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<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Martha<br />

Collins<br />

Director of Education<br />

& Stage Director at<br />

Sarasota Opera<br />

Also in this issue:<br />

■ The Sarasota Circus is back<br />

■ Spring Training Returns<br />

■ Dining In: Shrimp Recipes<br />

■ Travel News and Updates

Saturday, February 10, 4PM<br />

Church of the Palms<br />

Join Key Chorale for the U.S. Premiere of The Legend of Bijan<br />

and Manijeh by Persian composer Farhad Poupel. For piano,<br />

choir, and orchestra, with concert pianist Jeffrey Biegel.<br />


Join Artistic Director Joseph Caulkins, Composer Farhad Poupel,<br />

and concert pianist Jeffrey Biegel before the concert.<br />


The Captive Queen – Jean Sibelius<br />

Adagietto from Symphony No. 5 – Gustav Mahler<br />

Wedding Cantata – Daniel Pinkham<br />

Three Shakespeare Madrigals – Emma Lou Diemer<br />

The Water is Wide – René Clausen<br />

Childhood Memories (Persian Suite) – Farhad Poupel<br />

The Legend of Bijan and Manijeh – Farhad Poupel<br />

Susan Goldfarb<br />


2023-<strong>2024</strong><br />

















Jeffrey Biegel, Concert Pianist<br />



& MUCH MORE!<br />

Programs Available In Person and on Zoom<br />

Purchase your tickets today at:<br />

KeyChorale.org • 941.552.8768<br />

567 Bay Isles Road, Longboat Key, FL<br />

www.TBIeducationcenter.org<br />

email: edcenter@longboatkeytemple.org<br />

For a brochure call: (941) 383-8222<br />

2 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

contents<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

Louise M. Bruderle<br />

Email: westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Carol Darling<br />

Contributing Photographer<br />

Evelyn England<br />

Art Director/Graphic Designer<br />

Kimberly Carmell<br />

Assistant to the Publisher<br />

Mimi Gato<br />

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n Out & About: includes<br />

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lectures, dance, poetry, shows<br />

& performances, theatre, film,<br />

seasonal events and more.<br />

n You’re News: job announcements,<br />

appointments and promotions,<br />

board news, business news and<br />

real estate news.<br />


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/<br />

WCWmedia<br />

happening this month - The Circus!<br />

Featuring new acts, Circus Sarasota’s <strong>2024</strong> production again has high-flying action,<br />

comedic antics, and acts that defy both expectations and the boundaries of physical<br />

limitations. Runs Feb. 16 - March 10 at Nathan Benderson Park. Preview is on<br />

p12<br />

travel<br />

Planning a getaway in <strong>2024</strong>?<br />

You’re not alone. Learn about<br />

opportunities, offers and what’s hot<br />

p26<br />

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west coast<br />

WOMAN<br />

dining in<br />

Remember that scene in Forrest Gump<br />

when Bubbah recites all the ways of<br />

preparing shrimp, “…shrimp with grits,<br />

shrimp with rice…’’? Here are some<br />

recipes Bubbah may have overlooked.<br />

p30<br />

departments<br />

4 editor’s letter<br />

7 Out & About: listings for things to do<br />

12 focus on the arts: Sarasota Circus<br />

14 good news<br />

15 health: all about Craniosacral Therapy<br />

16 west coast woman:<br />

Martha Collins - Sarasota Opera<br />

18 coming up: Through Women's Eyes<br />

International Film Festival<br />

19 focus on the arts:<br />

Chamber Orchestra of Sarasota<br />

20 focus on the arts: Women<br />

Contemporary Artists exhibit<br />

21 healthier you: The Renewal Point<br />

23 happening this month: Spring Training<br />

24 focus on the arts: Key Chorale<br />

26 travel news<br />

28 focus on the arts:<br />

ArtCenter Manatee<br />

30 dining in: shrimp, shrimp,<br />

and more shrimp<br />

■ on the cover: Martha Collins, Director of Education and Stage Director at Sarasota Opera.<br />

■ Image: Evelyn England<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 3

just some<br />

thoughts<br />

Louise Bruderle<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

West Coast Woman<br />

Martha Collins<br />

One of the benefits of this job is to meet people<br />

who have interesting jobs. The other is getting to<br />

see where they work. Such is the case with Martha<br />

Collins, Director of Education & Stage Director at<br />

the Sarasota Opera. February is peak season at the<br />

Sarasota Opera as their Winter Festival is underway<br />

this month with two operas; Carmen and Lucia Di<br />

Lammermoor.<br />

Martha will be the Stage Director for Carmen, the<br />

popular opera by Georges Bizet. What’s a stage director?<br />

Well, it’s not being the conductor - that’s Maestro<br />

Martha Collins<br />

Image: Evelyn England<br />

Victor DeRenzi. When you’re the stage director, you<br />

are in charge of where people move and what they do and how they<br />

interact onstage. But, that’s a simplified explanation. Learn more in my<br />

feature about the many hats Martha wears at Sarasota Opera.<br />

Martha herself was a singer and performed onstage and has made a<br />

successful transition to handling the backstage as well. She’s also the<br />

Education Director - working with youth like this past November when<br />

they put on their performance of The Little Sweep.<br />

That job also involves many moving parts including auditioning and<br />

developing young talent for Sarasota Youth Opera. I learned that the<br />

Sarasota Youth Opera is the only program in the United States committed<br />

to both presenting an annual full-scale opera production for young<br />

voices, as well as accepting all who wish to participate regardless of skill<br />

level or ability and, it’s the 40th anniversary of the Sarasota Youth Opera.<br />

Postscript to January’s WCW<br />

Natalia Levey<br />

I’m glad Natalia liked her profile in our January <strong>2024</strong> issue. Hers was a<br />

very popular online posting that drew lots of likes. She was pleased, I’m<br />

happy to say, but wanted us to add that the watermelon gazpacho soup<br />

recipe mentioned in the article was created by chef Hart Lowry, their<br />

culinary director.<br />

As the article noted, she and her husband have a collaborative style<br />

of management and they value and recognize their team members.<br />

We’re at peak season, so I hope you have made advance reservations to<br />

dine in one of their many restaurants.<br />

Lots of Love for Cat Depot<br />

I’ll always have a place in my heart for Cat Depot. I didn’t get my kitty<br />

there. Instead, Mimi (my cat) was adopted from another cat rescue<br />

organization that Cat Depot moved in to help when the remaining cats<br />

at the failing organization<br />

were abandoned. That<br />

was two decades ago and<br />

that’s when Cat Depot<br />

was formed.<br />

So Cat Depot is having<br />

its 20th anniversary.<br />

They’re not the oldest<br />

animal sanctuary in<br />

Sarasota, but in my<br />

opinion, they’re one of<br />

the best. After saving as<br />

many of those poor cats<br />

as possible, they created a<br />

beautiful no-kill shelter at 2542 17th St. in Sarasota.<br />

“What began with 262 cats from an overcrowded shutdown shelter<br />

has become the Cat Depot you know today,” says their website. And<br />

years later, they can say they have touched the lives of nearly 20,000<br />

cats through adoption and through their public Cat Care Clinic,<br />

community programs and more.<br />

Their event is on Thursday, March 7 at the Sarasota Hyatt. Tickets<br />

and info: catdepot.org<br />

New Horizons;<br />

New Places to Explore in <strong>2024</strong><br />

The energy, excitement and renewal that a new year brings no doubt<br />

has many thinking of travel. I love travel - it recharges my batteries and<br />

I come back to work relaxed as well as focused on the future. I was able<br />

to make short trips to DC, Philly, New York, Cape May and Stone Harbor<br />

(both in New Jersey) and my big trip was to Ireland back in August <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

On my bucket list for <strong>2024</strong> is Wimbledon (I’m hopeful, anyway). Each<br />

year, I like to choose a wish list experience then reach for it. Apparently<br />

I’m not alone. There’s still lots of pent up demand for travel and, with<br />

the economy doing better, the roads, rails and skyways will again be<br />

busy. Let’s hope the weather cooperates and allows us to achieve our<br />

travel dreams.<br />

According to Forbes magazine, people are “…going farther. They’re<br />

planning ahead. And they’re taking bigger risks.” They add, “And they<br />

are not letting geopolitical risks — or, for that matter, personal risks —<br />

slow them down.”<br />

“Demand for travel remains strong,” according to Daniel Durazo,<br />

a spokesman for Allianz Partners USA. Indeed, a new Harris<br />

Poll conducted on behalf of Intrepid Travel found most US adults (57%)<br />

say they plan to take the same number of trips in <strong>2024</strong> as they did in<br />

2023, and about 1 in 4 (26%) plan to travel more.<br />

Some <strong>2024</strong> travelers are already getting ahead of trend-spotters.<br />

At travelinsurance.com, an online broker of travel insurance policies,<br />

company co-founder Stan Sandberg says he’s already seeing off-thebeaten-path<br />

travel increasing for <strong>2024</strong>, with bookings to 25 more<br />

countries than last year. Andorra, Palau, and Grenada are newly popular.<br />

Everett Potter — a tour guide for National Geographic Expeditions,<br />

travel columnist for Forbes, and publisher of Everett Potter’s Travel<br />

Report — sees new buzz around Norway, Slovenia, and Romania.<br />

Henley Vazquez — co-founder of travel agency Fora Travel — says she’s<br />

seeing a jump in <strong>2024</strong> bookings for Bhutan, the Buddhist kingdom in<br />

the Himalayas, as well as the Spanish island of Majorca.<br />

David Swanson — a veteran journalist — says Greenland is starting<br />

to draw more interest, especially from expedition cruisers. VBT — a<br />

long-tenured biking, walking, and multi-sport touring company — says<br />

its hottest destination for <strong>2024</strong> is Croatia.<br />

Closer to Home and Coming:<br />

Circus Sarasota performances return this<br />

month. Here’s an example of the talent<br />

they offer: Noemi España (an expert at<br />

contortion and hand balancing - imagine<br />

that on your resume) is an eighth-generation<br />

circus performer, debuted her hula<br />

hoop act in Spain at the age of 14, later<br />

performing in Circo Price in Madrid,<br />

Spain.<br />

She has since performed in Australia,<br />

Italy, Panama, and other locations.<br />

She landed a symphony theatre tour<br />

with Cirque Musica across the U.S.<br />

and Canada, including a monumental<br />

performance at the famous Hollywood<br />

Bowl. But there’s more, her unique ability<br />

to shoot a bow and arrow with her feet<br />

keeps audiences amazed and in suspense<br />

Sarasota Film Festival is coming up<br />

April 5-14. Suffice to say, there’s a lot<br />

coming up and I better stop before I run out of space. Enjoy!<br />

Louise Bruderle | Editor and Publisher |<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this column and on other columns and features in this issue.<br />

You can reach us at westcoastwoman@comcast.net. We’re on the web at www.WestCoastWoman.com.<br />

4 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>




15 years in Sarasota!<br />


THE BEST<br />






2023<br />

Neck or<br />

low back pain?<br />

Avoid surgery and<br />

get your life back!<br />

Heidi K. Anderson<br />

MD<br />

Amy Fenenga<br />

PA-C, MPA<br />

Bradley Kovach<br />

MD<br />

Megan Sorensen<br />

PA-C<br />



Monika Holder<br />

PA-C<br />

Candice Staron<br />

APRN, FNP-C<br />

For your Skin.<br />

For your Well-Being.<br />

5310 Clark Rd. Suite 201 • Sarasota, FL 34233<br />

941-925-3627 • DocsofSarasota.com<br />

(Sarasota, Florida) Dr. David Cifra, DC who is<br />

board certified in the specialty of Non-Surgical<br />

Spinal Decompression has been peer-nominated<br />

and recognized again in 2023 by the International<br />

Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression.<br />

This advanced certification is provided<br />

in conjunction with Disc Centers of<br />

America, which sets the gold standard<br />

in training and research, on the<br />

latest, most effective options for the<br />

alleviation & treatment of<br />

spinal disc disorders, which<br />

often cause low back<br />

pain, neck pain, sciatica,<br />

numbness, tingling, pins<br />

and needle sensations<br />

and more.<br />

Dr. Cifra is committed to helping<br />

his patients AVOID narcotics, epidural<br />

injections, and unnecessary surgeries.<br />

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression<br />

provides safe, gentle, and effective<br />

relief for upwards of 90% of patients that<br />

qualify for care.<br />


1215 S. EAST AVE. SUITE 210, SARASOTA FL 34239<br />

SarasotaDiscCenter.com<br />

CALL (941) 358-2224 OR (315) 345-7390 TODAY<br />


Engaging Adult Day program<br />

for your Loved One<br />

& Caregiver respite time<br />

for You<br />

Take a few hours for self-care<br />

or to run errands weekly without<br />

concern for your loved one home alone.<br />

1820 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota<br />

Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 3:30pm<br />

2350 Scenic Drive, Venice<br />

Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 3:00pm<br />

Call for a tour! (941) 556-3268<br />

See our website for details and virtual tour<br />

www.friendshipcenters.org<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 5

Program 5 | FSU Center<br />

The Sarasota Ballet presents<br />

MAR 8<br />

7:30 PM<br />

MAR 9<br />

2:00 PM | 7:30 PM<br />

MAR 10<br />

2:00 PM | 7:30 PM<br />

MAR 11<br />

7:30 PM<br />

Program Media Sponsor<br />

941.359.0099 | SarasotaBallet.org<br />

Club Havana by Pedro Ruiz | Photo by Erin Baiano<br />

6 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

out &about<br />

Art Crawl<br />

Trolley Tour<br />

Discover Sarasota Tours has an<br />

Art Crawl Trolley Tour showcasing<br />

Sarasota’s galleries, studios, and public<br />

art. This city-wide tour explores six<br />

different downtown Sarasota neighborhoods<br />

on the 2nd Friday night<br />

from 5-9 p.m. through April. The tour<br />

is led by local guide and watercolor<br />

artist Jerome Chesley.<br />

Visitors start at the Trolley Cottage<br />

Gift Shop located in Gillespie Park.<br />

Guests can also visit the Artful Giraffe<br />

Gallery at this hub location. Then they<br />

will board the trolley or van to explore<br />

Historic Burns Court, Towles Court<br />

Art Center, Limelight District, Main<br />

Street, Palm Avenue and the Rosemary<br />

District.<br />

During the 30-minute rotating tour<br />

they will see Sarasota’s collection of<br />

public art. At each hub stop, guests can<br />

hop off to explore galleries and studios<br />

or hop back on to go to the next stop.<br />

Participating galleries include:<br />

Chasen Galleries at the Mark, 530<br />

Burns Court, Define Gallery, Palmer<br />

Gallery, Artful Giraffe, Creative Liberties,<br />

Bazaar on Apricot and Lime/<br />

Hamlet’s Eatery, Helmuth Stone, Towles<br />

Court Art Center, Mara Studio Gallery,<br />

Sarasota Trading Company, Alex<br />

Art International, Art Ovation Hotel,<br />

Sarasota Fine Art, Meg Krakowiak Studio<br />

and NorthStar Jewelry and Gallery.<br />

The Art Crawl will be offered on February<br />

9, March 8, and April 12. The $10<br />

ticket includes transport to each of the<br />

tour’s six gallery locations, free parking<br />

at The Trolley Cottage Gift Shop,<br />

and complimentary beer, wine, or<br />

water before boarding. For tickets and<br />

information, visit at DiscoverSarasota<br />

Tours.com or call 941-260-9818.<br />

▼<br />

Special Events<br />

Church of the Palms’ Faith &<br />

Society Speaker Series presents<br />

Kristin Du Mez. Dr. Du Mez is a professor<br />

of History at Calvin University.<br />

Her research areas focus on the intersection<br />

of gender, religion, and politics<br />

in recent American history. She is the<br />

author of the bestselling book Jesus<br />

and John Wayne. Held on February<br />

22, 5-8:30 p.m. Free and open to all.<br />

Info: www.churchofthepalms.org<br />

▼<br />

The 26th Annual Thunder by the<br />

Bay Music & Motorcycle Festival<br />

returns to the Sarasota Fairgrounds<br />

on February 16-18 and for the first<br />

time will feature three headliners:<br />

Molly Hatchet (February 16 at 8 p.m.),<br />

Grand Funk Railroad (February 17 at<br />

8 p.m.), and Creed Fisher (February<br />

18 at 3 p.m.).<br />

The festival is organized by, and<br />

benefits, Suncoast Charities for Children.<br />

In addition to the headliner acts<br />

announced, Foreigner Experience,<br />

Stormbringer, One Night Rodeo, The<br />

Lost Boys, Nobody’s Fool, and KJB will<br />

be performing the best of classic rock<br />

and country music live on stage.<br />

The festival will feature over 100 vendors,<br />

a bike show, motocross freestyle<br />

demonstrations, Universal Championship<br />

Wrestling, activities for the<br />

kids, a food court, and more. Thunder<br />

Alley will make a return inside Robarts<br />

Arena, showcasing custom bikes on<br />

display. Sarasota’s own custom bike<br />

builder, Kory Souza of Kory Souza Originals,<br />

will be hosting a motorcycle stereo<br />

sound-off competition and unveiling<br />

a new custom-built motorcycle.<br />

▼<br />

On February<br />

18, a motorcycle<br />

charity ride called<br />

“Ride So Children<br />

Can Thrive” will<br />

begin at Adrenaline<br />

Harley-Davidson,<br />

with stops at<br />

several non-profit<br />

agencies that<br />

receive funding<br />

support from<br />

Suncoast Charities<br />

for Children,<br />

ending at the festival.<br />

In 2023 the<br />

festival generated<br />

a net revenue of<br />

$315,000.00 for<br />

Suncoast Charities<br />

for Children.<br />

Five additional<br />

fundraisers<br />

scheduled to take<br />

place in advance<br />

of the three-day<br />

festival include<br />

the 10th Annual<br />

Sporting Clay<br />

Tournament, a<br />

Thunder By The<br />

Bay “Rocks The<br />

Runway” Fashion Show, “Born To Be<br />

Wild” Festival Kickoff Party, a “Whiskey<br />

Wind Down” tasting paired with<br />

food, and a “Taste of Thunder” craft<br />

beer tasting experience. Tickets:<br />

Thunderbythebay.org<br />

Cat Depot’s 20th Anniversary<br />

Celebration takes place on March<br />

7 at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota. The<br />

evening will include entertainment,<br />

hand-crafted cocktails, dinner, dancing,<br />

and a silent auction.<br />

What began with 262 cats from<br />

an overcrowded shutdown shelter<br />

has become the Cat Depot you know<br />

today. They have touched the lives of<br />

nearly 20,000 cats through adoption<br />

and others through our public Cat<br />

Care Clinic, community programs and<br />

more. Tickets and info: catdepot.org<br />

▼<br />

The Ringling offers Bayfront Gardens<br />

Tour through April 29. This<br />

small group guided walking tour<br />

introduces you to interesting botanical<br />

specimens, while providing a historic<br />

overview of the development of the<br />

estate. The Ringling has over 2,350<br />

trees representing native, exotic, historical,<br />

and culturally significant trees.<br />

The tour is 90 minutes long and<br />

takes place entirely outdoors. Participants<br />

are encouraged to bring bottled<br />

water, and wear appropriate footwear,<br />

and sun protection. The tour is subject<br />

to weather conditions and ticket<br />

includes access to the Bayfront Gardens<br />

for the rest of the day. www.ringling.org/visit/tours<br />

▼<br />

▼<br />

Artist Series Concerts has<br />

Empire Wild, a genrebending<br />

crossover trio<br />

featuring Juilliard-trained<br />

classical musicians who<br />

fuse the sounds of pop, folk,<br />

Broadway and classical.<br />

Cellists Ken Kubota and Mitch Lyon and<br />

pianist Jiyong Kim perform on February 21<br />

at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.<br />

Architecture Sarasota’s speaker<br />

series exploring the evolution and<br />

future of downtown Sarasota. Presented<br />

at the Art Ovation Hotel, the<br />

series continues on February 28, will<br />

feature Victor Dover, Founding Principal<br />

of Dover, Kohl & Partners, a firm<br />

emphasizing New Urbanism principles<br />

as the foundation for sustainable<br />

town planning.<br />

Victor’s presentation will focus on<br />

effective master planning in Florida,<br />

including the special opportunities<br />

and constraints of planning in the<br />

state and how to create effective,<br />

meaningful master plans.<br />

For more information and to purchase<br />

tickets, visit www.architecturesarasota.org<br />

The Cooking for Wishes event<br />

will be held on February 22 at Circus<br />

Arts Conservatory. The event offers<br />

a four-course, interactive dinner<br />

where guests at each table prepare<br />

their own meal under the direction<br />

of Executive Chef Jamil Piñeda<br />

and Phil Mancini from Michael’s<br />

on East. The evening features wine<br />

selected by Michael Klauber, live and<br />

silent auctions, and perspective from<br />

a family on the life-changing nature<br />

of its wish experience.<br />

Proceeds will underwrite the cost<br />

to grant life-changing wishes for<br />

local children that have critical illnesses.<br />

www.cookingforwishes.com<br />

for tickets.<br />

▼<br />

The 38th Annual Huge Rummage<br />

Sale is February 22-24 in the<br />

Englewood Methodist Church Fellowship<br />

Hall, 700 E. Dearborn Street. Just<br />

about everything imaginable fills the<br />

gymnasium-sized hall, inside and out.<br />

Pay a $5 “Shop Early Admission<br />

Fee” Thursday only at the “Early Bird”<br />

Pre-Sale, February 23 from 3-6 p.m.<br />

Admission is free Friday, February 23<br />

from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday,<br />

February 24 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.<br />

Proceeds support local charitable programs.<br />

Donated goods may be placed<br />

in the pod on the Church parking<br />

lot until February 10, and again later<br />

when announced after the sale.<br />

For rummage sale information call<br />

Cindy, 847-636-0118. See www.englewoodmethodist.com<br />

for information<br />

about the Church.<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota Succulent Society presents<br />

