Burden Team Marketing Proposal Abderdeen

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Aberdeen<br />



April 10th 2024<br />

Fadi Hanna<br />

300 West 23rd Street, Apt. 8C<br />

New York, NY 10011<br />

Dear Fadi,<br />

Thank you for considering engaging our services and expertise to handle the sale of your home,<br />

"Aberdeen" at 1689 Rt. 9W, in West Park.<br />

The following is our proposed marketing plan and a brief look at how we would manage the<br />

sale of your home. We have also included some information about the impressive reach of<br />

Brown Harris Stevens, and the unparalleled wealth of resources that will be employed on your<br />

behalf.<br />

Our goal is very simple—to obtain the highest price possible for your home in the shortest<br />

period of time. We will do this by evaluating the property and current market conditions to<br />

identify the right price at the time we decide to list, while creating and implementing a<br />

comprehensive marketing plan.<br />

The biggest selling points of Aberdeen are the quality and scale of the historic home and the<br />

privacy and possibilities the acreage and Hudson River access that the property provides. The<br />

challenges, as you know, may be the proximity to the road and the possible hesitation of buyers<br />

to take on the completion of the renovation project. There is nothing we can do about the road<br />

but there are steps we can take to help mitigate concerns about the renovation completion.<br />

As top brokers both upstate and in Manhattan, my team and I have strong relationships with<br />

buyers and brokers, locally, nationally and internationally. That unparalleled reach, coupled with<br />

the power of the Brown Harris Stevens brand, gives us the ability to get your property in front of<br />

the appropriate quality of clientele and brokers in a meaningful way.<br />

It would be a privilege to work with you and to handle the sale of your home. Our doors are<br />

always open should you have any questions.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Norah <strong>Burden</strong><br />

Owen Davidson<br />

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker<br />

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker<br />

nburden@bhsusa.com 212-588-5617<br />

odavidson@bhsusa.com 917-783-2009

Table of<br />

Contents<br />



SALES TEAM 14<br />


NEXT STEPS 29<br />

The photographs throughout this proposal are a small sampling of properties we have sold<br />

3<br />


Pricing<br />

Analysis<br />

Effective pricing is an art not a science.<br />

There are many pieces of information<br />

that we review to help determine the<br />

price of your home:<br />

Recent comparable sales, paying<br />

•<br />

particular attention to the condition and<br />

time on the market.<br />

•<br />

Properties that have signed contracts but<br />

are not yet closed.<br />

Current inventory of comparable<br />

•<br />

properties in the surrounding area, to be<br />

constantly evaluated<br />

•<br />

Opinions of other top brokers active in<br />

this market.<br />

Current market activity.<br />

•<br />

4<br />


Preparing Your<br />

Home<br />

In preparation for listing the property we have made<br />

The challenge for us at Aberdeen is to get as much<br />

an initial assessment of the current condition. Our<br />

of the exterior completed as is possible before the<br />

observations and suggestions are designed to help<br />

home is listed for sale. Sadly, most buyers lack<br />

create a space that will have maximum impact and<br />

imagination and the ability to understand<br />

appeal to the broadest audience, increasing your<br />

incomplete spaces, so getting as much of the stone<br />

chances of finding your buyer in a shortened time<br />

work done, particularly the areas closest to the<br />

period.<br />

house, and grading and grassing or laying stone<br />

over any disturbed areas of the landscape will be<br />

Often when we are preparing marketing proposals,<br />

helpful. It will also allow us to get beautiful exterior<br />

this is the page where we need to gently<br />

photographs.<br />

communicate to the seller all of the cleaning,<br />

clearing, repairing and upgrades that they will need<br />

Additionally, as we have discussed, getting access<br />

to perform in order for them to maximize their sale<br />

to the waterfront via a cleared road and clearing<br />

price. What a pleasure it is to walk through your<br />

any underbrush necessary so that we can<br />

home and have essentially no notes on those<br />

comfortably take buyers down to the rivers edge will<br />

things!<br />

be important as that is a significant contribution to<br />

the overall value of the property.<br />

You have done an impeccable job on the interior.<br />

The renovations and the decoration both display<br />

the quality and care that has been invested in the<br />

property and the overall effect created is that of an<br />

aspirational home that will hopefully inspire buyers<br />

to bid accordingly.<br />

5<br />


Pricing<br />

Pricing is one of the most import and,<br />

and most difficult, decisions you have<br />

to make as a seller. Among other<br />

factors, pricing your property should<br />

reflect the location and condition of<br />

your home, current market conditions<br />

and comparable recent sales. Your<br />

agent will provide you with a<br />

Market Analysis that<br />

Comparable<br />

an opinion of value .<br />

offers<br />

With regard to pricing, it is important to keep in mind that:<br />

All properties generate the most interest within the real estate community within their first 2 to 3 weeks<br />

