LOGIN Annual Review 2023

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<strong>LOGIN</strong><br />


EDITION 05<br />


Editorial<br />

Dear members,<br />

dear business friends,<br />

dear LogCoopers,<br />

Imprint<br />

LogCoop GmbH<br />

Represented by the managing director<br />

Marc Possekel (V.i.S.d.P.)<br />

Firstly, I would like to wish you all, your<br />

families and your employees a healthy,<br />

happy and successful New Year.<br />

The year that has just ended - the anniversary<br />

year - was something very special<br />

for LogCoop. A stunning trade fair<br />

„transport logistic“ in Munich, with a great<br />

response and confirmation of our joint<br />

work, and an unforgettable „10th anniversary<br />

of LogCoop“ celebration in<br />

Düsseldorf, with a fantastic boat trip.<br />

2024 will be an exciting year with many challenges<br />

for all of us. The geopolitical situation<br />

is more than tense; unspeakable wars and<br />

conflicts are ongoing or will unfortunately<br />

break out in the near future and the uncertainties,<br />

the shifts in power politics and the<br />

endeavours to do so are in full swing. The<br />

economic conditions have also definitely deteriorated<br />

and I very much hope that you /<br />

we all get through these difficult times well.<br />

In these increasingly difficult times, a community<br />

like the LogCoop should be an anchor for<br />

you. We want to show you clear opportunities<br />

through contacts, activities and campaigns and<br />

provide support to help you find calmer waters.<br />

To this end, we as a community and the Log-<br />

Coop team will do everything we can this year.<br />

We have already planned and scheduled<br />

many new events and activities to help you<br />

network even more effectively and develop<br />

your skills. Learn from each other and benefit<br />

from us. New working groups such as<br />

„Digitalisation“ and „Sustainability“ or the<br />

„Dispatcher Meeting“ are taking place. The<br />

„Next Generation“ meeting and some regional<br />

groups will also be revived this year.<br />

This year we will be at the<br />

„LogiMat“, the „Logistics Summit“ and other<br />

smaller events. We also have some new<br />

ideas in the pipeline to provide you with<br />

more customer contacts. The next LogCoop<br />

General Assembly will also take place in Düsseldorf<br />

in June and I would like to invite you<br />

all to attend. Please come along then!<br />

In November and December we have also<br />

been able to gain some interesting new<br />

members and partners / suppliers who will<br />

be happy to help you operationally.<br />

I wish you / all of us a good and successful<br />

year 2024 and send you my warmest regards<br />

Yours<br />

Marc Possekel<br />

Großenbaumer Weg 10<br />

40472 Düsseldorf<br />

+49 (0) 211 - 9763 34 - 0<br />

info@logcoop.de · www.logcoop.de<br />

Editing and realisation: Christiane Buschkamp

Table of contents<br />

Networking<br />

Shared Services<br />

6-15<br />

LogCoop General members meeting<br />

10 years strong together<br />

16-18<br />

LogCoop Internal<br />

Personnel changes<br />

20-33<br />

LogCoop working groups<br />

34-35<br />

LogCoop Regional Circles<br />

36-37<br />

LogCoop storage network<br />

38-41<br />

LogCoop Truck-mounted forklift<br />

42-43<br />

Competence Network Logistics.NRW<br />

LOG-IT Club e.V.<br />

44-45<br />

LogCoop Calendar of events<br />

46-51<br />

LogCoop Intranet<br />

Communication platform<br />

52-61<br />

LogCoop Trade fair appearances<br />

transport logistic - Tendermanagement Konferenz - Logistics Summit<br />

62-69<br />

LogCoop Marketing<br />

Social Media - Website - Video production<br />

70-75<br />

LogCoop Purchasing<br />

Realignment 2024<br />

76-77<br />

Did you know?<br />

78-87<br />

LogCoop personnel topics<br />

Academy commences operations

Networking<br />



“Sustainability and digitalisation<br />

in logistics”<br />

From 03 - 05 September <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

our 10th company anniversary<br />

took place as part of our General<br />

Assembly in Düsseldorf.<br />

In addition to interesting specialist presentations<br />

and internal workshops on our working<br />

groups, the supporting programme<br />

offered plenty of room for personal discussions.<br />

Selected framework agreement partners<br />

were available to our members at our<br />

in-house exhibition throughout the event.<br />

Prof. Jörg Nottmeyer, who moderated<br />

the programme, deserves great<br />

praise and our heartfelt thanks.<br />

Another unforgettable highlight was the anniversary<br />

party on the boat of Köln-Düsseldorfer<br />

Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH. The<br />

beautiful late summer weather once again<br />

showed that logistics experts can also party.<br />

For the first time, there was also a raffle with<br />

great prizes from our exhibitors at the inhouse<br />

exhibition. The winners were drawn in<br />

the classic and analogue way by lottery drum.<br />

Many thanks for the great prizes that were<br />

provided and congratulations to the winners.<br />


Networking<br />

Dear LogCoopers,<br />

Dear business friends,<br />

I am proud to have successfully organised the<br />

second major event with you this year, after<br />

Transport & Logistic in Munich, to mark the<br />

10th anniversary of our community.<br />

On Sunday evening, a good 100 colleagues<br />

attended our delicious barbecue event with<br />

live music and fantastic weather at the Van<br />

der Valk Airporthotel in Düsseldorf.<br />

On Monday, under the motto „Sustainability<br />

and digitalisation in logistics“, we listened<br />

to a variety of exciting and forward-looking<br />

presentations before taking buses to the KD<br />

party ship, where our dedicated mentalist<br />

„Philo“ amazed many a guest. The atmosphere<br />

was excellent, the weather was once again<br />

wonderful, so that on two great and entertaining<br />

evenings, many good conversations<br />

were held, new friendships were made and<br />

professional matters were exchanged.<br />

I would like to take this opportunity to thank<br />

my team and the partner companies in particular,<br />

who not only opened up new perspectives<br />

and opportunities for some of<br />

you with their stands, but also rounded off<br />

the event with their commitment and the<br />

high-quality prizes donated for the raffle.<br />

Despite the success of the event, I would<br />

like to address a few topics again, as<br />

I did in my presentation on Tuesday:<br />

It really is a pity that not all LogCoop members<br />

attend at least the leading trade fair in<br />

Munich and the plenary meetings. There are<br />

certainly always other important reasons or<br />

appointments to stay away from the events.<br />

However, I would ask you to send a deputy<br />

or a trusted friend. The effort we have to<br />

put in is the same, regardless of whether we<br />

organise the events for ALL, 70% or 50%.<br />

However, the community is left with the additional<br />

costs of several 10,000 euros this year and<br />

we could do so many other good things with<br />

the money that we manage and use for YOU.<br />

It is also a pity that we are not participating<br />

in the LogCoop Academy, which we set up for<br />

you in response to many requests and which,<br />

in addition to further training opportunities for<br />

your employees and colleagues, really does offer<br />

an additional networking opportunity. The<br />

popularity of our C-article platform „Onventis“<br />

and the use of the successful company videos,<br />

which are free of charge for you, can still be<br />

significantly expanded and yet are an important<br />

joint endeavour. Please utilise these opportunities<br />

as managing directors, owners and<br />

above all for your companies and employees.<br />

I would like to announce the following new or<br />

completely new topics:<br />

• „Next Generation“ meeting for all<br />

company successors<br />

• Dispatcher meeting with event and<br />

Opportunity for cooperation<br />

• A „Digitalisation, automation and technology“<br />

working group<br />

• A „Sustainability“ working group<br />

I look forward to continuing to work with<br />

you all and remain<br />

With friendly & collegial greetings<br />

Marc Possekel<br />

P.S.: My presentation with all slides and<br />

further, available presentations, can be<br />

found in the LogCoop Intranet.<br />


Networking<br />


After 10 years, it was a great honour for us to honour the longeststanding<br />

members of our cooperation and to once again award<br />

the most committed companies of the year.<br />

We would also like to take this<br />

opportunity to thank the Kölner<br />

Circle once again!<br />

The members of the long-standing working<br />

group congratulated us personally<br />

and invited the entire LogCoop team to a<br />

convivial evening at the Gaffel in Cologne.<br />

A very nice evening! Thank you very much!<br />


Networking<br />



Evy Solutions is an AI software provider from<br />

Cologne that processes documents automatically<br />

with its Xpact Logistics product.<br />

Using its proprietary artificial intelligence, Evy Solutions<br />

extracts content from documents such as transport<br />

orders, delivery notes, customs documents, etc.<br />

and stores them in existing IT systems. It is also possible<br />

to validate or enrich the extracted information.<br />

Trans.eu - The digital platform for road transport.<br />

12<br />

Trans.eu is one of Europe‘s leading digital<br />

platforms for road transport, connecting<br />

freight forwarders and carriers.<br />

With more than 40,000 connected companies from<br />

Europe and Eurasia, it offers instant access to transport<br />

capacity and advanced tools for freight and carrier<br />

management.<br />

Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH - Welcome<br />

to the experts for your security!<br />

Aktiv Assekuranz Makler GmbH is an international<br />

insurance broker for trade and industry<br />

as well as freelance and consulting professions.<br />

The company is characterised in particular by its distinctive<br />

core competence in the efficient preparation<br />

and support of up-to-date and tailor-made policies<br />

specifically for transport and logistics.<br />

Bitergo GmbH - Fast and efficient software<br />

solution for your warehouse management.<br />

The Dortmund-based company Bitergo GmbH has<br />

many years of logistics expertise and offers software<br />

solutions for warehousing and supply chain execution,<br />

among other things. Innovative end-to-end<br />

technologies, consistent customer orientation and<br />

partnerships with innovation drivers characterise Bitergo.<br />

Logistics software that moves you!<br />

Greenplan: Intelligent and sustainable<br />

Route planning for the logistics of the future<br />

The best way to reduce transport costs? How can<br />

route planning efficiency be increased while at the<br />

same time saving kilometres, tours and vehicles and<br />

reducing CO2 emissions? The answer to these questions<br />

is provided by Greenplan - the route planning<br />

solution from the Ehrhardt Partner Group.<br />

JITpay means Just-In-Time-pay:<br />

Digital invoicing & factoring in logistics<br />

Freight forwarders and transport companies know<br />

the dilemma: invoices are paid too late, resulting in<br />

long-term financial burdens and uncertainty. That‘s<br />

why we at JITpay have developed an innovative<br />

system to solve the problem of long payment terms<br />

within the industry. We are a fast-growing invoicing<br />

and payment service provider specialising in logistics<br />

with our own factoring licence (BaFin/KWG).<br />

Integrative logistics planning and consulting -<br />

VCE works with you to develop sustainable logistics<br />

solutions tailored to your specific needs.<br />

With the VCE Solutions Transport Management System,<br />

for example, shipping and transport processes<br />

can be organised smoothly and dynamically. VCE<br />

customises its software modules according to your<br />

needs and implements them in existing IT systems.

