CBC 25th Anniversary Magazine

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Commemorative Edition 1998—2023

My name is Dr. Shatrela Washington-Hubbard<br />

and I am honored to serve as the Swinton A. Griffith<br />

III Dean of the College of Business and Communication.<br />

I am the fifth dean of the College of Business<br />

and Communication and I join a long line of<br />

proud and distinguished administrators, faculty,<br />

and staff whose mission has focused on preparing<br />

Brenau students for successful lives and rewarding<br />

careers.<br />

Join me as we commemorate the 25 th year<br />

since the founding of the College of Business and<br />

Communication. This magazine highlights some of<br />

the achievements of the College over the past<br />

twenty five years. Most importantly, the magazine<br />

honors our proud alumni and provides our alumni<br />

with an opportunity to remain connected with us.<br />

We are appreciative to all who have been a<br />

part of our rich history, and we hope that you will<br />

continue to support the College of Business and<br />

Communication at Brenau University.<br />

Thank you,<br />

Shatrela Washington-Hubbard

Table of Contents<br />

President ································· Anne Skleder, Ph.D.<br />

Provost ········································· James Eck, Ph.D.<br />

Dean ············ Shatrela Washington-Hubbard, Ph.D.<br />

Editor ·································· William J. Haney, Ph.D.<br />

Associate Editor ·················· Patricia Sperano, Ph.D.<br />

Director of Institutional<br />

Research and Planning ········ Claudia George, MBA<br />

Department Chair, Business ····· Linda Barton, Ph.D.<br />

Department Chair, Business ········ Renee Just, Ph.D.<br />

Department Chair, Communication ···· Jay Andrews<br />

Academic Services Director ······ Carol Evanco, MBA<br />

Director of Operations ···· Lila Westmoreland, MBA<br />

Graphic Design Intern ····················· Tamara Jeffery<br />

Information in this publication is as of<br />

Spring, 2023.<br />

Our History 5<br />

Our Future 19<br />

Our Deans 20<br />

Our Full-time Faculty 21<br />

WBCX Tribute 28<br />

Our Part-time Faculty 29<br />

Our Graduates 37<br />

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Our<br />

History<br />

The Brenau College of Business and<br />

Communication strives to provide an<br />

extraordinary education to future<br />

leaders which will empower our<br />

graduates to be conversant with innovative<br />

applications of technology,<br />

best practices, and creative trends in<br />

a global marketplace.

A Brief History of<br />

Brenau University<br />

Brenau was founded in 1878 as a private institution<br />

for the education of women. W.C. Wilkes, the institution's<br />

first administrator, is credited with building<br />

many of the historic buildings that still stand today.<br />

Although founders initially called the institution Georgia Baptist Female<br />

Seminary, it has never been affiliated with or governed by any religious organization.<br />

Through the years, Brenau evolved from a proprietary college to a not-for-profit institution<br />

governed by an independent Board of Trustees.<br />

The residential undergraduate Brenau Women's College remains, but other undergraduate<br />

programs on campuses, and all graduate and online programs, admit both men and<br />

women.<br />

In 1900, H. J. Pearce purchased the institution and renamed it Brenau, a linguistic<br />

blend formed from the German word brennen, "to burn," and the Latin aurum, "gold." Its<br />

motto is “As Gold Refined by Fire.” Brenau College remained privately owned until 1911, when<br />

the Board of Trustees assumed stewardship of the college, as remains the case today. In 1928,<br />

Brenau created a female, residential, college-preparatory school serving grades 9 through 12. In<br />

the late 1960s, Brenau began offering evening and weekend classes to both men and women<br />

apart from Women's College classes.<br />

Brenau College became Brenau University in<br />

1992 by a vote of the Board of Trustees, a name change that<br />

reflected the comprehensive programs of study, the diverse<br />

student body, new and stricter employment criteria for professors,<br />

and the scope of available graduate programs.<br />

Circa 1910

Prior to 1998, the College of Business and Communication did not exist. Instead,<br />

academic disciplines were divided up into individual departments, about 14 in all. This was an<br />

unmanageable number of departments for the provost to supervise as the population of Brenau<br />

was growing. As a result, the decision was made to divide the university into four distinct<br />

1998<br />

colleges: Fine Arts and Humanities, Education, Health Sciences, and<br />

Business and Communication. Thus was born our college in 1998!<br />

Dr. John S. Burd, the eighth president of Brenau University, and Dr. Helen<br />

Ray, provost and vice president of Academic Affairs, create the four-college<br />

system. They include the College of Business and Communication, the College<br />

of Fine Arts and Humanities, the College of Health Sciences, and the<br />

College of Education. This important point in Brenau’s history streamlines<br />

the administration and mirrors the concept of the university system.<br />

In September 1998, Professors George<br />

Wentworth and John Blair became the first<br />

faculty members teaching online classes in the<br />

College of Business and Communication. They<br />

taught AC201 Accounting Principles I and BA464<br />

Operations Management, respectively. These<br />

two classes become pilot classes and were used<br />

to pave the way toward broader online programs<br />

at Brenau. Pictured here is Professor<br />

Wentworth speaking to Brenau President John<br />

Burd.<br />

Dr. Diane Garsombke becomes the<br />

first dean of the College of Business<br />

and Communication.<br />

1999<br />

At this time classes<br />

were held at five<br />

campus locations:<br />

Athens, Augusta,<br />

Atlanta, Gainesville,<br />

and the King’s Bay<br />

Naval Station.<br />

Longtime and beloved<br />

Professor Clara Martin<br />

retires from Brenau<br />

University after many<br />

years of service. Among<br />

many accomplishments,<br />

Martin was responsible<br />

for starting the Brenau<br />

Radio Station WBCX in<br />

1977.<br />

Online classes and programs formally start at<br />

Brenau University in earnest. Classes in business<br />

administration are some of the first in Georgia to<br />

be taught using the new Convene program. In<br />

2004, Brenau adopted Blackboard as its online<br />

platform. Then in 2012, Canvas was adopted as<br />

the online learning platform. Brenau’s online<br />

classes reach students around the world in many<br />

countries and serve our military students.<br />

Brenau was a pioneer in online, meeting the<br />

needs of the adult returning student.

The Brenau logo used<br />

during this time<br />

symbolized the interwoven<br />

nature of the<br />

three “colleges” of<br />

Brenau: The Online<br />

College, the Evening/<br />

Weekend College, and<br />

the Women’s College.<br />

Dr. Bill Haney becomes<br />

the second dean of the<br />

College of Business<br />

and Communication.<br />

On Sept.11, 2001, the world changed<br />

as we witnessed evil happen in several<br />

locations in the U.S. This event<br />

started the “Global War on<br />

Terror” which impacted the Brenau<br />

community in so many ways. Our<br />

world has never been the same, but<br />

as a learning community we must<br />

continue to be ambassadors of love<br />

no matter where we are in the world.<br />

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL)<br />

degree begins. Originally called the MS in Organizational<br />

Development and later changed, this degree becomes an<br />

alternative to the longstanding successful MBA degree. The<br />

MSOL degree was developed with the help and input of<br />

Atlanta business leaders and focuses on human relations skills<br />

including critical and creative thinking, interpersonal<br />

dynamics, communication, human resources, and leadership.<br />

2001<br />

The Major Field Assessment Test<br />

is adopted and used in both<br />

undergraduate and graduate<br />

capstone classes and is the first<br />

outside measure of assessment<br />

used in the Business Department.<br />

The MFAT is an outcomes<br />

assessment tool that institutions<br />

use for evaluating and informing<br />

teaching and learning, strategic<br />

planning, measurement of student<br />

performance and accreditation.<br />

The first faculty members of the Department of Business Administration. Back row, left to<br />

right: Bill Haney, Jim Whitlock, Dennis Hull, Bill Fox, Philip Moery and Jack Green. Seated,<br />

left to right: Dow Douwsma, Karen Forney and Don Radman.<br />


The International Travel Program was initiated. This program<br />

was designed to give students a “world perspective” by<br />

engaging in international travel as a part of classes that they<br />

were taking in their business and communication programs.<br />

Since its initiation, the College of Business and Communication<br />

has taken students several times to England, France, and<br />

Guatemala. Shown below are students and faculty at the Olde<br />

Bank of England Pub in London.<br />

2002<br />

The John W. Jacobs Jr.<br />

Building is the home for<br />

the College of Business<br />

and Communication. It<br />

is named for the Gainesville<br />

media pioneer who<br />

served as chair of the<br />

Brenau Board of Trustees<br />

and was the university’s<br />

longest serving<br />

trustee<br />

American retired soccer midfielder,<br />

two-time FIFA Women's World<br />

Cup champion and two-time Olympic<br />

gold medalist Julie Foudy speaks to<br />

students in the Jacobs Building lobby<br />

providing inspiration to our Women’s<br />

College students.<br />

Dr. John S. Burd, eighth president of<br />

Brenau University, retires after a remarkable<br />

20-year tenure. Because of<br />

his commitment to and significant expansion<br />

of Brenau’s holdings in the<br />

permanent art collection and in honor<br />

of his service to the university, the<br />

John S. Burd Center for the Performing<br />

Arts was named in his honor.<br />

John S. Burd Center for the Performing Arts<br />


2004<br />

The School of Business partners with<br />

Atlanta based tech firm company<br />

TechNet to offer an undergraduate<br />

degree in e-commerce management.<br />

One of the first of its kind,<br />

TechNet provided the cutting-edge<br />

computer courses while the School<br />

of Business provided the formal<br />

business classes.<br />

Dr. Ted Garner and Dr. Stewart<br />

Blakley led the effort in writing<br />

and obtaining a grant from the<br />

Federal Communication Commission<br />

to make WBCX one of<br />

the first radio stations in<br />

Georgia to move from analog to<br />

digital. The grant was<br />

successfully awarded to Brenau<br />

and WBCX in 2006.<br />

The Business Department received a nearly $2 million grant from the<br />

estate of alumna Ada Little. This grant made it possible for many<br />

freshman or transfer students to receive scholarships who plan to<br />

complete a major with the Department of Business Administration.<br />

This scholarship continues on to this day.<br />

Dr. Ed Schrader named<br />

the ninth president of<br />

Brenau University.<br />

2005<br />

The graduate and undergraduate<br />

human resource management<br />

programs are moved from the<br />

College of Education to the College<br />

of Business and Communication.<br />

Dr. Suzanne Butterfield becomes<br />

that program’s first director.<br />

The faculty of the College of Business and Communication nearly doubled<br />

in five years to accommodate the increase in student enrolment. Back<br />

row, left to right: Art Johnson, Scott Fugate, Greg Chase, George Wentworth<br />

and Heather Gibbons (Online College director). Middle row, left to<br />

right: Jim Whitlock, Stewart Blakley, Donna Gibson (administrative assistant),<br />

Lua Blankenship (department chair) and Bill Haney (dean). Seated,<br />

left to right: Terrie Thamer, Cheryl Duvall (department chair), Kay Keels,<br />

Kel Ann Eyler, Suzanne Butterfield and Melinda Hawley.

2006<br />

Dr. Greg Chase, a Sam Walton<br />

Fellow, leads the undergraduate<br />

Students in Free Enterprise<br />

(SIFE) team to the annual national<br />

competition in Dallas,<br />

Texas, where they won several<br />

awards. SIFE Teams continued<br />

for many years in the School of<br />

Business, going on to win many<br />

awards.<br />

The Brenau logo used during<br />

this time symbolized the<br />

interwoven nature of the<br />

four “portals” of the<br />

university which included:<br />

World understanding,<br />

scientific and analytic<br />

curiosity, artistic and<br />

creative imagination, and<br />

communication and<br />

language fluency.<br />

Dr. Rob Harris is named the 2007<br />

Ann Austin Johnston Outstanding<br />

Faculty Award Recipient.<br />

2007<br />

The School of Business receives full accreditation by the International<br />

Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). This nationally<br />

recognized international accrediting body awards specialized accreditation<br />

for business programs. Accreditation of the Business Department at Brenau<br />

University provides program validity conducted by an external accrediting<br />

body and helps the department establish relationships with fellow<br />

institutions around the world which are also accredited through IACBE.<br />

Brenau University honors long-time<br />

radio contributor Paul Abert for his<br />

dedication and work at WBCX. Paul is<br />

seen here at the special ceremony with<br />

his wife Willie.

2008<br />

Professor Lua Blankenship is<br />

named the 2008 Vulcan Materials<br />

Co. Teaching Excellence Award<br />

Recipient.<br />

Professor Terri Thamer is named the<br />

2008 Ann Austin Johnston Outstanding<br />

Faculty Award Recipient. Additionally<br />

she received the Accounting Educator<br />

of the Year Award from the Educational<br />

Foundation of the Georgia Society of<br />

CPAs.<br />

Dr. Bill Lightfoot becomes the third dean of<br />

the College of Business and Communication.<br />

Some of the many on-air volunteer community hosts on WBCX 89.1<br />

who provided an eclectic variety of music and shows. Seen here with<br />

Station Manager Scott Fugate (fourth from left).<br />

2009<br />

Dr. Bill Lightfoot initiates and leads the effort in recruiting international students, primarily from<br />

Asia, to join the graduate programs in person at the historic campus in Gainesville in the College<br />

of Business and Communication. The first of several cohorts started in 2007. These graduate students,<br />

mainly from Taiwan and China, majored in business administration with a concentration<br />

primarily in project management. Pictured here with their advisor, Dr. John Adams.<br />

Dr. Greg Chase is<br />

awarded a prestigious<br />

Fulbright Scholarship.<br />

Sponsored<br />

by the Academy of<br />

Economic Studies,<br />

he travels to Moldova<br />

to teach.

Beloved Professors<br />

Suzanne Butterfield<br />

(HRM) and Terrie<br />

Thamer (accounting)<br />

retire from Brenau after<br />

many years of faithful<br />

service.<br />

2010<br />

Business students<br />

travel to Guatemala<br />

and volunteer at a<br />

number of NGOs including<br />

Casa Shalom<br />

orphanage. They also<br />

help teach classes at a<br />

local elementary<br />

school and help build<br />

farm animal enclosures<br />

as part of their<br />

class requirements in<br />

the MBA and MSOL<br />

programs.<br />

Dr. Suzanne Erickson is named<br />

the 2010 Vulcan Materials Co.<br />

Teaching Excellence Award<br />

Recipient.<br />

Dr. Annaleah Morrow is<br />

named the 2010 Outstanding<br />

Part-time Faculty Member of<br />

the Year Recipient.<br />

2011<br />

The College of Business and Communication<br />

Faculty in 2017<br />

Beloved Business Law Professor<br />

Don Radman retires from<br />

Brenau University after 14 years<br />

of service.

2012<br />

Brenau University<br />

earns initial accreditation<br />

from The Accreditation<br />

Council for<br />

Business Schools and<br />

Programs. This is a<br />

“specialized accreditation<br />

association for<br />

business education<br />

supporting,<br />

celebrating and<br />

rewarding teaching<br />

excellence.”<br />

The business faculty attending a management<br />

workshop in 2013.<br />

Brenau University’s<br />

accounting faculty<br />

and students begin<br />

to offer free tax<br />

preparation services<br />

to the Gainesville<br />

community.<br />

This not only provides<br />

a vital service<br />

but helps students<br />

train for their future<br />

career. Accounting<br />

professor,<br />

Dr.Denise<br />

Smith.and a student<br />

are pictured.<br />

Having been accredited by ACBSP in 2012, Brenau University<br />

became eligible to establish a chapter for Delta<br />

Mu Delta , the International Honor Society in Business.<br />

The purpose of DMD is to promote higher scholarship<br />

in business education and to recognize and reward<br />

scholastic achievement of business students. Undergraduates<br />

must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 and grad<br />

students a 3.60 GPA. Both must be within the upper<br />

20% of the class.<br />

2013<br />

Associate Professor<br />

of Finance Dr.<br />

Humnath Panta celebrates<br />

his new U.S.<br />

Brenau University opens the Jacksonville, Florida,<br />

campus . Brenau began to offer both undergraduate<br />

and graduate business degrees, including<br />

the Master of Business Administration, as well as<br />

a two-year Associate of Arts degree.

The "Tiger Threads" program was initiated in<br />

2016 by Lila Westmoreland, director of Operations<br />

& Executive Programs. This program<br />

offers the opportunity for business and communication<br />

students to select appropriate professional<br />

clothing needed<br />

for internships, interviews<br />

and the workplace at no<br />

cost. New and slightly<br />

used professional business<br />

attire are donated<br />

from local businesses and<br />

friends of Brenau University.<br />

Dr. Suzanne Erickson is named<br />

the fourth dean of the College<br />

of Business and Communication.<br />

2014<br />

“Lucille the Tiger” is dedicated on the lawn<br />

outside the Jacobs Building. She is the world's<br />

largest tiger statue, and represents Brenau University's<br />

"Golden Tiger" mascot. Funding was<br />

provided by a donation from Irwin “Ike” Belk,<br />

the Belk Department Store magnate. The tiger<br />

was named after Lucille Townsend Pearce,<br />

Brenau’s first female chief executive and wife of<br />

former Brenau University President H.J. Pearce.<br />

2015<br />

Both the MBA and the MS in organizational leadership adopt concentrations to<br />

each of the degrees. Students have the option of choosing one of about 14 concentrations<br />

that have classes that focus the student’s study to areas they feel will be<br />

important to their career. These concentrations are designed to change depending<br />

on what might be popular and needed in business and industry.<br />

Founded by the Marketing faculty,<br />

the Marketing Society at Brenau began<br />

with two important goals: preparing<br />

marketing students to enter<br />

the marketing sphere after graduation<br />

and elevating the students’ skills<br />

to help differentiate them in the<br />

competitive job marketplace. The<br />

student members have engaged in<br />

multiple activities including competitions,<br />

offering development workshops<br />

and participating in industry<br />

field trips.<br />

Dr. Stewart Blakley, beloved communications<br />

professor and longserving<br />

department chair, is<br />

named the 2016 Vulcan Materials<br />

Co. Teaching Excellence Award<br />

Recipient. He also retires at the<br />

end of the academic year and<br />

moves to the Florida Keys to enjoy<br />

his new fishing boat!

2016<br />

Brenau University partners with the Oxford<br />

Center for Entrepreneurs to offer the Entrepreneurship<br />

MBA. This cohort degree program<br />

is focused on students who want to<br />

start their own business or who are interested<br />

in corporate entrepreneurship. The<br />

coursework provides the opportunity to<br />

combine personal fulfillment at creating a<br />

business with the professional fulfillment of<br />

growing it successfully.<br />

Brenau’s Rotaract Club is initiated.<br />

Rotaract is an organization<br />

for adults ages 18-30 who want<br />

to make a positive change in the<br />

world through exchanging ideas,<br />

hands-on service projects,<br />

networking and social activities,<br />

professional development and<br />

international networking with<br />

young leaders.<br />

Luminary 830, a sculpture<br />

by artist Mike Roig, was<br />

installed on the lawn outside<br />

the Jacobs Building.<br />

The artwork was facilitated<br />

through the Vision<br />

2030 Public Art Committee,<br />

an anonymous<br />

donor, and the North<br />

Georgia Community Foundation.<br />

2017<br />

Brenau begins its Master<br />

of Arts Degree in communication<br />

and media studies.<br />

This degree is designed<br />

help students improve<br />

your communication<br />

skills and understanding<br />

of the media industry.<br />

Pictured to the right is Dr.<br />

Juli Clay, department chair<br />

of Communication.<br />

Dr. Ed Schrader retires as the<br />

president of Brenau University.<br />

2018<br />

Brenau’s Business School initiates the Master of<br />

Accounting (M.Acc.) graduate program. This program in<br />

combination with an undergraduate degree in accounting<br />

is designed to provide students with the skill sets needed<br />

for the field as well as to help prepare them for the CPA

2019<br />

Dr. Anne A. Skleder is named<br />

Brenau University’s tenth<br />

president and the first woman<br />

elected to this position in the<br />

university’s 142-year history.<br />

Communication / WBCX faculty<br />

One of Dr. Skleder’s first challenges<br />

is to lead Brenau<br />

through the COVID crisis. Her<br />

motto: Wear a Mask, Watch<br />

your Distance, Wash your<br />

Hands!<br />

2020<br />

Dr. Suzanne Erickson retires<br />

from Brenau University<br />

after 14 years of service.<br />

Dr. Deane Desper is named the<br />

2019 Outstanding Part Time<br />

Faculty Member of the Year.<br />

On March 16, 2020, Brenau University closed<br />

its campuses for in-person learning and<br />

shifted to online learning due to the COVID<br />

pandemic. In-person classes did not begin<br />

again until Aug. 24, 2020. Shown above is Dr.<br />

Bill Haney receiving his COVID vaccine administered<br />

by the nursing department.<br />

2021<br />

The Executive Woman’s Master of Business Administration<br />

(EWMBA) is initiated. This program is specifically designed to<br />

equip and promote uniquely driven women who are currently<br />

successful in the workplace and looking to advance to the C-<br />

suite. The Executive Women’s MBA is offered through a flexible<br />

platform that combines cohort and independent learning<br />

through online experiences and extended weekend residencies<br />

that employ interactive learning at significant financial and<br />

commercial centers . The first class of EWMBA students with<br />

staff and faculty who gathered for their residency in New York<br />

City are in the picture to the right.

Through a generous gift of the Melvin Douglas and Victoria<br />

Kay Ivester Foundation, Brenau University announced<br />

the naming of the Swinton A. Griffith III Deanship<br />

of the College of Business & Communication. The<br />

naming honors Swinton A. Griffith III who had a long<br />

friendship with both Doug and Kay Ivester and in<br />

recognition of Swinton’s work as a founding board<br />

2022<br />

Dr. Shatrela Washington-<br />

Hubbard is named the fifth<br />

dean of the College of Business<br />

and Communication.<br />

The faculty of the College of Business and Communication met with the President,<br />

Dr. Anne Skleder and the Provost Dr. Jim Eck shortly after her arrival on campus.<br />

Jacobs Media and the Jacobs family have long supported the<br />

work of the College of Business and Communication. The<br />

building bears the name of John W. Jacobs Jr. Through another<br />

generous gift from the Jacobs family, the lobby of the Jacobs<br />

building was completely remodeled and dedicated to the<br />

memory of John W. Jacobs, Jr. Thank you!<br />

Dr. Bill Haney retires from<br />

Brenau University after 23<br />

years of service. He was the<br />

longest-serving employee of<br />

the College of Business and<br />

Communication and served<br />

as professor, department<br />

chair, and dean.<br />

2023<br />

Dr. Ian Peters receives the<br />

2023 Vulcan Materials Co.<br />

Teaching Excellence<br />

Award.<br />

The Spencer Educational<br />

Foundation awards a grant<br />

written by Dr. Monica Heidesch to<br />

develop and support the risk management<br />

and insurance program.

What's Past is Prologue!<br />

The College of Business and Communication is committed to these CORE VALUES which<br />

will guide us into the next 25 years! Be a part of our growth! Be a part of our mission! Be a part of<br />

your university!<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Community: We believe that educating traditional and non-traditional students extends<br />

beyond the classroom and involves partnering with various stakeholders, such as<br />

industry partners and the community.<br />

Excellence: We believe in excellence in education and thus commit to collaboration,<br />

professional development, and continuous improvement processes to ensure<br />

excellence in our teaching and curricula.<br />

Accessible Learning: We believe in making learning accessible to<br />

different<br />

student populations, through multiple modalities.<br />

Diversity: We believe in embracing the diverse backgrounds<br />

and perspectives of students, faculty, and staff.<br />

Be Part<br />

of Our Future!<br />

When you complete your program of study, you are conferred the degree at the commencement<br />

ceremony and your official transcript is duly noted. You are also given a diploma which is the external<br />

symbol of your accomplishment. It is a proud moment in your life. And many people will<br />

display their diploma in a beautiful frame in their office or home.<br />

However, Brenau University “owns” your degree. Brenau is the “keeper” of your degree. The faculty,<br />

staff, administration are the ones responsible for maintaining and insuring the integrity of that<br />

diploma hanging on your wall. It means that Brenau University must ensure that future decisions<br />

that are made, the path that is chosen, and the people who are employed continue the high standard<br />

that is expected. Failure to do that puts into question the integrity of the university and the<br />

integrity of your degree.<br />

The College of Business and Communication pledges that we will do the utmost to ensure that your<br />

degree is worthy to hang in that beautiful frame on the wall and that you are proud to tell everyone<br />

you are a Golden Tiger! But, we cannot do that alone. We need your help. For some it is making<br />

a financial gift. For others it means volunteering. But one of the best ways you can help is to<br />

simply talk kindly about your alma mater. Tell everyone about the positive experiences you had at<br />

Brenau, and refer someone to our programs.. Everything you do for the university not only helps<br />

Brenau to continue its mission, but helps to ensure the integrity of your degree. So carry on, you<br />

proud Golden Tigers, into the next 25 years and beyond!

Our<br />

Full-Time<br />

Faculty & Staff<br />

The staff and faculty of the College of Business and Communication<br />

are dedicated and caring people who are experts in their fields.<br />

But more than that, they truly strive to challenge students to live<br />

extraordinary lives of personal and professional fulfillment.

The Deans<br />

Shatrela<br />

Washington-Hubbard, Ph.D.<br />

2021—Present<br />

Suzanne Erickson, Ph.D.<br />

2014—2021<br />

William S. Lightfoot, Ph.D.<br />

2007—2014<br />

Diane Garsombke, Ph.D.<br />

1999—2002<br />

William J. Haney, Ph.D.<br />

2002—2007<br />

...Carrying the<br />

Torch of Excellence<br />

into the Future...

I love the sense of community between<br />

professors and students at Brenau! Students run<br />

up and hug us whenever they see us on campus!<br />

- Dr. Jennifer Bolden<br />

John Adams<br />

Affiliate Faculty<br />

Project Management<br />

2010-2012<br />

Erick Aguilar<br />

Assistant Professor of<br />

Business Administration<br />

2015-2022<br />

Jay Andrews<br />

Director of Broadcasting and<br />

Digital Communications<br />

2012-Present<br />

Melanie Baker<br />

Office Manager<br />

2005-2013<br />

Dhruba Banjade<br />

Assistant Professor of Finance<br />

2021-Present<br />

Linda Barton<br />

Professor of Marketing<br />

2009-Present<br />

Lua Blankenship<br />

Associate Professor of<br />

Business Administration<br />

2001-2012<br />

Stewart Blakley<br />

Professor of<br />

Communication<br />

1996-2016<br />

Jennifer Bolden<br />

Assistant Professor Accounting<br />

2019-2023<br />

Bruce Burch<br />

Executive in Residence<br />

2012-2016<br />

Suzanne Butterfield<br />

Associate Professor of Human Resource<br />

Management<br />

1996-2014<br />

Gregory Chase<br />

Assistant Professor Economics<br />

2012-2014<br />

John Christopher<br />

Assistant Professor Leadership<br />

2012-2020<br />

Russ Ciokiewicz<br />

Assistant Professor Accounting<br />

2015-2019<br />

Carole Ciokiewicz<br />

MBA Program Director<br />


Stephen Claghorn<br />

Associate Professor Accounting<br />

2007-2009<br />

Julia Clay<br />

Professor of Communication<br />

2006-2022<br />

Marc Cool<br />

Assist. Professor of Management<br />

2010-2017<br />

Leslie Corbitt<br />

Assistant Professor Business Law<br />

2014-2022<br />

Susan Daniels<br />

Assistant Professor<br />

of Project Management<br />

2019-2022<br />

Anna Deeb<br />

Assistant Professor Communication<br />

2018-Present<br />

Doward Douwsma<br />

Assistant Professor Business<br />

1993-2002<br />

Cheryl Duvall<br />

Associate Professor of<br />

Business Administration<br />

2003-2007<br />

Suzanne Erickson<br />

Dean of the College<br />

Professor of Finance<br />

2007-2021<br />

Scott Ertekin<br />

Associate Professor Marketing<br />

2016-Present<br />

Carol Evanco<br />

Director of Academic Services<br />

2013-Present<br />

Kel-Ann Eyler<br />

Associate Professor Accounting<br />

2006-2012<br />

Fassil Fanta<br />

Associate Professor Economics<br />

2015-Present<br />

Janet Forney<br />

Assistant Professor Accounting<br />

1996-2011<br />

Michael Fekula<br />

Assistant Professor Business<br />

2004-2010<br />

I really enjoyed my time at Brenau working with students<br />

in the Women’s College, the Evening/Weekend program, and the Online<br />

program. I felt I played a role in helping to meet our community’s educational<br />

needs including our military personnel around the world.<br />

- Prof. Lua Blankenship — 2008 Vulcan Teaching Excellence<br />

Award Recipient

To have my own radio show on something I love (film music), I<br />

don't think I could have had at any other school. I have been doing<br />

"Mace on Film" for 14 years now, and it has been fun. The show has<br />

been a great way for me to unwind and relax. And I can show- off my<br />

knowledge of film music. It doesn't get much better than that! Many<br />

thanks to the College of Business and Communication, Brenau University<br />

and WBCX 89.1 for letting me do "Mace on Film."<br />

- Dr. Kevin Mace<br />

William Fox<br />

Assistant Professor of Business<br />

1995-2002<br />

Scott Fugate<br />

Program/Music Director WBCX<br />

2002-2009<br />

Jeannie Gaines<br />

Professor of Management<br />

2009-2018<br />

Ted Garner<br />

Assistant Professor Communications<br />

2004-Present<br />

Phyllis Garofalo<br />

Dean's Assistant<br />

2005-2011<br />

Diane Garsombke<br />

Dean of the College<br />

Professor Business Administration<br />

1998-2001<br />

John Green, Jr.<br />

Associate Professor Business<br />

1984-2002<br />

Jean Hanebury<br />

Assistant Professor of Business<br />

2004-2005<br />

William Haney<br />

Dean of the College<br />

Professor Business Administration<br />

2000-2023<br />

Heather Hartman<br />

Assistant Professor<br />

of Business Administration<br />

2000-2012<br />

Rob Harris<br />

Assistant Professor Marketing<br />

2002-2008<br />

Melinda Hawley<br />

Associate Professor of<br />

Communication<br />

2000-2004<br />

Monica Heidesch<br />

Assistant Professor Management<br />

2022-Present<br />

Chad Holloway<br />

Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration<br />

2021-Present<br />

Vivian Hughes<br />

Dean's Assistant<br />


Dennis Hull<br />

Assistant Professor of<br />

Business Administration<br />

1994-2002<br />

Arthur Johnson<br />

Associate Professor of<br />

Organizational Development<br />

2002-2006<br />

Debra Jimenez<br />

Secretary<br />

2003-2003<br />

Pam Johnson<br />

Assistant Professor Business<br />

1999-2005<br />

Renee Just<br />

Associate Professor Leadership<br />

2021-Present<br />

Kay Keels<br />

Assistant Professor Management<br />

2002-2005<br />

Dawn Keig<br />

Assistant Professor Management<br />

2011-2014<br />

William Laing<br />

Professor of Management<br />

2014-2021<br />

Margaret Langdon<br />

Secretary<br />

2004-2008<br />

Karen Lightfoot<br />

Assistant Professor Accounting<br />

2007-2018<br />

William Lightfoot<br />

Dean of the College<br />

Professor Business Administration<br />

2007-2017<br />

Kevin Mace<br />

Associate Professor<br />

of Communication<br />

2007-Present<br />

Clara Martin<br />

Associate Professor<br />

of Communication<br />

2005-2006<br />

Linda McNeely<br />

Associate Professor Management<br />

2020-Present<br />

Simon Medcalfe<br />

Assistant Professor<br />

of Business Administration<br />

2004-2009<br />

It has been an honor to serve the staff,<br />

faculty, and students for 23 years. I would not<br />

have traded it for anything in the world! Thank<br />

you Brenau! - Dr. Bill Haney

Brenau was my home for four years, but the memories of those four<br />

years are etched for a lifetime. I am so thankful and eternally grateful<br />

for every part of that journey. Distinctly, I am beholden for the people<br />

I met at Brenau and the relationships that were built and I cherish,<br />

the collegial and positive environment that fosters productivity and<br />

the overall opportunities available to learn and grow as an academic.<br />

Thank you wonderful people! - Dr. Arun Narayanasamy<br />

David Miller<br />

Professor of<br />

Healthcare Management<br />

2012-2021<br />

Phillip Moery<br />

Callaway Professor<br />

of Business Administration<br />

1989-2002<br />

Laura Morrow<br />

Assistant Professor Management<br />

2015-2017<br />

Arun Narayanasamy<br />

Associate Professor Finance<br />

2017-2021<br />

Joseph Newman<br />

Assistant Professor<br />

of Business Administration<br />

2009-2011<br />

Bob North<br />

Assistant Professor Business<br />

1999-2016<br />

Humnath Panta<br />

Associate Professor Finance<br />

2012-2019<br />

Ian Peters<br />

Associate Professor<br />

of Communication<br />

2016-Present<br />

Pennie Pinkerton<br />

Assistant Professor Accounting<br />

2008-Present<br />

Yvonne Pouncey<br />

Associate Professor<br />

of Business Administration<br />

2009-2019<br />

Don Radman<br />

Associate Professor<br />

of Business Law<br />

1997-2011<br />

James Sennett<br />

Professor of<br />

Business Administration<br />

2007-2022<br />

Carol Smith<br />

Faculty Services Director<br />

2002-2018<br />

Denise Smith<br />

Assistant Professor Accounting<br />


Sheila Strider<br />

Assistant Professor of Human<br />

Resource Management<br />

2015-2017<br />

James Taylor<br />

Associate Professor of<br />

Business Administration<br />

2007-Present<br />

Teresa Thamer<br />

Associate Professor Accounting<br />

2001-2014<br />

Doris Tilley<br />

Secretary<br />

1994-2005<br />

Shatrela Washington-Hubbard<br />

Dean of the College<br />

Professor of HRM<br />

2019-Present<br />

Lila Weaver<br />

Director of Events and<br />

Executive Programs<br />

2010-2023<br />

George Wentworth<br />

CPA in Residence<br />

1995-2006<br />

Jim Whitlock<br />

Associate Professor of Healthcare<br />

Management<br />

2012-2014<br />

Chet White<br />

National Production & Compliance<br />

Coordinator, WBCX<br />

2011-Present<br />

Kimberly Willis<br />

Associate Professor<br />

of Business Law<br />

2010-Present<br />

Department Chairs<br />

Jay Andrews<br />

Linda Barton<br />

Lua Blankenship<br />

Stewart Blakley<br />

Julia Clay<br />

Cheryl Duvall<br />

Suzanne Erickson<br />

Jeannie Gaines<br />

William Haney<br />

Arthur Johnson<br />

Renee Just<br />

William Laing<br />

Karen Lightfoot<br />

Laura Morrow<br />

Pennie Pinkerton<br />

Yvonne Pouncey<br />

Teresa Thamer

Nearly 50 Years of 89.1 WBCX<br />

The Voice of Brenau<br />

Clara Martin 1990-2000<br />

Rob Bilgalke 2000-2002<br />

Scott Fugate 2002-2009<br />

Jay Andrews 2012-Present<br />

Kristina Rhoades 2009-2012<br />

Chet White 2011-Present

Our<br />

Part-Time<br />

Faculty<br />

The part-time faculty of the College of Business and<br />

Communication are a vital part of the college. They<br />

bring their immediate and highly relevant professional<br />

experience into the classroom out of a sincere desire to<br />

help students grow in their fields.

Thank<br />

You!<br />

Some of the many wonderful and talented adjunct faculty who have taught over the past 25 Years

Communication Adjunct Faculty<br />

Evelyn Asher 2013-2014<br />

Molly Badgett 2015-2017<br />

Michael Beard 2016-2018<br />

David Cook 2016-2018<br />

Pamela Cunneen 2017-2021<br />

Elizabeth Edwards 2017-Present<br />

James Eggensperger 2016-Present<br />

Jason Guthrie 2016-2016<br />

Jake Hunsbusher 2019-2022<br />

Geri Naylor 2004-2005<br />

Kristina Rhoades 2016-2018<br />

Ryan Thames 2018<br />

Jenee Wilde 2004-2009<br />

Business Adjunct Faculty<br />

Ronn Aaman 2008-2014<br />

Jean Abercrombie 2004-2005<br />

Wendy Achilles 2019-2022<br />

George Ackerman 2008-2009<br />

Chitalu Adams 2019-2022<br />

Edward Adams 1990-1999<br />

Laura Adams 2008-2011<br />

Mark Addington 2018-2021<br />

James Alling 2000-2010<br />

Sekou Amadou 2012-2014<br />

Vernie Andrew 2009-2010<br />

William Andrews 1988-2010<br />

Lisa Andrus 2019-Present<br />

Fabiola Armitage 2000-2005<br />

Wallace Arthur 2006-2008<br />

William Aspinwall 2008-2012<br />

Patrick Balton 2016-2021<br />

Richard Bame 2015-2020<br />

Lezlie Banks 2009-Present<br />

Ava Barnes 2016-2016<br />

David Barnett 2005-Present<br />

Bradford Baucom 2008-2011<br />

Rhonda Beck 2006-2006<br />

William Beecken 2009-Present<br />

Paula Beiser 2009-2009<br />

Aldith Bell 2010-2017<br />

Nicholas Bergan 2016-2018<br />

Linda Berger 2014-2015<br />

Margaret Bernasek 2007-2009<br />

David Binder 2008-2012<br />

Ralph Blackwelder 2001-2009<br />

John Blair 2000-2002<br />

I really loved teaching for Brenau. It was a lot<br />

of fun and work, but I felt the students really appreciated<br />

not only my experience in leadership but the time we<br />

spent together in class.<br />

- Prof. David Cederburg

Since starting with Brenau in 2014, I've enjoyed providing students<br />

with real-world sales and marketing scenarios -- based on my experience<br />

in the corporate arena. It's exciting to see students grasp these<br />

practical applications, and go leverage them in their professional<br />

lives. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be part of a stellar faculty.<br />

- Dr. John Troutman<br />

Sharon Bodford 2004-2018<br />

Edana Bondoc 2014-2020<br />

Mary Boone 2009-2014<br />

Michael Borsodi 2008-2010<br />

Kenneth Botts 2002-2002<br />

Kurt Bradley 2006-2010<br />

Thomas Brady 2009-2011<br />

Kevin Branham 1991-2003<br />

Felicia Bridgewater 2015-2016<br />

Burton Bright 2002-2014<br />

Martha Chafin 2000-2000<br />

Julie Chahboune 2013-2022<br />

Charles Chambers 2013-2014<br />

Alan Chapple 2015-2021<br />

Qiang Chen 2012-2012<br />

Dick Childers 1983-2009<br />

William Chism 2002-2005<br />

Barbara Church 1997-2005<br />

Elizabeth Clark 2003-2009<br />

William Clarke 2009-2014<br />

Robert Curran 2013-2022<br />

Robert d'Alessio 2009-2014<br />

Bruce Daniels 2009-2011<br />

Ronald Davis 2016-2018<br />

Reesa-Marie Dawkins 1998-2001<br />

Anitra Dawson 2011-2014<br />

Jason Deavours 2009-2011<br />

John Decker 2009-2015<br />

Scott DeClue 2008-2009<br />

Joanne DeHaven 2009-2011<br />

Suzanne Brosche 2008-2016<br />

Brooks Clay<br />

2015-Present<br />

Mario Delgado 2016-2018<br />

Michael Brown 2004-2014<br />

Russell Clayton 2017-2021<br />

Tiffanie Deloach<br />

2019-Present<br />

Eric Bruder 2016-2022<br />

Scott Cohen 2019-2021<br />

Donna Derrer 2013-2015<br />

Stephen Burnett 2000-2005<br />

David Coley 2014-2021<br />

Deane Desper<br />

2014-Present<br />

Richard Burton 2014-2015<br />

George Coltrane 1988-1995<br />

Steven Dir 1999-2006<br />

Richard Bushart<br />

2021-Present<br />

Steven Comstock 2016-2018<br />

Kathryn Dubnik 2008-2009<br />

Tommy Byrd 2018-2021<br />

Jesse Carleton 2010-2010<br />

Alvaro Castro 2007-2009<br />

Norman Cates 2003-2005<br />

Ruth Cayll 2007-2008<br />

Paule Ann Ceci 2001-2017<br />

David Cederburg 2010-2018<br />

Jeffrey Condon 2012-2014<br />

Sharawn Connors 2012-2014<br />

Chrystal Cook 2010-2014<br />

Mary Ellen Cooper 1993-2010<br />

William Copeland 2014-2014<br />

Dionitia Cornell 2011-2014<br />

Don Cross 2013-2021<br />

Valecia Dunbar 2018-2021<br />

Trudy Dunson 2014-2021<br />

Lorraine Durham 1990-2005<br />

Thadeus Duzenski 1995-2010<br />

Tara Ealy 2011-2014<br />

Ian Easton 2002-2021<br />

Franklin Eaton 2004-2005

Angela Elkowitz 2004-2009<br />

Jonathan Engel 2003-2008<br />

Thomas England 2001-2010<br />

Shirley Gates-Jordan 2004-2004<br />

Dennis Giannetti 2003-2011<br />

Daniel Gilbert 2007-2015<br />

Carolyn Harold 2015-2022<br />

Ashley Harper 2009-2018<br />

JoAnn Harris 2002-2017<br />

George Erwin 1999-2021<br />

Sandy Glass 2019-2022<br />

Elizabeth Harrison<br />

2009-Present<br />

Elias Etinge 1991-2012<br />

Richard Goodwin 1996-2007<br />

Andrew Hasty<br />

2013-Present<br />

Joy Evans 2012-2022<br />

Lori Fancher 2009-2012<br />

Lisa Farmer 2012-2018<br />

Nadeem Fatmi 2002-2005<br />

William Feely 1997-2007<br />

Richard Goolsby 1991-2010<br />

Tamela Grandberry 2006-2009<br />

Nancy Green 2002-2005<br />

Rokesha Green 2013-2018<br />

Roberta Greene 2009-2014<br />

C. Hayes 1994-1999<br />

Raymond Hayes, III 1996-2009<br />

James Heagle 2007-2009<br />

Laurie Heinze 2001-2009<br />

Glenda Hicks 2010-2012<br />

Howard Fero<br />

2021-Present<br />

Florice Gregory 2015-2021<br />

Michael Hilley 2018-2018<br />

Edsel Fickey 2014-2021<br />

Livia Fitzgerald 2008-2009<br />

Linda Flynn 2006-2008<br />

Christine Grieve 2006-2009<br />

Marlene Groman 2009-2011<br />

Ruth Grothe 2002-2010<br />

Mary Hinds 2014-2015<br />

Elizabeth Hirst 2002-2005<br />

Arlene Hiss 2001-2023<br />

Carolyn Fore<br />

2013-Present<br />

Stephen Grothe 2002-2005<br />

Amy Hodges 2005-2020<br />

Danny Fowler 2004-2005<br />

Gemma Frock 2008-2009<br />

George Guest 2001-2003<br />

Thomas Gunter 1995-2000<br />

Clarence Hollis, Jr. 2008-2010<br />

Wayne Hollman 2016-2021<br />

Walter Fulbright<br />

2021-Present<br />

John Halstead 2007-2018<br />

Irwin Holloway 2007-2014<br />

Alena Funtikova-White 2011-Present<br />

William Hamilton 1999-2010<br />

Wendy Holloway 2012-2018<br />

Rebekah Galyean 2011-2015<br />

Wissam Hammoud<br />

2016-Present<br />

John Holmes 2000-2003<br />

Thomas Garsombke 2000-2002<br />

Alessandro Gasparini 2012-Present<br />

Varina Haney 2000-2017<br />

Glenn Hansen 2009-2020<br />

Bruce Holt 2014-2020<br />

Justin Hope 2013-2022<br />

James Gaston 2012-2021<br />

Connie Hardgrove 2003-2010<br />

Lucas Hopkins<br />

2013-Present<br />

Twenty years ago in 2002, I said “I do” to my relationship<br />

with Brenau University. Since then, Georgia has always been on my mind”<br />

even though I live in Southern California! I was honored to work with the<br />

MSOL students and I have really enjoyed every minute of my classes. I<br />

love my time at Brenau University!<br />

- Dr. Arlene Hiss, longest-serving Part-time Instructor in the<br />

history of the College of Business and Communication—21 years

It is an honor to teach in the Master of Science in organizational<br />

leadership. I particularly enjoy leading the strategic leadership<br />

planning course, the capstone in the program sequence. The capstone<br />

gives students the opportunity to practice the concepts, theories<br />

and ideas of the program in their professional lives. This has<br />

been a very rewarding experience! - Dr. Patricia Sperano<br />

Anthony Interlandi 2007-2011<br />

Marice Jackson 2019-2022<br />

Claude Johns 1999-2001<br />

Melissa Johnsa 2015-2018<br />

Jeffery Johnson 2014-2017<br />

Landy Johnson 2017-2021<br />

Iseral Johnson 2011-2012<br />

Stanley Kimbrell 1991-2007<br />

Carlisle Kittinger 2001-2002<br />

Leat Kodua 2013-2022<br />

Mitchell Komarmy 2009-2011<br />

Donald Koski 2004-2005<br />

Linda Kulka 2003-2016<br />

Richard Lacey 2008-2012<br />

Robert Manteufe l2004-2017<br />

Julie Martin 2005-2009<br />

Tyler Martin 2014-2015<br />

Benjamin Mathews 2015-2018<br />

Jason Matthews 2014-2015<br />

Randy Maxwell 2002-2003<br />

Randall McCall 2006-2011<br />

Mary Johnson<br />

2009-Present<br />

Bryan Lagalo 2011-2015<br />

Matthew McCallister 2003-2005<br />

Joanne Johnston<br />

2018-Present<br />

Bart Laird 2011-2012<br />

Karen McCarron 2003-2005<br />

Clayton Jolly 1988-2021<br />

Sheryl Jolly 1987-2010<br />

Janet Jones 2007-2008<br />

Tara Lammers 2012-2018<br />

Sheila Langley 2015-2017<br />

Marla Law 2017-2021<br />

John McCarthy 2005-2005<br />

Sean McCue 2009-2012<br />

Merridy McDaniel 2008-2010<br />

Lynn Jones 2002-2003<br />

Robert Leach 2010-2018<br />

Michael McGivern<br />

2022-Present<br />

Stephen Jones 1991-2010<br />

Don Jordan 2008-2009<br />

Robert Ledman 2008-2010<br />

Jesse Lewis 2006-2007<br />

Douglas McKelvey 2007-2009<br />

Leila McKenzie 2014-2020<br />

Raymond Junk 2008-2012<br />

John Lewis 1999-2005<br />

Sonja McLendon<br />

2020-Present<br />

Lorna Katica 2013-2017<br />

J. Lifsey 2002-2003<br />

John Means 2009-2017<br />

Jessica Keavney<br />

2018-Present<br />

Carl Lobaugh 2014-2015<br />

Sherry Mercer 2004-2014<br />

Rebecca Kelly 2013-2014<br />

Nancy Khashan 1987-2005<br />

Brian Logan 2006-2009<br />

William Lowe 2003-2012<br />

Rodney Michael 2004-2005<br />

Mitchell Miller 2014-2018<br />

Julie Kihneman 2010-2016<br />

Milton Luoma 2000-2018<br />

Pamela Minteer<br />

2022-Present<br />

Joseph Kilpatrick 2004-2014<br />

Gina-Marie Lynch 2017-2018<br />

Jennica Moore 2010-2012<br />

Deborah Kim 2014-2021<br />

Rama Mandawat<br />

2010-Present<br />

Lynn Moore 2001-2017<br />

William Moore 2009-2016

Thomas Morris<br />

2020-Present<br />

Robert Pearson 2001-2002<br />

Stephen Robbins 2015-2017<br />

Annaleah Morrow 2006-2022<br />

Michael Morrow 2010-2016<br />

John Mueller 2013-2017<br />

Monet Pearson 2006-2008<br />

Joel Peddle 2015-2021<br />

Aaron Pennington 2009-2010<br />

David Rogers 2016-2022<br />

Isabel Romero 2001-2001<br />

Kantrice Rose 2014-2021<br />

Susan Mullis<br />

2003-Present<br />

Joan Perin 2013-2014<br />

Nancy Rossiter 2014-2017<br />

Arlene Murphy<br />

2020-Present<br />

JoDee Phillips 2011-2014<br />

Cara Rowe 1998-2002<br />

James Nelems 2001-2003<br />

Shannon Nesbit 2009-2021<br />

Deborah Newsholme 2008-2012<br />

Kiersten Nicholson 2012-2013<br />

Iben Nielsen 2010-2012<br />

Kristopher Nordholz 2015-2021<br />

Kenneth Norris 2010-2015<br />

Robert O'Hara 2008-2009<br />

Justine Oliver 2016-2021<br />

Obinna Olowu 2013-2022<br />

Ralph Pierno 2007-2008<br />

Kipling Pirkle 2014-2014<br />

Laura Pogue 2008-2019<br />

Adina Pollan 2016-2018<br />

Russ Pomrenke 2005-2011<br />

Redenna Poole 2009-2022<br />

Lewis Pringle 2003-2003<br />

Timothy Ramsey 2011-2022<br />

Kelly Rapley 2008-2009<br />

Lanny Rauer 1999-2006<br />

Michael Rundles 2007-2009<br />

Rene Ryman 2014-2018<br />

Wanda Saed 2003-2021<br />

Marjorie Saintil-Alston 2021-Present<br />

Jeffrey Salzman 2002-2005<br />

Samuel Sanders 2010-2011<br />

Ryan Sauers 2011-2014<br />

Steven Scalise 2007-2010<br />

George Schaller 1993-2005<br />

Robert Schlag 1998-2005<br />

Oladele Omosegbon<br />

2021-Present<br />

Marvin Ray 2009-2015<br />

Charity Schlereth<br />

2021-Present<br />

Linda Owens 2008-2011<br />

Pauline Ray<br />

2005-Present<br />

Ryan Schmidt 2015-2018<br />

Michael Page 2001-2007<br />

Donald Pando, Jr. 2003-2004<br />

Phillip Parsons 2004-2008<br />

Edgars Patani 2018-2021<br />

Demetri Patitsas 2017-2022<br />

Joseph Peacher 1991-2010<br />

Christopher Reeber 1997-2002<br />

Christopher Reese 2014-2022<br />

Lawrence Reeves III 2018-Present<br />

Ronny Richardson 2003-2006<br />

Lauren Richmond 2005-2005<br />

Joyce Riddle 2005-2007<br />

George Scott 2004-2018<br />

Martin Seay 2011-2012<br />

David Seem 2011-2020<br />

William Shanahan 2007-2008<br />

Scott Shaw 2010-2022<br />

Andrew Shedd 2009-2010<br />

What I most enjoyed about working with Brenau undergraduate and<br />

graduate students is that they pushed me to stay current in my field, and I was often<br />

presented with new ideas and approaches based on their perspectives and experiences.<br />

