Creator Connection March 2024

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<strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran Church and Preschool<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> <strong>Connection</strong><br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Welcoming all to Worship, Grow, and Serve in God’s Grace.<br />

Pastor’s Corner<br />

A message from Pastor Horacio<br />


Lent<br />

Why? What? How? When?<br />

Practices and traditions are<br />

part of our human history. We<br />

cannot go without practices and<br />

traditions even if we wanted<br />

to. The church is one of them.<br />

Some churches from different<br />

denominations have tried to go<br />

without a formal set of practices<br />

or traditions, and when you ask<br />

them, “do you have a liturgy?”<br />

They might reply, “no, we do<br />

not.” But then, you ask, “so,<br />

what do you do on a Sunday<br />

morning or whenever you gather<br />

for worship?” They most likely<br />

would give you a description<br />

about how they “do worship” in<br />

a certain order. That, in and of<br />

itself, is a liturgy; it is a practice<br />

and tradition. We as Lutherans<br />

have kept many of the practices<br />

and traditions that the church<br />

has been doing historically, even<br />

after the Reformation. But we do<br />

not do them for the sake of doing<br />

them or reject them because they<br />

are “Roman Catholic.” We keep<br />

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Table of Contents<br />

Ministry<br />

Pastor’s Corner - Lent ......................................<br />

Pastor’s Corner - Easter ...................................<br />

Fellowship<br />

Thoughts on Stewardship..................................<br />

Church in Society .............................................<br />

Property Team ..................................................<br />

Church Council Highlights ..............................<br />

Alter Guild .......................................................<br />

Children, Youth, and Family<br />

Easter Egg Hunt ...............................................<br />

Preschool............................................................<br />

News and Education.................................<br />

Birthdays and Reminders.......................<br />

Calendar............................................................<br />

1<br />

6<br />

11<br />

12<br />

13<br />

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17<br />

18-22<br />

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23<br />

Staff<br />

Pastor:<br />

Amanda Olson de Castillo<br />

pastoramanda@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Associate Pastor: Horacio Castillo<br />

pastorhoracio@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Office Ministry:<br />

Donna Reynolds<br />

Megan Collins<br />

Brieanna McCarty<br />

office@creatorlutheran.net *<br />

Bookkeeper: Marcie Reid<br />

creatorbooks@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Custodian: Leslie Noborikawa<br />

Nursery Attendants: Debbie Eikland<br />

and Cynthia Lowe<br />

Sunday School Coordinator:<br />

Kate Wire<br />

Preschool Director:<br />

Andrea DeDominces<br />

Preschool Teachers:<br />

Andrea DeDominces, Ragan Allen &<br />

Cheri Farrer<br />

Funeral Coordinator:<br />

Janee Theleman<br />

* Please use<br />

office@creatorlutheran.net<br />

for all office communications to ensure<br />

your emails are attended to.<br />

communications@creatorlutheran.net will<br />

continue to be monitored for a time *<br />

2<br />

Ministry teams and program leaders, please think ahead about what is coming up and<br />

submit information, pictures or stories of impact to office@creatorlutheran.net by the 20th<br />

of each month. Our Office Ministry Coordinator, will collect, format, and get the newsletter<br />

out to the congregation by the first of each month. If you have any further questions,<br />

please feel free to call the office (253) 862-7700.

