Waikato Business News August/September 2023

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

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Local PR brain selected for global programme<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong>-based Brainchild director<br />

Angela March has been selected as one<br />

of only 26 women from 20 countries to<br />

take part in the Global Women in Public<br />

Relations Empower programme.<br />

Developed by Global<br />

Women in PR,<br />

Empower connects<br />

PR experts at the top of their<br />

game with the next generation<br />

of PR women through a<br />

cross-border mentoring and<br />

learning programme.<br />

March is using the opportunity<br />

to, not only grow her<br />

own skillset, but she hopes to<br />

use the knowledge gained by<br />

some of the best PR experts to<br />

inspire other women in PR.<br />

“I've been pretty lucky all<br />

my career to be surrounded by<br />

lots of strong female leaders<br />

- both those I have reported<br />

to and the many inspiring clients<br />

that I’ve watched lead by<br />

example. This felt like a really<br />

great opportunity to grow my<br />

own leadership skills and to<br />

be able to return the favour<br />

to others coming up in the<br />

industry.”<br />

The only Kiwi selected to<br />

take part in the programme,<br />

March has recently met online<br />

with her mentor Havas Red<br />

Spain PR director general Ana<br />

Picó Alvarez.<br />

“I'm really excited to be<br />

working with somebody who<br />

deeply understands how<br />

an agency works, and a PR<br />

agency at that. It’s an awesome<br />

opportunity to connect<br />

with and learn from women at<br />

the top of the field globally. I<br />

am blown away to be counted<br />

in this group of mentees.”<br />

I've had lots<br />

of exposure to<br />

businesses, small and<br />

big, and across many<br />

different industries. I<br />

love being able to tell<br />

their stories.<br />

The learning element of<br />

the Empower programme<br />

involves regular masterclasses<br />

given by industry experts<br />

on topics such as leadership<br />

skills, business management,<br />

and career planning.<br />

There will also be opportunities<br />

for the mentees to participate<br />

in panel discussions,<br />

a thought leadership project<br />

and international networking.<br />

As well as regular virtual<br />

networking meet-ups for mentees<br />

and active social media<br />

engagement to help create a<br />

sense of community.<br />

March fell in love with PR<br />

while studying communications<br />

at Unitec.<br />

“My major was originally<br />

in event management and<br />

then I found out this whole<br />

other world of PR. And actually,<br />

looking back PR<br />

really was a great fit.<br />

Even though I didn't<br />

have any clue what PR<br />

was until I came across<br />

it at university.”<br />

Serving on her high<br />

People and culture:<br />

a pillar for business<br />

success<br />

As cultivating a good culture becomes ever more vital for<br />

retaining staff, Asset Recruitment’s Executive Recruitment<br />

and <strong>Business</strong> Development Manager, Judy Davison, looks<br />

at the essential elements of an effective people and<br />

culture strategy.<br />

running high school campaigns,<br />

March has since gone<br />

on to work for some of New<br />

Zealand and the world’s biggest<br />

brands.<br />

“I've had lots of exposure<br />

to businesses, small and big,<br />

and across many different<br />

industries. I love being able to<br />

tell their stories.”<br />

March started PR and<br />

content agency Brainchild<br />

in 2020; in the middle of<br />

the Covid pandemic and just<br />

before having her first child<br />

with number two following 17<br />

months later.<br />

“I've been growing my<br />

business and growing my<br />

family at the same time,” she<br />

laughs.<br />

The Empower programme<br />

has come at a perfect time for<br />

March to continue developing<br />

her skills in the ever-changing<br />

PR landscape.<br />

“Making sure that we're<br />

always ahead of the pack and<br />

able to deliver best in class<br />

work that’s up with what's<br />

happening in the international<br />

space is important to<br />

me and it’s important for our<br />

clients.”<br />

GWPR’s 24-hour global<br />

speed mentoring initiative in<br />

2021, involving 300 women<br />

on International Women’s<br />

Day, served as the springboard<br />

for this programme.<br />

school council, March<br />

had organised campaigns<br />

for Students<br />

Against Drunk Driving<br />

and promotions<br />

for school events but it<br />

wasn’t until later that<br />

she joined the dots and<br />

realised what she had<br />

been doing was PR.<br />

“It was PR at a very basic<br />

high school level.” she laughs.<br />

From humble beginnings<br />


Your recruitment<br />

asset in <strong>Waikato</strong>.<br />

Angela March<br />

New Zealand’s most<br />

popular job listing<br />

sites have a plethora<br />

of vacancies for roles such as:<br />

‘Group Head – People and<br />

Culture’, ‘People and Culture<br />

Adviser’, ‘People and Culture<br />

Manager’. At Asset Recruitment,<br />

the demand for skilled<br />

candidates in these roles is<br />

just as high.<br />

“More and more workplaces<br />

are placing people and<br />

culture as a strategic priority<br />

They can’t afford not to. People<br />

and culture-related initiatives sit<br />

alongside HR, business development,<br />

and sales and marketing strategies<br />

– it has that much influence on an<br />

organisation’s operations.<br />

for their organisation,” says<br />

Judy.<br />

An article by Deloitte<br />

recognises that influence,<br />

acknowledging culture, leadership,<br />

and strategy as the<br />

three pillars which must align<br />

for business success.<br />

At Asset Recruitment,<br />

Judy has seen this strategic<br />

priority come through<br />

in organisation-wide placements,<br />

where culture-fit is an<br />

integral part of the recruitment<br />

process whatever the<br />

role. “It’s a non-negotiable for<br />

most businesses these days,”<br />

Judy says. “It doesn’t matter<br />

how great a candidate’s<br />

skills and experience may be,<br />

if there’s no values alignment,<br />

it won’t be a successful placement.”<br />

So, what’s required for an<br />

effective people and culture<br />

strategy?<br />

“Cohesion,” says Judy.<br />

“Culture must be company-wide,<br />

so a strategy must<br />

draw upon all aspects of a<br />

business. Define your company<br />

culture, demonstrate it,<br />

and continually develop it as<br />

your company evolves. Only<br />

then will it be a pillar for business<br />

success.”<br />

[CTA] Looking for candidates<br />

that align with your culture?<br />

Give Asset Recruitment<br />

a call today.<br />

Locally owned and operated, Asset<br />

Recruitment has been positioning excellence<br />

for more than 30 years.<br />

We align great candidates with great opportunities. If<br />

you’re looking to hire or would like to discuss your<br />

career opportunities, get in touch with our team.<br />

Temporary<br />

Recruitment<br />

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Recruitment<br />

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Recruitment<br />

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Recruitment<br />

07 839 3685 | www.assetrec.co.nz

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