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President's Message<br />

RPC Message<br />

Kehillah MAGNET<br />

Adult Education<br />

Sisterhood News<br />

Safety & Security<br />

Member Spotlight<br />

October 2023<br />

Calendar of Events<br />

Contents<br />

September 2023 -<br />

Donors<br />

Mi Sheberakh<br />

Recently Passed<br />

<strong>November</strong> 2023<br />

Yahrzeits Observed<br />

N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 3 | 1 7 T H O F C H E S H V A N 5 7 8 4 - 1 7 T H O F K I S L E V<br />

Rabbi Meeka’s Musings<br />

Shalom <strong>TAS</strong>’s Mishpacha משפחה (Family)<br />

What can I say, write or express that hasn’t been communicated yet?<br />

Well, obviously – our group is not touring Israel these days; we are all here,<br />

trying to wrap our heads and hearts around this unbelievably painful, and<br />

scary situation.<br />

As I mentioned in one of my recent Divrei Torah on a Friday evening, The<br />

American Jewish Committee (AJC), posted in social media the following<br />

message, which, despite everything, really resonates with me:<br />

“This war is NOT about Jews versus Arabs, or Islam versus the west, or<br />

Israelis versus Palestinians. This war is not about land. This war is not<br />

about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. This war is Hamas’<br />

attempt to eradicate the world of the Jewish people.<br />

Also, Hamas is not Palestine and does not<br />

represent the Palestinian people.”<br />

Perhaps this struggle marks the dawning,<br />

the beginning, the Resheet of a new era for our<br />

beloved Israel, a time when all our brothers and<br />

sisters, families and friends will all come together<br />

as ONE, standing shoulder to shoulders, united under<br />

God’s sheltering wings of PEACE.<br />

I find comfort in our liturgy, so I will end with Tfilat Pidyon Shvuyim, a<br />

prayer for returning all our captives, alive and well:<br />

Continued on page 2.<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Rabbi Meeka's Musings<br />

Continued<br />

תפילת פדיון שבויים<br />

Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech ha’Olam Please God,<br />

the Sovereign of all, please free our captives. God, have their<br />

captors show mercy.<br />

Have them treated with humanity.<br />

Protect them, their bodies, and their minds.<br />

Send comfort to their families, their communities, and all<br />

people who are beside themselves with worry and fear.<br />

Return those kidnapped to their homes, safely and soon.<br />

Please, God. I beg of you today.<br />

ברוך אתה אדוני מתיר אסורים asurim, Baruch Atah Adonai, Matir<br />

We bless and praise You Adonai our God,<br />

Who frees all the captives, now.<br />

Amen. במהרה בימנו,‏ אמן<br />

בשלום ואהבה ve’Ahava, B’shalom<br />

With a blessing for peace and all-encompassing love,<br />

Rabbi Meeka<br />

Temple Adas Shalom Stands With Israel<br />

Click here for ways to help<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


President's Message<br />

Mark Wolkow<br />

How Temple and Professional roles can be mutually beneficial<br />

Volunteering is certainly worthwhile in its own right. You do something that<br />

benefits people in your synagogue, your school, your community, etc. It’s all<br />

good. But there are often tangible benefits to your skills, your competencies,<br />

and even your career. I have found that things I’ve done in my volunteer and<br />

professional careers have frequently benefited one another. Here are just a<br />

few examples of how my volunteer experiences helped my career:<br />

Enrolling in leadership development training; attending conferences that<br />

included self-improvement/self-development opportunities; gaining<br />

experience leading projects and people; working with a wide variety of people;<br />

and learning about things like budgets, curriculum, capital improvements,<br />

etc. Apart from the Temple, much of my volunteer work has been in<br />

education, which lead directly to my selection as Director of Academic<br />

Engagement at the National Security Agency, which turned out to be the best<br />

job of my career.<br />

<strong>November</strong> Service<br />

Multi Access<br />

Information and Links<br />

Please note that streaming will be done<br />

via YouTube.<br />

YouTube links for all of our services can be<br />

found on our calendar. No passcodes are<br />

required. Past and present services and<br />

other events can also be found on our<br />

YouTube channel.<br />

Friday, <strong>November</strong> 3rd<br />

Shabbat Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:00pm-6:15pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 6:15pm<br />

