Street Talk 75 Christmas Edition 2023

Welcome to the Christmas edition of our tenant and resident magazine

Welcome to the Christmas edition of our tenant and resident magazine


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<strong>Street</strong><br />

<strong>Talk</strong><br />

Tenants &<br />

Residents Magazine<br />

Happy <strong>Christmas</strong><br />

from all at<br />

Ocean Housing<br />

... see page 11 for front cover story<br />

No <strong>75</strong><br />

<strong>Christmas</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Christmas</strong> Opening:<br />

Our phone lines will close for the <strong>Christmas</strong> period<br />

on Thursday 21st December at 5:00pm and reopen<br />

on Tuesday 2nd January 2024 at 8:30am.<br />

Out of hours emergency contact number 01726 874450.

2<br />

3<br />

P2 - 3<br />

P4 - 5<br />

P6 - 7<br />

P8 - 9<br />

A message from Mark.<br />

Have your say.<br />

When DIY isn’t the answer.<br />

Another step towards a<br />

cleaner brighter future.<br />

Winter Wellbeing: damp,<br />

mould and condensation.<br />

Going the Extra Mile.<br />

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth.<br />

Are you thinking of making<br />

changes to your home/<br />

property?<br />

Why do I need contents<br />

insurance.<br />

Ready for school.<br />

Are you ready to move to<br />

Universal Credit?<br />

Guarding against loan sharks.<br />

P10 - 11 Sustainability Working Group.<br />

The inspiring journey<br />

of Jan.<br />

in this issue . . .<br />

P12 - 13 Are you ready for changes<br />

in your waste collection<br />

service?<br />

Tackling property and<br />

garden condition.<br />

P14 - 15 New safety fire regulations.<br />

Join our online community<br />

on the Virtual Internet Panel.<br />

Mevagissey’s Mini<br />

Community Action day.<br />

Do you need extra<br />

support this winter?<br />

P16<br />

A message from Mark<br />

Find the <strong>Christmas</strong><br />

baubles competition.<br />

on our front cover . . .<br />

Meet Jan from St Agnes who was<br />

nominated for a West Country<br />

Women’s award, find out how<br />

she did and her inspiring story<br />

on page 11.<br />

Welcome to the<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong> edition of <strong>Street</strong> <strong>Talk</strong><br />

The world is experiencing some really tough times at the moment with ongoing conflicts in<br />

Ukraine and the Middle East. Things remain tough for tenants and the housing sector itself too.<br />

The cost-of-living crisis is far from over and we realise how difficult that can be for tenants, especially<br />

at this time of year. Through these difficult times, we will do our very best to support you to gain all<br />

the help you need, directly from Ocean or others, to sustain your tenancies.<br />

Please access our website for information on how to deal with maintenance issues and support, and<br />

advice to help pay your rent and maximise your income.<br />

Most people now see just how important it is to have access to an affordable and stable home and<br />

understand its connection to good health and well-being. However, here in Cornwall there are simply<br />

not enough affordable homes in place now or being built to meet the ever-increasing demand. At<br />

Ocean, we are making decisions all of the time about investing in new homes and existing ones and<br />

finding the right balance between them. We are aiming to provide over 1,000 new homes by 2030<br />

and investing some £120m in improving the condition and energy efficiency of the homes we already<br />

manage. Whilst we can’t solve these problems alone, the message is clear – we are doing our bit.<br />

We know too that we don’t get our services right every time. What I can assure you is that Ocean’s<br />

team will always try their best to put things right, when things go wrong.<br />

Our lives would be better if there was more peace, tolerance and kindness in the world, and perhaps<br />

here in Cornwall, we can do our bit by showing these qualities in our dealings with one another.<br />

I wish you a very happy festive period and a prosperous and successful new year.<br />

