Pilgrimage 2024-LBDFI 2024

Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha in the Land of Aryadesha.

Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha in the Land of Aryadesha.


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Enlightened Sacred <strong>Pilgrimage</strong>s<br />

In the Footsteps of the Buddha<br />

A Sacred Journey in the Footsteps of the Buddha<br />

19th International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony, Bodhgaya<br />

7th Mahayana Chanting at Vulture Peak, Rajgir and Nalanda<br />

Dear Friends,<br />

Over the past eighteen years, the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International<br />

(<strong>LBDFI</strong>) has been working to develop a historic mission, that of restoring the tradition of<br />

reciting the words of the Buddha from the Pali Canon under the Most Sacred Bodhi Tree. It<br />

has been an amazing experience to see this unfold with all the great Theravada masters<br />

from 11 countries seated together and chanting sections of the Pali Canon, and to hear the<br />

dharma being expounded on these precious teachings as well as having them translated<br />

into Hindi for the local audiences. Now, these ceremonies are expanding to other sites of<br />

Sarnath, New Delhi, Sankasya, Kushnigara, Sravasti, Vaishali, Ajanta, Ellora, and Rajgir. This<br />

pilgrimage is to bring you closer to the auspicious gatherings of the Sangha from Southeast<br />

Asia where they will be reciting the words of the Buddha in Pali and Sanskrit at the places<br />

where the Buddha spent periods of life according to the Theravada and Mahayana<br />

traditions. We are not only celebrating origins of the Dharma in India by using the<br />

traditional Indic languages of Pali and Sanskrit in authentic places of pilgrimage but also<br />

understanding the rich corpus of ancient scriptures that have now been lost.<br />

This extraordinary pilgrimage to the Enlightened Sacred <strong>Pilgrimage</strong>s centers around the<br />

19th International Tipitaka Chanting ceremony in Bodhgaya, the 7th Mahayana chanting<br />

ceremony in Rajgir and finally an option to visit Thailand. By joining together on this sacred<br />

pilgrimage, we have a chance to walk directly in the footsteps of the Blessed One where<br />

these great sutras were recited according to each vehicle, strengthening our resolve to<br />

reconnect to the sacred land of these holy sites. We hope that these ceremonies and<br />

dharmayatra (walking pilgrimage) will inspire others to come forward and see the great<br />


merit in offering our collective service to strengthening the Buddhadharma in our<br />

Motherland. If you would like to make an offering to any aspect of these ceremonies, you<br />

may do so by making a donation towards flowers or food for the Sangha. We suggest a tax<br />

deductible donation of $500 as a way to join us in prayers and offerings in Bodhgaya.<br />

With all best wishes,<br />

Wangmo Dixey<br />

President, International Buddhist Association of America (www.ibaa.org)<br />

Executive Director, Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International (www.lbdfi.org)<br />

Executive Director, Dharma College (www.dharma-college.com)<br />


Reciting the words under the Sacred Bodhi Tree<br />

International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony Vulture Peak, Rajgir and Nalanda<br />

Lotus and Heart Sutra<br />

Pali Tipitaka and Prajnaparamita<br />

December 10-18th, <strong>2024</strong><br />

This journey will begin in New Delhi on the 10.th of December <strong>2024</strong><br />

Upon arrival in India, you will be met by our representative carrying a welcome sign<br />

and will be transferred to your hotel Claridges in New Delhi. You will visit the place<br />

where Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India, lived and died. This is a wonderful place to<br />

begin the journey. Gandhi personified a unique way of politics where it became an exercise<br />

of ethical living. He was a man open to all cultures and religions but with deep faith in his<br />

own. You will also have a chance to shop at the local market in New Delhi for gifts for<br />

friends and family. In the evening, you will have a lovely dinner at Claridges.<br />

The next day on Dec 11th you will fly to Gaya in the early afternoon. You will arrive in Bodh<br />

Gaya to take rest at the Hyatt Bodhgaya. We will spend two days at the 18th International<br />

Tipitaka chanting ceremony.<br />

Our journey will take us across the plains of the River Ganges to Bodh Gaya, where the<br />

Buddha attained enlightenment. We will visit one of his favorite meditation places at<br />

Vulture Peak in Rajgir<br />

India is very diverse in culture, language and environment. The Buddha lived and traveled<br />

along the Indo-Gangetic plains in Northern India. Besides New Delhi, the journey visits two<br />

states of northern India, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.<br />

