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The Excitment

Around the


of Lancaster

The Local


Cricket Club

Teams That

You Should

Engage with

Will Jones


The 2022/23 season was a season

of dreams for the men of Lancaster

University Cricket Club. All three

teams comprehensively beat York at

Roses, the first time in years this had

been achieved.

The boys had made a

name for themselves and

changed their reputation

at the university for

the better as a serious,

hardworking, talented

society that could

compete at a high level

and punch well above its


The effort shown throughout the season

was phenomenal, particularly by Former

President and Vice President Tom Gray

and Matthew Peacock.

With Oliver Paterson at the wheel for

the 2023/24 season with his team of likeminded

individuals, the year is looking

promising for the men in red and yellow

striped ties.

What does Oliver

Paterson want for the

upcoming season?

Paterson is looking to

expand the club because

unsurprisingly, after the

historic season they have

just had, more people

want to join. Who can

blame them?

Paterson wants to replicate the success

at Roses and hopefully, after seasons of

trying but coming up short, get the 1s and

2s promoted in BUCS.

The 3s don’t play BUCS but are still an

intrinsic part of the club as they’re a team

that are passionate about the sport and

actively encourage people to take it up.

Alfie Perkins is a fantastic addition to

exec as the newly appointed 3s captain

who looks to follow on the success and

excellent job former 3s captain Jacob

Brown has done for many years.

Coming to university for

the first time can be a

daunting experience. You

are away from home and

away from the bubble

that you are used to

living in. The thought of

not making friends and

fitting in is an unpleasant

thought to have.

One of the reasons why Lancaster

University Cricket Club has been

successful in recent years is because the

exec and current members go out of their

way to make new members feel welcomed.

The club ensures that it caters for players

of all abilities.

The club is diverse

and multi-cultural and

welcomes people

from all religions and

ethnicities. Training

is throughout the

academic year

on Tuesdays and

Thursdays. Games

take place on a

Wednesday in

Summer term with

socials throughout the

year on a Friday.

If you don’t drink, don’t worry,

non-drinking socials take place

throughout the year as well. As a

section editor you should remain

unbiased, but I am extremely proud

to be a member of the Cricket Club

because it has so much to offer, and

I have got a lot out of my time there.

Being the 2nd team

Captain last year was

a great experience.

Joining the Cricket Club

is the best decision I’ve

made at university. I’ve

gained confidence, new

skills, and friends for life.

I would encourage anyone joining

Lancaster University to join the Cricket

Club. It is like family, once you are in it

you become a member for life.

Photo Credits: @lancasteruniversitycc on Instagram and

Lancaster Hockey Club on Facebook

This Year

Peter Murdock


University sports teams keep many

students active, involved, and often

tremendously busy. Therefore, there’s

a potential danger to miss the broad

range of sports clubs within the city and

surrounding area.

So, as the curtain rises for a new year of Lancastrian

sport, here are some of the teams that may be worth

a visit-turned raucous away game journey.

Lancaster Hockey Club

(University campus


Beginning with the closest in proximity, with

games played on the university Astro turf pitches,

Lancaster Hockey Club began in 1931 and has gone

from strength to strength.

It boasts three senior teams, all of which play their

home games on Saturday. All in all, a stupidly easy

walk to see a very good standard of hockey.

Lancaster City Football

Club (in town, 15-minute

car drive)

In the heart of the city lies Lancaster Football

Club, whose first team are currently playing in the

Northern Premier League, Premier Division.

With the season well underway, a trip down to see

THE local football team could certainly make for a

good day, evening, night or all three combined.

Student admission is set at £5 per the club website,

making a visit to the Giant Axe stadium to watch the

Dolly Blues is a must for the upcoming year.

Morecombe FC

(20-minute drive)

An important season is on the cards in the quest

for a return to League One for the men’s first team,

under the watchful eye of Manager Derek Adams.

The Womens 1st team will also look to kick on this

year, competing in the Division One North League,

playing matches consistently at Galgate FC’s

Recreation Ground, which is only a 5-minute car

drive from Bailrigg.

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