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SPRING<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />



SENIOR<br />













AND<br />



2 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong><br />


@worksbyjd | worksbyjd.com | 978.539.5739

SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 3<br />

Worryproof. Timeproof.<br />

For over 115 years, people have relied on Andersen. With over 100 million windows installed, no other windows are in<br />

more homes than the Andersen® 400 Series. With its innovative blend of craftsmanship and style, Andersen products rate<br />

#1 in quality and performance*.<br />

Learn more at andersenwindows.com/400series<br />



*2022 Andersen brand surveys of U.S. contractors,<br />

builders and architects.<br />

“Andersen” and all other marks where denoted are<br />

trademarks of Andersen Corporation. ©2022 Andersen<br />

Corporation. All rights reserved.

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StatePoint<br />


Extend living spaces outdoors this<br />

summer using manufactured stone<br />

The summer is the perfect time to get<br />

inspired to extend your living spaces<br />

outdoors, and manufactured stone veneer<br />

is one material that can help you do so<br />

affordably, quickly and with style.<br />

As versatile as nature itself, this striking<br />

design feature can be customized by cut,<br />

stone type, color and grouting to be uniquely<br />

yours. Here are just a few project ideas<br />

incorporating manufactured stone that will<br />

elevate your outdoor spaces:<br />

1. Love entertaining in the open air? Make<br />

it a year-round proposition with an outdoor<br />

kitchen complete with prep space, a built-in<br />

grill and oven, and of course manufactured<br />

stone veneer trimming.<br />

2. Create a traditional campfire-style fire<br />

pit or build a raised fire table with space for<br />

beverages and snacks, for an instant roomlike<br />

feel.<br />

3. Give your patio the hygge factor with a<br />

cozy outdoor fireplace.<br />

4. Build an elegant privacy wall for your<br />

hot tub or swimming pool.<br />

5. Promote tranquility in your garden with<br />

a water feature, such as a koi pond or bird<br />

bath.<br />

6. Replace wooden fencing around the<br />

perimeter of your yard with walls made of<br />

manufactured stone. You can also use this<br />

material for retaining walls or as a border<br />

between sections of your property.<br />

7. Create one-of-a-kind seating in<br />

gathering spots, such as the gazebo or<br />

portico.<br />

8. Make chore time more appealing by<br />

beautifying outbuildings like sheds and<br />

workshops.<br />

Tip: For a beautiful and safe installation,<br />

it’s helpful to work with a professional<br />

contractor. They can also ensure your project<br />

Elevate your outdoor spaces with manufactured stone veneer.<br />

is in compliance with local building codes.<br />

Before getting your projects started, be<br />

sure your manufactured stone veneer looks<br />

and feels like the real thing. Manufacturers<br />

like ProVia are setting the bar high,<br />

handcrafting their products to capture the<br />

beauty of real stone. Their design process<br />

doesn’t start with computer modeling –<br />

instead, real quarried stones are used to<br />

create casts to build molds, and trained stone<br />

masons ensure the contours and varying hues<br />

of natural stone are replicated to give the<br />

manufactured stones authentic depth, texture<br />

and color.<br />

Stone profiles range from the rounded<br />

corners and smooth surfaces of river rock to<br />


the irregular, imperfect randomness of glacial<br />

fieldstone. Whether you select a stone profile<br />

that complements your home’s architectural<br />

style, your geographic region or your unique<br />

aesthetic, you have additional options to<br />

consider. You’ll also have the opportunity<br />

to select the colors of your stones, and the<br />

grout color, which can be used to intensify<br />

or soften the overall look of your project.<br />

For design inspiration, including exterior<br />

cladding, and a range of interior applications,<br />

from accent walls to fireplaces, visit provia.<br />

com/stone.<br />

This summer, transform your outdoor areas<br />

into beautiful livable spaces you can enjoy<br />

this season, and beyond.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 5<br />