Mark Group Chief Executive<br />

Have your<br />

say in shaping<br />

our services for<br />

the future<br />

It’s been nearly two years since<br />

we all got together to chat<br />

about how to make the services<br />

of Ocean Housing better for all<br />

tenants and residents.<br />

s e r v i c e s t a n d a r d c o m m i t m e n t s - 2 0 2 1<br />

What you can expect from the services Ocean deliver<br />

Relationships<br />

Communication<br />

Voice and influence<br />

Accountability<br />

Quality<br />

When things go wrong<br />

Our Service Standard Commitments are our promises to you<br />

on the level of service we provide, such as answering your<br />

call, attending to a repair or how we deal with complaints.<br />

The regulator has recently published new Consumer<br />

Standards and there are more significant changes to come<br />

which will be enforced by the Regulator of Social Housing<br />

from April 2024.<br />

You can find our current Service Standard Commitments on<br />

the Ocean Housing website, click here<br />

oceanhousing.com/service-standards<br />

We need your help to make sure we are doing things right<br />

and how we can improve. With this in mind, we would like<br />

to invite you to join us for a workshop at Stennack House:<br />

When Wednesday 24 January 2024<br />

Venue<br />

Ocean Housing, Stennack House,<br />

Stennack Road, St Austell<br />

Refreshments Lunch will be provided<br />

Transport<br />

Available if needed<br />

The workshop is a fantastic opportunity to have your say,<br />

meet other tenants and the Ocean team. We’d like to look<br />

at new ideas that will have a positive impact for all of<br />

our tenants.<br />

Your voice is important to us<br />

and we really need your ideas, so please get in<br />

touch and book your place by email<br />

help@oceanhousing.com<br />

or call our Tenant Partnership team.

4<br />

5<br />

Winter Wellbeing:<br />

damp, mould and<br />

condensation<br />

Winter<br />

Wellbeing<br />

A Helpful Guide<br />

When DIY<br />

isn’t the<br />

answer<br />

To make your house a home, you might want to make changes or do some<br />

DIY - but it’s important you don’t start any work without talking to us first.<br />

As your Social Housing landlord, we have a duty of care to you and your<br />

home. Every five years, we carry out an Electrical Inspection Condition<br />

Report (EICR) to the homes under our care.<br />

Every year, hundreds of people are affected by the consequences of electrical works done by<br />

unqualified individuals. When electrical work is not carried out by a trained professional, then it poses<br />

a significant risk to you, your family and neighbours. Examples include:-<br />

l Installation of outside sockets<br />

l Replacing lights with metal fittings<br />

l Installing downlights that are not fire rated<br />

l Installation of cookers<br />

l Sheds with consumer units and sockets that may feed external items<br />

such as hot tubs and lighting<br />

We are happy for you to make minor changes (like decorating, changing carpets or putting up shelves)<br />

without our permission. For anything else, you’ll need to let us know what you want to do and ask us<br />

for permission before you begin. Please contact us first to discuss your plans. We’ll<br />

ask for full details on what you’d like to do and we will either give you<br />

permission or let you know why you cannot make the changes.<br />

Another<br />

step towards a<br />

cleaner, BRIGHTER<br />

future<br />

In another bid to cut emissions and help save on energy bills, any<br />

fluorescent light fittings that need to be repaired will be replaced with an<br />

LED equivalent. If you have a fluorescent light fitting there’s nothing you need<br />

to do, they will be naturally phased out as and when they stop working.<br />

If you make alterations to your home without asking our<br />

permission you may be in breach of your tenancy<br />

agreement.<br />

Safety and wellbeing in your home<br />

is paramount, so if you have<br />

any concerns, please<br />

contact us.<br />

Our approach to damp, mould and condensation has been much<br />

more proactive throughout this year. Due to the types of homes and<br />

climate in Cornwall we do see many properties that need additional<br />

work to combat high moisture levels within the home.<br />

pay your bills, report a repair or update<br />

your details. It’s easy to use and you only<br />

need to sign on once.<br />

oceanhousing.com/ocean-tenant-zone<br />

My Ocean<br />

T: 01726 874450<br />

enquires@oceanhousing.com www.oceanhousing.com<br />

We have been sharing tips and ideas on our Facebook page over the last few<br />

weeks and we have a handy video available on our website. If you’re not online here are some<br />

