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ONBOARD is aimed purely at the superyacht professional – whether onboard or shoreside. 100% of your spend will hit your targets on the Mediterranean from Palma in Mallorca, Barcelona, through France to Genoa and beyond together with Montenegro and the Aegean, plus the eastern seaboard of Florida. We hand deliver every copy to superyachts over 30m to make sure your message gets in to the hands of the decision makers on board.

The publication is also delivered to relevant businesses around the ports and marinas together with shipyards. We also attend the major yacht shows in Monaco, FLIBS, METS, Boote Dusseldorf, Palma and MYBA for on site distribution. Plus, we post over 500 copies to relevant businesses not on the Mediterranean such as the UK, the Netherlands, Germany the rest of northern Europe and of course the USA and Caribbean.

We work hard to develop a publication that all the crew and land based decision makers will read from cover to cover. An enjoyable and informative read for everyone means your message will be read.

Talking about your brand, product, services and your team is essential and with our help, the message hits the right decision makers.


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SPRING 24<br />

For the superyacht industry professional<br />

Jackie Chan interview<br />

Ship to shore<br />

Quay careers<br />

You wear it well<br />

It’s all about the data<br />

DESTINATION MEDITERRANEAN A guide to the world’s most diverse cruising destinations

Photos by Pendennis/Stuart Pearce<br />



Located just outside of Barcelona, Pendennis Vilanova<br />

offers yachts easy access to a modern 48-berth marina and<br />

technical service centre in the heart of the Mediterranean.<br />

Our flexible approach and facilities provide the perfect<br />

solution for any yacht, whether they are looking for a brief<br />

pit stop, a longer-term berthing option or the ability to<br />

conduct a small to medium Mediterranean-based refit.<br />

vilanova@pendennis.com<br />

(+34) 938 10 56 11



18<br />


Jackie Chan holds a deep appreciation<br />

for the ocean and luxury yachts<br />

18<br />

SPRING <strong>2024</strong><br />

30<br />


Bering Yachts CEO Alexei Mikhailov<br />

discusses the company’s journey over<br />

the past 17 years<br />

40<br />


Make sure you partner with the<br />

correct recruitment agent<br />

52<br />


The magnificent schooner Athos has<br />

been extensively converted by Huisfit<br />

56<br />


A look at the smart and practicable<br />

options for the latest in crew uniforms<br />

68<br />


Adventurer Mark Agnew talks with<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> about kayaking the Arctic<br />

Oceans Northwest Passage<br />

73<br />


Our guide to the best agents,<br />

ports and services for the coming<br />

Mediterranean season<br />

138<br />

148<br />


A higher level of professionalism is<br />

growing in the superyacht world,<br />

employing a knowledgeable yacht<br />

management team can help<br />


With technically advanced systems<br />

on board the need for management<br />

software has never been greater<br />

73<br />

30<br />

154<br />


Make ethical travel your goal when<br />

booking your next break<br />


3<br />

5<br />

7<br />

13<br />


Captain Michael Howorth seeks to<br />

remove the barriers that prevent<br />

women rising through the ranks<br />

in yachting<br />


Sheila Caceres from Seabed 2030<br />

reflects on the importance of strong<br />

collaborations<br />


Opinions, facts and what’s new in<br />

the wonderful world of yachting<br />

MYBA<br />

The worldwide yachting association<br />

is celebrating its 40th anniversary<br />

14<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 1



14<br />


No expense was spared ensuring that Damen’s<br />

Satemi was specified to the highest standards<br />

64<br />

22<br />

WEAR IT<br />

Elevate your wardrobe this coming Spring<br />

with our style guide for the season<br />

38<br />


Nadia Kolesnyki, Chief Stewardess aboard<br />

Azzura<br />

64<br />


This season’s selection of must-have<br />

innovations and design trends<br />

52<br />

109<br />


What’s new in food and drink including the<br />

top tables of Syracuse<br />

121<br />


The latest facts, fads and tips to keep you<br />

shipshape plus a look at keeping your hair<br />

healthy in the sun<br />

128<br />


Editor Chris Clifford recommends his favourite<br />

products and services for the coming season<br />

and beyond<br />

152<br />


Marius Torjusen heads the company’s extensive<br />

sales and marketing side as CCO<br />

158<br />

165<br />


Captivating Kotor. The achingly beautiful Kotor<br />

provides the perfect weekend getaway<br />


Advice, knowledge and wisdom from the<br />

leading experts in their field<br />

158<br />

38<br />

167<br />


Making sure that you have a complete<br />

and up to date CV<br />

Editor Chris Clifford<br />

Editorial Assistant Carol Kenyon<br />

Advertising Manager Tim Morris<br />

Sales Executive Terry Hurley<br />

Art Direction Katie Prentice<br />

Accounts Jane Wetton<br />

Contributors Frances and Michael Howorth, Erica Lay,<br />

Claire Griffiths, and Chloe Collet<br />

Front cover Jeff Brown<br />

68<br />

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info@superyacht-distribution.com<br />

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2 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Zero tolerance<br />

Captain Michael Howorth seeks to remove barriers that might<br />

otherwise prevent women rising through the ranks in this industry<br />

The New Year’s festivities are now not much more than<br />

a distant memory. There were, at the time, the usual,<br />

generic list generated emails from businesses, sincerely<br />

wishing me a prosperous New Year. Mostly, they were from<br />

companies who were hoping to prosper themselves rather than<br />

wish me success. There were some business gifts, pocket diaries,<br />

desk, calendars, and such like, and then there were wall hanging<br />

calendars. Some were gloriously produced, and surely anyone<br />

who has had the good fortune to receive the beautifully produced<br />

Lürssen calendar will feel truly honoured. But then there are<br />

companies who seem to forget that <strong>2024</strong> is the 24th year of<br />

this millennium. They cannot get around the idea that it is no<br />

longer 1980. Some companies the likes of one based in the<br />

south of France, chose to grace the arrival of <strong>2024</strong>, handing<br />

out calendars that featured females<br />

in their birthday suits in provocative<br />

poses. Now, I am no prude, but in this<br />

century, who in their right mind, sends<br />

out calendars reminiscent of the age<br />

old Pirelli calendars?<br />

Have they not realised that by carrying<br />

on this archaic practice they are just<br />

promoting sexism and misogyny. For<br />

goodness’ sake it is hard enough for<br />

women to carve out a career in this<br />

industry without piling on the agony.<br />

And before you dash off a rude email to the editor complaining<br />

about this column and pointing out that you can buy calendars<br />

featuring buff chested firemen handling their hoses or bare<br />

chested footballers playing with their balls, let me point out<br />

those calendars are generally aimed at men too!<br />

We as an industry really must remove barriers that might otherwise<br />

prevent women rising through the ranks in this industry. Women<br />

in the superyacht world are fighting against traditional gender<br />

norms in an attempt at combatting gender stereotypes. The<br />

increasing number of female crew in yachting proves that women<br />

are just as capable as men in taking up various maritime roles,<br />

If we can promote zero<br />

tolerance when it comes to<br />

drugs on board, we should<br />

do the same when it comes<br />

to gender-based microaggression.<br />

from deckies to engineers and captains. The idea that girls must<br />

be the stews and then only if they are a size 10 with legs up<br />

to their armpits, is as dead as a dodo. Or if it is not, then it<br />

bloody well ought to be!<br />

Throughout history, the commercial shipping industry has been one<br />

of the most male-dominated industries in the world. Fortunately,<br />

times are changing. Even the word “seaman” is being replaced<br />

by the word “seafarer,” in many official documents. It is now<br />

considered the politically correct term and has come about<br />

following the increasing presence of women in the shipping industry<br />

in recent decades. The IMO has begun implementing policies<br />

and initiatives encouraging women to take up more roles in the<br />

shipping industry. It has established a programme called “Women<br />

in Maritime” which seeks to promote<br />

gender equality in the maritime industry<br />

by encouraging the provision of equal<br />

opportunities in the industry to both<br />

men and women.<br />

We as an industry need to provide<br />

equal opportunities for men as well as<br />

women to obtain positions to sail in<br />

superyachts according to their individual<br />

preferences. There should not be a lack<br />

of opportunities or deterrents regarding<br />

obtaining occupations onboard any yacht.<br />

Female crew often tell me about the way their male colleagues talk<br />

about them. I hear stories about lads making remarks regarding<br />

their bodies, disparaging their status, and often resenting them.<br />

This has to stop! We need to eliminate on board harassment<br />

and social isolation. If we can promote zero tolerance when it<br />

comes to drugs on board, we should do the same when it comes<br />

to gender-based micro-aggression<br />

We as an industry must adopt a caring culture and we are not<br />

going to do that by flashing pictures of scantily clad women. So<br />

cut it out now! And if the bulkheads on your yacht are supporting<br />

the likes of the afore mentioned calendar, bin it right now.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 3




Nestled in the heart of the French Riviera<br />

the International Yacht Club of Antibes welcomes its esteemed members<br />

in search of confidentiality and prestige in breathtaking settings.<br />

commercial@vauban21.com - www.leportvauban.com – +33 4 92 38 46 45


Global ocean mapping, stronger together<br />

Sheila Cáceres from Seabed 2030 reflects on the importance<br />

of strong collaborations to get to know the ocean better<br />

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I have always loved<br />

the ocean. Why wouldn’t I? There are many things to love:<br />

how the sun rays reflect on the water, the beautiful tones<br />

of blue, the sound of the waves crashing on a peaceful sunny<br />

day, the smell of sea salt. Even with all these wonders, however,<br />

we must remember that the ocean is also vast, powerful, and<br />

most importantly: still unknown.<br />

As of right now, just under a quarter of the global ocean has<br />

been mapped in high resolution. The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO<br />

Seabed 2030 Project has been working to unite stakeholders<br />

around the world to change this. By inspiring the complete<br />

mapping of the world’s ocean by 2030 and compiling all available<br />

bathymetric data into the freely<br />

available GEBCO world ocean map,<br />

Seabed 2030 is operationalising the<br />

concept of “stronger together”. Since<br />

its inception, it has been clear that<br />

this ambitious mission can only be<br />

achieved through strong collaborations<br />

rooted in good communication and<br />

understanding between stakeholders<br />

around the world.<br />

I am a member of the Seabed 2030 Regional Center that focuses on<br />

the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Our region is vast and surrounded<br />

by many countries with diverse cultures, needs and capabilities.<br />

This ambitious mission can<br />

only be achieved through<br />

strong collaborations rooted<br />

in good communication<br />

between stakeholders.<br />

to bathymetric data collection and processing. The opportunity<br />

to immerse myself within their team and culture, to exchange<br />

knowledge with members of the Oceanographic and Antarctic<br />

Institute of the Ecuadorian Navy (INOCAR), and to strengthen<br />

relationships with regional stakeholders was priceless.<br />

Through this experience, I was able to understand more than ever<br />

how little we know about the ocean and how much more work<br />

needs to be done. Being at sea is a very raw experience, and<br />

not everyone gets that type of exposure. Yet, as professionals<br />

within this field, we have the responsibility to make it known how<br />

important the ocean is and how much it needs to be explored,<br />

understood, and respected.<br />

The ocean presents limitless benefits<br />

to the global community but revealing<br />

its secrets comes with great<br />

responsibility. Seabed 2030’s mission<br />

to empower the world to make policy<br />

decisions, use the ocean sustainably,<br />

and undertake scientific research that<br />

is informed by a detailed understanding<br />

of the global ocean floor recognises<br />

this. Bathymetric data is essential to<br />

ocean science and ocean stewardship, neither of which can thrive<br />

until we discover our entire ocean floor and make all bathymetric<br />

data available to the global community.<br />

Across the sciences, beneficial collaborative relationships with<br />

many of these countries have traditionally been slow to grow.<br />

As a native Spanish speaker, I’m proud of being able to engage<br />

and communicate with some of these stakeholders to establish<br />

strong foundations upon which mutually beneficial collaborations<br />

can be built. It is a privilege for me to help build connections,<br />

highlight their needs and challenges, and to pave the way for a<br />

better future with them joining our growing global movement.<br />

I was fortunate enough to recently spend three weeks at sea<br />

on board the Ecuadorian Navy vessel BAE Orión, contributing<br />

Back home there is a phrase that I think about a lot on a daily<br />

basis since being part of the Seabed 2030 Project: “La unión<br />

hace la fuerza” which, in essence, means “Stronger together.”<br />

Partnerships are not only defined by two parties coming together<br />

in pursuit of a common goal, strong and effective partnerships also<br />

involve maintaining constant communication, genuinely listening<br />

to each other, discussing different perspectives and reaching a<br />

middle ground that benefits all parties. This, combined with the<br />

drive to confront obstacles together is the main reason why<br />

the Seabed 2030 project has been so successful, and hopefully<br />

will continue to be for the years to come.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 5






Delightfully awkward, junior engineers<br />

are usually pale creatures as they’re<br />

rarely allowed out of the ER into<br />

daylight. Often employed for long limbs<br />

and a skinny physique which mean they<br />

can fit into the nooks and crannies the<br />

tea drinking biscuit eating chief cannot.<br />

Often bringing oodles of enthusiasm<br />

coupled with equal amounts of<br />

nerdiness, junior engineers are great to<br />

have on board as they usually navigate<br />

the choppy waters of engineering with<br />

all the finesse of a drunken seagull.<br />

Plus, chief engineers have a mean<br />

streak and will send them out for<br />

tartan paint, or maybe a radar test…<br />

Which is hilarious for the rest of us.<br />

The biggest<br />

producers of<br />

grey water on<br />

yachts are laundry machines with<br />

over 2,000 washes per year.<br />

WHAT’S HOT...<br />

A GOOD CAUSE One thing our industry does well<br />

is come together to support a good cause. Recently<br />

captain Louis Chadwick and his wife Dani went<br />

public with the tough news that their baby boy, Ted,<br />

had Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1. Treatment and<br />

medical costs are piling up, so after encouragement<br />

from the wider community, they have launched a Go<br />

Fund Me for Baby Ted, and although they are still a<br />

way off achieving the target, there’s still plenty of<br />

time to make a donation or share this little man’s<br />

incredible journey!<br />

www.gofund.me/b03c6bc3<br />

HYDROGEN VESSEL Lurssen has recently secured<br />

funding from the EU for a hydrogen vessel. Their<br />

Croatian branch is currently in works to develop<br />

a multi million euro hyrdrogen fuelled passenger<br />

vessel, collaborating with several companies from<br />

different countries. The venture is being called Zero<br />

Emission Adriatic Ship (ZEAS), and will feature a<br />

sustainable climate neutral fuel system.<br />

0% We all know this industry has a bit of a drinking<br />

problem. This year we saw possibly record<br />

numbers of crew opting do to a dry Jan (I have no<br />

idea if that’s true but according to social media it<br />

looked like a lot more of you than previously). Why<br />

is this? Well it’s good to have a break before all<br />

the socialising starts in the <strong>spring</strong> when everyone<br />

meets up in the yachting hubs looking for a new<br />

job! It’s now much easier to stay dry with bars and<br />

shops offering more exciting alcohol free bevvies<br />

than ever.<br />

AND NOT...<br />


An average 55m yacht uses 15,000<br />

litres of water a day in the high<br />

season. That’s enough water to fill<br />

a tank 3.2m wide by 2m high - just<br />

think about the size of that...<br />

If you live a life of make-believe,<br />

your life isn’t worth anything<br />

until you do something that<br />

challenges your reality. Sailing<br />

the ocean is a real challenge,<br />

it’s life or death.<br />

Morgan Freeman<br />



A world champion New Zealand yachtsman,<br />

Coutts’ achievements include a gold<br />

medal in the Finn class in the 1984<br />

Olympic Games, winning the America’s<br />

Cup five times, the ISAF World Youth<br />

Championships, three World Match Racing<br />

Championships, numerous international<br />

match race wins and IOR, IMS and One<br />

Design World Championship victories.<br />

In America’s cup racing, he has a perfect<br />

record with 15 wins and no losses (1995,<br />

2000, 2003). Plus, he was CEO of the Oracle<br />

Team when it won the America’s Cup twice.<br />

CREW WAGES Last year Nautilus helped secure<br />

over a million euros in unpaid crew wages. Although<br />

it’s marvellous that the union has made such<br />

a difference in the lives of many, it’s incredibly<br />

disappointing that owners and managers still think<br />

they can get away with this.<br />

CLIMATE CRISIS Did you know that 2023 was<br />

reported to be the hottest on record for the world’s<br />

Ocean? This is the fifth year in a row we’ve seen an<br />

increase. When will the governments around the<br />

world take action? After it’s too late?<br />

ILLEGAL WORKERS The local yachting community<br />

in Florida is getting seriously hacked off with the<br />

ever increasing number of crew illegally seeking<br />

work on their turf and there are reports of locals<br />

shopping crew to ICE to get their B1B2 visas<br />

revoked and get them thrown out, incurring bans<br />

of 5-10 years! It seems the huge influx is coming<br />

directly from South Africa, where the US consulate<br />

is currently churning out visas willy nilly. So don’t<br />

forget, B1B2s don’t allow you to seek work IN THE<br />

US! They allow you to join a yacht in US waters.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 7



KISMET is not just a yacht; she is a symbol of<br />

uncompromising luxury, redefining the art of<br />

yachting and setting a new standard for excellence<br />

in the industry. It is often said, but KISMET truly<br />

is an exceptional yacht and unique to the charter<br />

market. Built by Lürssen, exterior by Nuvolari Lenard<br />

and an interior design led by the Client’s family<br />

working alongside Reymond Langton Design, she<br />

is without doubt the pinnacle of what the industry<br />

has to offer. Spread across 6 decks KISMET can<br />

accommodate up to 12 guests in 8 / 9 cabins.<br />

Contact: www.cecilwright.com<br />

222m<br />












$11.2 MILLION EACH.<br />


A Red Dot Design winner, the Pulse<br />

will brighten your nights with 360<br />

degrees of eye-catching colours<br />

synced to the beat of your favourite<br />

songs. It delivers a bold sound and<br />

deep bass in all directions and is<br />

IP67 dustproof and waterproof.<br />




I would like you to watch me at all<br />

times while I eat dinner. You don’t<br />

have to do anything, just stand<br />

there in the corner and watch.<br />

There are two species of weever fish<br />

found in UK and Mediterranean waters:<br />

the lesser weever and greater weever.<br />

Weever fish are a rare example of a<br />

venomous fish which inhabits these<br />

waters – both species have spines on<br />

their backs and gill covers which secrete<br />

a potent venom. Lesser weever fish come<br />

into shallow water and are the species<br />

most likely to be encountered by bathers,<br />

while the greater weever is a species<br />

which is found offshore in deeper water.<br />








ON BOARD?<br />


Onboard we use biodegradable<br />

binbags in all departments (some<br />

brands are better than others);<br />

eco toilet rolls (Bumboo, Who<br />

gives a crap are two good brands);<br />

eco kitchen rolls, biodegradable<br />

sponges and counter wipes,<br />

coconut husk scourer, eco brillo<br />

pads and eco dishwasher tablets.<br />

STORE IT<br />

We also store large quantities of<br />

shampoo and conditioner, soaps,<br />

skin moisturiser, plastic free<br />

toothpastes, soaps, cotton buds,<br />

toothbrushes, re-usable make<br />

up pads and ethically sourced<br />

tissues. Anything in glass over<br />

plastic or tin too.<br />


We reduce plastic as much as<br />

we can anywhere we can, also<br />

natural/ethically sourced products<br />

and buy in bulk if not able to get<br />

out of plastic and we refill. It is<br />

harder and more time consuming<br />

than just buying what’s on the<br />

shelf at the supermarket but<br />

it’s not that hard once you find<br />

where you can source products. It<br />

doesn’t come naturally to so many<br />

crew but with a bit of effort there<br />

is no excuse, we’re sailing around<br />

the world at the moment and have<br />

stocked up so we don’t have to<br />

buy cheap, plastic crap products.<br />

On deck we bought concentrated<br />

vinegar in 20L bottles and that<br />

makes about 120 litres (great<br />

space saver.) We also buy soap<br />

in 20 litre containers so we don’t<br />

have to buy lots of bottles.<br />

We used to really stress about the<br />

amount of plastic we bought when<br />

provisioning but now we don’t<br />

so much as long as there is an<br />

effort put in. Its tough, but you can<br />

definitely reduce massively.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 9

Have you seen our new<br />

SNAG LIST feature?<br />

“<br />

I use IDEA YACHT to easily manage all my crew<br />

and guest lists on a daily basis, even during<br />

a heavy charter season. There is no other<br />

software with this full range of functionality<br />

for departments like engineering and<br />

maintenance, ISM or interior management.<br />

Heimo Tauern,<br />

Captain, MY Irimari<br />

Streamline your onboard snagging and tasks<br />

“<br />


+49 211 303 66 28<br />

www.idea-yacht.com<br />

info@idea-yacht.com<br />

Why Snag List?<br />

Fully integrated within your vessel<br />

database<br />

Communication can be based on<br />

the Vessel Layout<br />

Onboard operations plus sharing<br />

to external parties<br />

Offline first, you are the holder<br />

and owner of your data<br />

Unlimited App devices, every crew<br />

member can report on the fly<br />

Customizable workflows and<br />

states for your Snags<br />

The Defect List / Warranty or<br />

Refit Tool by IDEA. All in one App.<br />

DESIGN.<br />


PASSION.<br />

Marinepool.com<br />



10 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>




The best apps for giving those<br />

snaps a certain little ‘je ne<br />

sais quoi’<br />


Fun, easy to use, yet<br />

covers just about all<br />

the bases for consumer<br />

mobile photography.<br />

A highly accessible<br />

collection of photo-editing and collaging<br />

tools for the casual snapper.<br />




30 miles off the coast of Cornwall is a small<br />

cluster of islands, the Isles of Scilly. Only a hop,<br />

skip and a jump away for me with quite possibly<br />

the best beaches you’ve seen, St Martins is the<br />

first Island you can see from mainland. For the<br />

first 18 years of my life I spent the entire<br />

summer holidays camping on this 2 mile long<br />

paradise island. Everyday was an adventure, as<br />

children we roamed freely, and the islanders<br />

taught us to fish. In our teens we would sneak<br />

out to catch the sunrise. I’ve walked from St<br />

Martins to the neighbouring Island of Tresco and<br />

back, only possible under <strong>spring</strong> tides, my<br />

brother and I got a royal ticking off. I visited two<br />

summers ago as part of my 40th celebrations,<br />

and the islands delivered: the bright turquoise<br />

waters the sand sparkling like crystals, it was<br />

like Peter Pan returning to Neverland.<br />

PIXLR<br />

An intuitive app for the<br />

casual photographer who<br />

wants to do just a bit of<br />

fine-tuning, perhaps add<br />

some neat effects and<br />

then share on whatever social networks are<br />

on their phone.<br />


Not for the casual user,<br />

but rather for serious<br />

photographers who want<br />

to spend time creating<br />

the best possible image<br />

while on the go with a full array of top-notch<br />

editing tools.<br />



A professional Next-Gen Operational AI<br />

Underwater Robot. Your versatile Underwater<br />

Companion with an advanced modular design<br />

and integrated aluminum housing delivering<br />

uninterrupted endurance and power.<br />

www.qysea.com<br />

39°08′30″N 2°56′45″E<br />


Located off the southern coast of Mallorca,<br />

it is a National Park. Uninhabited, it is<br />

administratively part of the city of Palma.<br />

Cabrera is the largest island of the<br />

small archipelago that includes 10 other<br />

wonderful islands.<br />

It’s <strong>spring</strong> again and sure enough, you’ve<br />

loaded up on carbs (think mountain food)<br />

over the winter and now you’ve got to shed<br />

for summer. Where to start?<br />


1 Inject it away. The latest solution to<br />

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2 Off to Turkey for a gastric sleeve? Be<br />

careful, do your research and don’t go for<br />

the cheapest option. If you’re not careful,<br />

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LIPO<br />

3 Like the gastric sleeve, lipo is a quick<br />

fix for the body conscious. Just head off to<br />

the cheapest aesthetician, pay nothing and<br />

you’ll soon have the perfect body. Again,<br />

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4 Everyone seems to be sporting a<br />

blood sugar monitor on their arm these<br />

days whilst having boring conversations<br />

about weird cookies. It’s the latest tech but<br />

does it work? We’re not convinced.<br />


5 Spend a week juicing every vegetable<br />

you can lay your hands on, eat nothing and<br />

drink all the juice you can handle. After five<br />

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Go low carb, no carb and combine<br />

three diets into one. By following all three<br />

you’ll be carb zero and those pounds will<br />

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7 The old school way, eat less and move<br />

more. Sure it’s no quick fix but it’s slow<br />

and steady and like the proverbial tortoise,<br />

this one wins the race.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 11



iCOM IP-M60<br />

iCOM has unveiled a major innovation in radio<br />

communication with the world's first Marine VHF/LTE<br />

Hybrid Radio….the IP-M60. This revolutionary device which<br />

was officially introduced at METS 2023 (Marine Equipment<br />

Trade Show) seamlessly combines the capabilities of an<br />

LTE radio with the reliability of a Marine VHF radio in a<br />

single handheld device. This all-in-one solution ensures<br />

that mariners can stay connected regardless of the<br />

environment they find themselves in.<br />

www.icomuk.co.uk<br />

ALL-IN-ONE<br />

2 IN 1 HANDHELD<br />



RADIO<br />


LTE Network Connectivity<br />

Independent PTT Buttons<br />

Simultaneous Reception and Transmission<br />

Bridge Mode Function<br />

Wireless Operation with Bluetooth<br />

IP67 Waterproof and Dust-Tight Protection<br />

Simultaneous TalkListen Function<br />

12 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

MYBA<br />

Moving forward on solid foundations<br />

MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association is proud<br />

to be celebrating its 40 year anniversary<br />

MYBA is celebrating 40 years of continuous operation this<br />

year and this is the perfect moment to take a look at<br />

the milestones that have been achieved on this journey<br />

but also to explore the Association’s vision for the future.<br />

MYBA is an international organisation that was founded in 1984,<br />

in Cannes, by six visionaries aiming to professionalise the business<br />

of yachting. They were all sales brokers, so it was only natural<br />

that one of their first moves, in 1986, was to draft and distribute<br />

the first MYBA Sales & Purchase Memorandum of Agreement.<br />

This was followed by the MYBA Charter Agreement, which was<br />

originally distributed in 1988, and today both agreements are<br />

available exclusively as electronic contracts. These two agreements<br />

constitute two of the industry’s most respected and widely<br />

used contract documents, which together with their associated<br />

documents are regularly updated as regulations and the global<br />

market change.<br />

In 1998 MYBA launched a multiple<br />

listing B2B database for professionally<br />

crewed charter yachts of 20m+,<br />

the MYBAnet. This original database<br />

of yachts was replaced in 2013 by<br />

YACHTFOLIO, on a new platform<br />

with new technology. From its first<br />

appearance to the current version, it<br />

was an online tool that changed the<br />

way luxury yacht charter professionals do business.<br />

In 2001 MYBA took over the International Yacht Charter Meeting<br />

(held in San Remo since 1988) and organised its first Charter<br />

Show in Genoa, Italy. The MYBA Charter Show is now one of<br />

the most important events on the yachting calendar bringing<br />

together a curated fleet and a highly qualified audience. An excellent<br />

return on investment, the MYBA Charter Show paves the way<br />

to a successful charter season and provides the professional<br />

environment that is a catalyst for doing business.<br />

MYBA has also long been actively involved in educating the<br />

future generation of yachting professionals, with existing<br />

Members contributing time and valuable expertise to ensure<br />

that their beginning is with best prospects for success. In<br />

2004, in cooperation with the Maritime Training Academy, it<br />

created the MYBA Superyacht Brokers’ Seminar and in 2015,<br />

together with The Training Academy (part of the Maritime Services<br />

Group), it introduced the one-day intermediate seminars for<br />

experienced brokers. Keeping up to date with changes in the<br />

industry, remaining relevant and competitive, networking and<br />

discovering new opportunities are all on the agenda. As MYBA<br />

often says, never stop learning.<br />

To inspire, support and<br />

empower people to be<br />

their best: by maintaining<br />

business at the highest<br />

level of ethical conduct.<br />

Over the years, MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association<br />

has adopted an increasingly influential and significant role in<br />

shaping the future of the superyacht industry. It is in continuous<br />

communication with government organisations, the International<br />

Maritime Organisation, insurance companies, lawyers, and other<br />

industry associations, in order to keep abreast of the new regulations<br />

and their possible impact on the yachting industry as well as<br />

eventually facilitate their implementation, and ensure that the<br />

industry moves towards a sustainable future.<br />

MYBA became a member of ICOMIA in 2009 and the Maritime<br />

Skills Alliance (MSA) in 2014. It joined the PYA in 2015 and<br />

recently became a founding partner of The Superyacht Alliance<br />

for Professional Standards. Working together for the good of<br />

all is in MYBA’s DNA.<br />

In recent years, the Association has<br />

become more communicative and<br />

certainly more social. It appears in print<br />

advertisements, generates and curates<br />

editorial content, and engages with the<br />

global online community through its<br />

accounts on Instagram, Facebook and<br />

LinkedIn. It boasts a Social Committee<br />

that brings Members together in order<br />

to strengthen connections, catch up<br />

on developments and ultimately enjoy<br />

each other’s company. MYBA understands that people are at<br />

the very core of things.<br />

Which brings us to what makes up MYBA. And that would be<br />

its people. The Board, Committees, Panels, MYBA HQ and the<br />

entire Membership.<br />

MYBA consists of both Corporate and Individual Members. All<br />

its Members possess a proven track record of professional<br />

excellence, and they are involved in the majority of the sectors<br />

of the superyacht industry. MYBA is the Association that brings<br />

them together and, through the voluntary work of its Committees<br />

and Panels, encourages them to combine their skills, knowledge<br />

and resources in order to ensure that the industry continues to<br />

flourish. It is an Association with a mission. “To inspire, support<br />

and empower people in the superyacht industry to be their best:<br />

by maintaining business at the highest<br />

level of ethical conduct, committing to<br />

equality and diversity, protecting the<br />

environment, sharing knowledge and<br />

combining strengths, building strong<br />

relationships, and developing, both<br />

professionally and personally.”<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 13



With a very hands on owner, no expense was spared ensuring that<br />

their yacht Satemi is specified to the very highest standards<br />

Words: Frances and Michael Howorth<br />

The honour of the first superyacht delivery of <strong>2024</strong><br />

went to Damen Yachting with the delivery of Satemi.<br />

This 60-metre superyacht is the fourth yacht to be<br />

delivered from the Dutch builder’s next generation Amels<br />

Limited Editions design. Satemi remained quayside at the<br />

Damen Yachting shipyard in the Netherlands until early<br />

March when she departed on her maiden voyage straight<br />

to the Caribbean.<br />

The owners have been involved with the build for the past<br />

24 months and have been able to set the interior exactly<br />

as they want it. They have spared no expense ensuring<br />

that their yacht is specified to the very highest standards<br />

– everything from the tenders to the dinnerware, it all<br />

results in a spectacular outcome.<br />

Satemi features a spacious sun deck. The feeling of space<br />

continues both inside and out with the large swim platform<br />

and owner’s suite with folding balcony, his and her bathrooms,<br />

as well as a dressing room.<br />

Unusually for a superyacht of this size, she also features a<br />

foredeck with space to allow for a tender up to 9-metres.<br />

With six guest cabins in total, Satemi can accommodate<br />

14 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Length<br />

Beam<br />

Draft<br />

Volume<br />

Engines<br />

Power & Propulsion<br />

Speed<br />

Interior Design<br />

Exterior Design<br />

60m<br />

10.40m<br />

3.35m<br />

830GT<br />

2 x MTU<br />

IMO Tier III-compliant hybrid<br />

Max 15.5 knots<br />

Studio Indigo<br />

Espen Øino<br />

up to 12 guests served by 13 crew, including her captain,<br />

making her ideal for both private and charter use.<br />

Satemi also features a range of advanced equipment and<br />

technology, including an IMO Tier III-compliant hybrid power<br />

and propulsion system.<br />

Captain Mattia Dzaja shares his initial impressions: “I have<br />

reviewed the system specification, and I am impressed.<br />

The benefits of this system and the reduced environmental<br />

impact are obvious, but what I love most is the additional<br />

safety it will provide us when we are cruising. Everyone<br />

that is part of the Amels ‘family’ is super passionate. They<br />

believe in what they are doing and are led by Rose Damen,<br />

someone whose enthusiasm for the brand is evident and<br />

is an inspiration to the entire industry.”<br />

Damen Yachting’s Project Manager Danker Rijk, who has<br />

managed Satemi throughout her build adds, “It’s been<br />

great to see how all parties involved have pulled together<br />

and have put in so much effort during this busy project.<br />

The result of their work speaks for itself; the yacht looks<br />

stunning. We hope that the owners will enjoy stepping on<br />

board for the first time this year.”<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 15


The best marine binoculars to make your<br />

yachting experience easier and safer<br />

2<br />

1 LEICA GEOVID 8X56 €2,500 2 LEICA<br />

MONO 8X20 €400 3 LEICA TRINOVID<br />

8x40 €1700 4 LEICA ULTRAVID 8X32<br />

€5200 5 FUJINON MARINER 7X50 €330<br />


1<br />

4<br />

3<br />

5 6<br />

16 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

YOU’RE IN<br />


Simon Roberts of Quadrant<br />

Group is proud to unveil a<br />

new chapter in its illustrious<br />

40-year journey<br />

After 40 years of unwavering<br />

commitment to growth, innovation,<br />

and excellence in service, Dominion<br />

Marine announced the launch of their<br />

new identity back in January of this year<br />

– Quadrant Group. Established in 1984<br />

with its headquarters in the Isle of Man,<br />

the Group has experienced organic yearon-year<br />

growth, propelling the company<br />

to new heights.<br />

Quadrant Group provides a diverse range<br />

of solutions to over 100 of the world’s<br />

most prestigious superyachts, including<br />

corporate ownership, crew employment<br />

and payroll, importation in to the EU and<br />

intricate VAT planning.<br />

This milestone came on the heels of<br />

a successful management buy-out in<br />

September 2022 and reflects the company’s<br />

dedication to both the journey and the<br />

destination.<br />

Managing Director at Quadrant Group Simon<br />

Roberts commented, “The management<br />

buy-out from the previous owner back in<br />

2022 and the decision to remain a private<br />

company was absolutely pivotal to the future<br />

success of the business. There continues<br />

to be fewer corporate service providers in<br />

the superyacht industry that have steered<br />

away from private equity partnerships and<br />

remained under true private ownership. This<br />

independence has enabled us to prioritise<br />

our long term goals over short-term gains<br />

which in turn allows us to focus on building<br />

authentic relationships with current and<br />

future business partners in the industry,<br />

whilst cultivating sustainable growth for<br />

the long term.”<br />

The rebranding to Quadrant Group<br />

represents a pivotal moment in the<br />

company’s history, signifying its continued<br />

evolution and steadfast commitment to<br />

meeting the needs of its clients. The new<br />

name, brand and online presence have been<br />

meticulously crafted with clients in mind,<br />

The rebranding to Quadrant Group represents a pivotal<br />

moment in the company’s history, signifying its continued<br />

evolution and steadfast commitment to its clients<br />

showcasing Quadrant Group’s dedication<br />

to providing top-tier service in the luxury<br />

asset management industry. The rebranding<br />

effort, undertaken by their dedicated team,<br />

reflects their commitment to staying at<br />

the forefront of innovation and meeting the<br />

evolving demands of their clients.<br />

On this point, Simon further commented,<br />

“We continuously strive to exceed our clients’<br />

expectations and this dedication to innovate<br />

ensures that we can continue to provide<br />

bespoke solutions and unparalleled service,<br />

solidifying our position as trusted advisors<br />

in what is becoming an increasingly dynamic<br />

and competitive industry. The opening of<br />

our new office in Grand Cayman earlier this<br />

year is an indication of such innovation. This<br />

now provides potential clients, advisors and<br />

yacht managers with the choice of using<br />

our Isle of Man, Malta or Cayman Islands<br />

services under the one roof, which in turn<br />

reduces the costs of using agents and<br />

streamlines the services we can provide.”<br />

Looking ahead, Quadrant Group is poised<br />

to expand its global footprint and team.<br />

With current operations in the Isle of<br />

Man, Malta, Jersey, and most recently,<br />

the Cayman Islands, the company is<br />

strategically positioned to serve clients<br />

worldwide. As seasoned service providers<br />

to the superyacht industry, Quadrant<br />

Group takes pride in its large team of<br />

dedicated specialists who have expanded<br />

their expertise beyond the marine realm<br />

into additional areas of luxury asset<br />

management.<br />

“It’s often said that the journey is more<br />

important than the destination, but we’ve<br />

always been firmly invested in both. The<br />

rebranding to Quadrant Group is not just<br />

a change in name; it’s a celebration of our<br />

40-year journey and a continued reflection<br />

of our commitment to growth, innovation<br />

and ultimately our clients,” said Simon.<br />

Quadrant Group invites clients, partners,<br />

and industry stakeholders to explore its<br />

new identity and online presence. The<br />

company looks forward to the continued<br />

support of its global network as it embarks<br />

on this exciting new chapter.<br />

For more details visit www.quadrant.global<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 17

