Madison Messenger - April 14th, 2024

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madison<br />

<strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XXXIX No. 13<br />


Aiden Troyer<br />

14 year <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Resident<br />

Johathon Alder<br />

Grad<br />

District serving<br />

more students<br />

with special needs<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />


ECRWSS<br />


PAID<br />


PERMIT NO. 1516<br />

EDDM<br />


The special education program in the Jefferson Local School District<br />

is serving an increased number of students who have identified<br />

needs.<br />

At the <strong>April</strong> 9 school board meeting, department supervisor Mike<br />

Hamm and school psychologist Nick Smith provided an update on<br />

enrollment, student statistics, and changes coming next year.<br />

In a recent evaluation, the school district met all 15 special education<br />

indicators, including grade level language arts and math assessments<br />

and proficiency and knowledge and emotional growth.<br />

According to Hamm, changes for the <strong>2024</strong>-25 school year include<br />

a higher level of reading intervention at Norwood Elementary, staff<br />

placement and case management, additional training in special education<br />

for administrators, and the potential for additional support<br />

at the school psychologist level.<br />

Spurring the changes is a steady increase in the number of students<br />

identified for services.<br />

“We’re transitioning a lot of preschool students,” reported<br />

Hamm. “Fourteen (students) is a sizeable number.”<br />

Within a total school population of approximately 1,000 students,<br />

Smith said more than 200 students have been identified as<br />

having a disability.<br />

“Our percentage of kids identified is that<br />

of districts two to three times our size,”<br />

Smith said.<br />

Smith reported that six students have<br />

been identified as having multiple disabilities<br />

and need the most assistance. Thirtyeight<br />

students have been identified with a<br />

speech and language disability. Nearly a<br />

dozen students have an emotional disturbance<br />

identification, 79 have a specific<br />

learning disability, and 20 have been identified<br />

as having autism.<br />

A few students have major health impairments,<br />

28 have been identified with attention<br />

deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and<br />

(740) 919-3020<br />

Service<br />


Mon - Thurs:<br />

7:30 AM - 5:30 PM<br />

Fri: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM<br />

Sat: 8:00 AM -1:00 PM<br />

Closed Sunday<br />

See WEST JEFF page 2<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong> photographer Jeff Pfeil shot this series of photos of the <strong>April</strong> 8 solar eclipse–before<br />

totality, at totality, and after totality–from his home in West Jefferson.<br />

Looking up: Eclipse experience<br />

The sky darkens as the eclipse nears totality on the afternoon of <strong>April</strong> 8. Looking on are individuals who attended<br />

an eclipse viewing party hosted by the <strong>Madison</strong> County Board of Developmental Disabilities in Lon<br />




PAGE 2 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Micro-wrestling show scheduled for county fair<br />

By Kristy Zurbrick<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Editor<br />

For the first time, the <strong>Madison</strong> County<br />

fair board is bringing micro-wrestling to the<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Fair.<br />

The Micro Wrestling Federation (MWF),<br />

based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, will put<br />

on a show at the fairgrounds at 7 p.m. July<br />

10 during fair week. The show features professional<br />

wrestlers, all of whom are under<br />

five feet tall.<br />

Ryan Kimbler, a member of the fair<br />

board’s entertainment and executive committees,<br />

said the board hopes the event attracts<br />

new people to the fair.<br />

“We wanted something different than the<br />

normal fair feel. You always have your demolition<br />

derbies and truck pulls. We brought<br />

back the pig scramble. With this, we’re just<br />

trying to get different audiences into the<br />

fair,” Kimbler said.<br />

One reason the board decided to contract<br />

with MWF is the fact that the organization<br />

and some of its members were the focus of<br />

“Big Little Brawlers,” a reality television<br />

show that aired on the Discovery Channel<br />

earlier this year.<br />

“With them being on the Discovery Channel<br />

and the show having wide viewership, we<br />

think they will draw a crowd,” Kimbler said.<br />

Founded in 2000, MWF puts on over 400<br />

shows a year, including four shows a week<br />

at their Microtorium in Pigeon Forge and<br />

approximately 200 shows on the road across<br />

the country. The federation employs 30<br />

wrestlers who perform in groups of 10—one<br />

group at the Microtorium and two groups on<br />

the road. Last year, the road groups performed<br />

at 42 county fairs and are on track<br />

to do the same this year, along with 40 to 60<br />

road shows outside of fair season.<br />

“People can expect to see a full-scale,<br />

WWE-type of event at our shows,” said Jack<br />

Darrell, MWF CEO, adding that the shows<br />

are family-friendly and appropriate for all<br />

ages. High-flying wrestling moves and unforgettable<br />

characters are the name of the<br />

game, he said.<br />

The show lasts two hours with an intermission.<br />

In addition to four wrestling<br />

matches, the show includes variety acts, including<br />

a Michael Jackson impersonator and<br />

a couple of rock-and-roll singers. The performers<br />

will be available after the show for<br />

a meet-and-greet, photos, and autographs.<br />

This is one of the few events for which<br />

the fair board is selling tickets. Tickets will<br />

go on sale sometime in the next few weeks.<br />

All promotions, event information, and<br />

ticket sales will take place via the fair<br />

board’s Facebook page; search for “<strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Fair Ohio.”<br />

There will be two ticket options: a show<br />

ticket only or a show ticket bundled with<br />

fair admission. Show goers must purchase<br />

The Micro Wrestling Federation, based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, will put on a show<br />

at this year’s <strong>Madison</strong> County Fair.<br />

admission to the fair one way or the other.<br />

Tickets also will be available for purchase<br />

on site the night of the event, but at a higher<br />

price than pre-sale tickets. Ticket prices will<br />

be announced soon on the fair board’s Facebook<br />

page.<br />

The show will take place in the beer garden/infield<br />

area on the fairgrounds. In case<br />

of rain, the show will take place under cover<br />

in the Coughlin Equine Arena.<br />

London FFA hosts ‘Drive Your Tractor to School Day’<br />

By Hailey Ballah<br />

London High School FFA reporter<br />

London High School’s FFA chapter held<br />

a “Drive Your Tractor to School Day” on<br />

March 21. This annual tradition, held during<br />

National Agriculture Week, allows students<br />

to showcase their agricultural pride<br />

by commuting to school on their tractors.<br />

The event, which saw its highest participation<br />

yet, welcomed a total of nine tractors<br />

to the school grounds. The sight of students<br />

arriving on their own tractors added a<br />

charming touch to the campus, showcasing<br />

the strong connection between London FFA<br />

members and the agricultural community it<br />

serves. Participation in “Drive Your Tractor<br />

to School Day” offers students a chance to<br />

celebrate their agricultural heritage while<br />

also raising awareness about the importance<br />

of production agriculture in the community.<br />

With the success of this year’s event,<br />

London FFA looks forward to continuing<br />

this tradition in the years to come, fostering<br />

a deep appreciation for agriculture and<br />

rural life among its students and the<br />

broader community.<br />

London High School students who participated in this year’s “Drive Your Tractor to<br />

School Day” included: (from left) Kayla Kelly, Sara Studebaker, Hailey Ballah, Evan<br />

Moran, Brooklyn Powell, Kadeyn Ellars, Lane Cremeens, and Justin Salyers.<br />


Continued from page 1<br />

those identified with developmental disabilities<br />

are, according to Smith, nearly exclusively<br />

in preschool.<br />

“Our overall numbers are high,” he said.<br />

“We had79 parent requests. Most districts<br />

get 10 to 12. The scale of requests is on an<br />

entirely different plane.”<br />

Of the 79 requests, Smith said 32 evalu-<br />

ations were done and 40 other students<br />

were referred to other sources.<br />

“The numbers have been increasing for<br />

the last couple of years,” Smith said, noting<br />

that Jefferson Local is not alone in the increase<br />

in special education cases.<br />

“Across the board, it’s been a crazy busy<br />

year. “We’ve all (other school districts) seen<br />

an increase for referrals,” he said.

www.madisonmessengernews.com <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - Page 3<br />

Check out Shekinah’s production of ‘Lion King Jr.’<br />

By Kristy Zurbrick<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> Editor<br />

The music and the artwork are the primary factors that prompted<br />

Christian Bechtol, music director at Shekinah Christian School, to<br />

choose “Lion King Jr.” for the school’s spring musical. Performances<br />

are set for <strong>April</strong> 19 at 7 p.m. and <strong>April</strong> 20 at 12 p.m. and 7 p.m.<br />

“The songs are nostalgic to the audience. (The show) is filled with<br />

powerful melodies created by the greatest songwriters and film scorers<br />

of our time,” Bechtol said. “As far as the artwork, we have a very<br />

strong visual arts program at Shekinah. All scenes have been handpainted<br />

by the students at Shekinah.”<br />

In preparation for the shows, Bechtol has placed a heavy emphasis<br />

on making sure the songs are the key point of the musical.<br />

“Students with solos have worked hard to blow their songs out<br />

of the water and make an impact on the audience,” he said.<br />

The music side of the production is further enhanced through<br />

the creation of a makeshift studio in the cafeteria which sits across<br />

the hall from the stage and gymnasium.<br />

“Any student who is not on the stage will also be singing from<br />

the cafeteria. This brings out the effect of a full choir,” Bechtol said,<br />

explaining that the voices from the cafeteria will be piped in<br />

through the speakers on stage.<br />

He also praised the cast members for the effort they have put<br />

into learning their lines and some challenging choreography.<br />

“The students are doing great in their roles. They have even<br />

taken the opportunity to work on their parts and come up with their<br />

own ideas while I am working with other groups in the musical.<br />

They always show up to rehearsal with their lines memorized and<br />

ready to move the project forward,” Bechtol said.<br />

“This has also been some of the hardest choreography the students<br />

have had to learn in a while. I am very proud of the hard work<br />

and efforts they have put in to make this a success.”<br />

A total of 28 students are performing in the show. Seven students<br />

are on the backstage crew. Students playing lead roles are: senior<br />

Allison Beachy as Rafiki, sixth-grader Kenna Showalter as Young<br />

Nala, sophomore Nava Showalter as Nala, sophomore Malina Furr<br />

as Young Simba, junior Max Kilzer as Simba, junior Isaac Showalter<br />

as Mufasa, senior Dean Harris as Scar, junior Jacob Newman as<br />

Timon, junior Peyton Purdy as Pumbaa, freshman Lydia Masula as<br />

Zazu, junior Grace Ferguson as Banzai, senior Alinea Slabaugh as<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Kristy Zurbrick<br />

Among the students performing in Shekinah Christian’s production of “Lion King Jr.” are: (front row, from left) Cara<br />

Dobey, Malina Furr, Elaina Cosik; (back row) Dean Harris, Allison Beachy, Lydia Masula, and Nava Showalter.<br />

Shenzi, senior Taylor Helmuth as Ed, sophomore<br />

Haylee Beachy as Sarafina, and junior<br />

Cassidy Wise as Sarabi.<br />

General admission is $10. The ticket<br />

price for students and seniors is $7. Tickets<br />

can be purchased at www.shekinahchristian.org/fine-arts/lion-kingjr-musical.cfm.<br />

They also can be purchased at the door as long as<br />

the show isn’t sold out.<br />

Ox Roast queens reunite<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photo by Jeff Pfeil<br />

Nancy Gantner, the 2023 West Jefferson Ox Roast queen, organized a queens reunion celebrating 50 years<br />

of Ox Roast queens. The reunion was held on <strong>April</strong> 6 at the West Jefferson Community Center. The group<br />

enjoyed a meal and shared memories. The Ox Roast started in 1951. The queens contest was held 1953-<br />

1978, 1999-2019, and 2021 to date. Nancy Gantner is the festival’s 50th queen. Queens attending the reunion<br />

included: (front row, from left) Rosemary (Rice) Long, 1956; Paula Peters, 1964; Lori (Schneider) Feddern,<br />

1973; Erica (Samples) Watkinson, 1999; Kriston (Buehler) Evans, 2002; Nancy Gantner, 2023.; (back row)<br />

Holly (Smith) Langham, 2003; Elizabeth Lynch, 2006; Taylor (Sibbalds) Patterson, 2009; Dana (Ellinger) Dalton,<br />

2010; Whitney Stires, 2016; and Carlee Blackburn, 2022.