I have maintained a mentoring relationship with many previous students and am so<br />

proud to see their professional growth and development; having the opportunity to not<br />

only participate in a student’s learning experience but to be trusted to continue to<br />

guide and mentor is very rewarding. “<br />

- Dr. Annaheah Morrow, Brenau University Adjunct Professor of the Year, 2010

I was there in the beginning and our crew was definitely a family.<br />

We laughed and cried and even fought like siblings at times. Even though I wasn't in<br />

their classrooms, I learned so much from the faculty in the College of Business and<br />

Communication. Their generosity allowed me to experience the world in new ways<br />

and taught me to look at things from different perspectives. I wouldn't be where I<br />

am today without them. Love you all.<br />

- Donna Gibson, Director of Marketing<br />

Nancy Shoemake 2009-2012<br />

Stephen Sullivan<br />

2022-Present<br />

Dawnlee Walton 2013-2022<br />

David Shroads 2008-2015<br />

Billy Shumate 2017-2022<br />

John Sienrukos 2016-2021<br />

Gerald Sullivan 2008-2009<br />

Mitchell Sutherland 2015-Present<br />

Jenny Swearingen 2014-2017<br />

Jarrett Walton 2009-2015<br />

Alecia Webb 2011-2021<br />

Freddie Welcher 1989-2012<br />

Scott Sikes<br />

2020-Present<br />

Mark Tabladillo 2016-2017<br />

Sean Wentworth 2002-2005<br />

Cynthia Simon 2018-2021<br />

Salvatore Sinatra 2010-2014<br />

James Skertich 2010-2013<br />

Harvey Slentz 2004-2005<br />

Carol Small 2000-2000<br />

James Smith 2002-2003<br />

Brent Tabor 2019-2022<br />

Shaema Talib 2021-2021<br />

Cheryl Taylor 2013-2014<br />

Joseph Thomas 2011-2021<br />

Michael Thomas 2008-2014<br />

Meredith Thomas 2009-2010<br />

Charles Wheeler 2002-2005<br />

Kenneth White 2018-2022<br />

Melinda White 2003-2006<br />

James Wiley 2012-2014<br />

Julia Williams 2005-2015<br />

Stephen Williams 2013-2016<br />

Judith Smith 2005-2008<br />

William Trabue 2000-2018<br />

Tomeika Williams<br />

2022-Present<br />

James Smith 2010-2012<br />

Brian Trill 2008-2009<br />

Charles Wilson 1992-2000<br />

Steve Solesbee 2004-2005<br />

John Troutman<br />

2013-Present<br />

Michael Winterhalter 2008-2016<br />

Janice Spangenburg 2018-2021<br />

Carroll Turner 2018-2019<br />

Barry Wolfe 2013-2021<br />

Patricia Sperano<br />

2002-Present<br />

Frank Ubhaus 2003-2018<br />

Kathryn Yancey<br />

2013-Present<br />

Ronald Sperano<br />

2016-Present<br />

Chantel Upshur-Morgan2014-2021<br />

Fang Yang 2006-2017<br />

Lisa Spooner 2013-2017<br />

Geoffrey VanderPal 2006-2008<br />

Fredrick Young 2001<br />

Richard Stafford<br />

2022-Present<br />

Claude Vansant III 2003-2011<br />

Lance Young 2013-2021<br />

Greer Staples 2013-2017<br />

Stephen Varga-Sinka 2005-2018<br />

Maja Zelihic<br />

2015-Present<br />

Natalie Starr 2021-2022<br />

Albert Steele 2009-2011<br />

Richard Stephens 2007-2008<br />

John Sterrett 2006-2011<br />

Russell Strickland 2009-2010<br />

Betty Varnadore 2004-2005<br />

Mitchell Velasco 2015-2021<br />

Lisette Velez 1999-2000<br />

James Wahlers 2001-2001<br />

Yolanda Walker 2010-2017<br />

Scott Zipprich 2009-2010<br />

Kimberly Ziprik 2008-2012<br />

Benjamin Zuckerman 2013-2017

Our<br />

Graduates<br />

Brenau University is proud of the more than 7,000 graduates of<br />

the College of Business and Communication of Brenau University<br />

over the past 25 years. They have gone on into every industry<br />

on every continent to transform and live extraordinary lives.

Our graduates are from 48 out of the 50 states in<br />

the United States as well as from the following<br />

Afghanistan<br />

Antigua &<br />

Barbuda<br />

Australia<br />

Bolivia<br />

Canada<br />

Chile<br />

China<br />

Ecuador<br />

countries:<br />

Egypt<br />

France<br />

Germany<br />

Greece<br />

Honduras<br />

Jamaica<br />

Japan<br />

Kazakhstan<br />

Montenegro<br />

Netherlands<br />

New Zealand<br />

Peru<br />

Rwanda<br />

Singapore<br />

Slovakia<br />

Spain<br />

Taiwan<br />

United Kingdom<br />

By Campus Location<br />

Online ............................................... 40%<br />

Augusta ............................................. 20%<br />

Kings Bay &<br />

Jacksonville ....................................... 10%<br />

Gainesville .......................................... 9%<br />

N. Atlanta & Norcross .......................... 8%<br />

Women’s College ................................ 7%<br />

Special Cohorts ................................... 2%<br />

Athens ................................................. 1%<br />

Fairburn .............................................. 1%<br />

Other .................................................. 2%

Degrees Conferred<br />

The College of Business and Communication offers the following degrees that<br />

are conferred and certificates that have been earned.<br />

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)<br />

Bachelor of Arts (BA)<br />

Bachelor of Science (BS)<br />

Executive Women’s Master of<br />

Business Administration (EWMBA)<br />

The School of Business<br />

The School of Communication<br />

Master of Accounting (MAcc)<br />

Master of Business Administration (MBA)<br />

Master of Science (MSOL, Organizational<br />

Leadership)<br />

Bachelor of Arts (BA)<br />

Bachelor of Science (BS)<br />

Master of Arts (MA)<br />

Graduate Certificates Earned<br />

Graduate certificates are earned by students who typically already have a Master’s<br />

degree and desire to take coursework toward a specialized field of study. The<br />

College of Business and Communication has offered certificate programs in the<br />

Managerial Accounting<br />

Public Accounting<br />

Business Analytics<br />

Communication<br />

Management<br />

Cyber Security<br />

Management<br />

Digital Marketing<br />

Entrepreneurship<br />

Finance<br />

Healthcare<br />

Administration<br />

Human Resource<br />

Management<br />

Management<br />

Marketing<br />

Negotiation, Mediation<br />

and Conflict Resolution<br />

Nonprofit Leadership<br />

Project Management<br />

Strategic Thinking<br />

and Innovation

Business Graduates<br />

An asterisk denotes a member of the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society<br />