THE WAY<br />

OF THE<br />

WATER<br />

The Jackie Chan most of the world knows<br />

is the man of thrilling stunts and hilarious<br />

movie moments. Yet there’s another side to<br />

him: one who holds a deep appreciation for<br />

the ocean and its luxury yachts<br />

Words: PAUL DARGAN<br />

The open waters stand as an escape – a<br />

refuge from the humdrum of daily life.<br />

For the elite, those acclaimed stars<br />

of the screen and titans of industry,<br />

this lure often culminates in the acquisition of<br />

personal yachts. These are not mere vessels;<br />

they are floating sanctuaries, a far cry from<br />

the ever-prying eyes of fans and media.<br />

Stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole<br />

Kidman, amongst others from the showbiz<br />

realm, have long harboured love for these<br />

majestic sea vessels. Such opulence is not just<br />

about showcasing wealth but about carving<br />

out a private niche in an otherwise public life.<br />

Away from the camera’s glare, aboard these<br />

yachts, they find solitude, reflection and<br />

perhaps a connection to something larger<br />

than themselves.<br />

Hong Kong global superstar Jackie Chan is part<br />

of that exclusive club and his recent passion<br />

project, the 46m superyacht, Jinlong 4601,<br />

brings to the fore this allure.<br />

“My fascination with yachts and the open sea<br />

began quite some time ago,” the star, 70 this<br />

year, admits.<br />

“After spending hectic days on sets, I longed<br />

for solitude and peace. The ocean, with its<br />

vastness and mystery, offered that escape.<br />

And yachts? Well, they’re the perfect vessels<br />

to explore that expanse, aren’t they.”<br />

Conceived in October 2017 and meticulously<br />

crafted at the Huludao Yacht Industry Park<br />

facility, it was the culmination of an alliance<br />

between Dutch studio Mulder Design and the<br />

Chinese shipyard Jinlong, resulting in a marvel<br />

of maritime craftsmanship.<br />

Chan beamed as he spoke about it: “It’s my pride<br />

and joy! Collaborating with Mulder Design and<br />

Jinlong was a dream. This yacht isn’t just about<br />

extravagance – it’s a reflection of my journey.<br />

“It’s spacious, speedy and has some of my<br />

personal touches. The Jinlong 4601 journey<br />

through the city streets before its sea launch<br />

was definitely a memorable spectacle, as well.”<br />

18 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 19

Life is a mix of highs and lows,<br />

moments of intensity and moments<br />

of laughter. I wanted my movies to<br />

reflect that.<br />

Although the Rush Hour and Police Story actor says it’s<br />

not the only thing, the yacht does exude luxury and to<br />

the onlooker, that is a stand-out feature. When it was<br />

launched with a fanfare in China in October 2019 its<br />

aluminium hull promised endurance, while the interiors<br />

whispered opulence – as well as sleeping spaces for 12<br />

guests distributed across six cabins.<br />

Yet, he doesn’t lie when informing that it’s not just about<br />

stationary luxury.<br />

With an MTU 16V 2000m 84 engine, she cruises gracefully<br />

at 19 knots, capable of reaching heady speeds of up to 21<br />

knots. Boasting a range of 3000 nautical miles, the yacht<br />

ensures the journey is as splendid as the destination.<br />

And, with amenities like a state-of-the-art gym any voyage<br />

aboard should prove to be a truly holistic experience.<br />

Looking back on his illustrious career, aside from the ability<br />

to be able to purchase such an indulgence, how does he<br />

feel about his journey from a young martial artist to an<br />

international movie star?<br />

“It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least,” he says. “I started<br />

with a passion for martial arts, and I never thought it<br />

would lead to this incredible journey in cinema. Every punch,<br />

every jump and every comedic moment I’ve shared with<br />

the audience has been a blessing.<br />

From top to bottom: Chan in Police Story and The Karate Kid<br />

20 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

For Jackie, yachts are more than<br />

mere possessions. They are<br />

extensions of his personality –<br />

bold, graceful and adventurous.<br />

“Of course, without it, there’s absolutely no way I could<br />

have dreamed of owning such an incredible vessel such<br />

as this. I know I’ve been very fortunate in my life, but I do<br />

put it down to hard work as much as luck.<br />

“Life is a mix of highs and lows, moments of intensity<br />

and moments of laughter. I wanted my movies to reflect<br />

that. Plus, making people laugh while keeping them on the<br />

edge of their seats? That’s a thrill in itself! I wanted to be<br />

able to entertain in various ways and I feel I’ve achieved<br />

that goal.”<br />

However, Chan is not looking back too much and he’s been<br />

extremely busy just recently and <strong>2024</strong> will see a raft of<br />

sequels for him with Kung Fu Panda 4, Rush Hour 4 and<br />

New Police Story all set to be released in the New Year.<br />

Beyond his cinematic fame, what really draws Jackie to<br />

these marine beauties? The answer lies in the juxtaposition<br />

of his on-screen and off-screen life. As the audience revels<br />

in his stunts, away from the cameras, Chan finds balance<br />

in the gentle lapping of waves and the endless horizon.<br />

Of course, his association with yachts isn’t new, with the<br />

38.1 metre Ruiying 125 motor yacht being his previous<br />

seafaring companion, his most recent acquisition is a<br />

testament to his evolving maritime passion.<br />

The 152ft all-white beauty, christened under the project<br />

name Jinlong 4601, created waves not just for its grandeur<br />

but its journey. The sight of this superyacht navigating<br />

city roads to embrace the sea, the hull proudly donning<br />

‘Jin Long’ in shimmering gold, was a spectacle in itself.<br />

For Jackie, yachts are more than mere possessions.<br />

They are extensions of his personality – bold, graceful<br />

and adventurous. Away from the arc lights, he revels in<br />

the anonymity of the open seas, finding tranquillity and<br />

perhaps plotting his next big move.<br />

With his life full of the contrasts as any one of his<br />

compendium of film and TV characters, while he captivates<br />

the world with his dynamic action sequences and impeccable<br />

comedic timing on-screen, off it, he seeks the calming<br />

embrace of the seas.<br />

His superyacht is not just a symbol of lavishness; it’s a<br />

testament to his enduring love for life’s finer experiences<br />

and the eternal allure of the ocean. Be sure that there<br />

are many more adventures, both on the silver screen and<br />

the silver seas for the Hong Kong hero.<br />

In fact, surely his fans would be curious if he would ever<br />

be likely to think of shooting a film on his yacht.<br />

“That’s an interesting idea,” he smiles. “Mixing my love for<br />

movies and the sea could be an exciting venture. You never<br />

know; there might be a surprise in store for my fans.”<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 21


The origin of the famous Panama Hat can<br />

be traced from the 16th century when the<br />

Spanish conquerors first noticed the beautiful<br />

headpieces worn by the natives of the region<br />

which is now called Ecuador. A visionary man<br />

by the name Manuel Alfaro, native to Ecuador,<br />

was the first to see the trade potential behind<br />

these finely crafted hats, and set up the<br />

business to export hats from Montecristi<br />

(Ecuador) to Panama. This business project<br />

coincided with the flow of miners coming<br />

from the east coast of the United States<br />

looking to get in on the Gold Rush.<br />



Elevate your everyday style and prepare for the <strong>spring</strong><br />

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WEAR IT<br />

1<br />

MORE<br />

TEE SIR<br />

Rock a long sleeved<br />

T-shirt for the<br />

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7 MONCLER €285 8 FAHERTY €80<br />


<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 23


1<br />

2<br />

10<br />

3<br />

9<br />

Sliders have<br />

officially graduated<br />

from their locker<br />

room status<br />

4<br />

8<br />

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7<br />

6<br />



9 PALM ANGELS €225 10 BALENCIAGA € 550<br />

24 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Live your best Liberace or<br />

Harry Styles fantasy<br />

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THE RISE<br />





Opting for passive aggression on social media platforms is the best way to<br />

demonstrate you don’t do direct, you don’t do honest, and you definitely don’t<br />

want to resolve the issue. Otherwise what on earth will you post about?!<br />

Words: Erica Lay<br />

Love them or hate them, social media platforms have<br />

become an integral part of our daily lives, shaping<br />

the way we communicate, share information, and<br />

express ourselves. However, an intriguing (and eye<br />

rolling) trend continues for some individuals, where<br />

the preference for passive-aggressive posts and elusively<br />

vague but loaded comments seem to overshadow direct,<br />

face-to-face communication. This raises questions about<br />

the impact of technology on interpersonal relationships and<br />

the evolving nature of conflict resolution in the digital age.<br />

You know the sort of “content” I’m getting at here. The<br />

attention seeking posts from the melodramatic Facebook<br />

user, which until recently, I thought (hoped) had died a death<br />

but, much like 90s wide leg trousers, seems to be making<br />

quite the comeback. We’ve all got them in our feeds, from<br />

that person who has a flair for theatrics that would make<br />

Shakespeare blush. If they didn’t study drama at school,<br />

I’d be surprised. Nay, shooketh.<br />

“Feeling so incredibly lost and alone right now. Can’t believe<br />

the people who claim to care about me are nowhere to be<br />

found when I need them the most. I guess I’ll just have to<br />

keep smiling through the pain, like always. #FeelingNeglected<br />

#WhereAreMyRealFriends”<br />

Cue the designated response:“U OK hun?”<br />

Followed by the: “Yeh I guess… DM me babes…” LOADED.<br />

Can you feel that? Just, like, so loaded…like, OMG babes.<br />

Please hold the line whilst I, an adult, pause to take a<br />

deep breath and let out an exasperated sigh. Please. If<br />

you’re going to post this sort of teenage guff online at<br />

26 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

least give us lurkers names dammit. Who’s abandoned<br />

you? Huh? What is going on here? We need to know! Don’t<br />

we? Lurkers rights aside, let’s just enjoy it while it lasts.<br />

Because you know after it’s been up for a few hours it’ll<br />

get deleted. The OP (original poster) will have left it up<br />

just long enough for the “real friends” to have seen it,<br />

and hopefully feel terrible for not supporting their bestie<br />

through their latest trauma.<br />

And what trauma would this be? Maybe she burnt her<br />

toast this morning. Stubbed her toe? Were Tesco out<br />

of teabags again? #thoughtsandprayers. Let’s face it,<br />

no experience is too trivial for our melodramatic poster,<br />

she can make a drama out of absolutely anything. And<br />

weirdly, usually has a little tribe of adoring fans who will<br />

feed into this ridiculously childish behaviour, bombarding<br />

her with emojis, virtual hugs and declarations of their<br />

commitment to her and her agenda, whilst the rest of us<br />

look on in, well, horrified curiosity. It’s like the compulsion<br />

of revulsion. Can’t… stop…. watching… Brilliant isn’t it?<br />

Who needs Netflix?<br />

And then we’ve got the melodramatic selfies to contend<br />

with. I mean, who doesn’t like a “Feeling cute. Might delete<br />

later IDK” next to the face of a pouting pretender hitting<br />

their stories fifteen times a day as they document every<br />

emotional upheaval with a new filter and a slightly different<br />

puckered pose or “thoughtful face”?<br />

Yawn. I think I’m too old for stories, I just don’t get it…<br />

if these people want literally the whole world to see their<br />

dramas and issues, then post it on the damn timeline. Not<br />

everyone is on social media all day every day because they<br />

have actual jobs and dare I say it, lives. Lives where they<br />

interact with human beings IRL. Crazy hey?<br />

Speaking of which, in this age of instant communication<br />

and constant connectivity, it appears that some individuals<br />

much prefer to air their grievances on social media rather<br />

than engaging in direct, real-life conversations. One thing is<br />

posting nonsense about your non-crisis for the LOLs, but<br />

when it’s frustrations with friends, family, or colleagues, the<br />

temptation to express discontent through veiled, passiveaggressive<br />

posts and dramatic rants, probably should be<br />

avoided if you don’t want to end up with no mates and a<br />

family who are embarrassed to be related to you. And in<br />

yachting, a crew who all think you’re a massive bell-end<br />

with the social skills of a wet lettuce. Can you imagine?<br />

You’re a chief mate and your chief stew has to tell you<br />

that you’ve upset the junior decky. “Oh no what happened,<br />

did he say something to you?” “no, worse, he posted a<br />

passive aggressive meme on social media.” GASP! How do<br />

you even start to deal with this? And how will the decky<br />

react when you say “Hey do you want to talk about that<br />

post?” Will he actually say yes? No he’ll say he’s fine. It<br />

wasn’t about you. And flounce off to post something else<br />

about being highly sensitive and misunderstood instead,<br />

because he is not equipped with the mental faculty or skills<br />

to have a direct conversation at this level.<br />

Ok, I’ve had my ranty moan and we can all see how I feel<br />

about (highly immature emotionally underdeveloped) people<br />

who choose this way of operating through life instead of<br />

just saying “Hey, you upset me. Let’s talk about this,” and<br />

Behind the safety of a<br />

screen, individuals may<br />

feel emboldened to express<br />

their thoughts and feelings<br />

without facing immediate<br />

consequences.<br />

having adult conversations, so let’s delve into the whys<br />

and wherefores.<br />

One factor contributing to this trend is the perceived sense<br />

of anonymity that social media provides. Behind the safety<br />

of a screen, individuals may feel emboldened to express their<br />

thoughts and feelings without facing immediate consequences.<br />

This veil of anonymity can encourage passive-aggressive<br />

behaviour as users believe they can hide behind their online<br />

personas without directly confronting the subject of their<br />

discontent.<br />

It does seem like younger generations especially may be<br />

experiencing a heightened fear of confrontation, which could<br />

be fuelling the preference for passive-aggressive online<br />

venting. The avoidance of face-to-face discussions might<br />

stem from a desire to sidestep uncomfortable situations,<br />

or the anxiety associated with direct confrontation. Let’s<br />

face it, nobody normal likes confrontation. It’s like having<br />

to break up with someone in person versus doing it over<br />

text. You know you’re a big old bag of dicks if you ditch<br />

someone by text but hey, it’s just easier, isn’t it? It’s not<br />

like you wanted to stay friends anyway.<br />

Social media platforms offer a buffer zone where individuals<br />

can express themselves without the immediacy and intensity<br />

of a real-life conversation. However, what they’re not<br />

considering is that by doing this, they’re pouring a bucket<br />

of gasoline over what was previously just a smouldering<br />

twig and contributing to a potential raging inferno. Even if<br />

they delete that post later, the internet remembers. And<br />

people take screenshots. We keep the receipts.<br />

Posting passive-aggressive content can also be a way<br />

for individuals to seek validation and support from their<br />

online peers (remember that fan club from earlier?). By<br />

airing grievances publicly, users may be hoping to garner<br />

sympathy or solidarity from their followers, creating an<br />

echo chamber that reinforces their perspective. The likes,<br />

comments, and shares received on these posts can serve<br />

as a form of affirmation, reinforcing this behaviour. And<br />

this is what we see – because whilst the adults among<br />

us scroll on past and choose not to engage due to fear of<br />

eyeball dislocation from vigorous over-rolling, those who<br />

do engage feed the negative little troll, encouraging and<br />

validating them and their actions.<br />

An article from Modern Therapy (2019) stated, “The key<br />

here is that our sense of self-worth is not and should not<br />

originate from social media. We must be cognizant of the<br />

reality that it is not possible to fully improve our self-esteem<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 27

Parents, I’m looking at you right<br />

now too. This stuff starts at home,<br />

encourage your kids to talk<br />

about their feelings and express<br />

themselves in a safe environment.<br />

through posting online and receiving positive feedback.<br />

Rather, looking inward to ourselves is a sustainable and<br />

healthy way to develop positive emotional and cognitive<br />

self-appraisals that build up self-esteem and self-worth.”<br />

People who post this way online might not even be like<br />

that in real life. We probably all know people who present<br />

themselves as a different person on social media. This is not<br />

uncommon, in fact it has a name, the “online disinhibition<br />

effect” and there are whole studies on it in various science<br />

journals. But what makes people act out in this way and<br />

bully and judge on social media? Well, going back to the<br />

article from Modern Therapy, “Our online behaviour directly<br />

relates to our sense of worth offline. It also relates to<br />

psychological states, for example whether we have low<br />

self-esteem, narcissism, anxiety or depression can equate<br />

to the need for admiration, external validation or other<br />

traits leading us to post online.”<br />

When someone does post this stuff, should we be sympathetic<br />

then? Hmm. Maybe best left to the fans… or we risk<br />

becoming a new target for them. Some people like to lash<br />

out at others online and try to bring them down or hurt<br />

them because they derive pleasure from it. Perhaps it makes<br />

them feel better about themselves. It really shouldn’t.<br />

Many psychology reports also note than people like this<br />

are generally not that stable and should be treated with<br />

caution. So yeh, let’s be careful about our interactions<br />

with them. Do not feed the animals. They’re bitey.<br />

While social media provides a platform for expression, which<br />

is great, this reliance on passive-aggressive posts over<br />

direct communication poses potential risks to developing<br />

our interpersonal relationships. The lack of nuance in online<br />

communication can lead to misunderstandings and strained<br />

connections, as recipients may struggle to discern the true<br />

intent behind veiled messages. And if people keep posting<br />

like this, the recipients or targets of these posts will<br />

probably just give up on them and eventually stop caring.<br />

If they even cared in the first place.<br />

Why are we like this though? When did we stop interacting<br />

in real life? Is this another fall out from the pandemic<br />

when we were all locked up and falling down internet rabbit<br />

holes? Or is it just humanity’s natural progression as we<br />

rely more on technology to share ideas and communicate?<br />

Whatever it is, it could do with a change. And as usual I<br />

feel that starts with Generation X…<br />

To foster healthier communication among younger generations,<br />

it’s crucial to promote open dialogue and the importance<br />

of addressing conflicts directly. Encouraging face-to-face<br />

conversations or private messaging can help individuals<br />

express their concerns more effectively, fostering a better<br />

understanding between parties. Parents, I’m looking at you<br />

right now too. This stuff starts at home, encourage your<br />

kids to talk about their feelings and express themselves<br />

in a safe environment.<br />

There we have it. The prevalence of passive-aggressive<br />

social media venting reflects the evolving landscape of<br />

communication in the digital age. While technology offers<br />

new avenues for expression, it’s essential to strike a balance<br />

between online and offline communication. Encouraging open<br />

dialogue and teaching effective conflict resolution skills can<br />

contribute to building stronger, more resilient interpersonal<br />

relationships in an increasingly (dis?)connected world.<br />


So you’ve read all this and still want to post passive<br />

aggressive stuff on socials? OK fair enough. I tried. If<br />

you’re going to do it, at least do it properly: Master the<br />

art of VAGUEBOOKING – craft a post that’s so cryptic,<br />

even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t figure it out. Bonus points<br />

if even your actual friends can’t work out if they’re the<br />

subject.<br />

Play the victim Make sure you mention how you’re always<br />

there for everyone. But nobody’s there for you. Boohoo. Be<br />

that martyr.<br />

Give the drama “I think it’s funny how….” Bonus points for<br />

ending with shrugging and cute emojis.<br />

Memes Find those passive aggressive memes and keep<br />

them in your arsenal for every occasion. Nothing shouts<br />

subtle shade like using memes. Cos it’s just funny right? “I<br />

was only joking” covers your backside in every situation.<br />

Use quotes Nothing like a passive aggressive quote to<br />

throw shade. Subtly, of course. “I’d rather have an enemy<br />

who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly<br />

puts me down”. All right love, calm down.<br />

Friendship tests Don’t forget to regularly post about “true<br />

friends” and make sure you keep note of the ones who<br />

immediately reply. Cos they’re the ones you want to keep an<br />

eye on. Guilty consciences right there.<br />

Deniability If called out don’t forget to say “Oh I wasn’t talking<br />

about you specifically! I was just joking around” because<br />

nobody wants to actually deal with their problems like a<br />

grown up do they?<br />

Remember opting for passive aggression on facebook is the<br />

best way to demonstrate you don’t do direct, you don’t do<br />

honest, and you definitely, don’t want to resolve the issue.<br />

Otherwise what on earth will you post about?!<br />

28 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


FLYING<br />

THE FLAG<br />

Liam Ryan outlines<br />

the benefits of<br />

registering with the<br />

St. Kitts & Nevis<br />

International Ship<br />

Registry<br />

Registering a yacht with St. Kitts and Nevis offers<br />

numerous benefits for yacht owners, including<br />

tax advantages, privacy, ease of registration,<br />

flag state support, and access to stunning cruising<br />

grounds. The combination of favourable tax policies,<br />

a robust legal framework, and a beautiful Caribbean<br />

setting makes St. Kitts and Nevis an attractive choice<br />

for yacht owners seeking a secure and enjoyable<br />

yachting experience.<br />

By considering registration with St. Kitts and Nevis,<br />

yacht owners can enhance their ownership experience<br />

and enjoy the freedom and luxury that comes with<br />

owning a yacht.<br />

One of the primary reasons why yacht owners choose<br />

to register their vessels with St. Kitts and Nevis is<br />

the attractive tax benefits. By registering their yachts<br />

in St. Kitts and Nevis, owners can significantly reduce<br />

their tax liabilities and enjoy greater financial flexibility.<br />

St. Kitts and Nevis is known for its strong commitment<br />

to privacy and confidentiality. Yacht owners who register<br />

their vessels in this jurisdiction can benefit from<br />

the country’s robust legal framework that protects<br />

their personal information. This level of privacy is<br />

particularly appealing to high-net-worth individuals<br />

who value discretion and want to keep their yacht<br />

ownership details confidential.<br />

Registering a yacht in St. Kitts and Nevis is a<br />

straightforward and efficient process. The country<br />

has a well-established ship and yacht registry that<br />

offers a streamlined registration procedure. Yacht<br />

owners can expect a quick turnaround time and minimal<br />

bureaucratic hurdles, making it an attractive option for<br />

those seeking a hassle-free registration experience.<br />

St Kitts and Nevis are one of 27 countries that hold<br />

a US cruising licence issued by the United States<br />

of America. What does this mean? U.S. cruising<br />

licences exempt pleasure yachts from having to<br />

undergo formal entry and clearance procedures but<br />

the first port of entry for the yacht in the United<br />

States. The licence given to yachts is usually for 1<br />

year and can be obtained from the U.S. Customs and<br />

Border Protection (CBP) Port Director at the first<br />

port of arrival in the United States.<br />

St. Kitts and Nevis is a reputable flag state that<br />

provides comprehensive support to yacht owners. The<br />

country is a member of the International Maritime<br />

Organization (IMO) and adheres to international<br />

maritime regulations and safety standards. Yachts<br />

registered under the St. Kitts and Nevis flag can<br />

benefit from the country’s diplomatic protection and<br />

assistance in case of emergencies or disputes while<br />

sailing in international waters.<br />

Beyond the practical advantages, St. Kitts and Nevis<br />

offer yacht owners access to some of the most<br />

breathtaking cruising grounds in the Caribbean. With<br />

pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a vibrant<br />

marine ecosystem, the islands provide an idyllic setting<br />

for yachting enthusiasts. Yacht owners can explore<br />

neighbouring islands, enjoy water sports, and immerse<br />

themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region.<br />

If you are looking for a high quality registry to place<br />

your yacht, contact us at mail@skanregistry.com<br />

and we will connect you with the nearest office to<br />

your location..<br />

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1708 380400<br />

or visit www.skanregistry.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 29

30 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

A home on<br />

the water<br />

Bering Yachts CEO Alexei Mikhailov<br />

discusses the company’s journey over<br />

the past 17 years and their sustainability<br />

obligations for the future<br />

E<br />

arth is mostly covered by water.<br />

To have maximum freedom one<br />

should spend a lot of time in the<br />

sea. Bering Yachts provides this<br />

opportunity to anyone who wants it. We<br />

give this world to our clients to live and<br />

explore in the safety and comfort of Bering<br />

yachts. Take your home with you wherever<br />

you go – and expand its boundaries to the<br />

size of our beautiful planet.<br />

This is how our journey started – with the<br />

construction of a 50-foot all-metal vessel<br />

in Foshan, China in 2007. The goal was to<br />

build a boat that would be safe, steady,<br />

comfortable, and capable of travelling across<br />

the oceans autonomously and worry-free.<br />

Making something perfect is always a<br />

challenge. We have accepted and embraced<br />

it, openly and with excitement. For 17<br />

years and with 14 yachts delivered, Bering<br />

had breakthroughs and setbacks, but has<br />

always kept an eye on one main goal. Now,<br />

with two shipyards, in Antalya, Türkiye and<br />

Burgas, Bulgaria, and 12 yachts in build,<br />

our quest for perfection goes strong.<br />

Our line of home-on-the-water yachts<br />

includes models from 20 to 50 metres in<br />

length to meet the vision of owners looking<br />

for a perfect boat. Explorer yachts under<br />

24 metres in length, such as B88 and B75<br />

will take you to any range destination thanks<br />

to the space and capabilities provided by a<br />

full-displacement metal hull. Built to a fully<br />

custom specification, B92 is designed to<br />

serve as an excellent charter boat. B78,<br />

our shallow draft explorer, will be perfect<br />

for coastal navigation while still keeping the<br />

capability of cross-Atlantic trips. Bering<br />

classic explorers B72 or B77 can be made to<br />

be owner-operated. Luxurious yet compact<br />

for the boats of this class, super-explorers<br />

B125, B145 and recently presented B165<br />

are the ultimate manifestation of the Bering<br />

lifestyle and pinnacle of comfort.<br />

Our family of boats also includes catamarans<br />

and other watercraft built using hydrofoil<br />

technology. Among the sleek and highly<br />

manoeuvrable aluminum catamaran models<br />

are B60 CAT and B80 CAT. Started in<br />

2023, this branch of Bering will deliver<br />

stable and practical multihull models<br />

made for leisure as well as for conquering<br />

hard-to-reach destinations. Speedy and<br />

multi-functional smaller watercraft made<br />

under the Bering Marine brand even further<br />

widen the accessibility by boat we offer to<br />

our customers. Fishing and transportation,<br />

rescue and military, leisure, work, superyacht<br />

tender – we offer several basic platforms<br />

that can be modified to order to fulfill<br />

several roles.<br />

Widening the range of use for our vessels,<br />

we cannot avoid changing as a company. Our<br />

home base constantly grows and improves<br />

to provide better service and give more to<br />

the customer. Over 250 skillful workers<br />

operate our two shipyards to ensure timely<br />

delivery of 12 boats currently in build. Since<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 31

The relocation of operations to Turkey in 2017 was a pivotal move that ignited the company’s expansion, followed by<br />

further augmentation and expanded production capabilities established at a new shipyard in Bulgaria<br />

32 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

the company’s inception more than 16<br />

years ago, we have made several strategic<br />

decisions, which include establishing the inhouse<br />

design team and furniture production<br />

department. This allows us to control<br />

not only the quality and timeliness of our<br />

production but also to further assure its<br />

consistency and accuracy.<br />

A truly international brand, Bering has its<br />

global headquarters in the United States<br />

and keeps representation in additional<br />

offices in Germany and Australia.<br />

Bering makes a significant effort to keep<br />

our facilities and yachts eco-friendly. Steel,<br />

our main construction material, is more<br />

sustainable than aluminum or fibreglass.<br />

Consciously making this choice, we are also<br />

adhering to, or exceeding the environmental<br />

regulations, and constantly improving our<br />

production to reduce waste, minimise<br />

pollution, and save energy and resources.<br />

Eco-friendliness, along with safety and<br />

stability, is among the principles we use<br />

in the engineering of our yachts. Reduced<br />

propeller cavitation, noise and vibrationcancelling<br />

insulation significantly decrease<br />

the environmental footprint of our boats.<br />

Efficient design results in fuel savings, just<br />

like the use of hybrid propulsion featured<br />

A truly international brand, Bering has its global<br />

headquarters in the United States and keeps representation<br />

in additional offices in Germany and Australia<br />

on B92 Papillon. However, building our<br />

home-on-the-water yachts we do not<br />

forget the big picture of responsibility for<br />

our planet, but we also feel responsible<br />

for our owners.<br />

It is not enough to build and deliver the<br />

boat. We came to the understanding that<br />

creating a lifetime support ecosystem for<br />

the owners is the way to go. Bering family<br />

should have a dedicated hub, a centre<br />

point to which every owner and yacht will<br />

be attracted – and for a good reason.<br />

The customer care process should be<br />

continuous and, once again, have a home<br />

feeling. Such a hub will be created in Türkiye.<br />

With several Bering yachts at anchor, the<br />

owners will be able to communicate and<br />

share their experiences with their peers,<br />

thus building a true community brought<br />

together by the Bering lifestyle.<br />

New owners, captains and crews will<br />

receive extended hands-on training from<br />

Bering professionals. Perspective owners<br />

will fly in to familiarise themselves with<br />

different Bering vessels and technology.<br />

As an ultimate non-exhibition experience,<br />

it will be a thorough tour, a possibility to<br />

spend time onboard and get firsthand<br />

opinions from people who sail Bering<br />

yachts. Through this hub, Bering will also<br />

assist with creating itineraries, hiring<br />

experienced crews, or communicating with<br />

external suppliers regarding repairs and<br />

other services.<br />

Bering Family Hub will also be a centre<br />

of our charter programme. Created to<br />

allow owners to maximise their yacht’s<br />

potential, this programme fulfils other<br />

goals. First, we allow a greater number<br />

of sea enthusiasts to become familiar<br />

with Bering boats and share our exquisite<br />

approach to lifestyle. Second, chartering<br />

a boat means that many people will not<br />

buy one, thus minimising the effects on<br />

the environment.<br />

By embracing our like-home approach and<br />

relaying it to our customers, production<br />

facilities, and employees, we can achieve a<br />

unified vision that propels Bering forward.<br />

This is the way of Bering evolution.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 33

Unlock the hidden potential<br />

of every yacht with Hempaguard ® X7<br />

• Exceptional antifouling performance<br />

• Less fuel, more speed<br />

• Reduced emissions<br />

• Reduced marine environment impact<br />

• Suitable for all waters and usage<br />

Download brochure:<br />

Hempaguard ® X7, a truly unique fouling defence<br />

system delivering best-in-class antifouling<br />

protection combined with reduced fuel consumption<br />

and fewer emissions. Minimize the impact on the<br />

environment whilst maximizing the performance.<br />



& SAFETY<br />


Carlo Vinelli, Senior Surveyor with the Isle of Man Ship Registry<br />

discusses clarity, consistency and improved safety in the new Yacht Code<br />

The superyacht industry is moving<br />

forward at a rapid speed of knots<br />

– new technology and environmental<br />

advances are taking innovation, design and<br />

performance into unchartered waters.<br />

Against this backdrop of this evolution,<br />

including an increasing focus on alternative<br />

fuel technology, the Red Ensign Group (REG),<br />

of which the Isle of Man Ship Registry (IOMSR)<br />

is a member, has unveiled a timely and<br />

significant revision of its hallmark Yacht Code.<br />

The updating of the comprehensive framework,<br />

which has set the international benchmark for<br />

large yacht safety and design standards since<br />

its original release in 1997, has been two<br />

years in the making and has had input from<br />

across the industry. Explaining why the new<br />

code is so important, a REG spokesperson<br />

says: “We will never compromise on safety<br />

and crew welfare and maintain the highest<br />

maritime regulatory standards. However, we<br />

do recognise that it’s important to support<br />

innovation and technological developments<br />

in a rapidly changing industry.”<br />

Delivering both clarity and consistency for<br />

the industry also sits at the heart of the<br />

updated code, which incorporates recent<br />

regulatory amendments by the IMO and<br />

has been adapted to meet contemporary<br />

design trends and innovation.<br />

IOMSR has set the ‘gold standard’ for<br />

superyacht build and upkeep and has been<br />

actively involved in the creation of the updated<br />

code, which becomes enforceable this<br />

July <strong>2024</strong>. IOMSR leads on innovation in<br />

decarbonisation and digitisation, becoming<br />

the first flag state to offer reduced<br />

registration fees to yachts deploying green<br />

technology.<br />

Carlo Vinelli, Senior Surveyor at IOMSR, says<br />

the <strong>2024</strong> code looks to clarify ‘grey areas’.<br />

It also implements suitable requirements for<br />

new technologies, such as the storage of<br />

small electric powered craft. However, the<br />

key thrust of the code remains improving<br />

the safety of commercial yachts.”<br />

Garages containing petrol or lithium-ion<br />

batteries on under 500 GT vessels are now<br />

considered equivalent to ‘machinery spaces’<br />

in terms of structural fire protection and<br />

need to be insulated accordingly.<br />

Carlo says: “The update is very much in<br />

response to the new technologies coming<br />

into the market and also to clarify some<br />

areas which may be open to possible<br />

different interpretations. Its uniformity is<br />

both welcome and timely for the industry.”<br />

Carlo continues, “Ensuring the safety of<br />

passengers and crew remains central to<br />

the code. Its adoption also gives charter<br />

operations greater piece of mind. Another<br />

added advantage is a stronger resale price<br />

if the yacht is built to code regulations.”<br />

IOMSR specialises in helping boat owners<br />

deploy green technology, which is now more<br />

in demand in superyacht sector, including<br />

the use of future fuels like marine batteries<br />

and methanol.<br />

Carlo says that through the new code<br />

and drawing on IOMSR’s vast experience<br />

with future fuels on ocean-going vessels,<br />

superyacht designers and owners can more<br />

easily deploy green technology. The IOMSR<br />

does this through its ‘alternative design<br />

and arrangement’ methodology, enabling<br />

it and Category 1 members of the REG<br />

group to support boat builders wanting to<br />

deploy innovative tech where formal IMO<br />

rules are not yet available.<br />

Carlo says: “This ‘risk-based certification’ is<br />

another level of technical advice and guidance,<br />

few other flags operate to this level of safety<br />

or technical expertise for yachts. We take<br />

a long-term partnership approach. It can<br />

play a big part in the adoption of new fuel<br />

technology, for instance, and also have a<br />

really positive impact when it comes to<br />

vessel insurance.”<br />

For more details visit www.iomshipregistry.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 35

Designer DNA<br />

From the smallest addition or conversion<br />

to the largest new build, Clapot Design will<br />

assist you along the entire project journey<br />

Clapot Design is a<br />

design and engineering<br />

studio that focuses<br />

on creating yachts<br />

and superyachts.<br />

Whether it’s a<br />

minor refit or major<br />

new construction or<br />

conversion project, I<br />

devote my expertise, my love for yachting,<br />

and my enthusiasm to bring our clients’<br />

extraordinary projects to life. Generally<br />

described as an exterior designer, our<br />

scope extends well beyond mere yacht<br />

exterior styling. From initial concept to final<br />

delivery and beyond, we meticulously define<br />

and enhance every aspect of the design,<br />

from space planning to the tiniest details,<br />

endeavoring to surpass the expectations<br />

of our clients.<br />

Cooperation with owners reps/yards<br />

Collaboration is paramount in every endeavor,<br />

particularly in the intricate construction<br />

process of a yacht. Just as the complex<br />

mechanisms of a luxury automatic watch<br />

require every part to function in harmony,<br />

cooperation between all stakeholders within<br />

the project is essential to ensure the<br />

seamless integration of various components<br />

on a yacht from conception to delivery,<br />

which is a vastly complex entity.<br />

36 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Our shared objective goes<br />

beyond the creation of a<br />

visually stunning vessel; it<br />

is to provide the owner with<br />

a fully operational yacht<br />

that facilitates unparalleled<br />

experiences.<br />

Active cooperation is the sole means to<br />

realise this ambition. Moreover, these<br />

professional collaborations often blossom<br />

into enduring friendships that endure beyond<br />

the completion of a project.<br />

Forward thinking to new designs – challenges<br />

and how to overcome these?<br />

The breadth of this topic matches its<br />

fascination. Numerous factors shape our<br />

lifestyles, thereby impacting design: societal,<br />

economic, political, and technological<br />

influences all play significant roles. Hence,<br />

typical yachts from the 1960s have nothing<br />

to do with modern yachts. As global warming<br />

industry will be key. Various factors, including<br />

advancements in technology are poised to<br />

address these challenges. Additionally, the<br />

dimensions and functions of yachts are likely<br />

to evolve. We may see a rise in exploration<br />

yachts and dual-purpose vessels in the<br />

future, serving not only recreational purposes<br />

but also educational ones. Undoubtedly,<br />

design will play an important role in shaping<br />

these developments, heralding a thrilling<br />

era ahead.<br />

Hull designs (mono/catamarans) your views?<br />

I am firmly convinced that catamarans offer<br />

a multitude of advantages and represent<br />

one of the many solutions to the challenges<br />

outlined earlier. Similar to the transformation<br />

of the ugly duckling in our childhood tale,<br />

catamarans were once overlooked.<br />

However, I believe that evolving lifestyles<br />

and continuous innovation in catamaran<br />

design are rendering them increasingly<br />

appealing.<br />

Consequently, my involvement extends<br />

beyond the close and constant interaction<br />

with owners, their representatives, and<br />

shipyards; I also liaise extensively with interior<br />

designers, suppliers, subcontractors, and<br />

the operational crew of the yacht, to the<br />

greatest extent possible.<br />

Our shared objective goes beyond the creation<br />

of a visually stunning vessel; it is to provide<br />

the owner with a fully operational yacht<br />

that facilitates unparalleled experiences<br />

on the open seas. Achieving this entails<br />

meticulous attention to detail in every<br />

aspect, even those unseen “behind the<br />

scenes” elements.<br />

and environmental protection have nowadays<br />

become deeply integrated in our societies,<br />

people increasingly feel the need to be<br />

respectful to nature and connect with<br />

her, particularly since the onset of Covid.<br />

As a result, I believe that the major<br />

challenge yachting is facing is its impact<br />

on the environment and on the public scene.<br />

To overcome these, I believe that more<br />

cooperation, education, and innovation in the<br />

Twin hulls design for superyachts offer<br />

an exceptional living platform with<br />

virtually limitless design possibilities,<br />

comfort at sea, and unmatched fuel<br />

efficiency when compared to monohulls<br />

of similar volume. Despite the majority<br />

of the global fleet being under 24 metres<br />

in length, I foresee a rise in the use of<br />

catamaran hulls for superyachts in the<br />

future.<br />

Recently, I had the opportunity to design<br />

a 78-metre superyacht project featuring<br />

a catamaran hull design, named Breeze.<br />

The spaciousness achieved both indoors<br />

and outdoors for a vessel of such size is<br />

truly remarkable. I consider this to be a<br />

groundbreaking development in yacht design.<br />

For more details Tel: +33 6 37 31 44 99<br />

or visit www.clapotdesign.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 37


