Makoto 2024 Summer Program Brochure

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<strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> <strong>Program</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

2<br />

About the<br />

<strong>Program</strong><br />

3<br />

What You<br />

Need to Know<br />

4-5<br />

YOUTH Camp<br />

Information<br />

6<br />

TEEN Camp<br />

Information<br />

7<br />

Registration<br />


About the <strong>Program</strong><br />

Let's get excited! The <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> <strong>Program</strong> is<br />

back for <strong>2024</strong> with MORE fun... MORE exciting field<br />

trips... and MORE belt-earning opportunities. Plus, all<br />

those options and extras you love, like: "Extended<br />

Day," experienced/adult staff, and flexible scheduling.<br />

• Exciting adventures to such places as: Goat<br />

Yoga … Mt. Gretna Lake… the FunPlex… Big<br />

Kahuna Waterpark… Guppy Gulch… and more.<br />

Campers enjoy 3-4 DIFFERENT trips every week.<br />

• Cool martial arts training. A <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong><br />

experience includes daily martial arts classes<br />

where campers learn: cool self defense moves…<br />

how to use practical weapons… and earn belts.<br />

• Fun event days including: Carnival Day… the <strong>Makoto</strong> Olympics… Minute-to-Win-<br />

It Challenge… Scavenger Hunts… and much more.<br />

Plus the <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> <strong>Program</strong> offers:<br />

• Full-day of fun: hours are 8:00am-5:00pm. Extended Day is available.<br />

• Affordability: all field trips, martial arts classes, and pizza parties are included.<br />

• Flexible Scheduling: Select only the weeks you want to attend.<br />

• Education in Samurai Values: such as holding the door for others... putting forth<br />

100% effort… being respectful... much (much) more.<br />

Make the <strong>2024</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> one to remember. Send your kids to the <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong><br />

<strong>Program</strong> and we GUARANTEE they’ll: (1) make new friends, (2) come home with<br />

Stories, (3) learn new things, and (4) look forward to camp EVERY Day.<br />

Camp Ages:<br />

YOUTH: 6-11 years<br />

TEEN: 12-16 years<br />

Who is <strong>Makoto</strong>?<br />

<strong>Makoto</strong> (& The Martial Arts Studio) is a<br />

traditional martial arts dojo that has been<br />

serving Chester County for more than 25<br />

years. It features not only a focused selfdefense<br />

martial arts program but an After<br />

-School program whose purpose is to<br />

teach your child the skills they need to<br />

make successful decisions at life. It<br />

takes a village to raise a child and<br />

<strong>Makoto</strong> wants to be part of your village.

