (year 12)<br />

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ICT & Computing Department<br />

Information / Communication<br />

Technology & Computing<br />

1/4<br />

<strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

has been another fantastic year for<br />

the IT and Computing department.<br />

The department are really proud of how well all students have<br />

worked this year and engaged with the various opportunities<br />

on offer.<br />

As a department we have continued to focus on embedding<br />

skills and knowledge to build a solid foundation in students’<br />

understanding of using a range of different applications and<br />

programming concepts. Students have designed and created a<br />

range of outstanding projects this year, designing interactive<br />

games, creating professional looking book covers, developing<br />

websites and programming quizzes.<br />

Our T Level students continue to make <strong>Cranford</strong> proud with<br />

the amazing feedback received from our placement providers.<br />

Our year 13 T Level Digital students have all successfully<br />

completed 9 weeks of industry placement, they have had<br />

fantastic opportunities, worked on live projects within the<br />

different organisations and made a real impact. It was a delight<br />

to see one of our former students, from our first cohort of T Level students, return back to his placement provider<br />

to work during his gap year before moving on to university. We look forward to celebrating our students hard<br />

work in the summer and can’t wait for the opportunities that next year brings.<br />

Sukhjeet Kudhail (Head of IT and Computing)<br />

Year 13<br />

T Level<br />

Digital<br />

I<br />

had chosen the T-Level Digital course to better<br />

enhance my technical abilities and passion within<br />

the I.T industry. I had been provided with a course<br />

of excellence, not only via the learning materials at<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>, but also the additional<br />

work industry placement, which was a bonus to add to<br />

my CV upon completion. Across two years, technical<br />

and business context for I.T were the two main areas<br />

of learning - whilst being assessed during this program<br />

for final grading.<br />

I worked at Ajar Technology based in Brentford -<br />

a digital security solutions provider for Heathrow,<br />

Sky, Network Rail, and more. The work industry<br />

placement was a total of nine weeks in different block<br />

placements where I was able to work alongside highly<br />

skilled technical engineers and those alike in multiple<br />

contrasting departments and environments. Learning<br />

about robust cyber security solutions was one of my<br />

particular interests and through this, I was generously<br />

Page<br />

invited to Zoom call meetings and in-person conference<br />

rooms to view security hardware first-hand by Ajar<br />

Technology’s providers. I was encouraged to make<br />

full use of my time at the placement effectively so<br />

each task would vary on a day-to-day basis. One day<br />

I could be tasked with technical drawings via graphics<br />

design, and the next I could be carrying out office<br />

admin which led to a summer job (and additional work<br />

experience) of <strong>2022</strong>, receiving awards for my work<br />

ethic and dedication to the course.<br />

Overall, there are a number of benefits for choosing<br />

this course at <strong>Cranford</strong>’s Sixth Form, especially if you<br />

prefer learning in a hybrid environment of work and<br />

school as you achieve your final grade. Various career<br />

path opportunities may arise or even support you in<br />

your choice of apprenticeship programs ahead. It was<br />

a truly inspirational experience and an eye-opener into<br />

future career paths in which I shall pursue.<br />

Benjamin Dytham (year 13)<br />


ICT & Computing Department<br />

Information / Communication<br />

Technology & Computing<br />

2/4<br />

Learning the skills and information required to thrive<br />

in a job in the digital business through T-Level Digital,<br />

Design, and Development was a terrific idea. I decided<br />

to enrol in T-Level Digital because I am passionate<br />

about technology and digital innovation, and I want<br />

to learn more about how to develop and implement<br />

digital solutions that will improve people’s lives. I<br />

knew that doing this course will help me develop the<br />

skills and knowledge I need to seek a career in the<br />

digital sector.<br />

During the two years that I was doing my T-Level<br />

course, I was focused on developing my skills and<br />

knowledge in the digital industry. I spent a lot of time<br />

in the classroom learning about topics such as software<br />

development, data analysis, and user experience<br />

design, as well as completing practical projects and<br />

assignments to demonstrate my understanding of these<br />

concepts. I also had the opportunity to participate in<br />

work experience placements and internships to gain<br />

hands-on experience in the industry, and to network<br />

with professionals who can help me to pursue my<br />

career goals.<br />

During my placement at Heathrow, I had the opportunity<br />

to work on an exciting project that involved building<br />

an app to manage the airport’s supplier data. This was<br />

a challenging project that required me to utilise my<br />

skills in software development, data management,<br />

and user experience design. I worked closely with<br />

my team to gather requirements, design the app, and<br />

implement the necessary functionality. Throughout<br />

the project, I learned a lot about the importance<br />

of effective communication, collaboration, and<br />

problem-solving in the workplace. I was also able<br />

to visit the Capgemini office in London, which was<br />

a great experience that allowed me to network with<br />

professionals in the industry and learn more about<br />

the latest trends and technologies in the digital space.<br />

Overall, my placement at Heathrow was an incredible<br />

learning experience that helped me to develop my<br />

skills and knowledge in the digital industry.<br />

Speaking at the Generation Aviation Conference was<br />

an unforgettable experience for me. As the youngest<br />

person on stage, I had the opportunity to share my<br />

perspective on the future of the aviation industry with a<br />

crowd full of important figures, including the Minister<br />

for Aviation. I spoke about the role that technology<br />

and innovation will play in shaping the industry in<br />

the years to come and shared my ideas for how we<br />

can work together to create a more sustainable and<br />

efficient aviation system. It was an honour to be able<br />

to share my thoughts and ideas with such an esteemed<br />

audience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have<br />

been a part of such an important event.<br />

Pursuing a T-Level course in the digital industry has<br />

been an incredibly beneficial experience for me. Not<br />

only have I had the opportunity to develop my skills<br />

and knowledge in this field, but I have also been<br />

able to work on exciting projects and gain valuable<br />

hands-on experience through work placements and<br />

internships. Throughout my studies, my teachers have<br />

been an invaluable source of support and guidance,<br />

providing me with the knowledge and resources I need<br />

to succeed in this field, to which I will always be<br />

grateful for. I am also grateful for the opportunities<br />

that T-Levels have provided me, and I am excited<br />

to continue pursuing my career goals in the digital<br />

industry.<br />

Suad Neziri (year 13)<br />

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ICT & Computing Department<br />

Information / Communication<br />

Technology & Computing<br />

3/4<br />

Ri Computer Science Masterclass /<br />

Brunel University / STEM<br />

Two<br />

of our year 9 students, Halima Yusuf (9V) and Samuele Suman (9V), had the fantastic<br />

opportunity to take part in Computer Science masterclasses held on a Saturday at Brunel<br />

University over the course of 6 weeks. These hands on interactive extracurricular activities were designed<br />

to encourage, inspire, and engage young people in the creativity and practice of computer science.<br />

It<br />

Sukhjeet Kudhail (Head of ICT and Computing)<br />

was a golden opportunity for me to be part of Brunel’s<br />

Ri computer Science masterclasses (STEM). These<br />

sessions were run over the course of 5 weeks that started<br />

in March 20<strong>23</strong> up to 1 April 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

This involved students from different schools coming<br />

together under one roof to work together and learn from<br />

each other. It was an opportunity to show and build my<br />

knowledge and skills that I understood in science and a<br />

chance to put theory into practice by doing short practical<br />

tasks in groups.<br />

On the first week everyone was kindly welcomed into the<br />

dome, where we were shown a video, showing what our<br />

activity would be for the day. The activity was to build a<br />

robot using Lego and then compete in a fight with other<br />

groups. My group managed to build a sturdy robot by<br />

having long walls on the sides and heavy bulky front and<br />

backs. This was an interactive task as we had to put our<br />

skills to the test. I really enjoyed this activity as not only<br />

did I learn how to work under pressure but also I learned<br />

how to work as a team.<br />

In second week we did an activity to find out things about<br />

each other and it was basically human bingo but a nice<br />

way to get to know everyone. Then after that we all sat<br />

down at tables and had a professor come in from Brunel to<br />

talk about physics and helicopters and we had some theory<br />

tests to complete. At the end we all had to make one giant<br />

paper helicopter in which we threw down a balcony and<br />

our team came third unfortunately.<br />

On the third week we moved from the hall to the computer<br />

room to program on mini robots. We would use coding to<br />

Page<br />

make the robot move and make the robots small screen<br />

project numbers or different phrases such as hello or how<br />

are you. We would later learn how to make it move in<br />

straight lines and at the end we had an activity to make it<br />

move on certain color lines.<br />

On the fourth week, we looked at slides it was all on<br />

architecture and structure in science this was a session<br />

where we had to apply our theories.<br />

In the last session, we worked in groups of 3 and we were<br />

given a small ball in which we would code to make it<br />

move around certain shapes. For example, my group had<br />

a triangle, and we would have to code the ball into moving<br />

on the shape perfectly. We would go through different<br />

shapes and the group with the most shapes won. As a<br />

reward we were given gifts and tote bags as a thank you<br />

gift from Brunel.<br />

Overall, the STEM programme has really given me an<br />

insight into Science and allowed me to not just develop but<br />

build on my experiences and skills and knowledge which I<br />

can put into practice and as I am moving onto my GCSEs,<br />

it will really help me in my studies.<br />

My advice to other students is, if you are given the<br />

opportunity to do Stem Placements, take the advantage<br />

as you will learn so much about yourself and will build a<br />

good understanding of STEM. It will help you build your<br />

network and help you discover and explore how to put your<br />

problem solving and thinking into practice.<br />

Halima Yusuf (year 9)<br />


ICT & Computing Department<br />

Information / Communication<br />

Technology & Computing<br />

4/4<br />

Over<br />

the course of five enjoyable days I had<br />

the extraordinary opportunity to immerse<br />

myself in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence<br />

at Brunel University. From building and coding robots<br />

to exploring the intricacies of AI chips, each day was a<br />

thrilling adventure into the cutting-edge technologies that<br />

are shaping our future.<br />

My journey began with a hands-on workshop on robot<br />

construction. Guided by experienced instructors, we<br />

learned about the for the fundamentals of robotics, including<br />

mechanical design, electronics, and programming. With<br />

the help of kits provided by the university, we assembled<br />

our own robots, carefully connecting motors, sensors, and<br />

microcontrollers. It was inspiring to witness our creations<br />

come to life as we programmed them to perform basic<br />

tasks.<br />

To unlock the full potential of our robots, we divided<br />

into the world of coding. With the guidance of expert<br />

programmers, we learned programming languages<br />

commonly used in robotics, such as Python. Through<br />

interactive coding exercises, we programmed our robots<br />

to execute advanced tasks and respond to specific<br />

environmental stimuli. Witnessing our robots perform<br />

complex manoeuvres through code we had written was<br />

a testament to the power of programming in shaping the<br />

capabilities of robotics.<br />

Having mastered the art of building Roblox we delved<br />

into the realm of robot control and navigation. Through<br />

intensive training sessions we learned how to manipulate<br />

our robots using various control mechanism. We explored<br />

different locomotion techniques, such as wheeled and<br />

legged movements, and honed our skill in driving the<br />

robot along predetermined paths. The experience was<br />

both challenging and rewarding as we developed a deeper<br />

understanding of complexities manoeuvrability.<br />

On the final day, we had the chance to apply our newfound<br />

knowledge and skills. Collaborating in teams, we were<br />

tasked with designing and developing a robot that could<br />

navigate a complex obstacle course autonomously.<br />

Combining our expertise in building, programming,<br />

and AI chip development, we worked tirelessly to<br />

create a robot that could adapt to its surroundings and<br />

overcome challenges. This hands-on project solidified<br />

our understanding of the integration between hardware,<br />

software, and artificial intelligence.<br />

My five-day journey at Brunel university was an incredible<br />

experience From constructing robots to coding Ai chips<br />

each day presented new challenges and opportunities for<br />

growth. The hands-on nature of the programme provided<br />

a unique perspective on the intricate relationship<br />

between engineering, programming, and the realisation<br />

of intelligence machines. Brunel University’s commitment<br />

to pushing the boundaries of technology and fostering<br />

innovation had undoubtedly left a lasting impact on my<br />

journey as a technology lover.<br />

Samuele Suman<br />

(year 9)<br />

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Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/3<br />

This<br />

year the Media Department moved into a<br />

brand-new media suite neighbouring the<br />

Art Department giving more opportunity for Year 7-9<br />

Digital Visual students to have access to high quality<br />

and professional equipment. In a time of increasing<br />

‘prosumerism’ it has been imperative to explore the<br />

impact of social media in a move to more independent<br />

media production and its pivotal role in marketing. As<br />

‘twitter’ became ‘X’ and AI dominated headlines with<br />

photography and music produced by AI gaining awards<br />

the media industry has continued to evolve embracing<br />

new technologies.<br />

Our Year 13 students produced exceptional media<br />

products this year as part of their NEA projects in<br />

response to briefs set by EDUQAS. The class split<br />

in half with some choosing the film marketing brief<br />

creating marketing material for an original film including<br />

a theatrical release poster, teaser poster, DVD cover and<br />

website and the other half chose the magazine brief where<br />

they created a front cover, contents page and double<br />

page spread. The quality of research, photography and<br />

editing was very high this year with students working<br />

hard to produce industry standard products.<br />

Sharandeep Saroya (Assistant Headteacher)<br />

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Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/3<br />

Page<br />



Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/3<br />

Page<br />


MUSIC Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />


1/2<br />

The<br />

Music<br />

Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-20<strong>23</strong><br />

At<br />

the start of the new school year in September <strong>2022</strong> we saw some changes. Mr Dickson joined the<br />

department and he soon set up new drum, piano and instrumental lessons outside of the curriculum to<br />

support students. As a department we continued to review and develop the music we offer and revamped the<br />

curriculum at key stage 3, introducing more song choices to challenge the level of musicianship and to encourage<br />

growth with their chosen instrument. These included; “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers and “Three Little Birds”<br />

by Bob Marley to increase their experience and understanding of different music genres.<br />

Our examination results in RSL level 2 and level 3 far exceeded our previous year with the highest pass rate in<br />

the departments history with over 50% gaining merit and distinction at key stage 4 and 5. We were delighted<br />

that two of our year 13 students gained places at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) Corben Smith<br />

and Samuel Ubhi to pursue a career in the music industry.<br />

Building on the success at Level 3 we refocused our efforts on individual instrument practice and created extra<br />

spaces for our key stage 5 students to develop their independent learning projects. Our Music Technology<br />

software is Industry standard, providing our aspirational students with the facilities they need to be successful<br />

and we are extremely hopeful that our results will again this year be even better.<br />

Our annual Cranfest concert in December <strong>2022</strong> was the biggest and most successful to date with over 50<br />

students performing across the school. Cranfest has become much anticipated event and we are delighted our<br />

music students are so keen to participate.<br />

Luke Joyce (Head of Music)<br />

Page<br />


MUSIC Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />


2/2<br />

for a space to rehearse, helped to motivate<br />

the performers when hearing the range of<br />

talent taking part. Older students mentored<br />

younger students. There were bands made<br />

up of students from mixed aged groups and<br />

there were some wonderful surprises with<br />

new talent emerging through the process.<br />

The<br />

September to December buzz around<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>’s Music department in<br />

anticipation of the annual Cranfest concert, always<br />

brings a sense of something special about to happen<br />

and this year was no exception. Taking part in<br />

Cranfest, first staged in 2019 to showcase the eclectic<br />

and diverse music genres learnt, is always a hotly<br />

pursued ambition for students across all year groups<br />

and all abilities. There are no auditions to participate<br />

but there is an expectation that performers will commit<br />

to regular rehearsals to create a quality performance.<br />

New year 7 students are encouraged to take part and<br />

although nervous, are always keen to get involved.<br />

Over sixteen weeks of rehearsals before school, after<br />

school, break 1 and 2, meant at any time in the day you<br />

could walk through the department and be entertained<br />

by heavy rock bands, solo artists or cultural musicians<br />

creating a colourful cacophony of sound. The very<br />

oversubscribed booking system with everyone vying<br />

Tickets for the concert sold out very quickly<br />

and on Tuesday 13th December <strong>2022</strong> a<br />

packed audience of 200 watched 50 students<br />

sing and play twenty excellent numbers.<br />

Performances such as “Shot Gun”, “Sweet<br />

Nation Army”, “Until I Found You”, “High<br />

and Dry” and “Running Up the Hill” to<br />

name but a few were performed. Notable<br />

performances included Leroy Ehsan’s “I Can’t Make<br />

you Love Me” and Rayan Ali’s original rap “Rayan’s<br />

Song”. The staff band led by Mr Joyce and Mr Dickson<br />

with Mr Nation-Tellery and Mr DeSousa performed<br />

“Three Little Birds” and the whole company concluded<br />

the programme with “Rockin’ Around the Christmas<br />

Tree” to a delighted audience.<br />

We are so proud of our students, the quality of their<br />

performances and their musicianship and seeing the<br />

joy of participating in Cranfest. It is always such a<br />

pleasure working with them and seeing them grow in<br />

confidence throughout the process. We look forward<br />

to doing it again in December 20<strong>23</strong> and hope more<br />

new students will join us to create an even bigger<br />

and more successful concert to celebrate the music at<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

Luke Joyce (Head of Music)<br />

It was a pleasure to attend Cranfest this year. The programme at first sight seemed<br />

to be extremely audacious – songs by Kate Bush, Linkin Park, The White Stripes<br />

and so on. However, the hours of practice and dedication to their art, never<br />

mind say talent, was clearly evident by the level of performance achieved. The<br />

enjoyment of the audience, tapping, clapping and singing along to tunes old and<br />

new, as well as the pride in the faces of family and friends for the performers,<br />

continues to make Cranfest a highlight of the school calendar. Congratulations<br />

and thank you to everyone who came together to make Cranfest happen.<br />

John Lennon (Head of Year 9)<br />

‘I am always blown away by the talent of <strong>Cranford</strong> students, Cranfest <strong>2022</strong> did not disappoint. I was particularly<br />

impressed by how much passion and confidence all students poured into their performances – so impressive!’<br />

Caitlin Arnold (Geography Department)<br />

It was a pleasure to be part of the audience for this year’s Cranfest! We are a very lucky school to have both staff and<br />

students who worked so hard to put on a fantastic show. I am very proud of everyone who played a part in putting on<br />

an amazing event.<br />

Bradley King (Head of Year 11)<br />

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DRAMA<br />

1/2<br />

Shakespeare in<br />

Schools 20<strong>23</strong><br />

“Romeo<br />

and<br />

Juliet”<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> students are no strangers to the<br />

Shakespeare in School Festival. Over the years we have undertaken<br />

some of the most iconic of Shakespeare’s plays and given them<br />

a new, innovative and modern twist for a contemporary performance.<br />

This year was no exception taking on the play of “Romeo and Juliet”, the<br />

story of star-crossed lovers thwarted by family feuds and one of the most<br />

challenging of his plays, particularly for a young company of actors.<br />

The company of fifteen students in year 7-10 worked with Bounce Theatre<br />

developing the text through months of rehearsals in Mind, Body, Soul,<br />

culminating in a Festival performance on Tuesday 22nd March 20<strong>23</strong> at<br />

The Beck Theatre Hayes, alongside other schools chosen plays, followed<br />

by a second in school performance at <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

We are enormously proud of the cast in the way they engaged with the concept, experimented<br />

with various physical theatre ideas and produced an accomplished final piece which was so<br />

well received by the festival directors and the various audience members who attended the<br />

performances.<br />

In short, the students were outstanding, from start to finish.<br />

On stage, they gave a superb performance of “Romeo and Juliet” - they really did pour everything<br />

they had into it.<br />

Backstage and throughout their technical and dress rehearsals, the students maintained excellent focus and<br />

discipline and were polite and friendly to festival and theatre staff, despite having to cope with an unexpected<br />

additional hour of downtime while another school’s tech overran. I received several positive comments about<br />

their behaviour and can honestly say that I have worked with professional adult companies who failed to meet<br />

our students’ standard of focus.<br />

Rachel and I were so proud of the whole cast and would love them to be showered with as many shout-outs and<br />

reward points as possible, they truly did themselves and their school very proud indeed!<br />

Tom Daplyn (Director - Bounce Theatre)<br />

Page 100


DRAMA<br />

2/2<br />

Those brilliant students! It was a lovely<br />

evening and the students were great. A<br />

very professional set up and the students<br />

thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. It really<br />

was excellent yesterday and the students<br />

were fantastic. Thank you very much to the<br />

staff for all of the work they have put into<br />

enabling the students to audition, rehearse<br />

and perform “Romeo and Juliet”.<br />

Rita Berndt (Head of School)<br />

What a pleasure it was to attend the<br />

Shakespeare in Schools performances<br />

last week at the Beck Theatre. All the<br />

performances were absolutely excellent<br />

but of course I enjoyed our school the best!<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> students put on an original and thoughtful performance of “Romeo<br />

and Juliet” which was incredibly well acted. I thought the students did<br />

an incredible job learning and remembering difficult dialogue and really<br />

bringing it to life.<br />

Barbara Lodge (Head of PSHCE)<br />

I loved performing the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ production<br />

because I improved on many skills, such as acting,<br />

confidence and teamwork, due to all the drama<br />

games we played, and that there were students<br />

from years seven to eleven, rather than only one<br />

year group. Overall, it was an amazing experience<br />

I would like to have again and has helped me with<br />

skills, which are beneficial for the future.<br />

Amanjot Kaur Grewal (year 9)<br />

The Romeo and Juliet play was a thrilling experience<br />

with supportive staff and an amazing cast. It was<br />

so much fun to meet new people and perform on a<br />

live stage. It helped with my confidence and I would<br />

love to do it again.<br />

Navjot Dhillon (year 8)<br />

<br />

“Did my heart love till now?”<br />

Romeo and Juliet<br />

by <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

at Beck Theatre, 21st March 20<strong>23</strong><br />

appraised by Lucy Allan<br />

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you, <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>, for<br />

your marvellous interpretation of Romeo and Juliet as part of the Spring <strong>23</strong><br />

Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was a great night at the theatre, and I’d like to take<br />

this time here to mention a few things that I really loved!<br />

You opened with a beautiful punchy prologue which set us up to be transported to<br />

another world. From fantastic fight sequences filled with intensity and drive, to the<br />

passionate balcony scene, cleverly staged over two levels, you took on one of<br />

history’s most famous tragedies with real ambition and understanding of the text.<br />

It was great to see how you used physicality to increase the tension as the story<br />

progressed. By the time the poison emerged, we were all on the edge of our seats!<br />

You had obviously all spent time thinking deeply about the roles you had taken on,<br />

and this resulted in clear and believable relationships which shone on stage.<br />

All the actors landed the text with an ease and confidence that was impressive to<br />

watch. You performed with intensity and focus as you guided the audience through<br />

this epic tragedy.<br />

This was a vivid and assured Romeo and Juliet from a talented cast, who maintained<br />

the intensity of this play from start to finish.<br />

We’re thrilled to back in a theatre with you again this year and have been so<br />

impressed by your commitment, bravery and resilience. We hope that you and your<br />

teachers are very proud of what you have achieved.<br />

Looking forward to seeing <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> in the next Festival!<br />