Nadia Kolesnyki talks to Frances and Michael Howorth about<br />

life as Chief Stewardess aboard the charter yacht Azzura<br />

What made you join the superyacht industry?<br />

I was curious and having been born inland so far<br />

from the sea, I yearned for the sea. I was eager to be<br />

financially independent and the exotic lifestyle that<br />

superyachts offered appealed to me.<br />

What was your first yacht and when did you join her?<br />

The 28 metre sailing yacht Patio. I thought she was huge!<br />

Now I know better. I was the sole stewardess on board<br />

and working very hard. It was a huge challenge for me,<br />

and I wasn’t particularly confident given my language.<br />

No one spoke Ukrainian on board that yacht so I was in a<br />

sort of vacuum and had to teach myself English.<br />

How did you manage to succeed?<br />

I decided to enter a table decoration competition. I<br />

was worried that I was going to be judged against so<br />

many others who were way better than me but I just<br />

said to myself you can do it and got on with my entry.<br />

Wonderfully I won! I did not expect that at all.<br />

How long have you been aboard your current yacht?<br />

This is my eighth season in yachting but only my second<br />

yacht. I have been on board Azzura for six years. My<br />

fiancé was the first officer here and he started as a<br />

deckhand. Sadly, he has now left Azzura to join another<br />

yacht. I started working here as a junior stewardess and<br />

I am now Chief Stewardess. The owner likes me and<br />

always comments about my table settings, and I think I<br />

was chosen because of my confidence and my ability to<br />

enter things like the competition. It’s actually great fun<br />

now and I guess a great advertisement for the yacht and<br />

the rest of the crew too.<br />

What do you most like about your current job?<br />

I like the unique experiences this family offers. I love<br />

travel, the people and the chartering. We have a great<br />

crew on board. It’s tiring work but it’s worth it. What I<br />

don’t like is the lack of time off and the ability to go home<br />

as often as I like but I guess that’s the way it is<br />

in superyachts.<br />

If you could recommend a Mediterranean service to<br />

another Stew what would it be?<br />

Catalano Shipping with offices in Monaco, Nice, Cannes,<br />

St Tropez and Toulon are wonderful yacht chandlers<br />

and both Liquid Yacht Wear and Dolphin Wear are great<br />

uniform suppliers. When I need it, they supply it without<br />

any fuss.<br />

Where do you live when you are not on board?<br />

I live in Bodrum and so does my fiancé. We love it there<br />

and go back home as often as we are able to.<br />

What’s the most curious request you have received from<br />

a guest onboard?<br />

I was once asked for a plate of peeled ginger and carrot.<br />

I was amazed to watch it being eaten raw completely<br />

without any further adornment.<br />

What is the most funny superyacht experience you<br />

can recall?<br />

I do remember one embarrassing incident. I don’t speak<br />

Italian and when I went to buy toothpaste, I instead<br />

bought denture glue. The guests saw the funny side.<br />

Then there was the occasion I washed €800 while doing<br />

the laundry and got accused by the rest of my crew of<br />

getting involved in the business of money laundering.<br />

What advice would you give to someone thinking of<br />

working as a stew on a yacht?<br />

Never be afraid to take a challenge. Always push<br />

yourself and find the courage to get where you want to<br />

be. But always remember be yourself and do not try to<br />

be someone you are not or do things you cannot do, do<br />

not be afraid to ask for help or advice.<br />

What makes a good stew?<br />

The job for interior crew offers a huge challenge but<br />

I’m very proud of myself I push myself to make myself<br />

better and it’s something I will always aspire to do. It is<br />

an ideal that I try and inspire my own interior crew to<br />

also follow.<br />

38 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 39

QUAY<br />


Make sure you partner with the<br />

right recruitment agent to progress<br />

through the ranks<br />



Many of the world’s best chefs work with Amandine Chefs because<br />

of the standards they set and because they understand how much<br />

great food matters. The standard of cooking on a yacht can make all<br />

the difference and is arguably one of the most important factors in<br />

keeping owners, charter guests and crew happy. That’s why at Amandine<br />

they do everything they can to ensure they place the right chef in the<br />

right job first time. The chef cooking trials they conduct in the head<br />

office test kitchen, together with the combined food credentials of<br />

their team, puts them in a unique position to assess the experience<br />

and capabilities of yacht chefs. As a judge of chef competitions at<br />

yacht shows worldwide, their founder, Kate Emery, also plays a major<br />

part in judging the industry’s chef talent. As you would expect, the<br />

selection process is rigorous and they are discerning about the chefs<br />

they choose to work with. Every chef they recommend is known to<br />

them personally and their background is thoroughly researched and<br />

verified. The result: Right Chef. Right Job. First Time.<br />

www.amandinechefs.com<br />

B<br />

lue Oceans Powered by Crew Unlimited is an MLC<br />

certified company based in the heart of Antibes. Their<br />

established recruiters Mandy, Tara, Sarah, and Mia have a<br />

combined experience in yachting and recruitment of over<br />

40 years. They have all worked on yachts, understand what<br />

life onboard is like, looking for work and hiring crew. They<br />

endeavour to reduce the crew turnover to lower the cost of<br />

crewing. They believe in providing candidates who fit the<br />

criteria of our clients. Their experienced candidates have<br />

strong work ethics and have excellent references. They<br />

do not just fill job orders, they truly care and place the best<br />

crew on the best yachts. The result is an unrivalled ability<br />

to create long lasting relationships to meet the highest<br />

standards of owners, captains and the crew themselves.<br />

www.blueoceansyachting.com<br />

40 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Cotton Crews connects exceptional crew with exclusive yacht crew<br />

jobs. Their relationship-focused approach to yacht crew recruitment<br />

allows them to really get to know their clients and their needs. They<br />

combine countless years of superyacht industry experience with a real<br />

enthusiasm for candidate placement. Cotton Crews began in 2013, when<br />

Founder and President Lauren Cotton realised the yachting industry had<br />

an under-served demand for high-quality crew placement. Since then,<br />

they have successfully placed thousands of permanent and temporary<br />

positions across the globe. Their database is through an app, so if you<br />

are looking for a job, register on their Green Cotton Crew JOBS app.<br />

See how they can help you today!<br />

www.cottoncrews.com<br />


F<br />

ounded in 1991 as a crew agency in Antibes,<br />

Bluewater has evolved into one of the preeminent<br />

full-service yachting companies globally. Launching<br />

the revolutionary ONE Account in early 2010 marked<br />

a transformative milestone in the industry, offering<br />

captains, managers, and owners a choice between<br />

CREW Placement or the innovative ONE Account<br />

system. Through a proactive approach that anticipates<br />

and adapts to the changing demands of the maritime<br />

sector, Bluewater has solidified its reputation as<br />

a paragon of reliability and professionalism. The<br />

company’s comprehensive array of services spans<br />

every aspect of yachting, ensuring a seamless and<br />

unforgettable experience for clients worldwide.<br />

Bluewater’s unwavering commitment to quality<br />

sets the industry standard for everything from<br />

crew recruitment to yacht management and charter<br />

services to training. With a dedication to innovation<br />

and service excellence, Bluewater continues<br />

to raise the bar for yachting industry standards.<br />

Every voyage embarked upon with Bluewater is an<br />

extraordinary adventure characterised by luxury,<br />

professionalism, and unparalleled service.<br />

www.bluewateryachting.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 41

Baobab Yachting Courses:<br />

Chefs:<br />

* Highfield Food Safety L2<br />

* Highfield Food Safety L3<br />

* Highfield Supervising<br />

Food Safety at Sea L3<br />

* Highfield Allergen Management L3<br />

Stewardesses:<br />

* Highfield Food Safety L2<br />

* Highfield Conflict Management L2<br />

* Highfield Customer Service L2<br />

* Highfield Food & Beverage Principles L2<br />

* Highfield Food Principles L2<br />

* Highfield Beverage Principles L2<br />

* Barista L2<br />

www.baobabsolutions.co.za<br />

info@baobabsolutions.co.za https://youtu.be/khdNr18r-b4<br />

Gain the professional maritime training you need<br />

for the level of success you want to achieve.<br />

MPT is the most complete full-service private maritime school in the<br />

country. Our programs are internationally acclaimed and are utilized<br />

by all levels of superyacht crew, government agencies and global<br />

maritime businesses.<br />

To get started, call 954.525.1014 or email info@mptusa.com<br />



1915 S Andrews Avenue | Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 | mptusa.com<br />

Sea The World<br />

42 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

YPI CREW<br />

Established in 2002, YPI CREW has been connecting people with their<br />

dream careers onboard superyachts for 20 years. The sole purpose<br />

is to allow new generations to discover yachting and seasoned crew to<br />

further their careers and widen their talent base. Bonding people together<br />

and creating new connections is what the team do best. The recruiters<br />

are solution driven; they have a voice, an opinion and champion their<br />

candidates for the right jobs, on the best yachts, with the finest captains<br />

and crews. From the Antibes office in the South of France, the team<br />

source and recruit the best yacht crew worldwide, from deckhands to<br />

captains, engineers, chefs and interior crew. They seek to build united,<br />

high-performing crews able to deliver the ultimate guest experiences<br />

aboard yachts all over the world and, simultaneously, allow the fostering<br />

of new life experiences. The recruiters are their strength; they are the<br />

absolute experts in their field. Each recruiter is a specialist in their<br />

particular department and has years of experience through which they<br />

have built strong networks making them the preeminent authority in the<br />

business. As recruiters, we understand the importance of finding the<br />

right crew member for each position. What re you waiting for? Create<br />

your profile on their portal now and let YPI handle the rest.<br />

www.ypicrew.com<br />


W<br />

ilsonhalligan was formed in 2006 to provide a<br />

personal and professional yacht recruitment service<br />

for the owners, managers and captains of private and<br />

chartered yachts. Since starting in yacht recruitment,<br />

they have branched into private households to cater to<br />

the demands of yacht owners requesting their services<br />

to also help them staff their private residences from<br />

villas to stately homes. Their shoreside department has<br />

also developed from their long standing connections<br />

and covers a broad range of maritime recruitment<br />

for the cruise and yacht industry helping to secure<br />

talent for businesses working worldwide. They focus<br />

on providing an exceptional service to clients and<br />

candidates equally. At Wilsonhalligan their in-house<br />

experience within both the maritime world and the<br />

recruitment industry places them ahead of competitors<br />

and effectively builds partnerships with clients and<br />

candidates. They are committed to protecting their<br />

clients’ interests by providing a discreet and trusted<br />

service to meet requirements and expectations.<br />

They are market leaders within the luxury hospitality<br />

and marine sectors with an unmatched database of<br />

candidates for their clients’ needs.<br />

www.wilsonhalligan.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 43


I<br />

nsignia Crew is a reputable placement agency which provides a personal<br />

recruitment service to prestige vessels of all types and commitments<br />

within the global superyacht fleet. They cater to all disciplines aboard<br />

from deck, engineers, medics and interior up to chief officers and captains<br />

– encompassing seasoned and new crew, from both civilian and military<br />

backgrounds. The driving force behind Insignia Crew is their ethos. They<br />

specialise in connecting exceptional former military professionals with<br />

the superyacht industry, bridging the gap between a sector in search of<br />

skilled, committed, and career-focused crew members. Connection is<br />

focused particularly on Royal Navy and Royal Marines who are already<br />

accustomed to living and working at sea and offer a wealth of transferable<br />

additional skills such as a heightened awareness of security, diving<br />

operations, advanced trauma medicine, helicopter operations and<br />

engineering. As we all gear up for the summer season, Insignia Crew<br />

wish to enhance engagement and collaboratively offer direct support<br />

to those who have served by introducing them to onboard decisionmakers.<br />

This time of the year provides a prime opportunity for crew to<br />

acclimate to new responsibilities, allowing yachts to quickly leverage<br />

their skills and potential.<br />

www.insigniacrew.com<br />


Since being established in 2013, Quay Crew<br />

has placed over 2,000 candidates on more<br />

than 350 prestigious superyachts and worked with<br />

some of the world’s leading boat builders, yacht<br />

management companies and owners as well as<br />

high-profile family offices and private estates. The<br />

team, based in Bournemouth, UK, has 60+ years’<br />

combined onboard experience, plus an additional 50<br />

years’ recruitment and corporate expertise. The firm’s<br />

dedicated land-based department provides complete<br />

recruitment solutions for yacht management and<br />

brokerage businesses, boat builders and shipyards<br />

and maritime suppliers. Quay Crew’s mission is to<br />

attract and retain the best talent in the sector through<br />

actively promoting diversity and inclusion, longevity<br />

and progression, both at sea and on land. They do<br />

this through best practice recruitment methods<br />

and continuously improving standards through<br />

progressive partnerships, education, research and<br />

market insights including their extensive crew mental<br />

health reports. Whether you’re looking to crew a<br />

new build pre-launch, busy charter or private yacht<br />

at any point in the season, they work in partnership<br />

with owners, yacht management companies and<br />

captains to develop rewarding relationships for all<br />

stakeholders. By following a stringent due diligence,<br />

pre-screening and verbal referencing process, Quay<br />

Crew ensure that any prospective crew put forward<br />

has the desired skills and aspirations that align with<br />

your goals for a positive onboard experience and<br />

crew culture.<br />

www.quaycrew.com<br />

44 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>



FOR LIFE<br />

How HELM and leadership<br />

training can aid crew<br />

resilience and retention<br />

For young people looking to see the<br />

world and make their maritime<br />

careers, there’s a glamour attached<br />

to the superyacht industry that’s easy<br />

to understand. Cruising around the<br />

Mediterranean or the bays of south-east<br />

Asia, seeking the sun and new experiences<br />

and basking in the reflected glamour and<br />

lifestyles of the owners, it’s work with a<br />

perk or two.<br />

But the glamour that draws in the young,<br />

who make up the majority of superyacht<br />

crew and officers, poses some challenges<br />

for operators and the wider industry.<br />

Crew work is hard work, whether you’re<br />

serving on a container ship or a luxury<br />

yacht. Aboard a superyacht, however, the<br />

disconnect between appearance and reality<br />

– between the effortless glamour of the<br />

owner lifestyle and the hard graft behind<br />

the scenes – can be particularly stark.<br />

For officers, particularly, the unpredictable<br />

needs of owners and their guests can create<br />

a high-pressure environment that demands<br />

flexibility, resilience, leadership and a broad<br />

understanding of all aspects of superyacht<br />

life, from hospitality to maritime law to<br />

more traditional officers’ roles. Owners’<br />

high expectations can create a stressful<br />

working environment – leading officers to<br />

feel they need to be ‘always on’, not to<br />

mention capable to deal with any and all<br />

situations, even those outside their training<br />

or skillset.<br />

So how can yacht operators and independent<br />

owners address the resulting challenges<br />

with retaining high-quality crew and officers<br />

– ensuring owners receive the world-class<br />

service they expect?<br />

One solution lies in better training – but<br />

training focused on softer skills such as<br />

leadership, empathy, good management and<br />

communication, and creating an inclusive<br />

environment that welcomes culturally diverse<br />

crew, to complement more technical or<br />

maritime-specific skills.<br />

Management-level Human Element,<br />

Leadership and Management (HELM)<br />

training such as offered at Warsash<br />

provides officers and crew with a better<br />

understanding of their own strengths as a<br />

leader, and can improve their effectiveness<br />

both as an individual and as part of a team.<br />

Effective HELM (M) training allows officers<br />

to do more than control the operation of<br />

the vessel, but to provide effective and<br />

compassionate management of everyone<br />

on board, from deck crew to hospitality<br />

to engineering. They can learn to critically<br />

assess the situation and adapt their<br />

approach according to the needs of the<br />

moment and the individuals involved –<br />

whether that’s the owners or a member<br />

of crew. It can also help officers create an<br />

environment on board which encourages and<br />

supports crew, allowing them to identify<br />

and resolve potential issues before they<br />

become a problem. This kind of effective<br />

leadership can also increase loyalty and<br />

resilience among crew, improving retention<br />

and enabling them to better adapt to<br />

changes outside their control – everything<br />

from negative interactions with guests or<br />

owners to logistical complications arising<br />

from changes to itinerary or equipment<br />

breakdown.<br />

Good HELM (M) training will enable better<br />

teamwork and communication, as well as<br />

imparting an understanding of the factors<br />

underlying senior decision making – enabling<br />

a more informed and effective crew who<br />

understand why, and not just what, they’re<br />

being asked to do. Crew who have taken<br />

their HELM (M) training to heart are the<br />

backbone of a working yacht, proving their<br />

worth many times over.<br />

For more details on the courses at Warsash<br />

Superyacht Academy, visit maritime.solent.<br />

ac.uk/courses/leadership-and-management<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 45

Leave No Trace Behind<br />

Oops...<br />

(Missed our<br />

deadline, but<br />

not the action!)<br />

Scan here!<br />

We missed<br />

the deadline.<br />




CANNES<br />

Enjoy the French Riviera and its privileges.<br />

Moor in complete safety, near the coast.<br />

SCAN ME!<br />

Book on DONIA app.<br />

For any assistance, please call our hotline +33 7 49 10 82 43<br />

Reservation - Payment - Mooring assistance - On-site services<br />

46 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


IS QUAY<br />

Australia’s leading<br />

Superyacht training provider<br />

delivers a firm grounding<br />

for aspiring superyacht<br />

professionals<br />


In the world of luxury yachting, the demand<br />

for highly skilled and professionally trained<br />

crew members is ever-present. Nestled<br />

in the heart of Australia, the Superyacht Crew<br />

Academy stands as a beacon of excellence,<br />

offering a gateway to the glamorous and<br />

rewarding career of Superyacht service.<br />

With a focus on the Superyacht Deckhand<br />

course, Superyacht Interior course, and<br />

the pivotal STCW 95+10, the academy<br />

prepares individuals for the high seas with a<br />

blend of practical skills and comprehensive<br />

knowledge.<br />

Superyacht Deckhand Course:<br />

The First Step to a Role on Deck<br />

The Superyacht Deckhand Package which<br />

includes the STCW 95+10, is an intensive<br />

17-day course designed to equip aspiring<br />

deckhands with the necessary skills and<br />

knowledge to excel on a Superyacht. This IYT<br />

Deckhand course is MCA and internationally<br />

recognised, it covers everything from yacht<br />

maintenance and seamanship to safety<br />

procedures and tender driving, ensuring that<br />

graduates are well-prepared for the demands<br />

of their role. Located in Sydney’s Northern<br />

Beaches, the course combines theoretical<br />

learning with hands- on experience, setting<br />

the foundation for a successful career in<br />

the yachting industry.<br />

Superyacht Interior Course:<br />

Mastering the Art of Superyacht Hospitality<br />

For those drawn to the elegance and<br />

sophistication of Superyacht hospitality,<br />

the IYT Superyacht Interior Crew Package<br />

which includes the STCW 95+10, offers a<br />

14-day comprehensive training programme.<br />

This course is tailored for individuals<br />

aiming to become professional stewards<br />

or stewardesses, focusing on interior<br />

management, service excellence, and guest<br />

satisfaction. Students learn the intricacies<br />

of table setting, housekeeping, laundry<br />

procedures, and silver service, ensuring<br />

they can provide an unparalleled guest<br />

experience. The academy’s commitment<br />

to quality training ensures that graduates<br />

are confident and competent to take on the<br />

role of a Superyacht steward/ess.<br />

STCW 95+10:<br />

The Essential Certification for Superyacht Crew<br />

The STCW 95+10 course is a fundamental<br />

requirement for anyone looking to work on a<br />

Superyacht. This 8-day training programme<br />

covers the essential safety and survival<br />

skills required by the International Maritime<br />

Organisation (IMO). The course includes fire<br />

fighting and prevention, personal survival<br />

techniques, first aid, and personal safety<br />

and social responsibilities. With the Manila<br />

Amendments 2010 updates, the STCW<br />

95+10 certification ensures that crew<br />

members are up-to-date with the latest<br />

safety standards, and ready to respond<br />

effectively in emergencies.<br />

Beyond Training:<br />

A Career of Adventure and Opportunity<br />

Graduates of the Superyacht Crew Academy<br />

are not just equipped with the skills needed<br />

for their specific roles; they are stepping into<br />

a world of adventure, luxury, and opportunity.<br />

The academy’s courses are designed not only<br />

to meet the industry’s rigorous standards<br />

but to exceed them, ensuring that each<br />

student is prepared for the challenges and<br />

rewards of Superyacht life.<br />

The Superyacht Crew Academy’s commitment<br />

to excellence is evident in its comprehensive<br />

training programmes, expert instructors,<br />

and state-of-the-art facilities. By focusing<br />

on the IYT Deckhand course, IYT Interior<br />

course, and STCW 95 training, the academy<br />

ensures its students are well-equipped for<br />

the Superyacht industry.<br />

For those dreaming of a career that combines<br />

luxury, travel, and unparalleled professional<br />

opportunities, the Superyacht Crew Academy<br />

is the perfect place to start your adventure.<br />

For any questions or advice on starting a<br />

career in the Superyacht industry, feel free<br />

to reach out and talk to the SCA team.<br />

For more course information<br />

Tel: +61 (02) 9979 9669<br />

or visit www.superyacht-crew-academy.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 47

Home port heaven in Genoa<br />

At the heart of the Mediterranean with its beautiful historic centre and maritime tradition,<br />

Genoa welcomes a new initiative that has transformed the city’s superyacht offering<br />

A<br />

sk any captain what the key to<br />

a successful superyacht cruise<br />

or charter is, and most will cite<br />

a handful of core facets – great<br />

support, access to maintenance facilities in<br />

case of problems, and a hidden destination<br />

or two to surprise and delight the guests.<br />

The irony is that these facets can also<br />

apply to home-porting. It’s why Genoa, best<br />

known as the Italian Riviera – is such an<br />

ideal base for superyachts and crew. Its<br />

ideal location in the heart of the Med and its<br />

dedicated crew services – including sports<br />

facilities and crew training – make Genoa<br />

a hidden gem that offers so much more<br />

than you thought.<br />

From its UNESCO World Heritage listed<br />

historic centre to its international airport,<br />

and from its revitalised waterfront to its<br />

location as a hub to the best cruising<br />

grounds in the western Med, Genoa has<br />

it all. Just a stone’s throw from Portofino<br />

and the glorious Cinque Terre coastline and<br />

villages, and within a short seaward cruise,<br />

you can find Corsica, Sardinia, Elba and the<br />

islands of the Tyrrhenian sea waiting to<br />

be discovered. It’s no wonder superyacht<br />

captains and crews are turning on to the<br />

possibilities of Genoa not only as a place<br />

to visit, but as a place to stay.<br />

This what has led to the development of<br />

Genoa Superyacht Hub – a brand with two<br />

souls – which is an initiative by Amico & Co<br />

and Pesto Sea Group. Genoa Superyacht<br />

Hub’s mission is to let the world know<br />

how attractive the location is and at the<br />

same time improve what Genoa offers the<br />

superyachts and their crew. Not only do<br />

superyachts have on hand Amico & Co, one of<br />

the world’s most modern and most capable<br />

superyacht refit and maintenance yards<br />

– complete with 4,000 ton ShipLift – and<br />

48 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


the expertise of Pesto Sea Group, one of<br />

Italy’s most renowned yacht and ship agents,<br />

but also more than 50 other superyacht<br />

related businesses in the immediate area<br />

together with easy access to superyacht<br />

contractors, services and suppliers in the<br />

nearby yacht building district.<br />

“There’s much more to Genoa Superyacht<br />

Hub than those supplemental services,<br />

however,” says Alberto Amico, CEO of<br />

Amico & Co. “We went out of our way to<br />

consider what crews want and need from<br />

a home port, and what we offer is second<br />

to none. For example, we have developed a<br />

brand new facility for superyachts up to 110<br />

metres LOA called Waterfront Marina, which<br />

offers crew sports and leisure facilities and<br />

a dedicated crew concierge, and we also<br />

organise crew socials and events.The crew<br />

concierge is there also to assist with things<br />

such as advice on visas, financial matters<br />

and other elements that affect the crew.<br />

These are the service offerings that set<br />

Genoa Superyacht Hub apart other home<br />

ports in the region – and they are key to<br />

ensuring crews don’t just see Genoa as a<br />

great place to stay, but as a home away<br />

from home.”<br />

That’s not all. Genoa Superyacht Hub also<br />

offers crew training courses that not only<br />

allow crew to keep on top of core skills but<br />

to also learn new ones by partnering with<br />

the Professional Yachting Association (PYA).<br />

“We actively collaborate with the PYA by<br />

creating opportunities for crews such as<br />

Career Days, where crews can boost their<br />

careers by networking with trainers and<br />

recruiters,” Fabio Pesto, CEO of Pesto Sea<br />

Group, explains. For the training centre,<br />

we collaborate with the best professional<br />

training providers such as Bluewater and<br />

their vast array of specialist crew courses.<br />

“Genoa Superyacht Hub is more than just a<br />

home port – it’s a real community,” enthuses<br />

Alberto Amico. “From our facilities and<br />

opportunities for upskilling to the worldclass<br />

superyacht services on offer. Isn’t it<br />

about time you rethought your home port?”<br />

For more details visit<br />

www.genoasuperyachthub.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 49





This strategic partnership<br />

marks a significant milestone<br />

in the evolution of seamless<br />

digital entertainment<br />

Airmont, a leading<br />

technology solutions<br />

provider is thrilled to<br />

announce its latest<br />

strategic move:<br />

the acquisition of<br />

Jetstream Co, the<br />

pioneering yacht<br />

video streaming powerhouse founded by<br />

Will Faimatea in 2009. This strategic<br />

partnership marks a significant milestone<br />

in the evolution of the seamless digital<br />

entertainment landscape.<br />

Airmont, known for its commitment to<br />

innovation and excellence, has been a<br />

trailblazer in redefining how we stream<br />

our own content and how we get Live TV<br />

in an affordable and reliable manner while<br />

travelling in air, at sea or on land. With this<br />

acquisition, Airmont expands its footprint in<br />

the ever-evolving world of streaming media,<br />

reinforcing its mission, providing unparalleled<br />

experiences to its global audience.<br />


As streaming continues to dominate<br />

the entertainment landscape, Airmont’s<br />

acquisition of Jetstream positions the<br />

company at the forefront of this digital<br />

revolution.<br />

With the integration of Jetstream’s<br />

technology and content, Airmont is poised<br />

to set new standards for streaming quality,<br />

user experience, and content variety.<br />

The merger promises an exhilarating fusion<br />

of technologies and markets, seamlessly<br />

integrating the strengths of Airmont and<br />

Jetstream. Customers from both sides can<br />

now anticipate an unparalleled streaming<br />

experience, enriched by the best that each<br />

company has to offer.<br />

The expertise and resources will set a new<br />

benchmark for the industry, ushering in a<br />

new era of immersive, high-quality content<br />

delivery on both yachts and business jets.<br />

“This acquisition is a testament to<br />

Airmont’s commitment to innovation<br />

and our dedication to providing our<br />

audience with the best possible<br />

entertainment experiences. We are<br />

excited to embark on this journey<br />

with Jetstream and look forward to<br />

shaping the future of streaming.”<br />

Jean-François Gault, Executive<br />

President at Airmont<br />


Airmont is a leading service provider<br />

company that has redefined the way we<br />

consume content. With a commitment<br />

to innovation and a focus on delivering<br />

exceptional customer experiences,<br />

Airmont has earned its reputation as a<br />

visionary in the industry.<br />


Founded in 2009, Jetstream blazed a trail in<br />

the digital landscape, setting the standard<br />

for innovation and quality by delivering<br />

cutting edge technologies especially<br />

for the yachting world.<br />

For more details Tel: +33 (0)1 34 13 37 23<br />

or visit www.airmont.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 51

Closer to<br />

perfection<br />

The magnificent schooner Athos has been<br />

extensively converted – inside and outside –<br />

updated and optimised by Huisfit in Amsterdam.<br />

It would be hard to improve on the immaculate<br />

modern classic that has resulted<br />


Athos stands<br />

tall as one of the<br />

most sensational and<br />

groundbreaking sailing<br />

yachts to grace the<br />

waters<br />

52 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

Before acquiring the 62 m / 203 ft Hoek-designed,<br />

Holland Jachtbouw-built Athos (2010), the new<br />

owner chartered her for a year. He fell in love with<br />

the boat but saw many ways in which she could<br />

be optimised to enhance the amenities and user<br />

experience. As the project evolved in his mind, so the refit<br />

list grew. And as the refit work got under way, so additional<br />

opportunities to perfect the outcome presented themselves.<br />

What started as a large refit project soon came to embrace all<br />

aspects of the Huisfit proposition: Refit, Rebuild and Renewal.<br />

The stern overhang would be extended and, on deck, cockpit<br />

layouts had to be redesigned and a new forward navigation<br />

deckhouse had to be added. New booms, new sails and carbon<br />

rigging would ensure improved sail management and performance.<br />

All systems were to be updated. A considerable amount of<br />

the interior was to be replaced or reconfigured and updated.<br />

Hoek Design was again involved in all naval architecture work<br />

to accommodate these changes, the interior styling and<br />

layout of the new owner’s cabin, one of the guest cabins,<br />

the main salon, the new crew service area and the navigation<br />

deckhouse. Peter Mikic Interiors was responsible for the layout<br />

and styling of the main deckhouse and for the overall guest<br />

interior decoration.<br />

Huisfit’s capability and reputation for quality led to obtaining<br />

the project. For the owner, it was a bonus to take Athos back<br />

to the location where she was originally built in 2010, now<br />

Huisfit’s Amsterdam deep water refit facility.<br />


Athos’ stern has been extended by 1.25 metre / 4 feet, a<br />

seemingly modest extension. Yet the concave and convex<br />

curves of the new section called for exceptional skills in the<br />

design and build of the aluminum structure in order to fit<br />

perfectly into the aluminum hull. The extension, with a relocated<br />

pushpit, provides a new two-metre area for sunbeds behind<br />

the owners’ private cockpit.<br />

© Oliver Riley<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 53

The cockpit itself has been reconfigured for easier access and got<br />

extra amenities, including a fridge and icemaker. The interior layout<br />

and furnishing of the owners’ deckhouse have been updated. As a<br />

finishing touch, the new stern section has been complemented<br />

by a fine teak transom.<br />

The main cockpit and deckhouse, aft of the mainmast, have been<br />

extensively modified to provide a true social hub for meeting and<br />

greeting, al fresco dining and relaxed leisure activity. The new<br />

cockpit is wider and longer and can comfortably provide dining<br />

for 12 people. There is also informal seating for guests to meet<br />

in smaller groups or find a quiet corner to enjoy a read. Coffee<br />

tables are flexibly designed in order to adjust to become coffee<br />

tables or dining tables. A bar with fridge and icemaker has been<br />

installed. Just aft of the main cockpit, re-designed dashboard<br />

consoles sit to port and starboard of the ship’s wheel.<br />

The main deckhouse floor has been raised to one level and provides<br />

an enhanced outlook. The entire interior, including the nav station,<br />

was taken out and a new design installed. The deckhouse looks<br />

much larger, the traffic flow is better and the natural light has<br />

improved. A new classic looking bar has been built on the portside<br />

and a couch occupies the space of the nav station, while smaller<br />

dining tables and casual seating maximise flexibility.<br />

More forward the former crew companionway which gave access to<br />

the crew quarters has been replaced by a larger, third deckhouse,<br />

styled and crafted in the same style as the other deckhouses.<br />

This houses a new navigation and secondary steering station<br />

and provides additional social space for the crew and access<br />

below. At the same time, the new design of the crew deckhouse<br />

improved the flow of the engine room ventilation system and<br />

reduced the subsequent noise considerably.<br />


The owners’ suite has been totally stripped out, re-designed<br />

and refitted. An additional porthole was made on either side<br />

and therewith wasted space was eliminated to make full use of<br />

idle space. There are now two bathrooms in place of one and a<br />

new walk-in closet. Hard panelling has been replaced by subtle<br />

fabrics and the plank flooring has been carpeted to create a<br />

warm and tranquil ambiance.<br />

Just forward of the owner’s suite, a dayhead has been removed.<br />

The space thus obtained has been incorporated into the aft<br />

port guest cabin, where a fixed Queen bed and a sofa have been<br />

added. Along with the other three guest cabins, the floor has<br />

been carpeted and the fielded panels have been upholstered.<br />

Everything inside the corridor that connects the guest cabins has<br />

been renewed – new walls, new flooring, new carpets, even a new<br />

chandelier! The biggest change in this area was the replacement<br />

of the original curved staircase to the main deckhouse with a<br />

beautifully crafted and space-liberating new stairway.<br />

From the main deckhouse, stairs forward previously gave access<br />

to a lower salon in an open plan setting with a showpiece galley.<br />

A fireplace was removed and a wall built between the two areas<br />

to create a cozy and intimate media room to starboard. A long<br />

bookcase built cross-ships and luxurious new furniture complete<br />

the scene.<br />

The galley to port, behind the new wall, has been custom-rebuilt<br />

and all equipment updated for modern haute cuisine practices.<br />

© Oliver Riley<br />

54 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

© RedCharlie<br />

A stewardess station has been added meaning that there is<br />

more room in the galley for the chef.<br />

In the crew quarters, the laundry has all-new appliances, the<br />

crew cabins have new floors and the crew mess enjoys the<br />

benefit of new worktops.<br />

© Oliver Riley<br />

AND MORE?<br />

There is too much to list here, but other enhancements include<br />

all-new navigation, alarm and safety systems and new lighting<br />

throughout. All PLCs have been changed and pumps upgraded.<br />

All guest spaces benefit from a state of the art communications<br />

and entertainment package. The main tender has been completely<br />

rebuilt and there is a new second tender.<br />

The bottom of the hull was blasted to bare aluminum before a<br />

full respray.<br />

This was a major, full-on conversion project regularly employing<br />

up to fifty skilled people for more than a year. Without the<br />

exceptional teamwork between the owner’s team, architects,<br />

designers and the Huisfit team this project might still be ongoing!<br />

Acting on behalf of the owner, project manager Jeremy “Bear”<br />

Wynne from Wynne Projects Ltd. concludes: “The additions and<br />

modifications have not only improved the functionality of the<br />

yacht, they have also enhanced the appearance. The quality of<br />

Huisfit’s work is exceptional.”<br />

The main cockpit and deckhouse, aft of the<br />

mainmast, have been extensively modified to<br />

provide a true social hub for meeting and greeting,<br />

al fresco dining and relaxed leisure activity.<br />

Curious to see more? Scan the QR<br />

Code and see our 90-page e-book:<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 55

You wear<br />

it well<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> looks at the smart<br />

and practicable options for crew<br />

uniforms for the <strong>2024</strong> season<br />


If your garment has the Liquid label inside, you can be<br />

assured that it is designed specifically for yachting.<br />

Utilising UPF protection with quick dry and performance<br />

fabrics, Liquid is the leading edge for stylish, functional<br />

uniform. Over the past 25 years Liquid has developed<br />

into an internationally recognised brand. With retail<br />

stores in both the USA and France, Liquid’s capabilities<br />

range from outfitting your newly built yacht to<br />

resupplying your current uniform requirement. <strong>2024</strong><br />

brings an emphasis on sustainability with Liquid’s<br />

exclusive uniform recycling programme. Crew members<br />

can drop off or ship any of their old uniforms to their<br />

U.S. location. Liquid will donate unmarked garments<br />

to worthy charities or send marked uniforms to be<br />

shredded into fibres that will then be used to create<br />

new textiles. Up-to-date styles, fabric innovations,<br />

sustainability, and worldwide efficiency are the<br />

attributes that elevate Liquid over the competition.<br />

www.liquidyachtwear.com<br />

56 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Marina Yacht Wear stands at the forefront of<br />

sustainable innovation in the yacht apparel<br />

industry, committed to redefining style and<br />

responsibility on the high seas. Their dedication<br />

to eco-friendly practices is evident in every<br />

stitch of their high-quality yacht crew uniforms,<br />

meticulously crafted from ecological fabrics. This<br />

commitment extends beyond their products to<br />

embody the very essence of the brand, ensuring<br />

that they not only dress the crews of today but<br />

also safeguard the oceans for tomorrow. With the<br />

recent opening of showrooms in the picturesque<br />

cities of Nice, France, and Athens, Greece, they<br />

are expanding their reach, bringing their unique<br />

blend of style, sustainability, and service closer<br />

to their valued clientele. What sets Marina Yacht<br />

Wear apart is their dedication to producing their<br />

own brand, guaranteeing consistency and quality<br />

across the range. They are weaving a future<br />

where luxury and sustainability sail hand in hand.<br />

www.marinayachtwear.com<br />


W<br />

hen you’re looking to get<br />

your crew kitted out, what<br />

do you look for? Could it be kit<br />

that is designed by people<br />

who have worked on board,<br />

who understand exactly<br />

what you need on a dayto-day<br />

basis? Or possibly<br />

a supplier who designs<br />

and manufactures their own<br />

kit, creating gear that meets<br />

exacting superyacht quality<br />

standards? What about a team<br />

who produces sustainable crew<br />

kit that still looks great, is comfortable<br />

and durable? Well, the team at VMG tick all<br />

those boxes, and some. The VMG Crew are a mix of professional sailors,<br />

ex-officers, chief stews, and fashion designers. VMG Clothing is trusted<br />

by crews across the world for its comfort, durability and great looks. They<br />

provide comprehensive project management. Whether it’s graphic design,<br />

brand sourcing, customisation, or logistics, they integrate every aspect into<br />

a polished and cohesive solution. New Zealand is synonymous with sailing<br />

and the marine industry, so their HQ in Auckland is perfectly positioned<br />

to harness generations of knowledge. The European Office is located<br />

in Palma de Mallorca, with their own manufacturing facilities in China. All<br />

combining to ensure they are well-placed to service all your global crew<br />

wear needs. At VMG they don’t just create uniforms, they build enduring<br />

client relationships through outstanding service and transparency.<br />

www.vmgclothing.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 57

Set sail with<br />

confidence and style<br />

Elevate the way your crew look and feel with VMG’s elegant,<br />

high performance crew wear. Whether it’s customised kit for your<br />

crew or quality uniforms for your staff – we’ve got you covered.<br />

Your voyage, our mission<br />


Photography by Breed Media


Deeply committed to the specific needs of captains and<br />

yacht crews, Marinepool’s design decisions are informed<br />

by a profound understanding of the challenges and demands<br />

of maritime life. This approach results in products that are not<br />

only functional, breathable, and comfortable but also embody a<br />

commitment to environmental stewardship. Marinepool’s gear,<br />

from fabric choice to feature design, is engineered to require<br />

minimal care, saving time and resources while maintaining<br />

performance and appearance. Marinepool’s vast range of<br />

clothing for every department on board, enhances the maritime<br />

experience without compromising on environmental values. By<br />

continuing to redefine maritime apparel, Marinepool fosters a<br />

worldwide community united by a profound love for the ocean.<br />

www.marinepool.com<br />


H<br />

orizon Collection: Developed to combine a<br />

professional, stylish look with daily comfort and ease<br />

of care. The Horizon fabric is stain-resistant, quick drying,<br />

and even rated to UPF 30 to help out on those sunny<br />

days. Produced in their most commonly requested colours<br />

and available in a wide range of silhouettes, the Horizon<br />

Collection has something for all uniform programs. A<br />

staple of the Smallwood’s line, Horizon is kept stocked at<br />

the highest level to ensure it is always available for order.<br />

Pacific/Elements Collection: Originally created for use in<br />

boardshorts, their Pacific fabric has proven to be supremely<br />

versatile. A soft hand, lightweight feel and abundance of<br />

stretch make this one of the most comfortable fabrics they’ve<br />

ever worked with. These pieces are all easy care, quick dry,<br />

and rated to UPF 50, so in addition to looking and feeling<br />

great they stay in perfect shape with minimal effort.<br />

Universal Collection: One of their first forays into introducing<br />

high levels of stretch to items that can work for both on and<br />

off charter. The idea was to offer something that is stylish<br />

and professional while still being comfortable enough to<br />

wear on a daily basis. Since its launch this collection of skorts<br />

and shorts has been successfully incorporated into countless<br />

uniform programmes across the globe.<br />

www.smallwoods.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 59


Prestige Yacht-Wear, designed and<br />

crafted in France for superyachts,<br />

presents the Luxury Yacht fashion<br />

collection, a unique synthesis of<br />

more than 30 years’ experience<br />

in yachtwear, to offer to the<br />

world’s finest yachts: the finest<br />

technical fabrics in the world, that<br />

are both 100% environmentally<br />

friendly and eco-conscious. A<br />

wide range of functional and<br />

extremely comfortable smart<br />

products with modern and unique<br />

timeless designs. Unlimited creative and<br />

customisation possibilities, with their inhouse<br />

design-prototyping team and wide fabrics<br />

and glamorous colours range. With their own production<br />

facilities in France, they guarantee to always deliver, anywhere in the<br />

world. Prestige Yacht-Wear has opened its very first shop in Antibes<br />

to introduce you to all the creations. Each piece tells its own story,<br />

come discover it at 6 Avenue de Verdun in Antibes, in front of the Port.<br />

Distributed by “Marine Broderies - Prestige Yacht Uniforms & Interiors”,<br />

a leading company in yacht uniforms and finest embroidery for the past<br />

35 years, you’ll have access to all the best yacht uniforms brands, the<br />

finest linens and interior brands for your yacht.<br />

www.marinebroderies.com<br />


Ethical Yacht Wear specialises in providing the<br />

international yachting industry with sustainable,<br />

luxury uniform and industry apparel. Their uniform<br />

is designed using a combination of the most earth<br />

friendly fabrics available, predominantly utilising<br />

organic cotton and recycled performance material<br />

incorporating ocean plastics. Ethical Yacht Wear<br />

is continuously researching new and innovative<br />

fabrics to tailor their uniforms from, and to continue<br />

on their mission in decreasing the textile and<br />

yachting industries’ environmental footprint. The<br />

company operates on a circular business model,<br />

having prevented over half a million plastic bottles<br />

from entering the world oceans and providing vital<br />

necessities to families living in poverty through<br />

sustainable uniform sales. Ethical Yacht Wear’s<br />

mission is to support their ocean and land based<br />

clientele through the transition to high quality, fair<br />

trade, sustainable uniforms and in turn provide the<br />

opportunity to give back to our oceans and planet<br />

that make the yachting industry possible!<br />

www.ethicalyachtwear.com<br />

60 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Paul Kuijper talks about the passion and expertise within MCK-Suppliers in the<br />

world of sourcing and supplying superyacht equipment and spares<br />


MCK Suppliers B.V. is a nautical supply<br />

company that specialises in providing<br />

goods for the superyacht industry.<br />

As owner Paul Kuijper says, “Driven by a<br />

deeply rooted passion for the nautical<br />

world, our enthusiasm triggers our urge<br />

to provide a high level of service and quality<br />

in this exceptional field of work. We strive<br />

to solve problems and are in the constant<br />

pursuit of exceeding the expectation of our<br />

satisfied customers.”<br />

“With an ambitious team of experts, and<br />

a wide network of excellent suppliers and<br />

shippers, we can respond quickly to our<br />

customer needs. We know and understand<br />

the need of a partner that gives them the<br />

trust of a personalised order flow that<br />

delivers each and every time on schedule.<br />

Additionally, we fully understand their need<br />

for privacy at the highest possible level,<br />

and accordingly maintain personal customer<br />

care in every step of our services, including<br />

excellent aftersales.”<br />

The experienced and determined team of<br />

experts know their way around operational<br />

yachts and refit to a high degree. They<br />

assist the entire crew with sourcing and<br />

supplying their products for a fair price.<br />

Engineering, Deck, Galley, Essentials, Interior,<br />

Spa, IT, Office and more. From hand tools,<br />

test equipment, electrical components to<br />

pumps in engineering consumables to laundry,<br />

cleaning and household products, it’s all<br />

there. All well-known and necessary brands<br />

are represented in the MCK range. MCK is<br />

also a preferred brand supplier and dealer<br />

for some exclusive brands.<br />

MCK’s engineering team assists with<br />

custom orders, Aluminum - Steel - ST/ST,<br />

with the latest techniques for visualising<br />

assignments and creating storage places<br />

for custom orders.<br />

Each order shows which<br />

goods have arrived in the<br />

warehouse and the ETA for<br />

the goods yet to arrive. An<br />

accurate, ‘real-time’ list.<br />

Custom-made storage racks for toys<br />

and bicycles, seabobs, steps, etc. A 3-D<br />

program allows each space to be redesigned<br />

together with the customer and tailormade<br />

for storage. Storage is always the<br />

big problem on board. This specialist team<br />

has the solutions for this. High-quality<br />

materials and an excellent reputation for<br />

safe, reliable, and perfect work.<br />

Visit MCK’s webshop, which makes it<br />

even more convenient to handpick all your<br />

necessary components. Here, spare parts<br />

and maintenance products can be ordered<br />

securely and easy. Or simply request a<br />

quote for selected products through the<br />

webshop. All departments are represented<br />

here: Engineering, Interior, Galley-Pantry,<br />

Deck, Bridge & Navigation, Safety and<br />

Storage.<br />

MCK has a customer login for all its<br />

customers on the website. Every customer<br />

and, if desired, every department, receives its<br />

own customer login on the secure website,<br />

where all quotes, invoices and orders are<br />

contained. Each order shows which goods<br />

have arrived in the warehouse and the ETA<br />

for the goods yet to arrive. An accurate,<br />

‘real-time’ list. All information is available<br />

quickly and clearly within a few mouse clicks.<br />

The shipments are also easy to trace via<br />

the website with deliveries of course made<br />

worldwide. MCK also has a team that works<br />

with renowned companies that arrange<br />

customs clearance, VAT export handling<br />

and customs formalities, import and export<br />

for their customers.<br />

MCK has over 35 years of experience in<br />

this field and works closely alongside its<br />

customers to deliver an exceptional level of<br />

service, with a transparency about delivery<br />

times - this is the foundation the company<br />

was built on and stands true to this day.<br />

For more details Tel: +31(0)85 0220638<br />

or visit www.mck-suppliers.com<br />

info@mck-suppliers.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 61

The winning refit formula<br />

Grupo Barco’s quality of services is a key standard that is applied to all projects<br />

undertaken, together with taking care of their employees who in turn care of clients<br />

