Visit Kisumu Dec -Jan 2024 Issue gives you more comprehensive information that you need to know about Kisumu

Visit Kisumu Dec -Jan 2024 Issue gives you more comprehensive information that you need to know about Kisumu


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Christmas Edition

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Why Visit Kisumu

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Best of Dunga

One on One with Eddy Orinda

IT Hubs in Kisumu

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DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE



Nyamasaria - (The Emerging

Business Hub of Kisumu)

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The Great Lake Victoria

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Visit Spots

Popular Eateries

Kisumu in Pics

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DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE




The things we hope for are within our reach. We

hope for the rains, the sun, better days or to be

reunited with family. That feeling of expectation and

desire for a particular thing to happen can be kept

alive. Christmas is a joyous season and what better

way than to spend it in good company?Visit Kisumu

is a platform showing potential in Kisumu City and

the surrounding counties. Did you know that

Kisumu is the only city one can reach by water, air,

road, or rail? This season, as you make plans to

reunite with family, and friends or have an alone

time, WELCOME TO KISUMU.Our city is well

known for fresh and tasty fish, graced with the great

Lake Victoria amongst other beautiful natural

resources. This season I want to root you deep in

culture where you get to dance to the best tunes

from the Luo community. As we set the rhythm with

instruments like orutu, handcrafted with precision

and care, we infuse your world with the essence of

cultural richness.We have you in mind with the best

dishes prepared to your desired taste. Breakfast,

brunch, lunch, or even dinner by the beach is a wish

we can make come true at Dunga Beach. Acropolis

and Dacha Family Gardens are ready to receive as

many as you can bring. Work and rest are important

but a little dance by the lake, a little walk at the

beach, and some fun activities like boat rides are

some of the things we would wish that you put in

your bucket list this Christmas.We rest after

creating. A day filled with fun activities deserves a

good close. So free your mind, and your heart and

take a deep breath. We get to have fresh ideas when

well-rested. Before you begin another year with

fresh ideas and a more creative mind, come rest and

have fun in Kisumu this Christmas.

Mercy Daisy

Writer & Editor

Lake Victoria

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE




Visit Kisumu is a portal into Kisumu City, set on the shores of Lake Victoria,

founded on personal experiences. I have captured my experiences in a

simple yet magical way as a guide into the beauty of a city well known for

fresh and tasty fish among other things.

Ibrahim Haggai

C.E.O, ViK Media

My search for the best eateries, the best hotels to unwind and a home led

me to the right connections and places captured in this magazine. We

give you the best of Dunga Beach and the beauty it carries. A place with

rich history and culture, breathtaking sceneries, and places for businesses,

educational centers, and tourism. As you make plans for a family day out,

business conferences, and fun activities, Dunga Beach is a go-to place.

What is life without experiences? Mr Eddy Orinda is a multifaceted fellow

and rich in experience. He lets us into a world of tourism, vision, and

career. We get to have an exclusive interview that is mind-blowing. His

input is seen in different organizations such as Africa Trade and Investment

Group, Dacha Family Gardens, matters in Law Firm, and developing

young minds at United States International University among other fields.

The magazine covers health services provided by Mazira Memorial

Hospital such as surgical consultation, Endoscopy, class E laboratory, and

cancer screening. We also get to feature Lovely Garden Guest Home for

ideal fresh meals, accommodation, and outdoor activities IT Hubs in

Kisumu enable training and purchase for both personal and business ideas.

Lastly, we feature Nyamasaria as an emerging hub in Kisumu City, a place

to create and develop businesses.

When I embarked on this journey, I purposed to bring home to you.

Welcome to Home away from Home. The portal is now open.

Why Visit Kisumu

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE

DDunga Beach situated near Milimani, is a long-time

fishing village on the Eastern shore of the Gulf of Winam,

on Lake Victoria, South of Kisumu City. It was formed

more than a century ago as a small community converged

as migrants from the surrounding country They arrived

there to fish and trade on the outskirts of Kisumu.

