Palo Alto - Apartment/Condominium Development - European Property Awards

Apartment/Condominium Development brochure, for the European Property Awards

Apartment/Condominium Development brochure, for the European Property Awards


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<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />





MODERN<br />


INDEX<br />

A C E<br />

B<br />

D<br />


1. BRIEF....................................... 8<br />

LAYOUT,<br />




1. MARKETING ACTIVITIES...... 60<br />

2. PUBLIC RELATIONS............. 66<br />


1.A LOCATION<br />

AND SURROUNDINGS............ 11<br />

1.B SITE LAYOUT........................ 16<br />

1. INTERNAL<br />

AND EXTERNAL DESIGN......... 21<br />

2. ARCHITECTURE.................... 24<br />

3.A FEATURES UNIT................. 35<br />


SPECIFICATIONS..................... 38<br />

SAFETY,<br />





ACCESSIBILITY.......................... 46<br />

2.A INNOVATION..................... 52<br />

2.B SUSTAINABILITY................. 54

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />

A<br />

OVE<br />

VIEW<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />

R<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />


The <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> project was born in 2016 with the aspiration to create the best lifestyle destination on the Costa del Sol and in Southern Europe.<br />

Supported by Round Hill Capital, the community is conceived following the principle of “Naturally Modern Living”, merging a modern, active,<br />

multicultural and Mediterranean lifestyle with the authenticity and simplicity of a natural environment and a unique design.<br />

The community is founded on four cornerstones that symbolise its values and those of its owners:<br />

Family<br />

The Family, the sense of<br />

community and belonging.<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> is an international<br />

and cosmopolitan meeting<br />

point for like-minded people<br />

who are like-minded and have<br />

similar affinities, a consolidated<br />

and unique community.<br />

Lifestyle destination<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> is a luxury lifestyle<br />

destination, we call it “Naturally<br />

Modern Living”: <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> offers<br />

a series of unique amenities and<br />

services that meet all the needs<br />

of our community and clearly<br />

define this <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> lifestyle.<br />

Bespoke homes<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> offers its owners the<br />

opportunity to completely<br />

customise the homes to their<br />

needs and requirements.<br />

Sustainability<br />

Respect for nature and<br />

sustainability are in the core of<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> offers residents the chance to experience living in<br />

Marbella, considered one of the best tourist destinations in Europe<br />

for its climate, culture, gastronomy and leisure. The owners of <strong>Palo</strong><br />

<strong>Alto</strong> are looking for a home that offers a different lifestyle where<br />

luxury is combined with simplicity, leisure with work, and relaxation<br />

with socialising.<br />

The community is designed to welcome those looking for a<br />

lifestyle destination where they can enjoy every moment of life with<br />

the people around them. Investors will also find a secure business<br />

in <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> that will allow them to enhance the value of their<br />

portfolios thanks to its attractive community and excellent location.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> is a residential<br />

community located on<br />

the Costa del Sol, Spain.<br />

1. BRIEF<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> is a residential community located on the<br />

Costa del Sol, Spain, created following the principles of<br />

global benchmark lifestyle destinations: it offers modern<br />

homes and unique services tailored to the needs and<br />

desires of its owners. The 289 apartments and penthouses<br />

in the North, plus almost 300 planned units in the South,<br />

designed by award-winning architectural firm Villarroel<br />

Torrico feature spacious interiors that blend harmoniously<br />

with the outdoor areas and nature surrounding <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>.<br />

The communities are distributed in an area of 50 hectares<br />

with very low building density that blends perfectly with<br />

the lush green landscape made up by the mountains of<br />

the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, just minutes from<br />

the beaches of Marbella.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />

B<br />

LO<br />

CATI<br />

ON<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />

1.A LOCATION<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> is in Andalusia, in southern Spain.<br />

Located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, one of the most attractive regions of the country<br />

thanks to its climate, it offers 325 days of sunshine a year. The community is surrounded by the<br />

Sierra de las Nieves National Park, one of the 16 protected National Parks in Spain, an unspoiled<br />

and protected natural space that enables residents to be permanently enveloped by native fauna<br />

and flora and a natural landscape. Its elevated location in the foothills of the Sierra de las Nieves<br />

mountains provides the apartments with uninterrupted views over the Mediterranean Sea and the<br />