Networking<br />

Your specialist for stretch film and adhesive tapes<br />

OptiFol GmbH is a young company founded<br />

by Stefan Veselinov, who worked in the<br />

packaging industry as a purchasing manager<br />

and key account manager/sales manager.<br />

account manager/sales manager<br />

in the packaging industry.<br />

The dedicated employees, their in-depth expertise<br />

and many years of experience as well as the excellent<br />

contacts and close co-operation with renowned<br />

manufacturers are geared towards one goal: to ensure<br />

the long-term success of the projects.<br />

R.iT GmbH - Your strong partner for digital<br />

transformation: We offer expertise in strategy,<br />

organisation and information technology<br />

As an iT management consultancy for digital<br />

transformation, R.iT GmbH has been advising<br />

and supporting SMEs in the successful and<br />

holistic digitalisation of their business and value<br />

creation processes for more than 20 years.<br />

The company transforms ‚Made in Germany‘ into the<br />

digital age and actively shapes the market with German<br />

SMEs.<br />

OSKAR SCHUNCK - It‘s usually the simple things that<br />

things that are successful.<br />

OSKAR SCHUNCK GmbH & Co. KG is an international<br />

insurance broker with customised insurance solutions<br />

for individual risks for medium-sized companies.<br />

They develop insurance products and offer innovative<br />

IT services.<br />

TruckHero is the leading recruiting and<br />

consulting agency in the professional driver market.<br />

TruckHero is a driver recruitment agency,<br />

that places drivers exclusively with companies<br />

in permanent employment.<br />

The company is committed to good working conditions<br />

for drivers and also checks these. Truck-<br />

Hero is not a temporary employment agency.<br />

TruckHero - Good personnel for logistics.<br />

Sirum TME - The web-based<br />

Transport Management ERP<br />

We are working together to establish an innovative and<br />

unconventional standard for transport management<br />

systems. In Germany alone, over 95% of the 50,000<br />

transport companies are SMEs for which previous<br />

server solutions are often too expensive, too complex<br />

or technologically outdated. We have therefore developed<br />

a web-based system that is specially tailored<br />

to the needs of small and medium-sized companies.<br />

TMS, driver app and ERP in one web-based<br />

all-in-one solution for the transport industry.<br />


Networking<br />


New employee<br />

Ralf Stock<br />

Senior Manager<br />

Distribution/transport networks<br />

Tel.: +49 (0) 211 / 97 63 34 41<br />

Mobil: +49 (0) 170 / 8635602<br />

E-Mail: ralf.stock@logcoop.de<br />

We are pleased to introduce you to our new<br />

colleague in the area of sales<br />

and transport networks.<br />

Mr Ralf Stock joined our team as Senior Manager<br />

on 1 September <strong>2023</strong> and brings with him<br />

impressive experience in the logistics industry.<br />

Mr Stock was born in Wermelskirchen, lives<br />

in Remscheid, is married and has a grown-up<br />

son. He likes to be active in his free time, rides<br />

his bike and as a Schalke fan, his football heart<br />

beats for blue and white.<br />

Tasks and responsibilities:<br />

At LogCoop, Mr Stock will be responsible for<br />

handling enquiries from our members and<br />

suppliers, as well as maintaining and developing<br />

the sales and transport network. He will<br />

also be the main contact person for appointments<br />

and events in the sales area and the<br />

transport network area, such as regional and<br />

working groups.<br />

Professional experience:<br />

Mr Stock has many years of experience in the<br />

logistics industry. Most recently, he was Sales<br />

Manager at c.dasbach SPEDITION GMBH in<br />

Duisburg. There he was responsible for key<br />

account management, new customer acqui-<br />

sition, the development of existing customers<br />

as well as various aspects of sea freight, international<br />

overland transport and project/heavy<br />

goods loading.<br />

Previous positions in his career include acquisition<br />

and key account management at Raben<br />

Group Germany in Wuppertal and over 25<br />

successful years at Herbert Flesche GmbH &<br />

Co. KG in Remscheid, where he acquired new<br />

customers, developed existing customers and<br />

managed national and international land transport<br />

operations.<br />

Mr Stock shares our vision of logistics as a<br />

network and emphasises the importance of<br />

the LogCoop community to create synergies<br />

and promote efficiency and sustainability in<br />

the industry. We warmly welcome Mr Stock<br />

to our team and look forward to a successful<br />

collaboration. Ralf Stock has already been able<br />

to make his debut at LogCoop at our general<br />

meeting and 10th anniversary celebration<br />

in Düsseldorf, which we as a team were very<br />

pleased about.<br />


Networking<br />


Further personnel changes<br />

At the end of <strong>2023</strong>, there were further personnel<br />

changes in the LogCoop team.<br />

After 10 years of great commitment to Log-<br />

Coop, Daniela Steindor is leaving the team<br />

to take on new challenges. Mrs Steindor has<br />

significantly influenced the development of<br />

the last 10 years and has always put her heart<br />

and soul into developing the LogCoop<br />

family and keeping it together. We will miss<br />

her very much as a team player and colleague,<br />

but are delighted that we will continue<br />

to be associated with her in the future.<br />

Andrea Mülders and Christiane Buschkamp<br />

will also be leaving LogCoop at the end of<br />

the year. Over the past 7 years, Mrs Mülders<br />

has built up the marketing department from<br />

scratch and, together with Mrs Buschkamp,<br />

has made it what it is today, namely an essential<br />

pillar of LogCoop. Thanks to their professionalism<br />

and tireless commitment to always<br />

get the best out of the LogCoop family, both<br />

colleagues have greatly advanced our co-operation.<br />

In addition to new professional challenges,<br />

which they will both face in the new year 2024,<br />

Ms Buschkamp and Ms Mülders are setting<br />

up their own business in the field of marketing<br />

consulting and project management for<br />

medium-sized logistics companies. We are delighted<br />

to be able to remain in contact with our<br />

colleagues at this level. LogCoop will always be<br />

grateful and favourably disposed towards them.<br />

We would like to thank all three colleagues<br />

from the bottom of our hearts for their dedication<br />

and commitment and wish them all<br />

the best and every success in their future endeavours,<br />

both professionally and personally.<br />

Your contact person for marketing is Mr Alexander<br />

Terzakis. You can reach him by telephone<br />

on +49 (0)151 14 132 162 and by e-mail:<br />

alexander.terzakis@logcoop.de.<br />

Bitergo<br />

warehouse management<br />

Die Cloud-Lösung für Ihr<br />

Warehouse Management<br />

real-time visibility<br />

Bitergo RTV<br />

Display<br />

Gehen Sie bei Sendungsüberwachung<br />

und Zustandskontrolle auf Nummer sicher.<br />

• Standortbestimmung<br />

• Allround-Tracking Device<br />

• Zustands-Monitoring<br />

• Warnungen per E-Mail<br />

• ETA Kalkulationen<br />

• Monitoring der<br />

Containertüren<br />

18<br />

Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf! Telefon +49 231 878008-0 E-Mail wecare@bitergo.com web www.bitergo.com

Networking<br />


Sea Freight Working Group /<br />

Air Freight & Special Transport<br />

On 26 January <strong>2023</strong>, the working<br />

group met in Düsseldorf to discuss<br />

the general market situation.<br />

Detlef Warburg, an air freight specialist, reported<br />

that there has been a slump in exports and<br />

that business is down by around 20-25%. The<br />

situation at various airports has calmed down.<br />

Cologne/Bonn Airport is benefiting from favourable<br />

landing fees and its 24-hour opening<br />

hours, without a ban on night flights. On the import<br />

side, the air freight business remains stable.<br />

In the sea freight sector, container rates from<br />

Asia are stagnating at around pre-pandemic<br />

levels. Rates for the USA are falling slightly and<br />

capacities are generally more available. The easing<br />

pressure and falling volumes in the supply<br />

chains are leading to redundancies at digital<br />

freight portals. Employees are being let go, e.g.<br />

Forto is laying off 10 % of its employees, Flexport<br />

is laying off 20 % of its employees. Due<br />

to the pandemic and seaport closures in China,<br />

producers have focussed on other Asian<br />

countries. Cooperation is now growing with India<br />

(furniture), Vietnam and Indonesia (trendy<br />

electrical appliances), for example. In addition<br />

to favourable freight rates, the advantages are<br />

more reliable departure/arrival times.<br />

From March, ALS Allgemeine Land- und Seespedition<br />

GmbH will offer interested LogCoop<br />

members the option of bundling shipments to<br />

Hamburg via the Arnsberg warehouse. In advance,<br />

anonymised LCL data from 5 LogCoop<br />

member companies was made available, which<br />

was analysed anonymously by SDZ GmbH.<br />

This view also makes the demand visually recognisable.<br />

There is a lot of potential for bundling.<br />

The members of the working group will<br />

start a pilot project in March <strong>2023</strong> and pick-ups<br />

with local lorries will be carried out by A.L.S.<br />

from the Rhine/Ruhr area. In addition, direct<br />

collections from customers will be realised<br />

and customer protection will be guaranteed.<br />

Anyone who has a need for LCL shipments for<br />

export via the port of Hamburg is welcome to<br />

contact the working group. The more participants<br />

and the larger the volumes, the better we<br />

can optimise.<br />

Contact person<br />

Christoph Dahlmann, A.L.S. Allgemeine Landund<br />

Seespedition GmbH<br />


Networking<br />

The LogCoop Sea Freight / Air Freight & Special<br />

Transport Working Group met again on<br />

8 March in Schkeuditz, near Leipzig.<br />

The 12 participants came together the evening<br />

before and were guided through Leipzig‘s city<br />

centre by Gaafar Eschmann, branch manager at<br />

Sachsenland Transport & Logistik in Schkeuditz.<br />

The tour criss-crossed the city centre, passing<br />

historical and very impressive buildings. Leipzig<br />

is the perfect symbiosis of past and present. The<br />

many historical buildings are juxtaposed with<br />

the many new buildings, such as the MDR tower,<br />

which was the tallest building in Germany for<br />

a long time. The participants experienced a city<br />

with tradition in the midst of modern change.<br />

Another highlight was the visit to Leipzig/Halle<br />

Airport in snowy weather. That was something<br />

very special. In addition to snow flights<br />

at work, the „elephants“ (special vehicles<br />

for de-icing aircraft) could be seen in action.<br />

The coach took us across the runway. 3.5<br />

kilometres without taking off and without<br />

oncoming traffic, thanks to a corresponding<br />

clearance from the air traffic controllers in<br />

the air traffic control tower. The Ukrainian Antonov<br />

was also very impressive: 124-100М,<br />

UR82008: „ВE BRAVE LIKE OKHTYRKA“ Various<br />

Antonovs carry the name of Ukrainian<br />

„hero cities“ around the world, which have<br />

been particularly badly affected by the criminal<br />

war of aggression waged by Russian<br />

dictator and war criminal Vladimir Putin.<br />

Then it was SAFETY-FIRST during the tour of<br />

one of three fire brigades on the airport site.<br />

The event was hosted by our LogCoop member<br />

Sachsenland Transport & Logistik Leipzig/<br />

Schkeuditz GmbH. Naturally, a tour of the site<br />

was organised, including a tour of the multiuser<br />

warehouse. The participants were given<br />

an insight into the diverse storage options,<br />

with space for possible expansion. Storage<br />

space is currently available. Further plans to<br />

remodel and expand the office and storage<br />

space will be realised in the near future. The<br />

location is extremely attractive for logistics<br />

services due to its exposed position at the<br />

Schkeuditzer-Kreuz A9/ A14 motorway junction<br />

and its immediate proximity to the airport.<br />

In addition to the tours and networking, the<br />

working group also had plenty of time for professional<br />

dialogue. The current market situation<br />

in sea and air freight transport was discussed,<br />

as well as the challenges of falling prices<br />

in container transport, e.g. Asia for Europe at <<br />

$1,000/container. Prices had risen to around<br />

USD 18,000 due to the pandemic (closure of<br />

Chinese ports), supply chain disruptions (Ever<br />

Given ran aground in the Suez Canal) and the<br />

resulting reduction in container capacity.<br />

ALS Allgemeine Land- und Seespedition GmbH<br />

started the new LCL project in March and has<br />

dispatched the first part consignments from<br />

the Rhine and Ruhr regions to Hamburg. A.L.S.<br />

collects part consignments / LCL (Less than<br />

Container Load) for export for all LogCoop<br />

members and consolidates them at the Arnsberg<br />

warehouse, so that the packing sheds<br />

can be approached with complete lorries. Additional<br />

consignments can also be taken along.<br />

This reduces lorry idle times in the port through<br />

targeted registrations. The positive environmental<br />

contribution with sustainable effects<br />

through the bundling of consignments is also<br />

important. In addition, the working time of<br />

professional drivers is utilised more efficiently.<br />

Interested parties are cordially invited to join the<br />

working group. The session takes place approximately<br />

every 2 months and is a format consisting<br />

of team meetings and face-to-face meetings. If<br />

you are interested and / or have a need for LCL<br />

shipments to the Port of Hamburg, please contact<br />

ALS / Christoph Dahlmann (spokesman for<br />

the working group) or LogCoop Bernd Focke.<br />

Sea Freight Working Group /<br />

Air Freight & Special Transport<br />


Sea Freight Working Group /<br />

Air Freight & Special Transport<br />

Networking<br />

The Sea Freight / Air Freight / Special Transport<br />

working group met on 29 June <strong>2023</strong> at<br />

a team meeting.<br />

Denny Steude (Sales Coordinator) from CRET-<br />

SCHMAR Leipzig and Frank Zwiebler (Head of<br />

Air Freight Department) from CRETSCHMAR<br />

Düsseldorf were welcomed as new participants.<br />

The event began with a brief review of transport<br />

logistic in Munich. All participants confirmed<br />

that they had noticed the positive<br />

atmosphere at the trade fair. The LogCoop<br />

joint stand could be used very well for the<br />

many discussions and was an ideal basis.<br />

During the trade fair, people were still very<br />

optimistic about the market situation. Unfortunately,<br />

business continues to stagnate. The<br />

slump in air freight is very protracted. „Just<br />

in time“ is dead. Many customers have huge<br />

stocks and can make use of them. There is<br />

hardly any short-term air freight any more.<br />

The supply chain bottlenecks, first caused by<br />

corona and then by the war in Ukraine, have<br />

prompted customers to ensure greater security<br />

and stocks so that bottlenecks can be<br />

resolved from their own stocks and little air<br />

freight business is triggered. It is assumed that<br />

even more consolidation will take place. As expected,<br />

the second half of the year is always<br />

stronger than the first half, but the prolonged<br />

recessionary phase is unlikely to allow for this<br />

in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The situation is similar in the sea freight sector.<br />

Fewer exports and reduced volumes, as well<br />

as favourable sea freight prices, are leading to<br />

a lower margin. The large availability of empty<br />

containers is causing business to stagnate. Fears<br />

have been expressed that Germany is losing<br />

industrial sites due to relocations abroad.<br />

The economic framework conditions, particularly<br />

with regard to costs such as energy and personnel,<br />

are sometimes more attractive abroad.<br />

In addition, the requirements are less stringent.<br />

ISC 2 (Import Control System) has already been<br />

introduced for air freight in <strong>2023</strong>. The new procedures<br />

will apply to sea freight from 2024. The<br />

EU‘s Import Control System is intended to minimise<br />

risks and improve hazard prevention by<br />

knowing which products will be shipped before<br />

loading. One of the new features is the 6-digit<br />

HS code, which breaks down exactly which<br />

products are to be shipped. Shipping requires<br />

authorisation before loading begins. According<br />

to the participants, the regulation mainly affects<br />

the airlines and shipping companies, and less<br />

the freight forwarders and importers.<br />

LCL transport (Less-than Container Load) for<br />

the seaport of Hamburg has been bundled by<br />

LogCoop member A.L.S. Spedition from Arnsberg<br />

from the Rhine-Ruhr area since the spring.<br />

The various sheds in the Port of Hamburg are<br />

called at several times a week. The joint bundling<br />

reduces the number of lorry stops in the<br />

port and thus saves valuable time. Consignments<br />

can be collected directly by A.L.S. or<br />

delivered to the warehouse in Arnsberg. Anyone<br />

who has a requirement can contact A.L.S..<br />

Shipments/transports from the port of Hamburg<br />

to the Rhine-Ruhr area are also realised.<br />

On 9 August <strong>2023</strong>, the members of the Sea<br />

Freight / Air Freight / Special Transport working<br />

group met regularly at an online meeting.<br />

Désirée Schmitz, from Cretschmar, was welcomed<br />

for the first time. She is the deputy<br />

head of the air freight department and<br />

is very familiar with the import and export<br />

of global air freight. Klaus-Dieter Bugiel was<br />

also warmly welcomed. He has been a member<br />

of LogCoop with his company fox-COU-<br />

RIER Leipzig GmbH since 1 August <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The current sea freight business is reduced.<br />