Kareema Abdul-Barr, MS 2017<br />

Kauthar Abdur-Rahman, MBA 2011<br />

Kerry Abernathy, BBA 2013<br />

Frank Abrahamsen, BS 2012<br />

Shaquana Abrams, BS 2014<br />

Lawrence Abrams, BBA 2006<br />

Lawrence Abrams, MBA 2007<br />

Jason Abrams, MBA 2016<br />

Mosi Abubakari, MBA 2003<br />

Kefah Abukhdeir, MS 2019<br />

Scott Adam, BBA 2004<br />

Mary Adams, BS 2002<br />

Karla Adams, BS 2011<br />

Shannan Adams, BBA 2003<br />

Edward Adams, BBA 1997<br />

Lisa Adams, BBA 2004<br />

Habibat Adams, BBA 2018<br />

Tiffany Adams, MS 2012<br />

Karla Adams, MS 2015<br />

Lynn Adams, MS 2016<br />

Erik Adams, MBA 2013<br />

Jessica Adams, MBA 2009<br />

Lynda Adams, MBA 2012<br />

Catara Adams, MBA 2017<br />

Katrina Adams, MBA 2016<br />

Ashley Adams, MBA 2016<br />

Whittley Adams, MBA* 2016<br />

Heidi Adams, MBA 2021<br />

Praline Adam-Shelley, MS 2015<br />

Donna Adamson, MBA 2005<br />

James Addison, BBA 2011<br />

Angela Addison, MS 2018<br />

Rhonda Addison, MBA 2001<br />

Jumoke Adebisi, MBA 2017<br />

Blessing Adegoke, MBA* 2014<br />

Tacha Adelphin, MBA 2017<br />

Christine Adkins, BBA 1999<br />

Angela Adkins, BBA 2007<br />

Bonnie Adkins, BBA 2009<br />

Aries Adriano, BBA 2002<br />

Sally Aenchbacher, BBA 2001<br />

Vivian Agbonselobho, MBA 2011<br />

Julius Agbor, BBA 2000<br />

Paul Aggrey, MBA 2020<br />

Rhonda Aghaie, MS 2020<br />

Dalila AGiza, BBA 2022<br />

Kiana Aguilar, BA 2016<br />

Andrea Aguilar, BBA 2004<br />

Nicholas Frempong, MBA 2017<br />

Attiya Ahmad, MBA 2012<br />

Keikavous Ahmadian, MBA 2003<br />

Sherry Aighobahi, MBA 2017<br />

Brandi Aiken, BS 2009<br />

Robin Aiken, BS 2013<br />

Kayla Aiken, MS 2016<br />

Veronica Aikens, BBA 2010<br />

Veronica Aikens, MBA 2017<br />

Tamara Sullivan, BBA 2016<br />

Olaedo Ajoku, BS 2014<br />

Loretta Akemon, BA 2012<br />

Loretta Akemon, BS 2012<br />

Quintoya Akers, BBA 2021<br />

Larena Akeson, BS 2012<br />

Faith Akinduro, MBA 2020<br />

Hatice Akkurt, MBA 1997<br />

Patrick Akridge, MBA 2008<br />

Donna Albaugh, BBA 2000<br />

Maria Albert, BS 2001<br />

James Albritton, MBA 1997<br />

Scott Albritton, MBA 2023<br />

Luis Alcazar, BBA 1997<br />

Ulysses Alee, MBA 2011<br />

Karla Alejos, BBA 2017<br />

Dione Alexander, BBA 2001<br />

John Alexander, BBA 2000<br />

Elaine Alexander, BBA 2009<br />

Scott Alexander, MBA 1998<br />

John Alexander, MBA 2001<br />

Alyssa Alexander, MBA 2020<br />

Ebony Alexander, MBA* 2021<br />

Muhammet Alibasoglu, MBA 1998<br />

Marion Allen, BS 1999<br />

Mary Sue Allen, BS 1997<br />

Ada Allen, BS 1999<br />

Erika Allen, BS 2013<br />

Faith Allen, BS 2010<br />

Jeffrey Allen, BBA 2000<br />

Cynthia Allen, BBA 2004<br />

Cheryl Allen, BBA 2004<br />

Bridget Allen, BBA 2007<br />

Sarah Allen, BBA 2012<br />

Millard Allen, BBA 2014<br />

Cynthia Allen, BBA 2015<br />

Marion Allen, MS 2011<br />

Millard Allen, MACC 2020<br />

Ejnor Allen, MBA 1997<br />

Daryl Allen, MBA 1999<br />

Kristin Allen, MBA 2010<br />

Hillary Allen, MBA 2013<br />

Kahnisa Allen, MBA 2012<br />

Amy Allen, MBA* 2016<br />

Shanee Allen, MBA 2018<br />

Stacie Allen, MBA 2020<br />

Sherice Allen-Henry, BS 2011<br />

Marion Alli-Rose, BBA 2009

Marion Alli-Rose, MBA 2012<br />

Delisha Almajdobeh, MBA 2016<br />

Edgar Almazan, MBA 2016<br />

Barbara Almond, BBA 1999<br />

Jonathan Almond, MBA 2002<br />

Majed Alshammary, BBA 2021<br />

Gisely Alvarez, BBA 2017<br />

Evelia Alvarez, MBA 1997<br />

Sheila Alvord, BBA 2006<br />

Matthew Amacker, BS 2008<br />

John Ambrose, MBA 2002<br />

Mitchell Amerson, BBA 2007<br />

Brittany Ammons, MBA* 2016<br />

Sandra Amoah, MBA* 2017<br />

Kathryn Amos, MS 2006<br />

Mariam Ampiah, MBA* 2017<br />

Rebecca Ampong, MBA 2012<br />

Eneyifuo Amune, MBA 2016<br />

Mertice Anders, BS 2000<br />

Jessica Anderson, BA* 2014<br />

Stephanie Anderson, BA 2019<br />

Robert Anderson, BS 1997<br />

Denise Anderson, BS 1997<br />

Marilyn Anderson, BS 2010<br />

Monica Anderson, BS 2009<br />

Matthew Anderson, BS 2013<br />

Angelina Anderson, BBA 2004<br />

Wanda Anderson, BBA 2008<br />

Grace Anderson, BBA 2006<br />

Lauren Anderson, BBA 2012<br />

Sylvia Anderson, BBA 2012<br />

Chelsea Anderson, BBA 2017<br />

Ashley Anderson, MS 2021<br />

Jeffrey Anderson, MBA 1999<br />

Wanda Anderson, MBA 2012<br />

Jennifer Anderson, MBA 2004<br />

Grace Anderson, MBA 2008<br />

Christopher Anderson, MBA 2007<br />

Lukus Anderson, MBA 2009<br />

Lauren Anderson, MBA 2018<br />

Marshall Anderson, MBA 2009<br />

Sylvia Anderson, MBA 2013<br />

Alyssia Anderson, MBA 2017<br />

Micah Anderson, MBA 2015<br />

Tyson Anderson, MBA 2020<br />

Jimmy Anderson Jr., MBA 1999<br />

Karla Andrade Silva, BBA 2000<br />

Tamarra Andrews, BS 2014<br />

Alex Andrews, BS 2008<br />

Anna Andrews, BS 2008<br />

Heather Andrews, BBA 1998<br />

Wendy Andrews, MBA 1998<br />

Paul Andrews, MBA 1997<br />

Ira Andrews, MBA 2004<br />

Calvin Andrews, MBA 2010<br />

Kevin Anglehart, MBA 2013<br />

Irina Anisimova, BBA 1997<br />

Irina Anisimova, MBA 1998<br />

Kanyisola Anjorin, BBA* 2021<br />

Pamela Anyanwu, BS 2011<br />

Ngozi Anyanwu, BBA 2014<br />

Pamela Anyanwu, MBA 2014<br />

Eva Aponte, BBA 2006<br />

Christy Appiah, MBA 2016<br />

Natalia Aranguren, BBA 2009<br />

Natalia Aranguren, MBA 2012<br />

Nancy Arata, MBA 2004<br />

Dana Arata, MBA 2008<br />

Kelly Archer, MBA 2009<br />

Guillermo Arenas, BBA 2007<br />

Randolph Argote, MBA 1998<br />

Romona Armstead, MS 2017<br />

Romona Armstead, MBA: 2016<br />

Christopher Armstrong, BBA 2009<br />

Paul Armstrong, MBA 1999<br />

Jennifer Armwood, BS 1999<br />

Justine Arner, MBA 2000<br />

Samantha Arnette, BS 2009<br />

Troy Arnold, BS 2006<br />

Desiree Arnold, BBA 2013<br />

Temekia Arnold, MACC 2021<br />

Troy Arnold, MBA 2010<br />

Desiree Arnold, MBA 2015<br />

Adeshewa Arowoselu, MBA 2014<br />

Rafael Arriaga, BBA 2011<br />

Guadalupe Arroyo, BS 2021<br />

Wallace Arthur Jr, MBA 1999<br />

Peter Aryee, MBA 2015<br />

Gwyneth Asanye, MBA 2015<br />

Keelia Asbury, MBA 2017<br />

Ruth Ash, BS 2000<br />

William Ash, BBA 2013<br />

Evelyn Asher, MBA 2004<br />

Brittany Ashley, BBA 2020<br />

Brandon Ashley, MBA 2020<br />

Cheymeika Ashmore, BS 2007<br />

Holly Ashworth, MBA 2009<br />

Francis Askew, BBA 2005<br />

Wonda-Nadirah Askew, MS 2011<br />

Phillip Askey, BS 2003<br />

Robert Asmann, BBA 2001<br />

Catherine Assaf, BS 1997<br />

Eteme Noah Athanase, MBA 2016<br />

Matthew Atim, MBA 1998<br />

James Atkins, BBA 1998<br />

Rashida Atkins, BBA 2011<br />

Requel Atkins, BBA 2015<br />

Christopher Atwater, BBA 2011<br />

Jeffrey Au, MBA 2001<br />

Randy Aubel, MBA 2004<br />

Louis Audet, MBA 2006<br />

Nadeen Audevert, MBA 2016<br />

Michael Auguste, BBA 2022<br />

Michael Auguste, MBA 2023<br />

Erika Austin, BS 2008<br />

Daphne Austin, MBA 2005<br />

Jeinnie Avera, MBA 2008<br />

Brooke Avera, MBA 2012<br />

Mark Avery, BBA 2006<br />

Nancy Avery, MBA 1997<br />

Bert Aycock, BBA 2006<br />

Sara Aycock, MBA 2018<br />

Jason Ayers, BA 2018<br />

Jason Ayers, MS 2021<br />

Ebenezer Ayettey, MBA 2007<br />

Sarah Ayettey, MBA 2008<br />

Husnia Aziz, BBA* 2016<br />

Wanda Azpeitia, BBA 2017<br />

Tanko Baba, BBA 2005

Anthony Baca, MBA 2007<br />

Omar Baca, MBA 2009<br />

Wanza Bacon, MBA 2001<br />

Samantha Bacon, MBA 2016<br />

Jamie Badger, BBA 2007<br />

Oriyomi Badmus-Mumuni, BA 2022<br />

Caitlin Baerne, MBA 2013<br />

Kristina Baggett, BBA 2002<br />

Alinda Baggett, MBA 2001<br />

Tracey Baggett-Preston, MBA 2019<br />

Lisa Baginski, BBA 2008<br />

Grace Bagley, BS 1998<br />

Amanda Bagley, MBA 1998<br />

Jennifer Bailey, BBA 2004<br />

Clara Bailey, BBA 2001<br />

Tamara Bailey, BBA 2001<br />

Erica Bailey, BBA 2011<br />

Gary Bailey, BBA 2014<br />

Courtney Bailey, BBA 2014<br />

Ben Bailey, MBA 1997<br />

Jeffrey Bailey, MBA 1998<br />

LaToya Bailey, MBA 2005<br />

Katrina Bailey, MBA 2012<br />

Erica Bailey, MBA 2015<br />

Chelsea Bailey, MBA 2013<br />

Sharon Baird, BS 1997<br />

Jack Baker, BS 1998<br />

Jeletta Baker, BS 2016<br />

Shanna Baker, BBA 2016<br />

Cassandra Baker, MBA 1999<br />

Gregory Baker, MBA 2003<br />

Shanna Baker, MBA 2019<br />

Brittany Baker, MBA 2017<br />

Rand Bakes, MBA 1999<br />

Sara Baksin, BA 2019<br />

Eliza Balderamos, MBA 2018<br />

Jennifer Baldwin, BA 2017<br />

Destiny Balkiz, BBA 2021<br />

Jade Ball, BA 2019<br />

Rebecca Balliew, BS 1997<br />

William Balliew, MBA 2001<br />

Leslie Balluh, MBA 2012<br />

Felix Bamidele, BBA 1999<br />

Felix Bamidele, MBA 2001<br />

Ronald Bane, BBA 2003<br />

Lakeithia Bankhead, MBA 2016<br />

Jessica Banks, BS 2011<br />

Byronica Banks, BS 2015<br />

Andre Banks, BBA 2013<br />

Heather Banks, BBA 2019<br />

Kristel Banks, MS 2021<br />

Latoya Banks, MBA 2016<br />

Jerren Banks, MBA 2018<br />

Manuela Bankston, BBA 2001<br />

Joseph Baptiste, BA 2014<br />

Kimberly Barb, MBA 2017<br />

Peter Barber, BBA 1997<br />

Andre Barber, BBA 2007<br />

Jeffrey Barber, MBA 1998<br />

Nathaniel Barber, MBA 2011<br />

Brigitte Barbery, BBA 2010<br />

Norman Barden, BBA 2001<br />

Bruce Barden, MBA 2001<br />

Harold Barfield, BBA 2000<br />

David Barker, BS 2002<br />

Kimberlyn Barnes, BS 2002<br />

LeJanaro Barnes, BBA 2004<br />

Trebor Barnes, BBA 2007<br />

Trebor Barnes, MBA 2008<br />

Chaunte Barnes, MBA 2017<br />

David Barnes, MBA 2019<br />

Tomelia Barnes, MBA 2020<br />

Jenee Barnett, BBA 2002<br />

Vanessa Barnett, MBA 1997<br />

Jennifer Barnett, MBA 2016<br />

Robert Barr, MBA 1997<br />

Ailyn Barragan, BS 2020<br />

Ailyn Barragan, MBA 2023<br />

Sara Barrineau, MBA 2004<br />

David Barrios, BS 2005<br />

Allen Barry, BBA 2006<br />

Melanie Barry, MBA 2005<br />

Tina Barthelemy, MBA 2003<br />

Catherine Bartlett, BS 1997<br />

Daniel Barton, BBA 1997<br />

Gayle Barton, BBA 2000<br />

Tonya Barton, BBA 2013<br />

Bradley Barton, MBA 1997<br />

Kelleen Basden, MBA 2016<br />

Debra Basile, BBA 2003<br />

Samantha Basinger, BS 2011<br />

Dorjan Baskett, MBA 2016<br />

Felecia Basolo, MBA 2020<br />

Sandra Bass, BBA 2004<br />

Drayton Bass, BBA 2007<br />

Victor Bass, MBA 1997<br />

Jaleesa Bass, MBA 2014<br />

Tina Bassett, BBA 2004<br />

Malgorzata Bastia, MBA 2007<br />

Stephanie Bates, BBA* 2014<br />

Wendy Bates, BBA 2020<br />

Brian Bates, MBA 2004<br />

Alena Batovska, MBA 2008<br />

Luisa Battle, BBA 2020<br />

Teresa Baugh, BBA 2001<br />

Steven Baumann, MBA 2013<br />

Lisa Baute, BA 2000<br />

Rachel Baxley, MBA 2015<br />

Ashley Baxter, MBA 2017<br />

Marcus Bayne, MBA* 2016<br />

Priscilla Bazil, MBA 2002<br />

Barry Beach, MBA 1998<br />

Dwight Beadle, MBA 1997<br />

Misty Beam, BBA 2017<br />

Yvonna Beard, BBA 2013<br />

Karen Beard, MBA 2007<br />

Dana Beard, MBA 2001<br />

Jonathan Beard, MBA 2009<br />

Barbara Beardsley, BA 2020<br />

Jerry Beasley, BS 2000<br />

Linda Beasley, BS 2010<br />

Caron Beasley, BBA 2000<br />

Tonitta Beasley, BBA 2004<br />

Patricia Beasley, BBA 2010<br />

Subretha Beasley, MS 2018<br />

Shamtell Beaty, BBA 2014<br />

Brandon Beaudoin, MACC 2019<br />

Kelly Beck, BBA 2000<br />

Barbara Beckett, BS 2011

Pura Beckett, BBA 2005<br />

Janice Beckham, BBA* 2014<br />

Robert Becsey Jr., BBA 2002<br />

Timothy Becton, MBA 1997<br />

James Bedard, MBA 2000<br />

Elizabeth Beebe, MBA* 2021<br />

Fred Beebe Jr., BBA 2002<br />

William Beecken, MBA 1997<br />

Allison Beeson, MBA 2019<br />

Ross Begnaud, MBA 2014<br />

Shally Behal, BBA 2016<br />

Christian Beharry, MBA 2017<br />

Michael Behnke, MBA 1999<br />

Yvette Beitz, BBA 1997<br />

Teresa Belcher, MBA 2004<br />

Shmakhan Bell, BS 2005<br />

Elizabeth Bell, BS 2012<br />

David Bell, BBA 2004<br />

Jason Bell, BBA 2010<br />

Natasha Bell, BBA 2012<br />

David Bell, MBA 2005<br />

Michael Bell, MBA 2009<br />

Jessie Bellapianta, BBA 2007<br />

Ashley Bello, BBA 2017<br />

Ashley Bello, MBA 2018<br />

Hailee Belt, BBA 2019<br />

Melanie Bemis, MBA* 2018<br />

Rachel Benasuly, MBA 2012<br />

Cassandra Bender, MS 2020<br />

Angela Benefiel, BS 2000<br />

Alana Benefield, MBA 1998<br />

Paula Benjamin, BBA 2001<br />

Detra Benjamin, MBA 2003<br />

Latavia Benjamin, MBA 2019<br />

Kimberly Benn, MBA* 2015<br />

Charles Bennett, BS 1998<br />

Renee Bennett, BS 2013<br />

Kevin Bennett, MBA 2004<br />

Corey Bennett, MBA 2013<br />

Gabriel Bennett, MBA 2012<br />

Wesley Bennick, MBA 2018<br />

Nancy Benoit, BBA 1998<br />

Cody Benson, BBA 2007<br />

Stephanie Benson, BBA 2007<br />

Cody Benson, MBA 2009<br />

Thomas Bentley, BS 1998<br />

Shannon Bentley, BBA 2005<br />

Trisha Bentley, BBA 2013<br />

Courtney Bentley, MBA 2012<br />

Trisha Bentley, MBA 2016<br />

Sellous Benton, BBA 2008<br />

Dante Benton, MBA 1999<br />

Ruth Berger, MBA 1998<br />

Jeffrey Berger, MBA 2016<br />

Jessica Beri, MBA 2013<br />

Fatyha Berjane, BBA 2016<br />

Terry Bermudez, BBA 1999<br />

Marienne Bernardes, MS 2005<br />

Melany Berrong, BBA 1999<br />

Michael Berry, BBA* 2014<br />

Ashley Berry, MBA 2022<br />

Amber Berryman, MBA 2018<br />

Sophia Best, MBA 2002<br />

Trava Best, MBA 2019<br />

Hannan Bestman, MBA* 2021<br />

Carmen Bethune, BBA 2005<br />

Robin Betts, MBA 2011<br />

Cynthia Beverly, BBA 2001<br />

Jerry Beverly, BBA 2011<br />

Leah Beyan, MBA 2018<br />

Sunil Bhetwal, MBA 2013<br />

Shelli Bialoncik, BS 2006<br />

Xinwen Bian, MBA 2011<br />

Victoria Biascoechea, MBA 2008<br />

Matthew Biasiny, BS 2006<br />

Susan Biasiny, BBA 2003<br />

Matthew Biasiny, MBA 2008<br />

Ryan Bickel, MBA 1998<br />

Evelyn Bidah, MBA 2010<br />

Abigail Biddle, BS 2010<br />

William Bierenkoven, MBA 2009<br />

Jodi Biermann, MBA* 2016<br />

Brooks Biles, BS 2008<br />

Brooks Biles, MBA 2010<br />

Elaine Biley, BS 2008<br />

Elaine Biley, MBA 2009<br />

Michelle Billeaud, BBA 2015<br />

Risa Bingham, MBA 2005<br />

Angelia Bing-Patterson, BBA 2000<br />

Natalie Birch, BBA 1998<br />

Terry Bisard, MBA 1998<br />

Deborah Bisenius, BBA 2006<br />

Darlene Bishop, BS 2000<br />

Tracy Bishop, MBA* 2016<br />

Christine Bittle, MS 2020<br />

Alicia Bittle, MBA 2016<br />

Anthony Bizzard Jr., BBA 2002<br />

Kerry Black, BS 2009<br />

Corbitt Black, MBA 2001<br />

Carol Black, MBA 2004<br />

Julie Blackburn, BBA 1997<br />

Katherin Blackledge, BBA 2002<br />

Katherin Blackledge, MBA 2003<br />

Robert Blackmon, MBA 2002<br />

Stephanie Blackstock, BBA 2005<br />

Lisa Blackwelder, BBA 2008<br />

Ralph Blackwelder, MBA 1997<br />

Tom Blackwell, BBA 2015<br />

Rebecca Blair, BBA 2003<br />

Rebecca Blair, MBA 2004<br />

Kenvoris Blair, MBA 2016<br />

Amy Blake, MBA 2017<br />

Travis Blakeney, MBA 2017<br />

Heather Blalock, BBA 2003<br />

Heather Blalock, MBA 2018<br />

Miriam Bland, BS 2012<br />

Miriam Bland, MBA 2015<br />

Jasmin Bland, MBA 2015<br />

Clifford Blanfort, MS 2016<br />

Marc Blankenship, MBA 2009<br />

Annika Blanton, BS 2021<br />

Jaime Bledsoe, BBA 1999<br />

Christopher Bledsoe, BBA 2006<br />

Christopher Bledsoe, MBA 2008<br />

Emily Bliss, BS 1999<br />

Carissalina Block, MBA 2017<br />

Marino Blocker, BS 1997<br />

Debra Bloom, MBA 2001<br />

Anthony Blount, BS 2006

Willie Boaz, MBA 2017<br />

Darrell Boazman, MBA 1997<br />

Valerie Bocz, MBA 2004<br />

Joy Bodeker, MBA* 2019<br />

Gay Boe, MBA 2010<br />

Meghan Bohannon, BBA 2018<br />

Jessica Bohm, BBA 2008<br />

Jennifer Bohm, BBA 2008<br />

Jessica Bohm, MBA 2010<br />

Michael Boire, BS 2001<br />

Michael Boire, MBA 2002<br />

Phyliss Boknight, BS 2005<br />

Terina Bolden, MBA 2001<br />

Leah Boley, MBA 2009<br />

Macy Boling, BBA 2020<br />

David Bolton, BBA 1997<br />

Rebecca Bolton, MBA 1997<br />

John Bonanno, MBA 2000<br />

Curtis Bond, BBA 2010<br />

Cathrine Bonds, BBA 2011<br />

Jean Bondurant, BA 2003<br />

Karine Bone, BBA 2010<br />

Maria Bonhomme, BBA 2005<br />

Maria Bonhomme, MBA 2006<br />

Sharelle Booher, BBA 2002<br />

Pamela Booker, BBA 1999<br />

Carol Boone, MBA 2009<br />

Rae Anne Boothe, MS 2010<br />

Ricky Boothe, MBA 2011<br />

Daniel Boozer, MBA 2002<br />

Janel Boragine, MBA 2020<br />

Erica Borders, BS 2011<br />

Jennifer Boring, BBA* 2014<br />

Nathan Borne, MBA 2015<br />

Nicole Borne, MBA* 2021<br />

James Borum, BS 2004<br />

LaTricia Boseman, BS 2003<br />

LaTricia Boseman, MBA 2011<br />

Laura Boshell, BBA 2007<br />

Laura Boshell, MBA 2013<br />

LeWayne Bosley, MBA 2011<br />

Yvonne Bostic, BS 2012<br />

Yolanda Bostic, BBA 2002<br />

Yolanda Bostic, MBA 2011<br />

Yvonne Bostic, MBA 2016<br />

Kevin Bostick, MBA 2012<br />

Rafael Botello, MBA 1997<br />

Stephen Boudreaux, BBA 2011<br />

Dane Boue', MBA 2011<br />

Tammy Bowden, MBA 2010<br />

Jessica Bowden, MBA 2020<br />

Monique Bowen, BBA 1999<br />

Tabitha Bowen, BBA 2014<br />

Shanay Bowen, MBA 2016<br />

Laura Bowen, MBA 2022<br />

Kevin Bower, BBA 2008<br />

Kevin Bower, MBA 2015<br />

Haley Bower, MBA* 2012<br />

Ericka Bowers, BBA 2013<br />

Ericka Bowers, MBA 2016<br />

Staci Bowick, BBA 2000<br />

Staci Bowick, MBA 2007<br />

Judith Bowley, BBA 1998<br />

Kimberly Bowling, BBA 2014<br />

Michael Bowling, MBA 2003<br />

Rebecca Bowman, BBA* 2018<br />

Lisa Boxton, BS 2001<br />

Heather Boyce, MBA* 2016<br />

Hui Gi Boyd, BA* 2013<br />

Ellen Boyd, BS 2009<br />

Willene Boyd, BS 2011<br />

Zenobia Boyd, BBA 1998<br />

Bobby Boyd, BBA 1999<br />

Lisa Boyd, BBA 2008<br />

Amber Boyd, BBA 2014<br />

Margaret Boyd, MS 2014<br />

Zenobia Boyd, MBA 2001<br />

Lisa Boyd, MBA 2015<br />

Candice Boyd, MBA 2014<br />

Notesiondria Boyd, MBA 2015<br />

Nicola Boyes, BBA 2013<br />

Bradley Boyett, BBA 2001<br />

Bradley Boyett, MBA 2003<br />

Jamie Boynton, BBA 2007<br />

Jamie Boynton, MBA 2011<br />

Shamia Boynton-Rodgers, MBA 2021<br />

John Brack, MBA 2012<br />

Mallory Brack, MBA 2019<br />

Kenneth Bradford, BBA 2001<br />

Lauren Bradford, BBA 2008<br />

Mark Bradford, MBA 1998<br />

Robert Bradford, MBA 1999<br />

Lauren Bradford, MBA 2010<br />

Benita Bradham, BS 2002<br />

John Bradshaw, MBA 1998<br />

Karin Brady, BBA 2000<br />

Paula Brady, BBA 2004<br />

Amber Brady, BBA 2016<br />

Clyde Brady, MBA 2013<br />

Suzanne Brady, MBA 2013<br />

Alicia Branch, BS 2001<br />

Lisa Branch, BBA 2012<br />

Kenneth Branch, BBA 2010<br />

Norma Brandon, BS 2002<br />

Robert Brandt, MBA 2007<br />

Marcia Brandt, MBA 2010<br />

Kristi Brannen, BBA 2005<br />

Jada Brannon, BA 2021<br />

Jeffrey Brannon, MBA 1998<br />

Jennie Brantley, BBA 2009<br />

Jennie Brantley, MBA 2011<br />

Frances Brasch, BA 1997<br />

Dwilyn Braswell, BBA 1997<br />

Jennifer Braswell, BBA 1998<br />

Vernell Braswell, MBA 1997<br />

Rishaun Brathwaite, MBA 2015<br />

Howard Brauckmuller, MBA 1998<br />

Rachel Braun, MBA 2004<br />

Sarah Brausch, BBA 2013<br />

Ronald Brawner, BBA 2011<br />

Jonathan Bray, BS 1997<br />

Mary Jane Brazell, BBA 1998<br />

Kassie Breckon, BS 2018<br />

Tracy Breeden, BS 2001<br />

Kimberly Breedlove, BBA 2010<br />

Kimberly Breedlove, MBA* 2014<br />

Donavon Brent, BS 1999<br />

Nancy Brewer, BS 1997<br />

Wesley Brewer, MBA 2005

DeMarcus Brewer, MBA 2020<br />

Natalie Brewster, BBA 2010<br />

Krystal Brewster, MBA 2002<br />

Seth Brickman, BBA 2000<br />

Seth Brickman, MBA 2007<br />

Brandon Bridgefarmer, BA 2013<br />

Elizabeth Bridges, MBA 2005<br />

Mills Briggs, MBA 2021<br />

Brian Brigham, BBA 2014<br />

Shelby Bright, BBA 2014<br />

Hannah Bright, BBA* 2022<br />

Vivian Bright, MBA* 2016<br />

LaVonna Brigman, BBA 1999<br />

Karen Brinker, MBA 2001<br />

Juanita Brinkley, BBA 2006<br />

Juanita Brinkley, MBA 2010<br />

Jo Ann Brinkley, MBA 2003<br />

John Brinkmanas, BBA 2000<br />

Jonathan Brinson, MBA 1998<br />

Buckley Brinson, MBA 2010<br />

Debbie Brisbon, BS 2011<br />

Lisa Brissey, BBA 2004<br />

Jeneen Brister, BBA 2014<br />

Triana Bristle, BBA 2005<br />

Maybel Brito, MS 2016<br />

Maybel Brito, MBA 2019<br />

Joseph Britte, BA 2013<br />

Adria Brizius, BBA 2010<br />

Evelyn Broadnax, BS 2008<br />

Sharon Broady, BS 2008<br />

Kathy Brock, BS 2000<br />

Charles Brock, BBA 2003<br />

Leslie Brock, MS 2013<br />

Teri Brock, MBA 2003<br />

Rachel Brodine, BBA 2001<br />

Terrie Brookins, BBA 2005<br />

Daniel Brooks, BS 1997<br />

Marcia Brooks, BS 1998<br />

Dexter Brooks, BS 2007<br />

Sara Brooks, BBA 2002<br />

Anthony Brooks, BBA 2005<br />

Cathy Brooks, BBA 2008<br />

Marcia Brooks, MBA 2010<br />

Dexter Brooks, MBA 2011<br />

Napoleon Brooks Jr., BBA 2002<br />

Carrie Brookshire, BBA 2008<br />

Kevin Brookshire, MBA 1998<br />

Carrie Brookshire, MBA 2010<br />

Keri Broughton, BBA 2015<br />

Daniel Brouillard, BBA 2002<br />

Joseph Broun, MBA 2002<br />

Jason Broussard, MBA 2006<br />

Nicole Brokaw, MBA* 2020<br />

Ashton Browder, BBA 2014<br />

Shannon Brown, BA 2014<br />

Goldia Brown, BA 2014<br />

Darry Brown, BS 2000<br />

Virginia Brown, BS 2007<br />

Deborah Brown, BS 2005<br />

Jacqueline Brown, BS 2006<br />

Clement Brown, BS 2005<br />

Valerie Brown, BS 2005<br />

Darrel Brown, BS 2011<br />

Derrick Brown, BS 2011<br />

Tafyna Brown, BS 2012<br />

Elizabeth Brown, BS 2018<br />

Joyce Brown, BBA 1997<br />

Troy Brown, BBA 2001<br />

Mildred Brown, BBA 2001<br />

Ginger Brown, BBA 2004<br />

Marlon Brown, BBA 2003<br />

Patricia Brown, BBA 2004<br />

Rose Brown, BBA 2005<br />

Denise Brown, BBA 2004<br />

Tamesha Brown, BBA 2005<br />

Stephanie Brown, BBA* 2017<br />

Nicholas Brown, BBA 2009<br />

Jason Brown, BBA 2009<br />

Erin Brown, BBA 2011<br />

Sheila Brown, BBA 2013<br />

Devon Brown, BBA 2015<br />

Brittany Brown, BBA 2015<br />

Ellen Brown, MS 2009<br />

Monique Brown, MS 2009<br />

Apryle Brown, MS 2012<br />

Richay Brown, MS 2015<br />

LaTasha Brown, MS 2019<br />

Jennifer Brown, MBA 2016<br />

Michelle Brown, MBA 2015<br />

Staci Brown, MBA 2004<br />

Mary Brown, MBA 1999<br />

Travis Brown, MBA 1998<br />

Joseph Brown, MBA 2002<br />

Marlon Brown, MBA 2006<br />

Virginia Brown, MBA 2009<br />

Sandra Brown, MBA 2006<br />

Tamesha Brown, MBA 2007<br />

Jacqueline Brown, MBA 2008<br />

Alijah Lyn Brown, MBA 2005<br />

Elizabeth Brown, MBA 2005<br />

Kirk Brown, MBA 2009<br />

Cierra Brown, MBA 2017<br />

Toni Brown, MBA 2018<br />

Jason Brown, MBA 2012<br />

Darrel Brown, MBA 2016<br />

Dena Brown, MBA 2010<br />

Charles Brown, MBA 2016<br />

Laura Brown, MBA 2012<br />

Tafyna Brown, MBA 2016<br />

Nastassja Brown, MBA 2015<br />

Beatrice Brown, MBA 2014<br />

Devon Brown, MBA 2018<br />

Rebecca Brown, MBA 2018<br />

Yolanda Brown, MBA 2016<br />

Carie Brown, MBA 2018<br />

Kristin Brown, MBA 2017<br />

Katelyn Brown, MBA 2018<br />

Brittany Brown, MBA 2019<br />

Dionna Brown, MBA 2020<br />

Leann Brown, MBA 2021<br />

John Brown III, BS 2004<br />

Lorilee Brownell, MBA 1997<br />

Daniel Brubaker, MBA 2018<br />

Delores Bruce, BBA 2009<br />

Leora Bruce, BBA 2004<br />

Summer Bruce, BBA 2021<br />

Kevin Bruce, MBA 1997<br />

Catherine Bruce, MBA 2000<br />

Leora Bruce, MBA 2006

Tracey Brummer, BBA 2016<br />

Jennifer Bruner, MBA 2016<br />

Walter Bruning, MBA 1999<br />

Kaitlyn Brunson, BBA 2011<br />

Zekia Brunson, MBA 2014<br />

Zachery Brunson, MBA 2021<br />

Alexandra Brust, BBA 2021<br />

Phyllis Bryan, BBA 2007<br />

Lawana Bryan, MBA 2013<br />

Kelly Bryan, MBA 1999<br />

James Bryan, MBA 2002<br />

Sheron Bryant, BS 1998<br />

Janis Bryant, BS 1999<br />

Wilma Bryant, BS 2013<br />

Brenda Bryant, BS 2009<br />

Demetris Bryant, BBA 1998<br />

Frances Bryant, MBA 2003<br />

David Bryant, MBA 2005<br />

Marshall Bryant, MBA 2013<br />

Timothy Bryant, MBA 2016<br />

Kathy Bryant, MBA 2016<br />

Denise Buchanan-Robinson, BBA 2003<br />

David Buckley, MBA 1997<br />

Colin Buckley, MBA 2015<br />

Cheryl Buckman, MBA 2001<br />

Tabitha Buffington, MBA 2012<br />

Ki Buggs, BBA 2006<br />

Ki Buggs, MBA 2008<br />

Okki Buggs-Fox, BBA 2018<br />

Quynh Bui, MBA 2017<br />

Robert Bulatewicz, BBA 1998<br />

Robert Bulatewicz, MBA 1999<br />

Pauline Bullard, BBA 2008<br />

Pauline Bullard, MS 2012<br />

David Bullard, MBA 1998<br />

Ricky Bullock, MBA 2007<br />

Terra Bullock, MBA 1997<br />

Christina Bulls, MBA 2002<br />

Sandra Bunn, BBA 2000<br />

Thomas Bunting, MBA 2000<br />

Shawntaria Burden, MBA* 2017<br />

Hope Burdette, BS 2011<br />

Emily Burgess, BA 2017<br />

Kieshia Burgess, MBA<br />

2022<br />

David Burggraff, BBA 2002<br />

Erick Burgos, MBA 2018<br />

Sandra Burke, BBA 2001<br />

Lisa Burke, BBA 2000<br />

Michael Burke, BBA 2008<br />

Chad Burke, MBA 2000<br />

Lisa Burkey-Jeeves, BS 2014<br />

John Burleson, MBA 2002<br />

Yolonda Burley, BBA 2003<br />

Ruvenia Burnett, BBA 1999<br />

Angela Burnett, BBA 2006<br />

A. Burnett, MBA 2001<br />

Sonya Burns, BBA 2006<br />

Frankie Burns, BBA 2011<br />

Brittney Burns, MBA 2015<br />

Justin Burns, MBA 2016<br />

Robert Burns Jr, MBA 2003<br />

Thomas Burns Jr., MBA 2000<br />

Timothy Burress, MBA 2007<br />

Jamie Burriss, MBA 2011<br />

William Burrows, MBA 1997<br />

Tineshia Burston, MBA 2017<br />

Helen Burton, BS 2014<br />

Eric Burton, BBA 2018<br />

Helen Burton, BBA 2014<br />

Moriah Burton, MBA 2020<br />

Walter Burton Jr., BS 1997<br />

Walter Burton Jr., MBA 1999<br />

Michael Busby, MBA 2009<br />

Laurie Bush, BBA 2011<br />

Laurie Bush, MBA 2016<br />

Elizabeth Busha, MBA 2008<br />

Dmitry Bushuev, MBA 2013<br />

Shawana Bussey, MS 2016<br />

Krystal Bussey-Davis, BS 2005<br />

Krystal Bussey-Davis, MBA 2007<br />

Lisa Butera, BS 2001<br />

Robin Butler, BS 2004<br />

Dilbert Butler, BBA 2005<br />

Curtis Butler, BBA 2009<br />

Dolores Butler, BBA 2021<br />

Keri Butler, MBA 2013<br />

Shannon Butler, MBA 2018<br />

Frank Butler III, MBA 2004<br />

Dawn Butts, BBA 2005<br />

Tamela Butts, MBA 2001<br />

Rachel Byers, BBA 2010<br />

Rachel Byers, MBA 2011<br />

Jeremy Byers, MBA 2018<br />

Blake Byers, MBA 2022<br />

Michelle Byrd, BS 1999<br />

Ricky Byrd, MBA 2013<br />

Tonya Byrdsell, MBA 2016<br />

Myra Caballero, BBA 2004<br />

Kathy Cade, BBA 2011<br />

Melissa Cadwallader, BBA 2002<br />

Norberto Caez, MBA 2008<br />

Irena Caf, MBA 1998<br />

Amanda Cagle, BBA 2014<br />

Annette Cain, BS 2002<br />

Londan Cain, BS 2022<br />

Colleen Cain, BBA 2007<br />

Amanda Cain, MBA 2012<br />

Richard Calahan, MBA 1997<br />

JoAnn Calderon, BBA* 2017<br />

JoAnn Calderon, MBA 2019<br />

Tracy Caldwell, BBA 2018<br />

Maria Calero, MBA 2019<br />

Victoria Calfee, MBA 2000<br />

Robert Calhoun, BBA 2003<br />

Elizabeth Calhoun, BBA 2011<br />

Caren Callaway, MBA 2013<br />

Pamela Mullins, BBA 2019<br />

Savannah Callis, BBA 2022<br />

Donna Calvert, BS 1997<br />

Jennifer Calvert, BBA 2011<br />

Emma Camacho, BBA 2002<br />

Stephen Cameron, MBA 2004<br />

Troy Camp, BS 1998<br />

Jarvis Camp, MBA 1999<br />

Carol Campbell, BA 2015<br />

Daphnee Campbell, BS 2011<br />

Ronald Campbell, BBA 2001<br />

Donald Campbell, BBA 2001

Jenni Campbell, BBA 2010<br />

Glenn Campbell, MBA 2002<br />

Jimmy Campbell, MBA 2014<br />

Jennifer Campbell, MBA 2021<br />

Emily Campbell-Brock, BBA* 2021<br />

Stacey Campbell-Hopkins, BBA 2007<br />

Stacey Campbell-Hopkins, MBA 2008<br />

Lisa Camplese, MBA 2009<br />

Bretta Candelaria, BS 1997<br />

Karen Candler, MBA 2003<br />

Tammie Cannady, BBA 2018<br />

Eric Cannady, MBA 1998<br />

Carolyn Cannon, BS 1998<br />

Allison Cannon, BBA 2008<br />

Shelby Cannon, BBA 2017<br />

Jean Cannon, MBA 2005<br />

Aurora Cantarella, BBA 2002<br />

Kathryn Canterbury, BBA* 2014<br />

Jennifer Cape, BBA 2000<br />

Abby Cape, BBA* 2018<br />

Jill Capicchioni, MBA 2000<br />

Richard Capozzoli, BS 1998<br />

Jo-Ann Capozzoli, BBA 2003<br />

Stefania Cappelli, MBA 2002<br />

Paul Caputo, BBA 2007<br />

Mica Carawan, BBA 2005<br />

Lois Caraway, MBA 2002<br />

Kathy Carden, BBA 2001<br />

Diana Cardenas, BBA 2009<br />

Terri Carithers, MBA 2001<br />

Jediah Carling, BBA 2012<br />

Alison Carling, MS 2015<br />

Scott Carlson, MBA 1999<br />

Angela Carmine, BBA 2005<br />

William Carpenter, BBA 2003<br />

Christopher Carpenter, BBA 2013<br />

Matthew Carpenter, MS 2015<br />

LaFrance Carpenter, MBA 2000<br />

Christopher Carpenter, MBA 2015<br />

Michael Carpentier, MBA 1997<br />

Dana Carper, BBA 2007<br />

Amber Carr, BBA 2005<br />

Randall Carr, MBA 2005<br />

Billy Carr, MBA 2015<br />

Terance Carr, MBA 2017<br />

Carla Carraway, MBA 2000<br />

Michael Carrion, MBA 2015<br />

Amy Carroll, MBA 2000<br />

Jessica Carroll, MBA 2019<br />

Mary Carson, BBA 1999<br />

Kevin Carson, BBA 1998<br />

Kevin Carson, MBA 1999<br />

Brooke Carson, MBA 2019<br />

Anita Carson-Ford, BBA 2012<br />

Noel Cartagena, BBA 2008<br />

Juanita Carter, BBA 1997<br />

Keili Carter, BBA 1999<br />

Julian Carter, BBA 2000<br />

Bernice Carter, BBA 2000<br />

Kiley Carter, BBA 2000<br />

Stanley Carter, BBA 2002<br />

Delya Carter, BBA 2004<br />

Ashley Carter, BBA 2009<br />

Amanda Carter, BBA 2016<br />

Robert Carter, MBA 2003<br />

Delya Carter, MBA 2010<br />

Shenita Carter, MBA 2015<br />

Ashley Carter, MBA 2012<br />

Yolanda Carter, MBA 2019<br />

Mykeia Carter, MBA 2021<br />

Shannon Carter-Dunlap, BBA 2013<br />

Kerry Cartledge, MBA 2009<br />

Valenche' Cartledge, MBA 2019<br />

Emily Carver, BS 2018<br />

Brent Carver, MBA 2016<br />

Angie Case, BA 2011<br />

Carletta Casey, MS 2021<br />

Nathan Casey, MBA 2005<br />

Robert Casey, MBA 2012<br />

Amanda Cash, BBA 2013<br />

Phillip Cash, BBA 2016<br />

Carmen Cash, MBA 1999<br />

Brian Cash, MBA 2002<br />

Kristina Cason, BA 2011<br />

Chad Cassity, BBA 2020<br />

Michael Castille, MBA 1998<br />

Ralph Castillo, MBA 1999<br />

Robin Castillo, MBA 1998<br />

Monica Castillo, MBA 2013<br />

Sweethelda Castro, MBA 2014<br />

Heather Cathey, BBA 2007<br />

Christopher Catt, MBA 2004<br />

Tammy Caudell, MBA 2002<br />

Erin Caufman, BBA 2011<br />

Mary Caulfield, BA 2015<br />

Megan Cawley, BBA 2014<br />

Brooke Cecil, MBA 2019<br />

David Cederburg, MS 2009<br />

Erna Cehic, MBA 2011<br />

Filipina Ceralde, BS 1997<br />

Danielle Cesar, BBA 2012<br />

Andrew Chafin, BBA 2008<br />

Alicia Chafin, MBA 2017<br />

Timothy Chafin, MBA 2022<br />

Naga Chamarthy, MBA 2012<br />

Jennifer Chambers, BS 2021<br />

Eric Chambers, BBA 2002<br />

Tanya Chambers, MS 2008<br />

James Champion, BS 1999<br />

Patricia Champion, BS 2004<br />

Pamela Chance, BS 1997<br />

Jerry Chandler, MBA 1997<br />

Tommie Chaney, BS 1997<br />

Keona Chaney, BS 2002<br />

Floradine Chaney, MBA 2015<br />

Yen-Ling Chang, MBA 2009<br />

Jui-Chen Chang, MBA 2010<br />

Ya Yu Chang, MBA 2011<br />

Chih-Yu Chang, MBA 2012<br />

Yu-Hao Chang, MBA 2013<br />

Chih-Wei Chang, MBA 2014<br />

Hunter Channell, MBA 2002<br />

Frances Chapin, MBA 2019<br />

Kim Chapman, BBA 2003<br />

Carrie Chapman, BBA 2013<br />

Dedra Chapman, MBA 1999<br />

Mark Chapman, MBA 2003<br />

Katherine Chappell, BBA 2004<br />

Donald Chappell, MBA 2002

Berlyne Charles-Vincent, BBA 2008<br />

Marilyn Chastain, MBA 2011<br />

Rachel Chatman, BS 2022<br />

Amanda Cheatham, BBA 2004<br />

Jing Chen, BBA 1999<br />

Stacye Chen, MBA 1998<br />

Shang-Hui Chen, MBA 2009<br />

Shu-Ping Chen, MBA 2009<br />

Chia-Wei Chen, MBA 2010<br />

Qiang Chen, MBA 2011<br />

Yushiun Chen, MBA 2012<br />

Kuan-Wei Chen, MBA 2014<br />

Feng-Lung Chen, MBA 2014<br />

Joseph Chesky, MBA 1999<br />

Mark Chestang, BS 1999<br />

Maryulett Chestang, MBA 2010<br />

Christopher Childers, BS 2002<br />

Amy Childers, MBA 2015<br />

Gene Childers Jr., BS 2000<br />

Ansley Childree, MBA 2016<br />

Rachel Childress, BS 2002<br />

Frederick Childs, MBA 1998<br />

Lynette Chin, MBA 2020<br />

David Ching, MBA* 2017<br />

William Chism, MBA 2001<br />

Tonya Chitwood, MBA* 2016<br />

Krzysztof Chodnicki, MBA 2018<br />

Lydia Choo, BBA 2004<br />

Chan-Huang Chou, MBA 2010<br />

Chang-Hsiu Chou, MBA 2011<br />

Ross Christensen, MBA 2005<br />

Catherine Christie, BS 1997<br />

Shavonne Christie, BBA 2009<br />

Shavonne Christie, MBA 2014<br />

Shaquille Christmas, MBA 2019<br />

Jacquelyn Christoph, MBA* 2020<br />

Stephanie Christopher, BBA 2008<br />

Yung-Hao Chu, MBA 2012<br />

Hsin-Che Chuang, MBA 2012<br />

Yung-Chun Chung, MBA 2010<br />

Billy Church, BBA 2001<br />

Timothy Cicora, MBA 2001<br />

Kevin Cincinatus, MBA* 2019<br />

Carol Claassen, MBA 1997<br />

Stephanie Clark, BA 2013<br />

Revelle Clark, BS 2021<br />

Lauren Clark, BS 2020<br />

Kathy Clark, BBA 2001<br />

Ronald Clark, BBA 1997<br />

Daniel Clark, BBA 2002<br />

Tracy Clark, BBA 2018<br />

Lloyd Clark, MBA 1998<br />

Meschele Clark, MBA 2004<br />

Alfreda Clark, MBA 2001<br />

Charity Clark, MBA 2002<br />

Kittie Clark, MBA 2023<br />

Robert Clark Jr., BBA 1998<br />

Robert Clark Jr., MBA 1999<br />

Charles Clark Jr., MBA 2000<br />

Mareo Clarke, BBA 2010<br />

Keely Clarke, MBA 2003<br />

Nancy Clark-Gonzalez, BBA 2011<br />

Nancy Clark-Gonzalez, MBA 2015<br />

Carol Claxton, MBA 2003<br />

Kendra Clay, BBA 2017<br />

Brooks Clay, MS 2011<br />

Eleanor Clegg, BBA 2002<br />

Eleanor Clegg, MBA 2013<br />

Kimberly Clemens, MS 2011<br />

Misty Cleveland, BBA 2005<br />

Amanda Cleveland, BBA 2009<br />

Janice Cleveland, MBA 2011<br />

Janna Cleveland, MBA 2016<br />

Ellis Cliett, BBA 2001<br />

Ellis Cliett, MBA 2004<br />

Lou Anne Cline, BBA 2010<br />

Karen Clinkscales, BS 1999<br />

Karen Clinkscales, MBA 2003<br />

Jennifer Cloud, BS 2008<br />

Amanda Clover, MBA 2016<br />

LaKendra Coach, BBA 2011<br />

Vonnye Coalson, BS 1997<br />

Katrina Cobb, BS 2008<br />

Maura Cobb, BBA 2010<br />

Kathleen Cobb, MBA 1997<br />

Maura Cobb, MBA 2012<br />

Michael Cobb, Jr., BBA 2003<br />

Robert Cobbs, MBA 2019<br />

Terry Cochran, BA 1997<br />

Christina Cochran, MBA 2002<br />

Melissa Codio, MBA 2018<br />

Ta'Terria Cofer, BBA 2005<br />

Ta'Terria Cofer, MBA 2006<br />

Tabitha Cofer, MBA 2015<br />

Lisa Coffey, BS 2006<br />

Carol Coffia, MBA 2015<br />

John Coggins, MACC 2018<br />

Edmond Coghlan, MBA 2007<br />

Ronald Coker, BS 1997<br />

Mary Coker, MBA 2013<br />

Charles Colbert, MBA 2021<br />

Curtisha Colbert, MBA 2018<br />

Jimmy Cole, BS 2010<br />

Winston Cole, BBA 2000<br />

Chia Cole, BBA 2008<br />

Kenny Cole, MS 2021<br />

Sassa Cole, MBA 2006<br />

Chia Cole, MBA 2010<br />

Jill Cole, MBA 2016<br />

Jacob Cole, MBA 2018<br />

Najae Coleman, BBA 2021<br />

Brittany Coleman, MS 2016<br />

Renee Coleman, MBA 2010<br />

Lorenia Coleman, MBA 2008<br />

David Coles, BBA 2007<br />

Grace Coley, BS 2020<br />

Russell Colley, BBA 2011<br />

Jessica Colley, MACC 2018<br />

Deborah Collier, BS 2006<br />

Jenny Collier, BBA 2005<br />

Amadi Collier, BBA* 2015<br />

Derek Colligan, BBA 2006<br />

Robert Collins, BS 2009<br />

Jennifer Collins, BBA 1997<br />

Tori Collins, BBA 2010<br />

Mary Collins, BBA* 2013<br />

Julia Collins, MS 2013<br />

Thelma Collins, MBA 2001<br />

Darwin Collins, MBA 2004

Elwin Collins, MBA 2013<br />

Morgan Collins, MBA 2019<br />

Ann Colman, BBA 2002<br />

Ann Colman, MBA 2003<br />

Stephen Colvin, BBA 2012<br />

Kimesha Colvin, BBA 2018<br />

Brian Combs, MBA 2022<br />

Jason Compton, MBA 2013<br />

Wade Conaway, BA 2015<br />

Susan Conaway, BBA 2004<br />

Henry Conde, MBA 1997<br />

Erin Conley, BBA 2004<br />

Erin Conley, MBA 2008<br />

Kinika Conley, MBA 2013<br />

David Conley Jr., MBA 2006<br />

Telsia Conley-Ziyad, MBA 2017<br />

Cathy Connell, BS 1997<br />

Pamela Connelly, BBA 2000<br />

Pamela Connelly, MBA 2002<br />

Martha Conner, MBA 2000<br />

David Conway, BBA 2000<br />

Jeffrey Conzett, BBA 1998<br />

Preston Cook, BBA 1999<br />

Violet Cook, BBA 2003<br />

Karen Cook, BBA 2009<br />

Amy Cook, MACC 2023<br />

Sharon Cook, MBA 2002<br />

Geoffrey Cook, MBA 2011<br />

William Cook, MBA 2015<br />

Tamika Cook, MBA 2020<br />

Jalisa Cook, MBA 2018<br />

Walter Cooke Jr, BBA 2011<br />

Marc Cool, MBA 2010<br />

William Cooney, BBA 1997<br />

Benjamin Cooper, BBA 2006<br />

Robin Cooper, BBA 2010<br />

Christopher Cooper, MS 2014<br />

Alexander Cooper, MBA 2008<br />

Mary Cooper, MBA 2003<br />

Christina Cooper, MBA 2016<br />

Andrea Cooper, MBA 2016<br />

Lauren Cooper, MBA 2018<br />

Todd Copher, MBA 2001<br />

Shantel Coq, MBA 2017<br />

Christine Corbin, BBA 2002<br />

Hillary Corey, MBA 2013<br />

Deborah Corhan, MBA 2000<br />

Caitlin Corley, BBA 2014<br />

Jeffrey Corliss, MBA 2001<br />

Dionitia Cornell, MBA 2010<br />

Tenisha Correll, MBA 2015<br />

Teresa Corso, MBA 2015<br />

