CLTA Newsletter- Jan

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<strong>Jan</strong>uary Issue 2024<br />

As we begin in the <strong>Jan</strong>uary issue of our newsletter, it brings me immense joy to<br />

extend a warm welcome to each member of the Chinese Language Teachers<br />

Association. Our vibrant community thrives on the dedication and passion of<br />

educators like you, committed to advancing the teaching and learning of Chinese<br />

language and culture in the world.<br />

Reflecting on the remarkable journey of 2023, we celebrate the collaborative<br />

spirit that defines our association. Your active participation in conferences,<br />

workshops, and shared resources has strengthened our collective mission.<br />

We've witnessed inspiring innovations in pedagogy, explored new horizons in<br />

research, and fostered a supportive network that transcends geographical<br />

boundaries.<br />

As we bid farewell to 2023, let us carry forward the valuable lessons learned, the<br />

friendships forged, and the achievements unlocked. The <strong>Jan</strong>uary issue<br />

encapsulates the essence of our community, showcasing the diverse initiatives<br />

and contributions that make <strong>CLTA</strong> a dynamic hub for Chinese language<br />

educators.<br />

Looking ahead to 2024, we extend our heartfelt best wishes to each member.<br />

May this new year be filled with boundless opportunities for growth, collaboration,<br />

and success! Let's continue to elevate our standards, inspire one another, and<br />

contribute to the evolving landscape of Chinese language education.<br />

Thank you for being an integral part of<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>. Together, we embark on a journey<br />

of excellence, unity, and shared<br />



The Chinese Language Teachers Association <strong>Newsletter</strong> (<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>) keeps its<br />

readers informed about recent developments in the profession by publishing personal<br />

and institutional news and placement information.<br />

The newsletter is published online three times a year (in <strong>Jan</strong>uary, May and<br />

September). An email will be sent to active members announcing the online<br />

publication of the newsletter.<br />

Deadline:<br />

Cut-off dates for submission of all materials to be included in the <strong>Newsletter</strong> are<br />

December 15, April 15, and August 15 (subject to change).<br />

Rate:<br />

1. The general ad rate is $150 full-page (6Wx8H). Ads to be included in the<br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong> can be black and white or in color, and each ad can be formatted in<br />

.jpg or .pdf under 1 MB. Submit ads online by filling out the Full-Page <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

Ad Form.<br />

2. A job advertisement is $300 flat-fee for posting to the <strong>CLTA</strong> emailing list, the<br />

website, and the newsletter. Submit your job announcement and make the<br />

payment online. A job announcement will not be made until paid.

<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> News<br />


ISSUE<br />

Celebration and Recap of OUR<br />

Achievement<br />


In preparation for the upcoming year, Professor<br />

Yu Wu (Steering Committee member) and<br />

Professor Qiaona Yu (Board member) have<br />

been appointed as the Program Chairs to<br />

oversee the review process for the 2024 ACTFL<br />

Annual Convention. The convention is scheduled<br />

to take place from November 22 to 24 at the<br />

Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. The<br />

deadline for proposal submissions for ACTFL<br />

2024 is Friday, <strong>Jan</strong>uary 26, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.<br />

Eastern Time.<br />

Photo: Professors Xia Liang (President) and Jie Zhang (ED) at the<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> booth<br />

Photo: Professor Jie Zhang (ED) with AOD representative<br />

Photo: Professor Zhongqi Shi (Vice President), Dr. Hakyoon Lee<br />

(Georgia State University, Director of CULTR), Ms. Kristy Winkler<br />

(Georgia State University, Managing Director of CULTR),<br />

Professor Yu Wu (Steering Committee Member), Dr. Minggang Li<br />

(Director of AP Chinese)<br />

Photo: <strong>CLTA</strong> Networking Breakfast<br />

Photo: Professor Yu Wu (Steering Committee member) at<br />

the AOD panel<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Event Updates<br />


ISSUE<br />

Intellectual Crossroads<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>'s Signature Events Illuminate Language Education<br />


2024<br />



Dates: Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7, 2024<br />

Location: St. Louis, Missouri<br />

Format: FULLY In-Person Conference<br />

Please see detailed information and register here:<br />

https://www.clta-us.org/clta-annual-conference/<br />

The conference program will be released soon!!<br />

We sincerely invite colleagues worldwide (including non-<strong>CLTA</strong>-USA members) to participate in the 2024<br />

annual conference to exchange experiences and engage in meaningful discussions.<br />

Registration Rates<br />

The registration rates cover both the workshops and the meals during the conference (two dinners<br />

and one lunch: Friday dinner, Saturday banquet and Saturday lunch).<br />

Requests for refunds must be made in writing to <strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters, no later than 3/25/2024.<br />

No refunds will be made after this date. All refund requests will be subject to a $50 processing fee.<br />


PAGE 8 JANUARY 2024<br />






<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

Announcements<br />


ISSUE<br />

Stay Informed<br />

Discover the Upcoming and Exciting Events, Conferences and News<br />


Eligibility Criteria for the Teng Prize:<br />

1. Eligible applicants for this prize must be junior faculty of Chinese in the U.S. and should have<br />

no more than five years of formal full-time teaching experience at a two-year or four-year<br />

college/university. Applicants must be current <strong>CLTA</strong>-USA members at the time of submitting<br />

their applications.<br />

2. The project submitted by the applicant can be either single-authored or a collaborative effort.<br />

If an applicant’s project is selected, the prize will be distributed equally among the individual<br />

applicants involved. If there are no qualified proposals among applications received in a given<br />

year, the prize will not be granted that year.<br />

3. Only individuals who have NOT previously received the Teng Prize (as an individual or as part<br />

of a group project) are eligible to apply. Additionally, as a general principle for <strong>CLTA</strong> awards,<br />

an applicant should only apply for one award each year. A project that has been previously<br />

awarded or funded by <strong>CLTA</strong> in any other category will not be considered for the Teng Prize.<br />

When applying, applicants should send the following to the <strong>CLTA</strong> Award Committee<br />

at cltaaward@gmail.com by 1/31/2024, with the subject line as “APPLICATION FOR<br />

TENG PRIZE.”<br />

A comprehensive cover letter, three to four pages, that encompasses<br />

the theoretical foundation of the pedagogical project, project design<br />

(including information on participants, timeline, implementation steps,<br />

etc.), assessment of results, and the project's significance. A concise<br />

curriculum vitae indicating your current status, institutional affiliation,<br />

educational background, and contact information. Additionally,<br />

provide a brief (not exceeding one page) account of your career in<br />

teaching L2 Chinese.<br />

Please note that identifying information will be removed prior to anonymous review. A shortlist of<br />

three finalists will be contacted by the <strong>CLTA</strong> Award Committee and asked to submit a full and<br />

complete version of their proposed projects, formatted in accordance with the <strong>CLTA</strong> journal<br />

stylesheet, with a minimum 12 formatted pages by 2/15/2024. (This submission does not guarantee<br />

publication in the <strong>CLTA</strong> journal.) Recipient(s) are required to present during the <strong>CLTA</strong>-US’s Annual<br />

Conference.<br />

Recipient(s) will be notified before the <strong>CLTA</strong>-US Annual Conference and announced at the <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

General Membership Meeting. The name(s) of awardee(s) will also be featured in the <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong> and on the association’s website.<br />


In celebration of the UN Chinese Language Day, the Chinese Progamme at the United Nations Headquarters<br />

in New York is organizing an online Chinese Learning Forum on Thursday, April 18th, 2024 (specific time to<br />

be announced). We welcome presentations on topics related to learning and teaching Chinese as a foreign<br />

language. Priority will be given to student presenters and presentations focused on adult learning.<br />

Since diverse audience background may be expected, the forum will be mainly conducted in English. (If the<br />

presentation must be delivered in Chinese, please include the English information in the PPT or similar<br />

documents to be presented.) Both individual and team presentations are accepted. Each presentation should<br />

be limited to 15 minutes (including Q&A).<br />

Application deadline is December 31, 2023. Acceptance notices will be sent out in early February,<br />

tentatively.<br />

This year the forum is interested in the following topics:<br />

Balancing work, life, and Chinese learning<br />

Improving Chinese proficiency at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels<br />

Creating and maintaining intrinsic and extrinsic incentives for learning Chinese<br />

Using technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Chinese learning.<br />

Foreseeing opportunities and challenges for learning and teaching Chinese as a foreign language.<br />