Volume approx. 15% behind the previous<br />

year. Imports and exports have fallen<br />

further. China again by -1/-1.5%.<br />

The importance of China as an export market is<br />

declining. India continues to experience an upswing.<br />

The USA recorded the sharpest decline<br />

last month, with exports falling by around 4%.<br />

Margins have been significantly reduced. Shipowners<br />

want to take on fewer shipments to<br />

the EU as there is more lucrative business and<br />

an oversupply of cargo space. There are still<br />

project cargoes and these are also lucrative.<br />

The warehouses and harbours are still well filled.<br />

Sales are low. Customers are still very pricesensitive.<br />

Other topics included Maersk‘s press release.<br />

The disappointing business performance of<br />

the Logistics & Services division in the second<br />

quarter of the current year prompted<br />

CEO Vincent Clerc to announce harsh countermeasures,<br />

including possible job cuts.<br />

Another issue was rail transport from China to<br />

Europe and the high clauses for rail insurance,<br />

as well as alternative ports and their importan-<br />

ce for Europe. In Southern Europe, for example,<br />

these are the ports of Piraeus, Koper and<br />

Genoa. In Germany, the Jade-Weser port, which<br />

is rarely used but was a good temporary alternative<br />

to the port of Hamburg in 2021/22.<br />

An important topic was the lorry toll and the<br />

implementation process. In the future, it is<br />

to be expected that the toll could change<br />

more frequently and that a separate toll<br />

rate would make sense rather than the integrated<br />

toll in the freight price. Future adjustments<br />

through a separate toll rate can<br />

thus be adapted in a more targeted manner.<br />

The Whistleblower Protection Act, which will<br />

be mandatory for companies with 50 or more<br />

employees from 2024, was another point. Log-<br />

Coop recommends framework agreement partner<br />

SpediHub. Managing Director Tim Iglauer is<br />

happy to inform LogCoop members about this.<br />

tim.iglauer@spedihub.de<br />

His white paper provides information on how<br />

the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) can<br />

be implemented in an uncomplicated manner.<br />


Networking<br />


Personnel<br />


Hazardous substances and WGK<br />

The „Personnel“ working group provides<br />

impetus for a strong future<br />

In the face of constant change and dynamic<br />

challenges in HR management, the „Human<br />

Resources“ working group established itself in<br />

<strong>2023</strong> as a trailblazer for innovative solutions.<br />

Initiator and leader, Ms Jasminka Culic, founded<br />

the working group at the express request<br />

of our members in order to create a platform<br />

for joint discussions and practical approaches<br />

to dealing with current labour law issues.<br />

The working group offers a regular opportunity<br />

for exchange in the form of online meetings<br />

in March and September, as well as a „special<br />

newsletter on human resources“, in which topics<br />

relating exclusively to human resources<br />

are addressed. Supported by the experienced<br />

in-house lawyer for labour law, Mr Edelmann,<br />

current questions on changes to the law are<br />

discussed and recommendations for implementation<br />

in the company are discussed.<br />

The challenges of the labour shortage have<br />

prompted the working group to expand its<br />

portfolio of framework agreement partners to<br />

help members recruit staff efficiently and quickly.<br />

The „LogCoop Network“ provides access<br />

to a wide range of resources, from job advertisement<br />

optimisation to professional recruitment<br />

services. The „Workshop Personal“ at<br />

the General Assembly and the annual, well-attended<br />

„Online Messe Personal“ in November<br />

offer framework agreement partners the opportunity<br />

to present their services and solutions<br />

and make customised recommendations.<br />

An important step into the future is the founding<br />

of the „LogCoop Academy“ in <strong>2023</strong>, in<br />

cooperation with the renowned „Lobraco<br />

Academy“. The Human Resources working<br />

group has developed a further training programme<br />

that is closely geared to the wishes<br />

and needs of members in order to offer maximum<br />

added value. The current programme<br />

is available to our members on the intranet.<br />

In addition to the „LogCoop Academy“, other<br />

training opportunities offered by our framework<br />

agreement partners, such as the Acito<br />

Academy, were also taken up in order to<br />

present members with exciting topics and<br />

practical solutions for everyday operations.<br />

Another success of the working group is the „Log-<br />

Coop Trainee Exchange“, which was launched in<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. Nine companies have already signed up<br />

to expand the knowledge and network of their<br />

trainees, which represents a significant contribution<br />

to promoting young talent in the industry.<br />

A big thank you goes to all participants in the<br />

„Personnel“ working group for their creative<br />

and energetic support. The motto for 2024 is:<br />

„Becoming even stronger together!“ By networking,<br />

sharing experiences and supporting each<br />

other, we will get the best out of ourselves and<br />

our employees.<br />

Anyone interested is cordially invited to contact<br />

Mrs Jasminka Culic directly and actively participate<br />

in the working group‘s exciting projects.<br />

The doors are open to shape a successful future<br />

together.<br />

The workshop on „Handling lithiumion<br />

batteries“ took place on Tuesday,<br />

28 February <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

LogCoop brought the expertise of<br />

three external partners on board especially<br />

for this meeting. In addition to<br />

Margarete Piekulla (dangerous goods<br />

officer for LogCoop), these were the<br />

companies Battery Damage and the<br />

Oskar Schunck Group.<br />

The meeting, which lasted almost two hours, focussed on the following issues:<br />

- Dangers, risks and handling of lithium-ion batteries<br />

- The most common causes of fire<br />

- Structure of a battery system<br />

- Storage bans<br />

- Legal certainty<br />

- What needs to be considered during storage?<br />

- Insurability<br />

- Checklist for the storage of lithium-ion batteries<br />


Networking<br />


Building materials<br />

The Building Materials Working Group was<br />

reconstituted and met online on 1 February<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. This was interesting and entertaining<br />

