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Oxford Music<br />

An introduction and recent issues<br />

Spring <strong>2024</strong>

Oxford Music is the home of quality music that can<br />

bring people together, educate and celebrate<br />

excellence.<br />

We publish for the <strong>choral</strong> and instrumental markets<br />

predominantly, as well as orchestral.<br />

Oxford Music's ambition is to become the gateway to<br />

participatory music making.<br />

About<br />

Oxford Music<br />

We are proud of our legacy and excited about<br />

our future.<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Meet our team:<br />

Griselda Sherlaw-Johnson<br />

Choral Promotion and<br />

Business Development Manager, Music<br />

- griselda.sherlawjohnson@oup.com<br />

Nicola Cook<br />

Head of Business Development,<br />

Music<br />

- nicola.cook@oup.com<br />

Chris Graham<br />

Business Development Assistant, Music<br />

- christopher.graham@oup.com<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24 3

Music for Choir and Cello<br />

• What A selection is this of work? sacred What and are secular its selling pieces points?<br />

• Another A wide range bullet of point composers, from Palestrina and Bach,<br />

to Rutter and Quartel<br />

• Etc.<br />

• Cello part available separately<br />

• Three pieces recorded by Apollo 5<br />

• An ideal concert programme in one collection!<br />

View score on<br />

Published<br />

January <strong>2024</strong><br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


The Oxford Book of Choral Music by Black Composers<br />

• What 35 pieces is this for work? SATB What choir, are unaccompanied its selling points? or with piano<br />

or organ<br />

• Another Mixture bullet of sacred point and secular non-idiomatic works,<br />

including anthems, <strong>choral</strong> art songs, madrigals, motets,<br />

• Etc. and part-songs<br />

• Pieces from the Renaissance, Classical, and Romantic<br />

eras, in addition to the twentieth and twenty-first<br />

centuries<br />

• Features composers from a variety of nations,<br />

including Brazil, Canada, Portugal, the United Kingdom,<br />

and the United States<br />

Published<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary 2023<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


The Oxford Book of Choral Music by Black Composers<br />

- find out more:<br />

“Whether used as a teaching resource<br />

or for performance, it should expand<br />

imaginations and start to address the<br />

lack of representation of Black<br />

composers in the <strong>choral</strong> canon.<br />

Equally important, there is some<br />

stunning music to sing which will be<br />

enjoyed by youth and adult choirs<br />

alike.“ Choir & Organ, May 2023<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Carols for Choirs 6<br />

• What is this work? What are its selling points?<br />

• Showcasing some of today's most exciting names in<br />

• Another <strong>choral</strong> composition<br />

bullet point<br />

• Etc. Well-loved melodies in fresh arrangements<br />

• A diverse range of composers, including a 50/50<br />

gender balance<br />

• An exciting mix of accompanied and unaccompanied<br />

<strong>titles</strong>.<br />

Published<br />

July 2023<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Watch Bob Chilcott and David Hill discuss working together on<br />

compiling Carols for Choirs 6:<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Breath of Song<br />

• What 10 original is this works work? by What contemporary are its selling women points? composers<br />

for unaccompanied SATB choir<br />

• Another bullet point<br />

• An eclectic mix of styles and colours, specially selected<br />

• Etc. with modern concert programming in mind<br />

• Secular and sacred texts from across the centuries,<br />

alongside new words and sounds<br />

• Introduces exciting new composers and works to the<br />

repertoire.<br />

View book on<br />


Cecilia McDowall<br />

• Award-winning British composer praised for her<br />

innovative and fresh approach to composition often<br />

incorporating folk and world music elements into her<br />

compositions.<br />

• Broad range of subject, themes, and moods, across<br />

sacred, secular, and Christmas <strong>titles</strong>.<br />

• Skillful use of harmonies, creating lush and intricate<br />

textures that enhance the emotional depth of her<br />

compositions.<br />

'Cecilia McDowall is one of the leading <strong>choral</strong> and vocal<br />

composers of her generation.'<br />

Musical Opinion<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Cecilia McDowall - <strong>choral</strong> works<br />