In the vast expanse of maritime enterprises,<br />

Group Barco stands as a beacon of excellence<br />

in yacht repair and refit services. With a<br />

diverse array of departments specialising<br />

in various facets of marine engineering, the<br />

company has established itself as a trusted<br />

partner for yacht owners seeking top-tier<br />

maintenance and refurbishment solutions.<br />

From mechanical and engineering tasks to<br />

metalwork, welding, and hydraulic services,<br />

Group Barco offers a comprehensive suite<br />

of services tailored to meet the unique<br />

needs of each client.<br />


Group Barco operates through several<br />

distinct departments, each specialising<br />

in a specific aspect of yacht repair and refit:<br />

Barco: focuses on mechanical and engineering<br />

tasks, ensuring that the propulsion systems,<br />

engines, and onboard machinery of yachts<br />

are operating at peak performance.<br />

Casco: Specialising in metalwork, welding,<br />

and piping, the Casco department handles<br />

structural repairs and modifications to the<br />

hull and superstructure of yachts with<br />

precision and expertise.<br />

Racor: Dedicated to hydraulic systems, Racor<br />

ensures the smooth operation of hydraulic<br />

components such as steering systems,<br />

stabilizers, and thrusters, enhancing the<br />

safety and manoeuvrability of yachts.<br />

62 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Parts: Leveraging advanced CNC machining<br />

technology, the Parts department<br />

manufactures custom components and<br />

parts with unparalleled precision, facilitating<br />

seamless repairs and upgrades for yachts<br />

of all sizes.<br />

Yacht: As the cornerstone of project<br />

management, the Yacht department<br />

oversees the holistic execution of repair and<br />

refit projects, coordinating efforts across<br />

departments to ensure timely delivery and<br />

exceptional quality.<br />

A Commitment to Excellence<br />

At Group Barco, excellence is not just a<br />

goal - it’s a way of life. The company’s<br />

team of skilled professionals, including<br />

naval engineers, technicians, welders, and<br />

project managers, are dedicated to delivering<br />

superior results with every project they<br />

undertake. By staying abreast of the latest<br />

advancements in marine technology and<br />

adhering to rigorous quality standards, Group<br />

Barco consistently exceeds expectations,<br />

earning the trust and loyalty of yacht owners<br />

worldwide.<br />


While Group Barco is headquartered in Palma<br />

de Mallorca and Vilanova, its reach extends<br />

far beyond the shores of Spain. With the<br />

capability to work in all shipyards across<br />

the country, including those in Palma de<br />

Mallorca and Vilanova, Group Barco serves<br />

clients wherever they may be. Whether it’s<br />

a routine maintenance task or a complex<br />

refit project, yacht owners can rely on Group<br />

Barco to deliver exceptional service and<br />

results, no matter the location.<br />


As Group Barco continues to expand its<br />

presence in the yacht repair and refit<br />

industry, the company remains committed<br />

to innovation, quality, and customer<br />

satisfaction. By investing in training and<br />

development, adopting sustainable practices,<br />

and embracing emerging technologies,<br />

Group Barco is poised to lead the way in<br />

shaping the future of yacht maintenance<br />

and refurbishment. With a steadfast<br />

dedication to excellence and a passion<br />

for perfection, Group Barco invites yacht<br />

owners to experience the difference that<br />

unparalleled expertise and commitment<br />

can make in preserving and enhancing the<br />

beauty and performance of their vessels.<br />

For more details Tel: +34 747 866 166<br />

or visit www.grupobarcopm.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 63

WISH<br />

LIST<br />

This season’s selection of must-have<br />

innovations and design trends<br />


Beosound 2 Ferrari Edition takes the<br />

craft of Danish audio and the flair of<br />

Italian motorsport – and drives it home.<br />

Delivering perfect playback, no matter<br />

where you place it. It works anywhere,<br />

so you can bring the speed<br />

of sound everywhere.<br />

€4,500 | www.bang-olufsen.com<br />


The safest luxury watch safe in the world, with certified security classes<br />

VdS/EN 3 to VdS/EN 5. and ready for connection to a burglar alarm.<br />

€128,500 | www.doettling.com<br />


Sirius Jet, dubbed the world’s first<br />

hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft that<br />

is co-designed by BMW’s Designworks<br />

and Sauber Group<br />

www.siriusjet.com<br />

64 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

DESIRE<br />


Verge opened its first store in the principality of Monaco in 2023 and donated one of the special bikes to become the<br />

grand prize of The Princess of Monaco Cup charity golf tournament in that September.<br />

www.vergemotorcycles.com<br />


The Ciclotte Teckell exercise cycle was born from<br />

the cooperation of two Italian excellences, united by<br />

the passion for design, technology and attention to<br />

detail and Made in Italy. With its minimalistic shapes,<br />

it is the only exercise bike in glass.<br />

€14,700 | www.ciclotte.com<br />


The high quality acoustics reproduce the vocally-driven<br />

and three dimensional sound of a live performance.<br />

The lights recreate the visual excitement of a concert.<br />

BALMUDA The Speaker is designed to recreate a full<br />

sensorial immersion into live music.<br />

€400 | www.us.balmuda.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 65


To round off the <strong>2024</strong> Superyacht Technology Show, I had the pleasure of exploring with<br />

Len Davì his inspiring journey to create DAVÌ luxury headphones. Read on to learn how his<br />

uncompromising quest for excellence brought personal audio to new heights.<br />

66 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

Torsten: Len, you have made<br />

quite an impression on the<br />

yachting industry so far, but<br />

for those who have not yet<br />

heard about DAVÌ, what<br />

do luxury headphones<br />

have to do with mega<br />

yachts?<br />

Len: It’s a great pleasure speaking with you<br />

again, Torsten. DAVÌ was born out of the desire<br />

to create extraordinary personal audio products<br />

for the most discerning clientele in the world,<br />

and that certainly includes mega yacht owners.<br />

Nowadays, headphones are an invaluable addition<br />

in virtually any environment. There are the<br />

obvious benefits of privacy and isolation – noisecancelling<br />

headphones can create a secluded<br />

environment to conduct business or private<br />

calls without distractions from environmental<br />

noise or external conversations. They also help<br />

with concentration and relaxation.<br />

The noise level on mega yachts varies significantly<br />

as they navigate different environments, and a set<br />

of superior-quality, noise-cancelling headphones<br />

will help ensure serenity, comfort and enjoyment<br />

for all passengers.<br />

Finally, the headphones will ensure that everyone<br />

onboard can engage in different activities,<br />

including exercising, working, or watching a<br />

movie on the big screen without interrupting<br />

others. The headphones easily connect wirelessly<br />

to the home theatre system onboard a yacht.<br />

Torsten: Thank you, Len. My next question<br />

is why DAVÌ? What makes your brand more<br />

suitable for the mega yacht environment than<br />

other audio brands?<br />

Len: In short, DAVÌ offers a combination of<br />

exclusivity, timeless design, superior performance,<br />

exquisite materials and personalization that the<br />

mega yacht owners have come to appreciate<br />

and expect. Most everything on a luxury yacht<br />

is carefully curated and custom made using<br />

only the finest quality materials, and now, with<br />

DAVÌ, this can also be true for personal audio.<br />

Yacht owners often seek unique, exclusive,<br />

custom products that reflect their lifestyle and<br />

preferences, and this makes DAVÌ a natural fit.<br />

order, and in addition to several DAVÌ Signature<br />

design options, the headphones can be custom<br />

designed to complement the interior of a luxury<br />

yacht, or the aesthetic preferences of the owner.<br />

Our designers work with owners, or their interior<br />

designers to devise a unique creation for each<br />

client, utilizing bespoke, unique and precious<br />

materials and finishes to seamlessly integrate<br />

the headphones with the opulent surroundings<br />

of a yacht.<br />

Torsten: Excellent. What was the inspiration<br />

behind creating the brand? What are the origins<br />

of DAVÌ?<br />

Len: Throughout my career managing several<br />

significant audio brands, I was always limited by<br />

price points and timelines, and always wondered<br />

“What if there were no constraints?” This led<br />

me to envision a brand that transcends the<br />

limitations of time, cost, and existing technology<br />

to deliver truly extraordinary, multi-sensory<br />

experience. I quickly realized that luxury was<br />

the only realm that could accommodate and even<br />

expect the level of excellence and sophistication<br />

I was aiming to achieve.<br />

Torsten: Can you walk us through the process<br />

of bringing this amazing vision to life?<br />

Len: Absolutely. True luxury is grounded in<br />

uniqueness, innovation and excellence, and<br />

demands solutions beyond the existing, and<br />

so I began with assembling a team of the world’s<br />

best audio engineers, mechanical engineers,<br />

and industrial designers. I tasked them with<br />

pushing the boundaries of what’s possible –<br />

where technology didn’t exist, the team invented<br />

it, where existing acoustic solutions fell short,<br />

we created new ones. No compromises were<br />

allowed. I also collaborated with the world renown<br />

Italdesign to translate my vision into a stunning,<br />

timeless design that would seamlessly integrate<br />

our ground-breaking technology. Today, I am<br />

proud to say we have achieved our goal. DAVÌ<br />

headphones are not just engineering marvels,<br />

but also works of art.<br />

Torsten: Congratulations to you and the team.<br />

Could you briefly talk about the audio performance<br />

that sets DAVÌ headphones apart?<br />

Len: Certainly. We have several patents pending<br />

in the categories of audio, acoustics, and noise<br />

cancellation. It is this innovative, proprietary<br />

technology that allows us to deliver the neverbefore-possible<br />

audio performance. But it is not<br />

just about electronics. Everything about the<br />

headphones, including the advanced ergonomics,<br />

cutting-edge materials, the design, precision of<br />

build and the military-grade noise-cancellation<br />

technology that preserves sonic purity – all of<br />

it together contributes to the extraordinary and<br />

immersive auditory experience.<br />

Torsten: Thanks Len. That’s impressive. Finally,<br />

when will the headphones be available to order?<br />

Len: We will begin fulfilling our Signature series<br />

orders around July/August of this year. We do<br />

expect the first year’s production to be sold<br />

out before then, which is why I would like to<br />

extend an invitation to your clients and readers<br />

to pre-order the DAVÌ headphones ahead of the<br />

official launch.<br />

Torsten: Fantastic. Where can people learn<br />

more about DAVÌ?<br />

Len: Prior to our official launch, readers can<br />

visit our password-protected website, detailed<br />

below, to learn more about the product.<br />

Torsten: Thank you, Len. It’s been a pleasure<br />

speaking with you.<br />

Len: Thank you. The pleasure was all mine.<br />

For more information and to pre-order DAVÌ<br />

headphones, please contact Qualtron:<br />

T: +49 4331 43 79 057<br />

www.superysuperyachts@qualtron.com<br />

wwww.qualtron.com<br />

https://daviaudio.com/preview<br />

(Password: exclusive)<br />

Torsten: Yes, there is a very high level of<br />

customization in the super yacht industry. Does<br />

DAVÌ offer any customization?<br />

Len: Every set of DAVÌ headphones is made to<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 67

MAKER’S<br />

MARK<br />

Scottish adventurer and journalist<br />

Mark Agnew talks to <strong>ONBOARD</strong> about<br />

kayaking the Arctic Ocean’s Northwest<br />

Passage, and the fact he and his team<br />

were the first to successfully do so<br />

in a single season<br />

Words: Paul Dargan<br />

In 1845, Sir John Franklin led what unfortunately<br />

turned out to be a tragic expedition of two ships and<br />

129 men to the Arctic Ocean’s infamous Northwest<br />

Passage. In spite of being so near to uncovering<br />

the elusive sea path through the Canadian North, it<br />

remains one of the most lasting mysteries of Arctic<br />

exploration.<br />

Almost 200 years on, in July 2023, a team of three<br />

men and one woman set out to try their own hand<br />

at what had previously been an almost inaccessible<br />

mission – quite literally, due to the levels of ice in the<br />

region – and conquer the 1,600-mile lane between<br />

the Atlantic and the Pacific, through the Canadian<br />

Arctic Archipelago using human-power alone in two<br />

tandem kayaks.<br />

The band of brave individuals – Eileen Visser from Alaska<br />

and Texans Jeff Wueste and their leader West Hansen<br />

– named themselves the Arctic Cowboys, and it wasn’t<br />

long before Edinburgh-born Agnew got in touch with a<br />

goal of joining the expedition.<br />

68 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

Agnew, along with the Arctic<br />

Cowboys, found themselves<br />

faced with not just all manner of<br />

treacherous conditions, but wildlife’s<br />

unpredictability too – notably in the<br />

form of several confrontations with<br />

polar bears.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 69

The sense of adventure lies in what<br />

happens between the start and end<br />

of an expedition rather than the<br />

actual beginning and conclusion.<br />

Hansen, a 61-year-old endurance paddler, and<br />

Agnew, were already acquainted, with the<br />

former wishing the latter luck in his efforts<br />

to row across the Atlantic. Unfortunately,<br />

he was unsuccessful on two occasions; yet<br />

the Northwest Passage was something<br />

different and, arguably, something even<br />

bigger.<br />

Initial conversations were had, and a plan<br />

put down on paper, with Agnew deciding to<br />

focus his attentions on individual training<br />

in Blighty. The 32-year-old told <strong>ONBOARD</strong>:<br />

“I didn’t have the funding to meet them<br />

before the voyage, so I went to a guy called<br />

Jeff Allen in Cornwall who was invaluable in<br />

helping practising my transition to kayaking<br />

from rowing. He put me on a surfing beach<br />

with big breaking waves and said if I could<br />

stay upright in these conditions, I could<br />

do it in any!<br />

“Also, the difference between rowing and<br />

kayaking is distinct. In a rowing boat, you’re<br />

rowing backwards and a lot of the power<br />

is helped by your legs. In kayaking, though<br />

you are still using your legs it’s a very<br />

different technique. An ocean rowing boat<br />

is like a mini-yacht with a mast, it’s big<br />

and stable, with two cabins, an anchor,<br />

but with a kayak, you have to know what<br />

you’re doing to stay upright. There were<br />

certainly risks involved from both sides,” he<br />

continues, “as I was betting on us getting<br />

along. Of course, they were betting on the<br />

same but also that I was good at kayaking,<br />

as well! They knew that I was particularly<br />

resilient in extreme conditions, so that<br />

was a bonus.<br />

“I am so very grateful to West and the<br />

team for allowing me to prove myself, for<br />

being patient with me and for being amazing<br />

throughout. We got along from the word<br />

go - we all made it work and I’m so thankful<br />

for that.”<br />

Around 2017, not long after leaving<br />

university, Agnew was already eyeing up<br />

his ambitious voyage rowing the Atlantic<br />

Ocean and seeking sponsorship, reaching<br />

out to newspapers to cover his pursuit.<br />

Although many of the efforts of adventurers<br />

are seen as superhuman, Agnew explains<br />

that deep down they’re not too dissimilar to<br />

everyday people going about their everyday<br />

lives. It is this irresistible truth that inspired<br />

him to follow his own ventures into the<br />

unknown while documenting the feats of<br />

others as a journalist.<br />

He says, “After I left university, I moved<br />

out to Hong Kong and got something of<br />

a dream job as the Outdoor and Extreme<br />

Sports Editor of the South China Morning<br />

Post. However, it was this position that<br />

supercharged me to do these kinds of<br />

things myself. “In interviewing these people,<br />

I realised that they weren’t professional<br />

athletes. They were lawyers and teachers,<br />

they’re mothers, fathers, husbands, wives<br />

and had what we would deem to be ‘normal<br />

jobs.’ They’re also record-setting Ultrarunners<br />

and all of these sorts of things.<br />

“I found that the path towards doing these<br />

things wasn’t just about the immediate<br />

weeks and months before but accumulating<br />

everything over a period of years. I was<br />

already halfway on this path and it encouraged<br />

me to do them more seriously.”<br />

Back to the challenge and Agnew, along with<br />

the Arctic Cowboys, found themselves faced<br />

with not just all manner of treacherous<br />

conditions, but wildlife’s unpredictability too –<br />

notably in the form of several confrontations<br />

with polar bears.<br />

Agnew laughs apprehensively, recalling:<br />

“What would surprise me – as well as<br />

scare me – polar bears would be walking<br />

along the shore and we would be coming up<br />

behind them, obviously just on our journey.<br />

We didn’t want to spook them by just<br />

appearing, we wanted to make ourselves<br />

known. “However, this one occasion one<br />

looked over its shoulders and ran ahead.<br />

70 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

When you set off,<br />

you’re wondering<br />

when the finish<br />

will be, but it’s not<br />

about crossing<br />

off the miles.<br />

Although this bear could have gone inland anywhere,<br />

it just stayed on the shore. Then, realising it couldn’t<br />

outrun us, it went into the water and we thought it<br />

was coming for us. Thankfully, it was just allowing<br />

us to pass and that was that!”<br />

Ultimately, 103 days after they set out, the<br />

team successfully completed the first-ever sea<br />

kayak navigation of the Northwest Passage.<br />

Their Seaward Passat G3 tandem kayaks<br />

took them home, and at no point did they<br />

require any assistance from sails or motors.<br />

The group, humility at their core, prefer not<br />

to focus on their achievement as ‘record<br />

breakers’ and instead believe the intrinsic<br />

values and lessons gleaned from exploration<br />

amount to more than their names going down<br />

in history books. “The sense of adventure lies<br />

in what happens between the start and end of<br />

an expedition,” Agnew says, poetically. “Of course,<br />

when you set off, you’re wondering when the finish will<br />

be, but it’s not about crossing off the miles.<br />

“When I am giving my talks on my experiences and<br />

the future projects, I don’t say too much at all about<br />

achieving goals. I focus on the fact that if and when you<br />

reach what you want to do, what do you do next? Are<br />

you going to feel content or strive for the next thing?<br />

He enthuses, “So, I feel very proud of what we achieved,<br />

but also very content with the experience.”<br />

As a keynote speaker with glowing reviews from TEDx,<br />

and a raft of leading business corporations, Mark is<br />

at pains to pass on the advice of people not becoming<br />

“… the victim of destination addiction.” Meaning that<br />

once an objective has been achieved, it’s suddenly<br />

onto the next one.<br />

“Extrinsic motivations – the ambitions themselves – are<br />

useful goals to strive for,” he says. “Yet continuously<br />

moving forward without a sense of why, is unwise.<br />

However, those drives will facilitate the real happiness<br />

which last with you forever – the memories, the<br />

experiences, the comradeship.”<br />

As for his own future projects, Agnew – whose own<br />

father is esteemed explorer Sir Crispin Agnew QC -<br />

has two children under the age of two, and nothing<br />

is more important to him now than his family and<br />

fatherhood. But he’s not ready to stop adventuring<br />

yet – he’s just doing it closer to home.<br />

“’Stay-ventures’ are my new passion. I’ve always<br />

been passionate about discovering new places, and<br />

I’ve journeyed to far-off lands in search of adventure.<br />

However, I’ve recently realised that I’ve overlooked<br />

the treasures close to home.<br />

The 1,600 miles we did in a kayak through the Northwest<br />

Passage is less that the distance around the British<br />

Mainland – and there’s nowhere near as much ice!”<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 71

Welcome to the world’s<br />

most diverse and beautiful<br />

cruising destinations<br />



Destination<br />

Mediterranean<br />

Discover the UNESCO World<br />

Heritage Sites right next to<br />

stunning coastal beauty<br />


<strong>ONBOARD</strong> takes a look at the marinas and on shore services available to the visiting<br />

superyacht owners, guests and crew in France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Greece and The<br />

Aegean. You will always find a can-do attitude and a welcome smile.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 73

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French Dressing<br />

Stretching from Marseille to the Italian border, the French Riviera still captivates<br />

with its spectacular coastlines, pristine beaches, and exquisite cuisine, boasting<br />

an array of indulgent attractions that entice visitors to return time and again<br />

Port Vauban<br />

With 1,500 berths, modernised infrastructure, the<br />

ability to accommodate yachts up to 160 metres<br />

long and a 16,000m2 shipyard area, Port Vauban is the<br />

yachting destination in the Mediterranean. Now engaged in<br />

a vast transformation programme through an architectural<br />

project of €135 million led by the Philippe Prost Architecture<br />

Studio the International Yacht Club of Antibes (IYCA) has<br />

undergone a transformation in 2022 with the development<br />

of a brand-new Yacht Club. Within a protected basin, at<br />

the frontier of the old town and facing the Fort Carré, the<br />

Yacht Club, with its convenient helipad, offers crew facilities<br />

combining comfort, technical excellence and visual harmony.<br />

This state-of-the-art building offers exclusive event spaces<br />

such as a lounge bar, meeting rooms, a helipad lounge, and<br />

two panoramic terraces of 700 m². It includes a dedicated<br />

Crew Centre containing a lounge area, gym and training<br />

studio providing its clients with a unique experience never<br />

before available in the region. To secure a berth or plan a<br />

short-term stay, please contact their team at commercial@<br />

vauban21.com or through:<br />

www.leportvauban.com<br />

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The village of Eze offers a breathtaking<br />

panorama. In the twists of its labyrinth, you<br />

can also discover a neo-classical church or<br />

exotic gardens and ancient castle ruins.<br />

World Wine Services<br />

In the opulent world of yachting, where luxury knows no<br />

bounds and meticulous attention to detail is paramount,<br />

every element contributes to an unforgettable experience.<br />

From the pristine decks to the sumptuous interiors, each<br />

facet plays a pivotal role in crafting an unparalleled journey.<br />

Amidst this splendor, the expertise of a skilled sommelier<br />

stands out as a hallmark of sophistication and refinement,<br />

adding an extra layer of elegance to the already exquisite<br />

setting. World Wine Services, spearheaded by the visionary<br />

CEO, David Rabaud, offers unparalleled convenience for<br />

deliveries to anywhere on the French Riviera, whether it be<br />

a yacht, private jet or a luxury villa. WWS doesn’t just offer<br />

a selection of fine wines; they curate an experience tailored<br />

to the discerning tastes of yacht owners and their guests.<br />

Beyond mere wine selection, working with a sommelier<br />

adds a layer of expertise and flair to the supplier sector of<br />

the yachting industry. They navigate the complexities of<br />

wine pairing, ensuring that every sip enhances the culinary<br />

journey onboard. In partnership with World Wine Services,<br />

yachts gain access to an unparalleled selection of wines from<br />

around the globe, handpicked to complement the lifestyle<br />

synonymous with yachting.<br />

www.worldwineservices.com<br />

Top Trip<br />

The Citadelle de Saint Tropez<br />

The Citadelle de Saint<br />

Tropez, a 17th-century<br />

fortress that today houses<br />

a nautical-themed museum,<br />

or the Annonciade Museum,<br />

considered by some France’s<br />

first modern art museum,<br />

where portraits hang from<br />

some of the greatest names in<br />

20th century painting.<br />

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Swift Marine<br />

Founded in 1988, Swift Marine is the most experienced and<br />

professional yacht agent in Antibes. Its team of professionals<br />

deliver an honest and reliable service, always establishing long<br />

term relationship based on trust. Providing a comprehensive list<br />

of yacht agent services to yachts, captains and crew, Swift Marine<br />

offers its support and assistance in ports in Monaco, Antibes,<br />

Saint-Tropez, Cannes and all ports on the French Riviera: port<br />

booking, arrival/departure formalities, cash declaration, travel<br />

arrangement for guest and crews, concierge services, reception<br />

of any weight and size, storage, container rental, express courier,<br />

airfreight, seafreight, customs clearance VAT: exemption of VAT on<br />

spares, labour, repairs and maintenance work carried out during<br />

the TPA period. Crew services such as immigration, transit visa,<br />

renewal ENG1, crew transfers, plus sourcing and purchasing of<br />

engineering, deck and interior products, provisioning and fuel,<br />

lubricant. Whatever the challenge, they’ve done it - they have<br />

even babysat a giant lizard in the past!<br />

www.swiftmarine.com<br />

From mouth-watering culinary<br />

delights to gorgeous climates<br />

and breathtaking scenic views,<br />

the allure of the French Riviera is<br />

still irresistible.<br />

Life’s a beach<br />



The gorgeous nine-mile stretch<br />

of white-sand coves from Plage<br />

de Palombaggia to Santa Giulia<br />

is for those who would gladly<br />

forgo a plump mattress on a<br />

glamorous private beach for a<br />

wade in the turquoise shallows.<br />

Find a shady spot under a<br />

parasol pine and stay until<br />

sundown, when the stacked<br />

rounded rocks take on a surreal<br />

pink glow.<br />

Onshore Cellars<br />

As an owner or crew member of a yacht, having<br />

access to the finest selection of wines and spirits<br />

is essential. That’s where Onshore Cellars comes<br />

in. Established in June 2015, Onshore Cellars is<br />

located in the heart of the French Riviera and is<br />

the specialist wine supplier for yachts and their<br />

owners worldwide. Founded by former yacht crew<br />

members, Ed and Jess Dunnett, Onshore Cellars has<br />

quickly become recognised for its superior service,<br />

extensive knowledge and the ability to deliver the<br />

impossible. As a result, the company has grown into<br />

the most respected wine suppliers to yachts around<br />

the world. Onshore Cellars has an award-winning<br />

selection of wines and spirits, which has garnered<br />

praise from yacht owners and crew alike. They are the<br />

only company with a functioning online store where<br />

you can order online or quote online but also offer<br />

personalised consultations to ensure that the wine<br />

selection not only meets but exceeds expectations<br />

of the owners. Their team is dedicated to providing<br />

impeccable service and expert guidance.<br />

www.onshorecellars.com<br />

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La Dolce Vita<br />

Italy is a truly spectacular<br />

yacht charter destination.<br />

The Gulf of Naples, Amalfi<br />

Coast, Sicily and the Aeolian<br />

Islands are famous for their<br />

fascinating history, culture<br />

and of course, their world<br />

famous cuisine<br />

Superyacht Services<br />

S<br />

uperyacht Services (SYS) is a leading yacht<br />

agency assisting yachts and megayachts<br />

calling at the Tuscan and Ligurian coast of<br />

Italy. The company is a brand of the Vannucci<br />

Group established in 1825 and operating in<br />

Italy as a registered ship agents and customs<br />

agents firm for six generations. Available to its<br />

clients 24 hours a day the SYS team network<br />

is conveniently located in most renowned<br />

hot spots of the Italian Riviera. Superyacht<br />

Services main offices are in Viareggio, Forte<br />

dei Marmi, Marina di Carrara, Pisa, Livorno, La<br />

Spezia, Cinque Terre and Portofino. The central<br />

location is a great advantage to guarantee<br />

through its partners complete coverage and<br />

assistance in every Italian port of call. SYS<br />

as part of the Vannucci Group, specialised<br />

in 24 hour concierge services, port booking,<br />

excursions, bunkering, provisioning, maritime<br />

and immigration clearances, customs formalities,<br />

fiscal representation and vat consultancy, legal<br />

consultancy and APA transfers. The company<br />

also owns several crew houses along the Tuscan<br />

Coast for crew cannot sleep on board.<br />

www.superyachtservices.it<br />

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Waterfront Marina<br />

aterfront Marina is a superyacht berthing facility with 26 berths<br />

W from 24 to 110 metres in length, located in the heart of Genoa.<br />

This full-service yacht marina located at the heart of the Italian Riviera<br />

is the gateway to some of the most coveted cruising grounds in<br />

the world. Managed entirely by Italian refit yard Amico & Co., Genoa<br />

Waterfront Marina was established on an in-depth knowledge of yacht<br />

owners’ requirements as well as the need to be ‘superyacht-ready’.<br />

Waterfront Marina accommodates specifically for large yachts up to<br />

110m in length, and with its proximity to one of the world’s leading<br />

refit centres Amico & Co., is the answer to your every superyachting<br />

need. This brand-new facility offers all the best services and facilities<br />

that large yachts require, with particular attention to captains and<br />

crew. Waterfront Marina is the ideal choice to dock and discover the<br />

delights of the Riviera without the unwanted hustle and bustle of<br />

more public berthing spots.<br />

www.genovawaterfrontmarina.com<br />

Back in the 1960s, the first Italian<br />

Michelin star was bagged by La<br />

Caravella in Amalfi, and now the area<br />

has one of the highest concentration<br />

of stars in Italy.<br />

Puglia in the know<br />


A small rocky cove among<br />

staggering rocks on the<br />

eastern coast between<br />

Santa Cesarea Terme, and<br />

Tricase. The water, fed by<br />

both salt and <strong>spring</strong> water,<br />

is strikingly fresh.<br />

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Pilade Giani<br />

Pilade Giani for Yachting, representing the fifth generation<br />

devoted management of Pilade Giani® Shipping and Forwarding<br />

Agency family; owned enterprise, founded in 1887 in Livorno,<br />

provides full yacht agency services in all the Mediterranean<br />

area. The long term experience of the agency matched with<br />

the young team skills, makes PG4Y a unique reference for all<br />

motor and sailing yachts, either in cruising time and also in<br />

refitting periods. PG4Y full time assistance is essential during<br />

the chartering and cruising time, offering the best services to<br />

captains, crews and guests thanks also to a long experienced<br />

network of partners based in the main spectacular seaside<br />

areas of the Med. Its team is available 24/24-7/7 and among the<br />

various services PG4Y grants full assistance such as marinas<br />

and ports reservations, bunkering, top quality conciergerie, F&B<br />

provisioning, etc. In other words, an immediate feedback for<br />

any needs. The long experience of the agency allow yachts and<br />

owners to also benefit from services such as custom formalities,<br />

legal and flag consultancy, visa crew assistance, warehousing<br />

and logistics. Services supplied during your stay in shipyards,<br />

to give captains and crews the care and assistance needed to<br />

make their stop smoother and easier.<br />

www.piladegiani.it<br />

Capri<br />

The mystical, magical island of<br />

Capri has bewitched visitors for<br />

centuries. Located off the Bay<br />

of Naples, the island sits like a<br />

generous dollop of volcanic rock in<br />

the Tyrrhenian Sea. Small, steep,<br />

and cliff-laden, the landscape<br />

allows visitors to feel as though<br />

they’re suspended between two<br />

blue ethers - a sparkling sea of<br />

cobalt and an endless sky.<br />

Classic Portofino<br />

DA PUNY<br />

The real joy of dinner chez<br />

Puny is watching the man<br />

himself perform. Puny<br />

remembers the names and<br />

little weaknesses of his<br />

VIP guests.<br />

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Ceuta<br />

Melilla<br />

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Argentario Yacht Services<br />

Based in the stunning Monte Argentario<br />

promontory in the south of Tuscany, the<br />

Argentario Yacht Services is a professional<br />

registered yacht and ship agency founded<br />

in 2005 thanks to Rosalia Di Perna’s passion,<br />

ambition, and more than 30 years of<br />

experience in the yachting and cruise sector.<br />

Since its foundation, she has worked and<br />

has committed day by day to promoting<br />

and growing Argentario Yacht Services as<br />

a synonym of professionalism, reliability,<br />

excellence, and accuracy. Now, with the<br />

help of the second generation of family, it<br />

is increasingly organised to satisfy any type<br />

of request and to assure you full assistance<br />

wherever you are in the region. From the<br />

standard services such as yacht formalities,<br />

berth reservation, car service, provisioning,<br />

etc. to the most unusual requests, they<br />

will provide you with tailor-made services<br />

both at sea and onshore. Their hands-on<br />

approach and very personal assistance to<br />

their clients ensures first-class services for<br />

guests and excellent support to captains<br />

and their crews. Their mission is simple:<br />

focusing on the clients’ needs and satisfying<br />

them with the best!<br />

www.argentarioyachtservices.com<br />

Top table<br />


Ask the locals about their<br />

favourite Amalfi coast<br />

restaurants for seafood, and<br />

many will come up with the<br />

name Lido Azzuro, a busy<br />

restaurant with a terrace<br />

overlooking Amalfi’s port.<br />

GAME ON<br />

Bocce is closely related to<br />

British bowls and French<br />

pétanque, from ancient<br />

games played in the<br />

Roman Empire.<br />

Boccadifuoco Yachting & Cruising<br />

Boccadifuoco offer an expansive array of<br />

professional and pioneering amenities,<br />

all competitively priced, designed to<br />

elevate the luxury yacht experience<br />

to new heights. Their comprehensive<br />

service portfolio encompasses all aspects<br />

of on-board and off-board safety and<br />

bureaucracy, as well as the organisation<br />

of every facet that can ensure their<br />

customers, from the moment of arrival<br />

and throughout their stay, a pleasant and<br />

satisfying experience. With professional,<br />

punctual and effective assistance, they<br />

take care of custom and immigration<br />

clearance, port bookings and planning<br />

and coordination bunkering. To provide<br />

the highest level of service for their<br />

customers, they arrange excursions and<br />

tours giving special local advice, together<br />

with arranging any necessary logisitics<br />

and events onboard the yacht. They are<br />

committed to satisfying the customers’<br />

and so much more.<br />

www.boccadifuoco.it<br />

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Aegean adventure<br />

The Aegean tends to be<br />

slightly off the main tourist<br />

routes, which means the<br />

coastline is less crowded, the<br />

towns less rowdy while the<br />

water quality, scenery and<br />

history is just as spectacular<br />

Yacht Agent Montenegro<br />

Y<br />

ou want your next trip to Montenegro to<br />

be perfect. Yacht Agent Montenegro is<br />

here to make that happen. We can provide<br />

you with support for all that crew or guests<br />

might need while in their country. They will be<br />

pleased to assist you and make your stay as<br />

pleasant as possible. The team is dedicated to<br />

excellence and client satisfaction. Yacht Agent<br />

Montenegro assists yachts calling at Porto<br />

Montenegro, Portonovi, Port of Kotor, Marina<br />

Bar, Marina Budva. Contact them for arrivaldeparture<br />

formalities, berth reservation, itinerary,<br />

refit and repairs, provisioning, VIP transfers and<br />

full range of concierge services even for most<br />

demanding guest. Also, through their developed<br />

partnership network, they can assist you for<br />

all above-mentioned services in Albania and<br />

Croatia as well. Get in touch with the team and<br />

let them simplify your planning process so you<br />

can enjoy everything the beautiful coast has to<br />

offer. From the sea to the shore and beyond,<br />

they will be with you every step of the way.<br />

www.yachtagent.net<br />

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Porto Montenegro<br />

Porto Montenegro, the Adriatic’s first state-of-the-art deep-water<br />

marina, announces its newest and most avant-garde district, Synchro<br />

Yards. Slated for 2026, it is set to be the centerpiece of the futuristic<br />

marina. This new phase of real estate development introduces two<br />

distinct residences designed by architectural firm Woods Bagot: AERIS<br />

and IVO. Both are ideally located and offer breathtaking views of the<br />

award-winning marina, beach club and picturesque bay. AERIS offers<br />

22 premium residences and two penthouses. Its design, inspired by<br />

the rhythms of the sea and the wind, reflects a modern yacht with<br />

an elegant wooden deck, angular balconies, and a modern façade.<br />

Prices from €1.89 million. IVO is under the management of Rare Finds<br />

hotels, a flagship of Kerzner International, and includes a selection of<br />

25 residences, premium amenities such as hotel concierge services,<br />

in-room hospitality, beach and health club memberships, a private<br />

pool and sun deck. Prices from €770,000.<br />

www.portomontenegro.com<br />

Montenegro is sublimely positioned<br />

in some of the best cruising grounds<br />

in the world. It is no surprise that it<br />

is gaining a reputation for becoming<br />

the next Monaco for yacht charters.<br />

Top Trip<br />


Whilst in Porto Montenegro<br />

take a trip inland to the former<br />

royal capital of Cetinje and the<br />

Lovcen National Park. Drive<br />

along the old serpentine road<br />

to Cetinje from Kotor and be<br />

prepared to be dazzled by<br />

the views and charmed by<br />

the town.<br />

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All Greek<br />

From the Cyclades to the Ionian Islands, spend lazy days<br />

exploring wild landscapes and deserted sandy coves, pretty<br />

harbours and the white-washed fishing villages of Greece<br />

The Mediterranean Yacht Show<br />

MEDYS: The largest crewed yacht charter show in<br />

the world takes place in Greece placing yachting<br />

at the centre of global attention. The Mediterranean<br />

Yacht Show (MEDYS), returns for its ninth edition<br />

from April 27th to May 1st in Nafplion, Greece, and as<br />

every year, provides a unique opportunity for yacht<br />

owners and brokers to showcase their luxury crewed<br />

yachts to a broad audience from the international<br />

yachting world. Having evolved into the world’s largest<br />

crewed yacht charter show, MEDYS - now a staple of<br />

the worldwide yachting agenda- is organised by the<br />

Greek Yachting Association (GYA) and highlights the<br />

elite selection of yachts with a Greek charter licence,<br />

representing the epitome of excellence. The event<br />

attracts prime sponsors because of its marketing<br />

and business potential, as well as receiving extensive<br />

coverage by the press. The chance to network at the<br />

various social events and to experience the comforts<br />

of the luxury crewed yachts at first hand ensure<br />

that the event is the most significant in the Eastern<br />

Mediterranean, attracting more interest every year.<br />

www.mediterraneanyachtshow.gr<br />

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Alpha Marine Group<br />

Alpha Marine Group is a proven international company manned<br />

by multi-lingual highly experienced and qualified marine<br />

professionals in the yachting industry. They have specialised in the<br />

field of yacht agency services, fuel & bunkering, yacht management,<br />

refit and repair for more than 20 years. Strategically based inside<br />

Marina Zea, they are close to all the major marinas and shipyards<br />

aiming to reach and exceed all client requirements to ensure safe,<br />

efficient and cost-effective operation of the yacht. The team is<br />

available 24/7 offering a wide range of yacht agency services<br />

such as berthing arrangements, documentation formalities and<br />

custom clearance, refuelling services, technical support, provisioning<br />

and much more. Throughout their network they can take care<br />

of all the crew and guests’ needs for a smooth trip throughout<br />

Greece. You can also contact them for planning your tailor-made<br />

itinerary and discover the hidden beauties of Greece.<br />

www.alpha-group.gr<br />

Island hop<br />

RINIA<br />

Rinia is a niche island — it’s<br />

very small and situated just<br />

south of Mykonos. It has only<br />

two or three small bays that<br />

big yachts can use, but it’s got<br />

very good protection from all<br />

kinds of weather, because the<br />

bays are quite deep.<br />

There are 6,000<br />

islands and islets<br />

scattered in the<br />

Greek Seas,<br />

of which only<br />

227 islands are<br />

inhabited.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 87

Zea Marina, Freatida 18536, Piraeus, Greece T: (+30) 2108983590 E: info@alpha-group.gr www. alpha-group.gr<br />

