2023 Annual Report

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<strong>2023</strong><br />



Executive Director Letter ................1<br />

Youth Outreach ....................... 2<br />

Familyhood ........................... 4<br />

Flourishing Community Initiative ........ 6<br />

Housing Equity Initiative ............... 8<br />

BridgeBuilders ........................10<br />

Sunshine Community Center Updates ...12<br />

Our Gentle Giant ......................14<br />

SGM Financials .......................15<br />


Richard Wilson, Board Chair<br />

Kim Lodewyk, Vice Chair<br />

Tiffany Allen, Treasurer<br />

Wendell Davis, Secretary<br />

Peter Kisluk, Trustee<br />

Cathy McNeil-Stein, Trustee<br />

Lauren White, Trustee<br />

Kimberly Salley, Executive Director



We started <strong>2023</strong><br />

full of joy and with<br />

a holistic lens,<br />

seeking to reflect<br />

the love and light of Jesus Christ<br />

as we serve in our community<br />

and grow together as a team.<br />

From the longstanding and<br />

newly formed friendships in our<br />

programs to the moments of<br />

joy and laughter shared among<br />

our youth, we have seen beauty<br />

emerge amid brokenness<br />

in unexpected places. It’s a<br />

testament to the strength,<br />

tenacity, and potential within<br />

each person we serve.<br />

Our programs have been thriving and participation has been at<br />

full capacity with a waitlist in some cases. In listening to the needs<br />

expressed by our community, we have introduced two new initiatives<br />

that add to the well-being of our youth and families. In the Spring, we<br />

launched a mental health initiative through our Familyhood Program,<br />

and going forward we will implement mental health components<br />

into all of our SGM programming. This Fall, we partnered with an<br />

educational support organization to launch tutoring/academic<br />

remediation enrichment for grades 1st through 12th.<br />

This past year has reminded us that even in the face of adversity,<br />

seeds of hope, love, kindness, and transformation can take root and<br />

flourish; and we have seen the resilience of those we serve and our<br />

SGM team shine brightly. This year our senior leadership engaged<br />

our full SGM Team in opportunities to be cared for and poured into<br />

with workshops focused on individual wellness and organizational<br />

wellness – Self Care Practices, Trauma-Informed Leadership, Team<br />

Wellness, Thriving Work Cultures, Personal Spiritual Formation,<br />

Discipleship and Mentorship, and Calling – Right Place, Right Role<br />

and Right Time.<br />

Your support has been a vital part of our journey, thank you so<br />

much. With your generosity, we all have the privilege of witnessing<br />

the remarkable impact of our ministry as we forge hope in our<br />

community. Whether it is providing educational resources, family<br />

or violence intervention support services, mentorship, housing/<br />

homeownership assistance, or basic necessities, your contributions<br />

have made it possible. Yet, the work is far from finished and the need<br />

for support continues to grow. As we stand at the cusp of a new year,<br />

we invite you to continue with us in our mission of strengthening<br />

faith and building thriving communities. Together, we can empower<br />

more individuals, strengthen more communities, and sow the seeds<br />

of positive change. Thank you for being an essential part of the<br />

Sunshine Gospel Ministries family - Seeds of Faith: Plant, Water, Godly<br />

Increase (1 Corinthians 3:6-8).<br />

Blessings of Faith, Love, and Unity,<br />

Kimberly Salley<br />

1<br />


2<br />

You may have heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”<br />

This ancient saying is a foundational piece of our work. The first day<br />

that a student walks through our doors they begin working through<br />

a pipeline that allows them to encounter the love of God, each of our<br />

Youth Outreach staff, and the many partners that help us develop their<br />

personhood. This year we welcomed the following new enrichment<br />

opportunities to our youth programs.<br />

• Dance Lessons<br />

• Jiu-Jitsu<br />

• Basketball Club<br />

• Art Therapy Sessions (6 week program)<br />

• Mental Health Education<br />

• A Revitalized Tutoring Program<br />

Coming out of the pandemic we noticed that isolation and social<br />

media had become dominating forces in our kids’ lives. This revelation<br />

reinforced our desire to value group mentorship rather than just a<br />

traditional one-on-one model.<br />

Looking Forward<br />

Next year, we hope to launch a Mental Health Initiative which will<br />

provide our youth with ongoing opportunities to receive art therapy,<br />

group therapy, and individual counseling sessions. Along with these<br />

opportunities, we will lean heavily into the arts as students will engage in<br />

live performance, and visual arts through music production and theater.<br />

Lastly, we plan to invite our students’ parents to participate in a Parent<br />

Advisory Committee. The committee provide us with their perspectives<br />

on how we can serve their children well. It takes a village!

