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<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Calendar of Events<br />

February <strong>2024</strong> -<br />

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Mi Sheberakh<br />

Recently Passed<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong> Yahrzeits<br />

Observed<br />

A P R I L 2 0 2 4 | 2 2 N D O F A D A R I I 5 7 8 4 - 2 2 N D O F N I S A N 5 7 8 4<br />

Rabbi Meeka’s Musings<br />

Shalom TAS’s Mishpacha משפחה (Family)<br />

The holiday of Passover has four different names in Hebrew, but in this article, I will<br />

mainly focus on the last one mentioned below.<br />

‏.חג הפסח Pesach) First and most common name is Chag Ha’Pesach (Pilgrimage Festival of<br />

The word pesach shares a root with the word “lifsoach” ‏,לפסוח which means to “skip,” or<br />

“pass over”. In connotation with the Holiday, as was written in the Torah, God “Passed Over”<br />

all homes on which the doorpost was marked during the last and most painful plague God<br />

inflicted on the Egyptians: Death of the First Born.<br />

‏.חג המצות Matzahs) Another popular name for this holiday is Chag Ha’matzot (Festival of<br />

Matzah מצה is the unleavened bread our ancestors prepared as they rushed out to escape<br />

the tyrannical King Pharoah. Matzah is considered both the bread of freedom, as well as<br />

the bread of poverty.<br />

Passover, a Holiday of Freedom: Set Our Captives Free!<br />

Another, lighter in nature and more environmentally connected title for this holiday is<br />

Chag Ha’aviv (Festival of Spring) חג האביב The Torah links Pesach with the season of<br />

spring, which is when Passover is celebrated in the land of Israel. The awakening of earth<br />

after winter’s hibernation is nature’s indication that “life” overcomes “death.” Spring is<br />

nature’s equivalence to redemption and celebration of life.<br />

But the one name I will dedicate this article to is Chag Ha’cheirut (Season of our Freedom),<br />

The narrative about Israel’s yetziat Mitzrayim (leaving Egypt, Mitzrayim which is ‏.חג החירות<br />

a narrow, constrictive place) is the cornerstone of Judaism. Yetziat Mitzrayim is at the core<br />

of Jewish ritual, observance, ethics, and spirituality.<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Rabbi Meeka's Musings<br />

Continued<br />

The Torah says: “In each generation every person is to feel as though he or she personally came out of Egypt<br />

(Deuteronomy 16:14). And to that, Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, (18th century Chasidic leader) said: “The Exodus from<br />

Egypt occurs in every human being, in every era, in every year, and even every day.”<br />

Passover is a holiday when we are encouraged to ask, and answer questions around our Seder tables (like the Ma<br />

Nishtana that we sing every year when we read through the Haggadah).<br />

And these are my own questions for this season:<br />

When we say "we are God's chosen people" - what exactly do we mean by that? God chose us for what, to be the<br />

Moving Target for every terrorist organization on the face of this earth? Being hated by people I have never even<br />

heard of like the Houthis from Yemen?!<br />

My personal pain is obvious. As Rabbi Levi Kalman wrote: "I am so angry with Hamas for making my heart harden."<br />

And as for me, Rabbi Meeka, the "I should know and think better" is looming over my own head like a sword.<br />

I really believed in a world where Palestinians and Israelis can live side by side, help each other grow and prosper in a<br />

Two-State solution. I REALLY wanted to believe it was possible in my lifetime. And now I am not sure anymore. And I<br />

am angry. Angry at a handful of radicals (on both sides) who have been wrecking this dream for all of us.<br />

The great Black American author Maya Angelou was quoted saying: “The truth is, no one of us can be free until<br />

everybody is free.” And Chag Ha'Cheirut, our holiday of Freedom is coming soon, and our hostages are not yet free.<br />

How can we celebrate The Holiday of Freedom, when so many of our People, cannot?<br />

What will it be like for those beat-down families to have a Passover Seder without their loved ones, whose fate is<br />

unknown as I am writing these lines?<br />

Are they alive? Are they dead? Are they suffering? Are they in pain?<br />

And based on our tradition of asking the Four Questions, here are my own Four Questions, all addressed to God:<br />