A few years ago, Dunga was surrounded by water hyacinth and

pollution that was spilt into Lake Victoria. As a result, the Dunga

Ecotourism and Environmental Youth Group which deals with the

preservation of the environment, wetlands and wildlife, with

financial support from the French Embassy in Kenya came up with

the idea of turning mush land and extended inner Gulf of Lake

Victoria into a tourist site

. Dunga Beach is a picturesque place to visit with your family over

the weekend and create memorable moments. The sunset view and

fresh tasty fish make the visit worthwhile. It is also a home of

adventure. Boat riding offered by the Eco-tourism and

Environmental Group allows one to visit the lake and enjoy the

beautiful scenery. The group offers trips to Ndere Island and

Homabay as well.

There are different types of boats such as Wind Sail Boats that are

propelled by the wind, Tourist Boats like premier that are

motorized, fibre boats made of fibre and wooden(local) boats that

are made of wood. Prices differ depending on the type of boat. For

instance, Premier Boat costs ksh4000 per ride and carries up to

eight passengers.

Feature: Best of Dunga

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE

harvested in a netted closure in an existing

water area and can provide an alternative to

how fish are produced, thus increasing

productivity at the market.

Fishing on Lake Victoria depends on the

intervention of the fishing methods and the

development of an outrage canal for

fishing. The types of fish found mostly in

the lake are tilapia, Nile perch and catfish.

After fishing, they are then sold at Dunga

Fish Market where it is first weighed for

payment and later on descaled. After

descaling, the fish is canned and

transported both locally and internationally.

Freezing is the main method of fish

preservation practised at Dunga Fish


Dunga Beach is also an academic zone

area. When students visit the museum, they

get educated on the history of Dunga, and

how crafts were used in the old days. They

get to learn the types of fish in Dunga Fish

Market and the parts of fish as well.

The boats are modified providing

comfortable seats, good speed and music

enabling the passengers to have a smooth

ride. The shortest distance covered by the

boats is from the Dorking area to the River

Nyamasaria, which is the mouth of Lake


For the safety of the passengers, they are all

given life jackets and are accompanied by

local tour guides who are well familiar with

the lake current. Dunga Beach boat riders

offer a wide range of services customized

for one's needs and budget. Boat rides

enable passengers to see hippos, fishing

expeditions, island trees and experience

bird watching. The boat riders are present

every day.

Dunga Boardwalk is another adventurous

place located in Dunga. The breathtaking

scenery is elevated above the wetland

swamp and is surrounded by papyrus reeds.

Here, dignified local tourists and students

take a walk to see the catchment area.

There is an open café where one can sit and

enjoy the sunset view, the Nandi Hills, fish

cages, hippopotamus, crocodiles etc.

There is a museum and conference hall at

the Boardwalk that is a perfect tourist site

for students and both local and foreign

tourists. The tourist site is a home of

traditional wear and crafts, musical

instruments, ornaments and costumes that

are made by residents. Charges differ for

students, local tourists, international

tourists, photo sessions and ceremonies that

are held there.

Dunga Beach is also a business zone area.

Organized fishing on Lake Victoria is a

source of reliable food for many dwellers

around the Lake. Sustainable economy

through trading of the fish, development of

patronage connected to fishing, boat

making, net mending and women

empowerment has given them a source of

daily income.

Cage aquaculture is practised in Lake

Victoria. This is whereby fish are raised and

Dunga Beach being a popular spot, reflects

something larger and of study. The

historical importance of Lake Victoria is a

central feature in the life of Nyanza's

economy. Even though the lives of people

living around Lake Victoria are based on

agriculture, fishing and livestock given the

proximity to the lakeshore and scarcity of

rain around the region, fishing has become

the most dominant element of sustenance

of the people living around Lake Victoria.

Feature: Best of Dunga

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE

O ne n



1. Tell us about yourself?

“I am the founder and managing partner at

ONE &ASSOCIATES, LLP. A boutique law

firm serving clients in East Africa and

Ukraine. A highly sought-after advocate of

the High Court of Kenya, Practice Director

and Head of Commercial/Corporate Law at

One & Associates LLP, with vast experience

in International Public Health Law,

International Commercial arbitration,

insolvency, commercial litigations and

corporate law practice. I advise clients on

major legal transactions including

International Commercial Arbitration,

commercial transactions, insolvency and

commercial litigation. I have a strong

working knowledge of Russian and

Ukrainian languages and considerable

experience in the Eastern European legal

system and business environment.

