Undiscovered paths of Greece

Explore inspiring and unique destinations in Greece, combining well known sights and off-the-beaten track experiences. Discover the incredible nature on the mountains of Zagori, see the breathtaking Vikos Canyon, and enjoy the Ionian sea and romantic town at the island of Corfu. All in one extraordinary trip!

Explore inspiring and unique destinations in Greece, combining well known sights and off-the-beaten track experiences. Discover the incredible nature on the mountains of Zagori, see the breathtaking Vikos Canyon, and enjoy the Ionian sea and romantic town at the island of Corfu. All in one extraordinary trip!


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<strong>Undiscovered</strong><br />

<strong>paths</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greece</strong><br />

10days (small group)<br />

Explore, hike, and enjoy<br />

the beauty <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greece</strong>

<strong>Undiscovered</strong> <strong>paths</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greece</strong><br />

Hike and explore<br />

SITOUR1210<br />

Daily Itinerary<br />

Included in the tour<br />

Day 1<br />

Day 2<br />

Day 3<br />

Day 4<br />

Day 5<br />

Day 6<br />

Athens<br />

Meteora<br />

Zagori<br />

Zagori<br />

Zagori<br />

Corfu<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

❖<br />

2 overnights in Athens<br />

1 overnight in the Meteora area<br />

3 overnights in the Zagori area<br />

2 overnights on the island <strong>of</strong> Corfu<br />

1 overnight in Delphi<br />

Private Athens private guided sightseeing<br />

Sightseeing the Meteora monasteries<br />

Sightseeing Corfu and palace <strong>of</strong> Acheilion<br />

Sightseeing Delphi and the museum<br />

Two awesome hikes in the Zagori region<br />

Daily breakfast and three dinners<br />

Arrival & Departure transfer service<br />

All entrance fees<br />

All local taxes<br />

Day 7<br />

Day 8<br />

Day 9<br />

Day 10<br />

Corfu<br />

Delphi<br />

Athens<br />

Departure<br />

Holiday with SIVA Travel.<br />

Your personal advisor will make sure all the<br />

details <strong>of</strong> your trip are set up perfectly for you.<br />

Tailored to your needs exactly.<br />

Small Group<br />

This tour is operated as a small group tour<br />

with participation limited to 22 guests.<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel<br />

An amazing itinerary exploring some <strong>of</strong><br />

the most beautiful sites <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greece</strong><br />

Day 1<br />

Arrival in Athens<br />

Welcome to Athens! Our staff will be waiting for you at the<br />

airport for your transfer you into Athens. A drive <strong>of</strong> about 45<br />

minutes to your hotel.<br />

Athens, the vibrant capital <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greece</strong> and a city steeped in<br />

history, culture, and a zest for life that's palpable at every<br />

turn. As one <strong>of</strong> the world's oldest cities, Athens stands as a<br />

living testament to the enduring legacy <strong>of</strong> ancient<br />

civilizations. Its rich tapestry <strong>of</strong> ancient ruins, iconic<br />

landmarks, and archaeological treasures makes it a mecca<br />

for history enthusiasts. A city <strong>of</strong> contrasts, where the<br />

Parthenon's marbled grandeur gazes upon the bustling<br />

Plaka district, and where centuries-old temples share the<br />

skyline with sleek glass-and-steel structures.<br />

Tonight enjoy the welcome dinner, meet your fellow<br />

travellers, and the local Greek cuisine.<br />

Tour Information<br />

Sightseeing<br />

✓ Visit to the Athens Acropolis.<br />

A Unesco World Heritage site.<br />

✓ Visit the new Acropolis<br />

museum.<br />

✓ Visit the island and ancient<br />

site <strong>of</strong> Delos<br />

Dining inclusions for the trip<br />

✓ Daily breakfast at hotels<br />

✓ Welcome dinner on arrival<br />

✓ Local tastes dinner at Zagori<br />

✓ Farewell dinner in Athens<br />

Transfers <strong>of</strong> this trip<br />

✓ Transfers to and from your<br />

hotel on arrival and departure<br />

Unesco world heritage sites<br />

✓ On this trip you will visit four<br />

world heritage sites.<br />

Overnight Athens<br />

Welcome Dinner tonight!