Kesia Cosby, BBA 2009<br />

Christine Cosper, MBA 1999<br />

Nicole Cothern, BBA 2012<br />

Joy Cotterell, MBA 2000<br />

John Cottingham, MBA 1998<br />

Monica Couch, BS 1999<br />

Monica Couch, MBA 2003<br />

Stacie Couch, MBA 2005<br />

Christopher Counsell, BS 1997<br />

Christopher Counsell, MBA 1998<br />

Carol Counts, BBA 1999<br />

Cornelius Counts Jr, MBA 2001<br />

Iris Cousar, BS 2001<br />

Ana Couto Freitas, MBA 2020<br />

Barbara Covington, BBA 2012<br />

Casey Covington, MS 2012<br />

Katherine Cowan, BBA 2004<br />

Darnisha Cowan, MBA 2012<br />

Fawne Cowart, BBA 2009<br />

Matthew Cowgill, BBA 2012<br />

Matthew Cowgill, BBA 2012<br />

Kimberly Cowling, BBA 2010<br />

Kimberly Cowling, MBA 2011<br />

Emilie Cox, BA 2021<br />

Garry Cox, BS 2005<br />

Carol Cox, BBA 2006<br />

Crystal Cox, BBA 2008<br />

Kayla Cox, MS 2012<br />

Roland Cox, MACC* 2021<br />

Carol Cox, MBA 2017<br />

Laura Cox, MBA 2017<br />

Cynthia Cox, MBA* 2017<br />

Madison Coxworth, BS 2021<br />

David Coyle, MS 2011<br />

Patrick Coyle, MBA 2019<br />

Curt Crader, MBA 2012<br />

Tabatha Crafter-Dixon, BS 2014<br />

Amanda Craig, BS 2012<br />

Andrea Craig, MS 2012<br />

Tonya Craig, MBA 1999<br />

Cynthia Crain, BBA 2018<br />

Deborah Cranata, BBA 2007<br />

William Cranata, BBA 2011<br />

Brock Crane, MS 2014<br />

Latrese Cratic, BS 2012<br />

Christen Craven, BBA 2005<br />

Jason Craven, MBA 2004<br />

Theresa Crawford, BS 1998<br />

Jennifer Crawford, BS 2005<br />

Lekesha Crawford, BS 2004<br />

Karen Crawford, BBA 1997<br />

Ayanna Crawford, BBA 2004<br />

Anna Crawford, BBA 2008<br />

Candice Crawford, BBA 2013<br />

Mario Crawford, BBA 2014<br />

Patricia Crawford, BBA 2018<br />

Trenece Crawford, MS 2013<br />

Laquisha Crawford, MS 2017<br />

Shana Crawford, MBA 1997<br />

Shalanda Crawford, MBA 2003<br />

Raishard Crawford, MBA 2017<br />

Michael Creed, MBA 1998<br />

Brandon Creel, BS 2001<br />

Garner Creel, BBA 1999<br />

Kenneth Crew, BBA 2010<br />

Kenneth Crew, MBA 2012<br />

Stephanie Criblez, MBA 2003<br />

Michael Cricchio, MBA 2000<br />

David Crickard, BS 2004<br />

Sandra Criddell, BBA 1997<br />

George Crisp, BBA 2000<br />

George Crisp, MBA 2002<br />

Ralph Crisp Jr., MBA 1998<br />

Todd Critchlow, MBA 2004<br />

Jennifer Croft, BBA 2021<br />

Kristi Cronan, MBA* 2013<br />

Clyde Cronic, BS 2003

Amy Cronic, MBA 2003<br />

Cheryl Crook, BS* 2013<br />

Tiffany Croone, BBA 2003<br />

Sonia Crosby, BBA 2011<br />

Don Cross, MBA 2010<br />

Robyn Cross, MBA 2012<br />

Jenny Crouch, MS 2014<br />

Christopher Crowder, MBA 2017<br />

Sarah Crowder, MBA 2017<br />

Tina Crowe, BBA 2007<br />

Cynthia Crowe, MBA 2000<br />

Ashley Croxton, MS 2020<br />

Lauren Crump, MBA 2014<br />

Celia Cruz, BS 1999<br />

Christopher Cruz, BS 2002<br />

Laura Cruz, BBA 2009<br />

Emmi Cruz, MBA 2013<br />

Ann Cubitt, BBA 2005<br />

Ann Cubitt, MBA 2006<br />

Nan Cuccia, BBA 2008<br />

Carolyn Cuddy, BS 1999<br />

Carolyn Cuddy, BBA 1999<br />

Tracy Culla, BBA 1999<br />

Michael Cullen, MBA* 2015<br />

Barbara Cullins-Mosely, BS 2002<br />

Christopher Culp, MBA 2014<br />

Xavier Culpepper, BA 2018<br />

John Culpepper III, MBA 1999<br />

Deidre Cummings, BA 2015<br />

Carrie Cummings, BBA 2002<br />

Ronica Cummings, BBA 2005<br />

Lisa Cummings, BBA 2011<br />

Patti Cummings, BBA 2015<br />

Jay Cummings, MBA 2007<br />

Kerma Cummings, MBA 2019<br />

Devin Cunningham, BS 2017<br />

Andrew Cunningham, MBA 2005<br />

John Cunningham Jr, MBA 2010<br />

Roberto Curbelo, BA 1997<br />

Linda Curia, MBA 2002<br />

Jeana Curle, BBA 2011<br />

Michelle Curran, MBA 2011<br />

Tiese Currington, BBA 2002<br />

Jeannette Curry, BA 2016<br />

Jacqueline Curry-Ramirez, BS 2001<br />

Lynette Curtis, BA 2018<br />

Regina Curtis, BBA 2007<br />

Gregory Curtis, MBA 2000<br />

Jamie Cushway, BA 2011<br />

Jamie Cushway, MS 2013<br />

Kenneth Cuyler, MBA 1997<br />

Kiara Cuyler, MBA 2020<br />

Michelle Cuzdey, MBA 2004<br />

Harvey Dailey, BBA 2000<br />

Christey Dailey, BBA 2006<br />

Janis Dailey, BBA 2014<br />

Warren Dake, BBA 2023<br />

Chelsea Dale, MS 2022<br />

Martha Daley-Weeks, MBA 2005<br />

Carole Dallis, BBA 2005<br />

Judy Dalton, BBA 2002<br />

Myracle Dalton, MACC 2018<br />

Ruth Dalton, MBA 2003<br />

Amy Dalton, MBA 2015<br />

Angela Daly, BBA 2002<br />

Lori Daly, BBA 2006<br />

Deborah Daly, MBA 2004<br />

Angela Daly, MBA 2011<br />

Kiiursti Daly, MBA 2015<br />

Daniel Daly, Jr., BBA 2002<br />

Tara Dames, MBA 2017<br />

Eric Damewood, MBA 2011<br />

Khristina Danchetz, MBA 2006<br />

Andrew Daniel, BBA 2003<br />

Frederick Daniel, BBA 2001<br />

Lindsey Daniel, BBA 2007<br />

Ryan Daniel, BBA 2011<br />

Thomas Daniel, MBA 2002<br />

Lauren Daniel, MBA 2002<br />

Andrew Daniel, MBA 2011<br />

Georgette Daniel, MBA* 2015<br />

Claudia Daniel, MBA 2008<br />

Tiffanie Daniel, MBA 2018<br />

Mia Daniels, BS 2006<br />

Alexandria Daniels, BBA 2011<br />

Brittany Daniels, BBA 2018<br />

Dustin Daniels, MBA 2019<br />

Daryal Danley, MBA 2001<br />

Miranda Dansby, BBA 2017<br />

Julia Darden, MBA 2021<br />

David Darling, BS 2006<br />

DeArra Darling, MBA 2020<br />

Daneya Darracott, MBA 1997<br />

Richard Darracott, MBA 1997<br />

John Darren, BS 2011<br />

Marlene Darrisaw, BBA 1999<br />

Melissa Darrow, BBA 2006<br />

Melissa Darrow, MBA 2007<br />

Tina Dasha, MBA 2012<br />

Wayne Dashield, MS 2022<br />

John Datka, BA 2020<br />

Amanda Dattaro, MBA* 2017<br />

Clifford Davenport, BS 1997<br />

Tracy Davenport, BBA 2006<br />

Michele Davenport, MBA 2002<br />

Tracy Davenport, MBA 2012<br />

Albert Davenport, MBA 2018<br />

Christopher Davidson, MBA 2006<br />

Kimi Davies, BS 2003<br />

Joy Davies, BBA 2000<br />

Teddy Davis, BS 1999<br />

Charma Davis, BS 2002<br />

Kiah Davis, BS 2014<br />

Mary Davis, BS 2012<br />

Suzanna Davis, BBA 1998<br />

Michael Davis, BBA 1997<br />

Diana Davis, BBA 2003<br />

Tonja Davis, BBA 2002<br />

Charles Davis, BBA 2002<br />

Tonya Davis, BBA 2004<br />

Donna Davis, BBA 2007<br />

Christopher Davis, BBA 2014<br />

Gregory Davis, BBA 2010<br />

Amanda Davis, BBA* 2015<br />

Allison Davis, MBA 2005<br />

Suzanna Davis, MBA 1999<br />

John Davis, MBA 1999<br />

Michelle Davis, MBA 2002<br />

Mary Davis, MBA 2002

Melanie Davis, MBA 2018<br />

Ashlee Davis, MBA 2017<br />

Gregory Davis, MBA 2013<br />

Clark Davis, MBA 2013<br />

Kimberly Davis, MBA* 2014<br />

Ashley Davis, MBA 2017<br />

Jessica Davis, MBA 2017<br />

James Davis, MBA 2017<br />

Loushay Davis, MBA 2021<br />

Chris Davis, MBA 2019<br />

Reesa-Marie Dawkins, MBA 1998<br />

Toryn Dawkins, MBA 2016<br />

Jessica Dawkins, MBA 2014<br />

Olin Dawson, BS 1997<br />

Gregory Dawson, BS 1998<br />

Gregory Dawson, MBA 1999<br />

Steven Dawson, MBA 2016<br />

Danielle Dawson, MBA 2017<br />

Carmalyn Oglesby, MBA 2017<br />

Shelby Day, MBA 2001<br />

Darla Day, MBA 2003<br />

Michael Dayton, MBA 2010<br />

Denise Deal, MBA 2001<br />

Sandra Dean, BS 1998<br />

Christina Dean, BBA 1997<br />

Kimberly Dean, BBA 2006<br />

Kimberly Dean, MBA* 2016<br />

Kelly Deas, BBA 2020<br />

Summer Deason, MBA 2012<br />

Keelie Deaton, BS 2003<br />

Christa Deaton, BS 2009<br />

Kenneth Deaton, BBA 2000<br />

Ralph DeBee, MBA 1999<br />

Theresa DeBenedittis, MBA 2006<br />

Heather Dechau, BBA 2006<br />

Heather Dechau, MBA 2007<br />

Robin Deeb, BS 1998<br />

Carolyn Deering, BS 2003<br />

Ronald Deering, MBA 1998<br />

Lydia DeHaven, MBA 1997<br />

Wendy Delacqua, BBA 1998<br />

Wendy Delacqua, MBA 1999<br />

James DeLay, MBA 2002<br />

Rhonda DelBoccio, MBA 2010<br />

Sonia Delbridge, BBA 2002<br />

Dino DeLeo, MBA 1999<br />

Maria DeLeon, MBA 2009<br />

Eric Dell, BBA 1997<br />

Jennifer Dell, MS 2015<br />

Micheal DeMario, MBA 2000<br />

Laura Demory, BBA 2002<br />

Jeanette Dempsey, BS 1998<br />

Anna Dempsey, MBA 2008<br />

Anthony Dempski, BBA 2004<br />

Tessa Denaro, MBA 2016<br />

Tessa DeNenno, BBA 2011<br />

Danielle Denkhaus, MBA 2014<br />

Brianna Dennis, MBA 2017<br />

Mary Ashlynn Dennis, MBA 2021<br />

Marc Denno, MBA 1999<br />

Suprina Denson, BS 2005<br />

Hint Denson, MS 2015<br />

Tangela Derico, MBA 2018<br />

Sheronda DeRohn, BBA 2001<br />

Sheronda DeRohn, MBA 2005<br />

Donna Derrer, MS 2011<br />

Mandy DeSaussure, MS 2012<br />

Melissa DeSelover, BA 2011<br />

Erica Deshazor, MBA 2015<br />

James DesLaurier, BBA 1999<br />

James DesLaurier, MBA 2001<br />

Michelle Desmarais, MBA 2002<br />

Mayron Desta, MBA 2012<br />

Matthew Deufel, BBA 2013<br />

Carlton DeVooght, MBA 2009<br />

David Devore, MBA 2017<br />

Dana Devore, MBA 2019<br />

Michele Dewyngaert, BBA 2008<br />

Valarie Dexter, BBA 2006<br />

Janean DeYoung, BBA 1998<br />

Janean DeYoung, MBA 2001<br />

Danielle Di Fede, MS 2008<br />

Amy Dial, MBA 2022<br />

Aissatou Diallo, MBA 2019<br />

Karen Dias, MBA* 2014<br />

Stefanie Diaz, BBA 2005<br />

Maria Diaz, BBA 2012<br />

Stefanie Diaz, MBA 2007<br />

Maria Diaz, MBA 2014<br />

Sherline Dickens, MBA 2002<br />

Teresa Dickerson, BS 2003<br />

Lisa Dickerson, MBA 2009<br />

Kayla Dickey, BBA 2014<br />

Victoria Dickinson, BS 2003<br />

Tara Dickinson, MBA 1999<br />

Cheryl Dicks, BS 2007<br />

Maren Dietrich, BBA 1997<br />

Myles Dietrich, MBA 2022<br />

Heidi DiFranco, BBA 2006<br />

Samasen Diggs, BBA 2012<br />

Lindsey DiLeo, BBA 2014<br />

Elaine Dillashaw, BBA 2010<br />

Tiffany Dingle, MS 2019<br />

Stephanie Dingman, BBA 2008<br />

Linda Dinkins, BS 2001<br />

Julia Dippold, BS 2002<br />

Kenneth Disque, BBA 1997<br />

John Distler, BS 2014<br />

John Distler, BBA 2014<br />

Tyronda Dixon, BS 2009<br />

Kelli Dixon, BBA 2008<br />

Candace Dixon, BBA 2011<br />

Whitney Dixon, BBA 2011<br />

James Dixon, MBA 1998<br />

Nicola Dixon, MBA 1998<br />

Nancy Dixon, MBA 1998<br />

Tyronda Dixon, MBA 2010<br />

Candace Dixon, MBA 2015<br />

Mark Dixon, MBA 2012<br />

Amy Dixon, MBA 2012<br />

Whitney Dixon, MBA 2012<br />

Natasha Dixon, MBA 2022<br />

Brenda Dixon-Green, BBA 2004<br />

Antonio Dobbins, MBA* 2017<br />

Alexandra Dobbs, BBA 2012<br />

Michael Dobbs, MBA 2008<br />

Kyle Dobson, BA 2022<br />

Quotrina Doby-Lovett, BBA 2016<br />

Quotrina Doby-Lovett, MBA 2019

William Docher, BBA 2004<br />

Rebecca Dockery, BBA 2021<br />

La-Toya Dock-Rogers, BS 2007<br />

Jennifer Dodd, BS 2010<br />

Annette Dodd, BBA 2006<br />

Jennifer Dodd, MBA 2013<br />

William Dodgen, BBA 2008<br />

Marissa Dodgen, BBA 2010<br />

Sonya Dodson, MBA 2003<br />

Martha Dollar, MBA 2007<br />

Julie Dolson, BBA 2000<br />

Ian Dolven, BBA 2007<br />

Rachael Dombart, MBA 2018<br />

Arthur Donahue, MBA 2006<br />

Lucille Donaldson, BS 2014<br />

Mibindo Dongo, MBA 2011<br />

Jacqueline Donlon, BBA 2001<br />

Jacqueline Donlon, MBA 2003<br />

Melissa Donovan, MBA 2016<br />

Dustin Dooley, BA 2012<br />

Shirley Doolittle, BBA 2009<br />

Shirley Doolittle, MBA 2011<br />

Zuhra Doost, BBA 2013<br />

Kasey Dorminey, BS 2009<br />

Chrissie Dornevil, MBA 2019<br />

Erica Dorsey, BA 2013<br />

Tuesday Dorsey, BBA 1997<br />

Erica Dorsey, MS 2017<br />

Debbie Dorsey, MBA 2008<br />

Rachael Dorval, MBA 2016<br />

Sharon Dottery, BS 2004<br />

Charee Dotton, BS 2009<br />

Charee Dotton, MBA 2010<br />

Cheritha Doucet, MBA 2017<br />

Jessica Dougherty, BBA 1997<br />

Shanise Douglas, MBA 2020<br />

Alice Dowdell, BBA 2011<br />

Donna Dowell, MBA 2001<br />

Nicole Dowling, BBA 2002<br />

Kristen Downs, BBA 2011<br />

Aaron Downs, BBA 2015<br />

Kristen Downs, MBA 2015<br />

Aaron Downs, MBA 2017<br />

Neville Doyley, BBA 2017<br />

Neville Doyley, MBA 2019<br />

Nile Dozier, MBA 2022<br />

Amber Drake, BBA* 2014<br />

Samuel Drake III, MBA 1999<br />

Shannon Draughn, BBA 2008<br />

Marlene Drayton, BBA 2010<br />

Marlene Drayton, MBA 2012<br />

Garland Drennan, BS 1997<br />

Joshua Dresen, MS 2021<br />

Brian Drew, BS 2009<br />

Karen Driggers, MBA 1998<br />

June Driscol, MBA 2022<br />

Lisa Driver, BBA 2010<br />

Karen Drumgoole, BS 1998<br />

Melissa Drury, BBA 2012<br />

Melissa Drury, MBA 2018<br />

Anna Duarte, BBA 2000<br />

Stephen Duba Sr., MBA 1998<br />

Breanna Dubberly, BBA 2010<br />

Pamela Dubberly, BBA 2012<br />

Breanna Dubberly, MBA 2012<br />

Denis Dubus, MBA 2018<br />

Omar Duchesne, BA 2018<br />

Omar Duchesne, MS 2021<br />

Terry Dudley, BBA 2000<br />

William Dudley Jr, MBA 2000<br />

Vivian Duffy, MBA 2005<br />

Jason Duke, MBA 2015<br />

LaTasha Dukes, BBA* 2016<br />

LaTasha Dukes, MBA 2019<br />

Alina Dumbravicean, BBA 2014<br />

Lisa Dunagan, MBA 2011<br />

Jeri Dunbar, BBA 2006<br />

Charlie Dunbar, BBA 2013<br />

Katie Dunbar, BBA* 2021<br />

Charlie Dunbar, MBA 2015<br />

Steven Duncan, BBA 1998<br />

Alethia Duncan, MS 2012<br />

James Duncan, MBA* 2018<br />

Genevieve Duncan, MBA 2021<br />

Adrian Dunegan, BBA 2011<br />

Jennifer Duneman, MBA 2012<br />

Phyllis Dunham, BS 1998<br />

Donna Dunham, BBA 2006<br />

Donna Dunham, MBA 2007<br />

Todd Dunkerley, BS 1998<br />

Christie Dunn, BS 1999<br />

Shelia Dunn, BBA 2005<br />

Candice Dunn, BBA 2016<br />

Shawness Dunn, MS 2017<br />

Lanier Dunn, MBA 2005<br />

Marvin Dunnom, BBA 2011<br />

Doris Dunns, BBA 2002<br />

Colbi Dunsmore, BBA 2006<br />

Bonita Dunwell, MS 2008<br />

Robert Dupont, MBA 2000<br />

Joseph Dupuis, MBA 1997<br />

Gary Duran, MBA 1999<br />

Amy Durham, BBA 2002<br />

Roosevelt Durham, BBA 2003<br />

Amy Durham, MBA 2016<br />

Claudia Duron, BS 2010<br />

Kerry Durrence, BBA 2005<br />

Margaret Durst, BS 1997<br />

Jennifer Dutton, BBA 2007<br />

Michelle Dutton, MBA 2017<br />

Tracy Duval, MBA 2014<br />

Danielle Duvall, MBA 2010<br />

Stephanie Dworzecki, BS 2009<br />

Danica Dwyer, BA 2008<br />

Melanie Dye, MBA 2008<br />

Sara Dyer, MBA 2012<br />

Lindsey Dyro, BS 2003<br />

Gayk Dzhordzhalyan, MBA 2012<br />

Lori Eades, BBA 2016<br />

Tara Ealy, MBA 2009<br />

Amy Earl, BBA 1998<br />

Hillary Earls, BA 2014<br />

Angela Earls, MBA 2010<br />

Tony Earnhart, BS 1997<br />

Kristi Eash, MBA 2009<br />

Amanda Easler, BBA 2003<br />

Brantley Easom, MBA 2022<br />

David Eason Jr., BBA 1999<br />

David Eason Jr., MBA 2001

Amanda Eastburn, BBA 2004<br />

Sheri Easter, MBA 2005<br />

Robert Eastman, BS 1998<br />

Dorsanca Eastman, MS 2019<br />

Jennifer Eavenson, MBA 2016<br />

Deana Eaves, MBA 1998<br />

John Ebron, BA 2019<br />

Joseph Ebron, MBA 2016<br />

Lisa Eby, BBA 2001<br />

Heriberto Echevarria, BBA 2000<br />

Keisha Echols, MBA 2015<br />

Gerald Eck, MBA 1997<br />

Marjorie Edenfield, BBA 2012<br />

Monica Edgerton, MBA 2021<br />

Peyton Edmond, BS 2018<br />

Veronica Edmond, MBA 2001<br />

Regina Edmonds, MBA* 2017<br />

Rebecca Edmondson, BBA 2007<br />

Lakisha Edmonson, BA 2012<br />

Samuel Edmunds, BBA 2005<br />

Pamela Edwards, BS 2004<br />

Vernita Edwards, BBA 2000<br />

Deborah Edwards, BBA 2001<br />

Ashley Edwards, BBA 2004<br />

Carteka Edwards, BBA 2006<br />

Darra Edwards, MS 2019<br />

Andrea Edwards, MBA 2001<br />

Toni Edwards, MBA 2009<br />

Kerry Edwards, MBA* 2013<br />

Tionna Edwards, MBA 2022<br />

Benita Edwards, MBA 2023<br />

Wendy Ehrig, MBA 2019<br />

Paula Eick, MBA 2001<br />

Amy Eifrid, MBA 2018<br />

Kevin Eitel, BS 2006<br />

Godwin Ejikeme, MBA 2011<br />

Baketria Elam, BBA 2008<br />

Michael Elam, MBA 1998<br />

Marvin Elam, MBA 1998<br />

Gale Eligwe, BBA 2001<br />

Patricia Ellermeier, MBA 1997<br />

Amanda Ellett, MBA* 2015<br />

Robert Ellett, MBA* 2015<br />

Kathy Elliott, MS 2020<br />

Wednesday Ellis, BBA 2003<br />

Veronica Ellis, BBA 2010<br />

Sonya Ellis, BBA 2005<br />

Hannah Ellis, BBA 2020<br />

David Ellis, MBA 1997<br />

Sonya Ellis, MBA 2006<br />

David Ellis, MBA 2008<br />

Tashawna Ellis, MBA 2016<br />

Yoko Ellison, MBA 2007<br />

Amy Elrod, BBA 1998<br />

Christine Emanuel, MBA 1997<br />

David Embler, MBA 2000<br />

Loren Emery, BS 1998<br />

Kelley Emrey, MS 2006<br />

Laquita Engel, BBA 2002<br />

Laquita Engel, MBA 2004<br />

Mary Engle, BBA 2018<br />

Donna Engle-Connolly, MBA 2000<br />

Katerina English, BS 2022<br />

Kay English, MBA 1997<br />

Elizabeth Engram, BA 2018<br />

Elizabeth Engram, MS 2021<br />

Brenda Enloe, BBA 2005<br />

Christina Enourato, BS 2013<br />

Meredith Enslen, MS 2017<br />

Juliette Enwonwu, MBA 1998<br />

Salena Epps-Jackson, BS 2003<br />

Amy Erickson, BBA 1999<br />

Jessica Erickson, BBA 2016<br />

Serhat Ertekin, MBA 2020<br />

Joseph Erves, MBA 2016<br />

Donald Ervin, BBA 2003<br />

Patricia Esguerra, BBA 2006<br />

Denyse Espinoza, BS 2001<br />

Denyse Espinoza, MBA 2002<br />

David Esra, BS 2004<br />

Conquella Essex, MBA 2017<br />

Thurston Estes, MBA 2002<br />

Lakenya Estus, BS 2012<br />

Mary Etheridge, BA 2012<br />

Mary Ethridge, MBA 1998<br />

Jove Etienne, MBA* 2016<br />

Richard Eubanks, MBA 1999<br />

Earl Eubanks Sr, BS 2003<br />

Aubrey Eubanks Sr., BBA 2002<br />

LaToya Evans, BS 2004<br />

Willie Evans, BS 1998<br />

Denise Evans, BS 2006<br />

Lauren Evans, BS 2012<br />

Joy Evans, BBA 2007<br />

Alisha Evans, BBA 2000<br />

Linda Evans, BBA 2002<br />

Richard Evans, BBA 2002<br />

Joan Evans, BBA 2005<br />

Tiffany Evans, BBA 2013<br />

Elizabeth Evans, BBA 2010<br />

Stephanie Evans, BBA 2013<br />

Ariona Evans, BBA 2023<br />

Joy Evans, MBA 2011<br />

Linda Evans, MBA 2003<br />

Richard Evans, MBA 2004<br />

Melanie Evans, MBA 2009<br />

Elizabeth Evans, MBA 2012<br />

Stephanie Evans, MBA 2016<br />

Jennifer Evans, MBA* 2013<br />

Armon Evans, MBA 2017<br />

Vanessa Evans, MBA* 2019<br />

Polly Evans-Thomas, BBA 2019<br />

Polly Evans-Thomas, MS 2021<br />

Gary Ewing, BBA 1999<br />

Kristan Ewing, MBA 2018<br />

Suzette Exum, BBA 2009<br />

Richard Eyler, BBA 2007<br />

Ericka Ezell, MS 2015<br />

Gina Fahrney, BBA 2000<br />

Ditza Faimalo, BBA 2020<br />

Robert Fain, MS 2008<br />

Tammy Faircloth, BBA 2006<br />

Bibiana Falatova, BBA 1999<br />

Bibiana Falatova, MBA 2000<br />

Nosleivys Falcon, MS 2014<br />

Na Fan, BBA 2012<br />

Jafrin Farid, MBA 2015<br />

Deborah Farlow, BS 2004<br />

Deborah Farlow, BBA 2004

Patrice Farmer, BBA 2013<br />

Jasmyn Farmer, BBA 2013<br />

Lila Farmer, MBA 1999<br />

Shanda Farmer, MBA 2006<br />

Brittany Farmer, MBA 2016<br />

Theresa Farrington, BBA 2004<br />

Tiffany Farris, BS 2015<br />

Esther Fasasi, BA 2014<br />

Scott Faulkner, MBA 1999<br />

Hewana Fauntleroy, BBA 2003<br />

Mary Fauscett, MBA 2007<br />

Wendy Fava, BBA 2018<br />

Dino Favara, MBA 2001<br />

Wenona Favors, MBA 2016<br />

John Fawaz, MBA 2015<br />

Terry Feagin, BBA 2013<br />

John Feagin, BBA 2017<br />

Rachel Fearneyhough, BBA 2012<br />

Martha Fears, BS 2007<br />

Sylvester Federick, BBA 2007<br />

Gina Fedorchak, MBA 2006<br />

Zemetra Felton, BBA 2009<br />

Michael Fender, MBA 2007<br />

Claire Fendig, BBA* 2021<br />

Yuyi Feng, MBA 2010<br />

Kathy Ferebee, MBA 2006<br />

Rai Ferebee, MBA 2015<br />

Dwayne Ferguson, BS 1997<br />

Bessie Ferguson, BBA 1999<br />

Rodney Ferguson, BBA 2020<br />

Eddie Ferguson, MBA 1997<br />

Nicole Fermanis, MBA 2011<br />

Maria Fernandez, MBA 2010<br />

Ayanna Fernandez, MBA 2015<br />

Natalie Fernandez, MBA 2017<br />

Bitina Ferrell, BS 2002<br />

Camila Ferro, MBA 2019<br />

Eric Fessler, BBA 1999<br />

Charles Feutral, BS 2020<br />

Tomeka Few, MBA 2015<br />

Grace Fielding, BBA 2005<br />

Anthony Fielding, BBA 2014<br />

Rosa Fields, BBA 1998<br />

Patsy Fields, BBA 2004<br />

Denise Fields, MBA* 2016<br />

John Fields Jr., MBA 2002<br />

Ruby Fife, BBA 2006<br />

Ruby Fife, MBA 2007<br />

Sekoyia Fife, MBA* 2018<br />

Paul Fincher, BBA 2011<br />

Paul Fincher, MBA 2013<br />

Anna Finkel, BS 2001<br />

Stephen Fisher, MBA 2002<br />

Barry Fitch, MBA 2002<br />

Esther Fitts, BBA 2001<br />

Gerald Fitzgerald, MBA 2001<br />

Natalie Fitzgibbons, MBA 2019<br />

Kathy Fitzpatrick, BBA 2000<br />

Callie Flack, MBA 2010<br />

John Flaherty, MBA 2020<br />

Dennis Flahive, MBA 2002<br />

Alicea Flanagan, MBA 2005<br />

Meghan Flanagan, MBA 2014<br />

James Flanagan, MBA 2015<br />

Andrew Flanagan, MBA 2016<br />

Eloise Flanagin, BBA 2008<br />

Melissa Fleming, BBA 2008<br />

Jeremy Fleming, MBA 1997<br />

Tamia Flemister, MBA 2016<br />

Paula Flickinger, MBA 2009<br />

Latonia Flint, BBA 2001<br />

Wanda Flippins, BS 2011<br />

Wanda Flippins, MBA 2022<br />

LaWanda Flonnory, BBA 2006<br />

LaWanda Flonnory, MBA 2008<br />

Rosa Flores, BBA 1999<br />

Khaalis Flournoy, BBA 2013<br />

Khaalis Flournoy, MS 2017<br />

Mary Flowers, BS 1999<br />

Wendy Floyd, BBA 1997<br />

Shamekia Fluellen-Smith, MBA 2018<br />

Judith Flynn, BBA 2006<br />

Judith Flynn, MBA 2014<br />

Hillyer Flynt, BBA 2008<br />

Tori Fobb, BBA 2009<br />

Michael Fogie, MBA 2003<br />

Jonathon Folds, MBA 2008<br />

Nicole Foley, BA 2013<br />

Morgan Foley, BS 2020<br />

Donald Foley, MBA 1997<br />

Philip Follo, MBA 1999<br />

Laura Folsom, BBA 1998<br />

Sarah Folwell, BBA* 2023<br />

Belinda Fontaine, BS 2022<br />

Melanie Fontaine, MBA 2014<br />

Michael Foor, MBA 1998<br />

Calondra Forbes, BA 2020<br />

Drexel Forbes, MBA 2016<br />

Anne Stewart Forbes, MBA 2022<br />

Alice Ford, BA 2011<br />

Courtnay Ford, BS 1997<br />

Rachel Ford, BS 2002<br />

Priscilla Ford, BBA 2003<br />

Ashlynn Ford, BBA 2007<br />

Jerod Ford, MBA 1997<br />

Deangelo Ford, MBA 2019<br />

Dajuan Ford, MBA 2019<br />

John Forde, BBA 1998<br />

Tracy Foreman, BBA 1999<br />

Charmaine Forts, BA 2014<br />

Jasmin Forts, MBA 2015<br />

Ricardo Forts, MBA 2015<br />

Sarah Fortson, BA 2016<br />

Lisa Fortson, BBA 2011<br />

Jeffrey Fortson, MBA 2014<br />

Anthony Foss, BBA 1999<br />

Anthony Foss, MBA 2001<br />

Evelyn Fossitt-Jones, BS 2002<br />

Dyzala Foster, BA 2021<br />

William Foster, BBA 2006<br />

Chelsea Foster, BBA* 2015<br />

Danelle Foster, MBA 2014<br />

Joey Fowler, BBA 1997<br />

April Fowler, BBA 2004<br />

Cynthia Fowler, BBA 2000<br />

Chad Fowler, BBA 1998<br />

Cynthia Fowler, MBA 2002<br />

Kelli Fowler, MBA 2017<br />

Tina Foye, BS 1998

Randi Frady, MBA 2001<br />

Kristen Fralick, BBA* 2019<br />

Colby Fralick, MBA 2019<br />

Elizabeth Francis, BBA 1998<br />

Aleka Francis, MBA 2016<br />

Chemere Francis, MBA 2019<br />

Veronica Francois-Coleman, BBA 2004<br />

Kelvin Franklin, BA 2018<br />

Crystal Franklin, BA 2022<br />

Martina Franklin, BA 2021<br />

Linda Franklin, BBA 2006<br />

Shanetta Franklin, BBA 2010<br />

Khalid Franklin, BBA 2014<br />

Kelvin Franklin, MS 2020<br />

Crystal Franklin, MS 2023<br />

Cierra Franklin, MS 2022<br />

Serena Franklin, MBA 2018<br />

Rodney Franks, BBA 2012<br />

Kathryn Franks, MS 2018<br />

Anna Franks, MBA 2011<br />

James Franks, MBA 2019<br />

Kris Franqui, MBA 1998<br />

Larry Frans, MBA 2001<br />

Hugh Frayne, BBA 2001<br />

Hugh Frayne, MBA 2002<br />

Delicia Frazier, BS 2006<br />

Debra Frazier, BS 2009<br />

Cornelius Frazier, BS 2015<br />

Michelle Frazier, MBA 2011<br />

William Frazier, MBA 2016<br />

Carla Fredd, MBA 1997<br />

Eric Fredrick, BA 2017<br />

Lisa Freeland, BBA 2014<br />

Connie Freeman, BS 1998<br />

Stephanie Freeman, BBA 2000<br />

Kennard Freeman, BBA 2002<br />

Veronica Freeman, BBA 2008<br />

Debra Freeman, MBA 2001<br />

Veronica Freeman, MBA 2014<br />

Racquel Freeman, MBA 2016<br />

Timothy Freeman, MBA 2015<br />

Christopher Freeman, MBA 2016<br />

Tiffany Freeman, MBA 2019<br />

Marilyn Freeman, MBA<br />

2021<br />

Delilah Freeman, MBA<br />

2020<br />

Stacy French, MBA 2002<br />

Anthony Frevert, MBA 2010<br />

Lien Frey, BBA 2002<br />

Chiene Frezell, MBA 2015<br />

James Frick, MBA 2005<br />

Joseph Friddle, MBA 2009<br />

Stephanie Friendly, BBA* 2021<br />

Jeffrey Frisbee, MBA 1998<br />

Kayla Fritz, BBA 2013<br />

Kayla Fritz, MS 2018<br />

James Frock, MBA 2006<br />

Ryan Fruth, MBA 2011<br />

April Fry, BS 2016<br />

Woodrow Fryer, BS 1998<br />

Keisha Fryer, BBA 2009<br />

Tony Fulbright, MBA 2001<br />

Susan Fullard, BBA 2009<br />

Christina Fuller, BA 2008<br />

Melanie Fuller, BS 2003<br />

Melanie Fuller, MS 2005<br />

Samantha Fuller, MBA 2019<br />

Babette Fullington, MBA 2018<br />

Crystal Fulmore, MBA 2012<br />

Charles Fulton, BBA 2001<br />

James Funston, BA 2012<br />

Codee Fuquay, MBA 2017<br />

Ricky Furr, BBA 2005<br />

Lillian Futrell, BBA 2009<br />

Lillian Futrell, MBA 2010<br />

Haley Gabriel, MBA 2017<br />

James Gabriel, MBA 2017<br />

Melissa Gaddy, BBA 1998<br />

David Gaddy, MBA 2000<br />

Joseph Gagliani, MBA 2013<br />

Melanie Gagliano, BBA 2004<br />

Irether Gaines, BS 2002<br />

Tamonica Gaines, BS 2009<br />

Tonya Gaines, BBA 2007<br />

Gregory Gaines, MS 2011<br />

Tonya Gaines, MBA 2008<br />

Norma Gallagher, BA* 2014<br />

Suzanne Gallamore, BBA 2004<br />

Travis Galloway, MS 2018<br />

Kimberly Galloway, MBA 2004<br />

Heather Gallup, BBA 2015<br />

Rebekah Galyean, MBA 2008<br />

Maxine Gamble, BBA 2002<br />

Maxine Gamble, MBA 2003<br />

Kimberly Gamble, MBA 2018<br />

Ishmail Ganda, MBA 2016<br />

DeMichia Gandy, BBA 2017<br />

Catherine Ganter, MBA 2005<br />

William Gantt, MBA 2008<br />

Maloria Gantz, BBA 2002<br />

Yang Gao, MBA 2011<br />

Maressa Garcez, MBA 2011<br />

Madeline Garcia Rodriguez, MS 2016<br />

Mary Gardner, BBA 2002<br />

Perry Gardner, MBA 1997<br />

Stuart Gardner, MBA 2005<br />

Travis Garland, BS 2006<br />

Tyler Garmany, BBA 2015<br />

April Garmon-Wallace, BBA 2005<br />

Perryen Garnenez, MBA 2009<br />

Rita Garner, BA 1997<br />

Sarah Garner, BBA 2019<br />

Dameka Garner, BBA 2021<br />

Geoffrey Garnett, BBA 2011<br />

Robin Garnto, BBA 2000<br />

Sara Garret, BS 2008<br />

Renesha Garrett, BS 2018<br />

Michael Garrett, BBA 2008<br />

MaKayla Garrett, MS 2021<br />

David Garrett II, MBA 2014<br />

Christine Garrick, BA 2021<br />

Vicki Garrison, BBA 2003<br />

Nolan Garrison, BBA 2009<br />

Vicki Garrison, MBA 2004<br />

Meah Garrison, MBA 2008<br />

Nolan Garrison, MBA 2016<br />

Micah Garrison, MBA 2010<br />

Tiffany Gartrell, BS 2011<br />

Misty Gartrell, BBA 2007

Misty Gartrell, MBA 2010<br />

Patsy Gary, BS 2017<br />

Stacy Gary, BBA 2010<br />

Francesca Gary, MBA 2017<br />

Cruz Garza, BBA 2004<br />

Cruz Garza, MBA 2006<br />

David Gaskin, MBA 1997<br />

Jessica Gaston, BA 2014<br />

Donan Gaston, BBA 2012<br />

Henry Gatehouse III, MBA 2002<br />

Jacqueline Gatewood, BBA 2016<br />

Gary Gauldin, MBA 2005<br />

Michael Gavalas, BBA 2014<br />

Sofya Gavrilova, MBA 2013<br />

Shuyi Ge, MBA 2013<br />

Edna Gearis, BBA 2004<br />

Michael Gebhardt, BBA 2000<br />

Michael Gebhardt, MBA 2013<br />

Kevin Gebing, BBA 2010<br />

Joy Gentile, BBA 2001<br />

Tara Gentile, MBA 2002<br />

Claudia George, BA 2006<br />

Sarah George, BBA 2018<br />

Mary George, BBA 2018<br />

Claudia George, MBA 2008<br />

Brad Geremia, MBA 2007<br />

Brian Gerhard, MBA 1998<br />

James Germany, BBA 2005<br />

James Germany, MBA 2007<br />

John Germany Jr, MBA 1998<br />

Raquel Gernat, BA 2017<br />

Amy Gerrin, BBA 2006<br />

Michael Getty, MBA 2012<br />

Maria Ghilardotti, BBA 2007<br />

Paula Ghilardotti, BBA 2009<br />

Ruth Giannoumis, MBA 2009<br />

Breanna Gibboney, MBA 2016<br />

Jeannette Gibbons, BBA 1997<br />

Kimberly Gibbons, MBA 2017<br />

Michele Gibbs, BBA 2004<br />

Kellie Gibbs, MBA 2001<br />

Jawanza Gibbs-Nicholson, BS 2010<br />

Stacey Gibson, BS 2007<br />

Shirley Gibson, BS 2002<br />

Bridgette Gibson, BS 2011<br />

Shannon Gibson, BS 2018<br />

Melanie Gibson, BBA 1999<br />

Sherry Gibson, BBA 2011<br />

Michael Gibson, MBA 2000<br />

Cheryl Gibson, MBA 2003<br />

Tasha Gilchrist, BS 2020<br />

Lisa Giles, BBA 2004<br />

Auburn Giles, BBA 2006<br />

Lauren Giles, BBA 2011<br />

Auburn Giles, MBA 2009<br />

Alton Gill, BBA 2018<br />

Leamon Gill, MS 2015<br />

Lauren Gillespie, MBA 2020<br />

Heidi Gillispie, BS 2001<br />

Gary Gilmartin, MBA 1999<br />

Charmaine Gilmore, MS 2012<br />

Gordon Gilreath, BBA 2002<br />

David Gilstrap, BBA* 2014<br />

Kimberly Ginn, MBA 1998<br />

Jeffery Ginn, MBA 2011<br />

Michael Girage, MBA 1997<br />

Joseph Girard, MBA 2014<br />

Tondra Giroir, MBA* 2020<br />

Aline Gisore, BBA 2022<br />

Felecia Givens-Foreman, BBA 2019<br />

Felecia Givens-Foreman, MBA 2022<br />

Concheta Gladmon, MBA 2002<br />

William Gladney, BBA 2002<br />

Darren Glenn, BS 2003<br />

Clara Glenn, BS 2003<br />

Gabrielle Glenn, BS 2022<br />

Shanan Glenn, BBA 2008<br />

Shanan Glenn, MBA 2011<br />

Sequoyah Glenn, MBA 2015<br />

Robin Glenn, MBA 2015<br />

Briana Glenn, MBA 2020<br />

Neveria Glover, BS 2000<br />

Ethel Glover, BS 2001<br />

Denise Glover, BBA 2007<br />

Samantha Glover, BBA 2022<br />

Samantha Glover, MACC 2022<br />

Ronald Glover, MBA 1997<br />

Jennifer Glover, MBA 2006<br />

Vanessa Gobin, MBA 2019<br />

Rebecca Godbee, BS 2009<br />

Priscilla Godbee, BBA 2010<br />

Kenniece Godfrey, BS 2021<br />

Brenda Godfrey, MS 2014<br />

Devon Godinez, MBA 2021<br />

Jonathan Goff, MBA 2014<br />

Kevin Gohman, MBA 2001<br />

Carla Goins, MBA 1998<br />

Peter Goldberg, BBA 2012<br />

Deborah Golden, BBA 2002<br />

Jenny Golden, BBA 2002<br />

Deborah Golden, MBA 2009<br />

Wanda Golding, MBA* 2017<br />

Erin Goldman, BBA 2004<br />

Robert Goldstein, MBA 2001<br />

Jaclyn Goldstone, MBA 2014<br />

Teresa Golestani, BS 2002<br />

Gary Golovan, BS 2011<br />

Emily Goman, BBA 2015<br />

Carmen Gomez, BS 2007<br />

Kristen Gomez, BBA 2007<br />

Kristen Gomez, MBA 2008<br />

Michael Goniea, BBA 2005<br />

Christin Gonzales, BA 2021<br />

Karen Gonzalez, BS 2004<br />

Marilyn Gonzalez, BBA 2008<br />

Antonio Gonzalez, BBA 2013<br />

Ralph Gooch, BS 1999<br />

Deborah Gooch, BBA 2017<br />

Tracy Goodman, BBA 2010<br />

Tracy Goodman, MBA* 2017<br />

Paula Goodman, MBA 2017<br />

Charles Goodman, MBA 2016<br />

Susan Goodson, BBA 2007<br />

James Goodwin, BS 2011<br />

April Goodwin, BBA 2005<br />

Britton Goodwin, BBA 2007<br />

James Goodwin, BBA 2007<br />

Lisa Goolsby, BBA 2002<br />

Amy Gootee, BS 2001

LaToya Gordon, BS 2005<br />

Linda Gordon, BS 2004<br />

Teresa Gordon, BS 2017<br />

Martin Gordon, BBA 2011<br />

Pamela Gordon, BBA 2010<br />

Simone Gordon, BBA 2020<br />

LaToya Gordon, MBA 2007<br />

Pamela Gordon, MBA 2012<br />

Amy Gorey, MBA 2001<br />

Saverio Gorniak, MBA 2013<br />

Shane Goss, BA 2010<br />

Abby Goss, MBA 2002<br />

Nathan Goss, MBA 2007<br />

Rachel Goss, MBA 2022<br />

Dorothy Gossage, MS 2010<br />

Dawn Gould, BBA 2008<br />

Bart Gould, MBA 2009<br />

Latoya Govans, BBA 2011<br />

Brandie Gowen, BBA 2012<br />

Lisa Gower, MBA 2007<br />

Monica Grace, MS 2007<br />

Timothy Graf, BBA 2009<br />

Timothy Graf, MBA 2011<br />

Kali Graham, BS 2014<br />

Betty Graham, BBA 1997<br />

Judith Graham, MBA 2001<br />

Crystal Grajcar, MBA 2012<br />

Milind Gramopadhye, MBA 2001<br />

Amanda Granderson, BBA 1998<br />

Kristen Grant, BBA* 2013<br />

Daron Grant, BBA 2018<br />

Daron Grant, MS 2020<br />

Kenneth Grant, MBA 1999<br />

Frechandra Grant, MBA 2006<br />

Alecia Grant, MBA 2017<br />

Keondra Grant, MBA 2021<br />

Robert Grantham, MBA* 2016<br />

Gertryce Grasty, BBA 1997<br />

Sherrie Graves, BS 2011<br />

Jeffrey Graves, BBA 2000<br />

Michelle Graves, BBA 2002<br />

Crystal Graves, BBA 2005<br />

Jasmine Graves, BBA 2017<br />

Terri Graves, MACC 2019<br />

Jeffrey Graves, MBA 2003<br />

Michelle Graves, MBA 2003<br />

Jasmine Graves, MBA 2021<br />

Jeannie Gravett, BBA 2012<br />

Jessup Gravitt, MBA* 2017<br />

Nancy Graw, BBA 2009<br />

Carol Gray, BS 1997<br />

Gloria Gray, BS 2000<br />

Kasey Gray, BBA 2003<br />

Carla Gray, BBA 2013<br />

Robin Gray, MS 2021<br />

Daryl Gray, MBA* 2011<br />

Walter Gray, MBA 2018<br />

Walter Gray IV, MBA 2001<br />

Andrew Greaux, MBA 2007<br />

Amandalynn Green, BA 2011<br />

Kelly Green, BA 2012<br />

Rose Green, BS 2012<br />

Kelly Green, BS 2012<br />

Virginia Green, BBA 2003<br />

Joseph Green, BBA 1999<br />

Shenikwa Green, BBA 2009<br />

LeRoy Green, BBA 2005<br />

Karen Green, BBA 2010<br />

Tracy Green, BBA 2015<br />

Lakendrick Green, BBA 2010<br />

Amanda Green, BBA 2010<br />

Erin Green, BBA 2012<br />

Gabriella Green, BBA 2012<br />

Ungenetta Green, BBA 2017<br />

Angelica Green, MS 2017<br />

Victoria Green, MS 2019<br />

Timothy Green, MBA 2001<br />

Dana Green, MBA 2005<br />

Erin Green, MBA 2020<br />

Jasmine Green, MBA 2020<br />

Roosevelt Green Jr., BS 2004<br />

Larry Green Jr., MBA 1997<br />

Deidra Greene, BS 2007<br />

Michele Greene, BBA 2004<br />

Sharon Greene, BBA 2006<br />

Jennifer Greene, BBA 2012<br />

Matthew Greene, MBA 1999<br />

Sharon Greene, MBA 2008<br />

Roberta Greene, MBA 2008<br />

Virginia Greene, MBA 2015<br />

Craig Greenhaw, MBA 1997<br />

Andrea Greer, BBA 2009<br />

Michael Greer, MBA 2009<br />

Tajanae Greer, MBA 2019<br />

Jeffrey Greeson, MBA 2001<br />

Patrice Gregoire, MBA 2011<br />

Elena Gregory, BA 2018<br />

Rhonda Gregory, BBA 2021<br />

Leiba Gregory, MBA 2014<br />

Kendera Gresham, BBA 2013<br />

Elijah Grier, BBA 2006<br />

Anthony Griffay, MBA 2012<br />

Almer Griffin, BA 2012<br />

Brandi Griffin, BS 2020<br />

Megan Griffin, BBA 2006<br />

Nia Griffin, BBA 2019<br />

Frederick Griffin, MS 2016<br />

Kishawn Griffin, MS 2016<br />

Barbara Griffin, MBA 1998<br />

David Griffin, MBA 2002<br />

Jerryline Griffin, MBA 2009<br />

Theresa Griffin, MBA 2010<br />

Yanique Griffin, MBA 2020<br />

Saniya Griffin, MBA 2022<br />

Jonathan Griffith, BS 2014<br />

Mary Grigsby, BS 2000<br />

Shekas Grimes, BBA 2003<br />

Randolph Grimes, MBA 1997<br />

Danielle Griner, BBA 1998<br />

Danielle Griner, MBA 1999<br />

Margaret Grisham-Ford, BS 1997<br />

Margaret Grisham-Ford, MBA 2010<br />

Kimberly Griswold, MBA 1999<br />

Steven Grizzle, BS 1997<br />

Julie Grizzle, BBA* 2014<br />

Ryan Grolemund, MBA 2012<br />

Sara Grunert, BS 2001<br />

Stormy Grygo, BS 1999<br />

Mohamed Guerraoui, MBA 2000

Angela Guerrero, BS 2005<br />

Israel Guerrero, MBA 2020<br />

Cheuk Ying Guerrier, MBA* 2015<br />

Ashley Guilfoyle, BBA 2007<br />

Shelby Guilfoyle, BBA 2009<br />

Shelby Guilfoyle, MBA 2015<br />

Christopher Guin, BBA 2008<br />

Tammy Gulledge, BS 2014<br />

Courtney Gunn, MBA 2017<br />

Margaret Gunnion, MBA 2017<br />

Lorna Gurley, BS 2002<br />

Raven Gutierrez, BBA 2006<br />

Michelle Guzman, BBA 2009<br />

Sonia Guzman, BBA 2021<br />

Deborah Guzman, MBA 1999<br />

Michelle Guzman, MBA 2010<br />

Anna Guzman, MBA 2016<br />

Misti Gwinnup-Green, MBA 2004<br />

Zora Gyoreova, BBA 2006<br />

Sydney Haas, BBA 2018<br />

Troy Hackett, MBA 2003<br />

Robert Haddock, BBA 2001<br />

Cynthia Haddon, MBA 1999<br />

Michelle Hager, BBA 2009<br />

Jay Hager, MBA 2003<br />

Brett Hagerman, MBA 1999<br />

Denise Hagerty, BBA 2010<br />

Heather Haines, BA 2018<br />

Tammy Haire, BBA 2004<br />

Tammy Haire, MBA 2005<br />

Tameika Hairston, BS 2006<br />

Taylor Hale, BBA 2018<br />

Dorinda Haley, BS 1999<br />

Bonnie Haley, BBA 1997<br />

Ricky Haley, BBA 2006<br />

Ashleigh Haley, BBA 2012<br />

Gabriel Halford, MBA 2017<br />

Marilyn Hall, BS 2000<br />

Lemar Hall, BS 2000<br />

Maria Hall, BS 2009<br />

Portia Hall, BBA 1999<br />

Delila Hall, BBA 2000<br />

Ivie Hall, BBA 2009<br />

William Hall, BBA 2009<br />

Edward Hall, BBA 2008<br />

Elizabeth Hall, BBA 2010<br />

William Hall, BBA 2014<br />

Dynitra Hall, BBA 2014<br />

Leslie Hall, MS 2005<br />

DeShone Hall, MS 2020<br />

Delila Hall, MBA 2002<br />

Neil Hall, MBA 2000<br />

Laura Hall, MBA 2012<br />

Dynitra Hall, MBA 2017<br />

Robert Hall, MBA 2020<br />

Alicia Hall, MBA 2017<br />

Trina Hall, MBA* 2018<br />

Stacy Halliway, BS 2017<br />

Yvonne Hallman, BBA 2011<br />

Lessie Hallum, BBA 2001<br />

Mary Halter, MBA 1999<br />

David Hamby, MBA 1998<br />

Dawn Hamer, MBA 2013<br />

Noah Hamil, MS 2021<br />

Regina Hamilton, BBA 2010<br />

Chrisie Hamilton, MS 2005<br />

Virginia Hamilton, MBA 2003<br />

James Hamilton III, BS 1999<br />

Sam Hamilton Jr, MBA 2001<br />

Shelia Hamlett, BBA 2011<br />

John Hamm, BBA 2017<br />

Angie Hammerstein, MBA 1997<br />

Kierstyn Hammett, BS 2016<br />

Larry Hammett , BS 2007<br />

Sylvia Hammock, BBA 2008<br />

Barbara Hammond, BS* 2001<br />

Travis Hammond, BBA 2000<br />

Jessica Hammond, MBA 2014<br />

Luevirta Hammonds, BS 2010<br />

Melanie Hammontree, BS 2007<br />

Linda Hammontree, MBA 2002<br />

Melanie Hammontree, MBA 2009<br />

Jennifer Hamner, MBA 2013<br />

Danny Hampton, BS 2000<br />