Strait of Gibraltar. Also, the city of Marbella, the popular Playa del Cable and the fishing ports and<br />

marinas are also visible from the apartment terraces.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />

1.A LOCATION<br />


Belonging to the small municipality of Ojén, <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> is located just 20 minutes from the<br />

international airport of Málaga and a few kilometres from the cosmopolitan and welcoming city<br />

of Marbella, a leading international destination on the Costa del Sol.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />

1.A LOCATION<br />



<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />

NORWAY<br />

4 h 15 m<br />

UK<br />

2 UK h 55 m<br />


3 h<br />

POLAND<br />

3 h 55 m<br />


2 h 50 m<br />


3 h 40 m<br />

FRANCE<br />

2 h 30 m<br />

MALAGA<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />


36 Apartaments<br />

10 Apartaments 20 Apartaments<br />

60 Apartaments<br />

Phase I - 75 Apartaments<br />

Phase II - 15 Apartaments<br />

60 Apartaments<br />

22 Apartaments<br />


118.079,60<br />

Built<br />


178.503,48<br />

Gardens<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />

Services<br />

Gate House: 24/7 security, coworking space, mailboxes, concierge services.<br />

Farmers Market: <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>’s meeting point for the community and trade with<br />

Farmers Market<br />


local farmers and producers.<br />

Leisure, entertainment and relaxation<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> Club: wellness centre, fitness centre, lounge area and outdoor kitchen.<br />

Tennis Court.<br />

Olivos Garden: coworking space, outdoor kitchen, outdoor play area, exclusive indoor golf area (putting<br />

green and golf simulator), lounge with pool table, poker area and sensory room.<br />

Owners Club: public restaurant potentially managed by a Michelin Green Star, gym and spa.<br />

Serenity Valley: large, landscaped area for outdoor sports.<br />

Outdoor golf, outdoor putting green.<br />

TENNIS<br />

COURT<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> alto<br />

club<br />


NORTH<br />

AREA<br />

*Add note: All amenities are of exclusive access to owners except for the Farmers’ Market<br />

and Owners restaurant.<br />

OWNERS<br />

club<br />


VALLEY<br />

SOUTH<br />

AREA<br />

Master Plan<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />


289<br />

apartaments<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LOCATION<br />


ROOM<br />


AREA m2<br />


AREA m2<br />


TYPE A<br />

2<br />

2<br />

1<br />

1<br />

125,77<br />

66,01<br />

TYPE B<br />

3<br />

2,5<br />

1<br />

1<br />

139,48<br />

80,11<br />

TYPE PH<br />

3<br />

2,5<br />

2<br />

1<br />

157,70<br />

340,05<br />


TYPE A<br />

2<br />

1,5<br />

1<br />

1<br />

116,66<br />

41,06<br />

TYPE B<br />

3<br />

2,5<br />

1<br />

1<br />

145,59<br />

73,52<br />

TYPE C<br />

4<br />

3,5<br />

1<br />

1<br />

171,01<br />

78,05<br />

TYPE PH<br />

3<br />

3,5<br />

2<br />

1<br />

155,13<br />

274,48<br />


TYPE A<br />

3 3,5<br />

2 1 201,17<br />

45,19<br />

TYPE B<br />

3<br />

3,5<br />

2<br />

1<br />

205,60<br />

61,67<br />

TYPE PH<br />

3<br />

3,5<br />

2<br />

1<br />

224,14<br />

426,7<br />


TYPE A<br />

2 2 1<br />

1<br />

86,94<br />

31,32<br />

TYPE B<br />

3<br />

2<br />

1<br />

1<br />

109,01<br />

36,37<br />

TYPE PH<br />

3<br />

2<br />

1<br />

1<br />

113,71<br />

82,00<br />


TYPE A<br />

2<br />

2<br />

1<br />

1<br />

108,17<br />

37,07<br />

TYPE B<br />

3<br />

2,5<br />

1<br />

1<br />

135,17<br />

71,13<br />

TYPE PH<br />

3<br />

2,5<br />

2<br />

1<br />

147,62<br />

283,8<br />

CEIBAS<br />

TYPE A<br />

2<br />

2<br />

1<br />

1<br />

114,17<br />

51,89<br />

TYPE B<br />

3<br />

2,5<br />

1<br />

1<br />

157,59<br />

76,72<br />

TYPE PH<br />

3<br />

3,5<br />

2<br />

1<br />

215,53<br />

287,61<br />

OLIVOS<br />

TYPE A<br />

2<br />

2<br />

1<br />

1<br />

91,45<br />

54,16<br />

TYPE B<br />

3<br />

3<br />

1<br />

1<br />

116,59<br />

83,22<br />

TYPE PH<br />

3<br />

2<br />

2<br />

1<br />

129,89<br />

67,12<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />

C<br />

LAYOUT,<br />




<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />



<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> consists of eight communities designed according to<br />

