Allspraypainted Magazine #06 2024

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Allspraypainted Magazine #06 2024
Sophisticated DIY Projects!

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Issue 06<br />


<strong>Magazine</strong><br />

allspraypainted<br />


Contents<br />

4 Editorial<br />

6<br />

Fluorescent Party Decor<br />

16 allspraypainted meets<br />

Manuel Wagner<br />

26 Gradient Lamp<br />

Transformation<br />

32<br />

Spiderweb<br />

Halloween Vases<br />

38 Vibrant Privacy Screen<br />

46<br />

Granit Office Drawer

54 Rainbow Mirror Project<br />

60 Ombre Hologram Coat Hanger<br />

66<br />

Carolin Kaiser designs<br />

HORST Balance Board<br />

74 Ombre Storage Boxes<br />

82<br />

Ceiling Fan color correction<br />

90 Baby‘s Breath Garland<br />

100<br />

Decorative Delight

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

4<br />

Create your<br />

own world!<br />

In the vibrant tapestry of this year‘s allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong>, Issue 6, we dive even deeper into the<br />

world of sophisticated DIY projects adorned with the vibrant hues of Montana Cans – as well as the<br />

various effect and tech sprays for professional treatment.<br />

Embarking on our allspraypainted Meets interview series, we had the privilege of conversing with<br />

Manuel Wagner, a contemporary painter based in Halle an der Saale. Our exclusive visit to his studio<br />

unveiled the intricate layers of his artistic practice, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the<br />

soul of his creations.<br />

Drawing inspiration from a previous Meets feature, artist Carolin Kaiser ingeniously transformed a<br />

balance board into a captivating artwork, showcasing the boundless possibilities that unfold when<br />

creativity meets spray paint.<br />

Our projects for this issue span a spectrum of creativity: from painting Baby’s breath in radiant rainbow<br />

colors to upcycling a ceiling fan, crafting a Granit Drawer for elegant storage, and exploring the<br />

world with a personalized painted suitcase. Collaborating with new, talented creators elevated the<br />

allspraypainted community to new heights.<br />

The pages of this magazine narrate tales of creativity, including the creation of an artsy rainbow<br />

mirror that doubles as both an artwork and a reflection of self. Join us as we venture into the realm<br />

of fluorescent party decor, revealing a hidden glow under UV light, and prepare for festive seasons<br />

with easy yet impressive DIYs, ensuring our readers can effortlessly replicate these transformations<br />

in their homes.<br />

From projects ranging from easy to intermediate, we aim to capture the vast spectrum of creativity<br />

achievable with spray paint. As you leaf through these pages, may you be inspired to embark on your<br />

own sophisticated DIY journey, creating projects that resonate with your unique style and vision.<br />

Happy crafting!


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

6<br />

Fluorescent Party<br />

Decor<br />




allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

8<br />


Are you ready to transform ordinary party decor into something<br />

extraordinary? In this DIY project, we’re going to show you how to<br />

use Montana GOLD Line Fluorescent colors to add a vibrant and<br />

glowing touch to your decorations. These fluorescent colors can<br />

even be activated with a UV lamp for that extra wow factor. Best of<br />

all, no pre-treatment is needed, so let’s get started.

9<br />


• Montana GOLD Line Fluorescent colors in Flash Yellow,<br />

Power Orange, Fire Red, Gleaming Pink, Flame Blue, Acid<br />

Green, Active Cyan and Disco White<br />

• Store-bought garlands<br />

• Clean, dry, and dust-free workspace<br />

• Drop sheet to protect from spray mist<br />

• Mask and gloves for safety

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

10<br />


Before you begin, ensure your workspace is clean,<br />

dry, and free of dust. Lay down a drop sheet to protect<br />

your surroundings from any spray mist.<br />


Put on a mask and gloves to protect yourself during<br />

the painting process.<br />


Now, let’s start the fun part. Take your party decor<br />

pieces and arrange them in a way that’s convenient<br />

for painting. Make sure to space them out, so you<br />

have access to all elements.<br />


Grab your Montana GOLD Line Fluorescent colors<br />

in yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, and cyan.<br />

Shake each can for 2-3 minutes to ensure the paint is<br />

well-mixed. Remove the nozzle, turn the can upside<br />

down, and let the black safety ring fall out. Replace<br />

the nozzle and spray in a direction away from any<br />

objects to start spraying.<br />


Apply the fluorescent colors to your decor pieces.<br />

Be slow and careful in your application to achieve an<br />

even and smooth coat. Don’t worry about the glow<br />

just yet; we’ll get to that soon.<br />

STEP 6: LET IT DRY<br />

Allow the paint to dry completely. This might take a<br />

little patience, but the result will be worth it. Turn the<br />

garlands around and paint the other side as well.<br />


Once your painted party decor pieces are dry, it’s<br />

time to activate that fluorescent glow. Use a UV lamp<br />

to watch your decorations come to life. You’ve just<br />

created something truly unique!


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

12<br />


The goal of this project is to create stunning,<br />

glowing party decor that will not only brighten your<br />

home interior but also add a personal touch to any<br />

celebration. With Montana GOLD Fluorescent colors,<br />

you can achieve a radiant atmosphere that’s sure to<br />

impress your guests.<br />

This DIY project is a fantastic way to bring a<br />

fun, creative, and memorable element to your party<br />

decorations. So, gather your materials, follow the<br />

steps, and let your imagination run wild with Montana<br />

GOLD Line Fluorescent colors. Your guests will<br />

be amazed at the magical glow you’ve added to your<br />

celebrations.<br />

Happy crafting!<br />


• Make sure to work in a well-ventilated<br />

area while painting.<br />

• Don’t forget to read and follow safety<br />

instructions recommended for<br />

working with spray paint.<br />

• Experiment with different patterns<br />

and designs to make your party<br />

decor truly one-of-a-kind.