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Yachtways<br />

Yachtways is a Yacht Agency and V.I.P.<br />

Services company based in Athens<br />

– Greece. Yachtways has established an<br />

efficient network of top professionals and<br />

offers a range of personalised and exclusive<br />

high-quality services all over Greece, 24/7.<br />

Their wide agency network in Greece<br />

includes agents on every marina/port<br />

on every island and mainland. They have<br />

the ability to arrange every single detail<br />

from the very first moment of the yacht’s<br />

arrival until the very last. They offer all the<br />

usual services like: clearances, technical<br />

support, berthing, bunkering, event planning<br />

and much more. Plus, they can prepare<br />

custom made itineraries depending on<br />

the requirements of the guests and the<br />

prevailing weather conditions, and direct<br />

captains, with specific coordinates, to all<br />

the top destinations in Greece - private<br />

beaches for parties, BBQs and dinners,<br />

secret caves, diving spots and more.<br />

www.yachtways.com<br />

Try it<br />


Made out of espresso and<br />

blended in a frappe coffee<br />

frother. The Freddo Espresso is<br />

topped with a cold milk-based<br />

foam known as aphrogala in<br />

Greece. The drink is traditionally<br />

served over ice and many enjoy<br />

it with sugar.<br />

Vouliagmeni is a coastal<br />

town about 13 miles south<br />

east of Athens. A great<br />

place to swim as the water<br />

is clean and it’s possible to<br />

moor in the bay.<br />

Offering solutions for all your yachting<br />

requirements during your stay in<br />

Greece, regardless of your port of entry<br />

or itinerary. Kronos are legally authorised<br />

to clear yachts in and out of Greek<br />

water. They have corresponding agents<br />

throughout the Greek Islands who will<br />

Kronos Yacht Agency<br />

happily assist you for the duration of<br />

your visit. Should you prefer, all billing<br />

can be taken care of through their central<br />

office, thereby offering the advantage<br />

of a trouble free trip with settlement of<br />

accounts taking place only once.<br />

www.kronosagency.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 89


Your gateway to Greece<br />

Unmatched Yacht Support Services<br />

Explore the beauty of the Mediterranean and the magical Greek waters without the burden of<br />

operational concerns. Every yacht under our care is handled with the utmost professionalism.<br />

Tel: +30 21 3040 9992 | info@mbl.gr | www.mbl.gr<br />

90 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


MBL Luxury Yachting Services<br />

The commitment to excellence extends beyond mere management;<br />

it encapsulates a deep passion for the sea and an unwavering<br />

dedication to providing top-tier, personalised service. Every yacht<br />

under their care is handled with the utmost professionalism and<br />

attention to detail, allowing you to explore the beauty of the<br />

Greek waters without the burden of operational concerns. Services<br />

include, yacht arrival and departure clearance, yacht customs<br />

clearance, Corinth Canal passing arrangements, bunkering,<br />

provisioning, concierge arrangements and yacht technical support<br />

and spare part provisioning. With a passion for the ocean and an<br />

unwavering commitment to excellence, they specialise in connecting<br />

discerning clients with their ideal vessels and ensuring seamless<br />

management and yacht support, allowing you to navigate the<br />

waves with unparalleled ease, safety and opulence.<br />

www.mbl.gr<br />

If you like old civilisations,<br />

monasteries and medieval villages,<br />

Chios is the island for you. Here<br />

you’ll find the 11th Century<br />

Byzantine monastery of Nea Moni.<br />

Top Volcano<br />

Milos<br />

Milos,the volcanic island<br />

where Aphrodite’s graceful<br />

likeness was discovered.<br />

Those in the know jealously<br />

guard their treasured island,<br />

and especially its 70 (or more)<br />

beaches — surely the most<br />

diverse and dramatic coastline<br />

of all the Greek Islands.<br />

Mouratti Marine<br />

Mouratti Marine was established in 1989 on Kos<br />

Island. The company offers a wide range of yacht<br />

and marina services across Greece and Turkey, based<br />

from their head office on Kos island, and they are<br />

specialised in providing a wide range of V.I.P services<br />

for visiting megayachts. Having complete respect<br />

and accuracy for your needs and a long history of<br />

partnerships with lots of tourism and professions<br />

from Turkey has made the company, one of the<br />

most reliable and respected companies dealing with<br />

all aspects of the yachting sector. Through a well<br />

established and tested network of especially well<br />

trained and experienced professional staff, Mouratti<br />

Marine provides top quality and efficient services<br />

on every island together with the mainland. If you<br />

are visiting Kos, Mandraki is the natural harbour of<br />

Kos Island which is located at the city centre. It has<br />

a 50 yachts berthing capacity up to 55 m. There<br />

is a passport control, Port Authority and Custom<br />

office at the harbour - talk to Mouratti Marine to<br />

streamline your visit.<br />

www.mourattitours.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 91

A<br />

IN THE<br />


HAVEN<br />



Award-winning Karpaz Gate Marina in North Cyprus offers a real boutique hotel<br />

experience enjoyed from the comfort of your own boat with access to indulge in<br />

all our luxury pamper experiences onsite. Enjoy the all-day Hemingway’s Resto Bar,<br />

indulge at the Beach Club and outdoor infinity pool, Hamam, spa, indoor pool<br />

and gym - all are just a short walk from the pontoons. You can also choose to take<br />

advantage of our onboard housekeeping and room service as well as the on-site<br />

Technical Centre, Dry Dock and Yacht Club. For those visiting from land, our 52<br />

nautical themed cabins situated in our boutique hotel enjoy views over the marina.<br />

Basman/Tennbaum<br />

https://karpazbay.com ; info@karpazbay.com<br />

T +90 533 833 78 78 ; /KarpazGateMarina<br />

Yenierenköy / Karpaz North Cyprus


Go Cyprus<br />

Cyprus is the third largest island in<br />

the Mediterranean and is lovingly<br />

nicknamed the ‘island of love’<br />

Karpaz Gate Marina<br />

If you’re cruising the idyllic Turkish waters, you cannot afford<br />

to miss this hidden gem situated just 40 miles off Turkey’s<br />

coastline. Karpaz Gate Marina is nestled in a secluded bay<br />

on the Karpaz Peninsular, along the northeasterly panhandle<br />

of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. For over a<br />

decade, Karpaz Gate Marina has bathed in the beauty of this<br />

unspoilt corner of the Mediterranean with its award-winning<br />

facilities, secluded sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.<br />

This nautical haven provides boat owners with a full-service<br />

destination where they receive the highest levels of service,<br />

berthing, and amenities. Boasting a 52-room boutique hotel,<br />

beach club with outdoor infinity pool, Hemingway’s restobar,<br />

hammam, spa, gym and indoor pool, marina guests<br />

also benefit from the on-site yacht club and boat yard with<br />

dockside concierge services to your boat. This picturesque<br />

marina resort is endorsed by its enviable 5 Gold Anchor<br />

Platinum and Clean Marina status.<br />

www.karpazbay.com<br />

Cyprus’ north coast is mostly<br />

rocky, with small sandy coves,<br />

which makes it great for<br />

cruising yachts, but not so<br />

good for high-rise hotels and<br />

package-holiday tourism.<br />

Cultural highlight<br />


The Abbey of Bellapais, near<br />

Kyrenia has spectacular<br />

views out to sea, and which<br />

also has a good restaurant,<br />

Kybele, in the Abbey grounds<br />

with lovely views of the<br />

Abbey and the surrounding<br />

countryside.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 93

Tantalising Turkey<br />

From fashionable resorts and modern marinas to heavenly white<br />

sand beaches, secret sailing coves and ancient ruins, many only<br />

accessible by sea, Turkey is the Mediterranean at its most exotic<br />

Gino Yachting<br />

Gino Yachting has been operating since<br />

the outset of yachting tourism in Turkey<br />

in 1973 and is proud to have become one of<br />

the largest and most influential companies<br />

in the Turkish yachting community. Gino<br />

Yachting has offices along the Turkish<br />

coast as in Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris,<br />

Gocek, Istanbul, and Antalya, facilitating<br />

smooth passage for all customers. Gino<br />

Yachting’s professional, multi-lingual<br />

staff strives to uphold and improve their<br />

worldwide reputation as a leading agency<br />

for superyachts in Turkey. Gino Yachting<br />

handles your customs formalities with speed<br />

and efficiency so you are almost unaware of<br />

having entered a foreign country. Gino Group<br />

comprises three separate divisions; Gino<br />

Marine, an active international brokerage<br />

and charter division, the Technical Service<br />

division, and Gino Yachting, providing highclass<br />

yacht services that encompass all<br />

aspects of what yachts and their guests<br />

might need when cruising the region.<br />

www.ginogroup.com<br />

94 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Yalıkavak Marina<br />

Yalıkavak Marina, acclaimed as the<br />

Superyacht Marina of the Year for 2022-<br />

2023 and 2018-2019, also the International<br />

Marina of the Year for 2020, proudly holds<br />

the British Yacht Harbor Association’s 5 Gold<br />

Anchor Platinum certification, positioning it<br />

among the world’s top 13 marinas. Yalıkavak<br />

Marina offers unparalleled services, including<br />

high-class lifestyle options and professional<br />

technical services for yachts up to 140m in<br />

LOA. The Yalıkavak Marina Shopping Alley<br />

stands as a beacon of luxury shopping in<br />

Türkiye, showcasing over 100 brands across<br />

various sectors including fashion boutiques,<br />

accessories, jewelry, furniture, top gourmet<br />

restaurants and more. The Yalıkavak Marina<br />

family encompasses the Marina, Shopping<br />

Mall (Alley), Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social<br />

Living Collection, Yalıkavak Marina Garden<br />

Hotel, and Spa & Fitness Centre, all dedicated<br />

to providing exemplary services throughout<br />

the year. Welcoming more than 2 million<br />

guests from 120 countries, Yalikavak Marina<br />

plays a pivotal role in promoting Türkiye<br />

as the prime locale for luxury tourism for<br />

enthusiasts of leisure and the sea.<br />

www.yalikavakmarina.com.tr<br />

Top Beach<br />

Ölüdeniz beach<br />

One of Turkey’s most<br />

photographed beaches.<br />

Adventure-seekers can<br />

paraglide from the 1,969-metre<br />

Father Mountain, taking in the<br />

beauty of the area and spotting<br />

your yacht anchored off the<br />

beach’s turquoise lagoon.<br />

Turkey has 18 UNESCO<br />

World Heritage Sites,<br />

perfect for guests who may<br />

be interested in visiting<br />

historical places.<br />

Explore the Aegean’s charms at Çeşme<br />

Marina and uncover the wonders of<br />

the Aegean Sea. Nestled in a historic<br />

Mediterranean port, Çeşme Marina offers<br />

unparalleled hospitality and top-notch<br />

amenities for yacht owners and captains.<br />

The international staff ensures a warm<br />

welcome and provides a range of services,<br />

from local delicacies to live music and<br />

boutique accommodations. Whether for<br />

a brief stopover or an extended voyage,<br />

Çeşme Marina promises to elevate your<br />

Çeşme Marina<br />

experience, creating cherished memories<br />

for you and your guests. Experience Joy at<br />

Çeşme Marina. At Çeşme Marina, immerse<br />

yourself in its vibrant ambiance where the<br />

sea breeze and lively atmosphere promise<br />

unforgettable evenings. After thrilling<br />

activities like windsurfing or diving along<br />

the stunning coastline, unwind with fellow<br />

travelers or enjoy the marina’s tranquility.<br />

Book your berth today and embark on<br />

an Aegean adventure at Çeşme Marina!<br />

www.cnmarinas.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 95

Perfection is<br />

Our Dedication<br />

BARKA SHIPYARD is one of the group companies of BEGÜM YACHTING<br />

Phone +90 252 316 42 04 | Mobile Phone (24/7) +90 541 468 05 33 | Fax +90 252 316 92 53 | www.barkashipyard.com<br />

96 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Barka Shipyard<br />

In 2005, Barka Shipyard was established, which has completed<br />

60 refits and built and exported 4 new yachts. They are a leading<br />

shipyard offering a range of top-notch services. With their state-ofthe-art<br />

facilities and highly skilled team, they excel in shipbuilding,<br />

repair, and maintenance. Their comprehensive services cater to all<br />

types and sizes of vessels, providing efficient solutions tailored<br />

to your needs. Whether it’s steel fabrication, mechanical works,<br />

or electrical services, they ensure quality and timely completion.<br />

At Barka Shipyard, customer satisfaction is their priority.<br />

www.barkashipyard.com<br />

The stretch of coast between Gocek<br />

and Fethiye has been popular with<br />

yachtsmen for decades – and that’s<br />

hardly surprising given that it serves up<br />

some of the best cruising in the Med.<br />

Memetti Superyacht Agency<br />

Memetti Superyacht Agency stands out by offering<br />

unparalleled support and services for your yacht needs<br />

along Turkey’s magnificent coastlines. With an experienced<br />

team, they ensure a seamless experience from arrival to<br />

departure, allowing you to savour the beauty of the Aegean,<br />

Mediterranean, and Marmara coasts. The comprehensive services<br />

include mooring and marina reservations, customs and port<br />

formalities, provisioning and yacht repair services, 24/7 technical<br />

support, national and tax-free fuel supply, yacht charter, crew<br />

agency, yacht brokerage, and 24/7 tender service. Associated<br />

with reputable companies like BEYAZÖTESİ Laundry & Dry<br />

Cleaning and ZUCCA Crew Uniform & Embroidery, they offer<br />

a comprehensive range of services to meet all your needs on<br />

the Turkish coastlines.<br />

www.memettiyacting.com.<br />

Top Site<br />


Moor at Kuşadası, a coastal<br />

resort town which offers<br />

visitors proximity to the<br />

Temple of Artemis, once one<br />

of the Seven Wonders of the<br />

World.<br />

Göcek<br />

Göcek, in the Fethiye district of<br />

Muğla Province looks out onto<br />

mesmerising blue waters and<br />

is fringed by sandy paths, rich<br />

vegetation and mature palm trees. A<br />

playground for those seeking luxury,<br />

Göcek seduces guests with private<br />

beaches and coves, deluxe marinas<br />

and fine dining experiences.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 97

The Reign of Spain<br />

The Spanish coastline offers a balmy Mediterranean retreat full of energetic cities,<br />

awe-inspiring architecture and old-town beauty, all wrapped in gothic architecture<br />

Pendennis Vilanova<br />

Centrally located in the western Mediterranean<br />

just outside of Barcelona, Pendennis Vilanova is<br />

perfectly situated to support the whole superyacht<br />

fleet and benefits from the full backing of its parent<br />

company, Pendennis Falmouth. Pendennis Vilanova<br />

offers yachts easy access to a modern 48-berth<br />

marina and 30,000sqm technical service centre in<br />

the heart of the Mediterranean. A flexible approach<br />

and on-site facilities provide the perfect solution for<br />

any yacht, whether they are looking for a brief pit<br />

stop, a longer-term berthing option or the ability<br />

to conduct a refit. Visiting yachts can choose to<br />

self-manage projects or engage with a dedicated<br />

in-house multi-lingual project management team.<br />

Its location makes the facility an ideal pitstop for<br />

quick work between seasons, and being less than<br />

200 nautical miles from the Balearics means that<br />

completed projects can be back out on the charter<br />

circuit in less than a day’s sailing. With over 650<br />

refit projects in the group portfolio there isn’t<br />

much that Pendennis’ knowledgeable team hasn’t<br />

encountered when it comes to the complexities<br />

of the refit of a client’s yacht.<br />

www.pendennisvilanova.com<br />

98 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Port Denia<br />

Port Denia Superyacht Marina & Shipyard provides a comprehensive<br />

service for yachts and superyachts. Located in Denia, the<br />

heart of the Western Mediterranean, and with over 300 sunny<br />

days a year and a well-protected harbour, the destination is<br />

ideal, just 45 miles from Ibiza and Formentera. They combine<br />

a top-notch shipyard and marina, working with passion and<br />

focused on meeting the clients’ needs with outstanding services at<br />

great prices: The recently expanded shipyard boasts exceptional<br />

facilities for superyachts up to 1,200 tonnes. Encompassing a<br />

50,030 m² technical esplanade, with an extensive dry dock and<br />

specialised workshops, it is supported by a vast portfolio of<br />

partners. The team carry out refit and maintenance services,<br />

meticulously coordinating each project to ensure it is completed<br />

to perfection and with no delays. They also have a concierge<br />

service and offer an open shipyard model, where the client can<br />

hire his desired partners and manage his own project. The marina<br />

offers berths for superyachts up to 130 metres.<br />

www.portdenia.com<br />

Top Table Ibiza<br />

El Chiringuito Es Cavallet<br />

A bona fide legend, El Chiringuito<br />

Es Cavallet has stayed at the<br />

top of its beachfront game for<br />

over 15 years. This breezy,<br />

multi-level, sun-dappled beach<br />

hangout is home to the longest,<br />

loveliest lunches on the island.<br />

Denia, a superyacht<br />

oasis south of<br />

Valencia, perfect<br />

for berthing and<br />

basking in the<br />

treasured beauty of<br />

the region.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 99

www.portroses.com<br />



Superior Service<br />

Don’t settle for less !<br />

+34 971 199 936 | officeyachtserviceibiza@gmail.com | www.yachtserviceibiza.com<br />

100 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Port Roses<br />

The Port of Roses has 485 moorings, with a 24/7 service, 365 days a<br />

year. Waiting dock and port entry by VHF channel 9. In the summer<br />

season, there is also the chance to book a buoy in several coves of Roses<br />

(Canyelles, Bonifaci, Almadrava, Montjoi, Calitjàs, Pelosa & Jòncols). Buoy<br />

bookings can be made through the App “PORT ROSES” on IO’s & Android.<br />

Fuel station 24/hour service with credit card and cash payment. Fuel<br />

at the mooring is available for large length overall ships. There is also a<br />

water tank at the entrance of the port, allowing the cleaning of boats.<br />

The port has toilets and showers accessible by card, upon 20€ deposit.<br />

There are two restaurants, Bitakora & Sodemar. Other services include:<br />

monitored surveillance, sailing and water sports school, equipment shop,<br />

infirmary (first aid kits, and defibrillator). Car park, water, electricity, and<br />

WI-FI ADSL Internet.<br />

www.portroses.com<br />

Coastal journey<br />

The Costa Blanca boasts some<br />

of the most dramatic scenery on<br />

Spain’s Mediterranean coastline.<br />

Alluring stretches of golden<br />

beaches, sheer cliffs, serene<br />

villages and a vibrant nightlife<br />

are the recognised attractions<br />

synonymous with Costa Blanca.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 101

Marina Port Vell Barcelona is a<br />

world-class marina specialised in<br />

superyachts, perfectly positioned in<br />

the heart of Barcelona. It has assumed<br />

a strategic industrial role for the city and<br />

provides a great boost to the Catalan<br />

coast, being one of the first marinas in<br />

Spain to specialise in the superyacht<br />

segment. Marina Port Vell has presented<br />

a new positioning and investment project<br />

worth 20 million euros aimed at further<br />

adapting its facilities to provide top-quality<br />

services. This initiative, which has been<br />

carried out in several phases and is set to<br />

conclude in the coming weeks, is focused<br />

on enhancing the marina’s infrastructure<br />

Marina Port Vell<br />

to foster innovation, competitiveness,<br />

efficiency, and sustainability. The works,<br />

slated for completion by <strong>2024</strong>, enable<br />

23 new berths, allowing the marina to<br />

further its specialisation in superyachts.<br />

Additionally, the refurbishing also includes<br />

a landscaping project, which introduces<br />

elements with vegetation, making it a<br />

warmer and more welcoming gateway to<br />

the city. The marina has been appointed<br />

as the Preferred Marina for Superyachts<br />

visiting Barcelona during the 37th<br />

America’s Cup in <strong>2024</strong>, cementing its<br />

reputation as a world class marina and<br />

event location in Spain.<br />

www.marinaportvell.com<br />

Culture trip<br />


When the sixth and<br />

final central tower is<br />

finished, expected in 2026,<br />

construction of the church,<br />

which began in 1882, will<br />

be complete.<br />

102 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Marina Port Mahón<br />

Mahón, located in Menorca and one of the best natural ports<br />

and best protected in the world, is an exclusive destination<br />

in the beautiful Balearics which caters to those with a taste for<br />

the finer things in life, offering an unparalleled experience where<br />

laid-back living and the beauty of the island coexist in natural<br />

harmony. As you step ashore, Marina Port Mahón’s expert staff<br />

will provide personalised attention to make your visit feel like a<br />

bespoke retreat. The marina offers an exclusive concierge service<br />

for guests at no additional cost, ensuring that your every whim<br />

is catered for, as well as providing round-the-clock dockhand<br />

service and security for your peace of mind. The marina offers<br />

30 berths ranging from 25 to 60 metres and private pontoons<br />

for exclusive guest access, providing the perfect sanctuary<br />

for yacht and superyacht owners eager to explore the island’s<br />

incredible ecosystem. Beyond the marina, Mahón can satisfy all<br />

tastes. Stroll along the charming waterfront promenade lined<br />

with artisan boutiques and welcoming restaurants. Explore the<br />

island’s hidden coves and beaches or unwind with a spa day<br />

overlooking the azure Mediterranean.<br />

www.marinaportmahon.com<br />

With a Phoenician settlement<br />

founded in 654 BC, Ibiza<br />

is steeped in history, with<br />

UNESCO heritage sites of ancient<br />

settlements dotted around.<br />

Yacht Service Ibiza<br />

L<br />

ooking for a reliable yacht agent in Ibiza? Turn to Yacht Service<br />

Ibiza. The family-run business offers first class support and services<br />

tailored to the needs of visiting superyacht owners, guests and crew<br />

throughout the year. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals<br />

available 24/7, they ensure a seamless experience for every client.<br />

From securing prime berths and fast provisioning directly on board,<br />

to immigration service, yacht clearance and cash to master, they<br />

prioritise excellence in every aspect of their services. When planning<br />

your stay in Ibiza it can be complicated to get a berth among the<br />

different marinas, especially during high season when the demand<br />

is very high and moorings are very few in number. The team commit<br />

themselves to getting the best berths for their customers, thanks<br />

to the contact network and are able to manage berths from 7 up<br />

to 100 metres in length in every harbour in Ibiza but also Mallorca<br />

and Minorca. Elevate your yachting experience in Ibiza with Yacht<br />

Service Ibiza.<br />

www.yachtserviceibiza.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 103

Maritime Agency<br />

Full Yacht Assistance<br />

Portugal & Mid Atlantic<br />

Clearance with authorities<br />

Port Bookings<br />

Concierge Services<br />

Specialized Cleaning<br />

Provisioning & Laundry<br />

Carpentry & Teak Decks<br />

Shipyard Services<br />

Bunkering & Lub.Oil<br />

www.amundsen.pt • agency@amundsen.pt • +351 918511289<br />

104 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

Portuguesa<br />


Discover the history, culture and scenic<br />

beauty of Portugal when cruising in the<br />

stunning waters of the Atlantic<br />

Atlantys Superyachts Services<br />

Atlantys, the brand of GRUPO ETE dedicated to the<br />

superyacht’s agency in mainland Portugal, Azores, Madeira,<br />

and Cape Verde, is leading the way on the growing demand<br />

of this market in the Mid-Atlantic. Under the promise of “a<br />

remarkable experience in the Mid-Atlantic”, ATLANTYS allies<br />

the excellence of customised services with the discovery<br />

of a new destination creating an outstanding experience.<br />

ATLANTYS combines strong operational skills, with a fully<br />

integrated agency, logistics and concierge services for this<br />

luxury market. These locations, more than just simple stopovers<br />

for the superyachts that cross the Atlantic, they are, due to<br />

their unique features, excellent leisure destinations. Atlantys<br />

designs a customised support service to superyachts ensuring<br />

all their unique requirements are met and in the last three<br />

years, more than 300 superyachts have been attended by<br />

GRUPO ETE in our destinations.<br />

www.atlantys.eu<br />

In Portugal since 1955, the Amundsen family has<br />

an extensive maritime legacy, having explored<br />

the waters of Portugal and the Mid-Atlantic with<br />

seasoned expertise. With this wealth of experience,<br />

they offer comprehensive itinerary planning<br />

assistance tailored to this enchanting region. From<br />

the earliest days, Amundsen has had the honour<br />

of serving a diverse array of vessels, from Royal<br />

yachts to modern vessels and timeless classics.<br />

Their tenure as a proud member of AYSS since<br />

2004 has solidified their standing as a premier<br />

provider of maritime services within Portuguese<br />

Amundsen<br />

ports, and through their intricate web of local<br />

knowledge, expertise, and partners, Amundsen<br />

provides exclusive access to the finest amenities and<br />

attractions, facilitating convenience and comfort for<br />

clients exploring the beauty of Portugal. Amundsen<br />

Maritime Agency offers berth reservations to<br />

bunkering and crew assistance, additionally, the<br />

agency offers car rental, chandlery, floral supplies,<br />

and provisions procurement, adeptly managing<br />

logistical challenges with expertise in freight<br />

forwarding, warehousing, and pilotage.<br />

www.amundsen.pt/ams<br />

Best Coastline<br />


The coastline of Portugal<br />

stretches over 1,000<br />

miles, providing a diverse<br />

playground to be explored,<br />

with every nautical mile<br />

revealing a new facet of<br />

beauty. The panorama shifts<br />

from rugged cliffs to golden<br />

beaches and you will be<br />

spoilt for choices with a<br />

multitude of secluded coves<br />

and pristine beaches.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 105

Make it Malta<br />

There is a particular exoticism about<br />

Malta. The secluded bays, warm waters,<br />

and uninhabited islands of the archipelago<br />

are perfect for yachting<br />

SMS<br />

SMS Group began as a family firm in the late 1860s, becoming<br />

one of Malta’s foremost ship agents. Today, the group<br />

is active internationally in the areas of shipping, tourism,<br />

logistics, corporate services, insurance, and shore operations.<br />

Having always considered yachting a key component of its<br />

Malta operations, the Group developed a unified approach to<br />

the sector by offering the following services: SMS Corporate<br />

Services can assist you with yacht registration, ownership<br />

transfers, audits, taxation, and more. With 30+ years of<br />

experience, their goal is that of removing administrative<br />

concerns and worries so clients can enjoy the nicer aspects<br />

of ownership and yachting. SMS Shipping provides maritime<br />

agency and port operation services around the clock. The<br />

team and network of partners deliver the highest levels of<br />

customer satisfaction. PN Fenech is the firm through which<br />

the group offers yachts any type of provisioning.<br />

www.sms.com.mt<br />

Grand Harbour Malta<br />

Step into old world charm with the luxury benefits of a modernday<br />

superyacht marina, a perfect home port. Set against the<br />

picturesque, historic backdrop of a UNESCO World Heritage site, this<br />

marina in Grand Harbour Malta will take your breath away – by day or by<br />

night.The 500 year-old exquisite architecture of Valletta and Vittoriosa<br />

creates a captivating atmosphere, further enhanced by the waterfront<br />

buildings, which house chic restaurants, bars and café society. With<br />

5* yacht and yacht services, as well as impeccable shoreside facilities,<br />

Grand Harbour is a natural superyacht hub, with yacht berths available<br />

throughout the year. A marina perfectly positioned in Malta in the heart<br />

of the Mediterranean, whether for cruising, as a home-port or winter<br />

stopover. Take advantage of a number of summer events taking place<br />

close to Grand Harbour Marina, including live music and internationally<br />

recognised sailing regattas.<br />

www.cnmarinas.com<br />

Top Table<br />

Set in a family home turned<br />

boutique hotel (Casa Ellul),<br />

Risette makes the most of the<br />

characterful building it’s in. The<br />

weekly-changing dinner-only<br />

menu is a taste of the Med with<br />

Asian accents. Its boozy whisky<br />

ice cream is a real winner.<br />

Culture Club<br />


Dating back nearly 6000 years,<br />

they’re older than the pyramids<br />

and are thought to be the oldest<br />

free-standing structures on earth.<br />

106 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>




Rune Eriksen highlights the<br />

benefits of custom made<br />

stabilisation platforms and<br />

their usage on board<br />

Movements onboard ships caused<br />

by the sea surely have their charm<br />

for some, but for the human body<br />

or for delicate instruments and processes,<br />

it may directly or indirectly be a challenge.<br />

Seasickness, fatigue and fatigue-related<br />

symptoms may be a result and movements<br />

may also create limitations to owneractivities,<br />

even delaying important detailed<br />

work processes onboard.<br />

These movements onboard may be<br />

neutralised. STABLE’s proven technology<br />

will remove the ship’s roll and pitch actions<br />

which negatively affect personnel, equipment<br />

or processes. STABLE have supplied “on the<br />

spot” computerised, electrical, stabilised<br />

platforms since 2002. A large number of<br />

cruise vessels sail with STABLE billiards,<br />

and numerous yachts have billiards and<br />

beds stabilised for superior comfort.<br />

Compensate for extreme roll and pitch<br />

movements<br />

If you want to play billiards or pool onboard<br />

your yacht – what to do? With technology and<br />

know-how from active heave compensating<br />

loading systems offshore, including the<br />

harsh North Sea environment and failsafe<br />

technology into the DNA, STABLE has<br />

developed the stabilised platform. It enables<br />

one of the most demanding applications<br />

in terms of responsiveness and accuracy<br />

– billiards!<br />

The product range is however widespread;<br />

from beds and billiards to operating theatres,<br />

drone platforms, working tables and radar<br />

platforms. The solution is neutralising<br />

extreme roll and pitch angles, applied even<br />

for racing yachts.<br />

Green footprint - energy and cost optimised<br />

Stabilising a complete large yacht with a<br />

displacement of several hundreds of tons<br />

requires a lot of energy. With the continuous<br />

and appropriate focus for green footprint,<br />

a dedicated “on the spot” stabilisation<br />

platform will neutralise both roll and pitch<br />

with only a few hundreds watts. Thereby a<br />

cost-effective and green solution providing<br />

extreme stabilisation accuracy.<br />

Being easy to refit as there is no need for<br />

hull modifications is just a benefit on top,<br />

besides full stabilisation whenever the ship<br />

is sailing, at anchor or quayside.<br />

Medical treatment onboard<br />

The unique stabilisation technology may also<br />

be used for health and safety aspects.<br />

Medical equipment like dialysis machines<br />

or CT and MR enterography machines have<br />

operation restriction if tilted more than a<br />

few degrees.<br />

If installed on a stabilised platform, usage,<br />

independent of the weather conditions will<br />

be secured, safeguarding health and safety<br />

for owner and crew without having to seek<br />

safe havens.<br />

Billiards and pool tables<br />

From the very first stabilised billiard table<br />

delivered in 2002, STABLE have delivered<br />

numerous billiards and pool tables for<br />

the cruise and luxury yacht segment.<br />

The technology may be integrated into<br />

unique table designs from various billiard<br />

manufacturers, even for systems to be<br />

installed outside.<br />

Ultimate comfort starts with a stabilised bed<br />

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. A<br />

stabilised embedded platform inside your<br />

bed will let you sleep unaffected through<br />

the waves.<br />

The platforms will be customised to match<br />

your size preferences and final design.<br />

Integration with suppliers of bespoke luxury<br />

beds and handmade mattresses is possible.<br />

Made in Norway<br />

The custom made STABLE platforms have<br />

been engineered and manufactured in Norway<br />

since 2002.<br />

For more details Tel: +47 907 47 153<br />

or visit www.stableonboard.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 107

108 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

food &<br />

drink<br />

What's new in food and<br />

drink. The latest trends<br />

for you to try over the<br />

coming months<br />





Serves 1<br />

1 tbsp peanut butter<br />

1 frozen banana<br />

1 scoop chocolate plant protein powder<br />

250 ml unsweetened almond milk<br />

Handful of ice cubes<br />

Method<br />

Throw the peanut butter, banana and protein<br />

powder together and blitz. Add the almond<br />

milk and ice cubes and blend again.<br />

MUST TRY<br />


Yes, yes we know they are basic but...<br />

how useful are these? They take a drink<br />

to another level and the variations are<br />

as endless as the range of chillies.<br />



A tasteless vegetarian alternative to gelatine<br />

made from boiled and dried seaweed. It is a<br />

white, semi-translucent gelatinous substance.<br />

which can be used as a setting agent in jellies,<br />

desserts and custard. It is also useful as a<br />

thickener for soups and ice cream.<br />

IT'S A THING<br />

Sea Veg Cocktails (yes you<br />

read that right) are having<br />

a mixology moment. Try an<br />

old-fashioned one made with<br />

umami-rich sugar kelp, or<br />

sample a pickled samphire<br />

martini. For a sweet savoury<br />

combination try a whisky,<br />

oloroso sherry and kombu.<br />

Rock pools have never<br />

seemed so inviting.<br />


Jellyfish is known for a delicate, slightly salty,<br />

flavour that means it’s eaten more as a textural<br />

experience. Its slimy, slightly chewy consistency<br />

means that Chinese and Japanese gourmands<br />

often eat it raw or sliced up as a salad ingredient.<br />

There are at least 11 species of jellyfish that have<br />

been identified as edible for human consumption.<br />

You can eat jellyfish in many ways, including<br />

shredded or sliced thinly and tossed with sugar,<br />

soy sauce, oil, and vinegar for a salad.<br />


Whether sipping or for making<br />

margaritas, palomas and more,<br />

these are our favourite tequilas<br />


Aged for just a few weeks<br />

in American oak, this herbal<br />

forward juice is a favourite<br />

among locals in the actual town<br />

of Tequila. The price point is<br />

way too low for this great taste.<br />


A 5th generation brand, the<br />

agave is crushed by a traditional<br />

tahona (or stone wheel),<br />

fermented in small wooden vats,<br />

and distilled in tiny copper-pot<br />

stills for maximum quality.<br />


A super-premium brand that’s<br />

committed to supporting<br />

sustainable agriculture and<br />

the communities of Jalisco.<br />

It also happens to craft some<br />

delicious booze.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 109

25–28 April <strong>2024</strong> · Palma de Mallorca, Spain<br />

Perfectly timed before the<br />

Mediterranean summer season<br />

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Gooseneck barnacle<br />

FOOD & DRINK<br />

Did you know that these<br />

crustaceans are one of the<br />

world's rarest and most<br />

valuable seafoods<br />

Rare delicacy or dinosaur feet?<br />

No other shellfish takes you closer to a feeling of<br />

actually eating the sea. This crustacean has a long<br />

neck that is arguably more delicious than actual goose<br />

neck, but the name stems from the notion that these<br />

bizarre creatures are goose eggs. Europeans call the<br />

barnacles percebes, and in Spain and Portugal, they fetch<br />

a pretty penny. Harvested in Galicia, Spain, to Costa de<br />

la Muerte - the Coast of Death, multiple sea-battered<br />

men have died among rough waves and strong tides<br />

while prying these prized morsels from beneath the<br />

water line. Connoisseurs regard gooseneck barnacles as<br />

such a delicacy that the price, up to €100 per plate, and<br />

the occasional human life is worth the risk. They taste<br />

like sweet lobster and have the characteristic chew of<br />

bivalves. To eat a percebe, grasp the shell, tear off the<br />

skin encasing its neck, and be aware that you’re sitting<br />

in a splash zone. If you find a baby goose inside, then the<br />

medieval naturalists were onto something after all.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 111

112 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

FOOD & DRINK<br />


Adding spices to ice cream<br />

doesn’t always seem<br />

appealing. At an ice<br />

cream shop you’re<br />

usually hit with a big selection of<br />

traditional flavours like chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, mint<br />

choc chip. But some of us crave something a little different. These<br />

are five delicious spice ice creams that are must-try desserts.<br />


Cinnamon imparts a sweet, woody flavour in ice cream that’s<br />

incredible. Cinnamon pairs with pears well so add some roasted<br />

pear to your ice cream as it finishes churning.<br />


Technically speaking, this is a herb. It’s a controversial flavour<br />

which a lot of people don’t enjoy. There are also plenty of chefs who<br />

love using lavender in their cooking. The golden rule here is. Don’t<br />

overdo it.<br />


This spice has a dominant liquorice aroma and is commonly found<br />

ground into a powder. You can easily just drop them into the ice<br />

cream custard base. Allow the anise to work and add flavour<br />

overnight before churning the ice cream the next day.<br />

CACAO<br />

Cacao is one of the best ways to spice up ice cream. If you're feeling<br />

creative, add some chilli as you make the base, then strain it out<br />

before churning.<br />


Often used in Korean kimchi, kohlrabi the socalled<br />

hipster cabbage has a higher fibre count,<br />

helping rebalance an unruly appetite. Rich<br />

potassium levels also make Kohlrabi<br />

useful for balancing blood pressure and<br />

reducing water retention. Kohlrabi can<br />

be green or purple, and can be eaten<br />

raw and cooked. It is delicious steamed,<br />

sautéed, roasted, stuffed, creamed, in soup or stew.<br />

250g halloumi<br />

cheese<br />


QUICK & EASY<br />


200g bag<br />

spinach<br />

1 bunch mint,<br />

leaves only<br />

2 large<br />

oranges<br />


At around €450 per kilo, Matsutake mushrooms<br />

aren't exactly Weight Watchers' fayre. The rare<br />

Japanese delicacy is high in B vitamins essential for<br />

healthy metabolism. Not swayed? Opt for Maitake<br />

mushrooms, they're a lot more affordable.<br />

Serves 4<br />

Slice the halloumi and griddle for 3-4 mins each side until charred,<br />

then set aside. Tip the spinach and half the mint onto a large platter.<br />

Segment the oranges and pour any orange juice from the chopping<br />

board into a bowl, and squeeze the pith to get juices from there too.<br />

Scatter the orange pieces over the spinach. Chop the remaining mint<br />

and mix with the orange juice, 2 tbsp olive oil and some seasoning.<br />

Place the halloumi slices on top of the salad and pour the dressing<br />

over. Serve with warm flatbreads.<br />




Chef Angelo has been a chef<br />

for more than 15 years. His<br />

first experience was on a<br />

56m then he moved to a 80m<br />

yacht with an Italian family,<br />

and has also worked with<br />

V.I.P. families from Saudi<br />

Arabia, America, Russia,<br />

Lebanon, Japan and France.<br />

What is your favourite dish to cook?<br />

Starting from the seasonality of the products,<br />

I create Mediterranean cooking with<br />

character, while maintaining full respect<br />

for the main flavours. Coming from a land<br />

rich in flavours and knowing the sea like a<br />

book I have a strong passion for seafood<br />

dishes with intense flavours.<br />

What/where is your favourite<br />

restaurant?<br />

12.1 in Porto Taverna, Sardinia, it’s in front of<br />

another big island “Tavolara” and here you<br />

can feel all the Sardinian taste and breathe<br />

the typical winds and herb perfumes.<br />

If you were not a chef what would you<br />

be doing?<br />

I never thought about this question, but for<br />

sure in the restaurant and hospitality industry.<br />

What is your favourite kitchen gadget?<br />

For sure the humble pan, because inside is<br />

where the magic is born.<br />

What is your favourite type of food?<br />

My favourite food is a mix of seasonal food<br />

- fish and meat, pairing with vegetables in<br />

different consistency, colours and crunchiness<br />

where they all play their game.<br />

What three factors do you look for in<br />

food?<br />

I don’t wont be repetitive, but the secret is<br />

follow the seasonal ingredients, passion<br />

and good taste.<br />

Where do you think is the best city in the<br />

world for food?<br />

I think, people all over the world say Italy<br />

and it’s true!!!!<br />

What is the one ingredient everyone<br />

needs in their galley?<br />

I think one it’s impossible to say, but if I have<br />

a good virgin oil, tomatoes and a good flour.<br />

Where is your favourite local market for<br />

fresh produce?<br />

Barcelona but Naples as well with its fantastic<br />

fish variety and quality.<br />

Most overrated ingredient?<br />

Wasabi<br />

Most outrageous guest request?<br />

Probably prepare a buffet for 30 people<br />

every 1 hour.<br />

If you could cook for anyone, who and<br />

why?<br />

My daughter, because we lost too much<br />

time because of my career at sea.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 113

