November 2023-Tiger Growl

The monthly newsletter that celebrates everything that is FHS.

The monthly newsletter that celebrates everything that is FHS.


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<strong>Growl</strong><br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>November</strong><br />

<strong>Tiger</strong><br />

Be Engaged! Be Brave! Be Kind! Be a <strong>Tiger</strong>! Belong!<br />

FHS Mission Statement<br />

Fremont High School will develop successful lifelong learners, and productive members of a global<br />

society<br />

Administrators:<br />

Myron Sikora: Head Principal<br />

Kody Christensen: Asst. Principal<br />

Seth McClain: Asst. Principal<br />

Scott Anderson: Asst. Principal/Activities Director<br />

Shanon Willmott: Dean of Students<br />

Dillon Grossman: Dean of Students<br />

Mike Schleicher: Registrar/Asst. Activities Director<br />

Counselors:<br />

Students with last names that start with...<br />

Cindy Kostek: A-F<br />

Ainslee Kroenke: G-L<br />

Mark Williams: M-Q<br />

Dawn Weinandt: R-Z<br />

Reminder: Fremont High School<br />

has a<br />


Students must have<br />

permission from a parent and<br />

check out through the office in<br />

order to leave the school<br />

building during the school<br />

day.<br />

Students may not "go out for<br />

lunch"; they are to report to<br />

the cafeteria/commons during<br />

their lunch period.<br />

Students should plan to eat<br />

lunch in the cafeteria or bring<br />

a sack lunch from home.<br />

<strong>November</strong> 3rd<br />

Baile Latino!<br />

7:00pm-10:00pm<br />

Al Bahe Gym<br />

<strong>November</strong> 8th<br />

UNL College Visit<br />

for<br />

Juniors/Seniors<br />

<strong>November</strong> 10th<br />

Veteran’s day<br />

Assembly<br />

<strong>November</strong> 13th<br />

Winter Sports begin.<br />

Don't Forget!<br />

<strong>November</strong> 14th<br />

UNO College Visit for<br />

Juniors/Seniors<br />

<strong>November</strong> 16th:<br />

Registration Day<br />

12-7:30<br />

<strong>November</strong> 21st<br />

Psycho Beach Party<br />

Home Performance<br />

<strong>November</strong> 30th<br />

Northeast Community College colle<br />

visit for Junior/Seniors

Notes from the Nurses<br />

We have begun the health screening process for all<br />

sophomores and new students to the district. We check<br />

height, weight, vision, and dental, so wear your<br />

glasses/contacts daily. You never know when it will be your<br />

turn.<br />

As always good hygiene is important, shower daily and use<br />

deodorant..Be considerate of those with<br />

allergies/asthma/sensitive to strong smells and don't use<br />

perfume/cologne. Especially do not spray it in school.<br />

Wash your hands often for 26 seconds. If you are ill please<br />

stay home. If you have a temp of 100.00 or higher you will be<br />

asked to stay home that day and the next 24 hours to rest.<br />


Nurses: Tammy and LeeAnn

Counseling Announcements

*School will not be in session this day**

Counseling Announcements

Counseling Announcements

To make sure every student is successful,<br />

remember to<br />

1) Charge your Chromebook at night.<br />

2) Make sure it's in working order.<br />

3) Bring it to school every day.

Changes to the FHS Weighted Grading Policy are coming for the<br />

Class of 2027:<br />

For 9th graders entering Fremont High School this fall, there has been an update to the weighted<br />

grading policy that will apply to the Class of 2027. The Classes of 2024, 2025, and 2026 will operate<br />

under the former policy. Both policies can be found in the FHS Student Handbook. Highlights of the<br />

changes include:<br />

*all weighted courses will receive a 5.0 weight (on a 4.0 scale)<br />

*only Honors/Advanced and AP (Advanced Placement) courses will be weighted<br />

*The list of Honors/Advanced and AP courses to be weighted can be found in the policy in the student<br />

handbook<br />

*Dual-credit courses will no longer be weighted<br />

Just a reminder of the Leveled Diplomas that will be available beginning with the Class of 2026:<br />

250-credit Cum Laude Diploma - Includes 175 required credits + 75 elective credits<br />

● High Distinction - Requires a 3.75 cumulative GPA<br />

To begin with the graduating class of 2026<br />

290-credit Magna Cum Laude Diploma - Includes 175 required credits + 115 elective<br />

credits<br />

● High Distinction - Requires a 3.75 cumulative GPA<br />

To begin with the graduating class of 2026<br />

290-credit Summa Cum Laude - (Includes 175 required credits + 115 elective credits)<br />

● High Distinction - Requires a 3.75 cumulative GPA<br />

○ Requires:<br />

1. Completion of Level 4 of a world language<br />

2. Social Science - 30 credits<br />

3. Science - 40 credits to include 20 credits in Anatomy & Physiology,<br />

Chemistry or Physics<br />

4. English - 45 credits to include 10 credits of AP Literature &<br />

Composition, British Literature, Analytical Composition, Creative<br />

Writing, or Journalism II<br />

5. Math - 40 credits to include Math Analysis<br />

6. 15 credits of visual arts and/or performing arts<br />

7. 15 credits of vocational courses--including Metro Academies<br />

(Industrial Technology/Business/FCS)<br />

To begin with the graduating class of 2026<br />

210-credit FHS - Standard Diploma (Includes 175 required credits + 35 elective credits)<br />

To begin with the graduating class of <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

*In order for a student to graduate with a Standard Diploma prior to the completion of their<br />

cohort year, a student / parent meeting with the Director of Guidance and the FHS<br />

administration is required.<br />

Current levels of academic recognition will remain in place until graduation of the class of 2026.