Continued from pg. 1<br />

Ministry<br />

them because they serve a purpose,<br />

and when needed, we move away<br />

from erroneous teaching and<br />

practices, and we keep the tradition<br />

for what it was created—to lead us<br />

to God, to be given Christ’s Word<br />

of forgiveness, life, and salvation<br />

in the midst of our daily lives in a<br />

broken and sinful world.<br />

Why Lent, Holy Week, and Easter?<br />

Lent is 40 days long and is the sixweek<br />

season that leads up to Easter.<br />

The Lenten season is one of the<br />

most significant times of the year<br />

for many Christians around the<br />

world, especially those within the<br />

Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, and<br />

Orthodox churches, to mention<br />

some, held at a comparable level<br />

of meaning to Advent, with the<br />

arrival of Christmas. While Advent<br />

is a time of rejoiceful anticipation,<br />

Lent is commonly regarded as a<br />

period of sober observance. The<br />

Lenten season is a preparation for<br />

commemorating the death and<br />

resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Ash<br />

Wednesday starts Lent with a day<br />

of remembering our humanity, the<br />

reality of death, and the need for<br />

repentance. Churches symbolize<br />

this by putting ashes on foreheads,<br />

often in the shape of a cross, and<br />

reciting “remember you are dust<br />

and to dust you shall return.”<br />

From its start date on Ash<br />

Wednesday (February 14th this<br />

year) to its conclusion on Easter<br />

Sunday (<strong>March</strong> 31st this year),<br />

Lent has been a customary time for<br />

fasting, giving something up, and<br />

most currently taking something<br />

up, or abstinence from vices such<br />

as food, drinking, smoking, and<br />

the like. It has been customary that<br />

participating in Lent invites us<br />

to prepare our minds and hearts<br />

for glorifying Jesus’ life, death,<br />

and bodily resurrection. Different<br />

denominations continue this<br />

practice, and the Lutheran church<br />

as a whole is not exempt from this,<br />

unfortunately. However, within<br />

the Lutheran church, and here<br />

at <strong>Creator</strong>, we shift and change<br />

directions. This means that God is<br />

the One at work for us and in us.<br />

Instead of focusing on the person’s<br />

work to “come to closer to God,” we<br />

focus on the gift God bestows on us<br />

through Christ’s suffering, death on<br />

the cross, and resurrection from the<br />

dead. We remember here Ephesians<br />

2:8-9 “8For by grace you have been<br />

saved through faith. And this is<br />

not your own doing; it is the gift of<br />

God, 9not a result of works, so that<br />

no one may boast.”<br />

This is the reason why we keep to<br />

the forefront that Lent is not only a<br />

time to reflect on Christ’s suffering<br />

and death on the cross adding our<br />

penance as if this contributes to<br />

our faith or Christ’s gift for us. Do<br />

we then get rid of these practices<br />

and traditions altogether? Our<br />

answer is no. And we answer this<br />

with Luther’s teaching on the Lord’s<br />

Supper where he asks: “When is a<br />

person rightly prepared to receive<br />

this sacrament? Answer: Fasting<br />

and other outward preparations<br />

serve a good purpose. However,<br />

that person is well prepared and<br />

worthy who believes these words,<br />

given and shed for you for the<br />

forgiveness of sins.” And how do<br />

we come about this faith? Paul<br />

in Romans 10:17 answers: “Faith<br />

comes from hearing, and hearing<br />

from Christ’s own word.”<br />

Continued on pg. 4<br />


Ministry<br />

Why is Lent 40 Days Long?<br />

The forty days of Lent (not counting Sundays) honor the period of time similar to multiple stories in the Bible:<br />

• Jesus retreated into the wilderness, where He fasted for 40 days and was tempted by the devil ( Matthew 4:1-<br />

2, Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-2).<br />

• The Hebrew people wandered 40 years in the desert while traveling to the Promised Land (Numbers 14:33)<br />

• Jonah’s prophecy of judgment gave 40 days to the city of Nineveh in which to repent or be destroyed (Jonah<br />

3:4).<br />

• Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai with God (Exodus 24:18)<br />

• Elijah spent 40 days and nights walking to Mount Horeb (1 Kings 19:8)<br />

• God sent 40 days and nights of rain in the great flood of Noah (Genesis 7:4)<br />