Friday, <strong>November</strong> 13th<br />

Veterans Salute Shabbat Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm-7:00pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

Friday, <strong>November</strong> 17th<br />

Daven & Dine Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:00pm-6:15pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 6:15pm<br />

Friday, <strong>November</strong> 24th<br />

Shabbat Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm-7:00pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

I encourage everyone to find at least one area at the shul where you can join a<br />

team, lend a hand, and do something good for others…and perhaps for<br />

yourself as well.<br />

Shalom,<br />

Mark<br />

^ CLICK TO VIEW^<br />



https://www.youtube.com/@<br />

templeadasshalom/streams<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


RPC Message<br />

Melissa Immel & Mike Mullis<br />

Happy Thanksgiving from the Religious Practices Committee!<br />

The main theme of Thanksgiving comes from the name itself, reminding<br />

us of the importance of gratitude. It's no surprise that when a Jew sits<br />

down to eat, he or she recites: "Blessed are you God, for bringing bread<br />

from the earth." To say a blessing over bread affirms that God played a<br />

role in providing for our needs by creating a universe where the sun rises<br />

each day and the rain falls, making the growth of food possible. Gratitude<br />

is a cornerstone of our faith. Just as we give thanks for the blessings we<br />

have, let us remember the strength and resilience of our ancestors, who,<br />

in the face of adversity, found reasons to be thankful. This Thanksgiving,<br />

may we carry forward the spirit of gratitude and the knowledge that,<br />

even in difficult times, there is always a reason to be thankful.<br />

This month's Daven & Dine is scheduled for Friday, <strong>November</strong> 17th at<br />

6:15PM. If you've never attended, Daven & Dine is a 45 minute Kabbalat<br />

Shabbat service, after which everyone is encouraged to dine-out<br />

together at a local restaurant. It's always a lot of fun! Please register on<br />

the Temple Calendar so we can make accurate reservations. Thank you!<br />

See you in shul!<br />

Melissa Immel & Mike Mullis, RPC Co-Chairs<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Kehillah MAGNET<br />

Sarah O’Donnell & Joel Yoffee<br />

On October 8, 2023, the Kehillah MAGNET Religious School formally welcomed<br />

ten students into our school during a beautiful Consecration and Simchat Torah<br />

service. Afterwards, our students and their families wrote messages of hope and<br />

support to children in Israel that Rabbi Meeka sent to the Holy Land the<br />

following week.<br />

During the 2022-2023 school year, our school community voted to donate our<br />

Tzedakah funds to the Harford Family House. Our students presented a $557<br />

check to Heather Volk, Resource Development Manager of the Harford Family<br />

House, on October 15, 2023!<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Kehillah MAGNET<br />

Continued<br />


FAMILY SHABBAT SERVICE: Every other month<br />

during the academic school year, Rabbi Meeka<br />

and Mike Mullis, music teacher and director,<br />

lead one Friday night service that is designed<br />

with families in mind. Family Shabbat nights<br />

begin at 5:30pm with a child-friendly meal,<br />

and the service runs from 6:15 – 7:00pm.<br />

Attending Family Shabbat is a great way to<br />

enjoy the company of friends, relax after a long week, and provide further<br />

understanding of Hebrew learning.<br />

Adas Shalom Temple (ASTY) Meeting:<br />

ASTY is held monthly during the school year<br />

with teens in grades 7-12. Our teens are<br />

currently planning their first Esports<br />

competition and redesigning the teen lounge!<br />

This school year, the program is being led by<br />

<strong>TAS</strong> congregants Alison Filicko and Joshua<br />

Larkin with special support from Karli Chancey!<br />

ASTY will have its next meeting on<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 12th from 10:45 – 11:45 am.<br />

TOT SHIRA: Each month<br />

during the school year<br />

Kehillah MAGNET welcomes<br />

families with children ages 5<br />

and under to attend the Pre-<br />

K/K music class at our<br />

religious school. “Tot Shira” is<br />

a wonderful way to introduce<br />

little ones to our dedicated<br />

teachers and fantastic<br />

students. Our next Tot Shira<br />

of the year will be on Sunday,<br />

<strong>November</strong> 5, 2023.<br />

Please check out the temple calendar for all upcoming<br />

events and see you soon!<br />

Joel Yoffee<br />

Kehillah MAGNET Religious School Committee Chair<br />

Sarah O’Donnell<br />

Kehillah MAGNET Religous School Principal<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Upcoming<br />