among the 12 participants.<br />

The construction industry is not only undergoing<br />

major changes this year, but is also facing various<br />

challenges: The war situation in Ukraine is<br />

leading to enormous price increases for oil, gas<br />

and material procurement, among other things.<br />

In the transport sector, some LogCoop members<br />

are already working together bilaterally.<br />

Connecting transports are sought among<br />

each other or can be arranged. The co-operation<br />

is appreciated and should be expanded.<br />

Building material transports in the area of packed<br />

goods are becoming smaller because the<br />

number of large construction projects, especially<br />

in private construction, is declining and the<br />

proportion of renovations and refurbishments<br />

is increasing. More valuable products are being<br />

shipped. This makes it all the more important to<br />

the participants that compensation is found for<br />

declining volumes, estimated at around -10%.<br />

Compensation shipments are being sought,<br />

and one possibility could be in the area of solar<br />

modules and accessories. The market in this<br />

segment is growing. The use of truck-mounted<br />

forklifts has also already been requested.<br />

Storage and transport enquiries can be<br />

entered directly on the LogCoop intranet.<br />

Interested members please contact<br />

Bernd Focke.<br />

The second meeting of the Building Materials<br />

Working Group took place on Wednesday,<br />

5 April <strong>2023</strong> as an online event.<br />

All participants agreed that the current business<br />

situation in the building materials industry could<br />

be better. New private construction has come<br />

to an almost complete standstill. Supplies to the<br />

building materials markets are also sluggish.<br />

Early purchases have taken place, but demand<br />

has become saturated due to the pandemic.<br />

Another reason for the subdued order situation<br />

is that demand has generally deteriorated<br />

due to the increase in the price of building materials<br />

and the higher cost of living. Although<br />

business in the renovation and refurbishment<br />

sector is still satisfactory, it is more fragmented.<br />

In view of the spring and the normal upward<br />

trend around Easter, there is a noticeable<br />

difference compared to previous years.<br />

LogCoop members‘ own vehicles can still be<br />

fully utilised, although the quality and quantity<br />

of follow-up freight was better in previous years.<br />

The pressure from the spot market and<br />

the additional use of subcontractors is currently<br />

almost non-existent. Although the ifo<br />

business climate index for Germany rose by<br />

around 1 point in March, the effects will take<br />

some time to materialise in the construction<br />

sector. Members are therefore not expecting<br />

a noticeable increase until next year.<br />

In the LogCoop network, some members<br />

work together very successfully on some<br />

routes or areas. The use of special equipment,<br />

such as silo lorries or truck-mounted<br />

forklifts, is seen as a niche and advantage<br />

with additional service for customers.<br />

on to the customer. In addition, the use of the<br />

toll for the railways is viewed with scepticism,<br />

as only a small proportion is to be used for the<br />

renovation and repair of the roads. They would<br />

like to see toll revenue used for the targeted<br />

use of road infrastructure and not to co-finance<br />

the railways.<br />

On 15 November, the Building Materials<br />

Working Group met again virtually, with a<br />

guest lecture by Mr Lennart A. Paul, Managing<br />

Partner and Founder of bex technologies<br />

GmbH.<br />

However, the event began with the participants<br />

discussing the current market situation.<br />

- Consistent volume at a reduced level, building materials<br />

logistics 20-30 % behind the previous year.<br />

• Toll increase on 01.12.<strong>2023</strong>. Customers find<br />

solutions together with service providers.<br />

• Regular customers accept the cost increases.<br />

• In future, empty toll kilometres will be an<br />

important indicator of a logistics company‘s<br />

success. This must be minimised.<br />

This was followed by an interesting<br />

guest lecture by Mr Paul.<br />

Essentially, bex operates and develops a logistics<br />

platform for the construction industry. Construction<br />

suppliers plan and book individual transports,<br />

tours or long-term assignments via bex. Over 500<br />

customers, including companies such as Sto, Brillux,<br />

Knauf and Stark Deutschland, already rely on the<br />

bex solution.<br />

As a platform, bex does not own its own vehicles<br />

or employ its own drivers, but relies on existing<br />

transport companies as delivery partners.<br />

As a result, bex already offers a vehicle network<br />

of over 1,500 vehicles. From cargo bikes to<br />

lorries with cranes or truck-mounted forklifts.<br />

At bex, we are convinced that construction<br />

logistics means added value along<br />

the entire process chain. From transport<br />

order to digital proof of delivery.<br />

We recorded the presentation by bex technologies<br />

as a video with the consent of all participants.<br />

The recording is available for Download on the<br />

LogCoop intranet.<br />

The announced toll increase for 2024 is viewed<br />

with concern by the working group, as further<br />

costs and price increases will have to be passed<br />


Networking<br />


E-Fulfillment<br />

International Forum<br />

On 13 February <strong>2023</strong>, the e-fulfilment working<br />

group met for a kick-off meeting in a<br />

virtual environment.<br />

With over 10 members, the working group was<br />

well filled. The feedback from the group on the<br />

current situation was relatively uniform. After<br />

fluctuations and a noticeable drop in consumption<br />

in Q3 2022, things picked up again<br />

in Q4 and the start in <strong>2023</strong> was also positive<br />

for most members in this area.<br />

The purpose of the kick-off meeting was to<br />

take up the wishes of the members in order to<br />

implement them accordingly in further meetings<br />

over the course of the year, both online<br />

and in person on site.<br />

To summarise, a selection of the following<br />

topics will be dealt with in the next working<br />

groups:<br />

Tour of sorter system / Autostore (view reference<br />

project) / AKL warehouse<br />

Calculation basics<br />

- Calculation structure (components)<br />

- How is which process calculated?<br />

- What needs to be invoiced?<br />

- What does the software provide and what<br />

must be added manually?<br />

- Basic flat rate for small customers<br />

(minimum billing)?<br />

Terminology + basic structure<br />

- European parcel shipping (e.g. UK) /<br />

parcel - conditions via LogCoop<br />

- Tour of Amazon warehouse<br />

- Round trip participants (mutual visits,<br />

getting to know warehouses & processes)<br />

- Specialist presentations on the topic of<br />

automation...<br />

- Ergonomics in the workplace<br />

- Packaging materials (avoidance of oversized<br />

parcels... topic „Packsize“)<br />

The working group is intended for all warehouse<br />

network members who are either already<br />

involved in e-fulfilment or would like to get to<br />

grips with it in the future.<br />

It is possible to join the working group at any<br />

time. Please contact Thomas Elkenhans.<br />

On 15 June <strong>2023</strong>, the e-fulfilment working<br />

group met again in a virtual meeting.<br />

This time, our esteemed Log-<br />

Coop lawyer Mr David Sosna took part.<br />

Mr Sosna‘s participation was requested by the<br />

members in order to answer some legal questions<br />

in the field of e-fulfilment and partly beyond.<br />

Accordingly, the focus was entirely<br />

on the topic of law.<br />

It was about inventory differences, logistics framework<br />

agreements, quantity structures, obligations<br />

to provide subsequent performance,<br />

limitations of liability, notice periods, claims for<br />

damages, behaviour in the event of customer<br />

underperformance, customs issues, exceeding<br />

delivery deadlines, liens and much more.<br />

Mr Sosna was on hand with help and advice,<br />

as we have come to expect from<br />

him at LogCoop plenary meetings.<br />

At this point, a big thank you to Mr Sosna for his<br />

support! That was great!<br />

On 18 January <strong>2023</strong>, the first Log-<br />

Coop International Forum took<br />

place in a virtual environment.<br />

All partners involved in international transport<br />

etc. had the opportunity to exchange<br />

ideas and get to know each other.<br />

In addition to the partners from England,<br />

companies from Poland, the Netherlands<br />

and Germany also took part.<br />

The company presentations gave all partners<br />

a detailed insight into the service portfolio<br />

of the respective company and the<br />

first starting points were immediately identified,<br />

which were followed up afterwards.<br />

LogCoop will continue the format.<br />


Networking<br />


Sustainable logistics<br />

NEW<br />

Digitalisation in logistics<br />



The kick-off of the „Sustainable Logistics“<br />

working group took place online on 16 November.<br />

Under the moderation of Prof Jörg<br />

Nottmeyer, this exciting working group was<br />

opened with an inspiring keynote speech on<br />

the topic of „What does sustainable logistics<br />

mean in the freight forwarding industry?“.<br />

Together, we drew up a comprehensive catalogue<br />

of sustainability topics and presented<br />

and discussed 17 corporate goals. We<br />

went on to discuss specific ideas and solutions<br />

for implementing sustainability, taking<br />

into account ecology and economy.<br />

We look forward to discussing further ideas<br />

and solutions in the future and welcome further<br />

participants!<br />

The two new working groups will be led and moderated<br />

by Prof Dr Jörg Nottmeyer. He is known<br />

as a competent and knowledgeable moderator<br />

and speaker from the LogCoop general meetings.<br />

Jörg Nottmeyer completed his doctorate at the<br />

RWTH Aachen after studying engineering in Hanover.<br />

In his industrial career, he was responsible<br />

for national and international logistics and<br />

restructuring projects at Hellmann in Osnabrück,<br />

among others.<br />

On 7 December, the „Digitalisation in Logistics“<br />

working group took place for the<br />

first time as a virtual event with Prof.<br />

Nottmeyer took place for the first time.<br />

After a brief introduction of the participants,<br />

various topics were outlined and discussed<br />

that are listed in the Logistics Trend Radar,<br />

e.g. also by DHL. Here it was important<br />

to identify the top topics for our group.<br />

Through the exchange of experiences between<br />

members, the working group aims to achieve added<br />

value that improves day-to-day work, better<br />

networking and special tendering requirements.<br />

Further information was recorded in a presentation.<br />

It can be found in the internal LogCoop<br />

area under: Downloads, Aktuelles, AK Digitalisierung.<br />

A first, successful exchange thus took place and<br />

it was decided that the working group will take<br />

place every 8 weeks in the first half of 2024. The<br />

dates for the second half of the year will be set later.<br />

The next meeting will therefore take<br />

place on 15 February 2024 at 15:00.<br />

The topic: „Platform and networking“.<br />

If you would like to take part in one or both of<br />

the working groups, please contact Mr Nottmeyer<br />

directly: joerg.nottmeyer@logcoop.de<br />


Networking<br />


Cologne district<br />

South-East district<br />

On 15 March <strong>2023</strong>, the Cologne district<br />

met at our new member Schlimgen Logistics<br />

Solutions GmbH in Troisdorf.<br />

After a brief round of introductions over<br />

snacks and Kölsch, as well as a company<br />

presentation by Schlimgen, we continued<br />

with a tour of the warehouse.<br />

In addition to an X-ray machine, which<br />

scans freight, a security team including<br />

a sniffer dog was also present! Certainly<br />

something you don‘t see every day.<br />

All in all, it was an absolutely successful evening.<br />

Special thanks go to Andreas Schlimgen<br />

and his team for the great preparation<br />

and organisation of this network meeting.<br />

The Cologne Circle will probably meet again in<br />

presence in week 26. The exact date and location<br />

will be announced shortly.<br />

Contact person:<br />

The south-east district of LogCoop met<br />

on 22 November <strong>2023</strong> at our member<br />

Güttler Logistik GmbH in 95030 Hof.<br />

Despite some cancellations at short notice,<br />

a very positive exchange took place<br />

among the participating members.<br />

They discussed the current market situation in<br />

transport and warehouse logistics as well as the<br />

upcoming toll increase and its expected effects.<br />

The shortage of skilled labour and the solutions<br />

developed by the members were discussed.<br />

Many thanks to all participants and our<br />

host for an inspiring day with lots of good<br />

ideas and a positive and open exchange.<br />

The next South-East district is planned for February<br />

2024 as an in-person event. More information<br />

will follow shortly.<br />

Contact person:<br />

Ralf Stock, LogCoop GmbH<br />

Thomas Elkenhans, LogCoop GmbH<br />

Julius Ante, Gilog GmbH<br />

Digitalisation and the resulting compensation<br />

for rising costs were discussed<br />

and possible solutions were exchanged.<br />

The contributions that Trans.eu can make<br />

to optimising and expanding the networking<br />

of our members were discussed with<br />

our framework agreement partner Trans.eu.<br />

After a tour of our host company Güttler Logistik<br />

GmbH, the topics for our next meeting were<br />

discussed.<br />


Networking<br />


Network meeting<br />

at Jungheinrich in Norderstedt<br />

On Friday, 22 September <strong>2023</strong>, the storage<br />

network meeting took place at Jungheinrich<br />

in Norderstedt.<br />

The evening before, there was already a cosy<br />

get-together of some members near the Alster<br />

in a well-known Hamburg steakhouse.<br />

As a long-standing LogCoop framework agreement<br />

partner, host Jungheinrich took the opportunity<br />

to present its company and products<br />

as part of a superbly organised factory tour.<br />

It was very impressive to see the almost limitless<br />

factory and the individual production<br />

steps of Jungheinrich‘s industrial trucks. The<br />

company, which now has a 70-year history,<br />

operates further production sites in Lüneburg,<br />

Landsberg and Munich in addition to<br />

the plant in Norderstedt. The company headquarters<br />

are located in Hamburg Wandsbek,<br />

not far from Norderstedt. Incidentally, the<br />

well-known term „ant“ in warehouse logistics<br />

also has its origins at Jungheinrich, which<br />

was explained to the group during the tour.<br />

All in all, it was a superbly organised event and<br />

we would like to thank Jungheinrich for their<br />

hospitality.<br />

Ansprechpartner:<br />

Thomas Elkenhans, LogCoop GmbH<br />

After the factory tour and refreshments in the<br />

Jungheinrich canteen, there was still enough<br />

time for an exchange between the warehouse<br />

network members present. After a short round<br />

of introductions, this was quite open and fluid.<br />

There will be two storage network meetings<br />

again in 2024.<br />

As always, the programme, location and date<br />

will be announced with sufficient notice.<br />


Networking<br />



Network meeting<br />

The LogCoop truck-mounted forklift network<br />

meeting, at management level, took<br />

place at the central hub of WLS Spedition<br />

near Erfurt on 24 & 25 April <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The network includes experienced SMEs that<br />

deliver 40,000 B2B/B2C consignments per<br />

year. The B2C share has risen dramatically<br />

during the pandemic. The delivery areas<br />

of Germany, Benelux and Austria are served.<br />

Switzerland and France are to follow.<br />

The customers are manufacturers and (online)<br />

retailers who ship large-volume, long<br />

goods, > 2.50 mtr. to 7 mtr. and up to 2 tonnes.<br />

Delivery with delivery service continues<br />

to enjoy increasing popularity and is a sophisticated<br />

system via regional and central HUBs.<br />

With a 4-way forklift truck, you can manoeuvre<br />

very well in tight spaces, which offers considerable<br />

added value for effective delivery.<br />

In order to cope with the increasing volume,<br />

the handling area in the central hub has been<br />

expanded from 3,000 square metres to 5,000<br />

square metres. Several daily departures to all<br />

regional HUBs require structured planning.<br />

The current standard is outdoor storage/handling,<br />

both in the central hub and at the regional<br />

roll-out locations. Covered storage and transshipment<br />

can also provide additional volume in<br />

the network, as the product mix can then be<br />

increased with additional goods. The concepts<br />

for this will be evaluated promptly and included<br />

in the project plan.<br />

The network meeting was a constructive<br />

meeting with a good discussion culture,<br />

according to the feedback from the participants.<br />

In future, IT requirements will be<br />

adapted so that, for example, automated<br />

scheduling will be standard in the future.<br />

The partners work exclusively in digital exchange,<br />

including shipment tracking, clearing<br />

and digital proof of delivery. A KPI dashboard<br />

will inform partners about performance in future.<br />

The installation is scheduled for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Of course, there was no shortage of personal<br />

dialogue and networking. The evening ended<br />

with a medieval meal at the Christoffel Inn, preceded<br />

by a tour of Erfurt‘s historic city centre.<br />

The following day, the WLS central HUB in Ichtershausen<br />

was visited. The outdoor handling area<br />

has been significantly expanded to accommodate<br />

the increased volumes. The pictures show<br />

how diverse the products can be. From garden<br />

sheds, play equipment, greenhouses, garden<br />

products and whirlpools to large barrel saunas.<br />

The service in the LogCoop truck-mounted<br />

forklift network is so good because these<br />

specialised companies with a wealth of<br />

experience are involved in the process as<br />

partners and are committed to success.<br />

A monthly online call ensures a constant exchange<br />

on the current situation.<br />


Networking<br />

Network meeting<br />


The members of the LogCoop truck-mounted forklift network met on 25 October at Semmer<br />

Spedition GmbH in Bitterfeld-Wolfen to reflect on <strong>2023</strong> and set the agenda for 2024.<br />

The network‘s management team<br />

met to discuss important developments<br />

and plans for the coming months.<br />

The LogCoop Truck Mounted Stacker Network<br />

(MNSNW) realises demanding B2C deliveries.<br />

One notable aspect is the simultaneous<br />

handling of B2B shipments. This demonstrates<br />

a high level of efficiency and flexibility.<br />

Quality and service are the top priorities at<br />

LogCoop MNSNW, especially when it comes<br />

to delivery and 3-step automated notification.<br />

This approach ensures reliability<br />

and a very low damage rate for deliveries.<br />

LogCoop is preparing for volume increases<br />

caused by new acquisitions and increased<br />

enquiries from trade and industry.<br />

The members of the network are experts in<br />

specialised services with delivery to end customers.<br />

Deliveries are often made using manoeuvrable<br />

4-way truck-mounted forklifts,<br />

which can also manoeuvre in tight spaces.<br />

Consignments of up to 2 tonnes and 7 metres<br />

in length are delivered efficiently to private<br />

and business customers over the last mile.<br />

One notable innovation is the introduction<br />

of the APACHE portal first choice from AKL-<br />

tec GmbH. An innovative volume measurement<br />

system that will be used in the network‘s<br />

central hub in future. This system enables<br />

the rapid determination of product dimensions<br />

and the automated transfer of data<br />

to the TMS. This contributes to the optimal<br />

loading of lorries and increases efficiency.<br />

In terms of business territory, the Log-<br />

Coop truck-mounted forklift network plans<br />

to continue its growth in order to expand<br />

into Switzerland and France. The network‘s<br />

business partners are confident that this expansion<br />

will lead to substantial volume growth<br />

in order to realise even more departures.<br />

Enquiries and tenders are received and processed<br />

centrally to ensure a smooth process. We<br />

would like to thank Semmer Spedition GmbH<br />

for the excellent organisation of the meeting.<br />

For further information and enquiries, please<br />

contact the representatives of the Log-<br />

Coop truck-mounted forklift network.<br />

E-Mail: info@logcoop.de<br />


Networking<br />


General Meeting<br />

Competence Network Logistics.NRW<br />

LOG-IT Club e.V.<br />

The general meeting of Kompetenznetz<br />

Logistik.NRW / LOG-IT Club e.V.<br />

took place on 28 September <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