Other Lent practices and traditions:<br />

The church is decorated in violet or purple, the<br />

color of royalty and repentance. This was part of the<br />

tradition in Jesus’ time. When Jesus was crucified,<br />

he was given a violet/purple robe as mockery that<br />

the “King of the Jews was being killed and nobody<br />

stood up for Him.” But for us Christians, Jesus is<br />

truly the King of kings and Lord of lords, thus we<br />

use this color to remember that Jesus has come to<br />

redeem the world and His people. Do we have to use<br />

the color purple? No, but we still use it for the same<br />

reason just explained.<br />

As in Advent, so in Lent, we do not sing the Gloria<br />

in Excelsis during the season on the Sunday Services<br />

as the church wants to focus her worship on<br />

repentance. However, Sundays are exempt from Lent<br />

as a “little Easter.” So, we can actually sing it, if we<br />

need to. The “liturgical polivce” would accuse us of<br />

heresy, but hey, we are free in Christ and forgiven, so<br />

if a hymn or song gives Glory to God, we can sing it.<br />

Alleluia is the Hebrew word for “Praise the Lord.” It<br />

is a joyous expression of faith in God. During Lent,<br />

we forego using this joyous praise to God in order<br />

to focus on the seriousness of Christ’s suffering and<br />

death. Can we sing Alleluia even in Lent? There are<br />

some people who would say, “absolutely no!” for the<br />

sake of tradition. But Christ did not remain dead,<br />

so even though there is a good repertoire of Lenten<br />

hymns/songs, if there is a good hymn/song that<br />

speaks to Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection,<br />

then we can most definitely sing it.<br />

Fasting is giving up eating a particular meal or<br />

time in order to devote that time to prayer and<br />

meditation on the Word of God. But, if you are<br />

like me, I’d faint if I don’t eat—at least that is what<br />

I say to myself. What works for me is to have a full<br />

stomach and dwell in the Word of God otherwise<br />

all I’d be thinking about is, when can I eat my next<br />

meal?! However, if fasting works for you and you<br />

can do it, kudos to you!<br />


Ministry<br />


Ministry<br />

Pastor’s Corner<br />

Pastor Horacio<br />


Holy Week and Easter<br />

Why? What? How? When?<br />

Holy Week, the week right before<br />

Easter Sunday, begins with Palm<br />

Sunday when Jesus comes riding a<br />

donkey into Jerusalem to take His<br />

rightful place as the King of kings.<br />

But instead of the expected throne<br />

in the palace worthy of a King,<br />

surrounded by servants, protected<br />

by an army, and enjoying comfort<br />

and praise, He is surrounded by<br />

betrayers and enemies, and His<br />

throne, instead of a comfy lofty<br />

chair is His cross, being mocked<br />

and insulted. Palm Sunday, the first<br />

day of Holy Week, commemorates<br />

the triumphal entry of Jesus into<br />

Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11).<br />

Because the complete account of<br />

the Lord’s Passion from Matthew,<br />

Mark, or Luke is often read, this<br />

Sunday is also called the Sunday<br />

of the Passion. Ideally, we would<br />

separate these two, Palm and<br />

Passion Sunday. “Passion Sunday”<br />


should stand by its own but not<br />

as a Sunday, instead as what it is,<br />

Maundy Thursday and especially<br />

Good Friday. But the reality is that<br />

with our current culture shift of<br />

people’s extra busy schedules not<br />

everyone is able to attend to all<br />

Holy Week’s Services, Palm Sunday,<br />

Maundy Thursday, and Good<br />

Friday. The solution the church has<br />

come up with is to combine both<br />

Palm Sunday and Good Friday<br />

becoming Palm/Passion Sunday.<br />

Why? Because if people are only<br />

able to attend Palm Sunday singing<br />

praises to Jesus as King of kings<br />

and Lord of Lords and they are not<br />

able to attend Maundy Thursday<br />

and/or Good Friday, they would<br />

go from “Hosana! Blessed is the<br />

Ministry<br />

King who comes in the name of<br />

the Lord,” to “Christ is risen, He is<br />

risen indeed, Alleluia!” And His<br />

suffering and death on the cross is<br />

bypassed going from celebration to<br />

celebration without acknowledging<br />

His death which is a big part of the<br />

Resurrection.<br />

On Holy (Maundy) Thursday, the<br />

Church gives thanks to Jesus for<br />

instituting the Lord’s Supper. This<br />

is Christ’s last will and testament,<br />

just like the testament “Aunt<br />

Maurice,” or “Uncle Leroy” put<br />

you in. In order for a testament to<br />

go into effect, the testator, Jesus<br />

(or Aunt Maurice or Uncle Leroy)<br />

must die. This is the only way<br />

the heir or heirs can claim the<br />

contents of the testament. Holy<br />

Thursday then is when Jesus wrote<br />

His testament, and the contents<br />

of it are that He wills to give you<br />

His forgiveness, His life, and His<br />

salvation. And as we know, after<br />

the testament has come into effect,<br />

it cannot be changed. Even when<br />

Jesus resurrected from the dead,<br />

He cannot alter or cancel it, even<br />

if He changed His mind. This is<br />

a feast day, and the color used to<br />