Veteran’s day Assembly<br />

<strong>November</strong> 10th<br />

11:00am-11:30am<br />

Al Bahe<br />

Gymnasium<br />

Featured<br />

Speaker:<br />

Lt. Colonel<br />

Amy Johnson<br />

All Veterans and active<br />

service members are<br />

invited to attend a<br />

program in their honor.<br />

If you are attending, please<br />

contact the main office at<br />

402-727-3050 to RSVP



Winter Sports Begin<br />

<strong>November</strong> 13th<br />

You must have a copy of your<br />

current sports physical on file in the<br />

Activities Office before<br />

participating<br />

Questions?<br />

Girls Basketball: Connor Lusso connor.lusso@fpsmail.org<br />

Boys Basketball: Mark Williams: mark.williams@fpsmail.org<br />

Swimming: David Struble david.struble@fpsmail.org<br />

Wrestling: Ben Wilcox ben.wilcox@fpsmail.org<br />

Bowling: Mark McKenzie mark.mckenzie@fpsmail.org

Consumer Warning<br />

Parents, please be<br />

safe and aware, of<br />

this situation

Consumer Warning<br />

Watch this<br />

video for<br />

more<br />


Consumer Warning

Student Celebrations<br />

The FHS Math Team competed at UNO Math Day on October 6th.<br />

In the Data Analysis Problem Solving team competition, the<br />

<strong>Tiger</strong>s finished in 1st place out of 18 Class A schools. Senior Gabe<br />

Read was the team’s top finisher in the individual rounds,<br />

advancing to the the final “Justification Round.” The full team<br />

(pictured left to right) consisted of Gabe Read, Ryan Push, Alexis<br />

Frank, Hannah Bryant, Betsy Janssen, Katie Proskovec, Noah<br />

Miller, Mason Nau, Emely Garcia, and Martin Coronado Valdez.

Student Celebrations<br />

Desiree Hayden Parra, Ainslee<br />

Kroenke, and Ryan Olson<br />

accompanied 33 FHS students to<br />

the NE Hispanic Latino Summit in<br />

Columbus, NE to learn about<br />

opportunities for college<br />

scholarships and future careers.<br />

Desiree Hayden Parra, Ainslee<br />

Kroenke, y Ryan Olson<br />

acompañaron a 33 estudiantes<br />

de FHS a una conferencia<br />

hispana latina en Columbus, NE<br />

para aprender de oportunidades<br />

de becas universitarias y futuras<br />


Student Celebrations<br />

Mrs. Brown took six young<br />

women to the Metro South<br />

Campus for a Women in<br />

Manufacturing Lunch and<br />

Learn.<br />

The companies that<br />

provided this<br />

opportunity were<br />

Lozier, Conductix,<br />

Valmont, RSM, and<br />


Student Celebrations<br />

The companies represented<br />

were: Patriot nation, Sid<br />

Dillon, Precision Surveying &<br />

Consulting Inc., Patriot<br />

Services (Millwright),<br />

AOPA|You Can Fly, Cargill,<br />

National Hydro Excavation<br />

Services, Fremont Electric,<br />

Woodhouse Ford<br />

Earlier in October, Mrs.<br />

Brown took a group of<br />

students to a career fair<br />

in Herman.

Student Celebrations<br />

Congratulations to FHS journalism students! The year book staff was awarded a<br />

Cornhusker, the highest award for journalistic excellence in high school<br />

publications, for the 2022-<strong>2023</strong> annual. The staff also earned a Gold Kernel for<br />

their design throughout the annual. The newspaper staff received a superior<br />

rating for their 2022-<strong>2023</strong> issues of the <strong>Tiger</strong>'s Eye. FHS journalism students<br />

attended the Nebraska High School Press Association Fall Convention at UNL<br />

earlier this month where winners were announced in an award ceremony.