of the main things you can do to reduce moisture in your home:<br />

l Cover pans when cooking<br />

l Use extractor fans when cooking or<br />

bathing and for 30 minutes<br />

afterwards<br />

l Shut the bathroom door when<br />

bathing or showering<br />

l When running a bath, put cold water<br />

in first to reduce steam<br />

l Dry clothes outside or in the<br />

bathroom with the door closed and<br />

windows open<br />

l Do not dry washing on your radiators<br />

l Ensure air from your tumble dryer is<br />

vented to outside<br />

To combat mould and damp you can wipe<br />

it with a fungicidal wash which you can<br />

buy in most supermarkets or DIY stores.<br />

If you are unable to do this or think<br />

you may have a leaking pipe, missing<br />

or broken roof tiles or blocked cavities<br />

please contact us as soon as<br />

possible.<br />

Either use the “Report Damp & Mould” button on<br />

the homepage of the website or call us.<br />

Our Damp Mould and Condensation policy was<br />

updated in August this year, to find out more,<br />

view or download the policy from<br />

oceanhousing.com/policy-and-procedures/<br />

At Ocean, we understand that the cost-of-living crisis<br />

is affecting us all in different ways. We currently have<br />

our own hardship fund, The Simon Griffiths Fund, this is<br />

available to residents that have recently had a change<br />

in circumstances. More information can be found on our<br />

website at oceanhousing.com/pay<br />

Applications will be considered for help towards priority<br />

bills such food, gas or electric. For items like food, electric<br />

etc we can now issue E-vouchers<br />

as a same day emergency<br />

payment.<br />

LED lights are now the preferred option as we look at ways to reduce<br />

costs. The new fittings last longer, use less power and so are better<br />

for the environment and cheaper to run. If you do have any issues<br />

with your lighting, please report it on the website<br />

“Report a Repair” tool, or call the Customer Experience team.<br />

When the electrician visits, they will know if your light is<br />

fluorescent and what LED alternatives to use.

6 7<br />

Going the Extra Mile!<br />

In October, our Going the Extra Mile (GEM) awards celebrated staff and tenants at our annual<br />

conference. Categories such as Passion about Customer Experience, Great Communicator and Leading<br />