Day 2<br />

Athens Sightseeing and set <strong>of</strong>f to the Meteora<br />

Today enjoy sightseeing in Athens. Your expert guide will give you<br />

the opportunity to fully understand the role <strong>of</strong> Athens in<br />

antiquity and through the ages.<br />

Your guide will reveal to you the secrets <strong>of</strong> the Acropolis &<br />

the Parthenon, the Temple <strong>of</strong> Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch and the<br />

Kallimarmaro Stadium, built <strong>of</strong> marble for the first modern<br />

Olympic Games in 1896.<br />

Experience the ancient wonders and relive the birthplace <strong>of</strong><br />

democracy, twist and turn through the Plaka’s narrow streets<br />

and find ancient sites, cafes and shops full <strong>of</strong> history and<br />

character.<br />

After the visit to the Acropolis continue to the Acropolis<br />

Museum. A beautiful new museum (opened in 2009) with<br />

exceptional finds from the Acropolis, including 36 panels <strong>of</strong><br />

the Parthenon’s storied frieze.<br />

In the afternoon, set <strong>of</strong>f for the town <strong>of</strong> Kalambaka, where the<br />

impressive byzantine monasteries <strong>of</strong> Meteora are located. A drive<br />

traversing the Greek countryside, from South to North, <strong>of</strong> approx<br />

five hours.<br />

Overnight in Meteora area<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Day 3<br />

Kalambaka to Zagori [ sightseeing Meteora ]<br />

When you awaken to see the awe-inspiring rock formations<br />

unfold before your eyes, you will easily understand why we<br />

call this place Meteora, which means “suspended in the<br />

heavens above.” Today you will climb above the charming<br />

mountain villages <strong>of</strong> Kastraki and Kalambaka to visit two <strong>of</strong><br />

the six surviving Monasteries <strong>of</strong> Meteora, a UNESCO world<br />

heritage site and one <strong>of</strong> the most important complexes <strong>of</strong><br />

Eastern Orthodox monasteries in the world.<br />

After a stop with free time for lunch in a local restaurant, a<br />

drive through some beautiful scenic roads brings you to the<br />

beautiful Zagori area. Zagori is one <strong>of</strong> the most strictly<br />

protected areas in <strong>Greece</strong> due to its wild and unspoiled<br />

nature and its distinctive traditional architecture. This<br />

beautiful area is a National Park and the Vikos-Aoös<br />

Geopark, is a member <strong>of</strong> UNESCO’s Global Geopark<br />

Network.<br />

Overnight Zagori area<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Day 4<br />

Zagori - Hike<br />

Today you have the opportunity to discover the Zagori<br />

region with a mountain expert guide.<br />

Starting with a drive up to Vradeto village (1,300 m<br />

altitude), from where a thematic route on the lower alpine<br />

zone leads to a vantage point to view the most spectacular<br />

sight, the Vikos Canyon, an Unesco Geopark and the<br />

deepest canyon in the world! A downhill hike through the<br />

famous and best preserved Scala Vradetou (cobbled stone<br />

footpath) leads to the beautiful Kapesovo village. Visit the<br />

most important stone bridges <strong>of</strong> the area, the Kokkoros and<br />

