2024 Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris - The Daily - DAY 1 EDITION

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<strong>DAY</strong> 1<br />

MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong><br />

Hall 4<br />

Stand H 386<br />


& VINEXPO PARIS <strong>2024</strong><br />












WE ARE<br />

BORDEAUX.”<br />

Allan Sichel<br />

President, CIVB<br />

#12<br />




AROUND<br />

600 ITALIAN<br />



Luigi Ferrelli<br />

Director of the Italian<br />

Trade Agency (ITA)<br />

Office in <strong>Paris</strong><br />



GUIDE<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand C 057<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand E 172<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand D 056-59b<br />

Hall 7.1 / Stand H 024<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand B 116<br />

Hall 4 / Stand A 078<br />

Hall 4 / Stand F 026<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand F 088<br />

Hall 6 / Stand C 315<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand G 029<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand G 069-9




PROGRAMME <strong>DAY</strong> 1 MON<strong>DAY</strong>, 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong><br />




Oliver Poels - La Revue du vin de France<br />

9:30a.m. - 10:30a.m.<br />

Location: Hall 5.2 - Room 2 / Les Masterclasses<br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />



Various speakers<br />

10:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.<br />

Location: Room 5 - Let's Talk About <strong>Wine</strong><br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.<br />

Location: Hall 4 - Stand H362<br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />



10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.<br />

Location: Room 6 - Grandes Degustations - Hall 7<br />

Language: English (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




Cecilia BOURGEOIS - Vrac et Réemploi<br />

Muriel CHATEL - Borough <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

Célie COUCHÉ - BOUT' À BOUT'<br />

Thomas LEMASLE - Oé / Julie REUX<br />

11:15a.m. - 12:15p.m.<br />

Location: Hall 2.3 - <strong>Wine</strong> Tech Perspectives<br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />



Aïtor Alfonso<br />

Caroline NOIRBUSSON - Directrice de bar<br />

11:30a.m. - 12:00a.m.<br />

Location: Room 4 - Speakeasy<br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




Gaël DUPONT - Champagne Valérie & Gaël Dupont<br />

Frédéric VOLLE - WINE PILOT<br />

Yohan FROGER - Pour une Agriculture du Vivant (PADV)<br />

12:45p.m. - 1:45p.m.<br />

Location: La <strong>Wine</strong>Tech Perspectives – Hall 2.3<br />

Language: French (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />




Trevor Durling - Beaulieu Vineyard/ Hewitt Vineyard<br />

1:30p.m. - 2:30p.m.<br />

Location: Room 3 - Les Masterclasses<br />

Language: English (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />



Alexandre VINGTIER - Global Spirits Consultant -<br />


3:30p.m. - 4:30p.m.<br />

Location: Room 4 – Speakeasy – Hall 7<br />

Language: English (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />



Valeria Gamper<br />

Raimonds Tomsons - ASI<br />

5:30p.m. - 18:30p.m.<br />

Location: Room 1 - Les Masterclasses<br />

Language: English (Simultaneous translation in French and English available)<br />

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4 THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com

Morning Briefing<br />

by Rodolphe Lameyse,<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium CEO<br />

© Philippe Labeguerie & Joanna Margan<br />

Kicking off a global celebration<br />

of wine and spirits<br />

Good morning, and a warm welcome to<br />

all attendees of <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>! It's an immense pleasure<br />

for me and the entire <strong>Vinexpo</strong>sium<br />

team to welcome you to <strong>Paris</strong>, a city<br />

renowned for its deep historical ties<br />

to the world of wine. As we embark<br />

on this journey together, we are<br />

thrilled to showcase what promises<br />

to be an unforgettable event, filled<br />

with innovation, quality conferences,<br />

and, of course, exceptional wines and<br />

spirits from across the globe.<br />

This year, <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong> stands out with its impressive<br />

figures: 4,074 exhibitors, including<br />

33% international and 67% French,<br />

representing 48 producer countries<br />

with 12 new entrants such as<br />

Tunisia, Poland, and New-Zealand,<br />

highlighting our commitment to<br />

diversity and discovery. <strong>The</strong> event has<br />

seen a remarkable 19% increase in<br />

total surface area, accommodating a<br />

53% increase in space for international<br />

exhibitors, reflecting the growing<br />

global interest.<br />

All French wine growing regions are<br />

in attendance, showcasing the rich<br />

tapestry of France's wine heritage<br />

alongside a 22% organic offer,<br />

underlining increasing dedication to<br />

sustainability and natural winemaking<br />

practices. <strong>The</strong> Be Spirits section<br />

is more vibrant than ever, with 35<br />

categories in attendance, a 47%<br />

increase in space and a 92% boost in<br />

international exhibitors.<br />

We are expecting 40,000 trade visitors,<br />

including a significant increase of 35%<br />

in international attendees compared<br />

to last year, demonstrating the<br />

event's expanding global reach. <strong>The</strong><br />

engagement level is unprecedented,<br />

with a 67% increase in meetings prebooked<br />

online between buyers and<br />

exhibitors compared to 2023.<br />

<strong>The</strong> wine and spirits industry is<br />

confronting significant challenges<br />

today, but we will be stronger if we<br />

tackle them together. <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> is at the forefront of<br />

uniting this global community, offering<br />

a space to foster a rich dialogue and<br />

meaningful discussions with an eye<br />

towards the future. Our conference<br />

content is an important part of this<br />

approach, with 126 conferences and<br />

masterclasses planned in the official<br />

ON! programme, covering a wide<br />

range of topics. Additionally, the OFF<br />

programme promises an immersive<br />

<strong>Paris</strong>ian experience with 200<br />

participating restaurants and cocktail<br />

bars, inviting you to explore the city's<br />

wine and culinary culture after the<br />

show.<br />

As we kick off <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>, I would like to extend my<br />

heartfelt wishes for a productive and<br />

enjoyable experience. With attendees<br />

from 155 countries, we stand at the<br />

precipice of an unparalleled global<br />

gathering, celebrating the world of<br />

wines and spirits. Let's raise our<br />

glasses to innovation, collaboration,<br />

and the enduring spirit of the wine<br />

and spirits community. Welcome to<br />

<strong>Paris</strong>, and enjoy the show!<br />

© Philippe Labeguerie<br />

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THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 5

I NEWS I<br />

“Consumers worldwide have yet<br />

to experience the best of our wines”<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>s of Portugal strengthen their presence at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong> with a focus on exporting quality wines<br />

Frederico<br />

Falcão<br />

President,<br />

ViniPortugal<br />









<strong>The</strong> <strong>Daily</strong> spoke with Frederico Falcão, President<br />