Adult<br />

Educational<br />

Events<br />

Desserts & Discuss<br />

Tuesday, <strong>November</strong> 14th<br />

7:00pm - 9:00pm<br />

Tea & Torah<br />

Sunday, December 3rd<br />

9:45am - 10:45am<br />

Adult Education<br />

Brian Folus<br />

Dear Congregants,<br />

We have a few exciting events coming up and I sincerely hope you<br />

will join us. First, we will be rescheduling our day trip to Philly,<br />

visiting Beth Sholom synagogue, which is the only synagogue ever<br />

designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the American Jewish History<br />

Museum. Please see the Calendar for more details and registration<br />

for this trip in January 2024.<br />

On Tuesday, <strong>November</strong> 14 we will present our next Desserts &<br />

Discussion. Rhonda August will be presenting one of her favorite<br />

recipes. Do you have a have recipe you’d like to share? Please email<br />

me, I would love to have you present. We do this all on Zoom and it<br />

is very easy to present! Please check out Robin Way’s presentation<br />

from this past August:<br />

Link to event: HERE<br />

Password: 8=%AWhw3<br />

Starting on Sunday, December 10, Rabbi Meeka is planning to<br />

begin a new class, “Tea & Torah”. This will be held on Sundays from<br />

9:45-10:45am in the Temple Library. This will be a very informative<br />

and interactive Torah Study class. The class is free, but Rabbi is<br />

asking people to register. A link will be on the calendar.<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Adult Education<br />

Continued<br />

Musical events in our County<br />

On Saturday, <strong>November</strong> 11 the Harford Youth Orchestra and Harford String<br />

Orchestra will present their 23rd Season opening concert at Havre de Grace High<br />

School. Concert starts at 1:00pm, no tickets need, concert is free and open to the<br />

public. I conduct the HYO and Ms. Anne Pape conducts the HSO.<br />

On Saturday, December 2 the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra will present its<br />

Jazzy Holiday Spirit Concert. This concert features The Duke Ellington “Nutcracker<br />

Suite” and “A Taste of Chanukah” a medley arranged by yours truly.<br />

On Sunday, December 10 at 3:00pm the Bel Air Community Band will present their<br />

Winter Concert. The BACB is under the direction of Mr. Richard Hauf. This concert is<br />

held at Bel Air High School, no tickets are needed for this concert.<br />

We truly hope you will join us for these upcoming events and send us suggestions<br />

and request for topics or movies or programs you would like the Adult Ed. Committee<br />

to provide for you. As always feel free to sit in on a meeting, just click on the link in<br />

the Calendar.<br />

Looking forward to hearing from you!<br />

Shalom,<br />

Brian Folus<br />

Adult Ed. Chair<br />

S E L L I N G H O M E S S I N C E 2 0 0 5<br />

PH: 123-456-7890<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Sisterhood News<br />

Deborah Temple<br />

Temple Adas Shalom Sisterhood...who are we?<br />

We are women committed to our mission. Most of us are Jewish and some<br />

of us are not. We come from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of<br />

interests and more opinions than members. We support the Temple, our<br />

community, and Jews around the world, but, most importantly, we support<br />

each other.<br />

Harford County is not a place where being Jewish comes easily. Someone<br />

once told me that when you live in Israel, or even in Pikesville, you are<br />

Jewish because everything is Jewish, but when you live in Harford County<br />

you have to work at being Jewish. Our temple is only walking distance to<br />

one member family. Our children play sports on Shabbat. Our community<br />

stores often lack simple Jewish items. Anyone ever tried to buy a kippah in<br />