One of the items on the agenda was the election<br />

of the Executive Board, which now includes Philipp<br />

Brengelmann (Real Estate Manager OSMAB)<br />

and Sebastian Borak (babymarkt.de). President<br />

Frank Ölschlager (GILOG) was confirmed in office.<br />

Bernd Focke and Ralf Stock attended<br />

the event on behalf of LogCoop.<br />

Their<br />

conclusion:<br />

A promising networking platform, through<br />

which some new contacts were made and<br />

thus approaches for possible co-operations<br />

and projects. Discussions and appointments<br />

based on this will now be coordinated<br />

in order to start working together.<br />

Visit the website to find out more about the<br />

Kompetenznetz Logistik.NRW / LOG-IT Club e.V:<br />

www.logit-club.de<br />


Networking<br />


Download now!<br />


Networking<br />


The centrepiece of our cooperation<br />

The communication platform developed<br />

especially for us serves to network our<br />

members at various levels.<br />

Post enquiries, search for transport part-<br />

ners and get in touch with other members.<br />


Based on the feedback received from our<br />

members, the transport requests have been<br />

optimised so that it is now possible to display<br />

the transport relation in a more targeted way.<br />

This means that it is now possible to display<br />

the country of departure and its two-digit<br />

postcode in separate fields. This also applies<br />

to the country of destination and its two-digit<br />

postcodes.<br />

Of course, you can still describe your transport<br />

request in detail for other members in<br />

the description field.<br />

You too can use the opportunity to generate<br />

partners for your transport assignment<br />

by submitting your transport request in less<br />

than 3 minutes.<br />

In addition to this option, you still have the<br />

option of contacting other members directly,<br />

who you can filter more precisely using the<br />

search function. Alternatively, you can already<br />

use a preset and filtered view from the intranet.<br />


Publish storage requests on the intranet and<br />

respond directly!<br />

Since the beginning of the year, you can easily<br />

post storage requests on the intranet yourself,<br />

similar to transport requests, and respond immediately<br />

to the requests of other members.<br />

Simply fill out the intuitive online form and publish<br />

your request in less than 3 minutes.<br />

If you have any questions or need assistance<br />

with your storage enquiry, our colleague Thomas<br />

Elkenhans will be<br />

happy to help.<br />

In addition to the possibility of placing storage<br />

and transport enquiries or responding to cor-<br />

responding enquiries, there is of course also<br />

the option of making direct contact with other<br />

members, which you can filter more precisely<br />

using the search function. Alternatively, you<br />

can already use a preset and filtered view from<br />

the intranet.<br />


The bulletin board offers you space for your<br />

requests and offers, independent of the storage<br />

& transport enquiries.<br />

The bulletin board - very classic - was introduced<br />

at the speed dating at our 2019 General<br />

members meeting in Düsseldorf. The idea behind<br />

it<br />

was that all participants could post their requests<br />

and offers for all others present. No<br />

matter whether it was a request for a return<br />

invitation, an exchange on a special topic, an<br />

offer of free storage space or the possibility of<br />

further training. The notice board was a great<br />

success!<br />

For the digital plenary meeting on 30 November<br />

2020, a notice board was implemented in<br />

digital form, based on your feedback, and has<br />

now been added to our intranet under the<br />

menu item Requests. There you will find the<br />

overview of all requests and offers.<br />

You can manage your own requests and offers<br />

for the notice board via your company profile.<br />

When making a new entry, it is important that<br />

you fill in the title fields „Search / Offer“ and<br />

the description „Search / Offer“.<br />

In addition to the possibility of placing your<br />

return invitations in this area or responding<br />

to requests for network exchange, there is of<br />

course still the option of making direct contact<br />

with other members.<br />


Networking<br />





In the LogCoop intranet you can quickly and<br />

easily enter your company data yourself, this<br />

also applies to your warehouse locations.<br />

The better your data is maintained, the faster<br />

you will be found as a partner by other members<br />

and for external tenders!<br />

You can manage your company‘s warehouse<br />

locations via the company profile, which can<br />

be found on the far right in the menu under<br />

your name. In addition to the general information<br />

such as warehouse type, area and location,<br />

you can store the warehouse specifications<br />

in detail.<br />

The overview of all warehouse locations,<br />

as well as your registered locations, can be<br />

found under the menu item „Members“. In<br />

addition to the general overview, various prefiltered<br />

settings are available to you, such as<br />

a list of all fresh, hazardous, frozen or WGK<br />

warehouses.<br />

If you have any questions or need assistance<br />

with the warehouse locations, Oliver Arthecker<br />

and Thomas Elkenhans will be happy to<br />

help.<br />

By selecting „Type of advertisement“ you can<br />

now distinguish between „Offer freight“ and<br />

„Search freight“. This function enables you to<br />

post targeted return cargo requests and to respond<br />

to them quickly.<br />

Likewise, you can now see directly in the overviews<br />

for which postcode areas the respective<br />

requests apply.<br />

In the list of transport requests you can now<br />

also call up two new filters. The „urgent transport<br />

offers“, with validity from today or tomorrow,<br />

and on the other hand the „today‘s & yesterday‘s<br />

transport offers“, which were created<br />

yesterday or today. This way, you always have<br />

the most recent requests at a glance.<br />

The first prototype of a filter function has also<br />

been integrated there. Now you can filter all<br />

views according to the „status of the enquiry“,<br />

„type of advertisement“ and the „country of<br />

departure and destination“ for your search.<br />

CHAT<br />

The interactive communication in the chat<br />

of the LogCoop intranet is an important tool<br />

for networking. Here you can communicate<br />

directly with other members or the LogCoop<br />

team in real time.<br />

can exchange information on all matters that<br />

do not fit into any of the other chat rooms.<br />

There are separate chat rooms for the working<br />

group Sea Freight / Air Freight / Special Transport<br />

and the working group Building Materials,<br />

which can be selected under the button<br />

„Room List“. Here there is the possibility for<br />

direct, professional exchange on the respective<br />

working group. The first regional group,<br />

„BOWLING“ Kreis, can already be active in its<br />

own chat room. Others will follow.<br />

In addition, we have set up a separate chat<br />

room for transport enquiries. You can quickly<br />

make your requests available to the other<br />

members in this chat. Of course, the familiar<br />

function of transport requests still exists.<br />

We know that the chat is not displayed correctly<br />

for some users. If you have this problem,<br />

you will find a solution for download on<br />

the intranet, which you can forward to your IT<br />

department.<br />

he LogCoop intranet contains many possibilities<br />

for networking and interactive communication<br />

among members. Today we would<br />

like to introduce you to the transport partner<br />

search function.<br />

Through this separate search function you<br />

have the possibility to find the right partner for<br />

your transports. You can access the transport<br />

partner search via the menu item Members.<br />

To optimise your search for a suitable transport<br />

partner, six text filters are available when<br />

you call up the function, which you can provide<br />

with your transport requirements.<br />

Once<br />

you have applied all the required filters, you<br />

will be shown all the companies and contacts<br />

that match your selected transport search requirements.<br />

Once you have found the suitable contact, you<br />

can contact the company directly. In this way,<br />

you will quickly have found the right partner<br />

without spending a lot of time.<br />

Please note that, as with all other searches on<br />

the intranet, you must place an asterisk (*) in<br />

front of your search term.<br />

Since there are different chat rooms on the intranet,<br />

we would like to introduce them to you<br />

in more detail. After logging in to the intranet,<br />

you can access the chat without further registration.<br />

When you join the chat, you are automatically<br />

in the „General Chat“ room. Here you<br />

The intranet, and especially the enquiry<br />

sections, live from and with the interaction<br />

of each individual. Without this interaction,<br />

it is much more difficult to network<br />

successfully.<br />

If you have not yet registered, you can do<br />

so at any time here.<br />

If you need help, your member manager,<br />

as well as CRM support, is available at<br />

crmsupport@logcoop.de.<br />


Networking<br />




After calling up the list, you will see a list of all<br />

members with contact details, as well as the<br />

main contact person of the respective circle.<br />

If you have a concern about a topic of the working<br />

group or the catchment areas of the regional<br />

districts, you can contact the respective<br />

members directly.<br />

If you would like to join a working or regional<br />

group yourself, your member manager will be<br />

happy to help you.<br />

Under the menu item Partner sites you will<br />

find an overview in which we link to other websites<br />

that are directly connected to us.<br />

For example, our framework agreement partner<br />

PackLogX. Order loading aids of all kinds,<br />

such as pallets (Euro pallets, one-way pallets,<br />

etc.), mesh boxes and packing boards digitally,<br />

simply and efficiently. PackLogX provides the<br />

platform to optimise your purchasing of loading<br />

aids.<br />

Via the selection on the partner page, you can<br />

also access the internet presence of the virtual<br />

trade fair LOGfair and Lagerflaeche.de,<br />

the service platform for warehouse logistics.<br />

Are you looking for an overview of LogCoop‘s<br />

social media presence?<br />

You will also find this under the partner pages.<br />

Under the menu item Downloads you can<br />

find, among other things, instructions for the<br />

intranet, various information material on our<br />

marketing campaigns, as well as our current<br />

calendar of events.<br />


Under the menu item Partner pages you will<br />

find an overview in which we link to other<br />

websites that are directly connected to us.<br />

For example, our framework agreement partner<br />

PackLogX. Order all types of loading equipment,<br />

such as pallets (Euro pallets, one-way pallets,<br />

etc.), pallet cages and packing boards digitally,<br />

easily and efficiently. PackLogX offers the platform<br />

to optimise your purchase of loading aids.<br />

The selection on the partner page also<br />

takes you to the websites of the virtual<br />

LOGfair trade fair and Lagerflaeche.de,<br />

the service platform for warehouse logistics.<br />

Are you looking for an overview of<br />

LogCoop‘s social media presence?<br />

You can also find these under the partner pages.<br />

Under the menu item Downloads you can<br />

find, among other things, instructions for<br />

the intranet, various information material on<br />

our marketing campaigns and our current<br />

calendar of events in the individual folders.<br />

In addition to current information, the download<br />

area also contains an archive. For example,<br />

under the relevant section you will also<br />

find all newsletters or material on past special<br />

events, such as the digital LogCoop General<br />

Assembly 2020 or the virtual supplier day in<br />

the Purchasing section.<br />

Dear members,<br />

On the previous pages we have introduced<br />

you to various functions and updates in<br />

the LogCoop Intranet. Now we would like<br />

to explain to you again WHY using the intranet<br />

is efficient for work and networking<br />

The system offers extensive functionalities<br />

for even more targeted work. Intuitive<br />

handling, full multilingualism, an optimised<br />

structure and clear structures have<br />

already convinced many of you. User-friendliness<br />

in particular was very important to us.<br />

Thanks to the active help of registered<br />

members, small errors in the system have<br />

been quickly corrected. #togetherstrong<br />

Based on your feedback, the transport<br />

and storage enquiries, storage<br />

locations and notice board functions<br />

have been fundamentally revised.<br />

A member chat was implemented<br />

for „just in time“ communication<br />

and the data collection for the<br />

company profile was expanded.<br />

The LogCoop intranet now ensures more effective<br />

collaboration in day-to-day business.<br />

Speaking of warehouse<br />

locations and company profile:<br />

Your warehouse location entries, as well as<br />

the details in your company profile, not only<br />

serve to provide other members with more information<br />

about your company, but also facilitate<br />

the distribution of external enquiries and<br />

tenders.<br />

WHY?<br />

For example, you are looking for a partner<br />

who can carry out transports to Denmark.<br />

Who would you contact first? Of course, the<br />

one who has entered Denmark as a destination<br />

in his company profile.<br />

The same applies to the search for a warehouse<br />

that can store frozen products, for example.<br />

Which members would you contact first?<br />

Probably those who already have the appropriate<br />

information in their company profile.<br />

Since we as LogCoop and warehouse network<br />

also distribute our external enquiries and tenders<br />

to you on the basis of the company profile<br />

information, you will usually not receive any<br />

enquiries for transport or storage possibilities<br />

that you have not listed in your profile information.<br />

Of course we are interested in WHY some<br />

members do not use the intranet regularly.<br />

Many conversations in recent weeks have<br />

shown that this is not due to the way the system<br />

is used, but to a lack of time to find suitable<br />

partners for specific enquiries.<br />

If each member carefully fills out and maintains<br />

his or her company profile, the tedious<br />

search for a member who could help you with<br />

an enquiry is no longer necessary. Since several<br />

people from your company can register<br />

on the intranet, the profile does not have to<br />

be maintained by only one person from your<br />

company.<br />

A complete company profile on the intranet<br />

saves you valuable time and increases your<br />

chances of receiving orders.<br />


Shared Services<br />


Trade fair appearance<br />

Dear members,<br />

Four days of trade fairs, full halls, exhibitors<br />

and visitors from all over the<br />

world and a dynamic industry still on the<br />

upswing.“ This is how the final report<br />

of transport logistic <strong>2023</strong> from Munich<br />

begins.<br />

More than 75,000 visitors from over 120<br />

countries, a good 12,000 more visitors than<br />

four years ago, attended the trade fair from<br />

9 to 12 May <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

We also clearly noticed this at our 140 m²<br />

joint LogCoop stand. On the very first day of<br />

the fair, the number of visitors was as high<br />

as we were used to on a very busy day 4 or<br />

6 years ago. On the following two days of<br />

the fair, which we know from experience are<br />

even better attended, we could not save ourselves<br />

from visitors at times. Our expectations<br />

were absolutely exceeded.<br />

Wednesday got off to a successful start with<br />

our press breakfast, which was attended by<br />

a total of 10 journalists. We were also able to<br />

hold several discussions with journalists from<br />

the main logistics media outside of the press<br />

breakfast and are pleased to be in regular<br />

dialogue with them again.<br />

The rest of Wednesday and Thursday showed<br />

us that we were able to generate a lot of attention<br />

with our trade fair presence. Our local<br />

members made excellent use of the opportunities<br />

offered by the design of our open exhibition<br />

stand concept. Numerous meetings<br />

were arranged in advance and then held on<br />

site, so that we even exceeded our capacity<br />

limits in the meantime. As a result, we were<br />

recognised as one of the stands in Hall A5 that<br />

was constantly very well attended and always<br />

bustling with activity. The good catering at the<br />

stand from the morning until the end of the<br />

fair certainly also contributed to the fact that<br />

the mood at the stand and the morale of the<br />

„trade fair team“ was always positive.<br />


Shared Services<br />

The consistently positive feedback from<br />

individual members, representatives of<br />

the press and visitors shows that our concept<br />

was a complete success and that<br />

we were able to offer our local members<br />

great benefits through our presence.<br />

After the first analyses of the contact forms,<br />

we are also very satisfied not only with the<br />

quantity of contacts, but also with the quality.<br />

„In addition to a really large number of enquiries<br />

about LogCoop memberships, we were<br />

also able to gain a good 90 contacts from industry<br />

and trade who want to consider us for<br />

future tenders and enquiries. We are hoping<br />

for promising concrete enquiries for transport,<br />

warehousing and contract logistics, which we<br />

will of course share within LogCoop,“ says<br />

Bernd Focke, Managing Director of LogCoop.<br />

of sales, because as the saying goes: „After<br />

the trade fair is before the trade fair.“<br />

We would like to take this opportunity to<br />

thank all members who represented our cooperation<br />

with such commitment on site and<br />

worked in the interests of the community.<br />

For all those who were not there:<br />

„You missed a lot and hopefully<br />

you‘ll be there next time too“!<br />

The personal encounters at such events are<br />

always an enrichment for us as the LogCoop<br />

team and an incentive to keep going.<br />

->>Trade fair Video<br />

Now it is up to all of us to follow up the<br />

very successful trade fair appearance just<br />

as well and to lead it to success in terms<br />


Shared Services<br />



CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

Trade fair appearance<br />

Purchasing and tenders for transport<br />

and contract logistics in the area<br />

of tension between capacities, availability,<br />

profitability and „Excel fiddling“<br />

Purchasing transport and logistics services<br />

will be booming in <strong>2023</strong>. Cost cutting with<br />

simultaneous restructuring and geo-strategic<br />

realignment of supply chains. While<br />

the best price-performance ratios were<br />

previously at the forefront of purchasing,<br />

the focus is now on securing availability<br />

and capacities for the production network.<br />

However, the transport and logistics market<br />

has turned around since the pandemic. Suddenly,<br />

service providers were in the driving<br />

seat. In some places, there has even been<br />

talk of „Wild West methods“. The fact is: willing<br />

service providers are running away from<br />

buyers and supply chain directors, and not<br />

just in the automotive industry. A new partner<br />

ecosystem and a move away from „Excel<br />

fiddling“ are required.<br />

The original event: After 2017, 2018,<br />

2019 now in the 4th edition with our premium<br />

media partners LOGISTIK HEU-<br />

TE - Das Deutsche Logistikmagazin, Intermodal<br />

Magazine and KargoHaber.<br />

l o a d e d _ i m a g e<br />

Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart), I will be bringing<br />