FOOD & DRINK<br />

Premium Rosé, why not?<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong>’s wine guru Claire Mottershaw asks why have we<br />

waited so long for the industry to deliver these new cuvées<br />

We all love to drink rosé when the sun shines. It has a<br />

simple nature, it’s fresh and easy to drink and often not<br />

expensive. But recently we have seen rosé producers<br />

releasing more complex and expensive cuvées. This fact has<br />

taken some by surprise, but we have long had premium red and<br />

white wines so why not rosé too? The fact that more people<br />

are drinking rosé has driven the demand for more layered, and<br />

therefore more expensive, wines.<br />

For a long time, consumers looking to spend north of 40euro<br />

on a bottle of rosé would have little<br />

option but to seek out a magnum or<br />

jeroboam. The first brand to really<br />

branch out into and claim this space<br />

was Chateau d’Esclans.<br />

Sacha Lichine purchased d’Esclans<br />

in 2006 having long identified the<br />

opportunity for premiumisation in the<br />

rosé wine space. Taking grapes from<br />

a small parcel of nearly 100-year-old<br />

vines and using barrel fermentation,<br />

Lichine started doing things never-before tried on a commercial<br />

scale with the hither-to, humble rosé. The result was an expressive,<br />

complex and above all luxurious wine they named Garrus, after<br />

the Roman term for hilltop. Initial public response to the wines’<br />

release was muted and it was largely dismissed as nothing<br />

more than a clever marketing gimmick with no future. Priced<br />

at around 100.00euro, what could possibly make a rosé worth<br />

that much money?<br />

Over time, far from becoming an amusing sidenote of wine<br />

history, Garrus has earned recognition as a truly exceptional<br />

wine. In addition, Garrus has forged the very market Sacha<br />

Lichine initially envisaged for super-premium rosé wine. For<br />

that reason, Garrus will forever stand alone as the pioneer,<br />

the instigator. A gastronomic rosé that dared to sit at the<br />

table of high society. As with all great ideas, imitation is the<br />

greatest form of flattery.<br />

Garrus will forever stand<br />

alone as the pioneer, the<br />

instigator. A gastronomic<br />

rosé that dared to sit at the<br />

table of high society.<br />

We now see an increasing number of wine producers releasing ever<br />

more expensive, “prestige cuvées”, to borrow the champenoise<br />

terminology. Terminology traditionally linked to vineyards and<br />

wineries in places such as Bordeaux and Burgundy, have now<br />

become commonplace in tasting notes of rosé wines; hand<br />

selection of grapes, parcels of old vines, barrel fermentation,<br />

less stirring. This is a new and exciting category of wines with<br />

experimentation and modernisation on a scale rarely seen in<br />

such a tradition-led wine country such as France.<br />

Proof of the potential for growth<br />

in premium rosé wines, as well as<br />

validation of its acceptance as a<br />

wine category of note came with the<br />

release of Etoile from the historic<br />

powerhouse of Provence, Domaines<br />

Ott. Chateau Minuty have also dipped<br />

their toes in the water with their 281<br />

cuvée, albeit at a slightly lower pricepoint<br />

than both Garrus and Etoile.<br />

The market now extends beyond the<br />

borders of Provence and it is in the neighbouring wine region of<br />

the Languedoc, to the West, that we find the newly-crowned<br />

“most expensive rosé in the world”. Made by French, former<br />

rugby pro, Gérard Bertrand, a bottle of “Clos du Temple” does<br />

not leave you much change from 200euro.<br />

The wine comes from Cabrières, in the heart of the Languedoc.<br />

A region which has endured a rollercoaster ride of fortunes<br />

having once been described by King Louis XIV as the best place<br />

for rosé in France before more recently becoming synonymous<br />

with quantity over quality. The question for consumers remains<br />

whether or not they are willing to part with more than 100euro<br />

for a single bottle of rosé. Sales figures from the last few years<br />

would suggest that for more and more of us, the answer is “oui”!<br />

Claire Mottershaw, Executive Director at VSF Group.<br />

www.vsfgroup.com<br />

114 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

Interior & Outdoor Furnishings for Yachts, Residents & Aircraft<br />

www.fionasatelier.com info@ fionasatelier.com Ph: +34 933157941 WhatsApp +34 660374174<br />

Contact us to get our catalogue THE BOOK with all the indispensables

IN THE<br />

GALLEY<br />

Update your galley with the latest and<br />

most innovative culinary apparatus<br />


A solid wood gnocchi paddle, or rigagnocchi creates<br />

ridges on all types of gnocchi, allowing sauce to cling<br />

to the pasta for excellent flavour<br />

€25 | www.boroughkitchen.com<br />


A stylish olive oil dispenser bottle made of<br />

high borosilicate glass, it can withstand a<br />

temperature difference of 30°C- 180°C. The<br />

unique container design makes an eyecatching<br />

oil and vinegar dispenser, allowing you<br />

to pour oil and vinegar from the same bottle<br />

while keeping them separate.<br />

€25 | www.johnlewis.com<br />

BRICK IT<br />

Just chop up your favourite ingredients, put them in the Brick<br />

and place on any heat source. A delicious dish is ready in<br />

under 30 minutes, locking in nutrients, vitamins and flavour.<br />

€ 54 | www.bricknic.nl<br />

116 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

FOOD & DRINK<br />


The Dreamfarm Garject is a real<br />

crowd-pleaser - and multi-award<br />

winner. It even scrapes the garlic off<br />

for you, so it lands on your<br />

chopping board.<br />

€40 | www.boroughkitchen.com<br />


Renowned Japanese<br />

knifemakers Kai Shun teamed<br />

up with German chef Tim<br />

Mälzer to create the Kai Shun<br />

Premier range, featuring<br />

multi-textured steel blades<br />

that are both hard and flexible<br />

at once, plus symmetrical<br />

wooden handles that are<br />

suitable for both left- and<br />

right-handed cooks.<br />

€270<br />

www.boroughkitchen.com<br />


Handcrafted in India, this copper jug and wooden lid stores<br />

water in a cool environment. Copper and its alloys are<br />

positively charged and are antimicrobial.<br />

€75 | www.boroughkitchen.com<br />


This Hamburger Press from Gefu is made<br />

from professional-grade stainless steel<br />

and features interior markings to scale<br />

off burgers from 100g to 400g. The<br />

ergonomically designed plunger ensures<br />

maximum compression for perfectly<br />

shaped burgers and releases them<br />

directly into the pan or onto the grill.<br />

€38 | www.boroughkitchen.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 117





A small, family-run restaurant, Don Camillo<br />

was born in 1985, the brainchild of Camillo<br />

and John Guarneri. Don Camillo has become<br />

an institution, known for its quality. The rooms<br />

are made from the remains of a church that<br />

collapsed in the 1693 earthquake, and the<br />

medieval structure, lined with wine bottles<br />

and images of old Siracusa, is filled with<br />

locals. The common thread has always been<br />

one: the deep knowledge of the raw material<br />

to grasp all aspects, memorise flavours,<br />

familiarise themselves with perfumes and,<br />

above all, imagine the latter with different<br />

processes and combinations. Each dish has its<br />

roots, a narrative, a place, a story that the chef<br />

transfers from life to dish. With a wine cellar<br />

containing over 800 types of regional, national<br />

and international wines, make sure to browse<br />

their award-winning drinks menu.<br />

€€€ | www.ristorantedoncamillosiracusa.it<br />


The ideal location for a romantic dinner<br />

outside in the Duomo square, or upstairs<br />

on the floor of Palazzo Borgia del Casale,<br />

Regina Lucia offers excellent fresh fish.<br />

Elegantly contemporary, this is the place to<br />

go for dishes like potato gnocchi in a spicy<br />

seafood sauce with tenerumi, with a special<br />

attention to presentation. Use this dining<br />

opportunity to take in the Piazza Duomo, which<br />

regular visitors callthe ‘essence of Sicily’.<br />

€€€ | www.reginaluciaristorante.com<br />


A French twist to Sicilian ingredients. The<br />

owner, Saro, spent years in Paris and brings a<br />

sophisticated style to this Ortigia restaurant.<br />

The ceilings are tall, the walls are bright and<br />

the flavours are unforgettable. Or, stop by for a<br />

late-night wine by the glass.<br />

€€€ | www.levindelassassin.eatbu.com<br />


In culinary traditions across<br />

Sicily, regional variations in<br />

cannoli fillings reflect local<br />

preferences and ingredient<br />

availability. In Palermo, cannoli<br />

are decorated with candied<br />

orange zest, adding a citrusy<br />

sweetness to the filling.<br />

118 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


SERVES 6<br />


Taverna Sveva is a casual tavern, tucked<br />

away on the streets behind the Castella<br />

Maniace. Far enough away from the tourist<br />

areas, this small restaurant offers traditional<br />

Sicilian dishes, both land-based and seafood,<br />

served on hand-painted ceramic ware. On<br />

a warm evening, the outdoor terrace on the<br />

cobbled square in front of Syracuse’s 11th<br />

century castle is the place to be.<br />

€€€ | +39 0931 24663<br />


Il Veliero is the restaurant where<br />

local patriarchs treat their families to<br />

a meal. The atmosphere is plain and<br />

rustic, and lets the food do the talking.<br />

When you’re looking for a good fish<br />

restaurant in Ortigia, Il Veliero is the<br />

place to go for the freshest catches of<br />

the day and some seriously unusual<br />

options gracing the daily specials<br />

menu. What’s more, the location at<br />

the entrance of the Syracuse historic<br />

town is perfect, with a classic Latin<br />

ambience seeping in from the side<br />

street out front.<br />

€€€ | www.ilvelierosiracusa.<br />

wordpress.com<br />


1 kg round eggplants, cubed<br />

600g San Marzano tomatoes<br />

1 tbsp white wine vinegar<br />

50g celery heart, cubed<br />

40g pine nuts<br />

15-20 pitted green olives<br />

10 basil leaves<br />

2 white onions<br />

2 tbsp capers<br />

1 tbsp sugar<br />

Salt<br />

Extra-virgin olive oil<br />

METHOD<br />

• Place eggplants in a colander and cover with 4<br />

large handfuls of salt. Let rest for 40 minutes.<br />

• Finely slice the onions and sauté with 2-3 tbsp. oil.<br />

• Blanch the tomatoes, peel, cut in half, and remove<br />

the seeds. Then, cut the pulp into small pieces.<br />

• Add celery, tomatoes, capers, olives, pine nuts to<br />

the onions, and cook for 3-4 minutes.<br />

• Rinse the eggplant, squeezing them to remove<br />

excess liquid. Dry well with paper towels and fry<br />

with oil in batches, for 6 mins, until golden.<br />

• Let the fried eggplant dry, then add to the<br />

vegetables. Next, add sugar and vinegar, and cook<br />

for another 2 mins. Season, add the basil leaves,<br />

and let the caponata cool.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 119


Hoheluftchaussee 95, D-20253 Hamburg, Germany<br />

Muelle Viejo 17, 2nd Piso, 07012 Palma de Mallorca, Baleares

ody beautiful<br />

The latest facts, fads<br />

and tips to help keep<br />

you in ship shape<br />

condition this season<br />

ZONE OUT<br />


Insight Timer has a<br />

giant library of free<br />

meditations, so if your<br />

budget is tight, this is the<br />

meditation app for you. Features: Over<br />

150,000 free meditations.<br />


The breathing techniques<br />

you can use anytime.<br />

While many breathing<br />

apps only focus on<br />

meditation and relaxation, Breathwrk<br />

also offers programmes promoting the<br />

long list of benefits of focused breathing.<br />



This app caters to<br />

newbies with easy<br />

to follow guided<br />

meditations. It also has shorter sessions<br />

that can be increased over time. Start<br />

your journey to a new life here.<br />



What exactly is it?<br />

TIT- threshold intensity training. The<br />

concept is all about working at 90% of<br />

your maximum heart rate for longest<br />

period of time rather than for short<br />

bursts and it’s all the rage. This 45<br />

minute class is a few sweat drops<br />

away from hell, with each session and<br />

mix of working as hard as you can on<br />

equipment such as assault bikes and<br />

dumbbells until the instructor tells<br />

you to stop<br />

What to expect?<br />

Don’t expect 30 second pushes of<br />

hard work. You have to stay at your<br />

threshold for several minutes .Think<br />

you can handle it? There’s only one<br />

way to find out...Gulp!<br />


It has been dubbed one of the<br />

most powerful antioxidants<br />

and, according to one study it<br />

is 6,000 times more effective<br />

at fighting free radicals then<br />

vitamin C, the previous<br />

antioxidant hero.<br />



The latest class craze<br />

is drum boxing and yes it’s<br />

exactly what you think; drumming<br />

and boxing. Described as a ‘brain fitness<br />

class’ it combines Latin and Afro Cuban<br />

rhythms with boxing moves to<br />

challenge your brain<br />

and body.<br />



Supermodels, property tycoons and shipping<br />

magnets descend on Amanzoe’s soothing<br />

marble interiors intent on rebooting, choosing<br />

from myriad health programmes inspired by<br />

the holistic wisdom of Hippocrates. Revel in the<br />

signature scrubs, the fat busting body wraps<br />

and effective lymphatic drainage; the super<br />

strong anti-aging treatments, including the<br />

Red Carpet Jet Facial (with radio frequency to<br />

boost collagen) plus intravenous vitamin drips<br />

and excellent daily yoga and Pilates sessions to<br />

enhance mobility.<br />

www.aman.com<br />


It may sound easy, but<br />

distractions often triumph<br />

over our focus. It helps to<br />

have something to hold onto,<br />

literally. We breathe, not only<br />

does it keep us alive, you can<br />

also use it to reset yourself.<br />

The mission is easy: to make<br />

as many people as possible<br />

discover how much power<br />

they hold. Just by breathing.<br />

www.moonbird.life<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 121

Back in shape<br />

Look no further than Paragon Studios when you’re<br />

looking to add a little flare to the onboard gym<br />


The ultimate gym<br />

accessory with a stunning<br />

combination of wood,<br />

metal and leather<br />


Made from stainless steel or aluminium<br />

bronze, with wooden inserts that can be<br />

matched to your interior<br />



Award-winning design and a truly<br />

“over-engineered” product<br />


With a bone shaped rear support,<br />

this bench is all about stability and<br />

strength, and is built with its form<br />

designed around its function<br />


Finished with the finest materials<br />

and hand-stitched<br />

All gym equipment available from www.paragonstudio.co.uk<br />

122 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

BODY<br />

Keep on jabbing<br />

A full body workout is achievable in just 30 minutes using the StairMaster<br />

BoxMaster Tower. The ultimate boxing training station bridging the gap between<br />

old-fashioned punch bags and a trainer holding focus mitts<br />

Improve your boxing technique with the stairmaster boxmaster tower<br />

BoxMaster® is the latest training tool for<br />

boxing enthusiasts and fitness devotees<br />

alike. Designed by professional boxer<br />

Rai Fazio, the BoxMaster is great for<br />

improving stamina, coordination, agility<br />

and cardiovascular health.<br />

Its unique design allows members<br />

to throw any punch or combination<br />

of punches, with the feel of hitting a<br />

focus mitt. Catering to all user levels,<br />

the BoxMaster will encourage greater<br />

boxing style fitness participation. In just<br />

30 minutes, through 7 active rounds of<br />

punching and 7 active recovery rounds<br />

you will hit every aspect of conditioning<br />

both aerobically and anaerobically. This<br />

new form of boxing style conditioning<br />

excites and encourage greater<br />

participation in group fitness training<br />

and will help improve team morale by<br />

offering an entirely different way to get<br />

in shape.<br />

The equipment is fully adjustable: both<br />

the tower and pads can move to find<br />

the perfect fit, accommodating varying<br />

heights from 5’0″ to 6’10 and you can<br />

add an optional base and kick pad to<br />

complete your BoxMaster Tower.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 123

Hair Comes<br />

Summer<br />

Think spending hours in the sun has no effect on your<br />

hair? Think again. Lengthy exposure to UV rays may be<br />

doing more harm than good to your hair. Protection is key<br />

That first glimmer of sunshine after months<br />

of dull, grey weather? There’s nothing quite<br />

like it. Warmer days mean more time spent<br />

enjoying the great outdoors, but the sun and<br />

salt water are not going to do your hair any<br />

favours.<br />

While we’re pros when it comes to facial SPF,<br />

it can be easy to forget our hair and scalp. To<br />

help avoid the summertime brittleness that UV<br />

damage can bring about we have some great tips<br />

and routines to share.<br />

While any kind of hair is prone<br />

to hair damage, your hair can<br />

be particularly vulnerable to sun<br />

damage if it’s fine or light-coloured.<br />

That finer, lighter hair lacks the thickness<br />

or pigment that can protect it from the sun’s<br />

rays while darker, coarser hair usually is oilier,<br />

and its thickness, darker colour and oil covering<br />

help to protect it. Hot flat irons or continual<br />

hairdryer use, chlorinated water in swimming<br />

pools or lightening your hair can make it more<br />

vulnerable to the summer stresses of heat<br />

and sun. All of these can damage your hair’s<br />

protein, keratin. The damaged protein then<br />

allows sun and heat to penetrate more easily<br />

and results in a more fragile hair strand.<br />


As well as a good haircare routine, you<br />

may be able to eat your way to stronger<br />

strands. A healthy, balanced diet including<br />

wholegrain foods, fruit, vegetables and<br />

plenty of water can help build defences<br />

from within, as a lack of certain vitamins<br />

and minerals, such as iron and protein, can<br />

contribute to hair loss.<br />


An intensive hair and scalp<br />

treatment that closely<br />

replicates the scalp’s own<br />

natural sebum: the body’s<br />

natural hair food. Philip B<br />

Rejuvenating Oil is a fragrant<br />

blend of carrier and essential<br />

oils derived from plants, nuts<br />

and flowers. Deep, penetrating<br />

and soothing essential oils<br />

revive and restore hair’s<br />

elasticity, resilience, and<br />

overall strength while defining<br />

your hair, renewing the texture.<br />

Extra moisture may help prevent breakage.<br />

Use extra moisturising hair products and<br />

be generous with their application. If you’re<br />

going to be in the sun without a hat, we’d<br />

suggest popping on a shield-like treatment<br />

or nourishing leave-in conditioner.<br />

Swapping your brush for a wide-tooth comb<br />

is a good move – it’s much gentler. A widetooth<br />

comb is less likely to cause breakage if<br />

hair is feeling a bit dry due to sun, sand and<br />

sea, and always take your time.<br />

If you know you’ll be spending a lot of your<br />

time in the summer sun, pause any heat<br />

styling. Heat, combined with the strength<br />

of the rays, could be too much for hair to<br />

handle, potentially causing brittleness and<br />

breakage.<br />

From scalp and hair sunscreens to<br />

conditioning and strengthening shampoos,<br />

conditioners and hair masks, there’s a whole<br />

heap of products to protect your locks.<br />

Can sun exposure damage your scalp?<br />

The short answer? Yes. The skin on your<br />

scalp is as important as the skin on your<br />

face – it’s just as easily damaged by<br />

harmful UV rays. The health of your scalp<br />

reflects the quality of your hair, so it’s<br />

extremely important to look after it.<br />

Can sunlight damage your hair?<br />

While we love a bit of sun in moderation<br />

(and always wearing SPF), too much<br />

can affect how our hair looks and feels.<br />

Prolonged sun exposure can dry out the<br />

hair and damage its protein structure,<br />

often resulting in low elasticity, breakage<br />

and split ends. TIP: Make a DIY hair mask<br />

out of lukewarm honey and buttermilk. The<br />

honey will restore your hair’s moisture<br />

and shine, and the buttermilk will soothe<br />

dry hair and make it silky smooth.<br />


How can you tell if your hair’s sun<br />

damaged?<br />

From changes to its texture to even its<br />

colour, there are some telltale signs to<br />

look out for. It’s likely to feel dry, frizzy<br />

and brittle and in turn, this can cause<br />

broken ends and, sometimes, an orangetoned<br />

discolouration.<br />

Can you put sunscreen in your hair?<br />

Yes, you can. But if the thought of<br />

slathering on your SPF50 over your<br />

strands doesn’t sound all that appealing,<br />

rest assured that there are some great<br />

hair products out there that help protect,<br />

without weighing hair down. You should<br />

treat your scalp and hair like any other<br />

part of your body that you expose to the<br />

sun. Look at brands that offer protection<br />

tailored to both the scalp and hair.<br />

124 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

BODY<br />


LOCKS<br />

From UV sprays to deep<br />

conditioners, here’s how<br />

to help keep those strands<br />

protected and perfected<br />

AVEDA<br />

Sun Care Protective Hair Veil<br />

€24<br />

ARRIVE<br />

Headcare The<br />

Good Habit<br />

Hybrid Oil<br />

€16<br />


Treatment Original<br />

€16<br />

PHILIP<br />


Swimcap Water<br />

Resistant Mask<br />

€22<br />

SUN BUM<br />

Protecting Heat Protector<br />

€20<br />

All products available from www.LOOKFANTASTIC.com<br />


Color Fanatic Multi-Purpose Hair<br />

€28<br />


Discipline<br />

Fluidissime Spray<br />

€32<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 125


MTSea discusses Legionella and<br />

having a Water Safety Plan<br />

Generally, it is accepted that<br />

consumption of contaminated<br />

water can cause illness. Less<br />

well appreciated is the risk to<br />

health from inhalation of water aerosol<br />

contaminated with Legionella. We commonly<br />

hear yacht crew say they do not need to<br />

manage on-board water because they do<br />

not drink it, but as this article explains<br />

there is nothing safe about this assumption.<br />

Hotels and holiday apartments on land are<br />

required to test and treat their water to<br />

ensure Legionella is not a risk to health,<br />

it therefore makes sense that yachts<br />

accommodating guests and crew should<br />

take the same care, by introducing a robust<br />

Water Safety Plan.<br />

What is Legionella and why is it dangerous?<br />

Legionella is a Gram-negative bacterium<br />

that can cause legionellosis, a pneumonia<br />

type illness called Legionnaires´ disease and<br />

a milder flu like illness called Pontiac fever.<br />

This bacterium can be found anywhere, in<br />

domestic, industrial and natural settings,<br />

it lives in soil and water. Legionella is only<br />

dangerous when it enters the lung in droplet<br />

or aerosol form.<br />

Drinking water with legionella is not<br />

harmful as the bacteria is killed by acid in<br />

the stomach, nor is it contagious, though<br />

outbreaks are possible due to exposure to<br />

a common, contaminated source.<br />

The likelihood of illness depends on<br />

the vulnerability of the individual, the<br />

concentration of Legionella in the water,<br />

the virulence of specific strains and the<br />

degree of exposure. Once infected the<br />

disease can be treated but if left untreated<br />

it can cause serious health problems and<br />

potentially death.<br />

Exposure is possible is any situation where<br />

splashed or sprayed water can enter a<br />

person´s airway in small enough form to<br />

reach the lungs. This is why it is so important<br />

to check the water quality everywhere on<br />

a yacht not just in the drinking water in<br />

the galley or the bar.<br />

What are the environmental conditions that<br />

favour the growth of Legionella?<br />

Management of all potable water is about<br />

controlling the levels of micro-organisms<br />

that live in the water supply, it is not about<br />

their total eradication. Legionella can get<br />

on board in small numbers in municipally<br />

supplied water.<br />

Authorities constantly monitor and treat<br />

their water to ensure their supply is safe,<br />

but the disinfectants they add to the water<br />

degrades and cannot be relied upon to give<br />

continuing protection. Storage tanks are<br />

126 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


not sterile and even when water is made on<br />

board it needs to be monitored, disinfected<br />

and tested regularly. Ensuring water is safe<br />

for use is a continuous process.<br />

Legionella can live happily in any body of<br />

freshwater especially where the current<br />

is slow or absent. Even in systems where<br />

water is treated if the water does not<br />

move, as in dead legs or return pipework<br />

Legionella can take hold and thrive.<br />

Water systems on a yacht are a perfect<br />

breeding ground, the environment is warm,<br />

some pipework may remain unused for<br />

extended periods of time and left to its own<br />

devices, damp warm pipework will develop<br />

its own layer of slime providing organisms a<br />

place to hide from disinfectant chemicals,<br />

this layer is called biofilm.<br />

Temperature wise Legionella can survive<br />

cold, and heat up to 70ºC, its happiest<br />

temperature where it reproduces rapidly<br />

at is between 35ºC and 37ºC. In summer it<br />

is not unusual for the cold tap to run warm<br />

to the touch so in this zone MTSea see<br />

a higher than expected rate of infections<br />

on yachts it tests. Last year the infection<br />

rate was 11%, our laboratory advises 4.7%<br />

is normal.<br />

What exactly is biofilm?<br />

Biofilm is a bacterial, self-produced<br />

protective slime made up of an extracellular<br />

polymeric substance (EPS), bacterial cells,<br />

amoebae (often a host of Legionella), other<br />

proteins, organic materials, and water.<br />

Once formed, it can provide a protective<br />

environment where bacteria can hide from<br />

anti microbial agents. (Endosan website<br />

<strong>2024</strong>).<br />

How to prevent Legionella<br />

• Have a Water Safety Plan and SOP<br />

• Provide crew training appropriate to<br />

their role on board.<br />

• Protect water from contamination during<br />

bunkering and avoid pipework connections<br />

with other systems.<br />

• Continuously treat potable water to<br />

attain a safe, residual level of disinfection<br />

in the water. This is not possible with<br />

sporadic treatment.<br />

• Have a regular testing routine that<br />

includes on board testing and regular<br />

3rd party laboratory checks.<br />

• Complete routine periodical system<br />

disinfection and shock treatment when<br />

indicated by the testing results.<br />

• Keep accurate records and review the<br />

process on a regular basis.<br />

Water disinfectants why change from chlorine?<br />

Chlorine is a cheap effective disinfectant. At<br />

recommended dose levels it is considered<br />

safe for human consumption. So why change,<br />

what are the issues?<br />

• Chlorine is not effective at penetrating<br />

and removing biofilms and is ineffective<br />

against amoebae (often a host of<br />

Legionella).<br />

• Chlorinated water has an unpleasant<br />

taste.<br />

• Even at low dose levels, chlorine is<br />

irritating to nose, throat, and skin.<br />

• When mixed with acids, it releases<br />

toxic chlorine gas, and it can aggravate<br />

asthma.<br />

• When it reacts with organic matter it<br />

creates TCM and THM, cancerogenic<br />

substances for humans and animals.<br />

• Chlorine is corrosive to metals.<br />

• When pH is higher than 7.6, its efficacy<br />

is rapidly decreased.<br />

• It requires neutralisation before disposal,<br />

otherwise it is toxic to aquatic life.<br />

How about silver ion?<br />

Silver ion electrodes systems and liquids are<br />

effective disinfectants, however they are very<br />

expensive and can be rendered ineffective<br />

in water, high in chlorides such as we have<br />

here in Mallorca. The test equipment for this<br />

type of dosing to ensure effectiveness is<br />

also very expensive and should be factored<br />

into the initial purchase.<br />

Benefits of stabilised hydrogen peroxide<br />

MTSea Water system has the right solution<br />

for all these problems: it is a hydrogen<br />

peroxide based product called EndoSan,<br />

stabilised with silver ions.<br />

This product: -<br />

• Is effective at penetrating and removing<br />

biofilms.<br />

• Is a powerful bactericide, killing viruses,<br />

spores, fungi, algae and amoebae.<br />

• At dose level, it causes no irritation<br />

to the nose or throat.<br />

• Doesn’t release toxic gases and doesn’t<br />

produce TCM or THM.<br />

• Is completely biodegradable, once it has<br />

done its job, it degrades into water<br />

and oxygen.<br />

• Is non-corrosive at dose rates.<br />

• Is effective at a wide pH range, and<br />

stable and effective at a wide range<br />

of temperatures.<br />

• Doesn’t require any neutralisation at<br />

dose levels, before release.<br />

For more details Tel: +34 971 230 771<br />

e-mail: info@mtseawater.com<br />

or visit www.mtseawater.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 127


Chris Clifford recommends his<br />

essential products and services<br />

for the coming season<br />

HEMPEL<br />

Hempasil Pro is the leading fouling release solution when it comes<br />

to reducing fuel consumption. It is completely biocide-free and based<br />

on a smooth silicone binder and utilises an invisible silicone-based<br />

hydrogel. The hydrogel tricks fouling organisms into “thinking” the<br />

hull is a liquid instead of a solid surface, thus greatly reducing<br />

their ability to settle. The inherent self-cleaning properties of<br />

the silicone beneath the hydrogel layer keep the hull surface<br />

smooth over the entire service interval. It can be applied on<br />

existing antifouling and fouling<br />

release coatings. Hempasil<br />

Pro not only reduces the fuel<br />

consumption and other GHG<br />

over the entire service interval,<br />

but it also cuts CO2 emissions.<br />

For more details: Tel: +45 4593 3800<br />

or visit www.hempel.com<br />

128 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>



Spectro | Jet-Care are leaders in oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid<br />

laboratory analysis for the global superyacht industry and have a<br />

47 year history of specialist knowledge and precision laboratory<br />

analysis services. Considered the ‘go to’ lab for the analysis of oil,<br />

hydraulic fluid, fuel, coolant and fire suppression water samples<br />

the superyacht focused service is available from ISO 17025:2017<br />

accredited, laboratories based in the UK, USA and Switzerland.<br />

They also hold yacht management condition monitoring surgeries,<br />

have a strategic partnership with software platform provider,<br />

IDEA Data Solutions GmbH.<br />

For more details Tel: +44 (0) 1256 704000<br />

or visit www.spectro-oil.com<br />

BAOBAB<br />

Baobab Development Solutions is an<br />

internationally accredited hospitality<br />

training provider based in Cape Town, South<br />

Africa. Baobab specialises in Hospitality<br />

courses for the hotel and yachting Industry.<br />

Baobab has exciting new courses for both<br />

chefs and stewards/esses in addition to<br />

their Food Safety in Catering L2 & 3. For<br />

the chefs – Highfield Supervising Food Safety<br />

at Sea L3 and Allergen Management L3.<br />

For the stewards/esses – Highfield Conflict<br />

Management L2, Customer Service L2, Food<br />

& Beverage Principles L2, Food Principles<br />

L2, Beverage Principles L2 and Barista L2.<br />

They pride themselves in combining their<br />

hospitality and yachting experience and<br />

expertise to give students the best tools<br />

to navigate onboard service excellence.<br />

BDS’s four star training facilities are based<br />

in Cape Town, where they facilitate most<br />

classes, but they also offer online training<br />

options for students abroad or travelling<br />

who cannot attend class.<br />

For more details: Tel: +27 79 577 2042<br />

or visit www.baobabsolutions.co.za<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 129


Discover NatureSafe Marine’s range of premium and eco-friendly cleaning<br />

products tailored for the yachting industry. With a 100% biodegradable formula,<br />

their range is a testament to performance and ecological responsibility, ensuring<br />

outstanding results with minimal environmental impact. Each product is<br />

formulated to offer superior results while protecting our oceans and leaving<br />

no trace behind. Embrace sustainable luxury with them and set a new standard<br />

in the yachting world.<br />

Check out our offer at www.naturesafemarine.com and contact us at:<br />

info@naturesafe.eu or +385(0)21655194 to learn more.<br />


Kitchens that enhance the art of the chef. Otmar Frasnelli create<br />

unique and inimitable kitchens, built around the various culinary<br />

philosophies of sea-faring chefs. No two kitchens are the same,<br />

each is designed to evolve and to reflect the experience of the<br />

professional who will use it. Every single element, whether it be<br />

a refrigerator, an oven or a fryer, has been studied and produced<br />

by our team of engineers to adapt perfectly to the whole, as in a<br />

puzzle. Nothing is left to chance, everything must be functional<br />

and respond to the needs of the chef without compromises. The<br />

solutions may indeed be out of the ordinary, because they accept<br />

nothing less than excellence. Meticulous design, ergonomics and<br />

excellent materials – all custom-built. =<br />

For more details: email info@otmarfrasnelli.com<br />

or visit www.otmarfrasnelli.com<br />

130 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


PWR FOIL<br />

An exclusive limited edition made in their headquarters. Dive into<br />

action with the brand new Deep Green Pro Carbon Biax, a limited<br />

capsule collection signed by PWR-Foil. With its compact outline<br />

and impressive lightness, this board remains faithful to the spirit<br />

of the Black Pro Carbon Biax. Its curved rails offer responsive<br />

manoeuvrability, perfect for tackling waves and executing tight<br />

turns. Experience the excitement of surfing with the Deep Green.<br />

Immerse yourself in action with the Deep Green Pro Carbon Biax<br />

and feel the thrill with every turn.<br />

Available in three distinct sizes:<br />

4’8”x24”x4”: 142x61x11.9 --> 74L = 5.25kg<br />

5’2”x25”x4”: 158x63.5x11.9 --> 85L = 5.8kg<br />

5’8”x25.9”x4”: 172x66x11.9 --> 97L = 6.5kg.<br />

For more details:<br />

Tel: +33 6 03 06 86 32<br />

or e-mail: Chris@pwrfoil.com<br />

DONIA<br />

©Alexandra AliasMarine NationaleDéfense<br />

Enjoy the French Riviera and its privileges.<br />

Moor as close as possible to exceptional<br />

locations in Cannes, Beaulieu-sur-Mer and<br />

Golfe-Juan from your smartphone. Donia<br />

Mooring is a service offering innovative<br />

mooring buoys so that you can moor<br />

peacefully, close to the coast and with<br />

no impact on coastal seabeds. With the<br />

DONIA app, find your mooring buoy in<br />

just one click and book extra services!<br />

DONIA also integrates AIS (Automatic<br />

Identification System) data from vessels<br />

coming from the AISHUb network, with an<br />

enriched cartographic rendering that will<br />

enhance your stays at sea.<br />

Call them on +33 7 49 10 82 43<br />

or email donia@andromede-ocean.com<br />

For more details visit www.donia.fr<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 131


Mahón, located in Menorca and one of the best natural ports and<br />

best protected in the world, is an exclusive destination in the<br />

beautiful Balearics which caters to those with a taste for the<br />

finer things in life. Berthing in a friendly marina with personalised<br />

attentionas you step ashore, Marina Port Mahón’s expert staff<br />

will provide personalised attention to make your visit feel like a<br />

bespoke retreat. The marina offers 30 berths ranging from 25<br />

to 60 metres and private pontoons for exclusive guest access,<br />

providing the perfect sanctuary for yacht and superyacht owners<br />

eager to explore the island’s incredible ecosystem.<br />

For more details Tel:+34 971 366 787<br />

or visit www.marinaportmahon.com<br />


SCHRANDT-ZIMMER has been providing legal advice<br />

for the yachting industry for many years, with a very<br />

practical service approach and a clear understanding<br />

for what is essential and feasible to satisfy all customer<br />

targets. SCHRANDT-ZIMMER is well known for solely<br />

personal advice and support without any administrative<br />

burden. They ensure a full and worldwide legal service<br />

for superyacht projects (new and refit) comprising<br />

design, pre-engineering, construction, registration,<br />

management and charter operation and are familiar<br />

with the special demands of shipyards, suppliers, flag<br />

and class, knowing how to get those perfectly aligned<br />

with the owner’s expectation.<br />

For more details visit www.sszlegal.com<br />


Leading health, medical and travel safety solutions provider MedAire has<br />

announced a partnership with LJ eLogbooks, respected provider of bespoke<br />

and digital logbooks. The partnership initially sees the creation of a new<br />

digital, medical logbook, created collaboratively between Liz Jackson and<br />

MedAire. MedAire provided input on specific medical considerations, ensuring<br />

the logbook aligns with a logical medical assessment format. Available<br />

now, the logbook will ensure not only that yachts adhere to regulatory<br />

compliance but that they also maintain best practice in onboard medical<br />

record keeping.<br />

For more details visit www.medaire.com<br />

or visit www.lizjackson.co.uk<br />

132 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>



Lehmann Marine is a new supplier of battery systems<br />

entered the maritime market in 2023. COBRA is an<br />

advanced battery system employing inherently safe lithium<br />

iron phosphate (LFP) cell technology. Any scale of power<br />

storage is available by freely configuring modular units in<br />

standardised racks of up to 1,000 V DC including water<br />

or air-cooling and a battery management system. Typeapproved<br />

by Bureau Veritas, DNV & RINA.CUBE provides<br />

a modular design with superior energy density. The flexible<br />

energy storage is scalable from a few kWh to several<br />

MWh and allows for optimal use of room space. Any<br />

scale of power storage is available by freely configuring<br />

modular units in strings of up to 1,000 VDC.<br />

For more details Tel. +49 4105 153772 0<br />

or visit www.lehmann-marine.com<br />


Fiona’s Atelier is specialised in the outfitting and decor of superyachts.<br />

They cover everything you may need: crockery, cutlery, glassware, decor<br />

items, bath amenities, leather goods, stationery, bed linen, towels,<br />

personalised gifts and much more. They collaborate with more than<br />

300 wholesalers, artisans and brands, carefully selected worldwide,<br />

in order to ensure the highest quality offering. They also have a staff<br />

wear department, to align the uniforms with the property style and<br />

standards, Fiona’s Atelier assure an exceptional service; making sure<br />

you select tasteful and yet practical items. But above all, Fiona’s<br />

Atelier offers priceless advice to ensure you make the right decisions<br />

when purchasing.<br />

For more details contact info@fionasatelier.com<br />

or visit www.fionasatelier.com<br />


Carpentry and Boat Building Services was<br />

established in 2007 and is widely known as a<br />

company that provides quality workmanship<br />

above all else. Their highly skilled team is<br />

willing and able to complete whatever job is<br />

required, be it a full interior refit or a minor<br />

alteration, bespoke exterior furniture, or<br />

perhaps Perspex or Corian work. All completed<br />

with a high end result that you will be proud<br />

of. With an emphasis on quality and customer<br />

service C.A.B.B.S is the logical choice. For an<br />

honest reliable service based in the hub of<br />

Mediterranean yachting, call C.A.B.B.S.<br />

For more details Tel: +34 971 074 965<br />

or visit www.cabbs.es<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 133


MPT USA<br />

Founded in 1983, MPT is one of the largest private maritime<br />

training schools in the United States, serving more than 12,000<br />

students annually, training for careers in the maritime industry.<br />

MPT offers all levels of certification, license and document study<br />

programmes, many of which offer in-school testing, are USCG,<br />

Veteran’s Administration, MCA, Marshall Islands, and Nautical<br />

Institute approved. Programmes are designed to meet and exceed<br />

IMO and USCG standards and are fully STCW compliant. MPT’s<br />

campus hosts over 45,000 square feet of classrooms, deck and<br />

engineering departments, multiple class A Full Mission bridge<br />

and engineering simulators, as well dynamic positioning labs. One<br />

School. Unlimited Possibilities.<br />

For more details Tel: +1 954 525 1014<br />

or visit www.MPTusa.com<br />


fter 33 years of completing the install and servicing of<br />

HID underwater lights on the largest and most high profile<br />

yachts in the world, the time has come to upgrade to LED.<br />

Ballast have been discontinued and only an Osram lamp is<br />

now available, which has a different colour temperature<br />

to the original Philips lamp supplied. The LED upgrade can<br />

be completed with the yacht in the water using existing<br />

weldins or through hull fitting as long as they are in good<br />

condition. With an upgrade necessary, the team can still<br />

supply all their manufactured parts such as projectors,<br />

glass, o-ring, gaskets if you wish to continue with HID<br />

until time comes it no longer works. They keep all thread<br />

sizes and internal diameters the same so that upgrades<br />

can continue to be completed with ease. UWL runs its<br />

own machine shop with 2000KG of 3.2 Lloyd’s certificated<br />

material available at any one time so delivery times are<br />

never an issue. Machining, production and assembly are<br />

all completed in house for the highest levels of quality<br />

control, with the team able retro-fit Lumishore, Seavision,<br />

DeepSea and OceanLED.<br />

For more details Tel: +44 1732 455753<br />

or visit www.underwaterlights.com<br />

134 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


CMC Marine ups its game by partnering with industry giants<br />

Wärtsilä and Gyro Marine to expand the product offerings<br />


CMC Marine is entering a new era of<br />

innovation and excellence in the marine<br />

stabilisation sector, positioning itself<br />

as the standard-bearer for Italian innovation<br />

and excellence worldwide.<br />

The company is the leading supplier of<br />

stabilizers for yachts and superyachts<br />

ranging from 40 ft. to over 80 metres,<br />

with a rich legacy of over 2,500 installations<br />

spanning the past 15 years. Renowned<br />

for its Stabilis Electra and Waveless STAB<br />

electric fin stabilizers, CMC Marine was<br />

the first company in the yachting industry<br />

to introduce an electrically actuated<br />

stabilization system in 2008.<br />

Its mission is to excel in the field of yacht<br />

stabilization, implementing the latest<br />

technologies to create products that<br />

foresee and exceed the market’s demands.<br />

CMC Marine is in fact the preferred choice<br />

for prestigious shipyards globally thanks<br />

to its wide offer of products.<br />

In addition to the Stabilis Electra and<br />

Waveless STAB electric fin stabilizers, the<br />

product portfolio includes the acclaimed<br />

Dualis electric thrusters and Directa, the<br />

industry’s first fully electric steering system.<br />

As part of a strategy to implement the<br />

company’s offering of electric products, CMC<br />

Marine recently signed an agreement with<br />

leading companies in the industry namely<br />

Wärtsilä and Gyro Marine.<br />

Starting from 2022 CMC Marine has been<br />

the distributor contact for the technology<br />

group Wärtsilä covering its mid-sized<br />

waterjet series. The Italian based company<br />

is responsible for the sales, distribution,<br />

installation, and after-sales service of<br />

the Wärtsilä waterjets in Italy, Malta and<br />

Monaco. The applications to be served<br />

by CMC Marine include commercial highspeed<br />

vessels, workboats, fast yachts, and<br />

high-speed ferries. All markets where the<br />

company is already well established, thanks<br />

to a successful range of sophisticated<br />

stabilization systems and thrusters.<br />

The Wärtsilä high performing waterjets<br />

have been designed to meet and exceed<br />

the competitive operational levels required<br />

today. They ensure optimal efficiency,<br />

excellent hydrodynamic performance, less<br />

maintenance, and minimal environmental<br />

impact. Wärtsilä offers two main<br />

waterjet executions: a pre-assembled skid<br />

mounted range and a modular jet range.<br />

By integrating Wärtsilä’s axial flow waterjet<br />

solutions with CMC’s stabiliser systems,<br />

high-speed vessels will benefit from increased<br />

operational efficiency, passenger comfort,<br />

and excellent sea-keeping capability.<br />

To achieve the maximum compatibility on<br />

the pleasure boat and superyacht CMC<br />

Marine has also formed a partnership with<br />

Gyro Marine, resulting in the inclusion of<br />

gyroscopes in the product range and further<br />

extending the brand’s offer.<br />

It is a partnership that brings multiple<br />

benefits: customers have an even broader,<br />

more comprehensive and more customisable<br />

range of innovative solutions to meet<br />

any need, plus the advantages of both<br />

technologies (CMC Marine and Gyro Marine)<br />

combined in a single range that delivers the<br />

best stabilization both under way and at<br />

anchor, as well as the undisputed advantage<br />

of only having to talk to one supplier.<br />

With this new partnership, CMC Marine<br />

and Gyro Marine are gearing up to redefine<br />

the marine stabilization industry, offering<br />

cutting-edge technical solutions that will<br />

satisfy the needs of top shipyards in world<br />

markets as part of a collaboration that will<br />

be a standard bearer for Italian innovation<br />

and excellence around the world.<br />

For more details email: info@cmcmarine.com<br />

or visit www.cmcmarine.com<br />




SYSTEM<br />

GYRO<br />

NEW by Gyromarine<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 135

Water is Life –<br />

Treat it Right<br />

Onboard Fresh Water System Specialists<br />

T. (+34) 971 23 07 71 M. (+34) 699 44 40 35<br />

e: info@mtseawater.com w: www.mtseawater.com Mallorca, Spain<br />


Safe & Compact<br />

• Superior energy density<br />

• Compact and lightweight<br />

• Flexible and easy installation<br />

• Innovative air-cooling technology<br />

• Inherently safe LFP battery technology<br />

• Cobalt- and nickel-free<br />

• Scalable and modular design<br />

• Integrated BMS and Pre-Charge<br />

Picture © Bering Yachts<br />


136 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>



Cinzia Imberti Beltrami discusses the key trends in luxury textiles for superyachts<br />