If you are interested, please follow this link to submit a short summary of your presentation:<br />

https://forms.office.com/e/7LEUL5uL2a<br />

We intend to include ten presentations at the forum. Review and selection will take into consideration the<br />

recommendations made in the 2021-2025 UN Learning Strategy, such as:<br />

Trying and applying new learning ideas and practices<br />

Supporting learning with data and analytics<br />

Sharing knowledge and experience<br />

Collaborating across teams<br />

Generating lasting impact<br />

Inquiries can be sent to Zhuting Chang at zhuting.chang@un.org.<br />


2024 31st International Conference on<br />

Chinese Language Instruction<br />

at Princeton University<br />

Roundtable Discussion Time: Friday (Afternoon), April 26, 2024<br />

Conference Time: Saturday, April 27, 2024<br />

Location:<br />

Campus of Princeton University<br />

Dear Friends and Colleagues,<br />

We are pleased to announce that the 31st International Conference on Chinese Language Instruction, sponsored by<br />

the East Asian Studies Program and Princeton in Beijing, will be held on the campus of Princeton University, on<br />

Saturday, April 27, 2024 (detailed schedule forthcoming).<br />

In addition to the conference is an international Roundtable Discussion on Curriculum Design and<br />

Pedagogical Practice in the afternoon of Friday, April 26. Chinese language instructors and scholars are<br />

welcome to participate and interact with colleagues from across the field.<br />

As in previous years for our conference, we welcome proposals for presentations concerning all types of research<br />

on Chinese language learning and teaching. The conference aims to include, but is not limited to, the following<br />

themes:<br />

Chinese Linguistics Studies<br />

Teaching Material Development<br />

Pedagogical Practices<br />

Testing and Assessment<br />

Technologies in Language Teaching<br />

Teacher Training<br />

Curriculum Design and Program Development<br />

Limited funding for travel expenses (up to $500.00 if traveling<br />

from overseas, $300.00 if traveling by airplane in North America<br />

(includes Canada), including local transportation; and up to<br />

$100.00 by automobile or train, including tolls and incidentals) will<br />

only be available to participants who present papers, one person<br />

per presentation per institution. We realize this may not be<br />

sufficient to cover the actual cost of travel, but we hope you will be<br />

able to secure additional funds from your home institution.<br />

You will receive updates and notifications regarding the conference<br />

via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us<br />

at clp@princeton.edu.<br />

Jing Wang<br />

Director, Chinese Language Program<br />

Department of East Asian Studies<br />

Proposal Submission:<br />

The Program Committee accepts<br />

submissions of one-page proposals,<br />

in either Chinese or English (600-800<br />

Chinese characters or 400-500 words<br />

in English), for a twenty-minute<br />

presentation on subjects relevant to<br />

the themes listed above.<br />

Deadline:<br />

Proposals must be submitted by the<br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary 15th, 2024, deadline.<br />

Proposals will be reviewed by a<br />

committee and proposals selected for<br />

presentation will be grouped into panels<br />

according to themes.<br />

Submit presentation proposals<br />

here:<br />

https://pib.mycpanel2.princeton.edu/index.p<br />

hp/819113?lang=en<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

Good News<br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary<br />

ISSUE<br />

Milestones and Achivements<br />

Celebrating Exciting News About Our Community and beyond<br />


Celebrate Excellence<br />

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers<br />

Honors Dr. Wei Cai with 2023 Robert Roy Award<br />

Dr. Wei Cai from the University of Calgary in Canada was honored with the 2023 Robert Roy Award<br />

by the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT).<br />

The prestigious Robert Roy Award “recognizes significant<br />

contributions to the advancement of the second language<br />

education field,” as indicated at the CASLT website. Robert Roy<br />

Award nominees are “distinguished educators or education<br />

researchers in the field of second language (L2) teaching and<br />

learning” and “[h]ave contributed significantly to the advancement<br />

of the L2 education field”. As highlighted in the award recipient<br />

letter, “Each year, the Canadian Association of Second<br />

Language Teachers (CASLT) recognizes individuals who, by<br />

their commitment and dedication, advance the field of additional<br />

language education in an extraordinary manner. This dedication<br />

is recognized through CASLT’s Robert Roy Award, named in<br />

memory of the late Robert Roy, a distinguished Canadian<br />

language educator and the founding president of CASLT.”<br />

During the award presentation, Dr. Wei Cai was recognized for her “outstanding contributions to second<br />

language education, particularly in the field of Chinese language teaching and learning. Her tireless<br />

efforts, research excellence and unwavering commitment to the field continue to inspire and influence<br />

colleagues and students alike, making her a deserving recipient of this honor.”<br />

In her acceptance speech, Dr. Wei Cai shared her passion, work and future plans, which include:<br />

creating new knowledge in the field of language learning and teaching; building connections between<br />

teaching Chinese and other languages; establishing connections for Chinese language teaching in<br />

Canada and the global stage; promoting collaboration and fostering a spirit of teamwork; making<br />

contribution to the use of new technologies in language learning and teaching; and enhancing the<br />

language teacher education initiative in Canada. She envisions that through the pursuit of research<br />

excellence, the adoption of innovative teaching approaches, collaborative endeavors, and tailored<br />

teacher professional development, Canadian Chinese language education will flourish, cultivating a<br />

sense of community, facilitating meaningful transformation on the global stage, and establishing robust<br />

connections with other language communities across Canada.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

New Books<br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary<br />

ISSUE<br />

Our newly published books<br />

Latest Publication Unveiled<br />


Chinese Sociolinguistics:<br />

Language and Identity in Greater China<br />

by Dr. Yang, Chunsheng 杨 春 生<br />

This book will appeal to undergraduate and<br />

graduate students taking courses in Chinese<br />

sociolinguistics, particularly with a focus on<br />

language, identity, and society in Greater<br />

China. This book will also be of interest to<br />

members of the Chinese Language<br />

Teachers Association and the American<br />

Council of Teaching Foreign Languages<br />

(ACTFL).<br />

2024 London: Routledge<br />

Chinese Sociolinguistics examines the ways<br />

in which language contributes to shaping<br />

social, cultural, and ethnic identities in<br />

Greater China. This book is the first textbook<br />

to be exclusively devoted to the issues of<br />

language, society, and identity in mainland<br />

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and<br />

overseas Chinese communities (the Greater<br />

China). The book includes topics on the role<br />

of language in Chinese culture; the linguistic<br />

indexing of socioeconomic class; dialects<br />

and regional language variation; the impacts<br />

of state policies; linguistic borrowings;<br />

bilingualism and bicultural identity; and<br />

language shift and attrition. The emergence<br />

of new forms of language as influenced by<br />

modern technologies and possible future<br />

developments is also discussed in this book.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

Advertisements<br />


ISSUE<br />

Resource Spotlight<br />

Supports <strong>CLTA</strong>'s Mission of Excellence<br />






CHENG & TSUI<br />

Enjoy 20% OFF: https://www.cheng-tsui.com/<br />



<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

Job News<br />


ISSUE<br />

Job Opportunity:<br />

Explore Our Latest Job Opportunities Today<br />



Bloomington, IN<br />

Position:<br />

Tenure Track/Tenured Professor of Chinese Language Studies<br />

Deadline:<br />

All applications received by November 1, 2023 will be guaranteed full consideration.<br />

Indiana University Bloomington’s Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies<br />

invites applications for a tenure-track position (open rank) in Chinese language and linguistics,<br />

broadly defined, to begin August 1, 2024.<br />

The position is 100% in HLS’s renowned<br />

multidisciplinary Department of East Asian<br />

Languages and Cultures (EALC). Duties will include<br />

coordination of all aspects of the Chinese language<br />

program and directing graduate students in the<br />

Chinese language pedagogy program. The fields of<br />

possible specialization include, but are not limited<br />

to, language pedagogy, second language studies,<br />

and linguistics, including all subfields.<br />

We are particularly interested in candidates with a doctorate in language-related disciplines and<br />

broad experience in language teaching. The selected candidate will be appointed at the rank of<br />

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor, depending on qualifications.<br />

The normal teaching load is two courses per semester. The selected candidate must be qualified<br />

to teach Chinese language at all levels and graduate courses in language pedagogy. Additional<br />

qualifications include at least two years of experience and demonstrated success in teaching<br />

Chinese, native or near-native fluency in Chinese and English, and the ability to oversee the<br />

department’s Chinese language program and represent its interests within and beyond the<br />

institution. Qualified candidates must have an active research record with clear potential for or<br />

established record of scholarly excellence (depending on rank), as well as a strong commitment<br />

to language teaching.<br />

Candidates must have a doctoral degree or clear indication that the degree will be in hand by July<br />

31, 2024.<br />


Department Contact for Questions<br />

Inquiries and questions regarding the position should be directed to Professor Charles Lin at<br />

chiclin@indiana.edu.<br />

Interested candidates may submit their portfolio of materials at:<br />

https://indiana.peopleadmin.com/postings/20460<br />

Candidates familiar with language assessment and ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines are preferred.<br />

Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2023 and continue until the position is filled. All<br />

applications received by November 1, 2023 will be guaranteed full consideration.<br />

Interested candidates should review the application requirements and submit the following<br />

documentation within their portfolio of materials:<br />

a letter of application describing research and teaching interests<br />

a C.V., contact information for references who will be asked to provide letters of<br />

recommendation<br />

up to three writing samples<br />

a teaching portfolio (e.g., course descriptions, syllabi, teaching evaluations, sample<br />

lesson plans, teaching material, assessments such as tests, and, if available, a video<br />

clip of classroom teaching).<br />


The University of UTAH<br />

Salt Lake City, UT<br />

Position:<br />

Assistant Professor of Chinese Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy<br />

Deadline:<br />

Application materials must be submitted by November 1, 2023.<br />

The Department of World Languages & Cultures at the University of Utah invites<br />

applications for a tenure-track position in Chinese applied linguistics, pedagogy,<br />

and/or second language acquisition at the rank of Assistant Professor to begin in<br />

Fall 2024 (contract begins July 1).<br />

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Chinese linguistics, applied linguistics, second language<br />

acquisition with a Chinese focus, or a related field such as education or Chinese<br />

pedagogy in hand by August 15, 2024. Clear evidence of research potential and a track<br />

record of teaching excellence is required. The successful candidate will be expected to<br />

contribute to all areas of undergraduate and graduate programs, including curricular<br />

development. The teaching load is two courses per semester (2-2), encompassing<br />

courses in Chinese Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy / Second Language Acquisition as<br />

well as Chinese language teaching at all levels, depending on program needs. Service<br />

commensurate with the rank of assistant professor is expected. Native or near-native<br />

fluency in Chinese and English is a prerequisite.<br />

Additional requirements: experience in teaching Chinese at the college / university level<br />

in North America and demonstrated interest in promoting effective language teaching.<br />

Adaptability with instructional technologies, experience practicing modern foreign<br />

language teaching methodologies, and demonstration of active participation in the<br />

professional field are highly desirable.<br />

Complete applications will include a letter of<br />

application, a CV, a writing sample, evidence of<br />

teaching effectiveness, a diversity statement, and<br />

three letters of recommendation. Questions may be<br />

addressed to Prof. Margaret Wan, chair of the<br />

search committee (margaret.wan@utah.edu).<br />

Application materials must be submitted by<br />

November 1, 2023.<br />


A diverse scholarly community stimulates innovation and educational excellence. The<br />

College of Humanities and the Department of World Languages & Cultures work to<br />

maintain a respectful, inclusive, and supportive environment where everyone can<br />

flourish. We are actively working to increase our diversity and to promote belonging and<br />

community for all. We value constructive input and welcome feedback from our<br />

community.<br />

Located in metropolitan Salt Lake City in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, the<br />

University of Utah is the state’s flagship R1 research institution and a member of the<br />

Association of American Universities. The university emphasizes exceptional scholarship,<br />

quality teaching, and professional service. It serves over 34,000 students from across the<br />

U.S. and the world, with over 72 major subjects at the undergraduate level and more than<br />

90 major fields of study at the graduate level, such as law and medicine. The university’s<br />

language programs benefit from and serve the state’s extensive K–12 Dual Language<br />

Immersion program, which includes Chinese.<br />

Known for its proximity to seven world-class ski resorts within 40 minutes of campus, the<br />

University of Utah encourages an active, holistic lifestyle, innovation, and collaborative<br />

thinking to engage students, faculty, and business leaders. Salt Lake City is a vibrant,<br />

major metropolitan area with a diverse, multicultural population and numerous cultural<br />

and outdoor activities.<br />


UNITED<br />

STATES<br />

NAVAL<br />


Annapolis, Maryland<br />

Languages and Cultures Department<br />

The United States Naval Academy is committed to building a<br />

diverse workforce who collaborate to provide a multidisciplinary<br />

and hands-on approach to student learning and leadership<br />

development. We believe that individuals from diverse<br />

backgrounds strengthen our programs and positively impact<br />

student success. We encourage qualified applicants from all<br />

backgrounds to apply for consideration.<br />

About the U.S. Naval Academy<br />

The United States Naval Academy is a unique institution<br />

of higher learning located in Annapolis, Maryland. As a<br />

service academy and premier undergraduate college, the<br />

United States Naval Academy has its own distinctive<br />

niche amongst American higher education institutions.<br />

Our talented faculty and staff are united by a common<br />

purpose--to develop the next generation of officers to be<br />

exceptional leaders in our naval service. In order to<br />

deliver on this promise to our nation, we recruit from all<br />

segments of society to find faculty, instructors, and<br />

support staff who model the highest professional<br />

standards.<br />

Position Description<br />

Every year more than one million people tour "the Yard" to<br />

experience what our employees already know — the United<br />

States Naval Academy is a special place, with a special<br />

purpose. Employees will find challenging and rewarding work;<br />

state-of-the-art facilities which inspire academic and athletic<br />

excellence; the benefits of Federal employment; and<br />

exceptional quality-of-life.<br />

Position Title:<br />

Tenure-track Assistant Professor<br />

Deadline:<br />

Review of applications will begin on October 15,<br />

2023 and will continue until the positions are filled.<br />

The Languages and Cultures Department invites applications for TWO tenure-track Assistant Professor positions in any of the<br />

following languages: Chinese, French, Japanese, or Spanish, beginning as early as the Fall semester of 2024. USNA is a<br />

service academy and top-tier liberal arts college with demonstrated undergraduate teaching and producing quality peerreviewed<br />

research. The research specialization is open. Responsibilities include teaching language across all proficiency<br />

levels and upper-level courses related to specialization. The successful candidate will teach 9 hours/semester, maintain an<br />

active program of scholarly research, and contribute appropriate service to support the departmental and institutional<br />

educational mission.<br />

The Naval Academy Languages and Cultures Department is a mix of civilian faculty and military officers. The Department<br />

offers majors in Arabic, Chinese, and Foreign Area Studies, and minors in seven languages (Arabic, Chinese, French,<br />

German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish).<br />

This is an onsite, 10-month compensation, excepted service federal faculty position with a 3-year renewable appointment, a<br />

highly competitive salary, and full federal benefits. Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications.<br />

Summer research support may be available for the first three years of new appointments; after that, civilians may receive<br />

partial research support by competing for internal research grants. Additionally, travel funds may be available.<br />


Important Information:<br />

Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the U.S.<br />

Department of Education in order for it to be credited towards qualifications. Therefore,<br />

provide only the attendance and/or degrees from schools accredited by accrediting<br />

institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.<br />

The Department of the Navy provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with<br />

disabilities. Applicants with disabilities who believe they require reasonable<br />

accommodation should contact our Human Resource Office to ensure that the<br />

Department of the Navy can consider such requests. The decision to grant an<br />

accommodation will be made on a case by case basis.<br />

Minimum Qualifications:<br />

Ph.D. in one of the following disciplines: Chinese, French, Japanese, OR Spanish (anticipated completion of Ph.D. no<br />

later than June 2024 is acceptable)<br />

Native or near-native proficiency in at least one of the following languages: Chinese, French, Japanese, OR Spanish<br />

Native or near-native English proficiency<br />

Other Desirable Qualifications:<br />

Experience in college-level language instruction<br />

Commitment to inclusive pedagogy and working with a diverse student body and faculty<br />

Research expertise in any of the following, but not limited to: Literature, Linguistics, French Literature 20th and 21st<br />

Century, Francophone Studies, Latin American 20th and 21st Century, Cultural Studies, Media and Film Studies,<br />

Foreign Area Studies, Gender Studies, or Transnational Studies<br />

If applying for a position in French or Spanish, the ability to teach both French and Spanish is ideal. For the Japanese or<br />

Chinese applicants, they should demonstrate a clear understanding of the linguistic properties of Japanese/Chinese;<br />

knowledge of the cultural background necessary to teach the language, and technology-related pedagogy<br />


1. Applicants should send a cover letter (including an affirmation of US citizenship), curriculum vitae, statement of<br />

teaching philosophy (no longer than two pages), research statement, latest peer-reviewed research sample article,<br />

student evaluations (last two semesters), and a link to a recent 15-minute language teaching video demo to CDR<br />

Benjamin Martin, Chair of the Languages and Cultures Department, at LCDFacultySearch2023-group@usna.edu.<br />

2. Applicants should also arrange to have three reference letters addressing qualifications sent to the same email address.<br />

