CLIA UK Ireland Leaders Newsletter - October 2023

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<strong>CLIA</strong> <strong>UK</strong> & <strong>Ireland</strong><br />

<strong>Leaders</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> – <strong>October</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Government Affairs Update<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> continues to work with the Government to educate officials and elected officials on the value<br />

that cruising brings to the <strong>UK</strong>, the progress being made in sustainability, and how the industry<br />

wishes to work with the Government to create a successful and sustainable industry.<br />

The programme of engagement over the past few months has included:<br />

• <strong>CLIA</strong> now has a seat on the Clean Maritime Council and the overarching Maritime<br />

Council, that reviews progress to Maritime 2050 – a commitment for the industry in terms<br />

of some key topics such as sustainability, people & skills, and <strong>UK</strong> competitiveness.<br />

• <strong>CLIA</strong> worked with Royal Caribbean International to host Baroness Vere, the Maritime<br />

Minister, on a cruise ship in Southampton – the first time the Minister had visited a cruise<br />

ship.<br />

• <strong>CLIA</strong> worked with Celebrity Cruises to host the Shadow Maritime Minister, Mike Kane, and<br />

some local MP’s, on a ship tour and lunch in Liverpool.<br />

• <strong>CLIA</strong> co-chaired the Cruise Industry Government Forum (CIGF) with the Department for<br />

Transport to highlight two key streams of work around decarbonisation, and around cruise<br />

taking a more active role in <strong>UK</strong> tourism strategies. The meeting was attended by the<br />

Maritime Minister.<br />

• <strong>CLIA</strong> hosted a reception with Cruise Britain as part of London International Shipping<br />

Week (LISW), where we heard from ports, and from the Shadow Tourism Minister Barbara<br />

Keeley<br />

• <strong>CLIA</strong> hosted a special dinner for LISW for the Maritime Minister to meet senior leaders<br />

from <strong>CLIA</strong> ocean and river cruise members.<br />

Change to <strong>UK</strong> Borders is coming<br />

The <strong>UK</strong> Government is introducing new border requirements for all visitors, including cruise guests,<br />

and may impact your customers if they are arriving in the <strong>UK</strong> as a non-<strong>UK</strong> and non-Irish citizen.<br />

Details can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/electronic-travel-authorisation-eta

Charting the Future of Sustainable Cruise<br />

We’re pleased to share a new <strong>CLIA</strong> publication Charting the Future of Sustainable Cruise Travel<br />

which outlines how the cruise industry is working towards achieving its sustainability commitments.<br />

Key areas of focus among <strong>CLIA</strong> member lines include climate action, sustainable tourism,<br />

conservation, diversity, and inclusion. “Charting the future of sustainable cruise travel” explores<br />

the many ways in which cruise lines are investing in new technologies, processes, and practices to<br />

drive progress across these focus areas. Topics covered include pursuing fuel flexibility by investing<br />

in propulsion technologies with conversion capabilities for the future; reducing emissions while at<br />

berth and at sea; investing in advanced environmental technologies onboard; partnering with cities<br />

and ports on sustainable destination management.<br />

The new paper includes latest data and statistics sourced from <strong>CLIA</strong>’s annual environmental report,<br />

supported by multiple examples and case studies of activities undertaken by <strong>CLIA</strong> member cruise<br />

lines. For example, the <strong>CLIA</strong> member fleet each year becomes more efficient embracing new<br />

technologies and, as available, the uptake of sustainable alternative fuels. Cruise lines are<br />

implementing processes to scale up the use of advanced biofuels, green methanol, and synthetic<br />

fuels. They are also deploying new sustainable energy sources such as electric batteries, hydrogen<br />

fuel cells and even wind and solar to reduce significantly their environmental footprint. To reduce<br />

emissions in port, 120 <strong>CLIA</strong> member cruise line ships today are capable of plugging into shoreside<br />

electricity, where available.<br />

The cruise industry is working to be the best way to travel responsibly. The paper shines a light on<br />

the positive impact of our industry on port communities, as well as life on board for a workforce that<br />

hails from 150 nationalities around the world. For example, cruise companies collaborate with<br />

destinations, ports, and other organisations around the world to embed sustainable practices such<br />

as managing traffic flows, supporting local community initiatives, and educating cruise passengers<br />

to be culturally sensitive, and more environmentally aware.<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> is proud of its members’ work in supporting various recognized international goals, including<br />

many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), designed to help protect the<br />

planet for future generations. The paper identifies which SDGs to which the industry is contributing<br />

and can make a difference.