I have advised and successfully acted as a

link between the government of The

Republic of Ukraine(through the embassy of

Ukraine in Nairobi) and Kenya (through the

office of then Prime Minister, Honourable

Raila Amollo Odinga) in building and

fostering diplomatic and business relations

between the two governments. Over the

years I have developed a lot of interest in

legal epidemiology, banking and finance,

insolvency, international relations and


My passion towards developing young

minds has seen me through as a senior

adjunct lecturer at the United States

International University. (USIU) Nairobi

Kenya where I teach business law and

survey of the legal environment at the

Chandaria School of Business (CSB).

I am also the chairperson/CEO of Africa

Trade and Investment Group(ATIG) Limited

which currently advises the governor H.E

Prof. Anyang' Nyong'o/ County

Government of Kisumu on a sister

partnership with the Regional

Administration of Odessa in Ukraine.

Currently a fellow at the Amani Institute of

Management and Social Innovation where I

am pursuing a project in Micro Finance under the name and style of AITG Micro Finance

by AITG Limited. I am also the brain behind Dacha Family Gardens and Dacha Country

Club by AITG.”

2. What is your interest in Tourism?

“I have over the years believed that departure from traditional partners to countries in

Eastern Europe can unlock tourism potential for western Kenya. I have developed a lot of

interest in introducing a new Ukrainian experience, particularly in culture and gastro

tourism hence the reason behind the establishment of Dacha Family Gardens in Vihiga.

Ukraine is a young country with an ancient history and rich culture, majestic churches and

ancient castles, unique architecture of city mansions and authenticity of rural huts attract

crowds of tourists from all over the world. I'm very intentional about opening up the space

for tourism between Kenya and Ukraine. I believe that the tourism space will also open up

the trade and investment opportunities hence the establishment of Dacha Country Club as a

platform for Kenyan and Ukrainian investors.”

One on One: Interview

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE

3.What is the potential of tourism in

western circuit?

“I'm convinced that the western circuit is

under-exploited owing to limited knowledge

of the opportunities at present particularly in

local cottage industries with value chain.

Tourism that focuses on new markets like

Ukraine and Eastern Europe, in general, can

expose both ordinary and sophisticated

investors to the great opportunities in the

western circuit but not limited to sunflower

oil production, cottage industry for avocado

with value chain.”

4. What are some of the challenges facing

tourism in the western region?

“In my view, the question needs to be: what

are the challenges facing sustainable

tourism in western Kenya? Based on my

philosophy, a robust trade and investment

climate is heavily dependent on knowledge

of the opportunities available in western

Kenya. Considering that tourism is an

effective strategy for achieving such a goal,

County Governments have to be very

deliberate in establishing tourism and

business councils within the framework of

sister cities as a sustainable way of

increasing return on investment for tourists.

I believe that as a tourist I'm inclined to

develop a lot more interests in areas where I

have a personal attachment.”

“Throughout the world, a lot of businesses

are done because of personal relationships.

Trust is key for any business to be a success.

It is not enough for tourist attractions to

exist within the local communities. I believe

we must encourage local communities to

take advantage of the opportunities built

around the tourist attractions by:

a). Being deliberate through the leadership

of the community in promoting a positive

ripple effect not only helps support local

businesses but also fosters entrepreneurship

and new business ventures to the benefit of

the community.

b). Being deliberate in using tourism to

promote tolerance between people as they

learn and have a better understanding of

each other's cultures. Peace can be very

helpful in promoting and enabling business

environment to the benefit of the local


6. What is your take on the Tourism

Regulatory Authority (TRA) in

promoting tourism in Western Circuit?

“I think the regulator has to find the balance

between ensuring compliance, encouraging

and promoting high standards in the tourism

industry. Incentives for investors to this end

may be very helpful.”

7. What is the future of tourism in

Western Circuit?

The future is bright as long the local county

government are deliberate on some of the

observations I have made in this interview.