of ViniPortugal, about the success of <strong>Wine</strong>s of<br />

Portugal and some of their strategies to continue<br />

expanding their export market.<br />

What do you consider the key<br />

factors that have contributed<br />

to the international success of<br />

Portuguese wines?<br />

Portugal is a small country in<br />

Europe, but when it comes to<br />

wine, we are the 9th biggest<br />

exporter in the world. Although<br />

we have always produced<br />

wine, many consumers were<br />

only familiar with Port wine<br />

or some rosé wines. But we<br />

have shown<br />

the world the<br />

great quality<br />

of our wines,<br />

which is due<br />

to the unique<br />

terroirs and<br />

huge diversity<br />

of native grape<br />

varieties. When<br />

a consumer<br />

is searching<br />

for something<br />

different from<br />

a Cabernet, a Chardonnay, or<br />

even a Sauvignon, Portugal<br />

is the country where you<br />

can find those unique wines.<br />

Grapes like Touriga Nacional<br />

or Baga, among many others,<br />

are now being recognised by<br />

consumers worldwide.<br />

With the rise in Portuguese<br />

wine exports, what new<br />

markets are you looking to<br />

expand into, and why?<br />

Our goal is not to disperse<br />

too much when it comes to<br />

promotion. We are currently<br />

promoting in 21 markets, but<br />

also studying other markets.<br />

In the new strategic plan, new<br />

markets are under observation,<br />

such as Israel, Kazakhstan and<br />

a few others. We are looking<br />

at markets that are already<br />

experiencing growth in wine<br />

consumption, but that we also<br />

believe have the potential to<br />

grow even more.<br />

As exports continue to grow,<br />

how is ViniPortugal ensuring<br />

that the quality of Portuguese<br />

wines meets the expectations<br />

of a global audience?<br />

Our production in 2023 was<br />

nearly 7 million hectolitres,<br />

with close to 3 million being<br />

exported. While there is<br />

potential for growth in exports,<br />

our focus is primarily on<br />

increasing the value of our<br />

exports through higher pricing.<br />

Rather than significantly<br />

increasing export volume,<br />

our goal is to export higherend<br />

wines, of superior quality<br />

and price. We believe that<br />

consumers worldwide have yet<br />

to experience the best of our<br />

wines.<br />

How does ViniPortugal help<br />

wine producers showcase<br />

their products at international<br />

events like <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong>?<br />

In 1996 the Portuguese wine<br />

sector founded ViniPortugal<br />

as the national organisation<br />

to promote the <strong>Wine</strong>s of<br />

Portugal brand. We assist<br />

wine producers in promoting<br />

their wines by coordinating<br />

collective participation in wine<br />

fairs, hosting tastings and<br />

inviting journalists, importers,<br />

distributors and opinion<br />

leaders, among others, to<br />

Portugal. Our goal is to simplify<br />

the lives of our wine producers.<br />

Considering the success of<br />

Portuguese wine exports and<br />

the remarkable growth in<br />

recognition of the <strong>Wine</strong>s of<br />

Portugal brand, we believe are<br />

achieving our objective<br />




<strong>Wine</strong>s of Portugal are back in<br />

numbers at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> this year, coming in fourth after<br />

France, Italy and Spain, with nine<br />

show areas spread over 900 sqm<br />

in Hall 5.2. France is the first world<br />

market for Portuguese wines, and<br />

they have brought together over 150<br />

exhibitors from all of Portugal's winegrowing<br />

regions including Vinho<br />

Verde, Porto, Douro, Trás os Montes,<br />

Dão, Bairrada, Beira Interior, Alentejo,<br />

Lisboa, Tejo, Península de Setúbal,<br />

Algarve, Madeira and Açores. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

are representing the diversity of the<br />

Portuguese wine industry with close<br />

to 1,500 wines on display.<br />

<strong>The</strong> presence of winemakers and<br />

owners on the stands as well<br />

as guided tastings promoting<br />

sustainable wines with ViniPortugal's<br />

wine educators demonstrate the<br />

brand's commitment to international<br />

expansion, and make a case for<br />

Portugal as one of the world's leaders<br />

in terms of diverse wine production<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand E161<br />

© <strong>Wine</strong>s of Portugal<br />

6 THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com


I NEWS I<br />

Maison A. de Luze launches its first ecofriendly<br />

cuvée at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> historic trading house proves its commitment to sustainability<br />

with the launch of eco-designed Bordeaux "88-89"<br />

Maison A. de Luze is a well-established trading house<br />

that has been representing premium Bordeaux wines<br />

since 1820. This year it is unveiling its first eco-designed<br />

cuvée, "88-89," a limited edition line aiming to embody its<br />

ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental<br />

protection.<br />

Each stage of the "88-89" cuveé's<br />

production has been meticulously<br />

thought through to minimise its<br />

environmental impact, according<br />

to Maison A. de Luze. At the same<br />

time, the eco-friendly cuvée, which<br />

the trading house is presenting<br />

here at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong>, preserves all of the quality<br />

that has characterised Maison A. de<br />

Luze's wines for over two centuries.<br />

Produced from a single plot in<br />

the Entre-Deux-Mers region, this<br />

Protected Designation of Origin<br />

(PDO) Bordeaux red wine presents<br />

notes of black plum, crushed<br />

blackberry, blackcurrant, touches<br />

of graphite and wild thyme. On the<br />

palate, savoury notes of juicy black<br />

fruit and firm tannins combine with<br />

a marked freshness. According to<br />

Maison A. de Luze, the wine reveals<br />

the purity and strength of its claylimestone<br />

terroirs and offers the<br />

signature qualities of the Bordeaux<br />

wine region and its emblematic<br />

grape varieties.<br />

"Plot-based winemaking means<br />

paying attention to the grape<br />

variety, listening to the soil and its<br />

biodiversity. Each grape variety is<br />

harvested according to its ripeness,<br />

then vinified separately in order<br />

to preserve its typical character<br />

and enhance its expression. This<br />

process is in line with our primary<br />

ambition: to offer the right wine, in<br />

the right place, at the right time,"<br />

asserts Marie Huchon, Marketing<br />

Manager at Maison A. de Luze.<br />

Produced through local partners<br />

and organic farming, using total<br />

recyclability and parcel-based<br />

vinification, the "88-89" cuvée aims<br />

to be as carbon-free as possible.<br />

Moreover, particular care has been<br />

taken with respect to the wine's<br />

packaging, logistics, and transport<br />

to ensure a minimal ecological<br />

impact, eliminating overcaps, using<br />

plant-based glue on its labels, and<br />

lightweight bottles as a part of a<br />

deposit scheme.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 6,000 bottles in this limited<br />

edition have been adorned with<br />

recycled paper labels designed<br />

by local Bordeaux artist Alice<br />

Bottigliero. Conceived as a tarot<br />

card, the design brings together<br />

the symbols that have marked the<br />

long history of the trading house.<br />

"Our heritage is precious, and<br />

Baron Alfred de Luze's thirst for<br />

discovery continues to inspire<br />

us every day. As on our first day,<br />

our passion and curiosity for the<br />

vineyards of Bordeaux, France and<br />

the world remain the watchwords of<br />

our trading house, which aspires to<br />

become increasingly modern and<br />

sustainable," says Marie Huchon,<br />

Marketing Manager of Maison A.<br />

de Luze<br />

Hall 6 / Stand E 083<br />

© Milena Delorme<br />


A. DE LUZE:<br />



AND<br />


Founded in 1820 by Baron Alfred de<br />

Luze, one of the pioneers of Bordeaux<br />

wine trading, Maison A. de Luze has<br />

made a significant contribution to the<br />

global reputation of the region's wines.<br />

Today, the trading house has over 200<br />

partner vineyards, and exports its 500<br />

wines to 75 countries. After more than<br />

two centuries, it continues to build on<br />

its expertise while aiming for ongoing<br />

innovation.<br />

Beyond the launch of its eco-designed<br />

cuvée, "88/89," Maison A. de Luze<br />

is continually striving to integrate<br />

innovative practices and minimise its<br />

environmental impact while selecting<br />

sustainable vineyards for all of its<br />

lines, including those that boast a high<br />

environmental value (HEV) label, Terra<br />

Vitis certification, and organic wines.<br />

As a part of the trading house's<br />

environmental efforts, Maison de A.<br />

de Luze is gradually implementing<br />

a number of initiatives, such as<br />

certification for the Bordeaux<br />

cultivons demain (Bordeaux<br />

Cultivating Tomorrow) corporate<br />

social responsibility (CSR) label; the<br />

recycling of label glassine, bottle<br />

deposits; a partnership with Eco in<br />

Pack; the reduction of waste tonnage;<br />

an in-house waste water treatment<br />

plant, and support for the Agir Cancer<br />

Gironde association via the collection<br />

of corks<br />

THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 7

I NEWS I<br />

A culinary journey with<br />

Mouton Cadet at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

& <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Visitors to <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong> are in for a treat on Baron<br />

Philippe de Rothschild's stand today.<br />

In its culinary space, chef Joris<br />

Noblet is preparing gourmet tidbits<br />

specifically adapted to accompany<br />

tastings of Mouton Cadet wines.<br />

Tastings will be available all day from<br />

11:00a.m. onwards. <strong>The</strong> Bordeaux<br />

wine brand Mouton Cadet created in<br />

1930 by Baron Philippe de Rothschild<br />

is the result of collective expertise<br />

built and adapted over the years.<br />

Mouton Cadet's winemakers work<br />

hand in hand with<br />

the community of<br />

winegrowers<br />

to develop<br />

new wines<br />

to delight and surprise consumers<br />

and express a different side of<br />

Bordeaux<br />

Hall 6 / Stand F 099<br />

© Rothschild <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

Mare Santo: Under the<br />

sparkling sea<br />

Mare Santo, a unique sparkling<br />

wine aged at sea, is premiering<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong>. Originating from Goriška<br />