<br />

“This was a vivid and assured Romeo and<br />

Juliet from a talented cast”<br />

<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

<br />

Page 101


SPORTS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/6<br />

PE and Sports Department <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

This<br />

academic year the PE and Sports<br />

Department have been through a<br />

transition period with many notable exciting changes.<br />

As the year began not only was there a new PE uniform<br />

implemented throughout the whole school but there<br />

were also three new members of the department as<br />

well as new flooring in all of the indoor facilities and<br />

tennis courts. Subsequently there was a real buzz for<br />

Physical Education, one that we managed to maintain<br />

through the various events and initiatives that students<br />

engaged with.<br />

One of these was the reintroduction of Break 2<br />

sports clubs. Whilst we already offered an extensive<br />

extracurricular program, we looked to expand our offer<br />

and provide additional access and variety of sports for<br />

students to engage with at break time each day. Many<br />

took this opportunity to hone their craft in activities<br />

such as table tennis, volleyball and badminton.<br />

Students at the school have worked extremely hard<br />

and put in countless amounts of hours to develop their<br />

ability which led to some great sporting achievements<br />

at the school. Both year 7 and year 9 cricket teams<br />

finished top of their respective leagues even though<br />

they didn’t compete last year. There were also many<br />

2nd place finishes across the various sports in which we<br />

competed however one of the standout performances<br />

were the U14’s girls basketball team as many of them<br />

were playing a competitive match for the first time.<br />

The success and advancement of the <strong>Cranford</strong> Sports<br />

Leaders program continued as students excelled in a<br />

range of Hounslow borough wide competitions. They<br />

earned great praise from the school games organisers<br />

for their efforts all year round but most notably during<br />

a borough wide primary school tag rugby event. As the<br />

year progressed, we provided opportunities for over<br />

40 students across year 9 – year 13 to demonstrate<br />

their leadership in sport. This resulted in both Friya<br />

Colaco and Shenon Dias deservedly being offered jobs<br />

as community sports coaches with Heston West and<br />

achieving the <strong>Cranford</strong> Sports Leadership Gold Award<br />

along with Robert Keeley, Sanjana Bhola and Aymen<br />

Goudari.<br />

This year we have taken big steps forward with<br />

providing inclusive opportunities for all students<br />

at the school whether that be playing or watching<br />

sport. This included taking a group of students to a<br />

professional sporting fixture showcasing the best male<br />

and female basketball players in the UK, to working<br />

with organisations such as the NFL and Southall<br />

Athletic to provide more opportunities for students.<br />

We are looking forward to building on these<br />

relationships and successes in subsequent years and<br />

providing further opportunities locally and nationally<br />

for all of our students to enhance their physical<br />

literacy.<br />

Basheak Bussue<br />

(Head of Physical Education and Sports)<br />

Page 102


SPORTS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/6<br />

Hounslow Borough Sports<br />

Tournaments 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Key Stage 3 Basketball tournament<br />

at West Thames <strong>College</strong>:<br />

On Thursday 26th January 20<strong>23</strong> five boys from year 9<br />

competed against several other Hounslow schools in a<br />

short-formatted basketball tournament. The five boys<br />

representing <strong>Cranford</strong> were two years younger than<br />

the competition age range and with only five students<br />

participating, there would be no capacity for substitutions.<br />

Each game was a gruelling 24 minute match of high<br />

intensity and high-quality basketball, with end-to-end<br />

action, buzzer beating finishers and isolation plays. The<br />

year 9 boys from <strong>Cranford</strong>, Alex Virgo, Nasib Nyika,<br />

Zubeyr Mudhir, Franciszek Jozwicki and Sartaj Goraya<br />

all competed extremely well throughout the tournament,<br />

gaining admiration from staff and students from the other<br />

schools. It was an incredible experience to play at West<br />

Thames <strong>College</strong>.<br />

Key Stage 3 badminton<br />

Competition:<br />

On Thursday <strong>23</strong>rd February 20<strong>23</strong> eight students from<br />

key stage 3 were selected to take part in a Hounslow<br />

Borough Badminton competition. None of the students<br />

selected played badminton outside of school and their<br />

only experience of badminton came from a few PE lessons<br />

spread throughout their years in <strong>Cranford</strong>. Immediately<br />

as we stepped foot in the sports hall the level of talent<br />

on display while other schools were warming up was<br />

astounding. As the competition got underway the raw<br />

natural talent of a few students became abundantly clear.<br />

Qais Bhaisaheb (year 9), Wahidur Rahman (year 8),<br />

Parv Mathur (year 9) and Zayyan Sameer (year 7) all<br />

battled extremely well and showed great sportsmanship<br />

throughout the day to face some very tough competition.<br />

They fought through each round winning against multiple<br />

schools before making it to the final against Isleworth<br />

and Syon A team. A massive congratulations to those who<br />

competed.<br />

Year 7 Indoor Borough Athletics:<br />

In early March 20<strong>23</strong> <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> was<br />

invited to take part in the Borough Indoor Sports hall<br />

Athletics competition for year 7, held at Osterley Sports<br />

facility in Hounslow. The level of competition was fierce<br />

and the excitement around each race was palpable. The<br />

competition saw some standout performances from<br />

Rowan Jhawer, Kirtvir Sidhu, Evanz Cardozo,<br />

Iasmina Cocos, Eva Zeary and Zahra Da Silva<br />

Hussain. The event culminated in a 4x50m race;<br />

the atmosphere was incredible with all schools<br />

present cheering for their team, a truly deafening<br />

environment. <strong>Cranford</strong> looked slow out the blocks<br />

and were placed 4th out of the 5 schools. Each leg<br />

saw a place dragged back until the final leg, run by<br />

Rowan Jhawer who clinched victory and <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

became champions of that event.<br />

Outdoor Borough Athletics:<br />

On Thursday 18th May 20<strong>23</strong> a spirit of healthy<br />

competition was in the air as <strong>Cranford</strong> students from<br />

year 9 and 10 prepared themselves for the annual<br />

Hounslow Borough Outdoor Athletics competition,<br />

hosted at Osterley Athletics Sports facility. Many<br />

students from <strong>Cranford</strong> were about to experience<br />

an athletics competition for the first time but this<br />

did not deter them from taking on the challenge.<br />

The Outdoor Athletics Competition witnessed an<br />

impressive range of track and field events, where<br />

students exhibited their skills, determination, and<br />

a true passion for athletics. Some notable athletic<br />

performances from our students included Elisha<br />

De Souza (year 10) - Discus gold and 800m Silver,<br />

Miske Ahmed (year 9)- Hurdles gold, Ayaan Islam<br />

(year 9) -Javalin silver, Ameenuddin Mohammed<br />

(year 9) - Shotput silver, Shubheksha Singh (year<br />

10 ) - 200m silver and Arjan Ghorta (year 10 ) -<br />

High jump silver. Congratulations to all our worthy<br />

winners. We are very proud of your achievements.<br />

On Monday 12th June 20<strong>23</strong> students from year 7<br />

& 8 were chosen to represent <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> in the Hounslow Borough Athletics<br />

Event. They were excellent competitors. The<br />

students showcased their talents in disciplines<br />

such as sprinting, long jump, shot put, discus<br />

throw, and relay races. Each event pushed the<br />

boundaries of athleticism, and the performances<br />

were met with enthusiastic cheers from their<br />

peers. Congratulations to all who took part, with<br />

special mention for Harvin Jagpal (year 8) who<br />

threw his Javelin a huge 26 metres and Yana Hnus<br />

Vdovychynwho (year 7) won first place with her<br />

throw. They have been selected to represent the<br />

borough in Javelin. We look forward to attending<br />

Osterley Sports & Athletics Centre next year and<br />

bringing back some more medals.<br />

Tom Bell (PE Department)<br />

Page 103


SPORTS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/6<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Sports Leaders <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

Another year of sporting events and our <strong>Cranford</strong> Sports leaders continue to shine not only as individuals but<br />

as a collective representing the school in various events and schools. There has been nothing but praise from<br />

whoever has had the pleasure of working with our leaders including Iuri Baptise our Hounslow School Games<br />

Organiser and teachers from Hillingdon Borough as we are the host site for one of Hillingdon School Games<br />

Organisers.<br />

Below is a list of all the events we have sent leaders out within the Borough this year.<br />

• Hillingdon Inclusive sports festival hosted by Hillingdon SGO at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

• Hounslow Year 4 Primary Athletics hosted by Hounslow SGO at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

• Year 5 Tag- Rugby tournament hosted by Hounslow SGO at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

• Year 5 Tag Rugby tournament hosted Hillingdon SGO at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

• Year 5 Hillingdon football finals hosted by Hillingdon SGO at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

Alongside this we continued our leadership programme at Berkley Academy following on from last year’s<br />

success. Key Stage 4 students with 6th former leaders delivered afterschool clubs. All leaders involved have<br />

been fantastic and have not only gained further skills, knowledge and experience but provided a valuable club<br />

for children which has been appreciated by both the school and parents. Sports delivered have been football,<br />

multi-sports, gymnastics, dance and basketball.<br />

Well done!<br />

Hamesh Rattu & Basheak Bussue (Sport and <strong>Community</strong> Wellbeing Team)<br />

Sixth Form Sports – <strong>Cranford</strong> Sports Leadership Award:<br />

The extra-curricular timetable on offer from the Sports department is always supported by our amazing 6th<br />

formers at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> from the Sports Committee and those with a passion for sport. They<br />

are a tremendous asset to the Sports Department and represent the school positively within the community. This<br />

year we introduced our very own sports award, providing students something to add to their CV’s and UCAS.<br />

Each award came with a criteria, alongside a potential pathway into paid work summer school and holiday<br />

programmes or with C-Change our local charity as a sports coach.<br />

This year 14 students were inducted into our Sports Leaders Alumni. Well done to all those who have achieved<br />

awards and been actively involved in sports throughout their journey at <strong>Cranford</strong>. We wish you the best of luck.<br />

Hamesh Rattu (Director of Sport and <strong>Community</strong> Wellbeing)<br />

British Basketball League Trip at the O2<br />

On the 14th May 20<strong>23</strong> the PE department organised <strong>Cranford</strong>’s<br />

first trip to the British Basketball League finals at the O2 arena.<br />

This was a spectacular event for all of the students as for many it<br />

was their first experience at a major professional sporting event.<br />

Twenty students across year 7 to sixth form attended the trip<br />

to watch both women’s and men’s finals alongside some other<br />

exciting events such as the ‘dunk’ competition and performances<br />

from ‘Young T and Bugsy’. This was an amazing experience for all<br />

but especially for the girls who attended the trip as it highlighted<br />

the possibilities of women being successful in sport beyond school<br />

level.<br />

Basheak Bussue (Head of PE and Sports)<br />

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SPORTS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

4/6<br />

Southall Athletic & <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

This year we started our partnership with Southall<br />

Athletic Football Club.<br />

Southall Athletic, is an all-inclusive grassroots football<br />

club offering weekly sessions outside of school for both<br />

boys and girls aged 5 to 16.<br />

In September we hosted our first open football session<br />

for the Under 12’s (Year 7) age group, this session<br />

was attended by over 50 boys. The coaches were so<br />

impressed by our students’ attitude, enthusiasm and<br />

maturity that what was meant to be one session became<br />

a weekly session lasting two terms.<br />

The success of this led to nine students signing up for the team and having a very successful first season in<br />

which they won their league, later going on to a league final.<br />

Overall, the boys have had a positive experience, have built friendships inside school and further cemented<br />

those relationship outside with a common interest. They have healthy training routines and are in pre-season<br />

training for the next season.<br />

In September 20<strong>23</strong>, we are excited to work with SAFC again not just with our boys, and the walking football<br />

sessions run by their coaches, but also being a part of their FA backed girls football programme.<br />

Hamesh Rattu (Director of Sport & <strong>Community</strong> Wellbeing)<br />

National Football League Girls Flag League<br />

This International Women’s Day, the New York Jets and<br />

Chicago Bears, launched the Jets and Bears National<br />

Football League Girls Flag league, the first UK all<br />

girls’ competition of its kind, to overcome barriers in<br />

activity and to increase access to sport for young girls.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> was one of 12 teams who competed over a<br />

total of 7 weeks at Ealing Trailfinders.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> entered both Jets and Bears teams into the<br />

competition representing the school from years 7,<br />

8 and 9. Considering NFL being a brand-new sport<br />

being introduced to the school, the girls showed huge<br />

determination and good spirit every week. They showed<br />

confidence and eagerness to learn more by attending a<br />

training session held by the PE department before matches.<br />

NFL may be a new sport to <strong>Cranford</strong> however we hope to continue having an NFL Flag girls football team. A<br />

huge well done to every single girl who showed resilience and commitment over the 7 weeks for NFL, who<br />

represented <strong>Cranford</strong> in an exemplary manner, we are proud of you all.<br />

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SPORTS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

5/6<br />

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SPORTS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

6/6<br />

Interview with Miske Ahmed Captain of the <strong>Cranford</strong> Under 14s<br />

Basketball Team on their most recent tournament<br />

(November 30th 20<strong>23</strong>)<br />

How was the experience competing competitively for the first time in high<br />

school?<br />

It was an exciting experience for me as well as the team and it made our teamwork<br />

stronger as we had to communicate with each other. It was against the best schools<br />

in the area and so the team had to try their hardest and it was an amazing experience<br />

to see your individual as well as team improvements.<br />

What has this experience taught you about yourself?<br />

As an individual who loves basketball, I always want to improve, not just for my<br />

own satisfaction but for my teammates too. I have learnt that I am more of a leader<br />

than an individual player and I thrive in leadership environments like this one.<br />

How proud are you of your own and your team’s performance?<br />

I am very proud of my team’s performance. At the beginning, we had lost our first match to Heston, but after<br />

that we were determined to do better and there were 2 games in between in which we succeeded, and we made<br />

our way up to the finals. In the tournament, as there were other schools, there was a big change in pressure<br />

from less competitive games in school, especially with the rules and stricter refereeing, which my team adjusted<br />

to, and we made a significant improvement. We were determined and made a big improvement in just 2 hours.<br />

How will this experience impact and help your future career in basketball?<br />

It taught me a lot; from this experience I have decided to try out for regionals to be part of a team. I have to take<br />

videos to send to the England teams. This has made me realise how deep my love is for basketball, I am now<br />

an aspiring London warrior. This experience has taught me perseverance, as even though it was frustrating not<br />

understanding the rules and pressure at the start, I carried on and was determined to improve my performance<br />

and this will enable me to adjust to changes in pressure more when I am playing basketball in the future.<br />

How has the school heightened your opportunities?<br />

In school, I have been able to train with the senior team to practise and improve as I can learn and play against<br />

people with a higher level of skill. This also enables me to work on nerves and tension when playing against<br />

other teams that may be better than me, and so I feel less intimidated when I play against others with a higher<br />

level of skill. With the support of my teachers I have been able to focus on my technique.<br />

How has girls sport, especially basketball, progressed since you first started at <strong>Cranford</strong>?<br />

Undoubtedly, there has been a great improvement and progression of more girls participating in sports.<br />

There are more clubs (such as netball), and more girls are becoming active with the help of older student’s<br />

encouragement and the staff. There are also more competitive clubs for people who want to improve in a<br />

particular sport, rather than just for general health and well-being. For example there are around 30 girls who<br />

attend the basketball clubs every week.<br />

Interview undertaken by Sanjana Bhola (Year 13- PSHCE Ambassador and Sports Committee Member)<br />

“Miske attends at least 3 clubs each week and gets involved with everyone. Her love and passion for basketball is clear<br />

to see, even when she is injured, she still comes to training and wants to learn more”.<br />

Basheak Bussue (Head of PE & Sports)<br />

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PSHCE Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Personal, Social, Health<br />

and Citizenship Education<br />

1/2<br />

PSHCE education can be very simply<br />

described as ‘learning to live life well’. Our<br />

subject deals with real life social and economic<br />

issues affecting not just children & young<br />

people but their families and communities<br />

too. Helping our students learn how to be<br />

successful improves their outlook on life as<br />

well as their academic performance. We want<br />

all our students to aim high and to make the<br />

most of their talents and hard work.<br />

Outstanding PSHCE education prepares<br />

them to negotiate the many milestones and<br />

challenges of childhood, adolescence and<br />

adult life. Over the next few years students<br />

will experience many “firsts”, for example the<br />

first time they might be offered an alcoholic drink, experience a bereavement, witness an act of homophobia<br />

or racism or attend their first interview. PSHCE is the subject that will help to prepare them with the skills to<br />

respond thoughtfully and appropriately to these, and other, challenges.<br />

PSHCE continues to be a very popular subject with our students, we spend a lot of time working closely with<br />

pupils to find out what matters to them and the subjects and issues that concern them and that they want to<br />

know more about. We feel it is extremely important to listen to student voice to help ensure our lessons and<br />

content are always up to date and relevant to their needs.<br />

In PSHCE we also focus on helping students develop their soft skills such as listening and discussing. We want<br />

our students to be able to air their opinions respectfully and to take on board the viewpoints of others. We also<br />

want to teach every student to think critically about information.<br />

Updates for this year!<br />

We have recently updated our lessons on managing emotions<br />

for our year 7 students as a result of student requests<br />

including dedicated lessons on controlling your temper and<br />

managing frustration.<br />

We are currently working on improving our lessons on<br />

misinformation and, in particular, helping our students<br />

navigate their own, and others, use of social media. This is<br />

an issue that many students struggle with both in terms of<br />

managing their own time on devices and managing online<br />

relationships with friends and peers.<br />

We have also recently finished our First Aid course for year<br />

8 with an astonishing 144 out of 180 students scoring in the<br />

highest band and receiving their HeartStart Certificates. We<br />

are really proud of how hard they worked to perfect their<br />

lifesaving skills!<br />

Last year we added new classes in year 10 and year 12 and<br />

we have been really pleased at how well the students have<br />

responded to guidance aimed at helping them with their<br />

upcoming transitions through their exams and beyond. Our<br />

work on careers was something students reported finding<br />

incredibly helpful.<br />

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PSHCE Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Personal, Social, Health<br />

and Citizenship Education<br />

2/2<br />

What’s next?<br />

We envisage exciting developments in the future<br />

including some independent learning modules<br />

to help support our older students and some<br />

updates to our lessons on finance, in response<br />

to requests for help in understanding money and<br />

the economics of daily life.<br />

Our aim is to fully support students in<br />

developing the qualities and skills they need<br />

to be personally and professionally successful,<br />

PSHCE is uniquely placed to provide this and<br />

continues to be an incredibly valuable part of<br />

our wider curriculum.<br />

Barbara Lodge (Head of PSHCE)<br />

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Department <strong>2022</strong> /<strong>23</strong><br />

1/3<br />

The Religious Studies<br />

Department<br />

<strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

The<br />

Religious Studies department is a<br />

dynamic and dedicated department<br />

who have fashioned an ambitious and innovative<br />

curriculum. The team is driven by its vison to aid in<br />

the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development<br />

of our students. This is worked towards by providing<br />

a deep and varied curriculum designed to achieve this<br />

vision. Students start their journey in the Religious<br />

Studies Department exploring the Eastern religions<br />

in Year 7 before moving on to the Abrahamic Faiths<br />

in Year 8. Once they have a good understanding<br />

of the beliefs and practices of the world’s major<br />

religious traditions, they are then able to apply their<br />

knowledge to a variety of themes studied in Year 9<br />

such as religious conflict, crime and punishment, and<br />

philosophy and ethics.<br />

Students are given ample opportunities to reflect on<br />

religious traditions, philosophical ideas and ethical<br />

theories which can aid in their spiritual and moral<br />

development. Furthermore, their social and cultural<br />

development can flourish as the diversity of the<br />

school population is celebrated and an appreciation is<br />

encouraged of all the cultures and faiths that make up<br />

the local, national and global community.<br />

As a department we promote the<br />

capacity to think critically in<br />

order to make well informed and<br />

thoughtful judgements on ethical and<br />

philosophical issues. Furthermore, the<br />

discussion of topical and controversial<br />

social issues is encouraged in class,<br />

providing vital opportunities for<br />

important conversations to be had<br />

within the safety of a classroom and<br />

with a teacher to facilitate.<br />

In lessons, the department build<br />

religious literacy; equipping students with the key<br />

knowledge and cultural capital they require for being<br />

empathetic and respectful members of both their<br />

local and wider communities. This will benefit them<br />

through every aspect of their lives as they flourish as<br />

adults in a truly global community.<br />

Frederick Page<br />

(Head of Religious Studies)<br />

Page 110


Department <strong>2022</strong> /<strong>23</strong><br />

2/3<br />

TFTW<br />

The “Thought for the Week”<br />

The Thought for the Week<br />

(TFTW) programme is<br />

delivered to all students every<br />

week through form time. TFTW<br />

is an opportunity to aid in the<br />

spiritual, moral, social and cultural<br />

development of students utilising<br />

elements from all academic<br />

subjects, whilst also bringing in<br />

current affairs and topical social<br />

issues.<br />

The spiritual development of<br />

the students is achieved by<br />

continuous reference to all major<br />

religious teachings throughout the<br />

programme, for example on the<br />

TFTW centred on the religious<br />

doctrine of unconditional love<br />

for humanity. Other times, there<br />

is a closer examination of aspects<br />

of various religious systems, as<br />

exemplified by our Lent TFTW.<br />

This session examined the reasons<br />

and benefits to overcoming desires<br />

and developing discipline. A<br />

further example was a session on<br />

mindfulness, where students had<br />

an opportunity to practise resting<br />

in the present moment with a short<br />

meditation.<br />

The moral development of the<br />

students is achieved by discussing<br />

ethical issues and how we can<br />

develop our moral conscience.<br />

An example of this type of<br />

session was found when students<br />

were discussing pacifism as a<br />

form of protest, with reference<br />

to the American Civil Rights<br />

Movement. Other examples of this<br />

type of emphasis were found in a<br />

session centred on the Milgram<br />

psychological experiments,<br />

examining whether morally good<br />

people can be influenced by their<br />

environment to commit evil.<br />

The social development of the<br />

students is achieved by allowing<br />

opportunity for students to discuss<br />

ongoing social issues in a safe<br />

environment. Some examples<br />

Page 111<br />

of the issues discussed include:<br />

the benefits and dangers of<br />

Artificial Intelligence and genetic<br />

engineering, environmentalism<br />

and conservation efforts, and the<br />

fight for women’s rights around the<br />

globe.<br />

Finally, the cultural development<br />

of students is achieved by a<br />

broad range of sessions focused<br />

on cultures all around the world.<br />

Some are close to home, such as<br />

the Christian underpinnings of the<br />

Coronation and the function of<br />

Stonehenge. Whilst others take the<br />

focus further afield to enrich the<br />

students with cultural capital, with<br />

sessions focused on topics as varied<br />

as The Epic of Gilgamesh, Greco-<br />

Roman history, Haiku poetry and<br />

traditional mythology around the<br />

world.<br />

Frederick Page<br />

(Head of Religious Studies)


Department <strong>2022</strong> /<strong>23</strong><br />

3/3<br />

Students Voice:<br />

Throughout my studies in my 4 years at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>, I found that the Religious<br />

Education subject to be the most insightful and<br />

impactful. The debates and discussions within the<br />

class are necessary for both teachers and students to<br />

learn and gain the ability to comprehend and respect<br />

other’s cultures and religions while still being free<br />

to express and maintain their own beliefs. So far, we<br />

have learnt about the 6 major religions- Christianity,<br />

Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism- as<br />

well as ethics.<br />

Now furthering into GCSEs, the focus is on Sikhism,<br />

Islam and Christianity. Students are questioned on<br />

universal issues to see how these 3 specific religions<br />

view and can potentially influence certain opinions<br />

(e.g. LGTQ, racism, gender roles). Since the start of<br />

Year 10, we have covered several topics with relation<br />

to the GCSE specified religions, such as Human<br />

Rights, Gender Equality, Freedom of Religion,<br />

Homosexuality, Racism and positive discrimination.<br />

Within exams, we are required to give both<br />

perspectives (agree and disagree) to a controversial<br />

sentence, which ensures pupils retain empathy and<br />

truly understand the other side, allowing them to learn<br />

how to respect views that may oppose theirs. This is<br />

essential to the development of young people because<br />

it instils a virtuous mindset into them, so that it does<br />

not only help them an individual, but in the future<br />

when going into respective careers.<br />

Soha Haidery (year 10)<br />

In all my years of <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>, I<br />

find it safe to say that Religious Education is the key<br />

for many of us to express our non/religious identities,<br />

beliefs, our outlooks on the world itself, and much<br />

more. Within this subject, we are able to discuss and<br />

debate our ideologies to a strong extent as we are<br />

unable to in other subjects. Students, across all years<br />

of the school, are able to gain an ability to respect each<br />

other’s thoughts and beliefs as we dive further into<br />

controversial topics that we may not have understood<br />

before.<br />

Ruqayyah Vora (year 10)<br />

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SEND Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Special Educational Needs and Disability<br />