It is important for the regulator and the

investors to continuously work in

partnership to explore sustainable tourism

in the Western circuit.”

“It's in our

hands to shape

the future of

tourism in

western Kenya.”

5. How can the local counties make

tourism thrive?

“Devolution is one of the best things antidemocracy

can have. However, unless the

National and County governments become

deliberate about developing relationships

between counties and potential sister cities

overseas, our local county economies will

continue to struggle. I do not see a situation

in which there shall be an end to competing

interests in resources between the National

Government and the County Governments

in Kenya. Therefore, because debt is also

increasingly becoming unsustainable, the

answer lies in strategic sister city

relationships as a means of promoting

sustainable tourism.” Sister cities are

important for forging mutually beneficial

partnerships to share ideas and projects in

cultural, business, educational and other

fields. It's a global world now and the more

relationships you have throughout the

world, the more prosperous the countries

can be.”

6. How can the locals benefit from

tourism site within their localities?

“Throughout the world, a lot of businesses

are done because of personal relationships.

Trust is key for any business to be a success.

It is not enough for tourist attractions to

One on One: Interview

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE

IT Hubs

in Kisumu

Kisumu City Kisumu is the economic

hub and capital of the Lake Region.

With a county population of 500,000

and a bustling city.

Kisumu is served by all the telecom

companies Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom Kenya. Being a county and regional headquarters, the government and telecoms have built a welladvanced

telecoms infrastructure. The NOFBI (National Optical Fibre Backbone Infrastructure) connects Kisumu to national and

international networks.

IT hubs are meant to be innovation hubs where enthusiasts, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and business people meet to exchange ideas

and collaborate.

They provide services, may include some or all of the


- Access to computers, printers and related IT infrastructure

- Access to technical networks- Internet connectivity

- Training programs

- Workshops and seminars to help one develop IT skills

- Attachment for school-going students in IT.

- Internship – on job training for new graduates at all levels.

- Mentorship – for business students and enthusiasts- Business


- Co-working space - Incubation of start-ups

- Acceleration of a business- Remote Online Work training –


Technical hubs in Kisumu include:

1. Rotary ICT Hub

2. The LakeHub Tech Incubator,

3. Alicia TechHub – Cyber Café

4. Fablab Winam - innovation laboratory for 3D digital

printing and related.

5. WinamLabs is the planned TechHub to be launched by

Winam Institute of Technology


Co-working spaces includes:

1. Chako Place – co working space

2. Gulf hub – Co working space

3. Kisumu Hub – Co working space

Ajira Digital

This is an online program aimed at introducing Kenyan youth

to online digital work and providing the tools, training and

mentorship to work and earn an income. This will alleviate the

problem of unemployment.

The below are Kisumu County Ajira Youth Training Centres:

1. Rotary ICT Hub, owned by the Rotary Club

2. University of Nairobi (UoN), Kisumu Campus

3. Maseno University, Maseno Campus,

4. Ahero Multipurpose Hall

5. Seme Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Office

IT in Kisumu

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE


The Emerging Business Hub Of Kisumu

Nyamasaria is a place in the region

of Kisumu, Kenya's third city. It

is located near Kasule and South

of Manyatta estate. It is a

It is a getaway to Kisumu city with

booming businesses, residential areas,

commercial buildings, and transport

industry, making it one of the fastest

growing centres in Kisumu. It is very hard

for one to get land because it is located near

Kisumu town and it's an emerging business

hub in Kisumu.

Being the exit of Kisumu Town, it has a

connection to many road networks such as

Kondele Bypass, Busia Road, Kakamega

Road, Ahero Road. Drivers are advised to

be careful while driving using this route

and the speed limit should be 50km/hr.

When it comes to housing, Nyamasaria has

beautifully constructed flats with

manageable prices, making it affordable for

many. It is mostly known as the home for

potentials. A minority of the houses are

made of iron sheets(mabatis) and mud. But

with the quick development, they will soon

be replaced with great flats. Despite the

houses being of less value, they have been

built in modern designs bringing out

beautiful scenery.