decorate the church is white. The<br />

Holy/Maundy Thursday Service<br />

closes with the stripping of the<br />

altar. This reminds us of how our<br />

Lord stripped to the waist to wash<br />

His disciples’ feet, and how He was<br />

stripped and beaten before His<br />

crucifixion.<br />


Ministry<br />

Good Friday is the most solemn<br />

of days in the Christian Church;<br />

yet a note of joy remains, as the<br />

title of the day indicates. On Good<br />

Friday, as we remember that on<br />

account of our sin the Lord was<br />

crucified and died, we give joyful<br />

thanks to God that all sin and<br />

God’s wrath oven sin is taken by<br />

Jesus so that we are freed from sin,<br />

death, and the power of the devil.<br />

By Christ’s mercy and grace, we<br />

do not receive the just judgment<br />

and punishment we deserve but<br />

we are judged unjustly because we<br />

receive what we do not deserve,<br />

Christ’s forgiveness of sins, His<br />

life, and His salvation. This is what<br />

we, as Lutherans, call the Happy<br />

Exchange; which is only happy for<br />

us but not for Jesus, and yet, He<br />

willingly dies for us. And not so<br />

much an exchange because it is a<br />

one way street, Jesus gives us His<br />

forgiveness and takes away our sin.<br />

We would like to think we give it<br />

to Him but the reality is that we<br />

cannot let go of it. But thankfully<br />

Jesus is merciful and removes it<br />

from us.<br />


Ministry<br />

Easter has been permeated by the<br />

Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs.<br />

For some reason the Church has<br />

adopted this tradition which<br />

is rooted in Greek/European<br />

practices. Easter is a celebration<br />

of spring and new life. Eggs and<br />

flowers are rather obvious symbols<br />

of female fertility, but in European<br />

traditions, the bunny, with its<br />

amazing reproductive potential,<br />

is not far behind. In the classical<br />

Greek tradition, hares were sacred<br />

to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.<br />

Meanwhile, Aphrodite’s son Eros<br />

was often depicted carrying a hare<br />

as a symbol of unquenchable desire.<br />

So, in these traditions yes, there is a<br />

theme of new life and abundant life,<br />

but not in the same manner as with<br />

Christ. The Christian Easter is the<br />

Good News of new life in Christ, as<br />

we have been buried with Christ in<br />

His death, we too have the promise<br />

of life eternal with Christ in His<br />

resurrection through Baptism. This<br />

new life in Christ is through the<br />

forgiveness of our sin, His life, and<br />

His salvation. For as cute bunnies<br />

and decorated eggs are and all,<br />

and as delightful and delicious as<br />

chocolate might be, it does not<br />

bring the good news of Christ. Can<br />

we still use what the culture has<br />

adopted, sure we can, and through<br />

this means we bring the Good<br />

News of Christ as we go on an egg<br />

hunt, with not only the promise of<br />

chocolate, but also Christ’s promise.<br />

Easter is not one day celebration, it<br />

is a fifty day season from the Day<br />

of the Resurrection of Our Lord<br />

(<strong>March</strong> 31st this year) to the Day<br />

of Pentecost (May 19th this year).<br />

Easter, in addition to Christmas,<br />

is the richest and most lavishly<br />

celebrated festival of the Church<br />

year. Congregations may hold a<br />

sunrise Service, commemorating<br />

the surprise the women visiting the<br />

empty tomb of Christ and receiving<br />

the good news of the Resurrection,<br />

as well as the Services later in the<br />

day. While not as lavish, this joyous<br />

and celebratory tone echoes down<br />

through the Sundays of the Easter<br />

Season, and at <strong>Creator</strong>, every<br />

Sunday of the year.<br />

The colors of Easter are white and<br />

gold. White being the color of our<br />

Lord’s holiness and gold to remind<br />

us that our resurrection life in<br />

Christ is precious and eternal. After<br />

a long absence in Lent, the Alleluia<br />

returns full swing (if we observed<br />

it) at Easter and is heard every<br />

Service. Also the joyous Hymn of<br />

Praise and the Glory return and<br />

are sung as part of the liturgy once<br />

again. And last but not least, during<br />

this season we greet one another<br />

with a special Easter greeting and<br />

response: “Alleluia! Christ is risen!”<br />

“He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”<br />


Fellowship<br />


Fellowship<br />

Thoughts on<br />

One of the primary intentions<br />

of the Stewardship Committee is<br />

to keep the many ways <strong>Creator</strong><br />

contributes to our community on<br />

everyone’s radar. Understanding<br />

how our money is used is important<br />

in keeping members informed and<br />

to maintain financial transparency.<br />

Through the advice of a consultant<br />

hired eight years ago, sharing “What<br />

we love about <strong>Creator</strong>” through<br />

pictures of members participating<br />

in activities, events, and programs<br />

was recommended as an avenue to<br />

communicate these efforts.<br />

We hope you see the impact<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> has in our community and<br />