StatePoint<br />

Bringing luxury outdoors: tips<br />

for a high-end resort feel at home<br />

Elevating your outdoor space into a<br />

luxurious retreat that rivals a high-end resort is<br />

a dream that many homeowners share. Whether<br />

you're renovating your current property,<br />

planning a complete transformation, or starting<br />

fresh with a custom build, use these tips and<br />

design elements to get started.<br />

• Embrace Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living:<br />

Create a seamless transition between indoor<br />

and outdoor spaces by incorporating features<br />

like bi-fold doors or expansive sliding glass<br />

doors that open onto a patio or courtyard.<br />

This continuous flow enhances your living<br />

experience and sets the stage for a resort-like<br />

ambiance.<br />


• Go Big and Bold with Backyard<br />

Landscaping: According to experts, landscaping<br />

should provide contrast. "Incorporate modern<br />

aesthetics into your backyard with bold and<br />

innovative landscaping that includes both<br />

hard and soft elements," suggests Kevin Scott,<br />

owner and partner of Alair Sanibel, a custom<br />

home builder in Southwest Florida.<br />

• Put Modern Twists on Natural Elements:<br />

Bringing the beauty of nature into your outdoor<br />

design will create a calming environment. To<br />

maintain a contemporary feel, use materials<br />

like stone, wood and bamboo in creative ways,<br />

such as with modern sculptural planters, sleek<br />

wooden decking or minimalist stone pathways.<br />

• Create a Cozy "Sane-tuary": Leili<br />

Fatemi, of Leili Design Studio, recommends<br />

The first kiss of <strong>Spring</strong><br />

Don’t Let Smile Lines, Droopy Eyelids, Jowls, or Damaged Skin Cramp Your Style.<br />

Let Dr. Keamy’s artist’s touch, medical expertise, and steadfast<br />

guidance empower you to age gracefully on your terms.<br />

Botox • Body Contouring • Fillers • Laser<br />

Upper Eyelid Surgery • Skin tightening & Resurfacing<br />

transforming your outdoor space into an<br />

extension of your interiors to achieve harmony.<br />

Choose cozy and comfortable furniture like<br />

sofas, lounges, swings and dining sets, and<br />

add finishing touches such as pillows, rugs and<br />

accessories. "When selecting outdoor items,<br />

opt for weather-resistant materials like wrought<br />

iron, teakwood, and outdoor-grade wicker and<br />

fabrics that are 100% solution-dyed acrylic for<br />

fade- and mildew-resistance," advises Fatemi,<br />

emphasizing the importance of easy-care living.<br />

• Introduce Water Features and Outdoor<br />

Luxury Showers: Capture the resort-like feel by<br />

incorporating water features such as fountains,<br />

reflecting pools or small waterfalls, as well as<br />

stunning additions like outdoor luxury showers<br />

for a spa-like experience.<br />


47 Ocean Avenue, Salem MA • 978-239-4746 • 508-836-8733<br />

Inside Andrew Michaels Salon and Spa

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BOSTON<br />


687 MarketStreet, Lynnfield, MA 01940<br />

781-776-6568<br />

20% Off your First Massage<br />

What is Wellness<br />

in Motion Boston?<br />

Wellness in Motion (WIMB) is a<br />

Locally-Owned, Multidisciplinary<br />

clinic with one focus: helping<br />

their patients return to the<br />

activities that help them live a<br />

full and healthy life. Originally<br />

founded by Dr. Ian Nurse as a<br />

Chiropractic clinic, WIMB has<br />

since expanded to make it your<br />

One-Stop-Shop for wellness<br />

with talented providers.<br />


Back Bay @ Tracksmith<br />

Cambridge @ Heartbreak Hill Running Co.<br />

Concord Center<br />

Dorchester @ Backyahd Gym<br />

Downtown Boston<br />

Lynnfield @ Marketstreet<br />

Norwell @ Magnitude Strength & Power<br />

Washington Square, Brookline<br />

The University Club<br />


BOSTON<br />

Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Acupuncture, Prenatal & Postpartum Care, Massage<br />

Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Personal Training

SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 7<br />

Understanding your car’s evolving technology<br />

StatePoint<br />

Over-the-air updates, which are remotely<br />

delivered updates to a vehicle’s technology,<br />

offer potential benefits to everybody on the<br />

road and improve the driving experience. Yet<br />

a new study reveals that in many cases, these<br />

updates should be accompanied by consumer<br />

education.<br />

Timely research from Toyota’s<br />

Collaborative Safety Research Center<br />

(CSRC) and the University of Iowa<br />

highlights that drivers are not always sure<br />

what new automotive software entails or how<br />

to use it.<br />

“Our goal is to support the integration<br />

of the latest automotive tech so that drivers<br />

reap the full benefits of these updates. As<br />

we continue to develop new vehicle safety<br />


systems, or simply improve the ones we<br />

already have, consumer education may help<br />

build trust, acceptance and use,” says John<br />

Lenneman, Ph.D, senior principal research<br />

scientist, Toyota North America, CSRC.<br />

This seminal research included two driving<br />

simulator studies at the University of Iowa,<br />

assessing the understanding of over-the-air<br />

updates without consumer education, and<br />

measuring the benefit of including consumer<br />

education. The project also developed a tool<br />

for designers to measure the change in a<br />

system following an update.<br />

One of CSRC’s primary aims is to share its<br />

research, with the hope that the automotive<br />

industry can benefit from the findings of its<br />

safety advances. That’s why the research<br />

team is excited that the study is already<br />

having an impact on system design and<br />

educational materials, helping designers<br />

identify when and how consumer education<br />

should be incorporated into updates. For<br />

example, the research found that for updates<br />

that don’t require interactions from the<br />

driver, such as automatic emergency braking,<br />

education is not necessarily needed, whereas<br />

for other updates, the driver may need a<br />

description of what the system does, or even<br />

an understanding of what their responsibility<br />

is when using the technology.<br />

More information about the work of the<br />

Toyota Collaborative Research Center can be<br />

found by visiting amrd.toyota.com.<br />

Over-the-air automotive updates, when<br />

combined with proper consumer education,<br />

have the potential to make roads safer for<br />

everybody.<br />


8 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong><br />

•<br />

•<br />

••<br />

•<br />

•••<br />

Interior and Exterior Painting<br />

Residential or Commercial<br />

Fully Insured and Licensed<br />

Excellent References<br />

Light Carpentry<br />

Free Estimates<br />

Great Service<br />

Affo<br />

rdable Prices<br />


Time to get your exterior work booked.<br />

Call: Andrew<br />

(781) 631-8012<br />

e-mail: dzpainting@gmail.com<br />

Don’t throw away!<br />

you may need us at a later date.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 9<br />