1/4<br />

The<br />

Special Educational<br />

Needs and Disability<br />

Inclusion team continues to flourish, both<br />

in terms of our expertise and in terms<br />

of the focused academic support that we continue to<br />

provide for students in our care. One of our priorities<br />

this year has been to raise greater awareness of<br />

neurodiversity and to implement a model to support<br />

neurodivergent students in the classroom. A model<br />

where we prepare for difference and individuality and<br />

promote a culture of acceptance within our classrooms.<br />

Mr Miles delivered a very well received whole school<br />

training session on neurodiversity in the classroom<br />

and alongside the Inclusion team continues to support<br />

staff and students to adopt a model that benefits all<br />

students to access learning within the classroom.<br />

As part of our commitment to providing students with<br />

emotional support we have successfully trained two<br />

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants, Ms Prunty and<br />

Mrs Reji, to support the emotional needs of students by<br />

providing individualised support programmes to meet<br />

the needs of young people in our care at <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

The ELSA programme recognises that young people<br />

are happier when their emotional needs are addressed<br />

enabling them to reach their full potential.<br />

‘ELSA has provided students with the opportunity to<br />

have a space where they can express their feelings<br />

comfortably. ELSA gives students the chance to build<br />

a positive trusting relationship where they can receive<br />

support for their emotional development and cope with<br />

life’s challenges, offering guidance and solutions.’<br />

(Ms Prunty)<br />

‘ELSA lessons have eased our student’s negative<br />

attitudes; they can recognise their emotional triggers<br />

and are able to control them using strategies that they<br />

have learned.<br />

These sessions have provided me with an opportunity<br />

to support our young people, to understand their<br />

emotional difficulties and provide them with coping<br />

strategies. To see the ELSA students that once had<br />

emotional difficulties later learn to cope using<br />

strategies learnt through ELSA sessions and do well<br />

is wonderful.’ (Mrs Reji)<br />

The year began with a celebration of our students’<br />

outstanding GCSE results. We are delighted that all<br />

our students with SEN progressed onto appropriate<br />

educational pathways to continue their Post 16 study.<br />

We celebrate the outstanding achievements of Daniel<br />

Ortega, Shreyas Shikhare and Tara Rooprah who have<br />

all been offered places at university. We are incredibly<br />

proud of all they have achieved and the inspirational<br />

young adults that they are and wish them every success<br />

for the future as they embark on this new and exciting<br />

chapter!<br />

Art has been an important part of self-expression for<br />

students placed in our Three Bridges Twilight School.<br />

Painting particularly has proven to very effective in<br />

relieving stress and anxiety and promotes overall<br />

happiness. A variety of incredible paintings adorn<br />

Three Bridges Twilight School. Palwasha has painted<br />

a stunning sunset and commented that ‘painting makes<br />

her feel calm and relaxed.’ The Three Bridges Twilight<br />

School proudly has these remarkable pieces of art on<br />

display to encourage positivity as well as contributing<br />

to a colourful and tranquil learning environment.<br />

Ms Mulhair and Mr Miles took a group of students<br />

to Richmond Theatre to see a special ‘relaxed’<br />

performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The<br />

performance was targeted towards those who have<br />

sensory disabilities and was a wonderful opportunity<br />

in which all spent an afternoon at the theatre enjoying<br />

the pantomime together. It was also an opportunity<br />

to develop listening and empathy skulls and explore<br />

social scenarios in a supportive environment.<br />

“I loved it when Joey gave <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> a shout out!”.<br />

Hamza (year 8)<br />

“It was great when the characters responded to<br />

us when we shouted our replies, I really enjoyed<br />

joining in”.<br />

Arshvin (year 8)<br />

Our dedicated Inclusion team continue to look for<br />

innovative and purposeful interventions to continue<br />

to support students with SEN to develop academically<br />

and flourish socially. We are looking forward to<br />

welcoming new students into Year 7 and students in<br />

Year 11 back into our Sixth Form in September 20<strong>23</strong><br />

and celebrating what we are confident will be another<br />

fantastic year of GCSE results!<br />

Kerry Mulhair (Assistant Headteacher & SEND Co)<br />

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SEND Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Special Educational Needs and Disability<br />

2/4<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Students Embracing Festive Fun at Richmond Theatre<br />

On<br />

Thursday 15th December <strong>2022</strong>, Ms Mulhair, Mr Miles, Mrs Sahota and Ms Prunty took a group of<br />

students to see a performance of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ at Richmond Theatre. The theatre<br />

was transformed into a circus full of possibilities and plenty of festive fun.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> students enjoyed the fun of pantomime as Goldilocks, together with the Three Bears and Joey (Matt<br />

Baker), journeyed to save Barnum’s Circus from an evil rival owner the Countess Von Winklebottom! Students<br />

were swept away in a circus of garish colour, impressive acrobatics and tremendous tap dancing from Baby<br />

Bear! Students were particularly wowed with Phil Hitchcock’s Magical Mysterioso and his fantastic juggling<br />

act which was most definitely a highlight of the show.<br />

It was an absolute pleasure to experience pantomime with <strong>Cranford</strong> students who all fully embraced the fun of<br />

the theatre and enjoyed being whisked away for a couple of hours of festive fun!<br />

Kerry Mulhair (Assistant Headteacher & SEND Co)<br />

Page 114

SEND Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Special Educational Needs and Disability<br />

3/4<br />

AQA - Unit Award Scheme<br />

As<br />

part of our commitment to developing social skills and<br />

preparation for adulthood, students have engaged with<br />

the AQA Unit Award Scheme, developing a range of<br />

skills to boost student confidence, engagement and motivation.<br />

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance<br />

Students in year 10 and year 11 really enjoyed the variety of topics covered in the Unit Award Scheme over<br />

the course of the year. They have engaged with theoretical units about managing stress, created biographies,<br />

learned about health and wellbeing and have celebrated the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II.<br />

Students have also been preparing for adulthood by exploring possible career choices and Post 16 options.<br />

They have also considered the impact of climate change and global warming on our community and created an<br />

‘Around the World’ project in which they explored greener ways to travel and protect our local environment.<br />

Students have also had the opportunity to develop their practical skills building a bird box, making breakfast<br />

and taste testing desserts when investigating their chosen European countries.<br />

The AQA Unit Award Scheme has enabled students to be rewarded with a certificate for each unit to evidence<br />

their skills, knowledge and experience across a wide range of topics and skill sets.<br />

Sabine Geister (Picasso Centre)<br />

Page 115

SEND Department <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Special Educational Needs and Disability<br />

4/4<br />

Social Skills - Picasso Centre<br />

“The Superflex module in my Social Skills<br />

lessons allowed me to better understand<br />

the unthinkables (characters of the story),<br />

their weaknesses and ways to overcome the<br />

unexpected emotions which is what the board<br />

game the ABANDONED PUZZLE is about.”<br />

Andres Acosta (year 7)<br />

“Andres and I worked as a team to design the<br />

game called Abandoned puzzle.”<br />

Jojo Kato (year 7)<br />

“The game is called Moisture Mister and<br />

D.O.G Destruction Course. The game is based<br />

on snakes and ladders and the objective of the<br />

game is to defeat the unthinkables and get to<br />

the top square (100). This Social Skills lesson<br />

allowed me to get a better understanding of<br />

expected and unexpected emotions which is<br />

what the game is based on emotions.”<br />

Ahyan Lallmahomed (year 7)<br />

“It was fun designing the game and I enjoyed<br />

working in a team with Ahyan.”<br />

Mohammed Saleh (year 7)<br />

Page 116


Department<br />

Social Sciences Department <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

Psychology and Sociology continue to be among the most<br />

versatile subjects in preparation for higher education<br />

across a range of fields as well as employment. Our<br />

curriculum for these subjects this year provided students with<br />

opportunities to link their learning to news around the world<br />

during lessons where they explored broad sheet articles related<br />

to the topics they were learning. This deepens their human<br />

understanding of behaviour and perhaps even predict and thus<br />

prevent maladaptive behaviour in the future. It gave students<br />

the opportunity to develop their critical reasoning skills and the<br />

ability to develop and communicate balanced arguments as well as the ability to view the world around them<br />

from different perspectives. Students were encouraged to engage in discussions, presentations and debates<br />

on current topics, using articles they found interesting, developing their oracy skills, enhancing our students’<br />

ability to communicate effectively and confidently. Students were provided with constructive feedback after<br />

their presentations and self- reflection was encouraged through providing students with opportunities to evaluate<br />

their own performance and identify areas for growth. Allowing students to choose topics they found interesting,<br />

created opportunities for them to share their unique perspectives and experiences whilst allowing their peers to<br />

consider different viewpoints and value a range of diverse ideas, supporting their transition to future pathways<br />

where they will engage in discussions such as these.<br />

Our Year 13, Psychology and Sociology A level students enjoyed the experience of ‘The Jack The Ripper<br />

Tour’- a school trip which allowed them an opportunity to interact with the professionals on the tour, engaging<br />

in discussions and exchanging ideas, offering the professionals valuable insight on the crimes committed<br />

using their knowledge of Forensic Psychology and Crime and Deviance in Society. It also gave our students<br />

the opportunity to explore how Psychology and Sociology is influenced by cultural factors, immersing them<br />

into the community and context during the time these crimes took place in order to gain a deeper insight into<br />

how the criminal’s behaviour may have been shaped by the norms, values and practices of that time as well<br />

as their own psychological experiences and perhaps even mental illness. This cultural exploration gave our<br />

students an opportunity to broaden their own perspectives and enhance their understanding of the universality<br />

and diversity of human psychology.<br />

Barinder Dosanjh (Head of Social Sciences)<br />

Page 117


Education and Childcare<br />

Our<br />

students in T level Education and Childcare have continued developing their understanding<br />

of concepts and theories of the education sector with a specific focus on childcare. Their<br />

experience in their Industry placements at Springwell and Berkeley Academy gave them opportunities<br />

to solve real life issues in the education and childcare sector and work alongside professionals and<br />

young children to gain a wider understanding of what the industry requirements are. Our students have<br />

been building valuable experience and a chance to learn what this career is like in the real world whilst<br />

continuing studies, building specialist knowledge<br />

and skills related to early years education.<br />

Balancing their education alongside their industry<br />

placements has allowed our students to bridge the<br />

gap between theoretical learning and practical<br />

application, providing them with hands- onexperiences<br />

to gain a deeper understanding of how<br />

early years concepts and theories are implemented<br />

in the workplace, making their learning more<br />

relevant and meaningful. The industry placements<br />

continue to provide a platform for our students to<br />

develop their professional attributes, such as work<br />

ethic, punctuality, professionalism and problemsolving<br />

abilities. This significantly enhances their<br />

employability and also gives them a competitive<br />

edge when applying for apprenticeships or when<br />

applying for university, opening up a range of<br />

opportunities for future development.<br />

Barinder Dosanjh<br />

(Head of Social Sciences)<br />

Page 118


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/4<br />

Careers engagement across the school<br />

has been an astonishing success this<br />

year. This year can be recognised as<br />

a year of partnerships that have blossomed,<br />

flourished and redoubled where they<br />

already existed. The richest experiences of<br />

careers information are when we have used<br />

partnerships to engage students in the school<br />

with higher education, apprenticeships or<br />

employers. With wider careers work in the<br />

school - relating to; options, transitions,<br />

enterprise, labour market, work place<br />

encounters, experiences, the careers<br />

provision across the school has been vibrant<br />

and diverse. The careers framework was<br />

amended in January 20<strong>23</strong> and this puts a<br />

larger emphasis on careers provision in<br />

Years 8-9. We are excited to see how we<br />

will continue to embed this robustly going<br />

forward using the success of the work we<br />

do in Years 10-13 as a model. Opportunities<br />

Post-16 appear more diverse than ever. It is<br />

clear that our alumni have progressed onto<br />

pathways which will support our local labour<br />

market over the short and medium term.<br />

These aspirations over time provide our<br />

young people with the opportunity to have<br />

meaningful future pathways that support the<br />

local economy and workforce. We recognise<br />

the industry skills gap in the work force and<br />

the need to ensure that all our work supports<br />

and prepares our students for the world of<br />

work. Some of these skills shortages will not<br />

be acute, therefore it is important the work<br />

we do in school addresses the need for young<br />

people to work across wide areas of industry.<br />

One of our most integral partnerships is with<br />

Spark!, a charity that works with schools<br />

on employer engagement,. They held their<br />

annual awards ceremony in November <strong>2022</strong><br />

and one of our local partners, Ajar Technology<br />

nominated me as Careers Leader of the Year.<br />

In addition, <strong>Cranford</strong> was nominated for<br />

Partnership of the Year award in recognition<br />

of our formidable employer relationship with<br />

Ajar. It was a full sweep, we received both<br />

awards! This was an immense success. I hope<br />

over the next 12 months we are able continue<br />

to develop and learn from all the progress and<br />

achievements made this year.<br />

Mahavir Ladva (Careers Co-ordinator)<br />

Page 119


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/4<br />

Aspirations Day 1<br />

November <strong>2022</strong><br />

We<br />

had nearly 1000 students meet and<br />

engage with over 40 higher education<br />

providers, apprenticeship providers and employers<br />

at our first Aspirations Day of the academic year<br />

on Monday 21st November <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Aspirations Day is an important event where<br />

students are able to have meaningful encounters<br />

with a wide array of professionals and sectors. We<br />

had representation from further education, higher<br />

education and sectors such as business, hospitality,<br />

public sector, science, health, digital, construction,<br />

finance, engineering, charity, automotive,<br />

marketing, design, real estate, pharmaceutical,<br />

creative arts and media. This year we wanted to<br />

invite more professionals from the creative sector.<br />

This was well achieved, and students enjoyed<br />

engaging with Creative Industry professionals.<br />

These are very valuable experiences for our<br />

students. Students said they enjoyed meeting<br />

professionals and being able to ask them questions.<br />

Fatimah from Spark! – said it was a great success<br />

and the students engaged well. Christine Osgood,<br />

a volunteer for the West London Careers Hub said<br />

“your students have a positive energy around them.<br />

I was glad to see so many stands, with so many<br />

major employers attending. A triumph!”<br />

Mahavir Ladva (Careers Co-ordinator)<br />

Organisation Attendees Sector Sign in Sign out<br />

Spark! Fatimah Scarooh Charity<br />

Spark! Fatimah Scarooh Charity<br />

West London Careers Hub Astrid Ley Volunteer<br />

West London Careers Hub Christine Osgood Volunteer<br />

2Toucans Chandeep Khosa Digital<br />

A Sparks Electrical Jack Mitchell Construction<br />

A Sparks Electrical Alex Willoughby Construction<br />

Alvaresz and Marsal Neeraj Gupta Business & Management<br />

Arup Ishaaq Saleem Design & Engineering<br />

Audi Kate Painter Automotive<br />

Audi Glenn Matthews Automotive<br />

Audi Visar Lokaj Automotive<br />

Audi Holly Eccels Automotive<br />

Audi Danielle De-Jonge Automotive<br />

Big Fish Ashleigh Hawthorne Marketing<br />

British Army Sergeant John Public Sector<br />

Brunel University<br />

Higher Education<br />

Brunel University<br />

Higher Education<br />

Coventry University Teddy Ngyuen Huu Higher Education<br />

DHL Jerome Blair Logistics<br />

DHL Kyle Powell Logistics<br />

Dunnhumby<br />

Digital<br />

Dunnhumby<br />

Digital<br />

Gerald Eve Alec Thomson Real estate<br />

Gerald Eve Felicia Cunningham Real estate<br />

Gerald Eve Thomasina Quesnel Real estate<br />

Naseem Alam<br />

Pharmaceutical<br />

GSK<br />

GSK Sukhdeep Thiara Pharmaceutical<br />

Pharmaceutical<br />

GSK<br />

Sylvine Pischel<br />

Johnsons Chartered<br />

Finance<br />

Accountants<br />

Edmund Cartwright<br />

Kingston University Saffron Smith Higher Education<br />

Mace Heathrow Max Petrucci Construction<br />

Mace Heathrow Oliver Dayer Construction<br />

Mace Heathrow Will Construction<br />

Page 120


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/4<br />

“Segro”<br />

Employability<br />

Visit<br />

For<br />

the second year, we have been invited<br />

to take part in the Segro employability<br />

programme with Spark!. This year it was run with 20<br />

students in the T Level transition class in March 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

The first part of the programme was a workshop for all<br />

20 students. During this workshop, students took part<br />

in speed networking with business professionals from<br />

Segro, looked at career options and identified their<br />

skills. The second part of the programme was an insight<br />

day to a Segro site. Students were taken to the Segro<br />

Heathrow Cargo Centre. Students got to see a Segro’s<br />

customers warehouse in operation, DHL and talk to<br />

managers that operate the site. Lastly, six students had<br />

the opportunity to undertake 1 to 1 mentoring with a professional from Segro. It was a fantastic opportunity<br />

which we have been so fortunate to be involved in. This is what students had to say about the programme:<br />

Mahavir Ladva<br />

(Careers Co-ordinator)<br />

I enjoyed the experience because the people were very<br />

interesting and enjoyed their jobs. I would like to work<br />

in a job like Steven’s that I would enjoy for a long time.<br />

I’d like to participate in the Segro mentorship because<br />

I’m interested in learning more about the business’s<br />

organization. I believe that the opportunity they will<br />

provide me with will assist me in making progress toward<br />

selecting a suitable caregiver in which I can advance.<br />

I was unaware of the number of roles offered by one<br />

company. I don’t usually think much about the future, but<br />

when the Segro team came along, I learned more about<br />

my options for a career and found many different roles in<br />

each that I could try. I like to change with the times, like<br />

changing jobs to advance with the Segro team or changing<br />

roles in a job.<br />

Shakur Shawqi (year 12)<br />

I found the Segro career fair very insightful as it opened<br />

up a whole new world of careers to me, such as real estate<br />

and surveying. The whole workshop was very beneficial<br />

as I was able to speak to high-ranking executives within<br />

the company and gain insight into their intended career<br />

choices and what they are currently doing. It was<br />

interesting to learn how they all had different passions<br />

when they were younger but factored onto different career<br />

paths which they still enjoy. I felt motivated when I heard<br />

their stories, as I realised that if for some reason I can’t<br />

go down my future career path as long as I find something<br />

I enjoy (and possibly similar to the career I intended) I<br />

will still like and take pride in my job. The whole career<br />

fair helped me gain interest in the study of Real Estate<br />

and the career path of surveying and how far you would<br />

be able to advance in the UK through this profession, as<br />

one of the company managers stated he was on the Royal<br />

Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Through hearing all<br />

of the company executive’s stories and their position in<br />

the company, it has made me even more motivated to take<br />

interest in a whole different career path which would be<br />

Real Estate and surveying.<br />

Jaiden Dhillon (year 12)<br />

I attended the session we had for 2 periods last week,<br />

and during that time I have learnt new skills and had fun<br />

doing it, I wish to learn more about Segro and how their<br />

warehouses work and what happens during the day, as the<br />

employees speak very well of it and that intrigues me, and<br />

I wish to find out more about how it works and how it<br />

looks and functions. I asked questions and listened to<br />

when people have asked questions, and every time we<br />

asked questions to the employees, they all had different<br />

experiences and it was interesting to learn about them,<br />

as the employer seems to appreciate and care for their<br />

employees, so they work much happier.<br />

Dasha Linenko (year 12)<br />

Page 121


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

4/4<br />

Spark!<br />

Awards<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

It<br />

was a shock but complete honour to receive not one but two<br />

awards at the Spark! Annual Awards Ceremony. Spark! are a<br />

charity that help schools in West London co-ordinate their employer<br />

engagement activities. This means <strong>Cranford</strong> has won five awards in<br />

two years, what a proud achievement. One award was given to me as Careers Leader of the Year and another<br />

for Partnership of the Year – for our formidable relationship with Ajar Technology. We were nominated for<br />

both awards by Tara (Bid Manager) at Ajar Technology. Here is a short exert from Tara’s award nomination.<br />

Mahavir Ladva (Careers Co-ordinator)<br />

Mahavir is the Careers and Exams lead at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> and has been our main point of contact<br />

for Digital T Levels since 2020. Mahavir is responsible for managing the work placements for students on<br />

T Level courses across the curriculum and is also a proud ambassador for the DFE for these qualifications.<br />

Mahavir looks after all aspects of the T Levels placements from sourcing employers, to organising events, and<br />

managing the placements and probation meetings. Mahavir goes out of his way to get to know the employers<br />

involved in placements, and for us, he has almost become one of the Ajar team.<br />

Tara McLaughlin (Ajar Technology)<br />

Page 122


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/5<br />

This<br />

year the First Story Programme started strong with a larger cohort than we had last year. We<br />

were also very lucky to have worked with our resident author Adam Z Robinson for a second<br />

year. It has also been absolutely wonderful to be able to continue our relationship with First Story having been<br />

the pilot school fifteen years ago.<br />

The students came together with burning enthusiasm and brought to the process their sensitivity and willingness<br />

to share their ideas fearlessly. They respected each other and became a tight-knit group of like-minded writers.<br />

We have also had some wonderful competition successes as well with Adam Stow coming third in the six-word<br />

story competition and Navjot Dhillon being shortlisted for the 100-word story. These successes only touch the<br />

surface of the range of powerful topics represented in the student writing.<br />

The students also participated in the writing festival at Cambridge University where they received workshops<br />

in writing with prominent writers and were even joined by the director of First Story. Alongside this there was<br />

a book fair and fun writing tasks that then turned into a group poem. We had some brave members of our cohort<br />

also perform some of their writing, standing up in front of many other different schools to share their work from<br />

the day. In good spirits, the students returned home sleepy, with balloons and with a rainbow An Anthology over their by the heads.<br />

First Story Group at<br />

This year’s anthology is titled “I don’t know how to spell it out” and touches on the struggle to express oneself.<br />

The students wanted to show their understanding and sympathy to those who also spend countless hours staring<br />

at blank screens and empty pages, bringing the message that all will be well in the end. The proof is through<br />

the creation of fantastic narratives and the creation of brave new worlds to share personal stories. Despite the<br />

't Know How darkness To Spell in the It Out cover is an co-designed anthology by of new the students it is an anthology full of light and hopes for the stories yet<br />

by the First to come. Story students at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