<strong>CLIA</strong> & ATAS Glasgow Afternoon Tea<br />

Thursday 2 November – 14.30 – 17.00<br />

Glasgow<br />

Join <strong>CLIA</strong> and ATAS for their first joint event as<br />

we enjoy an Afternoon Tea together in Glasgow<br />

to celebrate the successful year for cruise,<br />

adventure and touring holidays with some<br />

additional insights and trends.<br />

We are delighted to have representatives from<br />

AE Expeditions, APT, G Adventures and<br />

Riviera Travel joining us.<br />

Register online now:<br />

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/clia-atasglasgow-afternoon-tea-tickets-726030385427<br />

New online At-A-Glance Guide<br />

The compact yet comprehensive guide offers a swift and<br />

convenient overview of each of our cruise lines and river<br />

cruise operators, presenting key facts and unique selling<br />

features at your fingertips.<br />

Available via the Agent Resources page:<br />

https://cruising.org/en-gb/my-clia/eu/agent-resources<br />

Flagship Events on Waitlist<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> RiverView Conference 2024<br />

11 – 13 March 2024 – Amsterdam, Netherlands<br />

The 12th RiverView Conference will be supported by 10 river<br />

cruise operators. Delegates will spend two nights onboard,<br />

with hosted dinners. A New-to-Selling River Cruise<br />

Masterclass will take place just before the main program.<br />


https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/AMS2024Waitlist<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Conference 2024<br />

23 – 25 May <strong>2023</strong> – Southampton, <strong>UK</strong><br />

The largest annual travel agent event of its kind in Europe<br />

and the 16th to take place, will include ship visits, conference<br />

sessions, a trade fair and a celebratory evening event. An<br />

optional New to Selling Cruise Day has also been added on<br />

Wednesday 22 May.<br />


https://dellardavies.eventsair.com/clia-conference-<br />


Event Review<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> Porto: Destination Showcase<br />

The Showcase shone a spotlight on cruise<br />

destination knowledge as a key part of the sales<br />

discussion you have with your customers.<br />

The three-day Showcase welcomed over 100<br />

delegates and featured business sessions with<br />

destination experts, a networking trade fair and<br />

ship visits with Seabourn, Emerald Cruises and<br />

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises.<br />

Destination immersion was delivered through a<br />

short river cruise tour sailing the banks of Porto<br />

and Vila Nova de Gaia, two hosted Dinner events<br />

at the Porto Cruise Terminal (Port of Leixões) and<br />

WOW – “World of Wine”, and the opportunity to<br />

join local excursions, with options including<br />

Historic and Modern Porto, as well as a Vinho<br />

Verde tasting experience.<br />

The Showcase was sponsored by Headline<br />

partners Visit Porto & North Portugal, Port of<br />

Leixões, Area Metropolitana do Porto and Mail<br />

Metro Media, in collaboration with TAP Air<br />

Portugal as our Airline Partner.<br />

Register now<br />

Specialist Cruise Webinars<br />

Thursday 26 <strong>October</strong> – 09.30am<br />

Expedition Cruising<br />

The Kimberley Region, Western Australia<br />

Register now:<br />

https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5604<br />

443195027571039<br />

Friday 27 <strong>October</strong> – 09.30am<br />

Expedition Cruising<br />

South and Central America<br />

Register now<br />

https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4236999<br />


New-to-Selling Cruise Webinars<br />

Save the Dates & Register now<br />

These webinars will assist you in increasing your cruise and sales knowledge, as a panel of cruise<br />

line executives will share hints and tips on how to build your business. You will also receive industry<br />

and <strong>CLIA</strong> updates from Andy Harmer, <strong>CLIA</strong> Managing Director.<br />

