September 2023 FRESH Start

Special Issue

Special Issue

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S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 3 , I S S U E 8<br />

<strong>FRESH</strong> <strong>Start</strong><br />



COVER and PHOTO CREDIT: Emmanuel St. Cloud, of St. Cloud photography, captured this family<br />

portrait of our church. On August 26, <strong>2023</strong> we rededicated our campus and shared this beautiful<br />

moment in our church’s history together. Following eleven months of restoration from the damage<br />

caused by Hurricane Ian, on <strong>September</strong> 28, <strong>2023</strong>, we praised the Lord for His marvelous blessings.

Family Album

Rededication Sabbath<br />

Moments captured by Laura Dancek

Click here to watch the video played during the worship service

Appreciation of Mike Torry from Canco General Constructions, Inc.

Appreciation of Jim Hudson from Canco General Constructions, Inc.

Appreciation of Pastor Ben

Appreciation of Diane Sedwick

Gathering for the group photo

Campus Transportation

Dedication of the Community Service Building

Dedication of the school and teachers

Celebrating on Sunday<br />

Moments captured by Wave Williams

Waterslide Rides

Pathfinder Breakfast and Lunch

Silent Auction

Caricature Artist

Pathfinder Car Wash

F A M I L Y P H O T O S<br />


I absolutely love the<br />

photo that was<br />

taken for our<br />

rededication<br />

weekend! Thank<br />

you St. Cloud<br />

photography! It<br />

reminds me of<br />

times I had as a kid<br />

looking through<br />

family photo albums<br />

on the floor next to<br />

my grandparent’s<br />

fireplace in the front<br />

room of their home.<br />

My siblings and I<br />

would go through<br />

photo album after<br />

photo album and<br />

look at photos of<br />

our dad as a baby,<br />

then boy, then<br />

young adult. The<br />

photographic family<br />

progression and<br />

smiling familiar<br />

faces always<br />

produced a warm<br />

nostalgic feeling and<br />

a sense of<br />

belonging. When I<br />

look at the photo we<br />

just took, I catch<br />

myself staring at it<br />

and going face by<br />

face, saying “Oh,<br />

there he is,” and<br />

“There she is,” and<br />

“Oh, look at that!<br />

They made it for the<br />

photo!” That same<br />

warm nostalgic

feeling and sense of<br />

belonging was<br />

kicking in.<br />

The Bible states in<br />

Ephesians 1:5-6, “He<br />

predestined us to<br />

adoption as sons<br />

through Jesus Christ<br />

to himself,<br />

according to the<br />

kind intention of His<br />

will, to the praise of<br />

the glory of His<br />

grace, which He<br />

freely bestowed on<br />

us in the Beloved.”<br />

That means we are<br />

family. That means<br />

the photo on the<br />

front page of this<br />

newsletter is a<br />

family photo. You<br />

are my sister or<br />

brother because of<br />

Christ and we have<br />

all been adopted<br />

into God’s family.<br />

Each face in the<br />

photo is a precious<br />

member of God’s<br />

family and each face<br />

has a story to tell of<br />

how God adopted<br />

them from the<br />

broken family of this<br />

world to the<br />

everlasting family in<br />

Heaven. I am so<br />

grateful to do life<br />

with you, and<br />

beside you, on this<br />

side of heaven! We<br />

have each other, as<br />

siblings, to love and<br />

cherish. We have<br />

Jesus as our elder<br />

brother and God as<br />

our father. You and I<br />

are not alone.<br />

I love to see God’s<br />

family progressing. I<br />

love to see your<br />

smiling familiar<br />

faces. I love the<br />

warm nostalgic<br />

feeling and sense of<br />

belonging I have as<br />

your pastor. I wish<br />

you and our future<br />

family members the<br />

same happiness.

A Night<br />

in Italy<br />

U P C O M I N G<br />

E V E N T S<br />

Sunday, October 22<br />

5 pm<br />

Come for a three-course fundraiser for the youth in the school gym.<br />

Minimum donation is $30 per person, black tie formal. As well as the meal,<br />

there will be fun, games, music and more!<br />

For more information, contact any of the Youth.<br />

Fellowship<br />

Lunch<br />

Sabbath, <strong>September</strong> 23<br />

Bring your appetite and food to share at our next fellowship dinner<br />

following the worship service.

Evenings on<br />

Prophecy<br />

U P C O M I N G<br />

E V E N T S<br />

U P C O M I N G<br />

E V E N T S<br />

6:30 p.m. Tuesdays<br />

Prophecy is a vital part of the Bible and the SDA church. Come to<br />

learn more about it every Tuesday night in the sanctuary. We are<br />

following along with the video series "In the Days of Noah" that<br />

covers end time prophecy, using study guides from the creators of<br />

the video.<br />

Pray with<br />

Elders<br />

10 a.m. Wednesdays<br />

Please join the elders every Wednesday at 10 a.m. for a special prayer<br />

time. We intend to pray for approximately 30 minutes for the church<br />

family and community.<br />

Join the Zoom Meeting at:<br />


Fellow<br />

Stitch<br />

U P C O M I N G<br />

E V E N T S<br />

U P C O M I N G<br />

E V E N T S<br />

Wednesday, <strong>September</strong> 20<br />

10 am -1 pm<br />

This fun life group is resuming after a long hiatus. Please note the new<br />

day and time -- and that it will be every other Wednesday, beginning<br />

<strong>September</strong> 20. Bring your craft supplies and enjoy creative time<br />

together.<br />



Monday through Friday, <strong>September</strong> 18-22<br />

Go There4 will spend the week inspiring our children and teaching<br />

them more about God.

U P C O M I N G<br />

E V E N T S<br />

What if the Port Charlotte SDA<br />

Church no longer existed?<br />

Would the people around us<br />

notice any difference?<br />


<strong>September</strong> 23 will be our first<br />

Service Sabbath. Go There4, the<br />

evangelistic team we are<br />

partnering with this year, will<br />

lead us outside of the walls of<br />

our church and join us as we<br />

knock on the doors of neighbors<br />

across the street from our<br />

church, finding out what their<br />

needs may be.



We are grateful for all the<br />

parents that came to our<br />

open house to see the<br />

classroom and meet their<br />

teachers. It was great to see<br />

so many families and<br />

children.<br />

We had an incredible first<br />

week! We had a very busy,<br />

but great first day of school.<br />

The students enjoyed all the<br />

school activities and<br />

especially the watermelon -- a<br />

PCAS tradition for the first<br />

day of school.<br />

Please continue to pray for<br />

us, not only to have a<br />

productive and blessed year,<br />

but for our plans to continue<br />

chimes and marimba directed<br />

by Mr. Cruz, skits and drama<br />

by Ms. Monroe, and choir by<br />

Mrs. Wainwright.<br />

As a Christian educator, I feel<br />

humbled and blessed to have<br />

the opportunity to not only<br />

teach lessons and lead<br />

activities, but to teach my<br />

students about the love of<br />


We thank our church<br />

members who come to<br />

pray for PCAS children,<br />

teachers, and school<br />

every Monday 8-9 am.


Kindergarten<br />

Dani Bobbitt<br />

3rd-4th Grades<br />

Beverley Monroe<br />

5th-6th Grades<br />

Ben Bobbitt<br />

7th-8th Grades<br />

Audrey Wainwright

“Train up a<br />

child in the<br />

way he should<br />

go, even when<br />

he is old, he<br />

will not depart<br />

from it.”<br />

Proverbs 22:6

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - Special issue of <strong>FRESH</strong> <strong>Start</strong>, edited by Laura Dancek

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