An Anthology by the<br />

First Story Group at<br />

who took Veronica part in Chow creative-writing (First Story Tutor) workshops led by<br />

n-Residence Adam Z. Robinson. First Story believes<br />

dignity and power in every I Don't person’s Know How To Spell story, It Out is and anthology here of new<br />

writing by First Story students at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

d young people expressing themselves in their own<br />

<strong>College</strong> who took part in creative-writing workshops led by<br />

unique voices.<br />

Writer-in-Residence Adam Z. Robinson. First Story believes<br />

there is dignity and power in every person’s story, and here<br />

you’ll find young people expressing themselves in their own<br />

unique voices.<br />

I Don't Know How To Spell It Out<br />

I Don't Know How To Spell It Out<br />

Featuring writing by:<br />

Suhana Akhter • Laaibah Baig • Harleen Bath<br />

Suhana Akhter • Laaibah Baig • Harleen Bath<br />

Karan Bath • Charis Belobi • Olyana Berum<br />

Cundall • Navjot Dhillon • Bayleigh-May Dowling<br />

anjot Grewal • Zunaira Hussain • Maya Kahlon<br />

hpreet Multhani • Elaha Najem • Precious Odutolu<br />

neet Pannu • Alisha Pereira Habibo • Sirit Sandhu<br />

hirzad • Adam Stow • Sandra Szostak • Farah Yusuf<br />

Cover design by Claire McGinlay<br />

www.firststory.org.uk £10.00<br />

Featuring writing by:<br />

Karan Bath • Charis Belobi • Olyana Berum<br />

Koa Cundall • Navjot Dhillon • Bayleigh-May Dowling<br />

Amanjot Grewal • Zunaira Hussain • Maya Kahlon<br />

Prabhpreet Multhani • Elaha Najem • Precious Odutolu<br />

Bhavneet Pannu • Alisha Pereira Habibo • Sirit Sandhu<br />

Minah Shirzad • Adam Stow • Sandra Szostak • Farah Yusuf<br />

‘There are so many other words<br />

in the world, so many other ways<br />

of speaking, so many other<br />

perspectives… I want to read all<br />

those other voices.’<br />


Author of Orangeboy<br />

The First First Story Group Story at <strong>Cranford</strong> Group <strong>Community</strong> at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>College</strong> <strong>Community</strong> Co<br />

Page 1<strong>23</strong>


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/5<br />

new<br />

unity<br />

led by<br />

lieves<br />

d here<br />

ir own<br />

ing<br />

n<br />

tolu<br />

dhu<br />

Yusuf<br />

er words<br />

er ways<br />

ny other<br />

read all<br />

r voices.’<br />

CE MBE<br />

angeboy<br />

I Don't Know How To Spell It Out<br />

The First Story Group at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

“I Don’t Know How to Spell it Out”<br />

Anthology <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

An Anthology by the<br />

W<br />

First Story Group at<br />

elcome to I Don’t Know How to Spell it Out, an anthology of writing<br />

by <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>’s First Story Group <strong>2022</strong>–<strong>23</strong>. When<br />

you dive into this collection, you might agree with me that the title of this<br />

book – chosen by the writers themselves – is somewhat ironic. These pages<br />

are filled with clear, vivid and powerful pieces of work, written by authors<br />

who know their own minds and know exactly how to spell out their ideas and<br />

perspectives on the world. They have created a spectacular, wide-ranging<br />

and ambitious collection of poems, stories and scripts. I hope you have as<br />

much fun reading these works as I had compiling them. It’s been a delight<br />

to work with these writers on this yearlong residency. Each session I would<br />

bring in an exercise or two for the group to tackle, and each and every<br />

workshop they would throw themselves into the task with enthusiasm and<br />

fearlessness. My favourite part of any workshop is when I ask for volunteers<br />

to share their work. This is no mean feat: to read aloud the first draft of a<br />

piece of writing – something you’ve put down on the page in a matter of<br />

minutes – to your classmates and peers. But I was always delighted by what<br />

I heard in these workshops, and I knew from the first couple of sessions<br />

we all spent together that a vibrant anthology lay ahead of us – one which<br />

11/06/20<strong>23</strong> 15:35:58<br />

celebrated these remarkable young writers’ voices. There’s so much imagination in this book you can practically<br />

feel the ideas bursting from the pages as you turn them.<br />

In I Don’t Know How to Spell it Out we have our writers’ reflections on<br />

friendships and family; love and fear; bravery and hope; reality and magic.<br />

We have works of fantasy and autobiography; Gothic and romance; nature<br />

and machinery, science and science fiction. Writers in my workshops are<br />

free to write whatever they feel they want to and are encouraged to draw<br />

upon their own experiences and unique, specific perspectives on the world.<br />

I’ve been so delighted to see this group’s enthusiasm and boldness in the<br />

worlds they’ve created. Witnessing their confidence in their own writing<br />

grow week by week has been so wonderful. They are to be commended<br />

and applauded for the work they’ve created. I hope each and every one<br />

of them will continue to pursue creative writing because they all have an<br />

incredible flair for it. I’d like to say an enormous thank you to Veronica<br />

Chow, English teacher and First Story liaison, who has been incredibly<br />

supportive during this year’s course of workshops. From assembling a<br />

brilliant group of participants to chasing students for work, to leading<br />

excellent workshops in my absence (in fact, they led an exercise about a<br />

mysterious keyhole and several writers included their responses to this<br />

task among their final submissions for the anthology), she has been a<br />

superb and important part of the workshops and of the creation of this<br />

book. Running a year-long course of workshops is both a great privilege and a challenge. Thank you so much<br />

to First Story as a whole, too. They do amazing work and it’s such a pleasure to be one of their Writers-in-<br />

Residence. Most importantly, thank you and congratulations all round to the writers: Suhana, Laaibah, Harleen,<br />

Karan, Charis, Olyana, Koa, Navjot, Bayleigh-May, Amanjot, Zunaira, Maya, Prabhpreet, Elaha, Precious,<br />

Bhavneet, Alisha, Sirit, Minah, Adam, Sandra and Farah – whose work makes up this book. you’re all published<br />

authors now… and that’s a big deal. It’s a huge achievement and you should feel immensely proud. I hope<br />

you’ll treasure this book and read it often. I certainly will.<br />

Adam Z. Robinson (Writer-in-Residence)<br />

I Don't Know How To Spell It Out is an anthology of new<br />

writing by the First Story students at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> who took part in creative-writing workshops led by<br />

Writer-in-Residence Adam Z. Robinson. First Story believes<br />

there is dignity and power in every person’s story, and here<br />

you’ll find young people expressing themselves in their own<br />

unique voices.<br />

Suhana Akhter • Laaibah Baig • Harleen Bath<br />

Cover design by Claire McGinlay<br />

www.firststory.org.uk £10.00<br />

Featuring writing by:<br />

Karan Bath • Charis Belobi • Olyana Berum<br />

Koa Cundall • Navjot Dhillon • Bayleigh-May Dowling<br />

Amanjot Grewal • Zunaira Hussain • Maya Kahlon<br />

Prabhpreet Multhani • Elaha Najem • Precious Odutolu<br />

Bhavneet Pannu • Alisha Pereira Habibo • Sirit Sandhu<br />

Minah Shirzad • Adam Stow • Sandra Szostak • Farah Yusuf<br />

idontknowhowtospellitout.indd All Pages<br />

‘There are so many other words<br />

in the world, so many other ways<br />

of speaking, so many other<br />

perspectives… I want to read all<br />

those other voices.’<br />


Author of Orangeboy<br />

I Don't Know How To Spell It Out<br />

The First Story Group at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong><br />

Page 124


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/5<br />

A Group Poem<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> First Story Group<br />

A beautiful sunrise.<br />

A beautiful day.<br />

Along the horizon<br />

the wind blows.<br />

A young girl<br />

appeared with<br />

a happy mind.<br />

She had yearned for this day;<br />

for the moment she would arrive here.<br />

Finally, the vision from her mind’s eye<br />

made fact upon solid earth: arrived.<br />

All the toil and suffering she had felt melted<br />

like butter into the Sun.<br />

She was not deterred by the absent<br />

chunks of grass and soil.<br />

The blues and reds of her clothing pierced<br />

the natural colours in the ostracised distance.<br />

She felt the warm touch of the sun;<br />

She felt the cold stab of the clouds;<br />

She felt most majestic;<br />

She felt most natural;<br />

She felt the comfortable isolation,<br />

yet she did not feel alone.<br />

The sun glistened in the distance,<br />

The girl’s cape blew in harmony with the wind.<br />

She thought about things she never had before,<br />

as the weather changed with each passing second.<br />

The thoughts surrounded her<br />

and the scenery kept a close eye.<br />

‘For all I will never see,<br />

will you become my eyes for me?<br />

A reflection reveals<br />

all I have hidden so deep.’<br />

Grounded, yet confused:<br />

rough edges; spikes in the road;<br />

perfect imperfections;<br />

empty yet so full;<br />

a void already filled.<br />

The day: a new beginning.<br />

A Conversation<br />

OLIVER sits down on one of two lawn chairs<br />

precariously balanced on the roof. TssSSS kr-POP<br />

– he cracks open another Coke. He takes a Subway<br />

sandwich from a cooler. JOSHUA peeks up from the<br />

ladder.<br />

Oliver: Sandwich?<br />

Joshua: Sure.<br />

Oliver breaks the sub in half and hands Joshua a piece<br />

as he sits in the other lawn chair.<br />

Oliver: How many bones are there in the human body?<br />

Joshua: Jesus Christ. Hand me a drink.<br />

Oliver: Awww c’mon – what’s wrong?<br />

Joshua: Are you kidding me? How the hell would I<br />

know how many bones we have in our bodies?<br />

TssSSS kr-POP<br />

Oliver: Well obviously I don’t know either!<br />

Joshua: Just look it up.<br />

Oliver: Nah, I don’t care that much.<br />

Joshua Well why did you ask me, then?<br />

Oliver: That sunset looks beau–<br />

Joshua Bro, why did you ask me?<br />

Oliver: I just – I don’t know. I just… wanted to have a<br />

conversation, I guess?<br />

Joshua: OK, fine. How about this: ‘Hello Oliver, how<br />

are you?’<br />

Oliver: Don’t.<br />

Joshua: Yeah.<br />

Pause<br />

Joshua: Two hundred and six.<br />

Oliver: That’s a lot.<br />

Koa Cundall (year 10)<br />

Page 125


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

4/5<br />

Are You Responsible?<br />

I sat down at my desk and opened my laptop.<br />

I started typing away…<br />

I strolled through the city centre.<br />

It was deserted.<br />

No people. No sound. Nothing.<br />

‘Hello?’ I shouted. Echoes replied. I felt<br />

isolated and abandoned.<br />

It felt good. I ran around, snatching<br />

everything I desired, being able to do what<br />

I wanted when I wanted.<br />

But deep down, I felt deprived somehow. I<br />

longed to have another with me, to keep me<br />

company in this grim world.<br />

How did I even end up here?<br />

Where did everyone go?<br />

Where was my family?<br />

I was so bewildered I couldn’t even begin to<br />

understand what was really going on.<br />

‘Do I enjoy being alone?’ I questioned. ‘<br />

Or am I just alone?’<br />

‘Good character,’ I said to myself. I closed<br />

my laptop with a loud CLAP!<br />

Olyana Berum (year 9)<br />

Her Boy<br />

He was callous. We all knew it. But it was<br />

finally beginning to show on his face. It<br />

was like magic, but not the good kind.<br />

He was clearly being taken over by it: the<br />

callousness. And by the expression on his<br />

face you could tell he was in distress, like<br />

the walls were closing in on him; as if he<br />

were being dragged to his grave.<br />

His eyes looked like glass: clear and<br />

glistening, revealing the reflections of our<br />

faces.<br />

There was a shift. Him being here was not<br />

right, and I believe he knew it. I mean, why<br />

else would he have disappeared?<br />

Charis Belobi (year 9)<br />

Wasted Love<br />

I’ve always loved autumn:<br />

the cool breeze of late September;<br />

the warm embrace of November.<br />

I’ve always hated winter:<br />

The bitter winds of February;<br />

the icy spark of December.<br />

Then you came along:<br />

your smile warmer than the sun;<br />

your charm as blinding as fire.<br />

It took me time to finally realise<br />

that maybe you were just winter<br />

in an autumn disguise.<br />

Elaha Najem (year 8)<br />

Page 126


<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

5/5<br />

First Story Anthology Celebrations - July 20<strong>23</strong><br />

The<br />

First Story cohort celebrated their anthology as newly published authors on the last week of term.<br />

It was a wonderful event full of family, friends and teachers who came to experience – many for<br />

the first time – the outstanding literature written by the cohort. The students bravely stood to read their works,<br />

armed with pithy remarks and warm comments for each other. We also had an excellent chance to thank our<br />

First Story co-ordinator Emma Leahy and our resident author Adam Robinson who were presented their gifts<br />

by our hosts Amanjot and Navjot. It was a fun and exciting evening full of talent and joy. This celebration<br />

event also follows the celebration of the completion of Nikola Szczawinska’s “Rathbones Folio mentorship”<br />

with Emily Berry RFSL where they read their poetry amongst other mentees and noted a year of growth. Alisha<br />

Pereira Habibo will also be going onto the summer residential in Yorkshire where there will be many more<br />

workshops with talented authors. We are very lucky to have such talents in the school who have managed to<br />

secure chances of creative development on such competitive and prestigious schemes. Indeed, the competition<br />

within the <strong>Cranford</strong> Cohort was a challenge in itself for Adam Robinson who found it impossible to decide<br />

which students to nominate for these opportunities. Well done to all! These events rounded the academic year<br />

off on a celebratory high, noting all of the wonderful successes of all of our students.<br />

Veronica Chow (First Story Lead)<br />

Page 127


World Book Day 20<strong>23</strong><br />

World Book week is annually celebrated at <strong>Cranford</strong>. This year we encouraged<br />

students to take part in a range of activities in the library including, poetry<br />

writing on the theme of Climate Change, a six-word competition and a book cover<br />

design. WE had lots of participants and received some wonderful examples in each<br />

category. On Thursday 2nd March 20<strong>23</strong>, World Book Day we had a book sale and<br />

students were eager to purchase new books for their independent reading. It was a<br />

lovely week and the library was a hub of excitement. Here are just a few examples<br />

of the work produced by our students.<br />

Manjula Giga (Study Centres Manager)<br />

Climate Change Poetry<br />

I Hope this is Just a Dream<br />

Leading the fight against Climate Chage<br />

Lots of obstacles that we will face<br />

Global warming is coming soon<br />

But we’ll see the sun and moon<br />

We are killing the earth<br />

And that’s not really fun<br />

Noone believes us<br />

Because we are young<br />

Lives are crying because it’s not clean<br />

Earth is dying because it’s not green<br />

Chemicals in what we’re trying to breathe<br />

Our future is stolen and we are the thieves.<br />

Sea levels are rising and icebergs are melting<br />

The forests are burning and no one is helping<br />

Do you realise to keep the animals alive?<br />

It started back in 1985.<br />

Dear world if you hear this story<br />

I just want to say I’m sorry!<br />

Harman Kaur (year 8)<br />

Page 128

CPD / Continuing Professional<br />

Development <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/3<br />

Getting into Teaching Events 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Education is the cornerstone of progress and the<br />

foundation upon which a brighter future is built. With<br />

this vision in mind, <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> continues<br />

to participate in the Department of Education run ‘Getting<br />

into Teaching’ events which are designed to offer attendees<br />

a comprehensive understanding of the teaching profession,<br />

its challenges and the rewards it brings. One of these events<br />

took place on Saturday 18th June 20<strong>23</strong>. The day commenced<br />

with a series of engaging sessions delivered by experienced<br />

educators, administrators, and support staff, all eager to<br />

share their wisdom and experiences. This was followed by<br />

the opportunity to interact with current teachers, administrators and other staff members from a variety of<br />

teacher training providers, creating connections that may prove invaluable as they embark on their teaching<br />

journey.<br />

All those who are interested are then invited to pay a visit to the school where we have our very own Get into<br />

Teaching Open Mornings aimed at attracting talented individuals who are passionate about shaping young<br />

minds and ready to embark on a fulfilling journey in education. These events are also a fantastic opportunity<br />

for our school to recruit the next cohort of trainee teachers for the upcoming academic year and reinforce our<br />

commitment to training the very best teachers of the future.<br />

The morning sessions on school site allow attendees the opportunity to directly engage with our experienced<br />

teachers, seek advice on the application process as well as ask questions about the teaching profession and gain<br />

insights into the day-to-day realities of being an educator.<br />

We eagerly look forward to welcoming the next cohort of trainee teachers who will contribute to and enrich<br />

our school community whilst also shape the future leaders of tomorrow.<br />

Sahrish Shaikh and Amrat Atwal (Senior Teachers)<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Qualification Celebration<br />

<strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

Celebrating our staff is a central tenet here at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> alongside an investment in the Continuous<br />

Professional Development of all our staff. Therefore, it was<br />

with great pleasure that we celebrated the hard work and<br />

dedication of our staff and their investment into their own<br />

development. All staff who had completed a qualification of 12<br />

months or more came together alongside their peers to accept<br />

a small gift and certificate from the <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> Academy Trust Board. These qualifications ranged<br />

from the award of QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), the ECT<br />

and ECM (recognition of completion of training and mentoring<br />

under the new Early Career Teacher framework), the award of<br />

NPQ’s (National Professional Qualifications in leadership) to<br />

Higher Level Teaching Assistant awards. It was a wonderful<br />

Qualification Celebration and we look forward to celebrating<br />

our next Qualification Celebration event in 20<strong>23</strong> – 2024.<br />

Sahrish Shaikh and Amrat Atwal (Senior Teachers)<br />

Page 129

CPD / Continuing Professional<br />

Development <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/3<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>’s Continuing Professional Development Programme<br />

<strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

The<br />

Teaching and Learning team enjoyed an excellent year supporting the continuous professional<br />

development of staff at <strong>Cranford</strong> alongside ensuring outstanding teaching and learning took place<br />

in all our classrooms. As always, teachers were highly engaged and motivated to improve their own pedagogy,<br />

participating in and also delivering training to others.<br />

Alongside a strong body of in-house training provided for staff across all experience bases, this year saw us<br />

continue to embed Developmental Observations. This enabled staff to continue to reflect and move their inclassroom<br />

practice forward. It proved to be a worthwhile experience with comments on the success of trying a<br />

more creative approach to CPD. Staff frequently mentioned how helpful it was to gain the unbiased perspective<br />

of outside observers, being provided with formal time to meet in order to reflect on their teaching as well as<br />

the sharing of best practice and ideas across departments. We look forward on building upon this success.<br />

Further to this, our first cohort of teachers to complete the ECT under the new Early Career Framework<br />

culminated their training with visits to other schools to share best practice and presentations to key stakeholders<br />

on areas of interest to them. Meanwhile, our second-year cohort continued to engage with both face-face, zoom<br />

and online training alongside weekly mentoring sessions with dedicated and trained staff.<br />

Our Initial Teacher Trainees also reflected this strong work ethic focusing strongly on their learning through<br />

seminars, face-face and in house training, culminating in a Mini-Action Research Project (MARP) on a topic<br />

of their choice. All research was shared via high quality presentations to heads of department, senior teachers<br />

and staff providing valuable opportunities for them to also nurture their scholarship, a sentiment echoed by<br />

our trainees themselves:<br />

‘Thank you for the opportunity to undertake the MARP project. It was an enjoyable project which enabled me<br />

to delve into research and put an intervention in place which benefitted my professional development and more<br />

importantly the students learning. It allowed me to reflect on a key area of my practice and seek to improve<br />

my teaching and learning.’<br />

Adam Hopkins (Science)<br />

Page 130

CPD / Continuing Professional<br />

Development <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/3<br />

‘<strong>Cranford</strong> has been a wonderful environment in which to train. I have been supported by the Teaching<br />

and Learning team, my mentor and my colleagues in my department. There has been a group of<br />

trainees this year which has provided me with a great support network. It has also been a school<br />

where I have created great friendships along the way.’<br />

‘Researching and presenting my MARP was an invaluable experience. It was great to have an<br />

opportunity to research and explore pedagogy which will work in our school context. I enjoyed having<br />

the freedom to translate this research into my own lesson plans and found the positive impacts that<br />

this had on the pupil’s impacts rewarding.’<br />

Isabel Wood (Geography)<br />

‘Training this year at <strong>Cranford</strong> has been an exciting experience. The school is very supportive of<br />

trainee and ECT teachers, and therefore is always someone to ask for further help and support from.<br />

Furthermore, resources such as the PLC and the staff allocated laptops given allow for free time<br />

to be spent productively in a comfortable setting. Overall <strong>Cranford</strong> has been very supportive and<br />

inclusive of trainee teachers.’<br />

‘I found the MARP to be a really interesting experience where I could put a lot of pedagogy into<br />

practice. Coming up with my own objectives allowed me to work directly on feedback given from<br />

observations. The MARP process was fulfilling but not pressuring or adding to an overall workload.’<br />

Salma Hamidi (History)<br />

Teacher taster mornings, Getting into Teaching events and our annual staff Qualification Celebration<br />

rounded up an eventful year. If you are interested in teaching at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>, please<br />

do contact us to arrange a visit.<br />

Our trainees continue to talk positively of their experiences with us:<br />

‘My experience of training at <strong>Cranford</strong> overall has been incredibly rewarding. I feel like I have<br />

developed a lot as a teacher in both the classroom and other settings, for example at break times<br />

and going on trips. It has not always been easy, but it has always been enlightening! The support of<br />

my mentor has helped me a lot. Similarly, being part of the network of Teach First trainees has been<br />

fantastic. I have really enjoyed this year and look forward to the next!’<br />

Victoria Herring (English)<br />

‘With regards to the overall training, I have found it to be highly useful. To me, it’s been “real”<br />

reflecting the world we’re teaching in…the school sessions have been to the point, eminently digestible<br />

and actionable.’<br />

Robert Frumkin (Business studies)<br />

‘Overall, training at <strong>Cranford</strong> has been a really good experience with lots of support available at all<br />

times. The CPD sessions have been very useful too. I feel very lucky to have trained here.’<br />

Adam Hopkins (Science)<br />

Sahrish Shaikh and Amrat Atwal (Senior Teachers in charge of the Teaching and Learning Team)<br />

Page 131


<strong>Cranford</strong> and Teach First celebrate 20 years of Partnership<br />

Teach First, the education charity who recruit and train teachers,<br />

celebrated its 20th birthday this summer and <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> have been with them throughout this journey.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> has been a key partner with Teach First since its first year<br />

in 2003, which saw three Teach First trainees start their careers at<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>. Since then <strong>Cranford</strong> have trained over 100 Teach First<br />

teachers and currently 20 <strong>Cranford</strong> staff are Teach First trainees or<br />

Ambassadors.<br />

To support in their special anniversary events, on Friday 30 June<br />

20<strong>23</strong> <strong>Cranford</strong> hosted perhaps our most international group of<br />

visitors ever from Teach First partner schools across the globe.<br />

16 teachers and trainee teachers joined us to tour the school and learn<br />

more about the UK education system and <strong>Cranford</strong>’s curriculum<br />

and values from places as far and wide as Belgium, Israel, Mexico, Portugal, Peru, China, Pakistan, Germany,<br />

Spain and the Philippines. One of the UK delegates was even an ex-student and the visitors were wowed by<br />

the lessons they saw and the ‘unique and special’ atmosphere of the school.<br />

One Spanish teacher has requested further visits for her and other staff from her escuela as they were so<br />

“impressed with the students’ level of engagement in the classroom, extensive community partnerships, the<br />

enrichment opportunities and commitment to teachers’ professional development”.<br />

Congratulations and Happy 20th Birthday to Teach First and thank you to all the <strong>Cranford</strong> staff and students<br />

who helped contribute to our ever-growing international reputation!<br />

Rob Ind (Joint Head of School)<br />

Page 132



The<br />

National Saturday Club this year continued to explore many new<br />

forms of writing. This year the focus was on different modes of<br />

communication from video essays to making “Zines”. Students started the<br />

year of workshops by working on their self-portraits, examining how images<br />

can be used in conjunction to poetry. This was displayed in an exhibition at<br />

the Central Saint Martins University of Arts in conjunction with a trip to see<br />

the Chris Killip exhibition. Over time there were chances for collaborative<br />

creativity and effective use of mixed mediums for different visual effects.<br />