Brda's sunlit slopes, this wine<br />

is a testament to innovative<br />

winemaking. Its ageing process,<br />

developed by Slovene winemaker<br />

Igor Tomažič, utilises the Adriatic<br />

Sea's natural coolness to enhance<br />

flavour complexity. This method,<br />

rooted in historical practices and<br />

now patented, limits production to<br />

a select number of bottles annually.<br />

Mare Santo is offering visitors<br />

a distinct and refined tasting<br />

experience, showcasing the fusion<br />

of Mediterranean warmth and<br />

Alpine air in its crafting<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand A 161<br />

THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 9

I NEWS I<br />


Bodega Garzón looks to extend its export reach<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Since it was established in 2008, the family-owned winery<br />

on the Atlantic coast of southern Uruguay has forged itself<br />

a position as one of the country's leading exporters of<br />

premium wines. Bodega Garzón is back at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> this year, looking to conquer new markets<br />

and solidify existing ties.<br />

While the Bodega Garzón saw record<br />

turnover last year in the domestic<br />

market, it also consolidated its export<br />

leadership with one out of every three<br />

dollars of the country's wines sold<br />

abroad coming from Bodega Garzón.<br />


<strong>The</strong> Uruguayan winery has already<br />

brought its wines to more than 50<br />

countries on all six continents, and<br />

Bodega Garzón is responsible for<br />

almost 50% of the FOB USD exports<br />

in the range of wine above three<br />

Luxembourg wines and<br />

crémants: A unique taste<br />

experience at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

In today's globalised world, protected designation of origin<br />

are regaining in importance and popularity as a mark not<br />

only of quality, but of a unique and singular taste in the vast<br />

world of wine.<br />

Luxembourg wines are the fruit of<br />

their terroir, and as such their strength<br />

lies in their tradition and uniqueness<br />

of origin. In the heart of Europe,<br />

Luxembourg's vineyards stretch<br />

42 kilometres along the wine route,<br />

between the towns of Schengen and<br />

Wasserbillig, on the banks of the<br />

Moselle. <strong>The</strong> vineyards can be steep<br />

and craggy, at an altitude of 150 to<br />

200 metres above sea level. <strong>The</strong> wine<br />

region covers 1,295 hectares, 1242 of<br />

which are cultivated by 251 vineyards.<br />

Luxembourg Moselle is one of the<br />

most northern wine growing regions<br />

for quality wines. This northern<br />

climate requires a high degree<br />

of commitment and expertise to<br />

cultivate.<br />

<strong>Wine</strong>makers from this region<br />

have developed Luxembourg white<br />

wine and crémant in just a few<br />

decades to produce an authentic<br />

and sincere product capable of<br />

competing with reputed wines in<br />

these categories.<br />

dollars per litre. But the winery is not<br />

resting on its laurels and continues to<br />

work on opening and consolidating<br />

other markets such as Switzerland,<br />

United Arab Emirates, Dominican<br />

Republic, Israel, Costa Rica, and<br />

has also resumed its trips to Asia,<br />

launching the Philippines, Myanmar,<br />

and Sri Lanka markets.<br />

Beyond its expanding export activity,<br />

the company's hospitality division<br />

has also been growing and over the<br />

course of the past year has seen its<br />

turnover increase by more than 70%.<br />

Similarly, the number of visitors to<br />

the winery increased by over 50%,<br />

reaching a total of 33,000.<br />

In acknowledgement of its excellence,<br />

Bodega Garzón received a number<br />

of accolades in 2023, including its<br />

classification in <strong>Wine</strong> & Spirits 2023's<br />

ranking among the top 100 wineries<br />

in the world for the second time. <strong>The</strong><br />

Uruguayan wine maker was also<br />

recognised by World's Best Vineyards<br />

for the fifth consecutive time in the<br />

<strong>The</strong> protected designation of origin<br />

label "Moselle Luxembourgeoise"<br />

is growing in popularity with an<br />

increasing number of wine lovers<br />

around the world for its guarantee<br />

of unique taste. Since 1991 "crémant"<br />

can be used to refer to Luxembourg's<br />

quality sparkling wines that meet<br />

the legal criteria. Luxembourgeoise<br />

winemakers have harnessed<br />

innovation, tradition and creativity<br />

over just a few decades in order to<br />

create crémants that they claim<br />

will find praise "even with the most<br />

discerning connoisseurs".<br />

top 10 wineries to visit, this time in the<br />

6th position worldwide. Additionally,<br />

Bodega Garzón's Albariño Reserva<br />

2022 was chosen in <strong>Wine</strong> Spectator's<br />

Top 100 and its Single Vineyard<br />

Albariño 2022 was awarded 95 points<br />

and a gold medal at the Decanter<br />

World <strong>Wine</strong> Awards<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand C 057<br />

Luxembourg Crémant is made<br />

from healthy, aromatic grapes with<br />

a lively acidity that is enhanced by<br />

the geographical location of the<br />

Luxembourg wine-growing region.<br />

<strong>The</strong> choice of grape variety cuvée<br />

and the length of time it is left to<br />

rest on its lees leads to unique<br />

products which they affirm make<br />

Luxembourg Crémant "a special taste<br />

experience"<br />

Hall 5.2 / Stand G 029<br />

© Tim Atkin<br />

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© Vins de Bordeaux<br />

Allan Sichel<br />

President, CIVB<br />

“Everyone is an individual,<br />

everyone is different, but together<br />

we are Bordeaux”<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bordeaux <strong>Wine</strong> Council (CIVB) brings a message of diversity<br />

and unity to <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />














<strong>The</strong> <strong>Daily</strong> spoke with CIVB President Allan Sichel<br />