231<br />

Total Youth Served<br />

94<br />

Elementary School Students<br />

83<br />

Middle School Students<br />

33<br />

High School Students<br />

21<br />

WorkLife Students<br />

3<br />

5<br />

College Scholarships Provided<br />

$5,000<br />

College Funds Provided<br />

1,716<br />

Mentor Hours

In <strong>2023</strong> Familyhood (FH) has remained dedicated to its mission of<br />

restoring hope in families by providing heart-felt, meaningful, and<br />

impactful programming and cohort training. Anyone can host a<br />

program, but the magic comes when our time together allows us to<br />

grow in our faith and create unforgettable memories.<br />

4<br />

Familyhood offered for the first time a family day trip to Great Wolf Lodge<br />

in Gurnee, IL. This provided an unforgettable experience for 14 unique<br />

families. Additional family engagement opportunities were offered such<br />

as five Families. Activities. Meals. (FAM) gatherings and a Family Summit.<br />

FAM invites entire family units to come together to eat a catered meal,<br />

have guided conversation, and participate in Bible-based activities. 51<br />

unique families participated in FAM gatherings. Ultimately, the hope<br />

is that this fosters the desire for families to eat together regularly and<br />

spend time creating memories that will last a lifetime. The Family Summit<br />

provided a space for adults to learn about and process the various facets<br />

of grief and loss. Three clinicians lead participatory learning segments<br />

on the following topics: Exploring Grief and Loss, Why Your Sadness Is<br />

Healthy, and Life After Loss. Following the summit, participants were<br />

given the opportunity to express an interest to receive therapy and for a<br />

clinician to be identified.<br />

“<br />

My cohort facilitators are the team that allows the<br />

Familyhood programs to be vibrant and thrive. They are<br />

invested in the work of this ministry and care deeply for<br />

the families who they serve. They have one on ones with<br />

participants, facilitate workshops, lead family initiatives,<br />

assist in building curriculum, and still attend other<br />

cohorts that they are not leading. They are amazing<br />

partners in ministry.”<br />

-Sasha Simmons (Director of Outreach)<br />

Lastly, we launched our Mental Health Initiative addressing aspects of<br />

family well-being. What began as a pilot program evolved into a mix of<br />

virtual and in-person sessions including family and individual meetings. To<br />

date, 144 of those sessions have taken place! We have been so blessed<br />

to walk alongside our community in this way.<br />

Looking Forward<br />

Our primary focus for the upcoming year is to expand our Mental<br />

Health Initiative. This will enable us to provide more educational groups<br />

on mental health topics, connect more individuals and families with<br />

therapists, and eliminate barriers to therapeutic services. Thank you<br />

for your prayers and support that enable us to remain committed to<br />

promoting togetherness, growth, and healing within our communities.

205<br />

Families Served<br />

14<br />

Program Cohorts<br />

9<br />

Familes Paired with Therapist<br />

144<br />

Therapy Sessions Completed<br />

by Famlies Paired<br />

28<br />

Referrals from Previous Parents<br />

195<br />

Parents Who Continue to Engage<br />

after Cohorts Completetion<br />

5<br />

479<br />

One on One Support<br />

Sessions Completed<br />

29<br />

Women’s Ministry Attendees<br />

12<br />

Men’s Ministry Attendees


34<br />

80<br />

In the heart of a bustling city, Flourishing Community Initiative (FCI) continues to be<br />

dedicated to healing those who have been victimized by gun violence. As the sun<br />

sets on the past year, we celebrate the hope and transformation that was made<br />

manifest in countless lives on the south side of Chicago. FCI began its year with<br />

a desire to expand its number of community partnerships. We desired to offer more<br />

opportunities for therapeutic services among our clients. FCI has walked alongside<br />