Shaquana Hampton, MBA 2019<br />

Brenda Hamrick, BS* 2013<br />

Yang Han, BBA 2012<br />

Rachael Hancock, BBA 2003<br />

Sandra Hancock, MBA 1999<br />

David Hand, BA 2015<br />

Tina Hand, MBA 1997<br />

Maurice Handy, BS 2014<br />

Phyllis Haney, BBA 2001<br />

Brian Haney, MBA 2001<br />

Varina Haney, MBA 1997<br />

Alyssa Haney, MBA 2013<br />

Cayla Haney, MBA 2019<br />

Mark Hankins, MBA* 2014<br />

Timothy Hanley, BBA 2012<br />

Cassidy Hanley, MACC 2021<br />

Jeffery Hannah, MBA 2011<br />

Leslie Hannel, MBA 1997<br />

Stephanie Hansen, MBA 2012<br />

Patricia Hanson, BBA 2001<br />

Angela Hanson, BBA 2008<br />

Patricia Hanson, MBA 2004<br />

Jamie Hanson, MBA 2016<br />

Jason Harczak, MBA 2016<br />

Margie Hardaway, BS 2002<br />

Rita Hardaway, BBA 1999<br />

David Hardegree, MBA 2001<br />

Caitlin Hardegree, MBA 2019<br />

Mitchell Hardeman, MBA 1998<br />

Ernest Harden, BS 2001<br />

Julius Harden, BBA 1997<br />

Donald Harden, BBA* 2015<br />

Donald Harden, MS 2017<br />

Julius Harden, MBA 1999<br />

Della Hardge, BBA 2013<br />

Connie Hardgrove, MBA 2004<br />

Linda Hardiman, BBA 1997<br />

Della Hardin, BBA 2011<br />

Quovardis Hardnett, BS 2018<br />

Cathrene Hardy, MBA 2017<br />

Melissa Hargrove, BBA 2001<br />

Margaret Harkins, MBA 2018<br />

Florence Harlan, MBA 2001<br />

Douglas Harlow, MBA 1997<br />

Shontovia Harold, BBA 2018

Robin Harp, BS 1997<br />

Howard Harp, Jr, MBA 1998<br />

Trisha Harper, BBA 2007<br />

Jeanna Harrell, BBA 1998<br />

Brian Harrell, BBA 2002<br />

Lisa Harrell, MBA 1998<br />

Christopher Harrington, MBA 2000<br />

Jerome Harris, BA 2014<br />

Chiffon Harris, BS 1997<br />

Angelique Harris, BS 2002<br />

Shavauna Harris, BS 2022<br />

Chastity Harris, BBA 2002<br />

Daniel Harris, BBA 2001<br />

Webster Harris, BBA 2001<br />

John Harris, BBA 2005<br />

Rosemary Harris, BBA 2006<br />

Anthony Harris, BBA 2004<br />

Sheila Harris, BBA 2006<br />

Stacey Harris, BBA 2014<br />

Ayana Harris, BBA 2015<br />

Jimmy Harris, BBA 2016<br />

Kimberly Harris, BBA 2020<br />

Felecia Harris, MBA 1998<br />

Jonathan Harris, MBA 1999<br />

Sandy Harris, MBA 1998<br />

Donald Harris, MBA 2000<br />

Dava Harris, MBA 2000<br />

Clarence Harris, MBA 2001<br />

Edward Harris, MBA 2001<br />

Kelvin Harris, MBA 2014<br />

Floretta Harris, MBA 2017<br />

William Harris, MBA 2017<br />

Tara Harris, MBA 2019<br />

James Harrison, BS 1997<br />

Pamela Harrison, BS 1998<br />

Lisa Harrison, BS 1999<br />

Ellen Harrison, BBA 2010<br />

Shameka Harrison, MS 2019<br />

Cheryl Harrison, MBA 2009<br />

Robert Harrison, MBA 2002<br />

Rebecca Harrison, MBA 2001<br />

Daniel Harrison, MBA 2015<br />

Javonda Harrison, MBA 2017<br />

Gail Harsh, BBA 1998<br />

April Hart, BBA 2016<br />

Melinda Hartfelder, BBA 2008<br />

Christopher Hartfield, BA 2023<br />

Melanie Hartley, BBA 2017<br />

William Hartley, MBA 2002<br />

Mary Ann Hartman, MBA 2002<br />

Deirdre Hartsfield, MBA 2001<br />

Laura Harvey, BA 2015<br />

Patrick Harvey, MBA 2000<br />

Laura Harward, MBA 2011<br />

Ines Hasic, MBA 2018<br />

Sheila Hatcher, BBA 2001<br />

Nicole Hatcher, BBA 2003<br />

Berlain Hatfield Jr, MBA* 2016<br />

Megan Haulbrook, BBA 2013<br />

Aline Hawkes, BS 2002<br />

Michael Hawkinberry, BBA 2015<br />

Sondra Hawkins, BBA 2010<br />

Angela Hawkins, BBA 2014<br />

Katlynn Hawkins, BBA* 2018<br />

Steven Hawkins, MS 2005<br />

Hannah Hawkins, MBA 2006<br />

Sondra Hawkins, MBA 2014<br />

Leonard Hawkins, MBA 2011<br />

Gary Hawkinson, MBA 2001<br />

Tracie Hawkins-Simpson, MBA 2020<br />

Antoinette Hawthorne, MBA 2016<br />

Walter Hayes, BS 2000<br />

Delbert Hayes, BBA 1999<br />

Michael Hayes, BBA 2008<br />

Alan Hayes, BBA 2007<br />

Rhonda Hayes, BBA 2011<br />

Delbert Hayes, MBA 2002<br />

Sean Hayes, MBA 2015<br />

Holly Haynes, BS 2000<br />

Adrienne Haynes, BBA 1999<br />

Laura Haynes, BBA 2002<br />

Elizabeth Haynes, BBA 2008<br />

Adrienne Haynes, MBA 2000<br />

Kirk Haynes, MBA 1999<br />

Tinika Haynes, MBA 2016<br />

Lauren Hays, MBA 2018<br />

Yansu He, MBA 2012<br />

Gary Head, BBA 2011<br />

Cindy Head, MBA 2001<br />

Cheryl Head, MBA 2009<br />

Tamara Heard, BS 2020<br />

Tamara Heard, MS 2023<br />

Sharon Heard, MBA 1998<br />

Pamela Heath, BS 2007<br />

Monica Heath, BS 2004<br />

Ashley Heath, MACC 2022<br />

Edward Hebl, MBA 2023<br />

Ashley Heckerson, BS 2010<br />

Kimberly Hector, MBA 2014<br />

Leslie Hedrick, MBA 2001<br />

Delaine Heider, MBA 2002<br />

Paula Heidorn, BS 2002<br />

Kaydene Heilman, MBA 2002<br />

Tracy Heinitz, BBA 2002<br />

Martin Heinze, MBA 1997<br />

Laurie Heinze, MBA 2000<br />

Suzanne Heller, MBA 2020<br />

Jeffrey Hellman, BA 2013<br />

Jason Helman, BBA 2005<br />

Jason Helman, MBA 2007<br />

Ashley Hembree, MBA* 2016<br />

Kimberly Hembree, MBA 2015<br />

Devony Hemingway, MBA 2017<br />

Caylen Hemme, MACC 2018<br />

Francy Henao, MBA 2017<br />

Cathedral Henderson, BS 2000<br />

Emilie Henderson, BBA 2001<br />

Lisa Henderson, BBA 2000<br />

Terrance Henderson, BBA 2000<br />

Katherine Henderson, BBA 2003<br />

Darlene Henderson, BBA 2016<br />

Lisa Henderson, MBA 2002<br />

Terrance Henderson, MBA 2002<br />

Sandy Henderson, MBA 2008<br />

Cantana Henderson, MBA 2011<br />

Tawana Hendley, BBA 1997<br />

Charlene Hendricks, MS 2021<br />

Aimee Hendrickson, BS 2002<br />

Cynthia Henley, BBA 1997

Michelle Henley, MBA 2002<br />

Denotra Henley, MBA 2016<br />

William Henning, MBA 1998<br />

Shaquena Henry, MBA 2020<br />

Jacob Henslee, BBA* 2020<br />

Jacob Henslee, MACC 2022<br />

Marc Hensley, BBA 1997<br />

Tina Hensley, BBA 2012<br />

Laura Henson, MS 2012<br />

Joseph Henson, MBA 2002<br />

Fatima Heravy, BBA* 2015<br />

Kathryn Herman, BBA 1997<br />

Melissa Herman, MBA* 2016<br />

Kayla Hermey, BBA 2017<br />

Kayla Hermey, MACC 2020<br />

Rocio Hernandez, BBA 2015<br />

Samara Hernandez, MBA 1998<br />

Lindsay Herrell, MBA 2015<br />

Sahira Herrera, MS 2006<br />

Samuel Herrera, MBA 2000<br />

Taron Herrin, BBA 2013<br />

Kierra Herring, MBA 2018<br />

Darian Herrington, BA 2021<br />

Tammy Herslebs, BBA 1997<br />

Eric Hess, MS 2021<br />

Jennifer Hester, BS 1997<br />

Nina Hewell, MBA 2009<br />

Kimberly Hewlin, MS 2022<br />

John Heyer, Jr, BBA 2004<br />

Jennifer Heyward, BBA 2008<br />

Shelia Heyward, BBA 2011<br />

Shelia Heyward, MBA 2013<br />

Janita Hickenbotham, MS 2017<br />

Terrance Hickmon, MS 2016<br />

Erica Hicks, BS 2020<br />

Wanda Hicks, BBA 2001<br />

Willie Hicks, BBA 2010<br />

Shirley Hicks, BBA 2010<br />

Roger Hicks, BBA* 2013<br />

Melanie Hicks, MBA 2004<br />

Joseph Hicks, MBA 2010<br />

Roger Hicks, MBA 2019<br />

Frankie Hicks III, BS 1998<br />

David Higdon, MBA 2005<br />

Fredrick Higgs, BS 1997<br />

James Highsmith, BBA 2013<br />

Aishah Hight, MS 2011<br />

Deborah Hightower, BBA 2007<br />

Krystle Hightower, MBA* 2018<br />

Deborah Hightower, MBA 2009<br />

Jennifer Hilderbrandt, BBA 2020<br />

Richard Hill, BS 2000<br />

Regina Hill, BS 2008<br />

Sheila Hill, BBA 2001<br />

Angela Hill, BBA 2002<br />

Allegra Hill, BBA 2003<br />

Tremayne Hill, BBA 2012<br />

Demory Hill, BBA 2013<br />

Caleb Hill, BBA 2014<br />

Tracy Hill, MBA 2000<br />

Gary Hill, MBA 2003<br />

Deborah Hill, MBA 2006<br />

Shekia Hill, MBA 2009<br />

Regina Hill, MBA 2009<br />

Traveus Hill, MBA 2010<br />

Kate Hill, MBA 2011<br />

Rontae Hill, MBA 2013<br />

Ebony Hill, MBA 2018<br />

Tiffany Hill, MBA 2019<br />

Laurie Hillis, BBA 2016<br />

Jack Hillis, MBA 2009<br />

Jonathan Hillman, BBA 2010<br />

Allison Hillman, BBA 2010<br />

Victoria Hillman, BBA 2011<br />

Jonathan Hillman, MBA 2012<br />

Annie Hinds, BBA 2012<br />

Ivy Hines, BBA 2009<br />

Nathan Hines, MBA 1997<br />

Michael Hinkle, BS 1998<br />

Jennifer Hinkle, BBA 2007<br />

Dawn Hinsley, BS 1997<br />

Bernard Hinson, MBA 2003<br />

Andrew Hinton, BBA 2019<br />

Randall Hinton, MBA 2008<br />

Toby Hinton, MBA* 2020<br />

Laura Hirst, BBA 2012<br />

Susan Hisaw, MBA 1998<br />

Taryn Hitchcock, BBA 2023<br />

Angela Hix, MBA 1998<br />

Charles Hixon, MBA 2003<br />

Craig Hixson, MBA 1997<br />

Walter Hobbs, BBA 2002<br />

Eric Hobbs, MBA 2009<br />

Carolyn Hockaday, MBA 2000<br />

Holly Hodge, MBA 2013<br />

Dexter Hodgeman, MBA 1998<br />

Rachel Hodges, BA* 2022<br />

Sharri Hodges, BS 2008<br />

Rachel Hodges, BBA 2022<br />

Christie Hodges, MBA 2006<br />

Sharri Hodges, MBA 2009<br />

Jessica Hodges, MBA 2021<br />

Rhonda Hodges-Lee, BBA 2004<br />

Alisha Hodgetts, BBA 2018<br />

Wendy Hodgson, MBA 2003<br />

Nona Hodnett, MBA 1998<br />

Shelmekia Hodo, MBA* 2016<br />

Rita Hoemann, BS 1997<br />

Nicole Hoffman, BBA 2008<br />

Matthew Hoffman, MBA 1998<br />

James Hogan, BBA 1999<br />

Ian Hogan, MBA 2017<br />

Shawntia Holcey, MBA 2017<br />

Shequonna Holden, BA 2018<br />

Michael Holden, BBA 2007<br />

Michael Holden, MBA 2008<br />

Cynthia Yvonne Holder, BBA 1998<br />

Joyce Holder, BBA 2009<br />

Charles Holder, MBA 2006<br />

Cheryl Holifield, BBA 2011<br />

Jenifer Holland, BS 2009<br />

Nora Holland, BS 2008<br />

Phillis Holland, BBA 1997<br />

Tara Holland, BBA 2006<br />

Brittany Holland, BBA 2011<br />

Courtney Holland, BBA 2011<br />

Nora Holland, MBA 2009<br />

Agnieszka Hollanda, BS 2009<br />

DeLonda Holley, BS 2013

Jan Holley, BBA 2008<br />

William Holliday, BBA 2003<br />

William Holliday, MBA 2004<br />

Tabitha Hollimon, MBA 2014<br />

Timothy Hollis, MBA 2011<br />

Cynthia Holloway, BBA 2002<br />

Katelyn Holloway, BBA 2012<br />

Carolyn Hollum, MBA 2014<br />

Joshua Hollum, MBA* 2022<br />

Vernita Holman, BS 2005<br />

Vernita Holman, MBA 2007<br />

Elnora Holman, MBA 2017<br />

Ruthie Holmes, BBA 2011<br />

Denae Holmes, BBA 2019<br />

Ella Holmes, MS 2017<br />

Lesellye Holomon, MBA 2017<br />

James Holt, BBA 2004<br />

Elizabeth Holton, BBA 2008<br />

Edward Hood, BS 2005<br />

Chrystal Hood, MBA 2004<br />

Christopher Hood, MBA 2012<br />

Bree Hood, MBA 2016<br />

Brigid Hook, BBA 2010<br />

Robert Hookness Jr., MBA 1999<br />

Candace Hooks, MS 2016<br />

Lisa Hooks, MBA 2011<br />

Eric Hooper, MBA 2001<br />

Denise Hope, BBA 2009<br />

Martha Hopkins, BBA 2001<br />

Leitauria Hopkins, BBA 2009<br />

Margaret Hopkins, BBA 2007<br />

Maura Hopson, BS 2014<br />

Amber Horan, BBA 2016<br />

Kelli Horne, BBA 1998<br />

Tammy Horne, BBA* 2013<br />

Patricia Horne, MS 2019<br />

Raymond Hornfeck, MS 2015<br />

Carrie Horton, BBA 1999<br />

Anthony Horton, BBA 2003<br />

Nonna Horton, MBA 2015<br />

Craig Hoskins, MBA 2001<br />

Melissa Hostetler, BBA 2001<br />

Braedon Houk, MS 2021<br />

Scotty House, MBA 2009<br />

Kesha House, MBA 2015<br />

William House, MBA 2021<br />

Ross Houser, MBA 2003<br />

Anna Houser, MBA 2016<br />

Robert Houston, BBA 2002<br />

Diana Houston, BBA 2009<br />

Shamekia Houston, BBA 2011<br />

Skyler Houston, MS 2019<br />

Larry Houston, MBA 1998<br />

Cassandra Houston, MBA 1997<br />

Vincent Houston, MBA 2014<br />

Pamela Hoveland, BA 2015<br />

Ritchie Howard, BS 2006<br />

Joneka Howard, BS 2011<br />

Amy Howard, BBA 2006<br />

Lori Howard, BBA 2003<br />

Kimba Howard, BBA 2011<br />

Alice Howard, BBA 2005<br />

Roderick Howard, BBA 2011<br />

LaToya Howard, BBA 2014<br />

Jason Howard, BBA* 2016<br />

Tammy Howard, MBA 1999<br />

Ritchie Howard, MBA 2008<br />

Roderick Howard, MBA 2013<br />

Robert Howard, MBA 2012<br />

Tisheena Howard, MBA 2019<br />

Connie Howell, BBA 2003<br />

Serena Howell, BBA 2012<br />

Kimberly Howell, MBA 2016<br />

George Howell Jr., BBA 2006<br />

Camille Howes, BS 2007<br />

Pei-Chieh Hsu, MBA 2009<br />

Hui-Chun Hsu, MBA 2012<br />

Yingxin Hu, BS 2021<br />

Ke Hu, MBA 2014<br />

Ronghua Hu, MBA 2014<br />

Chun-Ting Huang, MBA 2012<br />

Alicia Hubbard, BBA 2010<br />

Jada Hubbard, MS 2022<br />

Erin Huber, BBA 2003<br />

Clayton Huber, MBA 2019<br />

Kathryn Huckaby, BBA 2006<br />

Murad Huda, MS 2016<br />

Angela Hudson, BS 1998<br />

Sandra Hudson, BBA 2001<br />

Sherena Hudson, MBA 2015<br />

Ashley Hudson, MBA 2016<br />

Jessica Hudson, MBA 2019<br />

Sundi Huff, BBA 2009<br />

Joann Huff, MBA 1999<br />

Franklin Huff, MBA 2002<br />

Alesia Huff, MBA 2016<br />

Susan Huffman, MBA 2000<br />

Purvis Huggins, BS 2015<br />

Wanda Huggins, BS 2013<br />

Miranda Huggins, MBA 2008<br />

Daniel Huggins, MBA 2009<br />

Lauren Hughes, BS 2019<br />

Leeah Hughes, BS 2017<br />

Tania Hughes, BBA 2005<br />

Melanie Hughes, BBA 2015<br />

Lauren Hughes, MS 2021<br />

Cordella Hughes, MACC 2020<br />

Rebecka Hughes, MBA 1999<br />

LaSharn Hughes, MBA 2004<br />

Emileigh Hughes, MBA 2001<br />

Grady Hughes, MBA 2003<br />

Tania Hughes, MBA 2008<br />

Timothy Hughes, MBA 2012<br />

Tenesha Hughes, MBA 2023<br />

Carmen Hughey, BS 2013<br />

Scott Hughey, MBA 2017<br />

George Hull, MBA 1999<br />

Carol Hulsey, BBA 2004<br />

Carol Hulsey, BBA 2005<br />

Christopher Hulsey, BBA 2008<br />

Christopher Hulsey, MS 2010<br />

Margaret Hulsey, MBA 2000<br />

Regina Humphrey, BS 2002<br />

Gouljannet Humphrey, MBA 2001<br />

Marcella Humphries, MBA 2007<br />

Tracy Hunnicutt, BBA 2006<br />

Jennifer Hunt, BBA 1998<br />

Jonathan Hunt, BBA 1998<br />

Matthew Hunt, BBA 2007

Josey Hunt, MBA 2002<br />

Steven Hunt, MBA 2000<br />

Brendan Hunt, MBA 2009<br />

Tracy Hunter, MBA 1999<br />

Cecelia Hunter, MBA 1997<br />

Richard Hunter, MBA 2003<br />

Holly Hunter, MBA 2015<br />

Kirsten Huovinen, BBA 1999<br />

Jean Huppmann, BBA 1999<br />

Jean Huppmann, MBA 2001<br />

Wesley Hurlock, BBA 2010<br />

Tamika Hurlston, BS 2021<br />

Macie Hurst, BA 2021<br />

Carolyn Hurst, BBA 2001<br />

Neava Hurtic, MBA 2017<br />

Kevin Huse, BBA 2019<br />

Elizabeth Huskey, BBA 2001<br />

Razia Hussaini, BBA* 2018<br />

Lorraine Hussey, BBA 1998<br />

Lorraine Hussey, BBA 1999<br />

Tamaqua Hutchinson, BBA 1998<br />

Vicky Hutchinson, MBA 2003<br />

Erik Hutchinson, MBA 2009<br />

Barbara Hutson, BBA 2009<br />

Loretta Hutto, BA 2017<br />

Hai Huynh, MBA 2016<br />

Jihyun Hwang, MBA 2014<br />

Anthony Hyatt, BS 2000<br />

Susan Hyland-Smith, BBA 2003<br />

Susan Hyland-Smith, MBA 2009<br />

Laura Hylton, BA 2021<br />

Tina Hylton, MBA 2018<br />

Demetria Hyman-Coleman, BBA 2008<br />

Bailey Ibarra, BBA* 2022<br />

Kunle Idonije, MBA 1998<br />

Kimberly Ikeh, MS 2023<br />

Richard Iler, MBA 1997<br />

Sheryl Infantino, BBA 2009<br />

William Ingram Jr., MBA 1999<br />

Douglas Inman, MBA 2000<br />

John Insco, MBA 2015<br />

Avis Irby, BBA 1999<br />

Anthony Irozuru, MS 2017<br />

Gwen Irwin, BS 2000<br />

Gwen Irwin, BBA<br />

2004<br />

Caley Isenbarger, BBA<br />

2007<br />

Samiul Islam, MBA 2021<br />

Tristin Ismay, MBA* 2016<br />

Nicole Isom, BBA 2014<br />

Tamara Ison, MBA 2019<br />

Rialda Isovic, MBA 2016<br />

Hannah Ivester, MS 2019<br />

Mark Ivester, MBA 1998<br />

Karen Ivy, MBA 2001<br />

Jacqueline Iwuh, MBA 2014<br />

Jennifer Iwuh, MBA 2014<br />

Craig Jabloner, MBA 2001<br />

Pedro Jacinto, BBA 2019<br />

Yolonda Jackson, BA 2013<br />

Lettie Jackson, BS 2000<br />

Kelvin Jackson, BS 2002<br />

Mary Jackson, BS 2009<br />

Karen Jackson, BBA 2004<br />

Kellie Jackson, BBA 2004<br />

Nicollette Jackson, BBA 2002<br />

Verneisa Jackson, BBA 2002<br />

Dennis Jackson, BBA 2006<br />

Monica Jackson, BBA 2014<br />

Christine Jackson, BBA 2019<br />

Thomas Jackson, BBA 2014<br />

LaTesha Jackson, BBA 2014<br />

Nathaniel Jackson, BBA 2017<br />

Christine Jackson, MS 2022<br />

Asia Jackson, MS 2020<br />

Kellie Jackson, MBA 2010<br />

Carrie Jackson, MBA 2002<br />

Marice Jackson, MBA 2004<br />

Kenyatta Jackson, MBA 2016<br />

Anna Jackson, MBA 2016<br />

James Jackson, MBA 2012<br />

Joileena Jackson, MBA 2013<br />

Kenneth Jackson, MBA 2019<br />

Venus Jackson, MBA 2016<br />

Tamirria Jackson, MBA 2015<br />

Tamara Jackson, MBA 2016<br />

Nathaniel Jackson, MBA 2019<br />

Camaryn Jackson, MBA* 2016<br />

Raven Jackson, MBA 2018<br />

Edward Jackson, MBA 2022<br />

Fielden Jackson Jr., BBA 2003<br />

Shauncy Jackson-Rogers, BS 2002<br />

Queen Jacobs, BBA 1999<br />

Gerald Jacobs, BBA 2002<br />

Queen Jacobs, MBA 2003<br />

Gerald Jacobs, MBA 2004<br />

Jeremy Jacobs, MBA 2007<br />

Jayden Jacoby, MS 2014<br />

Debra Jaffe, MBA 2010<br />

Pastor Jaime, BBA 2010<br />

David Jakob, BS 1997<br />

Adama Jallow, MBA 2015<br />

Christopher James, BS 2006<br />

Samantha James, BBA 2010<br />

Stephanie James, BBA 2010<br />

Kristie James, BBA 2011<br />

Shekemba James, BBA* 2018<br />

Shanna James, MBA 2002<br />

Bruce James, MBA 1999<br />

Brian James, MBA 1999<br />

Brian James, MBA 1999<br />

Christopher James, MBA 2007<br />

Paul James, MBA* 2015<br />

Jessica Jamrozy-House, MBA 2007<br />

Matthew Janiak, BBA 2005<br />

Mary Januszki, BS 2007<br />

Terasina Janvier, MBA 2015<br />

Sylvia Jarest, BBA 2003<br />

Wilicia Jarmon, BS 1998<br />

Jennifer Jarrett, BBA 2002<br />

Ian Jarvis, MBA 2021<br />

Jennifer Jaske, MBA 2015<br />

Dominika Jasova, BBA 2014<br />

Alhagie Jatta, MBA 2021<br />

Paceline Jean, MBA 2018<br />

Sandra Jean-Pierre, BBA 2009<br />

Sandra Jean-Pierre, MBA 2010<br />

Ronald Jech, BS 2004<br />

Edmark Jeffrey, BBA 2015

Olayemi Jegede, MBA 2008<br />

Jay Jenkins, BS 2004<br />

Andrew Jenkins, BS 2005<br />

Brittany Jenkins, BS 2014<br />

Terrence Jenkins, BBA 2008<br />

Belinda Jenkins, BBA 2003<br />

Regina Jenkins, BBA 2003<br />

Stephanie Jenkins, BBA* 2004<br />

Valerie Jenkins, BBA 2010<br />

Samuel Jenkins, BBA 2006<br />

Patricia Jenkins, BBA 2012<br />

Terrence Jenkins, MBA 2012<br />

Stephanie Jenkins, MBA 2018<br />

KaLa Jenkins, MBA 2020<br />

McArthur Jennings, BS 1999<br />

Christi Jensen, BA 2014<br />

Anthony Jensen, MBA 2014<br />

Benjamin Jessup, MBA 2001<br />

Lei Jia, MBA 2012<br />

Wen Jiang, BS 2022<br />

Ahmad Jibreel, MBA 2015<br />

Alfredo Jimenez, BA* 2014<br />

Siboney Jimenez, BBA 2021<br />

Yanling Jin, MBA 2010<br />

Dempsey Jindra, BBA 2019<br />

Roger Joe, MBA 2012<br />

Robert Johansen, MBA 1997<br />

Melissa Johnsa, MBA* 2014<br />

Mary Johnson, BA 2011<br />

LaShawn Johnson, BA 2001<br />

Debra Johnson, BA 2012<br />

Steve Johnson, BS 1998<br />

Mona Johnson, BS 1997<br />

Darrell Johnson, BS 1998<br />

Darrell Johnson, BS 1999<br />

Nathaniel Johnson, BS 1998<br />

Marva Johnson, BS 2010<br />

Cassandra Johnson, BS 2006<br />

Harriet Johnson, BS 2007<br />

Jason Johnson, BS 2005<br />

Heidi Johnson, BS 2006<br />

Jason Johnson, BS 2007<br />

Iseral Johnson, BS 2009<br />

Harold Johnson, BS 2007<br />

Latonya Johnson, BS 2008<br />

Vera Johnson, BS 2011<br />

Wendell Johnson, BS 2011<br />

Angelia Johnson, BBA 1999<br />

Morris Johnson, BBA 2002<br />

Stephanie Johnson, BBA 2000<br />

Melissa Johnson, BBA 2000<br />

Jerene Johnson, BBA 2005<br />

Robert Johnson, BBA 2002<br />

Sherrick Johnson, BBA 2003<br />

Tymika Johnson, BBA 2005<br />

Vanessa Johnson, BBA 2006<br />

Tammie Johnson, BBA 2008<br />

Triyoko Johnson, BBA 2008<br />

Milissa Johnson, BBA 2011<br />

Monica Johnson, BBA 2009<br />

Columbia Johnson, BBA 2012<br />

Carie Johnson, BBA 2013<br />

Tivon Johnson, BBA 2013<br />

Amanda Johnson, BBA 2014<br />

Sandra Johnson, BBA 2014<br />

Shannon Johnson, BBA 2020<br />

Laura Johnson, MS 2018<br />

Brynie Johnson, MS 2017<br />

Kayla Johnson, MS 2018<br />

Mary Johnson, MBA* 2018<br />

Ben Johnson, MBA 1998<br />

Edward Johnson, MBA 2001<br />

Jennifer Johnson, MBA* 1998<br />

Sandra Johnson, MBA 2002<br />

Tiffiny Johnson, MBA 2002<br />

Robert Johnson, MBA 2009<br />

Neal Johnson, MBA 2007<br />

Sherrick Johnson, MBA 2005<br />

Dana Johnson, MBA 2002<br />

Windle Johnson, MBA 2010<br />

Jason Johnson, MBA 2006<br />

Tymika Johnson, MBA 2006<br />

Iseral Johnson, MBA 2011<br />

Tammie Johnson, MBA 2010<br />

David Johnson, MBA 2008<br />

Triyoko Johnson, MBA 2010<br />

Latonya Johnson, MBA 2009<br />

Shante Johnson, MBA 2017<br />

Charles Johnson, MBA 2012<br />

Benita Johnson, MBA 2012<br />

Debra Johnson, MBA 2015<br />

Reshaunda Johnson, MBA* 2014<br />

Jennifer Johnson, MBA 2014<br />

Gregory Johnson, MBA 2016<br />

Thomas Johnson, MBA 2016<br />

Rhonda Johnson, MBA 2015<br />

Deborah Johnson, MBA* 2017<br />

Iesha Johnson, MBA 2017<br />

Taylor Johnson, MBA 2018<br />

Nickkia Johnson, MBA 2019<br />

Jocelyn Johnson, MBA* 2019<br />

Angela Johnson, MBA 2021<br />

Jessica Johnson, MBA 2021<br />

Alexandria Johnson, MBA 2022<br />

Steve Johnson, MBA 2022<br />

Teresa Johnson-Rooks, MBA 2021<br />

Teresa (TJ) Johnston, BBA 2000<br />

Ann Johnston, MS 2014<br />

Angela Johnston, MBA 2006<br />

Heather Johnston, MBA 2023<br />

LaTanya Jones, BA 2017<br />

Mario Jones, BA 2016<br />

Carol Jones, BA 2018<br />

Kayla Jones, BA 2022<br />

Martha Jones, BS 2001<br />

Dontressa Jones, BS 1999<br />

Lola Jones, BS 1999<br />

Donnie Jones, BS 2002<br />

Dana Jones, BS 2003<br />

Theresa Jones, BS 2003<br />

Brian Jones, BS 2007<br />

Catherine Jones, BS 2004<br />

Linda Jones, BS 2006<br />

Ruth Jones, BS 2011<br />

Davion Jones, BS 2013<br />

Randall Jones, BBA 1997<br />

Gary Jones, BBA 2004<br />

Andrea Jones, BBA 2001<br />

Maureen Jones, BBA 2006

Cheryl Jones, BBA 2004<br />

Joanna Jones, BBA 2012<br />

Lagaile Jones, BBA 2014<br />

Matthias Jones, BBA 2006<br />

Evette Jones, BBA 2010<br />

Nicholas Jones, BBA 2011<br />

Cynthia Jones, BBA 2009<br />

Jennifer Jones, BBA 2010<br />

Krystal Jones, BBA 2008<br />

David Jones, BBA 2012<br />

Stepfanie Jones, BBA 2013<br />

Eric Jones, BBA 2015<br />

Jasmine Jones, BBA 2017<br />

Angela Jones, MS 2006<br />

Haley Jones, MS 2019<br />

Lynn Jones, MBA 2004<br />

Chadwick Jones, MBA 2014<br />

Dontressa Jones, MBA 2001<br />

Daphne Jones, MBA 1998<br />

David Jones, MBA 1999<br />

Evelyn Jones, MBA 2000<br />

Joyce Jones, MBA 2003<br />

Donna Jones, MBA 2001<br />

Cheryl Jones, MBA 2007<br />

Ineathea Jones, MBA 2022<br />

Bryan Jones, MBA 2003<br />

Brian Jones, MBA 2008<br />

Christy Jones, MBA 2012<br />

Christopher Jones, MBA 2008<br />

Valerie Jones, MBA 2010<br />

Cynthia Jones, MBA 2010<br />

Jewelia Jones, MBA 2014<br />

Krystal Jones, MBA 2010<br />

James Jones, MBA 2011<br />

Ailisha Jones, MBA 2015<br />

Lawanna Jones, MBA 2015<br />

Jameelah Jones, MBA 2016<br />

Makisha Jones, MBA 2016<br />

Chauntoiya Jones, MBA 2016<br />

Laura Jones, MBA 2016<br />

Charles Jones, MBA 2021<br />

Glen Jones, MBA* 2018<br />

Elainey Jones, MBA 2018<br />

Brandy Jones, MBA 2020<br />

Cheryl Jones-Butler, MBA 2008<br />

Wendy Jordan, BS 2004<br />

Stephanie Jordan, BBA 2008<br />

Lisa Jordan, BBA 2001<br />

Sandra Jordan, BBA 2005<br />

Glenda Jordan, BBA 2005<br />

Annette Jordan, BBA 2004<br />

Markita Jordan, BBA 2006<br />

Holly Jordan, BBA 2009<br />

Felicia Jordan, BBA 2010<br />

Linda Jordan, MBA 2002<br />

Diane Jordan, MBA 2015<br />

Ashya Jordan, MBA 2016<br />

Asiaonna Jordan, MBA 2017<br />

Kristen Jordan, MBA 2019<br />

Nicole Jordan-Ramey, BS 2006<br />

Linda Joseph, BS 1997<br />

Deeanna Joseph, BS 2021<br />

Debra Joseph, BBA* 2015<br />

Lena Joseph, MS 2007<br />

Tonya Joseph, MBA 2019<br />

Ashley Jou, BBA 2020<br />

Randy Jouben, MBA 2016<br />

Sherry Jourdan, BS 1997<br />

Mitar Jovanovic, MBA* 2017<br />

Ryan Joyce, BS 2008<br />

Crenisha Joyiens, BS 2017<br />

Tracy Joyner, BBA 2003<br />

Tonya Judd, MBA 2002<br />

Kayla Jump, BBA* 2014<br />

Brian Jurutka, MBA 1999<br />

Patrina Justice, BS 2017<br />

Tiffany Justice, BBA 2013<br />

Brian Justice, MBA 1999<br />

Adam Kabasakalian, MBA 2015<br />

Francis Kabongo, MBA 2014<br />

Tressa Kadkhodaian, MBA 2022<br />

Wendy Kady, MBA 2000<br />

Hari Kain, MBA 2004<br />

Takayoshi Kakiuchi, MBA 2014<br />

Deidre Kaluau, MBA 2017<br />

Adam Kane, MBA 2021<br />

Mitsuru Kanno, MBA 2003<br />

Kaylee Kantor, MS 2021<br />

Kaylee Kantor, MBA 2018<br />

Ulampee Kareeratana, MBA 2009<br />

Katherine Karppala, MS 2015<br />

Mary Kaufenberg, BS 2011<br />

Menda Kazayawoko, MBA 2005<br />

Elizabeth Keating, MBA 2015<br />

Jessica Keavney, MBA* 2017<br />

Amy Keck, MBA 2000<br />

Ashley Kedzierzawski, BBA 2022<br />

Robert Keeling, MBA 1997<br />

Martin Keiser Jr., MBA 2007<br />

Tonya Keith, MBA 2012<br />

Sue Kell, BBA 2000<br />

Daniel Keller, BS 2001<br />

Christine Keller, BBA 2008<br />

Allan Keller, MBA 2010<br />

Jefferson Keller III, BBA 2007<br />

Jefferson Keller III, MBA 2012<br />

Michael Kellerman, MBA 1997<br />

Michael Kelley, BBA 2013<br />

Kelsey Kelley, BBA 2016<br />

Jennifer Kelley, MACC 2022<br />

Amanda Kelley, MBA 2000<br />

Rebecca Kelly, BS 1997<br />

Deanna Kelly, BS 2005<br />

Alicia Kelly, BS 2008<br />

Melinda Kelly, BS 2016<br />

Ulysses Kelly, BBA 2008<br />

Jeanne Kelly, MBA 1999<br />

Terri Kelly, MBA 2005<br />

Chris Kelly, MBA 2001<br />

Dennis Kelly, MBA 2005<br />

Ulysses Kelly, MBA 2010<br />

Albany Kelly, MBA 2014<br />

Ramadan Kelly, MBA 2016<br />

Christopher Kemper, MBA 2003<br />

Cassandra Kendall, BBA 2006<br />

Cassandra Kendall, MBA 2009<br />

Bonnie Kendrick, MBA 1998<br />

Debra Kennedy, BS 1998<br />

Dianne Kennedy, BBA 2001

Brenetta Kennedy, BBA 2020<br />

Tonia Kennedy, BBA 2009<br />

Latanya Kennedy, BBA 2005<br />

Kelly Kennedy, MBA 2015<br />

Christy Kent, BS 2001<br />

Matthew Kern, MBA 2011<br />

Jennifer Kerr, BBA 2010<br />

Jennifer Kerr, MBA 2011<br />

Richard Kershner, BBA 2003<br />

Michael Keske, MBA 2019<br />

Thomas Kethley, BBA 2002<br />

Thomas Kethley, MBA 2007<br />

Jackie Key, BBA 2010<br />

Ursula Key, MBA 2002<br />

Peter Keys, BBA 2008<br />

Marlene Keys, MBA 1999<br />

Lauren Keys, MBA 2016<br />

Abu Khan, BBA 2010<br />

Sharon Kicklighter, BS 1997<br />

Ronald Kiefer, BA 1997<br />

Jefferson Kiefer, MBA* 2016<br />

Meghan Kieninger, MBA 2019<br />

Melissa Kilgore, BS 1997<br />

Peter Kim, BA 2018<br />

Ju-Yeong Kim, BS 2002<br />

Jayeon Kim, BBA 2012<br />

Karol Kimball, BBA 2001<br />

Caitlin Kimball, BBA* 2021<br />

Linda Kimberly, MBA 2008<br />

Michelle Kimbler, MBA 1997<br />

Michael Kimbler, MBA 2009<br />

Stanley Kimbrell, MBA 2004<br />

Michael Kimbrough, BBA 2022<br />

John Kimbrough, MBA 2002<br />

Marolee Kime, BS 1999<br />

Becky Kimmel, BS 2006<br />

John King, BA 1997<br />

Amy King, BA 2004<br />

John King, BA 2019<br />

Ashleigh King, BS 2011<br />

Amanda King, BBA 2011<br />

Katina King, BBA 2013<br />

Delbridge King, MS 2004<br />

John King, MS 2020<br />

Tiara King, MS 2021<br />

Jilisa King, MBA 1999<br />

William King, MBA 1999<br />

Jeffery King, MBA 2000<br />

David King, MBA 2001<br />

Darnesha King, MBA 2020<br />

Danielle King, MBA 2012<br />

Arezoo King, MBA 2014<br />

Katina King, MBA 2015<br />

Courtney King, MBA 2016<br />

Keidi King, MBA 2016<br />

Cedric King, MBA 2016<br />

Brittney King, MBA 2017<br />

Kendra Kinlow, BBA 2014<br />

Kendra Kinlow, MBA 2019<br />

Marchelle Kinsey, BBA* 1997<br />

Phillip Kinsey, BBA 2015<br />

Karry Kirchner, MBA 1998<br />

James Kirk, BS 2005<br />

Moshe Kirkland, MS 2017<br />

Vicki Kirkley, BS 2014<br />

Betty Kirk-Manning, BS 1997<br />

Betty Kirk-Manning, MBA 1998<br />

Wanda Kiser, BBA 1999<br />

Wanda Kiser, MBA 2007<br />

Madie Kitchens, BS 2004<br />

Shelia Kitchens, BBA 2006<br />

Madie Kitchens, MBA 2010<br />

Carlisle Kittinger, BS 1998<br />

Carlisle Kittinger, MBA 2001<br />

Kennedy Kitur, MBA 2009<br />

Victoria Klauk, BS 1998<br />

Jamie Klein, MBA 2013<br />

Matthew Klimas, BS 2015<br />

Michael Klozer, BBA 2003<br />

Jennifer Kniess, MACC 2019<br />

Joaquin Knight, BS 2012<br />

Theopelis Knight, BS 2007<br />

Shawn Knight, BBA 2010<br />

Devin Knight, BBA 2008<br />

Jasmine Knight, BBA 2018<br />

Corey Knight, MBA 2002<br />

Catherine Knight, MBA 2006<br />

Steven Knight, MBA 2019<br />

Courtney Knoff, MS 2022<br />

Saralyn Knowles, BS 2004<br />

Emma Knowles, BBA 1999<br />

Jeannette Knox, BS 1997<br />

Malachi Knox, BS 2004<br />

Laura Koch, BBA 2007<br />

Lisa Kolhagen, BBA 2021<br />

Rhodah Kondo, BBA 2017<br />

Moussa Kone, BBA 2000<br />

Violetta Konopka, BBA 2008<br />

Violetta Konopka, MBA 2010<br />

Terri Koon, BS 2006<br />

Sydney Koon, MS 2017<br />

Cortney Koshiol, BBA 2007<br />

Cortney Koshiol, MBA 2013<br />

Holly Kouts, MBA* 2017<br />

Anuska Kovalcheck, MBA* 2019<br />

Albulena Kovani, MBA* 2016<br />

Gerald Kowalke, MBA 2000<br />

Prince Kpenu, MBA 2018<br />

William Kraeling, BBA 1999<br />

Alexander Krakuszeski, MBA 2014<br />

Jeffrey Kramer, BBA 1999<br />

Jeffrey Kramer, MBA 2003<br />

Vincient Kramer, MBA 2005<br />

Christopher Krause, MBA 2001<br />

Sarah Krawczyk, MBA 2009<br />

Chris Kreilach, BBA 1997<br />

Melissa Kreilach, BBA 1997<br />

Thomas Krenitsky, MBA 2021<br />

Jason Kresner, BBA* 2017<br />

Ruediger Krieger, MBA 2001<br />

Vera Krmpotich, MS 2007<br />

John Krueger, BS 2005<br />

Kurtis Krug, BBA 1999<br />

Nan-Ching Ku, MBA 2010<br />

Andrew Kuemmel, MBA 2015<br />

Duane Kuenzinger, MBA 2000<br />

Lynn Kuhman-Ingalls, MBA 2001<br />

Diana Kulbacki, BS 1997<br />

Robert Kulbacki, BBA 2003

Lori Kulp, BBA 2010<br />

Ashley Kummer, MS 2013<br />

Joseph Kunz, MBA 2008<br />

Lisa Kurtzworth, BBA 2005<br />

Brenda Kush, MBA 1998<br />

Katia Kushano, MBA 2015<br />

Jenny Kustra, BS 2000<br />

Samuel Kwon, MBA 1999<br />

Jennifer Kyles, MS 2016<br />

Chinetha Kyles, MBA* 2016<br />

Mark Kyles, MBA 2018<br />

Harry Lacey, BBA 2002<br />

Richard Lacey, MBA 1998<br />

Michael Lack, BBA 2002<br />

Brad LaGrow, MBA 2009<br />

Benedict Lai, MBA 2022<br />

Yi Lam, MBA 2018<br />

Martin LaMar, MBA 2002<br />

Joyce Lamb, BS 1998<br />

Cristina Lamb, BBA 2001<br />

Jacenthia Lambert, BBA 2006<br />

Lacey Lambert, BBA 2017<br />

Tara Lammers, MBA 2012<br />

Preeti Lamsal, MBA* 2013<br />

Janis Lancaster, MBA 2012<br />

Melissa Lanctot, BBA 2009<br />

Saundra Landon, MBA 2009<br />

Kara Landrum, BA 2016<br />

Mary Landrum, MBA 1999<br />

Pamela Landry, MBA 2010<br />

Catherine Land-Waters, MBA 1997<br />

Dayle Lane, BA 2016<br />

Carlisa Lane, BBA 2011<br />

Kim Lane, MBA 1997<br />

Carlisa Lane, MBA 2013<br />

Tyrin Lane, MBA 2016<br />

John Laney, MBA 2008<br />

Mark Lang, MBA 1997<br />

Wanda Langdon, BBA 2005<br />

Frederick Lange, BS 1999<br />

William Lange, BS 2000<br />

Lindsey Langford, BS 2019<br />

Kimberly Langley, BBA 1998<br />

Tara Lanning, MBA 2000<br />

Christy Lantigua, BS 2006<br />

John Lanting, BS 2000<br />

William Larsen, BS 2003<br />

William Larsen, MBA 2004<br />

Michael Lasseter, BS 1997<br />

Laura Lassiter, BBA 2010<br />

Cedric Laster, BS 2005<br />

Cedric Laster, MBA 2007<br />

Lillian Lathem, BS 2001<br />

Kelly LaTorre, BBA 2013<br />

Kelly LaTorre, MBA 2017<br />

Lisandra Laudato, BBA 2009<br />

Patricia Laverdet, BBA 2000<br />

Angeleique Lavoie, BBA 2010<br />

Julieta Lawrence, BBA 2015<br />

Tyler Lawrence, MBA 1998<br />

Audrey Lawrence, MBA 1997<br />

Nicole Lawson, BA 2019<br />

Loretta Lawson, BBA 1999<br />

Harry Lawson, BBA 2003<br />

J'Kaya Lawson, BBA 2022<br />

Harry Lawson, MBA 2004<br />

Ryan Lawson, MBA 2017<br />

Shannon Lay, MBA 1998<br />

Benjamin Laywell, MBA 1999<br />

Toloan Le, MBA 2014<br />

David Leach, MBA 2012<br />

Steven Leathers, BS 2004<br />

Dianna Leatherwood, MBA 2016<br />

Donald LeBaige, MBA 1997<br />

Terry LeBlanc, BS 2015<br />

Beth Lebo, BBA 2010<br />

Beth Lebo, MBA 2013<br />

Dylan Ledbetter, BBA 2020<br />

Angel Ledbetter, BBA 2023<br />

Jonathan Ledbetter, MBA 2014<br />

Sarah Ledford, BS 2010<br />

Stanley Ledford, MBA 2007<br />

Faith Ledford, MBA 2004<br />

Joleen Ledger, MS 2008<br />

Nathaniel Lee, BS 2004<br />

Gloria Lee, BS 2006<br />

Patricia Lee, BS 1997<br />

Jennifer Lee, BS 2000<br />

Misty Lee, BS 2001<br />

Michelle Lee, BBA 2000<br />

Laura Lee, BBA 1999<br />

David Lee, BBA 2000<br />

Patricia Lee, BBA 2000<br />

Bobbie Lee, BBA 2001<br />

Sherri Lee, BBA 2005<br />

Audra Lee, BBA 2010<br />

Heather Lee, BBA 2009<br />

Damonica Lee, BBA 2014<br />

Kristi Lee, BBA 2014<br />

Annabelle Lee, BBA 2022<br />

Alek Lee, MS 2021<br />

Tammy Lee, MBA 1997<br />

Deborah Lee, MBA 1998<br />

Michelle Lee, MBA 2003<br />

Kwan Lee, MBA 1999<br />

Angela Lee, MBA 2001<br />

Audra Lee, MBA 2015<br />

Tai Hsuan Lee, MBA 2011<br />

Chieh-Ping Lee, MBA 2012<br />

Jessica Lee, MBA 2014<br />

Jo-Fan Lee, MBA 2014<br />

Kristi Lee, MBA 2016<br />

Samuel Lee III, MBA 2009<br />

Muriel Leewright, BBA 2003<br />

Jacqueline Legette, BBA 2012<br />

April Leggett, BS 2002<br />

Tina Leggett, BBA 2003<br />

April Leggett, MBA 2011<br />

Tierra LeGrande, MBA 2017<br />

Jing Lei, MBA 2012<br />

Kyle Leineweber, BS 2019<br />

Richard Leiting, MBA 2000<br />

Elisabeth Leiting, MBA 2016<br />

Gerald Lekan, MBA 2003<br />

Lysette Lem, BBA 2008<br />

Elva Lemacks, BS 2012<br />

Elizabeth Lemerande, MS 2012<br />

Ottis Lemons Jr., BBA 2003<br />

James Lennon, BBA 2004

Danielle Leonard, BBA 2005<br />

William Leonard, MBA 2008<br />

Ashley Leopold, MBA 2016<br />

Prescott Lerch, MBA 1999<br />

Taminko Leslie, MBA 2016<br />

Sara Lester, BS 2006<br />

Sara Lester, MS 2014<br />

Adarius Lester, MACC 2019<br />

Michael Lester, MBA 2005<br />

Barbara Leszczynski, MBA 2002<br />

Mary Letke, MBA 1999<br />

Amy Lett, BBA 2000<br />

Karen Leung, BBA 2002<br />

Kathy Levister, BBA 1998<br />

Ashley Lewallen, BBA 2016<br />

Kari Lewallen, BBA 2017<br />

Kari Lewallen, MACC 2019<br />

Steven Lewallen, MBA 1997<br />

Sandra Lewallen, MBA 2000<br />

Matthew Lewis, BS 2001<br />

Jeffrey Lewis, BS 1999<br />

Gail Lewis, BS 2002<br />

Tameca Lewis, BS 2003<br />

Velda Lewis, BBA 1998<br />

Willis Lewis, BBA 2003<br />

Tire Lewis, BBA 2012<br />

Alvina Lewis, BBA 2009<br />

Alexandra Lewis, BBA 2010<br />

Whitney Lewis, BBA 2016<br />

Melanie Lewis, BBA* 2021<br />

Amberlee Lewis, BBA 2023<br />

Emily Lewis, MS 2008<br />

Cornelia Lewis, MBA 1997<br />

Donald Lewis, MBA 2005<br />

Shavonda Lewis, MBA 2009<br />

Natalie Lewis, MBA 2010<br />

Alvina Lewis, MBA 2012<br />

Angela Lewis, MBA 2010<br />

Whitney Lewis, MBA 2018<br />

Arlia Lewis, MBA 2017<br />

Aylessia Lewis, MBA 2017<br />

Collier Lewis, MBA 2020<br />

Xuanzi Li, BBA 2017<br />

Hai Li, MBA 2010<br />

Chen Li, MBA 2011<br />

Bin Li, MBA 2011<br />

Jiani Li, MBA 2011<br />

Shijin Li, MBA 2012<br />

Ye Li, MBA 2012<br />

Xiao Li, MBA 2012<br />

Linge Li, MBA 2013<br />

Ke Li, MBA 2014<br />

Yixuan Li, MBA 2014<br />

Raymond Lian, MS 2017<br />

Pei-Shan Liang, MBA 2010<br />

Mylia Liddell, MBA 2000<br />

Sheau Liew, BBA 2002<br />

Cynthia Lighter-Jones, BBA 2012<br />

Priscilla Lightfoot, BBA 2009<br />

Priscilla Lightfoot, MBA 2010<br />

Jonathan Lilliendahl, MBA 1999<br />

Ieshia Lilly, MBA 2018<br />

Chih-Kuan Lin, MBA 2009<br />

Wei-Ting Lin, MBA 2009<br />

Chun-Yuan Lin, MBA 2012<br />

Ting-Hsiang Lin, MBA 2013<br />

Christopher Lincoln, BBA 2013<br />

Christopher Lincoln, MBA 2016<br />

Paul Linder, BS 2002<br />

Courtney Lindley, MS 2018<br />

Tiffany Lindner, MBA 2017<br />

Janet Lindsey, MBA 2015<br />

Lemathia Lindsey, MBA 2017<br />

Debra Linton, MBA 1998<br />

Catherine Lipop, MS 2005<br />

LaVerne Lipscomb, BBA 2002<br />

John Lisiecki, BBA 2004<br />

Haley Liss, BBA 2007<br />

Darren Litle, MBA 2002<br />

Jennifer Little, BBA 2001<br />

Jennifer Little, MBA 2012<br />

Stephanie Littlejohn, BBA 2009<br />

Stephanie Littlejohn, MBA 2013<br />

Xiaoxi Liu, BBA 2006<br />

Dongni Liu, BBA 2015<br />

Guiling Liu, MACC 2018<br />

Guiling Liu, MBA 2011<br />

Xiu Liu, MBA 2013<br />

Tsai-Lin Liu, MBA 2014<br />

William Livingston, MBA 1998<br />

Hannah Lloyd, BA 2012<br />

Timothy Lloyd, MBA 2001<br />

Garnett Lobaman, MS 2021<br />

Bethany Lochner, BBA 2016<br />

Tammy Locke, MBA 2001<br />

Tiyanna Lockhart, MBA 2018<br />

Joseph Locklar, MBA 2021<br />

Marshil Locklear, MBA* 2015<br />

Sherry Logan, BS 2004<br />

Shelby Loggins, MBA 2006<br />

Stephanie Loggins, MBA 2016<br />

Melissa Lokey, BBA 2012<br />

Carla Lomack, MS 2019<br />

Brittany Loman, MBA 2016<br />

Chastity London, BBA 1997<br />

Leonardo Londono, MBA 2022<br />

Steven Long, BS 2001<br />

Barbara Long, MBA 2015<br />

Dorothea Long, MBA 2018<br />

Luis Lopez, MBA 2016<br />

Suhelly Lopez, MBA 2017<br />

Hnubci Lor, BBA 2018<br />

Tracy Lord, BBA 1999<br />

Tracy Lord, MBA 2003<br />

Leigh Lord, MBA 1999<br />

Joanie Loren, BBA 2013<br />

Attilio Lospinoso Jr, MBA 2003<br />

Patricia Lott, BS 2003<br />