Da Vinci Requiem<br />

Seven-movement work for S & Bar solos, & SATB and orchestra<br />

(35mins)<br />

• An imaginative pairing of extracts from The Notebooks of<br />

Leonardo da Vinci with texts from the Latin Missa pro defunctis<br />

• Da Vinci's penetrating insights into the nature of mortality and<br />

cast new light on the familiar Requiem texts<br />

Everyday Wonders: The Girl from Aleppo<br />

Five-movement upper voices, SATB, violin and piano (18 mins)<br />

• Tells the story of Nujeen Mustafa’s journey across Europe in a<br />

wheelchair, from the war in Syria.<br />

• Ideal for youth choirs and programmes about migration<br />

• Also available in an Upper Voices only version<br />

Music of the Stars<br />

Three-movement work for SATB and piano or strings and<br />

percussion (17 mins)<br />

• exploring the power of music to console and uplift in<br />

challenging times<br />

Three new stunning concert works by the UK’s most<br />

prominent female <strong>choral</strong> composer<br />

Click on the cover images to view scores<br />


Cecilia McDowall– <strong>choral</strong> highlights<br />

Photo 51, SSATB unaccompanied<br />

• mesmerising piece celebrating the chemist, Rosalind<br />

Franklin<br />

• intertwining melodies with ethereal harmonies<br />

beautifully capturing Franklin's part in the discovery<br />

of the double helix structure of DNA<br />

Crucifixus re-imagined SSAATTBB<br />

• a response to Lotti's Crucifixus a8<br />

• reminiscent of the original work, while retaining<br />

McDowall's distinctive contemporary style<br />

In dulci Jubilo, SATB & organ<br />

• A charming and vibrant new melody to the wellknown<br />

text<br />

Click on the cover images to view complete <strong>choral</strong> sample scores<br />


Bob Chilcott<br />

• Highly respected British composer and conductor.<br />

• Strong and memorable melodies, making the works<br />

accessible and popular with performers and listeners.<br />

• Versatility in his compositions, moving seamlessly<br />

across various styles and genres, including classical,<br />

jazz, and folk influences.<br />

'As a <strong>choral</strong> director and composer Bob Chilcott is revered. He<br />

understands choirs and gets the best from them.'<br />

The Guardian online<br />

•<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Bob Chilcott– new <strong>choral</strong> works<br />

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow<br />

3-movement work for SSA and piano (10 mins)<br />

• A theme of reflecting on the past, living in the present, and not<br />

worrying about the future<br />

• Bringing the energy and joy of youth to the fore<br />

Mary, Mother<br />

Sequence of 6 carols for SATB & piano or organ and opt. harp<br />

(17 mins)<br />

• Explores the role of Mary in the Christmas story, focussing on her<br />

human experience within a story of the divine.<br />

• Ideal for Christmas concerts<br />

Sing in a Season<br />

3-movement work for SATB and piano or small ensemble<br />

(15 mins)<br />

• A celebratory work exploring all that we can learn from the natural<br />

world<br />

Three new stunning concert works by the UK’s most<br />

prominent <strong>choral</strong> composer<br />

Click on the cover images to view scores<br />


Jussi Chydenius A member of Finnish vocal group, Rajaton, Jussi combines traditional<br />

<strong>choral</strong> sounds with pop and jazz influences<br />

• Uphill: skillfully blends a classic poem by Christina Rossetti<br />

with a relaxed, lightly jazzy style<br />

• Deep in the night: sets a Sara Teasdale poem that likens a<br />

heart seeking its love to a swallow's cry. Rich harmonies,<br />

syncopated melodies paint an image of the starry night<br />

• I am the great sun: is a driven and focused setting of<br />

Charles Causley's poem. With imitative passages, melodic and<br />

rhythmic motifs, sections requiring precise articulation, and full<br />

homophonic climaxes, this is textured <strong>choral</strong> writing<br />

View Jussi’s works on<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Reena Esmail Drawing on the sound-worlds of Western European and Indian traditions<br />