together an exclusive group from industry<br />

and logistics services to discuss this important<br />

hot topic in a high-quality setting. The<br />

event will be accompanied by a fine exhibition<br />

with specialists for semiconductor direct procurement<br />

and supply chain / tender management<br />

software. The event is not a mass event.<br />

We emphasise personal exchange. In addition,<br />

the topics are relevant for all industries.<br />

Let‘s make this dynamic day a joint home<br />

victory. For the industry and its valued<br />

transport and logistics partners.<br />

Yours<br />

Prof Dr Stefan Iskan<br />

Founder supplychainmachine.com<br />

Topics of the conference<br />






Production planning is the heart of a manufacturing<br />

company. For logistics service<br />

providers, it is tender management. In practice,<br />

however, this strategically important<br />

area often lies dormant. Service providers<br />

and industry regularly suffer serious project<br />

infarctions. The consequences: Fire brigade<br />

interventions, negative project margins,<br />

loss of reputation and frustration on<br />

the part of shippers and service providers.<br />

In the MHP Arena Stuttgart (formerly the<br />


Shared Services<br />



CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

On 26 September <strong>2023</strong>, Prof. Dr. Stefan<br />

Iskan brought together an exclusive circle<br />

from industry and logistics services<br />

on the hot topic of „Tender Management“<br />

in the MHP Arena Stuttgart (formerly<br />

Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart).<br />

We were there as an exhibitor with our mobile<br />

exhibition stand and Thomas Elkenhans<br />

and Bernd Focke presented LogCoop.<br />

Prof Dr Stefan Iskan welcomed 23 speakers<br />

from the fields of industry, logistics services and<br />

software. A look was taken at the current tender<br />

situation and possible solutions in the market.<br />

The purchasing and tendering of transport<br />

and contract logistics in the area of tension<br />

between capacity, availability, profitability<br />

and „Excel fiddling“ was the main topic.<br />

Several LogCoop members also accepted the<br />

invitation to the conference. These included<br />

Ristelhuber Spedition & Logistik, Seifert Logistics<br />

Group, Sievert Logistik and Isseltrans Spedition/Logistik<br />

GmbH. Arno Stockhorst, who<br />

with Isseltrans is one of our most committed<br />

LogCoop members, was proudly photographed<br />

in front of our LogCoop stand. A great<br />

event. Further information can be found on<br />

the official website.<br />


Shared Services<br />


Trade fair appearance<br />

The Logistics Summit is a first-class trade<br />

fair and conference dedicated to digitalisation<br />

and innovation in logistics.<br />

We had a stand at the event from 11 to 12<br />

October and the two days were truly exciting.<br />

The summit brought together high-calibre<br />

speakers, panel discussions with leading<br />

experts, practical workshops and innovative<br />

suppliers to present the latest developments<br />

in intralogistics and transport logistics.<br />

The Logistics Summit <strong>2023</strong><br />

was a complete success for us.<br />

We perceived the event as an outstanding<br />

logistics event presented in a new, refreshing<br />

and agile concept. The combination of<br />

exhibition and specialist presentations on<br />

four speaker stages was extremely diverse<br />

and well organised. The ambience in the<br />

Böhler halls contributed to the special flair.<br />

The technically demanding programme, the<br />

excellent networking opportunities and the<br />

well-organised evening events rounded off<br />

the Summit perfectly. We had the pleasure<br />

of welcoming Olli P. as a special guest, who<br />

was warmly welcomed by Hendrik Kempfert,<br />

the host and face of the Logistics Summit. The<br />

evening event was enriched with an exciting<br />

beer pong and a table football tournament,<br />

where participants and guests were able to<br />

compete in a relaxed atmosphere. Logistics is<br />

diverse and can also party! A nice mix with an<br />

entertaining character.<br />

We are already looking forward to<br />

next year with great anticipation.<br />

The Logistics Summit 2024 will take place on<br />

9 and 10 October in Düsseldorf on the Böhler<br />

site and of course LogCoop will be there again!<br />


Shared Services<br />


Social media campaigns<br />



Social networks have firmly established themselves<br />

as a channel for corporate communication.<br />

What began as a marketing trend has<br />

now matured into a professional business.<br />

We also actively use these channels and now<br />

have a proud 967 followers of our company page<br />

on LinkedIn and 700 subscribers on Facebook.<br />

In addition to the targeted marketing of<br />

our cooperation and the associated services,<br />

we have launched various campaigns<br />

that focus on our members. We present<br />

member companies on a weekly basis and<br />

achieve a reach of up to ~1600 organic impressions.<br />

If you are already active on the platforms yourself,<br />

tag us with the hashtags #logcoop, #strongtogether<br />

and we support your campaigns.<br />

We are also happy to support you in implementing<br />

your own social media channels.<br />

Do you have current topics (special features,<br />

news, awards, etc.) from your company<br />

that you would like to report on?<br />

Send your topics and photos to:<br />

socialmedia@logcoop.de<br />


Shared Services<br />


Development & landing pages<br />

Since our major relaunch at the end of<br />

2021, the number of visitors to the Log-<br />

Coop website has been growing steadily<br />

and with it the number of enquiries.<br />

To ensure this, continuous maintenance<br />

and further development is required.<br />

New is our logistics lexicon, which already has just<br />

under 100 articles. These are specially optimised<br />

for Google and technically prepared for SEO.<br />

A large number of landing pages have been<br />

implemented for both storage and transport<br />

solutions. The content specifically addresses<br />

shippers from industry and trade and complies<br />

with all Google guidelines in order to constantly<br />

improve our ranking and increase our reach.<br />

Furthermore, each landing page will be advertised<br />

separately in future via different online<br />

channels through targeted campaigns.<br />


• LogCoop Anytime<br />

• Courier, Express, Parcel<br />

• General cargo / part loads<br />

• FTL<br />

• Sea freight<br />

• Air freight<br />

• Intermodal / Rail<br />

• Truck-mounted forklift B2C<br />

• Building materials<br />

• Chemicals<br />

• Fresh produce & food<br />

• Steel / heavy duty<br />

• Bulky goods shipping / XXL goods<br />

Our interactive location map, which offers a<br />

wide range of filter functions and the option<br />

to contact us immediately, is also very popular.<br />

The location map is based on the company<br />

data on the LogCoop intranet. We would therefore<br />

like to remind you once again to always<br />

keep this data well maintained and up to date!<br />

If you have any ideas and suggestions<br />

for new landing pages, please contact<br />

your Membership Manager!<br />


• Pharmaceutical transport according to<br />

GDP<br />

• Hazardous substances & chemistry<br />

• E-fulfilment<br />

• Temperature-controlled storage<br />

• FMCG & Packaging<br />

• Heavy & long goods<br />

• Building materials<br />

• Automotive logistics & mechanical<br />

engineering<br />

• Import Logistics<br />

• International Warehouse Logistics<br />

• Brexit Support<br />

• South East Asia & China<br />




Image & Membervideos<br />


482 VIEWS<br />

More and more companies are discovering<br />

video marketing for themselves. If you<br />

want to get a high level of attention and reach<br />

on the Internet and expand your online<br />

marketing, you can no longer ignore videos.<br />

Videos offer many advantages over text<br />

and image-based web content. Moving<br />

images attract significantly more attention<br />

than text, images or graphics and information<br />

can be conveyed more easily.<br />

For some months now, we have been creating<br />

a free presentation video for every Log-<br />

Coop member company on request. In this<br />

video, the respective key facts of the company<br />

are presented visually under various<br />

headings. A LogCoop template has been developed<br />

for this purpose, which can be customised<br />

with text, images or video sequences<br />

from your company. You can choose from<br />

three different background music options.<br />

We market the videos via the LogCoop<br />

social media channels, as well as via You-<br />

Tube / Google, and of course also make<br />

them available to you for your own use.<br />

So far, our published member videos, which<br />

we have summarised in a YouTube playlist,<br />

have achieved 1,372 views! Use this opportunity<br />

to present your company on the Internet.<br />

The effort for you is very low, as you only need to<br />

provide us with information and image material.<br />

A checklist with information on the required<br />

files and three music examples for creating a<br />

video can be found on the LogCoop intranet.<br />

If you have any further questions,<br />

please contact Mr Terzakis:<br />

alexander.terzakis@logcoop.de<br />

300 VIEWS<br />




->> OWN USE<br />

231 VIEWS<br />




LOGexperts - Know-how from logistics<br />

experts is LogCoop‘s new video format.<br />

Holger Gloszeit in an interview with logistics<br />

experts. Technical terms, innovations and<br />

projects from the world of logistics explained<br />

and presented in detail. We have set up a small<br />

recording studio especially for this purpose.<br />












The first teaser was presented at our plenary<br />

meeting in November and shortly afterwards<br />

we received the first requests to take part in<br />

this format, which not only aims to explain logistics<br />

terms and topics in an expert manner,<br />

but also offers a real viral spread factor for the<br />

participating companies. The first episode alone,<br />

in which Marc Possekel explains the idea of<br />

LogCoop, had over 70 views within four days.<br />

The second episode with Mr Tobias Rademann<br />

from R.iT GmbH on the subject<br />

of cyberattacks is already online<br />

and further episodes are in production.<br />

In episode 3, for example, Ms Barbara Moll<br />

from MBS will present our new „LogCoop Anytime“<br />

network in more detail. This is a worldwide<br />

24/7 emergency service for logistics.<br />

To the LogCoop YouTube channel.<br />

Be curious. Perhaps we can also welcome<br />

you to a future interview? Please contact us.<br />

Alexander Terzakis..<br />


Shared Services<br />


New 2024<br />

Dear members,<br />

In the last two years, we have been successful<br />

in the area of „Purchasing“, but<br />

not in the way we expect of ourselves<br />

and as you might expect. It was therefore<br />

time to reorganise this area in order to<br />

achieve significantly better effects and<br />

results for you.<br />

Setting up a purchasing association modelled<br />

on the well-known retail organisations<br />

(e.g. Hagebau, REWE, EDEKA, Bäko or Dachdeckereinkauf)<br />

was and is not so easy. It is<br />

not for nothing that there is nothing comparable<br />

in the logistics sector to date. The<br />

actual basic requirement would be for us<br />

to have the authority to negotiate quantities<br />

and volumes so that we can also negotiate<br />

economies of scale and synergy effects<br />

for a sufficient number of products and<br />

services, as the retail examples above do.<br />

R e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s :<br />

First of all, we will be spreading purchasing<br />

over several shoulders.<br />

In the past, only Mr Neuhaus was responsible,<br />

but unfortunately we had to part ways with<br />

him for various reasons. In future, five Log-<br />

Coop employees will be your contacts for you<br />

and the relevant partners/suppliers:<br />

• Mrs Eckrich is responsible for the<br />

C-articles / Onventis<br />

• Mr Elkenhans takes over all warehouse<br />

network members and the corresponding<br />

warehouse and handling partners<br />

• Mr Stock and Mr Focke share the transport<br />

and administration activities<br />

members and<br />

Unfortunately, we do not have this. The<br />

market is too fragmented and some of<br />

you enjoy „shopping and negotiating“ or<br />

see potential competitive advantages.<br />

However, it is questionable whether this<br />

must or should apply to all areas, especially<br />

to non-production-related areas.<br />

• Marc Possekel takes over the advisory<br />

boards and partners<br />

I am referring here, for example, to tolls/diesel,<br />

C-items or product groups such as loading aids,<br />

packaging, load safety and the like. In the case<br />

of commodities, I believe that bundling makes<br />

sense and is feasible for us as a community.<br />

I also see great opportunities in innovations,<br />

special consulting services, digital solution providers<br />

and process and automation providers.<br />

Logcoop can and will continue to present solutions<br />

and partners that make your life easier<br />

and your work more efficient.<br />


Shared Services<br />