beyond, and that you can confidently<br />

know what you give allows <strong>Creator</strong><br />

to continue this work. You are what<br />

we love about <strong>Creator</strong>. Your giving,<br />

your volunteering, your presence at<br />

worship is significant.<br />

Through the years of<br />

contributions on “What we love<br />

about <strong>Creator</strong>,” several themes<br />

have become evident. The love at<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> is first and foremost. Our<br />

welcoming environment is second.<br />

The relationships developed<br />

at <strong>Creator</strong>, while serving and<br />

worshipping together, results in the<br />

sense of family here.<br />

Polling members about their<br />

desire to serve and give to <strong>Creator</strong><br />

echoed these similar sentiments.<br />

Many said you get back more than<br />

you give in blessings. One member<br />

stated that ‘whether volunteering<br />

or giving, it starts with the heart.’<br />

Some shared that their serving in a<br />

particular group had become a habit<br />

that became a sense of community.<br />

Similarly, another member shared<br />

that volunteering becomes a small<br />

group of fellowship, which in turn<br />

becomes a ministry. Those with<br />

certain skill sets to offer have found<br />

they enjoy sharing their talents, and<br />

the groups in which they participate<br />

become like family.<br />

Many believe it is a calling, they<br />

are prompted by the Holy Spirit to<br />

give and serve, it just feels natural,<br />

and even it is a way to honor a<br />

parent who also volunteered in the<br />

same way. Pastor Amanda noted<br />

when recently training the youth<br />

in the various parts of the worship<br />

service as part of a Sunday School<br />

lesson, that the kids felt like it is<br />

their church.<br />

During the Adult Education<br />

presentation by a Thrivent agent,<br />

financially giving to our church was<br />

discussed. Studies show the top<br />

reasons people give:<br />

1. Helping Others<br />

2. Out of gratitude<br />

3. In response to life’s<br />

blessings<br />

4. Positive impact in<br />

people’s lives<br />

5. Feeling blessed in<br />

life<br />

Charitable giving at <strong>Creator</strong><br />

seems influenced by the reasons<br />

listed above and also why many<br />

are motivated to volunteer. We can<br />

always benefit from more giving and<br />

volunteers. <strong>Creator</strong>’s place in the<br />

community and our contributiaons<br />

cannot be overstated. You are the<br />

reason we can continue this work<br />

and are the cog in our ministry<br />

wheel. It is a privilege to serve God<br />

together.<br />


Fellowship<br />

Church<br />

Lenten Donations:<br />

Helping Hand House and<br />

Mother 2 Many, both local<br />

social service agencies, will<br />

receive a part of the Lenten<br />

donations this year. Helping<br />

Hand House helps those facing<br />

homelessness. Mother 2 Many<br />

(M2M) is a youth outreach that<br />

feeds youth at local skateparks<br />

and youth centers. Thank you<br />

for your support!<br />

If you would like to learn more<br />

about the Church-in-Society<br />

team at <strong>Creator</strong>, please talk with<br />

Cathy Coleman or Cindy Totten<br />

In Society<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> helped the following agencies in January <strong>2024</strong>:<br />

• $200 – Sumner Food Bank<br />

• $300 - Sumner Backpack program<br />

• $200 – GoodRoots Northwest Food Bank (Bonney Lake Food Bank)<br />

• $300 – GoodRoots (Bonney Lake Food Bank) Backpack program<br />

• $1000 – Helping Hand House<br />

• $500 – Exodus Housing<br />

• $500 – Auburn Pregnancy Aid<br />

• $1000 – Lutheran Community Services<br />


Fellowship<br />

Support Auburn<br />

Pregnancy Aid<br />

Join us<br />

in supporting mothers-to-be and new mothers in need through the Layette<br />

Drive. From <strong>March</strong> 3rd to <strong>March</strong> 24th, we will be collecting essential items to<br />

contribute to Auburn Pregnancy Aid’s mission of providing layette bags.<br />

Here’s how you can help:<br />

simply take a tag off the window, purchase the<br />

specified item, and drop it off in the designated<br />

box in the Narthex. If you prefer to donate monetarily, envelopes will be available in the pews for your<br />

convenience; simply leave your donation in the offering plate.<br />

Your generosity will make a meaningful difference in the lives of these families. Thank you for your<br />