• TāReKiṬa: a short concert piece that effortlessly<br />

blends the Indian and Western classical styles, built on<br />

the Jog raga<br />

• She will Transform You: Explores the special<br />

relationship of an immigrant and her child to their<br />

country of origin and how the child bridges the divide<br />

between both cultures<br />

• A Winter Breviary: the 3 short movements are each<br />

based on an Indian classical Raag, and mark moments<br />

from the Christmas story through different times of the<br />

day: evening, midnight and day-break<br />

View Reena’s works on<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Gabriel Jackson 'He knows he has something to say, and he says it with directness and clarity.'<br />

• The Christ-child: Commissioned by King's College,<br />

Cambridge for their world-famous Festival of Nine<br />

Lessons and Carols, this beautiful carol sets a well-loved<br />

sees Jackson's trademark luscious harmonies alongside<br />

gentle changes in metre and mode<br />

• Ave, Regina caelorum: In this spacious motet<br />

Jackson creates an original sound-world using electric<br />

guitar to accompany the choir<br />

• Three Shakespeare Songs: This setting of texts<br />

from Cymbeline, The Merchant of Venice, and Sonnet 98,<br />

is characterised by inventive textures and vibrant wordsetting.<br />

texts are laid bare in music of evocative power.<br />

View Gabriel’s works on<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Sarah Quartel 'A brilliant composer who sees the world, and singers themselves,<br />

more deeply than most.'<br />

Swept Away (SSATBarB)<br />

• a beautiful and haunting piece with pop-inspired<br />

rhythms and harmonies.<br />

How can I keep from singing? (SATB unaccompanied)<br />

• A lively reimagining of the traditional hymn<br />

Snow Angel (SATB, cello, djembe and piano)<br />

• an evocative five-movement <strong>choral</strong> work that explores<br />

themes of love, rebirth, and beauty through the eyes<br />

of children and the heavenly army of angels that<br />

watch over them<br />


Toby Young - His compositions explore the boundaries between pop and classical music. He<br />

‘defies stylistic pigeonholing'<br />

I carry your heart (SSATBB unaccompanied)<br />

• A tender setting of words by ee cummings<br />

O splendour of God's glory bright (SATB & organ)<br />

• This energetic piece is a real showstopper<br />

• With pop-influences and a sparkling organ part<br />

O be joyful (SATB & piano)<br />

• ‘Light and lively’ carol with jaunty 6/8 tempo<br />

• Highly singable melody<br />


New <strong>titles</strong> in Voice Junction secular series<br />

View the Voice Junction series on<br />

Choral <strong>titles</strong> OUP Spring 24<br />


Songbird – secular repertoire for upper voices<br />

Songbird • What presents are these new publications? and exciting What original are their material selling for<br />

upper points? voices. Showcasing the work of today's most<br />

innovative names in <strong>choral</strong> writing, the series includes<br />

songs • Highlights in a variety in these of scorings, anthologies from SA voices with piano to<br />

SSAA and percussion. With a range of distinctive musical<br />

styles • Voice - and parts, warmth, Etc. flair, and character in abundance -<br />

this is upper-voice <strong>choral</strong> music at its very best.<br />

• Add hyperlinks to the images below if there is<br />

Suitable audiovisual for both content. adult and children’s choirs.<br />

View complete series on<br />


We have a wealth of <strong>choral</strong> music to suit every type and<br />

style of choir. For any more information, thematic<br />

suggestions, composer queries please email me:<br />

griselda.sherlawjohnson@oup.com<br />

or call +44 7584 683477<br />

Griselda Sherlaw-Johnson<br />

Choral Promotion and Business Development Manager

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