and Motivating highlighted those who go above and beyond.<br />

Enthusiastic and Always Positive was won by Kelly, who works in<br />

our Property Services department as a scheduler – organising<br />

the appointments for trades and tenants. One of her colleagues<br />

nominated her, telling us, ‘Kelly exemplifies tenants at the heart<br />

of everything we do through her dedication and commitment to<br />

providing great communication with staff and tenants.’<br />

The Tenant GEM award went to Helen from St Austell. Staff nominate<br />

this award to a tenant who goes above and beyond helping and<br />

supporting their community. Helen’s involvement in the Together<br />

with Ocean (TWO) tenant group,<br />

showcased her commitment to<br />

representing the wider tenant community, asking challenging<br />

questions to address issues. Helen expressed her delight in telling<br />

us, ‘Winning the Tenant GEM Award is a great privilege and honour<br />

for me, as it was voted for by members of Ocean staff, it is nice to<br />

see my involvement is appreciated.’<br />

The winners of the Great Team award was presented to the<br />

Neighbourhood Services team. Clare, Neighbourhood Services<br />

Manager said, “The team are immensely proud of winning the<br />

Great Team award. The Neighbourhood Services Officer role is<br />

not for the feint hearted; the team manage several complex cases<br />

ranging from anti-social behaviour, safeguarding and supporting<br />

our vulnerable tenants in times of crisis. No day is ever the same<br />

and our tenants are at the forefront of everything they do.”<br />

If you’ve received exceptional<br />

service from our staff, then<br />

please get in touch. It’s great<br />

to receive compliments for our<br />

team and they will all be passed<br />

on personally. Alternatively, we<br />

understand that sometimes we<br />

don’t get all our services right, so<br />

please let us know so we can try<br />

and put things right. Visit<br />

oceanhousing.com/feedback/<br />

or give our Customer Experience<br />

team a call.<br />

Your input helps us continually<br />

improve our services.<br />

Meet Elizabeth who at 101, holds the title of<br />

Ocean’s oldest tenant. Back in September,<br />

Bev from the Tenant Partnership team had<br />

the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth on her very<br />

special birthday.<br />

Happy Birthday Elizabeth<br />

Elizabeth has been an Ocean tenant for nearly<br />

30 years and in her early years delivered milk<br />

and drove the buses before going on to be the<br />

proud mother of seven children. Last year, her<br />

family gathered to celebrate her centenary, with<br />

a heartwarming reunion of grandchildren and<br />

great-grandchildren.<br />

When asked about the secret to a long and<br />

fulfilling life, Elizabeth revealed that a good cup<br />

of tea with a rich tea biscuit holds the key.<br />

While Elizabeth currently holds the title of<br />

Ocean’s oldest tenant, we wonder who could<br />

be our longest standing tenant? If you’d like<br />

to share your milestones and achievements<br />

with us, then please get in touch by<br />

email help@oceanhousing.com<br />

Don’t forget to include a photo – we’d<br />

love to feature you in the next<br />

edition of the magazine.<br />

Are you thinking of making<br />

changes to your home/property?<br />

If you are thinking of making any changes<br />

to the structure of your home or within your<br />

property it is important you submit a Tenant<br />

Improvement Request and get permission<br />

before any work can start.<br />

Examples of what requires our prior<br />

written permission before erecting,<br />

removing or installing include:<br />

l Windows, doors and floors<br />

l Electrical sockets / fittings<br />

l Kitchen and bathroom fitted units<br />

l Bathroom fixtures and showers<br />

l Sheds<br />

l Garages and greenhouses<br />

l Fences<br />

l Satellite dishes<br />

This list is not exhaustive.<br />

If unauthorised work needs to be repaired or made<br />

safe, the tenant will be given the option to put the<br />

work right within an agreed timeframe. If this is not<br />

completed and work needs to be carried out by Ocean,<br />

it will be classed as a rechargeable appointment.<br />

If unauthorised work has been completed and is<br />

deemed satisfactory upon inspection, you can<br />

submit a retrospective Tenant Improvement Request.<br />

All documentation for the works completed will be<br />

required. This information will be highlighted within<br />

the approval letter.<br />

Any request from a tenant in arrears or in breach of<br />

any other aspect of their tenancy conditions will not<br />

be considered.<br />

If you would like to submit a Tenant Improvement<br />

Request and have any pictures or plans of the<br />

proposed works, please email<br />

help@oceanhousing.com with your name and address.

8 9<br />

Why do I need<br />

contents insurance?<br />

It is highly recommended for tenants and<br />

residents to consider contents insurance to<br />

safeguard their possessions against fire, theft<br />

and other risks, such as accidental damage.<br />

The financial burden of replacing essential<br />

items in the event of such incidents can be<br />

substantial, making contents insurance a<br />

valuable investment, especially in face of the<br />

rising cost-of-living.<br />

specialised insurance providers offering flexible payment options.<br />

Home contents insurance provides peace of<br />

mind, you can have your items replaced or<br />

repaired, without bearing the financial burden.<br />

For tenants in social housing, there are<br />

Being<br />

Prepared<br />

Some significant changes are being made to ‘legacy’ benefits which could affect thousands of<br />

people around the country. The Department of Work and Pensions are gradually contacting those<br />

customers who are still claiming legacy benefits to notify them that those benefits are ending and<br />

invite them to claim Universal Credit instead, as part of the final rollout of Universal Credit.<br />

Those in receipt of legacy benefits, such as:<br />

l Working Tax Credit<br />

l Child Tax Credit<br />

l Income-based Jobseekers Allowance<br />

l Income Support<br />

l Income-related Employment and Support<br />

Allowance<br />

l Housing Benefit<br />

Are you ready to move to<br />

Universal Credit?<br />

If a claimant does not move to UC under natural<br />

or voluntary migration, they will be part of the<br />

managed migration process by 2029.<br />

Managed migration happens when the DWP send<br />

a legacy benefit claimant a Migration Notice which<br />

means they must claim UC by a certain date - their<br />

‘deadline day’ (which can be extended with<br />

good reason).<br />

A key piece of advice is to never auto-renew your insurance. Instead, take the time to gather quotes<br />

from more than one comparison site as they all vary in their insurer searches and pricing so widening<br />

your search could lead to more favourable and cheaper options.<br />

Ready<br />

for school<br />

Top tips for buying new school uniforms:<br />

Buying school uniforms is a financial challenge for many families in Cornwall.<br />