in an exclusive interview about Bordeaux's strategy<br />

and the importance of collective energy and<br />

innovation for future of the region's wines.<br />

What can you tell us about the<br />

collective energy that unites<br />

Bordeaux winegrowers and<br />

merchants? Why is this so<br />

important today?<br />

<strong>The</strong> collective energy of Bordeaux<br />

is powerful. <strong>The</strong> challenge is to<br />

bring it together. <strong>The</strong>re are a<br />

very large number of players,<br />

including 5,300 winegrowers and<br />

just over 300 wine merchants.<br />

<strong>The</strong> different types of protected<br />

designations, of farms (large<br />

ones and small ones), the family<br />

structures…each family has its<br />

own philosophy, its own vision<br />

of the future, its own particular<br />

environment, and it's the same<br />

thing for merchants and trading<br />

companies. Some of them are<br />

very big, with billions in sales,<br />

while others have just a few tens<br />

of thousands of euros in sales,<br />

and are more or less specialised.<br />

No two are the same. <strong>The</strong><br />

collective energy comes from this<br />

diversity, a diversity that gives us<br />

a richness in terms of product<br />

typology and philosophy.<br />

Our challenge at the CIVB is<br />

to create a collective that can<br />

be heard by consumers and<br />

purchasing decision makers.<br />

We're a major exporter, so<br />

that puts us even more under<br />

the spotlight of international<br />

upheaval. In difficult times, it's in<br />

our best interests to pull together<br />

12 THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com



I<br />

Bordeaux winemakers and wine merchants, Join the Bordeaux Crew<br />

© Vins de Bordeaux - Guillaume Bonnaud<br />

and work together. <strong>The</strong> point<br />

of collective energy is to pool<br />

our efforts, pool our resources<br />

and send a strong signal to the<br />

market, be it the consumer or the<br />

retailer, in France or abroad.<br />

With over 5,000 winegrowers<br />

and 300 wine merchants,<br />

Bordeaux wines are extremely<br />

diverse. How do you manage to<br />

express all these singularities?<br />

Bordeaux is strongly associated<br />

with red wine, but there are also<br />

white wines, rosé wines and<br />

sparkling wines, which are a new<br />

category that is growing quickly<br />

and enjoying enormous success.<br />

Our challenge is that there are<br />

so many different cases and we<br />

can't explain the uniqueness<br />

of each one. If we try to do<br />

this, we will end up with a very<br />

mixed, unclear message. We<br />

would rather say that Bordeaux<br />

is a source of great diversity<br />

and illustrate this diversity with<br />

specific cases to encourage the<br />

consumer, the wine lover, to take<br />

an interest in Bordeaux. We want<br />

to encourage the consumer to<br />

discover Bordeaux because<br />

there is always something new<br />

to learn. We can't communicate<br />

on the uniqueness of each and<br />

every wine, but we certainly<br />

want to emphasise diversity.<br />

Our campaign "Ensemble Tous<br />

Singuliers" is a perfect illustration<br />

of this. Everyone is an individual,<br />

everyone is different, but<br />

together we are Bordeaux. This<br />

campaign and communication<br />

are represented by 100% local<br />

figures (e.g. winemakers, wine<br />

merchants, cellar masters,<br />

bartenders, chefs etc.)<br />

As you mentioned, Bordeaux<br />

is traditionally known for its<br />

red wines. Today, Bordeaux<br />

wines also include dry white<br />

wines, sweet white wines,<br />

rosés and even crémants. What<br />

is the public's reaction to this<br />

message?<br />

It's interesting because they're<br />

often surprised. <strong>The</strong>y don't<br />

associate Bordeaux with dry<br />

white wines, for example, or light<br />

rosés. Consumers are happy<br />

to discover these products,<br />

especially as they're very<br />

accessible in terms of product<br />

profile, when you taste them,<br />

they're pleasant, easy-drinking,<br />

very aromatic, well-balanced<br />

wines that are affordable.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se wines are not priced like<br />

the Bordeaux grands vins, which<br />

can be very expensive. Here,<br />

we're talking about wines at<br />

10-15 euros, and consumers are<br />

surprised by the quality of the<br />

wines they can get for that price.<br />

We're happy to showcase this<br />

diversity of products and, above<br />

all, show consumers that we<br />

have wines that they'll like and<br />

that are suitable for all occasions.<br />





GOING TO<br />







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© Vins de Bordeaux<br />

Bordeaux winemakers and wine merchants, Join the Bordeaux Crew<br />

Bordeaux wine combines a long<br />

tradition with a resolutely forwardlooking<br />

vision. How do you manage to<br />

maintain this balance?<br />

We make a lot of reference to tradition in<br />

Bordeaux, but it's been said that tradition<br />

is simply the accumulation of past<br />

innovations that have worked and that<br />

we have kept. Bordeaux is never static, it<br />

is constantly adapting to its environment,<br />

whether this is climatic, social or<br />

economic. This is because Bordeaux is<br />

in contact with the market, and just like<br />

any other industry, if you stay away from<br />

your market, you end up no longer being<br />

adapted to it. So this is out of necessity.<br />

It's also true that Bordeaux is a region<br />

that attracts new people from the<br />

exterior: winegrowers, merchants, people<br />

who come with the desire to settle in<br />

Bordeaux with new ideas that stimulate<br />

this perpetual rebirth. It's organic in<br />

terms of the population that makes up<br />

the Bordeaux wine industry, which is<br />

constantly renewing itself. <strong>The</strong>re are also<br />

shareholders, and I'm thinking of our<br />

collective industry shares, where we fund<br />

research at the cost of several million<br />

euros every year, in collaboration with<br />

local and sometimes foreign scientific<br />

institutes, to prepare for the future and<br />

ensure that we can continue to adapt.<br />

What message does Bordeaux wine<br />

want to communicate to visitors to<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & VinExpo <strong>Paris</strong> this year?<br />

Bordeaux wine is determined to meet<br />

the needs of the market. We're going to<br />

demonstrate that we're aimed at young<br />

consumers, that we have a wide range<br />

of products; different colours, types<br />

and product profiles, that are suitable<br />

for unstructured consumption with a<br />

hamburger, a pizza, Asian cuisine and<br />

above all for very relaxed consumption<br />

moments, outside of meals too, in wine<br />

bars etc. <strong>The</strong> international message, "join<br />

the Bordeaux crew", means come and<br />

join the team and we'll do some great<br />

work together<br />

Hall 6<br />

Discover<br />

Join the Bordeaux Crew<br />

film<br />



Bordeaux was one of the first<br />

wine-growing regions to draw<br />

up its carbon footprint back<br />

in 2007, and now the CIVB is<br />

on its third carbon footprint<br />

having cut 30% of emissions<br />

so far. <strong>The</strong> goal is to be 54%<br />

lower by 2030 and 75% lower<br />

by 2050, with an increase in<br />

carbon capture of 25% by<br />

2050. <strong>The</strong> council is putting<br />

tools in place to help operators<br />

measure their carbon footprint<br />

and take action to reduce their<br />

impact. <strong>The</strong> plan for reducing<br />

the carbon footprint is based<br />

on five strategic axes (glass<br />

and packaging; wine growing<br />

practices; freight; energy<br />

efficiency; carbon capture,<br />

storage and recovery).<br />

CIVB launched a collective<br />

system, the Environmental<br />

Management System,<br />

intended to help winegrowers<br />

and merchants adopt a virtuous<br />

approach to all production<br />

operations. Recently, CIVB<br />

has also broadened the scope<br />

of this system, previously<br />

more focused purely on<br />

environmental protection, to<br />

inclue the council's "smallerworld<br />

approach to tomorrow"<br />

which encompasses a<br />

360-degree approach<br />

to CSR (corporate social<br />

responsibility) as well as<br />

environmental responsibility<br />

too. CIVB president Allan<br />

Sichel states that the system is<br />

designed "to involve as many<br />

operators as possible in a<br />

virtuous process." Today, 1,000<br />

companies are involved in the<br />

Environmental Management<br />

System, and about a hundred<br />

in the Bordeaux Sustainable<br />

Impact CSR programme,<br />

which was launched in 2020<br />

14 THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com



I<br />

“Our aim has always been to approach<br />

the world of wine in a way that respects<br />

the environment”<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Daily</strong> spoke with Mickael Alborghetti, Founder EthicDrinks, in an exclusive<br />