C-article area:<br />

Years ago, we decided in favour of ONVENTIS,<br />

a very professional and market-leading solution.<br />

I also see great potential here for you and<br />

us as a community. C-articles are not „decisive<br />

in the war“ and here we can not only offer a<br />

great solution, but also renegotiate prices and<br />

conditions directly due to increasing volumes.<br />

Please take a look at our solution (mail / contact<br />

meral.eckrich@logcoop.de or Mr Focke,<br />

Mr Elkenhans and Mr Stock). We will gradually<br />

offer you further solutions for the abovementioned<br />

areas. It would be nice and expedient<br />

if some of you, as a nucleus, would also<br />

approach the negotiation options with us.<br />

Partner Management division:<br />

On 1 January 2024, we will introduce a partner<br />

management system that divides partners<br />

into three categories. It is not only the<br />

partners‘ turnover that is important here,<br />

but above all the relevance for and use by<br />

you: there are large partners that are used<br />

intensively by a few members, but also smaller<br />

ones that are already used by over 30<br />

members in some cases. For us, the success<br />

and benefits for you are therefore relevant,<br />

both in terms of an absolute improvement in<br />

conditions and in terms of broad utilisation.<br />

The new partner management takes this into<br />

account by focussing more intensively on the<br />

TOP partners and paying more attention to<br />

their very good conditions and services. In other<br />

words, quality before quantity. In addition,<br />

we will always give good and very good partners<br />

the opportunity to offer you products<br />

and services and to introduce themselves to<br />

you, be it at virtual supplier days, in working<br />

groups or at meetings.<br />

Optimising the benefits for you:<br />

Challenge us! Talk to the contacts above<br />

about your wishes and ideas for new partners<br />

and partnerships. Where can we support<br />

you? What should we tackle as a community?<br />

Where is there still potential to<br />

be realised? The aim of all of us must be to<br />

reduce costs and create scope for the requirements<br />

of the future. Logcoop can and<br />

should make a contribution to this, but can<br />

only do so if you challenge and support us,<br />

e.g. through utilisation and commissioning.<br />

I would also like to reintroduce the principle of<br />

lead buying, where expert members negotiate<br />

volumes, products and services together with<br />

us. If you are interested, please get in touch.<br />

From 2024, we will continue to present and<br />

offer you interesting and useful innovative<br />

solutions as part of virtual partner days and<br />

in the working groups and events, as well<br />

as establishing the relevant contacts. Be it<br />

in the area of processes or in the areas of<br />

sustainability and digitalisation. To this end,<br />

we will also visit trade fairs and networking<br />

events, such as LogiMat, to find out what‘s<br />

going on. Take advantage of the opportunities<br />

for information and presentation.<br />

Last but not least, in future we will increasingly<br />

present successful examples and references<br />

from members and partners, in<br />

which we will present the benefits in a directly<br />

usable way and establish direct contacts.<br />

In the spirit of optimised service for you, I remain,<br />

yours Marc Possekel<br />

• Absolutely high-end professional procurement<br />

platform<br />

• All catalogue-enabled goods<br />

• Up to 36,000 suppliers<br />

• Ordering and invoicing processes are bundled<br />

in one place<br />

• Automation of purchasing processes and relief<br />

for operational purchasing<br />

• Authorisation workflows<br />

• Reduction of time expenditure through process<br />

optimisation<br />

• All suppliers at a glance - up to date 24<br />

• Control over financial situation - cost reduction<br />

• Up to 5 accesses per member company<br />

• Tendering possible<br />


Shared Services<br />


Cooperation with Axxés<br />

Together we open borders, easier than<br />

ever before! We are delighted to announce<br />

our new collaboration with the company<br />

Axxès<br />

company.<br />

Axxès, a French fintech company founded<br />

in Lyon in 2005, pioneered the European<br />

Electronic Toll Service (EEMD/EETS)<br />

in 2015. With more than 300,000 equipped<br />

vehicles, over 50 partners and 40,000<br />

customers, Axxès is a leading player in the<br />

dynamic market of interoperable electronic<br />

toll collection for heavy goods vehicles.<br />

This collaboration enables LogCoop to offer<br />

its members a new and innovative tolling service<br />

across Europe. We see a great demand<br />

for sustainable and interoperable EETS solutions<br />

for fleets to manage tolls in multiple<br />

countries, but also to streamline the management<br />

of all related tasks such as planning,<br />

payment or control and to increase efficiency.<br />

Together with Axxès, we can offer you a<br />

first-class electronic toll OBU together<br />

with highly professional support and networked<br />

services to meet your needs.<br />

You can find the new flyer on the toll offer<br />

with additional digital services here.<br />

Online information events are also planned<br />

for 12 and 22 January 2024. To take part and<br />

for further information on the offer, please<br />

contact Ralf Stock.<br />

Mit der neuen LogCoop Mautbox<br />

grenzenlos mauten<br />

Ihre Vorteile:<br />

Eine Box für 17 europäische Netze<br />

Schnelle Installation ohne Werkstatt<br />

Flexibel von LKW zu LKW tauschen<br />

Individuelle Reports Ihrer Routen<br />

Geolokalisierung in Echtzeit<br />

Spitzenkonditionen für LogCoop Partner<br />

Eine Mautlösung für Europa<br />

Deutschland: LKW-Maut, Herrentunnel | Österreich | Schweiz |<br />

Belgien: Viapass, Liefkenshoek-Tunnel | Frankreich | Spanien | Portugal |<br />

Italien | Ungarn | Dänemark & Schweden: Øresund, Storebælt |<br />

Polen: A1, A4, eToll | Liechtenstein<br />

In Kürze auf der LogCoop Box:<br />

Tschechien<br />

74<br />

Ohne vorherige schriftliche Genehmigung von Axxès ist jede teilweise<br />

oder vollständige Vervielfältigung dieses Dokuments untersagt.<br />

®Axxes - 11/<strong>2023</strong><br />

In Partnerschaft mit

Already knew ?<br />

We make your voice heard,<br />

via the LogCoop Newsletter<br />

Since 2020, we have been sending our<br />

LogCoop News to all members and contacts<br />

2-3 times a month. Here you can<br />

find out all the latest news about our<br />

cooperation - ongoing projects, event reports,<br />

member developments, purchasing news, upcoming<br />

dates and much more. - We will keep<br />

you up to date.<br />

!<br />

Recipients are all contacts stored on the Log-<br />

Coop intranet, provided the newsletter has<br />

not been cancelled. The newsletter is sent<br />

to the following address: news@logcoop.de.<br />

If you do not receive our newsletter, please<br />

check your spam folder. If you have any questions<br />

or problems, please do not hesitate to<br />

contact us.<br />

Under the heading „Pinboard - from member to member“ you have the opportunity to<br />

post your topics. Current messages and information for fellow members are welcome<br />

here. Send us your topics: news@logcoop.de<br />

We support you in your search for qualified<br />

specialists<br />

Every LogCoop member receives three<br />

free premium adverts per half-year, each<br />

for one month, on the central and largest<br />

job portal in the logistics industry:<br />

www.logjobs.de.<br />

If you have job adverts on your company website,<br />

these are automatically imported as standard<br />

adverts via an interface.<br />

We market your<br />

warehouse locations* online<br />

At LOGjobs.de you can reach over 200 jobseeking<br />

specialists and managers every day.<br />

Whether academic, commercial or industrial<br />

vacancies, LOGjobs.de represents all areas of<br />

the transport, contract, distribution and intralogistics<br />

sectors.<br />

!<br />

Value<br />

per advert placement:<br />

€ 199.00 / month<br />

LogCoop members save:<br />

597,00 € / year<br />

We create your marketing video<br />

More and more companies are discovering video<br />

marketing for themselves. If you want to<br />

get a high level of attention and reach online<br />

and expand your online marketing, you can<br />

no longer ignore videos. Videos offer many<br />

advantages over text and image-based web<br />

content. Moving images attract significantly<br />

more attention than text, images or graphics<br />

and information can be conveyed more easily.<br />

A LogCoop template was developed for this<br />

purpose, which can be customised with text,<br />

images or even video sequences from your<br />

company. We have already presented the first<br />

member video at our digital general meeting.<br />

You can watch the video of WLS Spedition<br />

GmbH here: https://youtu.be/UE2gS_ldv4Q<br />

76<br />

!<br />

From<br />

next year, we will be producing<br />

a free video for every LogCoop<br />

member company on request.<br />

If you are interested, please contact<br />

Mr Terzakis:<br />

alexander.terzakis@logcoop.de<br />

We market the videos via the LogCoop social<br />

media channels, as well as via You-<br />

Tube / Google, and make them available<br />

to you, naturally also for your own use.<br />

We are delighted that the videos are so well<br />

received and are already planning the first<br />

productions.<br />

Value per advert: 99,00€ / month<br />

Duration 1 year<br />

LogCoop<br />

warehouse network<br />

Members save: 1.188,00€ / year<br />

!<br />

The warehouse locations of Log-<br />

Coop warehouse network members*<br />

are listed free of charge on the<br />

largest portal for warehouse space and contract<br />

logistics, www.lagerflaeche.de published.<br />

Marketing takes place via the account<br />

of LogCoop Lagernetzwerk GmbH & Co. KG<br />

account, which considerably increases the reach<br />

und This saves you administrative work.<br />

In addition, the individual economic regions<br />

with the respective warehouse locations are<br />

marketed via separate landing pages and advertised<br />

via Google. Goal: Increase awareness<br />

of the member location<br />

By specialising in the B2B sector and logistics,<br />

LAGERflaeche.de is an attractive<br />

service and advertising platform for all<br />

attractive service and advertising<br />

platform for all producers, dealers,<br />

service providers and warehouse<br />

warehouse owners who are active in<br />

warehouse logistics. As a service platform<br />

for warehouse logistics, the benefits<br />

include the targeted and extremely<br />

efficient marketing and search of logistics services,<br />

logistics properties (warehouses, production<br />

halls, storage areas, etc.) and commercial<br />

properties, guaranteed by a specialised<br />

user group. Over 2,900 customers now rely on<br />

the online portal, which has been established<br />

on the market since 2001 and has more than<br />

80,000 visitors per year.

Shared Services<br />




You already have an account:<br />

If you click on the hyperlink: Log-<br />

Coop Akademie Training you will<br />

be forwarded directly to your login.<br />

Don‘t have access yet?<br />


Access to the LogCoop Academy is personalised<br />

and password-protected. Every<br />

member needs access to view the<br />

courses and make binding bookings.<br />

To obtain access data for your company,<br />

please contact Mrs Culic directly.<br />

The access data will be allocated by Lobraco<br />

and sent by Mrs Culic directly to the contact<br />

person for human resources in your company.<br />

Into the new year with drive and expertise.<br />

Since the beginning of <strong>2023</strong>, we have been offering<br />

our members training and further education<br />

seminars that are precisely tailored to<br />

their respective needs via the newly founded<br />

LogCoop Academy, in collaboration with our<br />

cooperation partner Lobraco Academy.<br />

The range of training services covers almost<br />

all areas of the company. From trainees to<br />

managers, around 20 seminars are offered<br />

to further qualify and expand the respective<br />

competences. The aim is to further qualify<br />

existing employees and promote their career<br />

development within the company, as well as<br />

to attract new employees and thus ensure<br />

the company‘s long-term success.<br />

Here, member companies receive answers to<br />

current questions on the topics of personnel<br />

retention through training and further education,<br />

personnel and labour law advice and personnel<br />

recruitment. Online and face-to-face<br />

seminars will be held centrally and regionally,<br />

ranging from one day to several days depending<br />

on requirements and divided into modules.<br />

The average minimum number of participants<br />

per seminar is currently six.<br />

In addition, an internal competence team ensures<br />

a lively exchange of opinions and experiences<br />

in the sense of best practice examples.<br />

As with all LogCoop activities, the promotion of<br />

networking is also a top priority here. The first<br />

seminars will be offered from February <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Member companies can register via personalised<br />