Submit your Senior Photos<br />

before it’s too late!!<br />



Student Celebrations<br />

Introducing....<br />

The <strong>November</strong> German Students of the<br />

Month!<br />

&<br />

New<br />

German Honor society<br />


Library in the Letter<br />

Awesome happenings in YOUR library.<br />

Library hours: 7am-4pm<br />

Friendship isn’t a<br />

big thing-it’s a<br />

million little<br />

things.<br />

-Paulo Coelho<br />

Hello!<br />

Happy Veteran’s Day on <strong>November</strong> 11th and Happy<br />

Thanksgiving later on in the month. If you want<br />

something to be thankful/grateful for, think of your<br />

school. Your friends are here, your teachers try hard<br />

for you, and the library is a safe place.<br />

Did you know?!<br />

Chromebook Corner<br />

Second shout out of the year!!!<br />




CLASS!<br />

This will help you stay organized and save you a lot<br />

of headache when turning in portfolios and<br />

assignments.<br />

The Cornea is one<br />

of only two parts of<br />

the human body<br />

without any blood<br />

vessels<br />

Word of the month:<br />

Pelagic<br />

puh·la·juhk<br />

/p əˈ læd k/ ʒɪ<br />

adjective<br />

relating to or occurring or living in<br />

or frequenting the open ocean<br />

Tech Tool of the Month!<br />

Brisk<br />

http://www.briskteaching.com<br />

Brisk teaching is an awesome AI<br />

tool that translates text,<br />

converts it to a reading level<br />

that is easy to understand,<br />

among other things. It’s a multi<br />

purpose tool that helps teachers<br />

and students work smarter not<br />

harder.<br />

Hot<br />

books in the<br />

Library<br />

Who: Kate Doughty (author),<br />

Cecily Cole, Rudy Cole, Amber<br />

Cole<br />

What: The Cole Triplets are<br />

Social Media stars as well as<br />

being in a famous family. Their<br />

parents move them to upstate<br />

New York to a McMansion that<br />

they are renovating. On their<br />

way there, the triplets keep<br />

being bombarded by a<br />

mysterious follower that tells<br />

Key:<br />

them the (creepy) story behind<br />

When: Present day<br />

Fantasy Biography<br />

graphic novel<br />

Where: New York State<br />

Why: In case you didn’t get<br />

Historical Sad<br />

manga<br />

enough scary stories in October.<br />

Religious or<br />

Interests:<br />

LGBTQIA+<br />

Romance<br />

Spiritual<br />

Twitter: @librarytigers<br />

Facebook: FHS Media Center<br />

email: dana.fontaine@fpsmail.org<br />

Insta: fhstigerpower<br />

Tiktok: p.394fhslib<br />

Poetry or verse Adventure<br />

Scifi<br />

Mystery<br />

Sports<br />

realistic<br />


Lunch Information<br />

lunch prices<br />

Elementary: $2.00<br />

JCAC: $2.25<br />

Middle School: $2.35<br />

High School: $2.40<br />

Reduced: $.40<br />

Breakfast: $1.30<br />

Reduced Breakfast: $.30<br />

Adults: $3.75<br />

Apply for Free/Reduced lunch<br />

here:<br />

https://bit.ly/fpsfreeredlunch<br />

scan for easy access<br />

*Important*<br />

USDA waivers that<br />

allowed for free<br />

meals for all<br />

students will no<br />

longer be available.<br />

If families want to<br />

apply for benefits<br />

please fill out an<br />


Important Dates to Remember!<br />

NaNoWriMo!<br />

(National Novel Writing Month)<br />

Baile Latino<br />

Dance<br />

7:00pm-<br />

10:00pm<br />

National<br />

Nacho<br />

Day<br />

UNL College<br />

Visit Day<br />

Juniors/Seniors<br />

Veteran’s<br />

Day<br />

UNO College<br />

Visit Day<br />

Juniors/Seniors<br />

Registration<br />

Day<br />

12:00-7:00<br />

SENIOR<br />

PHOTOS<br />

DUE!<br />

Thanksgiving Break<br />

National<br />

French Toast<br />

Day<br />

NECC Visit Day<br />


Digital Corner<br />

Follow FHS: Twitter @fhstigersbelong<br />

Follow FHS Activities: Twitter @fhstigersports<br />

Follow FHS Facebook: facebook.com/FPSfremonthighschool<br />

Follow FHS Instagram: @fhstigerpower<br />



Students, their families, employees, and potential employees of Fremont High School are hereby notified that Fremont High School does not<br />

discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex, disability, genetic information, military obligations, English<br />

proficiency, veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, or status in any other group protected by local, state or federal law in<br />

employment, career and technology programs or activities, including Business, Family Consumer Science, and Industrial Technology, as set forth in<br />

compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations. Any persons having inquiries concerning Fremont High School’s compliance with Title II,<br />

Title IV, Title IX, the ADA, and/or Section 504 may contact: Executive Director of Human Resources and Elementary Operations, 130 E. 9th St. (402-727-<br />

3008), Fremont, NE 68025.<br />

Persons seeking further information concerning the career and technical education offerings and specific pre-requisite criteria should contact: Mr.<br />

Myron Sikora, Principal, Fremont High School, 1750 North Lincoln Ave. (402-727-3050), Fremont, NE 68025. To obtain this information in a language<br />

other than English, call 402-727-3088.

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