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q u e e n s l a n d h o T E L S a s s o c i a t i o n<br />

O c t o b e r 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />

bustling brook<br />


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Bernie with <strong>QHA</strong> Board Member Richard Bowly at the <strong>QHA</strong> Charity Bowls Tournament in Toowoomba<br />










Like so many Australians, I have currently taken the chance to travel overseas this<br />

month to catch up with old friends, show the world to my kids and see what is<br />

happening in our industry in a few other countries. I have been fortunate enough to<br />

already speak to a few hotel professionals in England and France and intend to do<br />

more as I attend a gaming regulator conference in London next week.<br />

While the obvious impact of world-wide staff shortages are evident and experienced<br />

staff are desperately needed here as much as in Australia, the stark difference I have<br />

already seen is the attitude toward regulation in Europe.<br />

While European regulation often gets a bad rap, in our sector I am seeing a far more<br />

mature attitude from society and government. Personal responsibility is high on the list<br />

when considering any new measure. This is paired with not wanting Government to<br />

intervene heavily in people’s lives (more so in France than the UK). Essentially, regulation<br />

insists on treating people as adults and if you do not live up to the standard then there<br />

are harsh penalties.<br />

Too often in Australia we have the “guard rail” mentality, which keeps us a safe distance<br />

from ever having to make a decision on how we, as an adult, should act. I like the<br />

European approach better, not just because it “feels” like a lighter touch, but it also<br />

pushes back the onus on the individual in our venues. It is a great example of the type<br />

of regulation that <strong>QHA</strong> constantly support – setting up an expectation of acceptable<br />

behaviour, and then stepping back and letting operators get on with running their<br />

business.<br />

It appears that, already, travel is doing exactly what it should do by being thought<br />

provoking and challenging. I look forward to the lessons the next week teaches me so I<br />

can bring them home to Queensland.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> CHIEF EXECUTIVE/EDITOR<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 3

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q u e e n s l a n d h o T E L S a s s o c i a t i o n<br />

O c t o b e r 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />






o u r c o v e r :<br />

Brook Hotel,<br />

Mitchelton<br />

bustling brook<br />



O c t o b e r 2 0 2 3 e d i t i o n<br />

<strong>QHA</strong><br />

Level 14, 270 Adelaide Street<br />

Brisbane, Queensland 4000<br />

GPO Box 343<br />

Brisbane, Queensland 4001<br />

Phone: 07 3221 6999<br />

1800 177 594<br />

Fax: 07 3221 6649<br />

Web: www.qha.org.au<br />

Email: info@qha.org.au<br />

Office Hours<br />

8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday<br />

President<br />

Mr Richard Deery<br />

Senior Vice President<br />

Mr Matthew Coorey<br />

Vice Presidents<br />

Mr Brad Fitzgibbons<br />

Ms Mel Tait<br />

Mr Sam Ingham-Myers<br />

Secretary/Treasurer<br />

Ms Rachel Johnson<br />

Chief Executive and Editor<br />

Mr Bernie Hogan<br />

www.qha.org.au<br />

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<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 4<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW is published by the Queensland<br />

Hotels Association ABN 54 878 166 941.<br />

All information is correct at time of going to press.<br />

The publishers cannot accept responsibility for<br />

errors in articles or advertisements, or unsolicited<br />

manuscripts, photographs or illustrations.<br />

The opinions and words of the authors do not<br />

necessarily represent those of the publisher. All<br />

rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole is<br />

strictly prohibited without prior permission.<br />


For all editorial and advertising queries:<br />

Dave Swan 0401 345 201<br />



<strong>QHA</strong> Deputy Chief<br />

Executive<br />

A hospitality industry<br />

professional with over<br />

30 years’ experience<br />

in liquor, gaming and<br />

operations. Damian<br />

has a strong focus<br />

on compliance and<br />

legislation.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> Training Manager<br />

An experienced VET<br />

sector professional,<br />

Therese manages<br />

the <strong>QHA</strong> Training<br />

department and is<br />

responsible for the<br />

development and<br />

delivery of quality training<br />

for <strong>QHA</strong> members and<br />

other hospitality venues.<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> Membership<br />

Officer<br />

Paul is the face of the<br />

Association to many<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> members as he<br />

travels the length and<br />

breadth of the state<br />

visiting, advising and<br />

assisting publicans.<br />


Managing Partner,<br />

Mullins<br />

With over 30 years’<br />

experience in property,<br />

liquor and gaming law,<br />

Curt is recognised<br />

as a leader in this<br />

field. He advises pub,<br />

club, nightclub,<br />

restaurant, resort and<br />

accommodation venue<br />

owners and operators.<br />


Attorney-General<br />

and Minister for<br />

Justice and Minister<br />

for the Prevention of<br />

Domestic and Family<br />

Violence<br />

Yvette D’Ath is a<br />

Labor member of the<br />

Legislative Assembly<br />

of Queensland<br />

representing the seat of<br />

Redcliffe.<br />


Commissioner for<br />

Office of Liquor and<br />

Gaming Regulation<br />

Queensland<br />

Victoria is responsible<br />

for the regulatory policy<br />

and strategic direction<br />

of product safety,<br />

licensing, compliance<br />

and enforcement<br />

activitiestoprotect market<br />

integrity and keep<br />

Queenslanders safe.<br />


Employment Relations<br />

Manager<br />

Sarah has a passion for<br />

employment relations and<br />

has diverse experience<br />

advising and assisting<br />

employees and employers.<br />

Sarah has particular interests<br />

in workers’ compensation<br />

matters, bullying and<br />

harassment matters and<br />

policy development.<br />


Accommodation<br />

Membership<br />

Services Officer<br />

Tom will act as<br />

your conduit to<br />

accommodation<br />

information and <strong>QHA</strong><br />

services, and is an<br />

experienced professional<br />

who grew up living and<br />

working in the hospitality<br />

industry as part of a<br />

hotel-owning family.<br />


Head of MAX & TAB,<br />

Queensland<br />

With ten years of<br />

experience in Tabcorp<br />

gaming services, Adam<br />

has recently taken on<br />

both MAX & TAB for<br />

Queensland. Adam’s<br />

previous career in the<br />

hospitality industry<br />

positions him well to<br />

understand the role<br />

that wagering and<br />

gaming play in pubs.<br />


State Manager (Qld)<br />

Aristocrat<br />

Nick has a proven<br />

history in wholesale<br />

liquor, electronic gaming,<br />

and hotel and restaurant<br />

operation. He now<br />

heads up the state team<br />

for one of Australia’s<br />

leading manufacturers of<br />

gaming machines.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 5

NEWS<br />


The <strong>QHA</strong> Charity Bowls Tournament came back<br />

with a bang as the newly-formatted event raised<br />

more than $21,000 for the Toowoomba Hospital<br />

Foundation.<br />

Spirits were high and competition was fierce with<br />

bribery and sabotage on proud display across the<br />

full field of 128 members and partners.<br />

Rink Sponsors included The Southern Hotel,<br />

Lion, Carlton & United Breweries, Brown Forman,<br />

Odyssey, Southtrade International and Tanda.<br />

A delicious BBQ Lunch was supplied courtesy of<br />

PFD Food Services, expertly cooked by volunteers<br />

from the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation.<br />

After a fierce battle, the 5-end sudden death<br />

challenge came down to the Southern Hotel and The<br />

Club Toowoomba battling it out, with the Southern<br />

Hotel taking home the Richard Bowly Snr shield and<br />

ultimate bragging rights. Although they didn’t win<br />

the shield, Odyssey Gaming rose to the occasion,<br />

dressing in their best bowls kit to take out the prize<br />

for Best Dressed Team.<br />

Thank-you to all attendees and to beverage<br />

partners Carlton & United Breweries, Lion, Coca-<br />

Cola Europacific Partners, Diageo, Brown Forman,<br />

Southtrade International, Heads of Noosa and Diablo<br />

Co. for keeping the thirsty crowd well hydrated.<br />

Crckejack<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 6<br />

day on<br />

te green

NEWS<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 7

NEWS<br />





It featured sessions from industry experts, including<br />

Commissioner Riordan from the Fair Work<br />

Commission, Sarv Singh from Mullins Lawyers who<br />

delved into migration insights for 2023, Patrick<br />

Bardon from Hostplus who delivered a comprehensive<br />

superannuation update and our very own training<br />

manager, Therese Kelly, who highlighted the<br />

importance of training and how a registered training<br />

organisation (RTO) can be the key to success.<br />

Tom Mangan from Endeavour Foundation also shed a<br />

light on the significance of hiring disability workers in<br />

venues and the mutual benefits it offers, while Andrew<br />

Stirling from Tanda explored the evolving technology<br />

landscape in the hospitality sector. Our final speaker of<br />

the day, Stephen Ferguson, the chief executive officer<br />

of the Australian Hotels Association (AHA), provided<br />

insights into the advocacy efforts of AHA and <strong>QHA</strong>.<br />

The Employment Relations Conference proved to<br />

be a highly successful day, with the event achieving<br />

a full capacity crowd! We extend our thanks to <strong>QHA</strong><br />

members, Sofitel Brisbane, for their hospitality.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 8

NEWS<br />



RTO 30826<br />

R M LV Virtual Classroom (online)<br />

05 <strong>Oct</strong>ober 12 <strong>Oct</strong>ober 24 <strong>Oct</strong>ober 30 <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

10 <strong>Oct</strong>ober 18 <strong>Oct</strong>ober 28 August 31 August<br />

Member Price $395.00 / Non-Members $495.00<br />



The core of ALM’s business purpose is to<br />

champion successful independents. To service<br />

this purpose, they have strived to build a business<br />

which is ‘famous’, ‘frictionless’ and ‘sticky’.<br />

‘Famous’ for their brands, ‘frictionless’ in the way<br />

they do business and ‘sticky’ in their retail and<br />

wholesale offerings.<br />

To deliver on this ambition, ALM has made some<br />

exciting changes to its structure and people. The<br />

company has created a new role, general manager<br />

– customer, with the single-minded ambition to<br />

ensure ALM is easy to do business with.<br />

This new role will have accountability for ALM<br />

systems, customer journeys, contract customers,<br />

customer service, retail support and ALM onpremise<br />

national accounts. Brad Williams, previous<br />

general manager for Queensland, has taken on the<br />

responsibility of this role.<br />

As a result of this promotion, Katherine Johnstone,<br />

previously general manager for ALM New South<br />

Wales, has moved to Queensland as the general<br />

manager for the state. Katherine has spent the last<br />

13 years in the liquor industry, with the last four<br />

running ALM for New South Wales. Prior to that,<br />

she spent nine years in various roles with Campari<br />

Australia, with her last role as the national business<br />

manager for the independent channel.<br />

Katherine is an experienced general manager, and<br />

enjoys utilising her skills in a new market. She is<br />

also a proud Queenslander having grown up in<br />

Townsville.<br />

Brisbane<br />

17 <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

Cairns<br />

24 <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

Townsville<br />

28 <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

Member Price $395.00 / Non-Members $495.00<br />

Gaming Nominee<br />

Training (GNT)<br />

R M LV classroom Based<br />

Gaming Courses Virtual Classroom (online)<br />

09 <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

Customer Liaison<br />

Officer (CLO)<br />

23 <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

Members and Non-Members $495.00<br />

CLO Member Price $70.00 / Non-Member $90.00<br />


Call 07 3221 6999 visit training.qha.org.au or email: training@qha.org.au<br />

**RMLV Video Connect (Online) courses will be added as required

NEWS<br />






<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 10<br />

The only dedicated annual food exhibition in the<br />

state is back in 2023 and running from the 15 to 16<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober. This showcase calls all hoteliers, publicans,<br />

restaurateurs and food and beverage operators to<br />

discover new ideas, products, trends.<br />

In addition to exhibiting over 180 suppliers in the<br />

industry, the Food & Hospitality Queensland exhibition<br />

also holds a variety of special events, one of which<br />

being Café School.<br />

As the food-to-go market has boomed over the past<br />

decade and now represents $17 billion in annual<br />

spending, these workshops offer free demonstrations<br />

that help venues expand their menu, boost their bottom<br />

line, learn about new trends and taste new products.<br />

A few topics in 2023’s program include allergy-friendly<br />

tips, street food trends, plant-based options, café<br />

automation and marketing with social media.<br />

With the showcase also comes one of Queensland’s<br />

most prestigious chef competitions, which is open to<br />

any professional chef working in a hotel, pub, café,<br />

restaurant or commercial kitchen.<br />

This event will see chef compete against chef in a test<br />

of creativity, culinary knowledge and ingenuity. The<br />

chosen 28 finalists will have one hour to prepare two<br />

dishes from a mystery box of ingredients and will be<br />

scored by a team of respected industry judges.<br />

The winner of the Queensland Chef of the Year<br />

competition will receive a share of $4,000 cash, plus<br />

prizes including world-class kitchenware and a trip to<br />

Sydney for the Australian Chef of the Year.<br />

The exhibition will additionally host the Chef Success<br />

Workshop – a brand new event carried over from last<br />

year that gives young chefs the opportunity to connect<br />

with industry leaders and connect with like-minded<br />

people in the industry.<br />

Food & Hospitality Queensland is trade-only, meaning it<br />

is exclusively open to those who work in a food, retail or<br />

hospitality business and is a great place to meet other<br />

food industry professionals and exchange ideas.