interview about the place of the environment in the world of wine today<br />

<strong>The</strong> EthicDrinks founder discussed the company's goals in<br />

terms of reducing carbon emissions and packaging, and<br />

how their priority remains providing wines that are "beyond<br />

organic" without compromising on any of their founding<br />

values or principles.<br />

What market niche were you<br />

looking to fill when you founded<br />

EthicDrinks?<br />

We weren't particularly looking to fill<br />

a niche, but rather to reach the global<br />

market. This is why we immediately<br />

expanded our activities in France and<br />

abroad, and why we didn't want to<br />

confine ourselves to a single territory<br />

or niche. Our aim has always been<br />

to approach the world of wine in a<br />

way that respects the environment,<br />

and that only seemed achievable by<br />

reaching a broad following.<br />

At Ethic Drinks, your aim is to<br />

produce sustainable and ethical<br />

wines that go beyond organic. Can<br />

you explain what the concept of<br />

"beyond organic" means?<br />

For us, going beyond organic means<br />

not only associating ourselves with<br />

the pure product, but also everything<br />

that goes into it, especially the<br />

hidden part that the consumer<br />

doesn't see. In other words,<br />

packaging and transport, such as not<br />

using a capsule and only using glue<br />

that is natural and vegetal as well as<br />





PRODUCT.<br />

lighter bottles made from recycled<br />

glass. Post-mortem is not something<br />

you see a lot of in the wine world.<br />

For the most part, it's only done in<br />

the organic sector, but we wanted<br />

to have an ethical approach across<br />

the board, both upstream and<br />

downstream of the product.<br />

EthicDrinks is certified carbon<br />

neutral. What strategies have<br />

you put in place to achieve this<br />

objective?<br />

We wanted to be certified carbon<br />

neutral right from the beginning. We<br />

worked on reducing our emissions,<br />

and to do so effectively we first<br />

calculated them to see where we<br />

should offset emissions and where<br />

reductions could be made, as<br />

simply offsetting emissions without<br />

reducing them is not our objective.<br />

We have a carbon reduction logic<br />

using replanting, for example last<br />

year we replanted forests in Saint-<br />

Émilion. Supporting projects like<br />

this allows us to offset our carbon<br />

emissions, and these trees can be<br />

used in the future to make small<br />

vineyards, so there really is a longterm<br />

logic behind it.<br />

Do you think the wine industry as<br />

a whole is moving towards more<br />

sustainable products?<br />

As a whole, yes. We're still very<br />

small in the wine world, but we can<br />

see that some of the big players are<br />

getting inspired, which makes us<br />

very happy. You might think that we<br />

wouldn't want to be copied, but as<br />

long as we're doing something that's<br />

better for the environment, we're<br />

always happy to see others following<br />

suit. I do think that certain practices<br />

are changing, like very heavy bottles<br />

for example. This was all the rage<br />

at one time, but we're starting to go<br />

back on that.<br />

It is a very traditional environment,<br />

so it is changing, yes, but very slowly.<br />

<strong>The</strong> current economic crisis isn't<br />

exactly favourable either, so it's not<br />

an easy time, but we're hanging in<br />

there. In any case, we will continue to<br />

be a leader in this area and we won't<br />

make any concessions, despite the<br />

crisis<br />


FOR THE<br />

FUTURE<br />

EthicDrinks are involved in<br />

a number of partnerships<br />

with NGOs in their fight for<br />

sustainability and the environment.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first NGO partnership they<br />

signed was with the WWF, and<br />

EthicDrinks became a member of<br />

a club called Entreprendre pour la<br />

planète (Working for the Planet):<br />

a group of entrepreneurs and<br />

WWF members in France who<br />

support biodiversity. <strong>The</strong> WWF<br />

states that being a member of this<br />

club means contributing to the<br />

protection of natural environments<br />

by supporting WWF projects<br />

and being part of the ecosystem<br />

of committed players who share<br />

their expertise, feedback, tools and<br />

ideas to move forward collectively.<br />

Mickael Alborghetti said of the<br />

partnership that: "a whole group<br />

of entrepreneurs and WWF<br />

members support the biodiversity<br />

programme and advise us on our<br />

actions. <strong>The</strong>y have a real sense<br />

of perspective as advisers and<br />

confirm that we're moving in the<br />

right direction."<br />

EthicDrinks also have a<br />

partnership with the NGO Sea<br />

Shepherd as part of a marine<br />

biodiversity initiative. Sea<br />

Shepherd has campaigns that<br />

focus on defending whales,<br />

dolphins, seals, sharks, penguins,<br />

turtles, fish, krill and seabirds from<br />

poaching, unsustainable fishing,<br />

habitat destruction and captivity<br />

Hall 4 / Stand H386<br />

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I<br />

© ICE - Tommaso Bonaventura<br />

“<strong>The</strong> French market is becoming<br />

increasingly important for Italian<br />

producers”<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Daily</strong> spoke with Luigi Ferrelli, Director of the Italian Trade<br />

Agency (ITA) Office in <strong>Paris</strong> about Italy's significant presence<br />

at the show this year<br />

IF WE LOOK<br />

AT THE<br />





& VINEXPO<br />


600 ITALIAN<br />


ARE<br />


Italy has stepped up its participation at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong> with 1,200 m² devoted to the official<br />

pavilions and Italian exhibitors occupying a total surface<br />

area of 4,500 m².<br />

Can you tell us about Italy's<br />

strong presence at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

Vinxpo <strong>Paris</strong> this year?<br />

Italy, and specifically our agency,<br />

has had a historical participation<br />

at the show for several years, apart<br />

from the hiatus caused by Covid.<br />

This year Italy's participation is<br />

even greater than in the past with<br />

105 Italian wine producer exhibitors<br />

in the official Italian pavilions, as<br />

well as 12 Italian producers of<br />

spirits in the Be Spirits section,<br />

which is an absolute novelty.<br />

Above all I'd like to point out that<br />

if we look at the overall Italian<br />

participation at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong>, around 600 Italian<br />

producers are represented.<br />

Many who are exhibiting with<br />

us, but there is also a very large<br />

and growing number of Italian<br />

companies and producers who<br />

are taking part individually. And<br />

a number of them are taking<br />

part, for example through the<br />

Prosecco consortia, the Piedmont<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> consortia, the Campania<br />

region and the Sicily region. So<br />

Italian participation is remarkable<br />

this year, making it the leading<br />

exhibiting country at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>, after France of<br />

course. It's also important to note<br />

that, overall, all 20 Italian regions<br />

are represented by exhibitors at<br />

the show.<br />

What can visitors expect from the<br />

Italian presence in the Be Spirits<br />

section?<br />

We want to give a slightly less<br />

stereotyped image of Italian spirits,<br />

meaning that while we'll certainly<br />

have the traditional spirits that<br />

Italy has been known for a very<br />

long time, such as amari or grappa,<br />

we'll also have a few surprises,<br />

such as some Italian gins that will<br />

be showcased for the first time in<br />

France. At the same time, we would<br />

like to show how certain traditional<br />

Italian spirits, such as amari, can<br />

become an ingredient in cocktails<br />

that are designed for the occasion<br />

and will perhaps reach a younger<br />

public.<br />

What were the trends for Italian<br />

wine exports in 2023, and how<br />

important is the French market?<br />

Overall Italian exports should<br />

confirm in 2023 the result<br />

of 2022, which, it should be<br />

remembered, was a record year<br />

for Italian exports. As far as wine<br />

is concerned, the trend is more or<br />

less the same: we don't yet have<br />

the final figures for December, but<br />

Italian exports should reach 7.5<br />

billion euros. What's interesting to<br />

note is that while Italian exports of<br />

wine are globally confirming their<br />

position relative to the previous<br />

year, exports to France are up by<br />

more than 10% to about 300 million<br />

euros. Exports of spirits to France<br />

are rising by 20% approximately.<br />

This means that the French market<br />

is becoming increasingly important<br />

for Italian producers<br />

THE<br />


UNION OF<br />



Italy has applied to have its cuisine<br />

recognised as UNESCO intangible<br />

cultural heritage, heralding a<br />

pivotal moment in the nation's<br />

culinary history. This nomination<br />

intertwines Italy's rich culinary<br />

tradition with its diverse vinicultural<br />

heritage, emphasising the symbiotic<br />

relationship between the two. For<br />

Luigi Ferrelli, if Italian cuisine is<br />

recognised, then Italian wines will<br />

be automatically be recognised as<br />

well: "When we talk about cuisine,<br />

we're also talking about wine. So<br />

nominating Italian cuisine also means<br />

nominating great Italian wines as<br />

UNESCO intangible heritage." With<br />

a decision expected by March 2025,<br />

this could significantly enhance the<br />

global appreciation and safeguarding<br />

of Italy’s unique culinary and winemaking<br />

traditions.<br />

<strong>The</strong> distinctiveness of Italian wines,<br />

enriched by a vast array of native<br />

grape varieties and the varied terroirs<br />

from the Alps to the Mediterranean,<br />

underscores the nation's vinicultural<br />

wealth. This diversity is a testament<br />

to Italy's rich geographic and climatic<br />

tapestry, offering a distinct variety of<br />

wines.<br />

Italy has an impressive presence<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> this<br />

year, and will also be participating in<br />

several important food trade shows<br />

in France namely Gourmet Selection,<br />

SIAL <strong>Paris</strong>, and for the first time this<br />

year, Le salon du fromage et des<br />

produits laitiers<br />

THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 17



Unwavering quality: Palmer & Co unveils<br />

"La Reserve" at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Palmer & Co's Brut Champagne has a new name and new<br />

look to highlight the quality of the Champagne house's<br />

reserve wines and commitment to its unique signature<br />

taste.<br />

Champagne Palmer & Co house was<br />

established in 1947 by seven growerfamilies<br />

with Premier Cru and Grand<br />

Cru vineyards in the Montagne de<br />

Reims region of Champagne. All<br />

seven shared a desire for perfection<br />

and a vision: they wanted to create<br />

a Champagne house known for its<br />

passion for harmony, balance, and<br />

the pursuit of excellence. Today, those<br />

qualities still define the Champagne<br />

Palmer style.<br />

Champagne Palmer & Co is renaming<br />

its Brut Champagne "La Réserve"<br />

in order to emphasise the excellent<br />

management of its reserve wines in<br />

its new collection unveiled at <strong>Wine</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>. <strong>The</strong><br />