Weird Plants for Cool People on<br />

Saturday, February 17 at 10 am. The<br />

gardens will open from 9am to noon<br />

at 1310 38th Street, Sarasota (off MyrtleStreet).<br />

Mitch Kessler will be presenting a<br />

fun-filled session on how to care for<br />

and grow cactus and succulents in<br />

Florida. He will be bringing a variety<br />

of plants to show and sell. Tour the<br />

gardens. Lots of succulents, cactus,<br />

and air plants to see and purchase.<br />

▼<br />

Perlman<br />

Music<br />

Program<br />

Suncoast<br />

PMP Alumni<br />

Recitals has<br />

the Punchline<br />

Quartet on February<br />

12, 7 p.m.<br />

at Sarasota Art<br />

Museum, Thomas<br />

McGuire Hall,<br />

1001 S. Tamiami<br />

Trail, Sarasota.<br />

Combining<br />

musical mastery<br />

with a touch of<br />

wit, the Punchline<br />

Quartet<br />

delivers engaging<br />

performances<br />

that crescendo<br />

to a captivating<br />

musical punchline.<br />

Formed in<br />

2022 by violinists<br />

Kate Arndt, Ria<br />

Honda, violist<br />

Sarah Sung, and<br />

cellist Elena<br />

Ariza, the Punchline Quartet actively<br />

sows the seeds of creativity, passion,<br />

and lifelong learning amongst the<br />

younger generation.<br />

The quartet members have individually<br />

been a part of the PMP community<br />

as far back as 2010 and have found<br />

their way together in the fall of 2022<br />

with the shared passion for chamber<br />

music and community engagement.<br />

Comprising four women, they felt it<br />

most suitable to champion Caroline<br />

Shaw’s music, alongside the classic<br />

Beethoven and Dvorak.<br />

“HERS” The Carr-Petrova Duo:<br />

Molly Carr, viola; Anna Petrova,<br />

piano perform on March 3; Artist talk<br />

at 6 p.m.; followed by a concert at 7:15<br />

p.m. at The Harvest, 3650 17th Street,<br />

Sarasota.<br />

Violist Molly Carr and pianist Anna<br />

Petrova will present a concert performing<br />

pieces from their album that<br />

celebrates female composers from the<br />

1100’s to the present day. In a pre-performance<br />

talk, they will speak about<br />

the composers and their importance<br />

in music history. “HERS” vibrantly celebrates<br />

the vision, strength, resilience,<br />

and incredible accomplishments<br />

of eight fearless women – from the<br />

12th-century’s Hildegard Von Bingen<br />

to today’s Beyoncé.<br />

Tickets at www.PMPSuncoast.org.<br />

▼<br />

Key Chorale<br />

Witness the U.S. Premiere of The<br />

Legend of Bijan and Manijeh by<br />

Iranian composer Farhad Poupel, for<br />

piano, choir, and orchestra, with concert<br />

pianist Jeffrey Biegel on February<br />

10. This evocative work is based on an<br />

ancient Persian love story taken from<br />

the Shahnameh (The Book of Kings),<br />

an epic poem by Persian poet Ferdowsi<br />

written between 977 and 1010 CE.<br />

Other love stories, mythical and historical,<br />

are brought to life through the<br />

music of the great composers.<br />

On February 20, celebrate the<br />

power of choral music through an<br />

inspired performance by more than<br />

200 singers of all ages, from high<br />

school students to seniors for Tomorrow’s<br />

Voices Today, High School Choral<br />

Festival. This intergenerational<br />

choral festival has inspired countless<br />

▼<br />

high school students by encouraging<br />

music-making at the highest level.<br />

Hear some of the very best repertoire<br />

of the season from the Booker, Riverview,<br />

and Sarasota High School choirs<br />

performing separately and alongside<br />

Key Chorale.<br />

Key Chorale joins Music Director<br />

Troy Quinn and The Venice Symphony<br />

for three performances in late February<br />

for a concert of modern classics from<br />

Alan Menken, the award-winning composer<br />

of the music from Disney’s Aladdin,<br />

Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid<br />

and of course, Beauty and the Beast.<br />

Bring your family to relive these classic<br />

scores that have shaped generations of<br />

music and movie lovers alike.<br />

Here’s the schedule:<br />

• February 10 – Triumph of Love,<br />

U.S. Premiere of a Persian Love Story<br />

• February 20 – Tomorrow’s Voices<br />

Today, High School Choral Festival<br />

• February 23 and 24 – Disney’s Maestro,<br />

A Tribute to Alan Menken – A<br />

Venice Symphony collaboration<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

keychorale.org.<br />

Town Hall<br />

Town Hall continues with Stanley<br />

Tucci on February 26. Tucci is an<br />

Academy Award nominated actor<br />

known for his versatility as an actor,<br />

writer, director, and producer. He has<br />

appeared in over 90 films, countless<br />

television shows, and more than a<br />

dozen plays, on and off Broadway.<br />

Tucci reached his widest audience<br />

yet in the role of Caesar Flickerman<br />

in The Hunger Games. Stanley Tucci:<br />

Searching for Italy is Tucci’s latest<br />

endeavor, which was greeted with<br />

excitement and success from both its<br />

fans and critics.<br />

Best-selling author Nir Eyal will<br />

share insights from the field of behavioral<br />

design on March 11. Eyal writes,<br />

consults, and teaches about the intersection<br />

of psychology, technology,<br />

and business. He co-founded and<br />

sold two tech companies since 2003.<br />

He is the author of two bestselling<br />

books, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming<br />

Products and Indistractable:<br />

How to Control Your Attention<br />

and Choose Your Life.<br />

Ballet legend Misty Copeland closes<br />

out Town Hall on April 15. Copeland<br />

joined American Ballet Theatre’s Studio<br />

Company in September 2000, joined<br />

ABT as a member of the corps de ballet<br />

in April 2001, and in August 2007<br />

became the company’s second African<br />

American female soloist and the first<br />

in two decades. In 2015, Misty was promoted<br />

to principal dancer, making her<br />

the first African American woman to<br />

ever be promoted to the position in the<br />

company’s 75-year history.<br />

Visit www.rclassociation.org<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota Opera<br />

Sarasota Opera’s Winter<br />

Opera Festival runs from February<br />

17 through March 24. The festival<br />

will open on February 17 with Carmen<br />

by Georges Bizet, a company<br />

favorite, last seen in 2018.<br />

Gaetano Donizetti’s brooding<br />

masterpiece Lucia di Lammermoor,<br />

last given in 2012 will return on February<br />

24. Giuseppe Verdi’s Luisa<br />

Miller, last performed nearly 25<br />

years ago will open on March 9.<br />

The festival will conclude with the<br />

Sarasota Opera premiere of Franz<br />

Joseph Haydn’s Deceit Outwitted (L’infedeltà<br />

delusa) a charming comedy,<br />

continued on page 8<br />

▼<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 7

out and about continued<br />

which has not had a fully-staged production<br />

in the U.S. by a professional<br />

American opera company since 1971.<br />

For tickets, visit SarasotaOpera.org<br />

or call the box office at (941) 328-1300.<br />

Selby Gardens<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens<br />

will present Yayoi Kusama: A Letter<br />

to Georgia O’Keeffe which examines<br />

the work of major artists through the<br />

lens of their connection to nature.<br />

The exhibition runs February 11<br />

through June 30, <strong>2024</strong>, at Selby Gardens’<br />

Downtown Sarasota campus. It<br />

will explore the impactful mentoring<br />

relationship that developed between<br />

artists Yayoi Kusama and Georgia<br />

O’Keeffe based on their personal correspondence<br />

at a critical point in Kusama’s<br />

artistic development. This show<br />

also will explore the ways in which the<br />

work of both artists is rooted in nature,<br />

befitting an art and horticultural experience<br />

set in a botanical garden.”<br />

In the mid-1950s, Yayoi Kusama was<br />

a young artist living in Japan, where<br />

her future was very uncertain. Seeking<br />

advice from a more established<br />

female artist, Kusama wrote to Georgia<br />

O’Keeffe, whose work she greatly<br />

admired but whom she had never<br />

met. To Kusama’s surprise, O’Keeffe<br />

responded, thus establishing a correspondence<br />

that gave the young Japanese<br />

artist the courage to move to<br />

America and pursue her career in New<br />

York City, which was then the center of<br />

the art world. Kusama’s decision, with<br />

O’Keeffe’s encouragement, forever<br />

changed the course of modern art history.<br />

Tickets: https://selby.org/<br />

▼<br />

Venice Symphony<br />

Venice Symphony presents Hooray<br />

for Hollywood with Michael<br />

Feinstein is on February 9 at 7:30 pm<br />

and February 10 at 3:30 and 7:30 pm.<br />

Feinstein has played at the Hollywood<br />

Bowl, Carnegie Hall, Buckingham<br />

Palace and the White House. Now you<br />

can see this five-time Grammy nominee<br />

in Venice with Troy Quinn and<br />

The Venice Symphony at this special<br />

event concert.<br />

Magical Maestro: A Tribute to Alan<br />

Menken is on February 23 at 7:30 pm<br />

and February 24 at 3:30 and 7:30 pm.<br />

Enjoy a concert of modern classics<br />

from Alan Menken, the award-winning<br />

composer of the music from<br />

Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid<br />

and of course, Beauty and the<br />

Beast. Bring your family to relive these<br />

classic scores that have shaped generations<br />

of music and movie lovers alike.<br />

Guest artist are members of Sarasota’s<br />

Key Chorale.<br />

Tickets: www.thevenicesymphony.org<br />

▼<br />

The Circus Arts<br />

Conservatory<br />

Each year, Circus Sarasota features<br />

top global circus artists performing<br />

in a one-ring traditional<br />

circus setting. With chills, thrills, and<br />

laughs aplenty, this is a show that’s<br />

not to be missed and awe inspiring<br />

for every age.<br />

Runs February 16 - March 10 at Ulla<br />

Searing Big Top at Nathan Benderson<br />

Park, 5851 Nathan Benderson Circle,<br />

Sarasota. Visit circusarts.org or call<br />

the Box Office at 941-355-9805.<br />

▼<br />

Artist Series<br />

Concerts<br />

8 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Artist Series<br />

Concerts of<br />

Sarasota presents<br />

three concerts in<br />

February, all featuring<br />

emerging<br />

artists. Chelsea<br />

Guo, piano and<br />

soprano, performs<br />

with Joseph Holt,<br />

piano, on February<br />

1 at the Sarasota<br />

Yacht Club.<br />

Genre-hopping<br />

trio Empire Wild<br />

perform on February<br />

21 at Marie<br />

Selby Botanical<br />

Gardens. Prizewinning<br />

pianist<br />

Lin Ye returns<br />

to Sarasota on<br />

February 24 for a<br />

concert at Church of the Palms.<br />

Chelsea Guo, piano and soprano, is<br />

a rare musical double feature. Winner<br />

of the 2022 Young Concert Artists<br />

Susan Wadsworth International Auditions,<br />

she was included in Classic FM’s<br />

“Rising Stars: 30 Brilliant Musicians<br />

We’re Celebrating in 2022.” Her 2021<br />

debut album, “Chelsea Guo: Chopin<br />

in My Voice,” reached #7 on the Billboard<br />

classical chart. This program,<br />

on February 1, 11 am at Sarasota Yacht<br />

Club, features both vocal and keyboard<br />

works..<br />

Empire Wild, winner of the 2020<br />

Concert Artists Guild Ambassador<br />

Prize, a genre-bending crossover trio<br />

featuring Juilliard-trained classical<br />

musicians who fuse the sounds of<br />

pop, folk, Broadway and classical into<br />

their songwriting and composition.<br />

Cellists Ken Kubota and Mitch Lyon<br />

and pianist Jiyong Kim perform on<br />

February 21, 5:30 pm, at Marie Selby<br />

Botanical Gardens.<br />

Pianist Lin Ye wowed Sarasota audiences<br />

in two sold out all-Beethoven<br />

programs in 2019. Having subsequently<br />

performed in prestigious venues<br />

worldwide, the former Artist Series<br />

Concerts prizewinner returns with a<br />

program of works by Rachmaninoff<br />

and the chamber version of Chopin’s<br />

beloved Piano Concerto #1. Ye will be<br />

joined by principal musicians of the<br />

Sarasota Orchestra on February 24, 4<br />

pm, at Church of the Palms.<br />

For tickets and more information,<br />

visit ArtistSeriesConcerts.org or call<br />

(941) 306-1202.<br />

▼<br />

The Glenridge<br />

Performing Arts<br />

Center<br />

February 7: Michael Lasser presents<br />

the lecture, “Songs by Lieber and<br />

Stoller.” Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller<br />

were two Jewish kids who helped<br />

invent rock and roll with “Hound<br />

Dog,” “Yakety Yak,” and more.<br />

• February 10: Michael Lasser and<br />

Friends Perform Works by Cole<br />

Porter. Music historian Michael<br />

Lasser joins with vocalist Jessica<br />

Ann Best and singer/accompanist<br />

Alan Jones to bring alive the songs<br />

and music of Cole Porter in concert.<br />

• February 17: Diego Figueiredo. At<br />

39, this award-winning, rising star<br />

of the guitar world has released 26<br />

CDs, three DVDs, and played in<br />

more than 60 countries. A master<br />

of improvisation and harmony, his<br />

concerts are a fusion of jazz, bossa<br />

nova, and classical music.<br />

▼<br />

Babs Reingold<br />

Solo Exhibition<br />

“Under My Skin”<br />

is at SPAACES<br />

Gallery, 2087<br />

Princeton St.,<br />

Sarasota and<br />

runs February<br />

2 - March 16.<br />

• February 25: The Four Freshmen<br />

are one of America’s most enduring<br />

vocal groups. With a sound centered<br />

around a tight four-part vocal blend,<br />

like barbershop, but jazzier, The Four<br />

Freshmen deliver a fresh take on<br />

every tune they sing, from dreamy,<br />

crooner-style ballads to swingin’,<br />

up-tempo arrangements that make a<br />

quartet feel like a big band.<br />

The Glenridge Performing Arts Center,<br />

7333 Scotland Way, Sarasota. For<br />

tickets, call (941) 552-5325 or visit<br />

GPACtix.com.<br />

Choral Artists<br />

Choral Artists presents Choral<br />

Cinemagic! On February 4 at First<br />

Presbyterian Church, 2050 Oak St.,<br />

Sarasota. Take a magical musical<br />

adventure via the award-winning<br />

songs of the cinema. You’ll be transported<br />

to a land of movie magic and<br />

unforgettable music.<br />

As the soundtrack for movies,<br />

music is an integral part of the experience<br />

and underscores the dramatic<br />

intent, frequently adding the element<br />

that defines a character or scene.<br />

They’ll highlight the hits from the<br />

movies in a creative medley featuring<br />

music from all genres of the movies<br />

plus a special look at movies that<br />

were inspired by music, notably Sister<br />

Act and Momma Mia!<br />

Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight<br />

is on March 10 at Church of the<br />

Palms, 3224 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota.<br />

Inspired by current events of 1914,<br />

poet Vachel Lindsay wrote Abraham<br />

Lincoln Walks at Midnight – a moving<br />

depiction of the famous President<br />

troubled by the tragedies of the modern<br />

world.<br />

Florence Price, African-American<br />

composer of the 20th Century, set this<br />

dramatic poem in her lifetime but<br />

the score was lost for almost 50 years.<br />

Only recently discovered, Choral Artists<br />

will be presenting the Florida premiere<br />

of this work for soloist, chorus<br />

and full orchestra.<br />

Paired with the work will be<br />

the Lord Nelson Mass by Joseph<br />

Haydn, one of his most revered choral<br />

works. The original title was Mass<br />

in a Time of Anguish and the pairing<br />

of these two works is a reflection of<br />

our own time – a time of anguish and<br />

uncertainty.<br />

Tickets: choralartistssarasota.org/<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota Concert<br />

Association<br />

▼<br />

The Sarasota Concert Association’s<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Music Matinees<br />

concert series<br />

showcase regional<br />

musicians performing<br />

a variety<br />

of musical styles<br />

from classical to<br />

marimba.<br />

Coming up on<br />

February 23, at<br />

2 p.m. are the<br />

Sarasota Opera’s<br />

Studio Artists, a<br />

select and auditioned<br />

group of<br />

emerging artists<br />

who perform<br />

in mainstage<br />

productions by<br />

understudying<br />

principal roles<br />

and performing<br />

supporting roles, gaining valuable<br />

experience in the process. With dozens<br />

of roles needing understudies each<br />

season, the Studio Artists often step in<br />

to substitute for an ill or injured principal,<br />

sometimes with little notice.<br />

On March 6, at 2 p.m. is Modern<br />

Marimba, founded by Tihda Vongkoth<br />

and Steph Davis, who have celebrated<br />

three seasons of virtual and<br />

in-person concert programs that celebrate<br />

the true diversity of music. Since<br />

2015 they have intertwined the influences<br />

of cabaret, classical, jazz, and<br />

popular music.<br />

The concerts are free but pre-registration<br />

is required at SCAsarasota.<br />

org, or through the box office at 941-<br />

966-6161. Note their new time and<br />

location: First Presbyterian Church,<br />

2050 Oak Street, Sarasota, at 2 p.m.<br />

At the Van Wezel<br />

Coming up (partial list):<br />

• Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and<br />

Times of The Temptations February<br />

21-25<br />

• Jagged Little Pill February 27-28<br />

• Little Women March 7-8<br />

• Rick Springfield March 13<br />

• Diana Krall February 18<br />

• Gipsy Kings February 13<br />

• David Foster and singer/actor<br />

Katharine McPhee February 14<br />

Pre-show dining for both shows is<br />

available through Mattison’s at the<br />

Van Wezel which is located inside the<br />

theatre. Reservations can be made<br />

on VanWezel.org or through the box<br />

office. Tickets: www.VanWezel.org<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota Art<br />

Museum<br />

Sarasota Art Museum of Ringling<br />

College has:<br />

• Contemporary/Traditional: Selections<br />

from the Basch Glass Collection<br />

through February 11. Drawn<br />

from the Richard and Barbara<br />

Basch Collection, Contemporary/<br />

Traditional gives a glimpse into<br />

the dynamic world of international<br />

contemporary glass art of the late<br />

20th and 21st centuries. This exhibition<br />

showcases a range of glasswork<br />

styles, from delicate figural sculptures<br />

to powerful abstract shapes.<br />

• Juana Valdés: Embodied Memories,<br />

Ancestral Histories through<br />

February 11. This is Valdés’ first<br />

solo exhibition at a museum. It will<br />

showcase a range of works drawn<br />

from her three-decade-long career.<br />

Valdés’ work, anchored in history<br />

and narratives related to her<br />

▼<br />

Afro-Cuban heritage, addresses colonization’s<br />

history and migration’s<br />

impact, as well as the issues of gender,<br />

race, and the representation of<br />

the female body.<br />

• Judy Pfaff: Picking up the Pieces<br />

runs through March 24. Pfaff, widely<br />

regarded as a pioneer of installation<br />

art, has created work that<br />

spans disciplines from painting to<br />

printmaking and sculpture to installation,<br />

eschewing definition. Pfaff<br />

ingeniously transmutes and transforms<br />

materials, including natural<br />

objects from her garden, hand-painted<br />

and digitally manipulated images,<br />

welded steel, aluminum, wood,<br />

expanded foam, melted plastic,<br />

blown glass, neon, and LED lights.<br />

Visit sarasotaartmuseum.org.<br />

Sarasota Art Museum is located at<br />

1001 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.<br />

The Hermitage<br />

Hermitage Fellow, Pulitzer Prize<br />

recipient, and Tony Award winner<br />

Doug Wright returns to Sarasota to<br />

shed light on the role of a librettist and<br />

the collaborative process of creating<br />

and adapting Broadway musicals like<br />

his Grey Gardens, Disney’s The Little<br />

Mermaid, and Hands on a Hardbody.<br />

This Music Mondays event, “Hermitage<br />

Alum Doug Wright Writes Broadway,”<br />

will feature two opportunities to<br />

hear from Wright: Monday, February<br />

19 at 10:30am at the Church of the<br />

Palms in Sarasota, and again at 3pm at<br />

the Venice Presbyterian Church.<br />

Registration is required at HermitageArtistRetreat.org.<br />

▼<br />

Chamber Orchestra<br />

The Chamber Orchestra of Sarasota<br />

has these events.<br />

• On February 29, 7:30pm — Celebrating<br />

Chopin with Matthew Graybil,<br />

piano. The Chamber Orchestra<br />

commemorates the 175th anniversary<br />

of the death of Frédéric Chopin<br />

with a performance of his romantic<br />

Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor,<br />

arranged for piano and string<br />

orchestra with prize-winning pianist<br />

Matthew Graybil. The program<br />

opens with Joseph Bologne Chevalier<br />

Saint Georges’ Symphony Concertante<br />

in G Major, and includes<br />

American composer Samuel Adler’s<br />

Concertino No. 3.<br />

• On March 21, 7:30pm—Mozart<br />

+ Haydn with George Maxman,<br />

violin. The season concludes with<br />

the music of Mozart and Haydn.<br />

Internationally acclaimed violin<br />

virtuoso George Maxman performs<br />

Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 in A<br />

Major (Turkish). The program opens<br />

with the overture from Haydn’s<br />

comic opera “Fidelta Premiata” and<br />

concludes with his Symphony No.<br />

83 (The Hen).<br />

• The Recital Series at St. Boniface<br />

Episcopal Church on Siesta Key’s<br />

next offering is on February 7,<br />

7:30pm — Beethoven the Transcendent:<br />

Sonatas for Cello and<br />

Piano with Scott Kluksdahl, cello,<br />

Grigorios Zamparas, piano<br />

Beethoven composed five cello<br />

sonatas over the course of his creative<br />

life. This deeply rewarding<br />

program includes the youthful<br />

Sonata opus 5 no. 2, and the opus<br />

102 sonatas which contain many<br />

features typical of the master’s late<br />

period, exploring unconventional<br />

form, rich emotional expression,<br />

▼<br />

continued on page 10

<strong>2024</strong> WINTER OPERA FESTIVAL<br />

VICTOR DeRENZI, Artistic Director | RICHARD RUSSELL, General Director<br />

CARMEN<br />


CARMEN<br />

by Georges Bizet<br />

Feb. 17 - Mar. 22, <strong>2024</strong><br />

LUCIA<br />


by Gaetano Donizetti<br />

Feb. 24 - Mar. 23, <strong>2024</strong><br />


by Giuseppe Verdi<br />

Mar. 9 - 24, <strong>2024</strong><br />

DECEIT<br />


(L’infedeltà delusa)<br />

by Joseph Haydn<br />

Mar. 15 - 23, <strong>2024</strong><br />

All operas performed in the<br />

original language with translations<br />

above the stage.<br />



(L’infedeltà delusa)<br />


(941) 328-1300 • SARASOTAOPERA.ORG<br />

Intimate musical experiences.<br />

Season 28 | Stars Ascending<br />

A diverse range of concerts featuring emerging and accomplished<br />

classical, chamber, jazz, and pop artists from around the globe.<br />

Empire Wild<br />

February 21 • 5:30 pm<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens<br />