•<br />

on the market.<br />

The number of showings is greatest during this initial phase especially if the property is priced at a<br />

•<br />

realistic market value.<br />

Starting too high and dropping the price later reduces the momentum that enthusiastic buyers and<br />

•<br />

agents generate.<br />

More often than note, buyers are setting the market price, not the sellers.<br />

•<br />

Realistic pricing generates the highest level of enthusiasm and interest among agents and buyers. The<br />

benefit to you is the sale of your property in the shortest time period possible and for the highest market<br />

price. The chart above shows how the right asking price can increase the demand for your property.<br />

6<br />


Suggested Pricing<br />

Currently, there are no truly comparable sales to<br />

Prior to listing, we will check for any new inventory that<br />

measure against, but we are fortunate to have your<br />

could impact the pricing as of today. Once active, it is<br />

neighbor on the market at 9 Chambers Road for<br />

important to carefully monitor any changes in the<br />

$4,650,000 as a guide. We have toured the home and<br />

market that may require us to re-evaluate our strategy.<br />

property and have a good understanding of how the<br />

We will stay abreast of buyer response, competing<br />

two compare, which I have shared with you already.<br />

listings and potential impacting economic conditions,<br />

keeping you informed at all times and giving us insight<br />

There are several reasons to justify Aberdeen having a<br />

needed in the negotiation process.<br />

higher listing price- namely the larger amount of<br />

acreage, the river access and the dramatic views, to<br />

Proper pricing, presentation, sophisticated marketing,<br />

say nothing of the elegance and originality of the<br />

experienced negotiation and a proven track record will<br />

home itself. We will make a strategic determination on<br />

assure you the strongest return for your home.<br />

price together just before we are ready to launch.<br />

7<br />


<strong>Marketing</strong><br />

Plan<br />


Finish as much of the work as possible,<br />

•<br />

clear the property and tidy up<br />

landscaping, to prepare the home for<br />

sale.<br />

•<br />

Prepare floor plan, photography, and/or<br />

virtual staging that will highlight the best<br />

aspects of the property.<br />

Research the home and property in order<br />

•<br />

to look for any unique marketing angles<br />

and consult BHS PR for targeted<br />

opportunities.<br />

•<br />

Create detailed marketing copy for use<br />

on the Brown Harris Stevens website and<br />

all partner websites.<br />

Design specific marketing pieces for<br />

•<br />

retail window displays, brochures and<br />

print advertisements.<br />

If appropriate, invite top brokers to a<br />

•<br />

private broker showing before the<br />

property “officially” hits the market.<br />

8<br />


<strong>Marketing</strong> Plan<br />

WEEK 1 WEEK 2<br />

Broadcast this listing to every brokerage<br />

•<br />

Broadcast the listing again to every<br />

•<br />

firm in the MLS and our broader<br />

brokerage firm in the MLS.<br />

networks.<br />

Continue to contact specific brokers of<br />

•<br />

quality to be sure that they are aware of<br />

Contact quality brokers in the area, and<br />

•<br />

those who have sold similar listings.<br />

this property.<br />

Advertise the property in appropriate<br />

•<br />

Email blast the listing to our extensive list<br />

•<br />

of personal contacts and quality brokers<br />

publications as deadlines present<br />

themselves<br />

Consult PR for unique opportunities and<br />

•<br />

the property as a new listing in<br />

advertise<br />

publications .<br />

appropriate<br />

•<br />

Email blast the listing and follow up with<br />

all brokers and principals who have<br />

viewed the home.<br />

Begin ongoing social media campaign<br />

•<br />

and consider hosting an Open House<br />

9<br />


<strong>Marketing</strong> Plan<br />

WEEKS 3 & 4 WEEKS 5 & 6<br />

Prepare revised advertisement for specific<br />

•<br />

Prepare next advertisements for specific<br />

•<br />

publications targeted.<br />

publications targeted.<br />

Relay to owner a detailed customer report in<br />

•<br />

Relay to owner a detailed customer report in<br />

•<br />

addition to constant communication. Monitor any<br />

addition to constant communication.<br />

competing properties or new listings that could<br />

impact our traffic<br />

Review feedback on pricing of the property as<br />

•<br />

related to interest by the public and feedback from<br />

Continue to follow up with all brokers and<br />

•<br />

other brokers.<br />

principals who have viewed the property.<br />

Broadcast any updates to every brokerage firm in<br />

•<br />

Continue the ongoing social media campaign and<br />

•<br />

the MLS<br />