NEWS<br />


As part of TAB’s commitment to regional Queensland,<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> and TAB partnered to create a hoteliers special<br />

event, combining an informative hoteliers forum, and<br />

a night of footy, with the Cowboys vs. Sharks home<br />

game in Townsville.<br />

Hosted at The Seaview Hotel, more than 30 regional<br />

hoteliers from as far afield as Rockhampton, Collinsville,<br />

Hinchinbrook and Charters Towers attended the<br />

event, which kicked off with an industry update<br />

courtesy of the <strong>QHA</strong>. The highlight from the forum was<br />

undoubtedly the panel discussion with Cowboys star<br />

players Valentine Holmes and Ben Hampton.<br />

After a few beverages and some canapés, the group<br />

jumped on a charter bus to the Queensland Country<br />

Bank Stadium where, although the result did not favour<br />

the Cowboys, the group continued to enjoy the event<br />

well into the evening.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 11

NEWS<br />






<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 12<br />

The ninth annual Indies saw the return of an in-person<br />

awards ceremony on the Gold Coast on 23 August<br />

and a vibrant celebration of innovation, growth,<br />

resilience and, of course, exceptional beers.<br />

Run by the Independent Brewers Association (IBA), the<br />

competition hosts 65 of the best and emerging judges<br />

from Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia as they<br />

spend three days tasting and evaluating some of the<br />

greatest and most creative beers in the country.<br />

Interestingly, Australia’s best independent beer for<br />

2023 was awarded to Dollar Bill Brewing’s Gold Teeth<br />

– a barrel-aged peach sour ale. Although the quality<br />

of entries was off the charts this year, the Victorian<br />

based brewery’s unique concoction stood out from the<br />

whopping 1,348 beers that took home the top gong.<br />

Head judge for the awards, Justin Fox, said they were<br />

blown away this year at the quality of beers entered.<br />

“229 beers were awarded gold, and an incredible 85%<br />

of all beers entered received a medal. This medal tally<br />

demonstrates that the standard of independent beer<br />

poured in tap rooms and packaged in fridges across<br />

Australia is of an exceptional quality.

NEWS<br />



“Brewers are delivering beers that are absent of<br />

major technical faults and reflective of the promised<br />

style, allowing consumers to repeatedly enjoy their<br />

engagement with independent beer.<br />

“Our aspirations to continually improve, innovate and<br />

perfect our craft must now continue. It is this pursuit<br />

that will drive the standards even higher, and the bar<br />

will no doubt lift in the years ahead,” he said.<br />

In 2023 the Indies was celebrated in style at The Island<br />

Glasshouse in Surfers Paradise. The fantastic setting,<br />

warm company and expansive array of beers were a<br />

great way to celebrate excellence in brewing and cheer<br />

on the 2023 award winners.<br />

While everyone loves a good friendly competition, the<br />

awards also make for a fascinating look into how the<br />

hospitality industry can cater to the increasing number<br />

of Aussies gravitating towards more unique indie<br />

beers.<br />

In fact, chair of the Indies Awards advisory committee,<br />

Will Tatchel, pointed out the incorporation of seven<br />

new beer styles into their guidelines.<br />

“I look forward to witnessing these new styles not<br />

only naturally flourish, but also progressively evolve as<br />

we journey into the future showcasing the incredible<br />

growth in creativity among our Australian brewers.<br />

“And it’s not all about the beer. The people who make,<br />

sell and pour the beer are equally as important so we<br />

ensure they are also acknowledged and celebrated via<br />

our peer nominated awards,” he said.<br />

A whopping 190 breweries and 1,360 individual beers<br />

were entered into the Indies this year, which made for<br />

a fascinating little snapshot of Australia’s independent<br />

beer industry and the emerging trends we are seeing<br />

in the market.<br />

For example, the pale ale category stood out with<br />

143 entries, with the traditional lager and reduced<br />

alcohol categories boasting 118 and closely followed<br />

by porters and stouts with 113. Modern pale ales and<br />

specialties were also the competition’s gold medal<br />

leaders with 19 and 22 awards respectively.<br />

Then there’s the battle of the states. In relation to both<br />

the number of entries and subsequently the number<br />

of medals earned, New South Wales was centre<br />

stage with 124 more entries and 92 more medals than<br />

Queensland, which had a total of 289 entries and 253<br />

medals.<br />

Chair of the IBA, Richard Watkins, said both<br />

the number of entries and medals should be<br />

celebrated, especially given some of the challenging<br />

circumstances currently facing the industry.<br />

“Our celebration of independent beer, the wonderful<br />

people who have contributed to its foundations and<br />

those building the future for our industry is done and<br />

dusted and boy was it a cracker.<br />

“It was great to be back in person this year and to<br />

celebrate with many of our entrants for the first time in<br />

four years.<br />

“What a way to kick the bad times to the curb!<br />

Congratulations to all medalists, champions and<br />

entrants, you are all winners in our eyes,” he said.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 13


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 14<br />

Grand Legends, one of Aristocrat’s most anticipated<br />

game families unveiled at Australasian Gaming Expo<br />

2023, has entertained players right across Queensland<br />

venues.<br />

Grand Legends draws inspiration from the popular<br />

Grand Star family, but Aristocrat have taken it a step<br />

further by making improvements and enhancements to<br />

ensure an even better gaming experience.<br />

According to Nick Bainbrigge, the five-of-a-kind<br />

mechanic remains a core feature, and they have<br />

added their renowned Hold and Spin mechanic. Plus,<br />

Aristocrat have introduced the Legends Touch coin<br />

feature, where prizes awarded are a minimum of five<br />

times your bet.<br />

With four legendary titles to choose from (Great King,<br />

Magic Warrior, Sun Queen and Royal Emperor), this<br />

game family has lots of unique features to offer. For<br />

those interested, if you have not yet added Grand<br />

Legends to your gaming floor, now is the perfect time.<br />

Player’s Choice Hits is also back. Aristocrat have<br />

recently released their latest multigame to Queensland<br />

hotels, so if you are looking to optimise your gaming<br />

floor, Player’s Choice Hits is for you.<br />

Aristocrat has combined Aristocrat’s best games,<br />

Choy’s Kingdom, Grand Star, Welcome to Fantastic<br />

Jackpots, Scorchin’ Fortune, Big Red and The<br />

Bullfighter, all in one. Plus, this is the first time they<br />

have released Grand Star as a standalone progressive.<br />

Modernise your gaming floor with their latest cabinet<br />

and choose this star.<br />

Lastly, Aristocrat’s recently released Aqua Kingdom<br />

game family is making waves across Queensland<br />

hotels, with a $4.4k average daily turnover and over<br />

250 machines installed. Haven’t got Aqua Kingdom on<br />

your floor? Talk to your Aristocrat business partner.<br />

For more information on the games mentioned above,<br />

please visit Aristocrat’s website aristocrat.com/anz or<br />

drop into their Brisbane showroom.





<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 16<br />

The value of Keno to the Queensland hotel industry<br />

remains stronger than ever, as the game continues<br />

to delight customers with winning moments and<br />

retail commissions bolster the robustness of hotel<br />

businesses across the state.<br />

Keno paid more than $32.33 million in commissions to<br />

its Queensland hotel partners in the 2023 financial year<br />

– an increase of 15% on commissions paid during the<br />

2022 financial year.<br />

Hotels weren’t the only winners: Queenslanders<br />

enjoyed more than 26.8 million Keno wins totalling<br />

more than $427.15 million across the state, and<br />

over $250.2 million in cash prizes were won by hotel<br />

customers.<br />

Hotel’s big winners<br />

During the year, Keno crowned 20 millionaires and<br />

multi-millionaires, who collectively took home more<br />

than $46 million. Eight of these major winners were<br />

Queenslanders, with hotel patrons celebrating five<br />

million-dollar plus jackpots totalling over $14 million<br />

throughout the year.<br />

The biggest hotel jackpot, worth $5.3 million, was a<br />

Keno Mega Millions 10-spot, won at the Parkwood<br />

Tavern on the Gold Coast.<br />

Other hotels that celebrated 10-spot wins were Pine<br />

Beach Hotel in the Moreton Bay region with $3.2<br />

million, Lawnton Tavern, also in Moreton Bay, with $2<br />

million, Mourilyan Hotel in Far North Queensland with<br />

$1.9 million and Benowa Tavern on the Gold Coast<br />

with $1.6 million.<br />

Local area marketing<br />

Keno’s Local Area Marketing (LAM) program reached<br />

new heights in 2023. Venues ordered more than 2,100<br />

promotions – 47% more than in the 2022 financial year<br />

and almost 400 venues who hadn’t previously tried it<br />

ran a promotion for the first time.<br />

The total value of prizes given away was just over<br />

$1 million and promotions ordered ran for a total of<br />

11,000 weeks with an average of 5.27 weeks per<br />

promotion.<br />

Keno’s busiest LAM venue gave away more than<br />

$11,000 in prizes to its customers across 14 separate<br />


NEWS<br />






Keno app launch<br />

June 2023 saw the launch of the Keno App in the<br />

state in the wake of the hugely popular launch of the<br />

Keno Live Draw online in May 2022, creating a more<br />

exciting and seamless playing experience for hotel<br />

customers.<br />

This technical advancement is delivering players<br />

the features they have come to enjoy online in the<br />

convenience of an app, with the added benefit of push<br />

notifications about jackpots as they are growing, so<br />

they never miss a win.<br />

During the year, the Live Draw page was viewed<br />

2,171,163 times, with 129,880 unique visits and a<br />

monthly average of 75,756 visits. The Check Results<br />

page had 3,894,588 views, of which 251,196 were<br />

unique visits, and a monthly average of 128,975 visits.<br />

Cashless payments<br />

In 2023, Keno’s cashless payment initiative continued<br />

to enhance customer’s in-venue retail experience, with<br />

73 pilot sites now operational, including 29 hotels.<br />

More than $2.6 million in EFTPOS sales have been<br />

made since the pilot began, with the average cashless<br />

settlement being $23.77. Approximately 5% of all<br />

settlements in pilot venues have been cashless.<br />

The top five hotels for cashless payments currently are<br />

Park Ridge Tavern, Chatswood Hills Tavern, Morayfield<br />

Tavern, Runaway Bay Tavern and Redland Bay Hotel.<br />

Second Chance Draw<br />

Keno’s Second Chance Draw remains a popular<br />

drawcard for players, offering more chances to win<br />

and boosting customer engagement with the product.<br />

Between August 2022 and July 2023, Keno received<br />

over 714,000 entries from retail customers. January<br />

2023 was the biggest month for entries, with a total of<br />

78,367 entries from 6,829 unique customers.<br />

During the period, Keno awarded players 60 $1,000<br />

cash prizes totalling $60,000, with 24 won by<br />

Queensland retail customers.<br />

New brand platform<br />

Over the past year, Keno’s marketing team has been<br />

dedicated to enhancing the Keno brand to meet today’s<br />

customers’ needs, with the intent to build a new brand<br />

platform that can be leveraged for years to come.<br />

The platform aims to build a greater emotional<br />

connection with the Keno brand and will launch across<br />

all markets, including Queensland. It is currently in the<br />

testing phase and will launch in 2024.<br />

Keno training portal<br />

Since its launch, more than 14,000 venue managers<br />

and operators have registered to use Keno’s Training<br />

Portal, and 93,000 courses have been completed.<br />

The team is currently updating the ‘Keno-Basics’ and<br />

‘Keno-Advance’ courses to improve their interactivity,<br />

as well giving them a new look and feel. The updated<br />

modules will be available to venues in <strong>Oct</strong>ober 2023.<br />

To stay in touch with all things Keno,<br />

visit kenoconnect.com.au.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 17


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 18









Since opening its doors to the public in May,<br />

Brisbane-ites have flocked to the new Brook Hotel<br />

for its idyllic beer garden and mouth-watering<br />

bistro menu, proving owner Australian Leisure and<br />

Hospitality (ALH) knows how to breathe new life into<br />

classic pubs.<br />

The over $30 million development, the largest ever<br />

for ALH Hotels, was designed by Cayas + Ward<br />

Architects and built by Rohrig Construction in just<br />

over a year, encompassing a new tavern, 40-room<br />

Nightcap Plus hotel and Dan Murphy’s liquor store.<br />

Serving thirsty Michelton locals since 1966, the<br />

suburban pub has been beautifully transformed into<br />

an inviting large-format hotel that will offer more than<br />

100 hospitality jobs and a significant economic boost<br />

for the up-and-coming region.<br />

ALH has set a new precedent with this landmark<br />

development, proving the hidden potential in<br />

suburban pubs, rejuvenating the regional icon and<br />

putting Michelton on the map.<br />

ALH’s interim managing director, Paul Walton, said<br />

The Brook will continue to serve the local community<br />

while becoming a modern and vibrant destination<br />

venue for all of Brisbane.<br />

“This development hasn’t been just about making<br />

way for something new. The legacy of the old venue<br />

has been preserved with the stunning 60-year-old<br />

Moreton Bay Fig Tree that welcomes you as you enter<br />

the venue – allowing nature to tell the story of this<br />

hotel’s long history,” he said.<br />

The Brook Hotel features an elevated contemporary<br />

design, providing a warm and inviting pub experience<br />

for patrons, with an open plan focus centred around<br />

an unparalleled dining and entertainment experience.<br />

Cayas + Ward director, Jeremy Ward, said The<br />

Brook Hotel is in itself a modern interpretation of the<br />

traditional Aussie pub.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 19

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 20<br />

“Each space has been carefully designed to ensure<br />

both an elevated patron experience along with an<br />

efficient staffing operation. Traditional zoning has<br />

evolved to be more inclusive and welcoming to a<br />

broad patron demographic through the dissolution of<br />

spatial boundaries,” he said.<br />

A range of locally sourced timbers, bespoke joinery<br />

and elegant brick arches were used throughout the<br />

new venue, while a warm colour palette was selected<br />

to complement the lush greenery of the surrounding<br />

Kedron Brook region.<br />

The stunning Moreton Bay Fig tree at the heart of the<br />

Brook Hotel stands tall, lighting up the night with more<br />

than 7 kilometres of fairy lights adorning its branches.<br />

An awe-inspiring beer garden (which is also dog<br />

friendly) surrounds the age-old fig, providing the<br />

perfect setting to come together over a drink. Every<br />

Saturday the beer garden comes alive with ‘Gigs under<br />

the Fig’ from 2pm to 5pm, providing endless smiles.<br />

Pints are a plenty too, with an impressive array of icecold<br />

beers on offer. Whether an Aussie classic or newage<br />

craft beer, The Brook has an ale for every tippler.<br />

The family-focused bistro of the venue also offers a<br />

magical dining experience with a menu that features<br />

pub classics like parmies and steaks, a delicious range<br />

of shared plates and pizzas and a yummy kid’s menu.<br />

Much of the delicious food is also made with locally<br />

and sustainably sourced ingredients.

