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L i f e s t y l e


Georgina England

A Student’s Guide to

the Best Study Spots

in Lancaster

Lexi Joyce


Whether you’re a new student

looking for some good spots

to cram in your studying,

or someone returning and

looking to spruce up your

usual work space. This is the

guide for you.

Firstly, let’s look at the options

for a good study sesh around the

heart of University life: campus.

It wouldn’t be a useful guide if I

didn’t mention the library.

The Library

Despite it being an obvious space

the options around the library

make it a perfect regular. Whether

you want to catch up on lecture

recordings or read through your

seminar prep, the computers

available and cosy seats help you

stay in the zone.

Similarly, as each of the

three floors of the library

indicates different noise

levels, you can pick what

works best for you and

your optimum learning


Plus, the study spaces are good

for working on group projects

or collective work with your

friends, but make sure you book

in advance.

Alternatively, if you can’t get

availability to a group study

space in the library in time, the

business management building

is the place to go. With free, open

spaces there’s whiteboards and

big tables available for more lastminute

students (which we all fall

guilty of).

Pendle Brew

If you’re craving something a little

more casual, Pendle Brew is a

good option, based in the south

of campus.

Always playing good

music, and well-priced

coffee is always a bonus.

With good songs and

friendly bar staff, it’s a

great place to face your

to-do list.

Great if you don’t work the best

in silence also. Definitely my

number one spot for less attentive


Bonnie Steps

Finally, considering Lancaster’s

tumultuous weather and

Three Creepy Cocktails for your

Halloween Party

Caitlyn Taft


Halloween is right around the corner. It’s

my favourite holiday! This means flat and

house parties will be brewing.

So, get the decorations ready, put on your scary

masks, and grab your witch’s broom, here are

some cocktail ideas to get the ball rolling!

(All ingredients can be purchased at Aldi

or Sainsbury’s.)

Haunted Blue


- 45ml of Vodka

- 15ml of Blue Curacao

- 100ml of Lemonade

- 2 Drops of Red Food Colouring

1. Measure out the alcohol.

2. Mix all together and add two drops

of red food colouring.

3. Pour into a glass and add lemonade.

persistent rain, this one is more

of a rare treat for a sunny day. The

field next to Fylde’s bar, ‘The Mill’

just off the south spine is a serene

space to read or make simple

notes or essay plans on the grass.

Plus during the

springtime, the ducks

love to say hello.

I recommend bringing some

snacks and chilling in the open

air, this always makes my study

seem less daunting and creates

an open mind to recharge and

tackle the heavy workloads.

The Music Room

However, if you fancy getting off

campus for a while and making

more of a trip out of your work,

the town centre has some great

spots. Especially the variety of

coffee shops.

For instance, ‘The Music Room’,

hidden under a passageway on

Sun Street.

The baristas are always welcoming

and the music is a great chilled

vibe, especially peaceful for some

heavy essay writing. Plus, you

can treat yourself to a cake at the

same time to inspire your mind ;).


Similarly, Holm is a great option,

with amazing cakes and drinks,

especially recommend visiting

during the autumn for their cosy

and festive drinks.


Apple Martini:

- 30ml of Vodka

- 30ml of Apple Sourz

- 30ml of Lime Juice

- 30ml of Half Water and

White Sugar Mixture

1. Squeeze the juice of a lime

into the glass.

2. Add Vodka and Apple


3. Mix half water and

white sugar until sugar has


4. Add all ingredients together.

I would hint at going

there for some solo study

as the spaces available

are limited, but great cosy


The Herbarium

The Herbarium is also a great

option, especially since it’s a

fully vegan cafe and their food

is wonderful. If you fancy doing

a large chunk of work with a

great playlist in the background,

this is the place to be. Really

recommend it if you like matcha,

their drinks are great.

Photos Credits: Lexi Joyce

Vampire’s First


- 60ml of Spiced Rum

- 80ml of Cranberry Juice

- 80ml of Pineapple Juice

- Lime Juice

- Sugar

1. Roll the rim of your glass in

lime juice.

2. Dip the rim in a plate

of sugar, twist the glass to

thoroughly coat the rim.

3. Add the liquids together,

mix with a spoon.

How My



the Move to


Caitlyn Taft


When I moved to university, I

was afraid that my almost 9 year

friendship with Mia would come

to a dead end. Mia was going to

Bath Spa university, which is 215

miles away from where I am in


We promised to call everyday but

then we got busy. Despite this, I’m

going into my

final year of

university; my

friendship with

Mia couldn’t be


In First year, I

spent a lot of

my time trying

to impress all

the new people I was meeting. I had

never made friends outside of school

so this was exciting.

I got so swept up in all the fun, my

messages to Mia dwindled. Even

though I was out clubbing or out at

a pub, I would always message her

before and after a night out.

I still do because she’ll

always be my best friend.

One thing we integrated into our

newly online friendship was vlogs.

I would video myself getting ready,

telling her the latest drama in my flat

or about some writing I was doing.

Mia and I do the same

course, we both have a

burning passion for books,

poetry, and Keats.

When conversations got dry,

we would send each other book

recommendations or short poems

that reminded us of each other.

We now have a shared Spotify playlist

and are comparing our timetables

for this year. It feels sad that we have

to pre-book the other for an hour (or

four) call each week, but it’s a system

that’s working for us.

Your conversations with your friends

from home may decrease, but if

you keep sending them a meme or

two a day, I’m sure you’ll be okay.

You’ll probably see them in your

local Spoons around Christmas time


Photos Credits: Caitlyn Taft

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