How to keep feet and ankles<br />

in tip top shape this summer<br />

StatePoint<br />

Summer fun and chores alike<br />

come with potential hazards to<br />

feet. According to the American<br />

College of Foot and Ankle<br />

Surgeons, here’s how to protect<br />

feet and ankles from the most<br />

common seasonal hazards:<br />

Be DIY Safe<br />

DIY projects like power<br />

washing, roofing and decking<br />

require ramped up safety<br />

measures. Always wear closedtoed<br />

shoes with traction to<br />

prevent injuries, splinters,<br />

puncture wounds and falls.<br />

Mowing can be particularly<br />

hazardous. The U.S. Consumer<br />

Products Safety Commission<br />

estimates more than 37,000<br />

Americans suffer a power<br />

mower-related injury annually.<br />

“Lawnmower blades whirl at<br />

3,000 revolutions per minute. Yet<br />

we see patients who’ve been hurt<br />

operating a mower barefoot,”<br />

said Matthew Dairman, DPM,<br />

FACFAS, a board-certified foot<br />

and ankle surgeon and a Fellow<br />

Member of the American College<br />

of Foot and Ankle Surgeons<br />

(ACFAS). “Foot injuries range<br />

from dirty, infection-prone<br />

lacerations to severed tendons<br />

to amputated toes. People need<br />

to take lawn mowing safety<br />

seriously because the injuries<br />

can, indeed, be very serious.”<br />

To avoid becoming a statistic,<br />

follow these sensible guidelines:<br />

• Don’t mow a wet lawn.<br />

Losing control from slipping on<br />

rain-soaked grass is the leading<br />

cause of foot injuries caused by<br />

power mowers.<br />

• Wear heavy shoes or work<br />

boots—no sneakers or sandals.<br />

• Never pull a running mower<br />

backward.<br />

• Keep the clip bag attached<br />

during operation to prevent<br />

projectile injuries.<br />

• Use a mower with a release<br />

mechanism that automatically<br />

shuts it off when hands let go.<br />

• Always keep children away<br />

during mowing.<br />

• If an accident occurs, even<br />

a minor one, consult a foot and<br />

ankle surgeon right away.<br />

Wear Sunscreen<br />

Many people skip their feet<br />

when applying sunscreen, but<br />

did you know that the skin on<br />

your feet is highly susceptible to<br />

melanoma?<br />

Children’s Workshop<br />

Montessori<br />

“We approach the child with<br />

a sense of wonder, a<br />

sense of awe. Who knows<br />

what greatness lies in each<br />

child and what each child is<br />

capable of becoming?”<br />

“It’s Magical”<br />


Protect your feet this summer: follow safety tips for DIY projects and wear<br />