Darlington?<br />

Sisterhood<br />

Events<br />

All our Sisterhood dates are<br />

posted on the Temple Calendar<br />

and appear in bright pink.<br />

Gift Shop Open<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 5th<br />

9:00am - 12:00pm<br />

Sisterhood Hanukkah Party<br />

Sunday, December 3rd<br />

1:00pm - 3:00pm<br />

We are not the Jewish neighborhoods we see in movies and on television.<br />

We are, admittedly, outside the Jewish geographic mainstream. And as a<br />

result, we are an incredibly resilient Jewish community with an amazing<br />

Sisterhood who stands strong and proud as the backbone of Jewish life<br />

throughout our county and the surrounding areas<br />

Annual Paid-up Sisterhood Membership Dinner<br />

Wow says it all! With more than 40 members attending, dinner catered by<br />

the Falafel House Café, and finished with an exquisite Frida Kahlo<br />

presentation by Colleen Webster. To say our Paid-up Sisterhood<br />

Membership Dinner planning team outdid themselves is an<br />

understatement. We had an awesome night filled with laughter and games<br />

and meaningful conversations. Great food, great guests, and great art, who<br />

could ask for more?<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

Mahjong<br />

Mahjong has grown into a monthly event for the Sisterhood. We are not<br />

sure how it happened, but we sure are glad it did! Our next game day will<br />

be at the <strong>TAS</strong> Social Hall on Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 12th at 1:00. Please RSVP<br />

to sisterhood@templeadasshalom.org or directly to Denise Gordon. Pizza,<br />

soft drinks, and coffee will be available.<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Sisterhood News<br />

Continued<br />

Hanukkah Happenings<br />

Look no further than Temple Adas Shalom for all your Hanukkah gift needs because it<br />

will be here before you know it and the <strong>TAS</strong> Sisterhood stands ready to help!<br />

Sisterhood Gift Shop<br />

Our Sisterhood Gift Shop is filled with goodies. And this year, we are expanding to<br />

include a line of items only available at our gift shop! Stock is limited, so shop early and<br />

don't miss Harford County’s best selection of Hanukkah supplies and gifts!<br />

Temple Craft Show<br />

Sisterhood member and Temple fundraising committee co-chair,<br />

Toby M. will be holding a Temple Craft Show in the <strong>TAS</strong> Social Hall on<br />

<strong>November</strong> 5th, 9am – 3pm. We hope that you will support the Temple<br />

Craft Show and the Sisterhood Gift Shop before you shop anywhere else<br />

you won't be disappointed!<br />

Sisterhood Hanukkah Party<br />

Now is the time to respond for our Sisterhood Hanukkah Party on Sunday, December<br />

3rd at 1:00 in the <strong>TAS</strong> Social Hall. Did someone say homemade latkes?! Get the first ones<br />

of the season prepared by some of our most seasoned latke chefs. Please bring a<br />

wrapped $20 gift for our Sisterhood Gift Exchange.<br />

==========================================================================<br />

A vibrant and multigenerational group of women, we are ready to welcome you! Please<br />

join today because we need you, and you need us. Email us at<br />

sisterhood@templeqadasshalom.org, reach out to us on the Temple Adas Shalom<br />

Facebook page, or pick up the phone and give us a call: 410-939-3170.<br />

Membership is only $42 per year, and only $36 for new members – dues can be paid by<br />

cash, check, or PayPal. So come check us out, see what we are doing, and then see what<br />

the Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) has going on regionally, too: https://wrj/ourcommunity/wrj-districts/mid-atlantic<br />

Shalom,<br />

Deborah Temple<br />

Sisterhood President<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Safety & Security<br />

Pat Wolkow<br />

Security Quiz Question of the Month<br />

What is the safe practice of cell phone use in our building during<br />

emergencies?<br />

Most folks quizzed replied that cell phones should be silenced during<br />

services. Good Job! But I didn’t ask why, and you should be made<br />

aware of the following information regarding cell phone use while at<br />

our campus.<br />



SO, WE CAN DO<br />


security@templeadasshalom.org<br />

Pros:<br />

Easiest way to get help by calling 911.<br />

Great to notify those present/nearby that you are safely away from<br />

danger.<br />

Flashlight helpful in darkness of power outage.<br />

May help emergency responder locate you.<br />

Cons:<br />

A ring tone or vibration may alert/give you away your hidden<br />

location to an intruder.<br />

A signal could possibly trigger an explosive device.<br />

Not always a viable connection to cell service.<br />

Older technology not accurate for others to track you when in<br />

danger.<br />

Distraction to “Situational Awareness.”<br />

So, bottom line, silence your phone while in the building at <strong>TAS</strong>, and<br />

use only when it is necessary and safe to do so. Be a “Smart” smart<br />

phone user.<br />

security@templeadasshalom.org<br />

-Pat Wolkow<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Member Spotlight<br />