©Yacht Vayus Ocean King Ducale 120<br />

In the world of<br />

superyachts, where<br />

opulence meets<br />

the open sea, every<br />

detail counts. From<br />

the gleaming hull to<br />

the polished interiors,<br />

these floating palaces<br />

represent the epitome of luxury living. Among<br />

the myriad elements that contribute to their<br />

grandeur, bespoke textiles stand out as a<br />

hallmark of sophistication and comfort. As<br />

the superyacht industry continues to evolve,<br />

trends in luxury textiles reflect a fusion<br />

of tradition, innovation, and a relentless<br />

pursuit of excellence.<br />

These discerning clients demand nothing but<br />

the best, and this extends to every aspect<br />

of onboard living, including textiles. In recent<br />

years, there has been a noticeable shift<br />

towards personalised, high-quality fabrics<br />

that offer both comfort and durability. These<br />

textiles are not merely decorative; they<br />

are an essential component of the onboard<br />

experience, providing a sense of luxury and<br />

refinement while withstanding the rigors<br />

of the marine environment.<br />

One of the most significant trends in luxury<br />

textiles for superyachts is the emphasis on<br />

bespoke craftsmanship. No longer satisfied<br />

with off-the-shelf solutions, owners are<br />

turning to expert artisans to create custom<br />

linens tailored to their exact requirements.<br />

From bed and bath linens to pool and beach<br />

towels, from table linens to onboard SPA<br />

treatment bed textiles and accessories,<br />

every piece is crafted to size with the utmost<br />

attention to detail, ensuring a flawless finish<br />

that exudes elegance and exclusivity.<br />

In addition to bespoke craftsmanship, 100%<br />

customisation is another key trend. Owners<br />

are increasingly seeking items that not<br />

only reflect their personal style but also<br />

complement the overall design aesthetic of<br />

their vessel. This trend towards complete<br />

customisation extends beyond mere colour<br />

and pattern choices or logo embroideries:<br />

indeed, it encompasses everything from<br />

special sizes and shapes to the layout of<br />

all spaces, both indoor and outdoor.<br />

Comfort and ease of care are also paramount.<br />

Owners and their operation teams expect<br />

fabrics that not only look and feel luxurious<br />

but are also practical and easy to maintain.<br />

Advances in textile technology have led to<br />

the development of innovative materials that<br />

offer superior comfort and performances<br />

but are easy care. From stain-resistant<br />

upholstery to breathable bed linens, these<br />

textiles are designed to withstand the<br />

demands of life at sea without compromising<br />

on style or luxury.<br />

Another emerging trend in luxury textiles<br />

for superyachts is the concept of a “home<br />

on board.” As owners increasingly view their<br />

vessels as extensions of their primary<br />

residences, they seek to create onboard<br />

environments that reflect their unique<br />

lifestyle and tastes. This trend towards a<br />

more residential aesthetic is reflected in<br />

the choice of textiles and colour palettes,<br />

with an emphasis on cozy fabrics, plush<br />

furnishings, and personalised touches that<br />

evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity.<br />

Of course, no discussion would be complete<br />

without considering the materials themselves.<br />

Given the harsh marine environment,<br />

durability and resilience are non-negotiable<br />

qualities especially for outdoor items. Owners<br />

are gravitating towards materials that not<br />

only offer superior performance but also<br />

stand the test of time. From weatherresistant<br />

fabrics to UV-protected upholstery,<br />

these textiles are designed to withstand<br />

the elements while maintaining their beauty<br />

and integrity for a long time.<br />

In conclusion, one thing is certain: when<br />

it comes to luxury living on the high seas,<br />

attention to detail is paramount, and every<br />

stitch counts.<br />

For more details Tel: +39 035 71 63 15<br />

or visit www.beltrami.it<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 137

SHIP TO<br />

SHORE<br />

A higher level of professionalism and whether we like it or not, more<br />

legislation is entering the superyacht world. Safety, compliance and<br />

a rigid frame work is filtering down from the world of commercial<br />

shipping. Some welcome this, some not so much. But with the help of<br />

a knowledgable yacht management team, you can sit back and relax<br />

Words: Claire Griffiths<br />

Begrudged by the Bridge and berated from all sides<br />

when things went wrong, there was a time when yacht<br />

managers were stuck between rocks and pretty hard<br />

places. Possibly, in some instances, for good reason if<br />

a lack of experience or knowledge meant they were bringing not<br />

so much to a boat’s ‘bon voyage’. But as explains Bolt LaMotte,<br />

Director of Business, at MCM Yacht and Construction Management,<br />

in recent years, the yachting industry has experienced a notable<br />

uptick in professionalism.He says there has been a noticeable<br />

shift in the mindset of emerging yacht owners towards the<br />

management of their vessels, with a growing recognition of the<br />

value provided by professional management services.<br />

This month, <strong>ONBOARD</strong> moves into the yacht managers’ buildings<br />

to get a take on land-based management of seagoing vessels.<br />

The triangle of relations between, manager, captain and owner<br />

has been historically as flammable as petrol gasoline, but years<br />

of curved learning have improved this particular ménage.<br />


For the relationship to succeed, says Franc Jansen Founder of<br />

JMS Yacht Management and Crew Services in Monaco there<br />

should be open communication channels between all parties.<br />

He adds, “Actually I would add the charter manager as well. The<br />

owner should communicate with all three directly. If they are<br />

all saying the same thing, which will be most of the time, then<br />

the owner can be confident he receives the correct advice.<br />

Should there be a difference of opinion between the parties, then<br />

more questions should be asked. All parties should be confident<br />

to give their own professional opinion. This is why at JMS we<br />

do only operational management and new build management,<br />

and specifically no charter or sales.” Communication and trust<br />

are paramount says LaMotte: “We need to communicate in<br />

an effective manner while being honest and candid, even when<br />

delivering bad news. It’s crucial to determine who needs to know<br />

what, and when to discuss it. Reliability is equally important.<br />

Both the captain and owner need to feel confident they have<br />

the fullest support of the yacht manager.”<br />

Ishika Wali at Ocean Drive recommends establishing clear roles<br />

and responsibilities that serve as a cornerstone for preventing<br />

misunderstandings and conflicts: “When there is alignment in<br />

the goals and vision for the yacht, it unifies everyone towards<br />

a shared objective,” she says.<br />

“I’d add that it’s important to share good news but also to<br />

prepare solutions for bad news, not just give bad news,” says<br />

Chris Andreason, Director of Yacht Management at Edmiston<br />

Ltd. He adds, “I’ve always believed that captains are there<br />

to manage vessels and ensure owners have a good time. As<br />

managers we have a role to assist in protecting captains from<br />

bad news but making sure owners are fully informed about what<br />

138 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

is required for their vessel. The captains live under the same roof<br />

as the owner onboard and they should be in charge of the fun<br />

stuff. And those of us who are slightly more separated should<br />

be able to present bad news. I know from my background the<br />

levels of pressure that all crew are under. And if we can shield<br />

them from some of the more difficult information that has to be<br />

given to owners, then great, we are helping them.”<br />


“If you are not living up to expectations, then your days are<br />

numbered,” says Jansen. Even when things are in order, a quick<br />

check-in with the captain or a simple ‘hello’ to the owner goes<br />

a long way suggests LaMotte. Lack of mutual respect or trust<br />

and disparities in objectives and or expectations, unresolved<br />

conflicts or disagreements, mismanagement of responsibilities or<br />

sometimes just a clash of personalities are all potential stumbling<br />

blocks says Walia. “I’d add a lack of trust or dishonesty will lead<br />

to relationship breakdowns. All of the things that quite frankly<br />

won’t happen to us,” says Andreason. “We will always be honest<br />

even if that means giving bad news, anything from maintenance<br />

to new rules and regulations, crew issues etc.” Nicholas Dean<br />

MCM<br />

MCM stands as a beacon among marine industry<br />

professionals. Founded in 1988 by Peter Wilson and Nigel<br />

Ingram and based on their experience in boatbuilding,<br />

racing, and thousands of sea miles, MCM has distinguished<br />

itself by representing owners through the design and<br />

construction processes across a broad array of spectacular<br />

and groundbreaking yachts. MCM’s Yacht Management<br />

division ensures operational excellence, delivering<br />

unparalleled personal service. With MCM representing them,<br />

owners can rest assured that they are in expert and truly<br />

independent hands and as a result, can cruise worldwide with<br />

confidence. MCM’s depth of experience coupled with their<br />

reputation of trustworthiness, integrity and transparency<br />

allow the clients to rest assured that while the team manage<br />

the yacht’s operations, they can enjoy that most valuable<br />

commodity – time onboard with family and friends. MCM<br />

provide the personal attention that the clients deserve and<br />

remain agile and resourceful in the way they react to fastchanging<br />

situations on board.<br />

For more details visit www.mcmnewport.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 139


Edmiston was founded specifically to drive results for<br />

yacht owners and charter clients and is synonymous with<br />

revolutionising yacht sales and marketing. They helped create<br />

the modern superyacht industry. Their focus on yacht charter,<br />

brokerage, new yacht construction and yacht management<br />

remains as strong as ever. Their expertise and ability to deliver<br />

for their clients still define them, aligned to a commitment to<br />

safeguard the future of yachting, for everyone. Good yacht<br />

management is the key to stress-free yachting. Whether buying,<br />

building, refitting or chartering, Edmiston takes care of every<br />

detail of a yacht’s operation.<br />

For more details Tel:+44 20 7495 5151<br />

or visit www.edmiston.com<br />

of Dean & Waters agrees that usually relationships fail due<br />

to communication gaps, conflicting priorities and agendas, or<br />

unrealistic expectations.<br />


A yacht manager’s background is important and for yacht<br />

management companies this often means some kind of extensive<br />

experience at sea. Renaud Canivet, CEO of Ocean Drive, was<br />

previously a successful captain. Says Walia, “This brings invaluable<br />

firsthand experience and industry understanding to the table.<br />

Ex-captains possess a deeper insight into operational challenges<br />

and are adept at communicating effectively with both captains<br />

and crews, given their intimate knowledge and understanding<br />

of ground-level operations and situations.”<br />

Seatime definitely brings valuable firsthand experience and real<br />

understanding of onboard operations and procedures agrees<br />

Dean: “All our managers have many years experience on the<br />

bridge, having been responsible for many aspects of running a<br />

successful vessel.”<br />

At JMS too all yacht managers are ex captains. Says Jansen, “The<br />

job of yacht manager is about providing advice to the captain and<br />

owner, to prevent problems and assist when there are problems.<br />

Not just pushing paper around - although making sure the admin<br />

is done is also an important facet of the job.” Besides that,<br />

the manager also needs to talk with confidence to the owner<br />

about all aspects of a yacht. That only comes with operational<br />

experience. On the other hand, the technical managers at JMS<br />

have degrees in marine engineering, or naval architecture, or naval<br />

engineering. “Mostly our technical managers have experience as<br />

surveyors for classification societies and/or flag states, or as<br />

project managers in shipyards.”<br />

BSM Yachting in Germany have over 140 years experience as<br />

ship owners and managers.<br />

The team at MCM is made up of dedicated specialists from all<br />

areas of the industry including captains, first officers, deck/<br />

interior crew plus other fields such as engineering, commercial<br />

passenger vessel management, cruise lines, accounting, crew<br />

management, and ship building.<br />

Chris Andreason has been at sea since the age of sixteen. He<br />

started off as a naval officer and has captained and or delivered<br />

38 yachts during his career. “I think it’s very important to have<br />

a good mix of seafarers, be they deck, engineers or interior, it<br />

doesn’t matter and other skill sets in a management company.<br />

It is highly essential to have some sea farers but not essential<br />

to have all seafarers. Each person can bring different thinking<br />

to the operation.”<br />

140 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>



Dean & Waters stands out as a premier choice for bespoke<br />

superyacht management services, guaranteeing the smooth<br />

and secure operation of your vessel. The team goes beyond<br />

simply standard practices, to completely understand each<br />

Owner’s lifestyle needs onboard, and therefore deliver a truly<br />

remarkable experience. To excel, the team possess diverse<br />

attributes, from the ability to swiftly resolve issues through<br />

market influence to collaboration on itinerary options. They<br />

consistently exceed expectations by proactively planning<br />

years in advance, ensuring exceptional service. Partnering<br />

with industry leaders, such as VOLY Group for transparent<br />

accounting software, and longstanding collaborations with<br />

leading shipyards such as Amels, the team are equipped with<br />

vast expertise to tackle all challenges directly. For Operational<br />

Management, New Construction, or Refit, D&W offers superior<br />

solutions, where innovation meets excellence.<br />

For more details visit www.deanandwaters.com<br />

what crew are going through and what owners want,’<br />

says Andreason. “The ability to interact with a yacht<br />

owner, either as an individual or the family office and the<br />

ability to interact with crew and shipyards. Basically<br />

you must have the ability to interact with anybody,<br />

no matter who they are. If you have that, you have<br />

pretty much a solid base to do the job.”<br />

I cannot think that any owner, with their<br />

family and guests on board, would not<br />

want to have their vessel run to the<br />

highest safety standards.<br />

“I think most people agree that communication is the key skill for<br />

a successful yacht manager,” says Jansen. “But communication<br />

means nothing if you don’t know what you are talking about.”<br />

LaMotte cites honesty, integrity, experience, good listening<br />

skills, agility and quick thinking under pressure as imperative<br />

abilities for a first class yacht manager. Walia adds that yacht<br />

management is a meticulous job that demands unwavering<br />

attention and precision. A comprehensive grasp of maritime<br />

regulations and industry standards is also obviously indispensable<br />

to ensure adherence and safety protocols. You also need robust<br />

problem-solving and decision-making skills to navigate diverse<br />

operational challenges as. She says, “Given the multifaceted<br />

nature of yacht management, meticulous attention to detail<br />

is paramount, complemented by adept multitasking abilities to<br />

handle numerous concurrent tasks efficiently.”<br />

“Moreover, proficiency in financial management and budgeting is<br />

essential for optimal resource allocation and cost management<br />

within the yacht management sphere.” “The skill is understanding<br />


How safe do you want to be on the water seems like<br />

a no-brainer kind of a question, but nevertheless<br />

private yacht owners do weigh up the toss between<br />

whether to have or have not either full blown or a<br />

mini version of ISM (International Safety Management) for yachts<br />

under 500 gt.<br />

At JMS Yachting all the fleet is run to commercial safety standards<br />

regardless of if they are commercial or private. “Why should a guest<br />

on a private yacht be less safe than a guest on a chartered yacht?<br />

Besides that meeting commercial safety standards preserves<br />

the value of a yacht. We just consider this good seamanship,”<br />

says Jansen.<br />

“Surely ISM is an absolute must to become compulsory,” says<br />

Dean. “I cannot think that any owner, with their family and guests<br />

on board, would not want to have their vessel run to the highest<br />

safety standards if clearly presented and properly explained to<br />

them.”<br />

Opting for voluntary compliance with either full ISM or mini-ISM<br />

standards for private or commercial yachts not only boosts safety<br />

and operational efficiency but also demonstrates the yacht’s<br />

steadfast dedication to the safety of its crew and guests. This<br />

proactive stance not only guarantees compliance with regulations<br />

but also nurtures a culture of accountability and excellence<br />

within the maritime sector. “At Ocean Drive, as yacht managers,<br />

we meticulously ensure the implementation of the ISM system<br />

tailored to the size of each yacht, both for private and commercial<br />

vessels. Additionally, we prioritise comprehensive training for<br />

our crew to ensure they remain vigilant and well-prepared for<br />

any potential onboard emergencies or failures,” explains Walia.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 141






Operational & Technical Support<br />

Financial & Crew Management<br />

Newbuild & Refit Management<br />

Ownership structures<br />

Compliance & Safety<br />

Insurance<br />

Member of the<br />


Telephone: +491733788674<br />

www.bsmyachting.com<br />

mcm<br />



With MCM on board, Owners can rest assured they are in expert<br />

hands and can therefore cruise worldwide with confidence<br />





"The Owner's Advocate - The Captain's Ally"<br />

mcm<br />


142 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


‘I have never really understood the reluctance or non requirement<br />

for pleasure yachts to comply with the same set of rules as<br />

commercial. It utterly baffles me that the rules are different,”<br />

says Chris Andreason. “I do understand that flag states and<br />

others have a finite amount of resources to enforce ISM so that<br />

is perhaps a reason why the differential is there. But in truth<br />

I don’t really take that as a good enough excuse. Whether you<br />

are on a pleasure yacht or a commercially operated yacht, the<br />

standard should be the same.”<br />

He adds that management companies can be very helpful especially<br />

with the 50m yachts of 650 GT on their manning and still expected<br />

to comply with everything: “A management company can be very<br />

helpful in easing the load on those crew. The sub 500 mark is<br />

even more difficult because they try to comply but they don’t<br />

have to. Because of that there’s a lot of grey area. They are<br />

almost more difficult to manage because of that. The mini ISM<br />

has be there to try and get these yachts to work and operate<br />

at best practice. But the realities of life are that they simply<br />

do not have the manpower to enforce everything but there are<br />

elements of it that they absolutely must do. At the end of the<br />

day they are small ships and have to be kept safe. If owners<br />

understood how exposed they were in some areas they might be<br />

a little more attentive. The more training we can give to crew the<br />

better which is why I work a lot with The Superyacht<br />

Training Group. We need to heighten awareness of<br />

the need for increased training on both private and<br />

commercial yachts.”<br />

ways to protect their investment and that it enhances their<br />

experience when on board.”<br />

The influx of new owners is primarily composed of a younger<br />

demographic, many of whom share an appreciation for the<br />

collaborative efforts of management companies in their own<br />

business ventures suggests Walia. “While yachting serves as a<br />

toy of leisure pursuit for them, they understand the importance<br />

of meticulous maintenance and adherence to safety protocols<br />

to ensure the vessel’s functionality and security. Consequently,<br />

there is a rising emphasis on efficiency, safety, and regulatory<br />

compliance, driving an increased demand for yacht management<br />

services.”<br />

Dean believes owners are becoming more receptive to management,<br />

seeking expertise to navigate the complexities of yacht ownership.<br />

“We do encounter the issue that ‘it doesn’t matter which<br />

management company you have as they are all the same’ - this<br />

could not be further from the truth!” he says.<br />

An industry that is receptive to the idea of yacht management<br />

is of course good news for yacht management companies. But<br />

how does a yacht owner choose which one to opt for if, as Dean<br />

says, they are not all the same?<br />

THE REFS<br />

The increase in rules and regulations over the years<br />

has driven owners to more professional management<br />

and management in turn has upped its game. Says<br />

LaMotte, “The administrative tasks that surround<br />

the operations of today’s superyachts are such<br />

that without the support of yacht management,<br />

the captain and chief officer would spend the lion’s<br />

share of their time behind a computer screen and not<br />

attending to the day-to-day needs of actually running<br />

a yacht and navigating! Furthermore, when all the<br />

alarms start ringing, the management team on shore<br />

provide crucial support. Both new and serial yacht<br />

owners understand and appreciate these factors<br />

and realise that a shore-based team is one of the<br />


BSM Yachting is a member of the Schulte Group, a familyowned<br />

ship owner, ship manager and maritime services<br />

provider well-established in the industry with over 140<br />

years of experience. They are completely independent from<br />

brokerage companies and offer the full power of a global<br />

player tailored to your yacht’s special needs. You benefit from<br />

the in-house service range, international network, crew and<br />

technical management expertise and, the heritage of a familyowned<br />

company in its fifth generation. With German precision<br />

and Hanseatic tradition, the team of experts combines BSM’s<br />

advanced signature technological solutions with in-depth<br />

yachting competence while upholding the Hanseatic tradition<br />

of discretion.<br />

For more details visit www.bsmyachting.com<br />

©Jeff_Brown<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 143

Owning a yacht is your privilege,<br />

and getting it operational is our duty!<br />



☎ +33 (0)4 93 63 16 71 • ✉ info@oceandrive.fr • OceanDrive.fr<br />

Tailor-made<br />

management solutions<br />

for owner, yacht and crew...<br />

144 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>



Time on your yacht is precious, so why spend it worrying<br />

about the meticulous management of your yacht’s minute<br />

details? At Ocean Drive, they recognise that yacht ownership<br />

is an investment, and they are committed to ensuring you<br />

get the utmost value from your investment. They provide<br />

comprehensive support encompassing maintenance, refits,<br />

budgeting, accounting, registration, insurance, and compliance<br />

with maritime regulations. Additionally, they excel in crew<br />

management and offer top-notch charter services.<br />

For further details Tel: +33 (0)4 93 63 16 71<br />

or visit www.oceandrive.fr<br />


JMS has one of the most competent teams in the industry.<br />

It is independent and not linked to sales or brokerage and has<br />

locations in the UK, Palma, Monaco and Florida.<br />

LaMotte cites the company’s experience, knowledge (the company<br />

has built 110 yachts) and, like JMS, independence - unaligned an<br />

unassociated with any other firm that might create a conflict of<br />

interest. “Also,” he says, “We understand that the best results<br />

are achieved when we work as a team – owner, captain, MCM –<br />

not driving a wedge between the parties.”<br />

Ocean Drive on the other hand prefers to cover all the aspects of<br />

the yachting business including sales, brokerage, management &<br />

charters. Says Walia, “We take great pride in delivering customised<br />

and personalised services to our clients. As a boutique family<br />

office situated at Port Camille Rayon, we value the personal touch.<br />

We invest ample time in comprehensively understanding needs,<br />

expectations, and circumstances, ensuring that we safeguard<br />

owner interests at every turn.”<br />

“New people to yachting should be made aware that captains and<br />

crew ought to be able to look after their vessels and operate them<br />

and manage them on board themselves but there is absolutely no<br />

substitute for having someone to call when something is broken,<br />

there’s been a problem, or you are planning a large maintenance<br />

Very clear visibility of what is being<br />

charged, what are the extras, why are they<br />

being charged and avoiding unquoted big<br />

jobs. That’s how we add value.<br />

period and you are still trying to maintain a summer standard’s<br />

crew,” says Andreason. “Having someone at the end of the<br />

phone, having a support team to prepare for the shipyard or the<br />

big refit. People with financial oversight to work with the family<br />

office, it’s the essential part of what we do in management.”<br />

TIME OUT<br />

Yacht refits are an important element of the yacht manager’s remit<br />

and each of them has their own criteria on matching the right<br />

shipyard for the job. Jansen considers location, availability, price,<br />

time and quality. Experience and reputation are also important.<br />

MCM also takes into account previous experience and reviews of<br />

trusted colleagues. “Yards differ in their core areas of expertise,<br />

so choosing one most appropriate for the intended scope of work<br />

is key,” explains LaMotte. “When working with a yard for the<br />

first time, we look for strong communication skills from the point<br />

of contact that we will be dealing with. That way, expectations<br />

are set from the outset. Contractual structures and pricing<br />

naturally need to be clearly considered and compared.”<br />

“As well as the above we also evaluate the facilities and capabilities<br />

to ensure they align with the specific requirements of a refit,”<br />

says Walia.<br />

“Availability is an obvious one and not that easy,” says Andreason;<br />

“You need a yard with whom you can engage ahead of time<br />

and look at a very clear pricing structure in order to present<br />

something that is at least within some percentage points of<br />

what will actually happen. We understand overrun in areas but<br />

need to control this carefully. I think that is very important.<br />

Very clear visibility of what is being charged, what are extras,<br />

avoiding unquoted big jobs. That’s how we add value.”<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 145



Yacht management and yard periods aside,there’s also the crew<br />

wellbeing to consider and these bases are also covered by the<br />

companies. JMS has male and female mental health officers<br />

and helplines from independent organisations who the crew can<br />

confidentially contact. Larger yachts have mental health officers<br />

appointed onboard. JMS also encourages crew to take courses.<br />

Dean & Waters promote a proactive and healthy working environment<br />

to maximise guest enjoyment, encourage crew longevity and<br />

retained knowledge in all departments. Through its network of<br />

suppliers, its crew management programme, CREWPAL, has<br />

been developed to promote crew wellbeing, to help maintain long<br />

standing and valued crew members and attract a high calibre<br />

of future candidates.<br />

“We leave no stone unturned in ensuring crew welfare,” says Walia<br />

at Ocean Drive, “Offering comprehensive health insurance, and<br />

invaluable access to essential mental health support services.<br />

Through meticulously planned training and drills programmes,<br />

we empower our crew with the necessary skills and knowledge<br />

fostering their continuous development and growth.” Ocean Drive<br />

also ensures that crew have adequate rest periods, crew sorties,<br />

inviting all members to engage in various activities together,<br />

strengthening bonds, team spirits and fostering a sense of<br />

community.<br />

GAME END?<br />

So what now lies ahead for the superyacht industry and the<br />

men and women that manage it? Will it and they survive the<br />

bloom of an eco-warrior generation that could turn its back on<br />

the turbo fuelled super yachts? Jansen admits the industry is<br />

changing all the time and yacht managers need to stay ahead of<br />

the curve. LaMotte predicts tighter environmental regulations<br />

which will require mechanical modifications to yacht systems or<br />

special exemptions from the Flag and Class societies. This will<br />

fall on the yacht manager to organize and help prevent an owner<br />

incurring fiscal penalties.<br />


Over the past 25 years Arrow Monaco has built a reputation<br />

of dependability and excellence in yacht management. While<br />

continuously supporting a fleet spanning every ocean, Arrow’s<br />

offering is unique within the superyacht industry – as a fully<br />

independent yacht and project management company, whose<br />

roots are solidly in the practical skills needed for day-to-day<br />

yacht operations at sea and onshore. To meet and exceed the<br />

industry’s ever-increasing demands, the company also offers a<br />

comprehensive suite of services for new build and refit project<br />

management, a plethora of different surveys and state-of-theart<br />

3D-scanning technology – all refined specifically for the<br />

superyacht sector;<br />

For further details visit www.arrowyacht.com<br />

There will certainly be an increased focus on sustainability<br />

initiatives, practices, and environmental regulations says Walia.<br />

She also predicts greater digitalisation of the industry leading to<br />

more efficient operations and amenities. Evolving luxury demands,<br />

impacting owners and managers through high operational costs,<br />

compliance demands, and the need for ongoing innovation are<br />

also in the mix.<br />

Andreason says, “I think the advent of newer, younger, technically<br />

savvy sustainability-conscious yacht owners has to be addressed<br />

very urgently. As Henk de Vries said at METS a couple of years<br />

ago, we need to adapt or die. I think that is 100% true of<br />

everything we do. If we are not conscious of minimising the<br />

impact of yachts so that more environmentally savvy owners<br />

can still enjoy yachts, we have to be aware of the sustainability<br />

element, the impact that anything that uses a large amount<br />

of natural resources will have on the planet generally. If we can<br />

repurpose things, can we modernise the propulsion systems,<br />

can we think ahead to what yachts need for a longer life cycle?”<br />

There are a lot of big questions overhanging the industry out<br />

there, dangling like Damocles’ sword. Fingers crossed the rope<br />

doesn’t snap and the answers for the future are found before<br />

the sword drops.<br />

146 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>



Christos Vardikos discusses the benefits of the Dominica citizenship<br />

programme together with the island’s ship registry<br />

The Commonwealth<br />

of Dominica known as<br />

the “Nature Isle of the<br />

Caribbean,” is not a<br />

typical Caribbean Island<br />

like the neighboring<br />

islands of Martinique<br />

and Guadeloupe. Its<br />

mountainous terrain and the 365 rivers<br />

and lakes make it the ideal destination to<br />

rejuvenate, relax and refocus.<br />

With ease of access via daily United Airlines<br />

flights from Miami, the InterContinental<br />

Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa and the<br />

boutique Hotel Secret Bay are busy<br />

welcoming tourists and a new international<br />

airport is under construction, planned to<br />

open by 2026.<br />

Since 1993, Dominica has been welcoming<br />

foreign investors to become citizens of<br />

the island with full rights, by making an<br />

economic contribution to a government<br />

fund and since 2015, via investment in<br />

Government approved real estate options.<br />

Known as the Citizenship by Investment<br />

Programme (CIP), successful applicants<br />

unlock a wealth of benefits including increased<br />

travel freedom to over 150 countries and<br />

territories, and the ability to pass citizenship<br />

down to future generations. Over the past<br />

six years, Dominica has been ranked as<br />

the best destination for second citizenship<br />

by experts at the Financial Times’ PWM<br />

magazine. Furthermore, the Citizenship<br />

by Investment Unit (CBIU) had introduced<br />

a remote filing process streamlining the<br />

whole process.<br />

The entry level for the CBI Programme is<br />

US$100,000 for the Government Fund and<br />

US$200,000 for the Real Estate option. Both<br />

are cost-effective solutions and the Dominica<br />

CBI option has changed the lives of many people<br />

around the globe. Recently, enhancements<br />

were brought to the programme, including<br />

mandatory interviews and redefining the<br />

qualification of dependents, granting the<br />

possibility of adding new dependents at the<br />

post naturalisation period.<br />

Post Citizenship support services are available<br />

to all newly adopted citizens. Tax and Social<br />

Security Registrations are just to name a<br />

few. For sophisticated investors, who do<br />

not choose the jurisdiction for international<br />

mobility, the citizenship offers advantageous<br />

tax and estate planning solutions.<br />

Dominica also runs a very successful Ship<br />

and Yacht Registry. Registering a Vessel<br />

under the Commonwealth of Dominica is<br />

efficient, straightforward and cost-effective.<br />

Dominica Maritime Registry provides the<br />

client administrative and technical support<br />

throughout the complete process. The<br />

Registry offers owners cost-effective vessel<br />

registration with no tonnage tax or size<br />

restrictions.<br />

Dominica Maritime Registry has many<br />

convenient international locations to process<br />

registrations quickly and electronically to<br />

maintain cost and time effectiveness. One of<br />

the main advantages it offers to the owners,<br />

is to allow private yachts to charter out<br />

for a period of up to 84 days. This will allow<br />

yacht owners the ability to recoup some<br />

of the operational costs associated with<br />

ownership. This chartering privilege exempts<br />

the yacht from having to be registered as a<br />

commercial yacht. The Registry also provides<br />

a free self-inspection programme to help<br />

yacht owners ensure safety on their craft.<br />

Dominica International Maritime Registry<br />

offers technical and statutory services to<br />

their fleet of vessels. Their global network<br />

of inspectors and surveyors allows for easy<br />

survey coordination at competitive pricing.<br />

For general and citizenship enquiries please<br />

contact consulate@dominicaconsulate.com<br />

or call +306932488888<br />

For maritime and vessel registration enquiries<br />

please contact marine@dominicaconsulate.com<br />

or call +306934555555<br />

www.dominicaconsulategreece.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 147

IT’S ALL<br />

ABOUT<br />

THE DATA<br />

With more compliance, and technically<br />

advanced systems onboard, the need for<br />

management software has never been greater<br />

IN-YACHT<br />

Manage your yacht with ease and confidence with In-Yacht<br />

state-of-the-art management software. Forget having to file<br />

tons of documents in outdated archives, no more manually updating<br />

schedules and calendars. In-Yacht provide digital technologies<br />

and solutions to help your management. Here are just some of<br />

the benefits of In-Yacht management software: Everything in one<br />

place: compliance requirements, maintenance activity, budget,<br />

inventory and more. The software integrates and connects different<br />

departments to streamline life on board and save valuable time.<br />

Accessibility from anywhere: with the cloud-based software, you can<br />

access all of your yacht’s information from any internet-connected<br />

device, anytime, anywhere. Advanced key features: the software<br />

offers a wide range of advanced features to help you manage your<br />

yacht efficiently and safely. They also offer a comprehensive and<br />

reliable software support service.<br />

www.in-yacht.com<br />


Discover the unparalleled capabilities of Total Superyacht,<br />

recognised as one of the most comprehensive compliance software<br />

packages in the industry. The all-encompassing system boasts a<br />

versatile checklist app for daily, weekly, and monthly procedures,<br />

ensuring it covers your every need. From regulating hours of rest,<br />

managing the digital in/out board, tracking certificates, to efficiently<br />

handling inventory and maintenance tasks, Total Superyacht emerges<br />

as the ultimate solution. Notably, it stands alone as the industry’s only<br />

system featuring automated leave tracking – a feature designed to<br />

not only save you valuable time but also alleviate potential headaches.<br />

Total Superyacht has always placed a heavy focus on interior and guest<br />

operations, surpassing the realm of yacht maintenance. Recently, they<br />

launched www.CharterGuest.com, an app that replaces traditional<br />

guest information folders with a sophisticated digital concierge,<br />

seamlessly integrating into Total Superyacht. This further solidifies<br />

Total Superyacht as a pinnacle of comprehensive yacht management.<br />

www.TotalSuperyacht.com<br />

148 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

iBOS<br />

iBos Limited, based on the Isle of<br />

Man has supplied superyachts with<br />

class leading software for almost two<br />

decades – CelloMarine Crew management<br />

application which covers crew details,<br />

crew certification, crew scheduler,<br />

payroll, and much more. Web-based,<br />

CelloPlus designed specifically for the<br />

yacht manager, captain, or purser which<br />

can access crew data from anywhere<br />

and provides all the above with real-time<br />

information to the right users – iBos<br />

also provide Workflow, the financial<br />

management solution. All departments<br />

onboard a yacht can create and manage<br />

purchases through customisable forms.<br />

Budgets, APA, and spending limits can be<br />

integrated into the system allowing for<br />

spending authorisation. Invoices can be<br />

processed, and payments made directly by<br />

bank or card integration so that all financial<br />

aspects of the yacht are properly managed<br />

in real time.<br />

www.ibosltd.com<br />


Voly Group product - Pinpoint Works is a project management<br />

A platform used by yacht crews, project managers, shipyards, and<br />

owners’ representatives. The platform transforms a vessel’s general<br />

arrangement (GA) into an interactive work list communication solution.<br />

With the desktop platform and mobile app, log, share, and track<br />

tasks using a precise onboard location, streamline communication,<br />

standardise reporting, and increase efficiencies. Key features include:<br />

your project simplified in one platform, customisable for individual<br />

users’ project needs, collaborate effectively, communicate clearly<br />

with multiple third parties, prepare work lists effectively, track tasks<br />

and add accountability, view real-time updates instantly and increase<br />

professionalism. Trusted by the world’s largest shipyards, you can<br />

communicate and coordinate your work and complete projects faster.<br />

www.pinpointworks.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 149


IDEA Data Solutions is a market-leading yacht management software<br />

company, providing a full range of solutions for superyachts. With a<br />

hands-on approach to continuously meet and exceed your needs and<br />

requirements, the vastly experienced team work hard to understand<br />

pain points, providing intuitive solutions to improve working life at<br />

sea. IDEA develops its software fully in-house, maintaining full control<br />

of all products and services, eliminating the chance of running into<br />

problems due to a third-party discontinuing support. IDEA YACHT is<br />

a complete, easy-to-use solution developed to assist the efficient dayto-day<br />

management of superyachts, minimising costs, streamlining<br />

mission-critical processes and routine tasks, whilst safeguarding vessel<br />

assets and seafarers alike. From the brand-new Crew Board feature,<br />

components and their maintenance tasks, to ensuring all documentation<br />

is present and compliant, IDEA ensure that everything is First.Time.Right<br />

and meets the requirement of the vessel. Alongside many software<br />

integrations IDEA offers full development, technical support - delivered<br />

by humans (not robots!) - and seeks to continuously evolve.<br />

www.idea-yacht.com<br />


Aquator Marine, is a software company dedicated to the yachting<br />

industry, offering holistic, end-to-end software solutions for<br />

yacht and fleet management. In business, people<br />

need to make informed decisions, they believe the<br />

same principles, methods, and applications apply to<br />

operating and managing a yacht. The team believe the<br />

availability of accurate, timely, and interpretive data<br />

is critical to a yacht’s safety, operability, and longevity.<br />

The comprehensive suite includes modules for Planned<br />

Maintenance System (PMS), crew management, ISM<br />

management, digital safety management system, smart<br />

documents, refit management, accounting, charter<br />

management, new build management, and detailed<br />

reporting. The Aquator Marine platform is acclaimed<br />

for its user-friendly design, intuitive functionality, and<br />

they offer custom development tailored to client needs,<br />

including seamless third-party integrations, proprietary<br />

white-label solutions and custom-branded mobile app<br />

development, positioning Aquator Marine as a leading<br />

technology partner for the yachting sector. They are<br />

proud to simplify yacht management for everyone<br />

through their software, education, and community.<br />

www.aquatormarine.com<br />

150 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>



Excellence by Everlux: Where Safety and Compliance meet Artistry!<br />

In the world of luxury yacht interiors, safety is still<br />

paramount. But what if safety could also come in the<br />

form of a work of art? Everlux Maritime has ingeniously<br />

combined these two seemingly disparate elements to<br />

create Excellence by Everlux, a ground-breaking range<br />

of photoluminescent safety signage.<br />

Excellence by Everlux signs have a highly discreet profile<br />

and create a harmonious coexistence between the interior<br />

architectural details and the sign elements.<br />

The Excellence by Everlux safety signs offer a durable,<br />

resistant, and a quick and easy<br />

installation solution. These signs are<br />

available in a range of standard base<br />

materials, such as acrylic, glass or<br />

metal, and can also be manufactured<br />

using the customer’s substrate of<br />

choice.<br />

Excellence by Everlux complies with<br />

IMO Resolution A.1116(30) and with the more recent Red<br />

Ensign Group Yacht Code. This is particularly important<br />

as the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code states in its Part B<br />