Plakidas bridges.<br />

Kokkoros bridge<br />

Tonight, enjoy an authentic local dinner. The area is known<br />

for the amazing food options!<br />

Overnight Zagori area<br />

Wonderful local dinner tonight<br />

Vikos Canyon<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Day 5<br />

Zagori<br />

Join a seasoned mountain guide for a picturesque and brief<br />

trek to Mikro Papigo, a well-preserved, traditional stone<br />

village nestled in the heart <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greece</strong>. Your journey will lead<br />

you through the captivating Bistyries caves, known for their<br />

mesmerizing colors and their historical Neolithic<br />

occupation.<br />

Following an hour <strong>of</strong> hiking, you'll arrive at the Red Rock,<br />

an awe-inspiring vantage point that <strong>of</strong>fers sweeping views<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Vikos Canyon and the Voidomatis springs. Afterward,<br />

return to Mikro Papigo for lunch and explore the<br />

enchanting Rogovos pools. In the afternoon, take an<br />

external tour <strong>of</strong> the Spiliotissa Monastery, which stands<br />

gracefully by the banks <strong>of</strong> the Voidomatis River.<br />

Overnight Zagori area<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Day 6<br />

Zagori to Corfu (via Ioannina city)<br />

Following your breakfast, leave the picturesque region <strong>of</strong><br />

Zagoria to embark on your journey towards the<br />

enchanting island <strong>of</strong> Corfu.<br />

As you make your way, take a detour to explore the city <strong>of</strong><br />

Ioannina, nestled beside the tranquil Lake Pamvotis, and<br />

pay a visit to the intriguing islet <strong>of</strong> Ali Pasha. Here, you'll<br />

discover the venerable Agios Panteleimon monastery and<br />

delve into the captivating history <strong>of</strong> this locale. Following<br />

the sightseeing <strong>of</strong> Ioannina, continue with a drive<br />

westwards to the port <strong>of</strong> Igoumenitsa, where you'll board<br />

a local ferry bound for the island <strong>of</strong> Corfu.<br />

Check in to your hotel and enjoy an evening out exploring<br />

the picturesque town <strong>of</strong> Corfu.<br />

Overnight in Corfu<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Day 7<br />

Corfu - Sightseeing<br />

Enjoy breakfast before starting on the sightseeing tour <strong>of</strong><br />

the day. Corfu, an island that bears the imprints <strong>of</strong><br />

Venetian, English, French, and Austrian influences, is a<br />

bastion <strong>of</strong> European aristocracy. Take a journey back in<br />

time to the opulent era <strong>of</strong> Noble Corfu and explore all <strong>of</strong><br />

the town's major monuments in a single day. Your<br />

adventure begins at Achilion Palace, celebrated for its<br />

enchanting gardens, a creation <strong>of</strong> Princess Sissy <strong>of</strong> Austria<br />

and once the residence <strong>of</strong> the German Kaiser. Afterward,<br />

make your way to Kanoni, where you can capture stunning<br />

photos <strong>of</strong> the iconic Mouse Island.<br />

Following this, visit the Mon Repo's summer palace, along<br />

with its one-<strong>of</strong>-a-kind gardens. Continue your exploration<br />

into the Old Town, passing through Liston, a street that<br />

gleams like gold and was fashioned to resemble Paris's Rue<br />

de Rivoli. Your journey culminates at the grand Palace <strong>of</strong><br />

Corfu.<br />

Overnight in Corfu<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Day 8<br />

Corfu to Delphi<br />

After a delightful breakfast, embark on a captivating<br />

journey as you board the ferry for your return from<br />

Corfu to the mainland. The day's drive,<br />

approximately six hours, will lead you to the<br />

mesmerizing destination <strong>of</strong> Delphi.<br />

En route, you'll encounter charming towns that<br />

promise to captivate your senses. Explore the<br />

picturesque town <strong>of</strong> Nafpaktos, adorned with its<br />

Venetian fortress, and be enchanted by Galaxidi, a<br />

coastal village featuring narrow cobblestone streets,<br />

elegant stone mansions, and two quaint harbors.<br />

Your voyage culminates as you reach<br />

Delphi/Arachova, where you'll check in to your<br />

hotel. Prepare to be mesmerized by the rich history<br />

and breathtaking landscapes <strong>of</strong> this remarkable<br />

region. Your journey through <strong>Greece</strong> continues to<br />

unfold with experiences that will leave you in awe.<br />

Overnight in Delphi<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Day 9<br />