This month we begin a new feature in our monthly <strong>Newsletter</strong> that we are calling “Member<br />

Spotlight”. This article can be about one Temple member, one Temple Family, one special interest of a<br />

member or family, or any other topic that will help our congregants get to know one another a little<br />

better. We begin with a very special article about one of our younger members – Annie Huettel – who<br />

has a unique story about rugby. Enjoy!<br />

My Rugby Experience<br />

By Annie Huettel<br />

It all started in the Spring of 2019, when I was approached by two coaches asking if I would be<br />

interested in trying rugby. At the time I was playing soccer and lacrosse and was getting uninterested,<br />

so I made the decision to give rugby a try. I started practicing right away with the high school team<br />

that summer so I could start learning the game. I became fascinated with the intricacies of the game,<br />

while forging some long-lasting friendships with girls from surrounding counties that I would have<br />

never met otherwise. That chance encounter changed my life.<br />

As my passion for the game developed many opportunities became<br />

available to me. Most notably, in my sophomore year I was chosen to<br />

be part of the Atlantis Rugby team. Atlantis is an elite travel team<br />

that offers a higher level of competition. They compete in 4 major<br />

tournaments throughout the year in Utah, Florida, New York, and<br />

California against teams from around the world. I am also part of the<br />

United States rugby player pool for prospective Olympic athletes,<br />

and at age 14 was able to travel to Chula Vista, California to train at the Olympic training center with<br />

some amazing athletes and coaches.<br />

Just recently, I traveled to Klagenfurt, Austria with the North American<br />

Lions, a team comprised of top USA Under 18 players, to compete<br />

in the prestigious United World Games, where we beat Ireland to win<br />

gold. While overseas, we prepared for the United Games by competing<br />

in the Heidelberg sevens, one of Europe’s biggest rugby showcases<br />

and another international tournament.<br />

We took home gold there, as well.<br />

I must say one of the most meaningful and emotional experiences<br />

during my trip wasn’t the games, but my visit to the Dachau<br />

Concentration Camp. Starting my Jewish studies when I was in<br />

elementary school, my Jewish faith is extremely important to me.<br />

Learning about Jewish rituals, customs, history, and language is<br />

something I will never forget and hold close to my heart. In April 2019,<br />

after a lot of studying, I proudly became a bat mitzvah at<br />

Temple Adas Shalom.<br />

If you liked this story, please send in one of your own! We would love to hear from you… and actually, we<br />

need to hear from you to ensure this feature has material to continue!<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Temple Adas Shalom’s <strong>November</strong> 2023 Calendar of Events

September 2023 – Donors<br />

BUILDING FUND (L'dor V'dor)<br />

Anne Pollin<br />

Charna & Rob Kinneberg (L’dor V’dor)<br />

David & Rayna Richardson (L’dor V’dor)<br />

Brian & Jill Schorr (L’dor V’dor)<br />

Brenda & David Jaffe<br />

Oneg Fund<br />

Joseph Kaminkow<br />


Fred & Roslyn Belkin<br />

Ellen & Ken Farkas<br />

Emily & Micah Harrison<br />

Justine Davis & Rachel Laskin<br />

David Beyer<br />

Elizabeth & Kurt Westendorf<br />

Selma Wolkow<br />

Charna & Rob Kinneberg<br />

Sandy Schwartz<br />

Debbie Delaney<br />

Jean & Jessica Piwovar<br />


Amy & Andrew Ratner - In memory of Stuart Jay Robinson<br />

Janice Grant & Woodrow Grant Jr.<br />

Harvey & Marion Yurow - In memory of Aaron Kaplan, Anne Maxwell & Esther Finkler Stein<br />