the needs, demands and singularities of the different segments of<br />

the luxury real estate market on the Costa del Sol, Spain.<br />

Tranquillity, familiarity and harmony with nature are the basic<br />

principles that connect all the communities.<br />

The apartments and penthouses offer up to four bedrooms that<br />

integrate indoor and outdoor spaces so that owners can enjoy the<br />

excellent Mediterranean climate.<br />

All homes are fully equipped and allow owners to customise<br />

detailed finishes to create unique environments, where the<br />

boundaries between the inside and outside are blurred, becoming<br />

harmonious spaces that merge the interior with the outdoor<br />

landscape and the breathtaking views.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />



Simple, straight lines, light colours and a<br />

Mediterranean style underpin <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>’s<br />

architectural design, which seeks to convey<br />

calmness and relaxation as well as uniformity<br />

in all its buildings.<br />

Modern luxury plays a prominent role in the homes, subtly revealed in the<br />

quality of the selected materials, finishes, interior distribution, and the techniques<br />

and technologies applied.<br />

The community grants owners the best attention and exclusive services.<br />

All residences include private facilities such as parking spaces and storage<br />

rooms, and the design of each development is completed with swimming pools,<br />

solariums and outdoor gardens.<br />

The design and architecture of the residential buildings are also reflected<br />

in the amenities that <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> offers its owners. The <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> Club is the most<br />

representative of the community and its values, housing the gym, spa and wellness<br />

area, and the lounge area with different areas and televisions, equipped with an<br />

indoor kitchen, coffee corner and wine bar. This floor is completed with a large<br />

terrace equipped with different relaxation areas, an outdoor kitchen with BBQ<br />

and beer tap encompassed by a panoramic view of more than 200 degrees of<br />

the Mediterranean Sea. The construction blends in with the rest of the buildings,<br />

maintaining the white colour scheme, large windows and openings to the<br />

outdoors, and the fusion between indoor and outdoor spaces.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />



3 BEDROOM<br />


APT // 01.2.1<br />

24<br />

Computer generated image

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />

CEIBAS<br />

3 BEDROOM<br />


APT // 01.0.2<br />

26<br />

Computer generated image

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


2 BEDROOM<br />


APT // 10.1.2<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


3 BEDROOM<br />


APT // 01.2.1<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


Pinsapos 221 is the most exclusive and<br />

unique Sky Villa in <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>, the leading<br />

community and lifestyle destination on the<br />

Costa del Sol.<br />

The property crowns the Pinsapos development, which houses the most<br />

highly valued luxury homes in the community and is south-facing with a<br />

300-degree view over the Mediterranean Sea.<br />

With its double height, this penthouse offers different spaces that suit a<br />

very exclusive lifestyle. It is accessed directly from the garage through a private<br />

lift that leads to the front door, where a hall separates the private area from<br />

the communal areas. Thus, the three bedrooms are kept to one side and<br />

offer a personal space with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe that<br />

allows owners to enjoy the restfulness and tranquillity of being at home with<br />

maximum privacy. The communal areas are dominated by the open-plan<br />

design including the living room, dining room area and open kitchen, a space<br />

to enjoy the best views of the Mediterranean Sea while cooking or relaxing on<br />

the sofa. By opening the completely frameless large windows, the interior space<br />

merges with a terrace of over 200 m2 that surrounds the entire second floor.<br />

This creates a unique environment that combines indoor and outdoor spaces<br />

for you to enjoy the unparalleled Mediterranean temperatures and light.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