Winner of the 2020 Concert Artists Guild<br />

Ambassador Prize, this genre-bending<br />

crossover trio features Juilliard-trained<br />

classical musicians who fuse the sounds<br />

of pop, folk, Broadway and classical into<br />

their songwriting and composition.<br />

Lin Ye, piano<br />

with Sarasota Orchestra musicians<br />

February 24 • 4:00 pm<br />

Church of the Palms<br />

Former Artist Series Concerts prizewinner<br />

Lin Ye returns with a program of works by<br />

Rachmaninoff and the chamber version of<br />

Chopin’s beloved Piano Concerto #1.<br />

Hannah Cope, harp<br />

Marcelina Suchocka, percussion<br />

March 3 • 4:00 pm<br />

First Presbyterian Church<br />

An innovative program featuring solos<br />

from the standard repertoire of each<br />

instrument and beloved classics<br />

reimagined for marimba and harp duet.<br />

ArtistSeriesConcerts.org | 941-306-1202<br />

This project is supported in part by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County; Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council of Arts and Culture and the State of Florida (Section 286.25 Florida Statutes);<br />

The Exchange; Gulf Coast Community Foundation; National Endowment for the Arts; the Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues; and the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 9

out and about continued<br />

and complex exploration of fugue.<br />

For information, visit the orchestra’s<br />

website at www.chamberorchestrasarasota.org,<br />

or call 219-928-8665.<br />

Arts Advocates<br />

Arts Advocates has these programs<br />

and events. In the Arts Advocates<br />

Gallery, located in the Crossings<br />

at Siesta Key mall, 3501 S. Tamiami<br />

Trail in Sarasota, Jana Millstone’s<br />

show, “A Crooked Path,” will be on<br />

exhibit from February 3-24.<br />

Millstone’s dream-like imagery propels<br />

the viewer into worlds that are<br />

sometimes funny, sometimes disquieting<br />

or calming, but always thought<br />

provoking. She believes artmaking is a<br />

weird mix of play, alchemy, terror, and<br />

transcendence. Admission is free.<br />

The “Behind the Curtain: Exploring<br />

the Van Wezel from the Art to<br />

the Stage” tour has a docent leading<br />

a tour of the paintings and sculptures<br />

including those by Robert Chase, William<br />

Hartman, Eugene White, Ben<br />

Stahl, Thornton Utz, Frank Colson,<br />

Dean Mitchell, and others. Participants<br />

then step onto the stage where a<br />

Van Wezel guide offers a peek behind<br />

the curtain and shares stories and<br />

anecdotes about the colorful world of<br />

show business. Held on February 12,<br />

1:30 to 3:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased<br />

at the Van Wezel box office or<br />

by calling (941) 263-6799.<br />

Arts Advocates presents monthly<br />

luncheon programs at the Sarasota<br />

Yacht Club, 1100 John Ringling Blvd.,<br />

Sarasota, featuring speakers discussing<br />

local arts-related topics. WEDU’s Jake<br />

Hartvigsen, associate director of marketing<br />

and community partnerships, is<br />

the featured speaker on February 15,<br />

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Hartvigsen helped<br />

bring local arts content to the Sarasota<br />

area through WEDU Arts Plus. $45<br />

for Arts Advocates members; $50 for<br />

non-members. Lunch is included.<br />

On February 19, from 9:30-11 a.m.,<br />

Arts Advocates is offering a tour of<br />

the Asolo Repertory Theatre and the<br />

Koski Center. Asolo Rep tours are an<br />

opportunity to witness professional-level<br />

theatrical design in the making.<br />

Tour participants will learn the<br />

history of the Mertz Theatre and get a<br />

special behind the scenes look at the<br />

Koski Center, which includes rehearsal<br />

space and the scene shop, where<br />

scenery and props are constructed for<br />

Asolo Rep as well as other organizations<br />

including the Sarasota Opera,<br />

Sarasota Ballet, Tampa’s Straz Center,<br />

Universal Studios, Broadway, television,<br />

and film. $20 for Arts Advocates<br />

members; $25 for non-members.<br />

Art talks, held in the intimate setting<br />

of the Arts Advocates Gallery,<br />

feature guest speakers covering a<br />

wide range of topics. On February 23,<br />

from 4-6 p.m., Arts Advocates presents<br />

“Don’t Breathe: Jamiel Law Finds<br />

His Voice.” Law, an illustrator based in<br />

Parrish, FL, graduated from Ringling<br />

College of Art and Design in 2019 with<br />

a B.F.A. in illustration. The title of his<br />

art talks comes from one of his illustrations<br />

about the psychological notion of<br />

police presence in the African American<br />

community in the U.S. Admission<br />

is free for Arts Advocates members and<br />

$5 for non-members.<br />

Artist/instructor Alexandria Lillis<br />

presents the workshop “Colored Pencils<br />

Blooming on Black Paper” on<br />

February 24, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. in the<br />

Arts Advocates Gallery. Participants<br />

will learn to combine the stark drama<br />

▼<br />

of black paper with the<br />

brilliance of colored pencil<br />

through a detailed<br />

presentation of materials,<br />

techniques, and<br />

design principles, and by<br />

the end of the workshop<br />

will have completed a<br />

full color work of art. All<br />

skill levels welcome. Cost<br />

is $100 which includes<br />

black paper; participants<br />

are asked to bring Prismacolor<br />

pencils in a set<br />

of 12 or more and a white<br />

eraser.<br />

The Arts Advocates’<br />

collection of Sarasota<br />

Art Colony and Highwaymen<br />

works is on<br />

permanent display in<br />

the Arts Advocates Gallery.<br />

The gallery is open<br />

every Saturday from<br />

2-4 p.m.; admission is<br />

free and written information<br />

is available for<br />

self-guided tours.<br />

To learn more or to<br />

register for programs<br />

and events, visit ArtsAdvocates.org.<br />

At The<br />

Ringling<br />

The John and Mable<br />

Ringling Museum of Art has Mountains<br />

of the Mind: Scholars’ Rocks<br />

from China and Beyond which runs<br />

through June 23, <strong>2024</strong> in The Ringling’s<br />

Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao<br />

Center for Asian Art. The exhibit features<br />

a selection of scholars’ rocks and<br />

related paintings and prints.<br />

Scholars’ rocks are collected from<br />

remote geographic locations, where<br />

they have been formed by natural<br />

elements over millions of years. The<br />

stones may then be carved, polished<br />

and inscribed before being displayed<br />

in a custom-made stand to enhance<br />

their visual appeal. Scholars’ rocks are<br />

both natural objects and products of<br />

human creativity.<br />

Mountains of the Mind will feature a<br />

wide array of scholars’ rocks in various<br />

shapes, textures and geological properties.<br />

The rocks are further contextualized<br />

by paintings, prints and texts that<br />

illuminate their cultural importance<br />

for scholars across the centuries. The<br />

stones have been appreciated and<br />

admired in China for more than a thousand<br />

years; historically, connoisseurs<br />

displayed their stones in their studios<br />

alongside paintings and other treasures,<br />

where they served as a focus for<br />

meditation or creative contemplation.<br />

On view through March 3 is Working<br />

Conditions. Explore labor through<br />

The Ringling’s Photography Collection.<br />

The Industrial Revolution of the<br />

eighteenth and nineteenth centuries<br />

radically changed the nature of<br />

human labor. Photography was itself<br />

introduced to the public in 1839.<br />

The subsequent development of<br />

photographic media has thus been<br />

intertwined with the culture of labor<br />

ever since. In addition to the camera’s<br />

technical use as an instrument<br />

to record, photographers have also<br />

created images over the decades that<br />

have helped shape how we think about<br />

work and the politics of labor. This<br />

exhibition explores the myriad ways<br />

in which photographs have communicated<br />

ideas about labor since the<br />

nineteenth century through examples<br />

▼<br />

The Cooking for Wishes event<br />

will be held on February 22 at Circus Arts Conservatory.<br />

Co-chairs: Renee Phinney, Terri Klauber, Lauren McComb Dixon.<br />

from The Ringling’s photography permanent<br />

collection.<br />

Michele Oka Doner: The True<br />

Story Of Eve runs through June 2,<br />

<strong>2024</strong>. Explore Miami, Florida-born,<br />

Michele Oka Doner’s first solo exhibition<br />

at The Ringling titled, Michele<br />

Oka Doner: The True Story of Eve.<br />

This exhibition includes examples<br />

of works on paper, wood, ceramics,<br />

bronzes, and glass ranging from the<br />

1960s to the present, paying homage<br />

to the local environment, while poignantly<br />

reminding us of our increasingly<br />

precarious ecosystem<br />

The John and Mable Ringling<br />

Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd.,<br />

Sarasota. Info: www.ringling.org.<br />

Up next at The Ringling’s 2023-<br />

<strong>2024</strong> Art of Performance on February<br />

15 and 16 is jazz trumpet sensation<br />

Etienne Charles. His lush sound,<br />

varied compositional textures, and<br />

pulsating percussive grooves enable<br />

him to invoke trance as he soothes<br />

and excites listeners. Trinidad-born<br />

performer, composer, and storyteller<br />

Charles’ Sarasota premiere promises<br />

complexity and swing.<br />

Rave Lucid by Mazelfreten<br />

(France) is on February 22, 11 a.m.<br />

and February 23-24, 7:30 p.m. Rave<br />

Lucid combines choreographed<br />

movements at 120 bpm that require<br />

unfailing concentration. Hypnotic<br />

arm games celebrate “rave” as a party,<br />

an organic trance, and “lucid” state<br />

where extreme control achieves perfect<br />

synchronization.<br />

Tickets: ringling.org or call 941-<br />

360-7399.<br />

▼<br />

Theatre<br />

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe<br />

presents A Soldier’s Play through<br />

February 18. On a U.S. Army base<br />

in Louisiana in the segregation-era<br />

South of 1944, two shots ring out. A<br />

Black sergeant is murdered. A series<br />

of interrogations triggers a gripping<br />

barrage of questions about sacrifice,<br />

▼<br />

service, and identity in America.<br />

One persistent investigator<br />

must race against his white<br />

leadership to unravel the crime<br />

before they unravel him.<br />

Location: WBTT’s Donelly<br />

Theatre, 1012 N. Orange Ave.,<br />

Sarasota. Tickets: westcoastblacktheatre.org.<br />

The Players Sarasota has<br />

Misery running February<br />

22-March 3. Based on the<br />

novel by Stephen King, this<br />

thriller follows successful<br />

romance novelist Paul Sheldon,<br />

who is rescued from a car<br />

crash by his “number one fan,”<br />

Annie Wilkes, and wakes up<br />

captive in her secluded home.<br />

Paul quickly realizes Annie has<br />

no intention of letting him go<br />

anywhere as the irate Annie<br />

has Paul writing as if his life<br />

depends on it, and it does.<br />

Held at The Players Studio<br />

Black Box, 1400 Blvd. of the<br />

Arts, Suite 200, Sarasota. Tickets:<br />

theplayers.org<br />

▼<br />

Manatee Performing Arts<br />

Center has a Neil Diamond<br />

Tribute on February 10.<br />

Allynn unveils the story of Diamond’s<br />

life through Neil’s own<br />

songs from the ‘60s through<br />

today, while weaving through<br />

his own comedic career change from<br />

an international top 10 Elvis, to Neil<br />

Diamond, all for the love of a woman.<br />

He will be singing some of Neil’s<br />

greatest hits including “Sweet Caroline”,<br />

“Song Sung Blue”, Hello Again”,<br />

“American and many more.<br />

Temps, Tops, Supremes & Gladys: A<br />

Motown Revue with the Soul Sensations<br />

is on February 15-17.<br />

The Motown Sound brings unforgettable<br />

memories for several generations<br />

of music lovers. The unique style of<br />

these groups composed of golden voices,<br />

extraordinary musicians and memorable<br />

choreography represent the<br />

very best of Hitsville and Detroit, MI.<br />

Box Office: 941-748-5878. Manatee<br />

Performing Arts Center, 502 Third Avenue<br />

W., Bradenton.<br />

▼<br />

▼<br />

At Venice Theatre through February<br />

18 is Jimmy Buffett’s Escape<br />

to Margaritaville with music and<br />

lyrics by Jimmy Buffett. The popular<br />

musical with a buffet of Buffett hits<br />

promises to change your attitude and<br />

latitude. Paradise is found in Jimmy’s<br />

jukebox jam, Jimmy Buffett’s Escape<br />

to Margaritaville<br />

From February 27 - March 3 they<br />

have the 30th Annual Silver Foxes<br />

show, Broadway by the Sea. The<br />

youngest cast in town will once again<br />

regale you with song, dance, and ribald<br />

humor in the 30th edition of The<br />

Silver Foxes. Being “mature” never<br />

looked and sounded so good.<br />

Info: venicetheatre.org/<br />

▼<br />

Asolo Rep has Inherit the Wind<br />

running through February 24.<br />

Feel the heat of the courtroom in<br />

this American classic, an explosive<br />

drama inspired by the most important<br />

trial of the 20th Century. As a<br />

media circus descends upon a small<br />

American town, two of the largest figures<br />

of their time engage in a battle of<br />

wits and wills to ensure that justice<br />

is served, in the process charting the<br />

course of education for generations.<br />

Relive a defining moment of American<br />

history, brought to life by Asolo<br />

Rep’s new Producing Artistic Director<br />

Peter Rothstein.<br />

Fresh off its critically acclaimed<br />

world premiere runs at the Alley Theatre<br />

and Guthrie Theatre, Born with<br />

Teeth runs February 7 – March 29.<br />

It will plunge audiences into palace<br />

intrigue, high stake spy craft and<br />

cutthroat betrayals. This play offers<br />

an inside, alternative look at the<br />

tumultuous relationship between<br />

William Shakespeare and Christopher<br />

Marlowe.<br />

The third play in the repertory season<br />

is from the Pulitzer Prize-winning<br />

playwright Lynn Nottage. Intimate<br />

Apparel runs February 28 – April 18<br />

and is the searing, sensual and powerful<br />

story of a Black seamstress’ forbidden<br />

romance in 1905 New York.<br />

Wrapping up the four-show repertory<br />

season is a classic by Frederick<br />

Knott that has been reimaged by one<br />

of today’s greatest playwrights, Jeffrey<br />

Hatcher. Dial ‘M’ For Murder<br />

runs March 20 – April 25 and will take<br />

audiences to the edge of their seat as<br />

Asolo Rep Associate Artistic Director<br />

Céline Rosenthal directs.<br />

Visit asolorep.org to learn more info.<br />

FSU/Asolo Conservatory for<br />

Actor Training’s has Miss Julie running<br />

February 15 -March 10. Witness<br />

a clandestine encounter of desire,<br />

lust and forbidden love. On a Midsummer<br />

Night, the count’s daughter, Julie,<br />

enters the kitchen, sparking a dangerous<br />

connection with the servant, Jean.<br />

As their illicit affair unfolds, Christine,<br />

another servant and Jean’s fiancé,<br />

quietly observes, leading to a shocking<br />

climax. Experience a naturalistic<br />

tragedy where class, sex and fate intertwine,<br />

as Julie and Jean spiral into a<br />

mesmerizing “dance of death.”<br />

Clyde’s runs February 16 – March<br />

9. By Lynn Nottage, it’s a tumultuous<br />

tale unfolds in a dangerous kitchen.<br />

Meet Clyde, a seductive and resilient<br />

ex-convict who manages a trucker<br />

sandwich shop in a remote location.<br />

Her loyal staff, also ex-convicts, cling<br />

to their jobs while harboring ambitious<br />

dreams. United by Montrellous,<br />

a Zen-like coworker, they strive<br />

to craft “the perfect sandwich.” As<br />

Clyde’s relentless nature clashes with<br />

their aspirations, behold a transformative<br />

journey where dreams collide,<br />

and Clyde’s fate hangs in the balance.<br />

For information, visit asolorep.org/<br />

conservatory.<br />

▼<br />

Florida Studio Theatre has “Pictures<br />

from Home” by Larry Sultan”<br />

through February 18. A moving and<br />

comedic portrait of a mother, a father,<br />

and the son who photographed their<br />

lives. Drawing inspiration from Larry<br />

Sultan’s celebrated photo memoir, Pictures<br />

From Home will evoke recollections<br />

of childhood, parenthood, and<br />

the ever-changing nature of familial<br />

bonds. Visit FloridaStudioTheatre.<br />

org or call 941-366-9000.<br />

▼<br />

At Urbanite Theatre, Judith is<br />

running through February 18. The<br />

world premiere poses a question: What<br />

if Shakespeare had a sister? Playwright<br />

Katie Bender offers an answer in this<br />

one-woman show, which follows<br />

Judith’s transformative journey to save<br />

her brother’s reputation. Gallivanting<br />

in and out of character, she discovers<br />

the pleasures and pitfalls of passing as<br />

the bard himself. www.urbanitetheatre.com<br />

▼<br />

10 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

continued on page 11

out and about continued<br />

Musica Sacra<br />

To be performed on Friday, March<br />

8, Chant Re-Imagined spans many<br />

traditions, including Jewish, Hindu,<br />

Muslim, Christian, Native American,<br />

African, and Indonesian. According to<br />

Phillips, chant is an ancient art form<br />

that opens its performers and hearers<br />

to deep contemplative places within.<br />

Listeners will hear this ancient heart<br />

music in its original form, in addition<br />

to experiencing layers of sound that<br />

include percussion, strings, wind<br />

instruments, and pulsing rhythms.<br />

Modern Marimba, is featured in the<br />

event, with its mallet-wielding founders<br />

Tihda Vongkoth and Steph Davis.<br />

All concerts are held at First Presbyterian<br />

Church, 2050 Oak Street. Tickets:<br />

MusicaSacraSarasota.org.<br />

▼<br />

Soundbox Ventures<br />

Their “Listen Hear” Salon Concerts<br />

are on March 8 and March<br />

20 at St. Boniface Episcopal Church.<br />

This interactive “exhibition for music”<br />

series examines a specific way we hear<br />

expression and meaning. Curated<br />

by Max Tan, each salon-style event<br />

includes a classical music program,<br />

insights from the artists, and conversations<br />

with the audience.<br />

Each program is free and registration<br />

is required. Register at www.<br />

soundboxventures.org/events. St.<br />

Boniface Episcopal Church is located<br />

at 5615 Midnight Pass Road on<br />

Siesta Key.<br />

▼<br />

At The Galleries<br />

Island Gallery and Studios present”Nature’s<br />

Palette: Capturing<br />

Creatures in Art” — drawings by<br />

Janet Flickinger and running February<br />

1-29.<br />

Janet loves capturing the soul of<br />

animals. Looking at her work, you can<br />

begin to feel through your eyes different<br />

textures found in animals’ skin, fur,<br />

feathers and fins. Her works are created<br />

primarily with pencil — with an astonishing<br />

amount of detail. Janet has long<br />

had a desire of recording life around<br />

her, and this collection of “creature”<br />

drawings is not to be missed!<br />

Island West Gallery and Studios<br />

is located at 456 Old Main Street in<br />

downtown Bradenton. Visit www.<br />

islandgalleryandstudios.org or call<br />

941-778-6648.<br />

▼<br />

a Limited Time Only,<br />

ft Cards are Available!<br />

For a Limited Time Only,<br />

Gift Cards are Available!<br />

For a Limited Time Only,<br />

Gift Cards are Available!<br />

“The Beauty of Inflections and<br />

Innuendoes” recent works by Ellen<br />

S. Goldberg, Rebecca Levine Quigley,<br />

and Michael R. Stevenson are on display<br />

through February 29 at Gaze<br />

Gallery at ARCOS, 340 Central Ave,<br />

in Sarasota.<br />

Trained in textile design, interior<br />

design, and arts education, Ellen S.<br />

Goldberg uses fiber to create fabric<br />

collages, three-dimensional forms,<br />

and jewelry. Goldberg employs a<br />

broad range of techniques, including<br />

machine stitching, hand embellishment,<br />

assemblage, collage, recycling,<br />

and repurposing.<br />

Rebecca Levine Quigley’s felt-making<br />

practice grew out of her training as<br />

a weaver. She is drawn to fiber, including<br />

wool, silk, bamboo, plant roots and<br />

leaves, textile and paper fragments.<br />

▼<br />

Cycle 3:Cycle 3: through March 2.<br />

• Brian V. Jones: Brian Jones’ upcoming<br />

exhibition is a visual conversation<br />

with light and color, traditions<br />

and growth, fear and joy, technology,<br />

and romance. An ongoing project<br />

of over three years, these photographs<br />

serve as a visual narrative<br />

representing the artist’s relationship<br />

with the complexities of the<br />

city of Sarasota.<br />

• Carole Lyles Shaw: Carole Lyles<br />

Shaw exhibits a series of textile collages,<br />

or art quilts, that represent<br />

the essence of an individual and<br />

their personal and historical context.<br />

These “Spirit Portraits” cele-<br />

In her studio, nothing goes to waste.<br />

earn more about all of Tobacco brate Free Black women Florida’s musicians tools who<br />