After filling up with delicious food, children will have<br />

a blast at the Brook’s play area with TVs, basketball<br />

and handball courts, games and even a giant outdoor<br />

chess board.<br />

Friday footy has never been better either, with a sports<br />

bar that has no less than 28 screens and, of course,<br />

an exceptional range of cold beer on tap to keep<br />

spirits high whether your team wins or loses.<br />

For those who prefer their drinks shaken or stirred, the<br />

cocktail lounge is also the ideal place to share a story<br />

or three. The signature Queensland-inspired honey and<br />

pineapple margarita and toasted coconut margarita<br />

have fast become favourites among thirsty locals.<br />

The bars, bistro and outdoor beer garden are<br />

integrated, creating a connected experience for<br />

patrons as they work their way around the expansive<br />

venue. This was no mistake, of course, with sweeping<br />

lines and veranda spaces encouraging exploration<br />

throughout the Brook Hotel.<br />

Jeremy said the sports bar blends into the cocktail<br />

lounge, which weaves into the dining spaces.<br />

“The thread of experience is woven between indoor<br />

and external areas via large openings on both the<br />

East and West façade, blurring these boundaries via<br />

material selection and colour palette.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 21






<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 22<br />

“The design of The Brook represents the evolution of<br />

the Aussie pub, blending optimised patron experience<br />

with a highly functional business, set against the<br />

backdrop of the Queensland veranda experience.”<br />

With the Nightcap Plus hotel now open for business<br />

too, locals can enjoy a staycation and out-of-towners<br />

can relax just metres from the Brook.<br />

The hotel is perfect for corporate and leisure travellers,<br />

and even has rooms suitable for fun-loving families<br />

with a mix of studios and apartments.<br />

For those travelling on business, the venue’s<br />

boardroom and function space makes events and<br />

corporate catchups easier than ever, as well as<br />

offering a lounge area to work and relax in. After those<br />

long meetings visitors can unwind in the gym and<br />

reenergise and earn a delicious meal at the Brook.<br />

ALH Hotels state manager for Queensland and the<br />

Northern Territory, Stephen Clarke, said the hotel offers<br />

comfort and convenience, just steps from the iconic<br />

Brook Hotel.<br />

“The four-storey Nightcap Plus hotel brings a fresh<br />

new accommodation option to Brisbane’s north west<br />

region, with rooms ranging from studios to apartments<br />

and a lobby lounge patrons can work or relax in.”<br />

The massive construction task was undertaken by<br />

leading builders, Rohrig, who are responsible for a long<br />

list of popular Brisbane and Sydney pubs and hotels.<br />

Rohrig Construction Manager, Matthew Tucker, said it<br />

was indeed a big undertaking.<br />

“Hospitality projects like this one are our specialty and<br />

we love breathing new life into local icons like The<br />

Brook.<br />

“Our longstanding relationship with ALH has led to<br />

many hospitality success stories, as they constantly<br />

push the envelope with some of Australia’s greatest<br />

pubs.”<br />

If you live in Brisbane, there is no better location for<br />

a long, lazy lunch or Friday sundowner under the<br />

stunning fig. Head on down and celebrate life at the<br />

Brook Hotel – just 10km from the Brisbane CBD.


The Honourable Yvette D’Ath MP<br />


Sexual Violence Awareness Month runs from Sunday<br />

1 <strong>Oct</strong>ober 2023 until Tuesday 31 <strong>Oct</strong>ober 2023 and<br />

gives all Queenslanders the opportunity to play their<br />

part by taking a stance against sexual violence.<br />

Given almost 500,000 women in Queensland over the<br />

age of 15 have experienced sexual violence in the last<br />

two years, supporting women to report sexual violence<br />

is more important than ever.<br />

I’d like to promote a great initiative which began in the<br />

Wide Bay Burnett area and is now being implemented<br />

throughout licensed venues across the region.<br />

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) Women’s Safety<br />

in Licensed Venues project promotes awareness,<br />

prevention and assistance around drink spiking and<br />

associated sexual assaults. Drink spiking often leads to<br />

sexual assault, however victims are frequently reluctant<br />

to report the incidents.<br />

QPS has partnered with the Office of Liquor and<br />

Gaming Regulation (OLGR) and other government and<br />

non-government organisations, including local liquor<br />

accords, Wide Bay Health, counselling services, taxi<br />

companies, backpacker hostels and companies that<br />

hire farm workers to help amplify the message that<br />

sexual violence is never acceptable.<br />

The project also provides information and resources to<br />

help identify drink spiking and prevent sexual assault. It<br />

also gives people a means to report sexual violence.<br />

There are a range of activities and events being<br />

held across the state throughout Sexual Violence<br />

Awareness Month, reinforcing the message that<br />

violence is never acceptable and highlighting the<br />

support options available for those who have been<br />

affected by sexual assault and sexual abuse. Two of<br />

these events are being hosted by organisations that<br />

received an Investing in Queensland Women grant<br />

earlier this year.<br />

The Queensland Sexual Assault Network Inc. (QSAN)<br />

in Brisbane and the Domestic Violence Action<br />

Centre in Toowoomba are using their funding to<br />

host workshops and events that raise community<br />

awareness and understanding of sexual violence.<br />

I encourage you all to take a stand against sexual<br />

violence by participating in an event in your local area:<br />

justice.qld.gov.au/about-us/services/women-violenceprevention<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 24

Victoria Thomson OLGR<br />


Sexual Violence Awareness Month is held in <strong>Oct</strong>ober<br />

each year and provides a timely reminder for licensees<br />

to ensure they are doing everything they can to create<br />

safe and welcoming environments for patrons and<br />

staff.<br />

There is a link between excessive alcohol consumption<br />

and a heightened risk of sexual violence. Therefore, it<br />

is imperative licensees have strong controls in place<br />

to monitor responsible service of alcohol and patron<br />

behaviour.<br />

In my column last month, I discussed the new Venue<br />

Controls Program that the Office of Liquor and Gaming<br />

Regulation (OLGR) is implementing. This program has<br />

been designed to help licensees have proactive and<br />

versatile controls in place to minimise risk, so they<br />

record fewer incidents.<br />

The implementation of this program also sends a clear<br />

message that sexual violence and harmful behaviours<br />

will not be tolerated in any form.<br />

Every individual has the right to enjoy a night out<br />

without their personal safety being compromised<br />

or being made to feel uncomfortable. Equally staff<br />

should be able to undertake their duties in a safe and<br />

supportive space without fear of being harassed,<br />

assaulted or violated in any form.<br />

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR)<br />

is collaborating with QMUSIC and Griffith University’s<br />

MATE Bystander to develop a suite of resources<br />

for licensees to use which address some of the<br />

commonly faced incidents relating to sexual violence<br />

and discrimination that patrons and staff experience in<br />

venues.<br />

These resources will also help venue staff to be able<br />

to identify, prevent and respond to incidents of sexual<br />

violence and discrimination, and to increase their<br />

understanding of the common types of incidents that<br />

women and staff can unfortunately experience.<br />

For more information on Sexual Violence<br />

Awareness Month, including a range of tools and<br />

resources visit www.qld.gov.au (Sexual Violence<br />

Awareness Month | Community support | Queensland<br />

Government).<br />

For further information about patron and staff<br />

safety visit: business.qld.gov.au/industries/hospitalitytourism-sport/liquor-gaming/liquor/compliance/patronstaff-safety<br />

For further information about liquor and<br />

compliance visit: business.qld.gov.au/industries/<br />

hospitality-tourism-sport/liquor-gaming/liquor/<br />

compliance<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 25

LEGAL MATTERS with Curt Schatz<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 26<br />

A vital component of operating a pub or hotel in<br />

the hospitality industry is the service of food and<br />

beverages. To ensure the safety and health of<br />

consumers, specific legislative requirements govern<br />

the application and issuance of food and hygiene<br />

licenses (food licences) which allow operators to<br />

serve food at their premises. This article highlights the<br />

applicable legislative requirements and the process<br />

for applying and obtaining a food licence for your<br />

business.<br />

In Queensland, the Food Act 2006 and the Food<br />

Safety Standards provide parameters which aim to<br />

ensure that food is safe and suitable for consumption.<br />

Under the Food Act 2006 all food businesses,<br />

including pubs and hotels, must comply with specific<br />

requirements to obtain and maintain a good licence.<br />

The Act sets out the fundamental obligations related to<br />

food safety, handling, preparation and storage.<br />

Under the Act, a person must not carry on a licensed<br />

food business unless that person holds a licence<br />

to carry on the business. A licensed food business<br />

includes a business that manufactures food or involves<br />

sale of unpackaged food by retail (which would include<br />

restaurants, catering businesses, meals supplied with<br />

accommodation and takeaway).<br />

In order to obtain the relevant licence to operate a<br />

licensed food business, an application must be made<br />

to the local government for the area in which the pub<br />

or hotel is situated. For example, if your premises is<br />

based in the Brisbane CBD, you will need to apply<br />

to the Brisbane City Council for a food licence. In the<br />

application, you will need to include basic contact<br />

information such as:<br />

a. a name, and where the entity is a corporation, the<br />

name of the corporation and its directors;<br />

b. the address of the applicant;<br />

c. the address of the premises for the licence;<br />

d. a brief description of the food business proposed<br />

(for hotels and pubs this would be the operation of<br />

a restaurant within a liquor licenced premises); and<br />

e. whether the applicant has a criminal history and<br />

details of any offences (for corporations this<br />

information is required of any executive officers of<br />

the company).<br />

Where you intend to provide off-site catering of food,<br />

you will also need to specify this in your application for<br />

a food licence. A designated food safety supervisor<br />

(FSS) must be appointed for each establishment.<br />

The FSS is responsible for overseeing food handling<br />

practices, training staff and ensuring compliance with<br />

food safety standards. The FSS must hold a valid<br />

statement of attainment for completing the required<br />

food safety training. An application may be granted if<br />

the local government is satisfied that you are a suitable<br />

person to hold the licence and the premises is suitable<br />

to carry on the proposed food business.<br />

The Act incorporates the Australia New Zealand<br />

Food Standards Code as a regulator standard.<br />

The Code outlines specific food safety standards<br />

and requirements that must be adhered to by food<br />

businesses. The local government authority is<br />

responsible for conducting regular inspections of<br />

food businesses to ensure compliance with the food<br />

safety standards, and inspections may be conducted<br />

unannounced and at ransom. The inspecting officer<br />

may assess various aspects of the premises including<br />

cleanliness, food handling practices, staff training and<br />

record-keeping.<br />

If you are found to be non-compliant, there may be<br />

enforcement action including fines, suspension or<br />

cancellation of your food licence. You may alternatively<br />

receive an improvement notice which will require you<br />

to remedy contraventions identified from an inspection.<br />

If your food licence is suspended or cancelled and<br />

you are no longer allowed to serve food, this may<br />

affect your obligations under your liquor licence. It is<br />

essential for pub and hotel owners to maintain proper<br />

documentation and remain in compliance with their<br />

obligations as to retain their food licence.<br />

If you require any assistance with the application<br />

process or understanding your obligations, please<br />

contact me.