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

16<br />

allspraypainted<br />

meets<br />

Manuel Wagner<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

18<br />

In the artistic realm of Halle an der Saale, Manuel Wagner, a fine<br />

artist and painter, has crafted a haven for his creative expressions.<br />

Settled in a studio tucked away in a city courtyard, Wagner<br />

finds solace and inspiration amidst the tranquility of this small<br />

city, inviting reflection and a connection to nature.<br />

Wagner embarked on his artistic journey early in life, with the nurturing<br />

embrace of creative subjects as a child. His initial creations<br />

solidified the path he wished to tread – that of an artist. His studio<br />

practice reflects the skill and experience he has in his medium.<br />

Working daily between chance and determination, he takes several<br />

canvases at a time to the next level.<br />

For Wagner, inspiration is an adventure, a journey both in the physical<br />

and emotional sense. In Wagner‘s artistic world, color is not<br />

just a visual element; it‘s the genesis of creation.

The canvases showcased in this interview<br />

are a testament to Wagner‘s<br />

eclectic approach, incorporating oil<br />

paint, acrylics, and spray paint. Wagner‘s<br />

preference for Mystic Black<br />

from the Montana spray paint palette<br />

reflects his mastery in creating quick<br />

shadows, while liquid acrylics add a<br />

flowing finesse to his work.<br />


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

20<br />


allspraypainted: How did your career start? Is there a<br />

moment when you knew that creative work was your<br />

preferred way of working?<br />


Basically, I set out to become an artist back in elementary<br />

school. Even back then, creative subjects<br />

were the space where I could draw new strength.<br />

Then I received a lot of praise for my first drawings<br />

and paintings, and so the one concrete wish, the one<br />

career goal, if you like, became more firmly established.<br />


Where do you find most of your inspiration?<br />


I find most of my inspiration when I travel, in places<br />

I‘ve never been before and experience my environment<br />

and myself in a completely new way. At best, I<br />

then come into contact with the local people and live<br />

their lives for a while, trying to allow new thoughts,<br />

which never works completely, because I inevitably<br />

take my mind and the conflicts I carry with me everywhere<br />

I go. Driving a car is a little journey every time<br />

and so the state I get into, all alone with myself, with<br />

this certain kind of concentration, inspires me.<br />


What role does color play in your work?<br />


Color plays a very important role in my work because<br />

everything starts with color. I take a pot of diluted<br />

paint and pour it onto the canvas. The colors then<br />

flow into each other or repel each other. Layers and<br />

depth are created. I then react to this development.<br />

Deciding on the „right“ color or the interplay of colors<br />

is more important to me than the question of light<br />

and shadow and perspective. It all arises in the process.<br />


How did your interest in painting come about?<br />


As I said, I became interested in painting very early<br />

on. I remember that my grandparents had two prints<br />

by Van Gogh hanging in their house. The way he used<br />

color and brushstrokes did something to me.

21<br />


The paintings shown in the interview are made with<br />

oil paint, acryl paint and spray paint. How do you go<br />

about navigating processes, and which part is your<br />

favorite?<br />


The first steps in creating the canvases are the most<br />

exciting for me, as everything is still open and I give a<br />

lot of room to chance. I usually start with oil paint and<br />

then add acrylic and spray paint at some point in the<br />

next steps. Mixing the techniques is important to me<br />

because it‘s the only way I can achieve certain surface<br />

textures and depth effect, i.e. to create precisely<br />

this visual language in the end.<br />


Which color or effect in the Montana Product Line do<br />

you like best?<br />


I prefer to work with Mystic Black from the spray<br />

paints in the Montana palette to create a quick shadow,<br />

or with the liquid acrylics, which allow the paint<br />

to flow really nicely.<br />


How balanced is the proportion between digital and<br />

analog work in your work? Do you sketch designs?

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

22<br />


The proportion between digital and analog work is<br />

very unbalanced in my process. The digital comes<br />

far too short, as I mainly work analog. Sometimes it<br />

happens that I make a digital sketch while working<br />

digital sketch while working, but in fact my photos<br />

are also analog.<br />


What are your plans for <strong>2024</strong>?<br />


For <strong>2024</strong>, I hope to have a lot of time in the studio and<br />

to be able to do a residency abroad again.


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />


25<br />

In a world that increasingly blends digital and analog<br />

realms, Wagner‘s process remains firmly rooted in<br />

the analog. Combining factors like pouring paint as a<br />

first step paired with precise brush strokes to finish<br />

off a work of art makes his process as well as the<br />

outcomes unique and full of depth.<br />

As we peer into the future with Manuel Wagner, he<br />

envisions a <strong>2024</strong> filled with ample studio time and<br />

inspirations from more travels. In the fluid strokes<br />

of his artistic journey, Wagner continues to weave a<br />

canvas of emotions, inviting us to immerse ourselves<br />

in the rich tapestry of his creations. We are excited<br />

to follow Manuel’s next steps in his artistic journey.<br />

Watch the video via<br />

montana.link/manuel<br />


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

26<br />

Gradient Lamp<br />

Transformation<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

28<br />

In our journey of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, we’re<br />

excited to present our latest DIY masterpiece: transforming an<br />

everyday lamp into a chic and captivating home decor piece. Armed<br />

with Montana Cans and a touch of creativity, we’ll guide you<br />

step by step through the process of upcycling a lamp to perfection.