Quigley<br />

Learn<br />

layers,<br />

Learn more<br />

stitches,<br />

more about<br />

and combines<br />

nd services at tobaccofreeflorida.com/quityourway.<br />

about all of all Tobacco played of Tobacco significant Free roles Florida’s Free in the history<br />

of music, from opera country<br />

Florida’s tools<br />

textures, color, mark-making and<br />

tools<br />

found and and services gifted<br />

services<br />

objects at in her at<br />

work.<br />

tobaccofreeflorida.com/quityourway.<br />

Although a 4th-generation quilter,<br />

Michael R.<br />

Stevenson says<br />

his art practice<br />

developed as his<br />

retirement from<br />

university life<br />

drew near. Stevenson<br />

generally<br />

prefers improvisational<br />

piecing<br />

and is fond of<br />

mixing bold patterns,<br />

often those<br />

that derive from<br />

world cultures<br />

with long textile<br />

traditions.<br />

“What’s<br />

Cookin’, Sarasota?”<br />

is the<br />

newest exhibit courtesy of the Sarasota<br />

County History Center and is<br />

on display at the Sarasota County<br />

Administration building. The exhibit<br />

explores how food and cooking<br />

shaped the community of Sarasota<br />

County and features cookbooks,<br />

recipe cards, and a variety of unique<br />

and historical kitchen equipment.<br />

“What’s Cookin’, Sarasota?” will be on<br />

display through March <strong>2024</strong> on the<br />

first floor of the Administration building<br />

at 1660 Ringling Blvd. Hungry for<br />

more? Visit the online exhibit here:<br />

https://loom.ly/fRtcQLs<br />

▼<br />

Babs Reingold Solo Exhibition<br />

“Under My Skin” is at SPAACES<br />

Gallery, 2087 Princeton St., Sarasota<br />

and runs February 2 - March 16. The<br />

exhibition includes a series of new<br />

stain paintings/assemblages, sculptures<br />

from the “Luna Window” series,<br />

and a group of small drawings.<br />

More info at www.spaaces.art or<br />

call 941-374-3492.<br />

▼<br />

Art CenterManatee has the<br />

American Watercolor Society<br />

156th International Traveling<br />

Exhibit running through March 8.<br />

The Florida Suncoast Watercolor<br />

Society Annual Aqueous Show also<br />

runs through March 8.<br />

AWS features master watercolor<br />

artists from around the world and the<br />

ArtCenter will be one of only three<br />

venues in the United States to host<br />

the traveling exhibit. The opening<br />

reception for these two shows will<br />

be February 1, 5-7pm. They’re at 209<br />

9th St W, Bradenton. Info: ArtCenter-<br />

Manatee.org<br />

▼<br />

Art Center<br />

Sarasota<br />

▼<br />

to rock and roll.<br />

• Christopher Skura: Emphasizing<br />

Perlman Music Suncoast presents “HERS”<br />

The Carr-Petrova Duo with Molly Carr, viola; Anna Petrova, piano on March 3;<br />

Artist talk at 6 p.m.; followed by a concert at 7:15 p.m.<br />

at The Harvest,<br />

3650<br />

17th Street,<br />

Sarasota.<br />

improvisation and freehand drawing<br />

for phenomenological effect,<br />

Christopher Skura captures the<br />

speed of living in Lower Manhattan.<br />

His new body of work took root<br />

during the 2020 pandemic.<br />

• Juried Show: “Annual Members<br />

Juried Show.” Juror: Paul Toliver is<br />

a passionate advocate in promoting<br />

all forms of art and is particularly<br />

motivated to uplift artists of the<br />

African Diaspora.<br />

Art Center Sarasota, 707 N. Tamiami<br />

Trail, Sarasota. Info: www.<br />

artsarasota.org<br />

Selby Gardens has Clyde Butcher:<br />

Nature Through the Lens at the<br />

Historic Spanish Point campus on<br />

view to August 31, <strong>2024</strong>. Featuring<br />

▼<br />

extraordinary, large-format wildlife<br />

prints by this well-known landscape<br />

photographer and conservationist,<br />

Clyde Butcher: Nature Through<br />

the Lens gives viewers the chance to<br />

engage with Clyde Butcher’s artwork<br />

against the backdrop of our Historic<br />

Spanish Point campus. selby.org<br />

A capsule collection of Florida<br />

Highwaymen paintings is on display<br />

in the Cultural Heritage Exhibit in<br />

the City Hall atrium, 1565 First Street.<br />

Known as Florida’s legendary<br />

Black landscape artists, the Florida<br />

Highwaymen emerged in the 1950s<br />

in the agricultural communities of<br />

Fort Pierce and Gifford, Florida. The<br />

group of young painters, which grew<br />

to include 25 men and one woman,<br />

became known as The Highwaymen.<br />

They were prolific painters who sold<br />

their artwork from the trunks of their<br />

cars during the post-World War II<br />

▼<br />

boom because<br />

they were<br />

unable to exhibit<br />

through traditional<br />

means<br />

due to racial<br />

barriers. While<br />

making ends<br />

meet, they also<br />

made a significant<br />

contribution<br />

to the genre<br />

of Florida landscape<br />

painting.<br />

The Cultural<br />

Heritage<br />

Exhibit is free<br />

and open to the<br />

public during<br />

City Hall hours,<br />

Monday–Friday<br />

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lectures and tours of<br />

the Florida Highwaymen exhibit will<br />

be offered twice, February 13 at 10<br />

a.m. and 6 p.m. Each session will be<br />

approximately 60 minutes with Roger<br />

Lightle leading the lectures.<br />

Sarasota Orchestra<br />

• Masterworks performances take<br />

place at Van Wezel and Neel Performing<br />

Arts Center.<br />

Smoke and Fire is on February 8, 9,<br />

10, 11 with Rune Bergmann, conductor<br />

and Stella Chen, violin. They’ll perform<br />

Nielsen – Overture to Maskarade;<br />

Prokofiev – Violin Concerto No. 2 and<br />

Rachmaninoff – Symphony No. 2<br />

For further information, visit www.<br />

SarasotaOrchestra.org.<br />

Bookstore1<br />

Sarasota<br />

Events are in person in the loft at the<br />

store at Bookstore1 at The Mark, 117<br />

South Pineapple Ave.<br />

Bookstore1 PoetryMic with<br />

Michael Maul, Don McLagan and<br />

Linda Kelner Pozen: Readings of Original<br />

Poems by Local Poets is on February<br />

11, 2 – 3 p.m. Bookstore1Sarasota<br />

117 S. Pineapple Ave.<br />

The PoetryMic series introduces you<br />

to a varied group of talented poets who<br />

live in and around Sarasota.<br />

Poets: Michael Maul is an American<br />

poet whose work has appeared widely<br />

in literary journals in North America<br />

and abroad. In 2020 he also began<br />

investing time in an editorial board in<br />

the U.S. seeking to identify and publish<br />

promising new poets from around<br />

the world. Michael is a graduate of the<br />

Ohio University creative writing program,<br />

where he earned Bachelor’s and<br />

Master’s degrees.<br />

Don McLagan is an entrepreneur<br />

and a poet. His newest book is Chappaquiddick<br />

Poems – a poetry visit to<br />

that sometimes separate island. He<br />

is the author of two previous books<br />

of poetry, Fragments in a Glass<br />

Bowl and Tug at the Knot. In the tech<br />

world, he has been a founder and<br />

executive in five companies in the<br />

Boston Area. Don lives and writes in<br />

Chappaquiddick and in Sarasota.<br />

Liz Kelner Pozen is an artist and<br />

retired psychotherapist. She is the<br />

author of two books of poetry and<br />

There's<br />

There's<br />

There's never<br />

never<br />

never been<br />

been<br />

been a<br />

paintings, The Heart of the Family<br />

and Salami, and has just published<br />

Meetings<br />

a children’s book, The What Ifs: a<br />

better<br />

The<br />

better<br />

better<br />

Palm-Aire Women’s<br />

time<br />

Club<br />

time bedtime<br />

to<br />

story.<br />

to<br />

quit<br />

Liz lives<br />

quit<br />

in Boston and<br />

qui<br />

(PAWC) annual fashion show luncheon<br />

and fundraiser, “Stepping<br />

This is a free event, but registration<br />

Sarasota.<br />

Out,” is on February 23 at the Palm is required.<br />

with<br />

Aire Country Club<br />

with<br />

with Group<br />

in Sarasota. This Presidents’<br />

Group<br />

Group Quit<br />

Day with Author &<br />

Quit<br />

Quit<br />

event is open to the community and Editor Burt Solomon In Conversation<br />

will feature Summer Smith, ABC News with Eileen Normile: The Murder<br />

Anchor as co-emcee. Proceeds benefit of Andrew Johnson: A Novel is on<br />

scholarships for State College of Flor-<br />

February 19, from 5-6 p.m. Join in<br />

ida, Manatee Technical College and for a talk with award-winning political<br />

Florida's Group journalist and Quit<br />

author Group of the next Qui<br />

Tobacco grants to local Tobacco Free qualified Florida's charities. Free<br />

The event will feature fashions from John Hay historical thriller, Burt<br />

Sessions Tobacco<br />

Darci<br />

Sessions (in-person Jacob’s boutique<br />

Free<br />

from<br />

(in-person<br />

Florida's<br />

Darci’s virtual) Solomon.<br />

Group<br />

or<br />

This now time,<br />

virtual)<br />

Quit<br />

he focuses offer on<br />

now o<br />

Main Street Sarasota. Tickets must one of America’s most controversial<br />

participants Sessions (in-person or virtual) now offer<br />

be purchased in<br />

participants $25 advance - by $125 check<br />

$25 in presidents:<br />

- gift Andrew<br />

$125 cards Johnson.<br />

in gift for This is<br />

cards<br />

or credit card. You may also contact<br />

Pawc2023@gmail.com to arrange Registration for all our events the purchase of tickets.<br />

a ticketed event.<br />

participants their $25 attendance.*<br />

- $125 in gift cards for<br />

their<br />

www.sarasotabooks.com/events,<br />

attendance.*<br />

or<br />

their attendance.*<br />

Mail check to: PAWC Lunch, P O call 941-365-7900.<br />

Group Quit<br />

Group<br />

offers<br />

Quit<br />

free,<br />

offers<br />

expert-led<br />

free,<br />

in-person<br />

expert-led<br />

or<br />

Box 21051, Bradenton Fl 34204. For<br />

in-person<br />

Group virtual credit Quit cards, sessions contact offers Susan for free, at susanromine@gmail.com.<br />

virtual sessions for all Florida residents<br />

all expert-led Florida residents in-person or<br />

regardless virtual sessions of insurance for all status. Florida Upon residents class<br />

regardless<br />

regardless<br />

of insurance<br />

of insurance<br />

status. Upon<br />

status.<br />

class<br />

Upon clas<br />

completion, West participants<br />

completion, completion, Coast<br />

participants participants Woman are eligible in Sarasota for nicotine<br />

are eligible are for eligible nicotine for nico<br />

replacement is a monthly therapy publication such on the as west gum, coast patches of Florida. or<br />

replacement replacement therapy such therapy as gum, such patches as gum, or patches<br />

We have been publishing lozenges.**<br />

since 1989 and cover the two-county area<br />

that includes Sarasota, Bradenton,<br />

lozenges.**<br />

Venice, lozenges.**<br />

Lakewood Ranch, Siesta<br />

Key, Longboat Key, St. Armands and Anna Maria Island.<br />

Pre-registration required<br />

We are ad-supported so that<br />

Pre-registration Pre-registration<br />

means our publication required required<br />

FREE<br />

and is located at over 600 quality locations from doctor's offices to<br />

Call Gulfcoast fitness centers South to health AHEC food stores. today at:<br />

Call Gulfcoast Call<br />

866-534-7909<br />

Gulfcoast South AHEC South today AHEC at: today at:<br />

In addition, we are in newspaper boxes in prime locations<br />

866-534-7909 866-534-7909<br />

such as post offices and busy streets.<br />

*while supplies last<br />

*while Interested supplies *while last supplies<br />

in<br />

last<br />

Advertising?<br />

**if medically appropriate for those 18 years of age or older<br />

**if Contact medically **if appropriate us: medically westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

for appropriate those 18 years for of those age 18 or older years of age or older<br />

WestCoastWoman.com<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 11

focus on the arts<br />

presents<br />

star-spangled lineup for <strong>2024</strong> show<br />

Circus Arts Conservatory gathers an international cast of world-class circus artists<br />

for 26th year of professional, one-ring circus extravaganza<br />

Noemi Espana’s contortion/hand<br />

balancing act features a special trick<br />

with the bow and arrow<br />

Each year, the Circus Arts<br />

Conservatory’s professional<br />

arm, Circus Sarasota, offers<br />

a showcase of top global circus<br />

artists performing in a one-ring<br />

traditional circus setting. Featuring new<br />

and innovative acts, Circus Sarasota’s <strong>2024</strong><br />

production will offer high-flying action,<br />

heart-stopping thrills, laugh-out-loud comedic<br />

antics, and acts that defy both expectations<br />

and the boundaries of physical<br />

limitations.<br />

“While this may be Circus Sarasota’s 26th<br />

year, we work very hard to make sure that<br />

no two productions are ever alike,” said CAC<br />

Founder/President & CEO Pedro Reis. “Our<br />

goal is to recruit the perfect balance of talent<br />

and variety to ensure patrons of all ages will<br />

be thrilled, inspired and entertained each<br />

and every year. We are confident this year’s<br />

show will take things to an entirely new level<br />

for our guests, whether they are a circus regular<br />

or brand new to the circus arts!”<br />


Circus Sarasota <strong>2024</strong> INCLUDES:

Art Art Crawl Eblast.pdf 1 1 1/17/24 10:53 AM AM<br />

$<br />

10<br />





Immediate Relief Beginning<br />

with the First Session:<br />

Chronic Pain: Sciatic, Back, Neck and TMJ<br />


February 9 • March 8 • April 12 • 5-9 PM<br />

Hop On At The Trolley Cottage Hop Off At 6 Gallery<br />

Hub Locations While You Enjoy A Public Art<br />

Tour Led By Jerome Chesley SAVE $3 W/CODE WCW<br />



Migraines, Foggy Brain and<br />

Lack of Concentration<br />

Sight and Eye Problems<br />

Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Shallow Breathing<br />

Digestive and Constipation Issues<br />

Leaky gut and Autoimmune problems<br />

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Depression<br />

Concussions, Brain and Spinal Cord Health<br />

Mobility and Energy Issues for Seniors<br />

T. Grywinski specializes in difficult issues with great success<br />

How Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />


HOP WEEK<br />

January March 12 • February 12, 13, 14 • 910 • March AM or 18 PM • April 12<br />

2nd Fridays: 5-9 PM<br />

Englewood Hop On At The • Sarasota Trolley Cottage • Venice<br />

Hop Our Annual Off At Celebration 6 Gallery Hub of Sarasota Locations County While History You<br />

Enjoy A Public Art Tour Led By Jerome Chesley<br />

Murder<br />

Mystery Trolley:<br />


<br />

“FUN! FUN! FUN!”<br />

-Jane<br />

“Doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and chiros<br />

gave me little relief. Terry relieved my pain, after all these years!<br />

He has also helped four of my other friends. The man is an angel,<br />

with a gift from God....thank you Terry!!”<br />

“After 3 sessions, I had more range of motion and mobility in my<br />

neck, shoulders and hips. I was getting to the point where walking<br />

and moving was difficult. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my<br />

shoulders, my voice is stronger and my energy is greatly increased.<br />

I feel much calmer and more grounded!!”<br />

“I no longer feel physically sick each morning. No gastroenterologist<br />

or physician has ever properly diagnosed my mucus build up until<br />

now. As well as bringing about healing in my gut, he released an<br />

incredible amount of tension in my upper body.”<br />

“The question is where has he been all my life? Terry is a true healer<br />

and if you are serious about being well, you are in luck.<br />

He is effective and lovely.”<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />


Step right up to solve the murder of Dahlia the Queen of the<br />

High Trapeze on this 90-minute interactive Murder Mystery<br />

Musical Tour where YOU ARE A PART OF THE SHOW!<br />

Thursday & Saturday Nights • 7:30 PM<br />

DiscoverSarasotaTours.com<br />

941-260-9818<br />

1826 4th Street, Sarasota | FREE Parking!<br />

Terrence B. Grywinski<br />

B.A., B.Ed., LMT MA6049<br />

25 Years of Experience<br />

advcst.com<br />

See full page explanation of Craniosacral Therapy and<br />

how it can help you in another section of this issue<br />

Downtown Sarasota • 941-321-8757<br />

Google “Advanced Craniosacral Therapy Sarasota” for more info<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 13

good news department<br />

Bishop Parker Foundation Announces Awards<br />

With a focus on supporting services<br />

for residents of Manatee County,<br />

the Foundation has recently<br />

announced recipients of their fall<br />

grant cycle. Twenty-four charities<br />

received a total of $2,683,471 to<br />

maintain and sustain their programs.<br />

This is in addition to the<br />

$4,529,400 granted in the spring<br />

cycle, bringing the total granted<br />

for the year to $7,212,871.<br />

This fall a total of $1,231,000 was divided<br />

between five organizations providing<br />

nursing education and research projects<br />

addressing health needs. Support for<br />

educational scholarships, arts programming,<br />

and vital supplies for children was<br />

the next highest category funded, with<br />

$593,768 shared by nine agencies.<br />

The Foundation has long been a strong<br />

believer in the Season of Sharing fund. A<br />

total of $150,000 was earmarked to support<br />

this crucial community need. Another<br />

$100,000 was provided to the Sarasota<br />

Memorial Healthcare Foundation for their<br />

vital “First 1000 Days” connecting families<br />

with babies to essential services.<br />

The remaining $608,703 was awarded to<br />

five agencies for operating assistance and<br />

program support. Mental health services,<br />

literacy programs, education and support<br />

for families with a member experiencing<br />

vision loss are just some of the valuable<br />

services provided with this funding.<br />

The Edward E. and Lillian H. Bishop Foundation,<br />

incorporated in 1964. After the Bishop’s<br />

passing, Mary E. Parker carried on their<br />

legacy of philanthropy in addition to setting<br />

up and administering her own Foundation.<br />

It is now known as the Bishop Parker<br />

Foundation. To learn more, visit www.<br />

bishopparkerfoundation.org.<br />

Asolo Rep Awarded Grant<br />

from Community Foundation of Sarasota County<br />

Asolo Repertory Theatre has received<br />

a $77,500 Strategic Partnership Grant<br />

from the Community Foundation of Sarasota<br />

County. This grant comes from the<br />

Allen Wirtz Nobbe and Jo Bowen Nobbe<br />

Fund, the Two-Generation Approach<br />

Fund, and the Zella I. and Junius F. Allen<br />

Fund at the Community Foundation of<br />

Sarasota County.<br />

In addition to being the Lead Sponsor<br />

for Asolo Rep’s Access to the Arts program,<br />

this funding supports the 2023-<strong>2024</strong><br />

season and additional events, including<br />

the Director’s Take Luncheon, Annual Gala<br />

and special events programs.<br />

Asolo Rep’s Access to the Arts brings<br />

theatre to local schools and community<br />

locations, providing students with the<br />

opportunity to see productions at Asolo<br />

Rep. This donation allows many students<br />

to experience the power of the arts for<br />

the first time.<br />

Manatee County Helps Create Community Garden<br />

Helping the community grow is the goal<br />

of a brand-new community Garden in Elwood<br />

Park located at 4008 39th St. E. in<br />

Bradenton, which opened on January 13.<br />

Manatee County crews worked with a host<br />

of local businesses and contractors to bring<br />

this facility to completion. It all started with a<br />

conversation between John and Janyel Taylor<br />

from Taylor nurseries (located in Elwood Park)<br />

and Manatee County District 2 Commissioner<br />

Amanda Ballard. The unique and deep agricultural<br />

roots in the community first homesteaded<br />

in the early 1900s with the promise<br />

of “ready-made farms on easy payments” is<br />

evident to this day.<br />

“Elwood Park has been an established agricultural<br />

homesteading community for over<br />

100 years,” said Ms. Taylor. “We wanted to<br />

create a space where neighbors could gather<br />

and grow together,” said Commissioner<br />

Ballard. “As a commissioner and a gardener,<br />

myself, I’m passionate about local food and<br />

giving our citizens the tools they need to become<br />

as self-sufficient as possible.”<br />

Neighborhood meetings confirmed the<br />

desire for a community garden, and once a<br />

County-owned site was identified, the Manatee<br />

County Board of County Commissioners<br />

budgeted $150,000 to build.<br />

The fenced and secure community garden<br />

will feature 29 standard 4-foot x 8-foot onefoot-tall<br />

garden beds, two large two-foot high<br />

“L-shaped” 4-foot x 8-foot x 4-foot beds, two<br />

ADA-accessible two-foot-high 4-foot x 8-foot<br />

beds with concrete surrounding the beds for<br />

easier access and two 4-foot x 4-foot beds<br />

for kids gardening and education. An 8-foot x<br />

10-foot storage shed will house a variety gardening<br />

tools, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows,<br />

soil and other supplies. Two large composting<br />

bins also have been provided, along with<br />

water connections for proper irrigation.<br />

A shade structure, park benches and<br />

ADA-compliant truegrid paths with pebble<br />

rock, connecting all the garden beds, also are<br />

part of the community garden, as is a small<br />

play structure and swings for children who<br />

may temporarily tire of tending the plants.<br />

For more information about Manatee<br />

County Government, visit mymanatee.org.<br />

Manatee Community Foundation Awards over $ 56 Million<br />

Manatee Community Foundation (MCF)<br />

has given $56 million of community impact<br />

since its inception in 1998. In 2023,<br />

MCF and its board, donor family, corporate<br />

ambassadors and nonprofit partners<br />

worked to achieve greater things, together.<br />

■ 152 lives changed through meaningful<br />

scholarships<br />

■ 825+ grants supporting nonprofit organizations<br />

in this community and beyond<br />

■ 500+ nonprofit partners supported<br />

though capacity building investments<br />

■ A Hurricane Idalia Response that enabled<br />

community resilience<br />

■ 25 years as the only community foundation<br />

in Manatee County<br />

Of the over $56 million in grants made<br />

since its founding, $25 million were directed<br />

Funding from Bank of America to Assist Food Bank<br />

Bank of America recently granted $30,000<br />

to All Faiths Food Bank (AFFB) to help provide<br />

foods to individuals in need within<br />

the Sarasota community. This is the tenth<br />

year Bank of America has provided funds<br />

to strengthen AFFB’s hunger relief efforts,<br />

with all grants totaling over $250,000.<br />

All Faiths Food Bank is the only food<br />

bank and largest hunger relief organization<br />

in Sarasota and DeSoto counties.<br />

AFFB provides millions of meals each year<br />

through robust programs and partnerships<br />

with hundreds of charitable organizations<br />

throughout the community.<br />

The funding is designated for AFFB’s<br />

Mobile Pantry Program, which offers food<br />

distributions in the neighborhoods where<br />

to meet human services needs of the communities<br />

we support, followed by over $10<br />

million toward education, $8 million to support<br />

arts and culture, and $5 million to care<br />

for animal welfare and environmental causes.<br />

Funding for this important work is provided<br />

by gifts from Manatee Community<br />

Foundation donors and the management<br />

of its resources by its board of directors.<br />

These investments have supported projects,<br />

initiatives, and causes that contribute<br />

to the overall prosperity of our<br />

community, and this enduring legacy is a<br />

testament to the organization’s sustained<br />

impact and unwavering dedication to acting<br />

today, for a better tomorrow.<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

manateecf.org.<br />

Now-retired All Faiths Food Bank CEO Sandra Frank (center front) and director of philanthropy Rachel<br />

Bradley (right of Frank) with Bank of America team members (l-r) Jeff Crabtree, Ivan Richards, Kim<br />

Bleach, Jamie Kahns, Derek Ricker, Bank of America Sarasota/Manatee President Erik Vatter (holding<br />

the check), Andrew Zimmerman, Jilmmy Zevallos, Stephenie Whitfield and Rebecca Bryant<br />

hunger is greatest, reducing the barrier<br />

of transportation for individuals in need.<br />

Currently, AFFB operates a total of 32 Mobile<br />

Pantries, all located in high-need areas<br />

of Sarasota and DeSoto counties. Nine<br />

of the pantries are Mobile Farm Markets,<br />

which exclusively distribute fresh fruit<br />

and vegetables.<br />

AFFB is just one of 16 Sarasota/Manatee<br />

nonprofits the bank is supporting<br />

with economic mobility grants awarded<br />

to local nonprofits throughout the year,<br />

helping the bank drive meaningful and<br />

sustainable progress to help tackle society’s<br />

biggest challenges.<br />

For more about All Faiths Food Bank,<br />

visit allfaithsfoodbank.org.<br />

The Sarasota Ballet awarded Arts Appreciation Grant<br />

The Sarasota Ballet has been awarded a<br />

$65,000 Arts Appreciation Grant by Gulf<br />

Coast Community Foundation for the<br />

2023-<strong>2024</strong> Season.<br />

This season, the Arts Appreciation Grant<br />

will provide support for many of The Sarasota<br />

Ballet’s productions, as well as events<br />

and education performances for the year.<br />

Funds from the Arts Appreciation<br />

Grant most recently supported The Sarasota<br />

Ballet School’s collaboration with<br />

the Venice Performing Arts Center for<br />

the production of The Nutcracker. The<br />

performances included over 100 dancers,<br />

ages 4-74, and featured orchestral<br />

accompaniment by the Venice Symphony.<br />

Later this Season, Gulf Coast Community<br />

Foundation’s grant will support The<br />

Sarasota Ballet’s Annual Gala. This year’s<br />

theme London Calling celebrates the<br />

Company’s first international tour to London<br />

in June <strong>2024</strong>. Gulf Coast Community<br />

Foundation’s Arts Appreciation Grant will<br />

also support the newest patron program<br />

for the Company, Relevé. Through Relevé,<br />

The Sarasota Ballet aims to make performance<br />

attendance and interaction more<br />

accessible to younger audiences.<br />

14 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

your healthier health you<br />

Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />

CST treats the whole body physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally and energetically<br />

Clients come to me because they are in physical<br />

pain such as neck, back, pain and TMJ as well as<br />

for chronic headaches and migraines.<br />

Pain and stress caused by<br />

shortened Fascia<br />

Fascia (strong connective tissue) encases all<br />

our muscles, organs, brain and spinal cord.<br />

Whenever fascia shortens any place in the<br />

body, the entire network of fascia creates an<br />

increased tension affecting the functioning<br />

of our physical body as well as our organs,<br />

our brain and spinal cord.<br />

Our body is the history of every major<br />

trauma we have experienced physically and<br />

emotionally beginning with birth issues, falls,<br />

head trauma, car accidents, childhood abuse<br />

issues, death, divorce and other emotional<br />

issues. Our body tries to minimize each trauma<br />

by shortening fascia to isolate the energy<br />

coming into the body from that trauma.<br />

Shortened fascia results in pain, loss of mobility<br />

and range of motion, organs becoming<br />

less efficient and with parts of the brain and<br />

spinal cord becoming stressed.<br />

To keep the brain functioning, the body<br />

transfers some of your functional work play<br />

energy (7:00 AM-10:00 PM) to the brain resulting<br />

in less energy to make it through each<br />

day. As we age, the accumulation of all the<br />

tightened fascia, from every major trauma<br />

in life, begins to restrict every aspect of our<br />

body’s functions resulting in pain, loss of mobility,<br />

mis-functioning organs, loss of energy,<br />

as well as our brain losing some its sharpness.<br />

How Craniosacral<br />

Therapy Works<br />

The Craniosacral Therapist creates a safe<br />

place, with gentle holding techniques, that<br />

engages your body’s ability to self correct,<br />

reorganize and heal itself with the release<br />

of some of that tightened fascia during<br />

each session. As the Craniosacral Therapist<br />

engages your body, you will feel fascia releasing.<br />

As the fascia releases, pain begins to<br />

decrease, range of motion and mobility improve,<br />

organs begin functioning better and<br />

with less stress on the brain feels, it returns<br />

the energy it borrowed at the time of each<br />

trauma resulting in an immediate increase in<br />

your energy levels. Rarely does anyone leave<br />

from my first session not feeling better.<br />

Short Leg Syndrome<br />

Eighty-five percent of my clients have one<br />

of their legs pulled up 1/2 to 1 by shortened<br />

fascia. The tension from short leg syndrome<br />

on the sacrum (5 fused vertebrae at bottom<br />

of the spine) is transferred up the dural tube<br />

that encases the spinal cord into the lower<br />

and upper back, the neck, the cranium and<br />

The physical stress in bodies caused by shortened<br />

fascia (connective tissue) shuts down<br />

energy flows to certain organs. Short leg syndrome<br />

by ½ to 1 in (where one leg is pulled up<br />

by shortened fascia) shuts down energy flow to<br />

the spleen (an important part of your immune<br />

system) and the small and large intestine. With<br />

the release of that shortened fascia, energy returns<br />

to these organs.<br />

the brain. Headaches, migraines, TMJ and<br />

neck problems can originate from the fascial<br />

stress in the sacrum.<br />

Releasing this sacral stress increases energy<br />

in the bladder, sex organs, kidneys and<br />

the chakras as well as releasing major stress<br />

in the upper part of the body.<br />

Cause of Shallow Breathing<br />

A great majority of the clients who come to<br />

me for various problems are also shallow<br />

breathers. Fascial stress in the diaphragm<br />

restricts the depth of breathing by restricting<br />

energy flow to the lungs, the pericardium<br />

and the heart. With the release of fascial diaphragm<br />

restriction, the client immediately<br />

starts breathing deeply and energy is restored<br />

to the pericardium and the heart.<br />

Shoulder blades that are cemented to the<br />

body also restricts how much the rib cage can<br />

open and thereby also restricting depth of<br />

breath. Without proper breathing, your cells<br />

do not get enough oxygen. Everyone, especially<br />

people suffering from bronchitis, asthma<br />

and COPD as well as shallow breathing can<br />

benefit when the fascial stress is released.<br />

Specialized Training<br />

to work with Brain<br />

Dysfunctions<br />

Just as the body physically gets stressed from<br />

physical and emotional trauma, the functioning<br />

of the brain is also affected by fascial stress. For<br />

our brains to remain healthy, we need dynamic<br />

production of craniosacral fluid which performs<br />

the important function of bringing nourishment<br />

to all the cells in the brain and spinal<br />

cord as well as cleansing all the metabolic<br />

wastes given off by those same cells.<br />

Once the craniosacral fluid cleanses these<br />

metabolic wastes, efficient drainage of these<br />

metabolic wastes into the lymph system is<br />

absolutely necessary. Research has shown,<br />

that at night, craniosacral fluid cleanses amyloid<br />

plaques from the brain. If the drainage<br />

is inefficient, then the brain is being bathed<br />

in a toxic slurry. How does 15 or 20 years of<br />

your brain being bathed in a toxic slurry<br />

affect you: senile dementia, Parkinson’s,<br />

Alzheimer’s and other brain dysfunctions?<br />

A Craniosacral Therapist, who has received<br />

training in working with the brain, can reverse<br />

that stress on the brain that eventually can<br />

result in those brain dysfunctions. As we all<br />

know, the proper functioning of the body is<br />

dependent on a healthy functioning brain.<br />

Babies and Children can benefit<br />

■ Our little boy Leo, four years of age, had a<br />

difficult birth and at 7 months was put on antibiotics<br />

for an ear infection and as a result developed<br />

c-diff. His development came to a stop.<br />

At 3 years, with the help of an OT, he started<br />

to walk and talk. In spite of the improvements,<br />

he was unable to answer questions and his<br />

communication skills were very poor. Leo<br />

had very poor muscle tone, a lot of stress in<br />

his body and physical activities such walking,<br />

jumping and climbing were difficult for him.<br />

Beginning with the first session with Terry,<br />

he began showing improvement and with each<br />

following session. Everyone from his teachers<br />

to his grandparents noticed an increase in his<br />

■ “I was in awful pain and the<br />

MRI showed 2 pinched nerves<br />

and stenosis. I scheduled surgery.<br />

My daughter suggested Craniosacral therapy.<br />

After only 2 visits the pain was reduced to<br />

advanced craniosacral about 80% and therapy I canceled the surgery. I went<br />

for a 3rd visit and I am about 90% better.”<br />

■ “Simply Amazing! One visit was all it took for<br />

Terry to relieve 85% of my year long, nagging<br />

(sometimes severe) neck/shoulder tightness/<br />

pain!! My breathing improved tremendously.”<br />

physical strength, as well as improvements in<br />

comprehension, speech and communication<br />

skills. For the first time, he started participating<br />

in class lessons and interacting with his<br />

classmates. Terry has made a huge impact on<br />

getting Leo to a place a little boy should be at<br />

age four. We cannot thank Terry enough.<br />

■ Terry’s treatment helped our 6 week old<br />

baby boy from recent hospitalization into<br />

the first series of healthy bowel movements<br />

when seemingly nothing could help. Our son<br />

was able to latch onto the breast and for the<br />

first time completed his feeding. He was much<br />

calmer after working with Terry.<br />

■ “He was able to relieve tension that I have<br />

been carrying around for 15 years or more.<br />

I left his office table with more energy than I<br />

have had in years.”<br />

■ “I began working with him because I was<br />

dealing with anxieties, depression and lots of<br />

emotional pain inside and out. You don’t realized<br />

how much stress can cause damage to<br />

your body, mind and soul. I can say Terry was<br />

a big help.”<br />

Terrence Grywinski<br />

of Advanced<br />

Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049<br />

Testimonials from Clients<br />

SOURCE:<br />

■ Terrence Grywinski of Advanced Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049. Terry has specialized in Craniosacral<br />

Therapy since 1994 when he began his training at the Upledger<br />

Institute. Described by his teachers, clients and colleagues<br />

as a “gifted healer”, Terry’s intuitive sense and healing energy<br />

provides immediate and lasting relief from injury, pain, mobility<br />

issues as well as dysfunctions of the body and the brain. Part<br />

of Terry’s ongoing education, he has completed 4 craniosacral<br />

brain and peripheral nervous system classes which enables him<br />

to work at a cellular<br />

level and with brain<br />

dysfunctions.<br />

Call 941-321-8757<br />

for more information,<br />

Google Advanced<br />

Craniosacral<br />

Therapy.<br />

■ “On a recent vacation to Siesta Key, I re-injured<br />

my back. I found Terry online. I can say<br />

with complete joy that was the best decision<br />

I made in the history of my back pain. I have<br />

sought many modalities and visit a CST regularly<br />

and never have I had such a healing in<br />

my entire body.<br />

After 3 sessions, I made a 16-hour drive<br />

home with no pain or discomfort in my entire<br />

body. Unbelievable. My body has a sense of<br />

moving freely and that is completely new. I’m<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