look for opportunities across the broader BHS<br />

platforms<br />

Follow up with brokers and buyers constantly as<br />

•<br />

they express interest in the property.<br />

Consider hosting an event for luxury brokers<br />

•<br />

10<br />


<strong>Marketing</strong><br />

Plan<br />

WEEKS 7 & 8<br />

Prepare next advertisement for specific<br />

•<br />

publications targeted.<br />

Relate to owner a detailed customer report<br />

•<br />

in addition to constant communication.<br />

Analyze and review with owner other<br />

•<br />

availabilities in the area and determine the<br />

pricing and availability status.<br />

Determine reasons why the home may not<br />

•<br />

have offers at this point and discuss a<br />

change in marketing or price if that<br />

appears to be the issue.<br />

WEEKS 9 & 10<br />

If we have had offers by this point, then we<br />

•<br />

intelligently and thoughtfully work through<br />

the negotiation process with you,<br />

discussing each aspect that could affect<br />

the transaction in detail. We continue to<br />

market and show the property during<br />

negotiations until a contract is signed.<br />

If we do not have any offers by this point,<br />

•<br />

we will review the entire ten-week period<br />

and determine why the property has not<br />

sold. We will sit down to discuss the best<br />

ways to re-evaluate our strategy taking in<br />

to consideration both your needs and the<br />

overall feedback we have received to date.<br />

11<br />


<strong>Marketing</strong> Resources<br />


Our photographers have years of experience and the most advanced<br />

equipment to complement their artistic eye to present your listing properly<br />

in the marketplace. All aspects of photography, including drones and video<br />

will be employed.<br />


Our professional drafters will measure and create a floorplan<br />

of the home that blueprints exact dimensions and potential for<br />

the home.<br />


Full Service Virtual Staging, Twilight, Landscaping, Paint & Real Estate<br />

Listing Writing. Professional Design <strong>Team</strong> Delivering Realistic<br />

Images In 24-48 Hours. At times, we will also assist in or manage physical staging.<br />


The ERP is a print and digital magazine that showcases amazing listings<br />

from across our regions, and internationally through BHS Partnering<br />

Worldwide. It is inserted in The New York Times four times a year, drawing<br />

countless buyers to our listings<br />

12<br />


<strong>Marketing</strong> Resources<br />

BHS Exceptional Residential Properties<br />

•<br />

Wall Street Journal Mansion Section<br />


•<br />

Brochure (distributed 4x a year in The Sunday<br />

The New York Times Sunday Real Estate Section<br />

•<br />

New York Times home delivery and on<br />

The New York Times Homes Magazine, Brownstoner<br />

•<br />

newsstand<br />

Magazine and others<br />

Entrance Magazine<br />

•<br />

Local Hudson Valley publications including Upstate<br />

•<br />

Avenue Magazine<br />

•<br />

House, Mountains Magazine, Dutchess Magazine and<br />

Chronogram<br />


Custom E-blast sent to luxury agents who have similar listings and/or sold similar listings in the<br />

immediate area. We will create Broker Open House events and tours.<br />


Our team of social media strategists will work in conjunction with us to create a social media strategy<br />

that will reach our sphere of influence, the industry and beyond over various platforms.<br />


Brown Harris Stevens agents have access to the best technology in the industry and can provide detailed<br />

statistics about internet traffic to each exclusive listing on our website.<br />



Who We Are...<br />


We have over 23 years of combined experience<br />

representing buyers and sellers.<br />

Negotiating luxury residential resale and new<br />

development transactions throughout the Hudson<br />

We know the towns of the Hudson Valley and NYC<br />

Valley and NYC.<br />

neighborhoods inside and out.<br />

Discrete representation for high-net-worth and high<br />

We are expert negotiators in all types of home sales,<br />

profile domestic and international clientele.<br />

servicing clients in both markets, and are uniquely<br />

positioned to seamlessly manage all aspects of both the<br />

Highly personalized service for both buyers and sellers.<br />

purchase and the sale.<br />

Exceptional marketing, staging, and design strategies for<br />

And we are able to connect buyers and sellers worldwide<br />

sellers in order to achieve optimal sales results.<br />

through our global brokerage network and affiliation<br />

with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and<br />

Experienced guidance in architectural renovation,<br />

Partnering Worldwide<br />

restoration, interior design, and construction.<br />



Norah<br />

<strong>Burden</strong><br />

As a Rhinebeck resident for over twenty-five years, Norah <strong>Burden</strong> has<br />