Reims-based Champagne house is<br />

also providing consumers with more<br />

information on each label, offering<br />

wine lovers the chance to delve into<br />

the secrets of its signature wines.<br />

Rémi Vervier, Managing Director for<br />

Champagne Palmer & Co, underlines<br />

how this change in name and visual<br />

identity bring to light the house's main<br />

objectives: "Our ambition has always<br />

been to create great Champagne<br />

wines that are both unique and<br />

recognisable, and to make this a<br />

permanent feature of our identity. La<br />

Réserve bears witness to our house's<br />

expertise in blending and managing<br />

reserve wines, which we are happy to<br />

share in complete transparency."<br />

Champagne Palmer & Co's Cellar<br />

Master Xavier Berdin explains why "La<br />

Reserve" not only "represents Palmer<br />

& Co's distinctive style" but also the<br />

house's philosophy and spirit: quality<br />

without compromise. "By making<br />

the most of the different possibilities<br />

offered by the complexity of our<br />

great terroirs and the richness of our<br />

reserve wines, we seek to make a<br />

wine which is not defined by a single<br />

element, but by the simultaneous<br />

presence of several elements without<br />

ever making any compromises."<br />

<strong>The</strong> result is a wine in which power,<br />

freshness and length interact<br />

together, in a model of balance. <strong>The</strong><br />

spirit behind "La Reserve" is actually<br />

inherent in creating this signature<br />

taste, as the Cellar Master explains:<br />

"Our reserve wines are crafted in<br />

the spirit of a perpetual reserve,<br />

made up of previous blends of 'La<br />

Reserve', giving it a unique taste and<br />

remarkable consistency. In this way,<br />

'La Reserve' is a wine that is truly<br />

perpetually Palmer & Co."<br />

Visitors to <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> can discover "La Reserve"<br />

along with Champagne Palmer<br />

& Co's other collections on its<br />

stand<br />

Hall 3 / Stand L 216<br />

OUR<br />







AND<br />



THIS A<br />




Rémi Vervier,<br />

Managing Director & Oenologist<br />

THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 21


I<br />


A sparkling rosé wine<br />

0% for all occasions<br />

NOOH Sparkling Rosé by La Coste<br />

is an 100% dealcoholised organic<br />

sparkling wine. <strong>The</strong> name NOOH,<br />

the new brand from Château La<br />

Coste, is pronounced "nou" and<br />

combines the concept of noalcohol<br />

and the chemical symbol<br />

for alcohol: OH. In order to make<br />

© Jeanne Pascal<br />

the sparkling wine alcohol-free, the<br />

alcohol contained is extracted by<br />

vacuum distillation, i.e. evaporation<br />

at a maximum of 35-40°C, so as not<br />

to alter the wine and to preserve<br />

all of the flavours. With notes of<br />

grapefruit, strawberry and cherry<br />

complemented by natural lemon<br />

and jasmine, NOOH Sparkling Rosé<br />

is designed for festive consumption,<br />

for both big and small occasions.<br />

NOOH Rosé is also available in a<br />

non-sparkling version<br />

Hall 4 / Stand F 026<br />

Elegance in every sip:<br />

Blanc de Blancs<br />

Millésime 2014<br />

Champagne Vollereaux is presenting its cuvée Blanc<br />

de Blancs Millésime 2014 Brut at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> &<br />

<strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>. 100% Chardonnay aged for 7<br />

years, this cuvée enchants with a light golden hue,<br />

fine bubbles, and a nose of citrus, yellow fruits, dry<br />

fruits, and acacia honey, creating a refined tasting<br />

experience. Its lively palate with notes of brioche<br />

and persistent citrus makes it an ideal choice for<br />

sophisticated aperitifs. This Champagne is ideal<br />

for any and all celebrations<br />

Hall 3 / Stand G 130<br />

Archives 2012: A limited<br />

edition Extra Brut<br />

Champagne<br />

Champagne Collard-Picard's<br />

Archives 2012 blends 80%<br />

Chardonnay from "Le Mesnil sur<br />

Oger" Grand Cru and 20% Pinot Noir<br />

from "Les Oies." This Champagne<br />

undergoes a sophisticated<br />

vinification process, including cold<br />

settling and fermentation in oak,<br />

avoiding malolactic fermentation to<br />

preserve its distinct profile. Aged for<br />

9 years, it achieves an complexity<br />

and an Extra Brut classification with<br />

a delicate 2g/L dosage. With an<br />


POINTS<br />

Limited edition<br />

Aged 9 years<br />

Extra brut<br />


POINTS<br />

100% dealcoholised<br />

organic wine<br />

Vacuum distillation<br />

alcohol removal for<br />

maximum flavour<br />

Designed for versatile<br />

consumption<br />

alcohol volume of 12.5%, this limited<br />

edition Champagne is available in<br />

8,000 standard sized bottles and<br />

609 magnums<br />

Hall 3 / Stand L 172-8<br />


POINTS<br />

100% Chardonnay<br />

Aged for 7 years<br />

Ideal for aperitifs and<br />

celebrations<br />

Where elegance<br />

meets boldness<br />

André Chemin Champagne is presenting<br />

"Lightbreaker: Beauty and the Beast", a Champagne<br />

where elegance meets boldness. Crafted with a<br />

harmonious blend of 20% Chardonnay and 80%<br />

Pinot Noir, this flagship cuvée embodies the<br />

Chemin family's legacy offering a taste of refined<br />

purity and profound character. With a crisp finish<br />

thanks to a low 3 g/l dosage, it is a celebration<br />

of craftsmanship and a testament to the family's<br />

passion for wine making<br />

Hall 3 / Stand P 228<br />


POINTS<br />

Harmonious blend<br />

Crisp finish<br />

Rich character<br />

22 THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com


Geloso Beverage Group sets its sights<br />

on Europe at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Geloso Beverage Group has been serving the US and<br />