sunscreen.<br />

info@marbleheadmontessori.com 781-631-8687

10 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong><br />

HOME<br />

Expert tips to simplify<br />

household shopping in <strong>2024</strong><br />

StatePoint<br />

It’s time to stock up on all the<br />

supplies you need to spring clean<br />

your home, as well as look and<br />

feel your best in a new season.<br />

But while the days may be<br />

growing longer, there aren’t extra<br />

hours to sift through endless<br />

product reviews.<br />

Fortunately, trustworthy<br />

resources can help you check<br />

off the items on your household<br />

shopping list with ease and<br />

confidence. Product of the Year,<br />

the largest consumer-voted award<br />

for product innovation, has<br />

been guiding households to the<br />

best products for over 30 years.<br />

Winners are backed by the votes<br />

of 40,000 consumers, making<br />

Product of the Year’s distinctive<br />

red seal worthy of any shopper’s<br />

consideration.<br />

“In this modern retail era<br />

where consumers have an<br />

unprecedented amount of<br />

choices on store shelves and<br />

on e-commerce sites, we are<br />

enthusiastic about being able<br />

to provide them with powerful<br />

endorsements of the best<br />

products,” says Mike Nolan,<br />

global CEO of Product of the<br />

Year Management.<br />

Reflecting what everyday<br />

consumers value most --<br />

innovation in function, design,<br />

packaging or ingredients -- this<br />

list of this year’s 28 household<br />

winners can help guide your<br />

shopping decisions this spring<br />

and beyond:<br />

• Allergy | Astepro Allergy–<br />

Bayer<br />

• Baby Care | Boudreaux’s<br />

Butt Paste Butt Barrier Ointment<br />

– Prestige Consumer Healthcare<br />

• Bathroom Essentials |<br />

Charmin Ultra Soft Smooth Tear<br />

– Procter & Gamble<br />

• Car Care | Black Magic<br />

Graphene Wheel & Tire Cleaner<br />

– ITW Global Brands<br />

• Cat Litter | Purina Tidy Cats<br />

Tidy Care Comfort – Nestle<br />

Purina<br />

• Digestive Health | Zantac<br />

360° Maximum Strength Cool<br />

Mint Tablets – Sanofi Consumer<br />

Healthcare US<br />

• Dish Detergent | Finish<br />

Ultimate Automatic Dishwashing<br />

Detergent – Reckitt<br />

• Dog Treat | Yummy Combs<br />

Flossing Dog Treat – Pet’s Best<br />

Life LLC<br />

We would like to thank<br />

our Wonderful employees<br />

and Loyal Customers<br />


ISLAND<br />

Yan's China Bistro is part of our<br />

family and we continue to offer their<br />

dishes craved by so many.<br />


fantasyislandsalem.com<br />

516 Loring Avenue, Salem<br />

(978) 745-1700<br />


SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 11<br />


Promote happiness with this Mother’s Day gift guide<br />

StatePoint<br />

Sometimes, it’s the little things<br />

in life that can make one’s day.<br />

Use this Mother’s Day gift guide<br />

to promote happiness in your<br />

mom’s life:<br />

Better Mornings<br />

Coffee and tea have been<br />

scientifically proven to boost<br />

happiness. But if your mom<br />

is like many moms out there,<br />

she may get so busy taking<br />

care of others she forgets to<br />

drink her beverage before it<br />

gets cold. What if she could<br />

enjoy her coffee or tea from the<br />

first sip to the last at just the<br />

right temperature? Nextmug,<br />

a temperature-controlled, selfheating<br />

mug, stylishly maintains<br />

an individual’s beverage at<br />

their ideal temperature -- 130,<br />

140 or 150 degrees Fahrenheit<br />

-- for hours. The stainless-steel<br />

body of the mug has an elegant<br />

ceramic matte finish in a range of<br />

gorgeous colors like burgundy,<br />

dusty rose and pistachio. At<br />

17 ounces, the ergonomically<br />

designed body and handle will<br />

fit comfortably in her hands,<br />

making it a happiness-inducing<br />

sidekick for her days, whether<br />

they take place at home or in<br />

the workplace. And with no<br />

setting up an app, no passwords<br />

or rebooting and no security<br />

concerns it’s incredibly easy<br />

to use. To learn more, visit<br />

nextmug.com.<br />

Endorphin Boost<br />

Did you know that exercise is<br />

one of the best ways to promote<br />

happiness? Not only can it be<br />

a major confidence booster, it<br />

releases endorphins that offer a<br />

post-workout bliss. However,<br />

many people new to exercise<br />

don’t know how to start working<br />

out or have questions about doing<br />

so safely. If your mom is one of<br />

those people, consider gifting<br />

her a session with a personal<br />

trainer. In one session, the trainer<br />

can assess your mom’s current<br />

Boston Fence and Vinyl<br />

Professional & Customer Focused Fencing Services Since 1989<br />

Experienced • Service • Value • Free Estimates<br />

1 800 585 7753<br />

level of fitness and offer her a<br />

sensible routine to do on her<br />

own. Or, if your mom is social<br />

or loves variety, consider getting<br />

her a fitness membership to a<br />

service like ClassPass. This will<br />

allow her to take various types<br />

of fitness classes so she can see<br />

what style of workout she likes<br />

best.<br />

Happy Faces on Rotation<br />

Sometimes all one needs to<br />

smile is a reminder of a happy<br />

memory. Upgrade your mom’s<br />

photo display game with a digital<br />

frame so she can be treated to a<br />

slideshow of loved ones anytime<br />

she wants.<br />

“We’re in your neighborhood ... please check out our work!”<br />

Open Estate Martinsville white Vinyl Newport Topper 2' Black Chain Link Pergola Top with Duxbury Lattice<br />

We are a full-service fence contractor that specializes in producing beautifully designed, long-lasting custom fences. When you<br />

work with us, you can trust that one of our own specialists - never subcontractor - will build and install your fence. We offer<br />

knowledgeable and helpful service, and always have a live representative available to answer your calls during business hours.<br />