witnessed the recent renaissance of the Hudson Valley first hand. She<br />

began her career in real estate after years of immersion in the art and<br />

philanthropic worlds of New York City, and with over 18 years of<br />

experience is consistently a top producer. She merges integrity, focus<br />

and spirited enthusiasm with an in-depth personal understanding of<br />

what creates value, quality and luxury in a residence.<br />

Before diving into real estate, Norah enjoyed a long career as a<br />

freelance illustrator with work published internationally in magazines<br />

and books, successfully launched her own line of children’s clothing<br />

and focused on volunteer work and fundraising for The New York<br />

Public Library and other organizations in the city, as well as Historic<br />

Preservation and land conservancy organizations upstate.<br />

Having graduated from the School of Visual Arts, after attending the Philadelphia College of Art, Norah has developed a keen eye<br />

for art and architecture. These interests have taken her throughout Europe and the Americas and have brought her as far as China<br />

and India, where she has traveled extensively. Norah has had years of experience renovating and restoring architecturally<br />

significant homes and managing income producing property both in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley, giving her a unique<br />

perspective into her client’s needs and interests when considering the sale or purchase of a significant property. An avid gardener,<br />

she is currently undertaking the restoration of an historic house, barn and grounds in Rhinebeck.<br />

Norah is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and discretion. Among the buyers and sellers that make up her<br />

loyal following, she is known for her warmth, humor, intelligence and disarming honesty. Her passion for the Hudson Valley, its<br />

history, culture and people and her inherent understanding of the experience of dealing with a major investment in real estate,<br />

make her an ideal broker in service to her clients.<br />

Norah <strong>Burden</strong><br />

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker<br />

nburden@bhsusa.com 212-588-5617<br />



Owen<br />

Davidson<br />

Born in New Zealand, Owen Davidson has divided his time between<br />

New York City and the Hudson Valley for several decades. For 15 years,<br />

Owen was the co-founder and owner of a New York fashion and event<br />

production company, whose clients included Carolina Herrera, Stella<br />

McCartney, Jo Malone London, Target, Nina Ricci, Tory Burch, Tiffany &<br />

Company, and many others.<br />

Owen employs his trained eye, creativity, and tireless nature to help his<br />

clients discover homes that fit their current needs and also offer great<br />

potential to increase in value over time..<br />

Owen and his husband have owned homes in Columbia County since<br />

1998, including a Hudson townhouse and an early farmhouse and<br />

working apple orchard which was featured in The New York Times,<br />

Monacelli’s “Gardens of the Hudson Valley,” and other publications.<br />

Owen’s interests range from architecture to interior and landscape design, and he has long been committed to regional<br />

preservation efforts, with a particular focus on Frederic Church’s Olana.<br />

Owen Davidson<br />

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson<br />

odavidson@bhsusa.com 917-783-2009<br />

16<br />


The<br />

<strong>Burden</strong> <strong>Burden</strong> Rosenthal<br />

<strong>Team</strong><br />

With a combined experience of over 23 years, The <strong>Burden</strong> <strong>Team</strong> are consistently top earners at Brown<br />

Harris Stevens, and are perennially ranked in the Top 1.5% of Brokers Nationwide according to Real Trends.<br />

A weekend resident of Rhinebeck for nearly three decades, Norah brings her intimate knowledge and<br />

personal insight to the Hudson Valley market, helping buyers and sellers alike to realize their vision. An<br />

avid gardener and keeper of her own historic home, she is entirely in her element when assisting buyers<br />

navigating the ins and outs of country living.<br />

Whether it is the east side of the river or the west, Hudson River views or a Catskill Mountain retreat, we<br />

offer a personal understanding of the unique qualities of each town and landscape, and what it means to<br />

call this region home. Building on our understanding of the area's historical significance, inherent culture<br />

and inventory, and combining it with our experience in luxury living and the needs of the high net worth<br />

clients we work with on. adaily basis, our team brings. a one-of-a-kind ability to synethsize both<br />

elemenths of this trending market with local, urban and international clients alike, handling each<br />