Sandy Schwartz<br />

Linda Bernsohn<br />

Brett & Deborah Temple<br />

Michael & Michele Mullis<br />

Julie Sang<br />

David Beyer<br />

Rabbi Meeka Simerly<br />

Debbie Delaney<br />

Marcia & Neil Buchness<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


September 2023 – Donors (Continued)<br />

HJC GENERAL FUND (Continued)<br />

Patricia & Mark Wolkow<br />

Patricia & Stephen Marksamer<br />

Lior Laskowski & Taylor Valencia<br />

Frederick & Karen Wood<br />

Jean & Jessica Piwovar<br />

Rhonda & Richard August - In memory of Lucille Josephs Cohen<br />

Linda & Stuart Needel<br />

Ethan Levy<br />


Fred & Roslyn Belkin<br />

Charna & Rob Kinneberg<br />

David Brown & Carol H Mohr<br />

Kehillah MAGNET RS Fund<br />

Gracemarie Garlen<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Anita Rosenzweig<br />

Barbara Chancey<br />

Daniel Hurst<br />

Elise Schipper<br />

Fred Belkin<br />

Mi Sheberakh * We Pray for Healing<br />

Gerri Bronk<br />

Harvey Malin<br />

Heather Mullis<br />

Maddox Langbein<br />

Marcy Schirloff<br />

Marcy Werde<br />

<strong>November</strong> 2023 - Yahrzeits Observed<br />

Nancy Lever<br />

Natalie Litofsky<br />

Paula Mathai<br />

Ray Lee<br />

Steve Nohowel<br />

Gladys Hecht<br />

Leroy Edward Baer<br />

Doris Jolsen Rosenfeld<br />

Bess Kaplan<br />

Ada Nathanson<br />

Nathan Goldstein<br />

Abraham Fine<br />

Cathy Ann Glickstein<br />

Pearl Spring<br />

Julius H. Snyderman<br />

George Robinson<br />

Fred Mullis<br />

Sophie Spector<br />

Zachary Davis<br />

Alexander Brisker<br />

Daniel T. Katzoff<br />

Charlotte Maupin<br />

Isaac Pancer<br />

Samuel Berger<br />

Edythe Schechter<br />

Edith Schechter<br />

Lisa Schkloven<br />

Irene Alk Getz<br />

Lena Apple<br />

Larry Spring<br />

Irwin Wolkow<br />

Louis Markson<br />

Melvin Howard Sang<br />

Jerrold Bress<br />

Ralph Klein<br />

Julia Pillersdorf<br />

William Weintraub<br />

Bernard Gerber<br />

1st<br />

1st<br />

1st<br />

2nd<br />

2nd<br />

3rd<br />

4th<br />

4th<br />

4th<br />

5th<br />

5th<br />

6th<br />

6th<br />

7th<br />

8th<br />

9th<br />

9th<br />

9th<br />

10th<br />

10th<br />

10th<br />

11th<br />

11th<br />

11th<br />

11th<br />

11th<br />

12th<br />

12th<br />

13th<br />

14th<br />

14th<br />

15th<br />

15th<br />

Lorraine Jachman<br />

Alvin Needel<br />

Max Levin<br />

Eli Price<br />

Julius Diamant<br />

Irwin M. Wolkow<br />

Leah Abramson<br />

Arthur J. Davis<br />

Steven Martin Shuman<br />

Anna Goldberg Black<br />

Lyn Stacie Getz<br />

Natalie Evelyn Buchness<br />

Susan Ann Kempler<br />

Liya Leizerbaum<br />

Merelyn Paul<br />

Eleanor Portnoy<br />

Florence Schwaber<br />

Dorothy Singer<br />

Mildred C. Spector<br />

Avraham Hassid<br />

Stanley Getz<br />

Morris Weinstein<br />

Benjamin Hirsch<br />

Clara Schneck<br />

Dr. Anthony Ruffino<br />

Cheryl Miller Shimp<br />

Morris Apple<br />

Lillian Ribyat Braverman<br />

Katherine Hamburger<br />

Marcia Scheiner<br />

Joseph Oliner<br />

Randy Bress<br />

Melvin Chayt<br />

16th<br />

16th<br />

17th<br />

17th<br />

18th<br />

18th<br />

18th<br />

18th<br />

18th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

19th<br />

20th<br />

21st<br />

23rd<br />

23rd<br />

24th<br />

24th<br />

25th<br />

26th<br />

26th<br />

28th<br />

29th<br />

29th<br />

30th<br />

30th<br />

Caring Note<br />

Caring is about both the simchas and healing through support and community.<br />

Is there a moment you would like to share, privately or publicly?<br />

We want to be there for you so please let us know.<br />

Email the Caring Committee at caring@templeadasshalom.org<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


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