PAGE 4 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Taking in an out-of-this-world phenomenon<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County residents experienced the<br />

<strong>April</strong> 8 solar eclipse from a wide variety of vantage<br />

points. Some held watch parties from their<br />

own backyards. Others gathered at public<br />

viewing events. Some took a break from work<br />

to poke their heads outside for a glimpse. Depending<br />

on their location in the county, viewers<br />

saw either a partial or total eclipse.<br />

Note: The village of Plain City is collecting<br />

solar eclipse glasses to be recycled. Glasses<br />

can be dropped in the collection bin in the<br />

lobby of the administration building, 800 Village<br />

Blvd., Plain City, through <strong>April</strong> 30.<br />

Mt. Sterling Public Library, 60 W. Columbus<br />

St., also is collecting gently used and unused<br />

solar eclipse glasses through <strong>April</strong> 18. The<br />

glasses will be sent to Latin American school<br />

children so they can safely view the eclipse in<br />

their hemisphere. This is made possible<br />

through SWACO and Solar Eclipse USA.<br />

Mt. Sterling EyeCare hosted an eclipse viewing party at Mason Park in Mount Sterling.<br />

Approximately 150 people showed up to not only enjoy the eclipse but also fun refreshments,<br />

including moon pies, Sun Chips, and Sunny Delight. Mt. Sterling EyeCare staff<br />

members in attendance included: (from left) Amy Curry, Marcie Martin, Terressa Stires,<br />

Marah Martindill, and Barbara Brown.<br />

West Jefferson Police Department personnel don the proper eyewear for the once-in-ageneration<br />

experience of a total solar eclipse passing through Ohio: (from left) Darryl Yoder,<br />

a retired West Jefferson police officer who now serves as an auxiliary volunteer officer; Officer<br />

Richard Liddil, second shift watch; and Officer Shaun Soward, first shift watch.<br />

Sporting fun eclipse-themed t-shirts are sisters Paula Manning (left) and Nancy Manning<br />

who attended an eclipse viewing party hosted by the <strong>Madison</strong> County Board of Developmental<br />

Disabilities in London.<br />

The Center of Science and Industry (COSI) supplied the city of London with Learning<br />

Lunchboxes packed with science experiments and eclipse viewing glasses. On <strong>April</strong> 3,<br />

city representatives delivered the kits to London area students. Additional boxes were<br />

available to the public for pickup at city hall. Shown unloading the kits are: (from left)<br />

Adam Smith, assistant parks and recreation director; Darin Young, street department<br />

foreman; Mayor Patrick Closser; and Landon McKenzie, parks and recreation director.

www.madisonmessengernews.com <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - Page 5<br />

Applauding lifetime achievement<br />

Something on your mind?<br />

Write a letter to the editor.<br />

Each year, the <strong>Madison</strong> County Board of<br />

Developmental Disabilities (MCBDD) presents<br />

the Dorothy Allison Lifetime Achievement<br />

Award to someone who has dedicated<br />

his or her life to helping others. This year’s<br />

honoree is Carol Ansel.<br />

Ansel joined the MCBDD staff in 1995<br />

and serves as the agency’s family support<br />

services director. Prior to her time with<br />

MCBDD, she worked for <strong>Madison</strong> County<br />

Children Services for five years, performing<br />

investigations, adoptions, and ongoing casework.<br />

“In her 30-plus years of service to our<br />

agency and Children Services, Carol has<br />

truly made an unforgettable and positive<br />

impact on myself, her staff, and co-workers<br />

and those that we serve,” said Susan<br />

Thompson, MCBDD superintendent, who<br />

surprised Ansel with the award presentation<br />

on <strong>April</strong> 6 at the Butcher Block restaurant<br />

in London.<br />

BURNS<br />

Carl Craig Burns, 69, of West Jefferson, Ohio, died on <strong>April</strong> 4,<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, in Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus. Born on Dec. 17,<br />

1954, in Franklin County, he was a son of Wilbur Robert Burns and<br />

Nellie Jean (Sloan) Burns.<br />

Craig began his career working as a plumber for Inner City<br />

Plumbing Inc. before moving to Heselton Plumbing, and finally finished<br />

his 30-year plumbing venture with C. Milligan Plumbing. He<br />

then transitioned from plumbing to healthcare where he began a<br />

new endeavor with The Heinzerling Community. Craig later became<br />

a social worker where he devoted seven years to helping residents<br />

at Champaign Residential Services Inc (CRSI) and five years<br />

to United Cerebral Palsy. After retirement, Craig went to work in<br />

customer service for Winn-Dixie, where he enjoyed talking to all his<br />

customers and hearing the stories they would tell him each day.<br />

With a passion for helping others, Craig was also involved with<br />

the <strong>Madison</strong> County Special Olympics, focusing on the golf sector.<br />

Additionally, he was a member of St. Patrick Catholic Church in<br />

London. In his free time, he enjoyed playing recreation league softball<br />

on Sundays and listening to old country music. He also enjoyed<br />

family gatherings most of all and would be sure to assume the role<br />

of party planner each year. Craig also enjoyed his rum and Diet Coke<br />

on the weekends or when he was not working and with his friends,<br />

Tammy and Cheryl. He always enjoyed talking to people on the<br />

phone to see how they were doing and if he could help. Craig loved<br />

to travel, particularly anywhere warm, including spending 15 years<br />

of his life living in Florida. One of his favorite vacation destinations<br />

includes the Caribbean. He just loved seeing that beautiful water!<br />

Craig leaves behind: his mother, Nellie Burns; husband, Riki<br />

Perdue; son, Jeffrey Craig Burns; daughter, Jennifer (Jason)<br />

Stevens; grandchildren, Austin and Addison Stevens; brothers, Bob<br />

(Shannon) Burns and Gary (Skyla) Burns; nieces and nephews,<br />

Kylie (Tim) Brown, Jonathan (Lindsay) Burns, Ange (John) Lambercht,<br />

Freddie Perdue, Benjamin (Kristy) Perdue, Karina Burns;<br />

great-nieces and great-nephews, Levi, Luke, Vincent, Lily, Samuel,<br />

Chloe, plus one on the way; mother of his children, Sandi Rehl;<br />

brother-in-law, Fred (Tina) Perdue; and mother-in-law, Bonnie Perdue-Lukie.<br />

He was preceded in death by: his father, Wilbur Robert Burns;<br />

nephew, Adam Lee Burns; father-in-law, Thomas Richard Perdue;<br />

stepfather, Richard Michael “Dick” Lukie; and first partner, Gerald<br />

Raymond Bayless.<br />

Visitation was held on <strong>April</strong> 9 in Eberle-Fisher Funeral Home<br />

and Crematory, London. Private interment in Somerford Township<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Board of Developmental<br />

Disabilities (MCBDD) awarded its<br />

Dorothy Allison Lifetime Achievement<br />

Award to Carol Ansel (right). Joining Ansel<br />

are her granddaughter, Kora Coffill (center),<br />

and Susan Thompson (right), MCBDD<br />

superintendent.<br />

obituaries<br />

Thompson described Ansel as a critical<br />

thinker, a good listener, and someone who<br />

is reliable, passionate, humble, and confident.<br />

She also noted Ansel’s dedication to<br />

her family.<br />

“The love and compassion that she has<br />

for her family carries over into each day and<br />

task that she does,” Thompson said. “Carol<br />

always has her hand and her heart on the<br />

pulse of what needs to be in place to maintain<br />

the best quality of life for those she<br />

serves and her family.”<br />

Thompson added that she is thankful for<br />

Ansel’s steady presence as MCBDD has gone<br />

through changes in recent years and will go<br />

through more changes on the horizon.<br />

“I know that I could not have made it<br />

through them all had it not been for Carol,”<br />

Thompson said. “She is a calming force<br />

when the situation warrants it, she knows<br />

the rules better than anyone I know, and<br />

she truly always puts others before herself.”<br />

Cemetery will be held at the convenience of the family.<br />

Memorials in Craig’s name may be sent to benefit the Ohio-<br />

Health Foundation online at www.ohiohealth.com/ohiohealth-foundation,<br />

or to CRSI at 117 W. High St., #104, London, OH 43140.<br />

Condolences for the family may be shared at www.eberlefisherfuneralhome.com.<br />


Richard Henderson Thompson, 60, of West Jefferson, Ohio, died<br />

unexpectedly on <strong>April</strong> 3, <strong>2024</strong>, in his residence. Born on Oct. 22,<br />

1963, in London, he was a son of Henry L. Thompson and Donna<br />

(Penwell) Thompson.<br />

Rich had worked as a truck driver for BST for over 20 years.<br />

Born with a natural funny bone, Rich was a jokester and was always<br />

smiling and trying to make people laugh. He was as trustworthy<br />

as they come and always was a very go-with-the-flow type of<br />

person. Rich was a diehard Michigan football fan, always making<br />

sure to call his sisters whenever the Michigan<br />

and OSU game was on. He also enjoyed<br />

playing the lottery and scratch-off tickets of<br />

which he would be sure to brag to his family<br />

and friends about his winnings. He also enjoyed<br />

fishing with his dear friends, although<br />

no one would ever have much luck on the<br />

lake. Rich especially cherished his family<br />

and all of the memories they were able to<br />

make together.<br />

He is survived by: sisters, Medina Conley<br />

of London and Katrina (Martin) Perry of<br />

Mount Sterling; many aunts and uncles;<br />

nephew, Mike Walters and great-nephew,<br />

Eric Walters; numerous cousins; special<br />

best friends who were like family, Moose<br />

Hamad, Osah Hamad, Mason Converse,<br />

Amrit, Azar Hussein, and Joseph Bauer.<br />

Rich was preceded in death by his parents<br />

and several aunts and uncles.<br />

A graveside service was held on <strong>April</strong> 8<br />

in Big Plain Cemetery, London, with Pastor<br />

Gaye Gossard officiating.<br />

The family was served by Eberle-Fisher<br />

Funeral Home and Crematory, London.<br />

Condolences may be shared online at<br />

www.eberlefisherfuneralhome.com.<br />

Funeral Home and Crematory<br />

Lynch Family<br />

Funeral Home<br />


“Serving Families Like Family”<br />

124 E. High St., London, Ohio<br />

740-852-9212<br />


www.rldfuneralhome.com<br />

ROBY’S<br />




67 Cherry Street, London<br />

• Monuments & Markers<br />

• Mausoleums, Bronze Memorials<br />

• Custom Sandblasting<br />

A Family Trade for over 60 years<br />

CALL TIM<br />

740-852-5674<br />

1-888-858-8607<br />

Mon.-Fri., 9 am-5 pm • Sat. 9 am-12 pm<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County’s<br />