37 clients this year, primarily men, who committed to completing programming<br />

geared toward holistic healing. FCI also planned and hosted two marquee events,<br />

the Youth Summit, to educate youth on safety tips and provide summer employment<br />

opportunities, and the Family Summit to create a pathway to engaging those grieving<br />

and healing from loss to participate in therapy. There is nothing like seeing FCI’s<br />

clients step into a renewed sense of purpose.<br />

One of the cornerstones of FCI’s success continues to be its partnership with CPD’s<br />

(Chicago Police Department) Third District. Together they bridge the gap between gun<br />

violence and being supported during that traumatic time. Our newest, long awaited<br />

partnership with UChicago Medicine (delayed due to the pandemic) has recently been<br />

established and will provide more direct access to survivors. FCI’s focus is to engage<br />

with the community on a much deeper level. Collaborations have been forged with<br />

schools, churches, and other local organizations in the Chicagoland area. These<br />

partnerships not only extended FCI’s reach but also showcased its commitment to<br />

helping all survivors of gun violence.<br />

Clients Served<br />

9<br />

Individuals<br />

Discharged<br />

(upon 1 year program<br />

completion)<br />

Summit<br />

Attendees<br />

18<br />

Counseling<br />

Referrals<br />

7<br />

Our comprehensive support and commitment to long-term recovery has made a<br />

meaningful difference in the lives of survivors and their families. We have seen them<br />

regain their strength, heal from their trauma, and take steps towards a brighter future.<br />

FCI continues to be a beacon of hope and support for survivors of gun violence and<br />

their families. We are proud of our commitment to providing survivor services, case<br />

management, and counseling to assist survivors and their families on their journey to<br />

full recovery and wholeness.<br />

11<br />

Workforce<br />

Referrals<br />

157<br />

Community<br />

Engagement<br />

and Advocacy<br />

Touch Points


Our Housing Equity Initiative (HEI) has had great upsides and<br />

challenges over the past year as we seek to provide access to<br />

homeownership for families indigenous to Woodlawn. Upsides<br />

include fostering relationships in the development space<br />

with architects, contractors, financing options for construction, industry<br />

organizations, and the City of Chicago. Our major challenge has been<br />

forging a partnership with a like-minded general contractor. We continue<br />

to vet prospects and hope to be in partnership with a general contractor<br />

by the end of this year.<br />

In July <strong>2023</strong>, HEI attended a United Power Rally in support of addressing<br />

the disinvestment related to housing in minority communities in Chicago.<br />

There were over 1,000 people in attendance. Mayor Brandon Johnson<br />

was in attendance and was presented with a call to action. The mayor<br />

was asked for a commitment to engage with and support the needed<br />

revitalization in our communities. In our 20th Ward alone, there are<br />

about 2,000 vacant lots. In September <strong>2023</strong>, we joined United Power,<br />

a coalition of congregations, neighborhood organizations, and health<br />

institutions from across Cook County. They have made a significant<br />

positive impact on the lives of families in its member institutions and tens<br />

of thousands of others around Illinois related to healthcare, housing/<br />

community development, and safety. Their mission is to train and<br />

support people to take responsibility for solving problems in their own<br />

communities and renew the interest of citizens in public life. Our Housing<br />

Equity Initiative aligns with their call to action and justice related to<br />

housing inequity and quality of life in communities in Chicago inclusive<br />

of Woodlawn and surrounding communities in our 20th Ward. We are<br />

excited about how God will use HEI to increase the quality of life for<br />

families and provide access and opportunity to create generational<br />

wealth through homeownership.<br />

Looking Forward<br />

Through our Revitalization Program, we will begin construction of a twounit<br />