1) God - Where are You?<br />

2) God - Please let us know: Where are our Hostages?<br />

3) God - Where is the rest of the world right now, when our hostages, and their families need every bit of help and<br />

support?<br />

4) God - Will You please send some sort of a Siman (sign) to our Hostages, and their families?<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Rabbi Meeka's Musings<br />

Continued<br />

This was written with pain and despair. Because the Holiday of Passover is supposed to be a celebration of freedom. Yet our<br />

captives are not yet free. Therefore, this year, I will add my disk to the Seder Plate, and I will invite you all to do the same: add<br />

that disk which declares in both languages: Ha’lev shelanu sha’vui be’Azah (Our heart is captive in Gaza), Bring Them<br />

‏.הלב שלנו שבוי בעזה Home Now<br />

This year, let us not forget about our own.<br />

With a broken heart, Rabbi Meeka<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


President's Message<br />

Mark Wolkow<br />

Best Purim Ever!<br />

And if not the best, for sure in the top 5. Rabbi Meeka led off with an inspiring Megillah reading,<br />

getting students and parents revved up with loud “Haaaamaaans”, and chanting at speeds at, or<br />

maybe even faster, than our all time speed-demon, the venerable Sig Gast (z”l).<br />

The sanctuary was packed as we went from the Megillah to the choir’s Purim Schpiel, which<br />

featured melodies from Fiddler on the Roof. Originally written by Stu Needel the cleverly written<br />

schpiel featured wonderful singing, comical acting, and appeal for both adults and children.<br />

Directly following the schpiel was our Purim Carnival. Sarah O’Donnell and her staff and students<br />

put on a great event, which was very well attended. The parking lot looked like it might have<br />

been Yom Kippur! This year featured brand new games for the children, thanks to funds made<br />

available from the Stanley Getz bequest. It was a great success for kids of all ages, and the<br />

Religious School earned over $500.<br />

Finally, the Sisterhood Purim Basket fundraiser was very successful, with great participation and<br />

very tasty hamantaschen and rugulah.<br />

Thanks to everyone who made this a great holiday!<br />

<strong>April</strong> Service Multi<br />

Access Information<br />

and Links<br />

Please note that streaming will be<br />

done via YouTube.<br />

YouTube links for all of our services<br />

can be found on our calendar. No<br />

passcodes are required. Past and<br />

present services and other events<br />

can also be found on our YouTube<br />

channel.<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 5th<br />

Shabbat Evening Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm-<br />

7:00pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 12th<br />

Scout Shabbat Torah Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm-<br />

7:00pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 19th<br />

Family Shabbat<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:00pm-<br />

6:15pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 6:15pm<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 26th<br />

Shabbat Evening Service<br />

Live Streaming starts at 6:45pm-<br />

7:00pm<br />

In-Person service starts at 7:00pm<br />

Shalom,<br />

Mark Wolkow<br />



https://www.youtube.com/@<br />

templeadasshalom/streams<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


RPC Message<br />

Melissa Immel & Mike Mullis<br />

Happy Spring From The Religious Practices Committee!<br />

Spring is upon us! The time change and march toward summer brings longer<br />

sunshine and the blooming of our flora and fauna! And much like the bloom in<br />

Springtime, Temple Adas Shalom continues to bloom as well with an entire<br />

month of wonderful and spiritual Services and activities, and that's no <strong>April</strong><br />

Fools!<br />

On Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 6th in the evening, join Deb Temple at her home for a<br />

Regional Havdallah.<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 12th we honor our local Boy/Girl Scouts of America with a Scout<br />

Shabbat. This Shabbat will include Scouts from Temple Adas Shalom as well<br />

as Troops and Packs from around the county. If your child is a Scout and<br />

would like to participate in the service, please reach out to Mike Mullis at<br />

musicdirector@templeadasshalom.org!<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 19th is a Family Shabbat Service, which will include our<br />

Religious School Grades 7-9. This service begins at 6:15, and is always a<br />

wonderful chance for our Temple Yeladim to shine!<br />

Tuesday, <strong>April</strong> 23rd is our yearly Pesach Second Night Seder, led by Rabbi<br />

Meeka Simerly! More information will be on the Temple Adas Shalom<br />

Website Calendar. Sign up and be part of a wonderful tradition here at<br />

Temple Adas Shalom!<br />

Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 25th is our Monthly RPC Meeting, preceded by Yizkor.<br />