Canadian markets since it was founded by the Geloso<br />

family in 1965, earning the company a ranking among<br />

the top 100 beverage companies in North America. <strong>The</strong><br />

beverage manufacturer and distributor is now looking to<br />

extend its reach and expand into Europe.<br />

13 flavours. A five-time winner of<br />

the “Hot Brands Award,” Clubtails<br />

has seen double-digit growth year<br />

over year since it was first launched<br />

in 2009, and in 2023 in the United<br />

States alone, the brand sold no less<br />

than 110 million 473ml cans.<br />

into European markets through<br />

export and/or the local production<br />

of its proprietary brands. <strong>The</strong> group<br />

is seeking partners in France and<br />

throughout Europe<br />

Hall 7.1 / Stand B 023<br />

With its products currently available<br />

in over 80,000 points of sale in the<br />

United States and Canada, the wellestablished<br />

Canadian company is<br />

firmly implanted in North America. Its<br />

seven warehouses and production<br />

facilities in the province of Quebec,<br />

staffed by over 500 employees have<br />

made the group a Canadian leader<br />

within the beverage industry.<br />

Geloso Beverage Group excels at<br />

beverage design, manufacturing and<br />

distributing premium spirits, beers,<br />

ciders, non-alcoholic beverages,<br />

wine and malt based beverages<br />

(alcomalts), and boasts a number<br />

of proprietary brands, including<br />

Clubtails, Johny Bootlegger, Poppers,<br />

Bulles de Nuit, Beaupré, Barrfly, and<br />

Casal Domingo.<br />

<strong>The</strong> firm also<br />

carries a range of<br />

award-winning<br />

beer brands such<br />

as La Bittt a Tibi<br />

and Mons.<br />

Geloso has its<br />

own flagship<br />

line of ready-todrink<br />

malt-based<br />

cocktails, Clubtails,<br />

which features<br />

Building on its success in North<br />

America, Geloso is now looking to<br />

broaden its horizons and expand<br />

A limited edition<br />

Cognac of distinction<br />

A collector's cognac<br />

for every connoisseur<br />

Collection 78 Cognac by Maison<br />

Audry embodies a journey through<br />

time, offering a unique experience<br />

with each of its 288 limited edition,<br />

numbered decanters. Crafted<br />

with expertise and a dedication<br />

to tradition, this 100% Grande<br />

Champagne Cognac reveals a<br />

symphony of candied fruits, apricots,<br />

and figs on the nose, evolving to<br />

unveil notes of mango compote, ripe<br />

apples, and delicate pastry aromas.<br />

<strong>The</strong> palate is greeted with light<br />

tannins with a dominance of ripe<br />

fruit for a naturally sweet roundness,<br />

and a whisper of toasted notes for a<br />

silky finish<br />

"Réserve 70" by Cognac Hellfest<br />

is a unique "Single Cask" Cognac,<br />

limited to 450 numbered bottles<br />

encased in metal, each one<br />

presented in a signed box adorned<br />

with the festival's double crosses.<br />

Selected from the oldest eauxde-vie<br />

at Château Bellevue, this<br />

rare Cognac comes from a single<br />

barrel that aged in the cellars of<br />

the castle built in 1872. Bottled<br />

by gravity at its natural degree,<br />

each numbered bottle, from 1 to<br />

450, unveils a bouquet of aromas<br />

crafted by time and the talents of<br />

the cellar master<br />

Hall 7.1 A / Stand 050-8<br />

Hall 7.1 / Stand G 053<br />


POINTS<br />

Limited edition with<br />

handcrafted ceramic<br />

headdress<br />


POINTS<br />

Limited edition<br />

collector's item<br />

Single cask selection<br />

Natural ageing process<br />

Rich and complex<br />

flavour profile<br />

Exceptionally smooth<br />

finish<br />

THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 23



Pioneering Prosecco: Le Contesse unveils second<br />

winery at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Exhibiting at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> this year and<br />

representing the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e<br />

Garantita (DOCG) of the Prosecco region, Le Contesse<br />

unveils its second winery in the undulating Conegliano<br />

Veneto hills. Opening a new chapter in the Bonotto family's<br />

almost fifty-year wine making history, Le Contesse's new<br />

winery embodies its commitment to uniting tradition and<br />

sustainability.<br />

wines that retain the natural flavours<br />

present in its grapes, without ever<br />

needing to add chemicals or flavours<br />

that could alter the taste.<br />

Le Contesse is looking to build new<br />

partnerships at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>, and invites importers<br />

interested in bringing the distinctive<br />

quality of its wines to the world to<br />

visit the winery's stand<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand B 116<br />

With a total of 220 hectares, including<br />

50 already certified as organic and<br />

the remaining 150 with Integrated<br />

Crop Management National Quality<br />

System (SQNPI) certification, Le<br />

Contesse is demonstrating its<br />

commitment to environmentally<br />

friendly agricultural practices.<br />

<strong>The</strong> winery's sustainability efforts<br />

extend beyond its vineyards to a<br />

comprehensive energy recycling<br />

system within its wineries. By<br />

transforming pruned branches into<br />

chips, Le Contesse feeds the boiler<br />

that creates the necessary steam to<br />

sanitise its bottling line. And, with<br />

photovoltaic panels, the company<br />

harnesses the power of renewable<br />

energy and ensures significant<br />

energy independence.<br />

Le Contesse also looks to support<br />

innovation and research while<br />

honouring the traditions of the region.<br />

<strong>The</strong> winery uses technology to create<br />

Azienda Agricola Azelia:<br />

Honouring over 100 years<br />

of wine-making tradition<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

© Studiokel<br />

Located in Castiglione Falletto, in the Langhe area of<br />

Piedmont in Northern Italy, Azienda Agricola Azelia is at<br />

the heart of the Barolo wine region.<br />

<strong>The</strong> winery, established in 1920 by<br />

the great-grandfather of the present<br />

owner, Luigi Scavino, preserves the<br />

wine making tradition established<br />

across five generations. Producing its<br />

wines exclusively from three native<br />

local varieties of vines: Dolcetto,<br />

Barbera, and Nebbiolo, Azelia<br />

produces DOC and DOCG wines that<br />

exalt the typical nature of the region.<br />

While incorporating suitable modern<br />

techniques, the winery respects<br />

the traditions it has passed on from<br />

generation to generation, vinifying<br />

only the grapes from its estate<br />

vineyards with scrupulous attention<br />

to detail, and a marked devotion to<br />

the use of impeccable raw materials.<br />

Not only are most of the winery's<br />

operations carried out by hand, but<br />

Azelia's wines are produced from old<br />

vines. While these vines yield little<br />

fruit because their roots are deeper,<br />

their grapes are of extraordinary<br />

quality. <strong>The</strong> wine maker's low yields<br />

are further reduced through the<br />

green harvest methods it deems<br />

indispensable for selecting choice<br />

fruits and achieving uniform ripening.<br />

From its vineyards that extend over<br />

16 hectares, the winery produces<br />

some 85,000 bottles per year of<br />

Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba,<br />

Langhe Nebbiolo, and Barolo wines.<br />

<strong>The</strong> historical family vineyards are<br />

in Castiglione Falletto, where the<br />

85-year-old vines of the Cru Bricco<br />

Fiasco yield the homonymous Barolo,<br />

yet the winery's vineyards also<br />

extend to the Serralunga d’Alba, and<br />

Montelupo Albese areas<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand B 150<br />

24 THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com


Ponte: Sustainability and innovation on<br />

display at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Viticoltori Ponte, founded in 1948 and headquartered in<br />

Ponte di Piave in the Italian province of Treviso, is a dynamic<br />

and important player on the international wine scene. It<br />

represents 1,000 members and 3,000 hectares of vineyards<br />

extending from the north of Venice to the foothills of the<br />

province of Treviso, producing around 20 million bottles<br />

each year. Present in more than 30 countries around<br />

the world, Viticoltori Ponte guarantees a high standard<br />

of quality for the entire range of its wines, from still to<br />

sparkling to organic.<br />

After celebrating its 75 th anniversary<br />

in 2023, the company is looking<br />

forward to <strong>2024</strong> with important<br />

innovations that confirm its<br />

dedication to development. Positive<br />

feedback over the past few years<br />

has prompted Ponte to allocate<br />

substantial funds to technological<br />

innovation, the implementation of<br />

production capacity and logistics,<br />

which will include a new automated<br />

warehouse with 5,000 pallet spaces<br />

in Ponte di Piave and an increase in<br />

storage capacity to 60,000 hectolitres<br />

at the Caposile site.<br />

Ponte has officially been declared<br />

sustainable after obtaining<br />

EQUALITAS certification, which<br />

guarantees proper global<br />

development while respecting the<br />

environment and human rights. <strong>The</strong><br />

company has also received another<br />

certification, the National Quality<br />

System for Integrated Production<br />

(SQNPI) issued by the Italian Ministry<br />

of the Environment Agriculture and<br />

Forestry, a further guarantee that is<br />

immediately identifiable thanks to the<br />

bee logo on the label.<br />

Luigi Vanzella, Managing Director<br />

for Viticoltori Ponte, underlines the<br />

company's entrepreneurial, innovative<br />

approach: "We are a company that<br />

does not like to rest on its laurels.<br />

<strong>The</strong> experience we've gained over<br />

the years is now strengthened by a<br />

young, dynamic team with innovative<br />

ideas that are punctually rewarded.<br />

This gives us the courage to continue<br />

to be forward-looking"<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand 134-20<br />