India’s cities stand in large contrast to her villages and have their own interesting (if<br />

seemingly chaotic) lifestyle. Bodh Gaya and Rajgir are both significant journey sites, having<br />

their own distinct character and personality<br />



Our schedule will include daily sitting and walking meditation….<br />

No. Date Day Travel Night's<br />

stay<br />

Suggested Hotel<br />

1<br />

10-Dec-24<br />

Tuesday<br />

Arrive in New Delhi<br />

(Picked up at International Delhi Airport)<br />

New Delhi<br />

Claridges Hotel<br />

2<br />

11-Dec-24<br />

Wednesday<br />

Fly New Delhi-Gaya/<br />

Bodhgaya<br />

Hyatt Bodhgaya<br />

3<br />

12-Dec-24<br />

Thursday<br />

18 th International<br />

Tipitaka Chanting<br />

Ceremony<br />

Bodhgaya<br />

Hyatt Bodhgaya<br />

Bodhgaya<br />

Drive to Jetthian Valley. Walk through<br />

Jetthian Valley to Bamboo Grove with<br />

Rajgir<br />

Indo Hokke<br />

4 13-Dec-24 Friday<br />

Mahasangha (with over 1000 monastics)<br />

Walk 14 km<br />

5 14-Dec-24 Saturday<br />

Opening ceremony at Vulture<br />

Peak/ Nalanda Visit Bodhgaya Hyatt Bodhgaya<br />

6 15- Dec-24<br />

Sunday<br />

Drive Bodhgaya to Sarnath<br />

Sarnath,<br />

Taj Hotel<br />

Varanasi<br />

16- Dec-24 Monday Dhammekka Stupa<br />

Sarnath<br />

Taj Hotel<br />

7<br />

Meditation<br />

8<br />

17-Dec-24<br />

Tuesday<br />

Varanasi to Delhi<br />

Same day fly to<br />

Bangkok<br />

Bangkok<br />

Hotel<br />

9<br />

18-Dec-24<br />

Wednesday<br />

Bangkok:<br />

Introduction to<br />

Royal Thai<br />

Temples/Dinner<br />

by River<br />

Bangkok<br />

Hotel<br />

19- Dec-24 Thursday<br />

Visit historical temples, meditation Bangkok Hotel<br />

11<br />

There could be minor changes to this itinerary based on a variety of considerations.<br />



Day 1 Tuesday: December 10th Arrival into New Delhi<br />

Upon arrival in India, you will be met by our representative carrying a welcome<br />

sign and will be transferred to your hotel.<br />

Delhi has been the capital of seven different dynasties over the last millennium and so is<br />

rich in history. New Delhi was the capital of the British Raj in India and continues to be the<br />

capital of India. We usually begin our pilgrimage paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi, the<br />

father of the nation, whose principle of non-violence made possible a peaceful handing<br />

over of the country to Indians by the British (with a visit to Gandhi Smriti, where Gandhi-ji<br />

was martyred)..<br />

Other sightseeing in Delhi, time permitting. Including some shopping at a local market.<br />

Day 2 Wednesday: December 11th Arrival into Bodhgaya<br />

FLY TO GAYA. DRIVE TO BODHGAYA ( about 30mins)<br />

• Check into your Hotel Hyatt<br />

We will visit the historic Mahabodhi Temple. Mahabodhi Temple is the seat of<br />

theGreat awakening of the Buddha (6th BCE). We will arrive at the Seat of<br />

Enlightenment with flowers. And participate in Dhamma talk under the sacred<br />

bodhi tree. The theme of the talk will be on Reflecting on the Life of the Buddha<br />

from 6-8 pm. We will then have dinner back at the hotel.<br />

Day 3 Thursday: December 12 BODHGAYA<br />

• Breakfast at Hotel Hyatt. This will be an occasion to join the closing of the<br />

18th International Pali Tipitaka chanting under the Sacred Bodhi Tree.<br />

• Mahasangha chanting in Pali the words of the Buddha<br />

• Lunch at Kalachakra Ground (offerings will be made to the Sangha by our<br />

group)<br />

• Afternoon closing Ceremony under the Sacred Bodhi Tree<br />


●<br />

In the evening, we will visit the surroundings of ancient Senanigrama<br />

(present day Bakrour). Bodhisattva Siddhartha spent six years in the vicinity<br />

of the village of Senanigrama practicing penance. On the day of Vesak<br />

Purnima, the village girl Sujata offered food to Prince Siddhartha. The act of<br />