The second floor of this Sky Villa is<br />

completely exterior, allowing owners to<br />

enjoy a refreshing swim in the infinity pool<br />

with uninterrupted views of Gibraltar and<br />

the African mountains or cook for the<br />

whole family in the outdoor kitchen.<br />

The apartment represents all the values of <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>, and is an example of the lifestyle<br />

destination concept that leads the community. It offers ample interior spaces that merge<br />

with the outdoor areas, all designed and decorated with great care by the prestigious<br />

Minotti Marbella, which shows owners how to get the best out of every corner.<br />

All the finishes in this apartment and the rest of the homes in <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> are fully<br />

customisable, at the owners’ expense. In addition, those who purchase their apartment<br />

off-plan will have the opportunity to modify the entire design of the residence according<br />

to their needs and desires, creating new spaces or even joining multiple homes.<br />

Owners can also make upgrades to kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />

Flooring<br />

Different porcelain tile options for indoor and<br />

outdoor floors. Wooden floors in bedrooms.<br />

Supplier: Gunni & Trentino<br />



Walls<br />

Waterproof coating, permeable to water vapour,<br />

and the highest category of French environmental<br />

labelling on indoor air emissions A+ Émissions dans l’air<br />

intérieur. Supplier: MORCENSEC<br />

Windows and exterior doors<br />

Windows and exterior doors: double glazing and<br />

aluminium, with a design that integrates the rails into<br />

the floor to eliminate any frames and create floor-toceiling<br />

open spaces. They guarantee maximum security<br />

and greater energy efficiency. Materials: Schuco<br />

Faucets and accessories<br />

the three bathrooms and the kitchen, as well as<br />

the outdoor faucets, feature simple, stainless-steel<br />

designs. Supplier: Dorn Bracht<br />

Sanitary fixtures<br />

All three bathrooms feature white porcelain fixtures<br />

in all sanitary elements, including sinks, showers and<br />

bathtubs. Supplier: Duravit<br />

Kitchen and laundry room surfaces<br />

the countertops, kitchen table and other work areas<br />

have high-quality finishes that can be quickly and<br />

thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.<br />

Supplier: Silestone<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />

Appliances<br />

Includes washing machine, dryer and refrigerator, as<br />

well as all kitchen electronics, induction cooktop, oven,<br />

microwave and exhaust fan, which is integrated into<br />

the ceiling. Supplier: Gaggenau<br />

Cabinets and wood finishes<br />

CARRÉ uses only natural wood layers with five coatings<br />

of at least 241gr/m2. FLAT lacquered white door and<br />

wardrobe model. The lacquered doors are decoratively<br />

neutral and enhance the quality of the finishes and<br />

the standard superior height provides elegance and a<br />

great appearance. Carré wardrobes are functional and<br />

aesthetic storage solutions. Supplier: Carré<br />

Lifts and garage entrances<br />

Direct private access to the apartment through a lift<br />

with the highest security standards and a customised<br />

design for <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>. The access to the garage is<br />

controlled through a mobile app that guarantees<br />

maximum security. Supplier: Thyssenkrupp<br />

Security<br />

video surveillance cameras and image recording<br />

are installed in communal areas for greater security<br />

control, including an IP-based video storage<br />

device. To capture moving images, the perimeter<br />

sensor combines infrared and microwave detection<br />

technologies. Providers: Securitas, Jaboltron, Hikvision<br />

Home automation services<br />

the home automation design studio Illusion<br />

has designed and prepared the home for the<br />

implementation of various home automation<br />

technologies and solutions. Homeowners can<br />

customise their smart home with premium products<br />

that ensure fast connectivity, durability and efficiency.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - AND OVERVIEW FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - LAYOUT, APPARENCE AND FINISH<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />

D<br />

AFETY,<br />

ECURITY,<br />




<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />



<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> has a permanent security service that controls access from the<br />

Gate House, in addition to supervising activities within the community 24/7.<br />