What You Need to Know…<br />

What to Bring Daily:<br />

Each day, please pack:<br />

• Lunch (in a small cooler, please)<br />

• XL Water Jug/Bottle<br />

• Closed toe shoes & a hat<br />

• Sunscreen & bug spray<br />

Extended Day:<br />

For YOUTH camp… just $47 per family.<br />

Drop Off... as early as 7:30am<br />

Pick Up… by 6:00pm<br />

For TEEN camp… just $37 per family.<br />

Pick Up… by 6:00pm<br />

Drop Off & Pick Up:<br />

Early Drop Off… 7:30-8:00am (Youth only)<br />

Drop Off… 8:00-9:00am (campers must be<br />

dropped off by 9:15am to take karate class)<br />

Early Pick Up… 4:15pm (before 2nd class)<br />

Regular Pick Up… by 5:15pm<br />

If your camper is not picked up by 4:15pm he/<br />

she will take the BONUS martial arts class<br />

(4:15-5:00pm) and will not be released until<br />

class is over.<br />

You MUST sign your camper out every day.<br />

Counselors will NOT release a camper until<br />

an authorized adult has signed the Sign Out<br />

sheet. If an un authorized adult arrives for pick<br />

up, the child will NOT be permitted to leave<br />

unless we have permission from a parent.<br />

Electronic-less Policy:<br />

The use of iPads, handheld gaming systems,<br />

tablets, etc. is NOT permitted during camp. DO<br />

NOT send electronics with your son or daughter.<br />

Phones and cameras may be allowed for<br />

specific field trips.<br />

During TEEN weeks, teens will be allowed to<br />

use phones and tablets on long van trips and<br />

at specific times. For most of the day, however,<br />

electronics will be kept in backpacks.<br />

Change of Plans Policy:<br />

If a camper needs to contact a parent the<br />

Counselors will do so. Also, if parent needs to<br />

contact his or her child, the parent MUST also<br />

call the camp. We are the ones responsible for<br />

your child and need to know what is happening.<br />

Medications:<br />

If your child needs any type of Medication, a<br />

parent's note must accompany the medication<br />

(labeled with your child’s name) and indicate:<br />

(1) permission to dispense the Medicine, (2)<br />

dosage amount, (3) time to dispense the<br />

medicine. If your child is taking the medicine<br />

themself, a Camp Counselor must be notified.<br />

Personal Property:<br />

The <strong>Makoto</strong> staff is not responsible for the loss<br />

of personal property. All found items that remain<br />

after the program ends will be donated.

YOUTH Weekly Adventures:<br />

(Ages 6-11 years)<br />

What’s a day like in the life of a <strong>Makoto</strong> Camper?<br />

• MORNING: Campers enjoy fun games and drills.<br />

Plus they take an early martial arts class.<br />

• TRIP TIME! It’s off an adventure we go. Taking field<br />

trips to different places in PA, NJ, DE, and even MD<br />

• AFTERNOON: Back for more fun with an afternoon<br />

martial arts class and more cool activities.<br />

Week 1: June 10-14<br />

Adventures include: Carnival Day… Trampoline Park… Big<br />

Kahuna Waterpark… Goat Yoga… and a Beach Volleyball Tournament.<br />

Week 2: June 17-21<br />

Adventures include: Park Day… Mt. Gretna Lake… Outdoor Laser Tag… Bowling… and a<br />

Picture Scavenger Hunt.<br />

Week 3: June 24-28<br />

Adventures include: Nature Center… Local Pool… Minuteto-Win-It<br />

Challenge… Charlie and the Chocolate Facttory<br />

theater… and a Cool Down Day.<br />

July 1 - July 5<br />

CLOSED for the Fourth of July Holiday.<br />

Week 4: July 8-12:<br />

Adventures include: Rollerskating… Swimming at Mt.<br />

Gretna Lake… Park Day… Ziplining… and Fun Food<br />

Games.<br />

Week 5: July 15-19<br />

Adventures include: Swimming at a local Pool… the Reading Museum…<br />

Arnold’s Family Fun Center… and a Cool Down Day.<br />

Week 6: July 22-26<br />

Adventures include: an Ice Cream Tour… Park Day… Amish<br />

Buffet Tour… Overlook Pool… and a Cool Down Day.<br />

Week 7: July 29-August 2<br />

Adventures include: Swimming at Mt. Gretna Lake… a tour of Pea<br />

Patch Island… fun at Hellerick Farms… trip to the FunPlex… and<br />

Pet Crafting Day.

Week 8: Augus 5-9:<br />

Adventures include: tour of the Wolf Sancuary… Park Day…<br />

swimming at New Holland Pool… the Turkey Hill<br />

Experience… and a Cool Down Day<br />

Week 9: August 12-16:<br />

Adventures include: Lunch and a Movie… Tyler Arboretum…<br />

Guppy Gulch… a Pizza Tour… and Sports Day.<br />

Week 10: August 19-23:<br />

Our adventures will include: Swimming at Mt. Gretna Lake…<br />

lunch at Shadymaple Buffet… Park Day… the Lititz Springs<br />

Pool… and a Scavenger Hunt.<br />

Staff Selfies:<br />

The <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> Saff loves to jump in — get involved —and share ALL the fun<br />

with our campers! Always engaged. Always enjoying . Always making memories.