With children constantly growing or sometimes changing schools, the next big<br />

expense is always around the corner.<br />

l Contact your school - many schools offer<br />

support to families who need financial<br />

assistance with uniforms, for example by<br />

giving vouchers towards the cost. It’s also<br />

worth checking if your school has any secondhand<br />

uniform sales – this can be a good way<br />

to pick up lower priced uniform at a fraction of<br />

the retail cost and stop it being put into<br />

landfill<br />

l Do you have family or friends you can pass/<br />

swap any uniform that is not needed/<br />

doesn’t fit<br />

l Cheap supermarket deals – they often have<br />

great deals on school uniform basics, like<br />

socks, trousers and skirts<br />

l Check local Facebook groups, Marketplace<br />

and community programmes - there may<br />

be a ‘school uniform bank’ or pop up shop<br />

in your area offering items at low cost or<br />

no cost<br />

l Ebay – it’s a fantastic place to go when it<br />

comes to finding high quality, second<br />

hand uniforms<br />

Free school meals:<br />

Apply for free school meals and<br />

pupil premium - Cornwall Council<br />


If you receive the above leaflet, it is not a<br />

migration notice.<br />

It does not mean that you have to claim UC yet.<br />

For more information please visit:<br />

Completing the move to Universal Credit<br />

- GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)<br />

Alternatively, contact our Financial Inclusion<br />

team email help@oceanhousing.com<br />

Guarding<br />

against loan sharks<br />

If you think you’ve been a victim of a loan shark or you<br />

are concerned that someone you know maybe the<br />

victim of a loan shark, help is available. The Illegal<br />

Money Lending Team is a dedicated organisation<br />

of specialists who investigate and prosecute<br />

illegal money lenders, and support those who<br />

have borrowed money from a loan shark.<br />

For confidential assistance, you can reach out to<br />

their 24/7 freephone helpline at 0300 555 2222.<br />

Rest assured, calls are entirely confidential and<br />

are not recorded.<br />

Additionally, an online chat option is available on<br />

their website stoploansharks.co.uk

10<br />

11<br />

Earlier this year, we formed our Sustainability Working Group. Its purpose is to produce Ocean’s first<br />

Sustainability Report, or Sustainability Reporting Standard (SRS), a voluntary reporting framework for<br />

Social Housing.<br />

Sustainability is part of the way we do business here at Ocean, our social purpose. It’s part of our<br />

strategic planning and now we want to share more of what we are doing with others.<br />

Ocean Group Board agreed to adopt a framework in which to gather and report on all the good work<br />

Ocean is doing to support its ambitions and commitments to:<br />

l<br />

l<br />

Sustainability Working Group<br />

Environmental sustainability and carbon<br />

reduction<br />

Social investment for our colleagues in<br />

terms of creating a fair, inclusive and great<br />

place to work<br />

This is known as Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. There are 12 themes and 48<br />

criteria across all the ESG considerations, against which we will report our progress and performance.<br />

This will help to ensure we are meeting the needs of people today and in the future.<br />

Our Sustainability Working Group is made up of representatives from across the business and provides<br />

an opportunity to capture and tell the story of all the good work we are already doing.<br />

We met with our tenant group “Together With Ocean” to share our plans for our first report and to seek<br />

their feedback on what they would want us to include. There will be lots more to come and ways in<br />

which you can get involved in the future.<br />

l<br />

l<br />

Social investment for our tenants, community<br />

and stakeholders in terms of providing<br />

quality homes and services, and community<br />

support and engagement<br />

Be a company whose governance ensures<br />

an ethically sound business, living our values<br />

Our first report<br />

is due in<br />

Autumn 2024.<br />

The coveted West Country Women’s Awards celebrate and<br />

highlight the achievements and triumphs of women across<br />

Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. We are delighted<br />

to congratulate Jan, who lives in St Agnes, who has won the<br />

Phoenix Award, after being nominated by a friend.<br />

The Phoenix Award recognises someone who “has risen from the ashes<br />

and been resilient, working hard to help change our lives, communities<br />

and the economy for the better.” When you hear Jan’s story, you’ll understand why it encompasses all<br />

of this and more.<br />

Jan’s journey started over twenty years ago when she sold her home to move to France with her<br />