Most Experienced<br />

Monument Company

PAGE 6 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Choose plants carefully to protect kids and pets<br />

By Jane Kutzley<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Master Gardener<br />

Some plants are beautiful, lush, colorful,<br />

and DANGEROUS!<br />

Rambunctious toddlers, hungry puppies,<br />

curious cats, and even you, the gardener,<br />

could suffer serious harm from lovely, yet<br />

dastardly, plants.<br />

Children will put anything in their<br />

mouths (except maybe that lovingly prepared<br />

and healthy dinner). My youngest<br />

grandchild is only 3 years old, not yet old<br />

enough to be trusted not to put something<br />

totally inappropriate into his mouth. Dogs<br />

and cats keep on eating the very things that<br />

will kill them. And just touching the wrong<br />

leaves will sentence some of us to serious<br />

time in poison ivy or hogweed purgatory.<br />

Gardening can be a hazardous hobby.<br />

Therefore, I researched some of the most<br />

common garden plants that might be attractive<br />

to a very young gardener and found<br />


Opening Doors Since 1992<br />







Great Service & Fair Pricing<br />

some that I definitely want to put on the<br />

“Not Nice” list.<br />

For example, the castor bean plant with<br />

its drop-dead gorgeous foliage is very toxic<br />

if any part is ingested. Lilies and many of<br />

the things with lily in the name (lily of the<br />

valley, peace lily, calla lily) are toxic, especially<br />

to cats, who seem to find them delicious.<br />

Allium, with the big purple globe<br />

flowers, is in the onion family and that<br />

onion-y aroma is attractive to but especially<br />

toxic for cats and dogs when eaten. Hyacinth<br />

bean vine, with its gorgeous pinks<br />

and purples, is very toxic, and the mature<br />

pod especially so. How attractive that would<br />

be to a toddler who has previously enjoyed<br />

eating pea pods.<br />

Lantana, one of my favorite butterfly<br />

magnets, is very toxic if any part is ingested.<br />

So is foxglove, nicotiana, and azalea. There<br />

are many more. If in doubt just do a quick<br />

internet search.<br />



(740) 852-2483<br />

Be sure to research the types of plants you plan to put in your garden, keeping in mind<br />

toxicity to humans and pets.<br />

140 S. Main St., London, OH 43140 • (740) 845-1543<br />

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TUNED UP!<br />

Given all that, what can my grandkids<br />

plant so I don’t have to worry about death<br />

by ingestion? There are lots of options but<br />

remember, even if a plant isn’t toxic, it may<br />

still cause a serious gastric upset if ingested.<br />

For a sunny garden, nasturtium, geraniums,<br />

purple coneflowers, coreopsis, Veronica,<br />

sedum, zinnias, petunias, and million<br />

bells (Calibrachoa) are all reasonably safe.<br />

For the shade garden, impatiens, hosta, and<br />

Heuchera (coral bells) are good choices.<br />

There are a great many other plants in<br />

both categories. This is by no means an exhaustive<br />

list. It is really just a reminder<br />

that when kids or pets are included in an activity,<br />

it is best to expect the unexpected.<br />

Thinking about a plant’s toxicity is just one<br />

more way to ensure a happy experience all<br />

the way around.<br />

For helpful gardening information and answers<br />

to your specific questions, attend the<br />

free Joyful Gardening Series beginning <strong>April</strong><br />

30 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Extension Office, 217 Elm St. London.<br />

The topic for the <strong>April</strong> 30 session is “Getting<br />

Started in Gardening.” For more information or<br />

to sign up, send email to<br />

boggs.1238@osu.edu.<br />



REPAIRS!<br />


FREE local pickup and delivery until May 1 st<br />

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Proper cleaning will extend the life of wood floors<br />

Wood floors are coveted for a number of reasons, not ing, engineered hardwood flooring, and laminate wood<br />

the least of which is their aesthetic appeal. Many people flooring. Traditional hardwood is made of planks or<br />

prefer wood flooring because dust and dirt do not become<br />

strips of any hardwood covered in a wood stain. Engi-<br />

trapped as they would in carpet fibers, seemingly neered flooring is manufactured by gluing together sev-<br />

making wood flooring easy to clean.<br />

eral thin plies of hardwood. Laminate flooring looks like<br />

Most floors endure a lot of wear and tear. However, wood but generally is a veneer or a photographic image<br />

with care, wood flooring may last for decades. Part of of wood covered by a thick layer of melamine resin over<br />

that care includes understanding how to properly clean fiberboard.<br />

and maintain wood floors so they look their best. The • Skip harsh cleansers. Regardless of flooring type,<br />

following are some steps for keeping wood floors as pristine<br />

most are covered by a sealant that can become streaky<br />

as possible.<br />

or dull if the wrong cleanser is used. Avoid chlorine<br />

• Remove shoes. It’s a good idea to remove shoes, bleach, ammonia, pine oil, or undiluted vinegar. Instead,<br />

particularly heels, when walking on wood floors. Sharp<br />

choose a cleanser that is specifically recom-<br />

heels, cleats, and other shoes can scratch or dent wood mended for the flooring type. Do not allow water or<br />

flooring. All shoes can track in excess dirt which can solutions to sit on the floor, as that can contribute to<br />

contribute to a lack of luster, as well.<br />

staining and warping. With laminate flooring, avoid wet<br />

• Sweep or vacuum frequently. If possible sweep, mopping unless the flooring is specifically marked as<br />

vacuum, or dust-mop wood floors daily. Dirt and dust being able to be wet. The underlayers of laminate flooring<br />

make floors more slippery, and dirt or sand particles<br />

can warp if it gets wet.<br />

can lead to scratches on the floor.<br />

• Damp is better than wet. When cleaning wood<br />

• Learn your flooring type. Wood flooring is broken flooring, use a damp rather than a soaking wet mop.<br />

down into three main categories: solid hardwood floor-<br />

Standing water can damage wood surfaces.<br />

Solarization eliminates weeds<br />

By Shirley Kindrick<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Master Gardener<br />

If you are like most people, you did not think about<br />

adding a vegetable garden or flowerbed last fall, but now<br />

the idea really excites you. While doing some of the<br />

preparation work last fall would have been ideal, you can<br />

still have those vegetables or flowers you want this year.<br />

Your first step is to identify the area of your yard<br />

where you will grow your plants. For vegetables and<br />

most flowers, you will need a location that receives at<br />

least six hours of sun each day. If the area is covered by<br />

grass, you will need to remove it. At this point, you have<br />

two options. You can remove the sod and rototill, adding<br />

compost to the area. Or you can mow the grass very<br />

short and add a clear plastic tarp to tightly cover the<br />

ground. This process is known as solarization.<br />

Solarization is a method of eliminating many weed<br />

seeds and plant pathogens in a non-chemical manner.<br />

The clear plastic tarp can also be used on the bed prepared<br />

by removing the sod. In this instance the process<br />

is known as biosolarization since compost has been<br />

worked into the soil.<br />

The plastic should be applied following a rain that<br />

saturates the soil or following a good watering of the<br />

area. The well-moistened soil is ideal for weed germination<br />

which is what the process promotes. As the soil<br />

under the tarp heats up, the newly germinated<br />

seedlings will die from the heat. The soil will heat more<br />

if the weather is dry following the installation of the<br />

plastic since rain will decrease the soil temperature.<br />

The plastic should be left in place for at least two<br />

weeks. Some research has shown additional benefits in<br />

leaving the plastic in place for four to six weeks.<br />

This process can also be used on raised beds. It is not<br />

as effective if the in-ground bed or raised bed is on a<br />

slope. For best results, the bed should face north to<br />

south since the sun’s rays will heat it more uniformly.<br />

When putting the plastic in place, be sure the plastic<br />

tightly covers the bed and secure the edges so that<br />

windy weather will not disturb the covering. Black plastic<br />

can be used, but it deflects some of the sun’s rays resulting<br />

in the soil not reaching the temperature that<br />

results from the clear plastic. When black plastic is<br />

used, the process is called occultation or tarping. While<br />

clear plastic appears to be the better choice, both will<br />

eliminate many annual weeds. If you have black plastic<br />

available, use it and leave the covering on a little longer.<br />

Solarization and occultation also control soil borne<br />

fungal and bacterial plant pathogens, including Verticillium<br />

wilt, Fusarium wilt, and damping-off, as well as<br />

many others. These methods are also used to decrease<br />

the populations of many species of nematodes; however,<br />

since nematodes can reside deeper in the soil, the effectiveness<br />

of this method is limited.<br />

Research has found that beneficial soil organisms are<br />

either able to survive solarization or recolonize quickly<br />

afterwards. Information on earthworms is unavailable,<br />

but it appears they burrow deeper in the soil to escape<br />

the heat.<br />

At the end of the two-week or longer period of solarization,<br />

remove the plastic carefully so that the soil is<br />

minimally disturbed. The more the soil is disturbed the<br />

more weed seeds will be brought to the surface. The soil<br />

is now ready to be planted either with plants or seeds.<br />

For helpful gardening information and answers to your<br />

specific questions, attend the free Joyful Gardening Series<br />

beginning <strong>April</strong> 30 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Extension Office, 217 Elm St. London. The topic for<br />

the <strong>April</strong> 30 session is “Getting Started in Gardening.” For<br />

more information or to sign up, send email to<br />

boggs.1238@osu.edu.<br />

Wood floors bring warmth to a home and are very popular. Cleaning<br />

them correctly can add to their appeal and longevity.<br />

• Use the hard floor setting. When vacuuming, adjust the vacuum<br />

to a hard flooring setting, which will not engage the brush<br />

rollers on the vacuum head. Rollers can scratch wood and laminate<br />

flooring.<br />

• Use repair products as needed. Scratch and repair kits can<br />

fill in small scratches. Wood floor polish and wood waxes also can<br />

revitalize worn floors. Again, check that the product is safe for your<br />

particular flooring before use.<br />




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PAGE 8 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