support and compassion.<br />


Join the<br />

Property<br />

Team<br />

Spring Property clean up<br />

<strong>March</strong> 23rd 9:00am to 12:00pm<br />


Fellowship<br />

Church Council Highlights<br />

Old Business:<br />

Work is beginning to get done on the parking lot as asphalt patches<br />

are in the process of replacing potholes. Some work has been done and<br />

there is yet more that will be done soon.<br />

Repairs are still being made in the building to fix the water pipes that<br />

were frozen in last month’s cold weather, and hopefully they will be<br />

finished soon.<br />

New Business:<br />

Office Ministry Coordinator Donna Reynolds is retiring soon! Donna<br />

has done such a remarkably wonderful job of keeping everything running<br />

smoothly, always greeting people with a great deal of warmth and charm,<br />

and doing an excellent job of always representing the Church in a very<br />

positive manner.<br />

She will be very much missed and we wish her and her family a<br />

great deal of happiness in her retirement.<br />

Thank you Donna!<br />

If you can stop by to thank her and wish her well, you can also meet<br />

the new office staff, Megan Collins and Brianne (Bri) McCarty. Megan<br />

has already been working with Donna for about a week or so and Brie<br />

started Feb.26th.<br />

Bri will be working M-W<br />

and Megan W-F. If you are able,<br />

please stop by to introduce<br />

yourself and wish them well.<br />

The Council Meeting was<br />

closed with the Lord’s Prayer.<br />

Financial Report:<br />

Total Income. $39,823.53<br />

Total Expenses 37,746.73<br />

Net Income. 2,076.80<br />

Benevolence:<br />

Contributions $39,623.53<br />

Local Benevolence. 2,377.41<br />

Synod. 1,584.94<br />

Total Benevolence. $3,962.35<br />

If you were surprised by the early Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day, you may imagine<br />

that Lent is moving quickly now that <strong>March</strong> has arrived and Holy Week will be here before we<br />

know it. Thankfully Pastor Amanda and Pastor Horacio keep us grounded in the Word daily with<br />

Lenten devotions. Hopefully you are receiving those emails.<br />

You will see Altar Guild members busy during Holy Week and Easter and it is our joy to<br />

prepare the sanctuary and altar for the congregation, our church family. We look forward to<br />

seeing you in the many worship and fellowship opportunities available this month and we rejoice<br />

in the new members who have brought their skills from their previous churches to add to our<br />

group. If you would like to learn more about Altar Guild, please contact Linda Reed at 84lkreed@<br />

gmail.com or on her cell phone at (253) 820-1757. Peace to you.<br />


Fellowship<br />

<strong>March</strong> 31st<br />

Served from<br />

8AM -11:00AM<br />

Join this year’s Easter<br />

Breakfast Team:<br />

Sign up to bring food, set up, or serve.<br />


Children, Youth, and Family<br />


Preschool<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> Preschool<br />

<strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

We hope your children enjoyed their valentines and did not eat too many treats at<br />

one time. February seemed to go by so quickly, but we managed to fill the month with<br />

learning about our presidents, healthy habits and Valentines!<br />

Winter is winding down and spring is on the horizon! At Preschool, we are expecting<br />

<strong>March</strong> weather to enter as a lion and leave as a lamb. The lion part seems likely but let’s<br />

hope it gives way to the lamb part; warmer weather and lots of sunshine! Transportation<br />

and Endangered animals will be part of our studies this month. We will also talk about<br />

the change from winter to spring.<br />

Our shape this month is the triangle and our color is green. Our number is 7 for the<br />

younger classes and 14, 15, and 16 for the older classes. The letters this month are J,j,<br />

G,g, and H,h. And of course, the children will be visited by a leprechaun who loves to<br />

leave treasures!<br />

Also, during <strong>March</strong>, we will begin assessment testing. Our general policy is to avoid<br />

regular evaluation. Three, four, and five-year olds are growing, changing, and developing<br />

at such a fast yet varied rate. Our findings are not used in any way by the schools. They<br />

have their own methods. This is just an informational indication from us to you. Please,<br />

as always, talk to your teachers if you have any questions or concerns.<br />

Upcoming: There will be NO SCHOOL from April 8-12 for Spring Break.<br />

Andrea (Mrs. D), Cheri(Ms. Farrer), and Ragan (Mrs. Allen)<br />


News and Education<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> Nursery<br />