• We offer FREE consultations • Cash ‘N’ Carry available at our location<br />

Answer Calls 24 Hours • 110 Park St. Beverly, MA • Bostonfenceandvinyl.com

12 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong><br />


Step into spring: find the perfect<br />

shoe to elevate your style<br />

StatePoint<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> is here (finally!), and<br />

it’s time to ditch those winter<br />

boots for something a little<br />

lighter on your feet. From sweat<br />

sessions to evenings on the town,<br />

here’s how to refresh your closet<br />

and get on top of this spring’s<br />

shoe trends to meet your style<br />

and functional needs.<br />

1. Active Style: Prioritize both<br />

comfort and performance with<br />

an extensive selection of athletic<br />

shoes from top brands like Nike,<br />

Adidas and Puma. Remember,<br />

everyone’s needs are different,<br />

so find a pair that works best for<br />

your feet shape and gait. Whether<br />

you’re a seasoned runner or just<br />

starting your fitness journey,<br />

you’ll find the perfect pair of<br />

sneakers to support your active<br />

lifestyle.<br />

2. Sandal Season: From the<br />

timeless comfort of flip-flops to<br />

the elevated style of platform<br />

sandals, discover the ideal pair<br />

to complement your spring<br />

ensembles. Men and women<br />

alike can indulge in the flexibility<br />

of slides from various brands that<br />

they can dress up or down.<br />

3. Effortless Comfort and<br />

Style: For those seeking a<br />

relaxed aesthetic, the selection<br />

of comfort and laid-back styles<br />

has never been easier. The easy<br />

wearability of brands like Crocs<br />

and HEYDUDE is perfect for<br />

casual adventures, running<br />

errands or simply lounging at<br />

home.<br />

4. The Appeal of White:<br />

The crisp, clean look of white<br />

footwear continues to reign<br />

supreme. White shoes effortlessly<br />

complement a variety of outfits,<br />

making them a staple for any<br />

spring wardrobe. Shopping<br />

at stores that offer a curated<br />

collection of white sneakers,<br />

sandals and flats ensures you can<br />

find the perfect pair to complete<br />

any outfit.<br />

For one-stop shopping, visit a<br />

Rack Room Shoes in your area,<br />

or online at rackroomshoes.com.<br />

To step into spring with<br />

confidence, get outfitted with<br />

shoes that will elevate your style<br />

and allow you to embrace the<br />

warm weather adventures that<br />

await.<br />




<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Please contact: gail@marbleheadchildrenscenter.com<br />

781-631-1954<br />

<br />


Step into spring with confidence! Explore the latest shoe trends from athletic to<br />


SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 13<br />

StatePoint<br />


7 Reasons to upgrade to electric<br />

and induction cooking appliances<br />

Cooking with gas? Industry experts say there<br />

are many reasons to consider retiring your gaspowered<br />

appliances.<br />

To help you understand what your kitchen<br />

may be missing, Melissa Haber, the vice<br />

president of EuroChef USA, the exclusive<br />

importer of the Verona and Lofra brands of<br />

residential cooking appliances, offers seven<br />

reasons why your next home upgrade should<br />

include making the swap to electric or induction<br />

cooking.<br />

1. You’re health- and eco-conscious. Gas<br />

appliances at home are associated with an<br />

increased risk of asthma and other illnesses,<br />

particularly in children, as they emit harmful air<br />

pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and methane,<br />

even when they’re not in use. The same<br />

pollutants are also harmful to the environment,<br />

contributing to air quality issues and climate<br />

change. In fact, national annual emissions from<br />

gas cooktops are equivalent to the emissions<br />

transmitted from half a million cars.<br />

2. They’re easy to maintain. Compared to the<br />

metal grates of a conventional gas stove, the flat<br />

surface of an electric or induction cooktop is<br />

nearly effortless to clean. A damp dish rag and<br />

soap works for most cleanup sessions. For more<br />

involved messes, a little vinegar goes a long<br />

way.<br />

3. They offer safety benefits. With no open<br />

flame, electric appliances lower the risk of<br />

burns or fires, particularly those with safety<br />

features such as “power on” lights and residual<br />

heat warnings that inform users when the<br />

surface is still hot. Induction cooking also has<br />

safety benefits, since only the cooking vessel is<br />

directly heated and the surface of the cooktop<br />

itself does not retain or give off heat.<br />

4. You value precision. Induction cooking<br />

is faster and more efficient than cooking with<br />

gas. The high-end induction ranges offered by<br />

the Italian brand Lofra, which combine elegant<br />

design with modern cooking features, are a<br />

good example of how accurate temperature<br />

control allows you to prepare meals like a<br />

professional in the comfort of home.<br />


Considering a kitchen upgrade? Here are 7 reasons to switch to electric or induction cooking.<br />

5. Making changes can be feasible. Installing<br />

a gas hookup can be costly, time-consuming<br />

and involve inspections. The installation<br />

process for electric appliances on the other hand<br />

is easier and less expensive. Not able to replace<br />

your gas appliances with electric? Investing in<br />

a range hood is a sensible solution that can cut<br />

your appliance’s air pollution by about half.<br />

6. You’ll be ahead of the curve. A growing<br />

number of cities and municipalities are banning<br />

new gas hookups for appliances to reduce air<br />

pollution and help fight climate change. Making<br />

the switch to electric or induction can help you<br />

get ahead of the regulatory curve.<br />

7. New options are being introduced. With<br />

sales of electric appliances on the rise, a few<br />

select manufacturers have taken note, and<br />

to meet customer demand, have recently<br />

introduced additional options offering style<br />

and sought-after features. For example, the<br />

Italian brand Verona offers electric ranges in its<br />

Prestige and Designer Collections that deliver<br />

an upgraded look, with single and double oven<br />

options to suit varying needs and tastes. All are<br />

equipped with five burners that accommodate<br />

pots of any size, and a multi-tasking dual<br />

element that ranges from simmer to boil with<br />

the simple turn of a knob.<br />

“As more consumers have come to realize<br />

the value and advantages of electric and<br />

induction cooking, it became important to us<br />

to offer them the same versatility and style<br />

they might expect with traditional gas-powered<br />

cooking appliances,” says Haber.<br />

Whether you want to prioritize your family’s<br />

health and safety, or you simply want to<br />

embrace the convenience of modern cooking<br />

technology, electric and induction appliances<br />

can be a game changer in your kitchen.

14 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong><br />

StatePoint<br />


4 Trends to take muted interiors<br />

From drab to dreamy in <strong>2024</strong><br />

While neutral tones continue to be popular<br />

this year among home DIYers, bold and<br />

colorful surroundings also are trending right<br />

now.<br />

From adding dramatic style to the kitchen<br />

to giving an unexpected space a splash of<br />

color, these ideas—inspired by the <strong>2024</strong><br />

FrogTape Design Trends, as identified by<br />

celebrity interior designer Taniya Nayak—<br />

will make areas around your home pop in<br />

<strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Colorful Kitchens. Make the kitchen a<br />