For pollinators, save stems until temps are warm<br />

Peak Bloom bike rides<br />

great way to observe<br />

pollinator habitats<br />

As the days begin to get warmer, the<br />

urge to get outside and do some landscaping<br />

becomes stronger. However, this year,<br />

pause when you get to the gardens and<br />

flowerbeds. Removing dead stems, leaves<br />

and other plant debris from your yard can<br />

be detrimental to pollinators and other beneficial<br />

insects.<br />

The availability of nesting and overwintering<br />

habitat is one of the most important<br />

factors influencing populations of native<br />

bees and other beneficial insects. Some<br />

species of native wild bees nest in dead<br />

stems, so cutting down and disposing of<br />

these stems before the bees emerge in the<br />

spring will reduce their population. Dead<br />

leaves and other plant debris on the ground<br />

provide shelter for beneficial insects like<br />

lady beetles, butterflies, moths, fireflies,<br />

and ground beetles. Pristinely raked garden<br />

beds remove this shelter and reduce their<br />

chance for survival.<br />

Diversity is key in providing overwintering<br />

habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects.<br />

Leaf litter, bare ground, mulch, and<br />

grass all provide distinct habitats that allow<br />

the overwintering of pollinators and beneficial<br />

insects. Waiting until late spring to do<br />

yard clean up, when daytime temperatures<br />

are consistently in the 50s, will give native<br />

bees and butterflies enough time to emerge<br />

and find shelter elsewhere.<br />

Traditional landscaping practices rarely<br />

leave enough natural resources to support<br />

pollinators and other wildlife. Artificial<br />

nesting options such as bee blocks and bee<br />

hotels do not provide as many conservation<br />

Hollow stems provide perfect winter shelter<br />

for native bees such as the one pictured<br />

here. Leaving leaf debris and stems<br />

in your yard or garden until temperatures<br />

are consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit<br />

can increase your local pollinator population,<br />

ensuring better gardens and<br />

flowers in the summer.<br />

benefits as natural nesting habitat features.<br />

An appropriately managed wildflower<br />

planting provides nesting sites, pollen, and<br />

nectar for bees, host plants and overwintering<br />

habitat for butterflies, and abundant<br />

food for songbirds, who need insects to feed<br />

their young.<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> Soil and Water Conservation<br />

District offers a great opportunity to see<br />

key pollinator habitat in action annually<br />

during the Peak Bloom Bike ride series. The<br />

bike tours begin at the Prairie Grass Trailhead,<br />

located behind the <strong>Madison</strong> County<br />

Senior Center in London, and stop at several<br />

remnant prairie sites that support native<br />

wildflowers and grasses and have been<br />

here since the last ice age. There are three<br />

Saturday ride dates: May 11, July 13, and<br />

Sept. 14, strategically spaced to capture different<br />

blooming flowers. All of the rides<br />

start at 1 p.m.<br />

The mission of the <strong>Madison</strong> Soil and<br />

Water Conservation District is to enhance<br />

and sustain the soil, water, and related natural<br />

resources of <strong>Madison</strong> County through<br />

partnerships with others to provide research-based<br />

educational programs, technical<br />

assistance, and funding to promote a<br />

clean local environment. More information<br />

about our services, conserving natural resources,<br />

and events is available at<br />

www.madisonsoilandwater.com, or call<br />

(740) 852-4003 and ask for Broc Sehen,<br />

wildlife specialist.

www.madisonmessengernews.com <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - Page 9<br />

Know when to replace or repair HVAC system<br />

There’s no place like home, especially<br />

when that home is a comfortable and safe<br />

haven. One of the ways residents find comfort<br />

in their homes is by maintaining the<br />

right indoor temperatures which fluctuate<br />

along with the seasons. While there is much<br />

to be said about opening windows and doors<br />

to let Mother Nature do her thing, indoor<br />

comfort is often maintained with an HVAC<br />

system.<br />

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation,<br />

and air conditioning. It can include heat<br />

pumps, furnaces, and air conditioning units.<br />

It is an automated system that works by adjusting<br />

a thermostat to regulate air temperature,<br />

and sometimes humidity, in the<br />

home. HVAC systems also may be used to<br />

improve indoor air quality through filtration<br />

and oxygen replacement.<br />

As with any mechanical device, an HVAC<br />

system has a life span that must be considered.<br />

Should any of the following conditions<br />

be present, it is likely time to consult with<br />

an HVAC technician to see if repairs or replacement<br />

of the entire system is warranted.<br />

1. Age<br />

If the HVAC system is more than 10<br />

years old, it could be time to begin budgeting<br />

for a new unit. Many modern, efficient<br />

systems may last 12 to 14 years with routine<br />

maintenance. But it’s good to keep an<br />

HVAC system’s age in mind so you can<br />

readily recognize when it might start to fail.<br />

2. Longer or constant running times<br />

An efficient, properly working system<br />

will quickly heat or cool the home and then<br />

turn off. A system that is turning on repeatedly<br />

or having to run for awhile before the<br />

set temperature is reached could be nearing<br />

the end of its utility.<br />

3. Strange noises<br />

Groaning, banging, or loud humming<br />

noises should be addressed. While these<br />

noises may indicate that certain components<br />

need maintenance or replacement,<br />

they also could be symptoms of age and a<br />

system nearing failure.<br />

4. Frequent repair visits<br />

Knowing the HVAC company’s repair<br />

person by name is a sign that the system<br />

has required too much work in recent<br />

months. Repeated issues and repairs are<br />

probably signs that it's time to consider a<br />

system replacement.<br />

5. Higher bills<br />

Sticker shock when receiving electricity<br />

or gas bills likely mean the HVAC system<br />

isn’t working efficiently and might need to<br />

be replaced.<br />

6. Poor indoor air quality<br />

If the home is dusty or humid or even if<br />

allergies seem to have cropped up out of<br />

nowhere, this could indicate a poorly functioning<br />

HVAC system.<br />

HVAC systems are vital to keeping indoor<br />

environments comfortable and safe. Such<br />

systems may exhibit certain signs that indicate<br />

they need to be replaced.<br />

G<br />



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ON ST RT 56<br />

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<br />

PARTS<br />

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implement parts. Get the parts you need<br />

when you need them.<br />

Ag spray parts, tractor parts, tillage parts,<br />

bush hog blades, disc blades and much<br />

more.<br />

We also offer a wide variety of new and<br />

used farm equipment, with new pieces<br />

arriving daily.<br />


PAGE 10 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

community calendar<br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Pancake & Sausage Breakfast<br />

The Jefferson Township Firefighters are<br />

hosting a pancake and sausage breakfast on<br />

<strong>April</strong> 27 from 7 to 11 a.m. at the fire house,<br />

745 W. Main St., West Jefferson. A portion<br />

of the donations will benefit Logan Jester, a<br />

local firefighter who is battling cancer, and<br />

the Humane Society of <strong>Madison</strong> County.<br />

The meal includes pancakes, sausage, and<br />

a choice of coffee, juice, water, or milk. Stop<br />

in to eat and take a seat in a fire truck.<br />

Women Around Town<br />

The London Arts Center, 121 E. First St.,<br />

is hosting “Women Around Town,” a group for<br />

women of all ages to meet for coffee and conversation,<br />

on <strong>April</strong> 24 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.<br />

Celebrate Trails Day/Bike Rodeo<br />

The Friends of <strong>Madison</strong> County Parks<br />

and Trails (FMCPT) is holding a Celebrate<br />

Trails Day event on <strong>April</strong> 27 from 10 a.m. to<br />

2 p.m. at the Prairie Grass Trailhead, 262<br />

W. High St., London (behind the <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County Senior Center). New this year,<br />

FMCPT is hosting their popular bike rodeo<br />

in the parking lot beside the trail. Children<br />

can learn bicycle safety and handling. Children’s<br />

bike helmets will be give away free to<br />

promote safety. Bring your bike or walking<br />

shows. Refreshments will be provided. For<br />

details, visit fmcpt.com.<br />

Archaeological Society<br />

The Darby Creek Chapter of the Archaeological<br />

Society of Ohio will meet on <strong>April</strong> 17<br />

at the <strong>Madison</strong> County Historical Society Museum,<br />

260 E. High St., London. Doors open at<br />

5:30 p.m. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. The<br />

public is welcome. Attendees will show and<br />

discuss artifacts of North America’s early Native<br />

Americans, as well as metal detecting<br />

finds related to Ohio pioneers.<br />

Clothes Closet<br />

United Church, 30 E. Columbus St.,<br />

Mount Sterling, will hold its Clothes Closet<br />

on <strong>April</strong> 26-27, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., weather permitting.<br />

Anyone is welcome to stop by the<br />

church garage for free men’s, women’s, and<br />

children’s clothing. Donations are welcome.<br />

Blood Drives<br />

The American Red Cross is holding the<br />

following blood drives in <strong>Madison</strong> County.<br />

To book a time to give, call 1-800-RED<br />

CROSS, visit redcrossblood.org, or use the<br />

Red Cross Blood Donor app.<br />

• <strong>April</strong> 16—1-7 p.m. at Sts. Simon and<br />

Jude Church, 9350 High Free West Pike,<br />

West Jefferson;<br />

• <strong>April</strong> 19—1:30-6:30 p.m. at St. Patrick<br />

Church , 61 S. Union St., London; and<br />

• <strong>April</strong> 26—12-6 p.m. at Fairhaven<br />

School, 510 Elm St., London.<br />

Invasive Species Workshop<br />

Learn how to identify and manage invasive<br />

plant and insect species at a workshop<br />

set for <strong>April</strong> 17, 9:30-11:30 a.m., at the<br />

Gwynne Conservation Area, 640 Arbuckle<br />

Rd., London. Brock Sehen from the <strong>Madison</strong><br />

Soil and Water Conservation District and<br />

Amanda Douridas from OSU Extension<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County are the presenters.<br />

The workshop is free for Master Gardener<br />

volunteers and interns. The cost for<br />

all others is $10. Pre-registration and prepayment<br />

are required. Visit<br />

go.osu.edu/<strong>2024</strong>invasivespeciesmanagement<br />

or call (740) 852-0875 for details.<br />

Developmental Disabilities<br />

Board Meeting<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Board of Developmental<br />