FOCUS<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 28

FOCUS<br />


BAR HIGH<br />






As a fixture of Burleigh Heads for decades,<br />

the Gold Coast community rejoiced when their<br />

beloved watering hole returned in November<br />

last year. In addition to a range of colourful<br />

new spaces and a sprawling beer garden, the<br />

venue’s $4.5 million renovation also revealed a<br />

modern sports bar unlike any other.<br />

Featuring one of the biggest pub screens in the<br />

southern hemisphere, it’s no wonder why the<br />

pub took home the award for Best Sporting<br />

Entertainment Venue at the 30th <strong>QHA</strong> Awards<br />

for Excellence this year. In fact, senior marketing<br />

manager at the Burleigh Town Hotel, Carly<br />

Balding, said they went into the awards gala<br />

with plenty of high expectations.<br />

“The night was absolutely electric, filled with<br />

anticipation and celebration. When we were<br />

announced as the winners, we were over the<br />

moon! The reaction from our team and the<br />

Burleigh community was incredible, and it’s a<br />

moment we’ll cherish forever.<br />

“We believe we won Best Sporting<br />

Entertainment Venue because of our<br />

commitment to providing an unparalleled sports<br />

viewing experience. We offer a truly immersive<br />

and thrilling atmosphere for sports fans.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 29

FOCUS<br />

“Our unique features, such as our exceptional service,<br />

sets us apart from the rest. We also take pride in our<br />

deep understanding of sports and strive to create a<br />

welcoming environment where fans can connect and<br />

celebrate together,” she said<br />

If this development tells us anything, it is that Burleigh<br />

Town Hotel has done nothing but boost its reputation<br />

for catering to the vibrant Gold Coast community and<br />

providing a place for locals to come together and<br />

enjoy their favourite sports in a thrilling atmosphere.<br />

The venue is truly a sports lover’s dream, and includes<br />

not only an 11-metre curved screen, but also a<br />

suspended cylinder TV made specifically so that no<br />

matter where you are in the room, you have a perfect<br />

view of the game.<br />

In an effort to give guests as close to a stadium<br />

experience as possible, the pub also cheekily added a<br />

crowd kiss-cam. I mean, you couldn’t ask for a more<br />

light-hearted and jovial atmosphere for sports banter.<br />

When asked about how they perfected such a niche<br />

entertaining space in their venue, Carly said that an<br />

important part of creating a unique environment is<br />

understanding your customers and catering to their<br />

needs.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 30

FOCUS<br />

“It’s important to invest in what your customers want,<br />

whether it’s state-of-the-art screens, comfortable<br />

seating or a variety of sports programming, and<br />

develop a brand point of difference that makes your<br />

venue stand out from the competition.<br />

“Ultimately, it’s about creating an unforgettable<br />

experience for sports fans and building a loyal<br />

community around your venue,” she said.<br />

Of course, after six months’ worth of renovations, the<br />

venue didn’t just open its doors to a new sports bar.<br />

In an effort to become a welcoming, family-friendly<br />

entertainment hub on the Gold Coast, Burleigh<br />

Town Hotel now boasts a revitalised bistro, gaming<br />

room, kids playground and perhaps one of the most<br />

luxurious and spacious beer gardens in the country.<br />

Needless to say, with food and beverage led hospitality<br />

operator, Australian Venue Co, at the helm, you can’t<br />

expect the pub’s menu to be anything but amazing.<br />

In addition to hand-stretched woodfire pizza and<br />

other contemporary takes on classic pub food, the<br />

venue’s sports bar also serves nostalgic Aussie sports<br />

favourites like snags in bread, sausage rolls and<br />

rissoles.<br />

Carly said the entirety of the venue’s redevelopment<br />

was inspired by a desire to fill a gap for sports fans in<br />

the south Gold Coast area – particularly in Burleigh.<br />

“Our design aims to capture the essence of Burleigh’s<br />

long-standing love for sports, from surfing to AFL,<br />

NRL and everything in between. We wanted to create<br />

a space where the Burleigh community could come<br />

together, feel a sense of belonging and cheer for their<br />

favourite teams.<br />

“The unique design elements, combined with our<br />

exceptional service and dedication to sports, cater to<br />

the passionate sports enthusiasts in our community,”<br />

she said.<br />

The Burleigh Town Hotel is definitely a gamechanger<br />

– not only when it comes to the creativity and<br />

modernisation of sporting entertainment in pubs,<br />

but also when it comes to the gradual shift to more<br />

distinct, customer-inspired spaces in Queensland<br />

venues.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 31

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 32<br />

The pub will certainly remain the foundation of sport<br />

for the Burleigh Heads community, where fans can<br />

gather to support their favourite teams and witness the<br />

very best of Australia’s passionate sport industry. With<br />

plenty of monumental grand finals coming up, Carly<br />

simply said the future for the venue is nothing short of<br />

exciting.<br />

“We have some amazing events lined up. We will be<br />

hosting our first AFL and NRL Footy Finals, where we<br />

will create an electric atmosphere for the most intense<br />

matches of the season.<br />

“Of course, we can’t forget the Melbourne Cup, where<br />

we’ll be celebrating the races in style. These events will<br />

be unforgettable experiences, and we invite everyone<br />

to join us and be a part of the excitement at Burleigh<br />

Town Hotel,” she said.



How we can help your employees save for their<br />

first home<br />

The First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) may<br />

be a bit of a tongue-twister, but simply put, it’s a way<br />

people can save for a first home using their super<br />

account. How does it work? Are there any risks? And<br />

how can we at Hostplus help your staff make use of it?<br />

Are your employees looking to buy their first<br />

home?<br />

One of the biggest challenges for prospective<br />

homeowners is saving up for the initial deposit.<br />

Depending on how much money they can regularly put<br />

aside, this process can take quite some time.<br />

This is why, in 2017, the government introduced the<br />

FHSSS. It’s a method for saving using their super<br />

account that may help people get to their goal faster<br />

than if they had put money into a regular savings<br />

account.<br />

How the FHSSS works<br />

The FHSSS lets members use their super account to<br />

save for their first home deposit. The amounts they<br />

save are not taken out of the regular contributions<br />

made by their employer. Instead, members make extra<br />

contributions into their super account that they can<br />

later draw on to help purchase their first home.<br />

Under the FHSSS, singles can contribute to their super<br />

account to help save for a first home:<br />

• up to $15,000 per year, or<br />

• $50,000 over their lifetime.<br />

When they are ready to withdraw the money from<br />

their super account under the FHSSS, members<br />

apply to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) FHSSS<br />

webpage. The ATO will work with them and Hostplus<br />

to help members withdraw the money from their super<br />

account to buy their first home.<br />

Benefits<br />

What is the difference between using this scheme and<br />

putting money aside in a bank account, though? One<br />

difference is the potential to earn more interest on<br />

money in a super account than in a standard everyday<br />

bank account.<br />

The other plus for using the FHSSS is the tax savings.<br />

Because there are tax advantages to saving within<br />

super, they could boost their savings towards a<br />

deposit by at least 30% more than they would using a<br />

standard deposit account.<br />

Important considerations<br />

There are a few things to be aware of though. First,<br />

the tax advantage above only applies to concessional<br />

(before-tax) contributions. Any non-concessional<br />

contributions to super made from after-tax income are<br />

already taxed at the member’s marginal tax rate.<br />

Next, as the name suggests, the First Home Super<br />

Saver Scheme is only designed to be used once<br />

to purchase a first home. It cannot be accessed<br />

by someone if they have owned property before in<br />

Australia or have made a previous FHSSS release<br />

request.<br />

The property a member intends to buy or construct<br />

using the FHSSS must be in Australia. Also, they must<br />

sign a contract to buy their house within 12 months of<br />

having received the money. Otherwise, they will need<br />

to recontribute the money to their super fund. If they<br />

do not, they may be subject to extra taxes.<br />

Finally, there are limits on the amount members can<br />

contribute under the scheme. A maximum of $15,000<br />

of voluntary contributions from any one financial<br />

year can count towards the FHSSS, up to a total of<br />

$50,000. These limits don’t include any investment<br />

earnings on those contributions.<br />

Visit the ATO website for more details about the<br />

conditions and eligibility criteria.<br />

We’re here to help your staff with the FHSSS<br />

Knowing how to use the FHSSS can be tricky. Our<br />

financial advisers can help your employees determine<br />

whether the FHSSS is right for them and how it could<br />

help them save for a deposit sooner. Your employees<br />

can contact us on 1300 467 875 or use our online<br />

contact form to book an appointment with one of our<br />

Hostplus financial advisers.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 34<br />

This information is general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if this information<br />

is appropriate for you in light of your circumstances before acting on it. Please read the relevant Hostplus Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), available at<br />

hostplus.com.au before making a decision about Hostplus. For a description of the target market, please read the Target Market Determination (TMD), available at<br />

hostplus.com.au. Issued by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL 244392 as trustee for the Hostplus Superannuation Fund (the Fund) ABN 68 657<br />

495 890, MySuper No 68 657 495 890 198.<br />

Hostplus has engaged Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS) ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514 to facilitate the provision of personal financial advice to members<br />

of Hostplus. Advice is provided by financial planners who are Authorised Representatives of IFS. Fees may apply for personal financial advice; for further<br />

information about the cost of personal advice, you can speak with your financial planner or visit our website www.hostplus.com.au. Information to help you decide<br />

whether you want to use personal financial advice services being offered is set out in the relevant IFS Financial Services Guide, a copy of which is available from<br />

your financial planner.

Adam Floyd TAB, MAX & SKY<br />

WE’RE ON<br />

A lot has happened since my last update. Women’s<br />

World Cup went down like a storm with punters,<br />

bringing maximum excitement into hotels across<br />

the country. TAB also underwent a rebrand, with it<br />

successfully launching a fantastic new campaign into<br />

market which posed the question, “What is Australia’s<br />

national sport?”.<br />

By now, you will have noticed the exciting refresh of<br />

our iconic TAB brand with the launch of our “We’re<br />

On” identity – two simple words that reinforce our<br />

ability to show up for just about every sport and race<br />

there is and heighten the anticipation of the nation.<br />

The introduction of “We’re On” is just the beginning<br />

of our comprehensive rebrand, which includes a<br />

vibrant new colour palette and spans a wide array<br />

of touchpoints, from revamped marketing materials<br />

and captivating content to eye-catching merchandise<br />

and signage that will cover our extensive TAB Retail<br />

network.<br />

We’re keeping the iconic green – so for our customers,<br />

you don’t need to pull anything off the walls just yet.<br />

What is Australia’s national sport?<br />

We also proudly launched the new look TAB brand<br />

across Australia with our “Sport is our Sport”<br />

campaign. The new campaign is currently showing on<br />

TV screens across the nation, billboards, in cinemas<br />

and, of course, in venue!<br />

We’ve produced this campaign in a way that provides<br />

maximum flexibility to how we bring our brand to life<br />

throughout our retail network – with a sport or racing<br />

focus, or for a specific event or time of year.<br />

To tease the campaign, we started a conversation<br />

around the country which asked one contentious<br />

question – what is Australia’s national sport?<br />

Our customers weighed in on the debate and 35% of<br />

survey participants said AFL is our national sport. At<br />

the same time as polling our customers, we asked our<br />

team members and found 41% of us think cricket is<br />

our national sport.<br />

Regardless of the results, one thing is clear – Aussies<br />

will play, support and conquer almost any sport. Which<br />

means there is only one logical answer… “Sport is our<br />

Sport”.<br />

MAX partners with AAC Paging<br />

In the MAX space, we’ve partnered with AAC Paging<br />

to provide PulseLive paging for our partners, a solution<br />

for not only the gaming room but for the entirety of the<br />

venue.<br />

Easily configured to be unique for every venue,<br />

PulseLive paging works with MAX’s Live Data API<br />

to provide real time alerts for machine events and<br />

the ability to reward customers, whether carded or<br />

non-carded. There are a number of reports available<br />

through the system, meaning tracking staff response<br />

times and customer wait times has never been easier.<br />

Recently, the AAC PulseLive paging has been<br />

enhanced to include Postcode Heatmaps, AML and<br />

RSG reporting. Vouchers can also be generated by<br />

specific, configurable triggers that allow venues to<br />

reward customers at the time of the event with no<br />

need to wait until the next day. Reach out to your local<br />

MAX rep for a demonstration or quote.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 35


with Jenna Penfold<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 36<br />