focal point by painting the cabinets or panels<br />

on the island a vivid color. Calming blue<br />

will ensure a relaxed and laid-back feeling,<br />

while fuchsia will energize the design.<br />

Nayak recommends using FrogTape Delicate<br />

Surface Painter’s Tape to prevent paint bleed<br />

and achieve crisp paint lines. The lowadhesion<br />

tape is designed to prevent damage<br />

on surfaces like cabinets, freshly painted<br />

walls, wallpaper and more.<br />

Dynamic Décor. If painting projects aren’t<br />

in the plan for this year, revive a living<br />

room or bedroom by adding a collection<br />

of brightly colored pillows and throws,<br />

bohemian-style macramé, wall art and a<br />

rug with geometric patterns. As long as the<br />

colors are complementary to each other, the<br />

blend of styles and textures will catch the eye<br />

and make the room feel refreshed with little<br />

effort.<br />

Nourishing Green. A simple, but effective,<br />

way to boost the mood of a space is to fill<br />

it with large blooms. Place a modern plant<br />

stand in an empty corner or between rooms<br />

as a divider, and layer in green houseplants<br />

or ones with colorful leaves on the shelves.<br />

Accentuate the greenery with pops of the<br />

Elevate your outdoor spaces with manufactured stone veneer.<br />

same color throughout the room to create a<br />

sense of cohesion.<br />

Elevated Exteriors. It’s not just the<br />

interiors of the home that should speak to<br />

personal style, the outside should, too! Give<br />

the front door a facelift by painting it a daring<br />

color. Don’t be afraid to choose one hue<br />

for the outside of the door and another for<br />

the inside. For this project, apply FrogTape<br />


Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape before painting,<br />

so that trim around the door and doorknob is<br />

protected from paint bleed.<br />

For more fresh decor ideas and design tips,<br />

visit FrogTape.com.<br />

Whether you choose one or all of these<br />

trends, they can be tackled by DIYers with<br />

a range of skillsets to transform dull living<br />

spaces into the home of your dreams.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG <strong>2024</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 15<br />

StatePoint<br />

Home exteriors make a first<br />

impression, setting the tone<br />

for neighbors, guests, and if<br />

a property is on the market<br />

--prospective home buyers. So<br />

how do you boost your curb<br />

appeal and make your exterior<br />

pop? According to those in the<br />

know, a lot of it has to do with<br />

color.<br />

“Choosing deep, bold colors<br />

for your door or siding can<br />

provide eye-catching focal<br />

points and dramatically increase<br />

curb appeal,” says Jon Lapp,<br />

vinyl siding product manager at<br />

ProVia.<br />

To help you make selections<br />

that work best for your home<br />

and vision, ProVia is offering the<br />

following insights:<br />

Siding<br />

Color and texture play<br />

significant roles in the overall<br />

look and style of a home, so<br />

consider pairing your vinyl<br />

siding with other materials,<br />

such as manufactured stone,<br />

decorative shake, or board and<br />

batten. Whether you go for<br />

soft earth tones or deep hues of<br />

primary colors, color retention<br />

technologies will maintain the<br />

look through the years. To that<br />

end, here are a few qualities to<br />

look for in your siding:<br />


Color tips to make your home exterior pop<br />

• UV protection: Think of it as<br />

sunscreen for your house. This<br />

layer of protection helps shield<br />

your siding from the destructive<br />

effects of the sun’s UV rays.<br />

• Weather barrier shield:<br />

Anti-weathering materials on the<br />

siding’s surface can help ensure<br />

long-lasting color fidelity and<br />

low-maintenance freedom for<br />

your home’s exterior.<br />

• Heat resistance: Heatresistant<br />

inorganic pigments<br />

ensure exacting deep colors,<br />

reflect heat from exterior walls,<br />

and deflect solar rays to reduce<br />

solar heat build-up and unsightly<br />

weathering.<br />

• Anti-fade protection: A<br />

strong molecular chain, found<br />

in super polymer vinyl siding,<br />

is engineered for superior color<br />

retention.<br />

“At first, it might be difficult<br />

to tell the difference between a<br />

good vinyl siding panel and an<br />

outstanding one. But over time,<br />

the true strength and quality of<br />

each panel will be revealed,”<br />

says Lapp.<br />

It’s for this reason that<br />

ProVia’s entire lineup of<br />

super polymer vinyl siding is<br />

formulated with Tri-Pigment<br />

Reflective Technology, Color<br />

Keeper Anti-Fade Protection,<br />

Weather Barrier Shield and SPX-<br />

2000 UV Blocker.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


Enhance your curb appeal with vibrant colors for your home exterior.<br />

<br />


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