The adventures of Teddy M

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<strong>The</strong> Adventures <strong>of</strong> <strong>Teddy</strong> M<br />

By EAMarshall

Text copyright EAMarshall 2024<br />

Illustrations copyright EAMArshall 2024<br />

All rights reserved<br />

<strong>The</strong> moral rights <strong>of</strong> the author have been asserted<br />

Set in Baskerville<br />

ISBN: 9798872853367<br />

Except in the United States <strong>of</strong> America, this book is sold subject to the condition that it shall<br />

not be, by way <strong>of</strong> trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated<br />

without the publisher’s prior consent in any form <strong>of</strong> binding or cover other than that in which<br />

it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the<br />

subsequent purchaser.<br />


About the author<br />

E.A. Marshall<br />

Eileen is a mother, a grandmother, and a great grandmother. She was born during the second<br />

world war and trained as a nursey nurse. She has lived for all <strong>of</strong> her life without social media<br />

and has always enjoyed reading books to children. <strong>The</strong>se stories were written for Molly now<br />

grown up.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se stories are a delight which take you back to a time when children played with each other<br />

and outside with the other children in their road. <strong>The</strong>y had make-pretend <strong>adventures</strong> and not<br />

a single piece <strong>of</strong> technology was in sight.<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M was given to me by my grandad, Eileen’s father.<br />

Take yourself back to a bygone age and enjoy reading these simple stories to your children.<br />

Karen (Eileen’s daughter)<br />


To my granddaughter Molly<br />

with love from Nan<br />


<strong>Teddy</strong> M Adventures<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M finds a home<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M’s new clothes<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M and the Health visitor<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M goes missing<br />


<strong>Teddy</strong> M finds a home<br />

One day <strong>Teddy</strong> M found himself being picked up <strong>of</strong>f the toy shop shelf. He<br />

was not very pleased to have been disturbed having just wiggled himself<br />

into a comfortable position where his toes could be tickled by a warm ray<br />

<strong>of</strong> sunshine. Soon he was lying on the shop counter where a lady looked<br />

at him closely. She picked him up, pulled his ears and nose, pressed his<br />

eyes and turned him round and round until he felt quite dizzy. Just as he<br />

was wondering what she would do next, she smiled told the shop owner<br />

that little bear would be just the best present for the new baby.<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> was put into a paper bag and taken into a car. <strong>The</strong> movement <strong>of</strong><br />

the car sent him to sleep.<br />

He woke up some time later to find that the car had stopped, and he was<br />

being carried into a house. He was lifted out <strong>of</strong> the bag and the lady put<br />

a pink bow on top <strong>of</strong> his head.<br />

He felt rather smothered as he was wrapped in wrapping paper. However,<br />

it didn’t last long and as the paper was<br />

removed, he was given a gentle kiss on<br />

the top <strong>of</strong> his head then he was<br />

placed in a cot beside the most<br />

beautiful baby he'd ever seen.<br />

He heard a lovely baby<br />

chuckle, and he knew that he<br />

was going to love his<br />

new home.<br />


<strong>Teddy</strong> M’s new clothes<br />

One afternoon <strong>Teddy</strong> M found himself being measured with a very long<br />

tape measure. First his legs, his arms, and then the measuring tape went<br />

round his chest, his waist, and finally his head. <strong>The</strong>n a very puzzled<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M was then carried upstairs and put<br />

next to baby.<br />

Two days later baby was put to bed<br />

without <strong>Teddy</strong> M. Worried, he<br />

tried to catch mummy’s attention.<br />

He jumped <strong>of</strong>f the chair, but mummy<br />

picked him up. <strong>The</strong>n he fell forward<br />

until he lay on his tummy. Once more<br />

she sat him up and left the room.<br />

She came back a few minutes later<br />

carrying her big sewing basket. Out came<br />

a pair <strong>of</strong> red socks and some blue<br />

dungarees which went on with no<br />

trouble. A very colourful knitted<br />

jumper proved to be rather tight.<br />

Mummy tried to pull one ear,<br />

then his nose through what was<br />

now a very small space. It just<br />

wouldn't go through. So she<br />

snipped and sewed and<br />

eventually she pulled<br />

the bigger jumper<br />

smoothly over <strong>Teddy</strong> M’s<br />

ears and also added a hat<br />

with a big bobble on the top.<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M looked at himself in the nursery mirror and proudly smiled at his<br />

new clothes as mummy put him in baby’s cot so she could cuddle him.<br />


<strong>Teddy</strong> M and the Health visitor<br />

One day as <strong>Teddy</strong> M and baby were having a great time playing with their<br />

toys, mummy opened the door with a visitor. <strong>Teddy</strong> M sat very still, after<br />

at all every teddy bear knows that they must not move or speak when<br />

grown-ups are around. <strong>The</strong> Health visitor smiled and remarked how well<br />

the baby looked.<br />

Mummy bent down and picked up the chuckling little girl. <strong>The</strong> Health<br />

visitor asked mummy if baby was good at eating her food. <strong>Teddy</strong> M<br />

wanted to explain how baby feeds him and then he ends up covered with<br />

dinner.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Health visitor then asked if baby sleeps well and how many teeth she<br />

has she. <strong>Teddy</strong> M laughed to himself. If the lady put her fingers in the<br />

baby's mouth she would soon find out. After all <strong>Teddy</strong> M should as know<br />

as baby had tried her teeth out on his ear the other day.<br />

When baby was put her<br />

back in the playpen she<br />

started talking very fast<br />

to <strong>Teddy</strong> M.<br />

<strong>The</strong> health visitor<br />

was impressed<br />

with the talking<br />

and decided it<br />

must be with<br />

the help <strong>of</strong><br />

the teddy<br />

bear because<br />

he looked like a<br />

good listener.<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M felt so proud because he had<br />

such an important job to look after baby,<br />

that as soon as mummy and the Health<br />

visitor left, he did four huge somersaults.<br />


<strong>Teddy</strong> M goes missing<br />

One hot day mummy picked up baby and <strong>Teddy</strong> M and carried them to the<br />

playpen on the lawn. <strong>The</strong>y watched as she brought out the garden chairs<br />

and table and placed a large jug <strong>of</strong> blackcurrant juice and a plate <strong>of</strong><br />

biscuits on the table. A short while later a lady and a little boy appeared<br />

and sat down at the table.<br />

Baby watched as the naughty boy slid <strong>of</strong>f his chair and slowly moved<br />

towards the playpen. Suddenly he stretched out his hand and grabbed<br />

<strong>Teddy</strong> M. <strong>The</strong> boy raced down the bottom <strong>of</strong> the garden and pushed him<br />

into a bush covered in golden yellow flowers. <strong>The</strong> boy then ran back to<br />

his mother and very rudely grabbed another biscuit.<br />

When the visitors had gone, baby started to cry as she wanted <strong>Teddy</strong> M to<br />

come back and play. She tried to explain to mummy what had happened<br />

but only <strong>Teddy</strong> M could understand baby. When Daddy took her<br />

inside, he noticed that <strong>Teddy</strong> M was missing.<br />

Mummy and daddy looked<br />

everywhere and as they<br />

walked nearer to the bush<br />

where <strong>Teddy</strong> M was, baby<br />

wriggled about in her father's<br />

arms shouting at the top <strong>of</strong> her<br />

voice. Mummy<br />

looked where baby<br />

was waving her<br />

arms and<br />

saw <strong>Teddy</strong> M<br />

covered with<br />

leaves and<br />

soil in the<br />

bush. She<br />

handed<br />

him back to a very<br />

happy baby who gave him a big hug and sloppy kiss.<br />

THE END<br />


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