Conditions of employment:<br />

U.S. Citizenship is required.<br />

All Civilian Excepted Service/Faculty Positions at USNA are subject to a background investigation. The selected candidate<br />

will be subject to a security investigation leading to successful completion of a background investigation with a favorable<br />

adjudication. The selectee's failure to meet this requirement will be grounds for termination. More information about the<br />

background investigation process can be found at the Academic Dean and Provost’s website here<br />

http://www.usna.edu/Academics/Faculty-Information/Background-Investigation-Info.php<br />

Optional Demographic Information Request:<br />

Submit a Demographic Information on Applicants Form (https://www.usna.edu/HRO/_files/documents/Public%20-<br />

%20Docs/Equal%20Employment%20Opportunity/Demographic%20Information%20on%20Applicants.pdf)<br />

to rsharps@usna.edu. (mailto:godwin@usna.edu)<br />

This form is optional; your responses will not be shared with the hiring committee or anyone involved in the hiring process.<br />

Announcement: LC-23-24-1<br />

The U.S. Naval Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer<br />


About UMass Amherst<br />

Amherst, MA<br />

UMass Amherst, the<br />

Commonwealth's flagship campus<br />

of the University of Massachusetts<br />

system, is a nationally ranked<br />

public research university offering<br />

a full range of undergraduate,<br />

graduate and professional<br />

degrees. The University sits on<br />

nearly 1,450-acres in the scenic<br />

Pioneer Valley of Western<br />

Massachusetts and offers a rich<br />

cultural environment in a bucolic<br />

setting close to major urban<br />

centers. In addition, the University<br />

is part of the Five Colleges<br />

(including Amherst College,<br />

Hampshire College, Mount<br />

Holyoke College, and Smith<br />

College), which adds to the<br />

intellectual energy of the region.<br />

Job Description<br />

The Program of Chinese Literature and Culture in the<br />

Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at The<br />

University of Massachusetts Amherst invites applications<br />

for a full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor of Chinese,<br />

starting in Fall 2024. We seek outstanding candidates<br />

specializing in premodern Chinese literature and culture<br />

prior to 1200, preferably with an interdisciplinary approach.<br />

This position is expected to teach both undergraduate and<br />

graduate courses, a large survey course on Chinese<br />

culture as well as classical Chinese. We are particularly<br />

interested in candidates with expertise in Chinese<br />

literature, philosophy, and/or material culture.<br />

This is a full-time (9-month) tenure-track position<br />

beginning September 1, 2024. Salary is commensurate<br />

with qualifications and experience.<br />

Position Title:<br />

Assistant Professor of Chinese<br />

Deadline:<br />

Review of applications will begin on<br />

November 22, 2023 and will continue<br />

until the position is filled.<br />

Requirements<br />

Candidate must have a Ph.D. in hand (or expected by<br />

July 1, 2024), have native or near-native fluency in<br />

both Chinese and English, and demonstrated success<br />

in teaching at the college level in the U.S. Evidence of<br />

an active research agenda and a strong commitment<br />

to innovative teaching and professional development<br />

is preferred.<br />


Application Instructions<br />

For full consideration, candidates should submit a complete application packet on line at:<br />

https://careers.umass.edu/en-us/job/521123/assistant-professor-of-chinese<br />

For full consideration, candidates should submit a complete application packet. A complete application<br />

will consist of:<br />

1) letter of application;<br />

2) curriculum vitae;<br />

3) a statement of teaching;<br />

4) a statement of contributions to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, identifying past experiences and<br />

future goals. These contributions may result from lived experiences, scholarships, and/or mentoring,<br />

teaching and outreach activities;<br />

5) a writing sample (e.g. dissertation chapter);<br />

6) a sample syllabus; and<br />

7) contact information including email addresses for three individuals whom we can solicit for<br />

confidential recommendation letters on your behalf.<br />

Review of applications will begin on November 22, 2023 and will continue until the position is filled.<br />

Questions regarding this position should be directed to Professor Enhua Zhang (ezhang@umass.edu),<br />

Chair of the Search Committee.<br />

We are seeking talented applicants qualified for an assistant professor position. Under exceptional<br />

circumstances, highly qualified candidates at other ranks may receive consideration.<br />

The University is committed to active recruitment of a diverse<br />

faculty and student body. The University of Massachusetts<br />

Amherst is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer of<br />

women, historically marginalized and underrepresented<br />

demographic groups, protected veterans, and individuals with<br />

disabilities and encourages applications from these and other<br />

protected group members. Because broad diversity is essential<br />

to an inclusive climate and critical to the University's goals of<br />

achieving excellence in all areas, we will holistically assess the<br />

many qualifications of each applicant and favorably consider an<br />

individual's record working with students and colleagues with<br />

broadly diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds in<br />

educational, research or other work activities. We will also<br />

favorably consider experience overcoming or helping others<br />

overcome barriers to an academic degree and career.<br />


Northern Arizona University<br />

Flagstaff, Arizona<br />

About NAU<br />

Northern Arizona University serves<br />

almost 30,000 students. We are a<br />

vibrant community, with 21,000<br />

students in Flagstaff—the home of<br />

our largest campus—and the<br />

remainder online or at our 20+<br />

statewide locations. Our institution<br />

has carefully integrated on-campus<br />

education with distance learning,<br />

forming seamless avenues for<br />

students to earn degrees.<br />

Committed to an inclusive university<br />

environment, NAU has all the<br />

benefits of a large institution with a<br />

personal touch. We carefully<br />

balance teaching, scholarship, and<br />

service for faculty members.<br />

Supporting our core value of<br />

student-centrism, NAU's faculty<br />

members promote learning and help<br />

students reach academic<br />

milestones.<br />

Flagstaff is an outdoorsy mountain<br />

town with four seasons and a<br />

thriving cultural scene. Located at<br />

7,000 feet, Flagstaff houses 70,000<br />

people and sits at the base of the<br />

sacred San Francisco Peaks.<br />

For more about inclusive excellence<br />

at NAU, visit the<br />

https://in.nau.edu/center-foruniversity-access-and-inclusion/.<br />

Position Title:<br />

Lecturer or Assistant Teaching Professor, Chinese (Mandarin)<br />

Deadline:<br />

Vacancy will remain open until filled. Applications received before<br />

December 11, 2023 will receive full consideration.<br />

Regular/Temporary: Regular Job ID: 607587 Full/Part Time: Full-Time<br />

About the Department/College<br />

The Department of Global Languages and Cultures (GLC) seeks candidates who<br />

will contribute to departmental efforts to advance programs, teaching, and learning<br />

to serve our diverse student population. Northern Arizona University is a Hispanic-<br />

Serving Institution, and GLC oversees the Modern Languages BA with emphases in<br />

French, German, Japanese and Spanish and the Interdisciplinary Global Program<br />

(dual majors with STEM and Business degrees), and minors in Chinese (Mandarin),<br />

French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, with courses in Portuguese and<br />

Navajo, along with an MAT and BA in Spanish. Our graduates are critically informed<br />

citizens from diverse populations including first-generation students, Latine and<br />

Indigenous Americans, and veterans.<br />

About the Position<br />

The Department of Global Languages and Cultures (GLC) invites applications for a<br />

Lecturer or Assistant Teaching Professor appointment to teach Chinese (Mandarin)<br />

language and culture on the Northern Arizona University Flagstaff Mountain Campus<br />

beginning August 2024. This position is a full-time, teaching-focused, benefit-eligible<br />

position on the lecturer or professional career track that includes the possibility of<br />

promotion and is renewable on a year-to-year basis contingent upon performance,<br />

departmental needs, and university funding.<br />

Successful candidates are expected to teach both lower and upper-division Chinese<br />

(Mandarin) courses. Along with the standard instruction-related expectations such as<br />

student assessment, mentoring, and course design and revision, the position also<br />

involves coordinating with colleagues on continuing curricular development and<br />

promoting student-focused initiatives. Robust participation in the academic and<br />

cultural activities of the department, college and university is also expected. Other<br />

duties may be assigned by the Chair, as necessary.<br />

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a solid pedagogical and theoretical<br />

foundation, and exemplary teaching record, a commitment to teaching and mentoring<br />

a diverse student body, an aptitude for program growth, and a passion for student<br />

outreach. Successful candidates should be prepared to teach Chinese (Mandarin)<br />

language and culture at all levels of an undergraduate curriculum, be eager to use<br />

new teaching tools, and be able to potentially adjust pedagogical approaches to a<br />

remote setting. Successful candidates are expected to design, promote, and<br />

– @reallygreatsite<br />

participate in the proposal and advancement of BA in Modern Languages with<br />

emphasis in Chinese (Mandarin).<br />


Responsibilities Include:<br />

• Teaching 12 credit hours of both lower- and upper-division Chinese (Mandarin) courses per semester<br />