<strong>Creator</strong>’s nursery is OPEN!<br />

Our wonderful and loving<br />

attendants, Cindy and Debbie<br />

are excited to provide a fun and<br />

safe space for the ltttle ones<br />

during worship (8:30 am and<br />

11:00 am on Sunday mornings)<br />

New Hope Resource Center Meal<br />

THANK YOU to everyone<br />

who donates food for Hope<br />

Resource Center. Our next<br />

lunch will be Friday, April 5th<br />

<strong>2024</strong>. aNew Hope Resource<br />

Center is providing 40-50 sack<br />

lunches M-F for our homeless<br />

neighbors. New Hope has<br />

asked that we help by donating<br />

food appropriate for the sack<br />

lunches. Please see the list of<br />

18<br />

food needed on the attached<br />

link.<br />

All food should be dropped<br />

off at the church no later than<br />

Friday morning at 10:00 AM.<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> members will pick up<br />

the food from church and deliver<br />

it to New Hope in Puyallup.<br />

Volunteers at New Hope will<br />

prepare and distribute the sack<br />

lunches. Please sign up below.<br />

You will get a reminder email.<br />

Volunteer sign up link:<br />

https://www.signupgenius.<br />

com/go/20f044fa8ac2ea5f85-<br />

newhope<br />

**** On the sign-up sheet<br />

click the “sign up button” next<br />

to what you want to bring, then<br />

go to the very bottom of the<br />

page and click “Submit and<br />

Sign up” and there you will<br />

enter your information. New<br />

Hope Resource Center is in<br />

downtown Puyallup and serves<br />

the unhoused in Pierce County.<br />

The mission of New Hope is to<br />

assist homeless adults in their<br />

efforts to find safety, health, and<br />


News and Education<br />


News and Education<br />

Thursday<br />

Morning<br />

Bible Study<br />

Thursday Morning Bible<br />

Study meets every Thursday,<br />

at 10-11:30 am in Room 4 at<br />

<strong>Creator</strong>.<br />

All are welcome to come<br />

learn and enjoy the camaraderie<br />

and fellowship with your <strong>Creator</strong><br />

family!<br />

The <strong>Creator</strong> Men’s<br />

Club dinner meeting will<br />

be Monday, <strong>March</strong> 4 at 6<br />

p.m. at New Peking Chinese<br />

Restaurant.<br />

21179 State Route 410 in<br />

Bonney Lake. All churchmen<br />

are invited to attend.<br />

Grieving with Grace is a support group led by Pastor<br />

Amanda where adults learn about the grieving process and<br />

how to care for themselves as they work through the grief of a<br />

loved one’s death.<br />

The next meeting is on Sunday, <strong>March</strong> 17, at 12 pm, after<br />

our 11am service.<br />

The original group will meet at 11:30 on Wednesday<br />

<strong>March</strong>, 20, at Haggen’s for lunch.<br />

Men’s<br />

Fellowship<br />

During “All things Covid”<br />

the Wednesday night<br />

Men’s group has been<br />

using Zoom. The meetings<br />

start at 7:00 PM and get<br />

over by 9:00PM. If you<br />

are interested in joining<br />

the meeting please contact<br />

Scott Perkins with your<br />

email address and he will<br />

send you a link for Zoom.<br />

Scott.perkins@hotmail.<br />

com or 253-230-3416<br />


News and Education<br />

On Sale Now<br />

Purchase a plant in memory of, or in honor of, a loved<br />

one, and their name and your name will be included in<br />

the weekly announcements.<br />

Pots are $10 each and must be paid<br />

for when ordering.<br />

Tulips will decorate the sancuary for Easter.<br />

Take your flowerpot home after Easter Sunday.<br />

Order sheets on the sign up table or at<br />

https://creatorlutheran.breezechms.com/form/c96d5c92<br />


Reminders<br />

Remote Worship<br />

Worship will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook Live and<br />