Sujata offering kheer to Siddhartha is considered to be a turning point in his<br />

journey to enlightenment. We will have to practice at this site.<br />

Day 4 Friday: December 13 DRIVE FROM BODHGAYA TO RAJGIR<br />

• Breakfast at the Hotel<br />

• Depart by Bus or own vehicle (depending on the number of participants)<br />

• Drive to Jetthian Valley. Walk through Jetthian Valley to Bamboo Grove with<br />

Mahasangha<br />

• The walk is approximately 14 km around 5 hours of walking through beautiful<br />

landscape where King Bimbasara met the Buddha in historical accounts. This will be an<br />

opportunity to walk and reflect on sacred pilgrimage.<br />

We drive approximately three hours to explore Rajgir, a lush green valley surrounded by<br />

craggy hills dotted with temples, shrines, and ancient caves. Rajgir, meaning “Home of<br />

Royalty,” was the first capital of the kingdom of Magadha, which predated the Mauryan<br />

Empire. It is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site since the Buddha spent a long time<br />

here. He delivered several famous teachings at Rajgir, including those known as the<br />

Perfection of Wisdom. Rajgir was also the site of the First Buddhist Council, which<br />

convened the year following the Buddha’s death. The city is also an important place for<br />

Jains, as the Mahavira spent time here and the hills are topped with Digambara shrines.<br />

Please be prepared to walk along a beautiful pathway for about 3-5 hours. Please bring<br />

comfortable walking shoes along with a sun hat.<br />


Day 5 Saturday: December 14<br />

• Opening ceremony at Vulture’s Peak<br />

Lighting of Candles by Each Country<br />

Mahayana Chanting<br />

• Lunch at Hotel Hokke<br />

• After Lunch visit the historical Nalanda University<br />

“Lotus and Heart Sutra: Deepening the Origins of the Mahayana “<br />


“Revisiting the Historical Legacy of Xuanzang and Faxian in Nalanda” Afternoon<br />

Session (Nalanda Mahavihara, Xuanzang Relic Memorial)<br />

• 3:00-3:30 Tea Break / Refreshment<br />

• 4:30-6:00 Meditation and Dedication of Merit<br />

Today we will visit the under-restoration ruins of Nalanda, one of the first and most<br />

significant universities in the world. Established 2,000 years ago, it remained in use until<br />

the late 12th century. At its height, Nalanda was a flourishing Buddhist center of learning<br />

with over 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers. Students from all four corners of Asia came<br />

here, and the preeminent Mahayana Buddhist scholars of the time all taught here. Many of<br />

the traditions that comprise Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism first flourished in the<br />

temples and classrooms at Nalanda. We will wander with a local scholar through the ruins<br />

of this sprawling complex, replete with numerous monasteries, temples, libraries, parks,<br />

and lakes. The original site is still being excavated and the digs have revealed ruins that<br />

span 37 acres.<br />

• Return to Bodhgaya and overnight stay at Hotel Hyatt Bodhgaya..<br />

Day 6 Sunday: December 15<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

Breakfast at the Hotel<br />

Depart by own vehicle to Varanasi<br />

Reach in afternoon check check into the Hotel Taj<br />

Evening attend Ganga Aarti in Varanasi<br />

Back to the hotel and take dinner and rest.<br />

Day 7 Monday: December 16<br />

●<br />

●<br />

Breakfast at the Hotel<br />

Visit Sarnath and SINI (Sister Organisation: Sarnath International Nyingma<br />

Institute)<br />

In the morning after breakfast, we will visit the site of Sarnath (ancient<br />

Rishipattana). On the full-moon day of asalha (June-July), the Buddha preached the<br />

Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (the First Turning of the Wheel) to his five former<br />

companions and hence set forth in motion the ‘Wheel of Dhamma.’ He taught the<br />

middle way that avoids the extremes of pleasure and austerity, the four noble<br />

truths, and the eightfold path. Emperor Ashoka marked the place by erecting an<br />

inscribed monolith pillar with lion capital.<br />


Later in the afternoon we will visit Sarnath museum. The Museum houses some of<br />

the best artifacts and images of Buddha and Buddhist deities found as a result of<br />

exploration and excavation at the Sarnath archaeological site. Its collection includes<br />

the Ashokan Pillar with the Lion Capital, which is the national emblem of India, and<br />

many other artifacts whose dates range from 3rd BCE to 12th CE.<br />

●<br />

Back to Hotel Taj; afternoon time to explore Varanasi beautiful silks<br />

Day 8 Tuesday: December 17<br />


In the morning, we will visit river Ganges to enjoy a boat ride through the river.<br />