Based on the experiences in the sessions the students this year decided to base<br />

their Summer Show project on the idea of ‘community’ which led to wonderful<br />

discussions on how community is defined and how connections can be made<br />

stronger. Members settled on the idea of creating a beehive of community<br />

which was a concept twinned with the Art branch of the Saturday Club at <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

The piece was filled with mixed media responses to the themes of community<br />

and belonging, ranging from poetry to art tiles and dioramas. There was also an<br />

invitation for viewers to see themselves as a part of the art through mirrors and<br />

questions posed to viewers. The students then attended their graduation ceremony<br />

where they received their certificates and had a chance to admire their work<br />

alongside the work of other schools at the prestigious Somerset House.<br />

Veronica Chow (National Saturday Club Tutor)<br />

National Saturday Club<br />

Celebrations at<br />

Somerset House<br />

The<br />

students of the National Saturday<br />

Club were invited this year to Bush<br />

House to celebrate their achievements of the<br />

year. It was the old home of the BBC and was the<br />

perfect place for the students to reflect and look<br />

ahead to their creative futures. The event started<br />

with a keynote speech from Jay Blades MBE<br />

who gave an engaging speech about thinking<br />

outside the box which prompted some witty<br />

responses from the students. They were<br />

then presented their certificates by the<br />

CEO of the company Lucy Kennedy and<br />

were then led over the road to Somerset<br />

House where their work was displayed. It<br />

was an amazing chance to see the work of<br />

all the clubs across the country reflecting<br />

nicely the future of creativity and the<br />

amazing potential of the students. No<br />

doubt our club members will only grow<br />

in their talents and we may well see their<br />

work exhibited there again in the future!<br />

Veronica Chow<br />

(National Saturday Club Tutor)<br />

Page 133

DofE /<br />

Duke of Edinburgh Award<br />

1/2<br />

Duke of Edinburgh<br />

Bronze Award<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

On<br />

the <strong>23</strong>rd and 24th June 20<strong>23</strong> 34 year 9 students embarked on their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award<br />

expedition to Chalfont Heights. During their Mind Body & Soul lessons they had been taught mapreading,<br />

first aid training, the country code and many more useful skills. Using all of their map reading, team<br />

work and navigation skills they tackled a challenging 22km hike over two days, from tackling difficult terrain<br />

to being pushed both mentally and physically. All students worked incredibly well in their teams to support<br />

and motivate each other. Their classroom training was suddenly made very real when faced with the outdoors,<br />

a map and your wits to get you back to the safety of the campsite.<br />

After a challenging first day which included getting very lost and filming<br />

the DofE Vlog students showed off their well-honed camp skills: putting up<br />

tents, cooking over their stoves and supporting each other as they relaxed<br />

after a long day with a water fight and a football match. Day two, and the<br />

teams had amazing determination and motivation everyone managed to get<br />

to the end point on time and achieved the aims of their expedition. I am<br />

very proud of all the groups who worked so hard and making my first year<br />

as the DofE Co-ordinator a memorable one with many smiles and laughs.<br />

A particular congratulations go to group 1 – Gavneet Soni (9W) Jasleen<br />

Ghattoray (9U), Palveer Layal (9V), Jenny Mistry (9U) and Jagroop Layal<br />

(9Z) who showed incredible teamwork, supporting each other throughout,<br />

demonstrating excellent map reading skills and were an absolute credit to<br />

themselves and the school.<br />

Massive thanks also go to the staff who gave up their<br />

time to support the students in a number of ways, going<br />

well beyond the normal demands of the classroom and<br />

demonstrating the dedication to the students which<br />

makes the <strong>Cranford</strong> staff so special. Thank you for<br />

accompanying, assessing and supporting students<br />

throughout the expedition and the training process.<br />

Thank you also to those colleagues who supported the<br />

logistical and administration side of the expedition.<br />

Lastly, I am so thankful for the opportunity to create an<br />

experience for our students which they might not have<br />

been able to experience without the school’s support.<br />

Jake Fernandez<br />

(Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator and trip leader)<br />

Page 134

DofE /<br />

Duke of Edinburgh Award<br />

2/2<br />

Duke of Edinburgh was one best things the school offers<br />

and I will definitely do it again. There are challenges you<br />

have to overcome on your journey through each mapped<br />

out checkpoints and you need to use your navigation skills<br />

to help you. Once your reach camp, the fun begins. Barely<br />

any limitations, have fun, and don’t forget your food and<br />

planning! The second day it’s a little harder but work as<br />

a team and you’ll make it through. My group were lost<br />

many times and even had to be collected with several other<br />

groups, but once you’re on track keep moving forward. I<br />

loved Duke of Edinburgh and even though it was challenging<br />

it was worth it.<br />

Angat Thakure (year 9)<br />

Duke of Edinburgh was a really fun experience. It motivated<br />

me to learn to play the drums, something I’ve wanted to do<br />

for ages. The volunteering section helped me appreciate the<br />

science technicians more, and the physical section gave me a reason<br />

to go on more walks. The expedition was by far the best part. I love<br />

hiking, so it was great to be able to do just that for (probably over) 8<br />

hours over the course of two days. (I know that doesn’t sound great,<br />

but it really was fantastic). I loved every part of it – putting up the<br />

tents, helping the teachers start a fire (which, for the record, they<br />

were horrible at), I was in such a good mood the entire time that even<br />

washing the dishes was fun. I’m also glad that I did DofE because I<br />

learned a lot of practical skills. Map reading, using a compass, using<br />

signs to find exactly where my group was (this really helped the three<br />

times we got lost). It was overall a great experience and I really<br />

recommend it. If you think you might enjoy it, absolutely try it!!!<br />

Oliwia Baczek (year 9)<br />

I found DofE extremely rewarding, as it showed me the importance<br />

of having patience, determination, and resilience even when we (as a<br />

team) faced hardships. Additionally, I personally found the experience<br />

fun, especially my time at the campsite with everyone. I look forward<br />

to doing sliver next year!!<br />

Samia Neves Pinto (year 9)<br />

Duke of Edinburgh taught me a lot. In order to fully complete and<br />

achieve the Duke of Edinburgh award we had to do a physical,<br />

volunteering and a skill section as a requirement. For physical I had<br />

trained and practiced football for 6 months which helped my fitness<br />

and make new friends. For the volunteering section I helped and<br />

supported a local charity near me. This helped build my relationships<br />

with people in my community and make new friendships. For skill, I<br />

was able to learn Arabic, which I enjoyed so much, I continued after<br />

the expedition. We went through different tasks and got through them<br />

as a team. We were able to create first aid presentations and route<br />

cards but also unforgettable memories, but the real test of teamwork<br />

and resilience came during the expedition. We were also able to<br />

learn basic survival skills such as map reading, and how to cook with<br />

minimal resources. Navigating unfamiliar terrain and unpredictable weather demanded mental and physical strength,<br />

but our mutual support and teammates kept us going. Through it all, we learned effective communication, problemsolving,<br />

and the importance of environmental responsibility. The program left a lasting impact, providing us with<br />

personal growth and unforgettable memories that will shape our future endeavours. It was one of the best experiences<br />

I’ve had at <strong>Cranford</strong>. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without all the staff supporting the experience with a<br />

special shout out to Mr Fernandez and Mr Ferreira who taught us all we needed to know.<br />

Muqadas Kabiri (year 9)<br />

Page 135

MBS /<br />

Mind, Body & Soul<br />

1/3<br />

Mind<br />

Body<br />

Soul<br />

Mind, Body and Soul at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> goes from strength to strength<br />

with new and exciting activities introduced this<br />

year.<br />

In addition to the regular offer of activities<br />

such as Korean, Sports, Music - form a band,<br />

Art and Craft, Swimming, Lets go Outside and<br />

Learn, Chess, Shakespeare in Schools, Ancient<br />

and Interesting, we now have Archaeology, Sign<br />

Language, Debating and Dominoes.<br />

Mind, Body and Soul is a reflection of the many<br />

and varied talents and interests of the <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

staff who lead the sessions and the students who<br />

opt to do something new and interesting.<br />

Lets Go Outside and Learn has been a feature<br />

of Mind Body Soul for two years. The aim is to<br />

connect local communities with the nature that is<br />

on their doorstep. https://www.lgoal.org/<br />

This project has introduced the students and staff<br />

to the natural environment both in and around<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>. Together they<br />

have worked on Social Action Projects based<br />

in Avenue Park. They went on a trip to Avenue<br />

Park, visited the river Crane and explored local<br />

wildlife before designing a group campaign to<br />

address the issues they felt most passionate about.<br />

One group selected to work on redesigning the<br />

park equipment and sports facilities.<br />

‘Just to keep you posted on the Social Action programme,<br />

we had a great trip to Avenue Park yesterday and the<br />

group came up with a plan to raise awareness to Hounslow<br />

Council and the general public of the disused changing<br />

rooms and broken park equipment. The group will make<br />

signs (Riverside Park / The River Crane This Way etc.) /<br />

an information point (with maps / cycle routes) / Natural<br />

Art Gallery temporarily on the disused changing room<br />

building. We will also (if time allows) write letters to the<br />

council.’<br />

Another group wanted to encourage park users to engage<br />

with the Avenue Park space.<br />

‘Just a quick update on this term’s Year 7 cohort and their<br />

choice of focus for the social action.<br />

They had an interest in the wildflowers and trees in<br />

Avenue Park and have opted to develop a trail / spotting<br />

activity to encourage park users to visit and engage with<br />

the space.<br />

Over the next two sessions we will identify wildflowers<br />

and leaves, put together a trail spotting sheet / poster to<br />

advertise the activity which will then sit on our website<br />

for people to download.’<br />

Thank you very much to Sarah Salisbury and her team<br />

at Lets Go Outside and Learn for supporting the Year 7<br />

students to explore our local green spaces and take on a<br />

social action project.<br />

Page 136<br />

Rita Berndt (Head of School)

MBS /<br />

Mind, Body & Soul<br />

2/3<br />

Page 137

MBS /<br />

Mind, Body & Soul<br />

3/3<br />

Let’s Go Outside<br />

and Learn /<br />

Student Testimonials<br />

In Let’s Go Outside and<br />

Learn we made posters<br />

to express nature while<br />

making the park signs to<br />

guide the local people.<br />

We also thought of ideas<br />

to make the park more<br />

fun and discussed with<br />

the local councillors and<br />

why/how we would make<br />

this happen. We made<br />

signs to guide people to<br />

the neglected River Crane<br />

which not many people go<br />

to as they may not know it’s<br />

even there.<br />

Amreet Gill<br />

(year 7)<br />

One thing I really enjoyed<br />

about Let’s go Outside<br />

and Learn was the fact I<br />

got to be with my friends<br />

in a different learning<br />

environment. We helped<br />

the local community by<br />

raising awareness about<br />

the wildlife and how we<br />

can help look after it. A fun<br />

part was getting together<br />

and drawing the signs for<br />

the park near us. If you<br />

are an adventurous, fun,<br />

outgoing person that cares<br />

about the local community<br />

then this is the Mind, Body<br />

and Soul activity for you.<br />

Alicja Ochendalska<br />

(year 7)<br />

When I did the Let’s Go<br />

Outside and Learn activity,<br />

we visited Avenue Park and<br />

went to the River Crane at<br />

the end. When we got back,<br />

the next lesson we were<br />

discussing the colours<br />

and flowers that we saw<br />

in Avenue Park. Overall it<br />

was a fun experience.<br />

Araina Karowalia<br />

(year 7)<br />

Page 138

JAMIE’S FARM /<br />

November <strong>2022</strong><br />

1/4<br />

November <strong>2022</strong> saw<br />

students pack their bags<br />

for a week of personal growth<br />

and lifelong memories at<br />

Jamie’s Farm. Each student<br />

had their own stories and<br />

vulnerabilities for their<br />

selection, but all students<br />

challenged their mindsets<br />

and fears which ranged from<br />

fear of dogs, waking up early<br />

and to preparing meals. It<br />

became quickly apparent to<br />

students that the farm staff,<br />

the <strong>Cranford</strong> family and the<br />

animals relied on them to be<br />

on time, be efficient and be<br />

present.<br />

Due to the students forming<br />

such a strong bond and<br />

showing teamwork throughout<br />

the week, the farm staff<br />

entrusted our students to<br />

relocate over 100 sheep<br />

from one field to another via<br />

main roads, where we were<br />

given one clear mission “do<br />

not lose the sheep” - this<br />

relied on focus, following<br />

instructions fast and showing<br />

initiative. The students will<br />

tell you this was no easy feat<br />

because sheep have a flocking<br />

instinct so if one sheep left<br />

the group, they all followed,<br />

I say this was touch and go<br />

when a few started running<br />

across a nearby golf course<br />

but the mission was a huge<br />

success and Jamie was very<br />

pleased. Alongside group<br />

successes the students had<br />

many of their own individual<br />

accomplishments including<br />

Jagga 8Y showing his caring<br />

side and volunteering for<br />

all available opportunities<br />

- self proclaiming himself<br />

as the Indian Jamie Oliver.<br />

Harib 8V formed positive<br />

relationships by sharing<br />

laughs and stories with all<br />

staff and students on the trip<br />

during evening walks. Abdul<br />

8T overcome his fear of pigs<br />

and going into the pen to feed<br />

them but also discovered a<br />

passion for cooking. Alfie 8U<br />

Hill House Farm, Ditteridge, Box,<br />

Wiltshire SN13 8QA<br />

t: 01225 743 608<br />

Dear Mr Prunty ,<br />

We are writing to share some highlights from a great week that the young people spent on the Farm with us.<br />

They were extremely hard working and made some real progress; pushing through their individual challenges<br />

and supporting each through the friendships that they built on throughout the week. They also had lots of<br />

fun and said ‘yes’ to lots of new challenges.<br />

During their visit they had the opportunity to participate in a range of activities<br />

including farming, cooking, crafts, log chopping, therapeutic horse work and<br />

walking in the countryside. We lived like a family; working, eating and playing<br />

together. After each meal they reflected on their success and behaviour, giving<br />

compliments and showing recognition of their achievements. They all had an<br />

opportunity to have some one-to-one time with the staff to reflect on how they<br />

have found the week.<br />

Some highlights include:<br />

• The whole group supporting a huge sheep move successfully!<br />

• Abid showing huge personal growth over the course of the week, which all the staff commented on<br />

• The group participating in some wonderful Christmas craft sessions; including homemade wreaths and<br />

bird feeders!<br />

We had a great final celebratory meeting, and the young people had an opportunity to<br />

listen to lots of positive highlights about themselves, which will hopefully add to<br />

building their confidence.<br />

Seema, James and Jordan were an absolute pleasure to work alongside thanks to their<br />

patience and nurture of the children in their care.<br />

The first weeks back can be very tricky for the children; it can take a while to readjust<br />

but most show significant improvement. In fact, our impact data from the last academic<br />

year shows that 6 months later, 58% those at risk of exclusion before the trip were no<br />

longer at risk, and 89% of young people were demonstrating improved wellbeing.<br />

Once again, many thanks for making these rewarding visits possible. We look forward<br />

to hearing how they get on in the forthcoming weeks.<br />

Jess Callen<br />

Head of Farm, jesscallen@jamiesfarm.org.uk<br />

Page 139

JAMIE’S FARM /<br />

November <strong>2022</strong><br />

2/4<br />

stopped saying “I’m not doing that” instead embracing<br />

all roles and responsibilities on the farm, including<br />

log chopping. Diya 9T got stuck into all tasks with no<br />

complaints, a positive attitude and growth mindset,<br />

even when chicken mucking and gardening. Seeing<br />

her smile and enjoy the experience was wonderful.<br />

Jackson 9Z a born farmer used his strength to help with<br />

all heavy lifting tasks, it was particularly impressive<br />

seeing him unroll a hay bale.<br />

Frank 9Y overcame his fear of horses and successfully<br />

took Millie on a walk. Nasir 10V even though the<br />

last to wake up, role modelled positive behaviour to<br />

younger students and took on an older brother role, he<br />

particularly impressed Anton with his log chopping<br />

skills. Hope 10T developed confidence throughout<br />

the trip and showed the other students that animals<br />

shouldn’t be feared but loved, even when the piglets<br />

were nibbling on her leg.<br />

Renu 10V was the positive force that bonded the group<br />

together. Her natural ability to find commonalities with<br />

others was admirable and she gave the most uplifting<br />

check ins and shout outs. Abid 10Y developed selfconfidence<br />

throughout the trip and embraced all roles<br />

on the farm, I particularly enjoyed him showing us<br />

how to successfully run onto a hay bale.<br />

Mr Grammaticas, Mr Hickey, the farm staff and I are<br />

immensely proud of this group and we hope they use<br />

their experience on the farm and the skills of kindness,<br />

growth mindset, resilience, embracing opportunities<br />

and overcoming challenges, in the world of work and<br />

in life.<br />

Seema Mehmi<br />

(Head of Year 8 -Trip Leader)<br />

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JAMIE’S FARM /<br />

June 20<strong>23</strong><br />

3/4<br />

The Jamie’s Farm Trip in June 20<strong>23</strong> was a fantastic<br />

experience for all staff and students who went.<br />

They were able to learn not only about themselves but<br />

also about each other and further develop the positive<br />

relationships that they had prior to going. We all have<br />

some lovely anecdotes to share from the week. It was<br />

a pleasure to go on this mini adventure of growth and<br />

development with the students and see them engage<br />

with each other and put themselves in challenging<br />

situations. Here are some of the comments that were<br />

shared by the students upon our return along with<br />

some pictures.<br />

Sahrish Shaikh – Trip Leader<br />

I enjoyed the sheep herding. That was really fun and was<br />

a new experience. I loved the woodcutting as it was a nice<br />

stress reliever. Staying with all the girls in 1 room was nice<br />

because we found a spider and killed it with teamwork! I<br />

loved everyone there and would love to go back.<br />

Jasleen Bains (year 10)<br />

Page 141

JAMIE’S FARM /<br />

June 20<strong>23</strong><br />

4/4<br />

My experience at the farm has been really exciting and<br />

new to me. The animals have got to be my favourite aspect<br />

of the farm. I loved speaking to new people and making<br />

special bonds and memories I’ll never forget.<br />

Uzma Tawane (year 10)<br />

From going from a whole week of school to cleaning poo in<br />

a farm for a week was amazing I was with many animals<br />

and all of them were lovely to be around. I would definitely<br />

go again!<br />

Balveen Sodi (year 10)<br />

It’s a refreshing experience being in the countryside and<br />

having a chance to meet new people and just generally<br />

doing something new and beneficial for your health.<br />

Joshua Paul Emmanuel (year 10)<br />

I enjoyed playing with all the dogs: Mud, who bit my nose;<br />

Tiggy, who played football; Bella, who enjoyed running<br />

circles around me and Lola, who was just very chilled.<br />

Blazej Romanowicz (year 9)<br />

We went to a cave and took lots of pictures. We made<br />

cookies, we went on long walks. We went into two rivers<br />

and went sheep herding. We did lots of cooking and I would<br />

love to go back if I could.<br />

Gyulia Grosz (year 9)<br />

I liked the cave and walks and the forest because it was fun<br />

and relaxing. The farm taught me to spend less time on my<br />

phone and eat healthier foods which impact my behaviour.<br />

Jeshroop Kapoor (year 9)<br />

I enjoyed the vibe because it was peaceful and not<br />

overwhelming.<br />

Jose Afonso Ferreira De Sousa (year 8)<br />

The farm was great. It smelt good and I enjoyed jumping<br />

in the lake the most.<br />

Lexi-Lea Dhillon-Rowe (year 7)<br />

We went in a cave and went for a walk. The view was<br />

amazing and the teachers were awesome.<br />

Rowan Jhawer (year 7)<br />

Page 142


Fashion Show 20<strong>23</strong><br />

1/7<br />

Cultural Fashion Show 20<strong>23</strong><br />

On<br />

the 1st March 20<strong>23</strong>, the Arts & Culture committee were able to follow on from the success of<br />

last year’s cultural fashion show, but on a bigger scale. We aimed to make it bigger and better.<br />

Honestly, it was one the best events I’ve ever helped organise or taken part in. From writing a proposal to<br />

discussing the show’s logistics, our hard work and effort collectively formed a perfect night. What made<br />

me realise we made it was the positive comments I received from everyone that either attended or took<br />

part in the show, and I couldn’t be prouder of us. All thanks to my lovely committee, as with their efforts,<br />

we could stage a great show. They did a great job from backstage to cracking jokes on stage to helping<br />

organise the performances!<br />

The unsung hero behind the scenes was Mr Ahmad who helped us to organise the whole night. His efforts<br />

to help us with the logistics and arrange the show made our efforts come to reality.<br />