Would you like to make a difference here at Temple? Join the RPC and help<br />

shape the future of our growing Synagogue!<br />

There is something for everyone here at Temple Adas Shalom! Happy Spring!<br />

B'Shalom,<br />

Melissa Immel & Mike Mullis, RPC Co-Chairs<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Kehillah MAGNET<br />

Sarah O’Donnell & Joel Yoffee<br />

Shalom Temple Adas Shalom Community!<br />

Kehillah MAGNET is already gearing up for our <strong>2024</strong>-<br />

2025 school year! If you know of families with<br />

children in Grades Pre-K through ten who want<br />

their children to learn about their Jewish culture,<br />

history, and traditions, please send them our way!<br />

Our Early Bird Registration is currently up and<br />

running until May 19, <strong>2024</strong>. Sign up today!<br />

We are currently looking to expand the number of<br />

educators that we have on staff, as well as move to<br />

an individualized model of teaching Mid-Week<br />

Hebrew. If you are interested in learning more about<br />

teaching or tutoring for the <strong>2024</strong>-2025 school year,<br />

please email Sarah O’Donnell at<br />

principal@templeadasshalom.org today!<br />

Purim Carnival <strong>2024</strong>: Thank you to everyone who helped to organize, run,<br />

and come to our Purim Carnival. It was a BLAST!<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Kehillah MAGNET<br />

Continued<br />

Passover is coming!<br />

Please reach out to Sarah if you would like to<br />

volunteer your time or help to prepare food for the<br />

Religious School’s Mock Seder on Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 14th.<br />


TOT SHIRA: Each month during the school year Kehillah s MAGNET welcomes<br />

families with children ages 5 and under to attend the Pre-K/K music class at<br />

our religious school. “Tot Shira” is a wonderful way to introduce little ones to<br />

our dedicated teachers and fantastic students. Our next Tot Shira of the year<br />

will be on Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 7, <strong>2024</strong>.<br />


Each month during the school<br />

year Kehillah s MAGNET<br />

welcomes families with<br />

children ages 5 and under to<br />

attend the Pre-K/K music class<br />

at our religious school. “Tot<br />

Shira” is a wonderful way to<br />

introduce little ones to our<br />

dedicated teachers and<br />

fantastic students. Our next<br />

Tot Shira of the year will be on<br />

Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 7, <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Upcoming<br />

Adult<br />

Educational<br />

Events<br />

Adult Ed. Movie Night<br />

Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 20th<br />

7:00pm - 9:00pm<br />

Adult Ed. Book Discussion<br />

Saturday, May 11th<br />

10:00am to 11:30am<br />

Adult Education<br />

Brian Folus<br />

Dear Congregants,<br />

On <strong>April</strong> 20 we are looking to show the Movie “Golda” in person at the Temple. Please see the<br />

calendar and Weekly Bulletin for more info.<br />

On May 11 at 10:00am, we will be having on Zoom our next Book Discussion. We are reading the<br />

book “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant.<br />

In this modern classic interpretation of the biblical story of Dinah, Anita Diamant imagines<br />

the traditions and turmoil's of ancient womanhood--the world of The Red Tent, a New York<br />

Times bestseller and the basis of the A&E/Lifetime mini-series. In the Bible, Dinah's life is only<br />

hinted at in a brief and violent detour within the more familiar chapters of the Book of Genesis<br />

that tell of her father, Jacob, and his twelve sons. The Red Tent begins with the story of the<br />

mothers--Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Bilhah--the four wives of Jacob. They love Dinah and give<br />

her gifts that sustain her through childhood, a calling to midwifery, and a new home in a<br />

foreign land. Dinah's story reaches out from a remarkable period of early history and creates<br />

an intimate connection with the past. Deeply affecting, The Red Tent combines rich storytelling<br />

and the valuable achievement of presenting a new view of biblical women's lives.<br />

On March 10 we had a wonderful presentation “The Wonders of Gilchrist”. This was a great<br />

opportunity to learn more about Gilchrist’s services. If you missed this in-person presentation,<br />

please see the Power-point on the Adult Ed page.<br />

Rabbi Meeka is continuing her new class “Tea & Torah” This is being held in the Temple Library.<br />