and password-protected online access.<br />

The founding of the LogCoop Academy was preceded<br />

by the Human Resources working group,<br />

which was recently set up at the general meeting<br />

of member companies to determine the need<br />

for training and collect suggestions for seminars<br />

to be developed further. This working group will<br />

meet at least twice a year to analyse and update<br />

the current offering. In addition, a special bimonthly<br />

newsletter on current topics in human<br />

resources and labour law will provide updates.<br />

Marc Possekel, Managing Partner of Log-<br />

Coop, sees great added value for his<br />

member companies in his academy:<br />

„We are all currently facing the major challenge<br />

of staying ahead in the battle to attract the best<br />

minds in the industry. It is not only a question of<br />

motivating existing employees, providing them<br />

with further qualifications and career opportunities,<br />

but also of attracting new employees and retaining<br />

them in the long term.<br />

I am firmly convinced that our academy and our cooperation<br />

partner Lobraco Academy will offer our<br />

members real added value thanks to their decades of<br />

training experience in the transport sector will offer<br />

real added value for our members and make<br />

a lasting contribution to the company‘s success.“<br />

If you are interested, please contact<br />

Mrs Jasminka Culic.<br />


LogCoop Personnel Topics<br />

Shared Services<br />


LogCoop would like to support you not only<br />

in the LogCoop would like to support you not<br />

only in the recruitment and further training of<br />

skilled workers, but also to contribute added<br />

value to the learning success and skills development<br />

of your junior staff during their<br />

training.<br />

With the Acito Academy, we offer companies<br />

the opportunity to train themselves<br />

and their employees in a practice-orientated<br />

manner in the most diverse areas<br />

of the transport and logistics sector.<br />

Online and live. Regardless of whether you want<br />

to refresh, deepen or expand your knowledge.<br />

That is why we would like to start a new project<br />

together with you:<br />

The „LogCoop Trainee Exchange“.<br />

The aim of this project is to give trainees the<br />

opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills,<br />

to familiarise themselves with new working<br />

methods and techniques and to enable them<br />

to network more closely with each other in<br />

order to master the challenges of everyday<br />

logistics together.<br />

In this way, we give your trainees the opportunity<br />

to gain an insight into new and different<br />

business areas.<br />

The following companies are already involved:<br />

Acito Logistics GmbH; A.L.S. Allgemeine Landund<br />

Seespedition GmbH; CTL Cargo Trans<br />

Logistik AG; GILOG GmbH; Güttler Logistik<br />

GmbH; Hütter Spedition und Logistik GmbH;<br />

Isseltrans Spedition/Logistik GmbH; Kleyling<br />

Spedition GmbH; WLS Spedition GmbH.<br />

All companies that find the project exciting<br />

and would like to participate can contact Mrs<br />

Culic by e-mail or simply fill out this form and<br />

send it back to her.<br />


Acito Logistics GmbH:<br />

Specialised seminars for customs<br />

and foreign trade<br />

Our current series of specialised seminars<br />

is dedicated to a wide range of challenges<br />

in the field of customs and foreign trade.<br />

Current dates and registration can be found<br />

on our homepage at: www.acito-academy.eu<br />

If you register via the LogCoop Academy, you will<br />

receive a 10% discount on the seminar prices.<br />

Simply quote „LOGCOOP“ when booking.<br />

Contact: Christina Gerspach, by telephone on<br />

+49 7621 42238-705 or by e-mail at academy@acito.eu<br />


The „Human Resources“ working group discusses<br />

current HR and labour law issues<br />

and develops joint, practicable solutions.<br />

At regular meetings, our LogCoop members<br />

benefit from presentations and advice from<br />

our in-house lawyers for labour law.<br />

Questions about the LogCoop Academy‘s<br />

current projects as well as current topics<br />

and legislative changes are answered directly<br />

and recommendations for implementation<br />

in the company are provided.<br />

You are welcome to register with Mrs Culic.<br />


The largest job market for the logistics<br />

industry with over 60,000 jobs.<br />

With LOGjobs Premium Multichannel job<br />

adverts, you can quickly and cost-effectively<br />

recruit qualified operational specialists<br />

for the transport and logistics sector.<br />

LOGjobs job advertisements are particularly<br />

suitable for efficient searches for lorry drivers,<br />

forklift drivers, dispatchers and warehouse staff.<br />

If required, our competent specialist staff<br />

will support you in formulating and creating<br />

the job advertisements and will optimise<br />

your advertisements before publication.<br />

As a LogCoop member, you benefit from<br />

particularly favourable pricing conditions.<br />

The special feature of the job portal is its<br />

specialisation in the logistics sector with<br />

all its sub-sectors such as transport, contract,<br />

intra- and distribution logistics.<br />

The LOGjobs.de offer is aimed specifically<br />

at specialists and managers as well as<br />

specialists and junior staff who are needed<br />

for the smooth running of logistics.<br />

The specialised job portal provides a high<br />

quality of contact with a targeted approach.<br />

In addition to standard adverts on LOGjobs.<br />

de, LogCoop members are also offered multi-channel<br />

posting. Meta search engines, job<br />

robots, etc. provide broad distribution. Multichannel<br />

posting combines high contact quality<br />

with maximum reach and enables a high application<br />

rate at minimum cost.<br />

You can find more information about your advertising<br />

opportunities online at https://jobs.<br />

logjobs.de/stellenanzeigen-schalten or call<br />

+49 (0) 211-976 334-70 or send us an e-mail.<br />


Shared Services<br />

LogCoop Personnel Topics<br />


Recording working hours, but how?<br />

The reasons for the Federal Labour Court‘s<br />

decision on 13 September 2022, which caused<br />

quite a stir, were eagerly awaited.<br />

From the initially published guiding principle, it<br />

had become known that companies must introduce<br />

a system with which the daily working<br />

hours of their employees can be recorded.<br />

But how must this be done?<br />

As expected, however, the Federal Labour<br />

Court did not specify any requirements for<br />

the design of the working time recording system.<br />

It was known that companies are obliged<br />

to record working hours. However, in<br />

its reasons for its decision, the Federal Labour<br />

Court surprisingly stated that employers<br />

must actually record working hours, i.e.<br />

position, start, end, duration and overtime.<br />

In this respect, the Federal Labour Court<br />

clarifies that it is not sufficient to merely<br />

provide a time recording system.<br />

The Federal Labour Court also stated<br />

that working time does not<br />

have to be recorded electronically.<br />

The reasons for the decision state:<br />

„(...) the recording of working time does not have<br />

to be electronic without exception and necessarily.<br />

Rather, depending on the activity and company,<br />

paper records may suffice, for example.“<br />

This means that records in paper form<br />

can also be sufficient, but it depends on<br />

the individual case due to the restrictions<br />

depending on the activity and company.<br />

The Federal Labour Court has also stated<br />

that companies can delegate time recording<br />

to their employees. However, this should at<br />

least be checked by means of spot checks.<br />

After all, the company remains responsible.<br />

This means that trust-based working should<br />

continue to be permissible. Trust-based working<br />

is the right of employees to choose the position<br />

of the contractually owed working hours<br />

themselves. However, working hours must also<br />

be recorded for trust-based working hours.<br />

It is unclear and undecided whether the recording<br />

of working hours also applies to<br />

executive employees. It is also unclear how<br />

employee data protection will be handled.<br />

Companies are well advised to pay particular<br />

attention to employee data protection<br />

when introducing a working time recording<br />

system. This also applies to analogue working<br />

time recording using pen and paper.<br />

However, it should be noted that many<br />

questions remain unanswered, it depends<br />

on the individual case and it is<br />

up to the legislator to create a solution.<br />

Specialist lawyer for labour law Mr Christian<br />

Edelmann; Schönlau Edelmann law firm<br />

The Schönlau Edelmann law firm will be happy<br />

to provide you with detailed advice, even at<br />

short notice.<br />

Your contact for HR issues:<br />

Jasminka Culic, business graduate (FH)<br />

Ms Culic studied economics at the FOM University<br />

of Applied Sciences for Economics and<br />

Management in Essen, specialising in human<br />

resources, marketing, sales, labour and company<br />

law. She has many years of experience as an<br />

HR manager in various companies in the logistics,<br />

healthcare and personnel services sectors.<br />

As a branch manager at well-known personnel<br />

service providers in the logistics sector and a<br />

cross-industry personnel consultant specialising<br />

in recruiting and personnel development, she<br />

is very familiar with the challenges of modern<br />

personnel recruiting and employee retention.<br />

Ms Culic has been supporting LogCoop GmbH<br />

since September 2021. As Head of Human Resources,<br />

she contributes with her experience and<br />

professional expertise to the continuous expansion<br />

of LogCoop‘s offering for our members in the<br />

area of recruitment and personnel development.<br />

You can reach Ms Culic by e-mail at<br />

jasminka.culic@logcoop.de or by telephone on<br />

+49 211 976334-73; mobile: +49 171 44 090<br />

58.<br />


Shared Services<br />

Recruitment of skilled labour<br />

and employees through<br />

LogCoop Partner<br />

„As many qualified applications<br />

from lorry drivers as 20 years ago,<br />

through targeted online marketing“<br />

You will be given 5 clear steps to take<br />

your company‘s recruitment, especially<br />

of lorry drivers, to the next level.<br />

Using the latest methods, you will position<br />

your company in such a way that<br />

you will be far ahead of the competition.<br />

Digitalisation has been neglected for far<br />

too long in the transport industry, which<br />

is a very down-to-earth sector. One of<br />

the results of this is that the majority of<br />

your competitors are no longer using modern<br />

methods when it comes to recruiting.<br />

Whether you are looking to recruit drivers,<br />

warehouse staff, commercial employees or<br />

management staff, methods such as newspaper<br />

adverts, job portals, job boards or classified<br />

ads will not provide you with enough<br />

qualified applications to fill vacant positions.<br />

As a LogCoop member, you receive a 10% discount<br />

on the regular price when you book our services.<br />

Simply quote „LOGCOOP“ when booking.<br />

Book your non-binding and free information<br />

meeting with Mr Mederake here: https://<br />

lkw-fahrer-finden.com/termin-logcoop/<br />

Contact: David Mederake, by telephone on<br />

+49 176 2388 7057 or by e-mail at david@davidmederake.com<br />

The framework contract partner<br />

Tempo-Team, a subsidiary<br />

of the Randstad Group, works<br />

innovatively and pragmatically.<br />

The company sees itself as a small, flexible<br />

speedboat: thanks to its flat hierarchies,<br />

it can act quickly and in line with requirements.<br />

In addition to the expertise gained<br />

from over 40 years of market experience, the<br />

company puts its heart and soul into achieving<br />

its recruitment goals quickly and reliably.<br />

For SMEs in particular, Tempo-Team is a reliable<br />

TOP personnel service provider with a comprehensive<br />

service that goes far beyond the supply<br />

and placement of personnel. It covers a comprehensive<br />

spectrum of personnel services.<br />

Contact: Jenny Langhoff, by telephone<br />

on +49 152 545 081 15 or by e-mail at<br />

at jenny.langhoff@de.tempo-team.com<br />

The framework agreement partner<br />

work4people Sp.z o.o. is a Polish<br />

employment agency that places<br />

temporary workers with logistics<br />

companies operating in Germany.<br />

It specialises in the placement of forklift<br />

truck drivers and warehouse staff. Most<br />

of the workers have Polish citizenship.<br />

Work4People works on the basis of a temporary<br />

employment licence issued by the German<br />

Federal Employment Agency. Only qualified<br />

employees with experience are placed, which<br />

guarantees low labour costs. In addition, the personnel<br />

are flexible and ready for deployment.<br />

Contact: Edyta Gidaszewska, by telephone<br />

on +49 151 64550 640 or by<br />

e-mail at e.gidaszewska@work4people.eu<br />


Shared Services<br />

Recruitment of skilled<br />

labour and employeesthrough<br />

LogCoop Partner<br />

Personalised placement of qualified<br />

specialist personnel for management,<br />

administration and scheduling.<br />

Personal placement of qualified professional<br />

drivers with the help of<br />

state-of-the-art recruiting strategies.<br />

Our framework agreement partner PER-<br />

SONALISTEN has specialised in the placement<br />

of top specialists for many years. As<br />

a LogCoop member, you benefit from particularly<br />

favourable recruitment conditions.<br />

With our new framework agreement partner<br />

personalisten GmbH, we are working<br />

together to achieve our goal: bringing skilled<br />

workers and companies together in a<br />

customised way. This has been the mission<br />

of PERSONALISTEN for over 15 years.<br />

The personnel experts based in Düsseldorf<br />

and Münster are driven by the desire to write<br />

success stories with both companies and<br />

candidates. Every search is a story with a potentially<br />

happy ending. Only those who win<br />

top specialists also win the competition. And<br />

only flexibilisation creates the basis for market-driven<br />

action. But how do you harmonise<br />

the resource-intensive search for specialists<br />

with cost-effectiveness and flexibility?<br />

This is where the Personalisten principle comes<br />

into play: it combines the highest level of<br />

recruitment expertise for specialists and managers<br />

with extremely flexible framework conditions.<br />

Combining the specialist and personal<br />

skills of candidates with the requirements and<br />

wishes of the company in a customised and<br />

targeted manner.<br />

You can rely on PERSONALISTEN, because commitment,<br />

transparency and passion are just<br />

some of the values the company lives by. Correctness<br />

always takes precedence over speed:<br />

what does not fit is not simply made to fit.The<br />

PERSONALISTS find the perfect match with patience<br />

and precision - game, set and match!<br />

Contact: Thomas Frieg, by telephone on +49<br />

251 21097970 or by e-mail att.frieg@personalisten.com<br />

Our framework agreement partner TRUCK-<br />

HERO has specialised in the placement<br />

of professional drivers for many years.<br />

We only offer permanent employment<br />

- no temporary work.<br />

TRUCKHERO is happy to take over the search<br />

for suitable applicants and selects explicitly according<br />

to your criteria - you will only receive<br />

applications that match your position(s), saving<br />

you time and money. TRUCKHERO takes care<br />

of advertising the jobs and making contact.<br />

What does TRUCKHERO actually do?<br />

TRUCKHERO advertises your vacancy on all<br />

relevant channels - including your own. You<br />

create marketing measures in favour of your<br />

company and place an ad campaign that specifically<br />

addresses your target group. TRUCK-<br />

HERO then selects the best candidates, using<br />

its own database of more than 10,000 drivers.<br />

The experts at TRUCKHERO then conduct<br />

in-depth interviews with all applicants.<br />

The candidates are specially prepared for your<br />

position and TRUCKHERO then places them directly<br />

with the relevant contact person at your<br />

company. As the entire application process is<br />

taken care of, all that remains for you to do is<br />

get to know them briefly and - if desired - sign<br />

the contract. TRUCHHERO takes care of the<br />

selection and contacting of applicants.<br />

Contact: Sonja Badekow, by telephone on +49<br />

152 537 272 14 or by e-mail at badekow@<br />

truckhero.de<br />


Shared Services<br />


TRANS.EU<br />

Create a closed exchange with preferred<br />

carriers - exclusive offer for members<br />

The search for available transport capacity<br />

remains a major challenge for freight<br />

forwarders. The same applies to placing<br />

transport orders with unknown partners.<br />

Benefit now from our cooperation with<br />

Trans.eu and assign transports even<br />

more easily within your carrier network!<br />

The transport platform offers you the opportunity<br />

to create your own private freight<br />

exchange. Transports are then no longer advertised<br />

to all members of the public freight<br />

exchange, but only sent to the carriers<br />

you have invited to your private exchange.<br />

As a LogCoop member, you will receive<br />

a special offer. Get in touch with us.<br />

What are the advantages of a private<br />

freight exchange?<br />

• You only assign transports to carriers you<br />

know and who fulfil your compliance guidelines.<br />

Tendering on the public freight exchange<br />

is only optional.<br />

• You can access your shared pool of carriers<br />

with several branches.<br />

• The freight allocation process is much<br />

more effective<br />

• Communicate with your carriers via the<br />

platform, the Loads2GO! mobile app and<br />

the messenger with automatic translation<br />

function<br />

• Use the proactive onboarding and verification<br />

service for your carriers<br />

Visit the website of the private freight exchange<br />

Further information and the terms and conditions<br />

for LogCoop members can be found<br />

here.<br />


Excerpts from the report:<br />


Economic downturn and decline in demand for<br />

transport, high business costs, market instability<br />

costs, market instability<br />

and problems finding carriers.<br />

Digital tools and logistics platforms are an<br />

elementary component for the competitiveness<br />

of freight forwarders. Those who<br />

do not adapt their process landscape to<br />

the increased customer requirements will<br />

be left behind by the digital competition.<br />

Spot and contract shipments can no longer<br />

be considered separately. The tense situation<br />

on the transport market is awakening interest<br />

among freight forwarders in digital solutions<br />

that serve freight allocation in both ways equally.<br />

Freight forwarders want a protected environment<br />

for collaboration with their existing carrier<br />

network. They want to assign transports<br />

only to trustworthy partners and still retain the<br />

flexibility to choose between different carriers.<br />

We enable forwarders to find loads and<br />

capacities from available carriers within<br />

their own group or trusted network - even<br />

across multiple branches. This helps to<br />

keep the profit on your side or on the side<br />

of your preferred partner. A win-win situation<br />

for hauliers and transport companies!<br />

You can find further information under this<br />

Link.<br />

Trans.eu is one of Europe‘s leading digital<br />

platforms for road transport, connecting<br />

freight forwarders and carriers.<br />

With more than 40,000 connected companies<br />

from Europe and Eurasia, it offers instant<br />

access to transport capacities and advanced<br />

tools for freight and carrier management.<br />

Would you like to know more about Log-<br />

Coop‘s framework agreement partners?<br />

Please contact Marc Possekel if you have any<br />

questions.<br />

These are some of the biggest, but by no<br />

means the only, challenges currently facing<br />

the land transport industry. After a<br />

turbulent 2022, freight forwarders are<br />

currently trying to redesign their processes<br />

to meet customer expectations and<br />

increase their margins at the same time.<br />

In our exclusive report for freight forwarders,<br />

we looked at the development<br />

of the transport market in Europe and<br />

the consequences for freight forwarders:<br />

• How will freight rates develop in the contract<br />

market in <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

• How can higher profits be achieved with<br />

shorter contract terms?<br />

• How can freight forwarders find secure<br />

freight carriers without long-term contracts?<br />

Read more here.<br />



Get in touch with us!<br />







F<br />

M<br />

+ 49 (0) 211 976 334 73<br />

+ 49 (0) 171 44 090 58<br />

jasminka.culic@logcoop.de<br />

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M<br />

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+ 49 (0) 151 14 13 18 86<br />

meral.eckrich@logcoop.de<br />



LogiMAT<br />

19 - 21 March 2024,<br />

Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre<br />

We are co-exhibiting at the NRW<br />

state joint stand.<br />

LogCoop General members<br />

meeting<br />

The next LogCoop General members meetingwill<br />

take place on 17 June 2024 at the<br />

Van der Valk Airporthotel Düsseldorf.<br />



F<br />

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+49 (0) 211 / 976 334 66<br />

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bernd.focke@logcoop.de<br />

Logistics Summit<br />

09 & 10 October 2024 in Düsseldorf<br />

You can look forward to exciting lectures,<br />

workshops, presentations and time for networking.<br />

Of course, our traditional get-together will<br />

also take place the evening before.<br />



CEO<br />

F<br />

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+ 49 (0) 171 459 51 90<br />

huria.rahmani@logcoop.de<br />

We will also be exhibiting at the Logistics<br />

Summit.<br />

More information will follow.<br />

You will find further information on the event<br />

and the registration form on the LogCoop<br />

intranet as soon as possible. If you have any<br />

questions, please contact team-marketing@<br />

logcoop.de.<br />






F + 49 (0) 211 976 334 41<br />

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