• Holding regular weekly office hours and being available for students' appointments<br />

• Designing and revising Chinese (Mandarin) course curriculum<br />

• Mentoring students, especially students with a Chinese Minor and IGP student<br />

• Supervising Chinese Teaching Assistants, when needed<br />

• Coordinating with colleagues on continuing curricular development and promoting student-focused initiatives<br />

• Conducting Chinese Placement Interview and Proctoring Chinese Challenge Exams<br />

• Advising and collaborating with CIE and IGP on students' study abroad<br />

• Organizing and participating in student-learning promotion activities<br />

• Serving as student club(s) faculty advisor on campus<br />

• Serving on professional, academic, and administrative committee(s), if assigned by the Chair<br />

• Participating in the academic and cultural activities of the department, college, and university<br />

This position is an on-site position which requires the incumbent to complete their work primarily at an NAU site,<br />

campus, or facility with or without accommodation. Opportunities for remote work are rare.<br />

This is a full-time, 9 month (academic year), non-tenure eligible position.<br />

Minimum Qualifications<br />

Lecturer Minimum Qualifications<br />

• M.A. in Chinese Linguistics, Pedagogy, Literature, or related field conferred by August 2024.<br />

• Two years' experience teaching Chinese (Mandarin) language at the post-secondary level in the United States, or in<br />

Canada, or another Anglophone nation (can be obtained during degree program). This experience must include<br />

teaching at the beginner and intermediate/advanced levels.<br />

Assistant Teaching Professor Minimum Qualifications<br />

• Ph.D. in Chinese Linguistics, Pedagogy, Literature, or related field conferred by August 2024.<br />

• Two years' experience teaching Chinese (Mandarin) language at the post-secondary level in the United States, or in<br />

Canada, or another Anglophone nation (can be obtained during degree program). This experience must include<br />

teaching at the beginner and intermediate/advanced levels.<br />

Preferred Qualifications<br />

• Native or near-native proficiency in Chinese (Mandarin) and English (written and spoken).<br />

• A record of excellence in teaching in-person both lower- and upper-division university-level Chinese (Mandarin)<br />

courses to English-speaking students.<br />

• Demonstrated knowledge and use of contemporary second-language teaching theories, methods, and strategies in<br />

designing courses and lessons that foster student engagement along with oral and written proficiency.<br />

• Excellent record in curriculum design & development, and in teaching preparation and delivery.<br />

• Experience in and commitment to student outreach and program design that fosters enrollment growth, including<br />

interdisciplinary programs.<br />

• Demonstrated commitment to supporting student success and creating a learning environment that welcomes a<br />

diverse student body, and a proven record of managing a classroom with students of different backgrounds and<br />

proficiency levels.<br />

• Experience working collaboratively with faculty, staff, and the university community.<br />

Workplace Culture<br />

NAU aims to be the nation's preeminent engine of<br />

opportunity, vehicle of economic mobility, and driver of social<br />

impact by delivering equitable postsecondary value in<br />

– @reallygreatsite<br />

Arizona and beyond. https://nau.edu/president/strategic-plan/ PAGE 43 JANUARY 2024

Compensation & Benefits<br />

Commensurate with candidate's qualifications and related experience.<br />

This is a Faculty (FAC) position. NAU offers an excellent benefit<br />

package including generous health, dental and vision insurance;<br />

participation in the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) or the<br />

Optional Retirement Program (ORP); sick leave accruals and 10<br />

holidays per year; and tuition reduction for employees and qualified<br />

family members. More information on benefits at NAU is available at the<br />

NAU https://nau.edu/Human-Resources/Benefits/. Faculty are hired on a<br />

contract basis, renewable according to terms of the<br />

http://nau.edu/Provost/Resources-Policies/. Employees offered a<br />

position will be eligible for state health plans (including NAU's BCBS<br />

Plan). Employees will have 31 days from date of hire to enroll in benefits,<br />

and their benefits will then be effective the first day of the pay period<br />

following their completed enrollment. If a new employee chooses the<br />

Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) retirement option, participation<br />

in the ASRS Plan (and the long-term disability coverage that<br />

accompanies it) will begin on the first of the pay period following 183<br />

days of employment. New employees who choose to participate in the<br />

Optional Retirement Plan (ORP; an alternative to the ASRS plan) will<br />

begin to participate on the first day of the pay period following election.<br />

The long-term disability plan that accompanies the ORP will begin on the<br />

first day of the pay period following election. More information about<br />

NAU benefits is available at the NAU https://nau.edu/Human-<br />

Resources/Benefits/.<br />

Pre-Employment Check<br />

Northern Arizona University requires satisfactory results for the following: a criminal background<br />

investigation, an employment history verification and a degree verification (in some cases) prior to<br />

employment. You may also be required to complete a fingerprint background check. Additionally, as<br />

an employer in the state of Arizona, NAU is required to participate in the federal E-Verify program<br />

that assists employers with verifying new employees' right to work in the United States. Finally, each<br />

year Northern Arizona University releases an https://in.nau.edu/police-department/annual-securityand-fire-safety-reports/.<br />

The report is a result of a federal law known as the Clery Act. The report<br />

includes Clery reportable crime statistics for the three most recent completed calendar years and<br />

discloses procedures, practices and programs NAU uses to keep students and employees safe<br />

including how to report crimes or other emergencies occurring on campus. In addition, the<br />

https://in.nau.edu/police-department/annual-security-and-fire-safety-reports/ is combined with the<br />

Annual Security Report for the NAU Flagstaff Mountain Campus as this campus has on-campus<br />

student housing. This report discloses fire safety policies and procedures related to on-campus<br />

student housing and statistics for fires that occurred in those facilities. If you would like a free paper<br />

copy of the report, please contact the NAUPD Records Department at (928) 523-8884 or by visiting<br />

the department at 525 E. Pine Knoll Drive in Flagstaff.<br />

FLSA Status<br />

This position is exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and<br />

therefore will not earn overtime or compensatory time for additional time worked.<br />


Submit Your Application<br />

To apply for this position, please click on the "Apply" button at the end of the job description (if viewing this<br />

position through the NAU HR website). Otherwise, to view the original post and to apply, proceed to<br />

http://nau.jobs, follow the 'Current Openings' link, locate vacancy 607587, and then "Apply" at the bottom of the<br />

page.<br />

Application must include (saved as PDF and/or Word documents):<br />

• a cover letter highlighting your particular qualifications for this position and addressing how you meet each of<br />

the preferred qualifications;<br />

• a resume/curriculum vitae; and<br />

• names and contact information for three professional references.<br />

Please do not include any other documents. Additional materials such as syllabi, teaching evaluations, teaching<br />

video(s), letters of recommendation may be requested later.<br />

If you need assistance completing your application there are instructions available on the<br />

https://in.nau.edu/human-resources/employment-application-instructions/ or in person in the Human Resources<br />

Department located in Building 91 on the NAU Campus - on the corner of Beaver and DuPont Streets.<br />

If you are an individual with a disability and need a reasonable accommodation to participate in the hiring<br />

process, please contact the Disability Resources Office at 928-523-8773, http://DR@nau.edu, or PO Box 5633,<br />

Flagstaff AZ 86011.<br />

Equal Employment Opportunity<br />

Northern Arizona University is a committed Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution. Women, minorities,<br />

veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. NAU is responsive to the needs of dual<br />

career couples. https://in.nau.edu/Human-Resources/Posters-Required-by-Law/<br />

NAU is an Employer of National Service. AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other National Service alumni are<br />

encouraged to apply. To apply, visit https://apptrkr.com/4794692<br />




NEW YORK<br />

New York City<br />

Department of Classical and Oriental Studies<br />

The Department of Classical and Oriental Studies at Hunter College, City University of New York, is accepting<br />

applications for a tenure-track or tenured position in Chinese literature at open rank (Assistant, Associate, or Full<br />

Professor), to begin in fall 2024. We offer undergraduate majors in Chinese language and literature (both classical and<br />

modern) and in translation and interpreting, as well as an MA in the teaching of Chinese (Mandarin) at the secondaryschool<br />

level, and we welcome applications from candidates who will be able to contribute to our curricula in Chinese<br />

literature and any of the aforementioned areas. Candidates must demonstrate excellence or strong promise of excellence<br />

in research and in teaching.<br />

The successful candidate will be expected to maintain an excellent record of scholarship, research, and teaching, as well<br />

as fully participate in program affairs and service. The candidate will teach language courses at all levels as needed, and<br />

content courses taught in English from our program course offerings in modern and classical Chinese literature,<br />