Delphi and Delphi Museum<br />

In the morning enjoy the sightseeing <strong>of</strong> Ancient Delphi,<br />

probably the ancient worlds most famous oracle.<br />

The site is at the foot <strong>of</strong> the mountain, it is very large and<br />

there is a lot to see including the famous oracle where in<br />

ancient times people believed they would learn what their<br />

future held. Enjoy the views from the site, they are incredible<br />

– the setting is so impressive that in ancient times it was<br />

considered the navel <strong>of</strong> the world. Visit the spectacular ruins<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Temple <strong>of</strong> Apollo, the Tholos, the stadium.<br />

After vising the site, you will also visit the museum <strong>of</strong> Delphi<br />

which is considered one <strong>of</strong> the top Greek museums. The<br />

Archaeological Museum exhibits also include some <strong>of</strong> the<br />

greatest works <strong>of</strong> art, including the Sphinx <strong>of</strong> Naxos and the<br />

Charioteer.<br />

Free time for lunch at a local restaurant depart for Athens. A<br />

drive south <strong>of</strong> approximately 3 hours.<br />

Upon arriving at your hotel, take a moment to settle in before<br />

relishing a delightful farewell dinner. A highlight ending to this<br />

wonderful trip throughout <strong>Greece</strong>.<br />

Overnight Athens<br />

Farewell dinner<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

Day 10<br />

Farewell<br />

As this incredible journey across <strong>Greece</strong> gracefully reaches<br />

its conclusion, it's time to bid a fond farewell to the bustling<br />

metropolis <strong>of</strong> Athens. Indulge in a delightful breakfast at<br />

your hotel and relish some free time to make the most <strong>of</strong><br />

your last moments in Athens. Whether you wish to stroll<br />

through historic neighbourhoods, shop for souvenirs, or<br />

simply relax in a local café, Athens <strong>of</strong>fers countless<br />

possibilities before your departure flight.<br />

As your journey draws to a close, rest assured that your<br />

departure will be a seamless and hassle-free experience.<br />

When you're ready, you will be transferred to the airport,<br />

taking with you cherished memories <strong>of</strong> your time in Athens.<br />

We hope to welcome you back soon for more unforgettable<br />

adventures in <strong>Greece</strong>.<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

About the Hiking days<br />

• The hikes are EASY to MODERATE level <strong>of</strong><br />

difficulty and are led by a local mountain<br />

expert who will show the guests all the<br />

beauties <strong>of</strong> the region. These hikes are<br />

designed to be enjoyable even by someone<br />

who is not an experienced hiker but has a<br />

some level <strong>of</strong> fitness. The details <strong>of</strong> the hikes<br />

as described in the itinerary have the<br />

characteristics below. Bear in mind that<br />

there is a lot <strong>of</strong> flexibility to make the hikes<br />

shorter (or longer if desired) depending on<br />

the level <strong>of</strong> fitness <strong>of</strong> the group. Of course, if<br />

someone does not want to participate in the<br />

hikes, there is always the option to spend<br />

time in the incredibly beautiful villages.<br />

Day 4 > Hike and explore Zagori:<br />

• Hike: Easy/Moderate<br />

• Distance: 8km<br />

• Hours: 3<br />

• Ascend: +350<br />

• Descend: -520<br />

• Min Height: 1,070m<br />

• Max Height: 1,435m<br />

• Guests have the option to shorten the<br />

hike by roughly 1hr by not participating on<br />

the second part <strong>of</strong> the hike (descent <strong>of</strong> the<br />

cobblestone path) and using the coach<br />

instead.<br />

Day 5 > Discover the Zagorochoria villages:<br />

• Hike: Easy/Moderate<br />

• Distance: 8km<br />

• Hours: 4<br />

• Ascend: +350<br />

• Descend: -310<br />

• Min Height: 820m<br />

• Max Height: 970m<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> ( www.siva.travel )

Detail tour itinerary<br />

-<strong>Undiscovered</strong> <strong>paths</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greece</strong> (small groups)<br />