transaction with care and expertise.<br />

Recent Sales<br />

7 Mansakenning Drive, Rhinebeck $1,100,000<br />

54 Kennel Road, Millbrook $2,270,000<br />

183 County Rt. 14, Hudson $2,500,000<br />

90 Purdy Hollow Road, Woodstock $2,850,000<br />

201 Cooper Lake Road, Bearsville $3,000,000<br />

17<br />


<strong>Marketing</strong> Your Property<br />


<strong>Marketing</strong> online through BrownHarrisStevens.com<br />

•<br />

•<br />

<strong>Marketing</strong> on the Luxury Portfolio International & Leading Real Estate Companies of the World websites.<br />

At the very high end of the market, marketing through BHS Partnering Worldwide.<br />

•<br />

•<br />

Additional online advertising through NYTimes.com, WSJ.com, Realtor.com, Juwai.com,<br />

Mansionglobal.com, Marketwatch.com and others.<br />

All of our listing are fed to the Real Estate Board of New York’s syndicated listing system which sends<br />

•<br />

listings to 200+ listing aggregators.<br />

18<br />


Digital Strategy<br />


Our recently redesigned website, bhsusa.com was<br />

featured by Inman News, and is one of the most<br />

trafficked brokerage websites in the industry.<br />

Hundreds of thousands of high-net-worth<br />

monthly visitors from over 150 countries search<br />

the over 200 thousand listings available on our<br />

award-winning website, signaling the<br />

effectiveness of our search engine optimization<br />

strategy, and demonstrating BHS’s continued<br />

dominance of consumer mindshare.<br />

19<br />





BHS has a number of partners online that<br />

automatically feature our listings.<br />



WSJ.com<br />

Barrons.com<br />

MansionGlobal.com<br />

Juwai.com<br />

Barrons.com/penta<br />

Marketwatch.com<br />

LuxuryPortfolio.com<br />

LeadingRE.com<br />

Realtor.com<br />

Brownstoner.com<br />

UrbanDigs.com<br />

Zumper.com<br />

Apartments.com<br />

Zillow<br />

homes.com<br />

Financialtimes.com<br />

20<br />


Online<br />

Advertising<br />

Over 90% of all buyers begin their home<br />

search on the internet. Our relationships with<br />

numerous heavily-trafficked online resources<br />

ensure that very quickly your property has a<br />

prominent presence on the internet, both in<br />

the New York marketplace and globally. All<br />

Brown Harris Stevens’ exclusive listings are<br />

featured on the most highly-trafficked real<br />

estate websites in the New York Tri-State<br />

area. Our exclusives are fed to over 200<br />

listing aggregators.<br />


Brown Harris Stevens agents have access to<br />

the best technology in the industry and can<br />

provide detailed statistics about internet<br />

traffic to each exclusive listing on our website.<br />

21<br />


X<br />


In response to NYTimes.com’s removal of its popular real estate search section, BHS<br />

<strong>Marketing</strong> developed a custom searchable ad unit that lives on articles related to real estate<br />

and the economy in the geo-targeted areas of NYC, NJ, CT, Hamptons, and South Florida.<br />

This allows your listing to be seen by exponentially more qualified, high-net-worth individuals.<br />

BHS is one of the only firms to launch such a product on the popular news site.<br />

22<br />





WITH<br />




Social Media<br />

BHS currently engages with a number of<br />

programs online that automatically publish<br />

our listings on widely viewed sites. The list of<br />

publications is long, covering up to 1,000 at<br />

times, and is identified and organized by an<br />

algorithm that identifies online search<br />

behavior and consumer interests that overlap<br />

with property searches. For example, if a<br />

consumer comes to our site (bhsusa.com), they<br />

are tagged with an invisible tracker that<br />

follows them around the internet. Then, when<br />

they arrive at an online publication that’s part<br />

of our program, that site knows to serve them<br />

with an advertisement featuring BHS listings.<br />

BHS Agents work within a hyper-targeted<br />

digital advertising platform built specifically<br />

for targeting prospective buyers. Leveraging<br />

retargeting and other proprietary technology,<br />

our results have outperformed standard<br />

online advertising metrics by almost double<br />

in some cases.<br />

23<br />


Social Media<br />


Our social media strategists work directly<br />

with agents to create unique and dynamic<br />

content. Architectural photography,<br />

professional video content and special<br />

motion graphics are shared by our agents<br />

and on our corporate channels to tens of<br />

thousands of followers. Posts are also<br />

boosted to strategically targeted<br />

audiences using our predictive buyer<br />

makeup analysis.<br />


We are excited to promote your property in a custom Social Media boosted campaign. By boosting your<br />

