Celestial Bodies Score 9-18-23

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C E L E S T I A L B O D I E S<br />

F O R S Y M P H O N I C B A N D<br />

H A R R I S O N J. C O L L I N S

<strong>Celestial</strong> <strong>Bodies</strong><br />

by Harrison J. Collins<br />

Instrumentation<br />

Notes<br />

Piccolo*<br />

Flute 1 - 2<br />

Oboe*<br />

English Horn*<br />

Bassoon<br />

Bb Clarinet 1 - 3<br />

Bb Bass Clarinet<br />

Eb Alto Saxophone 1 - 2<br />

Bb Tenor Saxophone<br />

Eb Baritone Saxophone<br />

Bb Trumpet 1 - 3<br />

F Horn 1 - 2<br />

Trombone 1 -2<br />

Euphonium<br />

Tuba<br />

The asterisked parts are all optional. Of<br />

particular note is the English Horn part, which<br />

plays a prominent role in the first half of the<br />

piece, but is entirely cued in all spots where it is<br />

not already doubled. The lack of an English<br />

Horn and/or a player should not deter one<br />

from this work; it is designed to be just as<br />

successful without the instrument.<br />

In gestures in which a sustained note ends with<br />

a marcato/staccato eighth note and a sforzando,<br />

the intention is for the note to be played with a<br />

sharp and aggressive cutoff (ideally performed<br />

while maintaining a great tone).<br />

Double Bass*<br />

Piano*<br />

Percussion<br />

1. Timpani<br />

2. Xylophone<br />

3. Vibraphone<br />

4. Chimes, Hi-hat, Splash Cymbal<br />

5. Snare Drum<br />

6. Suspended Cymbal, China Cymbal (triangle beater needed)<br />

7. Bass Drum<br />

Grade: 3<br />

Duration: ca. 5:15<br />

© J Stands for Joe Music

About the Piece<br />

<strong>Celestial</strong> <strong>Bodies</strong> was commissioned by two sisters, Samm Wunderlich and Charlotte D’Aleo, in honor<br />

of their father, Rob Wunderlich. Before Rob’s unexpected and tragic passing in 2013, he was a role<br />

model and a deeply appreciated member of his community who dedicated his time and energy to<br />

serving others. He was a regular parent volunteer for his daughters’ band program, always doing<br />

everything he could to support their success. He was kind, enthusiastic, and bursting at the seams<br />

with love to give to others.<br />

When learning about Rob from Samm and Charlotte, I was re-struck by a metaphorical idea that<br />

recurs in my mind. For a long time, I’ve imagined the interactions we have with individuals and<br />

communities as being like those of celestial bodies in our grand universe; through powerful<br />

fundamental forces, we orbit one another, pulling and pushing, shaping the paths we take forward.<br />

As children, we orbit our parents. As people, we orbit our communities. And although each of our<br />

paths are uniquely our own, they are defined in part by the forces exerted on us by those we pass<br />

by. When we lose a celestial body—especially such a powerful and impactful one—there is a force<br />

on our lives that we will never feel again. And yet, its effects will last forever. The gravity of Rob’s<br />

life, work, and love was significant and powerfully meaningful, and his impact on the paths of those<br />

whose lives he touched is irrevocable.<br />

<strong>Celestial</strong> <strong>Bodies</strong> begins with a shock of grief and mourning, but it doesn’t stay there. As grief<br />

subsides, it is taken over by joy and celebration for the life Rob lived and the lasting effects that his<br />

love had on others—and, by extension, the impact that we can all have by giving love freely and<br />

fiercely to all whose paths we cross.<br />

About the Composer<br />

Harrison J. Collins (b. 1999) began composing at the young age of thirteen. Since then, he has made a<br />

name for himself across the United States as a skilled composer. He combines his musical studies in<br />

academic settings with years of self-teaching and a strong intuition to write music that challenges<br />

and connects to performers and listeners alike.<br />

His works for wind ensemble, orchestra, and chamber ensembles are published by Murphy Music<br />

Press, C. Alan Publications, and more, and have been performed across the United States and<br />

internationally. He is a winner of numerous composition competitions, including the Sinta Quartet<br />

Composition Competition, the Dallas Winds Fanfare Competition, and the National Young<br />

Composers Challenge. Harrison is a proud representative and board member for the Millennium<br />

Composers Initiative, through which he seeks to provide opportunities for other composers to grow<br />

and reach new heights. In 2022, he founded the Aurora Tapestry Collective with his friends Kevin<br />

Day, Josh Trentadue, and Katahj Copley.<br />

Harrison spent several years at Illinois State University, where he studied composition with Dr. Roy<br />

Magnuson and Dr. Roger Zare. Harrison currently studies at Texas Christian University with Dr.<br />

Neil Anderson-Himmelspach and Dr. Till Meyn, where he is seeking a degree in music composition.

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