Passenger Yacht Code (up to 36 passengers) that “escape<br />

route signs and fire equipment location markings shall be<br />

of photoluminescent material”. This is incorporated in this<br />

Code’s requirement for the installation of a Low-Location<br />

Lighting (LLL) system in the vessel’s means of escape.<br />

This unique system allows escape routes, including stairways<br />

and exits, to be illuminated at deck level (up to 300mm<br />

from the finished floor surface), providing clear, continuous<br />

and unambiguous guidance to a safe location.<br />

The safety signage system is also effective in identifying<br />

the location of firefighting and emergency equipment,<br />

reducing the potential for confusion and panic during an<br />

emergency.<br />

As required by the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code for<br />

systems installed onboard yachts with a capacity of up<br />

to 36 passengers, the Everlux Low-location Lighting (LLL)<br />

system complies with IMO Resolution A.752(18), ISO 15370,<br />

the SOLAS Convention, and other applicable International<br />

Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.<br />

The components of the Everlux Lowlocation<br />

Lighting (LLL) system are<br />

certified to the Marine Equipment<br />

Directive (MED) and the UK Conformity<br />

Assessment Scheme (UK-MER) and<br />

therefore carry the Wheelmark and<br />

the Red Ensign marks of conformity.<br />

Everlux is also an Approved Service<br />

Supplier by DNV and can provide on-board Low-location<br />

Lighting (LLL) luminance measurement services.<br />

This service is part of a complete solution for the superyacht<br />

industry, that includes several other services such as<br />

remote and on-board surveys, LLL project development,<br />

installation, and commissioning.<br />

To learn more about the Everlux Maritime products and solutions<br />

together with the superyacht Excellence by Everlux range<br />

visit www.everluxmaritime.com.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 151

A day in<br />

the life...<br />



Playing his part in Sleipner’s already<br />

significant and growing share of the<br />

market for thrusters and vector fin<br />

stabilisers, Marius Torjusen heads<br />

the company’s extensive sales and<br />

marketing side as CCO<br />

How it all began<br />

Overseeing 50 people across the company,<br />

comprising of 25+ internal staff at the headoffice<br />

in Fredrikstad, Norway, and 25 staff in<br />

Sleipner’s subsidiaries, along with 45 official<br />

external distributors and installers, Marius<br />

is in high demand morning, noon, and night.<br />

And when you factor in all the OEMs and<br />

end-user customers, who benefit from his<br />

product knowledge, combined with his affable<br />

demeanour and significant inter-personal skills,<br />

it’s easy to see why Marius is a shining example<br />

of Sleipner’s customer-orientated approach.<br />

Mornings are sacrosanct to Marius and it’s ‘his<br />

time’ to spend a few moments walking the dog<br />

and gathering up his thoughts before the day<br />

proper begins. He’s a routine kind of guy, and<br />

breakfast is always taken with his children,<br />

where any problems and ideas from the<br />

younger generation’s perspective can be aired<br />

and discussed before dropping the kids off at<br />

school. In dealing with so many people across<br />

so many different time zones, once he’s arrived<br />

in the office at about 8.30am it’s about getting<br />

a sense of where the company is heading on<br />

that particular day. A round-up and a talk with<br />

staff to make sure everyone is aligned with<br />

their particular priorities, means that Marius<br />

can then settle into his own work, favouring an<br />

‘open door’ policy and an open dialogue with<br />

Sleipner’s international clientele.<br />

Three of Sleipner’s<br />

core values and<br />

principles set the<br />

tone for the working<br />

day, including being<br />

knowledgeable,<br />

trustworthy, and<br />

future-ready.<br />

152 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

The personal touch<br />

“When dealing with customers<br />

or staff, I still think the personal<br />

touch is the way to go, despite all<br />

the digital communication aids<br />

at our fingertips. Particularly in<br />

our market, which is still quite<br />

small, and where everyone tends<br />

to talk to each other. “I favour<br />

an open dialogue with customers<br />

and business tends to come out<br />

of that high customer service,”<br />

says Marius. “Giving people<br />

that bit of care and attention,<br />

and focussing on trying to<br />

solve problems for customers<br />

and staff goes a long way. “Of<br />

course, sales turnover and our<br />

future commercial ambitions<br />

are, ultimately, what drives us<br />

forward. But it’s not a hard focus<br />

on selling product every day,<br />

because the reputation of the<br />

company has given us a position<br />

as the clear market leader in our<br />

field. Business tends to follow<br />

organically as a result, and it’s<br />

more about maintaining that<br />

level of expectation.” A typical<br />

afternoon for Marius will see him<br />

planning the next sales visit, or<br />

boat show. “Travel is split one<br />

third boat shows, one third with<br />

the sales team and one third with<br />

OEMs,” says Marius, “equating to<br />

approx. 100 days a year which is<br />

high enough for most people.”<br />

A working day<br />

Three of Sleipner’s core values and principles set the tone for the working day,<br />

including being knowledgeable, trustworthy, and future-ready, and Marius will<br />

typically field calls and sales enquiries from many of the industry’s biggest<br />

OEMs including Sunseeker, Ferretti Group, Princess, Fairline, Bavaria, Groupe<br />

Beneteau and Axopar to name just a few. “When I first came here, I spent a<br />

lot of time mapping out the touch points of where the customer might need<br />

special help, or need attention and, potentially, where a problem or query<br />

might arise. “Therefore, we try and track how we are doing on all of these<br />

key touch points, making sure the customer journey is a good one. “We then<br />

ask ourselves, how was the entire onboarding experience for the customer,<br />

for example, and how could we have done that differently and better? Did we<br />

deliver on time, for example, and if there was a problem of any kind, how could<br />

we do that better next time, to avoid a repeat?<br />

Winning ways from an early age<br />

Growing up as part of a keen sailing family,<br />

Marius was placed, bodily, in his first ever dinghy<br />

at the age of just 2 years old, and it comes as no<br />

surprise, therefore, that he is an accomplished<br />

cruising and racing sailor, and living by the sea in<br />

Fredrikstad with his wife, and two boys, he uses<br />

the family motorboat as much as he can. He’s<br />

sailed with some of the best-known yachters<br />

in Scandinavia and spent seven seasons as a<br />

professional captain on larger yachts when he<br />

was younger. His first boat was an Optimist made<br />

of wood, and he won his first ever regatta at the<br />

tender age of 9, only to be told he was too young<br />

to be allowed to collect his medal! He first started<br />

coaching sailing when he was 15, and has taken<br />

part in a number of competitive classes, included<br />

seasons spent racing Europe, Yngling, Melges 24,<br />

First Class Eights and 11 metre one designs, in<br />

addition to a number of high-profile inshore and<br />

offshore campaigns.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 153

Earth Changers<br />

You love travel, but care about its<br />

impact. You want new places to go,<br />

away from the ‘usual tourist thing’.<br />

Meet the specialists in sustainable<br />

travel to help you do just that<br />

Jicaro Island, Lake Nicaragua<br />

I<br />

n the middle of Lake Nicaragua, just a short boat ride<br />

from the UNESCO World Heritage City of Granada, with<br />

stunning islet shores and views of inactive Mombacho<br />

volcano, is El Jicaro. Nicaragua, the ‘country of lakes and<br />

volcanoes’, is lush, like its neighbour Costa Rica. Also<br />

found on the ecological bridge connecting North and South<br />

America, volcanic islands and rainforest erupt from lakes<br />

and biodiversity is immense. El Jicaro is one such island;<br />

in fact, one of 365 tiny islands dotting the waters of Lake<br />

Nicaragua known as the Granada Islets, created by a violent<br />

explosion of Mombacho Volcano 20 thousand years ago.<br />

Over time, the Islets populated and are now home to over<br />

1200 people, some islets remaining uninhabited except for<br />

lush flora sheltering wildlife such as Nicaragua’s native<br />

monkeys and some its 703 bird species. If Nicaragua hasn’t<br />

been on your travel list in the past, Jicaro Island Ecolodge<br />

might just change that! It’s a magical island experience filled<br />

with peace and tranquillity; a beach and jungle trip that is<br />

quite extraordinary.<br />

154 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

Chumbe Island, Tanzania<br />

Chumbe Island Coral Park is a small island off the coast of Zanzibar, off<br />

the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. The first privately established and<br />

managed Marine Protected Area in the world, usually fully-funded through<br />

ecotourism, Chumbe Island was set up by Sibylle Riedmiller who lived<br />

and worked in Tanzania and Zanzibar, where she witnessed no education,<br />

awareness or environmental protection for some of the most diverse coral<br />

reefs in the world, and little interest from the government for its value<br />

or tourism-generating opportunities. Explore the island’s stunning coral<br />

reef sanctuary and coral rag forest, relax in the exclusive eco-bungalows,<br />

savour traditional Zanzibari cuisine, all the while supporting conservation<br />

and education efforts. Education, understanding, belonging and pride<br />

all support the sense of purpose created by founder Sibylle Riedmiller<br />

and diffused to each and every visitor to the island with honest heartfelt<br />

hospitality.<br />

Lapa Rios, Costa Rico<br />

Lapa Rios was built by pioneering founders John and Karen<br />

Lewis, more than 20 years ago when eco-tourism existed in<br />

few travellers’ minds. Named after the ‘River of Scarlet Macaws’:<br />

Lapa (meaning scarlet macaw) Rios (river), it bears witness to<br />

the beautiful birds that stream across the rainforest canopy<br />

between the lodge and the ocean, affording stunning views.<br />

Lapa Rios is a 930 acre private nature reserve located at the<br />

southern-most tip of the Osa Peninsula, Central America’s last<br />

remaining lowland dense tropical rainforest. On the western<br />

Pacific coast of Costa Rica, it acts as a wildlife corridor to<br />

Corcovado National Park. It is home to 2.5% of the biodiversity<br />

of the whole world, probably - it is not even known exactly how<br />

many unidentified species there may be, the primary forest being<br />

so dense. Costa Rica is certainly known for its living laboratory<br />

of nature with its 850 species of birds (319 in Lapa Rios!), 200<br />

mammal species, reptiles, trees and plants.<br />

©Jimm Livefjord<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 155

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, South Africa<br />

An award-winning, sustainable travel business offering guests an unrivalled luxury<br />

experience embedded in one of the world’s most unique and beautiful ecosystems.<br />

Grootbos (meaning ‘big forest’) Nature Reserve sits on the vibrant, fynbos-clad hills<br />

overlooking Walker Bay in South Africa’s Western Cape. Thanks to the work of the<br />

pioneering owners, this is one of the richest concentrations of flora in the world. The<br />

6,170-acre reserve is home to 817 plant species and is one of the few places in the world<br />

where it’s possible to see the ‘Marine Big Five’. The five-star Grootbos experience is<br />

embedded in its conservation and community mission. Activities include whale watching,<br />

horse-riding, floral safaris, the floriligeum art gallery and taking in the staggering views.<br />

Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco<br />

The Kasbah du Toubkal is a warm, welcoming mountain refuge not a hotel:<br />

an important distinction and considerate cultural reflection. It allows<br />

guests to engage with the real, unpretentious extension of the hospitality<br />

that stems from the homes of the Berbers who run and manage the Kasbah.<br />

The Kasbah du Toubkal is an award-winning unique mountain lodge just<br />

60km from bustling Marrakech in the stunning peace of the Imlil valley of<br />

the High Atlas mountains. For groups, it’s also a conference and retreat<br />

centre: a venue that inspires, provides peace in a remote location, and<br />

the best of modern equipment. It’s a flagship development for sustainable<br />

tourism in a fragile mountain environment: A hospitality centre of excellence<br />

and business, to enhance the life and culture of the High Atlas Berber local<br />

community. The education for girls charity is rebuilding its 6 shattered<br />

boarding homes after last year’s earthquake to facilitate higher education.<br />

Any bookings contribute to this and other social and environmental projects.<br />

©Alan Keohane<br />

Travel with Earth Changers<br />

If you’re looking for tourism which truly has a positive impact,<br />

unsure where to go, Earth Changers highlights the most sustainable<br />

tourism around the world. Example destinations are shown on their<br />

site but do enquire for anywhere.<br />

For further information visit www.earth-changers.com<br />

156 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>

Claire Ferandier Sicard discusses the ETYC innovative and transparent<br />

approach to responsible and sustainable navigation<br />



When I started my career onboard<br />

yachts almost 10 years ago,<br />

sustainability wasn’t a prevalent<br />

topic. It was mostly associated with the risk<br />

of pollution under the Marpol convention.<br />

However, in the past couple of years the<br />

industry has embraced sustainability across<br />

all aspects of a yacht’s lifecycle, which<br />

is undoubtedly a positive development.<br />

Nevertheless, it becomes challenging when<br />

the concept of sustainability isn’t universally<br />

understood.<br />

What does sustainability on board mean?<br />

For many shore-based workers attending<br />

seminars, summits, and forums, discussions<br />

around the importance of the yachting<br />

industry reducing its environmental impact<br />

are commonplace. However, those who are<br />

expected to do the legwork on board, namely<br />

yacht crews, often feel disconnected from<br />

these discussions. They’re onboard, distant<br />

from the discourse, and many don’t feel<br />

adequately represented. Consequently, when<br />

they’re instructed to reduce the vessel’s<br />

environmental footprint, they might perceive<br />

it as being lectured, feel pressured, and lack<br />

the knowledge and tools to address these<br />

concerns. Sustainability onboard refers to<br />

practices aimed at minimising environmental<br />

impact. However, without proper training<br />

and understanding, it’s difficult to grasp<br />

the full scope of this concept and even<br />

harder to implement.<br />

This is where ETYC comes in - offering crews<br />

the opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge<br />

in sustainability and environmental practices<br />

to enable them to make informed decisions<br />

and take appropriate actions. What could<br />

be better than an empowered crew?<br />

Why is training the best way to improve<br />

sustainability on board?<br />

Since the inception of the ETYC courses<br />

and having trained over 100 yacht crews,<br />

we’ve witnessed a noticeable difference<br />

in terms of actions and initiatives. Many<br />

of the yachts we worked with had already<br />

taken steps to reduce their impact on the<br />

environment. Some had introduced new<br />

regulations within their departments, while<br />

others had opted for environmentally-friendly<br />

cleaning products instead of conventional<br />

chemicals. However, while these individual<br />

initiatives are commendable, there was a lack<br />

of overall organisation and communication<br />

which posed a challenge for achieving a<br />

long-term vision and lasting impact.<br />

This is why our course goes beyond simple<br />

training; we developed an Environmental<br />

Management System (EMS) specifically<br />

for yacht crews.<br />

What is an Environmental Management System ?<br />

It’s an action plan that integrates a<br />

Rating System, enabling crews to target<br />

their environmental impact within each<br />

department, and is supported by an<br />

Environmental Policy, facilitating the<br />

communication of their long-term actions.<br />

ETYC’s EMS is currently the sole tool<br />

available in the industry which:<br />

• Empowers crew to take proactive roles<br />

onboard.<br />

• Provides them with sustainable solutions<br />

to minimise their environmental impact.<br />

• Guides them rather than imposes<br />

mandates upon them.<br />

• Allows them to track their progress<br />

and continuously improve.<br />

In the forthcoming months, we will launch a<br />

digital platform that will facilitate internal<br />

communication and provide external visibility<br />

through public profiles and monthly reports.<br />

Now is the time to take measurable actions<br />

toward reducing your yacht’s environmental<br />

impact, empower your crew and become a<br />

role model for others.<br />

For more details Tel: +377 6 43 91 45 36<br />

or visit www.www.etyc.fr<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 157

Captivating<br />

Kotor<br />

Wedged between brooding mountains<br />

and a corner of the bay, Kotor is<br />

perfectly at one with its setting<br />

STAY<br />


Filled with maritime art that echoes<br />

the town’s past, and close to the<br />

area’s best nightlife, sights and<br />

eateries, the property is a magical<br />

base for exploring this hidden gem in<br />

Kotor. Caught between the Orjen and<br />

Lovcen mountains and the glittering<br />

waters of Kotor Bay, you’ll feel as<br />

though you’ve found your own secret<br />

paradise. Guests can enjoy local<br />

cuisine and international dishes in<br />

the hotel’s restaurant or relax in the<br />

on-site bar. On the tranquil terrace,<br />

overlooking the Square of Arms, you<br />

can enjoy evening cocktails, refined<br />

appetizers, and the finest meals in the<br />

evenings.<br />

€€€€ | www.cattarohotel.com<br />


Located in the heart of the old town<br />

of Kotor, which is probably one of the<br />

most interesting neighborhoods of<br />

the region, the hotel is ideally located<br />

with a short 5 minute walk away from<br />

the beach on the beautiful Boka Bay.<br />

This charming boutique hotel contains<br />

9 rooms and suites, a restaurant, a<br />

lounge, an indoor terrace as well as a<br />

terrace right in front of the hotel. The<br />

restaurant is considered as the best<br />

in the country.<br />

€€€€€ | www.astoriamontenegro.com<br />


On the narrowest street in<br />

town, 9 Balkan-chic rooms and<br />

a sophisticated restaurant are<br />

concealed behind its unassuming<br />

17th-century facade. Inside,<br />

sumptuous plum sofas, gilded doors<br />

and original abstract artworks are<br />

balanced by rustic bare walls and<br />

polished stone floors. Although the<br />

hotel only has 9 rooms, it still comes<br />

with a sophisticated restaurant,<br />

serving local and international artisan<br />

meals – all accompanied by a prudent<br />

selection of wines. There is also the<br />

rooftop terrace, a rarity in Kotor,<br />

where you can soak up the evening<br />

atmosphere like nowhere else.<br />

€€€€ | www.hotelhippocampus.me<br />


Prestigious position combined with<br />

exclusive interior decor and high<br />

standard of service will enchant you<br />

from the very first moment. All 13<br />

luxury apartments are equipped with<br />

exclusive, hand-crafted furniture<br />

and high-quality accessories. Each<br />

apartment offers a unique, unmatched<br />

visual experience and high class<br />

comfort. Seven apartments are<br />

equipped with jacuzzi bath tubs, two<br />

of those with hydro-massage tubs.<br />

€€€€ | www.villaduomo.net<br />


Our Lady of the<br />

Rock is one of the two<br />

islets off the coast of<br />

Perast in the Bay of Kotor,<br />

Montenegro, the other<br />

being Sveti Đorđe<br />

Island.<br />

158 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>




The Kotor Fortress is part of a medieval<br />

fortification system that encircles<br />

the Kotor Old Town as well as the<br />

adjacent hillside. Starting in the Old<br />

Town, it takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to<br />

walk up the 1350 steps to the hilltop<br />

Kotor Fortress.<br />


CANYON<br />

The typical route is from Brstnovica<br />

to Šćepan Polje, which is 18 km and<br />

takes 2 to 3 hours. The adrenaline<br />

filled tour like this one is a full-day<br />

adventure that includes navigating<br />

thrilling rapids, lunch at a riverside<br />

restaurant, stopping to admire Piva<br />

Monastery, and more. You’ll deserve<br />

that drink at the end of the day.<br />



When the heat of the day has passed<br />

and the sun is lingering above the<br />

horizon, the golden hours begin, a favorite<br />

time of day to paddle. From the<br />

dock at Movida Beach in Krtole, enjoy<br />

an easy, self-guided paddle through<br />

the protected Bay of Kotor. Head<br />

towards the beautifully silhouetted<br />

monastery on Gospa Od Milo Island.<br />


The cathedral was built in honour of<br />

St Tryphon, who was the patron and<br />

protector of the town, on the site of a<br />

church, which dates back to 809 and<br />

housed the remains of the saint himself.<br />

Its regarded as the largest and<br />

most beautiful building in Kator.<br />

EAT & DRINK<br />


Tucked away on a side street in<br />

Kotor’s old town, restaurant PRŽUN<br />

offers an intimate setting and<br />

wonderfully executed traditional<br />

cuisine. The menu focuses on seasonal<br />

ingredients and time-honored recipes<br />

perfected over generations. A standout<br />

is the Njeguški pršut (prosciutto from<br />

the Njeguši region) paired with cheese,<br />

roasted veal shank, and seafood<br />

brodet (stew).<br />


For a cozy tavern atmosphere and<br />

hearty traditional fare, make a<br />

reservation at Konoba Bonaca in<br />

Kotor’s old town. Beloved by locals,<br />

this family-run tavern serves up<br />

dishes made according to age-old<br />

recipes. You’ll feel like you’re dining in<br />

someone’s home!<br />


This seaside restaurant sits<br />

across the bay from Old<br />

Town, an easy 10-minute<br />

walk and a refreshing escape from<br />

the confines of the city walls. The<br />

menu boast a variety of fresh seafood<br />

dishes including calamari, mussels,<br />

sea bream, fish fillets and more.<br />

Reservations are recommended.<br />


Caffe del Mare is one of the best<br />

restaurants in Kotor for dinner with<br />

an amazing ambiance. This charming<br />

restaurant located right on the<br />

waterfront walkway is a fantastic spot<br />

for fresh seafood in an elegant yet<br />

relaxed setting. Request a table on<br />

the seaside terrace and soak up the<br />

harbour views for a romantic dining<br />

experience.<br />

Portonovi Marina<br />

42°44’ N, 18°59’E<br />

Berths 238 up to 120m<br />

VHF channel 74<br />

Black & grey water disposal<br />

www.portonovi.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 159

Horizon-expanding<br />

Explore the world's oceans with<br />

instruments that never fail.<br />

The art of german manufacturing<br />

Get your unique equipment at shop.cassens-plath.de<br />

To learn more about<br />

Everlux and our<br />

Safety Signs visit us at:<br />

160 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>




Phil Elwell from Channel 28 looks at the adoption of<br />

TETRA radio technology on today’s superyachts for<br />

a robust crew communication solution<br />

Since leading the introduction of<br />

the DMR digital format for crew<br />

communications Channel 28 have<br />

seen the widespread adoption of the<br />

technology within yachting. However,<br />

the increased popularity of DMR has<br />

caused the swamping of the conventional<br />

frequencies in busy ports. Working with<br />

different industry bodies Channel 28 is<br />

working to increase the understanding<br />

of the technology onboard the yacht.<br />

“Clear communication is taken for granted until it is lost,” reports<br />

Channel 28’s Project Director Phil Elwell. “Unfortunately, this may<br />

be as the captain is manoeuvring the yacht into a mooring. With<br />

most vessels in the ports trying to share the 10 recommended<br />

ITU frequencies, interference is inevitable, and with digital radios<br />

this can be heard as broken or no voice comms.” This is made<br />

worse by poor installation - one vessel transmitting at too high<br />

a power or centred across two frequencies has the potential<br />

to silence an entire port.<br />

With the increasing reports of<br />

communication loss when entering<br />

ports, we are being asked to review<br />

and advise on the communication<br />

systems for the safe operation<br />

of the vessel<br />

As one of the leading suppliers of UHF systems Channel 28<br />

understand that the design and programming of the systems<br />

is far more important than the simple supply of the equipment<br />

onboard, combined with a good education of the crew as to how<br />

their systems operate.<br />

“With the increasing reports of communication loss when entering<br />

ports such as Port Vell and Genoa, we are being asked to review<br />

and advise on the onboard communications for the safe operation<br />

of the vessel,” says Elwell. “Where it is impossible to control<br />

the transmissions from other vessels, we can offer some simple<br />

solutions to maintain the efficient operation of the yacht.”<br />

After the incident when a yacht in Port Vell was found to be interfering<br />

with the main shunting yard in Barcelona, there was a widescale<br />

call for radio systems to be ‘legal’, with little understanding of<br />

what this actually means.<br />

In many cases this was<br />

quoted as the use of the<br />

10 ITU frequencies but<br />

with little understanding<br />

that in many countries<br />

(including Spain) some<br />

or all of these were not<br />

even legal.<br />

With the increased<br />

demand for integration<br />

and reliability of crew<br />

radio systems, Channel<br />

28 has driven the increase<br />

in the specification of<br />

TETRA trunked radio<br />

systems. TETRA is the<br />

technology employed<br />

by most European<br />

emergency services,<br />

based on a pedigree of<br />

bomb proof reliability, call<br />

management, telephone<br />

integration and excellent<br />

voice quality. The ability<br />

to prioritise calls and<br />

callers means that heads<br />

of department always have a talk slot.<br />

Until now TETRA was only within the budgets of 120m+ yachts,<br />

but the introduction of more competitive base radio units from<br />

Motorola have made it a realistic offering for the 60m+ market.<br />

“The voice quality is the best I’ve used and the ability to make<br />

duplex private calls replaces the need for crew to carry a radio,<br />

phone and pager on their belts,” says the captain of a 70m<br />

new build.<br />

A TETRA system is constantly broadcasting a control channel<br />

so care must be taken in port to limit the RF power emitting<br />

from the vessel in port so as to prevent interference with<br />

land-based systems. Channel 28 is an engineering based radio<br />

company offering design, installation, training and ongoing support<br />

to help crews talk to each other and get the best from their<br />

radio system.<br />

For more details Tel: +44 (0)1306 257250<br />

or visit www.channel28.co.uk<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 161

162 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong><br />

Calm sea … Always!

STAY<br />


OceanWeb is a specialist<br />

provider of marine IT and<br />

communications to the global<br />

superyacht industry with a<br />

history of over 20 years<br />

Maintaining solid connectivity and a<br />

robust IT infrastructure during a<br />

superyacht charter is essential for<br />

creating a luxurious experience for guests.<br />

Charter guests now expect to be able to<br />

email, browse the web, stream media, access<br />

social media, upload and download images<br />

and videos, and conduct video-conference<br />

calls, all seamlessly whilst onboard. The<br />

reliable high-speed connectivity now available<br />

to the industry enables guests to access<br />

all of these services and more, satisfying<br />

increased data demands.<br />

To ensure the smooth operation of the<br />

yacht, the crew rely on fast connectivity for<br />

supply management, itinerary planning, and<br />

maintenance scheduling. In addition, access<br />

to real-time weather updates, navigational<br />

information and security reports, is crucial<br />

for ensuring the safety of the vessel and<br />

everyone on board. It is sensible to mention<br />

cyber security at this point, as cyber risk<br />

management requires a secure and robust<br />

internet connection in order to monitor<br />

and protect the yacht’s network and its<br />

onboard systems from potential threats<br />

and unauthorised access.<br />

A diligent IT provider, or ‘Remote ETO’ is<br />

always actively working behind the scenes<br />

to ensure that during a charter, yachts<br />

are getting the internet speeds that<br />

they both expect and are paying for. An<br />

IT provider, such as OceanWeb, supports<br />

the yachts off-vessel connections and its<br />

IT infrastructure to ensure the bandwidth<br />

is managed effectively. The IT provider also<br />

needs to know the yacht’s planned itinerary<br />

before each charter to ensure seamless<br />

connectivity. This includes tasks such as<br />

satellite planning, ensuring that the correct<br />

VSAT beams are loaded on the modem,<br />

confirming that Starlink will operate in<br />

planned locations, and updating roaming<br />

details on a 4G/5G router. This thorough<br />

planning is aimed at limiting any internet<br />

drop-outs when charter guests are on board.<br />

Ideally, internet should be provided to the<br />

vessel by more than one source/solution<br />

so that if the primary internet source<br />

experiences any issues, there is a reliable<br />

back up in place.<br />

It is good practice to implement VLANs<br />

across the IT network to segregate the<br />

different users e.g. crew, owner or guests<br />

so that when charter guests are onboard,<br />

bandwidth can be prioritised to the guest<br />

VLAN network. For example, the faster<br />

internet source such as Starlink could<br />

be assigned to the guests whilst the 4G<br />

connection could be assigned to the crew<br />

VLAN etc. Bandwidth management is about<br />

visibility and control of these off-vessel<br />

connections to VLANs, users, groups or<br />

even individual devices, such as an AppleTV.<br />

Bonding solutions for services such as<br />

Starlink, OneWeb and 4G/5G systems are<br />

also an important consideration. A bonding<br />

service will provide a solid unbreakable<br />

connection so that if one service loses<br />

signal, or you sail out of 4G footprint, then<br />

the bonding ensures that there is no internet<br />

drop out or disruption to the end user. For<br />

ultimate redundancy, a failover to a backup<br />

VSAT or Iridium service ensures the yacht<br />

stays connected at sea on charter. Onboard,<br />

IT Infrastructure should be managed and<br />

fully supported ideally by an ETO and a shore<br />

based ‘Remote ETO’. Should any technical<br />

issues arise, online connectivity allows for<br />

rapid remote diagnostics and support from<br />

shore-based teams, minimising downtime<br />

and ensuring quick resolutions. Often the<br />

shore-based IT company can identify issues<br />

before the crew and guests are even aware.<br />

The ultimate goal during a charter is to ensure<br />

the IT infrastructure is working efficiently<br />

to ensure priority bandwidth is delivered to<br />

the guests. Combining internet sources,<br />

bonding and bandwidth management delivers<br />

greater speeds, reliability and redundancy<br />

to the vessel, ensuring charter guests are<br />

always connected when onboard.<br />

Make sure you plan for charter success and<br />

secure a trusted and reliable IT provider who<br />

specialise in bespoke IT support services,<br />

For more details visit www.oceanweb.com<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 163

Ask the experts<br />

Advice and knowledge from the leading experts in their fields<br />


SY Account Manager<br />

Pantaenius<br />


Co-Owner<br />

LiVault<br />


MD, Computer Network<br />

Defence Ltd<br />



Superyacht Fitness<br />












PROTECTION <strong>ONBOARD</strong>?”<br />





Yes, if the insured<br />

has a liability to do so.<br />

For instance, the P&I<br />

insurer would cover the<br />

insured’s obligation to pay<br />

wages following a workrelated<br />

illness or injury.<br />

For yachts subject to<br />

MLC, owners may limit<br />

their wages obligation for<br />

crew to 16 weeks from<br />

the day of the injury or<br />

the commencement of<br />

the sickness. Additionally,<br />

if the insured wishes to<br />

have cover for crew wages<br />

for illness and injury on a<br />

24/7 basis, your insurance<br />

provider should offer Crew<br />

Medical and Accident<br />

cover, as well as P&I,<br />

tailoring the package to<br />

the yacht and crew needs.<br />

Most P&I insurers treat<br />

day workers as crew, and<br />

the insured is covered in<br />

the normal way for their<br />

liabilities towards them.<br />

However, the total number<br />

of day workers engaged on<br />

or around the vessel at any<br />

one time should not exceed<br />

50% of the yacht’s normal<br />

crew complement unless<br />

the insurers have agreed<br />

to this in advance.<br />

Relying on fireproof<br />

boxes/cabinets isn’t<br />

sufficient as battery<br />

explosions could breach<br />

them. “Battery transport<br />

boxes” are intended<br />

for tool or E-scooter<br />

batteries (100-500Wh),<br />

not a JetSurf (2850Wh).<br />

Beware of “safe” solutions<br />

showcased in videos<br />

emitting smoke; it is not<br />

smoke, but highly toxic,<br />

flammable, and explosive<br />

vapours and gas. EN14470<br />

pertains to flammable<br />

liquid/gas storage, not<br />

lithium batteries. Similarly,<br />

storage certificates<br />

from ASTM, ISO, and<br />

UN, don´t include lithium<br />

battery testing despite<br />

misleading quotes. LiVault<br />

are the Marine Partner<br />

of Fisacon GmbH, who<br />

manufactures the RACLAN<br />

range of battery storage<br />

boxes. The RACLAN boxes<br />

boast automatic alarms,<br />

internal extinguishing, and<br />

EXO technology for gas<br />

elimination. They’ve been<br />

through rigorous testing<br />

protocol certifying the<br />

boxes for fireproofing,<br />

explosion and gas<br />

elimination, to a rated<br />

capacity of 6kWh.<br />

Our recommendation<br />

would be to start with a<br />

Cyber Risk Assessment,<br />

during this interactive<br />

workshop, assessors<br />

will discuss and explain<br />

hundreds of security<br />

controls with you in<br />

understandable terms<br />

and make observations<br />

around any identified<br />

risks. The resultant risks<br />

should be prioritised, and<br />

recommendations made<br />

about how to remediate<br />

them. The frequent high<br />

priority observations are<br />

as follows:<br />

• Network hygiene,<br />

segregate your internal<br />

network, to contain<br />

a breach within one<br />

segment. This especially<br />

applies to operational<br />

technology, crew<br />

networks and guest<br />

networks.<br />

• Patch and update as<br />

many systems as you<br />

can.<br />

• Use a good firewall to<br />

block inbound access and<br />

try not to expose any<br />

services to the Internet.<br />

• Train the crew.<br />

• Deploy a good antivirus<br />

product on all your<br />

systems.<br />

Superyacht Fitness<br />

recognises the physical and<br />

mental challenges crew<br />

face onboard. Our approach<br />

is multifaceted, and we’re<br />

dedicated to improving life<br />

at sea. With a focus on<br />

movement, our experts<br />

can design personalised<br />

fitness plans tailored to<br />

each vessel, integrated<br />

with state-of-the-art<br />

gym equipment for active<br />

onboard lifestyles. The<br />

Superyacht Fitness app<br />

offers bespoke workouts<br />

adaptable to compact<br />

spaces, promoting physical<br />

wellbeing without the<br />

need for a large area. We<br />

provide diverse exercise<br />

routines, from quick destress<br />

sessions to under<br />

15-minute workouts.<br />

Beyond physical fitness,<br />

the app nurtures mental<br />

wellbeing with tools for<br />

stress management,<br />

coping mechanisms,<br />

and community-building<br />

strategies, as well as<br />

crew having access to<br />

experts for 1:1 support<br />

and guidance. We help to<br />

empower crew to navigate<br />

challenges confidently,<br />

andbuild a positive culture<br />

onboard.<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong> | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | 165

World-class<br />

training that takes you places<br />

UKSA’s dedicated training centre<br />

offers full-board accommodation,<br />

specialised classrooms, engineering<br />

workshops, TRANSAS suites, superyacht<br />

galley and highly skilled instructors.<br />

Training for Officers and Masters<br />

Officer of the Watch (Yachts less than 3000gt)<br />

Chief Mate (Yachts less than 3000gt)<br />

Master (Yachts less than 500gt/3000gt)<br />

Engineering training<br />

Security training<br />

Easily accessible from<br />

Bournemouth, Southampton<br />

and London airports.<br />

UKSA is one of the top<br />

performing MCA yacht training<br />

centres worldwide for overall<br />

examination with IAMI<br />

Scan for<br />

Dates &<br />

pricing<br />

Source: IAMI YEDS<br />

<strong>ONBOARD</strong>23<br />

uksa.org +44 (01983) 203001 mca@uksa.org<br />

166 | SPRING <strong>2024</strong> | <strong>ONBOARD</strong>


Mind the gaps<br />

Have you a complete and up to date CV? asks Chloe Collet.<br />

Take the time to add all the relevant information that will<br />

help you stand out from the crowd<br />

Our Yacht Crew Recruiters Team receive a formidable number<br />

of applications as the Mediterranean hiring season starts<br />

in March and continues through into the summer. It is<br />

therefore important to take the necessary time to prepare and<br />

present a professional Curriculum Vitae when you are on the<br />

market for a new crew position. Whether it is updating an older<br />

version or creating a totally new one you may be confronted<br />

with a chronological gap or event and wonder how to explain it.<br />

The best advice from our YPI CREW Recruiters Team is to be<br />

open and honest. Everyone is entitled to a career break and<br />

most people at some point, including the Recruiters, has had<br />

a gap in their employment. Being transparent will avoid being<br />

considered as a candidate who has<br />

something to hide.<br />

To assist in best presenting those<br />

gaps you can:<br />

List your voluntary or charity work and<br />

describe what skills you developed and<br />

how the experience could be beneficial<br />

for the role you are applying for. For<br />

example, if you participated in a sailing<br />

school that welcomes children from<br />

inner cities or worked in a soup kitchen for the homeless. Highlight<br />

your contributions to the success of the programme and describe<br />

any individual accomplishments.<br />

Add an internship if you are junior crew and consider the role<br />

as if it was a paid position. Illustrate the skills you learnt and<br />

how they could be transferable to the current role: teamwork,<br />

working with little or no supervision or working to tight deadlines<br />

for example.<br />

Combine several temporary assignments under a single title.<br />

For example, you were freelancing as a Stew for a season.<br />

Use the role description to elaborate on your general duties<br />

and responsibilities onboard. Then highlight the work you did<br />

for that particular yacht: a special themed evening or party<br />

An extended holiday to<br />

remote places on the globe<br />

could always be of interest to<br />

a potential yacht employer.<br />

organised for a guest; a specific role (laundry, bar service, …)<br />

or an onboard experience during an international event (Monaco<br />

F1 Grand Prix, the Cannes Film Festival, …). By combining the<br />

freelance experience under one title your CV will be clearer and<br />

appear less choppy.<br />

If you took time away from yachting for an extended period for<br />

personal development or a sabbatical then don’t hesitate to<br />

include it in your CV. Although your time away may have little<br />

to do with your current career goals it is well accepted by all<br />

recruiters that you can take a break from yachting!<br />

If you took time away to gain further education, explain what<br />

courses you attended and what you<br />

hoped to achieve, especially if the<br />

qualification can benefit the current<br />

role. A business diploma can highlight<br />

your commercial and negotiation skills<br />

with a shipyard or supplier and a<br />

management course can emphasis your<br />

abilities for a leadership role onboard.<br />

It is not unusual for yacht crew to<br />

also take time away to go travelling.<br />

It is a good idea to give details about where you travelled to and<br />

your motivations for the trip. An extended holiday to remote<br />

places on the globe can always be of interest to a potential yacht<br />

employer. You may have gained valuable first-hand information<br />

that can be useful in organising a future excursion with the<br />

yacht to the same region. However, don’t forget to add why<br />

you now feel keen to get back on a yacht, event though you had<br />

such incredible time travelling, but be open and honest, as if<br />

the journey was so fabulous it may be hard to believe you’re<br />

ready to come back.<br />

Ultimately, it is recommended to remain honest as this will not<br />

only help you find a job that truly matches your skills and values<br />

but also to build a trusting relationship with your recruiter,<br />

which is essential for your long-term career.<br />

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SPRING 24<br />

Jackie Chan interview<br />

Ship to shore<br />

Quay careers<br />

You wear it well<br />

It’s all about the data<br />

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subscription offer<br />

SPRING 24<br />

For the superyacht industry professional<br />

Jackie Chan interview<br />

Ship to shore<br />

Quay careers<br />

You wear it well<br />

It’s all about the data<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

SPRING 24<br />

For the superyacht industry professional<br />

Jackie Chan interview<br />

Ship to shore<br />

Quay careers<br />

You wear it well<br />

It’s all about the data<br />

For the superyacht industry professional<br />


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DESTINATION MEDITERRANEAN A guide to the world’s most diverse cruising destinations<br />

DESTINATION MEDITERRANEAN A guide to the world’s most diverse cruising destinations<br />


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Ownership<br />

made simple.<br />

Your enjoyment onboard is our number one priority. Let Edmiston take care of your<br />

most prized possession through our bespoke management services, delivering full<br />

operational, technical, and financial support with our team of dedicated experts.<br />

Bespoke management services.<br />

ARBEMA, 72m, CRN, 2010 (2023)<br />

Managed by and available for charter through Edmiston.<br />