Waikato Business News August/September 2023

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of cooperation.

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Kerr and Ladbrook Catering triumphs again<br />

Securing the Supreme Overall Award<br />

at the New Zealand Industry Wedding<br />

Awards <strong>2023</strong> is a testament to<br />

excellent teamwork and unwavering<br />

customer trust.<br />

Kerr and Ladbrook<br />

Catering, a name<br />

synonymous with<br />

excellence in the catering<br />

industry, has once again set<br />

a benchmark for unparalleled<br />

service and culinary expertise.<br />

The Supreme Overall<br />

Award at the New Zealand<br />

Industry Wedding Awards<br />

<strong>2023</strong> is not just a win, it's a<br />

resounding recognition of the<br />

dedication, passion and commitment<br />

that the team pours<br />

into every event, Kerr and<br />

Ladbrook Catering CEO Hayley<br />

Smith says.<br />

"This achievement stands<br />

as a testament to our team's<br />

pursuit of excellence and our<br />

unique ability to craft unforgettable<br />

culinary experiences,”<br />

she says.<br />

“The award holds exceptional<br />

significance for Kerr<br />

and Ladbrook Catering; it's<br />

an acknowledgment of our<br />

team's passion and dedication,<br />

and the trust our valued<br />

customers place in us."<br />

Hayley believes what<br />

truly sets Kerr and Ladbrook<br />

Catering apart is their deeply<br />

ingrained commitment to personalised<br />

service.<br />

“Every customer engagement<br />

is marked by our dedication<br />

to understanding and<br />

fulfilling individual needs and<br />

expectations. It's this personal<br />

touch that has earned us not<br />

only the trust of our customers<br />

but also recognition from<br />

industry peers.”<br />

The award nomination<br />

was driven by customers and<br />

industry professionals who<br />

have experienced and admired<br />

the exceptional service delivered<br />

by the Kerr and Ladbrook<br />

team.<br />

"We believe that behind<br />

every success story is a team<br />

that goes above and beyond.<br />

Our chefs, event managers and<br />

support staff are what makes<br />

Kerr and Ladbrook Catering<br />

thrive, and we deeply value<br />

and appreciate their tireless<br />

dedication," Hayley says.<br />

The win comes on the back<br />

of previous awards gained<br />

throughout the years.<br />

Clinching the Best Caterer<br />

award in 2016, 2019, and<br />

2022, Kerr and Ladbrook have<br />

established themselves as a<br />

force to be reckoned with in<br />

the catering landscape.<br />

“These past achievements<br />

have undoubtedly played a<br />

pivotal role in shaping our<br />

company's trajectory, driving<br />

us toward the pinnacle of<br />

success – the Supreme Overall<br />

Award in <strong>2023</strong>,” Hayley says.<br />

With a remarkable legacy<br />

spanning over 17 years,<br />

Kerr and Ladbrook Catering<br />

has consistently redefined the<br />

art of catering, impressing<br />

clients with an unwavering<br />

commitment to quality and<br />

innovation.<br />

Renowned for their<br />

exceptional offerings across<br />

a diverse range of events,<br />

including weddings, corporate<br />

gatherings, special milestones,<br />

race days and conferences,<br />

they are a trailblazer in the<br />

catering domain.<br />

“Our ability to cater to a<br />

multitude of occasions, from<br />

the most lavish weddings to<br />

high-profile corporate events,<br />

has showcased our adaptability<br />

and versatility. With each<br />

event, we weave a culinary<br />

narrative that not only tantalises<br />

the taste buds but also<br />

leaves an indelible mark on<br />

every guest,” she says.<br />

Hayley says the key to Kerr<br />

and Ladbrook Catering's success<br />

throughout the years lies<br />

in their pursuit of excellence.<br />

“We have continuously<br />

evolved, refining our skills and<br />

pushing boundaries to create<br />

unforgettable experiences. The<br />

Supreme Overall Award at the<br />

New Zealand Industry Wedding<br />

Awards <strong>2023</strong> stands as<br />

a testament to our dedication,<br />

highlighting the culmination<br />

of our efforts and the mark we<br />

have made on the industry.”<br />

And she adds, they look<br />

forward to continuing their<br />

journey of redefining culinary<br />

artistry and leaving an indelible<br />

mark on every event they<br />

touch.<br />

Kerr and Ladbrook Catering’s<br />

success is a reason for celebration,<br />

and we want you to be a part of<br />

it! Secure your spot for a festive<br />

Christmas event before November’s<br />

end and enjoy exclusive access<br />

to our unbeatable Christmas<br />

Promotional Packages!<br />

Catering@kerrandladbrook.co.nz | 07 838 9338 | www.kerrandladbrook.co.nz

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