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

30<br />


• Lamp for upcycling<br />

• Montana GOLD spray cans (pick<br />

your favorite colors; we chose Denim<br />

Light, Shock Blue Dark, and<br />

Frozen Strawberry)<br />

• Montana Universal PRIMER and<br />

Montana GOLD Shock White<br />

• Montana Flatjet cap medium for<br />

precise spraying<br />

• Montana VARNISH Spray Gloss<br />

for a flawless finish<br />

• Masking Tape<br />

• Drop sheet for paint protection<br />

• Gloves and a Mask for safety

31<br />


Set the stage for creativity by laying down a drop<br />

sheet to protect your surroundings from paint mist.<br />

Put on your gloves and mask for a safe and enjoyable<br />

DIY session.<br />


Select your desired Montana GOLD spray can colors.<br />

We opted for a harmonious blend of light blue and<br />

dark blue gradient to infuse elegance into our lamp.<br />

Covered with a muted pink, the colorful elements<br />

merge into one tasteful piece for your home.<br />


With a little creativity and the power of Montana<br />

Cans, you’ve elevated a simple lamp into an enchanting<br />

piece of decor that reflects your unique style.<br />

Stay Creative, Stay Inspired.<br />

Happy Crafting!<br />


Carefully disassemble your lamp, removing any components<br />

that shouldn’t be painted.<br />

For an impeccable base, apply Montana Universal<br />

PRIMER and Montana GOLD Shock White. This step<br />

is optional but recommended for a flawless finish.<br />


Reassemble all parts relevant for the gradient to get<br />

a smooth finish. Use masking tape to cover areas you<br />

want to keep paint-free. Now, paint the gradient.<br />


Attach the Montana Flatjet cap medium to your spray<br />

can for precise application. Begin spraying your chosen<br />

colors onto the lamp’s surface, holding the can<br />

about 20-30 cm away for an even coat. Apply multiple<br />

thin layers, allowing each to dry before adding<br />

the next.<br />


Once the paint is dry, gently apply the masking tape<br />

to spray it in a color of your choice. After this layer<br />

has dried (you might need a second one) remove the<br />

masking tape to reveal crisp lines.<br />


To protect your masterpiece and add a lustrous finish,<br />

seal your painted lamp using Montana VARNISH<br />

Spray Gloss. This step will ensure your creation stays<br />

vibrant for years to come.<br />


Stand back and admire your stunningly transformed<br />

lamp. Its newfound charm will undoubtedly enhance<br />

the ambiance of any room.

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

32<br />

Spiderweb<br />

Halloween Vases<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

34<br />

When it comes to home decor for Halloween and the cozy fall season,<br />

there‘s no need to settle for the ordinary. We‘re here to introduce you to<br />

a fun and creative DIY project that will bring a unique twist to your home<br />

interior. In this step-by-step guide, we‘ll show you how to transform<br />

simple vases into eye-catching decorative pieces using Montana Cans<br />

products. Let‘s dive into the world of vibrant fall hues, marble effects,<br />

and the magic of spray painting.