Translation, and Chinese Culture. The teaching load is normally three courses per semester.<br />

Qualification<br />

For Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor:<br />

All candidates must have a PhD degree in Chinese<br />

Literature, Culture, Chinese Cinema, or a related field; full<br />

professional fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English;<br />

teaching experience in related fields at the college/university<br />

level in North America; and commitment to teamwork and<br />

service. For appointment as assistant professor, applicants<br />

should have obtained the PhD before June 2024 and show<br />

evidence of excellence or strong promise of excellence in<br />

scholarship and teaching. For appointment as associate<br />

professor, a substantial publication record and extensive<br />

teaching experience are required. For appointment as full<br />

professor, applicants should have an outstanding publication<br />

record with demonstrated impact on the field and show<br />

evidence of sustained effectiveness and excellence in<br />

teaching. Desirable qualifications for appointment at all<br />

ranks include demonstrated interest in overseeing federallyfunded<br />

Flagship projects.<br />

Hunter is committed to active engagement with students and<br />

the community at large, and embraces equity, inclusiveness,<br />

and global awareness in all dimensions of our work. We<br />

seek applicants who have the ability to cooperate with<br />

faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds for the good of<br />

the institution, and who are committed to encouraging and<br />

supporting our highly diverse student body.<br />

Position Title:<br />

Faculty Open Rank (Assistant, Associate or Full<br />

Professor)- Chinese Literature<br />

Deadline:<br />

For full consideration, all materials should be received.<br />

Review of applications will begin on December 15,<br />

2023. First-round interviews will be conducted remotely<br />

over Zoom; finalists will visit the campus in person. The<br />

search will continue until the position is filled.<br />

Compensation:<br />

Salary commensurate with education and experience.<br />

CUNY offers faculty a competitive compensation and<br />

benefits package covering health insurance, pension<br />

and retirement benefits, paid parental leave, and<br />

savings programs. We also provide mentoring and<br />

support for research, scholarship, and publication as<br />

part of our commitment to ongoing faculty<br />

professional development.<br />

Assistant Professor: $82,928 – $99,532<br />

Associate Professor: $100,329 – $117,805<br />

Full Professor: $119,995 - $141,858<br />


How to Apply:<br />

Applications must be submitted online by accessing the CUNY Portal on City University of New York job website<br />

www.cuny.edu/employment. To search for this vacancy, click on SEARCH ALL POSTINGS and in SEARCH JOBS<br />

field, enter the Job Opening ID number 27671<br />

Click on the "APPLY NOW" button and follow the application instructions. Current users of the site should access their<br />

established accounts; new users should follow the instructions to set up an account.<br />

Please have your documents available to attach into the application before you begin. Note, the required material must<br />

be uploaded as ONE document under CV/ Resume (do not upload individual files for a cover letter, references, etc.).<br />

The document must be in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, or text format- and name of file should not exceed ten (10) characters –<br />

also DO NOT USE SYMBOLS (such as accents (é, è, (â, î or ô), ñ, ü, ï , –, _ or ç)).<br />

Application Documents:<br />

Please include:<br />

• A letter of application describing teaching and research interests<br />

• Writing sample (in pdf format)<br />

• Graduate school transcripts<br />

• Curriculum Vitae/ Resume<br />

• Names and contact information of 3 references<br />

(note that we are not requesting letters of reference in the initial application)<br />

Upload all documents as ONE single file-- PDF format preferred. Incomplete applications will not be considered.<br />

Job Search Category<br />

CUNY Job Posting: Faculty<br />

Equal Employment Opportunity<br />

CUNY encourages people with disabilities,<br />

minorities, veterans and women to apply. At<br />

CUNY, Italian Americans are also included<br />

among our protected groups. Applicants and<br />

employees will not be discriminated against on<br />

the basis of any legally protected category,<br />

including sexual orientation or gender identity.<br />

EEO/AA/Vet/Disability Employer.<br />


University of Oklahoma<br />

Norman, Oklahoma<br />

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics (MLLL)<br />

Position Title:<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese<br />

Deadline:<br />

Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until<br />

the position is filled.<br />

The Department of Modern<br />

Languages, Literatures, and<br />

Linguistics (MLLL) at the University<br />

of Oklahoma (OU) seeks a visiting<br />

assistant professor of Chinese.<br />

The University of Oklahoma is a<br />

Carnegie-R1 comprehensive<br />

public research university known<br />

for excellence in teaching,<br />

research, and community<br />

engagement, serving the<br />

educational, cultural, economic,<br />

and healthcare needs of the state,<br />

region, and nation. OU enrolls<br />

more than 30,000 students and<br />

has more than 3000 full-time<br />

faculty members in 18 colleges. In<br />

Fall 2022, approximately 25% of<br />

OU’s freshmen were firstgeneration<br />

students, 39%<br />

belonged to a minority<br />

race/ethnicity, and over 8% were<br />

of Asian descent.<br />

The University of Oklahoma is<br />

home to a 277-acre Research<br />

Campus in Norman that was<br />

named the top research campus in<br />

the nation by the Association of<br />

University Research Parks in<br />

2013. Norman is a culturally rich<br />

and vibrant city located just outside<br />

Oklahoma City. With outstanding<br />

schools, amenities, and a low cost<br />

of living, Norman is a perennial<br />

contender on the “Best Places to<br />

Live” rankings. Please visit the<br />

provost’s website for more<br />

information.<br />

Job Description<br />

The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics (MLLL) at<br />

the University of Oklahoma (OU) stands as one of the largest and most diverse<br />

units on campus, encompassing thirteen language and linguistics programs.<br />

We seek outstanding candidates specializing in Chinese cultural studies,<br />

preferably with an interdisciplinary approach. The candidate will teach language<br />

courses at all levels as needed, as well as content courses taught in English<br />

from our program course offerings in Chinese literature and cinema.<br />

This is a full-time (9-month) position beginning August 16th, 2024. This<br />

position is a full-time, teaching-focused, benefit-eligible position that is<br />

renewable on a year-to-year basis contingent upon performance, departmental<br />

needs, and university funding. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and<br />

experience.<br />

Candidate must have a Ph.D. or ABD in a related field, have native or nearnative<br />

fluency in both Chinese and English and demonstrated success in<br />

teaching at the college level in the U.S. Evidence of a strong commitment to<br />

innovative teaching and professional development is preferred.<br />


Application Instructions<br />

Please send an application in a single email, using “Chinese visiting professor” in the subject line, to<br />

Dianna Taylor at modlang@ou.edu. Please include the following:<br />

1. A cover letter detailing how the candidate meets the minimum requirements above;<br />

2. Curriculum vitae;<br />

3. Evidence of successful teaching experience, including complete sets of teaching evaluations.<br />

In addition, please have two letters of recommendation sent separately to Dianna Taylor at<br />

modlang@ou.edu with “Chinese visiting professor recommendation” in the subject line.<br />

Questions may be directed to Dr. Nian Liu, Chair of MLLL nian.liu@ou.edu.<br />

The University of Oklahoma, in compliance with all applicable federal<br />

and state laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of<br />

race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, genetic<br />

information, gender identity, gender expression, age, religion,<br />

disability, political beliefs, or status as a veteran in any of its policies,<br />

practices, or procedures. This includes, but is not limited to:<br />

admissions, employment, financial aid, housing, services in<br />

educational programs or activities, or health care services that the<br />

University operates or provides.<br />


Department of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures<br />

Fayetteville, Arkansas<br />

Founded in 1871, the University<br />

of Arkansas-the flagship of the<br />

University of Arkansas System-is<br />

a nationally ranked public<br />

research university offering a full<br />

range of undergraduate,<br />

graduate, and professional<br />

degrees to a student body of<br />

32,140. The Carnegie Foundation<br />

classifies the U of A as a<br />

"Research 1" institution- Doctoral<br />

University: Very High Research<br />

Activity. The U of A is located in<br />

Fayetteville, a family-friendly<br />

scenic place that frequently<br />

receives accolades as one of<br />

America's "best places" to live.<br />

Fayetteville is part of the growing<br />

Northwest Arkansas (NWA) area,<br />

which is home to numerous<br />

Fortune 500 companies and one<br />

of the nation's strongest<br />

economies and is gaining a<br />

national reputation for its overall<br />

quality of life.<br />

The Department of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures in the Fulbright College of<br />

Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas invites applications for a non-tenure<br />

track Instructor of Chinese to start in August 2024 and with the possibility of annual<br />

renewal, subject to program needs, availability of funds, and satisfactory performance<br />

of duties. This is a standard nine-month faculty appointment.<br />

We seek an exceptional instructor of Mandarin Chinese Language courses at all levels<br />

with a track record of employing innovative pedagogies and active engagement in<br />

research-informed teaching. We are particularly interested in candidates with<br />

experience and interest in online language teaching.<br />

Duties will include:<br />

Teach four classes per semester (Fall and Spring), including in-person and online<br />

courses.<br />

Teach language courses at any proficiency level per program needs, as well as<br />

introductory content courses for undergraduates about Chinese culture, linguistics,<br />

literature, or related fields, according to the candidate's teaching interests.<br />

Plan and teach online Chinese courses, including language courses taught in<br />

Chinese and content courses taught in English.<br />

Plan and teach new undergraduate courses, including elective courses.<br />

Assist in developing an online Chinese minor program.<br />

Perform undergraduate student mentoring and advising, such as placement tests<br />

or credit transfer.<br />

Participate or co-organize Chinese program activities, such as co- or extracurricular<br />

activities and cultural events.<br />

Position Title:<br />

Instructor of Chinese<br />

Job type: Full time<br />

Job requisition id: R0048959<br />

Deadline:<br />

Completed applications received by <strong>Jan</strong>uary 31, 2024, will be assured full<br />

consideration. Late applications will be reviewed as necessary to fill the<br />

position. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until<br />

the position is filled.<br />

For more information, please contact Dr. Danjie Su, search committee chair,<br />

Chinese Program Director, at danjiesu@uark.edu.<br />

Additional Information:<br />

The Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures promotes an international understanding and global academic<br />

exchange. Through the World Languages and Digital Humanities Studio, courses in 12 languages, and participation in many<br />

interdisciplinary programs across campus, faculty members empower students to become proficient communicators and<br />

acquire a working knowledge of cultures and literatures around the world.<br />

https://fulbright.uark.edu/departments/world-languages<br />

Pre-employment Screening Requirements: Criminal Background Check, Sex Offender Registry<br />


Minimum Qualifications:<br />

MA in Chinese linguistics, applied linguistics, pedagogy, second language acquisition with a Chinese focus, education with an<br />

online focus, or closely related disciplines conferred by the start of employment<br />

Native or near-native fluency in both Mandarin Chinese and English<br />

At least two years of Chinese language teaching experience at the college level in North America (including teaching as a<br />

graduate instructor of record)<br />

Evidence of ability to teach modern Chinese at all levels<br />

Significant Chinese language teaching experience in online formats<br />

Demonstrated teaching excellence in both face-to-face and online formats<br />

Familiarity with Pinyin and Simplified Chinese to meet instructional needs<br />

Preferred Qualifications:<br />

Demonstrated familiarity with recent developments in language pedagogy and interest in applying these advances in teaching<br />

Demonstrated interest in and adaptability with instructional technologies<br />

Demonstrated experience working collaboratively with colleagues, e.g., parallel session instructors<br />

Demonstrated strong teamwork skills and flexibility in course offerings<br />

Demonstrated ability to use Chinese as the main instructional language even for beginning-level courses<br />

Demonstrated enthusiasm about contributing to growing a Chinese program both on campus and online<br />

The University of Arkansas is committed to providing a safe campus community. We conduct background checks for applicants<br />

being considered for employment. Background checks include a criminal background check and a sex offender registry check. For<br />

certain positions, there may also be a financial (credit) background check, a Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) check, and/or drug<br />

screening. Required checks are identified in the position listing. A criminal conviction or arrest pending adjudication or adverse<br />

financial history information alone shall not disqualify an applicant in the absence of a relationship to the requirements of the position.<br />

Background check information will be used in a confidential, non-discriminatory manner consistent with state and federal law. The<br />

University of Arkansas seeks to attract, develop and retain high quality faculty, staff and administrators that consistently display<br />

practices and behaviors to advance a culture that embeds inclusion, opportunity, educational excellence and unparalleled access for<br />

all.<br />

The University of Arkansas is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. The University does not discriminate in its education<br />

programs or activities (including in admission and employment) on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, disability, religion,<br />

marital or parental status, protected veteran status, military service, genetic information, or sex (including pregnancy, sexual<br />

orientation, and gender identity). Federal law prohibits the University from discriminating on these bases. Questions or concerns<br />

about the application of Title IX, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, may be sent to the University's Title IX<br />

Coordinator and to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. Persons must have proof of legal authority to work in the<br />

United States on the first day of employment. All application information is subject to public disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom<br />

of Information Act.<br />

Required Documents to Apply:<br />

A cover letter with web-accessible links to two teaching demo videos, one face-to-face and one online (via Zoom, etc), at least<br />

50 minutes each<br />

Curriculum vitae<br />

Teaching statement<br />

Teaching portfolio, including an actual syllabus of a course taught with the daily/weekly schedules, a sample syllabus for an<br />

online course (either synchronous, asynchronous, or mixed modes), a sample set of teaching materials, and a full report of<br />

student evaluations of a course<br />

A list of three professional references (name, title, email address, and phone number). Additional materials may be requested<br />

from candidates selected for interviews.<br />

Optional Documents:<br />

A scholarly writing sample in English<br />

To apply, please use this link: https://uasys.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/UASYS/details/Instructor-of-Chinese_R0048959-1?<br />

q=R0048959&locations=17a66cdad98201f7890cfb48ca00e249. All application materials must be uploaded to the University of<br />

Arkansas System Career Site https://uasys.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/UASYS. Please do not send to the listed recruitment<br />

contact.<br />


Position Title:<br />

Chinese Lecturer<br />

Job type: Full time<br />

Job requisition id: R0048959<br />



Department of Modern Languages and Literatures<br />

Deadline:<br />

Cleveland, OH<br />

Review of applications begins <strong>Jan</strong>uary 22nd, 2024<br />

and will continue until the position is filled.<br />

Description<br />

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Case Western<br />

Reserve University invites applications for one full-time lecturer position in<br />

Chinese language, starting in Fall 2024. The position is a non-tenured oneyear<br />

appointment, renewable upon the approval of the Dean’s office. Case<br />

Western Reserve University is a nationally top-ranked private research<br />

institution located in Cleveland, Ohio. We seek candidates who are<br />

specialized in Chinese language education, open to new methodologies and<br />

technologies, and wish to join an established language program that supports<br />

a major and a minor.<br />

Qualifications<br />

Applicants must have a M.A. in Chinese, Chinese pedagogy, second language acquisition, or a<br />

related field, such as Chinese linguistics and world language education in hand by July 1, 2024. We<br />

are particularly interested in candidates with a doctoral degree in the disciplines aforementioned.<br />

Three years of full-time college Mandarin teaching experience in North America and native or nearnative<br />

Mandarin and English proficiency in both speaking and writing are required. Clear evidence of<br />

excellent Mandarin teaching at all levels, familiarity with ACTFL proficiency standards, and<br />

implementation of performance-based teaching methods are also required. Additional requirements<br />

include the ability to teach both traditional and simplified Chinese characters and knowledge about<br />

cultures, traditions, and language uses in both China and Taiwan. The successful candidate will be<br />

expected to be effective in communication, be collegial in collaboration, and use technology to<br />

enhance student learning experiences and outcomes. The individual will also stay actively engaged<br />

with cultural events at both the programmatic and departmental levels. The teaching load is three<br />

courses (up to three preps) at all levels of Chinese per semester, and service is not required.<br />


Application Instructions<br />

A complete application will include the following eight (8) items:<br />

1.Cover Letter<br />

2.CV<br />

3.Three (3) letters of recommendation<br />

4.One (1) sample syllabus with a synopsis of session-to-session activities by date<br />

5. Evidence of excellent teaching (in the form of three student evaluations of teaching across years<br />

and levels)<br />

6. A five (5) minute teaching statement video that explains (a) your overall teaching philosophy (in<br />

English) and (b) ways that your teaching activities have engaged materials from China, Taiwan,<br />

and other areas where Mandarin is spoken in an attempt to be inclusive and promote social justice<br />

(in Mandarin Chinese)<br />

7.A teaching-demo video for a Mandarin Chinese class that is at least 30 minutes in duration<br />

8. A diversity statement which describes how your research, teaching, and/or service might contribute<br />

to diversity, equity and inclusion within your scholarly field(s) and/or how you individual and/or<br />

collaborative efforts may promote structural justice inside and outside institutions of higher learning.<br />

This statment should also reflect on the ways in which your continued efforts will foster a culture of<br />

diversity, pluralism, and individual difference at Case Western Reserve University into the future.<br />

Questions about this position can be addressed to Dr. Ching-Hsuan Wu, the Search Committee Chair<br />