Departure to Delhi in the afternoon/evening. On reaching Delhi, proceed to the<br />

hotel for overnight stay or proceed to the next destination.<br />



Day 8 Tuesday: December 17<br />



Day 9 Wednesday: December 18 to December 22nd 2023.<br />

BANGKOK for four nights and four days.<br />

Day 1 : Arrive from Delhi to BKK<br />

Pick up by van at the airport and check in at 4 star hotel<br />

Day 2 : Visit Wat PraKaew , The Grand Palace<br />

Visit Wat Por (Golden reclining Buddha)<br />

Lunch at Thai food<br />

Visit National Museum<br />

(Thai massage as option)<br />

Dinner by the river restaurant<br />


Day 3 :<br />

Day 4 :<br />

Day 5 Leave BKK<br />

One day retreat meditation camp (stay at the institution)<br />

Boat ride thru Chaophaya river and visit floating market<br />

Shopping at Siamicon and<br />

Dinner at famous international buffet restaurant<br />

Accommodations in 4* hotels (Single/double)<br />

Transport 5 to 7 seats SUV (Depend on number of guest)<br />

Guide well experience as well as english speaking.<br />

flight tickets from DEL to BKK economy class.<br />

The cost for the journey <strong>LBDFI</strong> (December 18 – December 22, <strong>2024</strong>)is US $1500<br />

based on double occupancy. The single room supplement is an additional US $550*.<br />


The cost for the journey <strong>LBDFI</strong> (December 10– December 18, <strong>2024</strong>) is US $3000<br />

based on double occupancy. The single room supplement is an additional US<br />

$1000*.<br />

The tour price includes: airport transfers and escort services in New Delhi, guide<br />

services, transportation inside India, monument entrance fees, all meals, bottled<br />

water and lodging arrangements for the duration of the journey. All registration<br />

fees are payable in US dollars or the equivalent in INR, Euro etc.<br />

*Forced single room supplement (in case we are not able to room you with anyone<br />

else) will be 60%of the single supplement)<br />

Please note that the cost does not cover:<br />

International airfare to and from New Delhi, visas and other international<br />

arrangements, any extra days spent in India beyond the dates of the journey, excess<br />


aggage fees on the flights, phone calls and faxes during the journey, laundry<br />

during the journey or medical and other insurance coverage such as travel<br />

insurance. As the good hotels are limited at the Buddhist sites, and sometimes a few<br />

groups arrive on the same day, it may be difficult for hotels to provide a single<br />

room, and in some very exceptional circumstances, even a twin-sharing basis is<br />

unavailable. We ask for your understanding if this circumstance should arise.<br />


A non-refundable deposit of $500 U.S. per person is required by June 1st, <strong>2024</strong> . The<br />

remainder of the cost of the journey is due by September 15, 2023.<br />


For cancellations received up to eight weeks before the commencement of the<br />

journey only the deposit will be forfeited. The cancellation fee within eight weeks of<br />

the beginning of the journey will be 100% of the total cost.<br />

Travel Insurance: The range of coverage can vary significantly from policy to policy,<br />

and travelers are encouraged to speak with a travel agency to identify a policy that<br />

suits their needs. Things to consider are travel delays, trip cancellation or<br />

interruption, medical coverage, and baggage loss or delay. Before purchasing<br />

insurance, you may wish to check with your health insurance carrier to see if your<br />

policy includes medical care overseas. Please note that many insurance carriers<br />

require that insurance be purchased at the time a deposit or final payment is made;<br />

check with your carrier for details.<br />


Arrival and departure are to and from New Delhi (Delhi), India. Participants are<br />

responsible for making their own round-trip flight arrangements from their point<br />

of origin to New Delhi, India and back. For international flights, tickets should be<br />

booked as early as possible. Flights to and from India are frequently full, and this<br />

trip takes place at the height of the tourist season. Most international flights arrive<br />

at night or early morning. You may check with us before you confirm your flight<br />

bookings. We will arrange a complimentary airport transfer on arrival.<br />



We will do a complimentary airport transfer for your departure.<br />

The journey will end on the day in Delhi. You should book your departure for an<br />

evening flight.<br />


For those wishing an extra day or two to recover from air travel before the journey<br />

begins, or who wish to stay longer after the journey ends, we would be happy to<br />

provide a list of hotels in Delhi or other places. Please make your hotel bookings for<br />