A key topic that was discussed during <strong>QHA</strong>’s 2023<br />

ER Conference last month was the importance of<br />

running a procedurally fair discipline and performance<br />

processes and keeping written records to document<br />

any such process being undertaken by an employer.<br />

Record keeping is an essential part of any effective<br />

discipline, performance management or grievance<br />

procedure. However, it is unfortunately a key step that<br />

is often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list among<br />

so many other competing demands. This means that<br />

many employers do not document everything in a<br />

procedurally fair process that they should.<br />

Accurate documentation at each step of an<br />

employment process is essential, not only to ensure<br />

a procedurally fair process for the employee but<br />

equally so that the employer can rely upon the records<br />

if needing to defend an employee’s claim before<br />

an external tribunal, including in an unfair dismissal<br />

process.<br />

How to document an employment process<br />

Although every matter will be assessed on a case-bycase<br />

basis, considering the specific circumstance of<br />

the employee’s conduct and/or performance concern,<br />

the following records should be kept as a guide to a<br />

procedurally fair process. These records are crucial to<br />

help you substantiate every step you take to reach an<br />

ultimate decision.<br />

1. On commencement of employment<br />

If you have policies in place which speak to discipline,<br />

performance management, grievances, complaints<br />

and/or have a code of conduct in place, these<br />

documents should be provided to all new employees<br />

on commencement of their employment. To<br />

demonstrate that you have effectively communicated<br />

your policies to employees, it is recommended that<br />

you have all employees sign or initial and date the<br />

policies, to demonstrate their acknowledgement as<br />

having read and understood the policy’s content.<br />

Should an employee later breach the code of conduct<br />

or another policy, you can rely upon their signed copy<br />

of the document to demonstrate that they were aware<br />

of the employer’s expectations.<br />

2. During employment<br />

Performance<br />

Documentation regarding an employee’s performance,<br />

including any documented warnings of performance<br />

problems, are some of the most important evidence<br />

the employer has at their disposal when trying to<br />

defend an unfair dismissal claim or other tribunal<br />

application. This is particularly important when an<br />

employee alleges that they never had notice of any<br />

performance issues prior to their dismissal.<br />

It is helpful to hold regular performance reviews to<br />

ensure that expectations are set, and that an employee<br />

is receiving consistent feedback. This is best practice<br />

and provides an opportunity for areas to concern to be<br />

raised as they occur, and such an opportunity for the<br />

employee to demonstrate improvement.<br />

Documentation about an employee’s performance,<br />

both positive and negative, should be created and<br />

stored on the employee’s record. This can be useful<br />

both for positive actions (like promotions or pay<br />

rises) and for identified areas of improvement of<br />

performance, including for later discipline processes if<br />

there is no improvement in the area of concern.<br />

If you are putting an employee on notice that they<br />

need to focus on a particular performance concern,<br />

it is important that your written record detail a plan of<br />

action, like an agreed timeframe for improvement, so<br />

that the employee is clear on what has been discussed<br />

and agreed.<br />

Documenting incidents<br />

When you become aware of any negative incident<br />

concerning an employee (i.e., conduct issue,<br />

persistent lateness or inappropriate conduct towards<br />

another employee), these must be file noted and<br />

stored on an employee file. The file note should<br />

include a brief description of what happened, when<br />

the incident occurred and who was involved. An<br />

isolated incident may not prompt formal action or the<br />

commencement of an investigation process. However,<br />

where there is a repeated pattern of behaviour that will<br />

require a more formal response, a documented history<br />

will assist you.<br />

Meetings<br />

Documenting meetings is useful to demonstrate the<br />

employer’s progressive efforts to raise concerns with<br />

an employee and to assist them to improve. This may<br />

be in the form of a file note, an email or a record of<br />

conversation.<br />

If possible, two representatives for the employer<br />

should be present in any meetings with an employee<br />

– one person to conduct the conversation and the<br />

other to take contemporaneous notes of what is


discussed. Your meeting notes will serve as accurate<br />

documentation of what was discussed and how<br />

decisions have been reached. It is much easier to<br />

refer to contemporaneous notes from the time of the<br />

meeting, than to try and remember what was said<br />

when you are months down the line before an external<br />

tribunal.<br />

When inviting an employee to a formal meeting, like<br />

in the circumstances where an employee is alleged<br />

to have breached a policy and may be liable to<br />

disciplinary action, the meeting invitation must be sent<br />

to an employee in writing (i.e., email), and a record of<br />

any response received saved on file.<br />

It is important to write down the date and time of a<br />

meeting, including start and finish times, and who was<br />

present. Dated documents will make it easier to place<br />

conversations and actions into a timeline later.<br />

Where the employee is provided with an opportunity to<br />

respond to any allegations or concerns, their response<br />

should be documented in as much detail as possible<br />

in the meeting notes. This is useful evidence to say<br />

that you provided the employee with an opportunity<br />

to respond and that their response was taken into<br />

consideration before any making any decisions.<br />

Where a plan of action is agreed upon, the plan and<br />

any potential consequences for non-compliance<br />

should be noted.<br />

Warnings and written records<br />

While there is no formal requirement to provide an<br />

employee with three warnings, as is often thought, an<br />

employer should be providing the employee with an<br />

opportunity to improve or rectify any areas of concern<br />

prior to termination being considered.<br />

A key takeaway from our ER Conference in August<br />

was that the Fair Work Commission will usually take<br />

this into consideration when a terminated employee<br />

makes an application for unfair dismissal. In addition,<br />

if an employer were to have a specific performance or<br />

discipline policy or procedure in place, it is imperative<br />

to follow this as a commissioner may find a dismissal<br />

to be unfair on this basis.<br />

Should an employer decide to issue an employee<br />

with a warning about their conduct or performance,<br />

this should be done in writing and a copy provided to<br />

the employee and stored on their file. The employee<br />

should be requested to sign the copy of the written<br />

warning. This way, the employee would not be able<br />

to argue later that they never received a warning<br />

about the conduct that may have exposed them to<br />

disciplinary action.<br />

If the employee refuses to sign the document, you<br />

should make note of this refusal on the warning<br />

(i.e., employee declined to sign on and any<br />

reasoning provided).<br />

Clear expectations should be set outlining what<br />

improvements are required moving forward. The<br />

consequences of future conduct of a similar nature<br />

must be clearly explained in the written warning.<br />

Important lessons<br />

Minimal or nonexistent documentation can create<br />

a potential liability for the company, if you ever find<br />

yourself needing to respond to a discrimination claim,<br />

an unfair dismissal or even an application for workers<br />

compensation.<br />

Document in a timely manner. By creating<br />

documents as close to the meeting or conversation as<br />

possible (preferably on the same day), your record will<br />

be as accurate as possible.<br />

Be impartial. Try not to use emotive language in<br />

your records as they may one day be provided to an<br />

external tribunal, like in an unfair dismissal proceeding.<br />

Use plain language and only state the facts. For<br />

example, don’t say “Karen made her usual excuses<br />

for her lateness”. Detail the exact reasoning Karen<br />

provides her for lateness.<br />

Follow a procedurally fair process. It is inevitable<br />

that you will have to conduct discipline and/or<br />

performance improvement processes with your<br />

employees at some point in time. When doing so, it is<br />

important that a fair process is undertaken, ensuring<br />

the employee receives natural justice when responding<br />

to any allegations or concerns. The failure to do so<br />

will almost certainly lead to a tribunal finding that the<br />

ultimate decision made was unfair.<br />

Should you find yourself in a situation where you<br />

are unsure as to whether disciplinary action should<br />

be taken, you are considering implementing a<br />

performance process, or unsure whether the<br />

misconduct warrants dismissal, contact the <strong>QHA</strong>’s<br />

Employment Relations team for advice. <strong>QHA</strong>’s HR<br />

Manual provides template letters for each step of a<br />

disciplinary process which can be purchased for an<br />

annual subscription by visiting our website.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 37

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 38<br />










<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 39





While our national pub industry has evolved to have a<br />

unique culture of its own, Aussie venues have never<br />

strayed too far from their traditional European roots –<br />

especially when it comes to great food, incredible beer<br />

and high-spirited celebrations.<br />

This is especially evident in Queensland, where<br />

Oktoberfest (Germany’s largest beer festival and<br />

a favourite event in pubs worldwide), is perhaps<br />

recognised more than any other place in the country.<br />

In fact, Queensland is said to be the very birthplace<br />

of the event in Australia after Brisbane locals and<br />

German-Australians, Kim and Boris Zoulek, wanted to<br />

introduce German festivities to the region in 2008.<br />

So, in celebration of Queensland’s Oktoberfest coming<br />

up on 14 <strong>Oct</strong>ober and the traditions that spurred on<br />

Australia’s sprawling and passionate beer culture, let’s<br />

explore one of the oldest and most famous pubs in the<br />

world – Hofbräuhaus.<br />

It goes without saying that Europe’s bustling pub<br />

scene stretches back hundreds of years, and was<br />

founded for much of the same reasons we value pubs<br />

today – a light-hearted place to eat, drink and enjoy<br />

time with mates. The Hofbräuhaus in Germany is no<br />

exception, and was actually opened to the public by<br />

the same king that is commemorated at Oktoberfest<br />

every year.<br />

In the late sixteenth century Hofbräuhaus was<br />

established by Duke Wilhelm V to solely supply beer to<br />

the Bavarian court. After this time, Munich found itself<br />

under siege by Swedish troops during the Thirty Years’<br />

War in 1632. To avert the destruction of the area, the<br />

brewery paid homage to the Swedish in the<br />

form of 23,168 litres of beer and spared<br />

the city from further harm.<br />

It was King Ludwig I’s marriage to Therese of Saxony-<br />

Hildburghausen in 1810 that gave rise to Oktoberfest<br />

– the very same beloved king that issued a decree<br />

in 1828 that granted public service of food and drink<br />

and marked the start of the Hofbräuhaus as a tavern.<br />

Following this, the great popularity of the venue caused<br />

a lack of space, which resulted in the relocation of the<br />

pub in 1988 to its current site in Munich.<br />

Today, Hofbräuhaus continues to bring people<br />

together and share it’s rich mix of tradition, culture,<br />

and comradery. The venue embodies the simple joys<br />

of Bavarian culture, with world-class beer, homemade<br />

German cuisine and authentic live tavern music.<br />

Speaking of extraordinary beer, Hofbräuhaus’ brews<br />

are iconic, and continue to be made in accordance<br />

with Reinheitsgebot (also known as the German Purity<br />

Law) which is said to be the world’s first law related to<br />

food and beverage.<br />

In April 1516, Duke Wilhelm IV issued a rule stating<br />

that only water, barley and hops are allowed to be<br />

used as the key ingredients in beer production. Not<br />

only did this ensure quality and consistency, but<br />

additionally stopped brewing experiments involving<br />

dangerous ingredients that were far from drinkable.<br />

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the role<br />

of yeast in brewing to achieve fermentation was<br />

recognised and accepted into the Reinheitsgebot<br />

law. As such, yeast remains one of the four major<br />

ingredients used by German brewers to this day.<br />

Hofbräuhaus is known for following traditional brewing<br />

methods and having a major role in Munich’s beer<br />

culture. In fact, the beverage that made the pub<br />

famous, Hofbräu (a traditional, full-flavoured German<br />

Lager with a crisp, clean finish), is still made exactly the<br />

same way today as it was more than 400 years ago.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 40



<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 42<br />

Despite this, the old pub is far from stale, and<br />

continues to thrive by being inclusive and following<br />

current industry trends. In addition to serving nonalcoholic<br />

wheat beer, the venue creates seasonal<br />

specialties that ooze modern brewing ingenuity such<br />

as their Hofbräu Winterzwickl (a winter release with<br />

caramel and chocolate), Hofbräu Sommerzwickl<br />

(a summer release with fruity notes) and Hofbräu<br />

Oktoberfest (a unique release for the festival that is<br />

hoppy and floral). The pub has also adapted to the<br />

industry’s growing love for lighter, more experimental<br />

and tropical brews with Radler – a popular<br />

summertime concoction that is a mixture of beer and<br />

lemonade.<br />

Hofbräuhaus’ pride in being both traditional and<br />

modern also shines through when it comes to the<br />

craftmanship, quality and sustainability of their kitchen.<br />

On the pub’s menu you will find popular German<br />

classics like suckling pig, sausages, liver dumplings,<br />

sauerkraut, pork knuckle, vegetarian cheese spaetzles,<br />

Bavarian cream, Kaiserschmarrn, and apple strudel –<br />

all prepared daily by the venue’s own butchers, pastry<br />

chefs and bakers.<br />

The pub is a big believer that short transportation<br />

distances contribute to good quality food, and place<br />

great emphasis on freshness and regional products,<br />

with their vegetables being sourced from local farmers<br />

and gardeners in Munich, their meat deriving from<br />

Bavaria and their flour purchased straight from the mill<br />

next door.<br />

While Australian venues have the luxury of space and<br />

are often presented with renovation opportunities,<br />

many European sites have the unique issue of storage<br />

limitations, especially when it comes to heritage-listed<br />

structures. Because of this, careful storage solutions<br />

are essential at Hofbräuhaus’, as they not only<br />

preserve the building but also help to conserve energy.