Zoom. To join via Zoom, follow the link below:<br />

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86736605706?pwd=Ukc4RStRMlF<br />

yTm0xeXlaNFBWUDJhdz09<br />

Meeting ID: 867 3660 5706 Password: 822676<br />

One tap mobile:<br />

+ 12532158782,,89375602512#,,,,0#,,435230# US (Tacoma)<br />

Call in option: Zoom offers the option to call in to listen to the<br />

service. Call into worship while it is open - usually a minimum of<br />

five minutes before 9:30am until 11:00am - +1 253 215 8782 and<br />

enter the meeting number: 89375602512 when prompted. You<br />

will be able to hear the worship service.<br />


<strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran is changing our mobile giving app! Vanco,<br />

our eGiving provider, has launched an updated mobile app called<br />

Vanco Mobile to replace GivePlus Mobile. You can download the<br />

Vanco Mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play.<br />

Download Vanco Mobile by September 30. Vanco will<br />

remove GivePlus Mobile after this date.<br />

If you have questions or need assistance with our new mobile<br />

app, please contact the church office at (253) 862-7700.<br />

Pastoral Emergency Fund<br />

<strong>Creator</strong> has a fund available to be used at the discretion of Pastor<br />

Amanda to support congregation members and the community<br />

as needed. If you or a member another member of the <strong>Creator</strong><br />

Community has a particular financial need at this time, please<br />

reach out to Pastor Amanda for support. We are here for one<br />

another at this time. This fund is also open for additional<br />

donations from the congregation.<br />

<strong>March</strong><br />

Recycle Your<br />

Ink Cartridges<br />

Don’t throw away those printer cartridges or used cell phones.<br />

The Youth will recycle them for you. It’s good for the<br />

environment and the youth program receives a small concession.<br />

Just deposit old cartridges in the drawer in the narthex.<br />


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday<br />

1 2<br />

3 4 5 6 7 8 9<br />

8:30am Worship<br />

Service<br />

9:45am Sunday School<br />

9:45am Adult Education<br />

11am Worship Service<br />

6pm <strong>Creator</strong> Men’s<br />

Club<br />

7pm Girl Scout Leaders<br />

Meeting (Carrie)<br />

9am Morning Devotion<br />

6pm Soup Supper<br />

7pm Holden Evening<br />

Prayer<br />

7:45pm Confirmation<br />

7:45pm High School<br />

Bible Study<br />

9am Morning Devotion<br />

10am Thursday Morning<br />

Bible Study<br />

7pm CYF Team Meeting<br />

7pm Beyond Human<br />

Aid<br />

10 11 12 13 14 15 16<br />

8:30am Worship<br />

Service<br />

9:45am Sunday School<br />

9:45am Adult Education<br />

11am Worship Service<br />

8:30am Worship<br />

Service<br />

9:45am Sunday School<br />

9:45am Adult Education<br />

11am Worship Service<br />

9am Morning Devotion<br />

5pm Property Team<br />

Meeting<br />

6:30 Women’s Bible<br />

Study<br />

6:30 Finance Team<br />

Meeting<br />

9am Morning Devotion<br />

Church Council Meeting<br />

6pm Soup Supper<br />

7pm Holden Evening<br />

Prayer<br />

7:45pm Confirmation<br />

7:45pm High School<br />

Bible Study<br />

5:30 CIS Meeting<br />

6pm Soup Supper<br />

7pm Holden Evening<br />

Prayer<br />

7:45pm Confirmation<br />

7:45pm High School<br />

Bible Study<br />

9am Morning Devotion<br />

10am Thursday Morning<br />

Bible Study<br />

5pm Fellowship Ministry<br />

Meeting<br />

7pm Beyond Human<br />

Aid<br />

17 18 19 20 21 22 23<br />

9am Morning Devotion<br />

10am Thursday Morning<br />

Bible Study<br />

7pm Beyond Human<br />

Aid<br />

9am Property Team<br />

Spring Clean up<br />

24 25 26 27 28 29 30<br />

8:30am Worship<br />

Service<br />

9:45am Sunday School<br />

9:45am Adult Education<br />

11am Worship Service<br />

31<br />

8:30am Worship<br />

Service<br />

9:45am Sunday School<br />

9:45am Adult Education<br />

11am Worship Service<br />

9am Morning Devotion<br />

6:30 Women’s Bible<br />

Study<br />

9am Morning Devotion<br />

10am Thursday Morning<br />

Bible Study<br />

7pm Beyond Human<br />

Aid<br />

7pm Maundy Thursday<br />

Service<br />

7pm Good Friday<br />

Service<br />

1pm Easter Egg Hunt

<strong>Creator</strong> Lutheran<br />

Church and Preschool<br />

Welcoming All to Worship, Grow, and Serve in God’s Grace<br />

creatorlutheran.net (253) 862-7700 office@creatorlutheran.net<br />

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 3:30PM<br />

16702 South Tapps Drive East, Bonney Lake, WA 98391

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