Map <strong>of</strong> Tour<br />

Galaxidi<br />

Galaxidi<br />

Delphi<br />

Approximate Travelling Times<br />

Day 2<br />

Athens to Kalambaka 5hrs<br />

Day 3<br />

Kalambaka to Zagorohoria 3.5 hours<br />

Day 6<br />

Zagorohoria to Corfu 4.5hrs (including ferry crossing)<br />

Day 8<br />

Corfu to Delphi 6.5 hrs (including ferry crossing)<br />

Day 9<br />

Delphi to Athens 3 hrs<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> ( www.siva.travel )

Indicative Hotels<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> ( www.siva.travel )

Athens (indicative hotels)<br />

Divani Caravel<br />

Luxury hotel. ideally located just minutes<br />

away from the Constitution square & a short<br />

walk from the fashionable Kolonaki district<br />

with its boutiques, famous cafés and<br />

restaurants, as well as from all major cultural<br />

points such as museums, galleries &<br />

theatres, the Divani Caravel hotel in Athens<br />

is the ideal base from which to visit the key<br />

attractions <strong>of</strong> the beautiful historic city.<br />

Rooms: 471<br />

Herodion Hotel<br />

Boutique hotel. Situated at the foot <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Acropolis, Herodion Hotel has elegantly<br />

decorated air-conditioned rooms. It has a<br />

beautiful ro<strong>of</strong> garden with lounge chairs and<br />

2 hot bathtubs with spectacular views <strong>of</strong><br />

Athens.<br />

Hotel Herodion is just a few steps from the<br />

new Acropolis Museum and a 15-minute<br />

walk from the central Syntagma Square.<br />

The Acropolis Metro Station is within 215<br />

yards from the hotel.<br />

Rooms: 90<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> ( www.siva.travel )

Kalambaka (indicative hotels)<br />

Divani Meteora<br />

Divani Meteora is surrounded by immense<br />

natural beauty, the religious rocks <strong>of</strong><br />

Meteora, encouraging outdoor enthusiasts<br />

to come and escape. The hotel <strong>of</strong>fers a<br />

stunning locale from which, one can<br />

experience one <strong>of</strong> the natural wonders <strong>of</strong><br />

the world.<br />

The hotels 165 guestrooms are<br />

appointed with modern amenities to<br />

<strong>of</strong>fer only the very best in comfort,<br />

each with an inviting ambience,<br />

contemporary décor and a commanding<br />

view <strong>of</strong> the majestic rocks <strong>of</strong> Meteora.<br />

Whether choosing a superior or an<br />

executive room, the guest will find<br />

everything at his fingertips to make<br />

his stay effortlessly luxurious.<br />

Rooms: 165<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> ( www.siva.travel )

Corfu (indicative hotels)<br />

Cavalieri Hotel<br />

Situated at the very heart <strong>of</strong> the Venetian<br />

old part <strong>of</strong> Corfu town , Cavalieri Hotel has<br />

been throughout the ages the natural<br />

meeting point for writers, actors and poets,<br />

statesmen, businessmen and leisure<br />

travelers. Originally built in the 17th century<br />

as a nobleman’s mansion, belonging to the<br />

family <strong>of</strong> Count Flamburiari, it opened its<br />

doors as a hotel in the mid 1960's, among<br />

the first luxury hotels in Corfu .<br />

Rooms: 50<br />

Divani Corfu Palace<br />

The Divani Corfu Palace is a modern 4 star,<br />

luxury hotel in Corfu, situated on the green<br />

wooded hillside <strong>of</strong> Kanoni, overlooking the<br />

pristine waters <strong>of</strong> the lagoon. Only 3 km from<br />

Corfu town center and 1.5 km from the<br />

beach <strong>of</strong> Mon Repos, it provides the perfect<br />

location for those who wish to be near Corfu<br />

town's activities and famous historical<br />

center, but crave the beauty and seclusion <strong>of</strong><br />

the surrounding hills.<br />

Rooms: 162<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> ( www.siva.travel )