so grateful to Terry for his knowledge, for his<br />

sensitivity to my needs and his kind generosity<br />

in healing my body. I will see him when I return<br />

next year.”<br />

■ “I am a snowbird who spends 7 months<br />

in Sarasota. I have had back problems for 25<br />

years. Terry’s techniques have led to a great<br />

deal of release and relief in areas that have<br />

been problematic. I have been seeing him over<br />

the years when my body says ”it’s time”. Usually<br />

after a few sessions, I can tell a huge difference.”<br />


<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 15

Martha<br />

Collins<br />

Director of Education<br />

& Stage Director at<br />

Sarasota Opera<br />

She’s the Director of<br />

Education and Stage<br />

Director at Sarasota<br />

Opera. As part of her job,<br />

she oversaw Sarasota<br />

Youth Opera’s production<br />

of The Little Sweep in 2023.<br />

This month, she’ll stage<br />

direct Sarasota Opera’s<br />

production of Carmen.<br />

16 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

It’s fortunate that we were able to meet<br />

in January since the Sarasota Opera’s<br />

production of Georges Bizet’s Carmen<br />

opens on February 17. Sets are being<br />

readied, artists are in rehearsals<br />

and soon it will all come together for<br />

opening night. Martha’s role in the popular<br />

opera, which will be conducted by the Opera’s<br />

Artistic Director, Victor DeRenzi, will be<br />

both onstage and off.<br />

No, she won’t be performing. Instead<br />

Martha has the critical role of stage director<br />

who will work with artists to make sure they<br />

are in the right place on the stage. But there’s<br />

more to the job. “I’m responsible for everything<br />

the audience sees — the lighting, sets,<br />

props — where they [artists] stand and move<br />

on the stage.”<br />

Martha has also directed Attila at Sarasota<br />

Opera, where her previous work as<br />

stage director included Dialogues of the<br />

Carmelites, Tosca, Carmen, Madama Butterfly,<br />

Romeo and Juliette, La Traviata, Nabucco<br />

and L’Elisir d’Amore.<br />

As part of the company’s complete Verdi<br />

Cycle, she directed productions of I Lombardi,<br />

I due Foscari, Attila, Giovanna D’Arco, I<br />

Masnadieri, Jerusalem, Un Giorno di Regno,<br />

and La Battaglia di Legnano.<br />

Amid the bustle of activity preparing the<br />

sets and working with the production crew,<br />

artists come in one month ahead of opening<br />

night, she explains. “First, we do a libretto<br />

read so they understand their characters.<br />

Maestro DeRenzi works with the singers and<br />

then they start staging.” In a Zen-like description,<br />

Martha says she “does all of where<br />

everyone will be.”<br />

Stage directing was something Martha,<br />

back in her days as a singer, was “curious<br />

about — every element from lights to sets.”<br />

Reflecting, she feels that her career as a<br />

performer “served me well” as she made the<br />

switch to “the other side of the stage.” Post<br />

Carmen, Martha will work with student and<br />

apprentice artists. After opera season ends,<br />

she’ll be heading to Opera Southwest in New<br />

Mexico in the summer.<br />

This past fall, as Director of Education,<br />

Martha led the production of the Youth Opera’s<br />

production of The Little Sweep and was<br />

also the Stage Director of the production,<br />

leading a cast of young people—some in their<br />

first performances onstage. Interestingly,<br />

their youth opera is the biggest in the country<br />

with 65 young people in the program designed<br />

for ages 8-18.<br />

How did it go? “Boy, did they take the<br />

show,” she replies enthusiastically. Beyond<br />

performing, young artists gain confidence<br />

regardless if they choose to pursue a career<br />

in opera. At the inevitable time when “voices<br />

change” as she explains it, those boys can<br />

come back and perform in other roles.<br />

Young performers are all local and Martha’s<br />

role is to nurture and develop “the love<br />

of opera,” but, they “also learn collaboration<br />

and confidence,” as seen in one student who<br />

went on to become an attorney and cited the<br />

skills learned had helped in their career.<br />

Sarasota Youth Opera is the only program<br />

in the U.S. that presents an annual full-scale<br />

opera production for young voices and also<br />

accepts all who want to participate, regardless<br />

of skill level or ability to pay.<br />

For Sarasota Youth Opera, Martha directed<br />

the world premiere of Little Nemo in<br />

Slumberland (2012) and Rootabaga Country<br />

(2017), the U.S. premieres of Burry’s The<br />

Hobbit (2008, 2014) and The Secret World of<br />

OG (2016), The Black Spider (2010), The Second<br />

Hurricane (2006) The Little Sweep (2005,<br />

2013, 2018, 2023) for which she also wrote<br />

the new Prologue of Let’s Put on an Opera,<br />

and Brundibár (2015, 2019) for which she also<br />

wrote an original prologue in collaboration<br />

with Jesse Martins (Sarasota Youth Opera<br />

music director).<br />

As Director of Education, Martha also<br />

works directly with the schools and oversees<br />

the artists and outreach schedule. “We’re<br />

especially excited to work with underserved<br />

communities and Title 1 schools that often<br />

do not have the resources to attend a schooltime<br />

performance at the Sarasota Opera<br />

House,” says the Sarasota Opera website.<br />

Martha’s “three-tiered job” as she call sit,<br />

also involves working with studio artists,<br />

apprentice arts and principals. Working with<br />

the Sarasota Opera Apprentice Artists Program,<br />

she helps trained singers in the important<br />

transition from student to professional<br />

life. “I enjoy it - sharing this artform that I<br />

love.” Plus there’s the added reward of “keeping<br />

it [opera] going for the next generation.”<br />

The Ottawa, Canada, native has had a creative<br />

career that prior to her stage and education<br />

work in Sarasota, included performing<br />

as well. As a singer, she worked extensively<br />

throughout her native Canada both as a<br />

concert and operatic performer, according<br />

to her bio, and has been heard on CBC’s Arts<br />

National Radio in numerous recitals and orchestral<br />

concerts.<br />

Her televised appearances include Micaela<br />

in Carmen with Vancouver Opera and the<br />

opening gala of the World Expo in Vancouver,<br />

both of which were aired internationally. At<br />

the Expo she sang for then Prince Charles<br />

and the late Princess Diana.<br />

She “discovered” opera at age 18. “I was<br />

shocked I didn’t know about something so<br />

wonderful,” she recalls. She knew singing<br />

was her passion in high school and worked<br />

in semi-professional theatre. Pursuing her<br />

career as a soprano, she was finalist in the<br />

Wales (UK) “Singer of the World” competition<br />

representing Canada. Check out the popular<br />

1987 movie Moonstruck and pay attention to<br />

the scene where Cher and Nicholas Cage are<br />

at the Met Opera in New York City for a performance<br />

of La Boheme. When they cut to the<br />

stage, you’ll see Martha in the onstage role of<br />

Mimi (Renata Tebaldi was the voice of Mimi,<br />

she adds), but still, what a movie to be a part<br />

of and “many people got into opera because<br />

of that movie,” Martha has found.<br />

Her career then took her to a small company<br />

in New Jersey. She “sang all the roles,”<br />

adding that, “I didn’t know I was preparing<br />

for being a director.” From there Martha<br />

came to Sarasota Opera in 2004.<br />

She’s a natural teacher with her knowledge,<br />

experience and her energetic style. At<br />

New York University, she directed The Magic<br />

Flute, Orpheus in the Underworld, L’Enfant<br />

et les Sortilèges, and productions of her new<br />

libretto translations of The Audition and The<br />

Finishing School by von Suppé. Other<br />

productions include Side by Side by Sondheim<br />

and A Talent to Amuse – an Evening<br />

of Noel Coward at New England Conservatory,<br />

Il Tabarro and Amahl and the Night<br />

Visitors with Opera North, Floyd’s Susannah<br />

and L’Elisir d’Amore for Opera Mozart<br />

in New Jersey, Dido and Aeneas at Brevard,<br />

and Lucia di Lammermoor and Tosca with<br />

New Jersey Verismo Opera.<br />

Martha has taught acting at New York University,<br />

Swarthmore College, Ryder University,<br />

Manitoba University, the Florence Voice<br />

Seminar in Italy, and maintains a private<br />

studio for vocal and dramatic coaching in<br />

New York City.<br />

As for the upcoming Carmen, Martha says,<br />

she loves strong female roles. “Carmen is a<br />

strong passionate intelligent gypsy woman.<br />

She makes her own choices.”<br />

STORY: Louise Bruderle<br />

IMAGES: Evelyn England<br />

For more info on upcoming performances,<br />

visit www.sarasotaopera.org/<br />

Know a budding young singer for their<br />

Youth Opera? Visit www.sarasotaopera.org<br />

Let’s get a GRIP on your finances<br />

Amanda E. Stiff, MBA<br />

Financial Advisor<br />

Amanda Stiff is a financial educator and coach - someone you can trust<br />

and feel comfortable with - confiding your most private,<br />

and sometimes vulnerable, financial picture.<br />

Call today 941-914-1560<br />

AccessAdvisorsLLC.com 941 914-1560 | Astiff@AccessAdvisorsLLC.com<br />

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Securities are offered through Level Four Financial, LLC a registered broker dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services are offered<br />

through Level Four Advisory Services, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. Level Four Financial, LLC, Level Four Advisory Services, LLC<br />

and Access Advisors, LLC are independent entities. Neither Level Four Financial, LLC, Level Four Advisory Services, LLC nor Access Advisors, LLC<br />

offer tax or legal advice.<br />


Longevity Medicine<br />

Hormone Therapy<br />

Second Opinions<br />


2106 Bispham Road • Sarasota, FL 34231<br />

Phone: 941.404.8030 • www.bestmedicine.us<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 17

coming up<br />

Rodney D. Gerling, Esq.<br />

Dana Laganella Gerling, Esq.<br />

Marla Stewart Owczarek, Esq.<br />

Estate Planning, Probate,<br />

Trust Administration<br />

and Elder Law<br />

25 th<br />



Simple Will $ 195.00<br />

Revocable Living Trust:<br />

Single, Non Taxable $ 1,195.00<br />

Married, Non Taxable $ 1,795.00<br />

Power of Attorney $ 150.00<br />

Health Care Surrogate $ 130.00<br />

No additional costs required other than filing fees, if applicable<br />

Offices: East Bradenton<br />

(941) 756-6600 www.gerlinglawgroup.com<br />

International Film Festival<br />

produced byThrough Women’s Eyes<br />

Advancing Gender Equality Through Film<br />

Celebrating<br />

<br />

Thought-provoking films from around the world<br />

featuring documentaries, shorts, features,<br />

animated films, emerging filmmakers and more.<br />

Opening Night Films & Reception March 8, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Friday 5-9pm<br />

Ringling College of Art & Design<br />

Morganroth Auditorium<br />

Film Screenings March 9-10, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Saturday 10am-9pm<br />

Sunday 11am-5pm<br />

Sarasota Art Museum<br />

SHS Alumni Auditorium<br />

Stream Films on Demand March 7-12, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Tickets @ twe<strong>2024</strong>.eventive.org<br />

The 25th Anniversary of the<br />

Through Women’s Eyes International<br />

Film Festival Celebrates Gender<br />

Equality Through Cinema<br />

The 25th<br />

Anniversary of<br />

the Through<br />

Women’s Eyes<br />

Women's<br />

International Film<br />

Festival, celebrating its<br />

25th anniversary, is set to<br />

empower gender equality<br />

through the art of cinema.<br />

The festival, place from March 7-12 and<br />

showcases a carefully curated selection<br />

of 32 creative films from 17 countries,<br />

highlighting the diverse array of experiences<br />

by and about women. The event will feature<br />

virtual screenings as well as in-person<br />

events, including an awards ceremony.<br />

Through this platform, the festival aims to<br />

put female filmmakers in the spotlight and<br />

bring attention to topics that are frequently<br />

underrepresented in the film industry.<br />

Through Women’s Eyes (TWE) is a Sarasota-based<br />

nonprofit organization dedicated<br />

to women’s rights and gender equality. and<br />

we’re especially delighted that the Festival is<br />

celebrating its silver anniversary. In addition<br />

to 22 new films, we’re bringing back 10 Greatest<br />

Hits, some of our audience favorites, from<br />

past years.<br />

This year’s films include 10 features, 22<br />

shorts, 14 documentaries, 17 narratives, and<br />

the work of 6 Emerging Filmmakers from<br />

film schools around the world. Organizers<br />

received over 355 submissions from 42 countries<br />

and; final selections comprise 17 countries:<br />

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany,<br />

Guinea, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Japan,<br />

Norway, Palestine, Sweden, Turkey, UK, and<br />

the US. Independent filmmakers from all over<br />

the world will attend the festival and meet<br />

with audiences to share thought-provoking<br />

discussions about what inspires them and<br />

how they created their films.<br />

The festival will celebrate excellence at<br />

a reception and award ceremony on Friday,<br />

March 8, 5-9 p.m. at the Ringling College of<br />

Art and Design Morganroth Auditorium. Films<br />

continue all day Saturday and Sunday, March<br />

9-10 at the Sarasota Art Museum, SHS Alumni<br />

Auditorium. Students from the New Gate<br />

Montessori IB High School will once again<br />

select and present an award to a particularly<br />

inspiring film from this year’s line-up.<br />

There is truly something for everyone at<br />

this year’s film festival, including:<br />

■ X Trillion: Go on a journey with 14 women<br />

as they sail to the North Pacific Ocean to one<br />

of the most remote places on earth, the site of<br />

the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” - an accumulation<br />

of ocean plastic.<br />

■ Book Club: Eight American women started<br />

a book club in the 1940s; little did they<br />

know it would bond them for the next 70. A<br />

look at friendships, despite all manner of differences.<br />

A Greatest Hit and one of our most<br />

popular films ever; if you’re in a book club,<br />

bring your group. If you’re not, bring a friend<br />

for an emotional and personal journey you<br />

won’t forget.<br />

■ UnDivide Us: Are Americans really as<br />

polarized as the media portrays? Is it true<br />

that we can hardly talk to one another about<br />

issues like guns and abortion? Researchers<br />

set out to answer this question - possibly<br />

the most important question of our time - by<br />

bringing together average citizens from five<br />

states. A must-see for all concerned citizens.<br />

■ The Fight for Black Lives (Panel discussion<br />

follows film): The health disparities<br />

between black and white<br />

women are shocking - but<br />

do you know what is driving<br />

these differences? See<br />

the film, then join our panel<br />

conversation with the filmmakers<br />

and local medical<br />

providers and patients..<br />

■ See the real Afghanistan<br />

behind the headlines<br />

and newsreels. When Mom is Gone - a Greatest<br />

Hit - reveals the fascinating and moving<br />

realities of a rural Afghani family and The<br />

Last Hug chronicles two young women who<br />

left Kabul when Americans departed and<br />

were welcomed to the University of Arizona.<br />

■ Girl No 60427 and Blood Like Water, set<br />

in Israel and the Israeli-occupied Palestinian<br />

territories, display the fascinating, complicated,<br />

and tormented emotions of the region.<br />

Girl is seen through the eyes of a grandchild<br />

discovering the Holocaust experiences of her<br />

grandmother, while Blood forces a Palestinian<br />

family to choose between occupying forces<br />

and their own people. Not to be missed.<br />

Films are from the USA and 17 other countries.<br />

For a list of films, visit twe<strong>2024</strong>.eventive.org/films<br />

The TWE Women’s International Film<br />

Festival film continues because progress toward<br />

a gender-equal media remains painfully<br />

slow. For example, women get 31% of screen<br />

time and are four times more likely to be<br />

portrayed nude than their male counterparts,<br />

and, by contrast, men speak seven times more<br />

in advertising. Behind the camera, women are<br />

only 18% of directors,19% of writers, and 7%<br />

of camera operators. Media informs our career<br />

choices, relationships, parenting, and so<br />

much more, so these disparities continue to<br />

shape all of us in profound ways. More authentic,<br />

representative media yields benefits<br />

for everyone.<br />

IF YOU GO:<br />

■ When? March 7 - 12<br />

TWE Women’s International Film Festival<br />

opens online on March 7 and in-person Friday<br />

night, March 8, and offers films all day Saturday<br />

and Sunday, March 9 and 10.<br />

Awards Friday night are in seven categories:<br />

Best Feature Film, Best Short Documentary,<br />

Best Short Narrative, Best Emerging<br />

Film, New Gate Inspiration Award, and TWE<br />

Team Choice.<br />

■ Where: Online, on-demand March 7-12<br />

at twe<strong>2024</strong>.eventive.org/welcome<br />

In theaters Friday, March 8, 5-9 p.m.,<br />

Ringling College of Art and Design, Larry R.<br />

Thompson Academic Center, Morganroth<br />

Auditorium<br />

Saturday and Sunday all day, Sarasota Art<br />

Museum, SHS Alumni Auditorium. Tickets:<br />

throughwomenseyes.org<br />

■ Ticket Costs:<br />

All-access, full festival pass, In-Theaters Only:<br />

$125<br />

All-access, full festival pass, Online Viewing<br />

Only: $145<br />

Five film pass: $50<br />

Single film block: $12<br />

Tickets: throughwomenseyes.org/<br />

About Us: Through Women’s Eyes is a<br />

501c3 advocacy organization dedicated to<br />

women’s rights and gender equality. Learn<br />

more at throughwomenseyes.org. Net festival<br />

proceeds support women’s rights and<br />

gender equality programs.<br />

— SOURCE: Scott Osborne<br />

18 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

focus on the arts<br />

Meet Cindi Qi -<br />

Associate Concertmaster of the<br />

Chamber Orchestra of Sarasota<br />

Cindi Qi began<br />

playing with<br />

the Chamber<br />

Orchestra of<br />

Sarasota in<br />

2018, the orchestra’s second<br />

season. She is the Associate<br />

Concertmaster of the<br />

Orchestra. Cindi was born in<br />

Beijing, China. She received<br />

her Bachelor of Music from the<br />

Chicago College of Performing<br />

Arts at Roosevelt University<br />

Cindi Qi<br />

where she played with the<br />

Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and received<br />

her MM from the Cincinnati Conservatory of<br />

Music. She is principal second violin of the<br />

Punta Gorda Symphony and also performs<br />

regularly with the Southwest Florida Orchestra<br />

and Villages Philharmonic.<br />

This season, Cindi will be a featured soloist<br />

on the chamber orchestra’s “Celebrating<br />

Chopin” concert on February 29 at 7:30pm<br />

at the First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota.<br />

This is the second time Cindi has performed<br />

as a soloist with the orchestra: in 2019 she<br />

performed Bach’s Double Concerto in C<br />

Minor with oboist Nicholas Arbolino. The<br />

interview below was done by Music Director<br />

Robert Vodnoy.<br />

Vodnoy: You’re one of the longest tenured<br />

members of the orchestra and your talent,<br />

hard work, and dedication are very much appreciated.<br />

When did you start playing violin?<br />

Qi: I was seven years old, but violin wasn’t<br />

my first instrument. I started on piano and<br />

ultimately picked violin instead. My mother<br />

was my first violin teacher.<br />

Vodnoy: That’s similar to my story, actually.<br />

I started on piano when I was five and my<br />

mother was my first teacher. In the 1950s, my<br />

grandmother rented out rooms in her house<br />

and she had a renter who played violin in the<br />

local symphony. Your father David is also a<br />

violinist. Did he teach you also and do you<br />

play together as a family?<br />

Qi: My dad helped once in a while, or when I<br />

was really stuck learning something specific<br />

on the violin. We do play together as a trio or<br />

quartet sometimes. My mother can play the<br />

viola as well so it would be my dad and me on<br />

violin, my mother on viola, and someone else<br />

on cello and we had a quartet.<br />

Vodnoy: Did you ever perform a double concerto<br />

with your mother or father, or will this<br />

performance of Joseph Bologne Chevalier<br />

de Saint-Georges’ Symphony Concertante<br />

be a first?<br />

QI: I actually have never performed in concert<br />

with either of them in a duet or concerto<br />

before. We did have fun playing Bach’s Double<br />

Concerto and some Vivaldi at home, or<br />

when friends were over, as an impromptu<br />

mini performance.<br />

Vodnoy: What are some of your<br />

thoughts about Saint-Georges’ Symphony<br />

Concertante? He was a French-Caribbean<br />

musician of African descent, and free man of<br />

color. The movie is very accurate and weaves<br />

a fascinating story of his life as a violinist,<br />

conductor, composer, and soldier.<br />

Qi: One thing I like is that it’s in two movements,<br />

and both are upbeat with an uplifting<br />

tempo. Usually, a work like this would have<br />

a slow middle movement. I’d like to think the<br />

fact that he was also a fine swordsman played<br />

a role in this. His composition style really<br />

showcases the wide range of techniques and<br />

embellishments used during that<br />

time period for the violin. It’s<br />

very light and bubbly, and fits the<br />

salon style of music ubiquitous<br />

during that period. Needless to<br />

say, his work is very Mozart-esque.<br />

It’s very refreshing to perform<br />

a Mozart-style composition<br />

not composed by Mozart.<br />

Vodnoy: What do you like about<br />

performing in the Chamber Orchestra?<br />

Qi: Performing in a concert<br />

with the Chamber Orchestra is<br />

artistically and musically satisfying for me. It’s<br />

a smaller group of players, so every musician’s<br />

role is critically important and plays a big part<br />

in the success of a performance. And because<br />

there is more value in each player, everyone<br />

puts in extra effort to make sure their part is<br />

perfect to add to the whole. Also, we get to play<br />

a particular repertoire that many musicians<br />

miss out on. So being able to play music by<br />

composers I’m not familiar with is a big treat.<br />

Vodnoy: This work will be the opening work<br />

on our “Celebrating Chopin” concert in February.<br />

That program includes Samuel Adler’s<br />

Concertino No. 3 and Frédéric Chopin’s Piano<br />

Concerto No. 2 in F Minor with Matthew<br />

Graybil. We’re going to perform Chopin’s<br />

concerto in an arrangement for piano and<br />

string orchestra, based on a version of the<br />

concerto which Chopin performed himself.<br />

There are violin and cello solos in this arrangement<br />

as well, which Matthew Graybil<br />

and I edited together.<br />

Qi: That’s an example of the unique repertoire<br />

we’re able to perform with the Chamber<br />

Orchestra, and I’m looking forward to it.<br />

Vodnoy: Joseph Bologne Chevalier de<br />

Saint-Georges has a connection to our March<br />

21 concert as well. We’re going to end the<br />

season on March 21 with a concert titled “Mozart<br />

+ Haydn.” The concert and the season<br />

will conclude with a performance of Haydn’s<br />

Symphony No. 83, which is known as “The<br />

Hen” because of a humorous theme in the<br />

first movement.<br />

The symphony is one of six “Paris” symphonies<br />

because they were commissioned<br />

by Count d’Ogny for the Concert Olympique.<br />

Saint-Georges arranged the details of these<br />

premieres and conducted them. Marie Antoinette<br />

attended the performances, so the<br />

orchestra dressed in court attire. The musicians<br />

played in embroidered suits, lace cuffs,<br />

swords at their sides and feathered hats on<br />

the benches.<br />

Qi: It must have been hard to play with a<br />

sword on your belt! Maybe we should dress in<br />

court attire for our concert, too.<br />

Vodnoy: By the way, who is the maker of<br />

your violin?<br />

Qi: I actually don’t have an answer for this<br />

because the label inside the violin is so corroded<br />

that it’s difficult to read. But it’s been<br />

in the family for a long time, so I kind of just<br />

inherited it.<br />

SOURCE: Robert Vodnoy<br />

For information or tickets, visit chamberorchestrasarasota.org/<br />

4420 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota<br />

941.260.8905<br />

www.shellysgiftandchristmasboutique.com<br />

Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 19

focus on the arts<br />



Monday, February 12, <strong>2024</strong> | 7:00 PM<br />

Sarasota Art Museum, Sarasota<br />

Combining musical mastery with a<br />

touch of wit, the Punchline Quartet<br />

delivers engaging performances that<br />

crescendo to a captivating musical<br />

punchline. The Punchline Quartet understands the importance<br />

of making music an approachable realm, and an experience that<br />

is reflective of today’s world and audience. Kate Arndt, violin; Ria<br />

Honda, violin; Sarah Sung, viola; Elena Ariza, cello.<br />

“HERS”<br />


Sunday, March 3, <strong>2024</strong> | 6:00 PM<br />

The Harvest, Sarasota<br />

Album release, artist talk, and concert<br />

“HERS” vibrantly celebrates the vision,<br />

strength, resilience, and incredible<br />

accomplishments of eight fearless women – from the 12th century’s<br />

Hildegard Von Bingen to today’s Beyoncé. In a pre-performance<br />

talk, they will speak about the composers and their importance in<br />

music history. Molly Carr, viola; Anna Petrova, piano.<br />

Women<br />

Contemporary Artists<br />

Annual Member Exhibition<br />

Celebrating 25 Years of providing visibility,<br />

encouragement and inspiration to women artists<br />

Visit our website for tickets and more<br />

information: PERLMANSUNCOAST.ORG<br />

Sponsored in part by:<br />

The Daniel E. Offutt, III Charitable Trust Richard Orenstein, Trustee<br />

In partnership with<br />

First Place 2023: Janice Newman, Morning Mist<br />

kirboll<br />

NATEE<br />

CULTURAL ARTS SEASON 2023-<strong>2024</strong><br />

mort skirboll<br />

jewish film<br />

festival<br />

sarasota<br />


ALL FILMS,<br />









calling<br />

all film<br />

buffs<br />

15 TH ANNUAL<br />

A highlight of the Cultural Arts Program<br />

season, this year our festival launches with<br />

compelling stand-alone films, followed by<br />

our popular film festival.<br />





<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> 18, <strong>2024</strong><br />