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

36<br />


Before you embark on your creative journey, it‘s essential<br />

to ensure a proper surface for your artwork.<br />

Begin by applying Montana Cans Universal Primer<br />

to the vases. This pre-treatment primes the surface,<br />

allowing the subsequent layers of paint to adhere<br />

effectively.<br />


Montana GOLD Line offers a stunning array of colors.<br />

Select your preferred shades of lilac, grey, and<br />

orange to match the Halloween and fall theme. These<br />

colors will be the base for your vases.<br />


Take your time and paint the vases slowly and carefully.<br />

You want the colors to shine beautifully. To<br />

prevent paint dust and ensure a tidy workspace, use<br />

a drop sheet. Don‘t forget to wear a mask and gloves<br />

for safety.<br />


Here‘s where the magic happens. Spray the vases<br />

with Montana Marble Effect Spray in black or white.<br />

This creates a delicate, spider-web like pattern over<br />

the base colors. The lilac and orange hues will shine<br />

through, giving your vases a unique, textured appearance.<br />


To ensure the longevity of your painted vases, it‘s<br />

essential to seal the surface. Montana Cans Varnish<br />

spray not only adds a protective layer but also<br />

enhances the shine of your artwork. This step guarantees<br />

your vases will look stunning for seasons to<br />

come.<br />


Now that your vases are complete, it‘s time to place<br />

them around your home. These decorative pieces<br />

are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your<br />

Halloween party or cozy fall gatherings. Use them as<br />

centerpieces, accent decor, or even as part of your<br />

Halloween-themed tablescape.<br />


With a little creativity and the right materials from<br />

Montana Cans, you can easily elevate your home<br />

decor. These hand-painted vases will not only impress<br />

your guests during Halloween and fall but will<br />

also become a delightful addition to your year-round<br />

interior design. Enjoy the process of making your<br />

space truly your own, and happy crafting!<br />


• Montana GOLD Line in hues of lilac, grey,<br />

and orange<br />

• Marble Effect Spray in Black and White,<br />

creating a delicate spider-web like effect<br />

on the painted surface<br />

• Montana Cans Universal Primer to<br />

prepare the surface for painting<br />

• Montana Cans Varnish spray for sealing<br />

and protecting your piece of art<br />

• Drop sheet to prevent paint mist and<br />

keep your surroundings clean<br />

• Mask and gloves for safety and comfort

<strong>Allspraypainted</strong> Lookbook 37

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

38<br />

Vibrant Privacy<br />

Screen<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

40<br />

Want more privacy in your garden? With just a bit of color and creativity,<br />

this plain privacy screen can transform into charming additions to your<br />

garden decor. Using Montana GOLD spray cans and a few other materials,<br />

you can create customized and beautiful garden furniture. Just<br />

imagine — instead of clean white, you‘ll be eager to display this vibrant<br />

protection from sun and views! So let‘s get started on this delightful<br />



• Privacy screen<br />

• Montana GOLD spray cans in colors of your choice (we recommend<br />

using three shades of each color for depth and contrast)<br />

• Montana Universal PRIMER<br />

• Montana GOLD Shock White (optional, for extra longevity)<br />

• Montana Flatjet cap medium<br />

• Montana VARNISH Spray Gloss<br />

• Drop sheet<br />

• Protective mask<br />

• Gloves<br />


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong> 42<br />


Before we get spraying, you‘ll need to prepare your<br />

privacy screen and workspace. Place your drop sheet<br />

in a well-ventilated area to protect your surroundings<br />

from spray mist. Remember to put on your mask and<br />

gloves to protect yourself.<br />

Now, let‘s dive into the project.<br />


Start with a clean, dry surface. Apply a coat of Montana<br />

Universal PRIMER to the box. This step ensures<br />

a smooth, uniform surface for the Montana GOLD colors<br />

to adhere to. Make sure you spray evenly across<br />

the area and let it dry completely before proceeding.<br />


Now comes the fun part! Choose your preferred<br />

Montana GOLD colors and shake the can well before<br />

use, best to turn it upside down. Using the Montana<br />

Flatjet cap medium, spray your first color onto the<br />

area. Spray lightly and evenly from about 15-20cm<br />

away. Let the first color dry before applying the next<br />

one. To create depth and contrast, use three shades<br />

of each color. Start with the darkest shade and finish<br />

with the lightest. Remember to let each color dry before<br />

adding the next one.<br />


Once you‘re satisfied with your color application and<br />

the privacy screen is fully dry, it‘s time to seal the<br />

paint with Montana VARNISH Spray Gloss. This not<br />

only adds a glossy finish but also provides extra protection,<br />

making your privacy screen more durable<br />

and easier to clean.<br />

Voila! You‘ve successfully transformed an ordinary<br />

white portable privacy screen for your garden into<br />

a vibrant piece of decor. These colorful boxes can<br />

brighten up any space, adding a pop of color and<br />

serving as functional protection from the sun and<br />

neighbors.<br />

Whether you‘re an expert DIY-er or a crafty beginner,<br />

this project is a fun, simple way to create eye-catching<br />

decor. The only limit is your creativity, so feel<br />

free to experiment with colors and techniques.<br />

Remember to allow for drying time in between each<br />

step and always prioritize safety when working with<br />

spray paints.<br />

Happy crafting!

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

46<br />

Granit Office<br />

Drawer<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

48<br />

Your office is clean, neat, organized, and bright. Probably all the things<br />

that it should be for you to get a constructive day‘s work done. But as<br />

many people can probably relate to, sometimes there needs to be a little<br />

touch of nature to break up all that white, black, and order. That got us<br />

thinking, and as we reached for the white office drawers to get our last<br />

edition of allspraypainted magazine out for some inspiration, it hit us like<br />

lightning that therein lies the place for the next adventure and that little<br />

something special for our workspace. White office drawers - just add<br />

GRANIT. And that is exactly what we did!


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

50<br />


While we were contemplating what we could do, we shook<br />

all our cans for 2-3 minutes until we heard the mixing balls moving<br />

freely. We removed the nozzles, turned all the cans upside<br />

down, and let the black safety ring fall out from under the nozzle.<br />

We reapplied the nozzle and did a test spray away from any objects<br />

to start the can.<br />

It occurred to us through this process, that we were going<br />

to focus purely on the drawer faces to change the look of the<br />

whole piece of furniture. So we removed each drawer and masked<br />

the handgrips and the edges so that no paint could attach<br />

itself there. Then we wrapped the rest of the drawer up in plastic<br />

sheeting to cover it from any paint or paint dust. What was left<br />

were the exposed drawer faces. One color at a time, we applied<br />

the GRANIT colors of our choice to each facing. As we had 4<br />

drawers, this meant we could use all the GRANIT colors; Black,<br />

Brown, Light Grey, and Grey. In smooth even coats we sprayed<br />

from side to side at a distance of 15-20cm.<br />

However simple this project may seem, the most important<br />

part is to allow each drawer to dry overnight or longer. This allows<br />

the GRANIT spray to cure so it can offer the most durability<br />

possible. But seeing as we wanted the best of the best, we decided<br />

to coat each face with the Montana VARNISH spray as well<br />

to seal and protect the paint jobs. You can choose from Matt,<br />

Semi-Gloss, or Gloss, and it is also important to leave these to<br />

dry for 24 hours or more. This way your drawers will look good<br />

for as long as possible.<br />

That is it! You have only done about 10 minutes of work.<br />

The hardest part was applying the masking tape and being patient<br />

to take it off again. It really is that easy and it doesn‘t matter


• White office drawers (ours were wooden)<br />

• Montana GRANIT spray (we had 4 drawers, so we used all 4 GRANIT<br />

spray colors: Light Grey, Grey, Brown, Black)<br />

• Montana VARNISH (finish of your choice)<br />

• Masking tape<br />

• Plastic sheeting<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet<br />


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />


53<br />

if you are a DIY nerd or a first-timer, this project is<br />

for you. You could choose to sandpaper the drawer<br />

faces before applying paint, and you could choose<br />

to simplify your colorway or number of colors. Either<br />

way, this project is still a breeze and a natural-looking<br />

breath of fresh air for your office or workspace.<br />

Congratulations and Happy Crafting!

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

54<br />

Rainbow Mirror<br />

Project<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

56<br />

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the fairest color of them<br />

all... Or in this case, what is the fairest color of all. This is a difficult<br />

question to answer if you‘re referring to the Montana GOLD<br />

color range with so many colors to choose from. Mirrors are<br />

always available whether new, used, or found. And when a beautiful<br />

round-edged wooden frame mirror found its way into our<br />

possession for free, it was clear that we had an allspraypainted<br />

color project right there in front of us. With a peek into the Montana<br />

GOLD color chart, a little hard work, and some patience, the<br />

Rainbow Mirror Project came alive. If you‘re not already keen to<br />

see what we are talking about, read on and you soon will be.