This is a very informative and interactive Torah Study class. The class is free, but Rabbi is asking<br />

people to register. A link is on the calendar. Even if you missed the first class feel free to register<br />

and join the class.<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Apr 7 10:00-11:00 Apr 28 10:00 - 11:00<br />

Apr 21 10:00-11:00 May 5 10:00 - 11:00<br />

May 19 9:30-10:30<br />

We truly hope you will join us for these upcoming events and send us suggestions and request<br />

for topics or movies or programs you would like the Adult Ed. Committee to provide for you.<br />

As always feel free to sit in on a meeting, just click on the link in the Calendar.<br />

Looking forward to hearing from you!<br />

Shalom,<br />

Brian Folus<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Sisterhood News<br />

Deborah Temple<br />

Shalom Friends,<br />

Our International Women’s Month Brunch was held last month. Many thanks to those who<br />

planned it, to those who attended it, and to those who donated items for Tabitha’s House<br />

and SARC. The food was wonderful, the presentations were fascinating, and the offerings<br />

were informative. Our event chairs transported an entire carload of donations to Tabitha’s<br />

House, and a second carload to SARC. Way to go team!<br />

Sisterhood<br />

Events<br />

All our Sisterhood dates are<br />

posted on the Temple Calendar<br />

and appear in bright pink.<br />

Sisterhood Havdalah<br />

Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 6th<br />

5:30pm - 7:30pm<br />

General Membership Meeting<br />

Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 13th<br />

5:00pm - 8:00pm<br />

General Membership Meeting & Officer Elections<br />

With only two months left in the Sisterhood’s annual calendar, we are preparing for our<br />

<strong>2024</strong>-2025 impact on Temple Adas Shalom and the community. Please join us on Saturday,<br />

<strong>April</strong> 13th when we hold our General Membership Meeting & Officer Elections. While that<br />

may sound dry, we promise it will be fun, delicious, and eventful. There will be no resting on<br />

our laurels at this interactive meeting where you will help guide our activities and<br />

community commitments for the upcoming year.<br />

We will be providing a light dinner and drinks. Please bring along your favorite Passover<br />

(dairy) appetizer or dessert to share and send the recipe to<br />

sisterhood@templeadasshalom.org. We will compile the recipes to share with members;<br />

this will ensure that everyone’s holiday table has something new. Please tell us that you will<br />

join us and submit your recipes by <strong>April</strong> 9th.<br />

We will close out our evening with Julie Sang’s introduction to Tangle Art. This relaxing and<br />

meditative art therapy requires no previous art experience. It is all about relaxing and<br />

refocusing. It will be a soothing and meditative activity for those who wish to partake.<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

May 11th - Mark your calendars now for the TAS Sisterhood Havdalah! Everyone is welcome to<br />

this beautiful service when we mark the end of Shabbat and usher in a good week.<br />

June 2nd – Hold this date for our Sisterhood End of Year Event. We will unveil this fun<br />

afternoon at the General Membership Meeting!<br />

Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and meaningful Passover,<br />

TAS Sisterhood Board<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Safety & Security<br />

Pat Wolkow<br />

ALERT<br />

Admin as well as other key players have created an “Event” form<br />

that must be completed and submitted for any future events.<br />

It helps the event organizer to address many checkpoints that might<br />

be overlooked . It helps to accurately plan for security, update<br />

calendar, and arrange postings in the newsletter and more.<br />




If you already have an event on the calendar, it might be<br />

advantageous to review the form and submit for both you the<br />

organizer, admin, and Security, to double check that all is lined up!<br />

Also, if any changes in your event happen between form submissions<br />

and the actual event day, they should be reported to admin and<br />

security.<br />

In other news: Your Security Team hopes to secure one more grant to<br />

help us with a few more items to help keep us safe. If you have<br />

noticed anything that might need our attention, or be helpful, give us<br />

a shout!<br />

Thankfully, all has been peaceful at our Temple Campus!<br />

If you see something …Say something!<br />

security@templeadasshalom.org<br />

-Pat Wolkow<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Temple Adas Shalom’s <strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong> Calendar of Events