Both the communities and the amenities also have burglar alarm systems,<br />

an internal security camera circuit, and smoke detectors, as well as indications<br />

for emergency evacuations. To guarantee the owners’ wellbeing, acoustic<br />

barriers have also been installed to isolate the community from the noise<br />

from the access roads.<br />

All accesses are adapted to accessibility regulations for people with<br />

reduced mobility by means of ramps, lifts and elevators. The outdoor areas<br />

also have pavements adapted to facilitate mobility and movement around<br />

the community, and the landscaped areas offer delimited paths designed for<br />

functional diversity.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />

Gate House<br />

24/7 security<br />

Exterior Building<br />

gates<br />

<strong>Apartment</strong>´s<br />

Securiy alarm<br />

system<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>’s full list of security<br />

measures includes:<br />

1. Smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire blankets and fire extinguishers covering all communal<br />

areas and residence kitchen-living areas<br />

2. MEP and Fire-fighting Equipment areas located in the basement<br />

3. Staircases for safe evacuation in each building<br />

4. Vehicle entrance gates and building entrances<br />

5. Entry phone with camera for vehicle entrance gate and building main entrance<br />

6. Covered Secure Residents Parking for each apartment, and Accessible Disabled Parking<br />

7. Keypad access to building main entrance and resident vehicle gates<br />

8. Security apartment entrance door<br />

9. Emergency lighting in all communal areas<br />

10. 24-hour security guards and 24-hour monitoring<br />

11. Handicap access & WC<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> has been conceived as a lifestyle<br />

destination that allows owners to enjoy the<br />

perfect balance between their professional<br />

life and their leisure and relaxation.<br />

The residential development is complemented<br />

by multiple exclusive services.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />


Homeowners can access spaces designed for remote work with meeting<br />

rooms, high-speed connectivity and office equipment available in both the<br />

coworking building and the <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> Club. The Club also offers the most<br />

conducive environments for relaxation and rest, with a spa with multiple<br />

wellness areas, hammam area and sauna. The building is completed with a<br />

communal area available for events and meetings, as well as a fully equipped<br />

gym with state-of-the-art equipment.<br />

50<br />

Owners also have exclusive access to the Owners Club, which will have<br />

a restaurant managed by a Michelin green star chef to guarantee the<br />

sustainability of products and dishes. Within the Olivos community is the<br />

Olivos Garden, a space with indoor and outdoor relaxation and work areas,<br />

which houses the Olivos Private Lounge, the most exclusive club on the Costa<br />

del Sol. Access will be exclusive to Olivos owners, who will be able to enjoy a<br />

golf simulator, a sensory room and the games area with snooker and poker.

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> offers a 24/7 security<br />

service from the Gate House located<br />

at the entrance, which also offers<br />

concierge service correspondence<br />

and attention to owners.<br />

In addition, the community has a wide variety of outdoor<br />

spaces designed to blend in with nature and native flora, that are<br />

prepared for sports, relaxation or enjoying nature.<br />

The tennis court and putting green allow you to practice<br />

sports and improve your skills, while the Serenity Valley offers a<br />

large, landscaped area suitable for any outdoor activity.<br />

The Farmers’ Market is also held periodically and is attended<br />

by local producers offering local and sustainable products.<br />

In addition, its proximity to Marbella allows for direct cab<br />

service, which is provided by the concierge service and arrives<br />

in just 5 minutes. From the same counselling office you can<br />

book direct transport to the airport, arrange car rental or get<br />

information about transport services in the area.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />


The initial planning has<br />

considered the physiognomy of<br />

the land on which each building is<br />

located in order to take advantage<br />

of its characteristics.<br />

The communities and amenities have a solid but simple<br />

structure in which all drainage is done invisibly through<br />

internal ducts. The materials used have been evaluated to<br />

ensure maximum sustainability and the facilities have an<br />

A+ energy certification for greater efficiency. All of this has<br />

been evaluated by the BREEAM rating body that certifies<br />

sustainable construction. In addition, <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> homes include<br />

home automation technology that allows you to automate<br />

different functionalities such as heating, cooling or lighting.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />

Digitalisation is also an important principle for <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>, so a web<br />

platform has been created where owners can digitally view all documents<br />

related to their property, improving accessibility and reducing the<br />

printing of materials to zero. This platform, called Community Members<br />

Area, offers:<br />

Information about the property: appliance manuals<br />

area, deed of sale, equipment warranties, floor plans.<br />

Information about the community: community rules,<br />

master plan, regulations, agenda.<br />

Practical and service information about the<br />

surroundings and the towns of Marbella<br />

and Ojén.<br />

Directory of useful service contacts and<br />

people working in <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>: administration, Client<br />

Services, Concierge and hospitals, police, firemen.<br />

Communications: space for the publication of official<br />

communications from the developer.<br />

Suggestions: form to propose improvements or changes.<br />

In addition, different private chat groups have been created,<br />

establishing a fast and personal communication channel for each of the<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> communities.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />


Sustainability is one of the four pillars on which<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> is based, applying the latest trends and<br />

formulas to achieve not only a more responsible<br />

construction process, but also housing and services<br />

with a reduced impact on the environment. Some<br />

of the communities are already BREEAM certified,<br />

while others are in the process of evaluation, where<br />

the following measures are considered:<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />

Lighting<br />

Climate Control<br />

Water<br />

The entire community has LED lighting sources with<br />

low energy consumption and high luminous efficacy,<br />

obtaining high-quality lighting both inside the homes<br />

and in the indoor and outdoor communal areas.<br />

The lighting strategies employed avoid generating<br />

light pollution, and the buildings are designed with<br />

large window openings that allow for optimal natural<br />

lighting and views of the sky.<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>’s homes and community buildings are equipped<br />

with aerothermal and underfloor heating systems, as well as<br />

individualised mechanical ventilation systems to regulate the<br />

temperature in different rooms, thus ensuring greater energy<br />

efficiency. The fan coil cooling system has an outdoor unit located<br />

on the roof of the building and a compact indoor unit/tank<br />

where the air conditioning water is stored. In addition, envelope<br />

solutions have been applied to the exterior walls to reduce the<br />

dwelling’s energy demand, as well as energy losses.<br />

All the building’s sanitary installations are designed<br />

to minimise potable water consumption, and energy<br />

and water efficient appliances have been installed<br />

in all the dwellings. An ecologist has been hired<br />

for the outdoor areas and has carried out several<br />

environmental reports that have defined measures for<br />

rational water use by planting several native species.<br />

Recycling<br />

Conservation<br />

Selective waste collection is offered, with distinct<br />

containers assigned to each community. Information<br />

on recycling options for large materials or products<br />

is also provided, and a composting area has been<br />

designed for pruning waste from the gardens.<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>’s construction process has been based on<br />

environmentally responsible methodologies, with the aim of<br />

preserving and conserving the surroundings, reducing the<br />

impact on the environment as much as possible and managing<br />

more than 80% of the waste generated at the construction site.<br />

Environmentally certified materials have been used to determine<br />

the impact associated with their use. The characteristics of the<br />

terrain, orography and climatic conditions have also been taken<br />

into account to guarantee the conservation of the buildings.<br />

In addition, all natural environments have been nurtured with<br />

native vegetation in order to guarantee their adaptation and<br />

minimise the impact on the ecosystems as much as possible.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - SAFETY, SECURITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND INNOVATION<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />

E<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />

MARKE<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />

+184 Millons<br />

SOLD<br />

+6.600 € m 2<br />

1. MARKETING<br />


current sale price<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>’s marketing department has carried out a great<br />

task promoting and marketing the community based<br />

on an exhaustive action plan on different platforms<br />

developed by professionals with extensive marketing<br />

experience in the real estate sector.<br />

These activities have achieved the sale of 86% of the community in less than 6 years, with buyers from more than<br />

35 countries. Despite the diversity in <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>, homeowners from Central Europe are in the majority, with a large<br />

representation from Belgian, German, Dutch and English communities. Buyers are an average 10 years younger<br />

than the usual age on the Costa del Sol, a factor explained by the modern concept conveyed by <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>.<br />

Some of the milestones achieved through the marketing activities carried out include the complete sale of the<br />

36 homes that confirm the Eucaliptos off-plan community, the complete delivery of multiple developments, or the<br />

revaluation of the apartments, which reaches 50%.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />

1. MARKETING<br />


Digital identity<br />

A main website has been developed which conveys<br />

the image, values and mission of <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> through<br />

a careful and minimalist design that conveys the<br />

exclusivity, calmness and lifestyle destination concept<br />

promoted by the community.<br />

Social profiles<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> has profiles on Instagram, Facebook,<br />