French husband and young family. Isolated and alone in a foreign country both she and her children<br />

became the target of escalating domestic abuse. In a desperate bid to keep her family safe, she<br />

finally managed to flee the country and return to Cornwall. In doing so she unwittingly incited The<br />

Hague Convention and found herself facing charges of “International Child Abduction.” Consequently<br />

they had no option but to return to France. A legal battle ensued with many unprecedented twists<br />

and turns, but eventually the family were allowed to return home to Cornwall. Freedom from fear is<br />

priceless, but it came at a cost with their only possessions now being the clothes they wore, and a<br />

camper van for a home.<br />

For a family starting over with nothing, it has taken years to rebuild their lives both materially and<br />

emotionally. In 2009, after years on the Homechoice register, Jan and her family were re-homed by<br />

Ocean in St Agnes. Jan told us, “I remember being so grateful to Ocean for providing a safe<br />

and secure roof over our heads. After the trauma of what we had all been through as<br />

a family, knowing we finally had a place to live, where we could settle, had a hugely<br />

positive impact on our lives.”<br />

Jan decided to write a book about her experience to highlight the injustice faced by mothers, who are<br />

mostly victims of domestic abuse, fleeing international borders with their children.<br />

The<br />

inspiring<br />

journey of Jan<br />

If you would like to read her story, it’s called The<br />

Loving Abductor. Since being published at the end of<br />

2022, Jan has been contacted by many other mothers<br />

across the world. She has set up support groups and is<br />

working with organisations to help others. Her story is<br />

a real inspiration to us all and we congratulate Jan for<br />

highlighting the importance of resilience, support and<br />

advocacy in the face of adversity.<br />

Jan attended the award ceremony in early December<br />

after being shortlisted down to the final three.<br />

We are delighted that Jan won and received the<br />

Phoenix Award. Congratulations on a well deserved<br />

award Jan and we thank you for sharing your story<br />

with us. To find out more about the awards visit<br />

westcountrywomenawards.co.uk<br />

If you need help or support or are concerned for<br />

someone then please visit<br />


i to<br />

A1<br />

ust <strong>2023</strong> JN52812<br />

LOOK OUT<br />

FOR YOUR<br />

NEW BINS<br />

delivered from<br />

October <strong>2023</strong><br />

12 13<br />

Are you ready for changes<br />

in your waste collection<br />

service?<br />

The new service will give all of us a way to contribute directly from<br />

home to the creation of a thriving, sustainable Cornwall that offers<br />

a great environment for all.<br />

Food waste collections will help us to recycle up to 35% more of<br />

our black bag rubbish. There will also be a limit on the amount of<br />

rubbish Cornwall Council collect. This limit will be with what fits<br />

in your new wheelie bin or reusable protective sack with the lid<br />

closed, equivalent to 180 litres fortnightly. If your home shares<br />

bins or a bin store with neighbouring properties – you live in a flat<br />

or a house in multiple occupation (HMO) – then some details of<br />

the rollout, your new bins and the new collection service may be different. Ocean Housing is working<br />

with Cornwall Council to find the best solution regarding our flats and communal areas.<br />

The changes will cut Cornwall’s annual carbon emissions by nearly 18,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.<br />

That’s a saving of about the amount of CO2 that a car would kick out driving round the world<br />

2,547 times.<br />

What you need to know:<br />

l The new service will use the same-coloured recycling bags and black box system that<br />

operate now. To order your equipment and find out more, visit<br />

cornwall.gov.uk/getrecycling<br />

l Cornwall Council will deliver the new food waste and rubbish bins to you before the<br />

service starts in your area. Make sure you read and follow the ‘Get Set’ instruction leaflet<br />

that will come inside your green collection caddy. The rollout will take place in five stages<br />

through to 2025.<br />

Are you ready...<br />

for weekly food waste and fortnightly<br />

recycling and rubbish collections?<br />

Now let’s recycle our food waste<br />

and reduce our ru bish t o.<br />

Get ready...<br />

for weekly food waste and fortnightly<br />

recycling and rubbish co lections<br />

www.cornwa l.gov.uk/wastechanges<br />

<strong>Talk</strong> to us<br />

face-to-face<br />

Look out for<br />

your leaflets<br />

We’ll deliver them when<br />

we’re ready to make<br />

changes in your area<br />

We’ll be available to answer your questions<br />

about the service changes face-to-face.<br />

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/<br />

wastechanges for dates and locations.<br />

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The new service<br />

will rollout in<br />

5 stages...<br />

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/<br />

wastechanges for more information<br />

Order your recycling<br />

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Tackling property and garden condition<br />