James Lott, BS 2003<br />

Kecia Lott-Hudson, BBA 2014<br />

Ronald Loudermilk, BBA 2016<br />

Jamie Loudermilk, MBA 2010<br />

Karen Lovan, MS 2021<br />

Checana Love, BS 2007<br />

Amanda Love, MBA 2015<br />

Kimberly Love, MBA 2015<br />

Daria Lovett, BS 2005<br />

Darlene Lovett, BS 2007<br />

Pamela Lovett, MBA 2016

Jolanda Lovett, MBA 2017<br />

Edward Lovin, MBA 2003<br />

Carrly Lovvorn, MBA 2014<br />

Lonnie Lowe, BBA 1999<br />

Jeanette Lowe, BBA 2007<br />

Amanda Lowe, BBA 2013<br />

William Lowe, MBA 1997<br />

Jeanette Lowe, MBA 2009<br />

Tyechia Lowe, MBA 2007<br />

Lynda Lowe, MBA 2012<br />

Kimberly Lowe, MBA 2020<br />

Rodger Lower, MBA 1999<br />

Randy Lowery, BBA 2004<br />

Paige Lowery, MS 2023<br />

William Lowery, MBA 2021<br />

Jung-Fong Lu, MBA 2013<br />

Veronica Lucas, BBA 2002<br />

Veronica Lucas, MBA 2004<br />

LaTonya Luke, MBA 2002<br />

Caroline Lumpkin, BS 2022<br />

Heather Lumpkin, BBA 2012<br />

J'Vell Lumpkin, MACC 2019<br />

Robert Lunt, MBA 2014<br />

Rebecca Lusk, BBA 2018<br />

Matthew Lusk, MBA 2003<br />

Barbara Lutes, BBA 2005<br />

Barbara Lutes, MBA 2010<br />

Beth Luxford, MBA 2013<br />

Robert Luzader, MBA 1998<br />

Tilda Lyde, BBA 2006<br />

Eddie Lyell, MBA 2001<br />

Andrea Lyle, BBA* 2013<br />

Mary Lynch, BS 1997<br />

Lisa Lynch, BBA* 2018<br />

Jonathan Lynch, MBA 2015<br />

Denise Lynch, MBA 2019<br />

Jacqueline Lynn, BA 2018<br />

Wayne Lynn, BBA 2003<br />

Kimberly Lynn, MBA 2012<br />

Beverlee Lyons, BBA 2006<br />

Martin Lyons, BBA 2014<br />

Heather Lyons, MS 2014<br />

Martin Lyons, MBA 2017<br />

Vera Lytch, BS 2005<br />

Xiao-Li Ma, MBA 2010<br />

Hongli Ma, MBA 2013<br />

Xiaoxiao Ma, MBA 2014<br />

Jill Mabry, MBA 2002<br />

Charles Macaluso, BBA 2000<br />

Helene Macchi, BBA 2006<br />

Jean MacDonald, BS 1997<br />

Terryann Mack, BS 1997<br />

Jeri Mack, BBA 2006<br />

Jeri Mack, MBA 2009<br />

Julie Mack, MBA 2022<br />

John MacKay, BBA 2004<br />

Nakora Mackey, MS 2019<br />

Nancy MacMillan, MBA 2009<br />

Michael MacRae, MBA 2011<br />

Richard Madden, BS 2009<br />

Carly Maddix, BS 2022<br />

Kelly Maddox, BS 1998<br />

Taloria Maddox, BS 2001<br />

Kelley Maddox, BBA 2004<br />

Kelley Maddox, MS 2014<br />

Brandi Maddox, MBA 2020<br />

Sarita Madera, MBA* 2016<br />

Lisa Madero, BBA 2010<br />

Riana Madison, MS 2018<br />

Jaime Madkiff, BBA 2009<br />

Lanaida Magat, MBA 2022<br />

Martin Maher, BBA 1997<br />

Martin Maher, MBA 2014<br />

Jaclyn Mahlmann, MBA 2015<br />

Joycelyn Mahone, MS 2011<br />

Paige Maier, MBA 2016<br />

Venus Mainor, BBA 1999<br />

Crystal Mainor, MBA 2001<br />

Michael Mair, MBA 2001<br />

Pamela Majette, MBA 1998<br />

Sheri Makayan, MBA 2001<br />

Elizabeth Makinde, MBA 2005<br />

Sana Makkani, MBA 2017<br />

Xevier Maldonado, BBA 2002<br />

Xevier Maldonado, MBA 2003<br />

Lori Mallard, MBA 1999<br />

Alexander Mallis, MBA 2011<br />

Angie Mallory, MS 2014<br />

Henry Mamulu, MBA 2015<br />

Kristopher Mandaro, BS 2008<br />

Loretta Manes, MBA 2019<br />

Thomas Maney, MBA 2009<br />

John Mang, MBA 1998<br />

Niquole Mangal, BBA 2020<br />

Andrew Mangel, MBA 1998<br />

Richard Mangione, BBA 2007<br />

Robin Mangum, BBA 2000<br />

Watsamon Manintu, BBA 2010<br />

Erica Manley, MBA 2008<br />

Justin Mann, BBA 2015<br />

Shannon Manners, BS 2011<br />

Leonard Manning, BS 1997<br />

Katherine Manning, BBA 2012<br />

Leonard Manning, MBA 1998<br />

Angel Manning, MBA 2015<br />

Carla Mannings, MBA 1997<br />

Michelle Mannix, BS 2008<br />

Gibson Manomano, BBA 2010<br />

Gibson Manomano, MS 2014<br />

Joseph Manring, BBA 2019<br />

Meredith Mansfield, MBA 2000<br />

Reham Mansour, BBA 1997<br />

Deidre Manthiram, BS 2008<br />

Kimberly Maples, BS 2001<br />

Karen Maples, BS 2002<br />

Charlene March, BBA 2014<br />

Loojimps Marcius, MBA 1999<br />

Roberto Marin, BBA 2000<br />

Roberto Marin, MBA 2002<br />

Lisa Marino, BBA* 2014<br />

Monique Marlette, BBA 1997<br />

Arthur Marlow, MBA 2000<br />

Barbra Marrero, BBA 1997<br />

Antoinette Mars, BBA 2002<br />

Quinescia Marshall, BA 2021<br />

Ta tyana Marshall, BS 2022<br />

Amanda Marshall, MS 2021<br />

Christopher Martin, BS 1997<br />

Shelia Martin, BS 2000

Latasha Martin, BS 2002<br />

Marvin Martin, BS 2008<br />

Jessica Martin, BS 2014<br />

Margaret Martin, BBA 1997<br />

Deborah Martin, BBA 2000<br />

Judy Martin, BBA 2004<br />

Jennifer Martin, BBA 2004<br />

Jeffrey Martin, BBA 2004<br />

Shakeera Martin, BBA 2009<br />

Glennis Martin, BBA 2006<br />

Shanon Martin, BBA 2008<br />

Linda Martin, BBA 2008<br />

Kerry Martin, BBA 2009<br />

Sherry Martin, BBA 2016<br />

Jennifer Martin, BBA 2015<br />

Amanda Martin, BBA 2016<br />

Samuel Martin, BBA 2016<br />

Kerston Martin, MS 2022<br />

Mary Martin, MBA 2000<br />

Bruce Martin, MBA 1998<br />

Sharla Martin, MBA 2002<br />

Brett Martin, MBA 2001<br />

Julie Martin, MBA 2005<br />

Shakeera Martin, MBA 2010<br />

Linda Martin, MBA 2011<br />

Jennifer Martin, MBA 2019<br />

Robert Martin, MBA 2012<br />

Elizabeth Martin, MBA* 2015<br />

Yahntaye Martin, MBA 2018<br />

Megan Martin, MBA 2021<br />

Reginald Martin, MBA 2019<br />

Sandra Martin, MBA 2021<br />

Wesley Martin, MBA 2021<br />

Lindsay Martin, MBA 2023<br />

Virginia Martin-Brown, BS 1997<br />

Agustin Martinez Jr., BBA 2003<br />

Niyah Martin-Wiltshire, MBA 2003<br />

Nelli Martirosyan, MBA 2016<br />

Dana Marvin, MBA 2012<br />

Joshua Masker, MBA 2016<br />

Sherri Mason, BBA 2012<br />

Lea Mason, MBA* 2019<br />

Melissa Mason, MBA 2013<br />

Natarsha Mason, MBA 2019<br />

Steven Massengill, BBA 2009<br />

Adria Massey, MBA 2016<br />

Kenneth Masters, MBA 2012<br />

Sybil Masters , BS 2009<br />

Camerata Matchett, BBA 2007<br />

DaKasha Mathis, MACC* 2018<br />

Kevin Matson, BBA 2014<br />

Erica Matthews, BBA 1998<br />

Ana Matthews, MS 2009<br />

Kathie Matthews, MBA 2020<br />

Joshua Mattox, BA 2023<br />

Alison Mattson, MBA 2010<br />

Cheryle Maurer, BBA 1999<br />

Christopher May, BBA 2003<br />

Christopher May, MBA 2006<br />

Margaret Mayer, BBA 2008<br />

Andrea Mayfield, BBA 2016<br />

Dianna Maynard, MBA 2003<br />

Willa Mayns, BBA 2005<br />

Taylor Mays, BA 2017<br />

Michael Mazzotta, MBA 2012<br />

Dwight Mc Ginnis, BS 1998<br />

Timothy McAlister, MBA 2005<br />

Daniel McAndrews, BBA 1997<br />

Anna McArdle, MBA 2014<br />

Scott McArthy, BBA 2000<br />

Bruce McArver, MBA 2001<br />

Elizabeth McBurney, MBA 2011<br />

Chrissonia McCall, MS 2017<br />

Jennifer McCall, MBA 2017<br />

Kimberly McCallister, BBA 2012<br />

Kimberly McCallister, MBA* 2019<br />

Samantha McCampbell, BS 2005<br />

Rebecca McCants, BBA 2004<br />

Jocelyn McCants, MBA 2015<br />

Kay McCarty, MBA 2007<br />

Shannon McCauley, BBA 2001<br />

Catherine McCauley, BBA* 2019<br />

Gloria McCladdie, BS 2005<br />

Gloria McCladdie, MBA 2007<br />

Herbert McClain, BBA 2000<br />

Shelby McClain, MS 2018<br />

David McClain, MBA 2012<br />

Naomi McClary, BBA 2002<br />

Tunishia McClendon, BBA 2000<br />

Denita McClendon, BBA 2008<br />

Kimala McClendon, BBA 2004<br />

Denita McClendon, MBA 2012<br />

Connie McCloud, BS 2000<br />

Carly McCloud, BBA 1999<br />

Shornden McCloud, MBA 1998<br />

Tara McClure, BBA 1998<br />

Angelia McClure, MBA 1999<br />

Tonya McClure, MBA 1999<br />

Kristi McCollum, BS 1997<br />

Ashley McCollum, MBA 2017<br />

Forrest McCombs, BA 2021<br />

Katherine McConnell, MBA 1998<br />

Jesse McCorkle, BBA 1999<br />

Carla McCown, BBA 2010<br />

Melissa McCoy, BS 2002<br />

Jessica McCoy, BBA 2004<br />

Lourie McCoy, BBA 2006<br />

Demetrius McCoy, MS 2015<br />

Ashley McCoy, MACC 2020<br />

Jessica McCoy, MBA 2005<br />

Qunnette McCoy, MBA 2017<br />

Donald McCoy Jr., BBA 2000<br />

Zaria McCray, BS 2022<br />

Shondel McCray, MBA 1997<br />

Marguerite McCreary, BBA 2000<br />

Chadwick McCrickard, BS 2000<br />

Sean McCue, MBA 2007<br />

Erin McCullum, MBA 2012<br />

Tracy McCurry, MBA 2005<br />

Rebekah McDearis, MBA 2017<br />

Robbi McDevitt, BBA 2004<br />

Robbi McDevitt, MBA 2005<br />

Fayette McDonald, BS 2008<br />

Maggie McDonald, BBA 2001<br />

Angela McDonald, BBA 2004<br />

Timothy McDonald, MBA 2012<br />

Timothy McDonald, MBA 2013<br />

Marvin McDuffie, MBA 1997<br />

Kabreel McEachin-Campbell, MBA 2019

Melissa McElhaney, BBA*<br />

2019<br />

Jonathan McElhannon, MBA<br />

2004<br />

Aaron McElhoe, MBA<br />

2002<br />

Wendell McElveen, MS<br />

2012<br />

Sarah McEnnan, BBA* 2019<br />

RaeLynn McEntee, BBA 2009<br />

RaeLynn McEntee, MBA* 2017<br />

Meredith McEver, MBA 2002<br />

Najah McEwen, MBA 2022<br />

Merle McFadden, BS 2000<br />

Sharon McFarland, BBA 2015<br />

Sharon McFarland, MBA* 2018<br />

Brenda McFarlin, MBA 2013<br />

Curtis McFerguson, BS 2005<br />

Carolyn McFry, MBA 2019<br />

Grace McGarity, MBA 2017<br />

Joyce McGarry, BBA 2003<br />

Murlin McGarvey, BBA 2005<br />

James McGee, BS 2004<br />

Debra McGee, BBA 2002<br />

Debra McGee, MBA 2004<br />

Quamane McGee, MBA 2019<br />

Phyllis McGhee, BBA 2007<br />

Phyllis McGhee, MBA 2009<br />

Damaris McGowan, BBA 2005<br />

Michelle McGowan, MBA 2013<br />

Veletia McGrew, MBA 2017<br />

Becky McIntire, BS 1997<br />

Sabrina McIntosh, MBA 2009<br />

Connie McIntyre, MBA 1998<br />

Elizabeth McKay, BBA 2005<br />

Wesley McKay, MBA 2002<br />

Michelle McKee, BBA 1999<br />

Jasmine Mckelvey, MBA 2023<br />

Stanton McKenna, MBA 2016<br />

Evette McKenzie, BS 2007<br />

Hope McKenzie, BS 2006<br />

Linda McKenzie, BBA 2002<br />

Briuna McKenzie, MBA 2020<br />

Sondra McKie, BBA 2007<br />

Gregory McKinley, MBA 1999<br />

Howard McKinney, BBA 2008<br />

Kenneth McKinzie, BBA 2006<br />

Hope McLain, BBA 2002<br />

Hope McLain, MBA 2007<br />

Kathy McLaughlin, MBA 1997<br />

Belinda McLaughlin, MBA 2014<br />

Danielle McLean, MBA* 2021<br />

Brittani McLean, MBA 2018<br />

Warren McLendon, BBA 2003<br />

Melinda McLeod, BA 2019<br />

Melinda McLeod, MBA 2021<br />

Harold McLeod III, MBA 1999<br />

Tara McMahan, BBA 2003<br />

Cynthia McMahan, MBA 1999<br />

Tara McMahan, MBA 2005<br />

John McManus, MBA 2012<br />

Lori McMillan, BS 1998<br />

Charles McMillan III, MBA 2000<br />

Connie McMillin, MBA 2012<br />

W. McMullan, MBA 1997<br />

Yuri McMurray, MBA 2019<br />

Linda McNeal, BBA 1999<br />

David McNease, MBA 2000<br />

Karen McNeely, BBA* 2013<br />

William McNeely Sr., MBA 2000<br />

Ellen McNees, MBA 1998<br />

Steven McNeilly, MBA 2012<br />

Lillie McPhee, BBA 2010<br />

Geralda McQueen, MBA 2016<br />

Keri McQueen, MBA 2021<br />

Tishanna McRae, MBA* 2017<br />

Katie McReynolds, MBA 2021<br />

John McSwain, BBA 2004<br />

Kristen McVey, MS 2019<br />

Colleen McWalters, BA 1997<br />

Sabrina McWeay, MBA 2017<br />

Rosario McWhorter, BBA 1999<br />

William McWhorter, MS 2019<br />

William McWhorter, MBA 2020<br />

Patrick Mead, MBA 1999<br />

Robert Meadows, MBA 2006<br />

Samantha Means, BS 2020<br />

Ray Meaux, BBA 2007<br />

Maria Medina, BBA 2009<br />

Steven Medina, BBA* 2018<br />

Maria Medina, MBA 2011<br />

Steven Medina, MBA 2019<br />

Candie Medlin, MBA 2007<br />

Jeremy Medlin, MBA 2012<br />

Johnny Medlock, BS 2001<br />

Walter Meeks Jr., MBA 2000<br />

Bhavya Mehta, MBA 2018<br />

Ronald Melampy, MBA 1999<br />

Jailene Melendez, BS 2021<br />

Juan Melendez, BBA 2002<br />

Michael Mellinger, BBA 2014<br />

Toi Mellott, BBA 2007<br />

Dwight Melton, BS 1998<br />

Najeebe Melton, MBA* 2015<br />

Mark Melvin, BS 2012<br />

Mark Melvin, MS 2016<br />

Betty Mensah, MBA 2020<br />

Matthew Menz, MBA 2004<br />

Albert Mercer, MBA 2009<br />

Maria Merritt, MBA 2016<br />

Renee Merriweather, BBA 2006<br />

Dylan Merriweather, MS 2021<br />

Shamika Merriwether, MS 2020<br />

Joshua Merry, MBA 2008<br />

Angela Merryman, MBA 2015<br />

Brenda Messer, MBA* 2015<br />

Nichelle Mewborn, MBA 1998<br />

Mendy Meyer, MBA 2010<br />

Kristin Meyers, BS 2010<br />

Owen Mhungu, MBA 2021<br />

Lisa Middaugh, BBA 2003<br />

Yolanda Middlebrooks, BS 2012<br />

Clarence Middleton, BS 2007<br />

Taylor Middleton, BBA 2002<br />

Teresa Middleton, BBA 2004<br />

Victoria Middleton, BBA 2017<br />

Heidi Migalla, BBA 2004<br />

John Migalla, BBA 2005<br />

Heather Milam, MBA 2022<br />

Debbie Milby, BBA 2010<br />

Kimberly Miles, BS 1999

Kimberly Mileski, BBA 2020<br />

Gary Millage, MBA 2016<br />

Teresa Millard, BBA 2002<br />

Kristen Millard, BBA* 2021<br />

Jeffery Miller, BS 1998<br />

Carl Miller, BS 2007<br />

Ruth Miller, BS 2006<br />

Synsabrian Miller, BS 2015<br />

LaCheryl Miller, BS 2008<br />

Kimberly Miller, BS 2023<br />

Jillian Miller, BS 2021<br />

Wanda Miller, BBA 2002<br />

Robert Miller, BBA 1999<br />

April Miller, BBA 2008<br />

Michael Miller, BBA 2007<br />

Ruth Miller, MS 2009<br />

Charles Miller, MBA 2000<br />

Ave Miller, MBA 1998<br />

Carl Miller, MBA 2013<br />

Robert Miller, MBA 2000<br />

Heather Miller, MBA 2017<br />

Milton Miller II, MBA 2003<br />

Sean Milligan, MBA 2003<br />

LaShanda Mills, BS 2014<br />

Lula Mills, BBA 2002<br />

John Mills, BBA 2000<br />

David Mills, BBA 2008<br />

Calvin Mills, MS 2010<br />

Andrea Mills, MBA 1999<br />

David Mills, MBA 2010<br />

Brenda Milner, BS 1998<br />

Pamela Milton, BS 2015<br />

Jason Milton, MBA 2010<br />

Henry Mims, MBA 2000<br />

Kenneth Minatee, BBA 2004<br />

Ricksalem Ministre, MBA 2018<br />

Susan Minter, MBA 2006<br />

Jennifer Miskell, BBA 2003<br />

Timothy Miskotten, MBA 2001<br />

Thomas Mitchell, BS 2009<br />

Jessica Mitchell, BBA 2010<br />

Kelsey Mitchell, BBA 2013<br />

Anna Mitchell, MS 2010<br />

Candelaria Mitchell, MS 2017<br />

Kay Mitchell, MS 2020<br />

Janet Mitchell, MBA 2004<br />

Saundra Mitchell, MBA 2015<br />

Tara Mitchell, MBA 2018<br />

India Mitchell, MBA 2022<br />

Regina Mitsdarffer, BBA 2002<br />

Staci Mixson, BBA 2004<br />

Alex Moak, BBA 2000<br />

Russell Moan, MBA 2014<br />

Shanitra Mobley, BBA 2017<br />

David Mock, MBA 2009<br />

Holly Mock, MBA 2012<br />

Ian Mode, BBA 2008<br />

Amish Mody, MBA 2000<br />

Jeffrey Mohler, BBA 2011<br />

Tathiana Moise, MBA 2020<br />

Carolyn Molina, BBA 2012<br />

Jay Mollett, MBA 2011<br />

Claude Mompoint, BBA 2006<br />

Antone Moncrieff, BBA 2015<br />

Alisha Moncrief-Millner, MBA 2007<br />

Jamie Monda-Tylec, BBA 2010<br />

Norma Mondragon, BBA 2010<br />

Amanda Monge, BBA 2009<br />

Yuoshondy Monroe, MBA 2012<br />

Michelle Montante, BS 2001<br />

Lesley Moody, BBA 2012<br />

Kevin Moody, MS 2007<br />

Sondra Moon, BBA 1998<br />

Kenya Moon, BBA 2017<br />

Thomas Moon, MBA 2002<br />

Sherrie Moon, MBA 2017<br />

Julie Mooney, MBA 2003<br />

Andrea Moore, BS 2009<br />

Ronald Moore, BS* 2014<br />

Gordon Moore, BBA 1998<br />

Raeshond Moore, BBA 2007<br />

Danica Moore, BBA 2011<br />

Akaiyah Moore, BBA 2019<br />

Kenneth Moore, MS 2015<br />

Sita Moore, MS 2017<br />

Brittany Moore, MS 2021<br />

Eric Moore, MBA 1997<br />

Terry Moore, MBA 1997<br />

Jennica Moore, MBA 2008<br />

Rita Moore, MBA 2005<br />

Adam Moore, MBA 2001<br />

Christine Moore, MBA 2006<br />

Michele Moore, MBA 2004<br />

Christina Moore, MBA 2012<br />

Russarin Moore, MBA 2014<br />

Rodney Moore, MBA 2015<br />

Chadwick Moore, MBA 2017<br />

Keunshea Moore, MBA 2017<br />

Louis Moore, MBA 2017<br />

Jarrod Moore, MBA 2018<br />

Monica Moorman, MBA 2016<br />

Jessica Moose, BBA 2008<br />

Elvira Mora, BBA 2012<br />

Elise Moradi, BBA 2005<br />

Michele Morales, MACC 2021<br />

Andres More, MBA 2008<br />

Maria Morell Quiroga, BBA* 2018<br />

Chante Morency-McKinnis, MBA 2016<br />

Mikki Morgan, BA 2013<br />

Carla Morgan, BS 2013<br />

Carole Morgan, MS 2013<br />

Elizabeth Morgan, MBA 1999<br />

Wendy Morgan, MBA 2003<br />

Storm Morgan, MBA 2002<br />

Jamie Morgan, MBA 2012<br />

Matt Morgan, MBA 2021<br />

Marietta Morris, BS 1999<br />

Melanie Morris, BS 2012<br />

Whitney Morris, BBA 2007<br />

Steven Morris, BBA 2008<br />

Moriah Morris, BBA 2013<br />

Tracie Morris, BBA 2017<br />

Thomas Morris, MACC 2018<br />

Jeffrey Morris, MBA 2001<br />

Denise Morris, MBA 2001<br />

James Morris, MBA 2005<br />

Kiera Morrison, MS 2017<br />

Troy Morrissette, BBA 2000<br />

Justin Morrow, BBA 2019

Justin Morrow, MBA 2020<br />

Amber Morse, BBA 2017<br />

Amber Morse, MBA 2020<br />

Ashley Morton, BBA 2002<br />

Charles Morton Jr, MBA 2002<br />

Don Morton Jr., BBA 1998<br />

Don Morton Jr., MBA 2000<br />

Rachel Morway, MBA 2010<br />

Gilda Moseley, BS 1999<br />

Cassondra Moses, BS 2005<br />

Sascha Moses, BS 2013<br />

Jan Moses, BBA 2004<br />

Nicole Moses, BBA 2014<br />

Ungrell Mosley, MBA 2015<br />

Ingrid Mosquera, BS 2008<br />

Ingrid Mosquera, MS 2010<br />

Lavina Moss, BS 2007<br />

Tasha Moss, BBA 2020<br />

Cynthia Moss, MBA 2004<br />

Lavina Moss, MBA 2018<br />

Sharita Moss, MBA 2012<br />

Brittany Moss, MBA 2015<br />

Jerrica Moss, MBA 2018<br />

Mihaela Motoi, BBA 2003<br />

Jennifer Mott, MBA 2001<br />

Jessica Motter, MBA 2012<br />

Dianna Moua, BS 2001<br />

Nathan Mourfield, BBA 2006<br />

Christine Mourfield, BBA 2010<br />

Nathan Mourfield, MBA 2008<br />

Christine Mourfield, MBA 2014<br />

Willie Moye, BS 1997<br />

Charles Moye, MBA 1997<br />

Margaret Mozone, BS 2008<br />

Joseph Mozone, BBA 2011<br />

Margaret Mozone, MBA 2009<br />

Mandi Mpezo, MS 2022<br />

Monica Muchene, MBA 2015<br />

Myra Muckle, BBA 2002<br />

Dhananjay Mudbhary, MBA 2003<br />

Karoline Muehlfellner, BBA 2009<br />

Asha Mulchan-Onofri, MS 2014<br />

Mildred Muldrow, MBA 2016<br />

Hannah Mule, BBA 2017<br />

Tammy Mulhair, BBA* 2016<br />

Tammy Mulhair, MACC 2018<br />

Breanna Mulholland, MBA 2019<br />

Claudia Mulkey, BBA 2003<br />

Tremaine Mullings, BBA 2021<br />

Lawanda Mullinix, MBA 2001<br />

Lauren Mullins, MS 2022<br />

Tracey Mullins, MBA* 2014<br />

Annie Mullins, MBA 2016<br />

Daniel Mumpower, BS 1998<br />

Daniel Munch, BBA 2014<br />

Gayle Mundy, BS 1997<br />

Carolyn Mungai, MBA 2016<br />

Francisco Munoz, BBA 2003<br />

Julie Munsell-Gregoriu, MBA 2006<br />

Hercules Murden, BS 2006<br />

Judith Murdock, BBA 2005<br />

Gregory Murphy, BS 2003<br />

Ryan Murphy, BBA 2008<br />

Robert Murphy, BBA 2011<br />

Evelyn Murphy, MBA 2005<br />

Mary Murphy, MBA 1999<br />

Heather Murphy, MBA 2002<br />

Khristy Murray, BBA 2005<br />

Brenda Murray, BBA 2009<br />

Amy Murray, BBA 2010<br />

Bryant Murray, BBA 2014<br />

Angela Murray, BBA* 2016<br />

Alexus Murray, MACC 2021<br />

Marlenia Murray, MBA 1998<br />

Brenda Murray, MBA 2011<br />

Brian Murray, MBA 2012<br />

Carmen Murray, MBA 2018<br />

Richard Muse, BA 2015<br />

Richard Muse, MBA 2017<br />

Henry Mutafya, MBA 2011<br />

Joan Mwangi, BS 2014<br />

Joan Mwangi, MS 2016<br />

Chomba Mwenya, BBA* 2022<br />

Suzette Myers, BA 2012<br />

Felicia Myers, BS 1998<br />

Brett Myers, MBA 2011<br />

Freya Myers, MBA 2010<br />

John Myers, MBA 2017<br />

Rhonda Naadueba, BS 1997<br />

Rhonda Naadueba, MBA 2016<br />

Tammy Nabors, MBA 2017<br />

Amerilisa Nadir, BA 2012<br />

Janesta Desria Nairn, BBA 2006<br />

Alaa Naji, MS 2019<br />

Virginia Nalley, BS 2002<br />

Walter Nance, BBA 2001<br />

John-Paul Nance, MBA 2018<br />

Martin Nanje, BS 1997<br />

William Nase, MBA 2003<br />

James Nash, MBA 2013<br />

Kelley Nasr, BBA 2009<br />

Chakib Nasr, BBA 2012<br />

Kelley Nasr, MBA 2010<br />

Linda Nations, MBA 2005<br />

Elizabeth Nault, MS 2008<br />

Yagou Ndiaye, BBA 2020<br />

Yabeye Ndoye, BBA 2009<br />

Heidi Neal, BS 2021<br />

Stephanie Neal, BBA 2002<br />

Jeremy Neal, BBA 2004<br />

Sarah Neal, BBA 2006<br />

Carla Neal, BBA 2019<br />

Jerome Neal Jr., MBA 2002<br />

Lynette Neaves, MBA 2003<br />

Shannon Needham, MBA 2002<br />

Jenny Neely, BBA 2007<br />

Chrystal Neely, MBA 2012<br />

Lauren Negron, MBA 2016<br />

Dana Nelms, BS 2010<br />

Jennifer Nelms, BBA 2006<br />

Dana Nelms, MBA 2016<br />

Anthony Nelson, BBA 2004<br />

Dexter Nelson, BBA 2003<br />

Jody Nelson, BBA 2011<br />

Marcy Nelson, BBA* 2017<br />

Quentin Nelson, BBA 2013<br />

Michelle Nelson, MS 2008<br />

Rosemary Nelson, MBA 1999<br />

Mary Nelson, MBA* 2008

Natalie Nelson, MBA 2009<br />

Elizabeth Nelson, MBA 2008<br />

Quentin Nelson, MBA* 2016<br />

Gerald Nelson, MBA 2017<br />

Carolyn Nemeth, MBA 2000<br />

Penny Netherton, BBA 2006<br />

Laurence Neuville, BBA 1997<br />

Whitney Neveils, MS 2014<br />

Cathy Neville, BS 1997<br />

Brittany Nevins, MBA 2019<br />

Danny Newby, MS 2016<br />

Lanette Newby, MS 2018<br />

Lanette Newby, MBA 2016<br />

Evan Newell, MBA 2022<br />

Kim Newman, BBA 2004<br />

Sharon Newman, BBA 2006<br />

Crystal Newman, BBA 2009<br />

Deborah Newsholme, MS 2008<br />

Yvette Newton, BS 2021<br />

Delise Newton, BBA 2001<br />

Caroline Nganga, MBA 2015<br />

My-Thanh Nguyen, BBA 2008<br />

Thanh Nhan Nguyen, BBA 2020<br />

Hang Nguyen, MBA 2012<br />

Hayley Nicastro, BS 2020<br />

Debra Nichols, BBA 2007<br />

Darla Nichols, BBA* 2017<br />

Zachary Nichols, MBA 2016<br />

Beth Niese, BBA 2007<br />

Christian Nieves, BS 2003<br />

Annika Nilsson-Binfield, MBA 2002<br />

Andrea Nimene, BS 2001<br />

Christopher Nish, MBA 2015<br />

Kristin Nix, BA 2015<br />

Ashley Nix, BBA 2006<br />

Emily Nix, MBA 2014<br />

Brigette Nixon, BBA 2014<br />

Michael Nixon, MBA 2001<br />

Yvonne Nixon, MBA 2002<br />

Priscilla Njoroge, MBA 2016<br />

Nkosinathi Nkwanyana, BBA 2006<br />

Nwanneka Nnaka, MBA 2016<br />

Rupert Noble, BS 1997<br />

Timothy Noble, MBA<br />

2000<br />

Billy Nolan, MS 2015<br />

Tammy Nolan, MBA<br />

1997<br />

Caroline Nolan, MBA<br />

2010<br />

Beth Noll, BBA 1999<br />

Wilfredo Norat, BBA<br />

2002<br />

Wilfredo Norat, MBA 2003<br />

Julie Norden, BBA 2003<br />

Lee Nordin, MBA 2007<br />

Amanda Norman, BS 2004<br />

Melanie Norman, BS 2006<br />

Terrell Norman, BS 2010<br />

Nancy Norman, BBA 1999<br />

Shannon Norman, BBA 2013<br />

Donna Norman, MS 2004<br />

Nancy Norman, MBA 2001<br />

Nancy Norman, MBA 2002<br />

Amanda Norman, MBA 2008<br />

Fidelis Normenyo, MBA 2016<br />

Jeanette Norris, BS 2003<br />

Crystal Norris, BS 2015<br />

Rebecca Norris, BBA 2011<br />

Robert Norris, MBA 2012<br />

Susan Northrup, BS 2016<br />

Aislinn Norton, BBA 2015<br />

Amanda Norton, BBA 2013<br />

Lester Norton, MBA 2008<br />

Allison Norton, MBA 2005<br />

John Norton, MBA 2012<br />

Laurel Norton, MBA 2010<br />

Dana Norton, MBA* 2013<br />

Jennifer Norton, MBA 2017<br />

Theodora Norton, MBA 2021<br />

William Norwood, BBA 1999<br />

Renee Noto, BS 2014<br />

Sarah Novak, BBA 2003<br />

Sue Noyes, BS 1997<br />

Sue Noyes, MBA 2010<br />

Celestin Ntemngwa, MBA 2015<br />

Susan Nunn, BBA 2002<br />

Tameka Nunn, MBA 2016<br />

Mark Nuttle, MBA 2002<br />

Tarsha Nwabueze, BBA 2004<br />

Lequome Nwangwu, MBA 2019<br />

Juliet Nwankwo, BBA 2000<br />

Araster Nyaude, MS 2004<br />

Lori Nye, MBA 2011<br />

Chinonso Nzeh, BBA 2009<br />

Cynthia Oakes, BBA 2017<br />

Brian Oakley, MBA 2008<br />

Eric Oates, MBA 1998<br />

Dolapo Obahor, BBA 2011<br />

Tomeka O'Bannon, BBA 2020<br />

Emmanuel Obi, MBA 2002<br />

Wanda O'Brien, BS 2006<br />

Katie O'Brien, BBA 2009<br />

Erin O'Brien, BBA 2009<br />

Amanda O'Brien, BBA 2010<br />

Wanda O'Brien, MBA 2008<br />

Katie O'Brien, MBA 2011<br />

Amanda O'Brien, MBA 2011<br />

Tyra O'Bryant, BA 2013<br />

Samantha Ochoa, BBA 2012<br />

Masayo Ogawa, MBA 1997<br />

Robin Oglesby, BS 1997<br />

Siyanbola Ogunleye, MBA 1998<br />

Lbiyemi Ojo, MS 2016<br />

Vivian Okafor, MBA 2014<br />

Irene Okech, MBA 2008<br />

Uzoamaka Okoli, MBA 2010<br />

John Oliaro, MBA 2001<br />

Elizabeth Olive, BS 1997<br />

Bryan Oliver, BS 2000<br />

Christina Oliver, BS 1997<br />

Justine Oliver, BBA& 2010<br />

Debra Oliver, BBA 2014<br />

Justine Oliver, MBA 2013<br />

Natissa Oliver, MBA 2011<br />

Debra Oliver, MBA 2017<br />

Ronald Oliver, MBA 2013<br />

Winifred Oliver-Hatcher, BS 2004<br />

Hellen Oloya, MBA 2017<br />

Derrick Olson, BBA 2017

Wendy O'Neal, MBA 2014<br />

Jeana O'Neill, BBA 2006<br />

John O'Neill, BBA 2010<br />

Bevlyn Onwumere, MBA 2016<br />

Chijioke Onyekwelu, MBA 2021<br />

Kay Oplinger, MBA 2014<br />

Barry Ordway, BBA 2000<br />

Daniel Orille, MBA 2008<br />

Gloria Ormand, BBA 2001<br />

Gloria Ormand, MBA 2003<br />

Michael Orr, MBA 2001<br />

Hiram Ortiz, BS 1998<br />

Pedro Ortiz, BBA 2008<br />

Kasey Orum, BBA 2002<br />

Kasey Orum, MBA 2009<br />

Phoebe Osagie, BS 2003<br />

Brenda Osborne, BS 2003<br />

Jessie Osborne, MS 2015<br />

Ayodele Oseni, MBA 2013<br />

Suzette Otero, BBA 2009<br />

Suzette Otero, MBA 2010<br />

Brenda Outlaw, MBA 1999<br />

Michael Overfield, MBA 2002<br />

Ashley Overstreet, BBA* 2018<br />

Brian Owen, BBA 2006<br />

Kesha Owens, BBA 2007<br />

Brandi Owens, BBA 2010<br />

Angela Owens, BBA 2015<br />

Amanda Owens, BBA 2010<br />

Chikela Owens, MS* 2013<br />

Daniel Owens, MBA 2002<br />

Eric Owens, MBA 2003<br />

Robb Owens, MBA 2002<br />

Beverly Owensby, BBA 1997<br />

Sheridena Owens-Turner, MBA 2015<br />

Carolina Pabon Galvis, MBA 2021<br />

Patricia Pace, BBA 2013<br />

Leslie Padgett, BS 2001<br />

John Padgett, BBA 2002<br />

Robin Padgett, BBA 2010<br />

Kenneth Padgett, MBA 2002<br />

Cristina Page, BS 2002<br />

Jennifer Page, BBA 2005<br />

Terri Page, BBA 2015<br />

Purlie Page, MBA 1998<br />

Jennifer Page, MBA 2006<br />

Karen Paige, BBA 2007<br />

Karen Paige, MBA 2010<br />

Kimberly Paige-Smith, BBA 2013<br />

Kimberly Paige-Smith, MBA 2015<br />

Avinash Paladugu, MBA 2018<br />

Tara Palasciano, MBA 2000<br />

Ella Palmer, BS 2003<br />

Michele Palmer, BS 2018<br />

Whitney Palmer, BBA 2003<br />

Janice Palmer, BBA 2005<br />

Ji'mara Palmer, MBA 2022<br />

Chao Pan, MBA 2012<br />

Isabelle-Belinda Panga, BA 2018<br />

Kevin Pannell, MBA 2014<br />

Dawn Panowich, BBA 2014<br />

Evelyn Panter, BBA 2003<br />

Andrea Papageorge, MBA 2008<br />

Carmen Papallo Jr., MBA 1997<br />

Joan Paradeis, MBA 2001<br />

Nancy Paradise, BS 2013<br />

Christopher Paravate, MBA 2014<br />

Traci Pardue, BBA 2011<br />

Traci Pardue, MBA 2012<br />

Janet Parham, MBA 1998<br />

Presley Parish, MBA 2021<br />

Deborah Parker, BS 1997<br />

Chester Parker, BS 1997<br />

Michael Parker, BS 2001<br />

Jason Parker, BS 2006<br />

Amanda Parker, BS 2018<br />

William Parker, BBA 2017<br />

Armon Parker, MS 2022<br />

Chester Parker, MBA 1999<br />

Scott Parker, MBA 1999<br />

Jason Parker, MBA 2008<br />

Avery Parker, MBA 2005<br />

Leslie Parker, MBA 2007<br />

Jonathan Parker, MBA 2013<br />

Jessica Parker, MBA 2013<br />

Adrienne Parker, MBA 2016<br />

Randy Parker, MBA 2018<br />

Jeannie Parkinson, BS 1999<br />

Kristal Parks, BBA 2004<br />

Sylvia Parks, MBA 2003<br />

Joanna Parks, MBA 2017<br />

Twanda Parks, MBA 2015<br />

Vernon Parks Jr., MBA 2000<br />

Latasha Parnell, BS 2009<br />

Lazaro Parrado, BBA 2019<br />

Catherine Parrott, BBA 2004<br />

Jhenine Parry Mayers, MS 2017<br />

Ophelia Parsons, BBA 2005<br />

Philip Parsons, MBA 1998<br />

Mollie Parsons, MBA 2009<br />

Phillip Partin, BBA 2008<br />

Phillip Partin, MBA 2010<br />

Carol Pascarella, MBA 2002<br />

Shirley Paschal, BBA 2001<br />

Lucinda Paschal, BBA 2010<br />

Rebecca Pate, BBA 2014<br />

Anthony Pate, MBA 2001<br />

Nitaben Patel, BBA 1997<br />

Ekta Patel, BBA 2014<br />

Janki Patel, BBA 2015<br />

Janki Patel, MBA 2017<br />

Jesmin Patel, MBA 2016<br />

Lindsey Patino, BBA 2015<br />

Margaret Patten, BS 2004<br />

Reginald Patterson, BA 2022<br />

Pheleisha Patterson, BS 2001<br />

Essie Patterson, BS 2000<br />

Garcia Patterson, BS 2005<br />

Lisa Patterson, BS 2023<br />

Shawn Patterson, BBA 1998<br />

Nathaniel Patterson, BBA 2011<br />

Myra Patterson, BBA+ 2022<br />

Myra Patterson, MACC 2023<br />

Jeffrey Patterson, MBA 1997<br />

Shawn Patterson, MBA 2007<br />

Shameka Patterson, MBA 2006<br />

Sarah Patterson, MBA 2014<br />

Tracie Patterson, MBA 2020<br />

Barbara Pattillo, MS 2022

Gail Patton, BBA 1998<br />

Tabatha Patton, BBA 2006<br />

Judy Patton, MBA 2001<br />

Gail Patton, MBA 2000<br />

Tabatha Patton, MBA 2015<br />

Luis Paucar, MBA 2015<br />

Brian Paul, MBA 1998<br />

Tony Paulk, BBA 1997<br />

Ashley Paulk, MBA 2010<br />

Helen Pawlowicz, MBA 2008<br />

Barbara Paxton, BA 2021<br />

Kelsey Payne, BA 2018<br />

Diana Payne, BBA 2000<br />

Amy Payne, MBA 1997<br />

Lacey Payne, MBA 2016<br />

Benjamin Paz, MBA 2014<br />

Katherine Peacocke, MBA 2013<br />

Pamela Peak, BS 2006<br />

Tyrossale Peak, BS 2014<br />

Austin Peal, MBA 2016<br />

Evelyn Pearce, BBA 2007<br />

Evelyn Pearce, MBA 2011<br />

Michael Pearey, BBA 2008<br />

Alma Pearl, MBA 2013<br />

JoAnne Peatross, MBA 2000<br />

Madilynn Peck, BBA* 2018<br />

Madilynn Peck, MBA 2020<br />

William Peeler, MBA* 2015<br />

Kyndle Peeples, BBA 2016<br />

Christopher Peete, BS 1999<br />

Roberto Pefianco, MBA 1999<br />

David Pegram, MBA 2007<br />

Sabine Peltro, BS 2022<br />

Walford Pemberton, BBA 2002<br />

Justine Pemberton, BBA 2014<br />

Paloma Pena, MBA 2015<br />

Linda Pender, BBA 2005<br />

Stacie Pendley, BS 2002<br />

Ao Peng, MBA 2012<br />

Cornel Penland, MBA 2017<br />

Jarred Pennington, BBA 2016<br />

Mikiya Peoples, BA 2004<br />

Sarah Percival, BS 2012<br />

Frederick Perdue, BS<br />

1997<br />

Chris Perdue, BBA<br />

1999<br />

John Perez, BS 1997<br />

Sarah Perez, BBA<br />

2010<br />

Mayra Perez, MBA<br />

2016<br />

Marlon Perez, MBA<br />

2019<br />

Kelly Perez, MBA<br />

2019<br />

Jamilla Perez-Robinson, BBA<br />

2012<br />

Samantha Perkins, BBA<br />

2004<br />

Valerie Perkins, BBA 2020<br />

Keianna Perkins, BBA 2022<br />

Samantha Perkins, MBA 2005<br />

Delesia Perkins, MBA 2020<br />

Rita Pernell, BBA 1998<br />

Leonard Perrier Jr., MBA 1999<br />

Laura Perrine, MBA 2007<br />

Barbara Perry, BS 1997<br />

Katherine Perry, BBA 2000<br />

Rolanda Perry, BBA 2014<br />

Barbara Perry, MBA 1999<br />

Katherine Perry, MBA 2005<br />

Joseph Perry, MBA 2016<br />

Brea Perry, MBA 2016<br />

Adam Perry, MBA 2020<br />

Michael Petee, MBA 1997<br />

Melissa Peters, BBA 2000<br />

Fancy Peterson, BBA 2013<br />

Kenkero Peterson, MS 2020<br />

Kenneth Peterson, MBA 1998<br />

Lisa Peterson, MBA 2013<br />

Jacob Peterson, MBA 2019<br />

Halee Pethel, MS 2022<br />

Melissa Pethel, MBA 2013<br />

Dennis Pettit, BA 2016<br />

Camille Pettway, BBA 2020<br />

Henry Petty, Jr., BS 2007<br />

Karen Pfirrman, MBA 2002<br />

Hien Pham, MBA* 2016<br />

Christine Phan, MBA 2014<br />

Emmanuela Phanor, MBA 2019<br />

Tracy Phelps, MBA 1999<br />

Tara Phelps, MBA 2000<br />

Latoya Phidd, BS 2008<br />

Debra Phifer, MBA 2000<br />

Vanessa Phillip, MBA 2021<br />

Stacie Phillippi, BBA 2013<br />

Rhonda Phillips, BBA 1997<br />

Clinton Phillips, BBA 1998<br />

Pamela Phillips, BBA 1999<br />

Eulonda Phillips, BBA 2009<br />

Tammie Phillips, BBA 2009<br />

Allen Phillips, MS 2017<br />

Madison Phillips, MS 2021<br />

Sidney Phillips, MACC 2021<br />

Eulonda Phillips, MBA 2012<br />

Tammie Phillips, MBA 2012<br />

Brandi Phillips, MBA 2014<br />

Robert Piccarreto, BA 1997<br />

Andrew Pickens, BBA 2002<br />

Olympia Piedra, BBA 2008<br />

Uran Piedra, BBA 2009<br />

Vicki Pierce, BS 2002<br />

Carol Pierce, BBA 1997<br />

Julie Pierce, BBA 1997<br />

Kathryn Pierce, MBA 2002<br />

Amber Pierce, MBA 2017<br />

Jeremy Pierce, MBA 2020<br />

Tonya Pierre, MBA 2017<br />

Sophya Pierre, MBA 2016<br />

James Pietraszewski, MBA 1998<br />

Mark Pimpo, MBA 2003<br />

Lafawn Pinkney, BS 2010<br />

Shakeya Pinkney, BBA 2009<br />

Derrick Pinkney, BBA 2013<br />

Shakeya Pinkney, MBA 2019<br />

Lafawn Pinkney, MBA 2015<br />

Akila Piper, BBA 2021<br />

James Pirkle, MBA 1998<br />

Candice Pitman, MS 2012<br />

Michael Pittman, BS 2005<br />

Wanda Pittman, BS 2011

Kelly Pittman, BBA 2000<br />

Wilson Pittman, BBA 2005<br />

Gabriela Pittman, BBA 2009<br />

Kiera Pittman, BBA 2012<br />

Wilson Pittman, MBA 2006<br />

Gabriela Pittman, MBA 2012<br />

Deborah Pitts, BS 2008<br />

Hollie Pitts, MBA 2005<br />

Maira Pleitez, BBA 2023<br />

Yolanda Pless, MBA 2005<br />

Larisa Plodovsky, MBA 2012<br />

Daren Pocernik, BS 2013<br />

Vicki Poitinger, MBA 2003<br />

Kerri Polk, BBA 2009<br />

Kelly Pollard, MS 2015<br />

Mark Pombo, MBA 2009<br />

Haley Ponder, BBA 2019<br />

James Pool, MBA 2003<br />

Redenna Poole, BBA 2006<br />

Scotty Poole, BBA 2007<br />

Redenna Poole, MS 2009<br />

Tammy Poole, MBA 2005<br />

Stephen Poole, MBA 2014<br />

James Poole Jr., BBA 2016<br />

Kami Poole-Warder, MBA 1997<br />

Lori Pope, BBA 2008<br />

Robyn Pope, MBA 2000<br />

Jeffrey Pope, MBA 2007<br />

Lori Pope, MBA 2009<br />

Cheyenne Pope, MBA 2020<br />

Kelsey Populorum, BBA 2020<br />

Stacey Porch, MBA 2004<br />

Kari Porter, BBA 2004<br />

George Porter, BBA 2012<br />

Devon Porter, BBA 2019<br />

Chloe Porter, BBA 2021<br />

Adrian Porter, MBA 1997<br />

Natalie Porter, MBA 2002<br />

Kari Porter, MBA 2014<br />

Christopher Porter, MBA 2013<br />

Kristen Porter, MBA 2016<br />

Abel Portillo, MBA 1998<br />

Nicole Portwood, BBA 2009<br />

Kailey Posea, BBA 2020<br />

Kari Poss, BS 2001<br />

Thomas Post, MBA 2011<br />

Harold Poston II, MBA 2001<br />

Charles Potchen, BBA 2004<br />

Charles Potchen, MBA 2009<br />

Dana Potter, BBA 2007<br />

Molly Potts, BBA 1999<br />

Molly Potts, MBA 2002<br />

Tara Pounds, BBA 2003<br />

Kimberly Poust, MBA 2014<br />

Carlton Powell, BA 2015<br />

Donna Powell, BS 2011<br />

Joyce Powell, BBA 1999<br />

Heather Powell, BBA 2014<br />

Cyntease Powell, MS 2019<br />

Diane Powell, MBA 1997<br />

Lee Powell, MBA 2003<br />

Kim Powell, MBA 2007<br />

Angella Powell, MBA 2008<br />

Tara Powell, MBA 2009<br />

Kelly Powell, MBA 2009<br />

Carla Pratcher, MBA 1998<br />

McNeal Prater, BBA 2019<br />

McNeal Prater, MBA 2021<br />

Michael Prayon, MBA 2003<br />

Paulette Premo, BBA 2003<br />

Abraham Prescher, MBA 2014<br />

Tracie Prescod, MBA 2013<br />

John Prescott, BBA 2002<br />

Karen Prescott, MBA 1999<br />

Sidney Prescott, MBA 2021<br />

Tammy Presgraves, BBA 2004<br />

Ashley Presley, BBA 2011<br />

Lauren Press, MBA 1999<br />

Erica Preston Colbert, MBA 2018<br />

Dona Price, BBA 1999<br />

April Price, BBA 2008<br />

Michael Price, MS 2004<br />

Maia Price, MS 2018<br />

Dona Price, MBA 2001<br />

April Price, MBA 2011<br />

Elizabeth Price, MBA 2006<br />

Arnesha Price, MBA 2015<br />

Raymond Prichard, BS 2017<br />

Leigh Priest, MBA 2000<br />

Marinela Prifti, MBA 2016<br />

Sophia Primer, BBA 2004<br />

Sophia Primer, MBA 2018<br />

Audrey Prince, MBA 2001<br />

Michelle Prince, MBA 2015<br />

Belinda Prindilus, MBA 2015<br />

Lisa Prioleau, BBA 1998<br />

Nancee Pritchett, MBA 1999<br />

Olivia Probert, BBA 2021<br />

Kalisa Proctor, MS 2016<br />

Debra Proulx, MBA 2009<br />

Anna Provost, BBA 2010<br />

Matthew Pruitt, BBA 1998<br />

Baya Pruitt, MBA 1998<br />

Deena Pruitt, MBA 2015<br />

Taylor Pruitt, MBA 2020<br />

Freda Pryor, MBA 2017<br />

Claudia Pugh, MBA 2001<br />

Heather Pugh, MBA 2011<br />

Angela Pulliam, BBA 2015<br />

Kimberly Pulliam, MBA 1998<br />

Angela Pulliam, MBA 2022<br />

Jennifer Purcell, MBA* 2017<br />

Danielle Purdy, MBA 2018<br />

Shawn Pursley, MBA 1999<br />

Emily Pursley, MBA 2012<br />

Michelle Purvis, BS 2006<br />

Kathyrn Puskarz, BBA 1997<br />

Kathyrn Puskarz, MBA 2001<br />

Sarah Pyatt, BBA 2008<br />

James Pyron, BS 1997<br />

Yi Qian, BBA 2017<br />

Kim Qualls, BBA 1999<br />

Michael Quarterman, BBA 2003<br />

Akilah Quarterman, MBA 2014<br />

Justin Queen, MBA 2012<br />

Joseph Quick, BBA 2012<br />

Classie Quiller, BS 1997<br />

Katherine Quillian, BBA 2014<br />

Mallory Quillian, MBA 2015

Norma Quinonez, MBA 2011<br />

Kami Rabil, BBA 2013<br />

Brita Rabin, BBA 2008<br />

Bogie Rabino, MBA 2019<br />

Lewis Raborn, BBA 2009<br />

Jasmine Raburnel, MBA 2019<br />

Dominic Rackley, BBA 2007<br />

Jacqueline Radford, BBA 2003<br />

Sydni Radle-Craft, MBA 2021<br />

Michelle Raether, BS 2013<br />

Jessica Ragsdale, BS 2022<br />

Saanyaan Rahman, MBA 2014<br />

Kristi Rail, MBA 2015<br />

Simba Raines, BS 2001<br />

Tiquila Rainey, BS 2007<br />

Timothy Rainwater, BBA 2013<br />

Kaitlyn Rainwater, MBA 2016<br />

Kathy Rakestraw, BBA 2001<br />

Rachael Raley, BBA 2007<br />

Courtney Ralls, MBA 2016<br />

Kevin Ramage, MBA 2013<br />

James Ramer Jr., MBA 2017<br />

Esha Ramey, BA 2015<br />

Candice Ramey, MS 2015<br />