For example, the large quantity held by the pub’s<br />

massive beer tanks enables the venue to minimise<br />

the number of trips that beer tanker trucks make,<br />

which also help to reduce delivery traffic in the limited<br />

medieval streets of Munich.<br />

Hofbräuhaus’ also uses state-of-the-art kitchen<br />

appliances chosen to specifically lower water and<br />

energy consumption. These sustainable measures,<br />

combined with the use of regional suppliers and smart<br />

storage solutions, significantly reduce the venue’s<br />

carbon footprint, and cement it as a progressively run<br />

pub 434 years in the making.<br />

Many of the employees behind these procedures<br />

have also worked with the pub for decades, with<br />

the venue’s belief in close cooperation and mutual<br />

appreciation being integral to the joyful and authentic<br />

Bavarian hospitality experience.<br />

Basically, when you picture Hofbräuhaus, picture<br />

massive halls reminiscent of German architecture<br />

hundreds of years old filled with classic drinking<br />

songs played by Oompah bands, waiters dressed in<br />

lederhosen and, of course, plenty of beer steins.<br />

So, regardless of having a history that stretches back<br />

around 218 years more than Australia’s own, and<br />

despite generally staying true to its historical traditions,<br />

Hofbräuhaus (and by extension the pub culture in<br />

Europe) manages to be adaptable, sustainable and<br />

inclusive.<br />

Embracing modern trends, providing the very best in<br />

hospitality, food and drink, consistently experimenting<br />

with innovation, throwing joyous celebrations and<br />

going above and beyond to make everyone feel<br />

catered towards and welcome – they are the roots of<br />

our thriving pub industry.<br />

As long as Queensland continues to embrace creativity<br />

and draw inspiration from not only our industry’s roots,<br />

but from venues across the world, pubs will remain an<br />

iconic, ever-evolving and important part of our culture.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 43

ACCOMMODATION with Tom Fitzgerald<br />



<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 44<br />

Queensland has hosted a variety of major events<br />

this year including the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the<br />

Pacific Airshow, Exercise Talisman Sabre, several<br />

key business events and numerous AFL and NRL<br />

matches.<br />

These events contribute to visitation, tourism spend<br />

and fuel demand for hotel accommodation. Future<br />

events scheduled include the Pink concerts, the<br />

Gold Coast 500 supercars, the Australian PGA Golf<br />

Championships, the Foo Fighters concert and the<br />

British and Irish Lions Rugby tour.<br />

While international travel is increasing as an attractive<br />

option for Australian consumers, it is our interstate<br />

and domestic travellers that provide most of our<br />

accommodation revenue. Therefore, it is critical that<br />

Queensland continues to invest in major events and<br />

promoting the destination as an attractive place to<br />

visit, helping support occupancy rates throughout high<br />

and low seasons.<br />

Leveraging events<br />

The popularity of events provides an opportunity to<br />

capitalise on increased revenues. Considerations<br />

for leveraging often include themed hotel dressing –<br />

promoting a particular event and creating memorable<br />

experiences for guests. This may include packaging<br />

offers to attract customers, incorporating eventinspired<br />

promotions, marketing to attract bookings or<br />

providing directions and transport services to events.<br />

The supply and demand nature of events provide<br />

opportunity for price increases in room rates. It is<br />

also important to get the pricing balance right in<br />

order to maximise the visitation opportunity while also<br />

encouraging positive value perception by guests.<br />

The current major events landscape has seen some<br />

results driving exciting increases in demand and in<br />

accommodation bookings. While there is plenty of<br />

time remaining in 2023, forward hotel bookings in host<br />

markets are increasing rapidly for 2024 events.<br />

FIFA Womens World Cup<br />

The four FIFA Womens World Cup matches played at<br />

Suncorp Stadium stimulated solid demand for hotel<br />

accommodation as evidenced by average daily rate<br />

(ADR) and room occupancy results.<br />

In July, on the night of the Australia v Nigeria game,<br />

Brisbane posted an average room occupancy of<br />

91.3% –the highest recorded by the city to date. This<br />

assisted boosting occupancy in a typical low season.<br />

PINK concert in Townsville<br />

The international pop star’s March 2024 show at<br />

the Townsville Stadium sold out within 16 minutes<br />

of going on sale. This is the only regional leg on the<br />

tour, so forward accommodation bookings have seen<br />

significant spikes.<br />

Taylor Swift going to Sydney and Melbourne<br />

Taylor Swift is due to perform her Eras Tour in<br />

February. In Sydney and Melbourne, 60% of rooms<br />

are already booked out. Airlines and hotels reported a<br />

huge spike in bookings for flights and accommodation<br />

even before the tickets went on sale. Melbourne hotels<br />

are holding almost tenfold more bookings over Swift’s<br />

concert dates compared to the year prior. Swift’s<br />

concerts could also break Melbourne’s record for most<br />

hotel rooms ever booked for an event. The Victorian<br />

capital has approximately 35,000 hotel rooms, with<br />

the occupancy rates are expecting to exceed 90<br />

percent when Swift performs. The tour dates have<br />

also seen spikes for New Zealand and South Korean<br />

fans booking travel to Australia for next year. Hopefully<br />

Queensland will enjoy some related positive spin-offs.<br />

These results highlight the economic benefits, so the<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> will continue to advocate for the Queensland<br />

government to bid for these major events which have<br />

high returns on investment.<br />

Honourable mentions<br />

High tendance for the NRL Magic Round in Brisbane<br />

and Pacific Airshow on the Gold Coast also enhanced<br />

hotel activity. Magic Round in 2023 delivered the<br />

highest RevPAR for Brisbane since the 2014 G20<br />

Brisbane Summit, with $328.59 on Saturday 6 May.<br />

Gold Coast saw occupancy levels above 80% and<br />

ADR at almost $370. Continued investment in major<br />

events is critical and being seen by the state and local<br />

governments. In the 2023-24 Queensland Budget, the<br />

government is providing $271.9 million over four years<br />

for Tourism and Events Queensland to deliver goals<br />

towards the Towards Tourism 2023 strategy. $176<br />

million was spent on the Cairns Convention Centre<br />

refurbishment, set to stimulate increased demand<br />

in the business events space in North Queensland<br />

regions. With the variety of events on the calendar, it<br />

is vital for accommodation providers to leverage these<br />

opportunities. Tailoring marketing campaigns, creating<br />

memorable guest experiences and being up to date<br />

with events are all key considerations to capitalise on<br />

forward booking prospects.

Damian Steele<br />



Looking at the state of the economy, we know that<br />

inflation and interest rates have been impacting<br />

households and consumer spending choices. The<br />

main drags have been the surging cost of living and<br />

sharply higher interest rates. While inflation has been<br />

the more dominant factor, consumers are still clearly<br />

very nervous about the outlook for interest rates<br />

with many expecting this present pause to be just<br />

temporary.<br />

Current inflation was 6% at the end of the June quarter<br />

and reached a 7.8% high in December 2022. The<br />

current Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cash rate<br />

target is 4.1% and there have been 12 interest rate<br />

rises over the last 15 RBA meetings, combine this with<br />

the current average existing home loan variable rate<br />

being 6.24% (this was just 2.86% a year ago), and<br />

stress is showing and resulting in customer sentiment<br />

being stuck at recessionary low levels for the past year.<br />

Risk aversion continues to surge with consumers<br />

more inclined to save or pay down debt. In saying<br />

that, we also know there is approximately a third of<br />

the population who are not suffering financial stress or<br />

lacking in consumer spending confidence.<br />

Like household budgets, businesses are also being<br />

impacted by rising costs which affects business<br />

confidence. In trend terms, business confidence<br />

remains at below-average levels, with retail one of the<br />

weakest sectors. However, for the most part business<br />

conditions have stayed resilient albeit with challenging<br />

expectations that the economy will continue to cool,<br />

and in trend terms, conditions have continued to ease<br />

since January but still remain at above-average levels.<br />

For our consumers’ actual spending behaviour, we are<br />

now starting to see a shift and realignment of priorities<br />

though not strictly along expected lines.<br />

Reductions in retail spending intentions<br />

Weakness continues to be seen in some discretionary<br />

spending including department stores, clothing,<br />

appliances, hardware, florists and confectionary.<br />

Further, there has been reduction in spending<br />

intentions on certain types of entertainment (recreation<br />

and culture) resulting in declines in spending on things<br />

like music stores, book stores, art galleries, boat<br />

dealers, motor home dealers and camping equipment.<br />

On-premise resilience is bucking the trend<br />

Pleasingly for our sector, these reductions in<br />

entertainment spending intentions are partially offset by<br />

higher spending on things like eating out at restaurants<br />

and visiting your local hotel, and future spending<br />

intentions are carving a similar path forward. Postpandemic<br />

it may be fair to ask the question whether<br />

going out to a venue (on-premise) is now an essential<br />

item for Australians. Despite the financial pressures,<br />

most consumers (70%) are currently going out either<br />

the same or more often. For those going out more, we<br />

see a broad base of reasons highlighting why the onpremise<br />

is currently still so resilient:<br />

• I’ve been treating myself 42%<br />

• There are new places that i have wanted to try 33%<br />

• There have been more events than usual 32%<br />

• I want to support local businesses 26%<br />

• I feel safe in hospitality venues now 23%<br />

Food continues to be a central driver for onpremise<br />

visitation, but the drinks occasion can’t be<br />

ignored either. At the core of on-premise resiliency<br />

is the fact that it appears clear Australians love<br />

treating themselves out for a meal and a drink,<br />

trying new places, supporting local businesses and<br />

experiencing events and occasions. The on-premise<br />

offering connects people in person and gives them<br />

memorable, shared experiences. This is particularly<br />

important seeing as one in four Australians live alone<br />

and so many now work from home. Plus, research<br />

indicates that young adults are feeling lonelier than<br />

ever. Consider these factors resulting in a ‘social<br />

deficit’ and you start to understand that going out<br />

helps to address this and how on-premise experience<br />

represents the ‘cure’.<br />

Source acknowledgments:<br />

Carlton & United Breweries State of the Economy Report.<br />

ABS Consumer Price Index and Monthly Household Spending (2023).<br />

RBA Cash Target Rates (Aug 2023).<br />

CommBank Household Spending Intentions 2023 report.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 45


with Therese Kelly<br />



New changes to the Australia New Zealand Food<br />

Standards Code mean that from 8 December 2022<br />

new requirements exist for food service businesses<br />

across all Australian states and territories.<br />

The changes to the Standard 3.2.2A becomes<br />

enforceable from December 2023. If your business<br />

prepares and serves food then this change affects you.<br />

Are you a food handler?<br />

A food handler is anyone who works in a food<br />

business and who either handles food or is in contact<br />

with food surfaces such as cutlery, plates and bowls.<br />

A food handler may do many different things for a<br />

food business. Examples include making, cooking,<br />

preparing, serving, packing, displaying and storing<br />

food.<br />

Why are food hygiene procedures necessary?<br />

To make food safer for everyone, federal, state and<br />

territory governments developed strict food safety<br />

laws. These set minimum standards for any business<br />

involved in the delivery, processing, preparation,<br />

storage, transportation or service of food. Did you<br />

know, even with food safety standards in place, it is<br />

estimated there are over 4.1 million cases of food<br />

poisoning in Australia each year. That is just over<br />

11,000 people a day, every day of the year.<br />

Some of the consequences of food poisoning every<br />

year are:<br />

• 86 deaths<br />

• one million visits to doctors<br />

• 31,920 hospitalisations<br />

What is Standard 3.2.2A?<br />

Standard 3.2.2A is a recent addition to the Australia<br />

New Zealand Food Standards Code. This change<br />

means that from 8 December 2022, new requirements<br />

exist for food businesses across all Australian states<br />

and territories.<br />

The new requirements need to be met by any business<br />

that prepares or serves food in any Australian state<br />

and territory. Standard 3.2.2A outlines the need for a<br />

food safety management system within a business by<br />

introducing the following three tools:<br />

• food handler training<br />

• food safety supervision<br />

• record management<br />

The specific tools that a business needs to implement<br />

is determined by the category of business. Category<br />

one and category two food businesses must ensure all<br />

food handlers have completed a food safety training<br />

course or have appropriate skills and knowledge<br />

before they start handling high-risk foods.<br />

What are category one and category two<br />

businesses?<br />

Category one<br />

Examples of category one businesses include:<br />

• restaurants<br />

• takeaway outlets<br />

• caterers<br />

• bakeries<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 46

Therese Kelly<br />


Category two<br />

Examples of category two businesses may include<br />

retail such as:<br />

• delicatessens<br />

• market stalls<br />

• service stations<br />

• convenience stores<br />

Training requirements for hospitality businesses<br />

Food safety supervisor requirements:<br />

As per Food Standards Australia New Zealand<br />

Standard 3.2.2A, it is a mandatory requirement<br />

that hospitality businesses have at least one food<br />

safety supervisor on their staff at all times. The aim<br />

of a food safety supervisor is to prevent individuals<br />

from becoming ill from food poisoning as a result of<br />

incorrect handling and preparation of food.<br />

This means at least one person must have:<br />

• undergone nationally recognised training<br />

• obtained the required units of competency to be<br />

recognised as a food safety supervisor, these units<br />

are:<br />

SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety<br />

SITXFSA006 Participate in safe food handling<br />

practices<br />

• obtained their certificate within the last five years<br />

The food safety supervisor is nominated by the owner<br />

of a food business and may be the business owner,<br />

manager, employee (for example, a chef) or an external<br />

contractor. For a small business, it may be most<br />

appropriate for the business owner to be the food<br />

safety supervisor.<br />

Food Handler Requirements:<br />

All Food Handlers must be trained in food safety. Food<br />

handlers are not just those employees who work in the<br />

kitchen. A food handler can also be someone who:<br />

• serves food to customers<br />

• moves food into storage<br />

• delivers food<br />

• cleans equipment and utensils<br />

Food handlers are required to:<br />

• have food safety skills and knowledge as per Food<br />

Standards Australia New Zealand Standard 3.2.2A<br />

• be able to demonstrate this to a health inspector<br />

• handle food in a safe manner that will not cause<br />

food-borne illness<br />

The Basic Food Safety unit SITXFSA005 - Use<br />

hygienic practices for food safety is the entry level<br />

unit of competency for food safety training within<br />

the hospitality sector. It Includes basic food safety<br />

practices such as personal hygiene and conduct,<br />

food handling, housekeeping, waste disposal and<br />

responsibilities where work involves preparation or<br />

serving of food in establishments such as cafes, clubs,<br />

hotels or bars.<br />

For further information on non-accredited and<br />

accredited training for the hospitality sector in<br />

Queensland, please contact <strong>QHA</strong> on 07 3221 6999.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 47

TOP DROP<br />

VINTAGE ALE 2023<br />

Coopers Brewery<br />


NZ IPA<br />

Garage Project<br />


Behemoth Brewing<br />

Company<br />



Sheep Dog<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 48<br />

Yes, it has that distinct<br />

Coopers taste thanks to<br />

its hallmark fruity esters<br />

produced by Coopers’<br />

cherished ale yeast and<br />

yes, it is sensational. But<br />

are you really surprised?<br />

Let’s face it, Coopers<br />

are the original craft<br />

brewery, and on scale,<br />

are still the best by far.<br />

This vintage ale is nothing<br />

short of absolutely, mindblowingly<br />

sensational with<br />

a firm bitterness and malt<br />

structure and delectable<br />

stonefruit notes, namely<br />

peach, grapefruit and<br />

pine. Again, it is incredible<br />

and I will most certainly be<br />

cellaring a few.<br />

This Wellington outfit<br />

could very well have been<br />

based in Australia if not<br />

for the bureaucracy we<br />

have become known<br />

for. It’s a shame, but<br />

thankfully we still get a<br />

chance to sample their<br />

magic beers. This one is<br />

what I would describe as<br />

a refreshing IPA, which<br />

is not a usual descriptor<br />

of IPAs. It has a clean,<br />

crisp and even bitter taste<br />

throughout with notes of<br />

citrus and stonefruit.<br />

What I have come to<br />

expect from Behemoth.<br />

Great name, great<br />

artwork and great beer.<br />

Correction, make that<br />

‘exceptional’ on all<br />

counts. This rendition will<br />

punch you in the face with<br />

its tropical fruit flavours<br />

followed by a couple of<br />

jabs of apricot, peach and<br />

pine. Smooth caramel<br />

malt footwork will then set<br />

up the final pithy grapefruit<br />

right hook. Lights out,<br />

you’re done, knocked out<br />

with a smile on your dial.<br />

There’s no denying its<br />

rich peanut butter flavour<br />

with hints of butterscotch<br />

and hazelnut. It is<br />

moreish and thankfully<br />

not too sweet. Perfect<br />

straight with ice, it is<br />

surprisingly thick and<br />

quite syrupy, more akin to<br />

a liqueur than a whiskey.<br />

Anyhow, the Sheep Dog<br />

was a hit and the bottle is<br />

sure to be finished soon.