Lastly, I was blessed to have assembled such a great event that we will forever remember. The laughter,<br />

the smiles and all the beautiful cultures we have seen will forever be carved into my memory. The best part<br />

was raising £450 for the Red Cross. And hopefully, we can continue the <strong>Cranford</strong> culture fashion show as<br />

an annual tradition.<br />

Reemas Mohamed-Yusuf (Deputy Head Girl - Head of Arts & Culture Committee)<br />

The Sixth Form cultural fashion show was definitely a day<br />

to remember. I was very privileged to be the only student<br />

from the lower school taking part. Seeing and celebrating<br />

different cultures was honestly brilliant. The dedication<br />

from Mr Ahmad and Ms Saroya as well as the student<br />

leadership team to organise this event was amazing.<br />

Reemas with the rest of the committee also did such a<br />

good job to ensure this event went ahead as planned. Our<br />

school shows are usually great, but this was genuinely top<br />

tier! This inspired me and the rest of Year 11 to take part in<br />

the show next year and hopefully many more events. After<br />

the show we were practically planning for what is to come<br />

next year! This was a reminder to us as Year 11, that sixth<br />

form is not only about academic success but also about<br />

celebration, acceptance and acknowledgment.<br />

Rayan Ali (year 11)<br />

We just felt we had to put on a performance one last time<br />

after doing it for the first year out of curiosity. Nothing has<br />

been more enjoyable, exciting, and equally as exhausting<br />

than preparing for this Cultural Fashion Show; of course,<br />

the exhilaration of finally exhibiting it to everyone and<br />

presenting an authentic part of the many Indian cultures to<br />

such a large audience cannot be expressed in mere words.<br />

Siddhi Naik (year 13 - Arts and Culture Committee)<br />

Performing in the cultural fashion show was one of the<br />

most unique and unforgettable memory that I will take<br />

from <strong>Cranford</strong>. The process of all participants rehearsing<br />

their performances to performing them, were all incredible<br />

as we supported and encouraged each other through out. It<br />

was amazing to see all the support and love from our fellow<br />

classmates as they were cheering on for our performances.<br />

I feel that the purpose of this cultural fashion show was to<br />

unite <strong>Cranford</strong> together to celebrate and support all the<br />

diverse cultures we have in our school.<br />

Liesel Fernandes (year 13 - Arts and Culture Committee)<br />

Page 143


Fashion Show 20<strong>23</strong><br />

2/7<br />

Somalia<br />

Page 144


Fashion Show 20<strong>23</strong><br />

3/7<br />

Punjab<br />

Page 145


Fashion Show 20<strong>23</strong><br />

4/7<br />

Pakistan<br />

India<br />

Page 146


Fashion Show 20<strong>23</strong><br />

5/7<br />

Ghana<br />

Italy<br />

Page 147


Fashion Show 20<strong>23</strong><br />

6/7<br />

Poland<br />

Portugal<br />

Page 148


Fashion Show 20<strong>23</strong><br />

7/7<br />

As a result of my last experience performing in a culture<br />

show, I was intrigued by the possibility of doing so again.<br />

It was remarkable to see the diverse culture of <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

and how it offers wonderful opportunities for students to<br />

showcase their cultures and to show off their pride. With<br />

the support of different roles, such as hosting, lighting,<br />

and behind the scenes, the crowd and I were able to<br />

enhance the enjoyment of the performances. Not only was<br />

performing Indian and Punjabi culture in a culture show<br />

an enjoyable experience, but I learned a lot about different<br />

cultures. I felt a greater connection to my own culture and<br />

a sense of pride in our talent. Moreover, this initiative<br />

helped us provide assistance to those in need due to the<br />

difficult circumstances in Turkey and Syria. As a student,<br />

it was one of the most memorable experiences of my last<br />

year at <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

Prableen Gurwara (year 13 - Arts and Culture<br />

Committee)<br />

After successfully performing a Maharashtrian lavani<br />

dance last year, we wanted to perform one last time at<br />

the Cultural fashion show and showcase the various<br />

aspects of Indian culture, kathak is one of the eight major<br />

dance forms of Indian classical dance and having the<br />

opportunity to perform this in from of a big audience was<br />

an indescribable experience.<br />

Anjini Aurora (year 13 - Arts and Culture Committee)<br />

The fashion show was a more phenomenal experience<br />

than I predicted. For the fashion show, I took the role of<br />

assisting with the music production by directing another<br />

member of the committee on when to play the music<br />

or helping around when there were any minor issues.<br />

Carrying out my role allowed me to see different sides of<br />

myself that I had never known before, such as confidently<br />

socialising with a group of people I did not know or getting<br />

to know new people, directing the music on time during the<br />

practice sessions and socialising with the members of the<br />

committee with ease. Due to this experience, I was able to<br />

gain the confidence that I did not know I had within me.<br />

Overall, the fashion show allowed me to see myself in a<br />

different version - a confident self that I am proud of and<br />

proud to have lovely and supportive members with whom<br />

I was happy to work along.<br />

Jaslina Singh (year 13 - Arts and Culture Committee)<br />

Page 149<br />

The cultural fashion show was an amazing experience and<br />

success. I was so happy seeing everyone in their outfits<br />

and performing with such confidence. The audience and<br />

everyone who participated really enjoyed themselves<br />

and I am so glad I managed to be part of this wonderful<br />

opportunity. Doing my performance was the definitely<br />

one of the most thrilling things I have done and I am<br />

appreciative that I was able to take part and help organise<br />

this event with such wonderful people.<br />

Angel Aibuki (year 13 - Arts and Culture Committee)<br />

I enjoyed participating in the cultural fashion show. it<br />

was an event full of great vibes, and it was incredibly<br />

enjoyable for anyone. It was a great event, that allowed<br />

me to learn more about other people’s culture, through<br />

music and clothing, almost as if I visited 20+ countries<br />

in one sitting only. Including my own, as using my own<br />

cultural clothes, and playing music made me feel closer<br />

to my culture, and much more content to be able to share<br />

it to everyone around me.<br />

Maria Ferreira (year 13 - Arts and Culture Committee)<br />

This year I had the amazing opportunity of being involved<br />

in the cultural fashion show, the country I represented was<br />

Uganda. I feel as though events like this are important as<br />

they allow us to express ourselves, culture wise, and it<br />

helps showcase the diversity within our school. They also<br />

give us treasured memories that we can hold onto after<br />

we leave the school, making this event a special thing to<br />

have been a part of.<br />

Iman Kabanda (year 13 - Arts and Culture Committee)


AWARDS EVENING 20<strong>23</strong><br />

1/3<br />

Presentation of<br />

Awards Evening 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Celebrates New Beginnings<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>’s Presentation of Awards Evening,<br />

held on Thursday 12th January 20<strong>23</strong> in<br />

the new <strong>Cranford</strong> Suite was a wonderful<br />

evening looking back over the past twelve months<br />

and celebrating the achievements of our students and<br />

community.<br />

This was the first Presentation Evening since Covid<br />

and the chosen theme of “New Beginnings” was<br />

inspired by the resilience and determination of our<br />

whole school community and specifically the young<br />

people of <strong>Cranford</strong> and their vision for a better future,<br />

post pandemic. It was a fitting choice to frame the<br />

evenings celebrations ably hosted by the Student<br />

Leadership team.<br />

The extensive programme not only included looking<br />

back over the past twelve months and how as a school<br />

community we continued to encourage and grow in a<br />

time set with challenges, but also a selection of music<br />

performances and the highlight, with the presentation<br />

of awards to sixty-seven recipients. We were delighted<br />

to welcome our guest speaker David Brockie, Former<br />

Education Advisor, London Borough of Hounslow<br />

to present the awards and he made a very poignant<br />

speech reflecting on his own new beginnings and his<br />

hopes for the future.<br />

There were several special awards presented; the<br />

Pride of <strong>Cranford</strong> Award, presented to Nehchal Singh<br />

and Siddhi Naik Year 13, who were key in our hot<br />

meals service to households in need. They helped to<br />

serve 4744 meals between July and October <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The Services to the <strong>Community</strong> Award, presented<br />

to Yas Ashfraq and Fola Adesamni our community<br />

lettings operations managers who are at the heart of<br />

that service and without their dedication it would not<br />

be the great success it is. The <strong>Community</strong> Partnership<br />

Award was presented to Tara McLaughlin at Ajar<br />

Technologies to recognise all the integral work Tara<br />

has led in support of T Levels between <strong>Cranford</strong> and<br />

Ajar. The Rod Lewis Award was presented to Fran<br />

Green, Assistant Headteacher, who has been a key<br />

volunteer giving up her time three days a week to<br />

pick up and drop off some senior citizens for the hot<br />

meals service on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday over<br />

the past 6 months.<br />

The music performances were superb and really<br />

enhanced the celebrations. Opening the programme<br />

Erica Rizwan, Asta Dias and Koa Cundall, supported<br />

by Mr Joyce and Mr Dickson performed “Come As<br />

You Are”. After the interval, Leroy Ehsan performed<br />

“I Can’t Make You Love Me” which was a definite<br />

showstopper. The final performance, “Until I Found<br />

You” performed by Nandana Prem, accompanied by<br />

Amirah Miah, Asta Dias, Gresha Leitao, Mr Joyce and<br />

Mr Dickson brought the evening to a close.<br />

Although there have been many Presentation Evenings<br />

over the years, this will certainly be remembered as<br />

a very special evening as it marked the start of new<br />

hope for the future and a continuing resilience to<br />

give the students of <strong>Cranford</strong> and its community the<br />

opportunities they so deserve.<br />

Jessica Joyce (Event Organiser)<br />

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AWARDS EVENING 20<strong>23</strong><br />

2/3<br />

Hi Kevin, Jess and Peter<br />

It was an honour to be asked to present the<br />

awards last night. I always enjoy the <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

event for its energy, breadth and depth, so it<br />

was special to have a role to play.<br />

It was very kind of you to give me the flowers<br />

and the gift card. I will enjoy choosing<br />

something for our new kitchen.<br />

Very best wishes<br />

David Brockie<br />

Page 151


AWARDS EVENING 20<strong>23</strong><br />

3/3<br />

Page 152

YEAR 7<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/4<br />

This academic year has been immensely successful<br />

for our new Year 7 students. They joined <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> (CCC) in September <strong>2022</strong>, and<br />

they have come on leaps and bounds over the course<br />

of the year.<br />

Taster day July <strong>2022</strong><br />

It all kicked off in July <strong>2022</strong> when we invited our Year<br />

6s (who later became Year 7s) to CCC for a day to get<br />

a feel for the school, meet their future form mates and<br />

form tutor, and generally get a feel for the atmosphere<br />

of ‘Secondary School’. As you can appreciate the<br />

transition from Primary school to Secondary School<br />

can be a daunting experience. Suddenly students are<br />

no longer based in one classroom for the majority<br />

of lessons but now have to travel from classroom to<br />

classroom, navigate their way through the school day<br />

and make new friends. The nervousness could be<br />

felt in the air but by the end of the day with the many<br />

ice breakers and activities such as building structures<br />

using spaghetti and marshmallows, the students felt<br />

at ease. The day ended with Parents being invited<br />

in to listen to the Head of Year and Mr Ind address<br />

the audience. Parents could also ask questions to the<br />

panel. The day was hugely successful, and we all felt<br />

we got to know the new Year 7 cohort a little better. It<br />

ensured their entry into the School in September <strong>2022</strong><br />

was as smooth as possible.<br />

Road Safety Event<br />

In November <strong>2022</strong>, we invited a group called the Riot<br />

Act who came to talk to our Year 7 about road safety.<br />

Their project “Deadly Distractions” not only provides<br />

essential road safety knowledge for year 7 students<br />

who are now emerging as independent travellers, but it<br />

also coverers key social aspects such as peer pressure,<br />

responsibilities and friendships. A very helpful project,<br />

well received by year 7.<br />

Sports<br />

Some students in Year 7 were selected to play for<br />

Southall Football Club and we are extremely proud<br />

of their achievements so far. A recent Under-12 match<br />

was between Southall FC vs Pinner United which took<br />

place at Acton, Ealing Whistler’s Youth FC and it was<br />

a nail-biting match to watch!<br />

Cyber Bullying and Social<br />

Media Safety<br />

In May we invited PC Franks and PC Wallis to talk<br />

to the year group about Cyber Bullying and social<br />

media in assembly. This was well received by the year<br />

group and generated a lot of positive conversation and<br />

feedback.<br />

Page 153

YEAR 7<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/4<br />

Movie Afternoon<br />

December <strong>2022</strong><br />

As treat for the Year 7students hard work during the<br />

autumn term, the class with the greatest number of<br />

Reward points were treated to a movie afternoon,<br />

complete with popcorn, sweets and drinks. This was<br />

their reward for collecting the most Reward points<br />

and these are awarded when students or the class<br />

behave well or have achieved the best they can. The<br />

rewarded class was 7V and they thoroughly enjoyed<br />

the afternoon. We hope to continue this tradition into<br />

Year 8 next year.<br />

Hounslow Citizen Scheme<br />

In June 20<strong>23</strong>, <strong>Cranford</strong> took part in this scheme which<br />

brings Year 6 children to <strong>Cranford</strong> to participate in a<br />

programme to prepare for greater independence and<br />

going to Secondary School. It explores a number of<br />

dangers they may encounter such as stranger danger,<br />

fire safety, road safety, emergency first aid, drugs<br />

and alcohol just to name a few. Some of our Year 7<br />

students who were participants in <strong>2022</strong> were chosen<br />

to be ambassadors for the Year 6 students.<br />

During my experience for the Hounslow<br />

junior citizenship, I liked when I got to help and support<br />

the students in my class. I liked the Kahoots quizzes<br />

especially when I got fourth place in the quiz because<br />

I helped someone.<br />

Abdallah Ung (7U)<br />

As ambassador for the Hounslow junior citizenship,<br />

I thought that the experience was fun because we<br />

got to go through a lot of scenarios. We were able<br />

to guide the year sixes around our school and help<br />

them. We did eight scenarios that were designed to<br />

help primary students transition into year sevens in<br />

September. It was fun to relive what we did in year<br />

six. The scenarios helped educate the consequences<br />

of bad things and how to take care of yourself. We<br />

did scenarios based around knife crime and stranger<br />

danger. We also did the cyber choices and the gaming<br />

room, which was fun.<br />

Prisha Anand (7U)<br />

Drop Down Days<br />

In June and July year 7 took part in the Drop-Down<br />

days programme. In June they took part in a Charities<br />

and Enterprise Day and in July they went on a range<br />

of trips with their tutors.<br />

I am really looking forward to working with my year<br />

group next year.<br />

Hardeep Bhachu (Head of Year 7)<br />

Page 154

YEAR 7<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/4<br />

PC Ian Franks Talk on<br />

Cyber Bullying and Social Media Safety<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> has close links with the Hounslow Safer<br />

Schools Team and PC Franks. An opportunity arose<br />

for PC Franks and PC Wallis to be invited to be the<br />

guest speakers at one of the Year 7 assemblies. They<br />

made students aware of the minimum age they should<br />

be to be able to use various apps like WhatsApp,<br />

Instagram, TikTok. They also touched on people<br />

who may operate fake or duplicate accounts. They<br />

mentioned the SMART acronym which stands for:<br />

S - Stay safe<br />

M – Don’t meet up<br />

A – Don’t accept files from people you don’t know<br />

R - Is the information reliable?<br />

T – Tell someone<br />

The session was well received as shown in the feedback<br />

from our Year 7 students. We hope this will go some<br />

way towards keeping our Year 7 students safe online.<br />

Hardeep Bhachu (Head of Year 7)<br />

In the assembly, I learnt about internet safety. A couple<br />

things that I learnt are about the ages of certain apps.<br />

I have also learnt that when you post something on<br />

Instagram or any type of social media the apps now own<br />

that photo. This is written in the fine print in the terms<br />

and conditions centre when you sign up for the app. I have<br />

also learnt that anything and everything that you do online<br />

can be tracked by the police or the app company. I have<br />

also learnt that the age of criminal responsibility is 10 and<br />

that we have a record of everything we have done online.<br />

Prisha Anand (year 7U)<br />

“What I learnt from the assembly was that, if you put<br />

something on the internet it will stay there, and it won’t ever<br />

go. They can keep all your information you put online, and<br />

it is dangerous for younger kids. Another thing I learnt is<br />

that a lot of apps require you to be at least 13+ or 16+.<br />

Lastly, I learnt that even if you delete something it will still<br />

be on the internet like people may have taken a screenshot<br />

of it or saved it to their camera role.”<br />

Zahra Da Silva Hussain (year 7U)<br />

“I learnt that if you post something rude on the internet<br />

and someone else reports you to the police you can get all<br />

your devices taken and checked to see evidence and if that<br />

is seen, there can be severe consequences.”<br />

Ekam Kaler (year 7U)<br />

I learned that the age of criminal arrest is 10 years old as<br />

when you are 10 you should morally know what is right<br />

and wrong. You should not share your password with<br />

anyone as you don’t always know who is out there on the<br />

internet.’<br />

Anas Butt (year 7U)<br />

Page 155

YEAR 7<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

4/4<br />

Road<br />

Safety<br />

Event<br />

In<br />

November <strong>2022</strong>, we invited a group called<br />

The Riot Act who came to talk to our Year 7<br />

about road safety. They enlightened us on the causes<br />

of road collisions, risky behaviour, distraction, who’s<br />

to blame and the consequences of poor road safety.<br />

Road collisions are a major cause of injury and death<br />

for young people across the UK. As young people get<br />

older and move from primary to secondary school,<br />

making more and more independent journeys, they<br />

become more at risk of being involved in a road<br />

collision.<br />

Making young people aware of the risks and providing<br />

them with strategies to take positive actions to remain<br />

safer are important parts of their development.<br />

The students engaged in scenarios and activities to<br />

identify who was to blame in various incidents. They<br />

looked at who was making good and bad choices.<br />

They identified various distractions when using the<br />

roads such as gadgets, phones, friends, music and<br />

football. They elaborated on the ‘Stop, Look and<br />

Listen’ approach to road safety. Students were shown<br />

a picture of a drivers view from inside their car and<br />

they had to spot the potential distractions such as a<br />

phone and a satnav in use, an air freshener hanging<br />

from the rear-view mirror potentially blocking vision,<br />

pedestrians and cyclists.<br />

I learnt how to cross the road safely. You should not be<br />

using your phone while crossing as it is dangerous. You<br />

should not be distracted by wearing headphones which<br />

means you can’t hear anything. You need to pay attention<br />

and look both left and right when crossing safely at a<br />

zebra crossing.<br />

Gurseerat Kaur (7T)<br />

In The Riot act assembly, I learnt how you should always<br />

do the right thing and if somebody is trying to influence<br />

you to cross the road at the wrong time, not to listen and<br />

do what YOU think is the right thing and time to cross<br />

the road. At the same time you should keep away from<br />

distractions like your phone as they can be the cause<br />

of an injury while crossing the roads. The Riot Act is a<br />

very informative presentation as they showed the incidents<br />

that affect people who aren’t careful such as road collision,<br />

risky behaviour, and distractions. It also presents how you<br />

should cross when told to at traffic lights and to cross at<br />

appropriate crossings like zebra crossings.<br />

Amreet Gill (7T)<br />

When watching The Riot Act, I learnt that when crossing<br />

a road most collisions happen when a person is distracted<br />

with headphones listening to music, talking on the phone<br />

or watching videos on their phone.<br />

Joshua Fernandez (7T)<br />

The presentation was well received and since<br />

November, we have seen an improvement in how Year<br />

7 enter and leave school as well as how they use the<br />

roads.<br />

Hardeep Bhachu (Head of Year 7)<br />

Page 156

YEAR 8<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/2<br />

Part of the ethos of the Year 8 team is to build students’ awareness of their bigger role and impact in<br />

society and maximising aspirations and opportunities for all students. The particular focus for Year<br />

8 this year has been about personal development and growth. Students were involved in projects and<br />

opportunities that allowed them to address areas such as diversity, inclusion, community and social<br />

development. These were achieved through the weekly character development programme, social issues<br />

awareness project, enrichment days and rewards events.<br />

Social Issues Awareness<br />

project:<br />

During the Spring term, the year 8 team used the<br />

character development programme to focus on<br />

community, with the idea of students developing<br />

characteristics of project management and empathy.<br />

Students were trained on the skills needed to be<br />

successful project leaders and how these skills would be<br />

beneficial to their own learning. Each form identified<br />

key social issues that affected their community and<br />

were assigned an issue to review, research and raise<br />

awareness about. Students presented their proposals<br />

to Ms Mehmi, Mr Fraser and a representative from<br />

Hounslow council. The students worked on projects<br />

to raise awareness about global warming, cost of<br />

living crisis, mental health, bullying, and diversity.<br />

Students set up an upcycling service, a clothes bank<br />

and advocated a culture of recycling within the school.<br />

Miss Mehmi gave our form the task to produce a painting<br />

to represent equality. Our form was split into groups, some<br />

pupils researched the meaning of equality and the other<br />

pupils began to paint. I decided to paint a bowl of fruit<br />

to show that even though we are different we can all get<br />

along together. The word equality is defined as ‘the state<br />

or quality of being equal; correspondence of the quantity,<br />

degree, value, rank or ability’. The core principle of<br />

equality is that people should not be treated differently<br />

– no matter what race, gender, class, language, religion,<br />

or age.<br />

Remae Lloyd (8U)<br />

8T’s social issue awareness project was about global<br />

warming and climate change. We had to make a point out<br />

of what’s happening in this world, to do with animals and<br />

how our planet is changing. 8T had to paint and create<br />

a design for the school <strong>Community</strong> Pavillion that can be<br />

found in <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>’s car park. The<br />

Urban <strong>Community</strong> Pavillion was created by Heston West<br />

Big Locals volunteers. some students in the form class<br />

were painting the structure, and some were making 3D<br />

models to hang or place onto the structure.<br />

Lois O’flaherty (8T)<br />

The 8Z Awareness project was a project about fixing stuff<br />

for others for free. This was to help with the cost-of-living<br />

crisis. We all came together as a form class and a team to<br />

come up with a plan to stay organised and get everything<br />

done efficiently. We were put into groups and everyone<br />

helped each other which was brilliant to see. In a short<br />

amount of time 8Z was able to create a project that was<br />

not only successful but healthy for the environment and<br />

those around us. We were able to be persuasive and help<br />

others. Everyone was willing to help and thanks to this,<br />

the project was effective.<br />

Navjot Dhillon (8Z)<br />

In the social issues awareness project, I had lots of<br />

fun creating a PowerPoint with my peers. It was an<br />

educational experience as well as being entertaining. It<br />

allowed us to highlight challenges that people go through<br />

and how to deal with them. The purpose of the project<br />

was to raise awareness that pupils don’t have to suffer in<br />

silence and they can talk to someone. The project really<br />

showed everyone’s logical and creative side.<br />

Jasleen Sangha (8Y)<br />

Page 157

YEAR 8<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/2<br />

Rewards:<br />

The end of each term ended on a positive reward for the<br />

tutor group with the most reward points and shoutouts<br />

from teachers. The forms who were presented with these<br />

celebratory events were 8U in autumn term (movie night),<br />

8W in spring term (movie night) and 8T in summer term<br />

(breakfast). We are immensely proud of the individual<br />

efforts by students for showing positive behaviours inside<br />

and outside of lessons and I look forward to this being<br />

maintained next year.<br />

Our form won form of the term, so as a reward we were chosen<br />

to watch a movie in the concert hall with sweets, crisps and<br />

popcorn. It was really fun and we all got to watch an exciting<br />

and fun movie together. We also got to have lots of snacks as a<br />

part of our reward and had a good laugh with our friends and<br />

teachers. Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience which<br />

rewarded us of our hard work throughout the term, and also<br />

encouraged us to continue to work hard for the rest of the year.<br />

Aisha Akhtar (8W)<br />

As a result of winning form of the term reward we watched<br />

a movie was absolutely fascinating. It was a movie everyone<br />

enjoyed with popcorn, crisps, water, candy and chocolates.<br />

Jina Camilo (8W)<br />

The students in 8U were very proud to be the form with the<br />

most positive points in the first term of Year 8. As a class, they<br />

are respectful, kind and responsible, and this was evidenced<br />

by the many rewards points given to our form over the term. As<br />

a reward for winning, 8U enjoyed a movie night with popcorn<br />

and snacks, and all of the students who attended had a great<br />

time. I am really proud of their continued maturity as they<br />

move up through the school and know that they will continue<br />

to impress all of their teachers into Year 9 and beyond!<br />

Oscar Johnson (Tutor 8U)<br />

Over the past year, 8T have shown significant personal<br />

growth. Throughout the academic year, 8T demonstrated<br />

an exceptional level of commitment and dedication to their<br />

studies at <strong>Cranford</strong>. I am particularly proud of the significant<br />

strides they have made in their academic performance and<br />

attitude to learning. They have exhibited tremendous growth<br />

in their understanding of subjects and have consistently shown<br />

improvement in their work and assessments.<br />

Their hard work was recognized and celebrated by receiving<br />

the most reward points in the term. As a token of appreciation,<br />

they were awarded a well-deserved rewards breakfast. It has<br />

been an absolute pleasure working with 8T, as they have not<br />

only demonstrated remarkable growth but have also exhibited<br />

teamwork, kindness, and respect towards their peers and<br />

teachers.<br />

Robert Kempster (8T Tutor)<br />

Page 158


Omar Chaudhry CEO “Feedsauce”<br />

Omar Chaudhry CEO Feedsauce<br />

Omar Chaudhry came to <strong>Cranford</strong> to give an inspirational talk to our<br />

students. Omar Choudhry is a businessman and CEO of his own startup<br />

E-Commerce product photography & video business ‘Feedsauce’. The<br />

company has established partnerships with a multitude of global brands<br />

and has grown exponentially with a net value of £10 million. Omar often<br />

uses his voice to be a guest speaker on podcasts and on panels to raise<br />

aspirations of young people, so it was a pleasure to invite him and have him<br />

speak to our students. Omar grew up in West London with his dad owning<br />

a business in Southall, making it personable for students to hear a story<br />

from a local resident. He attained success without going to university and<br />

this was important for our students, so they were aware that non-traditional<br />

pathways do not limit their potential achievement in the future. The event<br />

was a tremendous triumph with students who left the talk feeling inspired<br />

and confident in breaking through obstacles, glass ceilings, pursuing their<br />

interests, recognising the value of working hard and embracing setbacks.<br />

The takeaway message from the event was clear, that everybody has their<br />

own toolkit of skills that is unique to them, and this is their superpower.<br />