We care about the communities and properties where you live and are encouraging tenants to do their<br />

bit in tackling the current issues reported to the Neighbourhood Services team, concerning property<br />

and garden conditions. We understand that managing the upkeep of your home and garden can be<br />

challenging, particularly with the demands of daily life. However, it is important that we, together,<br />

address these issues quickly to ensure a safe and pleasant living space for everyone.<br />

We’re responsible for keeping any grounds around your home that we own, as well as any communal<br />

areas, clean and well maintained. It is important that you note as part of your tenancy agreement you<br />

are expected to:<br />

l Keep the interior of your property in a good, clean and tidy condition, free of excess belongings<br />

and rubbish, and to decorate all internal parts of the property as often as is necessary to keep<br />

them in good decorative order.<br />

l You should also co-operate with other tenants in keeping gardens and common areas clean, tidy<br />

and free from obstruction and rubbish, including bulky waste. Look after gardens that form part of<br />

the property and keep them tidy, this includes trimming of hedges and trees.<br />

l Keep any part of the garden maintained to ensure nothing interferes with the passage of light or<br />

any energy efficiency equipment.<br />

We urge all tenants to consider the potential consequences of neglecting their properties and garden,<br />

and the negative impact this has on their neighbourhood and community. Cornwall Council Home<br />

Solutions team offer advice assistance to people with disabilities and work across Cornwall offering<br />

solutions that can help people stay safe at home. More information can be found at<br />

cornwall.gov.uk/housing/home-solutions<br />

Our experienced Neighbourhood Services team are here to help you, provide practical support and<br />

sign post you to agencies that can help. Please get in touch with the team by email<br />

help@oceanhousing.com or call our Customer Experience team.<br />

l To deliver the new service,<br />

Cornwall Council have<br />

reviewed and rescheduled<br />

the collection routes. This will<br />

mean a change of collection<br />

day for most people. Look out<br />

for your ‘Go’ New Collections<br />

Calendar. This will tell you<br />

the date of your last collection<br />

on the old service and<br />

your new collection day.<br />

Cornwall Council are holding roadshows so you can discuss the new service face-to-face.<br />

Visit cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges for the upcoming dates and locations as well as further<br />

details about the new service and how to get in touch.

14 15<br />

NEW fire safety regulations<br />

As a responsible landlord we are constantly assessing our buildings<br />

for safety risks, making sure you and the home you live in are safe and<br />

that we comply with the latest Government regulations.<br />

Earlier this year new Fire Regulations came into force. This was a result<br />

of recommendations made to the Government during their inquiry of<br />

the Grenfell Tower tragedy. These regulations clarify responsibilities<br />

for landlords and how they will manage and reduce the fire risk in<br />

multi-occupied residential buildings. The aim being to save lives and<br />

prevent similar disasters occurring.<br />

Ralph, Head of Health, Safety & Environment said, “These new<br />

Government regulations have been introduced to promote fire safety and make sure<br />

you and your family stay safe if there’s a fire in your home or building. Residents and leaseholders<br />

in flats or buildings with a communal area will receive an annual fire safety information leaflet. Also,<br />

emergency evacuation procedure signage will be displayed in<br />

common areas or on notice boards in relevant buildings, such as:”<br />

l Park House<br />

l Fifield House<br />

l Windmill House<br />

l Prince Charles House<br />

We are committed to keeping you, your family and<br />

your home safe. If you have any queries about<br />

building safety, please email our team at<br />

help@oceanhousing.com<br />

GUIDE TO...<br />


Working in Partnership with<br />

Shawsafe Fire Safety<br />

Mevagissey’s Mini<br />

Community Action Day<br />

Last month, the Tenant Partnership team were out and about in the community visiting areas in<br />