Paula Ramirez, BBA* 2015<br />

Marisol Ramos, MBA 2020<br />

Liliam Ramos-Herrera, MBA 2019<br />

Crystal Ramsey, BS 2001<br />

SanGae Ramsey, BS 2007<br />

Karlessia Ramsey, BBA 2001<br />

Renee Ramsey, MBA 2010<br />

Tara Rana Chhantyal, MBA 2014<br />

Shelley Randolph, MS 2013<br />

Charles Rankin, MBA 1998<br />

Charmaine Rankine, MBA 2018<br />

Beneen'ah Ransom, MBA 2007<br />

Glenn Rasco, MBA 2001<br />

Tiffani Rassel, MBA 2015<br />

Melinda Ratcliff, BBA 2007<br />

Kimberly Ratliff, BBA 1997<br />

Stacy Rawl, BBA 2008<br />

William Rawlings III, MBA 1997<br />

Jennifer Ray, BS 2009<br />

Marilyn Ray, BBA 2007<br />

Christopher Ray, BBA 2017<br />

Terri Ray, MBA 2002<br />

Gerald Raymond, BS 1997<br />

Gerald Raymond, BBA 2003<br />

Jill Rayner, MBA 2002<br />

Julius Raynor, BS 2000<br />

Marcia Rayson, MBA 2016<br />

Alison Read, BBA 2009<br />

Juliana Reagan, BBA 2008<br />

Evelyn Reano-Schweitzer, BBA 2009<br />

Anne Reardon, MBA 1997<br />

Sarah Reardon, MBA 2016<br />

Jazmine Reaves, MBA 2016<br />

Nichole Rectenwald, BBA 2010<br />

Stacia Redd, BS 2003<br />

Jeremiah Redding, MBA 2010<br />

Annie Reece, BBA 2004<br />

Annie Reece, MBA 2008<br />

Victoria Reed, BBA* 2016<br />

Kristen Reed, MBA 2021<br />

Alison Reeger Cook, MS 2019<br />

Kimberly Reese, BBA 2013<br />

Brittany Reese, BBA* 2018<br />

Megan Reese, MS 2018<br />

Eric Reese, MBA 2007<br />

Betty Reeves, BS 2017<br />

Amber Reeves, BS 2008<br />

Kylee Reeves, MBA 2016<br />

Angela Reeves, MBA 2020<br />

Adam Register, MBA 2012<br />

Amy Rehn, MS 2014<br />

Carlos Reid, MACC 2022<br />

Miranda Reid, MBA 2015<br />

John Reid, MBA 2020<br />

Sandra Reid-Abrams, MBA 2021<br />

Kwanda Reid-Palmer, BS 2009<br />

David Reilly, MBA 1998<br />

Jamie Reimers, BBA 1999<br />

Michael Remington, BS 2010<br />

Lori Renew, BBA 2008<br />

Lori Renew, MBA 2011<br />

Lawrence Rennell, MBA 2002<br />

Reuben Rentas Jr, MBA 2002<br />

Maria Retana, BBA 2000<br />

Anne Rexroat, MBA 2015<br />

Kathleen Reyes, MBA 2007<br />

Hilka Reyes, MBA 2013<br />

Maria Reyes Torres, MBA 2012<br />

Elizabeth Reynolds, BA 2011<br />

Alicia Reynolds, BS 2003<br />

Shannon Reynolds, BBA 1999<br />

Holly Reynolds, BBA 2004<br />

Bernard Reynolds, MBA 1997<br />

Nadolyn Reynolds, MBA 2002<br />

Holly Reynolds, MBA 2013<br />

Steven Reynolds, MBA 2005<br />

Shamara Reynolds, MBA 2016<br />

Dana Reynolds, MBA 2012<br />

Christopher Reynolds, MBA 2019<br />

Andrew Reynolds, MBA 2020<br />

Chris Reynolds, MBA 2019<br />

Kristina Rhoades, MS 2010<br />

Nathan Rhoads, MBA* 2019<br />

Anthony Rhoden, BBA 1998<br />

Shannon Rhodes, BBA 2002<br />

Jennifer Rhodes, BBA 2023<br />

Elisha Rhodes, MBA 2001<br />

Shirrelle Rhodes, MBA 2002<br />

Bryan Rhodes, MBA 2002<br />

Bretoya Rhodes, MBA* 2017<br />

Connie Rice, BS 1998<br />

Hilde Rice, MBA 1999<br />

Dawn Rice, MBA 2006<br />

Jennifer Rice, MBA 2017<br />

Kathryn Rice, MBA* 2016<br />

Allan Rice, MBA 2017<br />

Katharine Rich, BS 2015<br />

Hannah Rich, BBA 2016<br />

Alexandria Rich, MS 2021<br />

Daniel Rich Sr., MBA 2000<br />

Heather Richard, MBA 2013<br />

Aliette Richard, MBA 2017<br />

Delvalyn Richards, BS 2013<br />

Catherine Richards, BBA 1999<br />

Heather Richards, MBA 2002

Mary Richardson, BS 2006<br />

Donald Richardson, BBA 1998<br />

Jeffrey Richardson, BBA 2001<br />

Diona Richardson, BBA 2012<br />

Paul Richardson, BBA 2019<br />

Marleta Richardson, MS 2022<br />

Sheriah Richardson, MBA* 2016<br />

Jeffrey Richardson, MBA 2007<br />

Yolanda Richardson, MBA 2012<br />

Raheem Richardson, MBA 2013<br />

Aquaria Richardson-Smith, MBA 2022<br />

Seleena Richison, MBA 2021<br />

Shayla Ricks, MBA 2011<br />

Dewanda Riddick, BS 2010<br />

Lucille Riddle, BBA 2006<br />

James Riddle, MBA 2017<br />

Amy Riddling, BBA 2016<br />

Harry Riddling, MBA 2016<br />

Amy Riddling, MBA 2020<br />

Kimberly Ridenour, BBA 2000<br />

Andrea Ridgely, MBA 2007<br />

Crystal Ridling, MBA 2013<br />

Joseph Ridling, MBA 2013<br />

Tara Riffe, BS 1999<br />

Terry Riggins, BS 2002<br />

Shantriss Riggins, MBA 2014<br />

Brandon Riggins, MBA 2014<br />

William Righter, MBA 1997<br />

Joyce Rigsby, BS 1997<br />

Alia Riles, MBA 2008<br />

Charquasia Riley, MS 2021<br />

Carlos Riley, MBA 2020<br />

Edward Rime, BBA 1997<br />

Edward Rime, MBA 1999<br />

Terrence Riney, BBA* 2017<br />

Terrence Riney, MBA 2018<br />

Kathryn Ringel, BA 2018<br />

Eric Rion, MBA 2014<br />

Roy Ritch, MBA 2017<br />

LaTonia Ritchie, MBA 2021<br />

James Ritland, BBA 2001<br />

Dagmar Ritter, BBA 2003<br />

Alex Rivera, MBA 2004<br />

Jennifer Rivers, BBA<br />

1998<br />

Toni Rivers, BBA2006<br />

Jessica Rivers, BBA<br />

2008<br />

Toni Rivers, MBA<br />

2010<br />

Paula Rives, BA*<br />

2018<br />

Paula Rives, BBA<br />

2018<br />

Melody Roach, BBA<br />

2005<br />

Kelly Roach, MBA<br />

2015<br />

Lisa Roachford-Wallace, MBA<br />

2021<br />

Camille Roberge-Myers, BS<br />

2005<br />

Camille Roberge-Myers, MBA<br />

2008<br />

Deirdre Roberson, BS<br />

2006<br />

Sandra Roberson, BBA<br />

1998<br />

Kimberly Roberson, BBA<br />

2007<br />

James Roberson, BBA 2006<br />

Deirdre Roberson, MBA 2007<br />

James Roberson, MBA 2008<br />

Rasheida Roberson, MBA 2012<br />

Kendra Roberson, MBA 2015<br />

Benjamin Robert, MBA 2014<br />

Valorie Roberts, BS 2002<br />

Pamela Roberts, BS 2007<br />

Tellis Roberts, BBA 2003<br />

Alicson Roberts, BBA 2005<br />

Anthony Roberts, BBA 2004<br />

Josephine Roberts, BBA 2010<br />

Barry Roberts, MBA 2001<br />

Gary Roberts, MBA 2001<br />

Pamela Roberts, MBA 2008<br />

Billy Roberts, MBA 2015<br />

Kimberly Roberts, MBA 2015<br />

Kelli Robertson, BS 2002<br />

Erica Robertson, BBA 2007<br />

Reco Robertson, MBA 2020<br />

Kylee Robinette, BBA 2022<br />

Daphne Robins, BS 2013<br />

Dianesha Robinson, BBA 2009<br />

Tiffany Robinson, BBA 2007<br />

Iko Robinson, BBA 2012<br />

Terranza Robinson, BBA 2014<br />

Heather Robinson, BBA 2023<br />

Lori Robinson, MS 2011<br />

Janet Robinson, MBA 1999<br />

Ronald Robinson, MBA 2010<br />

Erica Robinson, MBA 2010<br />

Calvin Robinson, MBA 2014<br />

Shelly Robinson, MBA 2015<br />

Lashelle Robinson, MBA 2015<br />

Deidre Robinson, MBA 2017<br />

Jemia Robinson, MBA 2017<br />

Cicely Robinson-Jones, BBA 2003<br />

Mia Robinson-Oliver, MBA 2016<br />

Irene Robledo, BS 2012<br />

Adriana Roca, BA 2015<br />

Bobby Rocha, MBA 2000<br />

Charlton Rochester, MBA 1998<br />

Catherine Rockhold, MBA 2007<br />

Tiffany Roddy, MBA 2019<br />

Kayla Rodrigues, MBA 2011<br />

Carla Rodriguez, BS 1999<br />

Alex Rodriguez, BBA 1999<br />

Jason Rodriguez, BBA 2010<br />

Angela Rodriguez, BBA* 2020<br />

Carrie Rodriguez, MS 2022<br />

Jesus Rodriguez, MBA 1999<br />

Alex Rodriguez, MBA 2000<br />

Gilberto Rodriguez, MBA* 2022<br />

Angel Rodriquez, BBA 2003<br />

Franklin Roebuck, BBA 2011<br />

Kristian Roebuck, BBA 2015<br />

Franklin Roebuck, MS 2014<br />

Karen Rogers, BS 1997<br />

Jessica Rogers, BS 2010<br />

Judith Rogers, BBA 2000<br />

Aron Rogers, BBA 2003<br />

Aron Rogers, BBA 2006<br />

Lenicia Rogers, MS 2016

Aron Rogers, MBA 2010<br />

Zenzi Rogers, MBA 2003<br />

Elizabeth Rogers, MBA 2014<br />

Jean Rogerson, MBA 1997<br />

John Rohrs, BS 2004<br />

Tatiana Rojas, BBA 2020<br />

Cara Rolen, BS 2016<br />

Karen Rolle, BBA 2004<br />

Angie Rollins, BBA 2006<br />

Tanovia Rollins, BBA 2021<br />

Angie Rollins, MBA 2008<br />

Norma Rollor, MBA 2023<br />

Nazarie Romain, MBA 2002<br />

Gail Romain, MBA* 2021<br />

Savannah Romans, BBA* 2018<br />

Alexander Romero, BS 1997<br />

Emily Romine, BBA 2008<br />

Linda Roof, BBA 2008<br />

Caroline Rooke, MS 2020<br />

Telia Rooks, BBA 2004<br />

Stephanie Rooks, MS 2008<br />

Joel Roos, MBA 2009<br />

Christopher Roper, BS 1997<br />

Jennifer Roper, BBA 2009<br />

Bruna Rosa, MBA 2016<br />

Juan Rosado, MBA 2018<br />

Minina Rose, BBA 2007<br />

Candice Rose, BBA 2014<br />

Katie Rose, BBA 2019<br />

Katie Rose, MBA 2021<br />

LaShonda Rosier, MBA 2017<br />

Joseph Ross, BS 1997<br />

Donald Ross, BS 2003<br />

John Ross, BBA 2008<br />

James Ross, BBA 2012<br />

Whitney Ross, BBA 2023<br />

Douglas Ross, MBA 2002<br />

James Ross, MBA 2020<br />

Damion Ross, MBA 2016<br />

Chantel Ross, MBA 2016<br />

Lindsay Roth, BA 2012<br />

Jan Roulain, BBA 2010<br />

Erin Rountree, BS 2009<br />

Erin Rountree, MBA 2011<br />

Shirley Rouse, BBA 2012<br />

Dana Roush, BBA 1998<br />

Aaron Rousseau, BBA 1999<br />

Rosemary Routman, MBA 1999<br />

Kimberly Rowell, BBA 2003<br />

Kimberly Rowell, MBA 2016<br />

Tiffany Rowe-Thomas, BBA 2003<br />

Leanne Rowley, BBA 2010<br />

Charmelita Royster, BBA 2005<br />

William Rozeboom, BBA 2001<br />

Michael Rozovich II, MBA 1997<br />

Elizabeth Rucker, MBA 2004<br />

James Rudd, MBA 1999<br />

Frances Rudd, MBA 2001<br />

John Rudio, BS 1998<br />

Kristen Rudolph, MBA 2016<br />

Elizabeth Rugen, MBA 1997<br />

Pamela Rugen, MBA 2015<br />

David Ruggieri, MBA 2021<br />

Xue Rui, BBA 2015<br />

Xue Rui, MBA 2016<br />

Felix Ruiz, BA 2013<br />

Lilia Ruiz, BA 2013<br />

Felix Ruiz, BBA 2013<br />

Sheina Runions, MBA 2007<br />

Stephanie Runkle, MBA* 2013<br />

Didy Rusera, BBA 2011<br />

Didy Rusera, MBA 2012<br />

Tamara Russ, BBA 2011<br />

Cheree Russell, BS 2000<br />

Teresa Russell, BS 2010<br />

Dawn Russell, BS 2013<br />

Rhonda Russell, BBA 2004<br />

Christopher Russell, BBA 1998<br />

Jennifer Russell, BBA 2000<br />

Moselle Russell, BBA 2006<br />

Alberta Russell, MBA 1997<br />

John Russell, MBA 1999<br />

Alicia Russell, MBA 2014<br />

Rachel Russell, MBA 2020<br />

James Rutherford Jr., MBA 1999<br />

Erika Ruthman, MS 2014<br />

Robin Ruthrauff, BBA 2012<br />

Ruben Rutiaga, MBA 1998<br />

Linda Ryan, BS 1997<br />

Joshua Ryan, BBA 2018<br />

Brett Ryan, MBA 2012<br />

Megan Ryan, MBA 2013<br />

Tami Ryans, BBA 2005<br />

Tonya Ryans, BBA 2009<br />

Jasmine Ryans, BBA 2017<br />

Tami Ryans, MBA 2006<br />

Tonya Ryans, MBA 2012<br />

Benita Rzad, MBA* 2016<br />

Mayar Sadiq, MBA* 2013<br />

Cassandra Saffold, MBA 1998<br />

Cynthia Safford-Hamilton, BBA 2010<br />

Cynthia Safford-Hamilton, MBA 2014<br />

Khadija Safi, BBA 2010<br />

Marjorie Saintil-Alston, MBA 2021<br />

James SaintLeger, MBA 2018<br />

Zhyan Sairany, MBA 2009<br />

Jorge Salas, MBA 2021<br />

Elsy Salazar, MS 2017<br />

Michael Sale, MBA 1999<br />

Timothy Salentino, BBA 2002<br />

Catharina Saliman, MS 2015<br />

Mark Sallette, MBA 1997<br />

LaQuisha Salley, MBA 2020<br />

Elmer Sallis, BBA 1999<br />

Ellen Salman, BS 1999<br />

David Salone, BBA 2002<br />

Julie Salter, MBA 2006<br />

Vishal Sama, MBA 2006<br />

Ruba Samara, MBA* 2013<br />

Brittany Sammons, BBA 2013<br />

Larry Samuel, BS 1999<br />

Katia Samuel, MBA 2017<br />

Sharicka Samuels, BS 2013<br />

Sharicka Samuels, MS 2021<br />

LaShanda Samuels, MBA 2000<br />

Erica Samuels, MBA 2001<br />

Stephanie Samuels, MBA 2021<br />

Michelle Sanchez, BBA 1999<br />

Eduardo Sanchez, BBA 2007

Michelle Sanchez, MBA* 2022<br />

Mark Sand, MBA 2003<br />

Michelle Sandahl, BBA 2005<br />

Michelle Sandahl, MBA 2008<br />

Shane Sandal, MBA 1999<br />

Janet Sanderlin, MBA 2016<br />

Timothy Sanders, BS 2004<br />

Rachel Sanders, BBA 1997<br />

Lisa Sanders, BBA 1999<br />

Nichelle Sanders, MBA 1998<br />

Barry Sanders, MBA 2007<br />

Regina Sanders, MBA 2009<br />

Elmer Sanders Jr., BS 2000<br />

Daneisha Sandford, MBA 2017<br />

Anna Sandhagen, BS 2000<br />

Alisa Sanford, BS 2017<br />

Raina Sanford, MBA 2009<br />

Terrence Sansbury, BBA 2009<br />

Ashley Santiago, BBA 2007<br />

Jose Santiago, BBA 2003<br />

Paul Santos, BS 1998<br />

Eryn Santos, BBA 2018<br />

Keila Santos, MBA 2013<br />

Christopher Santry, MBA* 2016<br />

Anita Sapp, BBA 2013<br />

Tammy Sapp, BBA 2022<br />

Anita Sapp, MBA 2016<br />

LeChondra Sapp, MBA 2019<br />

Margaret Sargent, BS 1997<br />

Megan Sasser, BS 2011<br />

Golam Sattar, MBA 2014<br />

Amber Satterfield, MBA 2014<br />

Tameeka Satterwhite, MBA 2014<br />

Ryan Sauers, MS 2007<br />

Stephen Sauls, BBA 2007<br />

Jill Saunders, BBA 1998<br />

Malcolm Saunders, MBA 2016<br />

Carrie Savage, BBA 2002<br />

Misty Savage, MS 2011<br />

Andi Savage, MBA 2018<br />

Lisa Savage-Leonard, MBA 2005<br />

Paul Savord, BBA 2013<br />

Paul Savord, MBA 2015<br />

Luana Savoreto, MBA* 2021<br />

Sabrina Sawyer, BS 2014<br />

Diane Sawyer, MBA 2018<br />

Austin Saxon, MS 2009<br />

Peggy Saxton, BS 2003<br />

Harry Sayles, BS 2004<br />

Roy Saylor, BS 1998<br />

Vyacheslav Sazhko, MBA 2014<br />

Mi Hui Scales, MBA 2009<br />

Kimberly Scales-Franklin, BS 2003<br />

Todd Scali, BBA 2008<br />

Amy Scamman, MBA 2006<br />

William Scandrett, MS 2020<br />

Dale Scandrick, BS 2005<br />

Samantha Scavella, MBA 2020<br />

Daniel Schaefers, BBA 2000<br />

Sharleen Schaeffer, BBA 1997<br />

Stephen Schermerhorn, MBA 2000<br />

Keith Scheuer, BBA 2000<br />

Keith Scheuer, MBA 2002<br />

Jean Schiavone, MBA 1998<br />

Christopher Schiffbauer, MBA 2008<br />

Brian Schinazi, MBA 2000<br />

Jennye Schindler, MBA 1998<br />

Emily Schlag, BBA 1998<br />

Courtney Schleifer, BBA 2018<br />

Courtney Schleifer, MS 2021<br />

Brian Schleifer, MBA* 2017<br />

Leslie Schluckebier, BS 2020<br />

Michelle Schmalheiser, MBA 2001<br />

Ramona Schmanski, BS 1998<br />

Ryan Schmidt, MBA 2010<br />

Denise Schoeffner, MBA 1998<br />

Charles Schofill, MBA 2010<br />

Lisa Schomaker, MBA 2018<br />

Arthur Schomber, MBA 1997<br />

Ashley Schreij, BBA 2015<br />

Patricia Schubert, BS 1997<br />

Christy Schuch, BS 2011<br />

Laura Schulte, BBA 2001<br />

Carla Schultz, BS 2011<br />

Timothy Schultz, BBA 2004<br />

Joel Schwickerath, BBA 2002<br />

Gaylon Scoates, BBA 1998<br />

Jerry Scogin, MBA 2001<br />

Nicholas Scorzafava, BBA 2012<br />

Nicholas Scorzafava, MBA* 2017<br />

Sharon Scott, BA 2015<br />

Rebecca Scott, BS 1997<br />

Diane Scott, BBA 2000<br />

Sonia Scott, BBA 2007<br />

Margarita Scott, BBA 2008<br />

Autiona Scott, BBA 2021<br />

Karmen Scott, BBA 2020<br />

Kimberly Scott, MS 2022<br />

Beth Scott, MBA 1997<br />

Kevin Scott, MBA 1999<br />

Sonia Scott, MBA 2009<br />

Christine Scott, MBA 2015<br />

Lateia Scott, MBA 2015<br />

Christopher Scott, MBA 2020<br />

Scylance Scott Jr, MBA 1997<br />

Christyan Screene, BS 2022<br />

John Scrivens III, MBA 1999<br />

Paulette Scurry, BBA 2004<br />

Vanesa Scurry, BBA 2011<br />

Kimberely Seabolt, BBA 2010<br />

Kimberely Seabolt, MBA 2013<br />

Joseph Seagraves, BBA 1998<br />

Kimberly Seals, BBA 2019<br />

McKay Seaton, BBA 2022<br />

Shavonne Sebhatu, BS 2013<br />

Matthew Selcke, MBA 2005<br />

Adam Self, MBA 2002<br />

Amy Seligman, MBA 1997<br />

Thomas Sell Jr., MBA 2000<br />

Ashley Sellers, BBA 2016<br />

Ashley Sellers, MACC 2018<br />

Barbara Senesac, MBA* 2016<br />

Bonah Sengbe, MBA 2010<br />

James Sennett, MBA* 2014<br />

Jack Senter, BBA 2002<br />

Victoria Sergi, BBA 2021<br />

Shanon Serigney, BS 1999<br />

Lee Sessoms, MBA 2002<br />

Donna Settles, BS 2000

Sharon Settles, BBA<br />

2005<br />

Stephanie Severson, MBA<br />

2004<br />

Felisha Seward, MBA<br />

2020<br />

Connie Shackelford, BS<br />

2006<br />

Rucha Shah, MBA<br />

2018<br />

Parvina Shamsieva-Cohen, MBA<br />

2004<br />

Melodie Shank, MBA<br />

2017<br />

Cornelius Shankle, BBA<br />

2004<br />

Philecia Shanks, BBA<br />

1998<br />

Tameka Shannon, MBA<br />

2007<br />

Conrad Shannon Jr., MBA<br />

2000<br />

Abigail Shapiro, MBA<br />

2019<br />

Preeti Sharma, MBA<br />

2004<br />

Charon Sharp, BS<br />

1997<br />

Charon Sharp, MBA<br />

2000<br />

Cecil Sharp, MBA<br />

2009<br />

Claire Sharp, MBA<br />

2009<br />

Michael Sharpe, BS<br />

2006<br />

Chiquita Shaver, BS<br />

2006<br />

Carla Shaw, BBA<br />

2002<br />

Tracy Shaw, MBA<br />

2008<br />

Kiana Shaw, MBA<br />

2015<br />

Michael Shaw, MBA<br />

2008<br />

Keith Shaw, MBA 2020<br />

Debra Shealy, BBA 2005<br />

Michael Shealy, BBA 2001<br />

Debra Shealy, MBA 2010<br />

Andrew Shedd, BS 2001<br />

Andrew Shedd, MBA 2008<br />

Kenyanna Shedrick, BBA 2008<br />

Kenyanna Shedrick, MBA 2009<br />

Michael Sheffey, BBA 1998<br />

Ibrahim Shekoni, MBA 2015<br />

LaRita Shelby, MBA 2002<br />

Bryan Shelby, MBA 2018<br />

Knowlton Shelnut, MBA 2001<br />

Amy Shelnutt, BS 2000<br />

Elizabeth Shelnutt, MS 2011<br />

Benjamin Shelton, MBA 2021<br />

Kendall Shepard, MS 2013<br />

Stephanie Shepard, MBA 2001<br />

Amanda Sheppard, BBA 2009<br />

John Sheppard, MBA 1998<br />

Amanda Sheppard, MBA 2010<br />

Tanisha Sheppard, MBA 2022<br />

Gina Sheriff, BBA 2021<br />

Shanna Sherrod, BBA 2006<br />

Natalie Sherrod, MBA 2019<br />

John Sherrod Jr., BS 2006<br />

Tiffany Sherry, MBA 2016<br />

Craig Shillinger, MBA 2006<br />

Joseph Shingleton, BA 2013<br />

Joseph Shingleton, BS 2013<br />

Joseph Shingleton, MS 2014<br />

Robert Shippey, MBA 2018<br />

Steven Shirley, BBA 2000<br />

Tabitha Shively, BS 2003<br />

Laura Shiver, MBA 1999<br />

Kristi Shivers, MBA 2015<br />

Cecilia Shoffner, BBA 2009<br />

Cecilia Shoffner, MBA 2010<br />

Rosanne Short, MS 2006<br />

Lorie Short, MS 2006<br />

Jeremy Short, MS 2008<br />

Traci Shortt, MBA 2007<br />

Andrew Shotwell, MBA 2011<br />

Kristen Shrader, BBA 2004<br />

John Shrader, MBA 1999<br />

Purvi Shroff, MBA 2002<br />

Courtney Shropshire, BBA 2013<br />

Joshua Shubert, MBA* 2018<br />

Julie Shubert, MBA 2018<br />

Megan Shuler, BBA 2008<br />

Michael Shumake, BBA 2010<br />

Kathryn Shumake, BBA 2012<br />

Marsha Shumate, MBA 2004<br />

Funta Shumpert, BS 2011<br />

Christopher Shumway, MBA 2005<br />

Filippos Siakavaras, MBA 2000<br />

Amber Sibert, BBA 2019<br />

Shamim Siddiqi, BBA 2010<br />

Shamim Siddiqi, MBA 2011<br />

Larry Sides, MBA 1997<br />

Jerry Sightler, BBA 2017<br />

Morgan Sigman, MBA 2011<br />

David Silva, MBA 2013<br />

Joshua Silveous, BBA 2001<br />

Joshua Silveous, MBA 2002<br />

Martha Silverman, BBA 2015<br />

Martha Silverman, MBA 2022<br />

Jason Simick, MBA 2007<br />

Kimberly Simmons, BS 1999<br />

Arthur Simmons, BS 2012<br />

Clessie Simmons, BS 2008<br />

Althea Simmons, BS 2020<br />

Brenda Simmons, BS 2020<br />

Annette Simmons, BS 2013<br />

Hanna Simmons, BS 2022<br />

Frankie Simmons, BBA 2006<br />

Nelson Simmons, MBA 1997<br />

Kristie Simmons, MBA 2002<br />

Steven Simmons, MBA 2002<br />

Lyn Simmons, MBA 2011<br />

Rochelle Simmons, MBA 2017<br />

Lasheena Simmons-Ducat, MS 2017<br />

SanChetta Simmons-Harris, BS 2019<br />

George Simon, BS 2001<br />

Dennis Simon, MBA 1997<br />

Monique Simon, MBA 2016<br />

Kimberly Simons, BS 2000<br />

Larkyn Simony, MBA 2013<br />

Valerie Simpkins-Scruggs, BS2010<br />

Loren Simpson, BBA 2001<br />

Jacklyn Simpson, BBA 2013

Lindsey Simpson, MS 2014<br />

Morry Simpson, MBA 1997<br />

Deanna Simpson, MBA 2011<br />

Jessica Simpson, MBA 2017<br />

Grant Sims, BS 2005<br />

Catherine Sims, BS 2007<br />

Jennifer Sims, BBA 2003<br />

Sabrina Sims, BBA 2005<br />

Julmacia Sims, BBA 2012<br />

Katie Sims, BBA 2010<br />

Sabrina Sims, MBA 2006<br />

Shalini Singh, MBA 2015<br />

Walter Singleton, BS 2000<br />

Brenda Singleton, BBA 1999<br />

Daytonia Singleton, MBA 2001<br />

Donnie Singleton, MBA 2002<br />

Johnathan Sinkler, BBA 2013<br />

Stephanie Sinopoli, MBA 2009<br />

Hope Sinue, MBA 2017<br />

Jacqueline Sipe, BBA 2007<br />

James Sirman, MBA 2006<br />

Jessica Siskey, BBA 2012<br />

Mary Sisson, BS 2002<br />

Suzanne Sitherwood, MBA 1997<br />

Kari Six, BA 2018<br />

Michael Skaggs, BBA 2015<br />

Michael Skaggs, MBA 2017<br />

Jonathan Skelton, MBA 2013<br />

Angela Skinner, MBA 2001<br />

Kateryna Skutar, MBA 2013<br />

Jason Skyles, BBA 1997<br />

Mary Slack, MBA 2014<br />

Jalal Slade, MBA 2001<br />

Ginger Slaick, BBA 2003<br />

Julie Slater, MBA 2012<br />

Anna Michelle Slater, MBA 2019<br />

Charity Slaton, BBA 2012<br />

Jeffrey Slavkovsky, MBA 1998<br />

Bridget Slaybaugh, BBA 1997<br />

Billie Slinde, MBA 2012<br />

Tykeisha Sloan, MS 2021<br />

Brandi Slocumb, MBA 2020<br />

Lisa Slysz, BS 2018<br />

Maida Smajic, BBA 2010<br />

Brigette Small, BBA 2019<br />

Carol Small, MBA 2000<br />

Kirk Small, MBA 2003<br />

Cayambritt Small, MBA 2017<br />

Tiffany Smallwood, BBA 2008<br />

Tiffany Smallwood, MBA 2012<br />

Shawanta Smart, MBA 2004<br />

Terria Smith, BA 2021<br />

Donald Smith, BS 1998<br />

Norman Smith, BS 2000<br />

Javonna Smith, BS 2004<br />

Michael Smith, BS 2005<br />

Kerry-Ann Smith, BS 2008<br />

Kimberly Smith, BS 2015<br />

Jenna Smith, BS 2022<br />

Ronnie Smith, BBA 2004<br />

Rhonda Smith, BBA 1998<br />

Daphne Smith, BBA 2001<br />

Christy Smith, BBA 2000<br />

Deborah Smith, BBA 1997<br />

Elizabeth Smith, BBA 1997<br />

Dorothy Smith, BBA 1999<br />

Alison Smith, BBA 2002<br />

Maxine Smith, BBA 2001<br />

Kristi Smith, BBA 2001<br />

Mitchell Smith, BBA 2003<br />

Karen Smith, BBA 2003<br />

Cathy Smith, BBA 2012<br />

Carlette Smith, BBA 2005<br />

Samantha Smith, BBA 2007<br />

Linda Smith, BBA 2005<br />

Jessica Smith, BBA 2011<br />

Aspen Smith, BBA 2007<br />

Pamela Smith, BBA 2006<br />

Blitzene Smith, BBA 2010<br />

Wendy Smith, BBA* 2007<br />

Gerianne Smith, BBA 2010<br />

Samantha Smith, BBA 2011<br />

Dana Smith, BBA 2012<br />

Chantel Smith, BBA 2012<br />

Heather Smith, BBA 2019<br />

Elvis Smith, BBA 2015<br />

Shannon Smith, BBA 2016<br />

Monica Smith, BBA 2018<br />

James Smith, BBA 2022<br />

Morgan Smith, BBA* 2020<br />

Randall Smith, BBA 2019<br />

Joy Smith, BBA 2020<br />

Haley Smith, BBA 2017<br />

Cassandra Smith, MS 2010<br />

Jarita Smith, MS 2012<br />

Evita Smith, MS 2013<br />

Tytiana Smith, MS 2021<br />

Melissa Smith, MS 2016<br />

Joy Smith, MACC 2022<br />

Frank Smith, MACC 2022<br />

Karen Smith, MBA 2012<br />

Linda Smith, MBA 2009<br />

Derrick Smith, MBA 2002<br />

Rebecca Smith, MBA 2001<br />

Toussaint Smith, MBA 1997<br />

Elizabeth Smith, MBA 2001<br />

Diane Smith, MBA 2002<br />

Daryl Smith, MBA 1998<br />

James Smith, MBA 1999<br />

Steven Smith, MBA 1999<br />

Sonja Smith, MBA 2002<br />

Angela Smith, MBA 2008<br />

Mitchell Smith, MBA 2005<br />

Robert Smith, MBA 2003<br />

Karyn Smith, MBA 2003<br />

Samantha Smith, MBA 2014<br />

Elveta Smith, MBA 2005<br />

Latasha Smith, MBA 2016<br />

Pamela Smith, MBA 2007<br />

Wendy Smith, MBA 2014<br />

Richard Smith, MBA 2010<br />

Kirsty Smith, MBA 2016<br />

Chantel Smith, MBA 2016<br />

Robyn Smith, MBA 2013<br />

Jennifer Smith, MBA 2014<br />

Ricardo Smith, MBA 2014<br />

Bradford Smith, MBA 2015<br />

Monica Smith, MBA 2021<br />

Brian Smith, MBA 2017

Tamara Smith, MBA 2016<br />

Renata Smith, MBA 2017<br />

Mia Smith, MBA 2016<br />

Broderick Smith, MBA* 2018<br />

Samone Smith, MBA 2018<br />

James Smith, MBA 2017<br />

Tascia Smith, MBA* 2018<br />

Tonya Smith, MBA 2019<br />

Demetrice Smith, MBA 2019<br />

Stephanie Smith, MBA 2018<br />

Kay Smith, MBA 2019<br />

Raven Smith, MBA 2019<br />

Brittany Smith, MBA 2021<br />

ReBecka Smith, MBA 2022<br />

DeSaussure Smith III, BBA 1999<br />

Hulet Smith Jr, MBA 2003<br />

Walter Smith Jr, MBA 2003<br />

Emmitt Smith Jr., MBA 1998<br />

Douglas Smith Jr., MBA 2002<br />

Terry Smith Jr., MBA 2001<br />

LaKeisha Smitherman, BS 2013<br />

Bianca Snead, MBA 2017<br />

Danielle Snead, MBA 2017<br />

Thomas Sneddon, BA 2014<br />

Kristi Sneddon, BBA 2014<br />

Carol Snelling, BS 1997<br />

Kaela Snelson, BBA 2003<br />

Daniel Sniff, MBA 1997<br />

Kelly Snow, MBA 2013<br />

Elizabeth Snyder, MBA 1998<br />

Natalie Snyder, MBA 1999<br />

Gary Solesbee, MBA 2012<br />

Tomoyo Someya, MBA 2014<br />

Birju Soni, MBA 2003<br />

Jorge Soronellas, MBA 1997<br />

Theodore Sosebee, MBA 2010<br />

Dolla Sounantharak, MBA 2018<br />

Lesley Sovago-Royal, MBA 2008<br />

Ebony Sowell-Franklin, MS 2020<br />

Samuel Sowunmi, MBA 2017<br />

Emery Spaar, MBA 1998<br />

David Spangler, BBA 2001<br />

Christy Sparks, BA 2013<br />

Sherri Sparks, BBA 2007<br />

Anita Sparks, BBA 2007<br />

Jeffrey Sparks, BBA 2013<br />

Valeisha Sparks, MBA 2016<br />

Emily Spear, BBA 1999<br />

Sandra Spears, BBA 2003<br />

Roy Spears, BBA 2004<br />

Kewendi Spencer, BS 2007<br />

Caroline Spencer, BBA 2006<br />

Kewendi Spencer, MBA 2010<br />

Alisha Spencer, MBA 2010<br />

Tyler Spinnenweber, MS 2016<br />

Frank Spinney, MBA 1997<br />

Leigh Spooner, MBA 2000<br />

Kevin Springer, MBA 1999<br />

Zeliah Spruill, BBA 2020<br />

Steven Spry, MBA 2015<br />

Carey Spurgeon, BA* 2015<br />

Marianne St. Claire, BBA 2005<br />

Brenda St. Denis, MBA 1997<br />

Rebecca Stacy, MBA* 2014<br />

Mary Stagl, MBA 2011<br />

Phillip Stagner, MBA 1999<br />

Stephanie Stahl, MBA 2011<br />

Melanie Stallings, MBA 2006<br />

Christopher Stallings, MBA 2020<br />

Tayari Stanard, MBA 2001<br />

Merri Standard, MBA 2012<br />

Michael Standiford, BS 2005<br />

Jay Stanford, BBA 2011<br />

Todd Stanford, MBA 2002<br />

Aaron Stanley, MBA 1999<br />

Ethel Stanley, MBA 2002<br />

Mark Starcher, BBA 2003<br />

Mark Starcher, MBA 2004<br />

Andrew Starcher, MBA 2009<br />

Kathy Stargell-Clark, MBA 2020<br />

Jon Starich, BBA 2016<br />

Kristy Starke, BBA 2007<br />

Desirae Starkey, MBA 2021<br />

Stephen Starling, BBA 1998<br />

Erin Starnes, BBA 2018<br />

Patrice Staten, BBA 2012<br />

Ricquetta Steadman, BBA 2010<br />

Nanci Steadman, MBA 2002<br />

Chavonne Steed, BBA 2017<br />

Dorothea Steedley, MBA 2002<br />

Tracey Steele, BS 1998<br />

Albert Steele, BS 2003<br />

Christy Steele, BBA 1999<br />

Shirley Steele, MBA 2008<br />

Albert Steele, MBA 2005<br />

John Steffl, MBA 2000<br />

Michael Stelmach, MBA 2007<br />

Zandrea Stephens, BS 2017<br />

Jodie Stephens, BBA 1997<br />

Evelyn Stephens, BBA* 2013<br />

Katiska Stephens, BBA* 2019<br />

Morgan Stephens, MS 2023<br />

Janelle Stephens, MS 2023<br />

Sonya Stephens, MBA 2009<br />

Cynthia Stephens, MBA 2006<br />

James Stephens, MBA 2007<br />

Patricia Stephens, MBA 2013<br />

Samirah Stephens, MBA 2016<br />

Katiska Stephens, MBA 2022<br />

Ryan Sterling, BBA 2001<br />

Marc Stern, MBA 2001<br />

April Stevens, BA 2014<br />

McKenzie Stevens, BS 2019<br />

Clark Stevens, BBA 1999<br />

Jennifer Stevens, BBA 2001<br />

Karl Stevens, BBA 2017<br />

Janel Stevens, MS 2018<br />

Monica Stevens, MBA 2016<br />

Gisela Stevenson, BS 1999<br />

Patricia Stevenson, BS 2000<br />

Alwan Stevenson, BS 2005<br />

Cicely Stevenson, BBA 2014<br />

Patricia Stevenson, MBA 2001<br />

Ashley Stevenson, MBA 2018<br />

Adrian Steward, MBA 2015<br />

Karen Stewart, BBA 1997<br />

Ashley Stewart, BBA 2007<br />

Thomasina Stewart, BBA 2011<br />

Deborah Stewart, BBA 2013

Holly Stewart, MS 2014<br />

Niiya Stewart, MS 2020<br />

Margaret Stewart, MBA 1997<br />

Jeff Stewart, MBA 2001<br />

Amanda Stewart, MBA 2003<br />

Deborah Stewart, MBA 2015<br />

Danielle Stewart, MBA 2017<br />

Troy Stickler, BBA 2009<br />

Troy Stickler, MBA 2010<br />

Penelope Stidd, BS 2002<br />

Martha Stiles, MBA 2015<br />

Edward Stillerman, BS 2015<br />

Leah Stinespring, MBA 2021<br />

Emily Stockton, MBA 2019<br />

Brenda Stoddard, MBA 2004<br />

Jennifer Stoeckig, MBA 2012<br />

Kelly Stofflet, BBA 1999<br />

Audrey Stokes, BA 2015<br />

Diana Stokes, BS 2004<br />

Tonya Stokes, BBA 2007<br />

Audrey Stokes, MS 2018<br />

Tonya Stokes, MBA 2008<br />

LaToia Stokes, MBA 2019<br />

Prince Stokley, BBA 2008<br />

Kalona Stone, MBA 2019<br />

Brooke Stonecypher, MBA* 2017<br />

Brittany Stoops, MBA 2005<br />

Therese Storey, BBA 1999<br />

William Story, MBA 1997<br />

Joanna Stotter, MBA 2009<br />

Scott Stover, MBA 2002<br />

Veronica Streetman, BBA 2006<br />

Mary Stretch, BBA 2000<br />

David Stricker, MBA 2009<br />

Gary Strickland, BS 2008<br />

Joley Strickland, BBA 1998<br />

Nathan Strickland, BBA 2003<br />

Spencer Strickland, MBA 1998<br />

Gary Strickland, MBA 2009<br />

Caroline Strickland, MBA* 2013<br />

Tammy Stringer, BS 2021<br />

Amanda Stringer, BBA 1999<br />

Marsha Stringer, MBA 2005<br />

Daneka Stringfield, BBA 2004<br />

Adam Strohl, BBA 1997<br />

Nathaniel Strohl, MBA 2001<br />

Caitlin Strong, MBA 2020<br />

Dennis Stroud, MBA 2002<br />

Dedra Stubbs, BBA 2021<br />

Brent Stubbs, MBA 2007<br />

Adriane Studdard, BS 2001<br />

Jemal Stukes, BBA 2017<br />

Margueritt Sturgis, BBA 1999<br />

Amy Sturkey, BBA 2006<br />

Frances Styron, BS 1997<br />

Aotearoa Sualevai, BBA 1999<br />

Jesse Suggs, BS 1998<br />

Kyle Suggs, BBA 2019<br />

Leah Suggs, MBA 2017<br />

Erik Sullenberger, MBA 1999<br />

Emily Sullens, BBA* 2019<br />

Christopher Sullivan, BA 2015<br />

Bridget Sullivan, BBA 2007<br />

Venita Sullivan, BBA 2014<br />

Willie Sullivan, MBA 2001<br />

April Sullivan, MBA 2016<br />

Tyler Sullivan, MBA* 2020<br />

James Summers, BS 2003<br />

Darrell Summers, MBA 2012<br />

Beverly Summers, MBA 2019<br />

Kristin Summerville, MBA 2001<br />

Aleshia Sumpter, MBA 2018<br />

Xiaoxi Sun, BBA 2015<br />

Agnes Sundram, MBA 1997<br />

Wen-Tsen Sung, MBA 2010<br />

Ludgie Supplice, BS 2022<br />

Bhavesh Sureja, MBA 2015<br />

Brant Sutphin, BS 1997<br />

Jennifer Suttles, MBA 2011<br />

Stephanie Sutton, BBA 2001<br />

Katherine Swafford, BBA 2004<br />

Elizabeth Swafford, BBA 2005<br />

Jerry Swain, BS 2005<br />

Joe Swann, BBA 2003<br />

Joseph Swanson, BBA 2010<br />

Traci Swanson, MS 2013<br />

Nicole Swartz, MBA* 2021<br />

Tyler Swartz, MBA 2014<br />

Sedrick Sweat, MBA 2005<br />

Kimberly Sweat, MBA 2006<br />

Patrick Sweeney, BBA 2014<br />

Matthew Sweet, MBA 2000<br />

Andrea Sweeten, BBA* 2019<br />

Freddie Swint, BS 2001<br />

Mary Switzer, MS 2012<br />

Barbara Sydnor, MBA 2012<br />

Afton Sydnor, MBA 2017<br />

John Sykes, BS 1997<br />

Danny Sykes, BBA 1998<br />

Timothy Sykes, MBA 1997<br />

Kristopher Sykes, MBA 2017<br />

Gina Sylvestre, MBA 2016<br />

Jing-Hua Syu, MBA 2010<br />

David Szemborski, MBA 2003<br />

Joseph Szewc, MBA 1999<br />

Robert Szwec, MBA 2002<br />

Christine Szydlowski, BBA 2000<br />

Christine Szydlowski, MBA 2002<br />

Tonya Tabb, BS 2002<br />

Nia Tabera, MS 2017<br />

Chaouki Tabet, MBA 1999<br />

Faye Tageant, BBA 1999<br />

Linda Taibl, BBA 2001<br />

Susan Tait, BS 2010<br />

Valerie Taliaferro, MBA 2015<br />

Kristi Talley, MBA 2022<br />

James Talton, MBA 2006<br />

XiaoHui Tang, MBA 2014<br />

Danielle Tanksley, BBA 2004<br />

Michael Tanner, MBA 1997<br />

Kimberly Tapp, BBA 2002<br />

Sharon Tarantino, BBA 1998<br />

Joaquin Tarazona, MBA 2000<br />

Katherine Tarnowski, MS 2020<br />

April Tarver, BBA 2018<br />

Shaunieka Taste, MS 2014<br />

Brenda Tate, BBA 2015<br />

Tiffany Tate, MBA 2015<br />

Brenda Tate, MBA 2018

Victoria Tatum, BBA 2023<br />

Robert Taunton, MBA 1998<br />

Melissa Tavilla, MS 2018<br />

Michael Taylor, BS 2004<br />

Jondell Taylor, BS 2015<br />

Susan Taylor, BBA 2000<br />

Tracy Taylor, BBA 1997<br />

Kenzil Taylor, BBA 2000<br />

Frieda Taylor, BBA 2006<br />

James Taylor, BBA 2010<br />

Lisa Taylor, BBA 2010<br />

Amy Taylor, BBA 2019<br />

Chasity Taylor, MS 2017<br />

Grady Taylor, MBA 2000<br />

Brigette Taylor, MBA 2005<br />

Michael Taylor, MBA 2006<br />

Eric Taylor, MBA 2007<br />

Kameron Taylor, MBA 2016<br />

Harvey Taylor, MBA 2015<br />

Althea Taylor, MBA 2016<br />

Gary Teague, MBA 2002<br />

Kristina Teal, BBA 2018<br />

John Tefft, MS 2008<br />

Eugene Telfair, BS 2002<br />

Steven Telgener, MBA 1997<br />

Rosemary Tennant, BBA 1998<br />

Takeisha Tennyson, BBA 2009<br />

Przemyslaw Terpilowski, MBA2019<br />

Walter Terrell, BBA 2014<br />

Shealin Terrell, BBA 2017<br />

Elsie Terrell, MBA 2001<br />

Yimsi Terrero, BBA* 2020<br />

Fay Terrio, BS 1997<br />

Jared Terry, MBA 2007<br />

Adrienne Terry, MBA 2015<br />

Ashleigh Terry, MBA 2016<br />

Leonnie Tescum, BBA 2013<br />

Leonnie Tescum, MS 2021<br />

Mary Teston, MBA 2015<br />

Michael Tewalt, BBA 2000<br />

Joseph Thames, BBA 2014<br />

Thora Theisen, BS 2003<br />

Paul Theisen, BBA 2002<br />

Paul Theisen, MBA 2003<br />

Khady Thiam, MBA 2017<br />

Nicole Thielbar, MBA 2019<br />

Jenney Thigpen, BS 2003<br />

Danielle Thoman, BBA 1998<br />

Tracy Thomas, BS 2004<br />

Treva Thomas, BS 2002<br />

Sara Thomas, BS 2013<br />

Veronica Thomas, BS 2012<br />

Jennifer Thomas, BBA 1998<br />

Joseph Thomas, BBA 1998<br />

Juretta Thomas, BBA 1998<br />

Tamisha Thomas, BBA 2002<br />

Wanda Thomas, BBA 2001<br />

Vonnetta Thomas, BBA 2005<br />

Tonya Thomas, BBA 2004<br />

Sabrina Thomas, BBA 2002<br />

Grace Thomas, BBA 2003<br />

Tonia Thomas, BBA 2007<br />

Meredith Thomas, BBA 2007<br />

Sophia Thomas, BBA 2007<br />

Ricky Thomas, BBA 2014<br />

Deborah Thomas, BBA 2019<br />

Crystal Thomas, BBA 2021<br />

Frances Thomas, MS 2004<br />

Evelyn Thomas, MS 2016<br />

Valyncia Thomas, MS 2023<br />

Darrell Thomas, MBA 1997<br />

Joseph Thomas, MBA 2003<br />

Juretta Thomas, MBA 2004<br />

Carol Thomas, MBA 2001<br />

Jerry Thomas, MBA 2003<br />

Tamisha Thomas, MBA 2003<br />

William Thomas, MBA 2000<br />

Calvin Thomas, MBA 2000<br />

Wanda Thomas, MBA 2002<br />

Grover Thomas, MBA 2005<br />

Errol Thomas, MBA 2004<br />

Tonia Thomas, MBA 2011<br />

John Thomas, MBA 2017<br />

Patrick Thomas, MBA 2012<br />

Jennifer Thomas, MBA 2015<br />

China Thomas, MBA 2015<br />

Kevin Thomas, MBA* 2016<br />

Erica Thomas, MBA 2017<br />

Spencer Thomas, MBA* 2020<br />

Stacey Thomasgray, BS 1997<br />

Stacey Thomasgray, MBA 1998<br />

Theresa Thomason, MBA 2005<br />

Bobby Thompkins Jr, BS 2010<br />

Terry Thompson, BS 2015<br />

Nickhol Thompson, BS 2001<br />

Kimberly Thompson, BS 1997<br />

Anita Thompson, BS 2002<br />

Donald Thompson, BBA 2000<br />

Allen Thompson, BBA 2004<br />

Tanya Thompson, BBA 2005<br />

Doris Thompson, BBA 2003<br />

Sylvia Thompson, BBA 2015<br />

Anthony Thompson, BBA 2015<br />

Kelsey Thompson, BBA* 2016<br />

Michelle Thompson, BBA 2021<br />

Deonte' Thompson, BBA 2020<br />

Chamyne Thompson, MS 2012<br />

Dawn Thompson, MS 2012<br />

Joyce Thompson, MS 2013<br />

Randolph Thompson, MBA 2000<br />

David Thompson, MBA 2002<br />

Jeffrey Thompson, MBA 2002<br />

Deron Thompson, MBA 2008<br />

Carter Thompson, MBA 2019<br />

Kelsey Thompson, MBA 2018<br />

Nadine Thompson, MBA 2017<br />

Regina Thompson, MBA 2018<br />

Scott Thomson, BBA 2012<br />

Dianne Thorne, MBA 2016<br />

Joel Thornhill, BBA 1998<br />

Matthew Thornton, BBA 2000<br />

Valerie Thornton, BBA 2010<br />

Tonia Thornton, BBA 2008<br />

Melissa Thornton, BBA 2013<br />

Russell Thornton, MBA 1998<br />

Tonia Thornton, MBA 2011<br />

Harkesha Thorpe, MS 2013<br />

Mark Thrasher, BBA 2008<br />

Shenicka Thrasher, BBA 2012

Sylvia Thrower, BA 2021<br />

Joni Thurmond, BS 2017<br />

Megan Thurmond, MBA 2014<br />

Roger Thurmond Jr., MBA 2004<br />

Qiang Tian, MBA 2011<br />

Isaac Tieku, MBA* 2021<br />

Cassidy Tiller, MBA 2022<br />

Carol Tillman, BBA 2014<br />

Ryan Timm, MS 2021<br />

Jeff Timothy, MBA 2003<br />

Yu-Chan Ting, MBA 2014<br />

Ruth Tinsley, MS 2005<br />

Matthew Tipton, BBA 2006<br />

Jonathan Tipton, MBA 2007<br />

Kami Tison, BA 2013<br />

Alicia Tkalec, BS 2012<br />

Alicia Tkalec, MBA 2015<br />

Robert Tobin, MBA 2002<br />

Jeffrey Tobola, MBA 2017<br />

William Todd, MBA 2013<br />

John Tolan III, MBA* 2014<br />

Derrick Tolbert, BBA 2002<br />

Ashley Toler, MBA 2010<br />

Tracey Tolls, BBA 2000<br />

Matthew Toman, MBA 2018<br />

Brandi Tomlin, BBA 2005<br />

Craig Tomlinson, BBA 1998<br />

Yolanda Tomlinson, BBA 1999<br />

Tamera Toogood, MBA 2004<br />

Katherine Torbush, MS 2014<br />

Lisa Torras, MBA 2008<br />

Tasha Torrence, BBA 2009<br />

John Torrence, MBA 2004<br />

Akuba Torvikey, MBA 2009<br />

Geoffrey Toth, BBA 2010<br />

Geoffrey Toth, MBA 2012<br />

Fatou Touray, MBA 2016<br />

Yanne Toussaint, BA* 2020<br />

Yanne Toussaint, BBA 2020<br />

Cynthia Townson, BBA 1999<br />

Timothy Tracy, BS 2008<br />

Timothy Tracy, BBA 2010<br />

Robin Tracy, MBA 2002<br />

Kirby Tracy Sr., MBA 1998<br />

Joyce Trammell, BS 2011<br />

Jill Trammell, MBA 2001<br />

T Tran, BBA 2003<br />

Kim Tran, MBA 2011<br />

Stephen Trantham, MBA 2001<br />

Alexander Tregub, MBA 2006<br />

Heather Trell, MBA 2001<br />

Marquavious Trice, MBA 2022<br />

Jennifer Trimble, BA* 2016<br />

Jennifer Trimble, MBA 2019<br />

Christopher Tripp, BA 2000<br />

Suzanne Troha, BBA 2003<br />