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

58<br />

BEFORE<br />

As soon as we saw this beautiful mirror, it was clear<br />

that we needed to get our gloves and mask and prepare<br />

for creativity. The thick, opaque colors of the<br />

Montana GOLD range were going to be perfect for<br />

the job and with little effort, the decision was made<br />

to use Strawberry, Punk Pink, Bazooka Joe, Lychee,<br />

Shrimp, Yolk, Poison, Malachite, Malachite Dark,<br />

Reef, Crocus, Shock White, and Viola. Aside from our<br />

Montana GOLD cans, some masking tape, paper, and<br />

a can of Montana VARNISH were all we needed to<br />

make it happen. After our mirror was clean and dry,<br />

we masked off the mirror itself covering it with the<br />

paper in the middle. This was attached by the masking<br />

tape around the edges leaving only the wooded<br />

frame exposed and the mirror covered. If your mirror<br />

requires it, grab some fine sandpaper, and give the<br />

frame a light sanding. Remember to clean your exposed<br />

wooden frame free of dust, oils, or marks again<br />

before painting. We then sprayed the whole mirror<br />

frame with our Montana GOLD Shock White and allowed<br />

it to dry.<br />

After removing the masking tape and paper<br />

covering the mirror, we were left with a clean mirror<br />

with a now-white frame. Awesome, but not as awesome<br />

as it was still going to get. We then proceeded<br />

to mask off equal geometric stripes running down the<br />

mirror vertically. As you probably already guessed,<br />

our number of unmasked spaces was equal to the<br />

number of colors we had chosen to paint them. You<br />

could prepare more or fewer lines, depending on the<br />

number of colors you had chosen to use. And if you<br />

had only one color to choose from, even that could<br />

be an interesting monotone or two-tone concept. Of<br />

course, all the cans were shaken for 2-3 minutes, the<br />

nozzles had been removed, and the cans had been<br />

turned upside down allowing the safety ring from<br />

under the nozzles to fall out. Then, at a distance of<br />

15-20cm from the mirror, we sprayed thin even coats<br />

of color, one color at a time. It is very important that<br />

during this phase of the project, each color you apply<br />

stays only in the line that you are painting. If your<br />

spaces are thin and this is a challenge to paint each<br />

section without color going into the next stripe, simply<br />

place a piece of paper loosely over the exposed<br />

mirror so that any overspray lands on the paper, and<br />

not the mirror. Work your way from one side to the<br />

other till all colors are applied and then leave the mirror<br />

to dry overnight so all the colors can cure. The<br />

last step is that extra little touch of durability in the<br />

form of a nice coat of varnish. We used the Montana<br />

VARNISH Matt, but you could choose Gloss or Semi-Gloss<br />

if you prefer. The VARNISH has extra UV<br />

blockers in it to slow the aging process of the paint<br />

and also gives it a nice seal making the mirror easy to<br />

clean and care for.

59<br />

AFTER<br />

All eyes on me (the mirror) or you (the reflection)!<br />

The mirror looks fantastic, and the colored lines and<br />

exposed mirror reflections create an amazing effect.<br />

Do we look at the color, or do we look at the reflections<br />

in the traditional way? This you will need to decide<br />

for yourself. This is now all part of the mystique<br />

that our Rainbow Mirror Project has now created.<br />

This mirror could be a practical object to comb your<br />

hair or brush your teeth. But it could also be a piece<br />

of art or a cool piece of home decoration.<br />

The working time for this project depends on<br />

the amount of linework you want to do. The more lines,<br />

the more time. The more masking tape as well.<br />

Calculate between 30 minutes and 2 hours of working<br />

time and you‘ll most definitely finish somewhere<br />

in between that. For best results, where possible leave<br />

colors or varnish coats to dry overnight. You don‘t<br />

need to have craft or painting experience to do this<br />

project well. You just need patience and to put in the<br />

hard work in regard to masking off the areas cleaning<br />

that you don‘t want to be covered in color. So leave<br />

the boxes Beginner-Intermediate-Expert open and<br />

tick the appropriate one off for yourself after your<br />

finished.<br />

Another project that was done well. Congratulations<br />

on your old/new mirror. I‘m sure it will capture<br />

a lot of attention regardless of if it is your attention or<br />

someone else‘s.

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

60<br />

Ombre Hologram<br />

Coat Hanger<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

62<br />

We‘re once again diving into the world of DIY decor, bringing you a sophisticated<br />

and unique addition to your home interior – the Ombre Hologram<br />

Coat Hanger. Using Montana Cans GOLD Line spray paints and a touch of<br />

sparkle with the Hologram Effect Spray, you‘ll create a coat hanger that‘s<br />

both functional and stunning.


Begin by ensuring your workspace is clean, dry, and<br />

free of dust. If you choose to prime the surface, use<br />

Montana Cans Gold Line white or Universal Primer.<br />


Start with the wooden coat hanger. Carefully apply<br />

the Montana GOLD Line spray paints to create a beautiful<br />

ombre effect. Begin with yellow at one end,<br />

transition to light pink, then pink, and finally orange<br />

at the other end. Take your time and allow each color<br />

to dry before moving on to the next. This gradual<br />

transition adds a touch of elegance to your hanger.<br />


Now, it‘s time for the real sparkle! Finish your coat<br />

hanger project with Montana Cans Hologram Effect<br />

Spray. This transparent paint contains colorful glitter<br />

particles that will make your hanger shine and glisten.<br />

PRO TIP<br />

Shake the Hologram Effect Spray cans thoroughly to<br />

ensure the glitter particles are evenly distributed for<br />

a stunning finish.<br />


After your coat hanger is painted to perfection, it‘s<br />

important to seal and protect the surface. The Hologram<br />

Effect Spray not only adds glitter but also acts<br />

as a protective layer.<br />


Remember to wear gloves and a mask during the<br />

painting process to ensure your safety.<br />


With a little creativity and some Montana Cans magic,<br />

you‘ve transformed a simple wooden coat hanger<br />

into a decorative piece that will brighten up any<br />

room. Create an individual and unique coat hanger<br />

with a personal touch. Say goodbye to ordinary and<br />

welcome a touch of elegance into your home decor.<br />

Don‘t be afraid to experiment with different color<br />

combinations and gradients to match your style.<br />

Happy crafting!

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

64<br />


• Montana GOLD Line spray paints in yellow, light pink, pink, and orange<br />

• Wooden coat hanger (thrifted or from the store)<br />

Recommended: Montana Cans Gold Line in Shock White or<br />

Montana Cans Universal Primer for surface preparation<br />

• Clean and dust-free workspace<br />

• Montana Cans Hologram Effect Spray<br />

• Drop sheet to protect your workspace from spray mist<br />

• Mask and gloves for safety

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

66<br />

Carolin Kaiser designs<br />

HORST Balance Board<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

68<br />

<strong>Allspraypainted</strong> has become more than just an online platform for ideas and DIY<br />

projects, it has also become an online community and meeting place where dreams<br />

become reality and cool household items are often subject to an up-cycle<br />

rather than a recycle. We like to see it as a place where like-minded people<br />

share their eye for aesthetics and turn nothing into something, and something<br />

into something even better. An important part of this recipe is the materials and<br />

products we use, and the people we work with. A balance that has thankfully<br />

produced over 5 years of enjoyable projects.