New Delhi well in advance, as December is a peak month.<br />


Single rooms are available and there is a single room supplement.<br />

For single travelers who do NOT want to opt for a single room, we will undertake to<br />

room them with someone suitable.<br />


You will need a valid passport and visas for India. Normally the visa is valid for<br />

between 6 months to 10 years from date of issue. The visa for India should be<br />

obtained at least one month before travel. Please send us the details after you have<br />

obtained it.<br />

India Visa Information<br />

The Indian Embassy in the US has outsourced its visa applications at<br />

http://www.in.ckgs.us/index.shtml<br />

The Indian Embassy has a Consulate in New York (Tel: 212 774 0699), Chicago (312<br />

595 0405), Houston (713 626 2148) and San Francisco (415 668 0662). The main<br />

embassy is based in Washington DC and their number is (202) 939 7000.<br />

Please ensure that the visa covers the travel period for which you are applying. If<br />

you need a reference in India, you can give:<br />

A SINGLE ENTRY Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) as e-Tourist Visa (eTV) is<br />

also available for travelers from<br />

116 countries including Australia, New Zealand,<br />


United States of America, Singapore, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Norway,<br />

Finland. https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html<br />


Each participant must provide the following details in order to reserve air and<br />

hotels: Name, gender, date of birth, passport number, date of issue of passport, date<br />

of expiry of passport, place of issue of passport, and emergency contact<br />

information. In addition, registrants must provide the visa number, date of issue,<br />

date of expiry and place of issue as soon as the visa for travel to India has been<br />

issued.<br />


As stated above, hotels, food, transportation within India, and guide services are all<br />

covered by the tour fees. It is suggested that travelers carry cash for expenses like<br />

gifts or souvenirs, as it is difficult to change money at the sites we visit during the<br />

journey. Travelers will also need money if they are planning to extend their stay in<br />

India before or after the journey. Credit cards such as VISA or American Express are<br />

accepted in some of the hotels and large shops in Delhi or Varanasi, but not in the<br />

other places we visit. There are ATM machines in some places where one can<br />

access cash, but their presence is not universal as it is in the U.S. One U.S. dollar<br />

approximates 83 Indian Rupees. We recommend that you convert some cash at<br />

the airport when you arrive in New Delhi. There is no need to exchange it in the<br />

U.S. —it is best to do so in India. There are a couple of banks with a standard<br />

exchange rate at the airport both before and after you clear customs. Please keep<br />

your bank receipts carefully in case you need to change the money into dollars<br />

when you return home.<br />


We choose the best accommodation in the vicinity of the sites, based on shared,<br />

twin-bedded rooms with a private bath or shower and toilet. The accommodations<br />

are clean and comfortable. If you prefer a single room (where available, as the<br />

Buddhist route can occasionally get very full), there is a price supplement.<br />



India uses 220 volts, 50 cycles AC. Plugs/sockets are usually an issue (the electrical<br />

sockets in India have round holes, not flat one, so please ensure that the stems of<br />

your plug has rounded stems). It’s best to travel with a universal plug adaptor.<br />


Given that there can be a high variation between the daytime and evening<br />

temperatures (the general range is from 7 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius<br />

(centigrade), layering is a practical approach. It’s important to be comfortable and<br />

modestly dressed. We recommend that you bring one warm coat or jacket and one<br />

or two lighter sweaters for the day; perhaps a shawl if you want to meditate in the<br />

morning. For the warmer part of the day, cotton shirts, T-shirts and cotton trousers<br />

will work well. There is no need to bring formal clothing. Generally, the weather is<br />

dry with a small possibility of light rain or fog in some places. It is handy to have an<br />

umbrella that can double as a sunshade if it gets too sunny or even be used as a<br />

walking stick. Please bring comfortable sneakers or sandals (which you can wear<br />

with socks if it gets cold). We do not go on treks, but one or two of the (optional)<br />

walks are long. We also visit a number of temples where you will need to remove<br />

your shoes, so it is helpful to bring a pair of socks (the airline slip-ons are very<br />

convenient). It is always useful to have a hat or cap to protect you from the sun. We<br />

are allowed 15 kilos (33 lbs.) check in baggage and 7kgs as cabin baggage on Indian<br />

airplanes, so we recommend that you travel light. Laundry facilities are available at<br />

all the places we stay, and laundry is returned within 24 hours.<br />


We stay in clean, safe places, and the food in the places we stay will be clean, fresh<br />

and prepared to suit a delicate digestive system. You will be provided bottled<br />

mineral water for drinking.<br />

There is no other medical restriction upon your entry into India. We recommend a<br />