LinkedIn and YouTube that follow the same principles.<br />

The most relevant network is Instagram, where a<br />

curated feed is provided with images of the community<br />

and the lifestyle it offers. YouTube includes regular<br />

videos featuring new promotions, and LinkedIn and<br />

Facebook have occasional corporate-level posts.<br />

Digital marketing<br />

International digital marketing campaigns have<br />

been carried out in target countries such as the United<br />

Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.<br />

The strategy has focused on social ads, positioning and<br />

remarketing campaigns.<br />

Media Marketing<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> has collaborated with national and<br />

international media by publishing sponsored<br />

content presenting the community, its services and<br />

the lifestyle destination concept. The leading lifestyle<br />

and luxury magazine in Marbella Essential Magazine<br />

has been its main collaborator in Spain, while at the<br />

international level campaigns have been launched<br />

in the Belgian publication Trends and Tendencies,<br />

published in Flemish and French and focused on an<br />

audience with a high purchasing power.<br />

Street marketing<br />

Billboards were installed at strategic points in the<br />

Málaga region of Spain, especially near the city of<br />

Marbella and the airport. These billboards presented<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> and its lifestyle destination concept.<br />

Scent Marketing<br />

To give <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> an entity of its own, it is essential to<br />

associate it with a fragrance. Through a collaboration<br />

with Rituals, the Green Cardamon scent was selected<br />

to represent the community, placing air fresheners in<br />

key points of the Club and the main amenities.<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />

List of links<br />

Current campaign:<br />

https://olivos.paloaltomarbella.com/<br />

Website:<br />

https://www.paloaltomarbella.com/<br />

Instagram:<br />

https://www.instagram.com/<br />

paloaltomarbellaspain/paloaltomarbellaspain/<br />

Facebook:<br />

https://www.facebook.com/paloaltomarbella<br />

YouTube:<br />

https://www.youtube.com/channel/<br />

UCVI40otTLYlTnZBQUE8WmjA<br />

LinkedIn:<br />

https://www.linkedin.com/company/<br />

paloaltomarbella/<br />




<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />

Current Billboard campaing<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />

2. PUBLIC<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> has developed a communications and<br />

public relations programme focused on building<br />

its brand image as a leading lifestyle destination<br />

on the Costa del Sol.<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> has developed a communications and public relations programme focused on<br />

building its brand image as a leading lifestyle destination on the Costa del Sol. The actions<br />

developed in conjunction with the communications agency LF Channel have announced the<br />

launch of new community developments, presenting their features and benefits, as well as the<br />

advantages of owning a property in <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>.<br />

In addition, brand positioning campaigns have been developed through opinion articles<br />

focused on topics related to <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong>.<br />

We have also carried out communicative actions focused on the local level in collaboration<br />

with regional media. The values of <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> have been shared, presenting them as the<br />

pillars on which the community is based and which govern its actions and interaction with its<br />

environment. Thus, events were announced related to donations to the third sector or activities<br />

in which <strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> wanted to proactively contribute to the development of the activities of its<br />

stakeholders through sponsorships, donations, collaborations or contributions.<br />

Some of the most relevant results are:<br />

La Opinión de Málaga (+465k readers),<br />

EjePrime (+19k readers), Málaga Hoy (+1M<br />

readers), Diario Sur (+6M readers),<br />

El Economista (+27M readers), Inmodiario<br />

(+930k readers), Revista Interiores (+65k<br />

readers).<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />

List of links<br />

La Opinión de Málaga:<br />

https://www.laopiniondemalaga.es/<br />

marbella/2022/06/17/construyen-complejoresidencial-espacio-coworking-67389311.html<br />

El Economista:<br />

https://www.eleconomista.es/vivienda/<br />

noticias/11737346/04/22/Claves-para-realizaruna-inversion-inteligente-en-el-sectorinmobiliario-de-lujo.html<br />

EjePrime:<br />

https://www.ejeprime.com/empresa/roundhill-invertira-350-millones-en-residencias-deestudiantes-en-espana-y-portugal.html<br />

Diario Sur:<br />

https://www.diariosur.es/opinion/territorioencuentro-nomadas-20221006000030-ntvo.html<br />

Inmodiario:<br />

​https://inmodiario.com/de-segunda-residenciaa-vivienda-principal-el-auge-de-las-lifestyledestinations/<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - MARKETING<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />

<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> Marbella<br />

Arrabal Au. 6, 2V<br />

Carretera Marbella-Ojén A-335 km 4<br />

29610 Ojén, Málaga Spain<br />

Tel: (+34) 900 102 322<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />


<strong>Palo</strong> <strong>Alto</strong> - OVERVIEW<br />


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