Seema Mehmi (Head of Year 8)<br />

What I learnt from Omar Chaudry is that he didn’t go to<br />

university, instead he became an entrepreneur and started<br />

a company that makes logos for other companies. I would<br />

also like to be an entrepreneur but maybe start a company<br />

for something different. I learnt that it will not always<br />

work out at first and it might even take weeks and months<br />

for you to start making money but if you are going to open<br />

a company you must be dedicated and you must work hard.<br />

Umar Elfaki (year 7)<br />

I had an amazing experience with Omar, it was so fun as<br />

we got to do a Q&A and it was inspiring to see him grow<br />

from a student in 6th form to one of the biggest creators<br />

of a company! I really loved this experience and I’ll be<br />

going to another one of his talks next year.<br />

Ayush Pathak (year 8)<br />

I am glad I went because it was very helpful. Someone who<br />

lives in the same area as me actually made a successful<br />

business and this resonated with me because I always<br />

wanted to have a self-made job, and his work as a CEO<br />

was a perfect example. He talked about his life and how<br />

people didn’t think it’d work out, his experiences and his<br />

hardships. I understood that starting a business is a lot of<br />

work, especially when you don’t have connections, but his<br />

app inspired me to have an interest in business. We mostly<br />

judge based on what we’ve heard on TV or books, but to<br />

see it in person made it seem more real and relatable, and<br />

for Omar to start something at such a young age made me<br />

think maybe I could too. We are lucky to have had such a<br />

great opportunity.<br />

Malika Kabanda (year 8)<br />

I really enjoyed the speech. It really gave a great message<br />

that it’s okay to not be sure of your future and just to<br />

believe in yourself. Mr Choudhry also talked about our<br />

unique skill that is within us and that is our superpower.<br />

When we discover this superpower then that skill is what<br />

makes you successful.<br />

Syeda Kazmi (year 10)<br />

Attending an event where a guest speaker would present<br />

their experiences would always be expected to be exciting<br />

and informative. Both of these expectations were exceeded<br />

as Omar Choudhry inspired many young people with his life<br />

and how he ended up working to create a very successful<br />

company in Feedsauce. One thing that stood out to me is<br />

that he highlighted the importance of strengthening skills<br />

you have after identifying them. Before the event I felt as<br />

if I was existing but had no real purpose but coming out<br />

of the event it reminded me to work much harder for my<br />

goals and motivated me to also be successful with what I<br />

personally want to do.<br />

Abdulkhaliq Powell (year 12)<br />

I had a great time during the speech, the event was well<br />

organised and Omar provided wonderful stories about<br />

the businesses he set up during his school days and<br />

experiencing these successes and failures with his school<br />

friends. Omar has a very smart mind and his talk was<br />

inspiring as he believed in his dream and we should strive<br />

for ours as well.<br />

Salman Abdalle (year 12)<br />

Page 159

YEAR 9<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Year 9 - <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

This<br />

year has seen Year 9 students set a benchmark for <strong>Cranford</strong> with an incredible<br />

number of students achieving an average Attitude to Learning (ATL) of<br />

Outstanding. In total, this year we have seen 26 students achieve this honour. Palveer Layal,<br />

9V; Halima Yusuf, 9V, Hiyam Illo, 9U and Kiratjot Singh, 9X are worthy of special mention<br />

as the top ATL scorers of the summer term.<br />

Continued excellence in the Arts and Sports is a key part of making this cohort special.<br />

Special mention has to go to our thespians in this regard, performing Romeo and Juliet to a<br />

captivated audience at school and the Beck Theatre in Hayes. Our cricketers and footballers<br />

fly the <strong>Cranford</strong> flag proudly on the sports fields with continued success, building on strong<br />

performances from last year. We also had a number of pioneers on the NFL field with our<br />

girls representing <strong>Cranford</strong> Bears and <strong>Cranford</strong> Jets in the NFL league in Ealing – one<br />

of whom, Miske, was the subject of a documentary film conducted by a student from the<br />

University of Southampton. Her sporting story has travelled far already.<br />

This year has seen our Year 9 students consider their future options carefully and they<br />

have put a lot of care and attention into selecting their GCSE subject choices this past few<br />

months. The progress made with record levels of good and excellent attitude to learning<br />

scores for the year group augers well for Year 10, where exam readiness will come evermore<br />

into focus in lessons and in their form time activities. Nevertheless, Year 10s will also be<br />

sure to avail of much needed respite through more enrichment days and extracurricular<br />

activities to help fine tune students for the road ahead.<br />

John Lennon (Head of Year 9)<br />

Page 160

YEAR 10<br />

<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

I<br />

am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride<br />

and joy as I write this article to celebrate the<br />

culmination of yet another remarkable academic year.<br />

This year has been nothing short of extraordinary, and<br />

it is a great pleasure to acknowledge the awesomeness<br />

of our incredible year group.<br />

From the very beginning of our first GCSE year, we<br />

embarked on this journey together, with hopes and<br />

dreams. And now, as we reflect upon the memories<br />

we have created, it is evident that we have surpassed<br />

all expectations and truly made this year one for the<br />

books.<br />

First and foremost, I must commend each and every<br />

one of you for your unwavering dedication to your<br />

studies. We have witnessed countless late nights, early<br />

mornings, and hours spent in pursuit of knowledge.<br />

The resilience and determination you have displayed<br />

in the face of challenges have been truly awe-inspiring.<br />

Whether it was conquering complex equations,<br />

delving into the depths of literature, or mastering the<br />

intricacies of scientific experiments, you have shown<br />

incredible intellect and a thirst for learning that is<br />

unparalleled.<br />

But our year group’s awesomeness goes beyond the<br />

confines of the classroom. We have come together as a<br />

community, supporting and uplifting one another every<br />

step of the way. I have witnessed acts of kindness and<br />

compassion that have touched my heart. From lending<br />

a helping hand to a struggling classmate, to organizing<br />

charitable initiatives that have made a significant<br />

impact on our local community, your selflessness has<br />

been truly commendable.<br />

Moreover, our year group has been a beacon of<br />

creativity and innovation. We have witnessed stunning<br />

works of art, heard captivating musical performances,<br />

and marvelled at the ingenuity displayed in various<br />

science projects. The talents that each of you possess<br />

have added vibrant colours to our academic landscape<br />

and have given us a glimpse of the boundless<br />

possibilities that lie ahead.<br />

Beyond the confines of academia and creative<br />

pursuits, our year group has also excelled in sports<br />

and extracurricular activities. Whether it was on<br />

the playing field, the stage, or travelling the world<br />

(Athens, Barcelona and South Korea all in just one<br />

year!), we have showcased our skills, teamwork,<br />

and determination. We have become champions, not<br />

just in terms of trophies and medals, but also in the<br />

way we have represented our school with honour and<br />

sportsmanship.<br />

As we embark on the next chapter in our lives, let us<br />

remember the friendships we have forged, the lessons<br />

we have learned, and the memories that will forever<br />

be etched in our hearts. This year group has left an<br />

indelible mark on our school and on me as a person<br />

and an educator, and I have no doubt that each and<br />

every one of us will go on to achieve great things in<br />

our forthcoming final GCSE year.<br />

In conclusion, I want to express my deepest gratitude to<br />

our exceptional teachers, who have guided us, believed<br />

in us, and instilled in us the love for knowledge and<br />

growth. I want to thank our parents and families for<br />

their unwavering support and for being our pillars of<br />

strength.<br />

And most importantly, I want to commend all of you,<br />

my remarkable year group, for the immense impact<br />

you have had on our school and the world around us.<br />

You have shown us what it means to be awesome, and<br />

I am confident that you will continue to shine brightly<br />

in whatever endeavours you choose to pursue.<br />

Congratulations to the most wonderful year group,<br />

and here’s to an incredible, successful and wonderful<br />

final GCSE year!<br />

Milton Venancio Ferreira (Head of Year 10)<br />

Page 161

YEAR 11<br />

<strong>2022</strong> /0<strong>23</strong><br />

Wow<br />

– what a year! When I look back at our year group as they were in February 2020<br />

in my first few weeks as Head of Year, I knew I had a busy but very enjoyable<br />

task ahead of me. I was certainly proven correct. Challenge after challenge has been faced head<br />

on by all of us both individually and as a collective, with our growth and development in the<br />

face of this being nothing short of incredible. Year 11 have proven themselves to be a shining<br />

example of what can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.<br />

The onset of the summer GCSE examinations does make Year 11 a very different academic year<br />

to previous ones. Resilience and determination are required to succeed, especially given the<br />

increased importance of balancing work inside of school to the all-important revision that needs<br />

to take place at home. The discipline of our students in managing both demands have (and will)<br />

lend to success. Achievements in the classroom (which were already at an all-time high for this<br />

cohort) skyrocketed, with a large increase in both attainment and Attitude to Learning across all<br />

subjects. The energy and positive atmosphere in classrooms was inspiring to see, giving students<br />

the possibility of seeing the upcoming examinations as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.<br />

Beyond the classroom, Year 11 students have demonstrated their talents and abilities in various<br />

extracurricular activities. There were fantastic performances from students in both Cranfest and<br />

the Cultural Fashion Show, whilst our participation and success in sport remained strong. These<br />

accomplishments not only foster a well-rounded development but also instil important values<br />

of teamwork, leadership, and social responsibility.<br />

Behind every Year 11 student, there has been a dedicated team of teachers and support staff who<br />

have worked tirelessly to guide and support throughout their time at <strong>Cranford</strong>. Their commitment<br />

in nurturing and mentoring our year group cannot be understated. Thank you to each and every<br />

one of you who have contributed to help Year 11 reach where we are now.<br />

It is with huge pride and satisfaction that I will end this article here, as we say bye for now to<br />

our Year 11. They will always be a welcome piece of <strong>Cranford</strong> history.<br />

Bradley King (Head of Year 11)<br />

Year 11<br />

Page 162


sights of Paris from the rooftop<br />

deck on the 59th floor of the<br />

Montparnasse Tower. The Louvre<br />

was a particular highlight, with<br />

our Year 11’s very excited to take<br />

pictures with the Mona Lisa and<br />

other famous artefacts.<br />

Trip to Paris<br />

February 20<strong>23</strong><br />

It<br />

was my pleasure to be able to offer our Year<br />

11 students a well-deserved international trip<br />

after so many years of missed opportunities due to<br />

the lingering effects of Covid-19 on worldwide travel.<br />

40 students were rewarded for their diligence and<br />

continued progress over the last 2 difficult years with<br />

a 4-day trip to the cultural capital of the world, Paris.<br />

After a (very unpopular) 6am departure we travelled<br />

via coach and Eurotunnel to Paris. A quick stop to<br />

check in at our hotel and then it was out to wander the<br />

local area and view the sunset and evening light show<br />

of the Eiffel Tower from the Terrasse du Fecheray.<br />

An early start on Monday allowed us time to have<br />

a day packed full of culture, visiting the Louvre,<br />

viewing the Notre Dame Cathedral and taking in the<br />

Tuesday saw us again back out on<br />

the streets of Paris, this time to<br />

climb the 300 steps to the Sacre<br />

Coeur, allowing students to have<br />

free time exploring the famous<br />

Montmartre area, before further<br />

time allowed students to wonder<br />

the length of the Champs-Elyesse shopping street from<br />

the Arc de Triumph to the Place de la Concorde. The<br />

day ended with a river cruise along the Seine followed<br />

by picture opportunities at the base of the Eiffel Tower<br />

– a perfect way to end what was a fantastic trip.<br />

Unsurprisingly everyone was exhausted on the<br />

journey back to <strong>Cranford</strong> yet roused themselves for<br />

some lovely yet questionable karaoke performances!<br />

We waved goodbye to Ian (our very accommodating<br />

& patient coach driver) before heading back home.<br />

This truly was a brilliant trip, providing our students<br />

with the ‘travel bug’ and getting them even more<br />

enthusiastic for the opportunities that lie ahead for<br />

them in sixth form and beyond.<br />

Until next time Year 11, bonjour!<br />

Bradley King (Head of Year 11)<br />

Our trip to Paris was a great experience. We went to the<br />

Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Montparnasse<br />

Tower which gave us the most beautiful view of the city<br />

as well as the Eiffel Tower itself (which is so much more<br />

magical in person). The trip was such a good opportunity<br />

to see and try new things and make some of the best<br />

memories which it’s safe to say we all did! As someone who<br />

hadn’t been out the country, I didn’t quite know what to<br />

expect on the trip, but the teachers and the other students<br />

made my first trip abroad one to remember. It was truly an<br />

incredible experience and one which I will never forget!<br />

Caitlin Pyatt (year 11)<br />

Page 163<br />

Paris was an amazing trip. After two long years of Covid,<br />

it was definitely what our year needed. From visiting the<br />

Effiel tower to trying snails, everything was genuinely<br />

so fun. Experiencing this with our year and some of our<br />

hardworking teachers was my highlight. I was able to<br />

see everyone in a different perspective and the memories<br />

made could not have been any better. I’m thankful this<br />

opportunity was put in place & our karaoke sessions will<br />

be missed.<br />

Rayan Ali (year 11)<br />

The Paris trip was one of the best trips of my life. I was<br />

with my friends and the vibes were just amazing. There<br />

were so many beautiful buildings, and the architecture<br />

was so unique and mesmerising. I had an amazing time<br />

and enjoyed every single second of it. We went to see many<br />

iconic places like the Louvre (The museum with Mona Lisa<br />

in it), The Eiffel tower, The Cathedral Notre Dame and<br />

loads of other great places. Overall, it was an exceptional<br />

time and we had loads of fun.<br />

Manprit Nichal (year 11)


Ice Skating<br />

Trip<br />

If, by the end of Year 11, you asked<br />

students about their experiences of<br />

‘slipping up’ they would perhaps<br />

give you answers about their<br />

exams, or maybe their experiences<br />

in lessons. For our Year 11 students<br />

at <strong>Cranford</strong> though it was slipping<br />

at Slough Ice Arena! All 7 of our<br />

Year 11 forms were treated to an<br />

afternoon out at the local ice-skating<br />

arena to allow them time to unwind<br />

and enjoy themselves away from the<br />

pressures of exams and school.<br />

For many this opportunity caused<br />

some anxieties, especially if it were<br />

to be their first time ice -skating, or if<br />

they were nervous of falling in front<br />

of their peers. These fears proved<br />

to be very unfounded as impressive<br />

levels of teamwork and camaraderie<br />

were displayed, with students<br />

supporting and coaching their peers<br />

at every opportunity. Within just<br />

one-hour students were skating<br />

independently, showing impressive<br />

perseverance. That is not to say<br />

that there wasn’t the occasional<br />

(or frequent) fall though – gaining<br />

a particularly strong reaction when<br />

it was a teacher ending up on their<br />

back!<br />

It really was a fantastic experience<br />

for all and one which was well<br />

deserved in the run up to exams.<br />

Bradley King (Head of Year 11)<br />

Page 164

YEAR 11<br />

A Message From Tutors<br />

1/2<br />

A massive congratulations to you Year 11 for accomplishing so much<br />

during your stay at <strong>Cranford</strong>. I am especially proud of my form 11T.<br />

I always believed and still believe we were the best! I have so many<br />

fond memories of us working together. I still remember the early days<br />

when you arrived shy and unsure. The leap that you all have made in<br />

aptitude, disposition and resilience is impressive. I still remember the<br />

constant visits by Amy and Amrit to my classroom during break 1 and<br />

2. Whatever they say, I choose to believe that it was simply because<br />

they enjoyed my company!<br />

I still remember winning the interform competition in year 7 (or 8). As<br />

a form, we have always been very competitive. This is a good thing,<br />

so please don’t ever lose the competitive spirit.<br />

As you continue in this journey called ‘life’ I ask you for a little favour;<br />

stay positive. Your days at college and university will be a bunch of<br />

highs and lows, peaks and troughs. As you know, every day is unique.<br />

Therefore, just keep going and keep believing that you can do it. I see<br />

lawyers, sound engineers, AI engineers, bloggers, nurses, doctors, etc.<br />

Truly Year 11, the world is your oyster! The future starts now<br />

Loide Gando (Tutor – 11T)<br />

Where do I even begin? I still remember the first day you came,<br />

competing for medals in the Dome. Now look at you, with your big<br />

beards and big hoops.<br />

You’ve all grown so much and I’ve seen you tackle so many issues, learn<br />

new concepts and push the boundaries of your capabilities. Each and<br />

every single one of you possesses unique talents and gifts. I will always<br />

remember the special moments we shared, as well as how we together<br />

powered through the tough times. I’ve been privileged to witness your<br />

growth firsthand. From the artists to athletes, from the musicians to the<br />

writers and everything in between, you have brought beauty, creativity<br />

and love into our lives. We have accomplished so much together and it<br />

was honestly a pleasure to be a part of your journey. I am truly blessed to<br />

have had you in my life let alone being able to teach you and guide you,<br />

and I will forever be grateful for this. Time flies as we have witnessed,<br />

so enjoy every single moment of your life. Chase your dreams, follow<br />

your passions and never forget how amazingly capable you all are. I<br />

wish you the best, forever. So, 11U; Thank you. Thank you for all of the<br />

memories. Thank you for making every single morning worth it. Thank<br />

you for teaching me so much and thank you for allowing me to guide<br />

you. Peace, love and unity.<br />

Karan Paul (Tutor 11U)<br />

We are here with you to celebrate an important milestone in your lives.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> has been more than just a place for education, it has been the<br />

place you have made lifelong friendships and a place many of you will<br />

have stories to tell and memories to cherish. Being new to the school<br />

myself, this year has been my first experience of being a form tutor. It<br />

was quite scary being put with Year 11, but those nerves quickly settled<br />

as I got to know the class more and more. Together with Ms Isikgun,<br />

we could not have asked for a more welcoming, kind, funny, intelligent<br />

and thoughtful form group. It has been an absolute pleasure to check<br />

in with all of 11V every morning, we’ve been through a lot over last<br />

year, through the ups, the downs and the multiple seating plans, but<br />

we’ve all come through stronger and ready for whatever comes next.<br />

I just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure being the tutor for 11W for a<br />

year and a half. I was very fortunate to tutor the best form in the current<br />

year 11. I am very proud of all of you for various things.<br />

The ice-skating trip and Southend trips I really enjoyed with all of you.<br />

I saw a lot of camaraderie within the form and frightened faces. I wish<br />

you every success for the future.<br />

Harminder Plaha (Tutor -11W)<br />

Ms Isikgun and Mr Bell (Joint Tutors -11V)<br />

Page 165

YEAR 11<br />

A Message From Tutors<br />

2/2<br />

The last five years with 11X have certainly been exciting. Since the<br />

first day in year 7 you have been a joy to teach and I have loved getting<br />

to know you all. You have all been through a lot over this time and<br />

it has been amazing to see you all grow and mature. I particularly<br />

enjoyed our short, or in Abdel’s case long phone calls each week during<br />

lockdown. I also loved ice skating with you all back in February and<br />

will not forget Karnveer’s unique skating technique for a long time.<br />

11X, I am going to miss you and wish you good luck in everything<br />

you do.<br />

Sarah Brackley (Tutor -11X)<br />

Even though I have only been your form co-tutor for the last year, it<br />

has been a pleasure getting to know you all. I am honoured to have<br />

been a part of your journey and I wish you nothing but the best in all<br />

of your future adventures.<br />

Tanya Louis (Co-Tutor 11X)<br />

Congratulations on completing your GCSE exams and we hope<br />

you achieve the grades you hope for and deserve. Throughout this<br />

past year, I have had the privilege of witnessing your growth, your<br />

determination, and your resilience. Admittedly, when I was told this<br />

time last year that my first <strong>Cranford</strong> tutor group would be 10Y into Yr<br />

11 I was apprehensive. Thank you for embracing me, for making fun<br />

of my running trainers, for making fun of me when I, the geography<br />

teacher did not know the flag in the quiz, for putting up with my bad<br />

PowerPoint gifs and of course for keeping me on my toes when it came<br />

to uniform and punctuality.<br />

And when I say I have had the privilege to see your growth, I really<br />

do mean it. I have seen how you’ve embraced knowledge, confronted<br />

obstacles, and supported one another through the highs and lows. So<br />

many of you inspire me with your unwavering spirit and remarkable<br />

capacity for empathy, compassion, and kindness - qualities that will<br />

undoubtedly serve you well into the Sixth Form and in life beyond<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong>. So, congratulations 11Y and enjoy your well-deserved break!<br />

Caitlin Arnold (Tutor-11Y)<br />

I want to say a massive well done to the entirety of Year 11 for getting through their exams and working so hard this past year! I have had the<br />

honour of being 11Z’s form tutor for the past two years and am so proud of seeing how much progress you have all made inside and outside of<br />

the classroom. We have shared countless moments of laughter, learning, and growth including our weekly Friday quizzes, our renditions of happy<br />

birthday, our pizza party that unfortunately had some intruders and watching each other fall on the ice rink. We have navigated through challenges<br />

and celebrated victories together. I want to encourage you to embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Step out of your comfort zones,<br />

take risks, and never be afraid to fail. It is through these experiences that you will discover your true passions and strengths.<br />

It has been an absolute privilege to be your form tutor these past two years. I have learned so much from each and every one of you, and I am<br />

certain that you will go on to achieve remarkable things. Congratulations and thank you!<br />

Kajol Kaur (Tutor-11Z)<br />

Page 166

YEAR 11 Celebration<br />

Evening and Prom<br />

1/4<br />

Year 11<br />

Celebration Evening and Prom 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Thursday 29th June 20<strong>23</strong> saw <strong>Cranford</strong> hold its<br />

annual Year 11 Celebration Evening, featuring<br />

both the Record of Achievement event followed shortly<br />

afterwards by the Prom. Following not long after the<br />

end of their formal examinations, this evening had<br />

been marked in everyone’s calendars for a long time.<br />

In true Year 11 style, the students certainly made the<br />

most of the occasion!<br />

Page 167

YEAR 11 Celebration<br />

Evening and Prom<br />

2/4<br />

Celebration Evening began with students being<br />

joined by their families to watch them receive<br />

their record of achievement certificates from the<br />

joint Heads of School, Mr Ind and Ms Berndt.<br />

To formally celebrate with my year group and<br />

mark the end of their Year 11 journey was a<br />

very proud moment for everyone, particularly<br />

myself and my amazing team of form tutors. In<br />

conversations with families, it was clear to see the<br />

impact that <strong>Cranford</strong> has had on their children,<br />

who were grateful for where they have come from<br />

and excited to see where the future now leads<br />

them. Speeches by myself and my tutors gave us<br />

the opportunity to say a few words – reflection,<br />

motivation, encouragement and humour were<br />

strong features throughout these. The programme<br />

ended with a compilation video of the life and<br />

times of year 11 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

Page 168

YEAR 11 Celebration<br />

Evening and Prom<br />

3/4<br />

Page 169<br />

Following the formal aspects and numerous photo<br />

opportunities, it was time to make the short journey<br />

to the Riverside venue on Bath Road for the Prom.<br />

The venue looked as amazing as the outfits worn by<br />

students, giving everyone the perfect opportunity<br />

(including teachers!) to let their hair down and<br />

celebrate in style. A tasty buffet-style meal opened<br />

the evening, followed by individual awards from<br />

form tutors and myself, before the music and<br />

dancing started in earnest. I do not think the evening<br />

could have gone any better – a vibrant and colourful<br />

evening to match a vibrant and colourful year group!<br />

Bradley King (Head of Year 11)