TOP DROP<br />


4 Pines Brewing Company<br />


Coopers Brewery<br />



Billson’s<br />


Scarborough Harbour<br />

Brewing Co<br />

Sweet citrus flavours to<br />

the fore, predominantly<br />

mandarin with a hint of<br />

honeydew melon, it’s<br />

light and a guaranteed<br />

thirst quencher for those<br />

upcoming hot summer<br />

afternoons. A few of<br />

these followed by a 20<br />

minute power kip while<br />

watching the cricket is<br />

recommended.<br />

Simply put, this is a lager<br />

that is far from bland.<br />

Delicate tropical notes<br />

have been blended with<br />

a subtle malt backbone<br />

which make for a<br />

refreshing, flavoursome<br />

lager.<br />

My goodness it tastes<br />

exactly like a lemonade<br />

popsicle. Crafted using<br />

pure alpine spring water<br />

sourced from Billson’s<br />

well in Beechworth and<br />

then triple distilled, they<br />

are a flavour sensation<br />

that is sure to be a hit this<br />

summer.<br />

Another class act from<br />

Scarborough Harbour<br />

Brewing. A sweet tropical<br />

fruit aroma makes way<br />

for a very easy drinking,<br />

very light, refreshing and<br />

fruity pale. It is sure to be<br />

popular with the majority<br />

of beer drinkers.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 49






<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 50<br />

If there was an algorithm to calculate the<br />

perfect place to sip a craft beer with some<br />

mates, it would come pretty close to<br />

Scarborough Harbour. Just far enough away<br />

from the city to avoid the hustle and bustle,<br />

but close enough to nature to enjoy the great<br />

outdoors, the brewery is new, but has already<br />

become a hidden gem in Moreton Bay.<br />

Director of Scarborough Harbour Brewing,<br />

Sonia Schweitzer, agrees that their brewery’s<br />

location is extremely unique.<br />

“While you will find a lot of breweries in urban<br />

areas, ours is a little different, as it is situated<br />

right on the water with amazing views. We love<br />

hosting visitors from far and wide, but we also<br />

love seeing our regulars.<br />

“Here at the brewery, we want the locals of<br />

our area to have a new ‘local’ – somewhere<br />

to come often to enjoy a great beer and<br />

food while bringing their family and friends to<br />

experience our amazing location. We have a<br />

strong focus on customer service, and our<br />

keyword has always been ‘belong’.<br />

“We love promoting our local area, and<br />

have incorporated this into our beer names.<br />

Our ‘Cliffe Red IPA is ode to Redcliffe and<br />

our Thirteen Hills XPA is in reference to the<br />

Glasshouse Mountains, which can be seen<br />

in the distance from our harbour. Our other<br />

beers refer to our nautical links such as Sailors<br />

Strawberry Sour and Dark Sea Nitro Choc<br />

Stout,” she said.<br />

Solely funded and owned by local husband and<br />

wife, Guy and Sonia Schweitzer, Scarborough<br />

Harbour first opened its doors to the public in<br />

April 2022. Inspired by the rustic, underground<br />

feel of Canadian brewpubs, the venue certainly<br />

stands out with its striking industrial and<br />

nautical décor, complete with dark timber,<br />

exposed brick and industrial lighting.<br />

Sonia said their beers have been brewed onsite<br />

since major renovations were made to the<br />

ground floor in September 2022, where their<br />

‘Engine Room’ is now situated.<br />

“Our inspiration for the brewery came from a<br />

family holiday in Canada in 2018. Previously<br />

we had visited many breweries in Australia as<br />

Guy loves craft beer, but we loved the moody,<br />

intimate and rustic feel of the breweries in<br />

Canada.<br />

“We have an industrial-themed bar located<br />

both upstairs and downstairs, with our core<br />

beers being served on both levels. These are<br />

our Reef Point Lager, The Bay West Coast<br />

IPA, Hercules Hazy IPA, First Ave Pale Ale,<br />

Mariner Mid Strength and Thirteen Hill XPA. We<br />

complement these by brewing limited edition<br />

beers regularly.


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 51


“We host live music three days a week, as it<br />

provides great vibes for our venue and supports lots<br />

of local musicians,” she said.<br />

Despite celebrating its first birthday earlier this<br />

year, the waterfront brewery has already been<br />

busy applying for many of Queensland’s renowned<br />

beer competitions, and found great success<br />

when it came to the Royal Queensland Beer<br />

Awards, Australian International Beer Awards and<br />

Independent Beer Awards held earlier this year.<br />

Not only did these events see Scarborough Harbour<br />

take home Best New Brewery 2023 and Champion<br />

Brewpub 2023, but also score eight gold awards<br />

for their Reef Point Lager, Brutal Brut IPA, Sailors<br />

Strawberry Sour, First Ave Pale Ale and The Bay<br />

West Coast IPA – and that’s not even mentioning<br />

their seven silver and 16 bronze achievements.<br />

Sonia said when it comes to their brewing process,<br />

they love to experiment with all kinds of techniques<br />

and flavours.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 52



“We like to cater for lots of different tastes, and we<br />

also listen to what the customers are asking for.<br />

If there is a new style we haven’t tried before, our<br />

brewers are usually keen to give it a go.<br />

“Our most popular beer is by far our Reef Point Lager,<br />

which was our very first beer brewed. Then there is<br />

the Sailors Strawberry Sour, which is a beer that was<br />

only meant to be a limited release but has become a<br />

regular feature due to its popularity,” she said.<br />

After only 17 months, Scarborough Harbour has<br />

managed to gain quite a loyal following. Not just in<br />

relation to their beers, but also in relation to their<br />

venue and its role as an important meeting place for<br />

the Moreton Bay community.<br />

Sonia said they are big fans of getting behind the<br />

locals and supporting what they are passionate<br />

about, especially the Redcliffe Dolphins, which comes<br />

as no surprise, as the teams home field is positioned<br />

only three kilometres away from the brewery.<br />

“We proudly support the new NRL team by playing<br />

their games in our venue, wearing our supporters<br />

shirts and putting on food specials for the supporters<br />

who come and view the game.<br />

“We additionally sponsor the local soccer team, also<br />

called the Redcliffe Dolphins, and we have recently<br />

joined in the sponsorship of a race car that is driven<br />

by a Scarborough local who also owns a local<br />

Redcliffe business.<br />

“In <strong>Oct</strong>ober last year we held the first Auction Night<br />

for Love Your Ovaries – an organisation run by a local<br />

resident who raises funds and awareness for Ovarian<br />

Cancer Research in honour of his late wife.<br />

“We raised over $27,000 in one night and are<br />

incredibly proud to host the event again this year. It is<br />

such a fun night with great auction items. An amazing<br />

live local band called Vixens of Fall are providing the<br />

entertainment,” she said.<br />

The future is certainly looking bright for the newly<br />

opened Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co. The<br />

brewery continues to draw in people from all<br />

over with their venue’s unique atmosphere and<br />

picturesque location, which is best enjoyed with a<br />

lager in hand on the Upper Deck at sunset.<br />

Sonia said they always have events planned, big or<br />

small, to keep their customers engaged and coming<br />

back for more.<br />

“For the near future we are focusing on getting our<br />

brand out there, we are still very new and there are<br />

still a lot of people only just discovering us and our<br />

beers. We are also getting more into wholesale too,<br />

so you will see us at some offsite events sharing our<br />

beers at tastings,” she said.<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 53

A CRAFTY<br />

BUNCH<br />

W H Y N O T S T O C K & S U P P O R T<br />

Aether Brewing<br />

Aether is more than just a<br />

brewery or just some beer. It is an<br />

expression of creativity, innovation<br />

and quality which is hand crafted<br />

by a team who treat each other as<br />

family. We are driven by our shared<br />

unrelenting passion for what we<br />

do and the dedication we have for<br />

great beer shows in each and every<br />

beer that leaves our home in the<br />

North of Brisbane. From our multiple<br />

award winning core range to our<br />

highly anticipated seasonal releases,<br />

we create a beer for every taste.<br />

1800 325 013<br />

aetherbrewing.com.au<br />

Ballistic Beer Co.<br />

At Ballistic we have a simple theory.<br />

Fresh beer is the best beer. That’s<br />

why we brew in small batches, more<br />

frequently, and store it cold so you get<br />

the same blast of flavour our brewers<br />

do. Our pale ales, lagers, IPAs, sours<br />

and special releases will blow away<br />

the traditional ideas and expectations<br />

of what beer should be.<br />

Set in an old World War II<br />

ammunitions factory in the historic,<br />

industrial suburb of Salisbury, Ballistic<br />

HQ is home to a team of innovative<br />

brewers who believe everyone should<br />

have the chance to enjoy a well<br />

crafted, quality beer.<br />

(07) 3277 6656<br />

ballisticbeer.com<br />

Brisbane Brewing Co.<br />

Brisbane’s longest-running<br />

independent brewery, familyowned<br />

and serving award-winning<br />

beer since 2005. Our beers are<br />

brewed to suit the climate, bringing<br />

people who love to explore the<br />

world and locally made craft beer<br />

together. Welcoming and friendly,<br />

unpretentious, and easy going,<br />

enjoy on hot summer or cool sunny<br />

winter day, “The Brisbanest Beer”.<br />

(07) 3891 1011<br />

brisbanebrewing.com.au/wholesale<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 54<br />

Burleigh Brewing Co<br />

Founded in 2006 by Peta and<br />

Brennan Fielding, Burleigh Brewing<br />

was one of the first independent<br />

craft breweries in QLD. Now<br />

celebrating 15 years of the brand,<br />

Burleigh Brewing has upgraded<br />

their Taphouse in Burleigh Heads,<br />

won countless awards for both<br />

business and beer (a testament<br />

to their shared and individual<br />

strengths), grown to a team of 70,<br />

and in their own humble, hardworking<br />

way, helped transform the<br />

Gold Coast’s craft brewing scene<br />

into one of the most vibrant and<br />

thriving in the country.<br />

(07) 5593 6000<br />

burleighbrewing.com.au<br />

The Catchment Brewing Co<br />

Catchment Brewing Co, located in<br />

a beautiful art deco building in West<br />

End, is a fully functioning brewery,<br />

bar and restaurant and your one stop<br />

shop for all things craft beer, awesome<br />

food and functions.<br />

Whether sampling the medal winning<br />

core range beers named after iconic<br />

streets in the local catchment or the<br />

seasonal smash hits that will amaze<br />

you, it’s well worth a visit for a taste of<br />

West End.<br />

Catchment Brewing Co - For locals,<br />

by locals, everywhere.<br />

(07) 3846 1701<br />

bookings@catchmentbrewingco.com.au<br />

catchmentbrewingco.com.au<br />

Felons Brewing Co<br />

Founded by Brisbane locals, Felons<br />

Brewing Co. is a modern-day brewery<br />

proudly positioned on the banks of the<br />

Brisbane River. Our brewery is nestled<br />

down under the Story Bridge, within<br />

Howard Smith Wharves. We truly<br />

believe that beer is what binds us all<br />

to this great part of the world and as<br />

proud brewers, we believe in brewing<br />

with passion and freedom.<br />

07 3188 9090<br />


Q U E E N S L A N D L O C A L S<br />

A CRAFTY<br />

BUNCH<br />

Fortitude Brewing Co<br />

Fortitude Brewing Co delivers<br />

you 15 taps of fresh beer locally<br />

produced in our Tamborine<br />

Mountain Brewery. Enjoy a day<br />

trip up the mountain and visit our<br />

team for the best fresh pizza and<br />

tasting paddles.<br />

07 5545 4273<br />

fortitudebrewing.com.au<br />

Scarborough Harbour Brewing Co<br />

Nestled in the Scarborough Marina<br />

on the Redcliffe Peninsula, our<br />

brewery is home to award-winning<br />

craft beers and delicious meals, that<br />

can be enjoyed in our double story<br />

venue, that boasts views across the<br />

bay to the beautiful Glass House<br />

Mountains; a view best enjoyed with<br />

a beer in hand.<br />

1800 727 104<br />

scarboroughharbourbc.com.au<br />

Slipstream Brewing<br />

Slipstream Brewing is an<br />

independently owned brewery based<br />

in Brisbane. We are a small but<br />

passionate team producing some of<br />

the most accessible and sessionable<br />

craft beers in Australia. We’re the<br />

missing gap between bland beer and<br />

wanky beer, our beers hit the bullseye,<br />

brewed with nothing but pure flavour<br />

in mind. Hops are the heroes and<br />

we milk them for all their worth. We<br />

love the freshness, juiciness, the zing<br />

and the zest. One sip, it tastes so<br />

good – capture that feeling and fill the<br />

fridge with it. Beer is the last thing you<br />

should settle on, so come and get<br />

caught in Slipstream.<br />

(07) 3892 4582<br />

slipstreambrewing.com.au<br />

4 Hearts Brewing<br />

The first brewery to open its doors in<br />

Ipswich in over 100 years, 4 Hearts’<br />

brew masters are committed to<br />

premium local ingredients and<br />

profound taste. Preservative free and<br />

all natural they use the highest quality<br />

ingredients to consistently deliver a<br />

tasty beer every brew. Our core range<br />

features modern spins on traditional<br />

brews while our ever growing range<br />

of seasonal beers takes things to<br />

more adventurous levels, utilising<br />

local seasonal produce as inspiration<br />

(honey, rosella or carrots anyone…?).<br />

0439 439 710<br />


PUB TALK with Paul St John-Wood<br />


<strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW | 56<br />

Take care<br />

From 7 <strong>Oct</strong>ober to 15 <strong>Oct</strong>ober marks the annual<br />