TEEN Weekly Adventures:<br />

(Ages 12-16 years)<br />

Crafted for young adults ONLY (ages 12-16) Teen weeks<br />

offer your middle & high schoolers great adventures, plus...<br />

• Community: There are no "youngsters" allowed in the<br />

"Teen Weeks" of the <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> <strong>Program</strong>. Only<br />

kids ages 12-16 years can enroll. So your teen will have<br />

the opportunity to hang out and have fun with their<br />

peers.<br />

• Adventure: Forget the moonbounces. During "Teen<br />

Week" your kids will be experience fun, older-kid<br />

adventures such as: Hershey Park... ziplining... Ashbury<br />

Beach (NJ)... exploring Philadelphia... cooking classes...<br />

and much more. Not to mention learning some cool martial arts as well as<br />

some life skills like how to prepare for an interview.<br />

• FUN! No teen wants to spend their summer<br />

sitting on the couch staring at the wall. "Teen<br />

Weeks" in the <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> <strong>Program</strong> is a<br />

cool way for your teen to have the fun summer<br />

experience they are craving without having to<br />

say they went to "kiddie camp."<br />

Week 1: June 17-21<br />

Adventures include: Thrillz Adventure Park… OCNJ<br />

Beach… Outdoor Laser Tag… Hershey Park… Green<br />

Dragon Farmer’s Market<br />

Week 2: July 15-19:<br />

Adventures include: Point Pleasant Beach… Escape<br />

Room… Paintball… Arnold’s Family Fun Center… and the<br />

York Fair.<br />

Week 3: August 12-16:<br />

Adventures include: 3D Movie… Smash Room… Guppy<br />

Gulch… International Food Tour… and Asbury Park Beach.

Registration Information:<br />

Registration for the <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> <strong>Program</strong> begins February 4 and is available online at…<br />

https://makoto.regfox.com/makoto-<strong>2024</strong>-summer-camp-registration<br />

There is limited space available for the <strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> Camp. Registration will, however, remain<br />

open until all spots are taken. Weeks will then be closed on an individual basis.<br />

YOUTH Camp Pricing:<br />

Registration Fee: $47/child<br />

Extended Day: $47/family (7:30am-6:00pm)<br />

Member:<br />

• 1-3 wks: $297<br />

• 4-8 wks: $277<br />

• 9-10 wks: $257<br />

Non-Member:<br />

• 1-3 wks: $327<br />

• 4-8 wks: $307<br />

• 9-10 wks: $287<br />

* Sibling Discount: $25 per sibling will be deducted from the weekly payment .<br />

* Pay by automatic withdrawal from a checking account and receive Extended Day free.<br />

* Members are <strong>Makoto</strong> and Martial Arts Studio students currently training at the dojos.<br />

Refunds & Cancelations:<br />

You have until April 9, <strong>2024</strong> to cancel or switch<br />

weeks.After that date you are responsible for payment<br />

of each week in which your camper is enrolled.<br />

Refunds will only be given if: (1) <strong>Makoto</strong> chooses to<br />

cancels a week of camp, or (2) a child cannot attend a<br />

full week of camp due to injury or family emergency.<br />

No allowance or refund is given for any full or partial<br />

days missed for: illness… family visiting… last-minute<br />

vacations… and unexpected change of plans.<br />

TEEN Camp Pricing:<br />

Registration Fee: $47/child<br />

Extended Day: $37/ family 8:00am-6:00pm)<br />

Member:<br />

• 1-3 wks: $327<br />

Non-Member:<br />

• 1-3 wks: $357

<strong>Makoto</strong> <strong>Summer</strong> Camp<br />

@ The Martial Arts Studio<br />

14 N. Village Ave.<br />

Exton, PA 19341<br />

(610) 280-0873<br />


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