YEAR 11 Celebration<br />

Evening and Prom<br />

4/4<br />

Page 170


PARTNERSHIPS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

1/3<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Summer Holiday Programme 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Summer Multi Sports Camp:<br />

The Sports and <strong>Community</strong> Team at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> takes great pride<br />

in being able to provide our students with ongoing opportunities and structure during<br />

the summer break. This summer we were delighted to run our Sports Summer Camp<br />

for Key Stage 3 children (Year 7-9).<br />

The camps ran for the first 3 weeks of the holiday from Monday to Thursday from<br />

11:00am to 3:00pm.<br />

Sporting activities were organised such as Football, Basketball, Dodgeball, Tennis<br />

and many others in a safe, relaxed and fun learning environment. Students enjoyed<br />

the time at the camp socializing with friends and playing different sports, with many<br />

of them asking to come back the following week if we had space!<br />

The camp was led by Shenon Dias and Friya Clancy, two former students of <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

which further added to the community feel of our sports camp; ‘’For students in our<br />

community led by Leaders created in our <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>’’. There were<br />

no costs involved as this was fully funded by the school through London Sport and<br />

we intend to continue to provide our students with opportunities like this throughout<br />

the academic year of 20<strong>23</strong>-2024.<br />

The students also had a chance to participate in taster sessions of a new version of<br />

baseball. International softball player Carisa Reed-Thomas attended one week and<br />

offered some coaching and tips on how to play.<br />

Over the coming year <strong>Cranford</strong> looks forward to becoming involved with several<br />

Major League Baseball activities.<br />

Alan Fraser (Assistant Headteacher- Director of <strong>Community</strong> Partnerships and Income Generation)<br />

Creative Spaces:<br />

This year Creative Spaces London and C-Change West London were back at <strong>Cranford</strong><br />

<strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> running a vibrant and inclusive summer program that empowers<br />

children and young people, provides support to families, and strengthens the fabric of our<br />

community.<br />

Staffed by <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> students and alumni, our workers<br />

and volunteers pour their passion into delivering engaging and impactful<br />

activities, whilst also ensuring that each child receives a warm meal and a<br />

safe space to flourish.<br />

One aspect of our project that fills us with immense pride is our commitment<br />

to offering employment opportunities to local young people, equipping them<br />

with valuable skills and providing them with practical work experience –<br />

a significant milestone for many who secure their first paid employment<br />

through this initiative. It is heart-warming to see the positive influence these<br />

young workers have on the children in our program, inspiring them to nurture<br />

their own dreams and aspirations. None of this would be possible without<br />

the help and support of <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> who continue to affect<br />

positive change in the lives of young people all year round.<br />

Rachel Doherty (Artistic Director, Creative Spaces London)<br />

Page 171


PARTNERSHIPS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

2/3<br />

Hounslow’s Promise Summer 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Over the past year<br />

Hounslow’s Promise,<br />

the charity co-founded<br />

by Seema Malhotra MP,<br />

Kevin Prunty Executive<br />

Headteacher and Alan<br />

Fraser Director of<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Partnerships and Income generation, has been busy with<br />

two main projects. The Connected Kids at Home programme aims<br />

to improve access to the digital world for those struggling to meet<br />

the cost. This year the programme has delivered nearly 100 new<br />

computers to young people under the age of 18 across Hounslow.<br />

The Connected Futures mentoring programme targeted 18 -24-yearolds<br />

many of whom were unemployed. The aim of the programme is<br />

to develop young people’s confidence and skills to ensure a successful<br />

start and continuation of their employment. Over 30 young people<br />

from the local area took part in the nine-month programme.<br />

Alan Fraser (Assistant Headteacher - Director of <strong>Community</strong> Partnerships and Income Generation)<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Students support Berkeley Academy<br />

Since November <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Cranford</strong> students have been volunteering to run a daily<br />

homework club at Berkeley Academy. The twenty Year 12 and 10 students gave<br />

up a couple of hours a week to run this successful homework club. The students<br />

undertook training in preparation for this project and going forward, the current<br />

cohort of Year 10 students have now successfully trained up the current Year 9<br />

students who will be taking over in September 20<strong>23</strong>. There has been a fantastic<br />

response from the Year 9 students with more than 50 volunteering to participate.<br />

Alan Fraser (Assistant Headteacher-<br />

Director of <strong>Community</strong> Partnerships<br />

and Income Generation)<br />

Hounslow Citizens Scheme <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>23</strong><br />

Once again <strong>Cranford</strong> hosted the Hounslow Citizens Scheme with 38 primary schools in Hounslow participating<br />

in this year’s scheme. The Hounslow Citizens Scheme is delivered to year 6 children from all the Hounslow<br />

Primary Schools by the Police, Fire brigade, Local authority and a tech company called Blue Summit.<br />

Blue Summit delivered a fun interactive session designed to make children aware of the potential dangers of<br />

gaming. Other scenarios included cyber-crime, dangers of Lithium batteries, violence against women and<br />

girls, and knife crime.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> year 7 ambassadors were superb in their role of supporting the children going around the scenarios. The<br />

police and several members of the primary school staff commented on how helpful and polite the Ambassadors<br />

had been so well done to all the year 7 Ambassadors.<br />

Alan Fraser (Assistant Headteacher - Director of <strong>Community</strong> Partnerships and Income Generation)<br />

Page 172


PARTNERSHIPS <strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

3/3<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Cream Teas to Celebrate<br />

King Charles III Coronation<br />

To celebrate the King’s coronation <strong>Cranford</strong> and Heston West Big<br />

Local teamed up in June 20<strong>23</strong> to organise a sumptuous afternoon tea<br />

with delicious sandwiches and cakes made by the <strong>Cranford</strong> catering<br />

team. The secret stars of the show were the traditional scones, cream<br />

and jam. For many who attended it was the first time they had<br />

experienced a traditional English afternoon tea and it is certainly<br />

something we will do again.<br />

Alan Fraser (Assistant Headteacher- Director of <strong>Community</strong><br />

Partnerships and Income Generation)<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> hosts <strong>Community</strong> Meals at Al’s Diner<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> was delighted to celebrate Al’s Diner’s first anniversary in July 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

The charitable event, hosted by <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>, provides hot meals<br />

to people in the community in need and has proved a great success. Staffed by<br />

volunteers and the school’s catering staff it has run on Tuesday, Thursday and<br />

Sunday since July <strong>2022</strong>. 50 to 60 people regularly attend with over 100 attending<br />

the Christmas dinner. It has become its own community with people coming<br />

together getting to know each other and looking after each other. It has created an<br />

atmosphere of belonging and support combatting the isolation that many people<br />

feel at this time. Sadly, in April we lost one of our regular members, Esther. Esther<br />

was a character who entertained everyone with her stories and lived life to the full.<br />

Even at 95 Esther was still getting the tube into London to meet friends, go to bingo<br />

and choir. Esther will be sadly missed but never forgotten.<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> is delighted to continue hosting Al’s Diner into the next academic year.<br />

Alan Fraser (Assistant Headteacher- Director of <strong>Community</strong> Partnerships and Income Generation)<br />

Joan Owen Memorial Tree Planting<br />

In December <strong>2022</strong> we planted an oak tree in memory of Joan Owen, Roger Owen’s wife<br />

of over 50 years who sadly passed away. Roger Owen was a governor at <strong>Cranford</strong> for<br />

many years and for a number of these years he undertook the key leadership role of Chair<br />

of the Academy Trust Board. Roger and Joan frequently attended events and activities at<br />

the school even after moving out of the area. We are glad that Roger has kept in touch<br />

and happy to commemorate the passing of Joan in this small way also in recognition of<br />

the significant contribution that they both made to the school over so many years.<br />

Alan Fraser (Assistant Headteacher - Director of <strong>Community</strong> Partnerships and Income Generation)<br />

Page 173



so much in fact, that St Paul’s weren’t even<br />

able to take all of it on their visit. Once they<br />

had received all the donations, they sent a<br />

letter of thanks; I was glad to see that all our<br />

efforts had been fruitful. More than anything<br />

though, I was happy that our donations<br />

would be helping a significant number of<br />

our community who are unable to access the<br />

necessities that we so often take for granted.<br />

Food Bank<br />

Collection<br />

Food banks have sadly become a modern-day<br />

necessity and no more so than in our local area.<br />

The Charities Committee decided to make this a focus<br />

of their role in organising a whole school collection<br />

to support those in need at a very difficult time. This<br />

initiative was a huge success and much appreciated by<br />

everyone who benefitted from the generosity of our<br />

students and their families. Thank you.<br />

Alham Ahmad (Sixth Form Team)<br />

Collecting donations across the entire school for St<br />

Paul’s foodbank was the biggest task undertaken by the<br />

Charities Committee, even more than our Christmas<br />

or Summer Fairs. To say it was stressful, would be a<br />

serious understatement. However, when you have the<br />

support of amazing committee members like mine,<br />

the hard work always pays off in the end and for such<br />

a good cause.<br />

The first stage of our preparation was to schedule<br />

assemblies to promote the event, which was all done<br />

rather successfully. All the members of the Committee<br />

helped to advertise the event across the school from<br />

years 7-10 while I led the Sixth Form assemblies. This<br />

was the easy stage of the preparation.<br />

Following on, we had to prepare a donation box for<br />

each tutor group, of which there 55 in total. Then, we<br />

needed to distribute them across the entire school,<br />

which was a lot of work, but we got it done. We<br />

also encouraged staff to bring donations alongside<br />

students. We gave the school a two-week window to<br />

bring donations in before we started collecting all the<br />

boxes again, another difficult task which we again<br />

completed.<br />

Once all the boxes were collected, I was amazed at the<br />

number of non-perishable items and toiletries that we<br />

had been donated from across the school. There was<br />

The Charities Committee would like to<br />

give a massive thank you to everyone who<br />

donated, even if it was a single tin of beans,<br />

it really did make a difference and will be<br />

making a difference in the lives of many.<br />

Additionally, we would like to thank Mr Ahmad for<br />

helping us with the logistics and Mrs Prunty, for<br />

providing us with all 55 donation boxes and for also<br />

dropping off the remaining donations to the foodbank.<br />

This was a collective effort and would not have worked<br />

without everyone’s support.<br />

Samuel Dickson (Year 13 Head Boy – Charities<br />

Committee)<br />

Organising the foodbank was an amazing opportunity<br />

for <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong> to give back to<br />

our community. Every year group contributed a lot<br />

to these donations which provided a huge support<br />

to so many people experiencing financial hardship<br />

especially after the pandemic. All the donations for the<br />

foodbank were donated to the Hope Church Foodbank<br />

St Pauls Church. I felt very proud being part of this<br />

opportunity to help others.<br />

Liesel Fernandes (year 13 – Charities Committee)<br />

Dear Julie<br />


12 th December <strong>2022</strong><br />

We wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! to all the pupils, parents & staff at <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong><br />

<strong>College</strong> for the very generous donations you collected for us recently – we really appreciate your support.<br />

Hope Church currently runs busy foodbanks at both its locations – at St Paul’s (Bath Road) on Wednesday<br />

mornings and at the Good Shepherd (Beavers Lane) on Thursday mornings. So far this year, we have<br />

already served over 3,700 guests and provided enough food to feed over 10,400 adults and children (as<br />

well as providing toiletries and hygiene products).<br />

As a result, we get through a great deal of stock each week - so your donations are incredibly important to<br />

us and, of course, to the people we help.<br />

We simply would not be able to provide this high level of support to so many people experiencing financial<br />

hardship without the very kind donations we continue to receive from amazing schools like yours! If anyone<br />

at the school would like to know more about the foodbank, they are very welcome to contact me.<br />

With our thanks and very best wishes,<br />

Avril Gearing<br />

Avril Gearing<br />

Foodbank Coordinator<br />

E: foodbank@hopehounslow.org.uk T: 07763 083049<br />

Charity No: 1164343 | Place of Registration: England<br />

Hope Church Hounslow<br />

C/O Bath Road, Hounslow West, TW3 3DA<br />

www.hopehounslow.org.uk | T: 020 8581 5537 Vicarage | T: 020 8707 4092 | info@hopehounslow.org.uk<br />

Page 174



<strong>Cranford</strong>’s Autumn Term Fundraising<br />

Events <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> held several fundraising events during the Autumn term<br />

generally organised by the students, but the staff also like to get<br />

involved in the lead up to Christmas. These events include Charity<br />

fundraising fairs, Christmas card /poster competitions/ Christmas<br />

jumper day and the annual staff Bake Off to recognise the work of the<br />

Macmillan Charity This year we raised £62.84 cash from the Macmillan<br />

cake sale along with £158 that was donated online. In total £220.84 was<br />

raised for Macmillan. The cakes were made by the staff and enjoyed<br />

with a cup of coffee for the Macmillan Coffee Morning 3 October <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Rita Berndt (Joint Head of School)<br />

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Fundraising Event<br />

1/2<br />

The sixth form Charities Committee always run an annual Christmas fair to raise money for a chosen charity at a<br />

time of year when they know many will need support who are struggling to survive. This year was no exception<br />

and even more important with everyone living in challenging times post Covid. Crisis was this year’s chosen<br />

charity and the event raised a wonderful £618.88. Well done to everyone involved.<br />

Alham Ahmad (Sixth Form Team)<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong><br />

Christmas<br />

Fair <strong>2022</strong><br />

The <strong>Cranford</strong> Christmas fair was a great way in bringing a festive mood to the holiday season! It was an absolute<br />

success - seeing all the pupils and staff enjoying themselves with our hot chocolate stalls, Christmas games<br />

and delicious food stands. It was heart-warming to see the inclusivity of the fair, with every year group all<br />

together, enjoying themselves with the Christmas spirit. We received a numerous amount of donations for the<br />

charity Crisis we were trying to support through our fair, which aims to help homeless people. The Charities<br />

Committee greatly appreciates everyone who helped and did their part to make a difference!<br />

Shritu Singh (year 13 - Charities Committee)<br />

I thoroughly enjoyed helping organise and present our Christmas fair as a new member of the Charites<br />

Committee. It was a great opportunity for our committee to share all our thoughts and ideas and work as a<br />

team to present an amazing charity fundraiser across the school. Although it was a hectic day, we managed to<br />

raise a grand total of over £600 through activities and stalls such as: gingerbread decorating stalls, tombola,<br />

hot food, hot chocolate and many more. It was a very eventful day, and I am pleased I had a part to play in it.<br />

Urina Paudyal (year 13 - Charities Committee)<br />

Organising the Christmas fair from setting up small stalls for sweet pong to bake sale was such a fun and unique<br />

experience. It was amazing to have the entire school celebrate together. It was nice to see the interaction between<br />

the younger and older year groups. All the finance raised from this event was donated to Crisis who help end<br />

homelessness and help provide hot meals to people in need.<br />

Liesel Fernandes (year 13 - Charities Committee)<br />

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Fundraising Event<br />

2/2<br />

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<strong>2022</strong> / <strong>23</strong><br />

Sixth Form Reward Trip to Winter Wonderland<br />

In<br />

December <strong>2022</strong> selected Year 12 and year 13 students embarked<br />

on a trip to London’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, a reward<br />

for their exceptional attitude towards learning, attendance, punctuality,<br />

and personal growth.<br />

The amazing Winter Wonderland, filled with festive delights, offered<br />

a unique chance for cultural exploration and broadening horizons. The<br />

park had a vibrant world of attractions, from traditional markets to<br />

exhilarating rides.<br />

All staff and students had a brilliant time where they sat on countless rides, had amazing food and won many<br />

prizes when playing the fairground games.<br />

The trip celebrated the value of dedication and motivation, fostering positive relationships among students and<br />

staff and creating lasting memories.<br />

Chetan Shingadia (Assistant Headteacher)<br />

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PANTOMIME <strong>2022</strong><br />

Peter Pan<br />

1/3<br />

“Second Star<br />

to the Right<br />

and Straight<br />

on ‘till<br />

Morning!”<br />

<strong>Cranford</strong> Pantomime <strong>2022</strong><br />

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Friday 16th December <strong>2022</strong> saw the long-awaited<br />

return of the <strong>Cranford</strong> pantomime, the last one<br />

having been staged some six years previously<br />

which meant that most of the school community had<br />

no idea what to expect. This year “Peter Pan” was the<br />

chosen show telling the story of three children, Wendy,<br />

John and Michael Darling’s adventures in Neverland<br />

with the Lost boys, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and his<br />

pirates and the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan.<br />

The original story written in 1904 by JM Barrie has,<br />

for many years, been a popular Christmas show with<br />

its swash buckling sword fights, flying scenes and<br />

the notorious Captain Hook whose fear of a crocodile<br />

who swallowed a clock and bit off his right hand and<br />

is desperate to finish him off, provides the humour<br />

and general pantomime antics which audiences love<br />

to join in with.

PANTOMIME <strong>2022</strong><br />

Peter Pan<br />

2/3<br />

Twenty-three teaching and<br />

support staff from across the<br />

school took up the challenge<br />

to bring our own version<br />

of “Peter Pan” to <strong>Cranford</strong>.<br />

As with previous years, the<br />

pantomime was planned as a surprise<br />

end of term celebration. For many<br />

of the students, the hotly kept secret<br />

often referred to as “the thing we<br />

must not name” was kept as a secret<br />

which made it even more exciting<br />

for the staff involved as the students<br />

relished the arrival on stage of each<br />

new character expressed with cheers,<br />

stamping feet and screams of delight<br />

when recognising who was playing<br />

what role.<br />

The first show to key stage 4&5<br />

students set the bar. It was a bit<br />

scary for the cast especially as most<br />

had never done anything like this<br />

before and their rehearsal time had<br />

been limited, but they need not have<br />

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PANTOMIME <strong>2022</strong><br />

Peter Pan<br />

3/3<br />

feared as their efforts were well rewarded by the audience applause and interactions prompting them on.<br />

The second performance to key stage 3 and the rest of the staff was quite a different story. They found their<br />

confidence and pushed the boundaries, even daring to step away from the ‘script’ and giving some improvised<br />

moments which really amused the audience. They sang and danced and undertook all the classic pantomime<br />

ad-libs to the joy of everyone and particularly to the cast themselves.<br />

Thank you to everyone involved. We really could not have done it without you. It was such a wonderful way<br />

to end the term and send everyone off smiling and full of the joys of Christmas.<br />

Jessica Joyce (Director)<br />

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20<strong>23</strong><br />

1/8<br />

Summer Term Enrichment / Drop Down Days 20<strong>23</strong><br />

On<br />

Tuesday 27th June and Wednesday 19th July 20<strong>23</strong>, Year 7, 8 9, 10 & 12 embarked on a two-day<br />

programme of enrichment activities to embrace the wider curriculum, not just in school but also on<br />

various trips across London and the South coast. Here is just a sample of the various experiences each year<br />

group had which were both fun and educational.<br />

Randeep Sidhu (Senior Teacher)<br />

Year 7 Drop Down<br />

Days 1 and 2:<br />

Day 1: Charities and Enterprise<br />

On 27th June 20<strong>23</strong> Year 7 took part in a Charities<br />

and Enterprise Day. Each form group had three<br />

challenges:<br />

1. To make and sell items such as flavoured<br />

milkshakes, sandwiches, sweet cones, smoothies,<br />

decorated biscuits, decorated cupcakes and fruit<br />

cocktail sticks.<br />

2. To design a game or activity such as escape<br />

rooms, hit the target, musical chairs, obstacle<br />

course, giant jigsaw and a skittles and ball game.<br />

3. To create some entertainment such as tall tower<br />

challenge, build a strong bridge, performance<br />

dance, egg challenge, build a strong chair,<br />

musical performance and lip sync battle.<br />

The money raised went to Cancer Research UK.<br />

It was a successful day and lots of money was<br />

raised for charity. We are really proud of our Year<br />

7s achievement, and we hope their entrepreneurial<br />

skills flourish in their future careers.<br />

Day 2: Trips<br />

Wednesday 19th July, we had Drop Down Day<br />

2 and year 7 embarked on various trips into<br />

London with their tutors. One group visited the<br />

Science Museum, one group visited the British<br />

Museum, and one group went to the Sealife<br />

exhibition at The Tate. Fortunately, the weather<br />

was really good and we all enjoyed picnicking in<br />

the sunshine and spending time together.<br />

Hardeep Bhachu<br />

(Head of Year 7)<br />

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20<strong>23</strong><br />

2/8<br />

Year 8 Enrichment Day – Trip Day<br />

<strong>Community</strong> and belonging have been a big focus for year 8 and<br />

is something the year group have been actively developing. The<br />

enrichment day on 27th June was the perfect opportunity for<br />

students to develop teamwork, communication and leadership<br />

skills whilst focusing on form cohesion. Trips included<br />

Brighton, Puttshack, LaserTag and Hyperbowling, where for a<br />

large proportion of our students the assigned trip was their first<br />

experience in that setting and this allowed them to also challenge<br />

themselves outside their comfort zone. The students showed<br />

impeccable behaviour during the travel on the days and when at<br />

the venues the enrichment days allowed them to develop unity<br />

within their form class and with other students in the year group<br />

allowing the community to expand.<br />

The second Enrichment Day, year 8 worked on a DHL project<br />

working in teams and presenting their ideas to the rest of the year<br />

group. Again, they demonstrated their team and entrepreneurial<br />

skills with some inventive ideas.<br />

Seema Mehmi (Head of Year 8)<br />

The trip to Puttshack was a really good experience. It was my first<br />

school trip in <strong>Cranford</strong> <strong>Community</strong> <strong>College</strong>. It was also my first time<br />

travelling in a train. I would like to thank everyone who conducted this<br />

trip. I would also like to thank Ms Mehmi for giving me an opportunity<br />

to go to Puttshack and for giving us the freedom to go to Westfield.<br />

Esther Rebelo (8Z)<br />

We started the day in the library where everyone left to go to the 111<br />

Bus stop. I loved playing on the different games and came first on the<br />

motorcycle race. We were divided into two groups to take turns hyper<br />

bowling and playing in the arcade. We also had the privilege of being<br />

able to go to different fast-food places, e.g., Nando’s. We were also<br />

allowed to purchase slushies from the arcade (everyone could agree<br />

that the blue flavour was the best). Overall, I really enjoyed this trip<br />

and would love to go on future trips and have the same opportunities<br />

with my friends.<br />

Arzoo Ghotra (8W)<br />

I think that the Brighton trip was amazing because we had a lot of<br />

fun at the arcade and chilling out at the beach. It was full of new<br />

experiences. The city of Brighton was beautiful and I had a lot of fun<br />

with my friends. Also, during the trip we got to buy things such as<br />

drinks, food and other things. I think that it was a good opportunity to<br />

explore new places. The arcade was quite enjoyable as we got to win<br />

things and go on rides. In the future I would love to go on this trip<br />

again as I enjoyed it a lot.<br />

Harman Kaur (8Z)<br />

Laser tag was an amazing time and it had many enjoyable snacks with<br />

a competitive game of laser tag. I enjoyed it very much and hope we<br />

have more trips like this.<br />

Shahbaz Akbar (8Y)<br />

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20<strong>23</strong><br />

3/8<br />

Year 9 Drop Down Day 1<br />

Year 9 Sports Day:<br />

Year 9 Sports day was a day of both teamwork and competition,<br />

encouraging every student, girls and boys, to play sports to<br />

their best. Each form had to have every student playing at<br />

least one sport of their choice, allowing every student to be<br />

comfortable when playing their sports, and knowing they<br />

would always have their friends, both in their form and other<br />

forms, on their side.<br />

Starting off with a sports quiz and making posters with<br />

slogans, energised everyone for the sports they would play.<br />

Next, at different sports venues in the school, students had a<br />

great deal of