Hepatitis-A inoculation and a Tetanus shot. If you prefer to be more careful, then<br />

please speak to your physician. We do carry a first-aid kit with us, but many people<br />

prefer to bring their own supply of medicines. We would recommend you get an<br />

insect/mosquito repellent and also a stomach medicine for both diarrhea and<br />

constipation as one’s stomach has its own way of adjusting to different foods.<br />

If you have any special diet needs or medical needs, please do let us know.<br />



It is quite easy and inexpensive to get a local SIM card for your mobile phone at<br />

Delhi airport. You need one photograph and a copy of your India visa and passport.<br />

If you have an iphone, you may need to ‘unlock’ it before you come to India. Mobile<br />

telephony in India is inexpensive.<br />

ADDITIONAL TRAVEL SERVICES (e.g. shuttle buses, taxis)<br />

We provide all the transport services during the journey, including having you met<br />

on arrival in New Delhi. There is no extra charge for meeting people at the airport.<br />

For those who want to make your own arrangements, the Delhi Airport has cabs.<br />

The cab-stand is located just after you exit the airport. You pay according to the<br />

meter - you need not pay anything extra unless you are traveling between 11pm and<br />

5am, when night charges will apply (25% extra). Depending on the time you arrive<br />

the cab fare will be in the range of Rs.600-900. It is easy to get a cab at the hotel for<br />

the airport when one leaves for the same price.<br />


Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International (<strong>LBDFI</strong>) while undertaking tours,<br />

transportation, hotel accommodation and other services only act on the clear<br />

understanding that they shall not be in any way responsible or liable for any<br />

accident, damage, loss, delay or inconvenience caused in connection with travel<br />

and other facilities arranged by the company, their employees or agents. All<br />

bookings are accepted and executed with utmost care, yet no responsibility is taken<br />

for any change or deviation on account of factors beyond their control.<br />

By making a deposit for the tour, participants acknowledge that they have read and<br />

understood this document in its entirety, and have consented to all conditions<br />

herein, including the Disclaimer and Release of Liability. For participants under age<br />

18, their parent or legal guardian shall sign on their behalf and the same Disclaimer<br />

and Release shall apply.<br />



Each pilgrim must complete this form in full, and send (email is fine) with a<br />

non-refundable deposit of $500 per pilgrim.<br />

to:<br />

Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International<br />

2222 Harold Way<br />

Berkeley CA 94704<br />

Tel: +510 847 2966<br />

Email: wdixey@dharma-college.com<br />



Name (as it appears on your passport):……………………………………………………………<br />

Gender:……………………………<br />

Address:………………………………………………………………………………………………………………........<br />

......................................................................................................................<br />

Email:…………………………………………………………………<br />

Telephone #:…………………………………………………… ..<br />

Date of Birth:…………………………………………<br />

Nationality:………………………………………………………………………<br />

Passport Number:…………………………………….<br />

Place of issue:……………………………………………………………………<br />

Date of Issue:……………………………………………<br />

Date of Expiry:………………………………………….....................................<br />


09-day <strong>LBDFI</strong> - Dharma Journey<br />

December 10 to December 18, <strong>2024</strong><br />

US$ 3000* (**$1000 single room supplement) August 1, <strong>2024</strong><br />

BANGKOK for four nights and four days.<br />

05-day <strong>LBDFI</strong> - Dharma Journey<br />

December 18 to December 22, <strong>2024</strong><br />

US$1500* (**$550 single room supplement) August 1, <strong>2024</strong><br />

** forced single room supplement (in case we are not able to room you with anyone<br />

else) will be 60% of the single supplement)<br />

US$ 500 has to be paid to register for any of the journeys. The remaining amount<br />

and optional extras have to be paid before the "pay by date"<br />

Payment Options:<br />

1. Credit card online payment via our website (please add 3% service charge)<br />

www.lbdfi.org<br />


2. Bank Wire Instructions: International wires<br />

Swift code: MEBKUS66<br />

Bank Name: Mechanics Bank<br />

Bank account: 41183754<br />

Beneficiary Account name: Light of Buddhadharma<br />

Routing: 121102036<br />

3. Cheque/banker's draft payable to ‘<strong>LBDFI</strong>.’ (please add $35 bank charges). Send via<br />

registered post to<br />

‘<strong>LBDFI</strong> 2222 Harold Way Berkeley CA 94704<br />

Enlightened Journey: Waking Up<br />

Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International<br />

2222 Harold Way Berkeley CA 94704<br />

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