property with our social team, you get company sponsorship to promote the listing under our social<br />

media account. The post will organically reach our 50k+ followers across Facebook and Instagram, as<br />

well as tens of thousands more through our targeted advertising boost. This type of post establishes a<br />

solid foundation for a listing launch - for example, a week long campaign can reach around 5,000<br />

viewers who have exhibited interest online for your listing criteria.<br />

24<br />


Email<br />


Email marketing continues to be the most effective<br />

channel in digital marketing. Landing in someone’s<br />

inbox with relevant and informative content<br />

dramatically increases your chances of generating a<br />

warm lead. Using our proprietary platform, Pilot, your<br />

listings will reach the right amount of brokers around<br />

your area who have clients that meet your criteria.<br />

PILOT<br />

Pilot is the proprietary email marketing platform of<br />

BHS. This self-service application contains a robust<br />

library of email templates, for both property-based<br />

marketing and personal promotion. In addition,<br />

there are social media templates for your agent to<br />

generate their own graphics and then share across<br />

their personal accounts.<br />


A great benefit of Pilot is the Smart List technology. Pilot<br />

operates based on an algorithm which, specific to each<br />

listing, automatically generates an email list of all brokers<br />

who have sold, or who currently represent in a similar price<br />

range or proximity to your exclusive. This Smart List<br />

enables us to reach a targeted list of brokers who likely<br />

have contact with the buyer pool for your listing.<br />

EMAIL<br />


Email<br />


BHS manages highly successful corporate email campaigns, direct to consumers.<br />

Every week, we send out a curated collection of listings of particular interest to over<br />

50,000 recipients. If your listing is selected for a feature, we will be sure to let you<br />

know and share the engagement results.<br />

26<br />


Print<br />

We offer a wide range of professionally produced collateral options, curated by the BHS<br />

<strong>Marketing</strong> <strong>Team</strong>, and customized to the look and feel of the property type.<br />


Fact Sheets<br />

For Sale Sign<br />

Postcards<br />

Display Ads<br />

Brochures<br />

Exceptional Residential Properties<br />

Window Displays<br />

Entrance<br />

27<br />


8.5x11”<br />


8.5x5.5”<br />


Portrait<br />

Landscape<br />



4 Page: 11x17” (Folded 11x8.5”)<br />

2 Page: 8.5x11”<br />


203 . 655 . 1418<br />

For Sale<br />

PRINT<br />


Next Steps<br />

1. Review & Sign the Exclusive Right to Sell<br />

2. Review & Sign the Disclosure Agreements<br />

3. Review closing costs worksheets<br />

4. Prepare home for sale<br />

29<br />


Estimated Residential<br />

Closing Costs in<br />

New York State<br />


Broker<br />

As provided in exclusive agreement with broker<br />

Own Attorney<br />

Approximately $1,500 to $2,500, varies as negotiated<br />

New York State Transfer Tax<br />

See table on next page<br />

Satisfaction of Mortgage<br />

Approximately $500, or as determined by bank, title company<br />

Recording / other fees Approximately $150<br />

Capital Gains Tax<br />

Consult your accountant<br />

30<br />


Transfer Taxes for a<br />

Residential Sale in<br />

New York State and City<br />


Price NYS Transfer Tax* NYC Transfer Tax Total Taxes<br />

$0 - $500,000 0.40% 1.00% 1.40%<br />

$501,000 - $999,999 0.40% 1.425% + $100 1.825% + $100<br />

$1,000,000 - $1,999,999 0.40% 1.425% + $100 1.825% + $100<br />

$2,000,000 - $2,999,999 0.40% 1.425% + $100 1.825% + $100<br />

$3,000,000 - $4,999,999 0.65% 1.425% + $100 2.075% + $100<br />

$5,000,000 - $9,999,999 0.65% 1.425% + $100 2.075% + $100<br />

$10,000,000 - $14,999,999 0.65% 1.425% + $100 2.075% + $100<br />

$15,000,000 - $19,999,999 0.65% 1.425% + $100 2.075% + $100<br />

$20,000,000 - $24,999,999 0.65% 1.425% + $100 2.075% + $100<br />

$25,000,000 or more 0.65% 1.425% + $100 2.075% + $100<br />

31<br />


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