rehab and a two-unit new construction housing development. These<br />

projects demonstrate our efforts to pilot and create model properties to<br />

redefine “affordable” for indigenous new homebuyers.<br />

Through our Tax Sale Benevolence Program, we will seek to help as<br />

many homeowners as possible maintain homeownership prior to the<br />

Cook County Treasurer’s Tax Sale scheduled for mid-January 2024. We<br />

will assist homeowners with paying the taxes in arrears, assessing and<br />

closely monitoring client progress in regaining financial sustainability<br />

through our one-year program of customized training and coaching.<br />

Both the training and monitoring are intended to ensure the clients are<br />

financially whole for the current year and beyond to avoid being subject<br />

to tax sales in the future.<br />

33 8 2<br />

Tax<br />

Benevolence<br />

Recipients<br />

Collaborative<br />

Partners<br />

Properties<br />

being<br />

Developed<br />



Key Metrics to Highlight<br />

247 BridgeBuilders on campus this year, an increase from 191 from the<br />

previous year.<br />

A Legacy of 20 Years<br />

In <strong>2023</strong>, BridgeBuilders(BB) celebrated its 20th anniversary! For over<br />

two decades, BB has connected thousands of people from different<br />

backgrounds to promote a shared understanding of the challenges<br />

facing communities like our own, Woodlawn. BB has been transformative<br />

in the lives of participants. We’ve witnessed career trajectories being<br />

reshaped, individuals gaining profound insights into systemic issues, and<br />

groups embracing a more holistic understanding of the Gospel.<br />

Present: BridgeBuilders Intern Highlight<br />

Kayelona Rakowski, a Wheaton College student, served with Sunshine<br />

during her spring semester and summer. CW Allen (former BridgeBuilder<br />

Director) said that Kayelona was a “faithful presence as she learned<br />

about nonprofit work and what it means to live in the Woodlawn<br />

community.”<br />

“While working with BridgeBuilders, I learned a lot. I learned how to<br />

be a better leader, how to graciously educate people, and how to<br />

address the needs of the local community. BridgeBuilders is such an<br />

amazing program. Through the work of history lessons, partnerships<br />

with Woodlawn community members, and spending time in the<br />

neighborhood, I was able to see many students come to realize the<br />

beauty of Woodlawn and what it could offer them. Not only that, but<br />

I saw a deep love and appreciation for Woodlawn grow in my own<br />

heart.” –Kayelona Rawoski<br />

Future: Looking Forward<br />

After researching the state of mission trips, our team discovered that<br />

short-term mission trips are in way less demand since the pandemic.<br />

Thus, we have decided to condense our BridgeBuilders season in 2024<br />

to nine weeks. We are currently booking groups for the months of March<br />

and July as we prayerfully cast vision and re-imagine the future of our<br />

BridgeBuilders program.<br />

247<br />

Guests Hosted<br />

20<br />

Poverty<br />

Simulations Conducted<br />

94<br />

Days of Groups<br />

on Site<br />


12<br />

The role of the proposed<br />

75,000 sq ft. Sunshine<br />

Community Center, is to foster<br />

community engagement<br />

among our neighbors who<br />

live, work, and play along<br />

MLK Drive! We believe that<br />

neighborhoods thrive when<br />

people come together to build<br />

cultural and economic vitality.