Nyamasaria has a shopping centre with a

lot of business activities such as salons,

barber shops, cosmetic shops, accessory

shops, art shops, among others. There is

also a supermarket along the highway,

Appmatt Supermarket giving residents and

visitors a chance to buy in bulk. We can

also say Nyamasaria is a hub of all

furniture oriented shops. When passing

through the Nyamasaria highway, you'll see

a lot of beautiful furniture consisting of

ideal sofas. For furniture lovers,

Nyamasaria is a go to place.

It is also an upcoming home of industries.

There is a bakery in the estate, The Butter

Toast Bakery, famously known for braking

bread located along the road leading to

Manyatta Estate. There's a West End Mall

that houses Java House Restaurant,

Woolworths, Tile and Carpet Centre,

Samsung Showroom, Wine shop, Simba

Telecom among other businesses. It is

connected to the Acacia Premium Hotel.

Nyamasaria has an existing market along

the road. Here, open air businesses are

operated and the streets are well lit

favouring business within the area. There

are also internet services offered in the City

Mart Cyber Café.

Nyamasaria is the transport centre of

tuktuks and moto bikes since it is located

near Kisumu town. It is also a home of

recreational places. There is Dubai

Complex, which is a branch of the Royal

City. Here, you get to experience

performances from live bands. The Hotel is

well known for good food and drinks,

spa and wellness centre. It is child friendly

because of the fun activities available like

water sports. Aside from that, there's free

internet and parking space. This is a place

to unwind and feel at home.

Nyamasaria is not only an entertainment

joint but it also supports religion. There are

different churches like: The Seventh Day


DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE

(SDA), Deliverance and Holiness Ministry, Christ Embassy Church, St. Monica Nyamasaria Catholic Church among others.

From Kisumu Sustainable Mobility Plan, whose main agenda was to de congest Kisumu Town, moved the bus stop from town to

Nyamasaria, the bus stop is located in Mowlem. The Nyamasaria Police Station is there to provide security for investors, business men,

both local and international tourists and also the residents.





Surgical Consultations


Class “E” Laboratory &

Cancer Screening


Mazira Memorial Hospital

is the most affordable

diagnosis center in

the region

We are here to serve you the best we know how

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE

+254 795 620 837



The Great



What you need

to know about

the Lake Region

Kisumu and Nyanza region is endowed with many natural resources and one of them is Lake Victoria. It is one of the Africa's greatest

lakes with the surface area of approximately 59,947 square kilometres. It is Africa's largest lake by area, the world's largest tropical

lake, and the world's second largest fresh water lake by surface after Lake Superior in North America.

Lake Victoria has more than 200 species of fish, tilapia considered economically important. Being a natural resource, it is a beauty to

be hold, a tourist attraction and a place to start and grow businesses.

Its full potential is a work in progress for the purposes of improving the livelihoods of the locals. Why do we say it's a work in


Counties within the Nyanza region are expected to have joint investments around the lake to attract tourists by constructing a ring road

around the lake to spur investments. The main economic activity around the lake region is fishing. The locals are suggesting that a

SACCO be introduced to fishermen as a platform for savings and giving out loans to improve their livelihoods.

As a natural resource, Lake Victoria has vast opportunities around it such as: full utilization of the lake transport system right from

Mageta, Misori, Mbita, Mfangano Island, Homabay, Kindu Bay up to Kisumu to create trade routes. Introducing fun activities such as:

water sports, fishing cruises among others. And also construction of the modern day beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria as a

source of revenue collections for the region attracting both local and international tourists.

Lake Victoria

The water lake to be used for irrigation purposes and also build a processing fish factory nearby that will attract sellers and buyers. The

shoreline to be redeveloped and move settlements away at least one kilometre away to attract investors for job creation.

The county government to embrace land reclamation especially in Lake Victoria lower Kano. The land can be used for floriculture,

wheat farming for the purposes of boosting the economy.

By working on a waste management system to avoid waste diversion into the lake. And build high-end restaurants for both locals and

international tourists.

Enhance awareness and capacity building to the locals and especially to the locals especially the fishermen and stakeholders to be at the

forefront in protecting and conserving the lake's ecosystem.