Cavazza brings the flavours of<br />

Gambellara and Colli Berici to<br />

<strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

For almost a century, Cavazza has been providing quality<br />

wines from both the Gambellara hills and the Colli Berici in<br />

the province of Vicenza.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cavazza family is firmly rooted<br />

in the wine making and cultural<br />

traditions of its land. Its first vineyards<br />

were planted in Gambellara, and they<br />

later extended to the Colli Berici, in<br />

the province of Vicenza.<br />

Since 1928, four generations of the<br />

family have passed down the winery’s<br />

leadership, each one cherishing the<br />

ancient wisdom of farmers, respect<br />

for the land and the importance of<br />

honouring commitments and striving<br />

for the slow, continuous growth of<br />

those who yearn to do things well.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se values epitomise the identity<br />

of Cavazza’s wines, resulting in<br />

the production of quality wines in<br />

Gambellara and Colli Berici, two<br />

viticultural areas that while they do<br />

not fall within major designations,<br />

have historically been well-suited for<br />

producing premium vintages.<br />

Cavazza's territories of production are<br />

situated in two completely different<br />

vine-growing areas in terms of microclimate<br />

and terroir: the Gambellara<br />

hills are made of volcanic, mainly<br />

basaltic origin, which lends mineral<br />

nuances to the wines produced here.<br />

<strong>The</strong> estate on the Colli Berici, on the<br />

other hand, has vineyards growing<br />

on hills of marine origin composed<br />

of limestone and clay soils; a perfect<br />

environment for growing red wines.<br />

Cavazza produces wine only from the<br />

grapes grown in the company's own<br />

143 hectares of vineyards, adopting<br />

stringent control at each stage of<br />

the production chain for a yield of<br />

600,000 bottles<br />

Hall 2.2 / Stand G 146<br />

THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> 25


Vignes de Nicole's 25th vintage<br />

at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

At <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong>, Domaines Paul<br />

Mas is presenting the Vignes de Nicole, which produce<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah<br />

and Chardonnay-Viognier. An opportunity for visitors to<br />

discover the 25th vintage of these historical wines.<br />

Domaines Paul Mas, based in<br />

the Hérault region surrounding<br />

Montpellier, is proud of the production<br />

of its historic wines Vignes de Nicole.<br />

2023 marks the 25th vintage, and<br />

what better opportunity to celebrate<br />

than during <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong>.<br />

Domaines Paul Mas' wines are the<br />

result of a harmonious symbiosis<br />

between an exceptional region for<br />

producing grapes, a passion for the<br />

vine, respect for the grapes during<br />

vinification and talent for blending<br />

and ageing. All of these steps are an<br />

integrated part Paul Mas' style.<br />

Vignes de Nicole Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon-Merlot is an intense<br />

ruby colour with hints of purple. <strong>The</strong><br />

nose is elegant and complex with<br />

aromas of ripe dark fruit and black<br />

current with spicy notes of licorice<br />

and vanilla. <strong>The</strong> Cabernet-Syrah is an<br />

intense purple with shades of ruby<br />

and a refined nose of black current<br />

and undergrowth with notes of<br />

licorice and vanilla. <strong>The</strong> Chardonnay-<br />

Viognier is a bright golden yellow<br />

with a nose of yellow and exotic fruit<br />

with notes of vanilla.<br />

Founded in 2000 by Jean-Claude<br />

Mas, Domaines Paul Mas represent<br />

17 estates over 940 hectares, 40%<br />

of which are certified organic<br />

and 100% HVE3<br />

(High Environmental<br />

Value, Level 3), 100%<br />

sustainably farmed.<br />

<strong>The</strong> estates are over<br />

the main Crus of the Languedoc<br />

region: Pézenas, Grés de Montpellier,<br />

Terrasses du Larzac, Limoux,<br />

Boutenac and Roussillon<br />

Hall 4 / Stand G 371<br />

Visitors get a taste of Corsica and<br />

Languedoc wines at <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong><br />

& <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Event organiser Rouge Granit<br />

is highlighting wines from the<br />

Corsica as well as protected<br />

designation of origin wines<br />

from the Languedoc region<br />

in South France.<br />

Curious to discover wines from<br />

Corsica and Languedoc in the<br />

south of France? How about a<br />

historic liquor from Burgundy?<br />

Event organiser Rouge Granit has<br />

put together a few opportunities<br />

for visitors to <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong><br />

<strong>Paris</strong> to do just that. Starting today<br />

with an afterwork tasting session<br />

by Les Vins de Corses, visitors can<br />

meet from 6:30p.m. to 9:00p.m. at<br />

"La Paillotte" to enjoy wines with<br />

local wine producers, sommeliers<br />

and chefs who've put together a<br />

100% Corsican wines menu<br />

"La Paillote" by les Vins de Corse<br />

Hall 4 / Stand C 025<br />

Vins de Corse / Corsica <strong>Wine</strong>s<br />

Hall 4 / Stand F 113<br />

Famille Piffaut Vins et Domaine<br />

Hall 3 / Stand G 171<br />

Maison Gabriel Boudier is celebrating<br />

the rebirth of a famous liqueur: <strong>The</strong><br />

'FONTBONNE 1874', a plant-based<br />

liqueur created in Dijon, Burgundy. It<br />

will be proposed for tasting on Famille<br />

Piffaut Vins et Domaines stand.<br />

AOP Languedoc<br />

Hall 4 / Stand H 195<br />

AOP Languedoc is also presenting<br />

its high quality wines by organising a<br />

comprehensive programme of tasting<br />

workshops. More than fifty wineries<br />

and cellars are present under the<br />

banner of AOP Languedoc and its<br />

denominations.<br />

On the stand, visitors can learn<br />

about the various labelled wines with<br />

thematic tasting sessions.<br />

26 THE DAILY • MON<strong>DAY</strong> 12 FEBRUARY <strong>2024</strong> wineparis-vinexpo.com

© Emilio Del Prado<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GO IN<br />

PARIS<br />

<strong>The</strong> OFF - getting into<br />

the right mood in the<br />

French Capital<br />

<strong>The</strong> OFF by <strong>Wine</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> & <strong>Vinexpo</strong> <strong>Paris</strong> is THE definitive<br />

list of restaurants and bars across the city of lights. Take<br />

the time to drop by one or two – and get into the right<br />

mood for the show!<br />

Aux Crus de Bourgogne<br />

Aux Crus de Bourgogne is the epitome of the <strong>Paris</strong>ian bistro, serving very<br />

proficiently chosen French staples in a classic chic, old school setting dating<br />

from the 1900s. Its stellar wine list provides plenty of reading material with its<br />

numerous Burgundy listings, but also wines from other regions.<br />

3 rue Bachaumont - 2 e arr. - TEL: +33 1 42 33 48 24 - auxcrusdebourgogne.com<br />

Gaya<br />

Gaya by Pierre Gagnaire beguiles with its chic<br />

brasserie atmosphere and refined seafood cuisine.<br />

<strong>The</strong> menu, which is a true ode to the ocean, offers<br />

a showcase for exquisite dishes. <strong>The</strong> extensive<br />

wine list designed by Franck Lucas rounds off the<br />

experience.<br />

6 rue de Saint-Simon - 7 e arr.<br />

TEL: +33 1 45 44 73 73<br />

restaurantgaya.com<br />

Les Poulettes Batignolles<br />

This new-style bistro is where Ludovic<br />

Dubois and Judith Cercós put a skilful<br />

fusion of French and Catalan influences<br />

into their food. <strong>The</strong>ir wine list illustrates<br />

this dual culture, offering an array<br />

of bottlings that ranges from French<br />

Champagne to Spanish Cava, via Alsace<br />

and Rioja.<br />

10 rue de Cheroy - 17 e arr.<br />

TEL: +33 1 42 93 10 11<br />

lespoulettes-batignolles.com/fr<br />

Drouant<br />

Le Drouant, where literary awards set the<br />

tempo, plays a key role in <strong>Paris</strong>’ gourmet<br />

food scene. Its prolific choice of wines,<br />

with around thirty served by the glass,<br />

claims to be the finest Rhone wine list in<br />

the capital. Out of its 2,000-strong wine<br />

library, half is dedicated to the region!<br />

See all restaurants & bars<br />

and book online:<br />

16-18 rue Gaillon - 2 e arr.<br />

TEL: +33 1 42 65 15 16<br />


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