There are two important parties dear to us that share their passion<br />

and enthusiasm for this balance. One is our partners like the cool interior<br />

wares store horst.com, which also prefers to make it „last rather than throw<br />

it away fast.“ On horst.com you can find many helpful tools and materials like<br />

vibrant Montana GOLD cans and the very popular new DIY kit, the HORST<br />

Balance Board. Another ingredient that has brought us many colors and<br />

amazement and knows all about balance is the German artist and previous<br />

allspraypainted Meets guest, Carolin Kaiser. This 80s girl that knows how to<br />

lay down color seemed just the right person for a collab project using the<br />

HORST Balance Board and our favorite Montana GOLD cans.<br />

Without any restrictions or requirements, Kaiser quickly chose her<br />

tools for the job with an interesting selection of eye-popping Montana GOLD<br />

can colors, Universal PRIMER, Montana VARNISH, and a little bit of Montana<br />

ACRYLIC Paint refill in the color black. As soon as she set to work it was<br />

again clear to us that Carolin knows exactly what to do and when to do<br />

it. Beginning with masked-off areas and precisely cut edges, the pre-primed<br />

white Balance Board soon began to take on a life of its own. A roughly<br />

applied black brush stroke with a dry brush quickly became two. A perfect<br />

balance of coverage and scumbling, with further layers of Montana GOLD<br />

color in all its thickness and richness.<br />


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

70<br />

Kaiser displays an informed ability for the juxtaposition<br />

of solid color and the human touch. Something<br />

that was then highlighted by her choice of<br />

bright yellow for the board‘s base and Montana VAR-<br />

NISH Semi-Gloss to seal and complete the finish of<br />

the project. It brings us to a difficult point where the<br />

decision has to be made do we use the board for balance<br />

training as it was designed, or does it become<br />

the ultimate sculpture or artwork for our home that<br />

gives us immense pleasure just to be able to look at<br />

it? This is not a question we can answer for you but it<br />

is definitely a nice problem to have.<br />

The Carolin Kaiser x HORST Balance board collab<br />

project brings us to a new stage in the allspraypainted<br />

creative path. Have we brought a little extra<br />

art to our DIY or did we raise the bar in our DIY abilities<br />

to make useable art? Who knows? And what<br />

does it matter? What we can say is that the Carolin<br />

Kaiser x HORST Balance Board has been a pleasure<br />

to see happen and will be an even bigger pleasure to<br />

jump on board and give it a go.


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />


<strong>Allspraypainted</strong> Lookbook 73

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

74<br />

Ombre Storage Boxes<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

76<br />

There is no need for boring boxes in anyone‘s<br />

home, office, or workspace. And with the<br />

Ombre Storage Boxes color project, we found<br />

a super easy way to make storage boxes look<br />

like pieces of art and still do the job they are<br />

supposed to at the same time. How? Read on<br />

and get your color on.


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

78<br />


I know that some of our readers can be a little<br />

overwhelmed sometimes with projects that are<br />

beyond their skill levels. Well, this one is not one of<br />

those! The Ombre Storage Box project is an all-inclusive<br />

easy way for anyone of any skill level to get<br />

their color on.<br />

In our case, the storage boxes we were painting<br />

were already white. If yours are not, you can either<br />

reach for the Montana Universal PRIMER spray which<br />

is white or grab a Montana GOLD Shock White can to<br />

prime your boxes for a neutral white base. You also<br />

have the option to trial the darkest color of each color<br />

grouping on the base of one of your boxes to see<br />

if the material primes well if sprayed raw. Regardless<br />

of which way you choose to go, remember to shake<br />

each can for 2-3 minutes vigorously till you can hear<br />

the mixing balls moving freely, remove the nozzle<br />

and turn the can upside to release the black safety<br />

ring, and then reapply the nozzle and test spray away<br />

from all objects to get your can started. Then apply<br />

thin even coats horizontally and reapply if desired.<br />

But this time in vertical strokes. Once your boxes are<br />

white or primed in their foundation color, they are<br />

ready to go.<br />

Prepare a series of Montana GOLD colors of<br />

your choice in groups of 3 tones per color. One colorway<br />

we used was Shock Orange Light, Shrimp Pastel,<br />

and Yellow Cab. The amount of Montanan GOLD colors<br />

you need depends on the number of boxes you<br />

have to paint or the number of color variations you<br />

want to create. We always started with the darkest<br />

color first, and then worked toward the lightest. Put<br />

the boxes and their lids upside down on a drop sheet<br />

outside or in a well-ventilated area, and spray your<br />

first color (the darkest one) in bursts, leaving gaps<br />

where the white or the box‘s surface is still exposed.<br />

This is where you will apply the other colors. Once<br />

you are happy, move to your next tone (a shade lighter),<br />

and finally to the last color which is the lightest.<br />

Let each box sit for a moment while you move on to<br />

the next box and the next colorway. This will give<br />

the boxes a chance to dry and you a chance to<br />

contemplate whether the saturation and spread<br />

of color are to your liking. If they are not, go back<br />

to each box with the appropriate colors and make<br />

touch-ups or color adjustments as desired.<br />

Ahhhh, that‘s it! You did it. And boy does<br />

the new look storage box range you created<br />

look cool. It doesn‘t get much easier and more<br />

rewarding than this. 5 minutes of work, shaking,<br />

choosing colors, and a squirt of color here and<br />

there. And the results, amazing looking storage<br />

boxes that you will most likely want to take out<br />

of the cupboard and feature somewhere in your<br />

home. And all that for anyone at any skill level.<br />

Well done!<br />

Happy Crafting.


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

80<br />


• Cardboard craft storage boxes<br />

• Montana GOLD spray cans (colors of your choice,<br />

3 tones per color)<br />

• Montana Universal PRIMER or Montana GOLD Shock<br />

White (optional)<br />

• Drop sheet<br />

• Mask<br />

• Gloves

<strong>Allspraypainted</strong> Lookbook 81

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

82<br />

Ceiling Fan color<br />

correction<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

84<br />

Ceiling fans are practical instruments to have in your home.<br />

They keep you cool in summer, and they circulate air which<br />

helps prevent the onset of mold in your house. They use<br />

less energy than air conditioners and are a lot healthier<br />

when it comes to air quality. But why isn‘t more attention<br />

paid to how they look? It seems that in little time, most<br />

ceiling fans seem to look aged and dated. That is until they<br />

get the allspraypainted treatment, which is exactly what<br />

we did. Read on and learn how you can get a new bout of<br />

fresh air from an old ceiling fan.