4:30PM<br />




MARCH 3, <strong>2024</strong> • 7:30PM<br />

MARCH 4, <strong>2024</strong> • 3:00PM & 7:00PM<br />

MARCH 5, <strong>2024</strong> • 3:00PM & 7:00PM<br />

MARCH 6, <strong>2024</strong> • 3:00PM & 7:00PM<br />


MARCH 7, <strong>2024</strong> • 6:30PM<br />

*All films in March take place at The ORA, on the JFSM Campus<br />

For registration, visit<br />

JFEDSRQ.org/jff<br />

For more information, contact<br />

cdierksen@jfedsrq.org or at 941.263.4974<br />

The Women Contemporary<br />

Artists <strong>2024</strong> exhibit will<br />

open on February 9 at<br />

Art and Frame of Sarasota’s<br />

Gallery Hall, located at 1055 S.<br />

Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.<br />

The public is invited to the opening reception<br />

where all members, including painters,<br />

photographers, sculptors, ceramicists, fiber<br />

artists, printmakers and mixed media artists<br />

have work on display. This event also marks<br />

the 25th Year the (WCA) organization has<br />

been supporting creative, professional women<br />

actively engaged in the visual fine arts.<br />

This event is free and open to the public.<br />

The opening, awards ceremony and 25th<br />

anniversary celebration are on Friday, February<br />

9, 6-8 p.m.<br />

The exhibit will run to March 21. Gallery<br />

hours are Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm,<br />

Second Place 2023: Judy<br />

Kramer, Kaleidoscope Facade<br />

Third Place 2023: Susan<br />

Turconi, The Couple<br />

Sunday: Closed. Free admission<br />

For more information, visit Women-<br />

ContemporaryArtist.com<br />

About<br />

Women Contemporary Artists (WCA)<br />

is a local organization of professional<br />

women actively engaged in the visual fine<br />

arts. WCA’s more than one hundred artists<br />

share the mission of providing visibility,<br />

encouragement and inspiration to women<br />

artists. They are committed to the goal of<br />

encouraging each other and promoting<br />

each other’s work.<br />

WCA originated in 1999 from the vision<br />

of 20 charter members, committed to fostering<br />

recognition of women’s accomplishments<br />

and contributions<br />

to the visual fine arts.<br />

Membership has grown to<br />

140+ members.<br />

WCA’s activities include<br />

a major annual juried<br />

exhibition. The group<br />

also provides lectures<br />

and demonstrations at<br />

monthly meetings, during<br />

the months of November<br />

through May. WCA holds<br />

an annual retreat where<br />

women artists can gather<br />

and create, discuss art and critique the<br />

work created by their peers.<br />

The group presents scholarship awards<br />

to outstanding women in college programs<br />

in the area who wish to continue their education<br />

in art.<br />

The organization seeks to educate the<br />

general public about the past and present<br />

contributions of women artists and sponsors<br />

programs featuring prominent people<br />

in the arts. Annually, WCA collects art<br />

materials to present to children in shelters<br />

and hospital programs. Each year WCA<br />

welcomes women artists in the community<br />

who wish to join the organization. More<br />

info at womencontemporaryartists.com.<br />

20 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

healthier you<br />

Hormones of Love…<br />

Keeping the Flame Alive<br />

Helping Children Diagnosed With Epilepsy<br />

Did you know that virtually<br />

everyone can maintain<br />

a healthy sex drive and<br />

experience enjoyment at<br />

any age? So for this Valentine’s season,<br />

let’s see how we can keep that flame going<br />

by restoring youthful, sexual vitality<br />

for life!<br />

Historically one of the most distressing<br />

side effects of aging has been a loss<br />

of one’s sexuality including romance,<br />

performance and satisfaction.<br />

Many men experience a decrease in<br />

erections while women notice a decline<br />

in overall sexual desire and enjoyment.<br />

No doubt this is an area of great frustration!<br />

In turn, relationships are challenged<br />

since healthy sexual function is<br />

so linked to intimacy.<br />

What makes sex great?<br />

Aside from romance and passion, a<br />

healthy libido requires certain hormones<br />

to be balanced and flowing.<br />

When low levels or an imbalance of<br />

hormones occurs, the ability to engage<br />

in healthy sex is challenging. Sex can be<br />

unsatisfying, difficult or even impossible.<br />

Correcting the imbalance achieves<br />

rejuvenation of the body, brain and<br />

other more “critical areas”. Simple lab<br />

tests can detect these imbalances and<br />

safe, natural hormone replacement can<br />

correct the problem.<br />

• Estrogen: Improves menopausal<br />

symptoms, vaginal lubrication,<br />

brain function, sexual desire,<br />

orgasm, skin, hair, nails, and breast<br />

fullness.<br />

• Progesterone: Helps promote<br />

romantic moods, libido, sleep, and<br />

assists in the prevention of breast<br />

cancer.<br />

• Testosterone: Ignites the fuel<br />

for virility in men (erection), and<br />

increases libido, orgasm, and brain<br />

function in both women and men.<br />

• DHEA: Enhances mood, desire,<br />

receptivity, performance and<br />

pleasure.<br />

• Serotonin: Increases joy and<br />

intimacy. (Treatment for depression<br />

with drugs to correct serotonin, such<br />

as SSRI’s, i.e., Prozac, Zoloft, actually<br />

decreases libido and orgasms).<br />

• Dopamine: Increases desire,<br />

interest and performance (especially<br />

in men).<br />

• Gaba: Enhances orgasm, mood<br />

and sexual wellness (especially<br />

in women).<br />

At The Renewal Point we run tests for<br />

these hormones in both women and<br />

men, and then correct the problem. It’s<br />

always rewarding to see how balancing<br />

someone’s hormones also has a positive<br />

influence on other aspects of their life,<br />

such as self confidence, clearer communication<br />

abilities, and an overall desire<br />

to want more out of life. For more information<br />

about our services or to schedule<br />

a consultation, please give us a call at<br />

941-926-4905. We are here to help!<br />

—————————————————<br />

SOURCE: Dr. Watts,<br />

MD, ND, MSNM and<br />

Deb Spinner, ARNP,<br />

MSN, are experts in<br />

Integrative Medicine.<br />

With over 25 years<br />

experience in Hormone<br />

Balancing, a<br />

Post-doctoral Certification<br />

in Metabolic<br />

Endocrinology, and a<br />

Fellowship in Anti-<br />

Aging, Regenerative,<br />

Dr. Dan Watts<br />

MD, ND, MSMN<br />

The Renewal Point<br />


and Functional Medicine, Dr. Watts<br />

has put together programs that have<br />

helped thousands of patients renew<br />

their love and vigor for life.<br />

4905 Clark Road, Sarasota<br />

Phone: 941-926-4905<br />

www.TheRenewalPoint.com<br />

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that can strike<br />

ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. In fact, 1 in<br />

26 people will have a seizure during their lifetime.<br />

The stigma and social isolation; the uncertainty of<br />

when the next seizure might occur; and the fear of<br />

SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) are the<br />

frightening realities for many families in our community.<br />

JoshProvides pulls back the curtain on epilepsy, through<br />

community awareness, education, offering a monthly<br />

Epilepsy Support Group, and providing seizure<br />

detection & alert devices, transportation assistance and<br />

assistance with medical services. Our families are NOT<br />

defined by their disorder…they are warriors who will<br />

overcome these obstacles thanks to your support!<br />

Mission: To improve the quality of life for those<br />

living with epilepsy or other seizure disorders.<br />

(800) 706-2740 | JoshProvides.org<br />


<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 21

happening this month<br />

First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota<br />

7:30pm. Tickets: $39/adult, $5/student<br />

Thurs, Feb 29: Celebrating Chopin<br />

Matthew Graybil, piano<br />

Thurs, March 21: Mozart + Haydn<br />

George Maxman, violin<br />

chamberorchestrasarasota.org<br />

219-928-8665<br />

DENTAL<br />

Insurance<br />

Great coverage for retirees.<br />

Coverage for cleanings,<br />

fillings, crowns — even<br />

dentures! Get dental<br />

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Physicians Mutual<br />

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physiciansmutual.com/find-dentist. This specific offer not available in CO, NV, NY, VA – call 1-800-969-4781 or respond for a similar offer in your<br />

state. Certificate C254/B465, C250A/B438 (ID: C254ID; PA: C254PA); Insurance Policy P154/B469, P150/B439 (GA: P154GA; OK: P154OK; TN: P154TN).<br />

6347<br />

Batter up!<br />

Orioles Spring Training<br />

starts Feb. 24<br />

The Orioles are back<br />

for its Spring Training<br />

games at Ed Smith<br />

Stadium. All tickets<br />

must be purchased online<br />

at Orioles.com/SpringTickets.<br />

The Ed Smith Stadium Box Office<br />

will open for in-person sales at a<br />

later date to-be-announced.<br />

The <strong>2024</strong> Spring Training promotional<br />

schedule features giveaways<br />

and experiences for fans of all<br />

ages. Again this year, the Orioles<br />

invite children and seniors to run<br />

the bases after select home games.<br />

Kids Run the Bases is open to all<br />

fans ages four to 14, and will return<br />

following every Sunday home<br />

game, while Seniors Stroll the<br />

Bases will return following each<br />

Monday and Tuesday home game<br />

for fans age 60 and older.<br />

The promotional schedule is highlighted<br />

by special event days such as Heroes<br />

Day (February 29), presented by Cheney<br />

Brothers, Youth Sports Day (March 10) presented<br />

by First Watch, and Fireworks Night<br />

(March 23), as well as various giveaways,<br />

including a Magnet Schedule (February<br />

24), a Spring Training T-shirt (March 8),<br />

a Chick-fil-A Plush Cow (March 13), an<br />

Orioles Rally Towel (March 17), and an O’s<br />

Cap (March 22).<br />

During every Saturday and Sunday home<br />

game, the Orioles will honor members of<br />

the Sarasota community who volunteer<br />

to improve the lives of others through the<br />

Birdland Community Heroes program. To<br />

nominate a hero, visit Orioles.com/Spring.<br />

The CEO Seats program, created to<br />

give back to the community while using<br />

baseball to inspire the next generation of<br />

leaders, will return this season. Founded in<br />

2023, the CEO Seats program donates the<br />

partnership group’s seats, located near the<br />

Orioles dugout, to local organizations that<br />

are making a difference in the community.<br />

The seats, which will be donated by the<br />

Orioles during both Spring Training and<br />

Regular Season games, serve as “thank<br />

you” to those making a difference<br />

in the community,<br />

and act as a reminder to<br />

young people that if they set<br />

their goals and work hard,<br />

they can accomplish whatever<br />

they put their minds to.<br />

The <strong>2024</strong> Spring Training<br />

marks the club’s 15th spring<br />

season at Ed Smith Stadium.<br />

The Orioles will play 16<br />

home games at their home<br />

park, including 10 afternoon<br />

games, all beginning at 1:05<br />

p.m., and six night games, each slated to<br />

begin at 6:05 p.m.<br />

A list of current <strong>2024</strong> promotions and<br />

special events at Ed Smith Stadium can be<br />

found at orioles.com/Spring.<br />

Spring Training Schedule<br />

⚾ February 24 Home opener versus the<br />

Boston Red Sox at 1 p.m.<br />

⚾ February 26, 1:05 p.m. versus the<br />

Tampa Bay Rays. Seniors Stroll the Bases<br />

Heroes day<br />

for all fans 60 and older<br />

⚾ February 27, 1:05<br />

p.m. Detroit Tigers.<br />

Seniors Stroll the Bases<br />

for all fans 60 and older<br />

⚾ February 29, 1:05<br />

p.m. Pittsburgh Pirates.<br />

⚾ March 2, 1:05 p.m. New York Yankees<br />

⚾ March 4, 1:05 p.m. Minnesota Twins<br />

Seniors Stroll the Bases for all fans 60<br />

and older<br />

⚾ March 6, 6:05 p.m. Pittsburgh Pirates<br />

⚾ March 8, 1:05 p.m. Detroit Tigers<br />

Spring Training Shirt Day for the first<br />

4,000 fans<br />

⚾ March 10, 1:05 p.m. Toronto Blue Jays<br />

105. Kids run the bases<br />

⚾ March 12 Tampa Bay Rays<br />

⚾ March 13, 6:05 p.m. Atlanta Braves<br />

⚾ March 16, 1:05 p.m. Boston Red Sox<br />

⚾ March 17, 1:05 p.m. Atlanta Braves<br />

⚾ March 20, 6:05 p.m. Philadelphia<br />

Phillies<br />

⚾ March 22, 6:05 p.m. Pittsburgh Pirates<br />

⚾ March 23, 6:05 p.m. Toronto Blue Jays.<br />

Fireworks Night<br />

Tickets: https://www.mlb.com/orioles/<br />

tickets/spring-training<br />

Upcoming Events at<br />

Ed Smith Stadium

a Limited Time Only,<br />

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Pre-registration required<br />

Pre-registration Pre-registration required required<br />

Call Gulfcoast South AHEC today at:<br />

Call Gulfcoast Call<br />

866-534-7909<br />

Gulfcoast South AHEC South today AHEC at: today at:<br />

866-534-7909 866-534-7909<br />

*while supplies last<br />

**if*while medically supplies appropriate *while last supplies for those last 18 years of age or older<br />

**if medically **if appropriate medically for appropriate those 18 years for of those age 18 or older years of age or older<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 23

focus on the arts<br />

Witness the U.S. Premiere of<br />

The Legend of Bijan and Manijeh<br />

Key Chorale, Sea Symphony, 2023<br />

On February 10, 4<br />

pm, Key Chorale<br />

presents Triumph<br />

of Love featuring the<br />

U.S. Premiere of The<br />

Legend of Bijan and Manijeh by Persian<br />

composer Farhad Poupel, for piano,<br />

choir, and orchestra, with concert<br />

pianist Jeffrey Biegel. This evocative<br />

work is based on an ancient Farsi love<br />

story taken from the Shahnameh (The<br />

Book of Kings), an epic poem by Persian<br />

poet Ferdowsi written between<br />

977 and 1010 CE. Other love stories,<br />

mythical and historical, by composers<br />

Jean Sibelius, Gustav Mahler, Daniel<br />

Pinkham, René Clausen, and others<br />

will be featured.<br />

This will be only the second performance<br />

worldwide of this monumental<br />

work, The Legend of Bijan & Manijeh,<br />

which had its world premiere in<br />

Ontario with the Windsor Symphony<br />

Orchestra in November of 2022. The<br />

composition will showcase concert<br />

pianist Jeffrey Biegel who is respected<br />

for his incomparable performances of<br />

the standard works for piano and orchestra<br />

and has become the ‘go to’ pianist<br />

for new compositions and special<br />

recording projects. Mr. Biegel was featured<br />

as soloist on the 2019 Grammy<br />

Winning recording of music by contemporary<br />

composer Kenneth Fuchs<br />

and is currently playing a new work,<br />

Rhapsody in Red, White & Blue which<br />

will be performed in all 50 states over<br />

the next few seasons.<br />

“We almost never hear music by Persian<br />

composers in our Western concert<br />

halls,” said Maestro Joseph Caulkins.<br />

“Farhad has set an epic tale from<br />

the ancient Shahnameh (The Book of<br />

Kings), a poem of more than 50,000<br />

couplets telling the story of creation<br />

and chronicling the legends and kings,<br />

the heroes, the quests, and mythical<br />

creatures, at the heart of Persian mythology.<br />

He sent me the score and I<br />

was blown away! This is a work by<br />

an emerging composer with a unique<br />

voice and an opportunity to showcase<br />

a Persian story more than 3,000 years<br />

old by a Persian artist. What an incredible<br />

opportunity.”<br />

“The Legend of Bijan & Manijeh is<br />

an epic score that I know will resonate<br />

with our audience,” said Maestro<br />

Caulkins. “Farhad’s music takes you to<br />

an exotic world of long ago. With new<br />

composition, I encourage audiences to<br />

listen as if they are on a voyage. While<br />

you may not know exactly where the<br />

voyage may be heading, you know it<br />

will be one full of discovery. There can<br />

be something surprising, or emotional,<br />

at every turn.”<br />

Composer Farhad Poupel will be in<br />

residence with Key Chorale for the<br />

rehearsals and concert. Mr. Poupel is<br />

a UK-based Iranian composer, whose<br />

works are frequently performed in<br />

many prestigious international venues<br />

and festivals by today’s leading<br />

musicians. Poupel is inspired by stories<br />

from literary masterpieces from<br />

around the world, poetry, art, mythology,<br />

and cinema. In addition to this US<br />

premiere by Key Chorale, Mr. Poupel’s<br />

Romance and Quartet for the Beginning<br />

of Time will both be receiving<br />

their world premieres later this year.<br />

In addition to the premiere work, the<br />

100 voices Key Chorale will be featured<br />

in charming settings of Three<br />

Shakespeare Madrigals by Emma<br />

Lou Diemer, Daniel Pinkham’s Wedding<br />

Cantata, and a gorgeous setting<br />

of the Scottish tune O Waly, Waly by<br />

composer René Clausen. The orchestra<br />

will be featured in Mahler’s lush<br />

and zealously romantic Adagietto<br />

from his Symphony No. 5, written as<br />

a love letter to his wife Alma, and Farhad<br />

Poupel’s Childhood Memories, a<br />

3-movement Persian Suite written in<br />

honor of his grandmother.<br />

PRE-CONCERT TALK — Join Artistic<br />

Director Joseph Caulkins, Composer<br />

Farhad Poupel, and concert pianist<br />

Jeffrey Biegel before the concert (3<br />

PM) as they discuss the creativity behind<br />

the music.<br />

Concert takes place at Church of the<br />

Palms, 3224 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota.<br />

February 10th, 4 PM<br />

Tickets $35-$45<br />

To purchase tickets, visit www.<br />

keychorale.org or call 941-552-<br />

8768 to reserve.<br />


24 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

<strong>2024</strong><br />

20% OFF!<br />





FRIDAY<br />

FEB<br />

16<br />

THRU<br />

SUNDAY<br />

MAR<br />

10<br />



CircusArts.org<br />

941.355.9805<br />

Best. Labiaplasty. Ever.<br />


by the area’s ONLY Cosmetic Gynecologist<br />

Call or Text our<br />

Private Line<br />

(727) 403-0573<br />

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<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 27

travel news<br />

New Gulf Islands Ferry Service<br />

Originally set to lacuna back in December,<br />

it appears the Gulf Islands Ferry is<br />

now shuttling visitors and residents to<br />

and from Anna Maria Island and downtown<br />

Bradenton.<br />

The water ferry, marketed by The Bradenton<br />

Area Convention & Visitors Bureau<br />

(BACVB) and operated by Gulf Coast Water<br />

Taxi, is a first step in providing multi-modal<br />

transportation throughout Manatee County.<br />

Two 50-foot open air catamarans, Miss Anna<br />

Maria and Downtown Duchess, will take riders<br />

from the day dock located directly off Riverwalk<br />

in downtown Bradenton<br />

to Anna Maria City Pier<br />

and Bridge Street Pier.<br />

Visitors and residents<br />

can catch a ride on the<br />

water Friday through Sunday<br />

from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.<br />

Ride times between stops<br />

will range from 25 to 40<br />

minutes. A one-way ticket<br />

will cost $ 8 per person,<br />

providing an economical<br />

and easy way to hop<br />

between the mainland and<br />

island. Special pricing will<br />

be available for children and seniors. The two<br />

catamarans hold 48 passengers and will have<br />

two crew aboard.<br />

In addition to providing easy transport to<br />

the island, the service is an extended commitment<br />

in working to preserve and protect the<br />

natural beauty of the area for future generations.<br />

Powered by renewable energy sources<br />

and energy-efficient design elements, the<br />

vessels further support BACVB’s Love It Like<br />

a Local initiative.<br />

Tickets can be purchased www.gulfcoastwatertaxi.com/<br />

The National Museum of<br />

Women in the Arts<br />

The National Museum of Women<br />

in the Arts (NMWA) — the world’s<br />

first major museum solely dedicated<br />

to championing women artists — had reopened<br />

after a two-year renovation.<br />

NMWA reimagined its historic home at<br />

1250 New York Avenue in Washington,<br />

D.C., to offer flexible exhibition spaces for<br />

immersive exhibitions, a versatile studio/<br />

classroom area and improved accessibility<br />

for visitors.<br />

Located in the heart of Washington,<br />

D.C., the National Museum of Women in<br />

the Arts advocates for better representation of<br />

women artists and serves as a vital center for<br />

thought leadership, community engagement,<br />

and social change. Just 11% of all acquisitions<br />

at prominent American museums over the past<br />

decade were of work by women artists according<br />

to Artnet News.<br />

The collection features more than 5,500<br />

works from the 16th century to today created<br />

by more than 1,000 artists. Visitors experience<br />

art from the moment they enter the building.<br />

The rotunda features a dramatic six-foot-tall<br />

hanging sculpture by Joana Vasconcelos, as<br />

well as paintings by self-taught American artist<br />

Clementine Hunter and Indigenous Australian<br />

artist Audrey Morton Kngwarreye.<br />

On view in the Great Hall are a series of<br />

black-and-white prom portrait photographs by<br />

Mary Ellen Mark and large-scale architectural<br />

photographs of sumptuous spaces by Candida<br />

Höfer. Portraits and self-portraits of women<br />

from across the centuries fill the mezzanine,<br />

with Eva Gonzalès’s Portrait d’une jeune<br />

femme (Portrait of a Young Woman) (1873–74),<br />

Frida Kahlo’s iconic Self-Portrait Dedicated<br />

to Leon Trotsky (1937) and Zanele Muholi’s<br />

photograph Katlego Mashiloane and Nosipho<br />

Lavuta, Ext. 2, Lakeside, Johannesburg (2007),<br />

among others.<br />

Tickets are required and are available at<br />

https://nmwa.org/ They’re at 1250 New York<br />

Ave., NW Washington, DC.<br />

Can’t get enough Baseball<br />

Baseball fits naturally in Southwest<br />

Florida. Each March, the Boston Red<br />

Sox and Minnesota Twins return for<br />

spring training in Ft. Myers Young players from<br />

around the country attend our elite baseball<br />

camps each summer. And year-round, local<br />

leagues keep the spirit of the game in play.<br />

The Minnesota Twins have called our<br />

coast their spring training destination since<br />

1991. That same year, they won a record 21<br />

games during spring training before going<br />

on to win the World Series. Hammond Stadium<br />

welcomes them back each spring, but<br />

hosts minor league games there throughout<br />

the year.<br />

Red Sox fans may already know that their<br />

team plays more than 20 games at JetBlue<br />

Park – a state-of-the-art ballpark that holds<br />

up to 11,000 people. The success of their<br />

world championship season in 2018 and<br />

2013 was acknowledged by players to have<br />

begun in Fort Myers.<br />

Florida Spring Training will officially begin<br />

on Friday, February 23, as the Boston Red<br />

Sox meet the Northeastern Huskies at Jet<br />

Blue Park in Fort Myers.<br />

National Park Service Entrance Fee —<br />

Free Days for <strong>2024</strong><br />

The National Park Service again has its<br />

entrance fee-free dates for <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