Zia Trone, MBA 2018<br />

Jaunice Troutman, BS 1998<br />

Seth Troutman, MACC* 2019<br />

Jessica Truelove, BBA 2017<br />

Mary Jane Truemper, MBA 2000<br />

Tan-Hua Tsai, MBA 2009<br />

Li Tsai, MBA 2014<br />

Amy Tucker, BS 1998<br />

Sandra Tucker, BBA 2000<br />

Kevin Tucker, BBA 2012<br />

Stacey Tucker, MBA 2016<br />

Dena Turchiano, BBA 1998<br />

Diane Turchick, MBA 1998<br />

Jonathan Turk, MBA 2016<br />

Hillary Turnbull, MBA 2005<br />

Etoya Turner, BA 2020<br />

Carolyn Turner, BS 2000<br />

Ashlee Turner, BS 2009<br />

Melisa Turner, BS 2008<br />

Stephen Turner, BBA 1997<br />

Michael Turner, BBA 2000<br />

Annjannette Turner, BBA 2002<br />

Linda Turner, BBA 2003<br />

Kymyetta Turner, BBA 2007<br />

Jeanette Turner, BBA 2011<br />

Marshewell Turner, BBA 2014<br />

Tammy Turner, BBA 2010<br />

Dorretha Turner, MS 2021<br />

Ruby Turner, MBA 1998<br />

Blake Turner, MBA 2003<br />

Leah Turner, MBA 2002<br />

Richard Turner, MBA 2008<br />

Marshewell Turner, MBA 2016<br />

Tammy Turner, MBA 2015<br />

Alisa Turner, MBA 2017<br />

Sonya Tutt, BS 1998<br />

Carla Tyler, BS 2002<br />

William Tyler, MBA 2003<br />

Judy Tyler, MBA 2012<br />

Melissa Tymchuk, MBA 2021<br />

Natasha Tyner-Edmondson, BS 2009<br />

Dwanda Tyson, BBA 1997<br />

Joshua Tyson, BBA 2009<br />

Sharon Tyson, MBA 1997<br />

Michael Udell, MBA 2002<br />

Mafubo Ujeneza, BBA 2009<br />

Mafubo Ujeneza, MBA 2011<br />

Andrew Ulanowksi, MBA 1997<br />

Brie Ulrich, MBA 2020<br />

DaShanda Umble, BBA 2005<br />

Heidi Underwood, MBA 1999<br />

Alexi Upchurch, BBA 2007<br />

Alexi Upchurch, MBA 2009<br />

John Uprichard, MBA 1997<br />

Jennifer Upton, MBA 2019<br />

Wendy Urie, BBA 2014<br />

Wendy Urie, MBA 2016<br />

Lisa Uryc, BA 2011<br />

Lisa Uryc, MS 2023<br />

Holli Usher, BBA 2010<br />

Arica Usry, BS 2009<br />

Christie Utsalo, BS 2000<br />

Gwira Uwineza, BBA 2009<br />

Helen Vacher, MBA* 2017<br />

Michelle Vaillancourt, BBA 2001<br />

Lisa Vajdl, BS 2004<br />

Wayne Valenti, MBA 2005<br />

Kayan Valentine, MS 2021<br />

Lee Valiensi, MBA 2001<br />

Ronald Van Buren, MBA 1999<br />

Miranka Van Hintum, BBA 2013<br />

Russell Van Horn, BS 1997<br />

Bernice Van Pelt, MBA 2014

Laura Van Valkenburg, BBA 2007<br />

Andrea Van Wezemaal, BS 2003<br />

Michael Vandegriff, MS 2015<br />

Christy Vanest, MBA 2015<br />

Nancy Vang, BBA 2014<br />

Nancy VanSant, MBA 2006<br />

Elizabeth Vantassell, BS 2011<br />

Jocelyn Varady, BS 2014<br />

Ivonne Vargas, MBA 2017<br />

Betty Varnadore, MBA 2003<br />

Jimbo Varnum, MBA 2021<br />

Anuradha Vasan, MBA 2012<br />

Deborah Vasil, BBA 2009<br />

Deborah Vasil, MBA 2014<br />

Miguel Vasquez, BBA 2001<br />

Victor Vaughan, MBA 2001<br />

Summer Vaughn, MBA* 2017<br />

Bobby Vaughn Jr., MBA 2001<br />

Jacqueline Vavrik, BBA 1997<br />

Ian Vecera, BBA 2007<br />

Yvette Vega, BBA 2004<br />

Jill Vega, BBA 2011<br />

Teresa Vega-Rivera, MBA 2018<br />

Angela Venator, MBA 2014<br />

Tierra Veney, BS 2017<br />

Sandi Venson, BBA 2004<br />

Valerie Verkholaz, MBA 2013<br />

Danny Vernon, BBA 2003<br />

Christy Vertus, MBA 2021<br />

Kerry Vice, MBA 1999<br />

Calen Vick, MBA 2022<br />

George Vickers, MS 2013<br />

Douglas Vickery, BS 1997<br />

Sharon Viellenave, BBA 2003<br />

Nicole Vierthaler, MBA 2020<br />

William Vietmeier, BBA 2012<br />

Ellie Vigneault, BS 2022<br />

Vitaliy Vikovan, BBA 2012<br />

John Vincent, BS 2000<br />

Melissa Vining, MBA 2003<br />

Laurette Vinson, BBA 2005<br />

Mack Vinton, BBA 2002<br />

Emilie Vissotski Cordier, BBA 2023<br />

Gregory Vitek, MBA<br />

1997<br />

Alexander Von Plinsky, BA<br />

2005<br />

Brenda Von Plinsky, BS<br />

2009<br />

Christina Vongchanta, BBA<br />

2002<br />

Khoa Vu, MBA 2016<br />

Amber Waddell, MBA<br />

2020<br />

Andrea Waddy-Willis, MBA*<br />

2016<br />

Kitty Wade, BS 1998<br />

Melissa Wade, MBA*<br />

2015<br />

Leanne Wadsworth, BS<br />

2005<br />

John Wadsworth, MBA<br />

1997<br />

Amy Wages, BBA<br />

2015<br />

Travis Wagner, BBA<br />

2004<br />

Brandy Wagoner, MBA<br />

2016<br />

Lisa Wahman, BBA<br />

2006<br />

Joshua Waight, MBA<br />

2015<br />

Shannon Wainright, MBA<br />

2012<br />

Laura Waite, MBA<br />

2016<br />

Erika Wakefield, MBA<br />

2003<br />

Charles Wakefield, MBA<br />

2003<br />

Tina Walden, MBA<br />

2012<br />

Michele Waldo-Brown, BBA<br />

2006<br />

Gwendolyn Walk, BBA<br />

1999<br />

Gwendolyn Walk, MBA<br />

2003<br />

Wendy Walker, BS<br />

1997<br />

James Walker, BS<br />

1997<br />

Yvonne Walker, BS<br />

2014<br />

Kelley Walker, BBA 1998<br />

Juanita Walker, BBA 1998<br />

Debra Walker, BBA 1998<br />

Willie Walker, BBA 2000<br />

Kim Walker, BBA 2000<br />

Peggy Walker, BBA 2005<br />

Eugene Walker, BBA 2004<br />

Kevin Walker, BBA 2009<br />

LaStacy Walker, BBA 2009<br />

Bernice Walker, BBA 2012<br />

Alyssa Walker, BBA 2011<br />

Davida Walker, BBA* 2015<br />

Ajah Walker, MS 2020<br />

Ada Walker, MBA 1997<br />

Kathy Walker, MBA 1998<br />

Kimberley Walker, MBA 1998<br />

Chinetha Walker, MBA 2000<br />

Kim Walker, MBA 2002<br />

Darcel Walker, MBA 2003<br />

LaStacy Walker, MBA 2010<br />

Alyssa Walker, MBA 2015<br />

Christen Walker, MBA 2013<br />

Erin Walker, MBA 2016<br />

Ennun Walker, MBA 2022<br />

Kaitlin Wall, BS 2020<br />

Wayne Wall, MBA 2002<br />

Kimberly Wallace, BS 2021<br />

Cora Wallace, BBA 2021<br />

Calle Wallace, MS 2015<br />

Sayeeda Wallace, MBA 2015<br />

Mary Wallen, MBA 2012<br />

Mary Waller, BA 2021<br />

Patricia Waller, MS 2013<br />

Rebecca Wallis, BBA 1997<br />

Tyrone Walls, BBA 2010<br />

Cori Walls, MBA 2017<br />

Larrinique Walter, MACC 2018<br />

Staci Walters, MBA 1997<br />

Elaine Walton, BBA 2008<br />

Dalisa Walton, BBA 2002<br />

Dalisa Walton, MBA 2008<br />

DawnLee Walton, MBA* 2016<br />

David Walton, MBA 2016

Tabitha Walton-Jones, BBA 2016<br />

Yishi Wang, BS 2021<br />

Yu-Chieh Wang, MBA 2009<br />

Teng-Hsuan Wang, MBA 2009<br />

Wei Wang, MBA 2010<br />

Kai-Hung Wang, MBA 2010<br />

Ying Wang, MBA 2011<br />

Zhaojie Wang, MBA 2014<br />

Matilda Wangerien, MBA 1997<br />

Elizabeth Wanjiru, BBA 2006<br />

Rachel Ward, BS 2011<br />

Vickie Ward, BS 2023<br />

Douglas Ward, MBA<br />

2003<br />

Brent Ward, MBA<br />

2013<br />

John Ware, BBA 2005<br />

John Ware, MBA<br />

2007<br />

Vickie Warfield, MBA<br />

2002<br />

Johnnie Lynn Warren, BS<br />

2005<br />

Danielle Warren, BS<br />

2017<br />

Geffrey Warrington, BBA<br />

2004<br />

Amy Wasdin, MBA<br />

2009<br />

Sherry Washington, BS<br />

1998<br />

Earnest Washington, BS<br />

2000<br />

Alesia Washington, BS<br />

2007<br />

Ondra Washington, BS<br />

2011<br />

Booker Washington, BBA<br />

1997<br />

Mattie Washington, BBA<br />

2001<br />

Allison Washington, BBA<br />

2008<br />

Altonia Washington, BBA<br />

2013<br />

Phillip Washington, BBA<br />

2022<br />

Booker Washington, MBA<br />

1998<br />

Kemberlea Washington, MBA<br />

2019<br />

Toni Wasko, BBA*<br />

2016<br />

David Waters, BBA<br />

2000<br />

David Waters, MBA<br />

2002<br />

Teresa Anne Waters, MBA<br />

2004<br />

Hayleah Waters, MBA<br />

2016<br />

Mackenzie Waters, MBA<br />

2020<br />

Peter Wathabi, MS<br />

2008<br />

Valorie Watkins, BBA<br />

1998<br />

Valorie Watkins, MBA<br />

1999<br />

Alana Watkins, MBA<br />

2012<br />

Jackie Watkins Jr., BBA<br />

2001<br />

Lonnie Watson, BS<br />

1997<br />

Kayla Watson, BS<br />

2020<br />

Debra Watson, BBA<br />

2005<br />

Nara Watson, BBA<br />

2018<br />

Peggy Watson, MBA<br />

1997<br />

Zakiyyah Watts, BS<br />

2007<br />

Kelly Watts, BBA<br />

2008<br />

ShaJuan Watts, MBA<br />

2019<br />

Anthony Way, BS<br />

2006<br />

Daniel Way, MBA<br />

2003<br />

Kevin Waycaster, MBA<br />

2021<br />

Ronnie Weathersbee, MBA 1998<br />

Andri Weathersby, BBA 2003<br />

Brenda Weathersby, MS 2008<br />

Barbara Weaver, BS 1999<br />

Melvin Weaver, BBA 2002<br />

Racquelle Weaver, MBA 2018<br />

Shantel Webb, BS 2007<br />

Tracie Webb, BBA 1997<br />

Jason Webb, BBA 2004<br />

Alecia Webb, BBA 2007<br />

Jeremy Webb, MBA 2000<br />

Alecia Webb, MBA 2009<br />

Shannon Webb, MBA 2007<br />

Martin Webb, MBA 2014<br />

Leah Webber, MBA 2003<br />

Carla Weber, BS 2002<br />

Savannah Weber, BS 2010<br />

Brian Weber, MBA 2000<br />

Jean Weed, BBA 2007<br />

Desnitta Weekes, MBA 2022<br />

Bunny Weeks, BBA 1998<br />

Bunny Weeks, BBA 2007<br />

Kyle Weeks, BBA 2010<br />

Vanessa Weeks, BBA 2011<br />

Jessica Weeks, BBA 2019<br />

Crystal Weeks, MBA 2015<br />

Alan Weiler, MBA 2002<br />

Thomas Weirich, MBA* 2015<br />

Michael Weirup, BBA 2001<br />

Michael Weirup, MBA 2002<br />

Melissa Weiss, BBA 2001<br />

Lydia Welborn, BS 2015<br />

Jemmie Welch, BS 1997<br />

Deborah Welch, BBA 1997<br />

Lowell Welch, MBA 2000<br />

Matthew Welch, MBA 2012<br />

Layna Weldon, BBA 2018<br />

Jamelle Wells, BS 2013<br />

Jonella Wells, BS* 2022<br />

Jodi Wells, BBA 2014<br />

Cheyenne Wells, BBA 2018<br />

Timothy Wells, MBA 2014<br />

Annie Welsh, BS 1998<br />

Rebecca Wendorf, MBA 2009<br />

Jonathan Wentworth, MBA 2015<br />

Bridget Wenum, MS 2014<br />

Antonio Wesby, BS 2016<br />

Victoria Wescott, BS 2014

Donna Wessel, BBA 2008<br />

Donna Wessel, MBA 2009<br />

Antoine Wesson, MBA 2017<br />

Sarah West, BS 2020<br />

Timothy West, MBA 2007<br />

Precious West, MBA 2018<br />

Dedious West, MBA 2017<br />

Kimberly Westbrook, BBA 2003<br />

Karen Westbrooks, BBA 2001<br />

Mauricia Westerfield, BS 2005<br />

Mauricia Westerfield, MS 2010<br />

Stephen Westlake, MBA 1999<br />

Shevial Weston, MBA 2015<br />

Teniqua Westry, MBA 2020<br />

Stephanie Wetherell, MBA 2008<br />

Toy Wetherington, BS 1999<br />

Bethany Wey, BS 2000<br />

Debra Weygant, MBA 2003<br />

Susan Whatley, MBA 2007<br />

Nathan Wheatley, BS 1998<br />

Nathan Wheatley, MBA 1999<br />

Deanna Wheeler, BS 2006<br />

Connie Wheeler, BBA 2000<br />

Mary Wheeler, BBA 2005<br />

Carrie Wheeler, BBA 2006<br />

James Wheeler, BBA 2004<br />

James Wheeler, MBA 2014<br />

Cynthia Wheeler, MBA 2016<br />

Billette Whetstone, BBA 2011<br />

Britney Whidby, MBA 2013<br />

Edwina Whipple, BBA 2006<br />

Ashley Whirlow, BBA 2010<br />

Roberta Whisnant, BBA 2007<br />

Candace Whitaker, MBA 2013<br />

Barbara White, BA 2013<br />

Linda White, BS 1999<br />

Loys White, BS 2009<br />

Cynthia White, BS 2005<br />

Cherita White, BBA 2000<br />

Jessica White, BBA 2002<br />

Melanie White, BBA 2013<br />

Stanley White, BBA 2010<br />

Felicia White, BBA 2008<br />

Amy White, BBA 2022<br />

Alyssa White, MS 2017<br />

Waymon White, MBA 1998<br />

Janet White, MBA 2012<br />

Faye White, MBA 2007<br />

Cami White, MBA 2000<br />

Hollyanna White, MBA 2004<br />

James White, MBA 2006<br />

Lenise White, MBA 2008<br />

Mara White, MBA 2016<br />

Megan White, MBA 2016<br />

Stephanie Whitehead, BS* 2013<br />

Lula Whitehead, BBA 2007<br />

Thomas Whitehead, BBA 2001<br />

Branda Whitehurst, BS 1998<br />

Edward Whitemore, MBA 2001<br />

Thomas Whitener, MBA 2004<br />

Gordon Whitetree, BBA 2006<br />

Jeffrey Whitlock, MBA 1998<br />

Laurie Whitlock, MBA 2004<br />

Sonya Whitlow, BBA 1999<br />

Thomas Whitlow, BBA 2005<br />

Tracy Whitmore, MBA 1998<br />

Mary Ellen Whitt, BS 2004<br />

Tammy Whitt, BBA 2007<br />

Michael Whittaker, BA 2011<br />

Vickie Whittemore, BS 2011<br />

Wilhelm Whittimore, MBA 1997<br />

Nicholas Whorton, MBA 2014<br />

Marquetta Wickline, BS 1997<br />

Tajah Wideman, MS 2020<br />

Wendy Widener, BBA 2002<br />

Wendy Widener, MBA 2008<br />

Brian Wiggins, BBA 2007<br />

Brian Wiggins, MBA 2016<br />

Randell Wiggins Jr., MBA* 2014<br />

Ursula Wilborn, MBA 2009<br />

Jeffrey Wilcosky, MBA 2001<br />

Aundrea Wilcox, MBA 2001<br />

Steven Wild, BBA 2007<br />

Macjuan Wilder, BBA 2006<br />

Macjuan Wilder, MBA 2008<br />

Willie Wilder, Jr., BBA 2003<br />

Alexandra Wildisan, BBA 2006<br />

Glenda Wiley, BBA 2006<br />

Glenda Wiley, MBA 2008<br />

Kathryn Wilhelm, BS 2007<br />

Jenna Wilhelm, BBA 2005<br />

Candace Wilkerson, BS 2001<br />

Danny Wilkerson, BBA 2008<br />

Terelle Wilkerson, BBA 2009<br />

Valerie Wilkins, BS 2005<br />

Kristie Wilkins, BBA 2016<br />

Celia Williams, BA 2014<br />

Irma Williams, BS 2001<br />

Stacey Williams, BS 2003<br />

Andria Williams, BS 1997<br />

Barnell Williams, BS 1997<br />

Charles Williams, BS 1997<br />

Lillie Williams, BS 1999<br />

Carla Williams, BS 2002<br />

Kimbla Williams, BS 2001<br />

Robertstene Williams, BS 1999<br />

Kerry Williams, BS 2003<br />

Michelle Williams, BS 2003<br />

Sanela Williams, BS 2005<br />

Victoria Williams, BS 2007<br />

Herbert Williams, BS 2005<br />

Andrea Williams, BS 2007<br />

Ingrid Williams, BS 2007<br />

Robert Williams, BS 2007<br />

Conesther Williams, BS 2008<br />

Comelamore Williams, BS 2014<br />

Kristine Williams, BS 2015<br />

Monifa Williams, BS 2016<br />

Marc Williams, BBA 1998<br />

Toni Williams, BBA 1997<br />

Stacy Williams, BBA 2000<br />

Jenna Williams, BBA 1997<br />

Arthur Williams, BBA 1998<br />

Nadine Williams, BBA 2002<br />

Ronald Williams, BBA 1998<br />

Claudia Williams, BBA 2000<br />

Jeffrey Williams, BBA 2000<br />

Shontal Williams, BBA 2003<br />

Shirley Williams, BBA 2002

Gregory Williams, BBA 2002<br />

Tammie Williams, BBA 2005<br />

Carolyn Williams, BBA 2004<br />

Thyra Williams, BBA 2006<br />

Arlena Williams, BBA 2007<br />

Chasity Williams, BBA 2011<br />

Sabrina Williams, BBA 2010<br />

Adrian Williams, BBA* 2013<br />

Lindsey Williams, BBA 2013<br />

Kalin Williams, BBA 2016<br />

Ashunti Williams, BBA 2018<br />

Tyleia Williams, BBA 2023<br />

Comelamore Williams, MS 2016<br />

Jacyna Williams, MS 2016<br />

Jennifer Williams, MS 2017<br />

Jennifer Williams, MS 2020<br />

Jill Williams, MS 2018<br />

LaMeeka Williams, MS 2022<br />

Gary Williams, MBA 1998<br />

Marc Williams, MBA 2002<br />

Andria Williams, MBA 2016<br />

Sonya Williams, MBA 1998<br />

Claudia Williams, MBA 2003<br />

Jacinda Williams, MBA 2001<br />

Kevin Williams, MBA 2003<br />

Rhonda Williams, MBA 2004<br />

Victoria Williams, MBA 2010<br />

Arlena Williams, MBA 2010<br />

Robert Williams, MBA 2008<br />

Conesther Williams, MBA 2009<br />

Shundrika Williams, MBA 2016<br />

Reginal Williams, MBA 2009<br />

Carole Williams, MBA 2011<br />

Kimberly Williams, MBA 2017<br />

KaToya Williams, MBA 2016<br />

Adrian Williams, MBA 2013<br />

Simeon Williams, MBA 2012<br />

Ursula Williams, MBA 2016<br />

Starisk Williams, MBA 2015<br />

Maxwell Williams, MBA 2016<br />

Jeamea Williams, MBA 2016<br />

LaValia Williams, MBA 2017<br />

Exzayvius Williams, MBA 2017<br />

Melanie Williams, MBA 2018<br />

Aquarius Williams, MBA 2019<br />

Rickey Williams, MBA 2019<br />

Casi Williams, MBA 2021<br />

Robert Williams Jr., BBA 2001<br />

Shirley Williamson, BBA 2003<br />

Shirley Williamson, MBA 2008<br />

Lindsey Williamson, MBA 2020<br />

Robert Williamson Jr, BBA 2001<br />

Bartow Willingham, BS 1999<br />

Lisa Willingham, BBA 2003<br />

Bartow Willingham, MS 2007<br />

Linda Willis, BBA 1997<br />

Kim Willis, BBA 2020<br />

Chelsie Willis, MS 2021<br />

Linda Willis, MBA 1999<br />

Brian Willis, MBA 2001<br />

Hilda Willis, MBA 2017<br />

Jacqueline Willis, MBA 2017<br />

Monica Willis, MBA 2021<br />

Sandy Willsea, MBA 2017<br />

Brenda Wilner, BS 2011<br />

Latonya Wilson, BA 2019<br />

Gregory Wilson, BS 1997<br />

Michele Wilson, BS 2000<br />

David Wilson, BS 2003<br />

Yvetta Wilson, BBA 2002<br />

Ricky Wilson, BBA 2002<br />

Crystal Wilson, BBA 2002<br />

Edward Wilson, BBA 2001<br />

LaToya Wilson, BBA 2001<br />

Steven Wilson, BBA 2003<br />

Kendrah Wilson, BBA 2005<br />

Pennie Wilson, BBA 2012<br />

Angela Wilson, BBA 2010<br />

Courtney Wilson, BBA 2015<br />

John Wilson, BBA 2019<br />

Kelaiah Wilson, MS 2018<br />

Kenyetta Wilson, MS 2013<br />

Edward Wilson, MBA 2008<br />

Kendrah Wilson, MBA 2011<br />

Pennie Wilson, MBA 2015<br />

Kristen Wilson, MBA 2019<br />

Tiffany Wilson, MBA 2016<br />

Amber Wilson, MBA 2021<br />

Samuel Wilson, MBA 2022<br />

Walter Wilson Jr., BBA 2005<br />

Willette Wilson-Thomas, BS 2002<br />

Lonnie Wimberly, MBA 2004<br />

Tia Wimbush, MBA* 2015<br />

Jennifer Wimpey-Fletes, MBA 2008<br />

Kathy Winbush, BBA 1999<br />

Victoria Wineland, BA 2021<br />

Orlando Wingate, BBA 2001<br />

Valarie Wingate, MBA 1997<br />

Eric Wingfield, MBA 2007<br />

Tisha Winkleman, MBA 1999<br />

Jenna Winkler, BBA 2008<br />

Toby Winkler, MBA 2001<br />

Deborah Winningham, BS 2001<br />

Patricia Winslett, BBA 2011<br />

Angela Winters, BS 2012<br />

Brian Winters, MBA 2014<br />

Nicole Wise, BS 1999<br />

Whitney Wise, BBA 2011<br />

Nicole Wise, MBA 2017<br />

Jewel Witherspoon, MS 2020<br />

Tiffany Witteman, BS 2001<br />

Katherine Wittling, MBA 2019<br />

Alexandra Wocken, BBA 2010<br />

Nendra Wofford, MBA 2016<br />

Tiffany Wohlander, BBA 2008<br />

Todd Wolfe, BS 2016<br />

Judd Wolfe, BBA 2001<br />

Kimberly Wolfe, BBA 2021<br />

Sherry Wolkow, MBA 2004<br />

Jolene Wong, BBA 2010<br />

Angela Wood, BA 2012<br />

Michael Wood, BS 1998<br />

Amanda Wood, BBA 2005<br />

Diane Wood, BBA 2012<br />

Maryjoy Wood, BBA 2011<br />

Jessica Wood, BBA 2009<br />

Jensi Wood, BBA 2010<br />

Angela Wood, BBA 2012<br />

Jimmy Wood, MS 2015

Christopher Wood, MBA 2001<br />

Diane Wood, MBA 2015<br />

Eddie Wood III, MBA 2002<br />

Claudette Woodard, BS 2004<br />

Jonathan Woodard, MBA 2000<br />

Andrea Woodard, MBA 2007<br />

Kelsey Woodard, MBA 2017<br />

Wienick Wooden, BBA 1997<br />

Ariel Woodfork, MBA 2017<br />

Karen Woodroffe, BBA 2015<br />

Sammye Woods, BBA 1998<br />

Jeanine Woods, MS 2015<br />

Marla Woods, MBA 2005<br />

Kish Woodward, MBA* 2015<br />

Rachel Woolley, BBA 2018<br />

Howard Worley, MBA 2003<br />

Samuel Worthington III, MBA 1997<br />

Elizabeth Worthy, MS 2015<br />

Emma Wright, BS 2014<br />

Kashmir Wright, BBA 1999<br />

Derrick Wright, BBA 2009<br />

Andrew Wright, BBA 2015<br />

Amie Wright, BBA 2023<br />

Amy Wright, MS 2005<br />

Heather Wright, MS 2010<br />

Natasha Wright, MS 2021<br />

Derrick Wright, MBA 2010<br />

Ariana Wright, MBA 2021<br />

Wendy Wright, MBA 2016<br />

Kejian Wu, MBA 1997<br />

Meng-Chun Wu, MBA 2013<br />

John Wurster, BS 1998<br />

Shona Wyman, BS 1999<br />

Shelly Wymer, BBA 2009<br />

Andrew Wynn, BBA 2002<br />

Wanda Wynn, BBA 2002<br />

Silvia Wynter, BBA 2001<br />

Nallie Xiong, MBA 2015<br />

Tonya Yancey, BBA 1998<br />

Erica Yancey, MBA 2020<br />

Linlin Yang, BBA 2016<br />

Fang Yang, MBA 2007<br />

Chih-Wei Yang, MBA 2009<br />

Kai-Chieh Yang, MBA 2010<br />

Peixuan Yang, MBA 2011<br />

Yemeng Yang, MBA 2011<br />

Linlin Yang, MBA 2017<br />

Horng-Ru Yao, MBA 2009<br />

Shirley Yarbray, BS 1997<br />

Wendy Yarbrough, BS 2021<br />

Derrick Yarbrough, MBA 2007<br />

Irina Yarikova, BBA 2003<br />

Natalie Yarnell, BBA 2009<br />

Natalie Yarnell, MBA 2014<br />

Krsula Yates, MBA 2018<br />

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Communication Graduates<br />

Michelle Adcock, BA 2006<br />

Tanisha Aiken, MA 2020<br />

Sarifun Akther, BS 2003<br />

Jessica Alexander, BA 2009<br />

Victoria Alexander, MA 2022<br />

Kena Allen, BA 2002<br />

Kathleen Alves, BA 1997<br />

Alexandria Anderson, BA 2022<br />

Jones Andrews, BA 2016<br />

Stacy Angelillo, BS 1998<br />

Kimberly Bales, BA 2001<br />

Cairistiona Barron, BA 2020<br />

Katharine Barth, BA 2014<br />

Haley Bartoletta, BA 2022<br />

Sheree Bell, BA 2013<br />

Alicia Bellis, BA 2009<br />

Stephanie Benoit, MA 2022<br />

Sable Bing, BA 2009<br />

Misty Bond, BA 2003<br />

Sara Bowers, BA 2018<br />

Ashley Boyce, BA 2005<br />

Katherine Bradford, BA 1998<br />

Candi Brancato, BA 2000<br />

Jennifer Branison, BA 2011<br />

Jasmine Brewster, BA 2017<br />

Petrina Brock, BA 1997<br />

Marissa Brown, BA 2020<br />

Dyiesha Brown, BA 2020<br />

Jessica Brown, BS 2007<br />

Susanna Buisman, MA 2021<br />

Petula Burks, BA 2004<br />

Logan Byrd, BA 2021<br />

Logan Byrd, MA 2023<br />

Jessica Cain, BA 1999<br />

Taylor Carden, BA 2015<br />

Jessica Carlton, BS 2003<br />

Michelle Carpenter, MA 2021<br />

Arely Carrillo, BA 2020<br />

Kathryn Chastain, BA 2002<br />

Molly Christman, BS 2003<br />

Katherine Clark, BS 2008<br />

Aunica Clinton, BA 2017<br />

Cassidy Collier, BA 2017<br />

Shuneca Collins, BA 2000<br />

Allison Combs, BA 2010<br />

David Cook, BA 2017<br />

Olivia Creighton, MA 2020<br />

Leah Dalton, BS 2005<br />

Holli Davis, BA 1998<br />

Ashley Davis, BA 2022<br />

Ashley Davis, BA 2022<br />

Kathryne Davis, MA 2021<br />

Samantha Dawkins, BA 2006<br />

Guillermina Delgado, BS 2000<br />

Anna Dover, BA 2014<br />

Kiaire Duclos, MA 2020<br />

Amber Dunlap, BA 2002<br />

Lauren Dyckman, BA 1999<br />

Maria Ebrahimji, BA 1998<br />

Ellis Eskew, BA 2001<br />

Sarah Fell, BA 2011<br />

Gilbert Fountain, BA 2017<br />

Kelli Fowler, BA 2012<br />

Hayley Fowler, BA 2015<br />

Courtney Frady, BA 2011<br />

Cierra Franklin, BA 2020<br />

Janelle Frei, BA 2001<br />

Kellie Giacchino, BA 1999<br />

Rebecca Glaze, MA 2020<br />

Abbey Goodman, BA 2016<br />

Jolee Goodson, BS 1997<br />

Brittany Green, BS 2006<br />

Suzanne Griswold, BS 2000<br />

Rachel Guerrier, BA 2006<br />

Lauren Hackett, BS 2005<br />

Ashley Hagans, BA 2012<br />

Tina Hammond, BA 1998<br />

Brandi Harrison, BA 2001<br />

Megan Harrison, BA 2004<br />

April Hatfield, BA 2012<br />

Kalina Haynes, BA 1998<br />

Makenzey Haynes, BA 2014<br />

Sydney Hencil, BA 2022<br />

Charlene Hendricks, BA 2020<br />

Brooke Hendrix, MA 2021<br />

Antonia Hertwig-Benson, BA 2004<br />

Margaret Hethcox, BS 2001<br />

Andrea Hill, BS 2002<br />

Trever Holden, MA 2019<br />

Alaina Holeman, MA 2022<br />

Sara Hubaishi, MA 2019<br />

Kenya Hunter, BA 2018<br />

Blaine Hurst, MA 2021

Laura Hutcheson, BA 2000<br />

Nicole Ighile, BA 2019<br />

Cyuzuzo Ingabire, BA 2011<br />

Jessica Irvin, BS 2003<br />

Cody Jackson, BA 2010<br />

April James, BA 2004<br />

Brandon Jenkins, MA 2022<br />

Denielle Johnson, BA 2012<br />

Jessica Johnson, MA 2021<br />

Carmen Johnson, MA 2022<br />

Ann Johnston, BA 2012<br />

Alicia Jones, BS 2005<br />

Carolyn Keith, BA 2011<br />

Kathryn Kibler, BA 2014<br />

Valerie Kinney, BA 2009<br />

Sydney Koon, BA 2015<br />

Kimberly Laburda, BA 2002<br />

Babita Lakhwani, BA 2002<br />

Dayle Lane, MA 2019<br />

Carolyn Lemon, BA 1999<br />

Danyel Lendrum, BA 2003<br />

Rebecca Lenz, BA 2006<br />

Lisa Lesnick, BA 2011<br />

Rosa Levin, BA 2013<br />

Shavonda Lewis, BA 2004<br />

Starla Lewis, BA 2012<br />

Jennifer Lewis, BS 2002<br />

Alexandria Lewis, MA 2023<br />

Jingwen Li, BA 2007<br />

Brittany Long, BA 2010<br />

Taylor Love, BA 2022<br />

Caitlyn Ludwig, BA 2014<br />

Morgan Lunsford, BA 2004<br />

Kelley Lynch, BA 2004<br />

Lindsey Mabile-Stone, BA 2006<br />

Haley MacAfee, BA 2020<br />

Tiana Madden, MA 2020<br />

Kayla Madsen, BA 2015<br />

Kaylee Martin, BA 2019<br />

Kenyatta McAfee, MA 2021<br />

Hannah McClain, MA 2022<br />

Kelly McClure, BA 2000<br />

Jensen Meaux, BA 2018<br />

Anastasia Minaeva, BA 2014<br />

Candace Monnerie, BA 2009<br />

Amy Moore, BA 2002<br />

DeeAnn Moore, BS 1999<br />

Irma Mora, BA 2014<br />

Charmisse Morency, MA 2021<br />

Chenelle Morton, BA 2010<br />

Deasharea Mosley, MA 2019<br />

Paula Ogletree, BS 2003<br />

Connie Oldmixon, BA 2018<br />

Sunday Oren, BS 2003<br />

Tykeria Parker, BA 2013<br />

Heather Parker, BS 2004<br />

Molly Parnes, BA 2003<br />

Dominique Patrick, BA 2017<br />

Melissa Patterson, BA 2004<br />

Jennifer Pemberton, BA 2000<br />

Caylen Perry, BA 2015<br />

Jordan Pittman, BA 2016<br />

Linda Pittman, BS 2009<br />

Khandis Plunkett, BA 2015<br />

Mary Pond, BS 2005<br />

Amber Pursel, BA 2022<br />

Katayon Qahir, BA 2014<br />

Mackenzie Qua, BA 2011<br />

Katie Ramey, BA 2008<br />

Stephanie Rangel Santos, BA 2023<br />

Lindsay Redd, BA 2002<br />

Kristen Reed, BA 2011<br />

Margaret Renfro, BS 2009<br />

Kristina Rhoades, BA 2008<br />

Kallarin Richards, BA 2006<br />

Jessica Riley, BA 1999<br />

Adrianna Rivera-Velazquez, BA 2021<br />

Ronquel Robinson, MA 2020<br />

Azayla Rodriguez, BA 2020<br />

Rachel Roe, BS 2003<br />

Anastasia Rose, BA 2011<br />

Sheila Ross, BS 2004<br />

Ashley Ruiz, BA 2012<br />

Danelle Russell, BA 2013<br />

Taylor Salmon, BA 2015<br />

KayLynn Samples, BA 2017<br />

Willianetta Sanders, MA 2021<br />

Andi Savage, BA 2015<br />

Charity Schlereth, BA 2006<br />

Charity Schlereth, MA 2019<br />

Melissa Schulze, BS 2003<br />

Amanda Scott, BA 2005<br />

Alyson Shields, BA 2013<br />

Mary Simmons, BA 2004<br />

Sharon Simpson, BS 2009<br />

Crystil Skaggs, BA 2020<br />

Allie Smith, BA 2017<br />

Sherry Smith, BS 2006<br />

Anna Sowell, BS 2010<br />

Colleen Sparrow, BA 2010<br />

Samantha Sprague, BA 2010<br />

Meagan Standridge, MA 2019<br />

Sommer Stockton, BA 2019<br />

Sommer Stockton, MA 2020<br />

Joanna Stotter, BA 2006<br />

Cassandra Stowe, MA 2022<br />

Michelle Strickland, BS 2002<br />

Mary Sulhoff, BA 2007<br />

Victoria Swaim, BA 2018<br />

Sharon Swanson, BS 2008<br />

Katherine Tagart, BA 2009

Shanna Tatum, BA 2011<br />

Whitney Teal, BA 2011<br />

Kristal Thomas, BA 2014<br />

Kassandra Thomas, BA 2015<br />

Hannah Thompson, BA 2012<br />

Samantha Threadgill, BA 2014<br />

Ashley Tolbert, BA 2022<br />

Logan Treadway, BS 2009<br />

Olivia Varnson, BA 2016<br />

Cessna Veeris, BA 2002<br />

Celine Vega, BA 2020<br />

Shaadrian Vernon, BA 2017<br />

Mandy Wade, BA 1999<br />

Amy Wallace, BS 1997<br />

Yunfei Wang, BA 2013<br />

Julissa White, BA 2012<br />

Tamara Williams, BA 2002<br />

Kelsey Williamson, BA 2015<br />

Selendra Williamson, BA 2021<br />

Rachel Wilson, BA 2015<br />

Kelaiah Wilson, BA 2015<br />

Tasheka World, BA 2007<br />

Juliana Xavier, BA 2008<br />

Alexia Yates, BA 2002<br />

Rachel Zarach, BA 2014<br />


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Graduate Certificate Recipients<br />

Kefah Fahmi Abukhdeir Project Management Marietta, GA 2021<br />

Buffy Jordan Alexzulian Public Accounting Buford, GA 2014<br />

Christopher Eugene Anderson Project Management Virginia Beach, VA 2015<br />

Marshall Stuart Anderson Accounting Mount Airy, GA 2012<br />

Sylvia Denae Anderson Project Management McCalla, AL 2014<br />

Sylvia Denae Anderson Health Care Management McCalla, AL 2014<br />

Claudia Pauline Ash Accounting Thomasville, GA 2004<br />

William Henry Beecken Accounting Jasper, GA 2008<br />

Ashley Antolyna Bello Public Accounting Greenville, SC 2021<br />

Trava Lavar Best Business Analytics Atlanta, GA 2021<br />

Nathan Alexander Blackwell Public Accounting Cleveland, TN 2015<br />

Miriam Jeanine Bland Project Management Augusta, GA 2016<br />

Heather Rae Bolmon Public Accounting Toccoa, GA 2022<br />

Zenobia Reynolds Boyd Health Care Management Hephzibah, GA 2009<br />

Ashley Marie Boyd Project Management Atlanta, GA 2019<br />

Mallory Ann Brack Human Resource Management Brunswick, GA 2020<br />

Juanita Brinkley Health Care Management Augusta, GA 2011<br />

Juanita Brinkley Project Management Augusta, GA 2011<br />

Dexter Jerome Brooks Project Management Augusta, GA 2013<br />

Michelle Lee Brown Project Management Marshfield, WI 2019<br />

Charity Buszinski Public Accounting APO, AE 2021<br />

Norberto Caez Project Management St. Marys, GA 2010<br />

Sharon Annette Caldwell Health Care Management Lawrenceville, GA 2019<br />

Dawn L Carter Accounting Austell, GA 2003<br />

Shaquille Dante' Christmas Human Resource Management Decatur, GA 2020<br />

Stephanie Clark Management Gainesville, GA 2017<br />

Stephanie Clark Health Care Management Gainesville, GA 2018<br />

Charles Levar Colbert Business Analytics Lithonia, GA 2022<br />

Curtisha Colbert Cyber Security Management Lithonia, GA 2020<br />

Curtisha Colbert Business Analytics Lithonia, GA 2021<br />

Curtisha Colbert Finance Lithonia, GA 2022<br />

Kenny Christopher Cole Project Management Columbus, GA 2019<br />

Lorenia Anne Coleman Accounting Augusta, GA 2011<br />

Shawna Coram Accounting Yulee, FL 2007<br />

Christine Cosper Management Gainesville, GA 2006

Gayle Coston Project Management Grovetown, GA 2012<br />

Robert Emmett Curran Project Management Kingsland, GA 2010<br />

Tyronda Denise Dixon Project Management Waynesboro, GA 2011<br />

Quotrina La'June Doby-Lovett Health Care Management Augusta, GA 2020<br />

Quotrina La'June Doby-Lovett Finance Augusta, GA 2021<br />

Robert Edward Dolan Accounting Dacula, GA 2010<br />

Kristin Lee Doll Health Care Management St. Simons Island, GA 2011<br />

Charee Latice Dotton Project Management Augusta, GA 2014<br />

LaTasha Rochelle Dukes Management Augusta, GA 2021<br />

Emily Dianne Eisenman Public Accounting Winterville, GA 2014<br />

Wenona Nicole Favors Project Management Atlanta, GA 2018<br />

Wenona Nicole Favors Human Resource Management Atlanta, GA 2018<br />

Nicole Elaine Fermanis Human Resource Management Atlanta, GA 2012<br />

James Donald Flanagan Project Management Panama City Beach, FL 2017<br />

Claudia A George Project Management Buford, GA 2014<br />

Leamon Alonzo Gill Management North Las Vegas, NV 2019<br />

Charles William Goodman Business Analytics San Jose, CA 2022<br />

Nathan R. Goss Marketing Flowery Branch, GA 2017<br />

Tajanae Leteek Greer Health Care Management Canton, GA 2021<br />

Dynitra Hall Human Resource Management Hephzibah, GA 2019<br />

Tanisha Hancock-McGarrell Project Management Kathleen, GA 2022<br />

Yansu He Management Gainesville, GA 2013<br />

Kaydene Mae Heilman Accounting Woodstock, GA 2006<br />

Janita Hickenbotham Human Resource Management Forsyth, GA 2018<br />

Chelsea Kitchens Hill Project Management Thomaston, GA 2020<br />

Rebecca Ann Holem Business Analytics Atlanta, GA 2021<br />

Irwin Theodore Holloway Project Management St. Marys, GA 2009<br />

Maletha Hubbard Human Resource Management Fort Oglethorpe, GA 2017<br />

Nicole Bianca Isom Project Management Ellenwood, GA 2017<br />

Roger J. Joe Project Management St. Marys, GA 2013<br />

Iseral Ann Johnson Project Management Aiken, SC 2015<br />

Iseral Ann Johnson Human Resource Management Aiken, SC 2017<br />

Tammie C Johnson Project Management Augusta, GA 2011<br />

Triyoko Nicole Johnson Project Management Augusta, GA 2011<br />

Lakievia Donyale Johnson Project Management Augusta, GA 2018<br />

Valerie Annette Jones Health Care Management Houston, TX 2012<br />

Valerie Annette Jones Project Management Houston, TX 2014<br />

Tonya J. Keith Project Management Woodstock, GA 2015<br />

Joseph Allen Kunz Project Management Elkton, VA 2009<br />

Cedric D. Laster Project Management Edmond, OK 2011<br />

Beth Lebo Human Resource Management Augusta, GA 2017

Beth Lebo Management Augusta, GA 2018<br />

Beth Lebo Finance Augusta, GA 2020<br />

Beth Lebo Negotiation Mediation and Conflict Res. Augusta, GA 2022<br />

Taminko Gabrielle Leslie Health Care Management Atlanta, GA 2019<br />

Whitney Shardae Lewis Cyber Security Management Beech Island, SC 2019<br />

Karen Downey Lightfoot Accounting Gainesville, GA 2009<br />

Ieshia Bianca Lilly Marketing Lithonia, GA 2020<br />

Lemathia Denise Lindsey Health Care Management Hampton, GA 2020<br />

Luis Gabriel Lopez Marketing Gainesville, GA 2017<br />

Amanda Lynn Love Public Accounting Cumming, GA 2018<br />

Tyechia Vontrae Lowe Accounting Augusta, GA 2009<br />

Adriana Lytle Human Resource Management Warner Robins, GA 2020<br />

Karen Marie Martin Project Management St. Marys, GA 2009<br />

Linda Catharine Martin Managerial Accounting Savannah, GA 2015<br />

Marshella D McBride Accounting Evans, GA 2008<br />

Tracy McCurry Human Resource Management Baldwin, GA 2012<br />

Najah McEwen Human Resource Management Atlanta, GA 2022<br />

Sharon Dione McFarland Finance Lithonia, GA 2020<br />

Tishanna Shanee McRae Health Care Management Hampton, GA 2018<br />

Emmese Josephine Miller Public Accounting Valdosta, GA 2022<br />

Carmen Michelle Murray Strategic Thinking & Innovation Atlanta, GA 2019<br />

Tammy Lynn Nolan Accounting Suwanee, GA 2010<br />

Jennifer Norton Human Resource Management East Ellijay, GA 2018<br />

Lori Jeanne Nye Accounting Gainesville, GA 2013<br />

Nicole Lynn Ormesher Human Resource Management Lawrenceville, GA 2015<br />

Karen L Paige Project Management Martinez, GA 2012<br />

Kimberly C Paige-Smith Project Management Hephzibah, GA 2017<br />

Jessica Nicole Parker Health Care Management Acworth, GA 2014<br />

Audrey Denise Prince Project Management Covington, GA 2009<br />

Saanyaan Rahman Public Accounting Lawrenceville, GA 2016<br />

Sandhya Rajput Human Resource Management Atlanta, GA 2019<br />

Shelley Randolph Human Resource Management Flowery Branch, GA 2016<br />

Shelly Monique Robinson Project Management Powder Springs, GA 2016<br />

Lisa Marie Sack Marketing Cumming, GA 2018<br />

LaQuisha NaChelle Salley Project Management Auburn, GA 2019<br />

Katia Chernice Samuel Health Care Management Fairfield, CT 2020<br />

Andi Elizabeth Savage Health Care Management Gainesville, GA 2020<br />

Felisha Seward, Negotiation Mediation and Conflict Res. Conyers, GA 2022<br />

Tameka Lynn Shannon Accounting Douglasville, GA 2008<br />

Abigail Shapiro Human Resource Management North Augusta, SC 2020<br />

Ibrahim Shekoni Project Management Marietta, GA 2018

Cecilia Ann Shoffner Human Resource Management Augusta, GA 2015<br />

Elveta Denise Smith Nonprofit Leadership Gainesville, GA 2018<br />

Mia Natasha Smith Project Management Hampton, GA 2018<br />

Mia Natasha Smith Health Care Management Hampton, GA 2018<br />

JoAnn Smith Smith-Forister Health Care Management Mckinney, TX 2020<br />

Sherry Smoot Project Management Lawrenceville, GA 2013<br />

Andrew Paul Spencer Cyber Security Management Franklin, VA 2020<br />

Kathy Stargell-Clark Business Analytics Newnan, GA 2021<br />

Sonya Denise Stephens Health Care Management Suwanee, GA 2015<br />

Sarah Rebecca Stokes Health Care Management Hortense, GA 2011<br />

Tyler Arthur Swartz Marketing Chesapeake, VA 2017<br />

Etta Tawo Project Management Powder Springs, GA 2020<br />

Mary Thomas Health Care Management Conyers, GA 2019<br />

Tashana Nashe Thomas Project Management Hiram, GA 2017<br />

Valyncia E Thomas Nonprofit Leadership Macon, GA 2021<br />

Robin Harriet Tracy Accounting Gillsville, GA 2013<br />

Stacey Nickole Tucker Cyber Security Management Columbus, GA 2020<br />

Angela Suzanne Venator Project Management Winder, GA 2016<br />

Brenda K. Walden Health Care Management Macon, GA 2021<br />

LaStacy Darcell Walker Project Management Roswell, GA 2013<br />

Elizabeth Travis Warfford Health Care Management Carrollton, GA 2011<br />

Gregory Brooks Whitehead Accounting Huntsville, AL 2005<br />

Kendrah Dawanna Wilson Health Care Management St. Marys, GA 2014<br />

Andrea U Woodard Accounting Hephzibah, GA 2009<br />

Jeanine Nicole Woods Human Resource Management Conyers, GA 2021<br />

Eric A. Wynn Project Management Jacksonville, NC 2020<br />

Increase Your Degree Value<br />

How does your degree increase in value? It’s simple. According<br />

to several college reporting agencies such as the<br />

U.S. News & World Report, alumni engagement is one of<br />

several qualities used to rank colleges. Staying in touch with<br />

the College of Business & Communication helps increase our<br />

reputation. In turn, this makes your degree even more valuable.

The Brenau Ideal<br />

To find satisfaction in being rather than in seeming;<br />

To find joy in doing rather than in dreaming;<br />

To be prepared for service—thereby earning the right to be<br />

served;<br />

To be pure in heart, vigorous in mind, discreet in action;<br />

To love deeply, fear nothing, hate never;<br />

To enjoy that freedom which comes from knowledge of the<br />

“Truth”;<br />

To be modestly conscious of the limitations of human knowledge<br />

and serenely confident of the limitless reaches of human endeavor—this<br />

is the ideal of Brenau.<br />

H.J. Pearce<br />

President of Brenau College<br />

1900-1943<br />

The Brenau Alma Mater<br />

Brenau, how nobly we see thee,<br />

With honors richly crowned;<br />

In all this fair, fair Southland Thy equal is not found.<br />

Oh happy the day that we sought thee by Chattahoochee’s side.<br />

Where spring gives its first kiss to nature,

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