GYM<br />

FIXED-<br />



OFFICE<br />


ROOMS<br />

ROOMS<br />


STUDIO<br />

STAFF<br />

ROOM<br />


LOBBY<br />

FCI<br />

STAIR 2<br />

STAIR 2<br />

STAFF<br />

STAIR 2<br />

ELEC.<br />

LOBBY<br />


RR<br />

RR<br />



GOSPEL<br />


OFFICE<br />

ELEC.<br />

FCI.<br />

CAFE<br />




OFFICE<br />

STAIR 1<br />

TELE.<br />

STAIR 1<br />



STAIR 1<br />

5’ 10’ 20’<br />

5’ 10’ 20’<br />

5’ 10’ 20’<br />

Proposed Sunshine Community Center<br />

SHOWERS/<br />

CHANGE<br />

SHOWERS/<br />


FCI<br />

CNSL.<br />

FCI<br />

CNSL.<br />

LARGE<br />


ELEC./<br />

STOR.<br />

JAN./<br />

STOR.<br />

REST<br />

ROOM<br />

REST<br />

ROOM<br />

SMALL<br />


MEDIUM<br />


DATA/<br />

STOR.<br />

E 60TH STREET<br />

Main Floor<br />

20,000 sq ft of fitness space including a dance studio,<br />

fitness room, and two indoor basketball courts.<br />

EQUIP.<br />

STOR.<br />


DANCE<br />


STAIR<br />

3<br />

ELEV.<br />

ROOM<br />

RR<br />

RR<br />


CAFE<br />




OFFICE<br />

2,000 sq ft of retail space for cafe and proposed<br />

demonstration kitchen.<br />


FLOOR 1 | Program<br />






3,000 sq ft of multipurpose space to be used for<br />

entrepreneur training, pop-up retail space, community<br />

events, and private function rentals.<br />

STORAGE/<br />



ROOM<br />


ROOM<br />


ROOM<br />


ROOM<br />

Second Floor<br />

13<br />


ROOM<br />


ROOM<br />

10,000 sq ft of youth, family and senior programming space.<br />

FLOOR 2 | Program<br />

YOUTH<br />


STAIR<br />

3<br />

STAFF<br />

BREAK<br />

YOUTH<br />

LOUNGE<br />

VOLUNT./<br />

YOUTH<br />


ROOM<br />


ROOM<br />


ROOM<br />


CAFE<br />




OFFICE<br />





Including:<br />

• Recording Studio<br />

• Resource Room for Media and Technology<br />

• Visual and Graphic Arts Space<br />

• Lounge Areas<br />

Third Floor<br />

REST<br />

ROOM<br />

REST<br />

ROOM<br />

Administrative office space: Sunshine Gospel, Sunshine<br />

Enterprises, rentable space for local businesses.<br />

STAIR<br />

3<br />

REST<br />

ROOM<br />

REST<br />

ROOM<br />


CAFE<br />




18,000 sq ft of shared office space with Sunshine Gospel<br />

staff, Sunshine Enterprises staff, other non-profits.<br />

REST<br />

ROOM<br />

REST<br />

ROOM<br />

OFFICE<br />


FLOOR 3 | Program<br />




We are looking forward to starting our Capital Campaign<br />

late March/early April of 2024.

Our Gentle Giant<br />

Our Sunshine team ends this year having experienced adversity. In mid-July we entered<br />

a season of prayer and heartache as Andy Combs, our brother in Christ and Managing<br />

Director of Operations and Programs entered the fight for his life medically. This turned<br />

to grief/lament on October 9, <strong>2023</strong> when God called him to his eternal resting place.<br />

Please keep Andy’s wife, family, and our Sunshine family in your prayers. It is so hard to put into<br />

words ALL the WAYS in which Andy has contributed to the lives of our youth, families, community<br />

and our Sunshine Gospel Ministries team/family.<br />

14<br />

In the words of our Board Chair, Richard Wilson, “In lament, we acknowledge the hardships<br />

and heartaches that leave us vulnerable………….. Together, we become a living testimony to the<br />

transformative power of God’s love and work toward a world where pain and promise find their<br />

ultimate reconciliation.<br />

Hugh Andrew “Andy” Combs - Man of<br />

God, brother in Christ, our gentle giant<br />

who served with Sunshine for 9 years.<br />

He has left an indelible imprint on our<br />

hearts. Gone but not forgotten, his<br />

Legacy will live on. Love always.<br />

Hugh Andrew “Andy” Combs<br />

October 5, 1956 — October 9, <strong>2023</strong>


SGM Financials<br />

(2022 actuals)<br />

FY2022 Income<br />

FY2022 Expenses<br />

Corporate<br />

Management/<br />

Administration<br />

Fundraising<br />

16<br />

Individuals<br />

34%<br />

12%<br />

Churches<br />

2%<br />

13% 11%<br />

22%<br />

Earned<br />

Revenue<br />

Government<br />

6%<br />

24%<br />

76%<br />

Foundations<br />

Program<br />

Total: $1,804,114 Total: $2,081,831

SGM Financials<br />

(<strong>2023</strong> projections)<br />

FY<strong>2023</strong> Income<br />

FY<strong>2023</strong> Expenses<br />

Management/<br />

Administration<br />

Fundraising<br />

Individuals<br />

24%<br />

19%<br />

Corporate<br />

Churches<br />

2%<br />

14%<br />

11%<br />

Government<br />

21%<br />

14%<br />

20%<br />

Earned<br />

Revenue<br />

75%<br />

Foundations<br />

Program<br />

Total: $2,449,000 Total: $2,110,649

500 E. 61st Street<br />

Chicago, IL 60637<br />

www.sunshinegospel.org<br />


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