mental health awareness week in Queensland. This is<br />

a timely reminder to check the wellbeing of your family,<br />

friends and importantly yourself. In my most recent<br />

trips around the state doing hotel visits, it is evidently<br />

clear that hotel owner/operators are extending<br />

themselves due to continued staff shortages. As<br />

business operators, this workload is expected from<br />

time to time, however it does pose significant risk to<br />

your mental health and wellbeing. As an industry we<br />

will support each other through this wherever possible<br />

and mental health awareness week is a great reminder<br />

for us all to ask, ‘Are U OK’? Reach out to the <strong>QHA</strong><br />

whenever you need.<br />

Pubs, Pots & Profits – Plainland<br />

CUB together with the <strong>QHA</strong> will again be hosting the<br />

Pubs, Pots & Profits forum for hoteliers and key staff<br />

from around the Ipswich and Toowoomba region. The<br />

forum will feature presentations from leading experts<br />

in the industry, focusing on business development<br />

initiatives for your hotel. The event will be held at<br />

Porter’s Plainland Hotel on Tuesday 17 <strong>Oct</strong>ober from<br />

11am to 5pm. Canapes and networking drinks will<br />

follow, thanks to CUB. To register attendance for this<br />

free event simply contact the <strong>QHA</strong>.<br />

Apply to remove a licence condition<br />

Hoteliers are reminded that they have the ability to<br />

apply to OLGR to remove a current licence condition<br />

which may be outdated and disproportionately<br />

unfavourable to your venue compared to similar<br />

venues in your region. The application is Form 19 and<br />

does attract an application fee, however the benefits<br />

of removing restrictive conditions that may be inhibiting<br />

trade or incurring unnecessary expenses would likely<br />

outweigh the application fee. If you would like to<br />

review your conditions and need assistance with the<br />

application process please contact the <strong>QHA</strong>.<br />

Liquor supply and consumption in hotels outside<br />

of licenced trading hours<br />

It is timely to remind hoteliers, particularly those which<br />

reside at their licenced premises, that supply (including<br />

gratuitous supply) and consumption cannot take place<br />

on the licenced premises outside of your standard<br />

trading hours without the prior approval of OLGR. The<br />

fines for unauthorised supply after hours are in excess<br />

of $7,000 which includes a risk criterion fee which is<br />

added to your next annual liquor licence renewal fee.<br />

It is a common misconception that publicans which<br />

reside at the premises can supply and consume liquor<br />

with family or friends in the hotel when the hotel is<br />

closed. This can only take place in an area which is<br />

considered the residence (not the public bar), or again<br />

can happen in the licenced area but only with the prior<br />

approval from the regulator.<br />

Live Music Australia Grants Program<br />

The Live Music Australia Program has been developed<br />

to bring more live music to Australian communities<br />

and will fund applications that support quality original<br />

Australian live music that is professionally staged, with<br />

a focus on small to medium venues. The Australian<br />

Government will provide a total of $20 million over four<br />

years for the Live Music Australia program. There will<br />

be $2.5 million funding available in each round. Your<br />

venue could be eligible to access these grants ranging<br />

from $5,000 to $100,000. To check your eligibility<br />

and to apply for funding visit arts.gov.au/funding-andsupport/live-music-australia.

South Africa<br />

Study Tour June 2024<br />

Including Capetown, Sun City, Kruger National Park.<br />

Experience first hand the wonder of South Africa, how they amaze<br />

tourists worldwide with the national parks, resorts and first-class dining.<br />

Including in-depth discussion and back of house tours of food and<br />

gaming operations throughout the tour.<br />

To express interest please contact Bernie Hogan on bhogan@qha.org.au


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Established in 2014 by two passionate whiskey<br />

drinkers and brothers-in-law, Alasdair Malloch and<br />

Jimmy McKeown, Whipper Snapper was born from<br />

the idea that a new era of Australian whiskey could<br />

be crafted with its own identity – redefined, yet<br />

authentic.<br />

Since the very start of its journey some nine years<br />

ago, the distillery has been planning the creation of<br />

a single malt whiskey. Now, the wait is over.<br />

Co-Founder, master distiller and director of the<br />

distillery, Jimmy, said after many years of planning,<br />

trials and tribulations, they have created a recipe<br />

that will stand the test of time and uphold the true<br />

Whipper Snapper standards.<br />

“Our trademark DNA is carried through from our<br />

award-winning Ex-Upshot whiskey barrels, bringing<br />

you our first signature Whipper Snapper – Single<br />

Malt Whiskey.<br />

“Born from our connection to the Western<br />

Australian Wheatbelt and the good mates who farm<br />

there, our Wheatbelt Series showcases the heritage<br />

of our humble local farmers and the provenance of<br />

their premium grain.<br />

“We are proud to produce local, quality products<br />

with exceptional grains farmed across the<br />

Nyoongar boodja (Wheatbelt) region. It was an easy<br />

decision for us to continually support the farming<br />

families in our own backyard,” he said.<br />

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Preceding their newest, highly anticipated release, the<br />

company’s reputation for having some of the world’s<br />

best corn whiskey started all the way back after World<br />

War II ended, when an Australian and US pilot shared<br />

two great passions – bombers and whiskey.<br />

Despite being separated by oceans and time, the<br />

pair’s whiskey lived on through Australian veteran Vic,<br />

who continued to distil the recipe in his back shed in<br />

Scarborough before passing it on to his neighbour and<br />

new comrade – a young man named Al.<br />

Al and his mate Jimmy then made their way to<br />

Colorado in order to track down a relative of Vic’s<br />

fellow pilot in World War II. This led them to Coop, who<br />

had been refining the exact same recipe for years.<br />

The pair then took their love of whiskey across the<br />

world to Scotland, where Frank, a man with legendary<br />

status in the industry, who had been distilling for more<br />

than 50 years, helped them to further refine their<br />

whiskey.<br />

To that end, Whipper Snapper uniquely brings together<br />

hundreds of years of distilling experience, with every<br />

bottle being a tribute to Vic, his bomber and all of<br />

those who have enjoyed the brand’s whiskey over the<br />

years.<br />

Jimmy said they continue to use a unique distilling<br />

style that works in line with their recipe, building<br />

trademark quality and flavour.<br />

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“As a uniquely audacious approach to an Australian<br />

single malt, we have used a premium barley variety,<br />

known as Spartacus. Grown within this region, and<br />

malted locally here in Perth, this variety of grain is a<br />

proven gladiator within the agricultural community.<br />

“From farm to ferment, we use open-top fermentation<br />

that allows for a warmer fermentation, meaning more<br />

fruit-forward characters and depth in esters are<br />

derived from the grain.<br />

“Our hybrid column still is configured to run four<br />

plates, cutting hearts at 30% ABV. This gives us only<br />

the best hearts spirit, bringing out a savoury, fruity,<br />

oily single malt distillate at an overall average ABV of<br />

63%,” he said.<br />

With all of the innovations in the distillery industry lately,<br />

the future of Australian whiskey is certainly here, and<br />

Whipper Snapper are determined to be at the forefront<br />

of it by embracing modernisation while respecting<br />

tradition.<br />

Jimmy said, along with the release of their newest<br />

single malt variety, the company will relentlessly<br />

pursue the craft of perfectly sustainable and authentic<br />

Australian whiskey.<br />

“Patiently aged for four years in our Perth<br />

Mediterranean climate, this is a new era of single malt<br />

that captures the essence of Western Australia.<br />

“As with all our products, it is perfect for enjoying<br />

across all seasons and in good company,” he said.<br />

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Your trusted advisor, helping you identify your business risks<br />

and find the right insurance solutions so you can face your<br />

future with confidence.<br />

Call: 1800 240 432<br />

AJG.com/au/qha<br />


Foxtel Business delivers the magic of sport to venues –<br />

bringing people together, entertaining them and contributing<br />

to a boost in trade. And with over 50 live sports, there’s<br />

something for everyone. Serve your customers the best<br />

sporting action with Foxtel.<br />

P: 1300 761 056 www.foxtel.com.au/venues<br />





No matter the size, shape or demands placed on your<br />

business, we have the ability to deliver equipment that is<br />

functional, adaptable and reliable, Turbofan, Waldorf, Waldorf<br />

Bold, Cobra, Convotherm, FastFri, Merrychef.<br />

P: 1300 268 798 E: info@moffat.com.au<br />

Service department: 1300 264 217<br />


Stoddart are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and<br />

importers of a large range of world leading equipment for<br />

food service and bar applications.<br />

Darrin Miller<br />

P: 0417 867 979 E: dmiller@stoddart.com.au<br />

stoddart.com.au<br />

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Mullins’ hospitality team has unrivalled experience in the liquor<br />

and gaming sector, developed over 40 years. From greenfield<br />

applications and integrated developments to liquor and<br />

gaming compliance and employment advice - we are your<br />

one-stop-shop to ensure the best outcomes for your hotel.<br />

Curt Schatz, Managing Partner | Direct: 07 3224 0230<br />

Email: cschatz@mullinslawyers.com.au<br />

mullinslawyers.com.au<br />

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MEMBER<br />

OFFER<br />


Over 25 years of commercial<br />

cleaning services | Triple certified<br />

Quality assured | EcoClean<br />

Certified using environmentally<br />

friendly products.<br />

Get 2 weeks free with any<br />

12 month contract when<br />

mentioning this advert.<br />

P: 1300 630 636<br />

citypropertyservices.com.au<br />


For more information on advertising and<br />

promoting your business in the <strong>QHA</strong> REVIEW<br />

contact Simon Cross.<br />

qhareview@qha.org.au or 0413 698 630


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KNOWLEDGEABLE. THANKS, <strong>QHA</strong>.”<br />


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Responsible Management of Licensed Venues<br />

Training is a mandatory training requirement<br />

for those applying for a liquor licence, and<br />

applicants for an Approved Manager’s Licence.<br />

Training is offered face to face at regional<br />

centres throughout Queensland.<br />

For more information please contact the<br />

<strong>QHA</strong> Training Centre<br />

Ph: 07 3221 6999 Fax: 07 3221 6649<br />

Email: training@qha.org.au<br />

Web: www.qha.org.au<br />


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Hikvision <strong>Digital</strong> Technology<br />

Ph: 1300 976 305<br />

hikvision.com<br />

Lotus Commercial Pty Ltd<br />

Ph: 1300 653 536<br />

lotusfilters.com.au<br />

Hikvision <strong>Digital</strong> Technology<br />

Ph: 1300 976 305<br />

hikvision.com<br />

IDU Technologies Pty Ltd<br />

mitch@idu-identification.com<br />

idu-identification.com<br />

Jands<br />

Ph: 0408 506 620<br />

jands.com.au<br />

JB Hi-Fi Commercial<br />

Division<br />

Ph: 07 3360 9925<br />

jbhifi.com.au<br />

Mr Yum<br />

Ph: 0448 504 121<br />

mryum.com.au<br />

onPlatinum ICT<br />

Ph: 0402 281 561<br />

onplatinum.com.au<br />

Security Registers<br />

Ph: 0452 363 166<br />

securityregisters.com.au<br />

Smart Parking Limited<br />

Ph: 0421 155 972<br />




ON<br />


To get Foxtel for your venue<br />

call 1300 761 056<br />

or visit Foxtel.com.au/venues<br />

Event availability correct at time of publishing and<br />

may be subject to change. Available for Foxtel<br />

Business subscribers only. Foxtel marks are used<br />

under licence by Foxtel Management Pty Ltd.

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