Wednesday 8 November - New-to-Selling Cruise - Session 1<br />

https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2790513663595396446<br />

Wednesday 16 November - New-to-Selling Cruise - Session 2<br />

https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6297868894782344540<br />

Wednesday 23 November - New-to-Selling Cruise - Session 3<br />

https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/682583846893123928<br />

Next Quarterly<br />

Webinar<br />

“Making the most of<br />

your <strong>CLIA</strong><br />

Membership”<br />

Tuesday 31 <strong>October</strong> - 09.30am<br />

The 'Making the most of your <strong>CLIA</strong> Membership' webinar will give you all<br />

the updates and information you need to make sure your <strong>CLIA</strong><br />

membership is working for you. Join <strong>CLIA</strong> Managing Director Andy<br />

Harmer as he takes you through the latest additions and updates on the<br />

<strong>CLIA</strong> website and what events there are coming up.<br />

Register now:<br />

https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7171374811203192149<br />

New online<br />

Three new “Itinerary Experience” Factsheets<br />

The next three in our series of Itinerary Experience factsheets are now live online:<br />

• Greece and Turkey (ex. Athens/Piraeus)<br />

• Alaska (ex. Seattle)<br />

• Western Caribbean (ex. Port Canaveral)<br />

Access all Itinerary Experience Factsheets online here:<br />


New video content at cruising.org:<br />

Virtual Ship Tours<br />

To bring you as close to the ships as possible without<br />

leaving your laptop, we’ve got onboard to record a new<br />

series of Virtual Ship Tours - bringing you need-to-know<br />

information all in around 10 minutes per ship – visiting<br />

key dining and entertainment spaces, discussing unique<br />

selling points and giving you a great feel for the ship<br />

from our commentary and footage. We’ve got a fantastic<br />

selection of 11 videos currently available – many of<br />

them ships that frequently depart from <strong>UK</strong>-ports.<br />

Our first videos, live now, include:<br />

• Azamara Azamara Pursuit<br />

• Crystal Crystal Serenity<br />

• Cunard Queen Victoria<br />

• Seabourn Seabourn Quest<br />

• Holland America Line Zuiderdam<br />

• Windstar Cruises Star Legend<br />

• Celebrity Cruises Celebrity APEX<br />

• Royal Caribbean International<br />

Anthem of the Seas<br />

• P&O Cruises Iona<br />

• MSC Cruises MSC Virtuosa<br />

• Swan Hellenic SH Vega<br />

The new Virtual Ship Tours can be found here:<br />

https://cruising.org/en-gb/my-clia/eu/virtual-ship-tours<br />

Coming soon: New to Selling Cruise<br />

What is it? It is a new section of the website – available<br />

to <strong>CLIA</strong> members. Developed with new to selling<br />

cruise agents in mind, it is a mini-library of 12 key<br />

starter topics that we believe a new-to-selling cruise<br />

agent would want to know. The topics are covered<br />

through short videos and accompanying PDF notes,<br />

allowing the agents to both listen and read through the<br />

overview information they need. A number of the PDFs<br />

will be downloadable as guides to refer back to.<br />

There is no formal test or examination to confirm<br />

completion, but we do offer a short Quiz that agents<br />

can complete once they feel they have covered the<br />

topics needed, which will offer a digital certificate.<br />

The 12 topics will cover:<br />

1 of 12 - Jargon & Cruise language<br />

2 of 12 – Cruise Essentials<br />

3 of 12 – Deck Plans<br />

4 of 12 – Staterooms<br />

5 of 12 – The Cruise Lines<br />

6 of 12 – What to do onboard a cruise<br />

7 of 12 – River Cruise<br />

8 of 12 – Destinations and Ports<br />

9 of 12 – Promotions and Pricing<br />

10 of 12 – Booking Tools<br />

11 of 12 – Managing Customer Expectation<br />

12 of 12 – Top Tips and Getting Started<br />

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