The entrance fee-free days are:<br />

APRIL 20 – First Day of National Park Week<br />

JUNE 19 – Juneteenth<br />

AUGUST 4 – Great American Outdoors Day<br />

SEPTEMBER 28 – National Public Lands Day<br />

NOVEMBER 11 – Veterans Day<br />

(For 2025, JANUARY 15 – Martin Luther<br />

King, Jr. Day is also entrance-free)<br />

More than 300 of the country’s more<br />

than 400 national parks are free to enter every<br />

day. Also, with at least one national park<br />

in every state and most major metropolitan<br />

areas, they provide close-to-home choices for<br />

recreation and inspiration. Detailed information<br />

about things to do and see in each park is<br />

available on NPS.gov and the NPS app.<br />

The cost to enter parks with entrance fees<br />

ranges from $10 to $35. The funds remain in<br />

the National Park Service and 80-100% stays<br />

in the park where collected. The revenue<br />

supports visitor services, including<br />

enhancing accessibility, restoring<br />

wildlife habitat, and providing ranger<br />

programs, and adding or upgrading<br />

restrooms, campgrounds, trails, and<br />

other facilities.<br />

The fee waiver for the fee-free days<br />

applies only to National Park Service<br />

entrance fees and does not cover<br />

amenity or user fees for camping, boat<br />

launches, transportation, special tours,<br />

or other activities.<br />

The annual $80 America the Beautiful<br />

National Parks and Federal Recreational<br />

Lands Pass covers entry at more than 2,000<br />

federal recreation areas, including all national<br />

parks. There are also free or discounted<br />

passes available for current members of the<br />

U.S. military and their dependents, military<br />

veterans, Gold Star Families, fourth grade<br />

students, individuals with permanent disabilities,<br />

and senior citizens. More info www.<br />

gulfcoastwatertaxi.com/<br />

At the Women’s Travel Club<br />

The Women’s Travel Club offers<br />

unique, women-only tours. Their small<br />

group tours encompass everything<br />

from short getaways to adventure travel. It’s<br />

also a way to make new friends.<br />

Plan ahead for their Classic Vietnam trip<br />

in February, 2025 with pre-booking. Vietnam<br />

is a land of natural beauty and rich<br />

cultural intricacies, where you’ll encounter<br />

megacities alongside serene<br />

hill-tribe villages.<br />

You’ll be able to delve into<br />

Vietnam’s history and culture,<br />

embarking on a journey that<br />

traverses from the lush green<br />

peaks of the north to the sunkissed<br />

beaches of the south.<br />

Drift through the night<br />

aboard a traditional junk<br />

boat amidst the breathtaking<br />

beauty of Ha Long Bay,<br />

explore the UNESCO World<br />

Heritage site of Hoi An,<br />

gain a glimpse into rural life during a trek<br />

through hilltribe villages, and savor a cyclo<br />

ride through the bustling heart of Hanoi. As<br />

you journey from one end of this captivating<br />

corner of Indochina to the other, you’ll gain a<br />

profound appreciation for Vietnam’s diverse<br />

tapestry.<br />

See the Vietnam trip as well as all of their<br />

trip at www.womens-travel-club.com.<br />

JetBlue Park at Fenway South in Fort Myers<br />

26 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

travel news continued<br />

New Ways to<br />

Experience Britain in <strong>2024</strong><br />

Considering a trip to Great Britain?<br />

Discover top-notch events and entertainment<br />

like music festivals, sporting events<br />

and hit musicals. Explore eco-friendly stays,<br />

accessible travel options, and iconic film and<br />

TV locations.<br />

Entertainment and Events:<br />

■ Wembley hosts European football’s<br />

biggest showpiece, the UEFA Champions<br />

League final on June 1st and the Tour of<br />

Britain cycling race kicks off in September,<br />

taking riders through eight locations in<br />

England and Wales.<br />

■ Mean Girls, the smash-hit Broadway<br />

musical will be coming to London’s Savoy<br />

Theatre in June <strong>2024</strong> and The Devil Wears<br />

Prada will take the stage at London’s Dominion<br />

Theatre in October <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

■ Focus Wales in Wrexham is an international<br />

music showcase featuring 250+ emerging<br />

talents and arts events. TRNSMT music<br />

festival in Glasgow spans two weekends,<br />

showcasing up-and-coming names and<br />

hosting world-class talent.<br />

Eco-Conscious and Accessible Travel:<br />

■ More conscious travelers now are exploring<br />

eco-friendly places to stay. Some new<br />

hotels are The Treehouse hotel chain in<br />

Manchester, BlueStone National Park in<br />

Pembrokeshire, Wales and TreeDwellers in<br />

the Cotswolds.<br />

■ Britain has a great amount of new accessible<br />

travel activities and locations in <strong>2024</strong><br />

like exploring the Peak District with all-terrain<br />

mobility vehicles and scenic “Miles<br />

without Stiles” routes or Soar over<br />

London in a wheelchair-accessible cable<br />

car that accommodates two wheelchairs or<br />

scooters, slowing for easy access.<br />

Film and TV Activities:<br />

■ Bath sets the stage for a regency era<br />

re-imagined in the new adaptation of Wonka<br />

on screen in December 2023.<br />

■ Steven Spielberg and Tom Hank’s Masters<br />

of the Air will be coming to theatres in<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, bringing the bravery and courage of<br />

the US Eight Air-Force during World War<br />

II to life. Discover the beauty and history<br />

of the show’s backdrop of Oxford and<br />

the East of England.<br />

■ Take a trip to London to explore the regal<br />

settings of Bridgerton’s third season,<br />

coming to Netflix in May and June of <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

including the Old Royal Naval College &<br />

its Chapel of St Peter and St Paul and The<br />

Ranger’s House.<br />

■ Join the Lights. Camera. Action! tour at the<br />

stunning Blenheim Palace, visiting the top<br />

filming locations in Netflix’s Queen Charlotte:<br />

A Bridgerton Story, along with other<br />

memorable features such as Harry Potter.<br />

Britain’s Newest Stays<br />

London’s Luxury Boom:<br />

■ In the winter of <strong>2024</strong>, The Other House<br />

Covent Garden will introduce 200 Club<br />

flats, accompanied by a public restaurant<br />

and a rooftop bar offering breathtaking<br />

views.<br />

■ The Hyatt will open its new Park Hyatt<br />

London River Thames, walking distance<br />

from London’s major tourist attractions in<br />

late <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

■ Additionally, Six Senses, renowned<br />

worldwide for its authentic, personal, and<br />

sustainable five-star hotels, is scheduled to<br />

unveil a new property in London in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Six Senses, London<br />

■ Mandarin Oriental is set to open its<br />

second London property in Mayfair in the<br />

spring of <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

■ Explore London’s newly opened Raffles at<br />

the OWO and The Peninsula London for<br />

even more high-end accommodations.<br />

Embark on a Gourmet Break:<br />

■ The Langdale Chase in Windermere,<br />

England opened in autumn 2023, delivers<br />

innovative British cuisine inspired by the<br />

Lake District at their 2 AA Rosettes rated<br />

restaurant.<br />

■ Aughton’s Moor Hall, just under an hour<br />

north of Liverpool by train, launches luxury<br />

lodges to provide the ultimate luxury foodie<br />

gateway from late 2023.<br />

■ Explore the Witchery, Scotland’s Restaurant<br />

with Rooms of 2023/24, a historic gem by<br />

Edinburgh Castle since 1595. Immerse in<br />

Scottish history, relish fine dining, award-winning<br />

wines, and atmospheric rooms.<br />

From The Points Guy<br />

Is there a day that’s cheaper than others to<br />

book a flight? There’s a common misperception<br />

that certain days are better for<br />

finding flight deals. However, research shows<br />

that this is a myth.<br />

There is no magic day to book, but there are<br />

some sweet booking windows when airlines<br />

lower prices, Lindsay Schwimer, a consumer<br />

travel expert at the booking app Hopper, said.<br />

Hopper relies on 10 years of data and 80 trillion<br />

flight prices to recommend the best time<br />

to book specific routes and dates.<br />

“Typically, we tell travelers for domestic<br />

trips to start monitoring prices three to four<br />

months in advance of a trip,” Schwimer<br />

said. “Expect to book one to two months in<br />

advance,” she continued. Schwimer said you<br />

could monitor flight prices at Hopper, which<br />

has a price tracking tool.<br />

Hopper’s lead economist, Hayley Berg, told<br />

TPG, “There’s a common myth that ‘booking<br />

on a Tuesday’ will guarantee a traveler the<br />

best price. The reality is prices change so often<br />

and depend on the route, the travel dates,<br />

etc., that there isn’t one day that guarantees<br />

you the best price.” https://www.hopper.com/<br />

For international trips, the window is a bit<br />

larger. You should start monitoring six to seven<br />

months prior to the trip and look to book<br />

it three to five months in advance.That’s the<br />

recommendation from Hopper and from TPG.<br />

“When you’re traveling internationally,<br />

planning ahead is key to getting the cheapest<br />

airfare,” Berg said. “Travelers often book<br />

international flights too far in advance or too<br />

last minute, overpaying significantly for their<br />

tickets.”<br />

Remember that the strategy changes pretty<br />

dramatically if you book with points and miles.<br />

Airlines often open award space for coveted<br />

business- and first-class seats when the schedules<br />

open or at the last minute.<br />

What’s the best day to travel? Although<br />

airfare prices fluctuate based on when you<br />

book, midweek travel is generally cheaper<br />

than flying on weekends, though Sundays can<br />

also be a sweet spot.<br />

“Flying midweek can save you nearly $100<br />

off your ticket,” Schwimer said. “So when you’re<br />

thinking about when you want to travel, try<br />

shifting your dates midweek versus flying over<br />

the weekend. If you can be flexible and book<br />

either a Tuesday or Wednesday versus a Friday<br />

or Saturday, you’re gonna save significantly<br />

off your trip.” Oftentimes, you’ll find early departures<br />

can save you some big bucks. It’s not<br />

easy to set the alarm for 4 a.m., but it’s easier to<br />

wake up when you know you’re saving money.<br />

Augustine Food + Wine Festival<br />

May 8-12<br />

The fourth annual St. Augustine Food +<br />

Wine Festival, named “One of Florida’s<br />

Top 10 Food & Wine Festivals” by USA<br />

Today, will take place on Florida’s Historic<br />

Coast, May 8 - 12. The St.<br />

Augustine Food +<br />

Wine Festival will once<br />

again be a showcase of<br />

culinary, beverage and<br />

culture that highlights<br />

celebrity guest chefs,<br />

local chefs, celebrity<br />

winemakers/proprietors,<br />

live music, artisans,<br />

farmers, local craft spirits<br />

and beers, along with renowned<br />

wine, spirits and<br />

beer brands from around<br />

the globe. The festival<br />

offers a wide variety of<br />

events for all tastebuds<br />

and budgets, from large<br />

scale tasting events to intimate learning<br />

experiences.<br />

TV personality and celebrity chef Tiffany<br />

Derry will be participating in several festival<br />

events, including Smoke on the Walk, and<br />

hosting a cooking demonstration at the<br />

TV personality and celebrity chef<br />

Tiffany Derry<br />

Saturday Grand Tasting’s Publix Cooking<br />

Demo Stage. Derry is a longtime TV cooking<br />

show favorite, stepping into the spotlight<br />

when she appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef<br />

Season 7, earning the<br />

title of “fan favorite” and<br />

finishing in the top four.<br />

Derry’s quiet confidence,<br />

warm southern<br />

charm, and culinary<br />

expertise made her a<br />

natural selection for Top<br />

Chef: All-Stars, where<br />

she was again a finalist.<br />

Tiffany Derry’s<br />

authentic approach<br />

to Southern cooking<br />

landed her on the 2022<br />

James Beard Award<br />

finalist list in two categories—Best<br />

Chef: Texas<br />

and Best New Restaurant<br />

for Roots Southern Table. Outside of her<br />

restaurants, she is a fierce advocate for social<br />

justice and equity across gender, race, and<br />

food access.<br />

More info at https://staugustinefoodand<br />

winefestival.com/<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 27

focus on the arts<br />

156th International Traveling Exhibition of the<br />

American Watercolor Society<br />

On display through March 8 at ArtCenter Manatee<br />

ArtCenter Manatee will<br />

host the pre-eminent<br />

156th Traveling Exhibition<br />

of the American<br />

Watercolor Society International<br />

Exhibition. Chosen from<br />

a field of 160 water media masterpieces<br />

selected into the International Exhibition<br />

(from over 1,000 entries), the traveling<br />

show features the work of 40 artists.<br />

This year’s show is sure to inspire<br />

artists and art lovers.<br />

As one of only three venues in the country<br />

and the only in Florida to host this<br />

show, ArtCenter Manatee will display<br />

the diverse water media work in the Kellogg<br />

Gallery from January 30 through<br />

March 8, <strong>2024</strong>. The exhibit will also<br />

feature a slide show of the entries not<br />

included in the traveling exhibit for a<br />

more immersive art experience. Admission<br />

is $5, which assists in bringing such<br />

a prestigious exhibition to the ArtCenter<br />

and Bradenton. The opening reception<br />

is on Thursday, February 1 from 5-7pm.<br />

While inclusion in this exhibition is itself<br />

an honor, participants also compete<br />

for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals<br />

of Honor as well as other awards, with<br />

27 artists sharing more than $40,000 in<br />

prize money.<br />

Accompanying the exhibit will be the<br />

annual aqueous show of the Florida<br />

Suncoast Watercolor Society (FSWS) in<br />

the Reid Hodges and Searle Galleries.<br />

FSWS was formed in 1983 to foster<br />

the advancement of and promote excellence<br />

in the art of watercolor painting.<br />

They seek to inform and educate<br />

through exhibitions, lectures and painting<br />

demonstrations as to the best work<br />

currently being done in watercolor.<br />

Join them for the opening reception<br />

on Thursday, February 1, 5pm to 7pm.<br />

Meet the artists, discover the amazing<br />

talent of these local as well as international<br />

water media artists, and enjoy the<br />

wonderful atmosphere in our galleries.<br />

Hors d’oeuvres and beverages available.<br />

ABOUT<br />

the American Watercolor<br />

Society<br />

The American Watercolor Society<br />

(AWS) is one of the oldest and most<br />

prestigious art societies in the world.<br />

Election to the Society as a Signature<br />

Member is one of the most sought-after<br />

honors in the painting world. AWS<br />

Membership comprises many of the<br />

greatest names in painting throughout<br />

the Society’s history and includes (to<br />

name drop a few) the American impressionist<br />

Childe Hassam, regionalists Edward<br />

Hopper and Charles Burchfield,<br />

plus virtually every member of the important<br />

“California School” of watercolorists,<br />

and everyone in between, up to<br />

and including the late Andrew Wyeth.<br />

(Top Left:) John Salminen, High Street Umbrellas; (Top Right:) Ken Call, Solitaire; (Bottom<br />

Right:) Wu Jianzhon, Blank Leaving<br />

ABOUT<br />

ArtCenter Manatee<br />

Located in downtown Bradenton, Art-<br />

Center Manatee is the premier center<br />

for art, art education and unique gifts<br />

in Manatee County. The Center features<br />

three galleries, five classrooms,<br />

an artisan gift shop and an art library<br />

featuring over 3,000 art volumes.<br />

Day, evening and weekend art classes<br />

for adults and children are offered<br />

year-round in painting, drawing, pastels,<br />

pottery, jewelry design, photography<br />

and more.<br />

The artisan boutique features unique,<br />

affordable gifts by local and national<br />

artists. Exhibitions in the galleries<br />

change monthly and showcase local,<br />

regional and national artists. Meet the<br />

exhibiting artists at the monthly evening<br />

opening receptions that are always<br />

free and open to the public.<br />

For more information,<br />

visit www.artcentermanatee.org<br />

or call 941-746-2862.<br />

They’re located at 209 9th St W,<br />

Bradenton.<br />

Hours: M/F/S 9:00-5:00,<br />

T/W/Th 9:00-6:00<br />

28 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>




Mattison's Forty-One<br />

South Sarasota<br />

Live<br />

Music<br />

Schedule<br />

Mattison's City Grille<br />

Downtown Sarasota<br />

Mattisons.com<br />

Mattison's Riverwalk Grille<br />

Downtown Bradenton<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 29

dining in<br />

Remember that scene in Forrest Gump when Bubbah recites all the ways<br />

of preparing shrimp, “…shrimp with grits, shrimp with rice…’’?<br />

Around 75 percent of the shrimp harvested in the United States comes<br />

from the Gulf of Mexico. The most widely served seafood in the US is<br />

shrimp. That adds up to 1.27 billion pounds of shrimp every single year. That<br />

works out to about 4.1 pounds of shrimp per person. Here are some recipes Bubbah<br />

may have overlooked.<br />

Don’t be alarmed at the amount<br />

of garlic here; its bite is tamed by<br />

a soak in lime juice. These would<br />

traditionally be served over rice<br />

and they’re also delicious over<br />

hot crusty bread for soaking up<br />

all the sauce. Serves 4<br />

This one’s got a lot of garlic<br />

too, but goes in a different<br />

direction. Serve this over rice<br />

or pasta, with a side of roasted<br />

asparagus, broccoli, or green<br />

beans for a very elegant dinner.<br />

Serves 4<br />

Shrimp, shrimp, and more shrimp

Is independence in your own home your goal?<br />

Choose a trusted, professional nursing team to ensure the years ahead and your health<br />

care path align with your wishes.<br />

Take Care provides all levels of care—from<br />

skilled nursing to helping with groceries<br />

and companionship—for clients in any<br />

home setting. We remain dedicated to<br />

helping you and your loved ones.<br />

Erika Wise Borland, MA, Vice President<br />

Celebrating<br />

(941) 927-2292<br />

www.TakeCareHomeHealth.com<br />

info@takecarehomehealth.com<br />

Lic. # HHA 21657096 | 299991405<br />

Take Care is locally nurse and familyowned<br />

with 28 years of experience meeting<br />

your health care needs, from a quick home<br />

visit once a week to around-the-clock<br />

support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.<br />

Susanne S. Wise, RN, MBA, CEO & Owner<br />

28<br />

Personalized care in your own home has<br />

never been more important.<br />

Our Registered Nurse New Services team<br />

is ready for your call.<br />

Courtney Wise Snyder, MSG, CMC, President<br />

Years of Caring<br />

2022<br />

Community Voted Best Home Health since 2012<br />

<strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 31

Balance Your Hormones...<br />

Optimize Your Health<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing is about optimal health,<br />

living a higher quality of life, and halting or possibly reversing disease processes.<br />

With over 30 years of<br />

experience and numerous<br />

board certifications<br />

and credentials,<br />

Dan Watts, MD, ND, MSNM<br />

and Deb Spinner, APRN, MS<br />

are experts in the Science<br />

and Art of Bio-identical<br />

Hormone Balancing.<br />

Reasons to Participate in Bio-identical Hormone Balancing<br />

• Restoring mental and physical balance • Losing and managing weight<br />

• Enhancing athletic performance<br />

• Normalizing sleep/wake cycles<br />

• Gaining control over emotions<br />

• Increasing energy and focus<br />

• Reducing anxiety and depression<br />

• Boosting intimacy and sexuality<br />

• Improving relationships<br />

• Improving bone strength and joint health<br />

Call today 941.926.4905<br />

Age Management | Men's Health | Gynecology | Bio-identical Hormone Balancing | Strength and Conditioning<br />

Weight Loss | IV Therapy | Brain Health | Toxin Elimination | Digestive Health | Heart Health<br />

Dan Watts, MD, ND, MSMN<br />

Board Certification:<br />

American Board of Integrative Medicine<br />

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology<br />

Post-doctoral Certification in Metabolic Endocrinology<br />

Post-doctoral Master's in Nutritional and<br />

Metabolic Medicine<br />

Fellowship: American Academy of Anti-Aging<br />

Medicine: Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and<br />

Functional Medicine<br />

Fellowship: American College of Surgeons<br />

4905 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34233 941.926.4905 www.TheRenewalPoint.com<br />

Deb Spinner, APRN, MS, NP-C<br />

Board Certified Advanced<br />

Registered Nurse Practitioner<br />

Specialties Include:<br />

Gynecology<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing<br />

Metabolic Weight Loss<br />

IV Therapy<br />

Family Medicine<br />

32 WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2024</strong>

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