Disabilities will hold their monthly<br />

meeting on <strong>April</strong> 18 at 4 p.m. at the administrative<br />

office, 500 Elm St., London. In the<br />

event the meeting would need to be canceled<br />

and rescheduled, it would take place on<br />

<strong>April</strong> 25.<br />

Women and Wine<br />

Junior Achievement of <strong>Madison</strong> County<br />

will host its annual “Women and Wine”<br />

fundraiser on <strong>April</strong> 25, from 5:30 to 8 p.m.<br />

at London City Hall, 20 S. Walnut St.<br />

Guests will enjoy wine and heavy hors<br />

d’oeuvres, meet inspiring women, and support<br />

Junior Achievement through silent and<br />

live auctions, raffles, and more.<br />

Tickets to “Women and Wine” are $45<br />

per person or $315 for a table of eight and<br />

can be purchased online at<br />

https://madriver.ja.org/events. London<br />

Mayor Pat Closser will serve as auctioneer<br />

for the evening. For more information, call<br />

(937) 323-4725, ext. 10.<br />

Earth Day Events<br />

• Plain City. The Parks and Recreation<br />

Department is hosting a Earth Day/Arbor<br />

Day celebration on <strong>April</strong> 22, 4-7 p.m., at<br />

Pastime Park. A tree giveaway is planned.<br />

• Mount Sterling. The village’s tree and<br />

beautification committee is hosting a tree<br />

and shrub giveaway on <strong>April</strong> 20, 10 a.m.-<br />

noon, on the town hall lawn, 1 S. London St.<br />

Child Abuse Prevention<br />

Carnival<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Children’s Services is<br />

hostings its annual Child Abuse Prevention<br />

Carnival on <strong>April</strong> 26 from 5 to 8 p.m. in the<br />

Coughlin Building at the <strong>Madison</strong> County<br />

Fairgrounds, 205 Elm St., London. The free<br />

event features games, prizes, door prizes,<br />

vendors, a photo booth, balloon animals,<br />

face painting, and more.<br />

London Marathon, Half-<br />

Marathon, and 5K<br />

The London Marathon, Half Marathon,<br />

and 5K are set for <strong>April</strong> 20. All three courses<br />

begin and end at Merri-Mac Park. The cost<br />

to enter is $95 for the marathon and the<br />

hand-cycle marathon, $80 for the half<br />

marathon, and $40 for the 5K. Registration<br />

ends <strong>April</strong> 17. Visit<br />

https://runsignup.com/Race/OH/London/Lon<br />

donOhioMarathon to sign up. Proceeds benefit<br />

improvements at Merri-Mac Park.<br />

Jeffersonian Senior Center<br />

The Jeffersonian Senior Citizen Center,<br />

174 E. Main St., West Jefferson, will meet<br />

from noon to 2 p.m. <strong>April</strong> 23. Anyone 50 and<br />

older is welcome to stop in to learn more. The<br />

group enjoys potlucks and other events. The<br />

cost to become a member is $10 per year.<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> County Senior Center<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> County Senior Citizens<br />

Center is located at 280 W. High St., London.<br />

For details, call (740) 852-3001.<br />

<strong>April</strong> 15—8:30 a.m., indoor walking and<br />

exercise class; 9 a.m., chair volleyball; 9:30<br />

a.m., crocheting, knitting and needle crafts;<br />

10:30 a.m., sitting exercise and strengthening;<br />

1 p.m., euchre<br />

<strong>April</strong> 16—9 a.m., quilting class, 10 a.m.,<br />

bowling; 4-7 p.m., euchre, billiards, workout<br />

room open<br />

<strong>April</strong> 17—8:30 a.m., indoor walking and<br />

exercise class; 9 a.m., chair volleyball; 12<br />

p.m., bridge<br />

<strong>April</strong> 18—9 a.m., chair volleyball; 10:15<br />

a.m., mystery lunch trip departs<br />

<strong>April</strong> 19—8:30 a.m., indoor walking/exercise<br />

class; 9 a.m., painting class; 10 a.m.,<br />

hand chimes; 1 p.m., free movie for members.<br />

London Public Library<br />

London Public Library, is located at 20 E.<br />

First St. Call (740) 852-9543 or visit<br />

www.mylondonlibrary.org for details.<br />

• Toddler Time. Ages 0-3 are invited to<br />

engage in stories, songs, and finger-plays<br />

<strong>April</strong> 16, 10-10:30 a.m.<br />

• Preschool Storytime. Ages 3-6 are invited<br />

to engage in stories, songs, fingerplays,<br />

and a weekly letter activity on <strong>April</strong><br />

16, 11-11:45 a.m. Pre-schoolers can practice<br />

the alphabet with a letter activity after the<br />

regular storytime.<br />

• Movie Night: Practical Magic. Watch<br />

the movie “Practical Magic” (PG-13) on<br />

<strong>April</strong> 16 at 6 p.m. on the library’s big screen.<br />

The library will provide popcorn. Anyone<br />

younger than 13 years old must be accompanied<br />

by an adult over the age of 18.<br />

• Resume Help. On <strong>April</strong> 17 from 6 to<br />

7:30 p.m., learn what you should have in<br />

your resume and how to help your resume<br />

showcase your abilities, even if you lack experience<br />

or education. The library will provide<br />

participants with resume templates<br />

and walk them through job application examples<br />

and how to make your resume fit<br />

what they are looking for.<br />

• Kindergarten Club. On <strong>April</strong> 18 from<br />

6:30 to 7:15 p.m., children ages 3-6 can practice<br />

the alphabet and motor skills to prepare<br />

for kindergarten.<br />

• Paws for Reading with Maggie. Register<br />

your child for a 10-minute time slot ito<br />

read a story to Emma, a certified therapy<br />

dog. Time slots are available between 11<br />

a.m. and noon on <strong>April</strong> 20. Have a book<br />

picked out ahead of time.<br />

HBMLibrary<br />

Hurt/Battelle Memorial Library is located<br />

at 270 Lilly Chapel Rd., West Jefferson.<br />

Call (614) 879-8448 or visit<br />

hbmlibrary.org.<br />

• Storytime. Wednesdays and Friday at<br />

10:30 a.m.<br />

• Bookmark Contest. The library is<br />

hosting this contest in coordination with its<br />

upcoming Family Summer Reading Program.<br />

Submissions are due by <strong>April</strong> 30. Call<br />

or visit the library for details.<br />

• Herb Garden Programs to Go. Kits are<br />

available to pick up starting <strong>April</strong> 15, while<br />

supplies last. They are appropriate for ages<br />

4 years old through adults.<br />

Mount Sterling Library<br />

Mount Sterling Public Library is located<br />

at 60 W. Columbus St. Call (740) 869-2430<br />

or visit www.mtsterlingpubliclibrary.org.<br />

• Storytime. 10:30 a.m. Mondays for<br />

ages 2-5 years old.<br />

• <strong>April</strong> Painting Event at the Library.<br />

The Friends of the Library will host a canvas<br />

painting event for the first time at the<br />

library. The event is set for 2-5 p.m. <strong>April</strong><br />

21. Admission is $35 per person and includes<br />

all supplies. Snacks and refreshments<br />

will be available for a donation. All<br />

proceeds benefit library programs, events,<br />

activities, materials, equipment, supplies,<br />

updates, and more. Register by texting or<br />

calling (614) 315-7939.<br />

• Around Town Book Club. The group<br />

will discuss “The Vanishing Half’” by Brit<br />

Bennett on <strong>April</strong> 25 at 7 p.m. at the Alkire<br />

home, 175 W. Columbus St., Mt. Sterling.<br />

Refreshments will be served, and a game or<br />

activity will happen after the discussion. No<br />

RSVP required. The club is open to adult<br />

men and women.<br />

Plain City Library<br />

Plain City Public Library is located at<br />

305 W. Main St. and online at<br />

www.plaincitylib.org. Call (614) 873-4912.<br />

• All Ages Storytime. Children ages 6<br />

and younger are invited to enjoy stories,<br />

rhymes, songs, and learning activities <strong>April</strong><br />

15, 10-10:30 a.m.<br />

• Trustees. The library’s board of<br />

trustees will meet on <strong>April</strong> 15 at 6:30 p.m.<br />

• Ukulele Club. This new club meets the<br />

third Monday of each month from 6:30 to<br />

7:30 p.m. Players of any skill level are welcome.<br />

Handouts for each session’s music is<br />

available for download. Songs will generally<br />

consist of three common chords. The next<br />

session is <strong>April</strong> 15.<br />

• Earth Day Storytime. <strong>April</strong> 16 from<br />

6:30 to 7 p.m.<br />

• Plain City Writing Group. Teen and<br />

adult writers are invited to take part in a<br />

discussion on genre writing and genre expectations<br />

on <strong>April</strong> 20, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Sharing<br />

and writing time will follow the<br />

discussion. Registration is not required.

www.madisonmessengernews.com <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - Page 11<br />

Little Sprouts Blossom opens<br />

Little Sprouts Blossom, an indoor play area for children, opened at 107 S. Main St., London, on <strong>April</strong> 1. Owner<br />

Elaina Taynor, members of her family, Chamber and city representatives, and other supporters took part in a<br />

ribbon-cutting ceremony on <strong>April</strong> 8. The business is a play space for toddlers, featuring everything from ball<br />

pits, a play kitchen, and a reading nook to musical instruments, stacking toys, and arcade-style basketball. For<br />

older children, up to age 10, the space offers board games, floor checkers, foosball, a giant Connect 4, and<br />

more. Daily-use pricing and monthly membership pricing are available. Memberships allow for up to 15 visits<br />

per month and include discounts for families with multiple children. Parents/guardians must stay with their<br />

children. Little Sprouts Blossom also offers birthday parties. For details, visit “Little Sprouts Blossom” on Facebook<br />

of call (740) 956-1002.<br />

Grand champion<br />

Quincy Gross (center), a London resident and seventh-grader<br />

at Global Impact STEM Academy, had the grand champion<br />

Duroc gilt at the American Royal spring youth livestock show<br />

held March 27-30 in Kansas City, Missouri. His gilt also placed<br />

fifth overall amongst all breeds.<br />

Discount RATES<br />

without discount SERVICE<br />

It’s no accident more people trust State Farm<br />

to insure their cars. Call today.<br />

James Peart, Agent<br />

187 W. High Street<br />

London, OH 43140<br />


www.jamiepeartinsurance.com Providing Insurance and Financial Services<br />

P040004 12/04 State Farm Mutual Automotive Insurance Company (Not in NJ), Bloomington, IL<br />

<br />

<br />

Ribbon cut at Growing Seeds Studio<br />

Growing Seeds Studio, 122 S. Main St., London, held a ribbon-cutting on <strong>April</strong> 6. Owners Amanda and Cory<br />

Howard opened the business in February. On hand for the ribbon-cutting were: (from left) Eric and Deb Harvey,<br />

Amanda’s uncle and aunt; <strong>Madison</strong> County Chamber of Commerce representatives Cindy Stout and Susan<br />