85<br />


The time is now. You have been looking at that<br />

old ceiling fan for ages, using it, but secretly thinking<br />

it is an eyesore. With as many DIY projects behind<br />

you, as there are, you know that you‘ve „got this one“.<br />

And you do, at least once someone qualified has removed<br />

it safely from the ceiling for you. Once this<br />

has happened, clean the fan free of dust and grab<br />

the applicable screwdriver to remove the blades and<br />

any pieces that are easier to paint attached from the<br />

fan body. If this is beyond your abilities, don‘t be afraid<br />

to be a little cheeky and ask a qualified trade<br />

person or the person who removed the fan from the<br />

ceiling and dismantle it. Once this is done, you can<br />

give it all a clean.<br />

It‘s not a must, but it is beneficial to carefully<br />

sand down your fan blades and fan body to roughen<br />

up the surface a little in preparation for priming and<br />

coating. Again, make sure your fan parts are free of<br />

dust, and this time ensure free of any dirt or oils as<br />

well. Then it is time to prepare for painting.<br />

With the masking tape and thin paper, cover all<br />

the electrical parts of the fan that shouldn‘t be painted<br />

and make sure the masking tape has firm contact<br />

with each surface. This will ensure no paint seeps in<br />

under the masking tape‘s edges. Referring back to<br />

our age-old technique, make sure all your cans are<br />

well-shaken for 2-3 minutes each time before use,<br />

remove the nozzle, and turn the cans upside down<br />

to release the black safety ring (where applicable).<br />

Then reapply your nozzles and give each can a quick<br />

spray away from any objects. Starting with your chosen<br />

Montana PRIMER spray, apply thin even coats to<br />

cover all the surfaces of your fan that will be coated<br />

with color in the next step. That means the blades,<br />

body, and base. Allow to dry and proceed to the next<br />

step.<br />

We chose to coat all the parts of the body and<br />

base of the fan with Montana GOLD Goldchrome.<br />

This is a great color that gives the most deceivingly<br />

real metallic chrome effect. However, to achieve<br />

this magnificent effect the Goldchrome color has<br />

special high-quality reflective metallic pigments that<br />

dry on the surface of the paint and are not sealed<br />

within it. This means once you are done, try not to<br />

handle the fan body too much, or wear gloves to<br />

avoid leaving fingerprints or marks. Apply smooth<br />

even coat(s) as required and allow to dry overnight.<br />

You can also apply a Montana VARNISH clear coat<br />

(of your choice of finish) the next day to protect the<br />

new paint job and make it more durable. However, be<br />

aware this may lessen the shine effect that the color

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

86<br />

has created and dull the shine a little.<br />

The next step is painting your fan blades. We<br />

chose a variation of colors in a faded gradient and<br />

one blade with more dynamic colors to create a<br />

stunning visual effect when the fan is turning. The<br />

blades are a faded variation of soft yellow, pink, and<br />

purple. And the feature blade is a stronger variation<br />

of purple, magenta, and yellow. All in more dynamic<br />

variations to refer back to the soft tones used on the<br />

other blades. Choosing the colors in order of your<br />

choice, fade the three colors as desired. Single coats<br />

should be sufficient. Then allow all the parts to dry<br />

for 24 hours or more so that the paint is completely<br />

cured. Then apply some Montana VARNISH to seal<br />

the blades and make them more durable when it<br />

comes to cleaning and dusting. We chose Montana<br />

Matt VARNISH. Then allow drying overnight again.<br />

This is probably a good time to focus on some other<br />

things like eating, drinking, and sleeping in case you<br />

kind of forgot to do these things while you were deep<br />

in fan fever.<br />

Then that magical time has come. The part<br />

where you take off all the masking tape and protective<br />

paper and put it all back together. Followed by<br />

reattaching the reassembled fan to the ceiling and<br />

trying it out. If you need your tradesperson or handyperson<br />

again for this step, hopefully, you still have<br />

some of that food and drink left to lure them back<br />

into the house. Once the fan is on and spinning, you<br />

will most likely stand and look at it in wonder. Because<br />

let‘s face it, it looks very cool! Hopefully, you haven‘t<br />

taken on this project in the dead of winter as<br />

this moment may become very cold.<br />

There are probably about 1.5 to 2 hours of actual<br />

painting and preparation work excluding drying<br />

times. If you are a beginner or not so confident with<br />

your skill level, keep it simple and stick to one color<br />

for everything, or one color for the blades and one<br />

for the fan body. Otherwise, this is an intermediate to<br />

experienced-level project and will give you the challenges<br />

you have been looking for! Most importantly,<br />

make sure the disconnection and dismantling, and<br />

the reassembling and reconnection of the fan (where<br />

applicable) are done by either a qualified tradesperson<br />

or someone you know can do the job safely.<br />

With all the work behind you, it is fair to say<br />

that this may be the coolest project you‘ve done to<br />

date. Congratulations and Happy Crafting!


allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

88<br />


• Montana GOLD Line spray paints in yellow, light pink, pink, and orange.<br />

• Ceiling fan<br />

• Screwdriver(s)<br />

• Montana PRIMER (Universal preferred but others possible)<br />

• Montana GOLD Goldchrome<br />

• Masking tape<br />

• Scrap paper, or thin wrapping paper<br />

• Fine sandpaper (optional)<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet

<strong>Allspraypainted</strong> Lookbook 89

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

90<br />

Baby‘s Breath<br />

Garland<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

92<br />

Baby‘s Breath flowers are a common feature in florists and event decor<br />

around the world. Weddings, parties, and even flower bouquets often<br />

feature this simple gem of a flower in all its beauty. The botanical name<br />

of Baby‘s Breath is Gypsophila and has its origins in Eastern Europe. Nowadays,<br />

it is available all over the world and is mostly available all year<br />

round making it perfect for an allspraypainted project wherever you are.<br />

So grab your cans, gloves, and materials, and let‘s make a Baby‘s Breath<br />


93<br />


Until now, a connection between Montana GOLD and<br />

Baby‘s Breath has never been established. Or at least<br />

not that we are aware of. But things were about to<br />

change. This beautiful flower presents itself as a natural<br />

white object that easily takes on color. Baby‘s<br />

Breath + Montana GOLD = Colored Baby‘s Breath. To<br />

start the process, take your Baby‘s Breath flowers<br />

and put them into buckets with water so that the flower<br />

can absorb water while being worked with. Make<br />

sure there is enough space around each bouquet so<br />

that you can spray evenly around its whole diameter.<br />

Cut the stems a little at the ends so they have better<br />

water absorption abilities, but make sure the stems<br />

are still long enough to be inserted into the chicken<br />

wire garland. We will trim them to a more exact size<br />

later depending on the tubular size of your garland.<br />

Shake your Montana GOLD cans for 2-3 minutes<br />

so you can hear the mixing ball moving freely.<br />

Remove the nozzle and turn each can upside down,<br />

allowing the black safety ring from under the nozzle<br />

to fall out. Then reapply the nozzle and test spray<br />

away from any objects. Taking one color at a time,<br />

lightly spray each bouquet with the colors you have<br />

chosen. Not too much! A little here, and a little there<br />

so that natural variations in color occur on each<br />

bouquet. We chose to spray each bouquet in a single<br />

color and assort them in color combinations later.<br />

Leave the bouquets to dry for 24 hours with the<br />

stems in fresh clean water so that the smell of the<br />

paint can dissipate.<br />

While this process was happening, it was time<br />

to make the garland base. This consisted of a piece<br />

of rolled-up chicken wire in tube size that would<br />

house the flower stems, and hide them at the same<br />

time. If you are using more than one piece of wire,<br />

connect the pieces easily using your zip ties. And if<br />

you need to secure them to a surface (in our case<br />

a fireplace mantel), use something like a command<br />

strip or double-sided tape with a hook that can stick<br />

to most surfaces. Then attach the wire to the hook to<br />

prevent the rolls from moving.<br />

Taking your now-dried and colored flowers,<br />

give the stems one last rim so that they are no longer<br />

than the size of your chicken wire tube. If they are<br />

long enough to also sit in the below-lying wire hole,<br />

then you have a more stable flower. Insert portions<br />

of each bouquet by hand, filling the wire holes and<br />

creating the color combinations you want. As the<br />

holes get filled, the stems will be hidden. Once the<br />

garland is done, you are finished. And boy does it<br />

look great!<br />

Please note: Once you load your garland with<br />

Baby‘s Breath, after 24 hours or so of no water the<br />

flowers will start to die out. They will not lose their<br />

color but they will get smaller and spots in the garland<br />

may begin to show. There are a couple of options<br />

to resolve this if you are setting up for an event<br />

and want the look of your garland to stay full. Either,<br />

set up the garland prior and then add the flowers to<br />

it fresh from their water buckets on the day of the<br />

event. This way they will be full and colorful long after<br />

the guests themselves have become full and colorful.<br />

Or, load the garland with wet floral foam and<br />

add the flowers with the stems in the wet foam the<br />

night before. If required, on the day of the event fill<br />

any holes that may have occurred by shrinking of<br />

surrounding flowers and fill them with fresh, colored<br />

flowers straight from their water buckets.<br />

This project is probably about an hour of actual<br />

work. The skill level required to paint the Baby‘s Breath<br />

is for beginners and onwards, and it is only the<br />

preparation of the wire garland that may need some<br />

extra time or a little assistance from someone who is<br />

familiar with working with wire. But don‘t be scared<br />

to give it a go if you are entering some new creative<br />

territory. That‘s why you are reading this article and<br />

part of the allspraypainted family. You can do it.<br />

Congratulations and Happy Crafting!

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />


99<br />


• Baby‘s Breath flowers<br />

• Montana GOLD colors of your<br />

choice (we used Shock Pink,<br />

Shock Pink Light, Shrimp Pastel,<br />

Shock Orange Light, Yellow Cab,<br />

Malachite Light, Baby Blue, Blue<br />

Magic, and Light Lilac)<br />

• Chicken wire<br />

• Buckets<br />

• Zip ties (cable ties)<br />

• Command hooks<br />

• Scissors<br />

• Gloves<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

100<br />

Decorative Delight<br />



allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

102<br />

Create enchanting decorative objects for homes, infusing a personal<br />

touch into interior spaces. These glowing baubles serve as<br />

a perfect addition to your holiday decor or any festive occasion,<br />

emanating warmth and style.

103<br />


No pre-treatment required. Ensure your workspace<br />

is clean, dry, and free of dust.<br />


Approach each bauble with patience and precision.<br />

- Apply one color to each bauble, choosing from the<br />

delightful Montana GOLD Line Transparent colors—<br />

Yellow Cab, Ketchup, Olive Green, Hazelnut, and<br />

Cherry Blossom.<br />

- Introduce a touch of metallic magic by adding Montana<br />

GOLD Line GOLD Chrome to the mix.<br />

- To avoid paint dust, use a drop sheet, wear a mask,<br />

and put on gloves.<br />


- Once the single baubles are beautifully painted,<br />

consider your design.<br />

- Carefully glue together three baubles as if they<br />

were elegantly stacked.<br />

- Hot glue works wonders for a secure and seamless<br />

bond.<br />


- Elevate your creation by attaching a ribbon to the<br />

bauble stack.<br />

-This ribbon allows your masterpiece to adorn a<br />

Christmas tree or hang gracefully from a branch.<br />

Create enchanting decorative objects for homes, infusing<br />

a personal touch into interior spaces can be so<br />

much fun! These glowing baubles serve as a perfect<br />

addition to your holiday decor or any festive occasion,<br />

emanating warmth and style. Happy crafting!

allspraypainted <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

104<br />


• Montana GOLD Line Transparent Colors: Yellow Cab,<br />

Ketchup, Olive Green, Hazelnut, and Cherry Blossom<br />

• Montana GOLD Line in GOLD Chrome<br />

• Transparent Christmas baubles in various sizes<br />

• Glue<br />

• Thread<br />

• Mask<br />

• Drop sheet


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Danny and Martin www.schreiberpoetter.de<br />

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