February <strong>2024</strong> – Donors<br />

BUILDING FUND (L'dor V'dor)<br />

Rob & Charna Kinneberg (L’dor V’dor)<br />

Rayna & David Richardson (L’dor V’dor)<br />

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund<br />

H Carol Mohr & David Brown - In memory of Hilda Mohr<br />

Eric Griesinger - In memory of Hilda Mohr<br />

HJC General Fund<br />

Richard & Rhonda August<br />

Denise & Arthur Gordon - In memory of Elaine & Jonny Graff<br />

Henry Hoffman<br />

Mark & Patricia Wolkow - In memory of Jim Baker & Marsha Robinson<br />

Randi & Frank Chancey<br />

Debbie Delaney<br />

Elise & Michael Woods<br />

Art Elsner<br />


ELC Donation & Kehillah MAGNET RS Fund<br />

Denise & Arthur Gordon - (ELC Donation) In memory of “Jim” Baker Jr.<br />

Burt & Gerri Bronk - (Kehillah MAGNET RS FUND)<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


February <strong>2024</strong> – Donors<br />

ONEG Fund / Garden Fund/MT’filah Siddur Fund<br />

Eric Griesinger (ONEG)<br />

Jean & Jessica Piwovar (Garden Fund)<br />

Denise & Arthur Gordon (MT’filah Siddur Fund) In memory of<br />

Shelley Feinman<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


Mi Sheberakh * We Pray for Healing<br />

Amelia Parsons<br />

Anita Rosenzweig<br />

Burt Bronk<br />

Fred Belkin<br />

Harvey Malin<br />

Heather Mullis<br />

Justin Orellana Garcia<br />

Nancy Lever<br />

Natalie Litofsky<br />

Orin Zwik<br />

Shari Morris<br />

Steve Nohowel<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - Yahrzeits Observed<br />

Lester Arotsky<br />

1st<br />

Harry Belkin<br />

19th<br />

Frederick Goldstein<br />

3rd<br />

Patricia Pollack<br />

19th<br />

Samuel Zipkin<br />

4th<br />

Sheila Fang<br />

19th<br />

Stanley Cohen<br />

4th<br />

Harriet Appel<br />

20th<br />

Sidney Calvin<br />

6th<br />

Howard Litofsky<br />

20th<br />

Joanne Hurtwitz<br />

9th<br />

Charles Bunkin<br />

21st<br />

Michael Schneck<br />

9th<br />

Edwin Starr<br />

21st<br />

Dr. Joseph Portnoy<br />

12th<br />

Eve Snyder<br />

21st<br />

Sidney Hoffman<br />

12th<br />

Mark Paster<br />

21st<br />

Eva Sirkis<br />

12th<br />

Wally Lyons<br />

21st<br />

Morton Getz<br />

14th<br />

Abraham Singer<br />

22nd<br />

Jules Counts<br />

14th<br />

Charles Immel<br />

23rd<br />

Harry Shuman<br />

15th<br />

Minnie Roseman<br />

23rd<br />

Isaac Korenfeld<br />

16th<br />

Irv Altman<br />

24th<br />

Judy Malin<br />

16th<br />

Gertrude Selby<br />

26th<br />

Sam Arotsky<br />

16th<br />

Rose Goodman<br />

26th<br />

Daniel McConnell<br />

16th<br />

Bess Belkin<br />

27th<br />

Abraham Vogelhut<br />

17th<br />

David Pollack<br />

27th<br />

Barbara Latman<br />

18th<br />

Joseph Snyderman<br />

27th<br />

Benson Sacks<br />

18th<br />

Lena ipman<br />

27th<br />

Ethel Starr<br />

18th<br />

Amalie Diamant<br />

28th<br />

Thomas Merriken<br />

18th<br />

Paul Lynch Sr.<br />

28th<br />

Walter Miller<br />

18th<br />

Raymond Paster<br />

29th<br />

Gladys Krongel<br />

19th<br />

Stanford Folus<br />

29th<br />

Caring Note<br />

Caring is about both the simchas and healing through support and community.<br />

Is there a moment you would like to share, privately or publicly?<br />

We want to be there for you so please let us know.<br />

Email the Caring Committee at caring@templeadasshalom.org<br />

8 N . E A R L T O N R D . E X T . H A V R E D E G R A C E , M D 2 1 0 7 8<br />


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