Thompson; Cory and Amanda Howard and their children, Francis and Nolan; Jon McKanna, Chamber executive<br />

director; and London Mayor Pat Closser. Growing Seeds Studio is a safe and fun environment where children<br />

and adults can learn new skills, socialize, and have a good time. The studio posts a monthly calendar of activities,<br />

classes, and events. Offerings include activities like arts, crafts, and karate for children and needle felting<br />

and quilting for adults. Visit “Growing Seeds Studio” on Facebook for the full line-up and a link to sign up. The<br />

space also is available for crafty birthday parties. Anyone with a skill who would like to host or teach a class<br />

is welcome to reach out to Amanda through the Facebook page.<br />

Call today and receive a<br />


PLUS $1600 OFF<br />

1-855-417-1306<br />

With purchase of a new Safe Step Walk-In Tub. Not applicable with any previous<br />

walk-in tub purchase. Offer available while supplies last. No cash value. Must present<br />

offer at time of purchase. CSLB 1082165 NSCB 0082999 0083445<br />


PAGE 12 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />

Crackles<br />

Kippa<br />

Half off adoption fees<br />

through end of <strong>April</strong><br />

The following are among the pets up for<br />

adoption at the Humane Society of <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County. Thanks to a generous donor, all<br />

adoption fees are 50 percent off through the<br />

end of <strong>April</strong>.<br />

Crackles<br />

Hey, everyone! I am Crackles. My previous<br />

owner loved me very much but could no<br />

longer care for me, so she did the best thing<br />

she could and found me this nice place to<br />

stay until I find my new furever family.<br />

They say I am a wire hair terrier mix, currently<br />

weighing a healthy 56 pounds with a<br />

birthdate of August 2021.<br />

I have made several new human friends<br />

since coming here. The people they call staff<br />

are awesome. They feed me every day, and<br />

I really love food. Treats are pretty awesome,<br />

too. They also have these nice humans<br />

they call volunteers who come every<br />

day to take me outside to enjoy the sun and<br />

fresh air. I love to go for walks, and I have<br />

been told I walk very well on leash. They<br />

also take me on field trips to the park. We<br />

walk a lot on those days, and I always come<br />

back and take a nice long nap. I really like<br />

to play with toys, especially anything that<br />

has one of those cool squeakers inside of it.<br />

I always keep my kennel nice and tidy<br />

and was house-trained at my previous<br />

home. I came in with another dog, my<br />

brother, so I should be fine living in a home<br />

with another dog friend, as long as our first<br />

introduction goes well and we vibe well together.<br />

I met some cats and thought they<br />

were fantastic toys, so I’m probably best in<br />

a home with no cats.<br />

Adoption fees for dogs vary: shelter dogs<br />

are $180, prison dogs are $250, puppies are<br />

$300, and popular pure-breeds are $400.<br />

Customers can take 50 percent off these<br />

prices through the end of <strong>April</strong>. The price includes:<br />

a Home Again microchip, set of<br />

shots, deworming, heartworm testing (if old<br />

enough), spay or neuter, and a one-year rabies<br />

shot (if old enough). All dogs adopted<br />

must leave with a county license at an additional<br />

cost of $17; this fee is cash only. Adoption<br />

fees can be paid by cash or credit card.<br />

Kippa<br />

Meet the darling Kippa. This sweet-as-canbe<br />

little girl came to the shelter after her<br />

owner’s housing arrangement changed. Kippa<br />

is 2.5 years old. She loves to play, explore, and<br />

be loved on. She is a bundle of fun and a big<br />

fan of feather wand toys and furry mice.<br />

She roams loose in the shelter’s cat room,<br />

and she takes full advantage of all of the<br />

space so she can explore up a storm. She is<br />

usually the first adorable face that greets<br />

visitors to the cat room. She can be talkative,<br />

too. She gets along great with other kitties,<br />

and she loves people.<br />

She has met some dogs since being at the<br />

shelter, and she has been a bit fearful of<br />

them, but not aggressive. She might be fine<br />

in a home with a dog who is respectful and<br />

gives her space. Kippa loves cat trees and<br />

bird watching.<br />

Adoption fees for cats are $100 for kittens<br />

up to 6 months old and $80 for cats 7<br />

months and older. Customers can take 50<br />

percent off these prices through the end of<br />

<strong>April</strong>. The price includes: a FeLV/FIV test<br />

(if old enough), spay or neuter, a Home<br />

Again microchip, a set of shots, deworming,<br />

and a one-year rabies shot (if old enough).<br />

Fees can be paid by cash or credit card.<br />

General Humane Society info<br />

The Humane Society is located at 2020<br />

Plain City Georgesville Rd., West Jefferson.<br />

If you are interested in adopting a pet, fill<br />

out an application online at www.hsmcohio.org<br />

or call the shelter at (614) 879-8368.<br />

The shelter is open by appointment.<br />

The Humane Society appreciates donations<br />

of supplies; call for a list of items.<br />

Fundraisers<br />

A fundraiser to benefit the Humane Society<br />

is set for <strong>April</strong> 22 at Ronetti’s Pizza, 213<br />

S. Main St., London. Watch for details on the<br />

Humane Society’s website and social media.<br />

Jefferson Township Fire Department,<br />

745 W. Main St., West Jefferson, is hosting<br />

a pancake and sausage breakfast on <strong>April</strong><br />

27 from 7 to 11 a.m. at the station. Proceeds<br />

benefit Logan Jester, a local firefighter who<br />

is battling cancer, and the Humane Society.<br />

Supporting polio eradication<br />

On <strong>April</strong> 6, London Rotary Club members worked at London City Schools’ STEAM<br />

Festival, manning the concession stand to raise funds for Rotary’s Polio Plus Program.<br />

Among those who volunteered were: (from left) Amanda Douridas, Marshall<br />

Geib, and David Dhume. The goal of Rotary’s PolioPlus Program, in partnership with<br />

the World Health Organization, is the world-wide eradication of the wild poliovirus.<br />

Today, only two countries have not stopped the transmission of the virus. Rotary’s<br />

continued commitment and focus on polio eradication remains critical.<br />

Over 500 attend banquet<br />

By Melody Maxwell<br />

<strong>Madison</strong>-Plains FFA reporter<br />

On the evening of March 21, the <strong>Madison</strong>-Plains<br />

High School FFA chapter hosted<br />

its 76th Annual Banquet.<br />

With approximately 530 people in attendance,<br />

the chapter gave out awards and degrees,<br />

recognized CDE teams, honored<br />

outgoing officers and installed new ones,<br />

held an auction, listened to Ohio FFA State<br />

Treasurer Emma Wells give her speech, and<br />

did many other activities.<br />

One of the largest, if not the largest,<br />

events the high school puts on, the FFA banquet<br />

brings the community together yearly<br />

to celebrate the students’ success over the<br />

previous year, uniting everyone in support<br />

of one another.<br />

The unwavering support of this community<br />

was on full display when <strong>Madison</strong>-<br />

Plains FFA President Anna LeGault stepped<br />

forward to give her retiring address. With all<br />

eyes on her and the room’s attention in the<br />

palm of her hand, she delivered a touching<br />

speech. Many members and guests were left<br />

with moist eyes and an understanding of<br />

how much FFA influenced LeGault as she<br />

closed this chapter of her life.<br />

It’s safe to say LeGault has many people<br />

rooting for her as she moves forward to attend<br />

Delaware State University and begin<br />

her journey of this thing we call life.<br />

Approximately 530 individuals attended the annual banquet of the <strong>Madison</strong>-Plains FFA<br />

chapter on March 21.

www.madisonmessengernews.com<br />


Deadline: Tuesdays at 5 p.m.<br />

To place an ad, call 852-0809 or stop by the London office at 78 S. Main Street<br />

<strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - PAGE 13<br />

xLegalNotices<br />


APRIL 4, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Noce is hereby given to the passage of the following ordinances or resoluons<br />

of the London City Council. The complete text of each ordinance or resoluon<br />

may be obtained or viewed at the offices of the City Law Director or the City<br />

Auditor at 20 South Walnut Street, London, Ohio, or online at the London City<br />

website: www.londonohio.gov<br />

RESOLUTION 113-24 - Sponsored by: Josh Peters - RESOLUTION authorizing<br />

participation in the ODOT road salt contracts awarded in <strong>2024</strong><br />

ORDINANCE 115-24 - Sponsored by: Rich Hays - An ORDINANCE amending<br />

section 1464 of the Codified Ordinances. Application for a certificate of<br />

appropriateness shall be filled with the Building Inspector at least ten twenty-one<br />

(21) days prior to the meeting of the Review Board.<br />

ORDINANCE 116-24 - Sponsored by: Rich Hays - An ORDINANCE amending<br />

section 1244 of the Codified Ordinances. Appeals to the Board of Zoning Appeals…<br />

an appeal shall be taken within twenty-one (21) days after the decision of the<br />

Zoning Administrator.<br />

ORDINANCE 117-24 - Sponsored by: Rich Hayes - An ORDINANCE amending<br />

section 1242 of the Codified Ordinances. Schedule of fees change…zoning<br />

permits, amendments, appeals, variances, conditional use permit, plan approvals,<br />

and other procedures…<br />

Kris Miller<br />

London City Council Clerk<br />

MM APRIL 14 & 21, <strong>2024</strong><br />


MM<strong>2024</strong>203<br />

Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Public Utilities of the City of London,<br />

State of Ohio Administration Office, 20 South Walnut St., Suite 100, London, Ohio<br />

until 4:00 P.M. Monday, <strong>April</strong> 15, <strong>2024</strong> in the City Administration Office for the<br />

leasing of the City Farm for London Sanitation Department in accordance with<br />

ASCS office tillable acres.<br />

Each bid must contain the full name of every person or company interested in<br />

the same and be accompanied by a certified check or cashier’s check in the<br />

amount of $100.00 as a guarantee that if the bid is accepted, a contract will be<br />

entered into.<br />

Upon entering into contract, the successful bidder shall furnish a contract performance<br />

bond in the amount of 10% of the total bid to the satisfaction of said<br />

Board of Public Utilities and on doing so said certified check or cashier’s check<br />

shall be returned to the successful bidder. The right is reserved to reject any and<br />

all bids for any reason.<br />

Bid Specifications for the leasing of the City of London Sanitation Department<br />

Farm, can be found at Londonohio.gov, or pick up at the Administration Office,<br />

20 South Walnut St., Suite 100, London Ohio 43140<br />

Bids will be publicly opened at 10:00 A.M., on Tuesday, <strong>April</strong> 16, <strong>2024</strong> at the<br />

City of London, Administration Building, 20 South Walnut St., London, Ohio 43140<br />

Board of Public Utilities<br />

Marcus Vest, Chairman<br />

MM MARCH 17, 24, 31 & APRIL 7 & 14<br />

The city is seeking CONCRETE CONTRACTS<br />

to install ADA compliant ramps at all intersections<br />

in the city of London. Project not to<br />

exceed $240,000.<br />

Project information can be received at the<br />

Administration office – 20 S. Walnut St Suite<br />

100 – or by emailing<br />

admin@londonohio.gov<br />

Accepting bids through <strong>April</strong> 15th, 4pm.<br />

Bid opening 10am <strong>April</strong> 16th.<br />

Sealed bids can be dropped off at City Hall,<br />

20 S. Walnut St, Suite 100.<br />

MM APRIL 7 & 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

MM<strong>2024</strong>200<br />

MM<strong>2024</strong>180<br />



In the State of Ohio, County of <strong>Madison</strong><br />

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC<br />

(Plaintiff)<br />

vs.<br />

Clifford Reese, et. al<br />

(Defendant)<br />

Case No. CVE20230003<br />

In pursuance of an Order of Sale directed to me in the<br />

above entitled action, I will offer for sale at public online<br />

auction the following described real estate:<br />

Property Address:<br />

203 East 1st St., London, OH 43140<br />

Legal Description: A full legal description of the<br />

property may be obtained at<br />

www.bethroseauction.com.<br />

Parcel Number: 31-02698.000<br />

Said Premises Appraised: $125,000.00<br />

Minimum Bid: $83,333.33<br />

Location of Sale: Online Bidding at<br />

www.bethroseauction.com<br />

Bidding Open Date:<br />

Wednesday, <strong>April</strong> 24, <strong>2024</strong> at 9:00 AM<br />

Bidding Closes Date:<br />

Wednesday, May 1, <strong>2024</strong> at 2:00 PM<br />

2nd Provisional Open Date:<br />

Wednesday, May 8, <strong>2024</strong> at 9:00 AM<br />

2nd Provisional Close Date:<br />

Wednesday, May 15, <strong>2024</strong>, at 2:00 PM<br />

Terms of Sale: A deposit in the amount of $5,000.00 is<br />

due by wire transfer within 48 hours upon conclusion of<br />

the auction. Funding must take place within 30 days of<br />

confirmation of sale. A 5% Buyer’s Premium shall apply.<br />

The auction is subject to postponement and cancellation.<br />

Beth Rose, Private Selling Officer<br />

beth@bethroseauction.com<br />

614-534-6233<br />

MM MARCH 31, APRIL 7 & 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

MM<strong>2024</strong>187<br />


Jack D. Snyder, an individual whose last place of residence is 1490<br />

Itawamba Trail, London, OH 43140, Unknown Spouse of Jack D. Snyder, if<br />

any whose last place of residence/business is 1490 Itawamba Trail, London,<br />

OH 43140, Kylie Marie Peckinpaugh aka Kylie Marie Snyder whose last<br />

place of residence/business is 1490 Itawamba Trail, London, OH 43140<br />

will take notice that on July 20, 2023, First Merchants Bank, National Association<br />

filed its Complaint in Case No. CVE20230119 and on December 4,<br />

2023 its Amended Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas <strong>Madison</strong><br />