Delphi (indicative hotels)<br />

Amalia Delphi<br />

Set on a slope <strong>of</strong> Mount Parnassus, at<br />

the exit <strong>of</strong> Delphi town, Amalia <strong>of</strong>fers<br />

a panoramic view <strong>of</strong> the green valley,<br />

all the way to the sea, Itea and<br />

Galaxidi. Open year-round, it features<br />

an outdoor pool and an inviting<br />

lounge with fireplace.<br />

The guest rooms are spacious with<br />

plenty <strong>of</strong> natural light, through<br />

windows, terraces or balconies, and<br />

are air-conditioned and heated. Most<br />

rooms <strong>of</strong>fer impressive views to the<br />

valley and the sea and some to the<br />

internal gardens.<br />

Rooms: 185<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> ( www.siva.travel )

Historical <strong>Greece</strong><br />

Useful Information<br />

Walking<br />

This tour includes walking on uneven ground. The sights visited at parts<br />

include uphill walking on unpaved ground. Keep in mind that all ancient<br />

sites have unpaved <strong>paths</strong>.<br />

What to definitely pack<br />

• Comfortable walking shoes – non slip.<br />

• Casual clothing<br />

• A warm jacket<br />

• Hat and sunscreen<br />

Wi-Fi<br />

Most hotels, restaurants and cafes <strong>of</strong>fer free Wi-Fi.<br />

Cell Phone coverage<br />

All <strong>of</strong> <strong>Greece</strong> has good cell phone reception.<br />

Languages<br />

Most <strong>of</strong> the Greeks speak English also (and those who do not will definitely<br />

make an effort to understand and help out)<br />

Currency<br />

The currency in <strong>Greece</strong> is the EURO<br />

Credit Cards<br />

Visa, Diners Club, American Express, Master Card are accepted at most<br />

shops and restaurants. Visa is probably the most widespread <strong>of</strong> all.<br />

Banks<br />

Major towns have banks, smaller towns have ATM.<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

<strong>Greece</strong><br />

Weather pattern for Athens<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> ( www.siva.travel )

Siva Travel Services<br />


Siva Travel Services<br />

154a, Sevastoupoleos Str.<br />

11526 Athens <strong>Greece</strong><br />

Tel: +30 210 7291 066<br />

Fax: +30 210 7246 279<br />

Email: info@sivatravel.gr<br />

Web: www.siva.travel<br />

SIVA Travel is a member <strong>of</strong><br />

• European Tour Operator Association.<br />

• Hellenic Association <strong>of</strong> Travel & Tourist agencies.<br />

• Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau<br />

• Hellenic Association <strong>of</strong> Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Congress Organizers<br />

• Educational Travel Community Global Member<br />

• Fully licensed by the Greek National tourism organization ASTA , American Society <strong>of</strong> Travel Agents

Notes on the presentation<br />

This presentation is indicative <strong>of</strong> the program on <strong>of</strong>fer.<br />

Actual Inclusions, hotels and room categories are as per the costing <strong>of</strong> the program.<br />

Accommodation is confirmed at the time <strong>of</strong> firm go ahead and according to deposit plan.<br />

Operational timetable / and rotation <strong>of</strong> tour may differ according to final programming if this is<br />

deemed necessary for the better operation <strong>of</strong> the tour.<br />

Payments, deposits and actual inclusions are as per the costing sheet and any subsequent<br />

revisions <strong>of</strong> such.<br />

White Label tours<br />

All logos and company information will be<br />

according to the branding provided to SIVA by<br />

the operator.<br />

Tours with SIVA Travel.<br />

Your personal advisor will make sure all the details<br />

<strong>of</strong> your trip are set up perfectly for you.<br />

Detailed information and great suggestions <strong>of</strong> what<br />

to do, what you must see and where you should<br />

definitely dine will be given to you.<br />

Tailored to your personal style <strong>of</strong> holiday.<br />

Siva Travel Services <strong>Greece</strong> - www.siva.travel

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