The ball is in our court to make Lake Victoria the best it can be. A change of heart begins by having better mind sets towards change

and growth. We can channel our ideas and visions into creating an enabling environment for positive outcomes. Lake Victoria still

remains one of Africa's largest lakes.

Having beauty turned into ashes is like giving away inheritance with a hope of one day getting it back.

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE


Kisumu Impala


The nature reserve is strategically located

just one kilometre from the Central

Business District. The reserve is known for

hosting the threatened impalas, hence its

name 'Kisumu Impala Sanctuary”. The

national park offers visitors a peaceful and

relaxing place to enjoy the beautiful nature

and wildlife such as lions, cheetahs,

baboons, monkeys, zebras, buffalos, jackals,

ostrich and giraffes, among other wildlife

animals. The place also offers hiking,

trekking, boat ride, and camping activities.

While in Kisumu and working on a budget,

"you can't miss visiting”.

Kit Mikayi

This is a good half trip to do from Kisumu.

The rock formation is striking as is the

surrounding landscape. The tour given by

the local guide is detailed and provides

information on the cultural significance of

the place for the Luo communities. It is also

relatively accessible from Kisumu. One can

access Kit Mikayi by a matatu from the

national petrol station, and then a walk from

the main road.

Rusinga Island

You should not wrap up your Kisumu tour

without visiting the island. Rusinga gives

you a touch of manicured velvet lawns that

stretch to the water edges and the ground. It

also has exotic trees and it is also a haven

for a myriad of unique bird species. Rusinga

Island will also give one an experience of

fishing, mountain climbing and camping

activities. It is also a host of good

accommodation places near the theme parks

and on private beaches, resorts, and lounges

including Rusinga Lodge, and Lake Victoria

Safari Village in Mbita town. If you are an

adventurous person, then you would enjoy

boat racing which can be arranged on


DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE Visit Spots


The island is also located off Kisumu-

Bondo road. It is approximately 45 minutes

with a speed boat from Kisumu port. Ndere

Island is an island of serenity and beauty

and also offers an outstanding view of the

lake and the town around the lake. One can

see Ndere Island while on top of the Kit-

Mikayi stone. The island also hosts a wide

variety of animals such as baboons, hippos,

snakes, monitor lizards, Nile crocodiles,

impalas, antelopes, waterbucks, zebras, and

diverse species of birds, onoleks and greyheaded


Dunga Hill Camp

Dunga Hill Camp is a great place to spend

time in the afternoon with friends. If you

visit this place, you can try fishing, go for a

boat ride, watch the hippos in their natural

habitat, and/or watch the beautiful sunset

scene. In addition, Dunga Hill Camp offers

a large lawn for camping, a bar, a kitchen,

and a large dining area. Besides the 360o

incomparable view of the lake and its

surrounding city, the place offers live music

bands and other fun activities.

other fun activities.

+254 735 994 172

Popular Eateries”


Le Pearl Hotel

Ranalo Foods Kisumu is a familyrun

restaurant popular for serving

traditional and local dishes and

playing smooth tu.


Tom Mboya Road Kisumu, Nyanza

Province, Kenya

Call: 0721 323238

Wonderful place! You can sit just

next to the beautiful Lake Victoria

and enjoy some amazing wet fried

fish. Everything was so delicious,

the drinks were ice cold and the

service was very friendly and nice!


Off Dunga Road Next to Hippo

Point, Kisumu 40100 Kenya

Call: 0720 627101

Mail: info.lepearlhotel@gmail.com


Acropolis Kisumu

Acropolis is an all-weather

restaurant serving the best

meals of every kind.


It's nested by the shores of Lake

Victoria with great customer service

and delicious cuisines.

Call: 0705 897944


“Bilie" is a Luo word meaning come

taste, the restaurant also gives a

wider parking lot for cars and the

good thing about the parking space

is that there's also a carwash. The

restaurant serves meals on order”


Located in Kisumu along Tom

Mboya Drive

Call: 0715578677

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE


In Pictures

DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE


DEC-JAN 2023/24 | 2nd ISSUE


Tiana Court, Tomboya Road

Milimani, Kisumu


(+254) 735 994 172

(+254) 722 661 645






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