County, Ohio alleging that the Defendant(s) Jack D. Snyder, an individual,<br />

Unknown Spouse of Jack D. Snyder, if any, Kylie Marie Peckinpaugh aka<br />

Kylie Marie Snyder have or claim to have an interest in the real estate described<br />

below:<br />

Permanent Parcel Number: 24-01068.000; Property Address: 1490<br />

Itawamba Trail, London, OH 43140. The legal description may be obtained<br />

from the <strong>Madison</strong> County Auditor at 1 North Main Street, P.O. Box 47,<br />

London, Ohio 43140-0047, 740-852-9717.<br />

The Petitioner further alleges that by reason of default of the Defendant(s)<br />

in the payment of a promissory note, according to its tenor, the conditions<br />

of a concurrent mortgage deed given to secure the payment of said note<br />

and conveying the premises described, have been broken, and the same<br />

has become absolute.<br />

The Petitioner prays that the Defendant(s) named above be required to<br />

answer and set up their interest in said real estate or be forever barred from<br />

asserting the same, for foreclosure of said mortgage, the marshalling of<br />

any liens, and the sale of said real estate, and the proceeds of said sale<br />

applied to the payment of Petitioner's Claim in the proper order of its<br />

priority, and for such other and further relief as is just and equitable.<br />


OR BEFORE THE 12TH DAY OF MAY, <strong>2024</strong>.<br />


Douglas A. Haessig, Attorney at Law<br />

Attorney for Plaintiff-Petitioner<br />

P.O. Box 39696, Solon, Ohio 44139<br />

(440) 600-5500<br />

MM MARCH 31, APRIL 7 & 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

Attention: Cities & Townships<br />




CALL US AT<br />

THE<br />




740-852-0809<br />

MM<strong>2024</strong>194<br />

Legal Notice<br />

Request for Proposals-The following counties:<br />

Clinton, Fayette, Greene, Highland, and <strong>Madison</strong>,<br />

are seeking proposals to provide services to youth<br />

aged 14-24 with barriers to employment through<br />

the Comprehensive Case Management Employment<br />

Program.<br />

The purpose of this program is to assist eligible<br />

youth in achieving educational and employment<br />

success through career services.<br />

Program requirements are outlined in the Request<br />

for Proposal (RFP) package available to interested<br />

parties by email to anna.mcclaskie@jfs.ohio.gov.<br />

Information about the virtual Bidder’s Conference<br />

can be found in the RFP.<br />

Deadline for submission is May 10, <strong>2024</strong>, 5pm<br />

at OhioMeansJobs Greene County, 581 Ledbetter<br />

Rd., Xenia, OH 45385.<br />

Late submissions not accepted.<br />

MM APRIL 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />


PAGE 14 - MADISON MESSENGER - <strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong><br />

xEmployment<br />

www.madiso nmesssengernews.com<br />

xCraft Shows<br />



ADVERTISE in<br />


xDated Sales<br />


Advertise your upcoming<br />

Garage/Yard Sale<br />

in our <strong>Madison</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong>.<br />

Give us a call at<br />

740-852-0809<br />

to place your ad or email us at<br />

classified@columbusmessenger.com<br />

Deadline is Noon on Tuesday<br />

for following Sunday Publication.<br />



Two side-by-side plots at<br />

Franklin Hill Memory Gardens.<br />

Call for priceing-614-778-3240<br />


Sip and Shop<br />

Boutique Paint Parties<br />

Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 28 - 3p-7p<br />

Harrisburg Community Ctr<br />

1100 High St., Harrisburg<br />

Spring Into<br />


Come See Me<br />

For a New Haircut/Color<br />

Call Marilyn Weaver<br />

For An Appt.<br />

614-348-6670<br />

Relax Wellness<br />

3663 Broadway,<br />

Grove City<br />

Have Something To Sell?<br />

Need To Rent That Property?<br />

Try The <strong>Messenger</strong>!<br />

For Info On<br />

Placing An Ad Call<br />

740-852-0809<br />




MARTIN, Etc. 1930’s to<br />

1980’s. TOP DOLLAR<br />


1-866-433-8277<br />


from Physicians Mutual<br />

Insurance Company.<br />

Coverage for 350 plus<br />

procedures. Real dental<br />

insurance - NOT just a<br />

discount plan. Do not wait!<br />

Call now! Get your FREE<br />

Dental Information Kit with<br />

all the details! 1-877-553-<br />

1891<br />

www.dental50plus.com/<br />

macnet#6258<br />

Safe Step. North<br />

America’s #1 Walk-in Tub.<br />

Compreshensive lifetime<br />

warranty. Top-of-the-line<br />

installation and service.<br />

Now featuring our FREE<br />

shower package & $1600<br />

off - limited time!<br />

Financing available. 1-<br />

855-417-1306<br />


Alaska, Europe, Hawaii +<br />

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trips! Starting at $1649 pp<br />

(double occupancy req’d)<br />

YMT Vacations plans<br />

everything, leavng you to<br />

relax & enjoy. Call1-877-<br />

626-1958 M-F for more<br />

details. Use promo code<br />

YMT<strong>2024</strong> for $250 off.<br />

Limited time only<br />

Replace your roof w/the<br />

best lookng & longest<br />

lasting material - Steel<br />

from Erie Metal Roofs! 3<br />

styles & multiple colors<br />

available. Guaranteed to<br />

last a lifetime! Limited<br />

Time Offer - up to 50% off<br />

install + Additional 10% off<br />

install (military, health &<br />

1st responders) 1-833-<br />

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Home Break-Ins take<br />

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Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki,<br />

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Don’t let the stairs limit<br />

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installation. Senior &<br />

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Did you receive the Mesh<br />

Patch between 2018 and<br />

the present? Was the<br />

patch removed due to<br />

complications, you may be<br />

entitled to compensation.<br />

Attorney Charles Johnson<br />

1-800-535-5727. Email:<br />

bdehkes@charlesjohnsonlaw.com<br />

Don’t let the stairs limit<br />

your mobility! Discover the<br />

ideal solution for anyone<br />

who struggles on the<br />

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Donate Your Car To<br />

Veterans Today! Help and<br />

Support our Veterans.<br />

Fast - FREE pick up.<br />

100% tax deductible. Call<br />

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Stroke & Cardiovascular<br />

disease are leading<br />

causes of death,<br />

according the American<br />

Heart Association.<br />

Screenings can provide<br />

peace of mind or early<br />

detection! Contact Life<br />

Line Screening to<br />

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Special offer - 5<br />

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GENERAC Standby Generators<br />

provide backup<br />

power during utility power<br />

outages, so your home<br />

and family stay safe and<br />

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now. Free 7-year extended<br />

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Wesley Financial Group,<br />

LLC Timeshare Cancellation<br />

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INTERNET - Get your<br />

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Some restrictions apply.<br />

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Professional lawn service:<br />

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Jacuzzi Bath Remodel<br />

can install a new, custom<br />

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Safe Step. North<br />

America’s #1 Walk-in Tub.<br />

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Now featuring our FREE<br />

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Get your deduction ahead<br />

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DIRECTV Stream -<br />

Carries the Most Local<br />

MLB Games! CHOICE<br />

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TRUCKS, SUVs<br />

**American and Foreign**<br />

Any Condition. Buying<br />

entire car collections.<br />

$$PAYING CA$H$$<br />

Please Call 717-577-8206<br />

Krmiller1965@yahoo.com<br />


Your Spring Craft Show<br />

Bazaar or Bake Sale!<br />

Call<br />

The <strong>Madison</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

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For More Info<br />


Aging Roof? New<br />

Homeowner? Got Storm<br />

Damage? You need a local<br />

expert provider that proudly<br />

stands behind their work.<br />

Fast, free estimate.<br />

Finanacing available. Call<br />

1-888-878-9091<br />

READER<br />


The National Trade Association<br />

we belong to has<br />

purchased the following<br />

classifieds. Determining<br />

the value of their service<br />

or product is advised by<br />

this publication. In order<br />

to avoid misunderstandings,<br />

some advertisers do<br />

not offer “employment”<br />

but rather supply the<br />

readers with manuals, directories<br />

and other materials<br />

designed to help<br />

their clients establish mail<br />

order selling and other<br />

businesses at home. Under<br />

NO circumstance<br />

should you send any<br />

money in advance or give<br />

the client your checking,<br />

license ID or credit card<br />

numbers. Also beware of<br />

ads that claim to guarantee<br />

loans regardless of<br />

credit and note that if a<br />

credit repair company<br />

does business only over<br />

the phone it’s illegal to request<br />

any money before<br />

delivering its service. All<br />

funds are based in US<br />

dollars. Toll Free numbers<br />

may or may not<br />

reach Canada. Please<br />

check with the Better<br />

Business Bureau 614-<br />

486-6336 or the Ohio Attorney<br />

General’s Consumer<br />

Protection Section<br />

614-466-4986 for more<br />

information on the company<br />

you are seeking to<br />

do business with.<br />



Alaska, Europe, Hawaii<br />

plus dozens of other<br />

popular trips! Starting at<br />

$1649 per person (double<br />

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Replace your roof with the<br />

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Three styles and multiple<br />

colors available.<br />

Guaranteed to last a<br />

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Prepare for power outages<br />

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Act now ro receive a<br />

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It’s not just a generator.<br />

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DISH TV $64.99 for 190<br />

