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EarthScope Analytics provides aerial analysis services using AI to transform satellite data into insights for cities, private companies, homeowners and government. "Elevating Insights, One Pixel at a Time"

EarthScope Analytics provides aerial analysis services using AI to transform satellite data into insights for cities, private companies, homeowners and government.
"Elevating Insights, One Pixel at a Time"


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<strong>Real</strong> <strong>Estate</strong><br />

<strong>Data</strong> <strong>for</strong> <strong>Asset</strong><br />

<strong>Management</strong><br />

Leveraging satellite imagery and AI <strong>for</strong> real<br />

estate analytics.

EarthScope Analytics<br />

EarthScope Analytics provides aerial analysis services<br />

using AI to trans<strong>for</strong>m satellite data into insights <strong>for</strong><br />

cities, private companies, homeowners and<br />

government.<br />

"Elevating Insights, One Pixel at a Time"

Why EarthScope Excels<br />

Versatile calculations<br />

Offers comprehensive calculations <strong>for</strong> areas<br />

like roads, roofs, <strong>for</strong>ests, grass, and water to<br />

provide a complete environmental view<br />

AI training functionality<br />

Leverages intuitive training functionality to<br />

create custom AI models <strong>for</strong> specific needs<br />

Flexible deployment options<br />

Provides on-demand, scheduled, and<br />

triggered deployment options to suit<br />

different requirements<br />

EarthScope excels through versatile calculations, AI training functionality,<br />

and flexible deployment options that empower data-driven decisions.

Initial Consultation<br />

This initial consultation will help us understand your real estate portfolio and asset management needs. We'll have an open<br />

discussion to assess how our AI services can provide data-driven insights to optimize your property investments.

<strong>Data</strong> Collection and Processing<br />

<strong>Data</strong> Capture: Use aerial imaging to collect data relevant to<br />

real estate assets.<br />

<strong>Data</strong> Processing: Leverage AI to process captured data into<br />

a usable <strong>for</strong>mat <strong>for</strong> analysis.


Parking Analysis<br />

Accurate count and mapping of parking spaces, optimizing usage and planning.<br />

Green Space Evaluation<br />

Identification and quantification of green areas <strong>for</strong> environmental balance and<br />

aesthetic appeal.<br />

Tree Inventory<br />

Precise tree count and percentage analysis, crucial <strong>for</strong> urban <strong>for</strong>estry<br />

management.<br />

Quarterly Property Checks<br />

Regular assessments to monitor changes in property conditions, aiding in<br />

maintenance planning and capital expenditure <strong>for</strong>ecasting.<br />

Expansion Potential<br />

Analysis of available space <strong>for</strong> potential property growth, like warehouse<br />

expansion possibilities.


Roof Maintenance Insights<br />

Detailed roof condition monitoring to preemptively address maintenance needs.<br />

Risk Assessment<br />

Identifying trees at risk of falling on structures or vehicles, ensuring safety and<br />

proactive management.<br />

Flood Risk Analysis<br />

Evaluating flood potential to in<strong>for</strong>m preventative measures and emergency<br />

planning.<br />

Landscaping Analysis<br />

Size and cost analysis of landscaping areas, aiding in budgeting and design.<br />

Snow <strong>Management</strong><br />

Insights on snow plowing needs, optimal salt usage, and efficient snow disposal<br />


Delivery and Support<br />

Delivery of analysis reports<br />

Provide comprehensive analysis reports to clients,<br />

delivering aerial data insights in an easy-tounderstand<br />

<strong>for</strong>mat.<br />

Ongoing consultation<br />

Continued engagement with clients to answer<br />

questions, provide training, and ensure maximum<br />

value from analysis insights over time.<br />

Explain insights and findings<br />

Expert support to walk clients through analysis<br />

reports, ensuring full understanding of insights<br />

and how they can in<strong>for</strong>m decisions.

Book a Demo<br />

See analysis in real-time<br />

Observe EarthScope AI interpret aerial<br />

imagery live during demo<br />

Discover predictive insights<br />

Learn how our AI generates powerful<br />

<strong>for</strong>ecasts from aerial data<br />

Trans<strong>for</strong>m decisions<br />

Understand how our analytics can optimize<br />

your asset management<br />

Experience the future of aerial data analytics. Book a demo today.

Meet the<br />

team<br />

Our team is what really<br />

makes us tick. We are<br />

dreamers and creators to the<br />

core.<br />

Hector Escobar Alain Belanger Jon Goebel<br />

Diorge Ferreira<br />

Scott Philippe


<strong>Real</strong> <strong>Estate</strong><br />

Municipality<br />

Revolutionize <strong>for</strong>est management<br />

Empower real estate professionals with<br />

precise property valuations and land use<br />

insights.<br />

Streamline urban planning and disaster<br />

management, enhancing city livability and<br />

safety.<br />

Revolutionize <strong>for</strong>est management, enabling<br />

efficient monitoring and conservation<br />

ef<strong>for</strong>ts.<br />

By leveraging data and analytics, we can deliver innovative solutions<br />

to tackle pressing urban and environmental challenges.

Let's connect!<br />

EarthScope Analytics Inc.<br />

earthscope.ai<br />

info@earthscope.ai<br />

+1 (317) 397-7465

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