Mevagissey. As part of the latest Mini Community Action Day, residents were asked to take part in a<br />

short survey which consisted of questions regarding their home, neighbourhood and tenancy.<br />

Residents are encouraged to be open and honest when giving their<br />

feedback about the area in which they live and with the<br />

feedback received, the team work alongside local<br />

agencies to tackle any ongoing concerns and issues.<br />

Abigail, Tenant Partnership Coordinator<br />

said, “Improving the quality of your<br />

home, community and<br />

neighbourhood requires a strong<br />

partnership between us all.<br />

If you would like to get involved<br />

or simply let us know how you<br />

think we are doing visit your<br />

MyOcean portal and join our<br />

Virtual Internet Panel.”<br />

To find out more or to get help<br />

registering, visit<br />

oceanhousing.com/ocean-tenant-zone<br />

Join our online community<br />

on the Virtual Internet Panel<br />

– Have Your Say!<br />

You can find everything you need on our website, giving you more control and flexibility with just one<br />

login. If you would like to give your feedback and comment on the services you receive, but find it<br />

difficult to get out and about or have other commitments, remember you are able to join our online<br />

community as a member of our Virtual Internet Panel and have your say at your own convenience.<br />

Lee, Virtual Internet Panel member said, “I enjoy putting my views across online with the Virtual<br />

Internet Panel as it provides a good way of feeding back to Ocean in the way of surveys or polls, even<br />

compliments and complaints, ensure our voices are heard. It makes you feel more involved and you<br />

feel part of a team trying to make it better for all concerned, be it residents or employees.”<br />

You can access this area via your MyOcean account and Have Your Say is located along the top banner.<br />

This is where you’ll be able to take part in a range of fun and interesting activities and catch up on the<br />

latest Ocean news stories.<br />

To find out more or to get help registering your MyOcean account, visit<br />

oceanhousing.com/ocean-tenant-zone<br />

Do you<br />

need a bit of extra support this winter?<br />

Volunteer Responders are a friendly<br />

group available to help people<br />

who need a bit of support. They<br />

are available to provide a range of<br />

activities to support the NHS and<br />

people drawing on social care.<br />

They provide Check In and Chat<br />

friendly telephone calls, they can also<br />

provide Pick Up and Deliver support,<br />

delivering medication and supplies<br />

such as essential shopping, lateral flow<br />

tests and prescription delivery. All support available is free of charge. The programme continues to<br />

evolve with new services being introduced.<br />

To request help, simply call the support team and they will be able to talk you through the options<br />

available and can arrange the volunteer support on your behalf over the telephone.<br />

Call today on 0808 196 3646 or visit nhscarevolunteerresponders.org/services to find out more.

!<br />

Find the <strong>Christmas</strong> Baubles Competition<br />

How many baubles can you spot hidden in the<br />

<strong>Christmas</strong> winter scene above?<br />

The first correct entry drawn will win an Ocean<br />

goodie bag and £60 shopping voucher.<br />

Three runners up will win an Ocean goodie bag<br />

and £20 shopping voucher.<br />

The competition is open to anyone living in our<br />

properties. Only one entry per household.<br />

Closing date is Friday 9th February 2024.<br />

Good Luck with your search!<br />

You don’t need a stamp, just cut out this slip<br />

and pop it into an envelope addressed to:<br />

FREEPOST RSES-LCCA-EJUJ, <strong>Christmas</strong> Competition,<br />

Ocean Housing, Stennack Road,<br />

St Austell, PL25 3SW.<br />

How many <strong>Christmas</strong> baubles have<br />

you spotted above?<br />

You can now enter online at:<br />

oceanhousing.com/ocean-tenant-zone<br />

or print and post this slip.<br />

Name:<br />

Address:<br />

Telephone No:<br />

Mobile No:<br />

Email address:<br />

Postcode:<br />

Congratulations<br />

Congratulations to our summer edition winners, Charlie, Lisa, Shirley and Shawn.<br />

We hope you enjoyed spending those vouchers.<br />

Enter<br />

online!<br />

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email: help@oceanhousing.com<br />

www.oceanhousing.com<br />

01726 874450<br />

Out of Hours Numbers<br />

Emergency Repairs: 01726 874450<br />

Anti-Social Behaviour: 01726 874450<br />

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