Channels + $14.95 high<br />

speed internet. FREE installation,<br />

Smart HD DVR<br />

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Some Restrictions<br />

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xFocus on Rentals<br />


<strong>April</strong> 14, <strong>2024</strong> - MADISON MESSENGER - PAGE 15<br />

xClassified Services<br />






Call The<br />


For More Info and Rates<br />

740-852-0809<br />

See...<br />

You Looked!<br />

Newspaper<br />

Ads Catch<br />

The Eye!<br />

Call<br />

740-852-0809<br />

For Info. &<br />

Pricing<br />


Jeff Boyd<br />




xInformation<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

madison<br />

Established in 1985<br />


Water damage cleanup:<br />

A small amount of water<br />

can cause major damage<br />

to your home. Our trusted<br />

professionals dry out wet<br />

areas & repair to protect<br />

your family & your home<br />

value! Call 24/7: 1-888-<br />

872-2809. Have Zip Code!<br />

614-272-5422<br />


Receive checks daily in<br />

your mailbox. Call Now for<br />

Free Report (877) 634-<br />

4326 Ad Code ACP 01<br />


LUNG CANCER and 65+?<br />

You may qualify for a<br />

substantial cash award.<br />

NO obligation! We’ve<br />

recovered millions. Let us<br />

help!! Call 24/7, 1-866-<br />

590-5563<br />

Elminate gutter cleaning<br />

forever! LeafFilter, the most<br />

advanced debris-blocking<br />

gutter protection. Schedule<br />

Free LeafFilter Estimate<br />

today. 20% off Entire<br />

Purchase. 10% Senior &<br />

Military Discounts. Call 1-<br />

833-610-1936<br />

Prepare for power outages<br />

today with a Generac Home<br />

Standby Generator. Act<br />

now to receive a FREE 5-<br />

year warranty with<br />

qualifying purchase* Call 1-<br />

855-948-6176 today to<br />

schedule a free quote. It’s<br />

not just a generator. It’s a<br />

power move<br />






Advertise it here and in<br />

neighboring publications.<br />

We can help you. Contact<br />

MACnet MEDIA @<br />

800-450-6631 or visit our<br />

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com<br />


$10K-$125K+ Get Fresh<br />

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Monday through Friday<br />

7am-5pm PST<br />

Get DISH Satellite TV+<br />

Internet! Free install, Free<br />

HD-DVR Upgrade, 80,000<br />

On-Demand Movies, Plus<br />

Limited Time Up to $600<br />

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Advertise with us. You<br />

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com for details.<br />


DATES in as little as<br />

ONE DAY! Affordable<br />

prices - No payments for<br />

18 months! Lifetime warranty<br />

& professional installs.<br />

Senior & Military<br />

Discounts available. Call<br />

855-761-1725<br />


Dental Insurance from<br />

Physicians Mutual Insurance<br />

Company. Coverage for 400+<br />

procedures. Real dental<br />

insurance - not just a discount<br />

plan. Get your free Iinformation<br />

Kit with details! 1-855-526-<br />

1060 www.dental50<br />

plus.com/ads #6258<br />


USERS! 50 Generic pills<br />

SPECIAL $99.00. 100%<br />

guaranteed. 24/7 CALL<br />

NOW! 888-445-5928<br />

Hablamos Espanol<br />

Attention oxygen therapy<br />

users! Inogen One G4 is<br />

capable of full 24/7 oxygen<br />

delivery. Only 2.8<br />

pounds. Free info kit.<br />

Call 877-929-9587<br />

The Generac PWRcell, a<br />

solar plus battery storage<br />

system. SAVE money,<br />

reduce your reliance on<br />

the grid, prepare for power<br />

outages and power<br />

your home. Full installation<br />

services available. $0<br />

Down Financing Option.<br />

Request a FREE, no obligation,<br />

quote today. Call<br />

1-866-783-0292<br />


NOTICE<br />

The following states: CA,<br />

CT, FL, IA, IL, IN, KY,<br />

LA, MD, ME, MI, MN,<br />

NE, NC, NH, OH, OK,<br />

SC, SD, TX, VT and WA<br />

requires seller of certain<br />

business opportunities to<br />

register with each state<br />

before selling. Call to<br />

verify lawful registration<br />

before you buy.<br />


We Buy Junk Cars &<br />

Trucks. Highest Prices<br />

Paid. 614-395-8775<br />

PETS<br />

German Shepherd Mixed<br />

Pups, look like<br />

Shepherds. 4 Mo. old.<br />

$100 each. 740-281-9437<br />

Kountry Klipping LLC<br />

Pet Grooming<br />

Daycare<br />

By Terri Lynn<br />

15 S. Market St.<br />

Mt. Sterling, OH 43143<br />

(614) 354-7716<br />

Bring in this ad for $5 off<br />

AKC Shih Tzu Puppies<br />

Born Dec. 6, $1200 each<br />

2 Males, Ready 3/6.<br />

614-822-1004<br />


FOR SALE<br />


HELP WANTED Nissan 2019 Pathfinder<br />

running boards, mountings<br />

Kings Kids Daycare & brackets. New 2022 -<br />

in Grove City is hiring Fun, $789.00. Only on car<br />

Loving Teachers for PT & August -September 2022.<br />

FT shifts. Please email Brand new condition. Now<br />

sarragc@outlook.com or $389.00 or best offer.<br />

call 614-539-0349<br />

pfd1d@aol.com<br />




Power, Hand & Garden<br />

Tools; Building Supplies.<br />

Rain or Shine.<br />

Fri., <strong>April</strong> 19 &<br />

Sat., <strong>April</strong> 20,<br />

8am-5pm.<br />

928 Taylor Blair Rd.,<br />

W. Jefferson 43162.<br />

251-362-5247<br />


WANTED<br />

Antiques * Coins<br />

Victrolas * Watches<br />

Clocks * Bookcases<br />

Jeff 614-262-0676<br />

or 614-783-2629<br />

FREE Brother Intelli Fax<br />

2820 Machine, new extra<br />

printer cartridge, new<br />

extra drum 614-272-5422<br />

Glass Desk Top Mats<br />

10 17”x22”- $15.00 each<br />

1 - 37.5” x 24” - $15.00<br />

all 1/4” thick<br />

614-272-5422<br />

OFFICE<br />

SPACE<br />

FOR RENT<br />



4/7<br />

M<br />

740-852-9706<br />

4/28 M<br />


www.hastingsnsons.com<br />

Driveways & Extensions<br />

Patio & Walkways,<br />

Porches & Steps,<br />

Garage/Basement Floors<br />

Hot Tub/Shed Pads,<br />

Stamped/colored concrete<br />

Sealing of new &<br />

existing concrete.<br />


Contact Adam<br />

614-756-1754<br />

hastingsandsons.<br />

columbus@gmail.com<br />



Specializing in Custom Colors &<br />

Custom Designs of Concrete.<br />

Including Remove & Replace<br />

46 yrs exp & Free Est.<br />

Licensed & Insured<br />

Reputation Built<br />

On Quality<br />

614-875-8364<br />

614-419-7721<br />

See Us On Facebook<br />

www.gallioncustom<br />

concrete.com<br />



Quality Concrete Work<br />

Lt. Hauling & Room Add.,<br />

Driveways & Excavation<br />

Stamp Patios,<br />

Bsmt. Wall Restoration<br />

36 Yrs Exp - Lic & Ins.<br />

Free Ests. 614-871-3834<br />


FOR ONLY<br />

$26.00<br />

You Can Reach<br />

Over 10,000 Homes<br />

For 4 Weeks In Our<br />

<strong>Madison</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

For Info Call<br />

740-852-0809<br />



Chain Link - Wood<br />

No Job Too Big or Small<br />

All Repairs ~ Free Est.<br />

Insured. 614-670-2292<br />


HVAC<br />

HEATING & A/C<br />

Fast Service - Licensed<br />

614-653-3285<br />

10/1 W/SW<br />


DRYW<br />

YWALL &<br />


Textured Ceilings<br />

Popcorn Ceiling Removal<br />

Call Randy<br />

614-551-6963<br />

Residential/Commercial - BIA<br />

HOME<br />


SLAGLE<br />


Baths, Kitchen,<br />

Plumbing and Electrical.<br />

All your Handyman needs<br />

No Job too Big or Small<br />

Over 30 Yrs. Exp. Lic.-Bond-Ins.<br />

Jerry<br />

614-332-3320<br />

Mid-Ohio<br />

Kitchen<br />

and Bath, LLC<br />

Joe Ober<br />

Residential/Commercial<br />

614-879-5827<br />

Choose Local & Save<br />

midohiokitchenandbath.com<br />

SINCE 1973<br />

Phil Bolon Contr.<br />

Windows & Siding<br />

Decks, Kitchens, Baths<br />

Room Additions,<br />

Flooring, Roofing<br />

Bsmt Waterproofing<br />

Deal With Small Non-Pressure Co.<br />

47 Yrs. Exp. - Refs. Avail.<br />

Lic.-Bond-Ins.<br />

Free Est. - Financing Avail.<br />

Member BBB Of Cent. OH<br />

O.C.I.E.B. ID #24273<br />

614-419-3977<br />

or 614-863-9912<br />

5/5 M<br />

5/5 M<br />

10/15<br />

A/M<br />

7/30 A&M<br />

HOME<br />



Expert Craftsmanship<br />

20 yrs exp - Sr. Discount<br />

614-653-3285<br />


V&E<br />



Landscaping, Mowing,<br />

Mulching, Trimming,<br />

Spring Cleanup<br />

and More!<br />

Competitive Pricing<br />

Call Victor<br />

614-286-8869<br />


Spring is Coming!<br />

Mulch • Edging<br />

Spring Clean-up<br />

Sealcoating Estimates<br />

614-649-1200<br />



Mowing-mulching-trimming<br />

Spring cleanup-614-397-0566<br />



Mowing • Deweeding<br />

Mulching • Leaf Cleanup<br />

Bush Trimming<br />

740-506-6046<br />

Stephen Osborne<br />



Mowing - Weedeating<br />

Edging - Mulching<br />

Bush Trimming-More<br />

740-506-1440<br />

Classified Services<br />

4/14M<br />

5/12 M<br />

3/17 A&M<br />

5/5 M<br />


WOW<br />

Painting - Power Wash<br />

Interior - Exterior<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

Wood Repair<br />

Drywall Repair<br />

614-989-9759<br />

Austin & Gary Bogenrife<br />

Website: wwwpaintingllc.com<br />

wowpainting@live.com<br />


MYERS<br />


Exp Expert Plumbing<br />

New Const. & Fast Repairs<br />

Lic. - Permit AVailable<br />

Water * Sewer * Gas<br />

614-653-3285<br />



Any house wash $149+tax<br />

Single deck $69+tax<br />

2 Tier deck $99+tax<br />

Best Wash in Town<br />

Over 45,000 washes<br />

Ashley 614-771-3892<br />

ABURTO<br />


•Homes •Roofs •Gutters<br />

•Driveways •Sidewalks<br />

•Parking Lots<br />

Quality • Free Estimates<br />

Competitive Prices<br />

614-927-8968<br />


REPAIR<br />

REPAIR all makes 24 hr.<br />

service. Clean, oil, adjust<br />

in your home. $49.95 all<br />

work gtd. 614-890-5296<br />


Warren Brewer Tree Service<br />

• Tree Removal<br />

• Tree Trimming<br />

• Stump Grinding<br />

1/7<br />

A&M<br />

• Bucket Truck Services<br />

Best Prices • Same Day Service<br />

614-878-2568<br />

3/24 M<br />

4/14 A&M

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