(ching-hsuan.wu@case.edu). Application materials must be submitted via Interfolio at:<br />

apply.interfolio.com/137141. Review of applications begins <strong>Jan</strong>uary 22nd, 2024 and will continue<br />

until the position is filled.<br />

Case Western Reserve University is committed to Equal Opportunity and Diversity. Women, veterans,<br />

members of underrepresented minority groups, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to<br />

apply. Case Western Reserve University provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with<br />

disabilities. Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring<br />

process should contact the Office of Equity at 216-368-3066 to request a reasonable accommodation.<br />

Determinations as to granting reasonable accommodations for any applicant will be made on a caseby-case<br />

basis.<br />


Davis, CA<br />

University of California, Davis<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of California,<br />

Davis invites applicants for a part-time Unit-18 Lecturer position to teach four or more<br />

courses in Mandarin Chinese language in the 2024-25 academic year beginning<br />

7/1/2024.<br />

Primary duties include instruction in Chinese at various levels and to hold office hours<br />

each week. The department will give preference to candidates with college teaching<br />

experience in the U.S., thorough knowledge of current second-language pedagogy,<br />

strong skills in written Chinese, and the ability to apply modern technology to classroom<br />

teaching. Assignment of classes, hours of instruction, and office hours are at the<br />

discretion of the department. Classes are held Monday-Friday, normally between 8:00<br />

am and 5:00 pm. Salary is commensurate with education, qualifications, and<br />

experience. A reasonable estimate for this position is $66,259 - $72,404. This<br />

appointment is renewable, contingent on department teaching needs and demonstration<br />

of excellence in teaching.<br />

Shared office space, access to the campus library, copier, and computer facilities will be<br />

provided. This appointment is renewable contingent on program teaching needs and<br />

funding.<br />

Position Title:<br />

A part-time Unit-18 Lecturer position<br />

Deadline:<br />

This position will remain open until filled.<br />

A reasonable estimate for this<br />

position is $66,259 - $72,404.<br />


Requirements:<br />

An M.A. or above in second-language pedagogy, Chinese linguistics, or another relevant<br />

field; native proficiency in Mandarin and native or near-native proficiency in English; a<br />

demonstrable record of excellence in Mandarin Chinese language teaching.<br />

Applications are to be submitted via Recruitment @: https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/JPF06209<br />

Only complete applications will be considered. Complete applications include:<br />

1.Cover letter stating qualifications, teaching philosophy, and career plan<br />

2.Curriculum Vitae<br />

3. One to two video samples of classroom teaching. Direct links to videos must be<br />

included in a pdf document.<br />

4.Names and contact information of two references<br />

5.Statement of Contributions to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion<br />

The position will remain open until filled.<br />

The University of California, Davis, is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer<br />

with a strong institutional commitment to the achievement of diversity among its faculty<br />

and staff. We welcome all qualified applicants to apply, including women, minorities,<br />

veterans, and individuals with disabilities. This position is covered by a collective<br />

bargaining agreement.<br />

UC Davis is a smoke and tobacco free campus effective <strong>Jan</strong>uary 1, 2014. Smoking, the<br />

use of smokeless tobacco products, and the use of unregulated nicotine products (ecigarettes)<br />

is strictly prohibited on any UC Davis owned or leased property, indoors and<br />

outdoors, including parking lots and residential space.<br />


Vassar College<br />

Poughkeepsie, NY<br />

Position Title:<br />

Adjunct Instructor or Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chinese<br />

Deadline:<br />

Review of applicant materials will begin on <strong>Jan</strong>uary 20, 2024<br />

and will continue until the position has been filled<br />

About Vassar College<br />

Vassar is a highly selective, coeducational liberal arts college of about 2400 undergraduate<br />

students, located in the Hudson Valley, seventy-five miles north of New York City. Vassar<br />

stands upon the homelands of the Munsee Lenape. The College is located in<br />

Poughkeepsie, home to a culturally diverse community, and benefits from convenient<br />

commuter rail access to New York City. Vassar faculty are committed teachers/scholars<br />

who bring research and creative discovery to life for students in classrooms, labs, and<br />

studios and in individually-mentored projects. They teach broadly in the curricula of their<br />

departments, advise students, and serve on college-wide and departmental committees.<br />

The College maintains a generous leave policy, provides strong support for research, and<br />

encourages multidisciplinary approaches to teaching.<br />

Position Introduction<br />

The Department of Chinese and Japanese at Vassar College invites applications for an<br />

Adjunct Instructor or Adjunct Assistant Professor position in Chinese beginning August<br />

2024.<br />

Position Description<br />

This position is a part-time, benefits eligible, one semester position with the teaching load<br />

of three Chinese language courses at the elementary and advanced levels. Masters<br />

degree or above is required by the start of the position.<br />

Chinese & Japanese Department<br />

Posting Number: F100P<br />

To Apply<br />

All applicants must apply online at:<br />

https://apptrkr.com/4909453.<br />


AA Statement<br />

Vassar College is deeply committed to increasing the diversity of the campus community<br />

and the curriculum, and to promoting an environment of equality, inclusion, and respect for<br />

difference. Candidates who can contribute to this goal through their teaching, research,<br />

advising, and other activities are encouraged to identify their strengths and experiences in<br />

this area. The College is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer, and<br />

especially welcomes applications from veterans, women, individuals with disabilities, and<br />

members of racial, ethnic, and other groups whose underrepresentation in the American<br />

professoriate has been severe and longstanding.<br />

Salary Wage Range<br />

Pay Transparency Disclosure: The annual base starting salary range for this part-time<br />

adjunct position is $42,000 to $44,000 (USD). When extending an offer of employment,<br />

Vassar College considers factors such as (but not limited to) candidate’s<br />

education/training, work experience, internal peer equity, as well as market and<br />

organizational considerations. This salary range represents the College’s good faith and<br />

reasonable estimate at the time of posting.<br />

How to Apply<br />

Candidates should submit:-Letter of application-CV-Two letters of recommendation-A<br />

brief personal statement<br />

Applications should be addressed to Peipei Qiu, Chair, Department of Chinese and<br />

Japanese and submitted online at https://employment.vassar.edu/postings/3659.<br />

Address any questions to Peipei Qiu, via email (chineseandjapanese@vassar.edu).<br />

Review of applicant materials will begin on <strong>Jan</strong>uary 20, 2024 and will continue<br />

until the position has been filled.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

Journal Updates<br />


ISSUE<br />

Beyond the Pages<br />

Recent Breakthroughs in Academic Research<br />


《 科 技 与 中 文 教 学 》<br />

FULL issue PDF: http://www.tclt.us/journal/2023v14n2/JTCLT2023v14n2.pdf<br />


《 汉 语 作 为 第 二 语 言 研 究 》<br />

https://www.degruyter.com/journal/key/caslar/html?lang=en PAGE 61 JANUARY 2024

《 国 际 汉 语 教 学 学 报 》<br />

https://www.clt-international.org/journal/lists/folder/6MjAu5Nzcy/ PAGE 62 JANUARY 2024

《 国 际 中 文 教 育 》<br />

国 际 中 文 教 育 :https://gzzy.cbpt.cnki.net/WKG/WebPublication/index.aspx?mid=gzzy<br />


《 國 際 中 文 教 育 學 報 》<br />

國 際 中 文 教 育 學 報 :https://ijcle.eduhk.hk/zh-hk/latest-issue PAGE 65 JANUARY 2024

Celebrating <strong>CLTA</strong>'s Vibrant Community and Achievements<br />

As we close the chapter on 2023, <strong>CLTA</strong> proudly reflects on a year of community<br />

vibrancy and exceptional achievements. Our dynamic tapestry of shared knowledge and<br />

dedication has propelled language education forward. Diverse perspectives and expertise<br />

within our community have shaped the landscape, fostering an environment where<br />

learning knows no bounds. As we celebrate our collective successes, let's continue<br />

building bridges of collaboration, sharing innovative practices, and inspiring each other.<br />

Wishing Prosperity in the New Year<br />

Stepping into 2024, the <strong>CLTA</strong> family extends warm wishes for a prosperous new year.<br />

May this year bring abundant opportunities for growth, learning, and success.<br />

Embracing challenges as stepping stones to excellence and triumphs as moments of<br />

shared joy, we stand united in our commitment to advancing language education. As we<br />

reflect on past achievements, let's carry this momentum forward. Here's to a fulfilling<br />

new year, marked by new discoveries, fruitful collaborations, and the realization of<br />

aspirations for every <strong>CLTA</strong> member!<br />


FROM<br />

2023 ACHIEVEMENT<br />

TO<br />

2024 ASPIRATIONS<br />

See You All<br />

in 2024 <strong>CLTA</strong> Annual<br />

Conference in April!<br />


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